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Tucson October 2014

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The Big Stretch Can starting yoga and tai chi after 50 lead to your best body at 70? : : by Jimmy Magahern Arizona fitness instructor Kara Thomas is an exercise enthusiast.

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Aural Summer

A visit to Antarctica is the trip of a lifetime?

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Monday, October 6, 10:30 Family Home Care Kevin Wong presents ‘Options for Home Care.’

Thursday, October 16, 2:00 Oktoberfest Celebrate Oktoberfest with Inga Larson.

Wednesday, October 8, 2:00 University of Arizona Arthritis Center Presentation Be empowered with education and knowledge about arthritis.

Thursday, October 30, 7:00 The Mary Lou Quintet The Mary Lou Quintet is comprised of 5 top musicians in the Tucson/Green Valley area. They perform a variety of music from the ‘40s to more current favorites.

Wednesday, October 15, 1:30 Medicare 101 Ann Hill presents ‘Annual Enrollment of Medicare.’

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contents Mary Beth Cabana – Founding Artistic Director

SEASON OPENER 2014 Phantom of the Opera — the ballet (premiere) Photo by Ed Flores

Stevie Eller Dance Theatre Opening Night Gala: Friday, October 17 Gala – 6:30 pm Performance – 8:00 pm $80 per person

Other Performances: Saturday, October 18 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm Sunday, October 19 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm

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opinion Sound Off

Good of you to fess up, Drew. Thanks for admitting to what your more progressive readers have known all along—you are a shill for the extremist Tea/Republican Party. But attempting to make your confession sound like flippant, tonguein-cheek irony only cements how much you really believe what you wrote. You can channel Goldwater and Ray-gun all you want but they are no longer relevant to a political party so extreme that neither of them would recognize the party—let alone be welcomed into it.—J. Wilson, Tucson I have been observing the unintelligent and wasteful City Council decisions (in Tucson) since 1970, when my husband was transferred to Tucson by his company. I am sure everyone remembers the $100,000 “so-called art project” that resembled a bowel movement on the grass near the university campus. Now we have the street cars that cost enough to fix every road in Tucson. They are unnecessary and dangerous.

They will eventually injure or—even worse—hurt bike riders. The bike riders were doing just fine until they have had 86 accidents because of their wheels going into the tracks. That was announced on the 10 p.m. newscast on May 18 on Channel 13. We have had terrible roads all over Tucson for years that needed urgent repair. City Council could not find the millions for that project, so a lot of cars had damage to their cars. How did they find the millions for useless street cars and limit parking spaces near the street cars? My only hope is that an intelligent councilmember arises and directs our precious city funds in a more practical manner than in the past few years. Shame on all of you, and you can expect lawsuits from those bike people who get injured on the tracks. More funds for your foolishness.—Jeanne Allen, Tucson I used to enjoy watching TV, but not that much anymore. It’s bad enough that there are as many ads as the actual program. Too many of the ads are about medicine, side effects and dying. Then, there are those awful laugh tracks that interrupt programs. I can tell it is mostly canned laughter. If it’s funny, people at home can do the laughing. But anymore,

The Curmudgeon Time to Hire and Fire


: : by Drew Alexander

s American citizens, you and I have individual power that does not exist in most parts of the world. Your vote and mine at the ballot box determines who will represent us in the halls of government and, in doing so, sets the course of the nation in all domestic and foreign matters. You and I—not the president, not Congress, not bureaucrats—are the bosses of the United States of America. Despite the arrogance and sense of entitlement displayed by more than a few politicians (names like Obama, Reid and Pelosi come to mind), we the voting populace have the right to hire and fire office holders. And this is how we should approach elections—as employers deciding which employees to retain and which to dismiss.

Today’s political campaigning is largely conducted through the media, especially television. We are bombarded with incessant candidate commercials, most of them slickly assembled from a production-values perspective but nauseatingly trite and uninformative in content. As a former television and radio commercial copywriter-producer, I find the majority of political ads to be sophomoric and laughable. Worse, these spots are almost the only exposure most voters have to the candidates. In my view, the bulk of campaigning should involve much more direct contact with the citizenry. We need to have many more television and radio debates in which the topics and questions come from voters, not some broadcaster-host. There should

page 6 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

there’s not that much to laugh about. I hope everyone has a nice day. My special thanks to Ed and Deb for making my day! I look forward to reading Lovin’ Life After 50 and was happy to see that there was an article, “It’s Harvest Season in Eastern Washington State.” It really brought back great memories, even after living in Sun City full time since 2006, and part time since 2001. I grew up in Sprague on a wheat and cattle ranch and moved to Spokane to start my work career. What a thrill for me to see a picture taken of Riverfront

Park. That was the view I saw when I looked out of my office windows from the 15th floor of the Paulsen Building after the park was created for the World’s Fair. I never got tired of seeing the Radio Flyer and all the children getting up in it and sliding down the tongue of it. I also used the clock tower as my personal timepiece. It was also good to be reminded of the merry-goround that was moved to the park from its original place after the fair. Good memories—but I love that “dry heat” is a lot easier to shovel than show!— Rosa Lee Litzenberger ...continues on page 8

We Want to HEAR from You! Your message will be printed in the next issue! At Lovin’ Life we believe your opinions should be heard. Give us yours! Space providing, your Sound Off will be printed in the next issue. Please limit your messages to one minute or 100 words and include your name only if you would like it printed.

e-mail us:

Leave a message: (520) 297-1220 option 8

also be scores of person-to-person, eyeball-to-eyeball local town meetings conducted like a job interview. In this type of setting, no question may go unanswered and no speech-making is allowed. As the system now exists, political campaigning is a one-sided affair in which the candidates hand-feed the voters through the media whatever they want them to know and believe. No small or large private company would ever tolerate having an employeeapplicant dictate the parameters of the job qualifications and the personal interview. Similarly, we employer-voters should not accept a platform that does not provide us with full participation in the election process in which we fully vet candidates and tell them how we want our government to perform. Of course, debates, town hall meetings and advertising are meaningless if American citizenship is not taken seriously enough to vote. Voting is not only a right, it’s a responsibility, and I would say a duty. You may not like certain candidates.

Write us: Lovin’ Life After 50 3200 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

You may not agree with the philosophies of political parties. You may be upset and frustrated that our country is headed in the wrong direction. But short of being on your deathbed, nothing should keep you from voting—and voting intelligently. And the key word here is “intelligently.” Far too many Americans don’t make the effort to set aside emotion and biased thinking to study the issues and the candidates that will surely impact their lives. Ignorance is not a virtue and does not serve to give permission to stay home of Election Day. Nor is withholding your vote a legitimate form of protest. All you are doing is relinquishing your share of citizen power and any credibility to complain about anything involving government. Drew Alexander, also known as “The Curmudgeon,” is a monthly columnist writing about political issues. Send comments to or to Drew Alexander, in care of Lovin’ Life After 50, 3200 N. Hayden Road, Suite 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

The Up Side Ghosts of October


: : by Michael Grady

y thoughts always turn to ghosts in October. You got your Halloween, your early darkness. Your leafy foliage turning gorgeous colors as part of nature’s elaborate Dance of Death. So I’d love to tell a really good ghost story. But my background is not exactly thick with paranormal contact. Ghosts are a pretty rare phenomenon, and you can understand why. In the Charles Dickens short story, “The Lawyer and the Ghost,” a terrifying ghost appears in the rundown inn where he once lived. A lawyer asks him: “Why is it, when you have the opportunity to visit the fairest spots on Earth, you return to the very places that make you miserable?” The ghost hovers a moment, says, “Egad! That’s true, I never thought of it before!” and leaves. It’s not one of Dickens’ best stories, but it does have a point: Why would dead people linger around places they knew? Especially when the afterlife allows you to travel without TSA wanding or baggage fees? I believe we had a ghost when we first moved into our house. Things would go bump in the middle of the night. Stuff wouldn’t be where we left it. The cat would stare fixedly at nothing at all, then suddenly bolt out of the room. And balled-up socks would appear on the floor. In time, we came to realize: The cat was insane, my wife was absent-minded, and the socks were me. But the noises were genuine. They always happened at night, and they had a roaming quality to them. In the Midwest—where I’m from— you’d trace the ancestry of your house and find a sad and unfinished tale somewhere back there: A jilted spinster who died in her bedroom; a speculator who drank himself to death. Most of these tales seemed to date from the late 19th century, when spiritualism was rampant, emotions were suppressed and people—like Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense”—needed someone to tell them, “Hey, you’re dead.” In Arizona, however, there’s no dense lineage to sort through. Our house was built in 1996. My wife and I are only the second owners. The previous owners were also a married

couple, and the husband had died. So, if there is a ghost, I kind of know who he is. And it’s a little weird, but when a noise wakes us, and my wife makes me investigate, I poke through our dark house going, “Fred?” Ghosts may or may not be real, but they are not the hot Halloween commodity they used to be. I imagine that’s because Marvel Comics doesn’t own the rights to them, so they don’t have that massive marketing engine. The public fascination is zombies, now—which I attribute to “The Walking Dead,” and our collective desire to be stalked by something slow and rather stupid. Before that? Vampires. For awhile there, Hollywood cranked out vampire films in bulk. If I saw one more movie where a sensitive, pale kid had a secret, that secret damn well better be an iron deficiency. I did some investigating into Fred, to see if his twisted, agonizing spirit was creaking our floorboards in the wee hours. This is what I found: Fred was a doctor. Fred loved his wife. Fred loved his home. Fred was active in local charities. Some people described him as “a nice man.” But others differed, calling him, “sweet.” I thought: “What a disappointing ghost.” Still ghosts have always fascinated me—from my first Halloween, when I carved two holes in a fitted sheet, and went as a ghost with a water-retention problem. But for me, ghosts have always lingered in that gray area between paranoia and paranormal. What I’d think was a spectral phenomenon would always turn out to be a shadow from a nearby tree, a trick of the light, or my brother with a water balloon. The only person in my family with direct experience of a ghost was my grandmother, who once got a lift from one. “Mary!” The woman called to my grandmother from across the parking lot of her apartment building. It was raining cats and dogs, civil-defense sirens were blaring and people were scattering everywhere, so it’s a wonder my grandmother heard her at all. This was Eastern Pennsylvania, in 1972, and to hear her tell it, the devil had

possessed the Susquehanna River. This benign stripe of rust-colored water had risen 40 feet at the urging of Hurricane Agnes, rolling over guardrails and pushing apart sandbags. Moments before my grandmother had wandered down to the parking lot, it had torn out the Pierce Street Bridge, six blocks to the north. My grandmother was 75, dressed for church, with nowhere to go and no one but Jesus for company. My family and I were still three states away. “Mary, over here!” The woman stood near the open door of a station wagon. My grandmother—whose acute memory for faces and names stayed with her ‘til she died—wandered over, trying to place this woman who took no notice of the chaos or the driving rain. “We have to get you out of here,” the woman said. “Do I know you?” “I’m your ride.” I called her my grandmother’s ghost. That irritated her. “She was an angel,” Grandma’d say. “The side streets were rivers. It was very hard to see. She got me out of there. She knew just where to go.” Defensive-driving skills don’t make one divine, I argued, and if she was from the afterlife, would she really come back in a station wagon? “She knew my name,” Grandma insisted. “I was her only passenger. She spent the entire drive telling me I’d be all right. I

stepped out of the car at the Red Cross shelter, and in the time it takes an old woman to turn full-circle, my angel vanished. The car? Gone. No one else remembers her. And I never saw her again.” See, I got nothing like that. Sometimes, when I run in the predawn hours, I’ll see children or trolls staring at me out of the corner of my eye. But, on direct glance, they turn back into fire hydrants or trash cans or stations where you can get a free poop bag for your dog. That’s it, really. And Fred. My late night sojourns—tracking a suspicious noise through the dark house—happened a lot the last time I was laid off. I’d prowl slowly around the corners of my darkened home, simultaneously cherishing all my surroundings and wondering if we would lose them. I would never see an apparition, or find the source of the noise. But, for absolutely no reason, I’d eventually get this feeling that everything would be all right. I hope that feeling is Fred. If it is, I am grateful. And the rest of us should be so haunted. Michael Grady is a Valley-based writer. His eBook, “Death Calls a Meeting,” is available on Amazon.

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Oro Valley Monday, Nov. 3, 2014 Hilton El Conquistador 10000 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704

October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 7

Sound Off

... from page 6 I was so pleased to read M.H. everyone was mesmerized by their Klaiman’s letter. People write (electronics). Back in prehistoric times, such negative things, and these before 2000, how did anyone drive cars are innocent children. I had hoped we without texting or tweeting? How did could have a replica of the early 1900s anyone go to the mall without taking a “orphan train,” and I could have a selfie or a video? The electronic genie large family. My mother witnessed this is out of the bottle, and she’s never as a child in Iowa. Some people wanted going back in again.—Bill big, strong boys to help on the farms, but many just wanted a family. People The sun came up this morning, forget that their ancestors came here and it was hot in Arizona. for a better life for their kids. I can’t Then the sun went down and imagine the heartache these Central the Super Moon came up, but we American parents are going through. couldn’t see it because it was cloudy. I’ll open my humble home to them.— Of course, it was all Obama’s fault. Pat, Apache Junction When will these people learn? Drew Alexander’s observations are spot-on accurate when he labeled today’s youth the “looking-down generation.” This is due to their addiction to electronic gadgets. My lovely wife was in an airport terminal recently waiting for her plane to arrive and, as a social experiment, she attempted to smile and make eye contact with anyone around her. She failed miserably. She couldn’t make eye contact for 10 minutes because

I would like to address a problem we have in the neighborhood, barking dogs. It’s hard to get any sleep with a dog constantly barking—sometimes for hours at a time. Don’t the owners even check to see why their dogs are barking, or have any consideration for their neighbors who are trying to sleep? Surely, they don’t think their dog is a good watchdog just because he barks a lot. A good watchdog only

barks when an intruder comes on the property—not when a person walks by getting his exercise or is out in his own yard watering or just sitting on his own porch. A person shouldn’t have to put up with such nonsense. Surely all dog owners can’t be so stupid and inconsiderate. If I were to have such a dog as that, I would get rid of it, period.—Marvin Interesting Grandma says her collection of fancy cups and souvenir mugs tell a story of her life—places she has been and people remembered; the special one for breakfast only, the big one for soup, especially the one for the comfort cup of hot chocolate. President Obama is a disgrace. An American is beheaded by ISIS terrorists who are threatening to behead other American hostages. Obama makes a weak statement about it and immediately heads straight to the golf course, where he is shown laughing and having a wonderful time. The prime minister of England interrupted his vacation and immediately went to work—a sign of a

leader. Obama just wants all the perks of the presidency but isn’t interested in any of the work. He is putting all Americans in danger, by his lack of responsibility and not doing the job he was elected to do. God help America. We’ve just learned in Mexico and many European countries, cars traveled on wellmaintained toll roads. In the U.S., we have freeways—joke—tax paid. They quickly become auto-and-truck free parking. Which would you have if you had a choice: More taxes or toll roads? Think about it and get to work on it. Educated journalists still know enough to report the classic, who, what, when, where and why. Too many reporters express their opinions and try to move policy themselves. Walter Cronkite must be turning in his grave today. Five hundred years after a man called Jesus taught peaceful living and the Bible was later compiled, Mohammad organized other regional tribes and compiled his ...continues on page 46

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page 8 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014 224-261-4817

The Widow’s Corner Purchasing a New Home? On Writing : : by Terry Ratner, RN, MFA


ords should be like a pane of glass you look through, not at. I have pursued writing since I was a young girl and published essays in a variety of places. My manuscript, written during graduate school in 2002, consists of a series of 25 essays dealing with issues of family, identity and loss—what I considered the bones of my first book. Instead of editing my “masterpiece” after graduation, I wrote for a variety of national and local publications. Then, for no particular reason, my rigid writing routine came to a screeching halt, and I wondered if my literary juice, talent and discipline had left me for good. I can’t pinpoint any particular day when my nonwriting state began, any more than someone might say the moment when they are overtaken with sleep. It’s only after you wake that you realize how long you were out. I never felt as if I was blocked as a writer. Lines would come to me and then quietly slip away. Before I knew it, months had passed without capturing my thoughts on paper. Then, like addicts who miss their drugs, I found myself feeling anxious and incomplete. I must qualify something first: I never completely stopped writing, if one counts emails and texting. My communications are full of metaphors and edited to the point of insanity, and I’m not one to use texting shortcuts like “r” or “u.” Acronyms don’t appeal to real writers—they have an uncontrollable desire to type actual words and not take shortcuts. To have silence and neither deadlines nor expectations for the first time in years was nice and at the same time troubling. Could I still call myself a writer? Instead of creating nonfiction, I buried myself in training at a local



Healthy Living

gym and working overtime as a nurse, diving into huge projects—letting the essays in my head cook for a while. But it was through all this chaos that I found my way back into writing fulltime, a framework for moving forward and validation for what I had done. I’d been working out as long as I had been a wordsmith. Just like with writing, overtraining without taking days off can lead to injuries, fatigue and pain. I had never followed that philosophy. Just as the body needs to rest, so does the essay, the story, chapter, poem, book or a single page. I didn’t work through the pain. I gave myself time to refresh. One day when I awoke, a line came into my head. I followed it. It led to another and another. I was deep into the writing once again, editing the essays for my book. I know now the particular state of tension this writing plunges me into, how demanding, disturbing, exhausting it is—in short, how much it is costing me physically. I suppose that, in a way, I’m trying to pay homage to my family—to give those who have died a coffin made of paper, a destiny of character. It’s like reliving my life and theirs, examining it under a microscope and trying to understand it. Writing isn’t measured in page counts any more than a writer is defined by publication credits. It’s more a commitment to the long haul—staying healthy for as long a run as possible. This means staying active physically and creatively, remaining curious and learning new skills, and giving oneself ample periods of rest. I know that the writer in me, like the lifelong fitness devotee, will be better off. Terry J. Ratner, RN, MFA is a health educator at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center. Visit her website at www.terryratner. com. Send comments to

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October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 9

Ask Gabby Gayle

Do you suffer from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain?

Advice for the Over-50 Crowd

: : by Gayle M. Lagman-Creswick

D Enjoy Life Again! Jeffrey B. Loomer M.D., FACP, FACR Rheumatologist I offer a Concierge Medical Service that provides patients with personal care. Extended office visits are never rushed, and same day appointments available. If you suffer from these conditions, I take the time and the care to understand your symptoms and offer personalized treatment. Dartmouth trained Board Certified and 22 years in solo private practice.

