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— Agnes de Mille THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 2014

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“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. ... ”

75 cents

MLB restructures following election

entered into when they formed the regional school null and void?” asked one Huntington man. “And if it does, then what prevents other communities who have the same problems Worthington does from withdrawing and going through the same process?” The biggest wedges driven between Worthington and the district were the closing of the R.H. Conwell Elementary School, which has since reopened as an alternative education center, and an alleged disparity between the number of Worthington pupils and their portion of the district’s bill, were touched upon by members of the assembly. “I recall very well in the early years (of the district), there were people who felt badly about losing their local schools,” said former

By Dan Moriarty Staff Writer WESTFIELD – The Municipal Light Board reorganized last night following the election of Ray Rivera as the Ward 2 representative and the departure of Bob Paul, who will now serve as the Ward 5 representative on the City Council. Paul had been the Ward 2 MLB representative, but lost that seat, which he had held for six years, not to an election opponent, but to the fact that the City Council changed the ward line following the federal 2010 census. That redistricting moved Paul out of Ward 2 into Ward 5. The current Ward 5 MLB representative, Tom Flaherty, was elected to serve as the board president for 2014 by a 5-0 vote. Jane C. Wensley and Kevin Kelleher were absent, Wensley due to the death of her husband earlier this week. Flaherty requested the board to select a Vice Chairman for the 2014 year and when none of the members present volunteered nominated Kelleher for that post, a nomination which was supported by a 5-0 vote. The members then discussed subcommittee assignments, making changes to reflect the election of Rivera and the departure of Paul. The MLB maintains four standing subcommittees: Finance, Rates, Human Resources and Technology. Flaherty said this morning that members have diverse backgrounds which accommodate their appointment to various subcommittees. “Each member is working hard to know what is going on in the energy markets,” Flaherty said. “We are all also ratepayers. We set policy with the goal to be as competitive as possible Ed Roman, Flaherty and Robert Sacco will serve on the Finance Subcommittee; Francis Liptak, Wensley, Flaherty and Rivera on the Rates Subcommittee; Kelleher, Flaherty and Wensley on the Human Resources Committee: Sacco, Liptak and

See Worthington Withdrawal, Page 3

See MLB, Page 3

The Russell H. Conwell School was one of three elementary schools that closed in June 2010 as part of the Gateway Regional School District regionalization. The small Worthington school reopened in September 2010 with the help of Staind frontman Aaron Lewis and his wife Vanessa, who spearheaded the now privately funded school. The other two schools that closed in 2010 were the Blandford Elementary School and the Russell Elementary School. (Photo by Frederick Gore)

Towns weigh in on Worthington withdrawal By Peter Francis Staff Writer HUNTINGTON – As the Town of Worthington pursues the process to withdraw from the Gateway Regional School District, residents of the other six Gateway communities came to Huntington’s Stanton Hall last night to discuss next steps. Over 50 residents from Blandford, Chester, Middlefield, Montgomery, and Russell and Huntington attend the meeting to voice their frustrations and concerns over Worthington’s attempt to break away, and to bring forth ideas of how to potentially resolve the situation. “The purpose of this meeting is not to debate Worthington’s proposal to withdraw, nor is it a forum to speak against the residents of Worthington,” cautioned Huntington town

moderator Peter Jacques at the start of the meeting. “(The purpose) is to discuss actions that other Gateway communities and towns can take in order to try to prevent or try to mitigate the impact of that withdrawal.” The Chair of Huntington’s Selectboard, Amy Burnham, said that while she doubted a consensus would be reached by the communities at the end of the night, that wasn’t the purpose for the meeting. “Together, with open dialogue, perhaps we can come up with how to layer a defense to go forward to protect our towns collaboratively,” she said. After Burnham opened the floor to comment, residents unleashed their personal opinions with vigor. “If the legislature lets them (Worthington) withdraw, does that render the contract they

Sanders delayed, accidents minor

Study to review Granville’s emergency needs

By Carl E. Hartdegen Staff Writer WESTFIELD – Sanding operations in the city were delayed after the bone chilling cold engulfed the city and the nation Monday evening because the city’s DPW workers had already been stressed by recent storms. No serious motor vehicle crashes appear to have resulted from the city’s icy roadways before the fatigued city workers went back out to spread sand on the icy roadways. The wet and slushy conditions which prevailed Monday afternoon turned into treacherously icy roadways in the evening when temperatures dropped precipitously and, when Officer Richard Mazza contacted DPW supervisor Ed Wielgus at 6 p.m. to request that sander trucks start operating, Wielgus found that six employees he called declined the work. James Mulvenna, the superintendent of the department, points out that “They had been out since seven o’clock the night before” and had been working steadily cleaning up the snow and keeping the roadways open since the snow started falling Thursday evening. Mulvenna said that although the department has nine plow and sander trucks “four or five (workers) is generally enough” to keep the roadways treated. Workers “came in about eight (o’clock) and stayed out until one” he said and went on the say that the employees then “came back in about seven” o’clock Tuesday morning to resume their efforts to keep the roadways clear of ice and snow. Westfield Mayor Daniel M. Knapik acknowledged before

By Hope E. Tremblay Staff Writer GRANVILLE – Volunteers continue to staff fire departments in small municipalities around the country, and while retention is a problem for many of these small towns, that is not necessarily the case in Granville. Fire Chief Scott Loomis – also a volunteer – said Granville has a dedicated group of volunteer firefighters and EMTs. Keeping them is not the issue – it’s attracting more that is a problem. “The volunteers we have are in it for the long haul, but we need more,” said Loomis. “We have about eight to 10 active members, plus a few other members who are not as active.” Loomis said he has placed ads in the town’s Country Caller, but attracting new volunteers is difficult because times have changed. Southwick Fire Chief Richard Anderson agrees and has said many times that the volunteer pool has changed. People used to be farmers, he said, and if they were needed to help put out a fire in the past, they could be on scene in minutes. Today, most people have fulltime jobs in other communities and cannot respond to tones quickly, especially during the day. To combat that issue, Anderson has urged the town to increase its full-time paid daytime staff and now has Southwick Fire Inspector Ralph Vecchio places a “Help Wanted” sign See Emergency Needs, Page 3 in front of the Southwick Fire Department . (File photo by Frederick Gore)

Rehab the Right Way

When you’re recovering from an injury, it’s critical that your rehabilitation program is tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to get back doing the things you love to do sooner.


AgAwAm • EAst LongmEAdow • grEEnfiELd

south hAdLEy • springfiELd • wArE

See Sanders, Page 3





















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Westfield GED Program Announces Spring Classes

Westfield Food Pantry donation Community volunteers helping Senator Humason, second from right, bring in donated food to the Westfield Food Pantry are, left to right, Jean Parker, Andrew Renfro, Karl Lawson and Savannah Boehnke. At his annual free Ice Skating Friend-raiser event on December 21 at Amelia Park Ice Arena, State Senator Don Humason (R- 2nd Hampden and Hampshire District) and his supporters collected non-perishable food items to donate to the Food Pantry in Westfield to help the hungry in the Greater Westfield community. “In the spirit of the season, I asked everyone who came to skate to please bring one canned good or non-perishable item for the food pantry to help those in need,” Humason said. ”I am thankful that so many people brought food to donate. My skate party is one way I try to give back to a community that has given so much.” (Photo by Don Wielgus)


Odds & Ends FRIDAY


Mostly cloudy with flurries/snow showers.

32-36 Increasing clouds.


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Today is the start of a warming trend. With plenty of sunshine back in the forecast, temperatures will warm into the mid-20s. Expect mostly cloudy skies on Friday with a chance of passing flurries/snow showers. Little to no accumulation expected. Snowflakes aside, it’ll be a touch milder tomorrow with highs in the mid-30s! By Saturday, we’ll be tracking rain with highs in the upper-40s, near 50-degrees!! Temperatures will stay in the mid-40s through Sunday and Monday!

today 7:19 a.m.

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WESTFIELD - Westfield Community Education (WCE), an area community youth and adult, alternative evening education program of Domus Inc. will be holding an “Open Registration Night” on January 14 at the Westfield Athenaeum beginning at 5:30pm in the Lang Auditorium. Candidates will complete paperwork and take an assessment. Classes are 30 weeks in length and begin January 21. Three levels of classes are offered in addition to a Computer Literacy and Career Development course which are available to all residents of Greater Westfield. Classes are free with a small charge for the text To date this year, 44 area residents have received their high school equivalency diploma through WCE. For more information, contact 5681044 or go to Sustaining support for WCE is provided by The Beveridge Family Foundation, the City of Westfield CDBG, the Westfield Athenaeum, Westfield Bank Future Fund, Easthampton Savings Bank, Kiwanis Club of Westfield, First Niagara Bank, Shurtleff Children’s Services, Western Mass Hospital, Berkshire Bank, and Babson Capital.

Firefighter uses beer to put out tire blaze HOUSTON (AP) — Whatever works when it comes to fighting fires. An off-duty Houston firefighter has used beer to extinguish a tire fire on a truck hauling a load of the brew. Capt. Craig Moreau and his wife on Monday night were driving home after a trip to Austin when they came upon an 18-wheeler on fire. Moreau and the trucker, whose rig had brake problems that started the tire on fire, tried using a small extinguisher. Moreau says he thought the fire was out, but then crawled under the rig and the blaze had flared up. The firefighter then asked the driver what he was hauling — and the answer was beer. Both men began shaking and spraying cans of beer on the blaze and put out the fire. Nobody was hurt.

Last night’s numbers

MASSACHUSETTS MassCash 02-05-07-18-26 Mega Millions Estimated jackpot: $20 million Megabucks Doubler 13-26-27-35-41-46 Estimated jackpot: $1.2 million Numbers Evening 8-9-7-9 Numbers Midday 0-6-0-0 Powerball 10-28-39-47-58, Powerball: 22 Estimated jackpot: $70 million

CONNECTICUT Cash 5 01-09-18-22-29 Lotto 07-14-22-24-39-40 Estimated jackpot: $2.3 million Play3 Day 2-1-1 Play3 Night 3-1-1 Play4 Day 8-8-4-5 Play4 Night 2-2-3-0 Powerball Estimated jackpot: $70 million


Today is Thursday, Jan. 9, the ninth day of 2014. There are 356 days left in the year.


n Jan. 9, 1914, the County of Los Angeles opened the country’s first public defender’s office, headed by Walton J. Wood.

On this date: In 1788, Connecticut became the fifth state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. In 1793, Frenchman Jean Pierre Blanchard, using a hot-air balloon, flew between Philadelphia and Woodbury, N.J. In 1861, Mississippi became the second state to secede from the Union, the same day the Star of the West, a merchant vessel bringing reinforcements and supplies to Federal troops at Fort Sumter, S.C., retreated because of artillery fire. In 1913, Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th president of the United States, was born in Yorba Linda, Calif. In 1914, the fraternity Phi Beta Sigma was founded at Howard University in Washington, D.C. In 1931, Bobbi Trout and Edna May Cooper broke an endurance record for female aviators as they returned to Mines Field in Los Angeles after flying a Curtiss Robin monoplane continuously for 122 hours and 50 minutes. In 1945, during World War II, American forces began landing at Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines.

In 1951, the United Nations headquarters in New York officially opened. In 1964, anti-U.S. rioting broke out in the Panama Canal Zone, resulting in the deaths of 21 Panamanians and four U.S. soldiers. In 1972, reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, speaking by telephone from the Bahamas to reporters in Hollywood, said a purported autobiography of him by Clifford Irving was a fake. In 1987, the White House released a Jan. 1986 memorandum prepared for President Ronald Reagan by Lt. Col. Oliver L. North showing a link between U.S. arms sales to Iran and the release of American hostages in Lebanon. In 1997, a Comair commuter plane crashed 18 miles short of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, killing all 29 people on board.

Ten years ago: Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge announced that the nation’s threat level had been lowered from orange (“high”) to yellow (“elevated”). Officials said Pentagon lawyers determined that former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein had been a prisoner of war since his capture. An Ohio woman who’d claimed to have lost a lottery ticket worth $162 million was charged with filing a false police report. (Elecia Battle was later convicted of the misdemeanor and put on one year’s probation.)

Five years ago: The Illinois House voted 114-1 to impeach Gov. Rod Blagojevich , who defiantly insisted again that he had committed no crime. (The Illinois Senate unanimously voted to remove Blagojevich from office 20

days later.) President-elect Barack Obama announced he had picked retired Adm. Dennis Blair to be the national intelligence director and Leon Panetta to head the CIA. A Saudi supertanker, the Sirius Star, and its crew of 25 were released at the end of a two-month standoff in the Gulf of Aden after pirates were reportedly paid $3 million in ransom. (Five pirates were said to have drowned with their share of the money when their boat overturned.)

One year ago: Vice President Joe Biden heard personal stories of gun violence from representatives of victims groups and gun-safety organizations at the White House as he undertook to draft the Obama administration’s response to the shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. The Seastreak Wall Street, a commuter ferry, made a hard landing into a Manhattan pier, injuring 85 people. No one was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame; for the second time in four decades, baseball writers failed to give any player the 75 percent required for induction to Cooperstown.

Today’s Birthdays:

Author Judith Krantz is 86. Football Hall-of-Famer Bart Starr is 80. Sportscaster Dick Enberg is 79. Actress K. Callan is 78. Folk singer Joan Baez is 73. Rockabilly singer Roy Head is 73. Rock musician Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) is 70. Singer David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter) is 64. Singer Crystal Gayle is 63. Actor J.K. Simmons is 59. Actress Imelda Staunton is 58. Nobel Peace laureate Rigoberto Menchu is 55. Rock musician Eric Erlandson is 51. Actress Joely Richardson is 49. Rock musician Carl Bell (Fuel) is 47. Rock singer Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth) is 47. Rock singer-musician Dave Matthews is 47. Actress-director Joey Lauren Adams is 46. Roots singersongwriter Hayes Carll is 38. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is 32. Pop-rock musician Drew Brown (OneRepublic) is 30.



Government Meetings

Worthington Withdrawal Continued from Page 1 Gateway Superintendent Richard Holdsman. “Now we have a community that’s trying to return to that small, local, independent school that has proven to be non-effective in terms of economy, efficiency, and education of the children.” Holdsman slammed Worthington’s attempt to leave the district, calling it “wrong minded” and “reactionary”. “One of their (Worthington) concerns was that they were being assessed far more than their share,” another man said. “But my understanding is that it’s set by the Massachusetts government. I don’t think it’s done by a town to town basis. I’m just worried, if this is allowed to go through, what’s to prevent Russell or Blandford or Huntington even from withdrawing?” The idea of precedent was a sentiment echoed often in Stanton Hall last night. “It’s not just Gateway that is going to be affected by this decision — it’s other regional school systems,” said Pandora Hague, a member of Russell’s Selectboard. “The state wants districts to regionalize, and by allowing Worthington to leave Gateway… it could happen in any other system if it’s allowed to happen here.” Hague added that the town would obviously be depriving the district of students, which would adversely affect the types of classes the district can offer. “It’s going to have more than a financial impact. It’s going to have an impact on the remaining kids’ educations,” she said. While residents of Worthington were sparse at the meeting, town Selectman Dick Wagner was on hand to provide the masses with the facts and rationale behind his town’s attempt to say goodbye to Gateway. “Worthington would remain responsible for its full share of all capital debt obligations relative to the district,” he said. “And it’s important to realize that we are not seeking to deregionalize – we’re seeking to re-regionalize.” Wagner also reiterated that, though the home rule legislation allowing Worthington to slip out of Gateway passed the House in an informal session, it must still be approved by the other legislative bodies and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. He also said that there have been only two other instances statewide in which home rule legislation has broken up a district. “Our primary issue has been with our ability to offer a particular type of education, and in that respect, our issue has been with the district, and not the other towns,” he said regarding any slight felt by the other hilltowns. “We don’t perceive this as an inter-town disagreement.” The issue of the possible illegality of the town’s move to withdraw was also brought to light, as several hilltowners spoke of how the other six towns in the district voted against Worthington’s request to leave. “The contract signed 50 years ago requires the six towns to vote unanimously for the one petitioning,” a Chester man said.

