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In it for the long haul

America’s Cup

Let us spray

A burgeoning 70m+ sector has necessitated the development of large refit infrastructure

Auckland gears up to host the 36th edition of the America's Cup

Behind the scenes at the trialling of Awlgrip's revolutionary spray filler


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The Pinmar Magazine . Welcome letter


Welcome to the 2020 Pinmar Magazine in its new digital format.

On a more positive note, I am genuinely excited by the great strides we have made in strengthening our business, welcoming several recruits who bring new skills and ideas to the Pinmar team and who will undoubtedly contribute to an improved service to our customers. I am also excited by the R&D project we currently have running in Germany trialling the application of Awlgrip’s new sprayable filler product in partnership with AkzoNobel and Wrede Consulting. We won’t get the full results of the tests until the completion of the project later in the summer, but the early indications are that this new technology will offer a step change in both the time and quality of fairing for large newbuild projects.

It has been an unprecedented start to the new decade, so it feels like a long time ago when we celebrated the ‘Grand Finale’ of the Pinmar Golf back in October 2019. Nevertheless, I have very happy memories of the event and am immensely proud of what we achieved over its 31-year history. €1,109,293 of charitable funds raised is a truly incredible achievement for which I am extremely grateful to all our industry partners and supporters who have contributed so generously over the years. I am pleased to report that the €73,000 raised at last year’s event has been distributed to a host of deserving charities, many of which are supporting those who have been most severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also bring news of the major expansion and development of the refit infrastructure required to service today’s increasingly large superyacht fleet. Several of our major shipyard partners in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the US have invested heavily to install state-of-the-art lifting and berthing infrastructure to accommodate 70m+ vessels. In parallel, Pinmar and our specialist scaffold and containment company Technocraft have also invested in expanding our facilities, equipment and teams at each of our main operational hubs.

It is both unfortunate and tragic that this global pandemic has – and continues to – dominate both our business and personal lives. I am hugely grateful to the Pinmar team for their professionalism, agility and positive approach during this challenging period. Like all businesses, we have had to change and adapt to maintain our services to customers while taking all possible steps to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff. As always, we have worked in close cooperation with all our worldwide partners to ensure a coordinated response to the various challenges presented in each location. While I am pleased that we have continued to successfully deliver projects and look after our customers’ needs, the future remains uncertain and we must stay vigilant and ready to respond to the challenges ahead.

Despite the ongoing challenges presented by the pandemic, I am extremely excited and optimistic about the future of our industry. As long as we continue to strive for improvement, keep our focus on delivering value to the customer and supporting each other, I am sure we will succeed. Have a safe and successful summer.

Remy Millott CEO 01

The Pinmar Magazine . Contents

The Pinmar Magazine



LET US SPRAY Behind the scenes of the trialling of Awlgrip’s revolutionary spray filler.

MEET PINMAR'S G LO B A L T E A M S Pinmar is unique in offering a global paint service to the superyacht fleet from its network of refit hubs in key locations around the world.

09 PINMAR CHARITIES Over the 31 years of the Pinmar Golf, the event has raised €1,109,293, all of which has been distributed to a diverse group of worldwide charities.

14 IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL A burgeoning 70m+ sector has necessitated the development of large refit infrastructure, with none more effective than the shiplift. 02

The Pinmar Magazine . Contents



PAINTING BLACK SHARK Pinmar previews the painting phase of the build and reveals the detail involved in delivering such an intricate paint specification.

AMERICA'S CUP The next America’s Cup is set to take place in Auckland, New Zealand, in the early part of 2021.


PINMAR YACHT SUPPLY GYG’s marine product supply and distribution business launches a new brand image as it focuses on the changing purchasing requirements of superyachts.



THE PINMAR GOLF From the moment it was announced that the 2019 Pinmar Golf would be the last, we knew the ‘Grand Finale’ would be an extra special and emotional event.

THE PINMAR FESTIVAL The future of Pinmar marketing and events in a post-COVID industry.



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The Pinmar Magazine . Let Us Spray

Let Us Spray

AkzoNobel has developed an innovative and advanced fairing process that rewrites the rules that have been in place since the early days of filling and fairing.

For a number of years, the superyacht industry has been perceived as being conservative. This conservatism has arguably pervaded all manner of market sectors – from its reliance on traditional ownership and usage models to a variety of manufacturing processes. However, as the market continues to mature and professionalise, innovative businesses and technologies are increasingly becoming market leaders. Here, we explore the development of AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip Awlfair SF; an advanced new fairing product, to determine how advancement in this essential process can yield beneficial results for the industry and its clients, AkzoNobel has teamed up with Pinmar to showcase and explore the benefits of applying the Awlfair Spray Filler. “The whole process of developing a ’next generation’ filler started around four years ago,” says René Bremer, superyacht account manager at AkzoNobel. “Like most creative ideas, it started over a beer on a Friday evening. Our technicians were considering the process of coating a superyacht from bare metal to the topcoat, and we were trying to determine where we could develop improvements because, for the most part, superyachts are being coated in the same way today as they were in the 1930s. Naturally, everything has been fine-tuned since then; technology and materials have vastly improved but the filling and fairing process remains one of

the traditional, most labour intensive and largest investments in time during the coating application process. The process of fairing a superyacht has always been a product-orientated procedure, with little by way of evolution of the process itself.” The common fairing process consumes high volumes of product, is applied manually and is widely considered to be labour intensive. AkzoNobel’s eureka moment came when they began to question whether or not it was possible, or indeed desirable, to develop the traditional manual application process into a more economical pressurised spray filler, and this led to the creation of Awlfair SF. “Our first mock-up was created using a small pump and applied to wood and metal to determine whether or not the technology worked in principle,” adds Bremer. “In 2017, we upscaled our research and development in order to finetune the equipment. However, the superyacht industry can be very conservative, and it wasn’t until Pinmar, with their application experience, joined us that the project really began to increase in momentum. They are a dynamic and energetic team with a wealth of experience in the refit and new-build markets but, most importantly, they are eager to develop new technologies and raise industry standards.” >>