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ear Gabby Gayle: I am well into my 70s, and I have a big family. The problem is that they are beginning to treat me as if I don’t have a brain cell. They want to drive me wherever we are going. (I am a good and capable driver.) They always want to know where I am going. They don’t think I should go out at night. They put new burglar alarms on my house, which I set off accidentally all the time. I love them, but I find myself resenting this overdo. Give me some good advice. Signed, Frustrated


ear Frustrated: I think they love you very much, and they read every day about older people being attacked, which makes them afraid for you. I think a gentle nudge from you asking them to give you a little breathing room would suffice. Tell them there may come a day when you want and need them to do those things, but right now you crave your independence. I receive many more letters complaining about children who never call, never come, never pay attention, than I do letters like yours! Good luck. Signed, GG


ear Gabby Gayle: I am in a romantic relationship with a woman I highly respect and love. We have been dating for over a year. My problem is that none of her three kids are even speaking to her. When I ask her why, she says they all take after their father—impossible to get along with. While she may be telling the truth, I was raised that there are two sides to every story. Is this a red flag? What do you think? Signed, Wondering


ear Wondering: I would not jump into a permanent relationship just yet. It could be a red flag. Is she a widow or divorced? Do you ask her if she misses seeing her children? It is very hard for me to digest that

a mother would be estranged from all her children. I frequently hear about one child who is apart from the family, but all three? You are right to wonder. Give it some more time. Dirty laundry has a way of showing up. Signed, GG


ear Gabby Gayle: Last year, against the advice of our friends, we asked dad to come and live with us. He wasn’t able to stay alone for long periods, refused to go to assisted living and really needed us. He had lived alone for about seven years. Things went well at first, but he seems to have changed. He was neat, and now he is terribly messy. He used to be a quiet guy, and now he wants to monopolize conversations. He is very loud about his political views, which are different from ours. So far, we just grin and bear it. What else can we do? Signed, No Good Deed...


ear No Good Deed: The change in your father’s behavior should not be ignored. You need to tell this to his doctor and take him for a check-up. He could have brain changes, small strokes, medication reactions, depression—any number of things. It could be that the honeymoon has worn off, and now he is showing true behavior. Also, it would be good if you could take him to visit friends of his in assisted living, so he can see how wonderful these places can be. Good luck. Signed, GG


o Embarrassed: There is no reason to be embarrassed with your friends and relatives who think it is hilarious that you are using a dating site! It is a legitimate way to meet people. Signed, GG

If you have a question for Gabby Gayle, please send it to: Ask Gabby Gayle c/o Lovin’ Life After 50, 3200 N. Hayden Road, Suite 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 or lagmancreswick@

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Your Finances

If You Don’t Have Your Health...


: : by Chad Winn

man goes to the doctor for his annual checkup. “Everything is fine, you’re doing OK for your age,” says the doctor at the end of the examination. “OK for my age? I’m only 70. Do you think I’ll live to be 80?” asks the man. “Do you smoke, drink, eat fatty foods or engage in any dangerous behaviors?” the doctor inquires. “Of course not!” replies the man, full of indignation. “Well,” the doctor says, “then why on Earth would you want to live to 80?” Nobody wants to spend all their days doing without that which brings joy to their life. But focusing on healthy living can be an integral part of a successful retirement plan. A few years ago, Fidelity Investments conducted a study that found a couple retiring at age 65 would spend $240,000 on health care during their retirement. The same study indicated a person retiring in excellent health could expect to spend 20 percent less on health care than someone in poor health. Americans are living longer today than ever before. Our longer lives bring many rewards but also some unique challenges as health care costs continue to rise faster than general inflation. While we cannot accurately anticipate every health care expense that may be encountered throughout our entire retirement, nor can we prevent every illness by clean living, planning ahead for health care costs in retirement is a good step in the right direction. Understanding the A, B, C and Ds of Medicare is a good place to start. A study conducted by Nationwide Financial found that people who were near retirement routinely would wildly overestimate the percentage of health care costs covered by Medicare. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, it only covers slightly more than half of all health care services, and it does not cover long-term care. Bringing up long-term care insurance with my clients typically has the same effect on our conversation as dumping a huge bucket of ice water over their head.

Oddly enough, people tend to dislike discussing topics that remind them there is a possibility that their days on Earth may end. But it is my opinion that there can be no serious plan for retirement without a detailed discussion of how possible long-term care costs will be paid for. Many of my clients tell me they plan on having their kids take care of them if the need arises. Speaking from experience, adult children taking care of their parents in their old age is difficult. My grandma, who passed away a couple years ago, required significant care the last few years of her life. My family tried to take care of her on their own at first but found many of the duties to be uncomfortable emotionally for the caregiver while, at the same time, slowly stripped my grandma of her dignity. As time went on, we found having a paid aide allowed us to gather and enjoy each other as a family much more comfortably. The tradeoff was cost. My grandma wanted to keep her independence as much as possible, so for the last few years of her life she was paying for an apartment in an assisted-living facility and paying for a nearly full-time aide from an outside agency to pick up where the facility care left off. The cost for this care was about $9,500 per month. Fortunately, she had a government pension and a long-term care insurance policy. Planning that occurs during crisis mode is typically bad planning. So, while the benefit of exercise and diet can’t be overstated, the best time to plan for your future health care needs is before it becomes a need, if at all possible. Chad M. Winn is a financial adviser and chartered retirement-planning counselor for Wells Fargo Advisors LLC, 4051 E. Sunrise Dr., Suite 200. For more information, call 584-3017 or 240-4848. Call toll-free at (800) 548-3567. His email is chad.winn@ Wells Fargo Advisors does not render legal or tax advice. Wells Fargo Advisors LLC, Member SIPC, is a registered broker-dealer and a separate nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo and Company.


119th Birthday Chiropractic! Changing Lives Since 1895

Chiropractic founder Daniel David Palmer



Highly effective & affordable treatment plans for all!


Come in for a $ Complete Exam

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Rincon Country®


East RV Resort

Classic 10AM - 3PM

October 1 Wednesday Pima County Master Gardeners, 9 a.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays, Plant Clinic, 4210 N. Campbell Ave., free, 626-5161. Let a master gardener volunteer lead you through the beautiful gardens. Journey for Control: Diabetes Education, 1 p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. The four-week group session gives participants the info and tools they need to stay in control. October 2 Thursday Mexican Baseball Fiesta, 5:30 p.m., repeats 5:30 p.m. Oct. 3 and Oct 4, and 4:30 p.m. Oct. 5, Kino Sports Complex, 2500 E. Ajo Way, free to $15, $6 seniors 55 and older, 546-5466. This year’s event will include a group of the top instructional-league players from the Los Angeles Dodgers and Kansas City Royals. October 3 Friday



“I and You,” 7:30 p.m., repeats 7:30 p.m. Oct. 4 and 3 p.m. Oct. 5, The Invisible Theatre, 1400 N. First Ave., $30, 882-9721, The play makes its Southwest premiere at The Invisible Theatre. October 4 Saturday

WHILE YOU’RE HERE... Tour Rincon Country RV Resorts' million-dollar recreational facilities.

New Park Models

See what resort retirement living is all about! For a limited time, purchase a new Champion or Schult Park Model and get 2 yrs FREE rent (regularly $380/month).* *Restrictions and exclusions apply.

8989 E Escalante Rd • Tucson AZ 85730

888-401-8989 page 12 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

Oro Valley Classics Car and Truck Show, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Oro Valley Marketplace, 12155 N. Oracle Rd., $5, free for ages 10 and younger, $1 off for veterans and active duty military, 797-3959, classics_oldies.php. The Oro Valley Classics Car and Trunk Show will feature awards on more than 150 automobiles, record painting, root beer floats, a hula-hoop competition and more. Marana Concerts in the Park, 7 p.m., Crossroads at Silverbell District Park, 7548 N. Silverbell Rd., free, 382-1950. From bluegrass and country to flamenco and jazz fusion, the musical menu for this outdoor event can entertain all tastes. October 5 Sunday Bob Kay, 4 p.m. Sundays, except Oct. 19, American Legion, 5845 E. 22nd St., $2, 883-5491. The singing drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking dance. Dancers are asked to participate in a finger-food potluck. October 6 Monday Art Talk with Sandy Cord, 1:30 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free, reservations required, 325-4800. Sandy Cord will give an in-depth presentation

on how Fredrick Remington’s drawings and paintings changed the view of many who felt soldiers remained in the cavalry after the Civil War because they could not succeed in civilian life. October 7 Tuesday Senior Savings Day, all day, area Walgreens stores. Seniors ages 55 and older who are Balance Rewards members, as well as AARP members, receive 20 percent off regularly priced items. Maintain Your Healthy Balance, 10:30 a.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free, reservations required, 325-4800. Steve Ochoa and Barbara Applebaum will discuss balancing body and brain health. Parkinson’s Education: Exercise and Parkinson’s, 2 p.m. p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. For people with Parkinson’s disease and their family members. October 8 Wednesday Improving Your Aging Voice, 10 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Dr. Daniel Boone will share why seniors’ voices change with age and what they can do to change that. Elder Circle, 10:30 a.m. TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join the group for a safe place to share life experiences and celebrate achievements of aging. Comprehensive Stroke: Types, Diagnosis and Treatment, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join Dr. David Teeple from the Center for Neurosciences for this lecture. October 9 Thursday Green Valley Stroke Support Group, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., La Perla at La Posada, 635 S. Park Center Ave., free, reservations required, 626-2901. For stroke survivors and caregivers to learn more about stroke, to find positive solutions to shared concerns and to unite in support of each other. Oro Valley Concert Series, 6 p.m., Oro Valley Marketplace, southwest corner of Oracle and Tangerine roads, free, 797-3959. The Town of Oro Valley and the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance have created an evening concert series offering a community-enriching experience.

Positive Aging for Women Conference, 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., St. Paul’s Church, 8051 E. Broadway, $10, registration required, 324-1960. October 10 Friday Friends of the Pima County Public Library’s Book Sale, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through Oct. 13, Book Barn on 2230 N. Country Club, free admission, 795-3763, Seniors ages 55 and older receive a 25-percent discount on Saturday. October 11 Saturday Pima County Master Gardeners Fall Plant Sale, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., Pima County Cooperative Extension Office, 4210 N. Campbell Ave., free, 626-5161. Master gardeners will be selling a variety of fruit trees and shrubs, cacti and succulents, ground covers, vines and flowering plants. October 12 Sunday Bob Kay, 4 p.m. Sundays except Oct. 19, American Legion, 5845 E. 22nd St., $2, 883-5491. The singing drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking dance. Dancers are asked to participate in a finger-food potluck. October 13 Monday Tucson Community Stroke Support Group, 10 a.m., University of Arizona Medical Center, 1501 Campbell Ave., free, reservations required, 626-2901. Worried About Memory Loss? 9 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join Terri Waldman, MSW, for an overview of how to know when it’s time to worry. Laugh Your Way to a Healthier Life, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 3244345. Dr. Gulshan Sethi will discuss how laughter therapy can reduce anxiety and stress, help manage pain and bolster the immune system. National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) Chapter 1874 Meeting, 11 a.m., Reid Park, 900 S. Randolph Way, Ramada 22, free, 4003456. Current and retired federal employees, spouses, guests and visitors are invited to a potluck where primaryelection winners will be presenting their viewpoints. October 14 Tuesday History Talk with Sue Ward, 10:30 a.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free, reservations required, 325-4800. Sue Ward, international-relations specialist, will lead a nonpartisan discussion on the nation’s voting process and some key propositions on this year’s ballot. Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids, 10 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join

TMC audiologist, Shawna Bohn, as she shares information about hearing issues. Alzheimer’s Film and Discussion with “Alzheimer’s Disease: Facing the Facts,” 1:30 p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 3244345. Documentary with the scientific facts, economic reality, and emotional toll of Alzheimer’s disease.

Mark your calendar for our free: •Wellness Lectures •Screenings •Demonstrations & Special Events Designed to help you live a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle.

October 15 Wednesday “Panama: Through the Rainforest and The Canal,” 11 a.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free, reservations required, 325-4800. Dr. Howard Topoff will discuss the wealth of wildlife of Panama. Pro-Active Wellness Series: Golden Years, Golden Brain...Memory for Life, 10 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join Jill Jones as she shares information to help participants make changes for a healthier life. October 16 Thursday Green Valley Genealogical Society Meeting, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., Valley Presbyterian Church, 2800 S. Camino del Sol, Green Valley, free, 396-3701, Marsha Allen will discuss “Things I Wish I Knew at the Beginning,” while JoAnn Herbst and Edy Sly talk about “Bring Your Ancestors to Life.” Create with a Chef, 10:30 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join the chef to learn how to make healthy harvest soup, then stay for a soupand-salad lunch. Lyric: The Invisible Hearing Aid, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Community Performance and Art Center, 1250 W. Continental Rd., free, 399-7633. Lyric is the only extended-wear hearing aid on the market. The seminar is designed to discuss candidacy for the product, pros/cons and overall expectations for the Lyric compared to other hearing solutions on the market.

Go to for details about all of our upcoming events. Wed., Oct. 8

Improving Your Aging Voice

Wed., Oct. 8

Comprehensive Stroke: Types, Diagnosis and Treatment

Mon., Oct. 13

Worried About Memory Loss?

Mon., Oct. 13

Laugh Your Way to a Healthier Life

Wed., Oct. 15

Golden Years, Golden Brain…Memory for Life

Thurs., Oct. 23

Women's Health Series: Breast Health

Sat., Oct. 25

Caring for and Coping with Tremors

Tues., Oct. 28

Health Enhancement Meditation

10:00am - 11:30am 2:00pm -3:30pm 9:00am - 10:30am 2:00pm - 4:00pm

10:00am -11:30am 2:00pm - 4:00pm

9:00am - 12:00pm 9:00am - 10:30am

– Dan Boone, PhD

– David Teeple, MD

– Terri Waldman, MSW

– Gulshan Sethi, MD

– Jill Jones

– Karen Narum, NP and friends

– Thomas Norton, MD and Scott Sherman, MD

– Marcey Rosin, LAc

October 17 Friday Hoarding 101, 10 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join Lisa O’Neill, MPH, as she explains hoarding, why people hoard and discusses what does and doesn’t help. October 18 Saturday Arts in the Plaza Fine Art and Jazz Festival, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., St. Philip’s Plaza, 4280 N Campbell Ave., free, 529-2775, php. The twice-annual outdoor festival offers musical performances, kids’ activities and more than 50 artists. ...continues on page 14

All listed events take place at: TMC Healthy Living Connections Seniors Classrooms El Dorado Health Campus 1400 N. Wilmot Road

RSVP 324-4345 Pre-registration is required. For more information call 324-1960.

October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 13


... from page 13 kids 12 and younger, and military with ID, 622-2265, www. Event features authentic Bob Kay, 4 p.m. St. Paul United Methodist Church, cuisine from Syria, Greece and Eastern Europe, imported 8051 E. Broadway Blvd., $3, 883-5491. The singing drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking, beer and wine, and entertainment from around the world. October 19 Sunday

Randy W. Powell

Mention t nd ge is th ad a ount c is d a 20% e for d ri y n a on e b Octo r

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(520) 336-6100

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The BEST Tucson has to offer YOU! Broadway East and Wilmot North offer Exceptional Living at an Exceptional Price! We Include All Utilities and Transportation!

Gorgeous Views & Resort Style Living Broadway East

nonalcoholic dance. Dancers are asked to participate in a finger-food potluck. Southern AZ Author Series, 11:30 a.m., Unity of Tucson, 3617 N. Camino Blanco, Classroom 3, by donation, 322-0832, Tucson author Victor E. Smith reads a passage from “The Anathemas,” a novel about reincarnation and restitution, and discusses its historical and spiritual message. He also previews his new novel, “The Perfect.” October 20 Monday Sweater Nanas, 9 a.m., Joyner-Green Valley Branch Library, 601 N. La Canada Dr., Green Valley, free, 594-5295. October 21 Tuesday Everything You Wanted to Know About Medicare...But Were Afraid to Ask, 1 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free, reservations required, 325-4800. Join the benefits advisers from the Q&A Group and learn about the upcoming changes to Medicare. October 22 Wednesday Friends of the Oro Valley Public Library, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Oro Valley Branch Library, 1305 W. Naranja Dr., Oro Valley, free admission, 594-5670.

1BR/1BA $639 - 719 • 2BR/2BA $829 - 899 Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm • First Saturday of the Month 9am to 5pm 6199 Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85711 •

(520) 745-1444

Hit the Jackpot & Be a Winner! Wilmot North

October 23 Thursday Women’s Health Series: Breast Health, 2 p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Join TMC Women’s Center staff for education and light refreshments as they discuss this important topic. “I Love Books” Group, 2 p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Virginia Wise and the group discuss “Breakfast with Buddha,” by Roland Merullo. October 24 Friday

1BR from $619 • 2BR from $779 • Executive Suite all inclusive $999 Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm 445 N. Wilmot Rd., Tucson, AZ 85711 •

(520) 745-5900 55+ communities • Planned Resident Activities • Elevators • Attentive, Caring Staff Controlled Access Entry • Private Patios & Balconies • Free Shuttle Service 24 Hour Heated Pool, Spa, Sauna & Steam Room • Clubhouse • Wi Fi Hot Spots Game and Party Room Library & Billiard Room • Exercise Facility Convenient Eastside Location Minutes from St. Joseph’s Hospital & Park Place Mall Professionally Managed by Professionally Managed by FHR Residential, LLC Equal Housing Opportunity for All


page 14 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

Caring For and Coping with Tremors, 9 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Learn more about essential tremors, including surgical management and patient coping skills. The Forum’s 25th Anniversary Family Fun Day, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free, reservations required, 325-4800. Come enjoy a farmers market, new model car show, live entertainment and food trucks. October 26 Sunday Bob Kay, 4 p.m. Sundays except Oct. 19, American Legion, 5845 E. 22nd St., $2, 883-5491. The singing drummer/DJ plays “oldies but goodies” at a nonsmoking dance. Dancers are asked to participate in a finger-food potluck. October 27 Monday Better Breathers Club, 1 p.m., The Forum at Tucson, 2500 N. Rosemont, free, reservations required, 325-4800. This month, Jim and Mary Nelson speak about living well with lung disease. Jim had COPD before receiving a doublelung transplant, and Mary speaks about caregiver issues. October 28 Tuesday Health Enhancement Meditation, 9 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Marcey Rosin, Lac, introduces the theory of Chinese health therapies and teaches an easy meditative practice for stress reduction. Alzheimer’s Film and Discussion: Part One—The Memory Loss Tapes,” 1:30 p.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. This film provides an intimate and gripping portrait of seven individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease. October 29 Wednesday

“Church Basement Ladies,” 7:30 p.m., repeats 3 p.m. Oct. 25 and Oct. 26, Berger Performing Arts Center, 1200 W. Speedway Blvd., $12 to $24, 742-9079. The play is Waypoint’s first production in its new performance venue.

Digital Download for the iPad Help Session, 8:30 a.m., Dusenberry-River Branch Library, 5605 W. River Rd., free, 594-5345.

October 25 Saturday

October 30 Thursday

Double Yard Sales, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saddlebrooke and Saddlebrooke Retirement Communities, free admission, 818-1000, 818-6010. Articles for sale include household items, pictures, linens, clothing and small furniture.

Shop Before You Drop: Funeral Expenses, 10 a.m., TMC Senior Services, El Dorado Health Campus, 1400 N. Wilmot Rd., free, reservations required, 324-4345. Ruth Bennett of the Funeral Consumer Alliance will discuss important information people regarding paying for funerals.

Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church Festival, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., repeats 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 26, Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church, 5910 E. Fifth St., $1, free for

October 31 Friday Happy Halloween from all of us at Lovin’ Life After 50.

Tucson’s Newest and Largest Nonprofit Thrift Store Opens Oct. 3

Thanks Friendship Ads!


nJoy Thrift Stores is planning the official opening of its 24,000-squarefoot retail store from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 3. The “donation station” has been open since May, accepting gently used items to be sold in the store. Part of the proceeds from the store’s sales goes to The Sheepfold of Arizona, a Christian-based, nonprofit organization that provides safe homes for victims of domestic violence in Tucson. The Sheepfold of Arizona is looking for a home in Tucson that would provide the area’s first safe home. The support that InJoy Thrift Stores provides will help with the daily needs of women and children who have escaped violence. The Sheepfold of Arizona plans to build or purchase additional homes throughout Tucson. In addition, part of the proceeds goes to D.O.O.R. International (Deaf Opportunity Outreach) to train and equip the deaf church leaders in their deaf communities worldwide. InJoy Thrift Stores is a collaboration of Christian business men and women to provide much-needed funding for local nonprofits. The concept of utilizing part of the proceeds from the InJoy Thrift Stores to fund other nonprofits started in North Carolina. InJoy Thrift Stores principal Mike Buus was part of the management team of another large national thrift store in Tucson several years ago. Buus has family and many connections in Tucson, therefore, it was a perfect fit for him to open the first of many stores in Arizona. InJoy Thrift Stores is upscale, with affordable prices, and a vast selection. “Thrifties” are going to love to shop at InJoy Thrift Stores, officials say. Volunteers are needed in the “donation station” and retail store. Gently used items are being accepted in the Donation Station from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. No child car seats, mattresses, box springs or gas-powered equipment can be accepted. The store is located at 250 N. Pantano Rd., Tucson. For more information, call 396-3361 or visit www.InJoyThriftStores. com. Its Facebook is www.facebook/ InJoyThriftStoreTucson.