“They (Worthington) did not lose one town against five — they lost by six. It wasn’t even close. If all of us remember the votes in our town halls, the votes for each individual town were not even close. It was 80 or 90 percent opposed.” Hague added that the town of Russell and others would like to “work with” and “talk to” Worthington about trying to smooth out disagreements and keep the district intact. “I think that we should’ve been talking and working together more to give our children the best education we can, and I don’t think it’s too late for that,” she said. Other residents directed their vitriol at Worthington’s State Representative Stephen Kulik for allowing the vote on Worthington’s home rule to pass in an informal session with only five votes, but Burnham and Gateway Regional School Committee Member Ruth Kennedy informed them that legislation passes informally in Boston with regularity. “Because he (Kulik) is their representative, he can legally file their home rule,” Kennedy said, adding that the bill has been sitting with the Education Committee for some time now. “It was approved… Legally they only need two people to vote in one of those sessions. It’s absurd, but that is the rule of the house. The Senate is going to be different.” By the meeting’s end, the residents of the six communities brainstormed a vast array of ideas for fixing the situation, including writing and calling elected officials, and potentially organizing a march on the State House steps for more state education funds for western Hampden County. Huntington already has meetings scheduled later this month with Rep. Kulik and State Senator Benjamin B. Downing (D-Pittsfield), “Our goal was to make sure people were better informed, not to try to convince them it’s a good idea,” Wagner said of his being the lone Worthington presence after the meeting. “We recognize the other towns will disagree with us, but we want to give the facts, and we wanted the discussion to be phrased in terms of long-term needs for the hilltowns, not just short-term orientations. “It was a great forum,” added State Representative Peter Kocot (D-Northampton) who represents the town of Montgomery in the first Hampshire district. “You had people from all the towns. It was a wide-ranging talk. People were polite and respectful and I got a sense that people want to work toward a solution.” Kocot said he is committed to working with Kulik, whom he calls the House’s “champion for regional schools”, and all of the hilltowns, trying to find additional resources to solve the problem. “The real problem is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts doesn’t spend enough money on regional schools,” he added. “It puts (the district) into a pressurepacked situation where they have only difficult choices to make… and now we have a situation with a town that wants to leave, so we have to back this up and find resources that will make all parties happy.”

Emergency Needs


Continued from Page 1 enough firefighter/EMTs to staff the department from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily, relying on volunteers the rest of the time. Anderson, who is a full-time paid chief, also responds to calls during the day and tries to keep a volunteer base of around 50 firefighters. Loomis himself is a business owner but volunteers because he sees the value in having firefighters in town. He believes the main drawback for volunteers is the training involved. “Volunteer firefighters and EMTs must be trained the same as career firefighters,” said Loomis. “It is costly and time consuming.” While Loomis agrees the volunteers need the training, it can be a deterrent. Granville’s Town Administrative Assistant Katherine Martin recently completed an EMT course and said it was a long commitment. “It’s difficult to maintain our volunteer forces,” Martin said. “The training is intense.” Loomis said a study is currently being conducted to see what the town’s emergency needs are. Only the police chief is a fulltime paid employee and other police officers are paid, but work only part-time. The firefighters and EMTs are 100 percent volunteer. “The study is being done by DIJ Management,” said Martin. “Donald Jacobs is doing it and he has a lot of experience with small towns.” Tolland recently hired the company to study its needs, as well. Loomis said as a result of that study Tolland now has a paid fire chief in addition to a volunteer staff. “We are just trying to look at the structure of the departments and see what is the most efficient way to use our resources to continue providing services,” Martin said. The $5,000 DIJ study is being funded by the town. Martin said it should be complete by the time budget talks begin in March. Several other fire chiefs in small western Massachusetts towns say it’s becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain firefighters for their on-call and volunteer departments. Worthington Chief Richard Granger says he responded to 14 calls in 15 days last month and for some of them, he was alone at the scene for several minutes. He says his department has 20 volunteers, but many have out-of-town jobs, which makes response difficult. Shutesbury Chief Walter Tibbetts says his department has just eight members, one of whom is at college out of state while another is on leave. He said that life is so stressful and hectic these days, people can’t make the commitment. Cummington Chief Bernard Forgea thinks the small-town value of serving the community has diminished.

Sanders Continued from Page 1 the temperature plunged that keeping the roads clear is largely a personnel problem, especially when snow clearing operations have to extend of multiple days. “Drivers are the challenge during these storms,” he said. “We have to give them a break eventually before we send them out again. My understanding is that many of the employees were required to take a rest period due to the extended period of non-stop work.” At least two accidents, on Willow Brook Lane and City View Boulevard, appear to have been caused by the icy conditions before the sanding trucks started to treat the roads. But, although one operator was transported to Noble Hospital after her vehicle struck a utility pole, no serious injuries resulted from the crashes. A third accident attributed to the slick roads was reported on Granville Road but the operator was not injured when his vehicle struck a utility pole shortly before 10 p.m.


Continued from Page 1 Flaherty on the Technology Subcommittee. Typically all MLB members attend subcommittee meetings, usually held prior to the board meeting, but only the subcommittee members vote on recommendations made from the subcommittee to the full MLB for further action. Issues often cross over between subcommittees. Last night the board discussed revenue projection for 2013 which, for the first time in 15 years, are projected to below target for the year due to the volatility of the energy markets, an issue for both the Finance and Rate subcommittees. The department operates on a calendar year and has yet to close the books on 2013. The board does not set rates, but its policy decisions do impact both gas and electric rates set by management, such as the decision to establish stabilization account for both the electric and gas divisions to buffer rates to local residents and businesses when those markets have volatility. “We used both the gas and electric stabilization accounts during the early part of 2013 to avoid rate impact to local residents and businesses,” Flaherty said. Much of that price volatility is due to the pipeline bottleneck into the New England region, Flaherty said, and due to the fact that 53 percent of electric power in the region is now generated by gas-powered plants. The dependency on gas-fueled generators directly links electric rates to the cost of natural gas. “Just 12 years ago gas generators produced eight to 10 percent of electricity in the region - that is now at 53 percent,” Flaherty said. The pipeline constraints also are a major driver in the cost of both electric and gas energy regionally. “On Jan. 7 the cash market was $3.46 per therm of natural gas in the Westfield area, but just down the turnpike in Albany it was 47 cents per therm,” Flaherty said. “The gas market price is seven to 10 times higher in Massachusetts than in New York state.” The department contracts every year for natural gas, put during peak demand periods, which are weather-related, has to augment its contracted supply at the much higher market price. “You can’t plan for the weather when the cost goes up three to five dollars per therm,” Flaherty said.


THURSDAY, JANUARY 9 Tolland Ladies Aid at 7 pm

Westfield Community Preservation Committee at 7 pm Airport Commission meeting is rescheduled to Jan 15 at 7 pm

Southwick Lake Management Committee at 7 pm

MONDAY, JANUARY 13 Granville Monday Night Meetings in Town Hall 7pm-8:30pm

Tolland Men’s Coffee at PSC Building at 7:45 am Council on Aging Meeting at 9 am Board of Selectmen at 5 am

Chester Selectmen at 6 pm

TUESDAY, JANUARY 14 WestfielD Conservation Commission at 6:30 pm Cultural Council at 7 pm Cable Television Commission at 7 pm

Granville Fire at 7 pm

Tolland Council on Aging at 9 am Conserv Comm Open Office Hours & Business Meeting at 12 pm

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15 Westfield Airport Commission at 7 pm

* MONDAY, JANUARY 20 Granville Monday Night Meetings in Town Hall 7pm-8:30pm Planning Board

Tolland LEGAL HOLIDAY Town Hall Closed All Day Men’s Coffee at PSC Building at 7:45 am * Call ahead for meetings due to observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.



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Patrick orders outside review of Mass. DCF BOSTON (AP) — Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration has ordered an independent review of the state Department of Children and Families, under fire for failing to keep track of a 5-year-old Fitchburg boy who’s been missing for months and feared dead. Secretary of Health and Human Services John Polanowicz said Thursday the investigation by the Child Welfare League of America would be conducted over the next few months. He said the Yankee Village Shops goal was to make sure the 53 Southwick Rd. agency has strong policies (Route 10 & 202) and procedures in place to protect children and strengthWestfield, MA en families. (413) 562-9792 Patrick said he believed a HOURS: Mon-Thur 10-6 “fresh set of eyes” might be Friday 10-3 • Sat 10-1 needed to make sure the child and welfare agency is following 57 Maple Street best practices. East Longmeadow, MA Three agency employees have been fired over the dis(413) 526-9790 appearance of Jeremiah HOURS : Mon-Fri 10-6pm Oliver, whose family had Saturday 9-1pm been involved with the cy.

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Greetings from the Loomis Street Glacier! I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you all for slowing down to say “Hi” on your way by. I’d also like to thank the City of Westfield for my new hat, orange is a good color on me. It was a surprise to read Dan Moriarty’s January 6 story regarding the election of the City Council President. How informative to learn that the choice had been made hours before the election! Thank you Dan for enlightening us as to the final vote. Your “inside scoop” saved us all a lot of time. One question however, exactly what Open Meeting Laws were broken during the “planning process” of the vote for our new President? Mr. Dondley, here you go! and it is a good question. We assume buttonholing happens at all levels of government. Hi! I was just wondering if anybody out there is having problems with mail getting lost. I know three people: one who lost her tax payment; another one, she lost a $50 gift certificate that she had mailed to her sister; and the third one, who happens to be my daughter, lost her electric and telephone. So, what is going on down at the post office? And it can’t be that they’re taking it out of the box because my daughter has a locked mailbox. So, I’m just wondering if anybody else is having the same problem on having money sent out. One’s a check and, of course, you have to make a stop payment which costs extra money. Hi! I was at the Riverbend at Southampton Road and I saw a robin, my first robin of the year. How come he’s up here at this time of the year? Are we going to get an early spring? Hahahaha. Thank you. Bye. Hi! According to the paper here, just in round figures, close to a quarter of the people in Westfield are over the age of 60. I think this is a good wake up call for the mayor and city council, if they’re trying to do things to help the elderly, to keep trying to lower taxes. This would help the elderly in an extreme way. Thank you. Join the conversation at

Pete Sessions

Repealing Obamacare no longer an option? By Ginger Gibson During an exchange at a House Rules Committee hearing on Wednesday evening, Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions said he doesn’t see attempts to fully repeal Obamacare in the House’s future. “I’m not as unhappy as I have been in the past, because at least you’re not trying to repeal the whole bill,” Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) said, referring to the president’s landmark health care bill that took effect this year. “Bah humbug, those days are past us, Mr. Pallone,” Sessions (R-Texas) said, who was chairing the hearing establishing a rule for three bills the House will consider Friday that address parts of the Affordable Care Act. Sessions’ office insists the exchange was a joke and that the Texas Republican wasn’t suggesting any new policy positions. “In case Chairman Sessions’ sarcastic comment (i.e. – bah humbug!) was misunderstood as a policy shift, let there be no doubt – he supports a full repeal of ObamaCare,” spokeswoman Torrie Miller said in a statement. The statement from Sessions appears to run counter to other House leadership remarks, including a policy memo House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) sent to members last week. “These steps will be part of the overall effort to protect the American people from the harmful effects of Obamacare by ultimately repealing and replacing the law with patient focused reforms that expand access, ensure quality care, and help control costs,” Cantor wrote. House Democrats were quick to jump on Sessions’ remarks, pointing out that other House Republicans have said full repeal remains a priority. “Has the GOP leadership finally come to its senses and decided to stop trying to undermine the patient protections and budget savings in the Affordable Care Act?,” Drew Hammill, spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), wrote in a statement. “For the sake of the American people, we hope so.”

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Christie: ‘People will be held responsible’ By Elizabeth Titus and Maggie Haberman New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Wednesday he is “outraged” by newly released documents linking a senior member of his staff to the closure of lanes on a major bridge in September — shutdowns that caused massive traffic jams and sparked allegations that the closures were the result of political retribution. The Republican, a likely 2016 presidential candidate, denied personal knowledge of any plans to close the lanes and vowed that “people will be held responsible for their actions.” “What I’ve seen today for the first time is unacceptable,” Christie said in a written statement provided by his office Wednesday afternoon, the first comments the governor has made since the explosive documents emerged earlier in the day and prompted him to cancel a public event. “I am outraged and deeply saddened to learn that not only was I misled by a member of my staff, but this completely inappropriate and unsanctioned conduct was made without my knowledge. One thing is clear: this type of behavior is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it because the people of New Jersey deserve better. This behavior is not representative of me or my Administration in any way, and people will be held responsible for their actions.” Christie previously had denied his staff played a role in the lane closures and even mocked reporters for asking about the issue when it emerged months ago. He said a traffic study prompted the closure. But the emails tell a different story, potentially undercutting Christie’s reputation as a truth-teller who doesn’t play political games. “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” Christie deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly wrote in an email to Port Authority official David Wildstein, a Christie ally, on Aug. 13, 2013, according to The Record (N.J.) and other news outlets. “Got it,” Wildstein replied. The following month, two of the town’s lanes to the George Washington Bridge were closed, causing backups for a week that one local columnist described as a “disaster” that “quadruple[d] commuting time for some of the people who live closest to one of the nation’s busiest bridges.” Emergency responders said the traffic delayed their responses to four different medical calls, the Record reported. One involved a 91-year-old woman who died after reaching the hospital, according to the Record, although officials did not directly attribute her death to the traffic. The closures came ahead of the gubernatorial election at a time when Christie was looking to maximize his support from the rival party. He ultimately claimed endorsements from more than 60 elected Democrats in New Jersey. But Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor, Mark Sokolich, did not endorse Christie for reelection, and some New Jersey Democrats have accused Christie supporters of retaliating with the lane closures. The longer — and higher — the scandal goes, the bigger a problem it could be for Christie’s national ambitions. The emails underscore the reputation Christie, a former federal prosecutor, has in New Jersey as a bully who lashes out at enemies over slights — real or perceived. “This is absolutely the lowest level of political venom you could possibly even make up,” Sokolich said on CNN Wednesday. “I think he has to publicly address the folks that are specifically impacted by this, I think apologies need to be doled out and I think reforms have to be put in place to make sure this never ever happens again.” Christie’s statement was vague about the number of aides he expects to discipline, and when. His staff did not immediately respond to requests for clarification. He referred only to having been “misled by a member of my staff” – apparently just one individual. He did not refer by name to Kelly. At least one Christie confidant tied to the controversy appears shielded from immediate fallout: Bill Stepien, the governor’s former campaign manager and newly appointed state party chairman, is expected to continue advising the Republican Governors Association in a senior role. Stepien joined the RGA as a top adviser after Christie became chairman of the organization late last year. Stepien was included on several emails last fall referring to traffic turmoil in Fort Lee, including one in which he referred to the town’s Democratic mayor as an “idiot.” In the messages reported up to this point, he has not been linked to the actual decision to snarl traffic near the bridge. “Bill will absolutely continue to be a valued consultant and adviser for the RGA,” said Jon Thompson, press secretary for the gubernatorial committee. Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who chairs the committee that Wildstein is expected to testify before on Thursday, blasted the governor Wednesday afternoon. “It’s not about traffic,” Wisniewski told CNN. “It’s about abuse of power. It’s about an administration that will not take no for an answer and an administration that is very comfortable exacting political retribution.” He said between 3,000 and 5,000 pages of documents about