The Pinmar Magazine . Let Us Spray

“We want to be at the forefront of technology and we embrace it,” says Rupert Savage, Group Commercial Director of Pinmar. “Currently, our fairing process has an artisan approach. It is very labour-intensive and based on highly skilled individuals using techniques handed down from painter to painter. The process hasn’t really been modernised in any significant way for a long time. We understand that we have to move with the times, and rather than waiting for others to take the lead, we have made it our mission to go out, invest and affect change.” Pinmar’s dedication to the adoption and development of new technologies started in earnest a number of years ago when it led the market in developing electrostatic application. Indeed, just three or four years ago, there was huge resistance from the market and the applications sector itself, with paint consultants, inspectors and paint manufacturers all doubting the effectiveness of electrostatic application. Today, Savage notes that around 90 per cent of the paint applied by Pinmar is now done with electrostatic technology. The application of Awlfair SF is distinct compared to current applications in that it is applied using a pressurised airless spray rather than by hand. This technology allows for weton-wet application enabling the application of up to two coatings per day without the need for sanding in-between coats. Furthermore, the spray application all but eliminates air pockets, which in turn yields an improved aesthetic and a reduced requirement for reworking.

“Where you have a manual application, like spreading butter on bread with the traditional fairing method, you can't avoid air inclusions,” explains Bremer. “However, where you have an airless application, the air inclusions are reduced to almost zero. This characteristic of the process was of particular interest to Wrede Consulting, who further joined the project to help develop and measure this system. Wrede provided a 36-metre hull for all parties to test the system on and allow direct comparisons to be made between the two methods on a superyacht hull.” While Pinmar, AkzoNobel and Wrede are still in the testing stage, albeit at an advanced level, the initial results have been incredibly positive.

Pinmar and Awlgrip technicians calibrate the spray-filler equipment built by Hogg and Graco

A/B testing of the sprayable filler application process alongside the traditional manual methodology


The Pinmar Magazine . Let Us Spray

Pinmar fairing experts start applying the Alwfair SF spray filler to the test hull

So far, it has been proved that the overall quality of the Awlfair SF process is higher than the traditional manual process. Indeed, much of the increase in quality has a great deal to do with a reduction in human error and an increase in automation. As well as creating a higher-quality finish, the new system has also significantly reduced the number of labour hours required to fair a superyacht hull. In an environment where owners are increasingly demanding more of their refit or new build in ever shorter periods of time, the development of the Awlfair SF system is a step change that will allow shipyards and applicators to have greater flexibility and control of project time. “There are a number of benefits to the end-user, but primarily these relate to the quality of finish and scheduling,” says Savage. “The reduction in air pockets is huge, but there is also far greater consistency in mixing. Mixing is an area that can cause a number of issues. If it isn’t mixed properly or the proportions are wrong then you can get soft spots and cracking. This new technology eliminates some of the big risks, but the major benefit is scheduling. We can now get through an area significantly quicker than we previously could. The product is now being trialled rather than tested. I say trialling because the product is already fit for purpose, but before bringing Awlfair SF to market we need to be 100 per cent certain on a variety of the application elements.” While the process and the technology have been proven in terms of quality, Savage does concede that there are a number of unknowns that must be explored until Awlfair SF is brought to market. Firstly, given the cost of the technology involved, the increase in quality and the reduction in labour costs, Pinmar must determine how

to cost the projects in a manner that is both profitable and attractive to clients. Additional developments include further reducing wastage and determining the maintenance costs of the technology. With this system still in its infancy, relatively speaking, there remain some unknowns over the life cycle of the technology and the cost of servicing. Once these questions have been answered, all parties can begin to determine the market’s appetite for the new process. “This is a huge step change for the application market, but this is not the end of the line,” says Bremer. “Developing technology is like playing computer games; when you open one door you come to a new room with more doors and more choices. Because we have changed the process rather than the product we have opened a whole host of new doors for development. In the future, we could be looking at different spray heads, systems for robotic application, 3D measurement prior to application with intelligent spray nozzles. This is not a final technology that is on the table, but it is a solid base for further development and already signals a major improvement in this sector of application.” When you look broadly at where the superyacht market is today, it seems that those dedicated to the conservatism that once characterised the industry at large are beginning to see the error of their ways. With new technologies and leading-edge businesses that are willing to invest in the future, the superyacht industry is starting to hit the dizzying heights expected of it on a more regular basis. With Awlfair SF in its final stages of trialling, you can expect to see the results of this new technology soon in a shipyard near you. 07

#ARTOF CHARTER Y.CO offers over 1000 yachts for charter around the world, from 28m to over 130m. Experience yachting in an exceptional way. Experience Y.CO.

WWW.Y.CO | EXPERIENCE @Y.CO | +377 93 50 12 12

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Pinmar Charities Over the 31 years of the Pinmar Golf, the event has raised over 1.109.293€, all of which has been distributed to a diverse group of worldwide charities.