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All services performed by Arizona Licensed General Dentists. Offer valid at any location.

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Entertainment Boyle to Make Arizona Debut ::by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski


ffable and laidback, Scottish singer Susan Boyle likes to poke fun at Arizona—and herself—while talking about her debut U.S. tour, which comes to the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix on Friday, Oct. 17. “I’m looking forward to coming to Arizona,” Boyle says via telephone from her home. “I’ve never been there before. It’s not bikini weather is it, by chance?” She releases a hearty laugh, but turns serious when she speaks about how special this tour is to her. Boyle began her singing career in 2009 on “Britain’s Got Talent,” surprising everyone with her mezzo-soprano voice. She took second place, and it shocked her that she was so loved. Boyle explains she didn’t think she would be taken seriously with the “general way I represented myself,” plus, “You never know how you’re going to do in auditions.” Since that year, she has been signed to Syco/Columbia in the United States. Her success has been phenomenal. The 53-year-old singer is the only person older than 50 to debut at No. 1 with a first album. Boyle is also the first solo act and only female artist to have two albums, “I Dreamed a Dream” and “The Gift,” at No. 1 in the United Kingdom and United States within one year. “I’ve had fantastic experiences of America,” Boyle says. “They’ve been so kind and welcoming. I think the welcoming at airports and people in the streets have been amazing.” She says fans take pictures with her and say that she’s “done well.” “I think the general attitude has been absolutely fantastic and very accepting.” Boyle’s success has gone worldwide. She has garnered more than 650 million YouTube hits, and her appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” is the mostwatched clip of 2009. She chalks it up to “luck.”

Fun & Games Around Tucson October 2014 Kansas Celebrating 40 years, Kansas started out as a “garage band” from Topeka. It released its first album in 1974 and went on to become one of the most popular bands on rock radio stations in the country. WHEN: Fri., Oct. 3, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $39 to $96 INFO: 547-3040 or Nils Lofgren American rock musician, recording artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nils Lofgren was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in January. WHEN: Sat., Oct. 4, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $22 to $55 INFO: 547-3040 or

Susan Boyle began her singing career in 2009 on “Britain’s Got Talent” by placing second. Since that year, she is the only person older than 50 to debut at No. 1 with a first album. “I’ve been very lucky,” she says. “I’ve you and the music. It’s a different had a good team behind me. I think story when you go live. If you make probably it all has to do with how any mistakes, it’s out there. You can people have warmed to me. I’ve tried do something about it in the recording to keep myself down to Earth. I’m only studio, but you can’t do anything about speculating. I think I’m approachable. it once it’s out there.” I’m not (saying) ‘I’m a celebrity.’ I just She adds that she thinks she’s good don’t do that.” at what she does, even though she’s a Becoming a celebrity in her late 40s “bit of a perfectionist.” after years of anonymity took some She’s secretive as well. Boyle chose getting used to, she admits. not to share stories that her fans tell “In the beginning it was hard, but it her, and she’s keeping details of her gets to be second nature after a while,” Orpheum show under wraps. Boyle says. “Expect to hear some songs that you The singer is touring the United know and some songs that you don’t States in support of her sixth album know,” she says. “It’s a good mixture “Hope,” due in stores Oct. 21. A press of ballads and standards. I won’t get release describes the record as “raw into too many details because I want it and powerful” and includes covers of to be a surprise.” Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Susan Boyle performs at 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. Troubled Water” and John Lennon’s 17, at the Orpheum Theatre, 203 W. Adams “Imagine.” St., Phoenix. Tickets are $50 to $100. For “Recording an album is very more information, Call (602) 262-6225 enjoyable for me,” she says. “It’s or visit private. Nobody can get in. It’s just venues/orpheum-theatre.

page 16 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

Reel Fashion at the Fox: A Tucson Modernism Week Event Enjoy a special screening of “The Thomas Crown Affair” starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway followed by a lively discussion with two fashion experts. WHEN: Wed., Oct. 8, at 6 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $8 to $10 INFO: 547-3040 or Paul Reiser Paul Reiser is a seasoned actor, writer, producer and stand-up comedian. WHEN: Thurs., Oct. 9, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $25 to $59 INFO: 547-3040 or Girls Night: The Musical Girls Night: The Musical has been thrilling audiences and earning raves from critics throughout North America since it began touring after its sensational Off-Broadway debut. WHEN: Sat., Oct. 11, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $35 to $80 INFO: 547-3040 or Kris Kristofferson Country Music Hall of Fame legend Kris Kristofferson will perform a solo, acoustic show. ...continues on page 18








See the Rewards Center for details. Diamond Rewards Card necessary to participate. Must be 21 to enter bars and gaming areas. Management reserves all rights to alter or cancel without notice. Please play responsibly. An Enterprise of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

IT COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE. IT WILL CHANGE THEIRS. The Health & Wealth Raffle, benefiting Barrow and St. Joseph’s, is back with more than 2,400 incredible prizes, including the million-dollar grand prize. Every ticket purchased in the Raffle makes an immense difference in the lives of patients, and it only takes one ticket to change your life, too. The Raffle has strived to create the best player experience possible by: • Keeping the same great 1-in-25 odds • Adding new cars every year including the 2014 Toyota Tundra and the 2014 Scion FR-S Coupe in this Raffle • Offering Early Draw prizes like $10,000 cash and a Phoenix Open VIP Experience. “I can’t even believe it’s real.” That’s what Mark Carlin said when he became a millionaire earlier



SECOND PLACE $100,000 cash,

a 2014 Jaguar convertible and a Costa Rica experience this year after purchasing a Health & Wealth Raffle ticket. “I’m shocked … and amazed … and very happy.” Mark and his wife, Lisa, have purchased tickets for years, but they never expected to claim the Raffle’s coveted Grand Prize. In fact, the Carlins play the Raffle for an entirely different reason. Their sons, Matthew and Erik, were diagnosed with autism and treated at St. Joseph’s by a developmental pediatrics specialist. “We have always appreciated the level of care we’ve received here,” Carlin said.

The Carlin boys aren’t the only ones who have received lifechanging treatment from Barrow and St. Joseph’s. Julie Stendal, a nurse living in Norway, was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that threatened to leave her paralyzed for the rest of her life.


Purchase tickets by October 30 to be eligible for the Early Draw also feels really good to see Raffle players rewarded for their support.” Dr. Spetzler points out that the Raffle is of vital importance to the lives of his patients.

Stendal was referred to Robert Spetzler, MD, renowned neurosurgeon and director of Barrow Neurological Institute, who was able to remove the AVM during a complex surgery available nowhere else in the world.

“Every ticket you purchase contributes to the research, patient care and education that make Barrow a beacon of hope for patients facing impossible neurological problems.”

Stendal’s mother’s reaction to her daughter’s recovery wasn’t too different from Mr. Carlin’s reaction to winning a million dollars. “It’s a miracle,” says Kjersti Loevland. “… I don’t have words for it.”

Tickets are $100 each with a limited number of three-packs for $250. Purchase today at or call 866.658.4068 by November 20 to play.

For Erik Stauber, Health & Wealth Raffle Director, these two stories encapsulate what the Raffle is all about. “It’s hard to describe how gratifying the Raffle is. We love what we do because we get to see the patients’ lives improve, but it

Be sure to get your tickets before it’s too late. Whether you play to win prizes or play to heal patients, it’s a win. | 866.658.4068

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Remember When... Dad beamed with pride?


Bring Funeral Home Lovin Life After 50 2.35" x 11" B&W Fun & Games

Around Tucson

WHEN: Sun., Oct. 12, at 7 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $37 to $100 INFO: 547-3040 or Lee Ann Womack Lee Ann Womack will play a selection of her hits and some new songs written by some of America’s most progressive songwriters and artists. WHEN: Thurs., Oct. 16, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $29 to $77 INFO: 547-3040 or

He was our hero! Dad’s service to our country is something we’re all proud of. He made a difference and set a great example for all of us. Now, it’s our turn to honor the sacrifices he made for his family…and his country. As Veteran’s funeral specialists, it’s a privilege for Bring Funeral Homes to help celebrate Dad’s one-of-a-kind life and recognize his patriotic service in a special way.

... from page 16

Ramon Ayala Ramon Ayala has mastered the artistry as an accordionist, vocalist and songwriter for more than 40 years. WHEN: Sat., Oct. 18, at 8 p.m. WHERE: AVA Amphitheater at Casino del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Rd. COST: $40 INFO: (855) 765-7829 or

Circus Electronica: Singularity This multimedia live event blends the worlds of traditional European style circus with contemporary electronic dance music. WHEN: Fri., Oct. 24, at 7:30 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $20 to $70 INFO: 547-3040 or David Broza One of Israel’s most popular musical artists in the past 20 years, David Broza combines soulful lyrics with virtuosic guitar playing that ranges from flamenco to pulsating rock ‘n’ roll. WHEN: Thurs., Oct. 30, at 7 p.m. WHERE: Fox Tucson Theatre, 17 W. Congress St. COST: $23 to $54 INFO: 547-3040 or

Got an Event?

Include it in this list by sending your information to

Reach 5.5 million U.S. Baby Boomers/ Seniors with your products or services. NAMPA offers a unique, effective, national print advertising opportunity to reach the wealthiest demographic in America. To learn more, contact: Scott Stowers Email:

When you need us, We’re here for you.

480-348-0343 x107

Broadway Chapel

6910 E. Broadway Blvd.

Memorial Chapel 236 S. Scott Ave.

(520) 433-9205

Phoenix Metro October 2013

Health & Wellness 2013

Sponsored by:

How it Will Impact Seniors : : by Alison Stanton

Finish Line Newsletter starts on page 57

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The Affordable Care Act:

HMO Charts

Compare available plans on page 38.

Bingo HappeningsOctober 2014 Desert Diamond Casino Bingo With bingo favorites, new games and levels to buy in, there’s more to win than ever before. WHEN: Thursday through Monday, from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. WHERE: Desert Diamond Casino, 7350 S. Nogales Hwy. COST: $4 to $200 INFO: 342-1840 Casino del Sol Bingo Casino del Sol’s spacious bingo hall seats up to 600 players with smoking and nonsmoking sections. There is plenty of leg and elbow room for gamers. WHEN: Daily with start times from 12 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. WHERE: Casino del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Rd. COST: $1 to $95, depending on package INFO: (855) 765-7829 or tucson-casino/bingo Elks Lodge Tucson East Bingo Open to the public. $1,000 jackpot days the first three bingo days of the month. WHEN: Sundays at 1 p.m.; Monday at 7 p.m.; and Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. WHERE: Elks Lodge Tucson East 2532, 615 S. Pantano Rd. COST: Depends on number of cards purchased. INFO: 886-8120 DAV Bingo The public is welcome to play bingo at the Disabled American Veteran. WHEN: 12:45 p.m. every day, except Sundays and Wednesdays; and 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays WHERE: Disabled American Veteran, 3455 S. Wilmot Rd. COST: Call for cost INFO: 747-3333 McCulloch-Wagner American Legion Post 109 Eat delicious, reasonably priced tacos are served, as well as other snacks, from 6 to 7 p.m., then play a little bingo. The public is invited. Proceeds benefit the community and veterans. WHEN: Every Thursday, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. WHERE: McCulloch-Wagner American Legion Post 109, 15921 S. Houghton, Corona COST: $1 per card INFO: 762-5652



Call 1-800-946-4452, 3 ext. 7256, 8207 teorbus140 schedule.

Visit for comple Live in Tucson? Charter buses available for groups of 45 or more.

Santan 202 & Kyrene

I-10 and Wild Horse Pass Boulevard

Include it in this list by sending your information to

51st Avenue | 4 Miles South of Baseline

Owned and operated by the Gila River Indian Community. *$10 in Free Bonus Play. Some restrictions apply. See Players Club for details.

Tucson Bakery Outlets Great Brands. Great Prices.

Operation Christmas Child Packing Party October 18, 10am-1:30pm Join us in packing empty shoeboxes with toys, school supplies and other items to help children in need.


Super Savings and Daily Specials!

Call (520) 284-9906 to RSVP

Open 7 Days per Week! Friendly Service: Gladly Accept EBT

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A Not-For-Profit Christian Care Community

20% OFF ANY ONE ITEM One coupon per visit per day. Expires 10/31/14


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... answers on page 35

Even Exchange by Donna Pettman Each numbered row contains two clues and two answers. The two answers differ from each other by only one letter, which has already been inserted. For example, if you exchange the A from MASTER for an I, you get MISTER. Do not change the order of the letters.

Sudoku Time Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.


Across 1. Snake target 5. The “m” of E = mc squared 9. “___ in Love” (D.H. Lawrence novel) 14. Techno party 15. Like a used barbecue pit 16. Do more than apologize 17. Flush 18. Reposed 19. Washing machine cycle 20. Speed-loving celeb who lives in Phoenix 23. Become rigid 24. Female domestic fowl 25. 1981 Webber musical 28. Against 33. Luau strings 37. Alliance acronym 39. Burn 40. Where Daniel Bryan lives (the WWE heavyweight champion) 43. Summer camp transportation 44. Vow 45. Auspices 46. Type of street 48. Hard work 50. “I do,” at the altar 52. Half man half mechanical 57. Rocker, author, actor, vintner and Jerome resident 61. Simmers 63. Horror film staple 64. Opera star 65. Church feature 66. Cut up 67. Summer coolers 68. Smallest 69. Gym set 70. Coordinate Down 1. Tenet 2. They go with the flow 3. Places for roasts

H Moderate HH Challenging HHH HOO BOY! HHHH Put on your helmet!

Crossword by Myles Mellor

4. Mensa members 5. Borneo dwellers 6. “Chop-chop!” in a memo 7. He plays Sam in “Transformers” 8. Computerized musical instrument, abbr. 9. On the qui vive condition 10. Suffix with neur11. Holy man 12. Nav. rank 13. Formally known as 21. Freon, generically 22. Minister: Abbr. 26. Goes with Bell 27. Weasel 29. Outing 30. Minor setback 31. Tangelo kin 32. Eyes 33. ___operative

34. Riddle with no solution 35. Fulmar’s kin 36. Put belowdecks 38. Camp Swampy dog 41. Portly 42. Dense groves 47. Pointer’s direction 49. Potash 51. Bet 53. Obscure 54. Chilled, in a way 55. Great reviews 56. Grind, as teeth 57. High tableland 58. Woodworking tools 59. Teased mercilessly 60. Faucet noise 61. “Do the Right Thing” pizzeria owner 62. A victory may break one


Unscramble the letters within each rectangle to form four ordinary words. Then rearrange the boxed letters to form the mystery word, which will complete the gag!

page 20 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

Hearing Health Matters, Too

::by Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing and Arizona Relay Service


ometimes it feels like you start to notice the signs of aging overnight. Do you need glasses to read the daily newspaper? Has your doctor told you to eat differently to keep your cholesterol low? Whether there are small changes happening that we notice ourselves or something your doctor regularly monitors, we need to remember to take better care of our bodies as we age. One part of our health that may be impacted as we get older is our hearing. It may surprise you to know that in Arizona there are more than 700,000 people who are deaf or hard of hearing, and this number will only increase with an increasing aging population. What Causes Hearing Loss? According to the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), some of the primary causes of hearing loss are aging and previous exposure to loud noise, such as construction noise or loud music. These things, among other loud noises, produce decibel levels that exceed safe limits and, over time, can cause

hearing loss. BHI research shows that physician screenings for hearing loss are declining, so it’s up to the individual to take the initiative to get tested if they suspect they have hearing loss. How Do You Know If You Have Hearing Loss? Here are some important signs to observe for any potential hearing loss: • Frequently ask people to repeat themselves; • Often turn your ear toward a sound to hear it better; • Understand people better when you wear your glasses or look directly at their faces; • Lose your place in group conversations; • Keep the volume on your radio or TV at a level that others say is too loud; • Have pain or ringing in your ears; or • Notice that some sounds remain clear (often low-pitched sounds such as the bass line in music) while others may seem fuzzy (frequently women’s

and children’s high-pitched voices). If you are experiencing any of the signs above or if you think you have hearing loss, see your doctor or a licensed audiologist to assess the degree of hearing loss, to treat it and to determine a plan to prevent WITH A STROKE, further loss. There are many assistive technologies that can help sharpen B R A I N L O S T. your hearing, keeping you connectedT I M E LWOI TSHT AI S STROKE, to your surroundings. T I M E L O S T I S B R A I N L O S T. Hearing loss can be tough to handle, but the key is to get diagnosed, assess all options and take the steps necessary to preserve your hearing for the future. For more information on the Arizona warning T H ALearn SIthe TTR Ksigns EatS,atT R O K E , W HOA Learn the warning signs Commission for the Deaf and the W or1-888-4-STROKE. 1-888-4-STROKE. or WITH A STROKE, Hard of Hearing, visit T I M E L O S T BR A IIN T I M EI SL O ST S L BO RS AT. IN LO or Arizona Relay Service visit www. T I M E L O S T I S B R A I N LOS ©2004 American Heart Association

©2004 American Association Made possible in part by a generousHeart grant from The Bugher Foundation. Made possible in part by a generous grant from The Bugher Foundation.

For more information on the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing, visit or Arizona Relay Service visit www.

Learn the warning signsthe at warning signs at Learn or the 1-888-4-STROKE. or 1-888-4-STROKE. Learn warning signs at or 1-888-4-STROKE. ©2004 American Heart Association ©2004 American Heart Association Made possible in part by a generous frominThe Bugher Foundation. Madegrant possible part by a generous grant from The Bugher Foundation. ©2004 American Heart Association Made possible in part by a generous grant from The Bugher Foundation.

Do You Have Pain/Numbness/Tingling in the Feet/Legs??? Call Today and ask about our

Fall Savings! Join Us for Oktoberfest October 8th 3:30-6:30pm Experience Resort-Like Living at Affordable Prices, Including:  State-of-the-Art Movie Theater  Restaurant-Style Leisure Dining   New Ice Cream Parlour  Beautiful Grounds   Complimentary Transportation, Utilities, Housekeeping & Maintenance Service   Wellness and Fitness Classes, Outdoor Pool & Jacuzzi  NEW CONCIERGE SERVICES! Dog Walking, Wake-Up Calls, Extra Housekeeping and More!

Call Today & Join Us for Lunch! (520) 399-7541 Email: 6250 S Commerce Court | Tucson, AZ 85746 |

A doctor has moved to Tucson that treats neuropathy (nerve problems), and his name is Dr Trent Freeman DC (Dr T). He has been treating Neuropathy for the last 10 years. Maybe you have seen him interviewed on CBS by Steve Ochoa or during the Dr Oz show, maybe you saw him on NBC. He has brought this new treatment to persons suffering from neuropathy in Tucson. He uses two kinds of Light to stimulate the nerves to function better. He uses pulsed infrared technology that helps reduce the pain, and FDA approved cold lasers that help the cells function better. He offers his consultation for FREE. He looks at the interview time as a time for him to see if you have the type of neuropathy that he treats but more importantly, for you to interview him and see if he is someone that you would like to work with. His clinic is certified with the Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America and he has received advanced training in the treatment of neuropathy. There are fewer than 100 doctors in America that have received this advanced training in this type of therapy. Dr T looks at neuropathy as a thief that comes to your life and starts to steal from you. If you allow neuropathy to continue, it will steal your independence (driving, walking, balance) As Dr T says “Everyday we are having more success relieving neuropathy pain, WHY NOT YOU?” Give his office a call and schedule the FREE consultation and see if you qualify for this new therapy 520-445-6784.