the issue exist, according to reports. That’s vastly more than the roughly two dozen pages released Wednesday after state lawmakers issued a subpoena on the matter. Fred Malek, a finance chair of the Republican Governors Association, was incredulous about the documents . “This is way too bush-league for somebody of Christie’s sophistication and ability to be a part of,” Malek said. “If somebody on his staff did do it, I am convinced he would not have known about it because if he’d known about it, he would not have permitted it. This is bush-league stuff. This is not Chris Christie.” Text messages between Wildstein and an unidentified person were also released Wednesday that mentioned Christie’s reelection opponent, Democratic state Sen. Barbara Buono. “I feel badly about the kids,” the person said in a message on the week of the lane closures, apparently referring to school buses caught in the jam. “They are the children of Buono voters,” replied Wildstein, who resigned in December. Christie addressed questions last month at length about the lane closures, his and his staff’s involvement and the allegations the closures were politically motivated. “To be clear, at no point did you instruct anybody to close lanes into the GWB and you did not tell anybody to do that to get back at the mayor of Fort Lee,” a reporter said at a Dec. 13 press conference, according to a transcript provided by the governor’s office prior to Wednesday’s revelations. “Absolutely not,” Christie said. “Can you say with certainty that someone else didn’t on your staff or in your administration act on your behalf for the lane closures for political retribution?” a reporter asked. “Yeah, I have absolutely no reason to believe that,” Christie said. “I’ve made it very clear to everybody on my senior staff that if anyone had any knowledge about this that they needed to come forward to me and tell me about it and they’ve all assured me that they don’t.” He was also asked whether Wildstein or another Port Authority official, former New Jersey state Sen. Bill Baroni, called for the traffic study “as retaliation for a non-endorsement.” “I can only tell you what Senator Baroni has said publicly and to everybody in this office, was that they believed the traffic study was necessary and that they ordered it, but that the way they did it was mistaken and they didn’t follow protocols,” Christie said. Messages from Baroni were also among the documents released Wednesday. Like Wildstein, Baroni resigned in December. Former New Jersey Republican Gov. Tom Kean, a longtime Christie mentor, was stunned when he learned of the emails. “That’s a big deal because they were saying there’s no connection to the governor’s office,” he told POLITICO. “That’s a connection.” Operatives who dislike Christie were gleeful with one Republican strategist saying the emails read like an episode of “The Sopranos.” “It’s really hard to see how someone who’s tried to stake his reputation on straight talk can get around this episode, which is certainly rife with dissembling, coming out of the highest echelons of his administration,” said Joel Benenson, President Barack Obama’s pollster, who has worked extensively in New Jersey. “I think it’s a colossal screwup on multiple levels that just reached the highest levels of his campaign and his administration. The closing the lanes itself was a colossal screwup and everything between then and today is a colossal screwup.” Alexander Burns contributed to this report.




Police Logs Court Logs WESTFIELD

Westfield District Court

Emergency Response and Crime Report Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014 9:13 a.m.: assist citizen, Main Street, a deputy fire chief reports he assisted a motorist who had become locked out of a vehicle in a Main Street parking lot; 10:21 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Southampton Road, a patrol officer reports a traffic stop because of an expired inspection sticker, the officer reports a routine check revealed that the operator’s license had been suspended, a criminal complaint was filed, the registration plates were seized and the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard; 2:00 p.m.: vandalism, Cycle Street, a caller reports all four tires on her vehicle were slashed overnight, the responding officer reports that the owner indicated a suspect but said she has to evidence to support her suspicion; 5:28 p.m.: assist citizen, Fremont Street, a caller reports he accidentally locked his running vehicle, the responding deputy fire chief reports entry was made; 6:12 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, East Mountain Road, a patrol officer reports he observed a vehicle operating at a high rate of speed and stopped the car, the officer reports a routine check revealed that the operator’s license had been suspended, Kevin B. Ponti-Smith, 35, of 21 Gold St., was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, operating a motor vehicle without a license in his possession and speeding, a tow truck was summoned but the owner of the car arrived at the scene and the vehicle was released to him after he paid the tow company a ‘drop fee’; 8:03 p.m.: fraud, Sycamore Street, a resident reports via the online reporting option that she was victimized by an Since online scam, the complainant 1950 reports that she had applied for a loan online and responded to three demands for fees associated with the putative loan sending more than $600 as requested before realizing that she was being scammed.

Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014 Joseph A. Pieciak Jr., 48, of 136 Queen Ave., West Springfield, submitted to facts sufficient to warrant a guilty finding for a charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor brought by Westfield police and the charge was continued without a finding with probation for one year. He was assessed $350, ordered to complete a Drug Alcohol Education Program at a cost of $817.22 and his license was suspended for 45 days. Charges of negligent operation of a motor vehicle and failure to stop for police were not prosecuted. Joshua J. Foxe, 21, of 21 Feeding Hills Road, Southwick, submitted to facts sufficient to warrant guilty findings for charges of breaking and entering building in the nighttime with intent to commit a felony and wanton destruction of property brought by Southwick police and the charges were continued without a finding with probation for nine months. He was assessed $50 and ordered to pay $1,200 in restitution. Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014 Kevin B. Ponti-Smith, 34, of 21 Gold St., was released on his personal recognizance pending a March 28 hearing after he was arraigned on charges of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, operating a motor vehicle without a license in his possession and speeding in violation of special regulations brought by Westfield police. Christopher C. Wert, 26, of 593 Southwick Road, saw a charge of assault and battery brought by Westfield police dismissed at the request of the alleged victim. A charge of intimidating a witness was not prosecuted. Daniel J. Leja, 28, of 43 Simmons Brook Drive, saw charges of possession of a Class A drug and conspiracy to violate drug

laws brought by Westfield police not prosecuted after Judge Paul M. Vrabel allowed a motion to suppress evidence brought by the defense. Robert J. Leja, 30, of 43 Simmons Brook Drive, saw charges of possession of a Class A drug and conspiracy to violate drug laws brought by Westfield police not prosecuted after Judge Paul M. Vrabel allowed a motion to suppress evidence brought by the defense. Matthew J. Ford, 24, of 246 Woodhill Road, Monson, pleaded guilty to a charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor brought by Westfield police and was sentenced to a 127 day term in the house of correction, suspended, with probation for two years. He was fined $750, assessed $350 and ordered to complete a 14 day in-patient treatment program. A charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle was not prosecuted and he was found to be responsible for a charge of speeding.


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By Mark Auerbach

Freud’s Last Session: Sigmund Freud vs C.S. Lewis Mark St. Germain’s critically acclaimed and long-running Off-Broadway hit, “Freud’s Last Session” opens the TheaterWorks winter season in Hartford (January 17-February 23). Maxwell Williams directs the drama about two intellectual greats, legendary psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and young academic rising star C. S. Lewis, who meet at Freud’s study a couple of weeks before Freud’s death. Lewis expects to be called on the carpet for satirizing Freud in a book. On the eve of England’s entry into World War II, the two brilliant men have a battle of the minds over God, love, sex, music and the meaning of life. Not

just a powerful debate, this is a profound and deeply touching play (laced with humor and insight) about two men who boldly addressed the greatest questions of all time. Playwright Mark St. Germain, closely affiliated with Barrington Stage Company in Pittsfield, has a theatre named for him there. “Freud’s Last Session” had its premiere in Pittsfield in 2009. He’s developed numerous plays for Off-Broadway, including “Dr. Ruth: All The Way”, the story of television sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer (seen at TheaterWorks last summer), and “Scott and Hem in the Garden of Allah” (seen at Barrington Stage last summer). He’s written for “The Cosby Show”, “As The World Turns” and more. Kenneth Tigar, a

Massachusetts-based actor often featured at The Chester Theatre Company, plays Dr. Freud, a role he recently played in New York. He may be familiar from his appearance on “House of Cards”. Jonathan Crombie, who plays C.S. Lewis, came from his native Toronto to New York to star as the “Man in The Chair” in the Broadway musical “The Drowsy Chaperone” in New York and on tour. For tickets: 860-527-7838 or http://theaterworkshartford. org

Educating Rita: “Pygmalion 1980s Style” Willy (“Blood Brothers”) Kenneth Tigar plays Sigmund Freud in Jonathan Crombie plays C.S. Lewis in Russell’s hilarious, yet heart- “Freud’s Last Session” at TheaterWorks in “Freud’s Last Session” at TheaterWorks in Hartford. felt play “Educating Rita,” an Hartford. award-winning 1980 London Sarasota, FL. hit commissioned by the Royal *** Together In Song, COUPONS ONLY VALID AT THE ORIGINAL Shakespeare Company, returns Public TV station WGBY’s stateside for a run at West vocal music singing competiSpringfield’s Majestic Theater tion, has picked over three GOURMET WESTFIELD LLC (January 9-February 16). Rand dozen regional amateur choral 568-9698 36 Southwick Rd., Westfield, MA 01085 568-9698 Foerster stages the two charac- groups to compete in its 4th ter comedy about a disillu- season. The series launches DINNER BUFFET BUY A PU PU PLATTER FOR 2 sioned college professor, on March 15, and the finalists Get 1 Quart of Frank, (John Little), who men- will perform live on air on % Get OFF Pork or Chicken tors an inquisitive Liverpool April 28. Westfield High the Dinner Buffet Fried Rice hairdresser (Danielle Connor). School’s choir will be one of Valid at the ORIGINAL Valid at the ORIGINAL The friendship between the the competitors. For a list of Valid With Coupon Only. 1 Coupon per customer Valid With Coupon Only. 1 Coupon per customer EXPIRES 1/17/14 EXPIRES 1/17/14 unlikely pair gives Frank a participants: http://togetherinrenewed sense of self and Rita COMBO LUNCH COMBO the knowledge and skills she so ticipants/ NO NO craves. ***Sing A Long Grease MINIMUM MINIMUM “Educating Rita” was a comes to CityStage in each each major London hit, as staged by Springfield (January 17-18). Valid at the ORIGINAL Valid at the ORIGINAL Valid With Coupon Only. 1 Coupon per customer Valid With Coupon Only. 1 Coupon per customer Mike Ockrent, who later You can be good boy/bad boy EXPIRES 1/17/14 EXPIRES 1/17/14 became highly regarded in greaser Danny Zuko (a la America for his stagings of John Travolta), good girl “Me and My Girl”, “Crazy For Sandy (a la Olivia NewtonYou”, and “Big”, before dying John), or any of the other young from leukemia. The charactets in this blockbuster play was adapted into a hit film movie adaptation of the with Michael Caine and Julie Broadway hit. Maybe you’re Walters, who’d originated the more the Rizzo (Stockard title role in London. Channing) type, or a Frenchy For tickets: 413-747-7797 or (Didi Conn), or a Teen Angel. http://www.majestictheater. You decide. Bring your 50s com/ look and your sing-along voice. For tickets: 413-7887033. or http://citystage.symOf Note *** Jerry Bilik has been SingAlongGrease.html Mark G. Auerbach studied named interim Executive theatre at American Director of Shakespeare & University and the Yale Company, where he will lend School of Drama. He’s his expertise to Artistic Director Tony Simotes, worked for arts organizations Managing Director Nicholas J. and reported on theatre for newspapers and radio. Puma, Jr., the Company, staff and artists, as well as the Board of Directors. A long-time supporter, friend and current Board member of the Company, Bilik has an outstanding and distinguished 40+ year career in performance producing, management and directing. His career includes positions with several notable groups such as Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus and Disney on Ice. Bilik lives in Lenox and


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Westfield’s Austin Shrewsbury, front and center, wrestles Agawam’s Nick Hope, obscured, in the evening’s heavyweight match Wednesday. (Photo by Chris Putz)

Westfield 170-pound wrestler Domenic Liquori, left, gains the upper hand on his opponent, Westfield’s Andre Popchuk, left, and Agawam’s Matt Plumador square off in a matchup of Agawam’s Vinnie Rose in Wednesday night’s match inside the Bombers’ home gym. (Photo by 152-pounders Wednesday night in the Whip City. (Photo by Chris Putz) Chris Putz)

Agawam topples WHS By Chris Putz Staff Writer WESTFIELD – Westfield fell to visiting Agawam 50-23 in a league match Wednesday night in the Whip City. Westfield, hampered by lingering injuries and illness, scraped together three key victories from wrestlers Domenic Liquori (170 pounds), Austin Shrewsbury (285), and Nick McDonnell (120). Liquori and Shrewsbury pinned each of their opponents.

Liquori’s pin came 1 minute, 33 seconds into his match against Agawam’s Vinnie Rose. Shrewsbury pinned his opponent, Nick Hope, to the mat with 45.2 seconds remaining in the second period of their bout. “They’ve been wrestling really well … really tough,” Westfield wrestling coach Bob Coe said regarding two of his top wrestlers. “They’re just working hard.” Coe applauded several of his wrestlers, including McDonnell, who won by

technical fall. McDonnell led 13-0 after just two periods against Agawam’s Daigen Bishop. Agawam received pins from Brennan Libel (113), John Sidowski (132), Anthony Carrachiolo (138), Chris Ortega (160), Fred Carl Morin (182), Nick Blais (195), and James Karl Morin (220). Brownies’ Joe Herbert (126) won by technical fall, and Matt Plumador (152) won a close match against Westfield’s Andre Popchuk, 9-4, following a 4-4 tie after

two periods. GIRLS’ HOCKEY Cathedral 12, Brattleboro 1 Annie D’Amario scored a hat trick with four goals and one assist, Annie McKeown had two goals and two assists, and Amanda Rabideau (1 goal, 4 assists) delivered five points in Cathedral’s blowout victory on the road. Westfield native Mackenzie Pelletier (1 goal, 1 assist) was one six others to notch goals in the victory for the Panthers. Cathedral goalies Lexi

Levere (5 saves) and Kaylee Basile (8 saves), both of Westfield, locked down the net against Brattleboro. In other area high school sporting events, the Westfield High School hockey team hosted East Longmeadow, and the Southwick and Gateway wrestling teams took on Dean Tech and Granby, respectively. No reports were made available prior to press time. EDITOR’S NOTE – It is the responsibility of each head coach to report – or des-

ignate a player/parent to report – every game (home and away) to the newspaper on a routine basis. Without these reports, we, at the paper, are unable to provide equal coverage to our varsity and junior varsity teams at Westfield, Westfield VocTech, St. Mary, SouthwickTolland and Gateway Regional high schools. Reports can be dialed in to 562-4181, ext. 110, or voice mail/text at 413-214-1433, or e-mailed to Thank you.

Southwick’s Jacob Stathers, foreground, competes in the 113-class during last night’s match with Dean Tech. (Photo by Frederick Gore)

Southwick vs. Dean Tech

Southwick’s Connor Stevens, top, competes in the 170-class during Wednesday night’s match with Dean Tech. (Photo by Frederick Gore)

Southwick’s Nolan Labreque, right, is thrown to the ground during last night’s match with visiting Dean Tech. (Photo by Frederick Gore)

Southwick’s Brayden Tingley, left, brings down Dean Tech’s Jason Sanchez during last night’s match at Southwick High School. (Photo by Frederick Gore)

Additional photos and reprints are available at “Photos” on




FRIDAY January 10

SKIING – PVIAC Race, Berkshire East, 5 p.m. GIRLS’ JV HOOPS vs. Ludlow, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ JV HOOPS at Cathedral, American International College, 5:30 p.m. GIRLS’ V HOOPS vs. Ludlow, 7 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS at Cathedral, American International College, 7 p.m.

SATURDAY MONDAY January 11 January 13 WESTFIELD HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING DUALS Gateway included), 9:30 a.m. GIRLS’ HOCKEY (Cathedral/WHS/ Long.) at Leominster, Gardner, 5:30 p.m.