Over the 31 years of the Pinmar Golf, the event has raised €1,109,293 – all of which has been distributed to a diverse group of worldwide charities. We are proud to announce the distribution of charity funds from the 2019 Grand Finale of the Pinmar Golf event. This year, we are collaborating with the excellent Yachting Gives Back initiative, set up by our ex-colleague and Pinmar Golf legend Nick Entwisle, to distribute the portion of funds dedicated to Mallorcan charities. Nick and his team of yachtie volunteers have been working with local registered charities to provide muchneeded food and support to those most affected by the impact of the COVID crisis in the Balearics.

We also chose to support industry stalwarts Charlie Birkett and Gary Wright, Y.CO cofounders, in their inspiring HeadSouth expedition to the South Pole which raised a very significant sum for The Brain Tumour Charity. Pinmar would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players, sponsors and those who gave their time and money to support the 2019 Pinmar Golf fundraising. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to postpone the launch of the inaugural Pinmar Festival until 2021, and so our 2020 fundraising capabilities will be somewhat limited. Pinmar and its staff will continue to support our chosen charities during the remainder of the year, and we look forward to getting together again in 2021 to restart our fundraising programme in earnest. >> 09

The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Charities

Yachting Gives Back The COVID-19 crisis has swept the world, causing great suffering, hardship and tragic loss of life. While the virus has brought many businesses, enterprises and institutions to a grinding halt, the Yachting Gives Back team were not going to be dissuaded from helping those who really needed them. Having started their crusade in 2019, YGB have received support from generous donors across the island to help local people who lack the privileges that many of us are fortunate enough to take for granted. Their Heroes Against Hunger movement to bring nourishment to people who visit the Tardor Soup Kitchen, Mallorca Sense Fam, Shambhala Fundación, JoyRon Foundation and SOS Mamas in Palma was needed more than ever during the crisis. Aware that the storm was coming, YGB did what they do best and rallied the yachting community to give generously to their Go Fund Me pledge that generated €10,000 for the cause in just a few weeks. Spurred on by the initial success of their campaign, YGB continued to raise money and supplies for those on the streets, along with the sudden addition of those who, although having a roof over their heads, had no income as a result of the shutdown of the island’s tourism sector. From collecting and delivering cooked meals from various chefs in lockdown on board the yachts to gathering donations of food, fresh water, toiletries, clothes and bedding, YGB has not stopped pushing forward to help those in need.

on 28 Pinmar Golf Tournaments, I know as well as anyone how much hard work and generosity it takes to produce the very kind donation we have received. “The collapse of Mallorca’s tourist season has caused a massive and unforeseen increase in the number of people who need our help from around 500 to 600 to 5,000 to 6,000 and this is only taking figures from the charities we work with. Every euro of this wonderful donation will be used to assist the charities we support who are on the frontline of feeding and clothing Mallorca’s homeless, hungry and other people in need.”

It’s in times of crisis that real heroes shine through. Thank you, Nick Entwisle and your team at Yachting Gives Back for your tireless efforts to help the hungry and homeless.

Yachting Gives Back distributes everything it raises or collects to the following local registered charities:

Nick said, “On behalf of Yachting Gives Back, I would like to thank all of the Pinmar Golf team and everyone who donated to the Pinmar Golf Charity Fund. Having worked

-T he Shambhala Foundation. Registered Charity 100000000323 CIF number: G57805723 -A ssociació Tardor Registered Charity 311000008724 CIF number: G57837981 -F undación JoyRon Registered Charity 100000000353 -M allorca Sense Fam Registered in the Registry of the CAIB nº 7135 -S OS Mamas CIF number: G57819179


The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Charities

Y.CO - HeadSouth You’ve been involved in a series of major charitable fundraising expeditions. How did this one come about and where does it rank against the others? CB: We’ve both been involved in a number of extreme challenges over the years, including cycling from London to Monaco, London Marathons and an extreme mega-triathlon. A few years ago, we telemarked across Norway in support of the Royal Marine Charitable Trust (SBS) to raise funds for ex-servicemen and their families. Having had our first taste of cold-weather adventure, we agreed to support the Lewis Moody Foundation, which supports young people living with brain tumours, in a trek to the North Pole in 2015. We were so inspired by Lewis’s commitment to this amazing cause that when he asked if we’d like to tick off the South Pole with him it was hard to say no!

Y.CO sponsors the HeadSouth expedition in aid of the Lewis Moody Foundation which funds pioneering new research into brain tumours and improving survival rates. In January this year, a team of 10 joined polar explorer Alan Chambers MBE and former England rugby captain Lewis Moody MBE in a trek across the Antarctic plateau to the South Pole to raise £500,000 for the Foundation’s work. The team hauled heavy loads through some of the coldest temperatures on earth, stopping only to eat every couple of hours. HeadSouth was the final and most extreme challenge in the HeadsUp series. Expedition route - Starting point: Union Glacier Basecamp - Duration: 10 days, 8-12 hours a day of ice travel - The Team: Lewis Moody MBE, Charlie Birkett, Gary Wright, Alan Chambers MBE, Mike Gregory, Mike Tobi, Julian Mylchreest, Neil Counihan, Garrett Curran and Enrique Perez-Hernandez

GW: Out of all the challenges we’ve completed over the years – and there’ve been a few – the trek to the South Pole was by far the most extreme, both physically and mentally. Being dropped off on the Antarctic plateau was a real shock to the system, not only because you really feel a million miles away from everything you know, but also because of the feeling of being at high altitude, caused not only by the elevation of 2,800 metres but [also] the extremely low air pressure. With this making every movement more challenging, suddenly the enormity of what we were undertaking became very real. >>

We spoke to Charlie Birkett and Gary Wright, two of the biggest charity supporters and fundraisers in the superyacht industry, and co-founders of international yacht services, management and brokerage company Y.CO.