Give him a call he may be able to change your life!


October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 21


Can starting yoga and tai chi after 50 lead to your best body at 70? Or are devotees stretching the truth along with the muscles?


By Jimmy Magahern

T U C S ON SENIO R D ENTIS TRY A Dentist Focusing on the Care of Adults and Seniors. Sensitive, respectful dental care puts you first! OUR PROMISE: • A considerate, personalized experience – every time! • Meticulous clinical standards • A relaxed, friendly and unhurried environment • Warm and welcome staff

Steven F. Kammeyer, D.D.S.

501 West Wetmore • 293-4510

Serving Tucson Since 1980

every year,” says Thomas, who’s 51 herself. “And it’s so much fun to see people really get into their best shape at that age.” Faced with stern doctor’s orders and an overload of intimidating exercise options (Insanity Workout, anyone?), it’s no wonder a growing number of adults older than 50 are opting for Eastern exercise methods like yoga and tai chi, which emphasize slow, purposeful stretching and relaxed breathing over strenuous workouts. “It looks easy,” admits Carol-Ann Henritze, certified instructor in tai chi and another Chinese discipline, qigong (pronounced “chi gung”), with Sun Health, which offers monthly classes in both as well as yoga at the Sun Health Center for Health & Wellbeing Community Room in Surprise. “When you see movies set in China, there’s always a scene with all the people in the park, on the grass, doing these slow, flowing movements with deep breathing. That’s tai chi, and millions of people in China do that ...continues on page 24

NEW PATIENT SPECIAL FREE X-Rays and FREE Exam with paid cleaning (new patients only)

Specials good thru 10-31-14. 10% Discount on all procedures with payment at the start of treatment.

Hablamos Español

All services provided by an Arizona Licensed General Dentist. Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, CareCredit® Patient Payment Plans



The Big Stretch

hile there may no longer be any truth to the old maturitymarking maxim “life begins at 40”— longer life expectancies, it seems, have granted fortysomethings a prolonged adolescence—for many of us, there’s still one inevitable certainty: Exercise begins at 50. “That’s when your doctor tells you, ‘It’s time for you to start a sound exercise program and get on a better diet,’” says Kara Thomas, fitness director at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley. “So that’s why some people don’t start exercising until they’re 50 or older. The good part then is when you’re 70, you’re in great shape!” She’s not joking. Thomas, a former Midwest TV fitness personality who’s also a certified Pilates instructor, fitness nutrition coach and group fitness instructor, says she’s trained people who’d never set foot in a gym until their 50s to achieve and maintain peak fitness levels well into their 70s, 80s and beyond. “I have a student who’s 96 now. She vacations here from Chicago

Tucson Mall

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DENTURES • CROWNS • EXTRACTIONS • BRIDGES • FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTIONS page 22 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

“ SCAN’s kindness and helpfulness has been appreciated more than you will ever know. I could not have made it without your help.”

– Sally S., member since 2013

Not all Medicare Advantage plans are created equal. Discover SCAN Health Plan.

2015 SCAN Classic (HMO) Benefits for Maricopa and Pima Counties

At SCAN Health Plan, we offer the benefits that matter most to people with Medicare. Beyond benefits, we do something many other plans don’t. We listen to our members to ensure they receive the support and care they need, and we put our hearts into treating people with the dignity and respect they deserve. For more than 37 years, SCAN has served people with Medicare, connecting our members to the low-cost, comprehensive care and

0 $0 $0 $

0 $0 $0 $0 $

Call SCAN toll-free:

1-877-857-5024 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. • 7 days a week Or visit:

TTY Users: 711

SilverSneakers® health club

Annual physical exam Lab services Routine eye exam (1 per year) Inpatient hospital care (days 9 – 90+)

$ SCAN Classic (HMO) is an HMO plan with a Medicare contract offered in California by SCAN Health Plan and in Arizona by SCAN Health Plan Arizona. Enrollment in SCAN Health Plan depends on contract renewal. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, premium, copayments and/or co-insurance may change on January 1 of each year. Contact SCAN Health Plan for more information. There is no obligation to enroll. Y0057_SCAN_8886_2014F File & Use Accepted 09232014 G8980 09/14

PCP office visits


coverage they need to live well. Today, and in the years ahead.

Learn more about SCAN.

Monthly plan premium


Diabetic supplies (lancets, test strips and monitor)


October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 23

The Big Stretch ... from page 22 every morning. It’s like meditation in motion.” But does it qualify as exercise? “People are often surprised,” Henritze says. “They come in thinking it looks easy, because it’s very low impact. It puts minimum stress on muscles and joints. It doesn’t require any equipment. You can do it indoors or outdoors, if the weather is nice. “But when they leave, they can feel the muscles they’ve used,” she adds, with a laugh. “They’re doing different movements with their bodies that they haven’t done before, or at least recently. But I find that when they leave, they’re happy.” “Yoga actually offers more exercise than it looks like it would,” says Susan Cypert, senior community resource specialist for the not-for-profit SCAN Health Plan Arizona, which offers free yoga classes at the SCAN Health Education Center in Tempe and the Medicare Health Benefits Resource Center in Tucson. “It’s not done fast. It doesn’t make you break out in a sweat. It’s done very slowly, in controlled, repetitive

movements. But they’re movements that increase a person’s flexibility and help them find their center of balance. So in the end, their whole body feels strengthened.” “You have to activate multiple groups of muscles just to stay balanced,” adds Thomas. “Let’s say you’re in a standing side lunge position. You have to contract your core—not just your abs, but your whole trunk—to keep your upper body balanced in proportion to the stance. Your arms are extended out to the side as well, so you’re activating all those muscles at the same time. “That can be challenging to some people,” she says. “But every good class offers modifications along with the regular program.”

Mod Squad While your high school gym teacher’s formula for fitness might have encouraged pushing your body to the limit, the secret to starting a successful yoga or tai chi regimen after 50 requires recognizing those limits and modifying the program to fit your capabilities.

I LOVE IT HERE. buT THE kIds dOn’T nEEd TO knOw THaT. • Individualized services that meet everyday needs and personal preferences • Restaurant-style dining with entrée choices at each meal • Vitality Club Life Enhancement Program, exclusively at Elmcroft!

an assisted Living Community Call to schedule a visit


5665 East River Road | Tucson, AZ 85750

page 24 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

The regular, fluid movement of tai chi has many health benefits and can be done almost anywhere, alone, or in a group.

“Modification is the key,” affirms Jenny O’Callaghan, national trainer for Healthways’ SilverSneakers Group Exercise Program, which offers its yoga classes to more than 2 million Humana Medicare members nationwide. “That’s really important, that the program is customizable.” SilverSneakers’ YogaStretch classes give participants a choice of performing stretching exercises in both seated and standing positions. “Our classes incorporate the use of a chair; there is no mat involved,” O’Callaghan says. “Because frankly, for some of our older participants, getting back up off the floor can be difficult. We take traditional yoga poses and modify them to allow anybody to have the experience. Some people don’t use the chair at all. Others, if they’re doing maybe a standing balance pose, they have that chair right at arm’s reach in case they need it for extra support. “It’s really all about greater body awareness,” she says. “And truly, the acceptance of where we are physically.” Tim Howell, registered yoga teacher and founder of Joyful Hearts Yoga in Tucson, puts it another way. “The Baby Boomers are starting to realize that they can’t beat up their bodies anymore,” says Howell, who estimates that 85 percent of the practitioners who attend the classes he offers at 10 locations in Tucson are between the ages of 50 and 80. “American culture has taught us ‘no pain, no gain.’ Go, go, go. And yoga is just the opposite.” It may not be the fast lane, but Howell says yoga supplies the body a muchneeded “road map” to “bringing us back home” to optimum health. “As we grow older, our synovial

fluid, which lubricates all the joints in the body, dries up, and we get rigid and inflexible,” he says. “When you practice yoga, you’re breathing, you’re oxygenating, irrigating, nurturing. Bringing in fresh blood, and squeezing out the old like a sponge. You’re soaking up the new synovial fluid into the joints. You get juicy!” Other essential body parts get rejuvenated, too. “We’re also bringing back youthfulness to the spine,” Howell says. “Everybody’s spine calcifies over time, and loses elasticity in the cartilage between the vertebrae. When that happens, the energy flow to the nerves can be impacted, which can even have an effect on how your kidney functions. So that means doing forward and side bends, twisting and stretching—which also helps the diaphragm massage your liver, kidney and spleen. Also, the skin and organs of the body sag as we age. Doing inversion poses, like downward dog, helps reverse that process.” “The controlled breathing techniques in yoga have been shown to reduce stress,” says Rhonda Zonoozi, exercise physiologist and health coach at Sun Health. “It also helps with improving posture, and lowering blood pressure.” “Hip strengthening is another benefit,” says Thomas. “Learning how to strengthen your body with your own body weight. It can also help with increasing coordination, learning how to multitask, spatial awareness, working multiple muscle groups, and activating sensory receptors in your body when you’re learning how to balance.” “Falling is a huge issue as we get older,” adds Cypert. “With older adults, once they fall and break their hips, it’s pretty much downhill from

Experienced Tree Service and Landscaping with the Best Rates Around • Expert Saguaro Cactus Handlers at Your Service • Senior Citizen Discount • Emergency storm damaged tree and cactus removals • Senior Discounts 272-5289 • Outdoor yoga classes add another level of calm to the practice. It helps the practitioner connect with mind, body and nature. there. So anything that can help them together, and it was so peaceful and maintain their flexibility and balance is calm and smooth.” hugely beneficial.” It’s that otherworldly, out-of-body component of Eastern exercises that can actually scare some Westerners Turn Off, away from trying them. Tune In “Some people think tai chi is a On most days, Henritze says she’s “delighted” to watch the members of religion,” says Cypert. “But it’s not. It’s her tai chi classes get to that moment more of a sport, actually. Same with when their balance and coordination yoga. In order to do it right, you have to learn the movements. And then once really start to flow. “After they do it for a while, they you ‘get’ it, it becomes more natural. go into a space, their own space,” she You begin tapping the internal energy.” “Yoga has multiple benefits,” says says. “And before you know it, they’re just moving. I don’t even know if Howell. “There’s the physiological, they’re aware that they’re that smooth. the inside of the body: it strengthens Because they’re not thinking any the organs, the glands, the ligaments, longer; there’s no longer any effort to it. the tendons, the tissues. But it also has Their bodies and minds are connected psychological benefits. The emotional, and they’re just breathing and moving. the spiritual. And in many cases, that’s They’ve loosened up, they’ve relaxed, what we need the most. “Yoga will heal you of anything,” he they have a confidence and then they have the flow. And it’s really beautiful professes. “Because when the body’s relaxed, and the mind is out of the way, to see.” But every once in a while, she gets the body knows what it needs to heal. There’s a saying, a class where the ‘Of all the animals good vibrations are on the planet, so communal it’s human beings take almost like being the worst care of at a late 1960s rock their bodies.’ We festival. don’t give ourselves “I had a class an opportunity to last week at Sun let the body heal. Health, and that “Too many whole class moved People are often surprised by how they talk with the rhythm,” use their muscles when practicing people she recalls. “They yoga. It is low impact but very good themselves out of a yoga class, because were all moving at exercise. the same time and unaware of each they have their own preconceived ideas other. They were just in unison, they of what it is,” adds Howell. “What I like were so much in sync. And at the to tell people is, yoga is something the end of the class, I stopped and said, body needs to experience. Don’t give ‘That was amazing.’ And two of the it much thought. Go to a class, and let other women said to each other, ‘Did the body’s 90 trillion cells experience you feel that?’ They couldn’t explain the breathing and the moving. And it either! But there was an incredible then the body will tell you, ‘Go back, energy, because they were all moving go back.’’

We Make house calls Do you need reconditioning, strengthening or rehabilitation? Our rehabilitation liaisons provide no-cost screenings in your own home if you are experiencing physical or functional decline. We offer these rehabilitative services: • Amputation • Arthritis • Brain injury • Chronic pain • Neurological disorders • Oncology, lymphedema • Orthopedics • Spinal cord injury • Stroke HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals offer a wide range of inpatient and outpatient programs, including home health, that can help you maximize functional independence.

For more information or to schedule a no-cost home screening, call HealthSouth.

A Higher Level of Care


HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson 2650 North Wyatt Drive • Tucson, AZ 85712 • 520 325-1300 HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern Arizona 1921 West Hospital Drive • Tucson, AZ 85704 • 520 742-2800 ©2014:healthsouth corporation:1054050

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Attention Medicare beneficiaries:

Supporting Arizona for over 28 years. As a UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage plan member, you’ll not only get coverage to help pay for doctor visits and hospital stays, you’ll also get help living a healthier life. Some plans available in your area include:

$0 monthly premium for medical and Part D coverage $0 copay for many health screenings and preventive services $2 copay for Tier 1 generic drugs

Call UnitedHealthcare, click or attend a neighborhood meeting today. Fountain Hills



Oct 10, 17, 24 & 31, 3pm Denny’s 17053 E Shea Blvd

Oct 8, 15, 22 & 29, 1pm Coco’s 4514 E Cactus Rd

Oct 10 & 17, 10am Denny’s 3315 N Scottsdale Rd

If you have this card, give UnitedHealthcare a call.

Toll-Free 1-855-727-7507, TTY 711

8 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time, 7 days a week Se habla español. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information contact the plan. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, provider network, premium and/or co-payments/co-insurance may change on January 1 of each year. A sales person will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings, call 1-855-727-7507, TTY 711. Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare. UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company pays royalty fees to AARP for the use of its intellectual property. These fees are used for the general purposes of AARP. AARP and its affiliates are not insurers. You do not need to be an AARP member to enroll. AARP encourages you to consider your needs when selecting products and does not make specific product recommendations for individuals. AARP does not employ or endorse agents, producers or brokers. Y0066_140630_112232_FINAL_AZ_LLAF_1001_ROP Accepted AZ_LLAF_1001_ROP 1

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289887 9/24/14 3:45 PM


Mark C. Spring 2014 grand prize winner

Cat K. Barrow patient

The Health & Wealth Raffle, benefiting Barrow and St. Joseph’s, is back with more drawings, incredible prizes and the same great 1-in-25 odds. Play to win the million-dollar grand prize, a dream getaway to Maui, a 2014 Jaguar convertible and more. Whether you play to win prizes or play to heal patients like Cat, make sure you play before time runs out. | 866.658.4068 | PURCHASE TICKETS BY NOV. 20

Job #: 093595.01

Ref #: 090625.01

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Wednesday, October 15th • 9:00 AM CareMore Care Center 4821 N. Stone Ave. Tucson, AZ 85704

OPEN HOUSE PARTY COMPLIMENTARY EVENTS JUST FOR YOU! We believe in being active in the community and keeping you active as well. That’s why we host a variety of free* events every month tailored to aging adults. Come out and join us. In fact, bring a friend or two with you! As a Medicare Advantage organization CareMore (HMO & HMO SNP) is unique. We believe in providing a healthcare delivery model that contributes to all aspects of an individual’s health and wellness, one that is proactive, timely and customized to the individual.

To RSVP or for more information, please call:

1-877-915-9056 • TTY users call 711 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week By calling this number you will reach a licensed insurance agent.


Wednesday, October 15th • 3:00 PM CareMore Care Center 7091 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85710


Saturday, October 25th • 10:00 AM El Pueblo Senior Center 101 W. Irvington Rd. Tucson, AZ 85714

TRICK OR TREAT PARTY Friday, October 31st • 2:00 PM CareMore Care Center 4821 N. Stone Ave. Tucson, AZ 85704

/CareMoreHealth Plan

P_LL_PM 92414 CareMore Health Plan is an HMO/HMO SNP plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in CareMore Health Plan depends on contract renewal. A sales person will be present with information and applications. For accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings call 1-877-211-6614, TDD/TTY: 711, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week.This information is available for free in other languages. Please contact our customer service number at 1-800-499-2793. TDD/TYY users call 711. 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., 7 days a week (October 1 – February 14) and Monday-Friday (February 15 – September 30).Esta información esta disponible gratis en otros idiomas. Por favor comuníquese con el departamento de servicios al cliente al 1-800-499-2793, TDD/TTY deben llamar al 711, de 8 a. m. a 8 p. m., los 7 días a la semana desde el 1 de octubre hasta el 14 de febrero, y de lunes a viernes desde el 15 de febrero hasta el 30 de septiembre. *Free without obligation. Y0017_14_051410A CHP CMS Accepted(05182014) page 28 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

Innovative and Complete Concept in Care for Medicare Benificiaries

CareMore Health Plan’s Model Aims to Improve Quality of Care for their Members Wellness can be a tricky thing. Even when you’re feeling good, there may be complications just under surface, waiting to appear. What if there was a way to identify these potential issues, before they flared up into something more serious? The benefits would be extraordinary, not just in how you feel right now, but also in the ways you are able to maintain your ideal level of health for years to come. It could stop injury, hold off chronic illness—even save your life. If it sounds like a fantasy, it isn’t. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of CareMore’s prevention-driven approach to healthcare, and it works. “At the root of CareMore’s success is a proven model of care that brings each member into focus,” explains Dr. Michael Kedansky, Regional Medical Officer of CareMore. “To illustrate how it works, imagine yourself at the center of a wheel. CareMore provides the support that constantly surrounds you: our network of trusted primary care physicians, a care team of skilled Nurse Practitioners and exclusive settings for your care and fitness needs. We seamlessly coordinate all of these efforts to ensure that the wheel is always turning

in the right direction and toward your ment and a fun, clinically supervised best possible health.” atmosphere to help you turn back the clock. And once you get started, it’s a Healthcare isn’t just a matter of going habit you won’t want to break.” to your doctor twice a year or taking For more information regarding Careyour medicine as directed. CareMore More, it’s model or the services offered, believes that it’s a journey and every please visit or call (877) journey needs a destination. A place 211-6614. where individuals can meet along the path to lifelong wellness, a brick-and About Caremore mortar setting where they can receive CareMore Health Plan is an HMO/ comprehensive care, but also a spring- HMO SNP plan with a Medicare conboard for something more. Like forging tract. Enrollment in CareMore Health new friendships, learning the latest in Plan depends on contract renewal. healthy living and understanding how CareMore Health Plans are subsidiarthe daily decisions you make can affect ies of WellPoint that operate multiple your long-term wellbeing. At CareMore, plans under three federally-approved they’ve created that destination. Medicare Advantage contracts. The plans serve a total of more than 60,000 “Rolling back some of the effects of Medicare members throughout Southtime isn’t easy, but what if we told you ern California, Northern California, Las it was?” asks Dr. Kedansky. “The truth Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson, Ariz. Careis, people really can have more energy, More specializes in health care services more strength and more confidence at that help Medicare beneficiaries who any age when they work out. Potential are chronically ill and/or frail. benefits include improved mobility and balance, which can help to prevent injury from falls. Having the right resources and the desire to be your best possible self is the key. We bring together proven science, state-of-the-art equipOctober 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 29

Healthy Living Expo Arrives Nov. 3 in Tucson

Lovin’ Life is now


::by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski Apart from his solo performances ovin’ Life After 50 is proud to introduce its Healthy Living and his engagements with multiExpo to area seniors from 9 a.m. voice choirs that number from 25 to 1 p.m. Monday, Nov. 3, at the to 100 voices, Bourne teams up Hilton Tucson El Conquistador with his female colleagues for some heartwarming duet performances Golf and Tennis Resort. by various More than 60 exhibitors will complemented offer information on topics like orchestras from combo to big band. For the Healthy Living Expo, the health care, fitness, tours and travel, retirement living, leisure, 2014 sponsors include: Walgreens finances, home repairs, education, (gold sponsor); Geneva Financial (silver sponsor); CapTel (bag casinos and more. As attendees mill around the sponsor); and SCAN Health Plus exhibition floor, Joe Bourne will Arizona (water sponsor). The Oro Valley Voice, Tucson Daily Star entertain. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Saddlebag Notes are the media Bourne began his singing career in sponsors. In publication for more than 30 the church choir and with various years, Lovin’ Life After 50 has become street corner singing groups. Greatly inspired by Nat King Cole one of the most effective ways to and Lou Rawls, Bourne has found reach the active 50-plus market in success in the United States and Arizona. Due to the popularity of the abroad, having supported acts such as The Stylistics, Natalie Cole, The publications and growing demand, Manhattans, The Pointer Sisters 27 years ago Lovin’ Life After 50 began hosting expos—giving and Dionne Warwick.