SWIMMING vs. East Longmeadow, 4 p.m. GIRLS’ JV HOOPS at Amherst, 5:30 p.m. INDOOR TRACK at Central, Smith College, Northampton, 6:45 p.m. BOYS’ V HOCKEY vs. GrotonDunstable Regional, Amelia Park Ice Arena, 7 p.m. GIRLS’ V HOOPS at Amherst, 7 p.m.

GIRLS’ V HOOPS vs. Longmeadow, 7 p.m.

TUESDAY January 14

WEDNESDAY January 15

INDOOR TRACK at East Longmeadow, Smith College, Northampton, 3:45 p.m. SWIMMING vs. Longmeadow, 4 p.m. SKIING – PVIAC Race, Berkshire East, 5 p.m. BOYS’ JV HOOPS vs. Sci-Tech, 5:30 p.m. GIRLS’ JV HOOPS vs. Longmeadow, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS vs. Sci-Tech, 7 p.m. GIRLS’ HOCKEY (Cathedral/WHS/ Long.) vs. Auburn, Cyr Arena, 7 p.m.

WRESTLING at Ludlow, 7 p.m. BOYS’ JV HOCKEY at Simsbury, International Skating Center, 7:30 p.m.


BOYS’ JV HOOPS at Palmer, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS at Palmer, 7 p.m.

BOYS’ JV HOOPS at Dean Tech, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS at Dean Tech, 7 p.m.

BOYS’ JV HOOPS at Belchertown, 5:30 p.m. GIRLS’ JV HOOPS vs. Smith Academy, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS at Belchertown, 7 p.m. GIRLS’ V HOOPS vs. Smith Academy, 7 p.m.

WRESTLING at Hampshire, 7 p.m.


GIRLS’ JV HOOPS vs. Westfield Voc-Tech, 4:30 p.m. SKIING – PVIAC Race, Berkshire East, 5 p.m. GIRLS’ V HOOPS vs. St. Mary, 6:30 p.m.

BOYS’ JV HOOPS at Westfield Voc-Tech, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS at Westfield Voc-Tech, 7 p.m.

GIRLS’ JV HOOPS at Gateway, 4:30 p.m.

GIRLS’ JV HOOPS vs. Putnam, 4 p.m. BOYS’ JV HOOPS vs. Gateway, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS vs. Gateway, 7 p.m.

GIRLS’ V HOOPS at Gateway, 5:30 p.m.

BOYS’ JV HOOPS vs. Pathfinder, Westfield Middle School South, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS vs. Pathfinder, Westfield Middle School South, 7 p.m.

GIRLS’ JV HOOPS at Franklin Tech, 5 p.m. GIRLS’ V HOOPS at Franklin Tech, 6:30 p.m.

WRESTLING at Franklin Tech, 7 p.m.

SKIING – PVIAC Race, Berkshire East, 5 p.m. BOYS’ JV HOOPS vs. Pathfinder, 5 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS vs. Pathfinder, 6:30 p.m.


BOYS’ JV HOOPS at Franklin Tech, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS at Franklin Tech, 7 p.m.

SAINT MARY HIGH SCHOOL BOYS’ HOCKEY at Turners Falls, Collins/Moylan Arena, 6 p.m.

BOYS’ JV HOOPS vs. Pioneer Valley Christian School, Westfield Middle School South, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS vs. Pioneer Valley Christian School, Westfield Middle School South, 7 p.m.

BOYS’ JV HOOPS at Holyoke Catholic, 5:30 p.m. GIRLS’ V HOOPS vs. St. Joe’s, Westfield Middle School North, 5:30 p.m. BOYS’ V HOOPS at Holyoke Catholic, 7 p.m.


Ice Hockey DAY Saturday Tuesday Thursday Thursday Saturday Thursday Saturday

DATE OPPONENT Jan. 11 FRAMINGHAM STATE Jan. 14 at Southern New Hampshire Jan. 16 SALEM STATE Jan. 23 at Fitchburg State Jan. 25 at UMass Dartmouth Jan. 30 WORCESTER STATE Feb. 1 PLYMOUTH STATE


Feb. 6

TIME 5:35 7:30 7:35 7:00 4:30 7:35 5:35

at Framingham State

Men’s Basketball DAY



Thursday Saturday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Jan. 9 Jan. 11 Jan. 18 Jan. 21 Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Feb. 1 Feb. 4 Feb. 6 Feb. 11 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 Feb. 27 March 1

FRAMINGHAM STATE at Bridgewater State at Salem State WORCESTER STATE MCLA at Fitchburg State at Framingham State BRIDGEWATER STATE at Western Connecticut SALEM STATE at Worcester State at MCLA FITCHBURG STATE MASCAC Quarterfinals MASCAC Semi-finals MASCAC Championship

TIME 7:30 3:00 3:00 7:30 3:00 7:30 3:00 7:30 7:00 7:30 3:00 7:30 3:00 TBA TBA TBA

Saturday Saturday Thursday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday

Feb. 8 Feb. 15 Feb. 20 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 March 1 March 4 March 8

at Salem State FITCBHURG STATE UMASS DARTMOUTH at Worcester State PLYMOUTH STATE MASCAC Quarterfinals MASCAS Semifinals MASCAC Championship

Wild-card Playoffs Saturday, Jan. 4 Indianapolis 45, Kansas City 44 New Orleans 26, Philadelphia 24 Sunday, Jan. 5 San Diego 27, Cincinnati 10 San Francisco 23, Green Bay 20 Divisional Playoffs Saturday, Jan. 11 New Orleans at Seattle, 4:35 p.m. (FOX) Indianpolis at New England, 8:15 p.m. (CBS)

San Diego at Denver, 4:40 p.m. (CBS) Conference Championships Sunday, Jan. 19 AFC, 3 p.m. (CBS) NFC, 6:30 p.m. (FOX) Pro Bowl Sunday, Jan. 26 At Honolulu TBD, 7:30 p.m. (NBC)

Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2 At East Rutherford, N.J. AFC champion vs. NFC champion, 6:30 p.m. (FOX)

Women’s Swimming & Diving DATE OPPONENT

Sunday Jan. 19 Jan. 25 Saturday Saturday Feb. 1 Friday Feb. 14 Saturday Feb. 15 Sunday Feb. 16


BRIDGEWATER STATE at University of Saint Joseph (CT) WESTERN CONNECTICUT New England Championships New England Championships New England Championships University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

1:00 1:00 1:00

in the next

American Profile

Men’s & Women’s Indoor Track and Field DAY DATE OPPONENT Jan. 18 Coast Guard Invitational Saturday Jan. 25 Springfield College Invitational Saturday Feb. 1 Dartmouth College Invitational Saturday Feb. 8 MIT/Boston University Invitationals Saturday Saturday Feb. 15 MASCAC/Alliance Championships Feb. 21-22 New England Division III Finals Fri.-Sat.

Place New London, CT Springfield Hanover, N.H. Boston Southern Maine MIT (M); Springfield (W)

Fri.-Sat Feb. 28 All New England Championships March 1 March 7-8 ECAC Division III Championships Fri.-Sat March 14-15 NCAA Division III Championships Fri.-Sat.

Boston University Reggie Lewis Center @Devaney Center Lincoln, NE

Women’s Basketball DAY



Brain Power

Thursday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday Thursday Saturday

Jan. 9 Jan. 11 Jan. 14 Jan. 18 Jan. 21 Jan. 25 Jan. 28 Feb. 1 Feb. 4 Feb. 11 Feb. 15 Feb. 18 Feb. 22 Feb. 25 Feb. 27 March 1

5:30 1:00 6:00 1:00 5:30 1:00 5:30 1:00 5:30 5:30 1:00 5:30 1:00 TBA TBA TBA

Mental athletes show how training and exercise can sharpen memory, the most fundamental process housed within the human brain.

FRAMINGHAM STATE at Bridgewater State at Castleton State at Salem State WORCESTER STATE MCLA at Fitchburg State at Framingham State BRIDGEWATER STATE SALEM STATE at Worcester State at MCLA FITCHBURG STATE MASCAC Quarterfinals MASCAS Semifinals MASCAC Championship



Sunday, Jan. 12 San Francisco at Carolina, 1:05 p.m. (FOX)


5:35 7:35




Senior #11 Zane Collier skates down the ice with the puck as one of East Longmeadows players follows up behind him.

Senior Defense man Nick Aube #20 looks for an open player as he skates down the ice with the puck. (Photo by Noah

Bombers players celebrate after a goal in the third period Wednesday night against East Longmeadow. (Photo by Noah

(Photo by Noah Buchanan)



WHS vs. East Longmeadow hockey

Senior Captain Mike Santinello #21 skates down the ice for the puck while several East Longmeadow players trail behind him. (Photo by Noah Buchanan)

2013-14 High School Winter Standings

Assistant Captain #17 Chris Sullivan eyes down the puck as #12 Sean Sullivan follows in behind him. (Photo by Noah Buchanan)

GIRLS’ HOOPS Westfield 2-2 Southwick 5-0 St. Mary 0-5 Gateway 0-0* BOYS’ HOOPS Westfield 2-4 Southwick 0-4 Westfield Voc-Tech 1-0* St. Mary 0-4 Gateway 4-1 HOCKEY Westfield 2-1* St. Mary 2-1 BOYS’ SWIMMING Westfield 5-0 GIRLS’ SWIMMING Westfield 4-0-1 BOYS’ INDOOR TRACK Westfield 0-0

GIRLS’ INDOOR TRACK Westfield 0-0 BOYS’ SKIING Westfield 0-0 GIRLS’ SKIING Westfield 0-0 WRESTLING Westfield 0-1 Southwick-Tolland 0-0* Gateway 0-0* *No Report

Wednesday’s Results WRESTLING Agawam 50, Westfield 23 GIRLS’ HOCKEY Cathedral 12, Brattleboro 1

NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE EASTERN CONFERENCE W L Pct GB L10 Str Home Away Conf d-Indiana 28 7 .800 — 7-3 L-1 17-1 11-6 20-5 d-Miami 27 8 .771 1 8-2 W-3 16-3 11-5 17-6 Atlanta 19 17 .528 9½ 5-5 W-1 13-5 6-12 13-10 d-Toronto 17 17 .500 10½ 8-2 W-1 7-8 10-9 12-10 Washington 16 17 .485 11 6-4 W-2 7-8 9-9 13-9 12 6-4 W-3 10-7 5-11 12-10 Chicago 15 18 .455 Charlotte 15 21 .417 13½ 3-7 L-1 8-11 7-10 12-11 Brooklyn 14 21 .400 14 5-5 W-4 9-9 5-12 8-13 Detroit 14 22 .389 14½ 3-7 L-6 6-12 8-10 13-11 Boston 13 23 .361 15½ 2-8 L-6 8-10 5-13 10-12 New York 12 22 .353 15½ 5-5 W-2 5-12 7-10 10-12 Cleveland 12 23 .343 16 2-8 W-1 10-8 2-15 9-18 Philadelphia 12 23 .343 16 5-5 L-2 7-9 5-14 7-12 Orlando 10 25 .286 18 2-8 L-5 7-11 3-14 8-13 Milwaukee 7 27 .206 20½ 2-8 L-3 3-13 4-14 6-18 WESTERN CONFERENCE W L Pct GB L10 Str Home Away Conf d-San Antonio 28 8 .778 — 7-3 W-3 14-5 14-3 17-6 d-Oklahoma City 27 8 .771 ½ 6-4 L-1 15-3 12-5 17-6 Portland 27 9 .750 1 6-4 W-1 14-4 13-5 14-7 d-L.A. Clippers 25 13 .658 4 6-4 W-2 16-3 9-10 16-7 Houston 23 13 .639 5 6-4 W-2 15-5 8-8 13-11 15-12 Golden State 24 14 .632 5 9-1 L-1 11-4 13-10 Phoenix 21 13 .618 6 7-3 W-1 12-5 9-8 16-10 Dallas 20 16 .556 8 4-6 L-1 12-6 8-10 11-12 Denver 17 17 .500 10 3-7 W-3 9-8 8-9 9-13 Minnesota 17 18 .486 10½ 5-5 L-1 10-7 7-11 7-13 New Orleans 15 19 .441 12 4-6 L-3 9-6 6-13 7-14 Memphis 15 19 .441 12 5-5 L-1 7-12 8-7 9-15 14 2-8 L-3 8-10 6-12 9-16 L.A. Lakers 14 22 .389 Sacramento 11 22 .333 15½ 4-6 W-1 7-13 4-9 8-15 Utah 12 25 .324 16½ 6-4 W-1 7-10 5-15 7-18 d-division leader Tuesday’s Games Indiana 86, Toronto 79 Cleveland 111, Philadelphia 93 Washington 97, Charlotte 83 Miami 107, New Orleans 88 New York 89, Detroit 85 Chicago 92, Phoenix 87 Golden State 101, Milwaukee 80 San Antonio 110, Memphis 108, OT Dallas 110, L.A. Lakers 97 Denver 129, Boston 98 Utah 112, Oklahoma City 101 Sacramento 123, Portland 119 Wednesday’s Games San Antonio 112, Dallas 90 Toronto 112, Detroit 91 Brooklyn 102, Golden State 98 Atlanta 97, Indiana 87 Houston 113, L.A. Lakers 99

Washington 102, New Orleans 96 Phoenix 104, Minnesota 103 Portland 110, Orlando 94 L.A. Clippers 111, Boston 105 Thursday’s Games Miami at New York, 8 p.m. Oklahoma City at Denver, 10:30 p.m. Friday’s Games Washington at Indiana, 7 p.m. Detroit at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. Houston at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m. Charlotte at Minnesota, 8 p.m. Phoenix at Memphis, 8 p.m. Dallas at New Orleans, 8 p.m. Miami at Brooklyn, 8 p.m. Chicago at Milwaukee, 8:30 p.m. Cleveland at Utah, 9 p.m. Orlando at Sacramento, 10 p.m. Boston at Golden State, 10:30 p.m. L.A. Lakers at L.A. Clippers, 10:30 p.m.