The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Charities

challenge as it was physically exhausting. Our days started by boiling snow for three hours just to have enough to fill our bottles and make food then, after nine to 10 hours on the ice, pulling around 70kg, we had to dig trenches, put up our tents and repeat the process again. CB: The monotony of trekking across the ice for hours on end was really challenging. I only had one playlist on my phone so spent the entire challenge listening to the same songs on repeat. I think it will be a while before I can listen to them again! In all seriousness, these trips are a challenge, and we expect them to be. We do them in the hope they will inspire others – our colleagues and family – to go out there and do great things in support of great causes like this. How did the expedition team come together and what was the camaraderie like during the trip? GW: You start these challenges with a group of guys you don’t know, and you finish with friends. You really do go through so much in the time you’re together. The success of the challenge depends on each individual finishing: if one person doesn’t make it then nobody does. So you have to stick together and help each other through, no matter how tough it gets!

Can you tell us about your commitment to The Lewis Moody Foundation and your relationship with Lewis? GW: Since meeting Lewis, we’ve always been struck by his incredible energy, enthusiasm and unfailing commitment to support those living with brain tumours and their families. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the brave young ambassadors who are living with brain cancer, and it’s been a humbling experience to have been able to partner with the Lewis Moody Foundation on the HeadsUp series of events which, aside from the North Pole and South Pole expeditions, has seen participants, including Y.CO team members, cycle through the mountains of Vietnam and Cambodia and trek coast to coast through the jungles of Costa Rica.

CB: On a trek like this, everyone has a bad day, it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s not IF you have a bad day, it’s when; whether it’s from altitude sickness, snow blindness, wind chill or something else. And to get over these bad days, it takes the camaraderie of the rest of the team to pull you through. When you were airlifted off to hospital with severe hypothermia, what was going through your mind? CB: For me, my bad day was the last day. I’d made it to less than two miles from the pole but as I started to go downhill I just felt further and further away from it. It’s horrendously scary how quickly hypothermia can get hold of you, and all of a sudden I was shivering in a sleeping bag. The team were amazingly supportive and called for a truck to come and take me the remaining 1.5 miles to the South Pole station where I was able to await the arrival of the others with a luxurious cup of tea! After trekking 58.5 miles, not finishing the trek was incredibly frustrating, but I was happy to be able to live to tell the tale – and hopefully inspire others to do their own challenges for causes they are passionate about.

CB: Of course, we’ve only been able to support Lewis because of the companies and individuals who have generously sponsored us over the years, including some of our direct competitors. It really goes to show what an amazing force for good the yachting industry can be when everyone pulls together. Leading up to the start of the expedition, did you have any doubts about what you were about to do? CB: Having been to the extreme of the North Pole and gone through everything you experience there, including a plane crash that we survived on our arrival in the Arctic, both Gary and I did question our sanity going off to do it all again!

How much did you raise in total? CB: HeadSouth raised around €400,000 and, just under a quarter of this total was raised by us, thanks to the generosity of our amazing sponsors.

GW: When you receive the kit list and see the satellite communication devices you need just to stay in touch, it really drives it home just how far away from normal life you’re going. This isn’t somewhere where you can just pick up the phone and call home, and it was a big decision to leave the business for three weeks and become virtually uncontactable. Luckily, we were able to leave it in the very capable hands of Holly, James and the team.

GW: As we funded all our logistics costs personally, every penny of the funds we raised will go to the Lewis Moody Foundation to fund the Tessa Jowell BRAIN-MATRIX, a first-of-its-kind clinical trial that is expected to deliver a global impact for brain-cancer patients worldwide. These challenges, and indeed the Foundation itself, would not exist were it not for the incredible sponsors who have donated so generously, so we’d like to thank everyone who supported us on this journey.

What, for you, was the biggest hurdle during the trek? GW: I think the effects that altitude had over the challenge were huge, and it took us all a few days to acclimatise. It made all the sled-pulling and walking so much harder. It was a gruelling routine that was as much of a mental 12

The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Charities

Blue Marine Foundation Pinmar have been proud supporters of Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) for many years and are firmly behind their goal of restoring our oceans to health. With the positive ‘go-getting’ attitude exuding from this foundation, their global marine projects and achievements continue to grow. Recently, BLUE have worked to help counter the potentially disastrous economic effects for small-business fishermen by launching the #LocalFishForDinner campaign and have capitalised on the positive impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on the global environment. Below are some of BLUE’s ongoing projects: - The high seas make up nearly two-thirds of the world’s ocean, yet less than one per cent are properly protected. BLUE has embarked on a two-year campaign to articulate a vision, raise awareness and encourage leadership in highseas conservation in order to protect Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. - A huge turning point for reef fishing in the Maldives came about recently when the very first reef-fishing code of conduct was signed. BLUE’s team in the Maldives, together with their partners on the ground, successfully implemented the first reef-fishing code of conduct in the country. This is a massively positive step towards sustainable tourism in the region that could potentially be influential to others too. BLUE is now running the #FishForTomorrow campaign in the Maldives to encourage responsible fishing during COVID-19. - Ever since the mass mortality event of more than 300 sei whales in Patagonia’s Gulf of Peñas in 2016, BLUE’s researchers have been gathering evidence to justify the designation of a vast marine protected area. As an area that is known as a feeding ground for some of the rarest baleen whales, BLUE believes that establishing this as a protected area and regulating unsustainable salmon farming will not only protect whales and their habitat, but also ensure that coastal fishing communities thrive.

