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November 16 - December 6, 2013

Community Commentary

Letters to the editor

Thank you, voters, for passing CUSD budget override Thank you, Chandler. After months of hard work, planning, preparation and execution we can now welcome the passage of a much-needed budget override to benefit CUSD. Jim Bishop. Submitted Thank you to photo the citizens of Chandler for recognizing the value of education and investing in the future by voting in favor of this override. We are forever grateful to the chamber of commerce for their unanimous endorsement and support, the numerous endorsements from city council, and to the many realtors who stood up for our cause. These leaders of Chandler had the courage to stand up and voice their support for our schools. They realized the important role CUSD serves in the community. I am grateful to everyone who worked on behalf of the campaign. This was truly a team effort; it could not have occurred without everyone’s help. CUSD is an integral part of the community so it was only fitting this override passed as a result of a communitywide effort. Now the real work now begins for

CUSD, this community has put forth a great deal of trust in you. We now trust you will continue your example of excellence and take further steps to build a district that is the best in the state, and nationally recognized. The community is counting on you. This increased funding will help increase school safety, recruit and retain outstanding educators, and keep class sizes from expanding. We know with your established reputation of wise budgeting and visionary leadership this funding will be invested wisely. I encourage everyone to stay involved in public education. Volunteer when able, attend school events, join boosters and PTOs, and take an active role in the education of our future. For those who may not have supported this override, I hope you will get more involved and see what an outstanding job CUSD does on a daily basis. I would also invite you to attend a district budget meeting where citizen input is received. I think you will be impressed by the transparent and efficient budget. Public education is the key to a functioning democracy and a healthy society, as a result of this vote, the future for Chandler is bright, Thank you, Jim Bishop Chairman “Yes for Chandler Students”

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Why I voted ‘No’ on the Chandler override Our schools are failing our kids miserably and we parents are letting them. Our country’s ranking in math, science and reading hasn’t risen above 25th in the world for years and continues to drop as we “teach to the test.” Teaching to the test is a false sense of success which cheats our children of a real education. Many students don cap and gown despite the fact they’ve learned nothing they will need to succeed in college and beyond. Unlike other countries, we don’t start teaching a foreign language until high school when language is best mastered at a young age. European students start language learning early and are expected to master a few before graduation. Students in the U.S.A. rarely master one. Chandler schools, from the experience of my three children, don’t cover geography. Why should they? It isn’t on standardized tests. How much more is skipped because it isn’t on the test? And tracking children fails them as well. Assuming a poor performing child is struggling because of his inadequacy and not the teachers. Isn’t it the teacher’s job to teach no matter how the child learns? If I only did 75% of my job, I wouldn’t have a job. But children who struggle to learn in the one method a teacher uses to teach are doomed and often tracked into classes with other struggling children. And the system is set up to fail, protecting the jobs of inadequate teachers through the teachers’ union. Many stories exist of school districts firing a poor teacher only having to rehire them and give them back pay?! Until we address all the issues of the failing American school system, I’m not interested in another dime of my money funding a broken system. We parents need to stand up and insist we change the “teach to the test” philosophy and push schools to aim higher. They are our kids and it’s our tax money.

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This year The Veterans for Peace have been banned from the City of Phoenix Veterans Day Parade. The organization “Honoring Arizona Veterans,” led by Gordon James, decided that the members of Veterans for Peace did not serve our country honorably. This was stated at a Phoenix City Council meeting by one of Mr. James’ representatives. This claim is not only an insult to the veterans but a downright lie. I, for one, served for 28 years, in combat, received five Bronze Stars, one for valor, Army commendations, one for valor among other citations and awards. Everyone I know in the Veterans for Peace served bravely, with distinction and with honor. Just check their Form DD-214. Some even lost eyes, limbs and suffered other wounds while serving this country. Tell me, what does it take to be recognized as “Serving Honorably”? Because of this lie, I will not be able to participate in the city of Phoenix Veterans Day Parade that is meant to honor us, the veteran. The Veterans for Peace have marched in that parade for the past six years. We were cheered and saluted all along the parade route. I think that Mr. James and his group are dishonoring our veterans and the city of Phoenix is complacent with Mr. James keeping the Veterans for Peace out of the parade. These veterans gave themselves unselfishly and honorably to the service of their country. They should be able to march in the parade to give respect and reverence to those who gave their ultimate sacrifice for this country as we have in the past. John Henry Phoenix

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November 16 - December 6, 2013

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