GP 45 43 43 44 45 45 43 44 42 45 43 44 43 45 43 42

W 32 28 26 23 25 22 19 21 20 19 18 17 19 16 16 12

EASTERN CONFERENCE L OT Pts GF GA Home 12 1 65 147 107 19-3-0 13 2 58 126 94 18-4-2 13 4 56 123 102 14-4-2 17 4 50 117 119 12-7-0 15 5 55 115 106 13-7-3 20 3 47 111 121 8-10-3 14 10 48 114 121 6-10-7 18 5 47 122 132 14-10-1 16 6 46 128 128 13-8-2 18 8 46 129 145 11-10-4 16 9 45 105 124 9-8-5 18 9 43 103 113 8-6-6 20 4 42 117 126 9-9-2 22 7 39 124 149 7-9-7 21 6 38 102 136 9-9-4 26 4 28 74 118 9-12-2

GP Anaheim 45 Chicago 46 St. Louis 42 San Jose 44 Colorado 43 Los Angeles 44 Vancouver 45 Phoenix 42 Minnesota 45 Dallas 42 Nashville 44 Winnipeg 46 Calgary 43 Edmonton 46

W 32 29 30 27 27 26 23 21 23 20 19 19 15 14

L 8 8 7 11 12 13 13 12 17 15 19 22 22 27

Pittsburgh Boston Tampa Bay Philadelphia Montreal N.Y. Rangers Detroit Toronto Washington Ottawa Carolina New Jersey Columbus N.Y. Islanders Florida Buffalo

WESTERN CONFERENCE OT Pts GF GA Home 5 69 151 113 18-0-2 9 67 169 127 15-3-6 5 65 155 97 17-3-2 6 60 144 114 15-1-3 4 58 127 111 16-6-2 5 57 114 91 14-5-3 9 55 121 113 11-6-5 9 51 129 127 12-5-3 5 51 108 114 16-5-2 7 47 123 131 9-6-5 6 44 105 131 11-8-3 5 43 125 139 10-9-4 6 36 100 137 7-11-3 5 33 119 161 7-12-2

NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss. Tuesday’s Games Pittsburgh 5, Vancouver 4, SO Minnesota 2, Los Angeles 1, SO N.Y. Islanders 5, Toronto 3 Philadelphia 3, New Jersey 2, OT Nashville 3, San Jose 2 Tampa Bay 4, Winnipeg 2 Phoenix 6, Calgary 0 St. Louis 5, Edmonton 2 Anaheim 5, Boston 2 Carolina at Buffalo, ppd., inclement weather Wednesday’s Games Philadelphia 3, Montreal 1 N.Y. Rangers 3, Chicago 2 Colorado 4, Ottawa 3, OT

Away Div 13-9-1 15-5-0 10-9-0 11-6-0 12-9-2 10-3-1 11-10-4 8-5-2 12-8-2 6-4-2 14-10-0 5-8-3 13-4-3 7-5-4 7-8-4 6-5-2 7-8-4 9-5-2 8-8-4 10-4-3 9-8-4 9-6-1 9-12-3 9-6-3 10-11-2 9-7-1 9-13-0 3-10-3 7-12-2 6-9-1 3-14-2 5-10-2 Away Div 14-8-3 11-1-2 14-5-3 9-6-2 13-4-3 13-0-1 12-10-3 12-3-2 11-6-2 9-5-2 12-8-2 9-3-1 12-7-4 6-5-4 9-7-6 8-5-4 7-12-3 8-6-1 11-9-2 5-7-4 8-11-3 6-7-0 9-13-1 5-11-3 8-11-3 4-8-2 7-15-3 2-9-3

Thursday’s Games Florida at Buffalo, 7 p.m. Dallas at New Jersey, 7 p.m. Toronto at Carolina, 7 p.m. Washington at Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. Anaheim at Nashville, 8 p.m. St. Louis at Calgary, 9 p.m. Minnesota at Phoenix, 9 p.m. Boston at Los Angeles, 10:30 p.m. Detroit at San Jose, 10:30 p.m. Friday’s Games Dallas at N.Y. Rangers, 7 p.m. Toronto at Washington, 7 p.m. Carolina at Columbus, 7 p.m. N.Y. Islanders at Colorado, 9 p.m. Pittsburgh at Edmonton, 10 p.m. St. Louis at Vancouver, 10 p.m.


Annie’s Mailbox By Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar

Getting this off my chest Dear Annie: I am writing to you with a heavy heart. I have been married to my second wife for 20 years. We dated for two years, and she became impatient with my reluctance to get married. We both wanted kids, but her timetable was different than mine. Even though I was old enough to know better (46), I married her because she got pregnant. I am positive that she did it intentionally. We are different. I am very clean and organized, and I work hard. She is messy to the point of dirty, stubborn, disorganized, lazy and vindictive. She has tried to sabotage my relationship with our two children who are now in their late teens. In spite of her efforts, I have created a good relationship with my son. But my younger daughter is another story. She is like her mother: a spoiled brat. I know I am partly responsible for the way she’s turned out. I would like to create a loving relationship before she goes to college in August. I know it’s late to fix this, but do you have any suggestions? -- Getting This Off My Chest Dear Getting: It’s never too late to try to mend relationships. The first one should be with your wife. You are terribly resentful, and it’s obvious that you don’t actually like her. Although you may have good reason, your children undoubtedly see it and react accordingly. It also fuels your wife’s desire to get back at you. And finally, how you relate to your wife affects how you relate to your daughter, who has a similar personality. She identifies with Mom and may believe you resent and dislike her, as well. Get counseling -- alone, with your wife or with your daughter. Whatever you can arrange. Dear Annie: My 67-year-old mother is an alcoholic. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with dementia. Mom is now on medication for depression and high blood pressure and is living with my sister “Shannon.” I have seven siblings. When Shannon needs a break, my brothers and I take turns with Mom on the weekends. Mom wanders off during the day while Shannon is at work and catches a ride with strangers to get alcohol. My sister is tired and stressed and says she is fed up because we are not helping her. It’s true that we all could do more, but no one really wants to. Mom is a handful. Mom is capable of taking care of herself only when she is not drinking. Otherwise, she has outbursts and tantrums. Shannon has decided to place Mom in a facility. Mom is on a low fixed income. Where could she go? -- Worried Sis Dear Worried: First, take your mother to her physician and have her evaluated to see whether she can manage at an independent senior residence or requires an assisted-living facility. Then call the Eldercare Locator ( at 1-800-677-1116 for information about available places, and take the time to visit those that seem appropriate. Please do not make Shannon do this on her own. Surely, eight children can do this for one mother, no matter how difficult she is. Dear Annie: I read the letter from “Drowning in Junk,” whose wife is a hoarder. He asked whether he could toss stuff while she is out of town. You were right to tell him not to do that. “Cleaning out” (throwing everything away without the hoarder’s involvement) can actually exacerbate the problem. Please ask “Drowning” to reach out to his local police, fire and health departments and ask whether there is a Hoarding Task Force in his area. Hoarding Task Forces are being organized nationwide. Often the task force will offer direct assistance or referrals to resources including cleaners, organizers and mental health organizations. We have a Hording Task Force here that consults all over the state. -- Burlington, Vt.

HINTS FROM HELOISE Can a Curtain Be a Drape? Dear Heloise: I have always wondered about this and am finally writing, hoping you have the answer. What is the difference between CURTAINS AND DRAPES? -Andrea W., via email Although many people think curtains and drapes are the same thing, since they both cover windows, there is a difference by definition and use, even though most of us (me included) use the words interchangeably. Curtains usually are a lighter fabric, thin or sheer. They are not lined and won’t block out light. They should not be used for privacy, since you can see through them! They can be very colorful, and add a decorative touch. I have some in my little “study.” Drapes are made of heavy fabric and typically are lined. They are used for blocking out the light, cold and heat, as well as for privacy. They can hang from the top of windows to the floor for a more formal look. -- Heloise PAINTER’S TAPE Dear Heloise: I love using painter’s tape for all sorts of household things. I tear off a small piece and attach it to food containers with prepped foods and leftovers. I write the date with a permanent marker to keep track of when I prepared the food. It’s easy to peel off.




This Old House (57) 2

Poehler) and her Pawnee cohorts return to prime time in a milestone 100th episode. Leslie struggles to come to terms with her last day in office

Amy Poehler stars in “Parks and Recreation”

Kevin keep busy demolishing the kitchen and bath.

8:00 p.m.

A new episode of this iconic PBS series follows Richard as he tours a neighborhood curiosity: a water tank that has been disguised as a Greek temple. Meanwhile, Tom and

Parks and Recreation


WGBY (57)


WSHM (67)


WGGB (40)


WWLP (22)


WGGB (40.2)


WVIT (30)



WEDH (24)

WSBK (38)


WBQT (13)


BBC World 2 News: America CBS 3 News at 3 6:00 p.m. ABC 40 News 4





22 News NBC at 6 p.m. Nightly News Family Guy

Family Guy

NBC CT NBC News at Nightly News Decisi-

After a brief hiatus, con man Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) and FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) return to the airwaves with this new episode. This season takes a look at Burke’s future with the FBI as well as Caffrey’s fate.

Leslie Knope (Amy


JANUARY 9, 2014 7:30


The Insider

Modern Family

Modern Family


Access Hollywood

Noticiero Caso cerrado . de PR

BBC World 13 News: America Two and a Half 14 Men

Nightly PBS NewsHour Business Providing in-depth analysis of current Report events. 2½Men The Big The Big Bang 'Ixnay on Bang the Oggie Theory Theory Day' King Hill Clevela- Seinfeld Rules of Engage. 'The Buck nd Show 'The 16 Stops 'Grave Burning' 'Russell's Danger' Secret' Here'








10:30 11

11:30 12

CBS 3 News at 11:00 p.m. ABC 40 11 p.m. News



Tavis Smiley (N)

Tavis Smiley

(:35) The Late Show (:35) The With David Late Late Letterman (N) Show (N) (:35) Jimmy Kimmel (:35) ABC News Live (N) Nightline

Comm- Parks/Re Sean Michael J Fox unity (N) c 'Second Saves Chunce' World 'Secret' (N) (N) (N) Sleepy Hollow Sleepy 'The Golem' Ichabod gets help to 'Sanctuary' communicate with Katrina. Comm- Parks/Re Sean Michael J Fox unity (N) c 'Second Saves Chunce' World 'Secret' (N) (N) (N)

Parenthood 'Stay a 22 News (:35) The Tonight at 11 Show With Jay Little Longer' (N) p.m. Leno (N)


ABC40 (:35) How News on I Met Your FOX Mother Parenthood 'Stay a Little Longer' (N)


Marido en Alquiler La Reina Del Sur

Santa Diabla

La Reina Del Sur Noticiero (:35) Titulares de PR

By Royal App. The official suppliers to the English Royal Family. House 'Under My Skin'

Inspector Morse 'Absolute Conviction'

Ask This This Old Newsline Tavis Old House Smiley House

Death in Paradise A man is found with a machete in his back. House 'Both Sides Now' A patient's right and left brain struggle for control. Vampire D. 'Fifty Reign 'Hearts and Shades of Grayson' Minds' Mary has to Damon realizes decide if she is Elana is in danger. willing to kill a man.


AmerHouse ican Dad 'Under My Skin' NBC CT (:35) The Tonight (:35) Late Night J. News at Show With Jay Fallon 11 p.m. Leno (N) (N)

WBZ News

Seinfeld Seinfeld The 'The 'The Old Office 'The Burning' Man' Alliance' Rules of Seinfeld Comm- CommEnga'The unity unity gement Cheever 'History 101' 'Kids' Letters'

The Office 'Viewing Party' '70s Show 'The Seeker'

Scandal 'It's Handled'

Wendy Williams Show 'LOL' (N)

'70s 'Time Is on My Side'


Noticias Noticiero Mentir Para Vivir Univ.

Por Siempre Mi Amor

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Noticias Noticiero Una familia con noctu. suerte



Healthy Innovations

Beauty Rep. 'With Amy Morrison'

no!no! Hair Removal

Healthy Innovations

Healthy Innovations



Faith Culture

The World Over

Crossing Holy the Goal Rosary

Life on the Rock

Women Daily Mass Defending Life of Grace



Steel by Design Jewelry





Path to Daily Mass Holiness LG Electronics

Sleep Number Bed Vera Bradley 'Handbags & Accessories' Accessories made of quilted cotton.


Good Austin and Ally Luck ...

Dog Blog Jessie



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Witch Way


The 26 Middle

The Middle



Girl Code

Girl Code

R.W. Ex-Plosion 'Excess Baggage'



Forrest Gump (‘94) Tom Hanks. A simple man finds himself in Couples Therapy extraordinary situations throughout the course of his life. 'Love Hurts'



Met Mother



Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy

Family Guy



Love It/List It 'Old- House Hunters World Expansion'

Salvage Salv.D- Rehab Dawg (N) awgs (N) Addict


Radio Rebel (‘12) Debby Ryan. (:15) Wander

Haunted Haunted Full Hath Hath House

Happy Gilmore (‘96) Adam Sandler. A hockey player plays golf on a pro tour.

Full House

Full House


Home Solutions

Susan Graver Style

Liv and Maddie

Gravity Falls

Good Austin and Ally Luck ...

Good Luck ...

Full House





Fresh Prince

Fresh Prince

Bedtime Stories (‘08) Adam Sandler.

Ridicu- Ridicu- Ridicu- Ridicu- Ridiculousness lousness lousness lousness lous (N)




Beauty Rep. 'With Amy Morrison'

Friday After Next (‘02) Ice Cube.

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Late Night J. Fallon (N)

106 & Park: BET's Top 10 Live (N)


The Game


Charlie Rose (N)



The Game


Connec- This Old Ask This Masterpiece Mystery! Eddie Old House 'Sherlock: The Hounds of ting Shore House Baskerville' (N) Point (N) Crazy Two and Element 'All in the Enterta- The Big The a Half Millers Ones inment Bang Family' Holmes and 'Miller's 'OutbMen (N) Watson investigate Tonight Theory Mind' (N) reak' (N) (N) the Mafia. (N) The Assets 'Jewel ..Be a The Taste 'Life on a Plate' (N) Millionin the Crown' (N) aire?

Wheel of JeoparFortune dy!

10 6 p.m. 11 ones

USA 9:00 p.m.

8:30 p.m.

PBS NewsHour Providing in-depth analysis of current events. CBS Inside Evening Edition News ABC World News

White Collar

(22) 5 (30) 10


and plans for her future with Ben (Adam Scott).

Ridiculous (N)


The 700 Club



Ridicu- Ridicu- Ridicu- Ridiculousness lousness lousness lousness

Mob Wives 'Vegas Couples Therapy 'Love Hurts' Part Three' (N)

Mob Wives 'Vegas Part Three'

 Knight and Day (‘10) A secret agent realizes he  Knight and Day (‘10) A secret agent realizes he Two and Two and Anger Half Men Half Men Manage is not expected to live through his current mission. is not expected to live through his current mission.

House Hunters

33 Castle 'The Fast and Castle 'The Squab

the Furriest'

and the Quail'

Family Guy

Big Bang Big Bang Ground Big Bang Conan (N) Floor (N) Theory Theory Theory Rehab Addict

House HouseHu House Hunt. (N) nters (N) Hunters

Ground Conan Floor 1/2 House Hunters

Rehab Addict

Rehab Addict

NBA Basketball Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks (L) NBA Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Denver Nuggets (L)



The Kardashians 'Opa!'

E! News

She's Out of My League (‘10) Alice Eve. Party On!



Law & Order: SVU 'Theater Tricks'

Law & Order: SVU 'Official Story'

Law & Order: SVU 'Her Negotiation'

White Collar 'Live Feed' (N)

Law & Order: SVU 'Vanity's Bonfire'

Law & Order: White Collar 'Live S.V.U. 'Delinquent' Feed'



Project Runway 'As Project Runway '#Nina's Trending' Sewn on TV'

Project Runway 'Fashion Cents'

Project Runway: All Stars 'Are U'

Kim of Queens

Dance Moms



The First 48

Duck Duck Dynasty Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

Rodeo Girls (N)

Rodeo G. 'Barreling Duck Off Into the Sunset' Dynasty



Gypsy S. 'Making Up is Hard to Do'

Gypsy Sisters 'A Newborn King'

Gypsy Sisters

Gypsy Sisters (N)

Gypsy Sisters Gypsy Sisters 'Gypsies Unleashed'



Moonshiners 'Moonshine War'

Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters Treehouse Masters Treehous 'Backyard Treehouse Masters Treehous 'Backyard 'Sky High Spa' 'Canopy Clubhouse' Bungalow' Bungalow'



World's Dumbest... GuinnessWorldRecords



Special Report With Bret Baier









Mad Money

The Kudlow Report Greed 'The Prisoner American Greed American Greed: 'Wild West Rip-Off' Scam of Wall Street'

Mad Money

American Greed: Scam 'Shipwrecked'




NCAA Basketball Memphis vs. Louisville NCAA Basketball Arizona vs. UCLA (L) (L)





Around Interruthe Horn ption

NCAA Basketball Auburn vs. Mississippi NCAA Basketball Michigan vs. Nebraska Olbermann (L) (Ole Miss) (L) (L)




NCAA Basketball Florida State vs. Clemson (L)



SportsNe Arbella t Central Early

NE Patriots Quick Patriots NE Cross Tire Tailgate Football Slants (L) Football Tailgate Check (L) Sports

SportsNe Tire t Central Sports

SportsNe SportsNe Patriots t Central t Central Football



The Good Wife 'Hybristophilia'

The Good Wife 'Running'









Million 'Courtney and the Peacock'

The Millionaire Matchmaker

The Millionaire Matchmaker

The Millionaire Matchmaker (N)

Courtney Toned (N) Up (N)

Watch- The Millionaire What (N) Matchmaker

Toned Up



Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars

Pawn Pawn Stars (N) Stars

Appalachian Out. 'Dirty Money' (N)

Curse/Oak Island 'What Lies Below'

Pawn Stars





TeenTiJohnnyTe RegularS/ Amazing Steven st/ Uncle Advent. Gumball Universe tansGo



South Park








PoliticsNation 65

On the Record

Duck Duck Dynasty 'Till Dynasty Duck Do Us Part' Gypsy S. 'Gypsies Unleashed' (N)

World Records Imprac'Hanging Tough' (N) tical


Impractical (N)

The Soup Chelsea Lately

E! News

Chelsea Lately

Project Runway 'Fashion Cents' Duck Dynasty

Panic (N) Top 20 Funniest World Records 'TV's Funniest Flubs' 'Hanging Tough'

The O'Reilly Factor The Kelly File with Hannity Megan Kelly

The O'Reilly Factor The Kelly File with Megan Kelly

The Crossfire OutFront Situation

Anderson Cooper 360

Sole Survivor (‘13) Bahia Bakari. Aviation Sole Survivor (‘13) Bahia Bakari. Aviation disaster survivors share their stories. disaster survivors share their stories.