Read it any time!




Joe Bourne

readers and advertisers a place to connect in person. Since then, the expos have become a powerful way for exhibitors to show and explain their products and services to a ready 50-plus market. The Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort is located at 10000 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson. For more information about the expo, call (800) 959-1566.















Now includes no line bifocals! ( $100 Savings )







Schedule your appointment at

800-EYE-CARE or Certain Restrictions Apply, See Store for Details. Offer cannot be combined with any other coupon, special offer or insurance plan. (1) Single Vision, Lined Bifocal or No Line Basic Bifocal Plastic Lenses. Choose any frame from up to $59.99. Additional charge for high powered prescriptions of 4D. sph. Or 2D. cyl. or over (2) Non-prescription, Choose from a select group up to $99.99 or take 20% off any non-prescription sunglass in stock. (3) Select Styles, Single Vision, Lined Bifocal or No Line Basic Bifocal Plastic Lenses. Additional Charge for Upgraded lenses. (4) VSP® is a registered trademark of Vision Service Plan and is not affiliated with Nationwide Vision.


VSP® 4* out of network benefits and most insurance plans accepted including medicare.


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Now conducting the following clinical studies at no cost: Constipation • High Cholesterol • Diabetes Type 2 Elevated Potassium Levels • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Study Medications Provided and Compensation for Time and Travel for Every Visit.

Call: 520.398.7959 • 866-780-2813

For Home Health and Hospice, more patients and families trust us. 110,000 patients and families a day turn to us for their care. Shouldn’t you? Our services include nursing, therapies, disease and pain management and hospice. All with leading clinical care. All in the comfort of home. No wonder so many families like yours trust their care to us every day. Home Health

Call 520.731.1333 Hospice

Call 520.577.0270

Gentiva accepts patients for care of age, race, sex,origin, disability, being a qualified disabled being veteran,abeing a qualified disabled veteran of the Vietnam era, or Gentiva accepts patients forregardless care regardless ofcolor, age,national race, origin, color,religion, national religion, sex, disability, qualified disabled veteran, being a qualified any other category by law, or decisions advanceprotected directives. ©by 2014 Gentiva Health Services, Inc. 3687A disabled veteran protected of the Vietnam era, or anyregarding other category law, or decisions regarding advance directives. © 2014 Gentiva Health Services, Inc. 3687A

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“I wish I’d met these gals twenty years ago.” Enjoy a retirement lifestyle that opens doors to entertainment, cultural experiences and, most importantly, new friendships.

7900 N. La Cañada Drive Tucson, AZ 85704


(520) 229-3350


HMOs which Assume Responsibility for Medicare Coverage Company

Blue Medicare Advantage Classic Pima (HMO)

CareMore Value Plus (HMO)

Health Net of Arizona Health Net Ruby Select (HMO)

Premium or Subscription Charges

$0 monthly premium



Registration or Policy Fee




Pre-existing Health Conditions

Not available for patients with end-stage renal (kidney) disease and A SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY receiving dialysis.

ESRD otherwise no pre-existing conditions or limitations

Not available for patients with end-stage renal (kidney) disease.

Costs on Entry to Hospital

$150 per day for days 1-7 in plan hospital; same cost sharing for non-plan hospital with prior authorization (different cost sharing applies to inpatient mental health).

Day 1 - 5: $200 copay per day; Day 6 - 90: $0 copay per day

$150/day, days 1-5, $0/day, days 6-90

Maximum Period of Coverage for Any One Benefit

364 days in calendar year.

Out-of-Pocket maximum $3,400

Unlimited days for inpatient hospital. 100 days per benefit period for SNF. 190 lifetime days for inpatient mental health.

Skilled Nursing Facility

$0 per day for days 1-10 in plan skilled nursing facility; $25 per day for days 11-20; $120 per day 21-100 in plan SNF; same cost sharing for nonplan skilled nursing facility with prior authorization. No prior hospital stay required.

Day 1 - 20: $0 copay per day; Day 21 - 100: $75 copay per day

$0 per day for days 1-20. You pay $100 per day for days 21-100. There is a limit of 100 days for each benefit period.

Medical Coverage for Part B

Covered in full after applicable copayments/coinsurance.

Members must continue to pay Medicare Part B premium

Members must continue to pay Medicare Part B premium.

You pay $0 for each primary care physician office visit; $25 for each visit to most specialists. You pay $5 - $300 for X-ray/ ultrasound; You pay $10 for each visit for occupational, speech, physical therapy or $15 for cardiac and pulmonary rehab (Medicare coverage limits apply). You pay $250 for each outpatient surgery. You pay $150 for each ground ambulance transport. You pay 20 percent coinsurance for durable medical equipment and prosthetics.

$0 primary care, $0 - $35 specialist, $0 lab services (diagnostic), $15 X-rays, $150 outpatient CT / MRI / PET, durable medical is a tiered benefit $0 copay for items $0 - $499 per item per month, 20 percent co-insurance for $500 plus per item per month, $65 ER (waived if admitted), $15 urgent care, $10,000 max coverage out of the country, $195 ambulance, $75 ambulatory surgical center.

You pay $0 for preventive care; $0 copay for each visit to your primary care physician, $30 for specialist visit;$15 for X-rays, $0 for lab services; $250 copay for ambulance; $150 for outpatient surgery hospital/ $100 Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).

Outpatient Prescription Drugs

$0 for a 30-day supply of preferred generic, $9 for nonpreferred generic, $45 for preferred brand and $95 for nonpreferred brand drugs at retail preferred-pharmacies; 33 percent for specialty drugs. $2,960 initial coverage limit. Catastrophic coverage with $4,700 spent.

Tiers 1 - 6 Tiered benefit: Tier 1 starting at $0 with preferred network

Tier 1 =$0 Tier 2=$12 Tier 3=$44 Tier 4=$95 Tier 5 33 percent Tier 6= 0. ICL=$2960

Renewability of Contract

Renewable annually

Renewable annually

Contracts with CMS are reviewed yearly.

Travel Restrictions Out of Area

Coverage throughout the United States for emergency and urgently needed care only.

Urgent and emergency care, same as copays apply as in the service area. Max out-of-country benefit of $10,000

$65 copay for emergency room (waived if admitted to hospital). Worldwide coverage.

Major Options Available from Company

Health/wellness education, disease management. Discounts on eyewear/hearing aids.

Specialized programs like: Healthy Start, Fall Prevention, Diabetic Education and Management, Foot Care, and Blood Pressure Monitoring. Work-out facility on the premises at Care Center, routine podiatry by appointment, lenses and frames every 2 years. Other CareMore Health Plans Available.

Health club membership at no extra charge.

A.M. Best Rating

Not Rated

To be announced in October 2014


For More Information

For more information about all of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Advantage Plans or to register for a seminar please call (888) 273-4093, TTY: 711, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. daily from Oct. 1 – Feb. 14. Hours from Feb. 15–Sept. 30 are Mon.–Fri., 8 a.m.–8 p.m.

(877) 211-6614

(800) 333-3930

Outpatient Care

Physician care for hospital or office services, surgery, anesthesia, X-ray, laboratory, injections, splints, casts, dressings, physical and speech therapy, radiology, ambulance, prosthetics, etc.

(Available in Pima County)

page 32 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

(Available in Pima County)

(Available in Pima County Only)

Call for your free assessment and individualized care planning

HOME HEALTH AIDES • SITTERS • COMPANIONS RN Supervision Staff Clearance Exceeds Standards 25 Years Local Experience

HMOs which Assume Responsibility for Medicare Coverage Humana Community HMO - H2649-031

Premium or Subscription Charges



No monthly premium. Medicare Complete contracts with Medicare to provide full Medicare coverage plus additional benefits. Member must continue to pay Part B premium.

Registration or Policy Fee




Pre-existing Health Conditions

Not available for those with end-stage renal (kidney)disease unless already a health plan member.

Not available for patients with end-stage renal (kidney) disease (ESRD).

Individuals with end stage renal (kidney) disease are not eligible

Costs on Entry to Hospital

You pay $289 each day for days 1-6, $0 each day for days 7-90

Days 1-4: $195 per day, $280 5-8 per day, Days 8-90: $0 per day

Member has a total out of pocket maximum for all copays except pharmacy and physician. The copay for hospital is $265 days 1-6 counted toward a out of pocket maximum of $3,900.

Maximum Period of Coverage for Any One Benefit

Hospital - Unlimited number of authorized, medically necessary days. Other limitations may apply for other benefits.

Unlimited-365 days in a calendar year. Medicare beneficiaries may only receive 190 days in a psychiatric hospital in a lifetime.

Benefits are based on the calendar year and are covered 365 days of the year.

Skilled Nursing Facility

Days 1 - 20: $0 copayment per day - Days 21 - 100: $156

Days 1-20: $0 per day Days 21-100: $150 per day

$0 for days 1-20, $155 for days 21-46, and $0 days 47-100 in a Medicare certified skilled nursing facility. This per diem counts toward member’s total out-of-pocket maximum.

Medical Coverage for Part B

Members must continue to pay Part B premium to Medicare

Members must continue to pay Part B premium to Medicare

Covered in full after applicable copayments/coinsurance. In-patient services by physicians are covered at no cost.

Primary care physician =$5; specialist=$45;surgical and nonsurgical (Ambulatory Surgical Center $239; rehab=$35$45; ambulance=$275; diagnostic tests, X-rays and lab services=$0-$264

$0 routine physical exams. $0 copay for primary care physicians. $40 copay for specialist visits. $30 urgent care visits. $275 copay for outpatient services/surgery. $275 copay for ambulance. 0-20 percent for diagnostic tests, X-rays and lab services.

$0 for Preventative Services. $0 for PCP and $35 for specialist visits. Radiology $15-20 percent, Lab service is $13. DME, Prosthetics, and Part B drugs are 20 percent coinsurance. O/P Hospital and O/Ps surgery $250. Ambulance $250. ER $65, waived if admitted. Copays and coinsurance count toward the out of pocket max of $3,900.

Outpatient Prescription Drugs

Preferred generics=$5 retail ($0 at preferred mail order cost share - 90 day supply), $15 Retail Non-preferred generics($0 at preferred mail order cost share- 90 day supply) - preferred brand=$45, nonpreferred brand=$95, specialty=33 percent - (generic and brand) for 30 day supply at retail pharmacy up to Medicare defined initial coverage limit. Only select drugs covered in the gap

Tier 1: $5 Preferred generic drugs Tier 2: $10 Generic drugs Tier 3: $45 Preferred Brand drugs Tier 4: $95 Brand Drugs Tier 5: 33 percent Specialty Drugs Tier 6: $10

$0 deductible on Tiers 1/2/5 . $210 deductible with tiers 3/4. Tier 1 is $2 copay, Tier 2 is $9, Tier 3 is $45, Tier 4 $95, and Tier 5 is 33 percent to the initial coverage limit of $2960 . No coverage after $2960 until out of pocket costs equal to $4700. Then 5 percent or $2.65 for Generic and Preferred Brand, All other 5 percent or $6.60.

Renewability of Contract

Medicare Advantage contracts are renewed annually.

Medicare Advantage contracts are renewed annually.

Guaranteed renewable for life.

Worldwide emergency care - $65 copay. Urgent care - $30 copay

Worldwide coverage for emergency and urgent care with a $50 copay (waived if admitted to hospital). Routine & preventive care is covered out of residence county w/Passport Benefit.

(Available in Pima and parts of Pinal County)

SCAN Health Plan Arizona (HMO)

United HealthCare AARP MedicareComplete Plan 1 (HMO)


(Avaliable in Maricopa and Pima Counties)

(Available in Pima County)

Outpatient Care

Physician care for hospital or office services, surgery, anesthesia, X-ray, laboratory, injections, splints, casts, dressings, physical and speech therapy, radiology, ambulance, prosthetics, etc.

Travel Restrictions Out of Area Major Options Available from Company

Health club membership/fitness classes included. $35 Over the Counter. PPO, PFFS and PDP plans also available.

Plan offers vision, health & wellness education available with no additional premiums. Some copayments may apply. Free Silver Sneakers Health Club Program.

Plan covers SilverSneakers fitness program, dental exams and cleanings, routine eye exam and routine podiatry visits. Dental rider is available. Large Network of providers.

A.M. Best Rating


Not Rated


For More Information

Local (520) 571-6548, toll-free (800) 457-4708, TTY/TDD (800) 833-3301

(866) 490-7226

(800) 547-5514 TTY 711

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Join Us In Our Wonderfully Social Neighborhood

Pan-Seared Pork Chop Casserole

• Beautiful Mature Landscaping • Heated Pool & Jacuzzi • Picnic Area • Exercise Program • Social Activities • Library • Crafts & Cards • Billiards • Dances


Carefree Village 55 plus mobile home community

Save up to $2000* On Moving Costs!

4100 N. Romero Road


Do you have any of the following? • Asthma

• Constipation

• Overactive Bladder

• Obesity (with related health problems such as diabetes and heart disease) • Nighttime Urination

If so you may qualify to participate in a clinical research study.

All qualified participants will receive study related medical care & medication at no cost and may also be compensated for their time.

CALL TODAY TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY Studies change regularly. Please call for information about our current studies. N

Tucson, AZ 85745

page 34 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

In this recipe, the pan-seared pork chop is finished in a casserole dish and smothered with sautéed mushrooms. Ah, the best of both worlds! To make this fall favorite even more delicious, I’ve given you a simple recipe for homemade apple chunks as a perfect accompaniment, too! Look for big, thick bone-in pork chops for maximum flavor and make a plan to dish up a plate of goodness for any weeknight or Sunday supper.

Anklam Rd

4 (1/2-inch-thick bone-in) pork chops 1 1/2 teaspoon salt, divided 1 teaspoon pepper 1/4 cup flour for dredging 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided 1 cup (1 medium to large) sweet yellow onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, slivered or chopped 1 tablespoon parsley 1 1/2 pounds fresh white mushrooms, sliced 1/2 cup marsala or sherry wine or chicken broth Step No. 1: Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees. Step No. 2: Season pork chops on both sides with salt and pepper. Dredge pork chops lightly in flour. Step No. 3: In a nonstick skillet, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter. Place pork chops in skillet and cook over medium high heat until browned on both sides, about 3 to 4 minutes. Transfer pork chops to a plate and cover. Step No. 4: In the same skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of butter. Sauté onions and garlic until soft and golden brown. Stir in mushrooms, parsley and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Cook for 10 minutes. Step No. 5: Grease with oil a casserole dish that is approximately 9 inches. Place half of the mushroom mixture on the bottom

of casserole. Place cooked pork chops over top of mushroom mixture. Top with remainder of mushrooms. Step No. 6: In same skillet, add wine and 1 tablespoon of butter, and gently scrape up all remaining browned bits in pan. Bring liquid to a gentle boil and then pour over top of mushrooms in casserole dish. Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. Serve with homemade apple chunks.

Homemade Apple Chunks

4 to 5 firm apples, peeled, cored and sliced thick 1/2 cup brown sugar 2 tablespoons butter 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 dash of fresh grated nutmeg 2 tablespoons brandy, optional 1 pinch red pepper flakes, optional 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt In a medium saucepan on high heat, add all ingredients and cook for about 5 minutes until apples are soft but still chunky. Serve hot or warm.


1704 W. Anklam , Suite 106

s Rd


ell R verb


W St

N Sil


asseroles are amazing. Their make-ahead versatility is a great helper in the kitchen. But casseroles also provide the opportunity to let ingredients meld, often creating more robust flavors as they cook. Then, there’s the pan-seared method of cooking, where ingredients cook quickly on the outside, searing in those wonderful juices. One of my all-time favorite dishes combines pan searing and casseroles.

Pan-Seared Pork Chop Casserole

Today’s Research For a Healthy Tomorrow


: : by Jan D’Atri

Check out for great recipes, stories and cool places we’re visiting! Come back often!




: : by Steve Greenberg


WAS THE RIGHT CHOICE. SURGERY IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION! y Same daay or next d nts. e appointm


The cutting edge technology for specific types of non-melanoma skin cancer called SRT-100®. The mobile superficial radiation therapy (SRT) is designed to provide an alternative to surgical procedures for basal cell (BCC) and squamous cell (SCC) skin cancers. 5577 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 103 • Virtually painless • No cutting • Very short procedure time (north of River Road) • Avoid reconstructive surgery of treated area • Faster healing • Very high cure rates • Minimal to no scarring Open Mon-Thu 8am-5pm

(520) 293-9100


Puzzle Answers

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1080AM & 100.7FM

14th Annual KGVY Sr. Info Boomer Fair 2014 Co-Sponsors

Northwest Medical Center is your community healthcare provider; a 300-bed facility with comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services including emergency care; heart and stroke care; weight-loss surgery; and spine and joint programs; among the 35-plus specialties offered here. We believe in the power of people to create great care. We’re more than 640 doctors plus a dedicated team of healthcare professionals strong. We are an Accredited Chest Pain Center; home to a surgical weight loss program recognized by a national accrediting agency, Total Joint and Spine program and Stroke Center – all distinguished by The Joint Commission with Gold Seals of Approval. We’re also home to The Women’s Center, Arizona’s first freestanding, self-contained medical facility dedicated solely to the medical needs of women. And we work hard every day to be a place of healing, caring and connection for patients and families in the community we call home.

Facing cancer takes great strength and courage. It also takes an exceptional team of caregivers that provide comprehensive and compassionate cancer care using the most advanced treatment options and research protocols. At Arizona Oncology we embrace and are committed to providing compassionate care with advanced technologies and therapies. And as the largest group of medical professionals in Arizona devoted exclusively to cancer care, we continue to deliver an exceptional patient experience. Perhaps this commitment to patients is why we treat more people in Arizona than any other cancer provider. Arizona Oncology is united in healing with The US Oncology Network, one of the nation’s largest community-based cancer treatment and research networks dedicated to advancing cancer care and expanding patient access to high-quality treatment. The US Oncology Network provides the advanced care you expect from a leading cancer organization.