“ Pinmar’s support has enabled BLUE to further increase its impact around the world and we hope to collaborate on a new project, local to Pinmar in Mallorca, in the future. The Pinmar Charity Fund also provides BLUE with extra exposure, allowing us to build our profile and ties within the superyacht industry that has long supported BLUE in its mission to protect 30 per cent of our world’s ocean by 2030.” Sarah-Jane Skinner Blue Marine Foundation. 13

The Pinmar Magazine . In it for the long haul

In it for the long haul With the 70m+ superyacht market growing at a rate of knots, we consider the primary motivations behind the development of large refit infrastructure. It has become almost a throwaway fact that superyachts are getting bigger, but this notion is backed up by the facts. While it can mean a great many things, such as 30-40m vessels increasing in volume on average, this phenomenon is most keenly felt in the unitary growth of the 70m+ sector. Since 2000, the 70m+ sector of the market has grown by 280 per cent – from 66 vessels in the fleet to 251 – and, as such, there is a profound need for the refit market to cater to this growing sector. We spoke with two of the market’s forerunners in large refit infrastructure, as well as the Pinmar team, to explore how this market is changing. “While we are a business that is open to all manner of opportunities, our primary focus is on the 70m+ refit and new-build markets, of which we are the market leader in the former,” says Rupert Savage, Group Commercial Director at >>

MB92's new shiplift consolidates the company as a worldwide reference in superyacht refit and repair. Images provided by MB92 Group

The Pinmar Magazine . xxxxxxx

This challenging period has demonstrated that our greatest asset is our community. We wish to thank all our families, colleagues, working partners and clients for their trust and collaboration in enabling us to continue working. We also wish to pay tribute to every single essential worker and health care professional for continuing to go above and beyond.

Thank you.


The Pinmar Magazine . In it for the long haul

Pinmar. “As well as being our core market, the 70m+ refit sector is also a growth area for the business as the market continues to expand in terms of units. In order to cater for this growth, it is imperative that Pinmar is operational within the sector’s top facilities.”

MB92 - Barcelona On 30 August 2019, MB92 Barcelona opened its 4,800-tonne shiplift to the superyacht market. The completed infrastructure represented a significant development for the refitting of large superyachts. The addition of the shiplift enabled MB92 Barcelona to lift and cater to nine superyachts up to 115m LOA on the dry at any one time.

For a number of years, the large superyacht refit market has been overly reliant on dated infrastructure, with the very largest projects necessitating the use of graving docks and floating docks. While infrastructure of this type still has a role to play in the refit sector, the development of large shiplifts has created infrastructural flexibility and efficiency that has been lacking to date.

The hard-standing area of the shiplift is 30,000sqm and includes an integrated keel pit with dimensions of eight metres depth, five metres width and 14.5m length, allowing it to further cater to the majority of sailing yachts globally.

“If you consider the history of the refit market, the industry has been reliant on slipways and dry docks,” explains Pepe García-Aubert, President of MB92 Group. “For larger vessels, these technologies have been used for centuries. However, in terms of efficiency, the shiplift is exponentially superior. Using the same available space, shipyards like MB92 in Barcelona and La Ciotat are now able to cater to vastly more large superyachts at the same time. With the 4,800-tonne shiplift that is operational in Barcelona, we are able to haul superyachts up to 115m in length, allowing us to refit the vessels on the dry. Not only are we able to cater to more vessels at one time, but it is also more costefficient for the owner and it reduces issues of stability that occur with various dockage systems. Furthermore, this infrastructure gives us the capacity to reduce our environmental impact.”

The shiplift uses a bidirectional rail system to facilitate flexible and more efficient manoeuvring of the vessels once hauled out. The supply of all essential services, such as fresh water and shore power connections, are available to all superyachts. MB92’s 4,800-tonne shiplift is currently the largest in the world that is exclusively dedicated to superyachts. Speaking on the launch of the new shiplift, Henk Dreijer, Chief Business Development Officer at MB92, said: “This development opens up a much wider range of options and flexibility for our clients during the traditionally busier period of the year, when scheduling dry-dock work can prove complicated.” Recognising the potential of the new shiplift to attract the larger vessels in the superyacht fleet, Pinmar’s sister company Technocraft has invested in more of the scaffolding and containment equipment required to cover such yachts on the hard simultaneously.

García-Aubert cites flexibility and efficiency as being the main motivation for the development of large infrastructure, and this has become even more vital as superyachts continue to grow in complexity as well as size. Indeed, when one considers how the developments in the refit market have been characterised in recent years, invariably you hit upon the truism that >>

“ Not only are we able to cater to more vessels at one time, but it is also more cost-efficient for the owner and it reduces issues of stability that occur with various dockage systems.” Pepe García-Aubert President of MB92 Group Image provided by MB92 Group