Showbiz Tonight

Nancy Grace

Dr. Drew On Call


Jane VelezMitchell .

House Debates Funding the Government and Healthcare Law



What Would You Do?

Showbiz Tonight

Key Capitol Hill Hearings

The Good Wife 'Taking Control'

Dr. Drew On Call Key Capitol Hill Hearings

C. Moore InstigaOutdoors tors (L)

The Good Wife 'Double Jeopardy'

Bruins (L)



NHL Hockey Boston Bruins vs. Los Angeles Kings (L)


Golden Girls


FB Talk (L)

NHL Top NHL Top NHL Top NCAA Basketball George Washington vs. NFL Turning Point 10 10 10 La Salle (L)

Boxing Fight Night Card TBA



World's Wildest Police Videos


Pawn Stars



Pawn Stars

Titanic (‘97) Leonardo DiCaprio.


Colbert Report

Daily Show



Pawn Stars

Impact Wrestling

Pearl Harbor (‘01) Ben Affleck. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor unfolds while two friends battle for the same woman. Johnny Test

King of the Hill

Chappell Chappell Always e's Show e's Show Sunny



World's Wildest Police Videos

Pawn Stars

Poseidon (‘06) Kurt Russell. Passengers fight for survival on a sinking ocean liner.

Clevela- AmerAmerFamily nd Show ican Dad ican Dad Guy Always Sunny

Golden Girls

Family Guy

Daily Colbert Show (N) (N)

Eaglehear EricAndre t/Hospital / Pretty Midnight Tosh.0 (N)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (‘89) Harrison Ford.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (‘08) Harrison Ford.

The Ruins (‘08) Jena Malone.

Finding Bigfoot: XL Cold R. 'Welcome 'Hoosier Bigfoot' To Eel Country'

WildAlaska 'The Zombie Salmon'

WildAlaska 'Special Cold River Cash 'Eel Or No Eel' Delivery' (N)

Wild West Alaska 'Special Delivery'

Cold River Cash 'Eel Or No Eel'

A. Griffith

Loves Ray

Loves Ray


The Andy Griffith Show


A. Griffith

A. Griffith

A. Griffith






The Last Word

All in The news of The Rachel the day and beyond. Maddow Show

Bizarre Foods 'Indonesia'

Mysteries at the Museum (N)

America Declassified

Mysteries at the Museum

Chopped Canada (N)

Cutthroat Kitchen

Diners, Diners, Chopped 'The Proof Drive-Ins Drive-Ins Is in the Pudding'

Bizarre Foods 'Nicaragua'

Man v. Food



Cupcake Wars 'Wicked'

Donut- Donut- Chopped 'Tapas Show (N) Show (N) Time'




Man v. Food



Golf Pre- PGA Golf Sony Open Round 1 (L) game


Loves Ray

All in The news of The Rachel the day and beyond. Maddow Show



Loves Ray

Hardball With Chris Matthews



Loves Ray






Golf Central







Mysteries at the Museum

PGA Golf Sony Open Round 1

10:30 11


11:30 12





SPEED BUMP Dave Coverly

AGNES Tony Cochran


RUBES Leigh Rubin

ARCHIE Fernando Ruiz and Craig Boldman


Tony Rubino and Gary Markstein



Contract Bridge

By Jaqueline Bigar


Brian Anderson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014: This year you will want to break barriers and create much more of what you want. You will discover that you have several key people who will make a big difference in your life. If you are single, you have many admirers. The possibility exists that you could meet a life partner in the next year. Don’t hold back, should you sense that you have met The One. If you are attached, your relationship flourishes as a result of an increasing element of trust. In fact, you will view your partner as a guiding star in your life. TAURUS adds spice and interest to your life. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You’ll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult


Mark Buford

B.C. Mastroianni and Hart

DOGS of C-KENNEL Mick and Mason Mastroianni

ONE BIG HAPPY Rick Detorie

ON a CLAIRE DAY Carla Ventresca and Henry Beckett

ZACK HILL John Deering and John Newcombe

ARIES (March 21-April 19) HHH Your instincts work well with your finances right now. If you feel like you are lucky, go out and buy a lottery ticket. Be wise and follow your own advice. Remember to listen to your inner voice. You could be unusually fortunate as a result. Tonight: Treat a loved one well. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) HHHHH You are energized and a witness to new possibilities. A discussion could encourage you to go for a long-term goal. Whether it is possible will be irrelevant. Accept the challenge, and keep your eye on the finish line. Tonight: Screen your calls if you want to get anything done. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) HHHH Take your time and let your mind wander. Your daydreaming contributes to your success and creativity; just don’t do it in front of your boss, as he or she might not understand your process. An associate will get you thinking with a question. Tonight: Vanish. CANCER (June 21-July 22) HHHH Listen to feedback, and know what you desire. Friends seem to be supportive, and they probably will stay that way while you accomplish this goal. Your upbeat spirit is influential and helps many people, including you. Keep that in mind. Tonight: Where the gang is. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) HHHH You beam, and others naturally come toward you. The problem you might have is that you can’t really let go because of all your responsibilities. Still, others do respond to you well. Use your instincts with someone you must answer to. Tonight: In the limelight. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) HHHH Listen to a friend, who might be the source of surprising news. What you say and how you respond will make all the difference. Know that you won’t be able to change someone’s knee-jerk reaction. Be open to this person, despite his or her thinking. Tonight: Find your friends. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) HHH You might have indicated that you would accept extra responsibility. If you are exhausted and feel as if you have very little to offer, others will sense it, and your leadership could be questioned. Realize your limits when dealing with others. Tonight: A force to be dealt with. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) HHHHH Touch base with someone in the know. You can’t continue the way you have been without taking a bigger look at a situation that will help you expand your thinking. Someone sees life very differently from how you do. Listen to his or her thoughts. Tonight: Get concert tickets. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) HHHH Take news with a grain of salt. You might want to check out an associate’s thoughts on the matter. You could be unwilling to take a risk until you feel the situation is a lot more grounded. Your hesitancy might be instrumental to your success. Tonight: Get some extra R and R. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) HHHH You might want to revisit a situation involving a loved one. Your decision could dramatically change your choices afterward. You are on a split path, and once you decide which way to go, it will be difficult to turn back. Tonight: Get into weekend mode. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) HHHH Listen to news carefully. The person delivering the information might be as rigid as you are. Avoid viewing this situation in terms of “your way or my way,” as that could result in a deadlock between the two of you. Instead, listen and process. Tonight: Squeeze in some exercise. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) HHHH Listen to the creative muse within, as you could have a rare opportunity to express yourself freely. You will do just that in an unprecedented manner if you refuse to hold back. A



child or loved one will be delighted by you and what you have to say. Tonight: Live it up.

PAGE 14 - THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 2014 0001 Legal Notices

Sons of Erin Colleen Contest Applications Available


WESTFIELD - Applications for the 33rd annual Colleen Contest are now available at the Sons of Erin Club located at 22 William Street, Westfield and also at Westfield High School, Westfield Voc-tech High School, St. Mary’s High School, Gateway Regional High School and Southwick-Tolland Regional School.   Applications must be postmarked by January 14. Interested contestants must be between the ages of 17 and 22, of Irish Heritage, have never been married and have no children.  Applicants must be a resident of Westfield, Southwick, Granville, Blandford, Chester, Huntington, Montgomery, Russell or a daughter of a member of the Sons of Erin.  The Colleen and her court will represent the Sons of Erin and Westfield at various events in 2014 including the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Among other prizes, the Colleen will receive a voucher for a trip to Ireland. The Colleen Ball will be held on Friday, February 7, 2014 at Chez Joseph in Agawam, Ma.  Tickets will be available soon at the Sons of Erin.

Hampden Probate and Family Court 50 State Street Springfield, MA 01103 (413)748-7758

CLASSIFIED To Advertise 413-562-4181 • CT 860-745-0424



Docket No. HD14P0003EA CITATION ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION Estate of: ELWIN RAY CLARK, JR. Also known as: ELWIN R CLARK Date of Death:11/01/2013 To all interested persons: A Petition has been filed by: Kimberly E Denault of Washington, MA requesting that the Court enter a formal Decree and Order of testacy and for such other relief as requested in the Petition. And also requesting that:

Mohegan Sun Bus Trip $18.00 per person Monday January 13, 2014 Bus Leaves Southwick Town Hall 8 a.m. sharp Bus will leave Mohegan Sun 3:30pm for 5:00 arrival at Town Hall Includes $15 meal credit and $20 in Big 6 Wheel free bets (subject to change without notice) To reserve seats contact Cara at P&R 413-569-5701 Or email:

Museum Passes/Discounts

SOUTHWICK - The Southwick Public Library and its Friends Association have 15 area passes/discounts available for check out to its adult patrons in good standing.   Each pass is allowed out for two days, may be checked out by a family once per month, and are $5 per day past due. The library’s passes/discounts include: the Springfield Museums, Amelia Park Children’s Museum, The New Children’s Museum in West Hartford and Roaring Brook Nature Center, Eric Carle Museum, Connecticut Trolley Museum, MA State Parks Pass, Connecticut Science Center, and the U.S.S. Constitution, Boston. The Friends of the Library passes/discounts include:  the Basketball Hall of Fame, Magic Wings, Mystic Seaport, New England Air Museum, Zoo at Forest Park, Holyoke Children’s Museum, and Norman Rockwell Museum.

Westfield GED Program Announces Spring Classes

Kimberly E Denault of Washington, MA be appointed as Personal Representative(s) of said estate to serve Without Surety on the bond. You have the right to obtain a copy of the Petition from the Petitioner or at the Court. You have a right to object to this proceeding. To do so, you or your attorney must file a written appearance and objection at this Court before: 10:00 a.m. on 01/23/2014. This is NOT a hearing date, but a deadline by which you must file a written appearance and objection if you object to this proceeding. If you fail to file a timely written appearance and objection followed by an Affidavit of Objections within thirty (30) days of the return date, action may be taken without further notice to you. The estate is being administered under formal procedure by the Personal Representative under the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code without supervision by the Court. Inventory and accounts are not required to be filed with the Court, but recipients are entitled to notice regarding the administration from the Personal Representative and can petition the Court in any matter relating to the estate, including distribution of assets and expenses of administration. WITNESS, Hon. Anne M Geoffrion, First Justice of this Court. Date: January 02, 2014

WESTFIELD -Westfield Community Education (WCE), an area community youth and adult, alternative evening education program of Domus Inc. will be holding an “Open Registration Night” on January 14 at the Westfield Athenaeum beginning at 5:30pm in the Lang Auditorium. Candidates will complete paperwork and take an assessment. Classes are 30 weeks in length and begin January 21. Three levels of classes are offered in addition to a Computer Literacy and Career Development course which are available to all residents of Greater Westfield. Classes are free with a small charge for the text To date this year, 44 area residents have received their high school equivalency diploma through WCE. For more information, contact 568-1044 or go to Sustaining support for WCE is provided by The Beveridge Family Foundation, the City of Westfield CDBG, the Westfield Athenaeum, Westfield Bank Future Easthampton CanFund, You Help Sarah? Savings Bank, Kiwanis Club of Westfield, First Niagara Bank, Shurtleff Children’s Services, Western Mass Hospital, Berkshire Bank, and Babson Capital.

Suzanne T. Seguin Register of Probate

0001 Legal Notices January 2, 9, 2014 LEGAL NOTICE ADDITIONAL ATTIC PUBLIC STORAGE SELF STORAGE FACILITY OPERATOR’S SALE for nonpayment of Storage Charges pursuant to the power of sale contained in M.G.L. Chapter 105A, Section 4. The following property will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION AT 3:00 PM ON JANUARY 22, 2014 on the premises of ADDITIONAL ATTIC PUBLIC STORAGE INC, 1 HUDSO N DRI VE, SO UTH WICK, MA 01077. All household & commercial furniture, boxes, books, clothes, appliances, tools, antiques, miscellany held for the accounts of: GERALD MONGEAU #37. Sale per order of ADDITIONAL ATTIC PUBLIC STORAGE INC. TEL: 413-569-5742. Terms: Cash. Units sold by the entirety. Sale is subject to postponement and/or cancellation. Auctioneer Phil Jacquier, Inc. Lic # 2177

0115 Announcements

DISTRICT COURT MISDEMEANOR CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY First Appearance: $75. Free initial Consultation. Attorney Curtis Hartmann (413)388-1915

Hyper • Local

D O E S I T ?



cell (413) 348-0321



Johnson’s Painting Services



KEN JOHNSON (413) 568-5146 Get Your FREE ESTIMATES for Interior Painting Fully Insured We Repair Smoke and Water Damage


$ CASH PAID $ FOR UNWANTED & JUNK VEHICLES. Also buying repairable vehicles. Call Joe for more details (413)977-9168. TIMOTHY'S AUTO SALES. Stop by and see us! We might have exactly what you're looking for, if not, left us find it for you! Bartlett Street, Westfield. (413)568-2261. Specializing in vehicles under $4,000.

0180 Help Wanted


* WESTFIELD NEWS 2:00 p.m. the day prior to publication.

BOOKKEEPER - Reviewing resumes for full time entry level position in fast paced condominium Management Company in Southwick. Quick Books experience preferred. Mail or fax (413)569-5854 resume and salary requirements letter of interest to Atrium Property Services, Inc. @476 College Highway, Southwick, MA 01077

Western Massachusetts Hospital is seeking a half time C.S.W. The position requires a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a current and valid licensure as an LCSW, LICSW preferred and preferably two years of social work experience in a hospital setting. The part time clinical social worker will join the small Social Service department in a fast paced chronic care setting. The key functions are: Maintains documentation on WMH electric medical record. Leads interdisciplinary team meetings. Maintains ongoing relationships with patients, family members, and with resources in the community. Acts as a patient advocate. Assists in admission process and manages discharge planning processes. We are a specialty care hospital providing in-patient services to individuals in need of ventilator/respiratory, end of life care, neuromuscular, Alzheimer’s and chronic care. Fax, email or send cover letter and resume to: Employment and Staffing Department Western Massachusetts Hospital 91 East Mountain Road Westfield, MA 01085 Email: EHS-HR-Western@ FAX 413)562-2527 Equal Opportunity Employer/AA

When it comes to 21st century multimedia platforms, “hyper local” is a term you hear a lot.

coverage of the stories you need to know about, that are important to your city, town, neighborhood and home.