• 6200 N. La Cholla Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85741 520-742-9000

• 1315 S. La Canada Dr., Green Valley, AZ 85614 520-625-6600

Started over 21 years ago, caring for seniors as a Medical Group. The name embodied the philosophy that inspired a proactive model of care with a caring touch and a focus on wellness. Years later, CareMore began serving seniors as a Health Plan and continues to do so today through our Provider partners and as a Medical Group. CareMore is dedicated to the senior market in 5 states and we have plans for future expansion. Our Mission Provide focused and innovative healthcare approaches to the complex problems of aging. Serve our members by prolonging active and independent life. Protect precious financial resources of seniors and the Medicare Program through innovative methods of managing chronic disease, frailty, and end of life. • 4821 N. Stone Ave.,Tucson, AZ 85704 (Main Office) 520-314-3300 • 191 W. Esperanza Rd., Green Valley, AZ 85614 520-791-7300 • 315 W. Irvington Rd., Tucson, AZ 85710 520-294-1746 • 7091 E. Speedway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85710 520-722-1785

Free Admission & Free Parking


Friday, November 14th • 9AM to 1PM Desert Hills Lutheran Church • 2150 S. Camino del Sol Over 50 Exhibitors

with information, samples, demonstrations & health screenings

Free Breakfast & Lunch from Local Restaurants

Arizona Family, La Placita, Ragazzi Pizza, Old Chicago Deli, & Cayley Cakes

Please bring a non-perishable food donation for the Amado - Green Valley - Sahuarita Food Bank

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Medicare Open Enrollment Period Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 Medicare is a government-sponsored program which provides health care coverage to those 65 or older and to certain individuals who have disabilities. Medicare includes four parts: Part A: Covers hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, nursing home care, hospice and home health services. Part B: Covers doctor visits, services such as lab tests, surgeries and medical supplies (diabetes supplies, walkers and wheelchairs). Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans): These plans are offered by private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare to provide both your Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) benefits. Most Medicare Advantage Plans also offer prescription drug coverage. Part D: Adds prescription drug coverage to original Medicare (Part A and Part B) or Part C; these plans are offered through private insurance companies approved by Medicare. Every year from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, eligible patients can enroll in Medicare Part C or Part D and those already enrolled have the ability to switch plans. This time period is known as Medicare open enrollment. Perhaps this year you have been placed on a new medication that has a high copay. By switching to an alternative plan you may be able to find a plan that has a less expensive copay for the same medication. If you are not satisfied with your Medicare coverage, this is a great opportunity for you to search and find a plan that is more suitable for you. You should thoroughly inspect all options before switching plans. When choosing a plan you should consider all the associated costs including premiums, deductibles and copays. Premiums are the monthly payments you must make to your plan, a deductible is an expense that must be paid by you before your insurance will begin to provide you benefits, and a copay is the payment that you are responsible for when receiving health services (in this case getting your medications). The best way to find out more information about a plan is by either calling the plan or visiting their website. The simplest way to enroll in a new plan is to call 1-800-MEDICARE;

however, it is also possible to enroll via a paper application or on the plan’s website. If after signing up for a Medicare Part C plan you find that you are unsatisfied with your choice, it is possible to remove the plan during the Medicare disenrollment period. The disenrollment period takes place from Jan. 1 to Feb. 14. If you choose to remove your plan you will then

page 38 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

be enrolled in original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) and will have until February 14th to add a Medicare Part D plan. The easiest way to opt out your plan is to call 1-800-MEDICARE. Walgreens is a preferred pharmacy of several Medicare Part D plans offering lower copays for prescription medications compared to other select pharmacies. Walgreens also offers a variety of Medicare-covered pharmacy services. Meet with a Walgreens

pharmacist today to help you research Medicare Part D plans and find ways to save you money! Offer only valid the first Tuesday of the month with Balance Rewards card. Must be 55 years of age or older. Proof of age may be required. Offer available to all AARP members with valid AARP card. Valid in Walgreens and Duane Reade stores on select “Seniors Days.” All regular-price merchandise receives a 20% discount. Discounts not valid on prescriptions, cigarettes, dairy products, liquor, liquor department items, phone cards, newspapers, magazines, stamps, gift cards, items or services submitted to insurance for reimbursement or where otherwise limited by law. Also not valid toward Prescription Savings Club membership fee. Not all products are available in all locations. AARP receives a royalty for the use of its intellectual property. Amounts paid are used for the general purposes of AARP and its members. 1


Oct. 7 and Oct. 21 55+ & AARP members get 20% off regularly priced merchandise. Bring your Balance® Rewards card for your discount!1

On medicare part B and have diaBetes?

New Medicare changes may limit where you can get your diabetes testing supplies. The good news is that diabetes testing supplies are available at every Walgreens along with: • Easy, direct billing of Medicare Part B and most supplemental insurance • A wide selection of major national brands • Convenient 90-day supplies

It’s easy to switch! Visit your local Walgreens or call 888-380-8051. Walgreens is an accredited Medicare Part B supplier of diabetes testing supplies.

Getting more benefits than Original Medicare is as easy as a single phone call to Phoenix Health Plans. As a member, you’ll enjoy benefits at no/ low cost to you depending on the plan you choose. You’ll have the peace of mind and freedom to spend your time leading the life you deserve. We offer one-on-one personalized medical management and a large physician and hospital network to coordinate all your health needs.

Call us: (877) 514-2666 TTY 1-800-842-4681 Seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and talk to one of our local plan representatives.

Medicare Open Enrollment Oct 15 – Dec 7 Phoenix Health Plans is an HMO and HMO SNP plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Arizona Medicaid program. Enrollment in Phoenix Health Plans depends on contract renewal. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium. H5985_007-2015 Accepted

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Chinstrap Penguins with expedition vessel in background.

The iconic Kodak Alley, where even Sports Illustrated has photographed models.

Journey to the Bottom of the Globe Exploring the White Continent of Antarctica :: by Ed Boitano | Photos by Deb Roskamp


s a travel journalist, I am constantly asked for my favorite travel experiences. The list is endless, but there is one destination that seems to raise the most eyebrows. That destination is Antarctica. Sadly, the cruise line I was on is no more, yet today there is a plethora of cruise lines that offer similar packages. A Look Back After setting foot aboard the deck of my vessel to Antarctica, I began asking passengers why they chose to take an eight-day cruise to the coldest, windiest and driest continent in the world, with a landscape that is 98 percent continental ice sheet and 2 percent barren rock, a continent so cruel and unforgiving that almost no life can survive on it. The overwhelming answer from my fellow cruisers was simple: “Because now I can.” It was a good answer. The more I thought about it, I realized it was my reason, too.

Back Story It was not confirmed until the early 1800s that there was even the existence of a “southern land,” when British, American, Norwegian and Russian expeditions began exploring the Antarctic Peninsula region. In 1840, Antarctica was established as a continent—the world’s fifth-largest—and not just a group of islands. Whalers and fur-seal hunters braved the rough seas. Following World War II, there was an upsurge in scientific research on the continent, with a number of countries setting up year-round research stations. Seven made territorial claims, and the Antarctic Treaty was negotiated in 1961. The first cruise ship exclusively for the sake of tourism sailed to Antarctica in 1950, in the austral

page 40 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

summer, the only season in which the weather makes it possible. By 1970, as the cruise industry began to grow, so did tourism to Antarctica, and by 2005, 36 different vessels made it to the continent in one year. For many, it is a journey into history; for others an unparalleled ecological and sea-life experience. But for most, it is the trip of a lifetime.

Expedition Teams One of the pluses of most voyages is that a team of working polar explorers offer lecture programs. My team was easily accessible to answer questions regarding everything from polar glaciers to how sea life can survive in such an extreme environment. The team also educates guests on the sensitive nature of preserving this pristine continent from human harm.

Touring Antarctica is like being on another planet. Landings My expedition team conducted a series of excursions on pontoon motorboats for landings on the Antarctic Peninsula and its islands. For many on the voyage, setting foot on the continent was the supreme goal. The weather, though, plays the defining factor, and flexibility is a key word on any voyage. If a certain passage is clogged by icebergs, the ship’s captain, ice master and expedition team leader will design another route. Fortunately, because of overall favorable weather conditions, we were able to make two landings: one on Paradise Harbour, considered the Riviera of Antarctica; and on the crescent-shaped Half Moon Island. Both locations offer stunning photo opportunities and close-up encounters with thousands of gentoo and chinstrap penguins. It’s austral summer, and the black sand seems almost warm on your feet. Parent penguins are feeding their chicks. The scope and vastness of the surroundings are unimaginable.

Crossing the Drake “Below 40 degrees, there is no law. Below 50 degrees, there is no God,” was the sailors’ creed about crossing the Drake Passage, a merciless, 400-mile-wide passage between the southern tip of South America and Antarctica. Named after Sir Francis Drake (who never passed through the route) it is considered to have some of the worst sea weather in the world. If you’ve ever contemplated taking sea-sickness medication, this would be a good time to start.

Antarctica Today Since my return, I am frequently asked what it’s like to journey to this spectacular, but almost hidden continent. No words adequately describe the experience. Quite simply, it is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. There were some days when I stood on the deck of the vessel and quite literally felt like I was on another planet. My advice: Plan your trip now. The season is short, and the demand is great.

Ushuaia Billed as the southern-most city in the world, the ski-resort town of Ushuaia sits on the bottom tip of Argentina, where a dramatic mountain landscape falls directly into the sea. Once the home of a penal colony—which is now a museum and definitely worth visiting—this is where most embarkations from the Western Hemisphere begin.


To advertise in this section, contact Ed Boitano at 818.985.8132 or

Our Guide to the Best Tours, Treks & Destinations v Compiled by Ed Boitano ANTARCTICA CRUISEONE specializes in cruise and land vacations to the world’s most exotic destinations, including Antarctica, Alaska, Belize, Caribbean, Mediterranean and the Mexican Riviera. Programs range from family reunions at sea and honeymoon cruises to river cruising and land vacations. Each independently owned and operated business combines the latest technology with old-fashioned customer service. Contact Joni Notagiacomo in Los Angeles at (800) 600-4548 or POLAR CRUISES is the expert in small-ship travel to Antarctica and the Arctic. We are uniquely qualified to help you plan your cruise to the most pristine wilderness areas on earth. Since 1991, our staff has participated in voyages to the Antarctic INDEPENDENT and Arctic regions. We know the ships and VACATION SPECIALIST trips. Many companies run Antarctica and Cruise Lines & Land Packages Arctic cruises, offering polar travel options, itineraries, dates and prices. We evaluate Contact: Joni Notagiacomo Los Angeles the quality of the ships, operations, tour “I represent all major cruise lines to programs and companies, and provide polar the world’s most exotic locations, cruise ship information and expedition trip including Antarctica.� reviews. Then we talk to you about your travel preferences and book the best polar (800)600-4548 vacation for you. (888) 484-2244 or www. CST2006278-40

ALASKA ALASKA CRUISES AND VACATIONS BY TYEE TRAVEL - What kind of cruise is right for you? From casual small-ship cruises to elegant luxury ships, Alaskans at Alaska Cruises & Vacations have experience and first-hand knowledge to plan your perfect cruise. Customize a land tour to make your journey complete. For advice from Alaskans who cruise themselves, go online at or call (800) 977-9705 CLIPPERSHIP MOTORHOMES, INC. was founded in 1982 and has remained a family owned and operated business ever since. Our goal is to provide affordable and An Oceanside Property on a Bird Estuary, nestled in Fort Bragg on Pacific Coast Hwy 1


Beachcomber Motel On the Beach

With the Pacific Ocean at its front yard

Nestled On The Mendocino Coast Suites, Barbecues & Hot Tub Suites

CALIFORNIA THE BEACH HOUSE INN is an intimate oceanside property located on the Pacific Coast Hwy 1 in Fort Bragg, California. Choose from 30 luxurious rooms with amenities such as fireplaces, large TVs, HBO, extended cable, WI-FI, private balconies and large soaking tubs for two. Framed by an Estuary, natural creek views are captured by the balcony windows - with the beach and bicycle path just a 500 foot walk away. Ideal for travelers and bird fans alike, the Beach House Inn is minutes by car to Fort Bragg or Mendocino. Designated pet-friendly rooms are also available. Enjoy the upcoming coming holidays at the Beach House Inn. Ask about our Lovin’ Life special. (707) 961-1700 or THE BEACHCOMBER MOTEL ON THE BEACH is nestled on the dramatic Mendocino Coast with direct access to the beach and the ten-mile Coastal Trail. Steps from the Pacific Ocean, guests enjoy spectacular views from every suite and room. Luxuriate on spacious decks, ideal for watching the sunset or barbecuing your catch of the day. New Pet Suites available. Be sure to visit Glass Beach and MacKerricher State Park. The Beachcomber Motel offers the perfect location to enjoy the upcoming holidays. Ask about our Lovin’ Life special. (800) 400-SURF (7873) or

Buy One Night, Get One Night Half-Off Available October 1 through November 25, 2014

New Spa with Stone Massage

The Experts in Small-Ship Travel to Antarctica and the Arctic

Whale Watching Visit The Redwoods World Famous Glass Beach

“Top Antarctica and Arctic Travel Specialists�

The Ideal Place to Enjoy the Holidays!

-Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

888-484-2244 |

flexible Alaskan RV vacations and to help our clients create their own dream vacation. Whether your Alaskan vacation involves independent activities such as wildlife tours, glacier tours, fishing trips, or organized tours; Clippership Motorhomes can help make your Alaskan vacation dreams come true. (800) 421-3456 or

800-400-SURF (7873)

Restrictions and blackout dates apply.

City of Arts & Flowers

Enjoy the Drive

Ask About Early Booking Savings!

See the REAL Alaska Up-Close on a Small Ship Cruise or Private Yacht Charter


ur bout o Ask avin’ Life o L er 50 Aft unt! Disco


Cherish the Stay

The Sur coastline offers Only dramatic a five hourBig drive from the LA area, the dramatic Big Sur coastline offers breathtaking views from California’s breathtaking views. Enjoy the tranquility, Pacific Coast Highway. Enjoy the and spend the night surrounded by ancient oaks tranquility and cool ocean air, and spend and redwoods at the Big Sur Lodge. the night surrounded by ancient oaks Mention this adatfor and redwoods thea Big Sur Lodge. complimentary breakfast. Mention this ad for 10% off your room rate.





5401 Old Seward Highway, Anchorage, AK 99518


Big Sur Lodge

Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park 47225 Highway One, Big Sur, CA 93920 âoâWWWBIGSURLODGECOM

Gateway to Santa Rita Hills Vineyards & Wineries

Wines of Distinction | Colorful Murals Vibrant Summer Flowers CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Year-Round Golf AND VISITORS BUREAU and a Variety of Outdoor Activities LOMPOC VALLEY

(800) 240-0999 •


PISMO COAST VILLAGE RV RESORT was awarded the 2007/2008 National RV Park of the Year

Your base for exploring Central California

A recreational resort, nestled right on the beach. 400 fully developed sites with picnic tables, fire rings,Wi-Fi, utilities and satellite TV hookups all included in one price!


Ask About Our Fall Midweek Discount Reservations: Call 888-RV-BEACH

165 Dolliver St., Pismo Beach, CA 93449

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BIG SUR LODGE is located in ancient groves of redwood and oak trees in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur, California. Guests are invited to step back in time to an earlier, more peaceful era. Our 61 cottage-style guest rooms, each with its own deck or porch, are located on a hillside, within walking distance of our restaurant, gift shop, and grocery store. Your stay at the Big Sur Lodge includes free access to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Andrew Molera State Park and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. (800) 424-4787 or

miles northwest of Los Angeles. Coined the City of Arts and Flowers, the Lompoc Valley boasts spectacular rolling hills which open at the Pacific Coast Shoreline. Gateway to Santa Rita Hills Vineyards, wineries and the amazing “Wine Ghetto,” visitors enjoy colorful murals, vibrant summer flowers, year-round golf, skydiving, Chumash Indian sites, and recent history in the Lompoc Museum. The restored La Purisima Mission of 1787, now a State Historic Park, marked the earliest European settlement of the Lompoc Valley. (800) 240-0999 or

DOLPHIN BAY RESORT & SPA - Set along the rugged California Coast, just south of San Luis Obispo on California’s Scenic Highway 1, Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa is centrally located in Pismo Beach. The Dolphin Bay is the ideal hotel for romantic getaways or family vacations where guests stay anywhere from two nights to months at a time. With 60 spacious 1 and 2 bedroom suites featuring all of the amenities of a home, Lido Restaurant, The Spa at Dolphin Bay and an array of activities, guests can experience the best of the Central Coast. (800) 516-0112 or

PISMO COAST VILLAGE RV RESORT – Located right on the beach, this beautifully landscaped RV resort features 400 full hookup sites, each with complimentary Wi-Fi and cable TV, on 26 grassy, tree-lined acres. Enjoy general Store, children’s arcade, restaurant, laundromat, heated pool, bicycle rentals and miniature golf course. The resort offers the ideal location for wineries, golf or Hearst Castle. Pismo Coast Village RV Resort was awarded the 2007/2008 National RV Park of the Year. Ask about their fall season midweek discount. (888) RV-BEACH or

LOMPOC VALLEY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND VISITORS BUREAU - Lompoc (pronounced LOM-POKE) is located on scenic Pacific Coast Highway, just 155

RANCHO CAYMUS - Nestled among the wineries of the world-famous Rutherford Bench Wine Region, Rancho Caymus is a quaint, all-suites Napa Valley inn which offers

a unique sense of rustic elegance conveniently located in the heart of the Napa Valley. Each of our 26-room suites is distinctively designed to recapture the simpler times of early California. The two story hacienda style inn surrounds an award-winning garden courtyard. Join us in the “Heart of the Napa Valley” for a wine country experience unlike


On the Stunning Mendocino Coast A Romantic Hideaway In the Heart of the Napa Valley Luxurious Beachfront Lodging • 50 Yards from the Pacific Ocean! Whalewatch from Your Private Balcony! • Designated Pet Rooms Fireplaces & 2-Person Spa Tubs • Easy Walk to Downtown Fort Bragg Mountain bike trails within 20 miles of the motel Kayaking, Sportfishing & Surfing

(800) 845-1777 • • 707.964.9383

BBQ Area • Dog Park Fire Pit Rentals • Fitness Center Game Room & Billiards Horseshoes • Spa Pool Heated Swimming Pool Planned Activities

2 Swimming Pools • Spa BBQ Area • Bath Houses Billiards • Concrete Pads Fitness Center • Horseshoes Library • Live Entertainment Wine Tours ($)

2500 Airport Road Paso Robles, CA 93446

88 Wellsona Road Paso Robles, CA 93446




Spend a night or two – find what you’ve been missing. Camarillo (800) 648-2124

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VenturaCounty West .com Inspiring Choices

any other. Let Rancho Caymus be your balcony to expand your senses on your next Napa Valley trip. (800) 845-1777 or SUN RV RESORTS - Treat your senses to picturesque views, award-winning wineries and sun-kissed weather in the Paso Robles wine region – Wine Enthusiast’s Wine Region of the Year! Located in the heart of this region, Wine Country RV Resort and Vines RV Resort offer luxury accommodations and amenities for the ultimate getaway. Enjoy full hookup sites, gorgeous swimming pools, planned activities and much more! Contact (888) 720-3272; (888) 720-3348; or www. SURF & SAND LODGE is located on the beach in Fort Bragg, and Northern California’s spectacular and rugged Mendocino Coast – the ideal location to explore Fort Bragg, Glass Beach, Macke richer State Park and the Mendocino Coast. We have 30 beautiful and luxurious rooms, 24 with an ocean view. We also have rooms with fireplace and spa tub for two. Enjoy the magnificent ocean, whale watching, and beautiful sunsets, all from your own private balcony. Remember, its fun to spend the holidays at the beach. Ask about our Lovin’ Life special. (707) 964-9383 or VENTURACOUNTYWEST: DISCOVER THE POSSIBILITIES - See what you’ve been missing in VenturaCountyWest (Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura, California): uncrowded beaches, quaint main streets and vibrant downtown areas set against acres of strawberry fields and citrus groves, an old-fashioned pier, two beautiful harbors and, just offshore, whale watching and the Channel Islands National Park. Add near perfect year-round weather, five topflight public golf courses, an abundance of shopping, unique museums, award-winning wineries, a burgeoning craft beer industry, and farm-to-table restaurants and it’s easy to see why Arizona residents need look no further for their next vacation. For more information on what to see and do, go to

in lovely Southwest Colorado. Set in the spectacular panoramas of the San Juan Mountains, our dude ranch resort offers lifetime experiences for singles, groups and entire families. There isn’t one difficult activity in our perfectly personalized programs. The food is delicious, the comfort is wonderful and you’ll feel like a well cared member of the family. (800) 323-3833 or RUBY’S INN & RV PARK is the closest accommodations to southern Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park. We offer 368 deluxe guest rooms, restaurants, general store and gallery, conference center, car care, and a RV park and campground. Our guests can enjoy swimming pools and spas, or browse the general store, shops and gallery. We feature year-round activities including cross-country skiing, horseback rides and scenic flights. Ruby’s Inn and Bryce Canyon National Park are open all year. (866) 878-9389 or

HAWAII KAUAI CALLS offers a variety of fully furnished condos and, cottage rentals for your Kauai vacation. The most beautiful and the oldest of all the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is the island of which dreams are made, the very definition of a tropical paradise. Set your heart free in the quiet majesty of the island’s lush tropical setting and extraordinary natural heritage. Kauai Calls you to discover the legendary Aloha Spirit that abounds in this friendly garden paradise. Contact Michelle or Candace at (888) 822-2403; or



COLORADO TRAILS RANCH - What you need is a week unwinding and exploring the wonders of our first class guest ranch. Colorado Trails Ranch is not far from Durango,

Ask About Our Discount Weeks!