The Pinmar Magazine . In it for the long haul

superyacht owners expect more from their refit periods with ever shorter period times. Without first-class infrastructure, one could easily argue that the growth of the 70m+ superyacht market would be stymied by the impracticality and inefficiency of refit availability and yard periods, and this is perhaps never more true than in the United States. “When we first discussed the development of Savannah Yacht Center (SYC) four years ago, we looked at the market on the East Coast of the US and noted that there weren’t very many places that could handle large superyachts,” says Jim Berulis, Vice President of Savannah Yacht Center. “Rather than competing with the many shipyards in the region that can cater to superyachts up to 50m, we developed and launched a 3,200-tonne shiplift to complement our 120-metre graving dock in order to cater to more of the larger superyachts.” Given how prominent US owners are within the large superyacht sector, it has always been surprising just how little there is by way of domestic refit infrastructure in the US. Indeed, as the market continues to mature and professionalise, the development of high-quality global infrastructure and legitimate alternatives to the Mediterranean refit centres will become ever more important as the capacity of this sector continues to grow. “From Pinmar’s market-leading perspective, it is vital that we maintain close relationships with other market leaders in this sector,” adds Savage. “There will never be exclusivity in this market because boats move and business has to move with them, but we have excellent relationships with both MB92 and SYC. >>

Savannah Yacht Center Since opening its facilities on the East Coast of the US in September 2019, SYC became the only superyacht facility in the country with the capacity to cater to multiple yachts over 60m in length. The yard features a 3,240-tonne shiplift, 365m of floating docks for in-water servicing and paint refinishing, and a dry dock of up to 140m LOA. Electrical fabrication, joinery and fuelling services are available on-site. The shiplift and accompanying rail-transfer system can lift vessels up to 80m LOA with a 17.4m platform beam and up to 6.1m maximum draft. Speaking on the shiplift and the SYC facility, Jim Berulis, Vice President of SYC, said: “We installed the shiplift with the idea that we could accommodate boats up to the 80m range and take them out of the water, transfer them and service them ashore. The shiplift itself is capable of lifting 3,240 tonnes, which on a net basis means vessels of about 2,500 tonnes can be lifted, accounting for the vast majority of 80m superyachts. The vessel is then transferred to the hard space via a rail system, where we can then perform the refit work. If there are larger boats interested in our facilities, we have a 120m graving dock here that has recently had all its auxiliary equipment updated or replaced.” Pinmar operate a full paint facility at SYC, with state-of-theart spray cabins and workshops, and are quickly growing the expert Savannah-based paint team to complement existing teams at Rybovich in West Palm Beach and Derecktor in Fort Lauderdale.

Since 2000, the 70m-plus sector of the market has grown by 280 per cent – from 66 vessels in the fleet to 251 – and as such there is a profound need for the refit market to cater to this growing sector. 140m dry dock at Savannah Yacht Center


Savannah Yacht Center - not just a refit yard.



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The Pinmar Magazine . In it for the long haul

A key part of our strategy is also to continue fostering strong relationships with the growing Northern European refit business. As capacity in the 70m+ market continues to grow, it is vital for business continuity that infrastructure and facilities grow with it.” It has been said that the world’s commercial shipyards could easily accommodate large superyachts, but this argument is simplistic because it fails to appreciate the holistic nature of the superyacht experience. At quality refit facilities where large refit infrastructure is being completed, efficiencies and availability go hand-in-hand with nuanced approaches to the superyacht experience. In an industry that is service-driven, there have never been better options for large superyachts, their owners or the crews that work on board.

MB92 - La Ciotat On 27 September 2018, it was announced that MB92 La Ciotat had been awarded a 35-year exclusive lease for more than 23,000sqm of hard-standing that will be catered to by La Ciotat Shipyards’ 4,300-tonne shiplift, due for completion in 2022. MB92’s facility will have the ability to lift and service superyachts up to 105m LOA. MB92 La Ciotat will also be contributing a large investment into the shiplift, representing a long-term commitment in what will become the Mediterranean’s largest superyacht hub for refit and repair. The hard-standing area of the new shiplift project, named Atlas, will provide 1.25GW of power to each superyacht. La Ciotat Shipyards (LCS) has also confirmed that its new 4,300-tonne platform will have a net positive impact on the surrounding environment. Following the removal of 3,600 cubic metres of polluted sediment from the harbour, the platform will be equipped with the latest rainwater collection system. To keep CO2 emissions and disturbance to the immediate neighbourhood at the lowest possible level, up to 98 per cent of the 80,000 cubic metres of soil that will be excavated for the project will be reused on the site. Speaking on the new shiplift facility in La Ciotat, Ben Mennem, CEO of MB92 La Ciotat, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer our large-yacht customers an easily accessible new refit solution that complements the 2,000-tonne yacht lift and our 200-metre dry dock in La Ciotat, and enhances the wide array of docking facilities we provide for large yachts. We are committed to developing the refit business and look forward to working closely with La Ciotat Shipyards to increase megayacht workflow.” As La Ciotat continues to develop as a superyacht hub, Pinmar are investing in both new equipment and personnel with the expansion of the paint team and a new general manager for the French division. Future plans include a Yachting Village currently being built by La Ciotat Shipyards.


An artists impression of the new Atlas Project underway at La Ciotat Shipyards. Image © La Ciotat Shipyards

The Pinmar Magazine . Meet Pinmar's global customer facing teams

Meet Pinmar's global customerfacing teams Pinmar is unique in offering a global paint service to the superyacht fleet from almost any shipyard facility, including its network of refit hubs in key locations around the world.

Each of Pinmar’s operational bases are permanently staffed with a team of highly experienced and qualified experts who, with the support of a centralised headoffice team and access to its global CRM system, are geared up to provide a personalised service to every customer. All operational bases are fully equipped with the specialist paint facilities required to complete the largest and most complex paint services.