(413) 568-0341

0130 Auto For Sale


You Help But,Sarah? day in and day out, The Westfield News provides consistant

The Westfield News Group How Did This HouseHelp Seniors?

62 School Street • Westfield, MA 01085 • (413) 562-4181 The Original

The Westfield News • P ENNYSAVER • Longmeadow News • Enfield Press



$100. REWARD. LOST: BRACELET, black leather and silver on 12/5/13. Vicinity Westfield Shops parking lot possibly Friendly's, Big Y areas. (508)685-7949.

It’s not a new idea. In fact, The Westfield News has been providing readers with “hyper local” news coverage of Westfield, Southwick, and the Hilltowns all along. Television, radio and regional newpapers only provide fleeting coverage of local issues you care about. TV stations and Sarah Helps Seniors big newspaper publishers, after years of cutbacks and mergers, frankly Can aren’t able to provide in-depth coverage of smaller markets anymore.

MONTGOMERY - Grace Hall Memorial Library is sponsoring yoga classes at the Town Hall, 161 Main Road in Montgomery Wednesday evenings at 6:30. The mixed-level class is taught by Kathy Niedzielski, CYT, of LifeDance Studios in Westfield, and is appropriate for most ability levels. The fee is $10 per class and students should bring their own mats. For more information Want To Know A Secret? contact the Library by phone Ask Sarah. at (413) 862-3894 or via Email at montgomerylibrary@yahoo. com.


0180 Help Wanted

0110 Lost & Found

* PENNYSAVER Wednesday by 5:00 p.m.

Yoga Classes




New Year, New Business!

Attract it here! Call The Westfield News at (413) 562-4181


BAKER MASONRY Residential & Commercial • SNOWPLOWING •


QUALITY PLUMBING & HEATING Southwick, MA (413) 569-5116

General Plumbing Repair Renovations • Custom Work New Construction Water Heaters Gas & Oil Systems Well Service & much more Free Estimates • Fully Insured • Over 10 Years Experience Licensed in MA & CT MA PL15285-M CT P-1 282221



We do it all! Great Prices, Free Estimates

Call 413-222-3685

373 College Hwy., Southwick, MA 01077 (413) 569-6104 (413) 998-3025 FULLY INSURED • FREE ESTIMATES • LOG TRUCK LOADS CORD WOOD • LOTS CLEARED • TREE REMOVAL • EXCAVATION


Specializing in the Design and Building of Residential Additions Since 1985

Call 413-568-7036

License # 069144 MA Reg # 110710 References Available • Fully Insured

Grow your business by becoming a member.



COMMERCE • (413) 568-1618 53 Court Street • Westfield, MA 01085






Westfield Head Start: 30 hours/week during school year. Minimum AA in ECE and EEC Teacher certified. Hours 10:30 am 4:30 pm. Salary Range: $12.25$13.25/hour. Help Wanted 0180


C D L A , PRESCHOOL TRUCK DRIVERS $1000+/week. Assigned Truck. Agawam Head withStart: 20 Great Hometime truck. Paid hours/week during year Orientation. Mustschool have 1 M-F. year. Minimum high school diploma/GED. T/T experience (800)726-6111.

Some relevant experience. Salary Range: $10.20-$11.00/hour.

Send Resume and Cover Letter to Lisa BETemkin BOLD•GET COLD•BE

Help Wanted


CDL A, TRUCK DRIVERS. $1000+/week. Assigned Truck. Great Hometime. Paid Orientation. Must have 1 year T/T experience. 1-800726-6111.

0180 Help Wanted

DRIVERS: Local Agawam, MA. 2nd Shift CLASSIFIED Yard Hostler Opening. Great Pay, Benefits! CDL-A, 1 EMAIL year ADVERTISING experience required. Estenson Logistics. Apply: (866)336-9642.



Write job title and location in the subject line. Multi-lingual candidates are encouraged to apply.

Wednesday by 5:00 p.m.


Community Action is committed to building and maintaining a diverse workforce.

40 hours per week providing community support and rehabilitation assistance to people with mental ill0180 Help Wanted ness in Westfield and surrounding communities. Driver

Bachelor’s degree in a mental health related field required. Must REGIONAL RUNS have valid Mass. driver’s license AVAILABLE! and dependable transportation. * WEEKLY PAY * Please send resume &with cover let* 5-6 days/Week Some terOvernight to: * 2013/2014 Equipment * Health Insurance/401k tkelseyMatch * No-Touch Freight or & Paid * Direct Deposit Vacations Community Support

Team Supervisor

Class A CDL with 1 year Carson Center For Adults OTR experience

2:00 p.m. the day prior to publication.

Plunge begins


and Families, Food Tanker 77 MillGrade Street, Suite 251 Call 855-IRT-TANK Westfield, MA 01085

at 1:00 pm



Equal Opportunity Employer/AA

The Westfield News

Classified Department • 62 School Street • Westfield, MA 01086 Call: 413-562-4181 Fax: 413-562-4185

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WESTFIELD SCHOOL OF MUSIC offers private instrument and vocal lessons and "Happy Feet" (babies, todTO OUR READERS dlers) class. Visit our web site at: E-mail: Buchanan Hauling and Rigging is or call at INFORMATION looking for Company Drivers and REGARDING (413)642-5626. Owner Operators. WESTFIELD NEWS Medical/Dental 0185 HelpBOX Wanted 0180REPLY NUMBERS 0180 Help Wanted Help Flatbed or van experience required Articles For Sale 255 Westfield News Publishing, Inc. SEWING MACHINE, china cabinet, 2 COOK perRECEPTIONIST/CLERICAL. will notWANTED. disclose the Apply identity ofin any For more information call Village Pizza, 251 College bureausRN-LPN-CNA Experience preferred or entry son: for sale. Call (413)231-3746. classified Southwick, advertiser usingMA. a reply or fill out for Highway, level(866)683-6688 and training considered box number. partantime position. Candidate W e a r e i n t e r v i e w i n g265 at on-line application at: Firewood Readers answering blind box must have strong communicapresent for one Registered to protect ads who tion and organizationals skills, a PART on 11-7 for 24 hours, TIMEdesire OFFICE and their floor Nurse HARDWOOD, GREEN, $140. 3 identity may use the following pro-in 100% working knowledge of Microsoft cleaning Licensed Practical Nurses – positions available year season. $150. 1/2 & cords Office (Word) applications, and Westfield. cedures: Monday through Fri- 2nd and 3rd shift1/4for 24alhigh energy. Please fax resume day, 1). hours, and Outdoor Certified Nursing so available. furnace wood 5:00-9:00 p.m.reply ForinimmediEnclose your an enand salary requirements to atevelope Assistants – 2nd and consideration, call also addressed to please the proper available, cheap. CALL FOR3rd DAI(413)569-5854. shift, part-time and full-time. (413)532-4160 press 2. box number you arethen answering. LY SPECIALS!! Wholesale Wood ( A l l t h e s e p o s i t i o n s a re 2). Enclose this reply number, toProducts, EVERY(304)851-7666. OTHER WEEKEND). MACHINIST gether with a memo listing the CPR (Adult/Child AED) is rePHYSICAL companies you DO NOT wish to Aquired. SEASONED LOG TRUCK LOAD An experienced Re-of THERAPIST see your letter, in a separate engistered (when Nurseprocessed Supervisor is 7 Advance Mfg. Co. Westfield, MA hardwood; at least velope ASSISTANT and address it to the Claspresent at all times to provide TO OURopenings READERS has immediate on our Day cords), for only $650-$700 (depends support and assistance sified Department at The Westshifts for Highly Skilled, Self and NightINFORMATION on delivery distance). NOVEMBER Are a Physical Therapist fieldyou News Group, 64 School REGARDING Assistant with a desire to These positions are beMotivated Individuals. NEWS SPECIAL!!! Call Chris @ (413)454WESTFIELD Street,in a Westfield, MA 01085. work professional, supnefited with earned vacation, REPLY BOX NUMBERS 5782. Your letter will be destroyedIf ifyou the portive environment? personal, holidays, and sick advertiser onework you with have alisted. would likeis to diINSPECTORS leave, plus health insurance, Westfield News Publishing, AFFORDABLE FIREWOOD. SeasIf not, it will be forwarded in the verse patient population and etc. Qualified candidates should a Inc. will not disclose thehave idenmake a difference in their usual manner. oned and green. Cut, split, delivered. tity of any advertiser minimum of 5classified years experience, be falives, Western MassachuOurlength. hospital is 15forminutes Any Now ready immediate using a reply box number. miliar with first piece layout, in procsetts Hospital will be the right from Springfield, Mass and Readers answering blind box delivery. Senior and bulk Medical/Dental Help 185 easily accessible to thediscount. fit for you. We are an acute ess who and final inspection of aircraft Mass ads desire to protect their Call (413)848-2059, (413)530-4820. care specialty hospital providTurnpike and Route 91. quality parts. identity may use the following ing services to patients withfor DENTAL ASSISTANT, certified procedures: neuro-muscular disorders, Fax, email or send cover letbusy oral surgeon’s practice. Fax re- SEASONED 1). Enclose your reply in an FIREWOOD Alzheimer’s and related deter and resume to: 100% hardCNC PROGRAMMER envelope addressed to the sume to: (413)788-0103. wood. Stacking available. Cut, split, mentia and complex respiratproper number Qualified box candidates shouldyou haveare a ory needs, including mechanEmployment & Staffing delivered. (128cu.ft.) Volume disanswering. HOMCARE POSTIONS minimum of 5 years experience in ical ventilation. Department 2). Enclose this reply number, counts. Call for pricing. Hollister’s manufacturing thelisting ability AVAILABLE Western Massachusetts together withprocesses, a memo Firewood (860)653-4950. Candidates must possess a Hospital to lay out complex Prototype/Aircraft the companies you DO NOT valid Massachusetts Physic91 East Mountain Road wish to seeand your in a components, CADletter, experience • ImmediateLicense Openings al Therapist with a Westfield, MA 01085 separate envelope and adwith models/wire frames using Master • Flexible minimum ofHours 1 years experiSEASONED FIREWOOD. Any length. dress it to the Classified Deence. Position Benefits is 20 hours per Cam The Westfield Email: • Insurance partment Reasonably priced. Call Residential week withVacation benefits. EHS-HR-Western@ News Group, 64 School • Paid Tree Service, (413)530-7959. Street, MA 01085. • Mileage reimbursement Night shiftWestfield, premium. Complete Benefit Fax, email or send cover letYour letter will be destroyed if • Referral Bonus Package. Apply in person or send reter and resume to: FAX (413)562-2527 the advertiser is one you have sume to:If not, it will be forwarlisted. SILO DRIED firewood. (128cu.ft.) Employment and Staffing Equal Opportunity ded in the usual manner. Apply at: guaranteed. For prices call Keith Department Employer/AA ADVANCE MFG. CO., INC. Western Massachusetts Larson (413)357-6345, (413)537VISITING ANGELS Hospital Industrial Road 4146. IfTurnpike you would like to 91 East Mountain Road 1233 Westfield Street P.O. Box 726 run a Memorial for Westfield, MA MA 01085 West Springfield, 01089 0220 Music Instruction Westfield, MA 01086 your Pet contact: Wanted To Buy 285 Email: Diane DiSanto at Call (413)733-6900 EHS-HR-Western@ WESTFIELD SCHOOL OF MUemail to: dianedisanto@the PAYING CASH for coins, stamps, SIC offers private instrument medals, tokens, paper money, diaFAX (413)562-2527 and vocal lessons and "Happy Employer orEqual callOpportunity 413-562-4181 Feet" (babies, toddlers) class. monds and jewelry, gold and silver MusicEqual Instruction Opportunity 220 Visit web site westfieldscrap.our Broadway Coinat: & Stamp, 144 1x3 with photo...$15 Employer/AA or call at ALICE’S PIANO STUDIO. Piano, orBroadway, Chicopee Falls, MA. 1x2 without photo...$10 (413)642-5626. gan and keyboard lessons. All ages, (413)594-9550. all levels. Call 568-2176.



























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Specializing in Custom Kitchens and Bathrooms, Designed and Installed WESTFIELD CHICOPEE Finish Trim • Carpentry • Windows • Doors572-4337 • Decks (413) (413) 534-6787

Mark Siebert Owner


Reg # 125751

C &C

Westfield, MA

Zoning New Installations Heating & Cooling, INC Replacements Zoning Air Filtration Fully EPA New WorkCleaning Installations Duct Insured Certified Replacements Heating & Cooling, INC Tune-Ups Air Filtration Steve Burkholder, Owner - License #GF5061-J Maintenance Fully EPA 18 Years Experience DuctPiping WorkCleaning Gas FREE Insured Certified Tune-Ups (413) 575-8704 ESTIMATES Humidifiers Steve Burkholder, Owner - License #GF5061-J Maintenance 18 Years Experience Gas Piping FREE (413) 575-8704 ESTIMATES Humidifiers

C &❄C ❄

Connect with us! Visit us online at

advertise on our website call NewTo England Coins & Collectibles

Specializing in(413) Buying562-4181 & Selling Older U.S. Coins The News BuyingWestfield Full Collections 62 School St. Westfield OPEN to a Single Coin


7 Day Avenue, Westfield, MA 01085

Clifton Auto Repair New or Repair Brick-Block-Stone SOLEK MASONRY

Phone: Chimneys (413) 568-1469 • Foundations • Fireplaces 20 Clifton Street Fax (413) 568-8810 Westfield, MA 01085

Free Estimates

(413) 569-6855 (413) 569-3428

aunders Boat Livery, Inc.

On-Site Canvas Installation & Repair

• Full Line OMC Parts & Accessories Boat aunders Boat Livery, Storage Inc. • Johnson Outboards & CrestLine Pontoon Boats,&Sales & Service Winterizing •• Full OMC Parts Accessories Boat Fish Bait Outboards & Tackle • Fuel Dock •• Johnson Storage & Slip &Pontoon MooringBoats, Rentals • Boat & Canoe Rentals Winterizing •• Crest Sales & Service

On-Site TIG Canvas Welding Rt. 168 Congamond Rd., Southwick • (413) 569-9080 Installation • Fish Bait & Tackle • Fuel Dock & Repair • Slip & Mooring Rentals • Boat & Canoe Rentals TIG Welding Rt. 168 Congamond Rd., Southwick • (413) 569-9080

Pioneer Valley Property Services One Call Can Do It All!


Complete Home Renovations, Improvements, Pioneer Valley Property Services Repairs and Maintenance


Call Can| DoSidingIt |All!Windows | Decks | Painting | Flooring and more... Kitchens | Baths |OneBasements Complete HomeMANAGEMENT, Renovations, Improvements, RENTAL PROPERTY TURNOVERS AND REPAIR SERVICES CSL & HIC Licensed - Fullyand InsuredMaintenance - Free Estimates & References Repairs

Kitchens | Baths | Basements | Siding | Windows | Decks | Painting | Flooring and more... RENTAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, TURNOVERS AND REPAIR SERVICES

Additions Garages Additions Decks Garages Siding

Decks Siding

MAYNA designed Kitchensby L Prestige R U A Y designed by M NA D Prestige CONSTRUCTION A L RD PAAll UCONSTRUCTION Your Carpentry Needs 413-386-4606 P Call All Your Carpentry Needs Kitchens

Call 413-386-4606

Remodeling Specialty • Finish Trim • Window Replacements

Remodeling Specialty • Finish Trim • Window Replacements

New England Coins & Collectibles Specializing in Buying & Selling Older• U.S. Coins • Chimney Cleaning Inspections Buying Full Collections • Stainless Steel Liners OPEN to a •Single Coin • Rain Caps Water Proofing

MondayFriday 8:30-4:30

• Other Quality 7 Day Avenue, Westfield, MAHearth 01085Products on the web at Phone: 413-568-5050 Visit Cell: us 860-841-1177 David N. Fisk

A+ Rating

Robert LeBlanc Westfield 562-8800 Master Sweep Springfield 739-9400 150 Pleasant Street • Easthampton, MA



Clifton Repair Sewer &Auto Drain Cleaning 413-782-7322

No Job Lic. #26177 • AGAWAM, MA Too Small! Phone: (413) 568-1469 20 Clifton Street





T I?