HAND HELD TRIPS TO THAILAND specializes in unique and personal experiences to Thailand, Bhutan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. With their diverse culture and landscape, these destinations offer the ideal locations for an exotic adventure. Hand Held Trips to Thailand is a veteran-owned small business operated by Lee Porter, a returned Peace Corps volunteer. Lee offers a shared experience that suits each individual in his small group tours. (571) 244-4363 or

(800) 323-3833


A WESTERN ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME! A first-class dude ranch in the mountains outside of Durango. Horseback Riding Fly Fishing River Rafting Western Dancing Campfire Cookouts

SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: 7 NIGHT STAY FREE Night AND $50 OFF a activity. (888) 822- 2403 • True Aloha Spirit

Ask about our Lovin’ Life After 50 Discount!

RADISSON FORT GEORGE HOTEL & MARINA - Located in the historic Fort George area of Belize City, the Fort George draws adventure travelers to Belize’s ancient Mayan Sites, exotic wildlife and spectacular waters for snorkeling and diving. The award-winning resort hotel offers spacious rooms, two swimming pools, fitness centre, full-service marina, 2 restaurants, bars, & cafe on property. The guest services desk can arrange Belize sightseeing tours and diving trips. 011-501-223-3333 / (800) 333-3333 or TARA TOURS specializes in tours to Latin America with more excitement and mystery one could experience in a lifetime of travel. Tara Tours can take you there, with great service and tour programs, designed with your desires and budget in mind. Experience the majesty of Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro’s “Cidade Maravilhosa,” indigenous market of Chichicastenango; Peru’s Amazon Jungle; the incredibility of the Galapagos Islands, Chile and Argentina’s Patagonia,the ruins of Tikal, Easter Island, and natural beauty of Costa Rica. (800) 327-0080 or

A Yuletide Experience

On water: On land:

Christmas Time Cruise on the Danube The Spirit of Christmas - Salzburg & Vienna

Contact us today and we will gladly help you make your decision!

Please visit

or email us at or call us



BrYcE CaNyOn GrAnD HoTeL HiStOrIc RuBy’S InN

ClOsEsT AcCoMmOdAtIoNs To BrYcE CaNyOn NaTiOnAl PaRk 1.866.878.9398 | RuBySiNn.CoM

MILITARY HISTORICAL TOURS (MHT) has been serving veterans, battlefield enthusiast, educators, historians and their families for over 25 years. MHT is the premier U.S. Military Veteran owned and operated battlefield Tour Company. The exclusive provider to Iwo Jima and Korea Revisits.MHT is the Vietnam Battlefield experts and our European Legacy Tours are “bucket list” memory fillers. Tours are limited in size to tailor them for individual requests ensuring a “personal” experience. Our Veteran Tour Leaders provide an “in-depth” perspective. (800) 722-9501 or

unlike any other - the choice is yours!

BrYcE CaNyOn NaTiOnAl PaRk, UtAh

RuBy’S Rv PaRk & CaMpGrOuNd

for a yuletide experience unlike any other, then you have just “struck gold”. Picture yourself exploring Europe’s traditional Christmas Markets aboard one of AmaWaterways’ Christmas market Cruises like our CHRISTMAS TIME CRUISE on the Danube. You travel from market to market in luxurious comfort, visiting wondrous cities like Nuremberg, Vienna and Budapest dressed in holiday spirit - a view that is just spectacular from the Danube River. And there are optional side trips such as a day visit to Salzburg. And if living on a ship for a week is not your thing, come with us on our “customer favorite since 1997’s SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS TOUR to Vienna and Salzburg.sms@herzerltours. com; (800-684-8488 or

Including all private tours, 6 nights hotel acc., local airfare and more! Affordable • Small Group Tours • VIP Accommodations •Great Cuisine

Just Relax & Enjoy (571) 244-4363 •


MHT specializes in visiting the world’s battlegrounds:

SEE ALL OF IRELAND PLUS WWII SITES! Derry’s Madam Mayor REGISTER BY 1 Welcomes MHT’s Vets! NOV & SAVE $350! 800-722-9501

Extraordinary Cultural, Wildlife, and Hiking Adventures since 1978. Classic Swiss Alps • Great Alpine Traverse Hike to the Matterhorn • Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking the Haute Route

(800) -368-2794 October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 43

Take a Stroll with Niccole Fall Excursions in the Catalina Mountains


: : by Niccole Radhe

ctober is the Goldilocks season in the Old Pueblo and surrounding mountains. Not too hot, yet not too cold. No, it is just right! This is the perfect time of year to stroll around on the upper Catalina Mountain range before the cold winter winds take over and snow graces the mountain floor. Here is a fall hiking guide to some of the best trails for trekking close to home that feel like they’re in another world. This list will begin at 9,157 feet on the summit of Mount Lemmon and follow Catalina Highway down to 4,954 feet at Bug Springs Trail, where the shady oak and pine trees give way to the familiar Sonoran desert landscape. Don’t forget to purchase a Catalina State Park pass; it costs $5 per day or only $20 per year. Splurge and get the yearly pass as revenue goes to a great cause and pays for itself in just four trips.

All of these trails will be found conveniently off the Catalina Highway. From the intersection of Tanque Verde and Kolb roads, take Tanque Verde Road east for 6 miles until you reach Catalina Highway, turn north and you will begin to ascend the mountain. The hectic holidays are right around the corner, so treat your inner outdoor soul and enjoy the mountains this season. Mount Lemmon Trail to Meadow Trail Loop: Past the Ski Valley area, at the highest reaches of the mountain, one will find some extraordinary vantage points—a fire lookout and the Mountain Sky Center observatory. A great 4-mile loop for hiking on the highest reaches of Mount Lemmon is to take the Mount Lemmon Trail to Southerland Trail and back to the parking area through the Meadow Trail. The first two trails offer stellar views

page 44 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

of Tucson and the rugged Pusch Ridge vistas. The ponderosa pines tower above the wide, rocky path and then, after trailing along the ledge of the peak, the path takes you up some soft, dirt switchbacks to get to Meadow Trail. This trail goes through a gorgeous, grassy meadow filled with wildflowers, bees and butterflies. To get here, take Catalina Highway all the way up the mountain and take a slight right at Ski Valley Road. Go until you see a closed gate and park in the dirt area on the left-hand side. When you are done hiking, you can always swing by the Ski Valley area and get a sky ride on the ski lift or drop by the restaurant to refuel. Marshall Gulch to Aspen Trail Loop: Below the Ski Valley area, you will find two of the most soughtafter hikes in the quiet little town of Summerhaven, located on Marshall Peak—Marshall Gulch (1.6 miles) and Aspen Trail (2.3 miles). Each hike can be done as an out and back. But the whole loop is far more rewarding and provides a spectacular and diverse array of plants and scenery. Marshall Gulch trailhead can be

found on the right-hand side of the park’s restrooms. It is a lusciously green trail that follows a trickling stream through the shade up to Marshall Saddle. From this point, you can take off on one of the many trails at the junction or head back to the parking area amidst a thick, white Aspen woodland on Aspen Trail. The trees are so dense in some areas of Aspen Trail that you cannot even see through them. There are breathtaking vistas to witness such as Rincon Mountains, Cathedral Rock and the Wilderness of Rocks area, which is very popular with rock climbers. To get here, take the Catalina Highway past the Ski Valley turnoff and continue with a slight left and follow the road through Summerhaven. You will find the trailhead at the end of the road in a big shady parking lot full of picnic areas. Bigelow Trail: The Bigelow Mountain peak has dramatic views all around the northern side of the Catalina Mountain Range and is named the second-highest peak in the area, rising up to 8,550 feet. The wide trail is very well maintained and considered to be

one of the easier hikes on this side of the mountain. Bigelow Trail also connects to Butterfly Trail, which is one of the most challenging and rewarding hikes. To get there, take Catalina Highway all the way to Incinerator Ridge Road and park at the turnout across the street—on the right-hand side—hike up to the junction of Butterfly and Kellogg trails and go left on the Bigelow Trail to get to the summit immediately. This area is also wonderful for camping spots, but also very popular, so get out there early if Hikers can look down at the city scenery from the beautiful Mt. Lemmon Trail. it may be a busy weekend. miles ahead you will see Solider Camp Butterfly Trail: This strenuous trek Trailhead also on the right-hand side will surprise and delight you, with its of Catalina Highway. natural-research preserve, an aircraft SPECIALIZED MEMORY CARE crash from 1957 and a plethora of Bug Springs Trail is one of the midIN TUCSON diverse forest wildlife at every bend. level Catalina trails that gets left out This trail is by far one of the most quite often. Between the desert valley unique passages through the Catalina and the high mountain forest, there is Mountains. It is great during the spring, a beautiful transformation of scenery summer and fall seasons. If you want to to be witnessed. Bug Springs Trail enjoy the outdoors under towering pine offers unparalleled desert and forest trees full of chipmunks, woodpeckers, views while you switch back through mice, horned lizards, beetles and the cacti and staggering century plants butterflies, this will be a great hike for to get up to the shady oaks. Whether Visit Us Online at you. There are breathtaking views in you are a hiker, trail runner or biker, all directions and plenty of shade for this trail will offer a pleasant challenge, sunny days. Plan for an all-day trip and and surprising milieu for photography an ambitious hike no matter which opportunities and solitude. direction you choose. There are a few This path measures 4.5 miles one Pacifica Senior Living features the different options for hiking, biking or way, with little shade for the first 2 respected and innovative Legacy™ caravanning from the trail’s beginning miles, so bring extra water and pile on to end. the UV protection. Program, a specialized memory care For a classic out-and-back hike, These are just a few of the hundreds program developed by Pacifica Senior one can expect 12 miles of rocky of trails that traverse the beautiful and Living. This program was developed switchbacks with some very steep areas. majestic Catalina Mountain range, a A great option is to bring two vehicles place that gives Tucson refuge from the to help residents rediscover and enjoy to caravan Butterfly Trail, leaving one desert heat and mystifies visitors from their remaining abilities. at the Palisades Ranger Station and the around the globe. other at Soldier Camp Trail a few miles Oktoberfest, a fun-loving German • Professional 24-hour staffing • Legacy Program up. I prefer to bring bikes and leave food-and-beer festival, will take over • Loyalty Pricing - or - Customized Pricing • Respite available them at the Palisades Ranger Station the mountains during the first two TOUR TODAY! • Group residents of similar ability levels in “cottage” environments and drive up to Soldier Camp to start weekends of October. Keep this in mind CALL the hike. If you decide to go this route, when arranging travel and camping • Accomodate the needs of difficult behaviors • Recently renovated the hike will be tougher with an extra plans as the traffic will be heavier and (520) 320-7505 • Beautiful walking paths • Ambassador Program 500 feet of elevation gain, but the bike camp sites limited. The weather is ride back up to Soldier Camp will be perfect for outdoor adventures so get much easier. It is only a few miles from out and take a trek this fall season to Palisades up to Soldier Camp but it’s recharge your spirit with nature and an awesome, lung-busting workout, good company. Happy trails! with some really fun descents once you Tucson get up the biggest hill. To check out more outdoor adventures around 2675 North Wyatt Drive • Tucson, AZ 85712 Take Catalina Highway until you see Arizona, like Niccole Radhe’s Facebook Call (520)314-9167 the restroom across from the Palisades page “Take a Stroll with Niccole,” or email Ranger Station on your right. A few

Specialized Memory Care


October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 45

Sound Off

... from page 8 own Koran of rules. The religions were hard-earned tax dollars going for quickly hijacked by those who taught something like that. Who was Michael greed, hate, revenge and violence and Brown that warranted sending these still do. Today they’re just called ISIS, people? Did anybody attend Margaret Taliban and Al-Qaeda. We have to Thatcher’s funeral? fight the evil. According to USA Today, Michael Brown’s three siblings What a hoot! Drew Alexander’s will receive fully paid college column about taking his orders scholarships. Michael Brown robbed and opinions from Hannity, Limbaugh and Fox News was dead a convenience store and assaulted a on, not tongue-in cheek at all! Loved clerk. Break the law and your family that “Republicans swear to pollute will be rewarded. Sad, isn’t it? the oceans, (etc.) and impact the ozone layer.” Drew, the ozone layer Have you ever noticed that problem is being solved because the racists, religious extremists, U.S. government passed legislation to bigots and white supremacists reduce/eliminate CFCs and HCFCs all align themselves with the Republican over time. We lefties worry about Party? They are the party of hate, greenhouse gases and Republican and every time I read “Obama” did denial of man-made global warming. this and check it out and find it is not When it’s 101 degrees on Christmas true, I see another hater. When Bush Day in Phoenix, your party will block took office the debt was $5 trillion to legislation to cap carbon emissions $7 trillion, give or take. When Bush and say, “Why should we do anything left office, it was nearly $11.7 trillion. about carbon if China doesn’t?” Your That’s an increase of 89 percent. Under Operation Burka was hilarious! Why, Obama, it went from $11.7 trillion to you all love women! You all support about $15 trillion. That’s an increase the intelligent and selfless Sarah Palin! of 40 percent. Can the Republicans Who wouldn’t pay $99.95 a year to understand there is a difference here, watch her pay-per-view channel for a a big difference? Go the Internet, and good old-fashioned Obama whoopin’ check out these facts. I didn’t make and push her net worth up to the top 1 them up. How do you explain that? percent? Loved your column! Loved it! For you Republicans who complained Keep up the good work, and next time about Obama, virtually everything you don’t forget to bash gays, Mexicans, wrote is factually inaccurate and/or refugee children from Central America, based on incorrect understanding of the minimum wage and that silly fuss finance. I’d recommend some reading over nothing in Ferguson, Missouri. to you if I thought you’d actually do it. Do you actually understand what the The protestors in Ferguson are Tea Party stands for, or is this something shouting, “Justice for Michael your friends think and you don’t want Brown.” Where is the justice to actually let them think you know for Officer Wilson? In this country, you better, maybe because you don’t? You are innocent until proven guilty. The complain about his vacations. Well only justice the protestors will accept is check the facts on the Internet and that Officer Wilson will be found guilty see how many more vacations Bush took compared to Obama. A trip to and executed. Shame. his ranch is a vacation so be sure, and What long-ago American add them in. So you haven’t checked hero said, “I regret that I that out, either. Before you publish such have but one life to give for garbage, get online and find facts so my country”? Apparently, Mr. Foley you don’t make the rest of the so-called remembered his history lesson. Europe Republicans think you know what you should be paying attention, instead of are talking about. Then publish it in a huge town where people don’t make a paying the bad guys. fool of themselves by writing something It has been reported that so utterly stupid. Then turn Limbaugh Obama sent three officials and Fox News off and listen to real from the White House to news. I dare you...and then explain how Michael Brown’s funeral. I resent my the national news reported some of the

page 46 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

best auto/truck sales in 20 years—if you can and not because of the stimulus money that just kept the auto industry working. Union, by the way. The voter guide we all received is printed one-half English and one-half Hispanic. When my parents came to this country from Europe, they had to learn English. Why can’t all these people who come here and enjoy the benefits of our country at least learn our language. This is a disgrace, and I’m sick and tired of it. Drew Alexander’s September column was well written, as he cleverly pointed out that not all conservatives fit into the same stereotypical mold. I hope he remembers in future columns that a little humor helps get the message across. I hope he also remembers that not all liberals fit into the same stereotypical mold, a fact that he often seems to forget. Thanks Lovin’ Life After 50. It’s so nice to read grandma’s advice in print. Even better to see so many others of the same opinions. There is hope yet that Congress might start paying attention to the public, too—at least we hope so. Used to read Drew Pearson, that slime ball. He spawned his assistant, Jack Anderson, another slime ball. It is so much nicer to read Drew Alexander. Keep on slugging the socialists and communists, Drew, and don’t be concerned about the seniors who have not learned in all their years. Some people don’t get wisdom with age. It appears this country’s electorate has very short memories and can’t remember which political party controlled the Congress that caused the 2008 financial crisis. It was a crisis that caused millions of job losses and millions to lose their homes. In case you need a reminder, it was the Republican Party that ignored the corruption and greed on Wall Street and among their banker buddies. As we approach the 2014 elections, the Republican Party hopes we have either forgiven them or have simply forgotten the misery they caused and will keep them and their Tea Party buddies in office. If you have been paying attention

to the House of Representatives since President Obama was elected, you have noticed the only agenda the House Republicans have is to make sure they block everything the president has tried to do. And for that we pay those guys a $184,000 annual salary for life.—Larry Vipond Remember the instant-print cameras that were so much fun for the funny show-offs? Ha, ha, ha. Today’s cry-baby exhibitionists are only getting what they stupidly pay for. Serves them right. That’ll show you to run around naked. It’s obvious what the White House needs now is another Truman, Eisenhower and a couple Roosevelts for the president’s spine to stiffen. Can anyone explain to me why it appears that an inordinate number of Arizona drivers are defacing their Arizona license plates? I usually am aware of what is going on around me. But this one has me baffled. Someone please enlighten me. No one I’ve asked has been able to give me an answer that makes sense. If you read the public-opinion pages of any newspaper, you will find unused wisdom and an overused blame system. Blame-iton- everybody-else information. When in reality it’s all daily a do-it-yourself world, for good or bad. What are you doing right now? Why are reporters, the public, the court, the judge, all as looney as the female convicted murderer making fools of the entire legal system? Why is she still allowed to be making her demands. It’s sick, sick, sick, and it’s all just something more for TV report. Granted, sports games are a great public release of stress, but the true Americans are out helping victims of floods, fires, tornadoes and accidents. Thank you, let’s bless them all. Poor old McCain. His needle is stuck on blame, while Congress does nothing, and he says nothing about that at all. He needs to retire for sure.

Ask the Geriatrician Exercise Key to Long, Happy Life : : by Marlene Bluestein, M.D.


hen my father died at 90 years old, he was still bicycling for 30 minutes every day. I am convinced it helped him maintain his quality of life. As we get older, exercise helps us keep doing what we like to do, and improves our health over the long term.

You Don’t Have to Train for a Marathon Exercise can take many forms, from walking to running to cycling or kayaking, depending on your level of fitness. I have many patients in their late 60s who are, in fact, still running marathons and triathlons. But even for folks with more physical limitations, there are exercises that are effective from a chair or even from a bed. Exercise is not only open to everyone, but everyone can benefit from it.

but far more significant changes are possible. Some patients have even been able to stop taking medications to control their diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol. What I particularly like about exercise is that it’s good for your mood. As people age, it’s easy to feel down when you’re working through losses or life transitions. Exercising raises your neurohormones so you feel better. It may help your cognitive status as well. You Can Do It Safely There are ways to safely bring exercise into your lifestyle, even if you haven’t exercised in a while. The key is to start gradually. You might start with a slow walk, preferably on a level surface, and taking care to wear proper footwear to protect the feet and joints. Twenty minutes is fine in the beginning. If you find you are tired after some minutes of steady walking, rest and start again.