Manu Ayme - Head of Sales - Palma Manu Ayme joined GYG in 2006 in a logistical support role during the construction of two new builds in the South of Spain. Since then he has followed the business around Europe with extensive spells in Pendennis, Cartagena and Viareggio to eventually join up with the team at the Palma de Mallorca headquarters in the summer of 2008. During his time in Palma he has held a number of management positions within the company, including Joint Head of Production for all European operations before moving into his current position. His vast technical experience and management skills on a range of different projects allow him to understand our clients’ needs and meet their expectations. Manu has grown in each role, in parallel with the growth of the business and has, alongside his team, created the identity and approach to projects, both big and small, that we continue to develop today.

“Over the last few years we have transformed the commercial structure of our operations to optimise efficiency and accuracy, as well ensure we have experienced and highly qualified teams in each our of core locations, enabling us to provide the very best personalised service to all our clients and shipyard partners,” says Rupert Savage, Group Commercial Director. “The teams are connected through our CRM system, ensuring they have access to our extensive yacht, client, and project database. Our quoting process is now centralised with a team of highly trained experts based in Palma who use the latest technology to research, measure, analyse and cost every project, leading to the creation of a highly detailed and bespoke proposal for every project. The global teams work together with weekly video conference calls to review the progress of every potential project and client enquiry. I am delighted to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the key client-facing players from around Pinmar’s world.”

Team Palma, Spain (Head Office)

His current role as Head of Sales brings his extensive production experience to the global sales team and ensures a detailed technical approach to each project evaluation. Working closely with Rupert Savage, he leads on coordinating Pinmar relationships with shipyards, management companies and facilitating the sharing of intelligence and project information across the sales and commercial teams. Manu is a big advocate of Pinmar’s turnkey solutions, bringing together Technocraft’s Containment and Hardware divisions, Pinmar Yacht Supply and other key contractors during a project.

Palma doubles as the Group’s head office as well as its largest operational hub with over 250 staff based permanently in Mallorca. Pinmar, Pinmar Yacht Supply and Technocraft all have their main offices, warehouses and specialist research and training facilities within reach of the Port of Palma and its two leading shipyards, STP and Astilleros de Mallorca. Palma has become a major superyacht refit centre in the Mediterranean with further expansion planned. It offers both full service and open yard refit models together with travelift capacity of up to 1,000 tonnes, slipway capacity up to 1700 tonnes, extensive hard standing areas and in-water berths up to 120m.

Manu explains “We have come a long way in our Commercial Department. Our structure and procedures are now much more innovative, methodical and 22

The Pinmar Magazine . Meet Pinmar's global customer facing teams

Daniel Butterfield Daniel joined the team in 2018 after completing his IT studies in Mallorca and in just a short period has quickly acquired a working knowledge of each department, becoming instrumental in the analytical side of the commercial team. Dan has been heavily involved in the development of our CRM system, where his IT and technical skills have been crucial to the methodology for implementing strict scientific parameters to Pinmar’s quoting process. His commitment and eagerness to develop new skills have made him a key member of a growing team.

elaborated. Our operational knowledge has enabled us to capture a clear concept of the task ahead with each project through its tender period, allowing for smooth execution. Our long-term goals are to be consistent with these values and to build and strengthen the relationships that we have with our partners and clients.” Charlie Barnard Charlie has been working within the production team as Project Coordinator for refit projects and acting as the link between client and operations in Palma since 2016. Having grown up on the island of Mallorca surrounded by boats it was no surprise when he started working in the yachting industry at age 18. After working as crew on several yachts and discovering first-hand the complexity of refits, he jumped at the opportunity to join Pinmar. Charlie coordinates the refit projects in Palma de Mallorca. His role begins at the very start of a refit during the initial handover process between our commercial and production teams, and he follows each project through to the final stages ensuring the client is kept up to date with all aspects of progress and stepping in to solve any issues along the way.

Emma Conway Emma has been part of our commercial department in Palma since January 2016. You may know her best from her involvement with Pinmar Golf for a number of years, which is where her fascination with the industry began. From a young age, Emma’s interest in aviation led to her studies in engineering, however, arriving in Mallorca almost 20 years ago, Emma found herself on a completely new path that led to tourism and finance which has provided her with a very broad base of experience to draw upon during her responsibilities as Commercial Manager, overseeing the back-office support functions of the commercial team. >>

Pinmar’s global headquarters in the STP shipyard, Palma de Mallorca


The Pinmar Magazine . Meet Pinmar's global customer facing teams

Yola Ruiz Yola Ruiz has been working for the company since 2014. After 14 years in the UK working for an international marketing company as PA and Hospitality Manager, she decided to immerse herself in one of the largest industries on the island; yachting. Yola has since developed her knowledge within the company and has a wide range of experience across different departments. Having started in the company as the communications link between the HR and Production Department, she joined the commercial team in 2019 where she adds great value working on quotes for projects. She has daily communication with Technocraft’s management to ensure the delivery of quotes on time and that all the provided information is correct.

arose, and she jumped at the chance to be able to acquire more knowledge of the yachting industry. Responsible for managing and correctly updating CRM content, the gathering of information and setting up of paint proposals, Fotini makes sure that each unique project has the correct information for the unique requirements of each client.

Team Barcelona, Spain Strategically located in the hub of the Mediterranean, the leading superyacht refit shipyard MB92 is one of our most valued partners. Pinmar has been operating in MB92 since it opened 28 years ago and in that time we have painted many of the largest and most prestigious superyachts in the global fleet. Each unique project is managed by a dedicated team of experienced superyacht specialists that provide a world-class painting and finishing service. With over 25 years’ experience and rigorous training, the team is dedicated to each client, new and returning, to complete a successful, on-schedule project.