0220 Music Instruction ALICE'S PIANO STUDIO. Piano, organ and keyboard lessons. All ages, all levels. Call (413)5682176

0230 Craft Instruction FUSED GLASS WORKSHOPS at 7 Hills Glass Studio, 46 Main Road, Montgomery. Workshops meet Thursdays through Saturdays. Call (413)454-4450.

0340 Apartment WESTFIELD 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo. $875/month includes heat and hot water. No smoking, no pets. First, last, security. (413)519-8271.

WESTFIELD, 2nd floor, 2 bedroom, kitchen, living room, bath, enclosed porch. No pets. $825/month plus utilities. First, WESTFIELD 3 BEDROOM, kit- last, security. (413)250-4811. chen, livingroom, bath, 2nd floor. $950/month plus utilities. First, last, security. (413)250-4811. W E S T F I E L D 2 & 3 b e d r o o m available. Large yard, washer & WESTFIELD reconditioned, 2 dryer hook-up. No smoking. No bedroom condo. $795/month pets. Off-street parking, quiet heat included. For sale or rent. n e i g h b o r h o o d . P l e a s e c a l l (413)519-7257. Call (603)726-4595.

WESTFIELD large 1 bedroom, off Mill Street. First floor, re0265 Firewood cently updated. $650/month plus utilities. First, last, security re100% HARDWOOD, GREEN, quired. Available mid January. $140. 3 year season. $150. 1/2 (860)335-8377. & 1/4 cords also available. Outdoor furnace wood also available, cheap. CALL FOR DAILY WESTFIELD Large 3 bedroom, SPECIALS!! Wholesale Wood 1-1/2 bath on first floor. Lovely neighborhood off Western Ave. Products, (304)851-7666. Hardwood and tile floors throughout. Newly renovated. A SEASONED LOG TRUCK Garage. Washer/dryer hookup in LOAD of hardwood; (when pro- basement. Dianna (413)530cessed at least 7 cords), for only 7136. $650-$700 (depends on delivery distance). Call Chris @ (413)454-5782. AFFORDABLE FIREWOOD. Seasoned and green. Cut, split, delivered. Any length. Now ready for immediate delivery. Senior and bulk discount. Call (413)848-2059, (413)530-4820. END OF YEAR FIREWOOD SALE. Seasoned or green. Cut, split and delivered. Call for pricing after 7p.m. or before 11a.m. (413)627-9110. SEASONED FIREWOOD 100% hardwood. Stacking available. Cut, split, delivered. (128cu.ft.) Volume discounts. Call for pricing. Hollister's Firewood (860)653-4950. SILO DRIED firewood. (128cu.ft.) guaranteed. For prices call Keith Larson (413)357-6345, (413)537-4146.

0285 Wanted To Buy PAYING CASH FOR COINS, stamps, medals, tokens, paper money, diamonds and jewelry, gold and silver scrap. Broadway Coin & Stamp, 144 Broadway, Chicopee Falls, MA. (413)5949550.

0339 Landlord Services DASHE-INTEL Comprehensive Landlord Services Tenant screening including criminal background and credit checks. Call Steve or Kate (413)5791754

0340 Apartment 5 ROOM, 3 bedroom, completely renovated Westfield/Russell area, country setting. NEW stove, refrigerator and heating unit. Large yard, parking. $895/month. No pets please. Call today, won't last. (413)3483431. GRANVILLE, QUIET, SECURE location. 2 bedroom, 2nd floor, utilities, laundry hookups. $800/month. New Year's Special. (413)231-2015. WESTBRIDGE TOWNHOUSES, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, full basement. $800/month plus utilities. (413)562-2295. WESTFIELD Beautiful 2 bedroom townhouse, clean, quiet, 1-1/2 bath, carpeting, appliances, hot water included. Very reasonable heat cost. Sorry no pets. From $795/month. Call for more information (860)485-1216 Equal Housing Opportunity WESTFIELD 1 bedroom apartments, large closets, free heat and hot water included, laundry, parking. Possible pet. $785/month. (413)562-2266. WESTFIELD 1 BEDROOM, kitchen and bath, 2nd floor. No pets. $650/month includes utilities. First, last, security. (413)250-4811. WESTFIELD 1&2 bedroom apartments, rent includes heat and hot water. Excellent size and location. No dogs. Call weekdays (413)786-9884.

Advertise Your


Call (413) 562-4181 Ext. 118

0340 Apartment


To Advertise 413-562-4181 • CT 860-745-0424


E-mail: 0375 Business Property

0345 Rooms HUNTINGTON 1 room with heat, hot water, cable TV, air conditioning included. Refrigerator and microwave. $110/week. (413)531-2197.

MONTGOMERY 5 miles from WHS. Beautiful office. $350/month includes utilities and WiFi. 2 adjoining offices. $525/month. Call (413)9776277.

LARGE FURNISHED ROOM. Parking, bus route, walking dis- 0380 Vacation Rental tance to all amenities. $120/weekly. Responsible mature male preferred. Non- E N G L E W O O D , F L O R I D A . Lovely home for vacation rental. smoker. (413)348-5070. Two bedroom, two bath, garage. Close to beaches. Text/call for WONDERFUL 1&2 bedroom ROOM TO RENT in a quiet details, 413-543-1976. neighborhood. Kitchen and launapartments in beautiful downtown Westfield. Carpeting, AC, dry privilege. Heat, A/C, utilities. parking. Starting at $540/month. Available now to non-smoker. 0400 Land $600/month, Westfield. Call Debbie at (413)562-1429. (413)355-2338 or (413)5627341.

0345 Rooms 0350 Apt./House Sharing

HUNTINGTON 1 room with heat, hot water, cable TV, air conditioning included. Refriger- ROOMMATE WANTED to share ator and microwave. $110/week. mobile home. Please call for (413)531-2197. more information (413)5726708.

BEAUTIFUL, SECLUDED mountaintop lot in Montgomery, MA. Panoramic views. Fully cleared, destumped and graded. Ready to build. Minutes to Westfield. 5.69 acres. Asking $160,000. Call (413)562-5736.

0400 Land

LAND FOR SALE in West Springfield-Tatham Section. Building 100ft. by 314ft., $40,000. Call for details (413)495-2059.

0410 Mobile Homes

CHICOPEE, Bluebird. Remodeled throughout, 2 bedrooms, 12'x51' + 10'x12' + 8'x16' porch, with aluminum roof $53,500. (413) 593-9961. DASAP.MHVILLAGE.COM.

0440 Services

A1 ODD JOBS/HANDYMAN. Debris removal, landscaping, garage/attic cleansouts, interior and exterior painting, power washing, basic carpentry and plumbing. All types of repair work and more. (413)562-7462.

Business & Professional Services •




CARPET, LINOLEUM, CERAMIC TILE, HARDWOOD FLOORS. Sales, Service. Installation & Repairs. Customer guaranteed quality, clean, efficient, workmanship. Call Rich (413)530-7922.

JIM FERRIS ELECTRIC. Senior discount. No job too small! Insured, free estimates. 40 years experience. Lic. #16303. Call (413)330-3682.

Home Improvement

DAVE DAVIDSON BATHROOM & KITCHEN REMODELING. “GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME” Complete Bath Renovations. Mass. License #072233, Mass. Registration #144831. CT. HIC. #0609568. Now serving CT. Insured. MASTER ELECTRICIAN 40 years ex- Quality Work on Time on Budget WAGNER RUG & FLOORING, LLC. 95 perience. Insured, reasonable prices. Since 1984. (413)569-9973. MAINLINE DRIVE, WESTFIELD. No job too small. Call Tom Daly, (413)568-0520. One stop shopping for all your floors. Over 40 years in business.

Chimney Sweeps HENTNICK CHIMNEY SWEEPS. Chimney repairs and rebuilds. Stainless steel caps and liner systems. Inspections, masonry work and gutter cleaning. Free estimates. Insured. Quality work from a business you can trust. (413)848-0100, 1-800-793-3706.

(413)543-3100. Lic# A7625.

Flooring/Floor Sanding A RON JOHNSON’S FLOOR SANDING. Installation, repairs, 3 coats polyurethane. Free estimates. (413) 569-3066.



A DUMP TRUCK. Attic, cellars, yard, scrap metal removal. Seasoned FireCOMPUTER HELP AVAILABLE. In wood. (413)569-1611, (413)374-5377. home training. Network setup, data recovery and much more. For more inforA.R.A. JUNK REMOVAL SERVICE. mation call John (413)568-5928. Furniture, trash, appliances. Full house cleanouts, basements, attics, yards. Drywall Furnace and hot water heater removal. T-BEST DRYWALL. Complete profes- 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE. sional drywall at amateur prices. Our Free estimate on phone. Senior disceilings are tops! Call Mike 413-821- count. Call Pete (413)433-0356. 8971. Free estimates. KINGER PAINT & DRYWALL. Interior, exterior, ceiling repair, drywall damage, cabinet refinishing, specializing in textured ceilings. Fully insured. Call (413)579-4396.

Electrician POEHLMAN ELECTRIC. All types of wiring. Free estimates, insured. SPECIALIZING IN PORTABLE AND WHOLE HOUSE KOHLER GENERATORS, SERVICE UPGRADES, SMALL JOBS, POOLS. Gutter deicing cables installed. I answer all calls! Prompt service, best prices. Lic. #A-16886. (413)562-5816. TURCOTTE ELECTRIC. 30+ years experience. Electrical installations, emergency service work. Generac portable or whole house generator installations. HVAC controls and energy saving green technology upgrades. Fully insured. All calls answered. Master’s Lic #A-18022. (413)214-4149.

BRUNO ANTICO BUILDING REMODELING.Kitchens, additions, decks, rec rooms, more. Prompt, reliable service, free estimates. Mass Registered #106263, licensed & insured. Call Bruno, (413)562-9561. C&N CARPENTRY. Suspended ceilings, home improvements and remodeling. Licensed and insured. Call (413)262-9314. COPPA HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Remodeling, home restoration, home repairs, finish basements, bath/kitchen trim/woodwork, siding/decks, windows/ doors. CSL 103574, HIC Reg.147782. Fully licensed and insured. Free estimates. Call Joe (413)454-8998.

House Painting

Plumbing & Heating

ALWAYS CALL FIRST!!! M&M SERVICES-20 Years serving the Westfield area. Painting, staining, house washing, interior/exterior. Wall coverings. Commercial/residential. Free estimates. Insured. References. Mass Reg. #121723. Call (413)568-9731. No job too small !!

NICK GARDNER PLUMBING, WELDING & MECHANICAL SERVICES. Professional, reliable service. MA Lic. #PL31893-J. Certified Welding. Insured. Call (413)531-2768

At SANTA FE PAINTING CO. We're your color specialists! Fall season is in full swing. Get all your exterior painting needs done now. Including painting and staining log homes. Call (413)230-8141

ONE STOP SHOPPING for all your ROOFING needs! POWER WASHING/CLEANING revitalizing your roof, removing ugly black stains, mold and moss, we’ll make it look like new plus prolong the life of your roof. We do emergency repairs, new construction, complete tear off, ice and water protection barrier systems, skylight repairs. Snow & ice removal. FREE gutter cleaning with any roof repair or roof job. 10% senior discount. Free estimates. MA. Lic. #170091. Call (413)977-5701

DELREO HOME IMPROVEMENT for all your exterior home improvement needs. Roofing, siding, windows, decks and gutters. Call for free quote. Extensive references, fully licensed & insured in MA. & CT. Call Gary A NEW LOOK FOR 2014. Let Home Decor help. Interior painting and wallDelcamp (413)569-3733. papering, specializing in faux finishes. Servicing the area over 12 years. Call Kendra now for a free estimate and decorating advice. (413)564-0223, TOM DISANTO Home Improvements - (413)626-8880. The best choice for all interior and exterior building and remodeling. Specializing in the design and building of residential additions, since 1985. Kitchens, baths, siding, windows, decks, porches, sun- PROFESSIONAL PAINTING & WALLrooms, garages. License #069144. MA PAPERING. Quality workmanship at low, Reg. #110710. FREE ESTIMATES, low prices. Interior/Exterior Painting & REFERENCES, FULLY INSURED. Call Staining, Wallpaper, Ceiling Repair & Tom (413)568-7036. Spray. Free Estimates. Call Steve at (413)386-3293.

PAUL MAYNARD CONSTRUCTION. All your carpentry needs. Remodeling specialty. Additions, garages, decks, siding. Finish trim, window replaceHome Improvement ment. Kitchens designed by Prestige. AMR BUILDING & REMODELING. (413)386-4606. Sunrooms, decks, additions, bathrooms, window and door replacements and more. MA. Reg. #167264. Licensed and fully insured. Call Stuart RICHTER HOME Building & Remodeling. Specializing in home improveRichter (413)297-5858. ment services. Roofs, windows,

Landscaping/Lawn Care


Snowplowing A.B.C. SNOWPLOWING. Westfield residential only. 15 years experience. Call Dave (413)568-6440. SNOWPLOWING / SNOWBLOWING. On time, reliable service. Average driveway, $40.00. Also specializing in fall clean ups. Call (413)727-4787.

ALL CALLS RETURNED! Fall SNOWPLOWING, SNOW BLOWING, cleanups, curb side leaf pickups, mow- SHOVELING. Call Accurate Lawn ing, aerating, overseeding, dethatching, Services, (413)579-1639. mulch & trimming. Free estimates. Ask for Mel (413)579-1407. Tree Service LEAVES -CURB SIDE LEAF REMOVAL - FALL CLEAN UPS. Call for your free Quote today! You rake um' & Leaf the rest to us. Residential and Commercial, Fully Insured. Visit our website at for all of our services! Bushee Enterprises, LLC. (413)569-3472.

doors, decks, finished carpentry, remodels, additions, basement refinishing, and much more. Quality work from a punctual, reliable and experienced home improvement company. Licensed and Insured. MA CSL #97940, MA HIC #171709, CT HIC #0633464. Call Dave Richter for an esYARD CLEANUP, thatching, leaf brush timate (413)519-9838.

A BETTER OPTION - GRANFIELD TREE SERVICE. Tree Removal, Land Clearing, Excavating. Firewood, Log Truck Loads. (413)569-6104. AMERICAN TREE & SHRUB. Professional fertilizing, planting, pruning, cabling and removals. Free estimates, fully insured. Please call Ken 5690469.

Home Maintenance

CONRAD TREE SERVICE. Expert removal, hedge/tree trimming, mulch/stone, mowing. Call Accurate tree removal. Prompt estimates. Crane work. Insured. “After 34 Lawncare, (413)579-1639. years, we still work hard at being #1.” (413)562-3395.

JOSEPH’S HANDYMAN COMPANY. Carpentry, remodeling, kitchen, baths, basements, drywall, tile, floors, suspended ceilings, restoration services, doors, windows, decks, stairs, interior/exterior painting, plumbing. Small jobs ok. All types of professional work done since 1985. Call Joe, (413)364-7038.

ABC MASONRY & BASEMENT WATERPROOFING. All brick, block, concrete. Chimneys, foundations, hatchways, new basement windows installed and repaired. Sump pumps and french drain systems installed. Foundations pointed and stuccoed. Free estimates. (413)5691611. (413)374-5377.


Upholstery KEITH'S UPHOLSTERY & REPAIRS. 30+ years experience for home or business. Discount off all fabrics. Get quality workmanship at a great price. Free pickup and delivery. Call (413)5626639.

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