Tucson Botanical Tucson Gardens

Botanical Tucson Tucson Gardens

Exercise Isn’t All About Aesthetics Oh, sure, maybe you can eat a little more or even shop for new clothes,

Botanical Botanical Tucson Botanical Gardens Gardens

Consider bringing your walking routine to a pool, if you can, for lower impact on your joints. Swimming is a great exercise, as is stationary cycling. I’ve had patients who are reluctant to swim because they don’t look the same in a bathing suit as they once did. Please don’t let appearance stand in the way. Your appearance— and your health— will improve if you participate. Balance problems might be helped with core-strengthening exercises like crunches, Pilates or gentle yoga practice. But if you have a number of chronic medical conditions and are worried, the best thing to do is talk to your physician. You Don’t Have to Do It Every Single Day Exercising on a regular basis helps it become a habit and better builds endurance. That doesn’t mean it has to be daily. Just be sure to challenge


yourself over time, by walking a little longer or a little faster. Don’t feel bad if you don’t improve quickly. Slow and steady progress is ideal. It Can Be Fun If exercise feels like a chore, try wrapping it into things you already like, or do it with people you enjoy. If you like dance, try social dancing. If you like golf, walk some of the holes if possible. If you have a friend who could use encouragement, become workout buddies. It will help with consistency, particularly if you are well-matched in terms of fitness and aren’t too competitive. Good luck! Dr. Marlene Bluestein, who is the medical director for geriatrics at Tucson Medical Center, is board certified in internal medicine with a sub-specialty focus on geriatrics. She believes life is a journey and enjoyment should be experienced in every year and phase of life. Contact her at (520) 324-3940.

See what PEOPLE are TALKING about With Captioned Telephone Service, you don’t have to worry about missing any part of your telephone conversations.

Tucson CAPTIONED TELEPHONE SERVICE: Botanical Gardens > Allows you to both listen to and read telephone conversations

> Uses voice recognition software to display every word the caller says

Cox Communications Butterfly & Orchid Pavilion

October thru May

October thru May

Cox Communications Butterfly & Orchid Pavilion

Cox Communications Cox Communications ButterflyButterfly & Orchid & Pavilion Orchid Pavilion

October thru May

2150 N. Alvernon Way

October October thru May thru May

> Captions appear on a bright, easy-to-read display screen

> Captioning service is FREE! LARGE,

easy-to-read display lets you see what your caller is saying so you don’t miss a thing!

1.866.259.1768 1.800.347.1695 TTY

Cox Communications Butterfly & Orchid Pavilion

October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 47


rivia Contest

all is officially here, which means the snowbirds are back, too. A word of advice to you part-time Arizona residents: Before you put away those summer T-shirts and swap them for cardigans, you’re going to want to make sure there’s a week straight of cooler temperatures before you put in the effort. Warm temps aren’t going to stop us from celebrating the autumn season, though. We might not have falling red and yellow leaves, but we do have the most temperate climate in the country when the weather cools down. Really, who needs snow? You don’t have to shovel this gorgeous sunshine. Sew up a Halloween costume for the grandkids and break out your favorite pumpkin recipe. We have some fall trivia headed your way, which promises some tricks and a treat for one special winner.

Fall Trivia

1 2

What is the term for heat waves that arrive in late fall?

3 4

What fall holiday grosses the second most money, next to Christmas?


page 48 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

What is the Valentine’s Day-like holiday celebrated on the third Saturday in October?

The Bavarian beer festival Oktoberfest takes place around the same time of what traditional German harvest festival? When does Cyber Monday take place?

To enter simply:

On a sheet of paper list the correct answers in order 1 through 5. Include your full name, mailing address, phone number and an email address (if you have one). Mail your trivia contest entry to: Lovin’ Life After 50 Attn: Trivia Contest 3200 N. Hayden, Suite 210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Or email your entry to: The deadline for entry is the 15th of each month. Please be sure to have your entry postmarked by that date. If you’re a winner in our drawing, we’ll contact you via telephone. Good luck!

Contest Prizes A certificate for a one-night stay at InnSuites, awarded to two winners

September 2014 Winners InnSuites certificate Gini McGirr InnSuites certificate Cheryl Cuillier

Last Month’s Answers


Genghis Khan said “The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their horses, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms.”

2 3 4 5

Journalist and editor Herbert B. Swope coined the term “Cold War.” 1 to 3 million people died in the Cambodian Genocide. Imperial Germany introduced poison gas as a weapon during WWI. The Chinese Civil War began 1927.



Now in o ur 27th Year!



Healthy Living

Booths • Exhibits • Entertainment Healthcare | Retirement Living | Financial | Leisure Home Repair | Education | Casinos | Tour & Travel and More...

Monday, Nov. 3rd, 2014 9am-1pm | Admission Free

Hilton El Conquistador 10000 N Oracle Rd, Tucson, AZ 85704 Lots of Prizes and Giveaways Including $100 Drawing Every Hour! Also sponsored by:

Entertainment by

Joe Bourne (520) 297-1220 x401 • (800) 959-1566 x401 •

October 2014 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : page 49

ACUPUNCTURE MOST INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED FOR ACUPUNCTURE! Suffering from: Pain (any type) Insomnia Allergies Digestive Disorders Stress, etc. Then call today, for better health and wellness. Maurianne Montes Licensed Acupuncturist Mountain Oasis Acupuncture 520-795-0050 ADULT CARE SERVICES

Century Referral Services, LLC

Referral specialist that introduces residents to adult care homes and assisted-living communities. 2777 N. Campbell Ave., Ste. 210 Tucson, AZ 85719 Office: (520) 881-0101 Sam Nanez: (520) 403-6101 Steven Ortiz: (520) 289-3969

Your Friendly Personal Assistant / Caregiver

Do You or a Loved One Need Help Meeting Your Special Needs or Everyday Tasks? I am Reliable, Loving & Kind Person Who Enjoys Helping Others. Certified Caregiver,Red Cross-CPR, First Aid & A.E.D., French Sous Chef. 5yr. Clean Driving Record, Clean Background Check. Call with any questions or concerns, I am there for you. Call Lynn now and receive your first visit free!


APARTMENTS FOR RENT VERY QUIET LARGE SINGLE STORY GARDEN APARTMENT Located in a great central location Large rooms, bright open floor plan and great storage. AC, covered parking and beautiful manicured landscape with extensive night lighting throughout grounds and parking area. This property is in great shape with lots of pride of ownership. Full time maintenance man on site. $600 Owner/agent Mick Cluck 520-349-3533

CLUBS & ACTIVITIES CAMPING SINGLES A camping group for those between 40-100 years Join us at: Applebees 4625 E. Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ 85712 1st Tuesday of each month for Happy Hour from 4-6pm For further info contact Mary: 360-980-0155 or Colleen: ELECTRIC BICYCLES SAVE HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS No gasoline needed Pedal with assist, pedal only or just use motor. No Lic., Ins. or Reg. required Fun to ride with many purposes Bikes contain lithium battery Basic model $750, folding $850, trike $1,200 Free Test Ride Call 520-573-7576 ENTERTAINMENT PIANO PLAYER NEEDED To accompany mature crooner Perform the old standards al’a Sinatra, Bennett, some clean schtick routines at senior gigs for pay. Good send of humor a must! Ken Roush 520-888-1589 FOR LEASE DUPLEX FOR RENT Central Location 1 Bedroom/1 Bath Utility Room, Vaulted Ceilings, A/C, Patio, Gated Parking. Senior owner in other half Quiet Only $550 per month 520-440-9880 Also MH on Acre INSURANCE GUARANTEED FINAL EXPENSE INSURANCE **No Medical Exam **Low Monthly Premiums **Up to $25,000 Available Send name, date of birth & phone number for confidential reply to:

page 50 : : Lovin’ Life After 50 : : October 2014

AD SPACE AVAILABLE! Call Tracey Wilson for details. (480) 348-0343 x100 MEDICAL ALARMS\ PENDANTS WHY WAIT UNTIL,

“I’ve fallen and Can’t get up!”

Arizona’s non-profit Program offers free Medical Alarms with no service charge ARIZONA SUPERIOR MEDICAL PROGRAM (520) 747-7403

AD SPACE AVAILABLE! Know what happens if you don’t advertise? Nothing. (480) 348-0343 x100 MOBILE HOME PARKS

Oracle Junction MHC 55+ Homes for Sale RV and mobile home spaces available. 6 months FREE Rent

with New Mobile Home

Pool, Clubhouse, Activities & much More

(520) 825-9313 MOBILE MANUFACTURED HOMES FOR SALE WONDERFUL SENIOR COMMUNITY Centrally located in Tucson Quiet neighborhood, close to shopping, hospitals, etc. Recreation Hall, Pool, Laundry One-and-Two Bedroom Mobile Homes available for sale Call 520-850-4763 for Details SKIN CARE MARY KAY You remember the song lyric “If I could turn back time” we can’t go back in time, but these skin care and makeup tips can help you achieve softer looking, fresh, illuminated skin. Call Linda 520-571-1214 to schedule your complimentary free facial.

TRAVEL ENOS KING-LEWIS II, AGENT Guide, Producer Fun Trips! Prosperity - Wellness 800-824-1450 (Call 24/7) WANTED TO BUY WANT TO PURCHASE Minerals and other oil & gas interests Send Details to: PO Box 13557 Denver, CO 80201 FRIENDSHIP ADS DRAWER LL1460 Retired, Christian man, elderly but healthy enjoys communicating in Spanish. Would like to know an educated lady 75 or older feels alone.

DRAWER LL1484 Attractive lady would like to meet a Christian gentleman for companionship – age late 60s early 70s.

DRAWER LL1486 DWM ISO SWF 60 to 75 for a serious and fun committed LTR and companionship. All replies to this ad will be answered either by letter or a phone call.

DRAWER LL1485 WWF ISO SBM to relocate to Lexington for LTR. Financially secure, need loving partner to share home and enjoy life with. Serious responses only.

DRAWER LL1487 WFWNS young 70s, self-employed, tall, attractive, open, honest, happy, spiritual, engaged in life and loving it! No secrets & healthy, wants male friend of same description.

FRIENDS ARE OUT THERE! Call Tracey Wilson for details. (480) 348-0343 x100

How do I Answer a Friendship Ad? Compose your response and address it to: Drawer # ________ Lovin’ Life Newspapers 3200 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Classified & Friendship Ad Information Write your ad in the space provided. All ads must be prepaid before each monthly deadline. Deadline for ads is the 16th of each month. Your name, address and telephone number will not be printed in your ad. We will give it a code. All mail we receive with your code will be mailed to you at least once a week. We reserve the right to edit ads. Check your type of payment and mail to: Lovin' Life Newspapers 3200 N. Hayden Rd. Suite #210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 • Call 480-348-0343 Name: Address: City/State/Zip: Telephone #: Email:  Check/Money Order  Visa  MasterCard  American Express  Discover Acct# _________________________________________________ Card Exp. ____ / ____ /____ CVV#________________________________ Signature ______________________________________ CLASSIFIEDS INFORMATION Please check desired circulation:  Tucson  Sun Cities (Metro Phx)  East Valley (Metro Phx) Southeast Valley  Phoenix & Glendale  Scottsdale $25 first 30 words. 50¢ per word thereafter. $10 per additional zone.

FRIENDSHIP AD INFORMATION Standard Abbreviations Used in Friendship Ads

M = Male D = Divorced W = White LTR = Long Term Relationship

F = Female H = Hispanic NS = Non-smoker TLC = Tender Loving Care

W = Widowed B = Black ND = Non-drinker ISO = In Search of

$15 first 30 words. 25¢ per word thereafter Start Issue: _______ End Issue: _______ Check one:  Classified  Friendship Ad to Read: ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ (30) ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ How do I Answer a Friendship Ad? Compose your response and address it to: Drawer # ________ Lovin’ Life Newspapers, 3200 N. Hayden Rd., Suite 210, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

An evening to benefit babies and families. Chef de Cuisine Jonathan Kupper

Host Venue Chef 

Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort


Thursday, November 13, 2014 Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort 6:00 p.m. For information and to attend, visit 520.298.5490

Executive Chef Danny Perez JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa Executive Chef Russell Michel The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa Executive Pastry Chef Marcos A Castro The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa Executive Pastry Chef Agustin Sanchez Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort Executive Chef Virginia Wooters Metzger Family Restaurants Executive Chef Jonathan Stutzman Omni Tucson National Resort Executive Sous Chef Ramon Delgado Omni Tucson National Resort Chef John Hohn, Bob’s Steak & Chop House Omni Tucson National Resort Executive Chef Bryan Vernon Old Pueblo Grille Ice Cream Chef Irene Cohen HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery Ralph Avella HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery Tom & Nancy Alfonso Alfonso Gourmet Olive Oils & Balsamics Chef/Owner Adam Puckle The Café in Sonoita

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T HE F INISH L INE Arizona’s Leader in Senior Fitness It’s Fall! Time to Get Fit!


he change of seasons always brings with it a sense of newness, an opportunity for change. Fall is no exception. After a long, hot summer, the weather will soon beckon us into the outdoors. Now is the time to dust off that bicycle, get out that tennis racket or dig out those golf clubs. It’s time to get fit! It’s widely known that as little as 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week can make a significant difference in health. The weather is exercise-friendly, and the requirement is small. So why is it that so many choose not to do what they know will be of benefit to them? Three common reasons for clinging to a sedentary lifestyle are: “I don’t have the time.” If you think that staying well takes time, try sickness! Aging brings with it


Pickleball Registration Deadline Oct. 15



certain challenges, and maintaining good health is one of them. Everyone has the same 24 hours in each day. It’s a matter of choice: wellness or illness. “I’m too old. It’s too late to start.” Many studies have shown that it’s never too late to exercise, regardless of age. People who have begun exercising in their 80s have shown marked improvement in overall health in aerobic capacity, strength and range of motion. Of course, one should always check with their physician prior to beginning to exercise, but it is probable that a doctor will welcome your intention to get fit. “I just don’t like exercise. It isn’t fun.” The Senior Olympics

movement inspires people older than age 50 to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise not only can be fun, it can be addictive. Senior Olympians have found that their self-esteem is higher, their outlook more optimistic, and they feel better physically and mentally. They form friendships with other Senior Olympians, they gain a sense of control in health issues, and they feel proud of achieving the goals that they set. This fall is a great time to start exercising on a regular basis. Then go online to and choose any one of the 32 sports offered by Arizona Senior Olympics. Determine to change your health and your life, and every season of life will be good.

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It’s That Time Again The Finish Line Newsletter is produced by Arizona Senior Olympics, founded by:


he Arizona Senior Olympics’ Pickleball Tournament is scheduled for Oct. 23 to Oct. 26 at the Surprise Pickleball Courts. The deadline to participate is Oct. 15, and athletes are urged to register as soon as possible as it will be limited to 200 players. This year’s tournament is the Arizona qualifier for the National Senior Games in July in Minneapolis. New this year will be two divisions: The Age-Level Division will be for players who wish to qualify for the National Senior Games, and the Skill-Level Division will be for those who prefer that format. For more information about the tournament, including the schedule, players can visit www.seniorgames. com. A link will take visitors to for registration.

2014 Sponsors

in partnership with the cities of Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe and the communities of Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Grand

Arizona Senior Olympics

It’s time to start planning for participation in the 2015 Arizona Senior Olympics, which take place from Feb. 21 to March 15.

P.O. Box 33278 Phoenix, AZ 85067-3278


web site:

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From the Top of My Desk By Irene Stillwell, ASO Executive Director



e have been lucky through the years to find sponsors whose goals are similar to ours and whose interest lies in keeping seniors healthy and independent. ASO has been approached by many businesses who have something to sell to the senior market. However, our goal is to help—and not hurt—the over-50 population. We have never had an alcohol or tobacco sponsor, and we are very careful about products that do not have a proven benefit to the health and fitness of seniors. Our sponsors are interested in informing seniors about their services or products, and they hope that there will be a positive response. We at Arizona Senior Olympics hope that you will evaluate those products and services and that you will give them special consideration because of your interest in Arizona Senior Olympics. This year, we especially want to thank the following sponsors for their ongoing loyalty to Arizona Senior Olympics and for their positive impact on the senior community.

Missing The Finish Line?


he Finish Line, the Arizona Senior Olympics’ newsletter, is published monthly. It is sent out to an email list and can be found at Walgreens’ stores throughout the state (in the racks at the front door). Because of unforeseen circumstances, some of our readers may not have received their online versions for several months. Good news! Back copies can be found on our website at If you would like to be added to our email Finish Line list, just call and give us your email address and you’ll receive it by email each month. The ASO office can be reached at (602) 274-7742 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays.

They’re Back! This is the most popular shirt offered by ASO. Many people were disappointed when they missed out, so we’re offering it again!

ASO Looking for a Few Good Men and Women Are you a leader? Do you have experience in managing a specific sport? Do you know how the rules and how the competition is conducted? Do you believe that sports are for all ages of people? Would you like to see your sport grow and flourish? If you can answer “Yes” to these questions, then Arizona Senior Olympics would like you to consider being a sports commissioner or assistant commissioner. ASO is fortunate to have many very dedicat-

ed and experienced volunteers in the 32 sports that are offered. However, many things can come up, requiring one of those leaders to move or retire, leaving their sport without the leadership it needs. ASO is looking for leaders for the following sports: basketball; dance; golf; horseshoes; pickleball; road races; and track and field. Volunteer to join the team! Call (602) 274-7742, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday for more information. Ask for Irene.

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Only $15 each Call the ASO Office at (602) 274-7742 to order q Yes, I would like to be a friend of Arizona Senior Olympics Send your tax-deductible contribution by check, money order, credit card or go online to Amount Enclosed $ I am paying by q Check/Money Order qVisa qMastercard qDiscover qAmerican Express. You will be charged by Senior Games Payment Services if paying by credit card. If paying by check, please make it out to the Arizona Lifelong Fitness Foundation. Credit Card. #: Expiration Date: 3 digit code on back of card: Name as it appears on your credit card: Address: City/State/Zip: Signature:

Mail to: Arizona Lifelong Fitness Association P.O. Box 33278 Phoenix, AZ 85067-3278

Help ASO

Purchase Fiesta Bowl Tickets Through Us!


rizona Senior Olympics has partnered with the Fiesta Bowl by participating in its new fundraising project for nonprofits. ASO will receive 20 percent of the ticket price for the Fiesta Bowl, which will be on Dec. 31 at University of Phoenix Stadium, and for the Cactus Bowl, taking place on Jan. 2 in Sun Devil Stadium.

Here is your chance to really help Arizona Senior Olympics and have a great time supporting your team. Everyone who purchases their tickets using our specified promo code will receive an ASO support bracelet. Get on the team! Tell your friends! Go to to get your tickets today.

Join the Olympics!


ey Baby Boomers! If you were born between 1946 and 1966, you can be a Senior Olympian. It’s never too late to dust off those athletic shoes and get going. Better health, better life! More fun, too! Call (602) 274-7742 to get in on the action.

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your holiday shopping and we’re making it easy for you this year with the Holiday Cash and Gift Give-Away. Earn entries daily from

OCTOBER 1 – DECEMBER 7. Every Wednesday and Sunday during the promotion we’ll give away over $5,500 in cash, gift cards, free play and gifts. Mark your calendars for a special November 2 drawing with over $30,000 in cash and prizes. Don’t miss the Black Friday Bonus Drawing on Friday, November 28 for a chance at over $9,000 worth of gifts. We’ll wrap things up at the December 7 Finale where you’ll get another chance to win a share of over $30,000 in additional cash and prizes. Visit Club Sol for details.

I -1 9, E X I T VA L E N C I A W E ST / / 855. S O L . STAY / / C A S I N O D E L S O L R E S O RT.CO M / / E N T E R P R I S E O F T H E PA S C UA YAQ U I T R I B E

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