Fotini Dede Having completed a degree in management and accounting, Fotini was able to dive straight into working in an accounts team in a busy environment, handling large amounts of data whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. Fotini joined Pinmar’s commercial department in 2019 when the opportunity 24

The Pinmar Magazine . Meet Pinmar's global customer facing teams

Matt Campi - General Manager - Barcelona Matt started his career in the yachting industry in 1995 when he worked as crew on some of the most iconic yachts of the era. Matt then began his life at Pinmar in 2001 in what was then called the Yacht Supplies and Sales division. Moving to Project Manager in the production department, he was involved in overseeing various projects for Pinmar in locations across Germany, France and Turkey. In 2009 he became General Manager of our Barcelona site, running the entire division and forming an integral part of the expansion and growth of Pinmar within MB92 Barcelona at that time.

first’ approach, Matt is always available to support our customers throughout their journey with Pinmar and provide a hands-on solution. “The completion last year of MB92’s new ship lift facility, with capacity for vessels in excess of 4000 tonnes and 100 meters in length, has more than doubled the amount of superyachts than can be on the hard standing and therefore potential refit projects that can be carried out,” explains Matt. “The future for Pinmar Barcelona and PYS Barcelona is stronger than ever and our goal is to solidify our position as the premium yacht painting company and supplier for this centre.” Arantxa Cuervo After joining Pinmar in 2007, Arantxa progressed swiftly within the team, leading to her current role as the Barcelona Office Manager since 2011. She is responsible for all the administration related to yacht accounts, projects and communication between GYG Barcelona and MB92, along with all the necessary planning of human resources for projects in both Barcelona and overseas. Arantxa has been an integral part of the success and growth of the team in Barcelona over the last decade. >>

With his infectious character and ‘can-do’ attitude, Matt is well respected by those in his team and the tight-knit Barcelona community of project managers, partners and suppliers working out of MB92. Promoting a ‘client


The Pinmar Magazine . Meet Pinmar's global customer facing teams

Javier Casanova Javier brings over 20 years of knowledge and experience to the team having joined Pinmar Barcelona back in 1996. His wealth of experience and the numerous successful paint projects under his belt have led to him recently becoming Senior Project Manager for the Barcelona production division. With these solid foundations in addition to being very well connected within the industry, Javier is an exceptional leader for the team that operates out of Barcelona and he uses his refined expertise to ensure each unique project is completed successfully and cost-effectively.

team. Naturally agreeable and adept at collaborating on complex projects, Adrien makes sure clients have full support during their time in the shipyards and can be seen daily working with our project team and partners to maintain customer satisfaction. Caroline Gosset With more than 8 years’ experience working in the superyacht refit sector, 5 of those in project management, Caroline has developed a strong knowledge of refit, repair and paint projects since she joined Pinmar. Alongside the skills she acquired through this experience, she completed the RMCI certification in 2019. In her current role, she keeps in close contact with clients and the team to ensure that all the elements of a project are planned efficiently, within budget and finished on time, delivering high-quality results.

Team La Ciotat, France Since we integrated the ACA Marine business we have prioritised La Ciotat as a strategically important Mediterranean refit location, especially with the major expansion plans announced by La Ciotat Shipyards. We are investing in the development of the team and facilities in La Ciotat with a view to creating another important operational refit hub for Pinmar and its sister company Technocraft, so that we can offer turnkey services in France and locally to our refit partners MB92 and Monaco Marine. We recently appointed Mar Pallàs as General Manager to champion our ambitious growth strategy in France.

Aymeric Gerard After finishing industrial engineering school on the west coast of France, Aymeric was employed by ACA Marine to project manage superyacht new builds and refits in locations across England, Holland, Spain and France. Since joining Pinmar he has contributed to over 50 refit and new build projects ranging from 50m to 130m in length and holds industry qualifications in both technical coatings inspection and corrosion protection and treatment. He currently manages several refit works in the South of France, coordinating entire projects and ensuring the process is completed successfully and on time.

Mar Pallàs - General Manager - La Ciotat Pinmar welcomed Mar Pallàs as General Manager for the French division in March 2020, just before the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown took hold. This, however, has not stopped her from heading up the French division for what has since been a busy summer period. Mar has more than 7 years’ experience in the tech industry, working for American and European start-up companies, with the mission of growing businesses from scratch or turning them around. Mar leads the commercial and operational teams in La Ciotat and takes overall responsibility for looking after our customers and partners to provide holistic satisfaction and performance in France. “Our goal over the next couple of years, along with the expansion of the shipyard here at La Ciotat, is to strengthen our relationships with our key industry partners and shipyards and continue to deliver successful turnkey projects to our customers,” explains Mar.

Team USA It has been a busy 12 months for Pinmar in the USA. Having previously expanded our offices and facilities in Fort Lauderdale with new offices at Rybovich’s Riviera Beach facility in West Palm Beach, we then opened a state of the art paint facility at the new superyacht refit facility, Savannah Yacht Center (SYC) in Savannah, Georgia. In June 2019 Derik Wagner joined us as Managing Director to head up the development of Pinmar in North America, supported by Pinmar’s Director of Sales, USA, Phil Burgess. In November we strengthened the team with the appointment of new production and back office staff to ensure we have the necessary blend of skills and experience in each of our three operational hubs. Derik Wagner - Executive Director - USA Industry veteran Derik Wagner is responsible for leading the US management team and driving the strategic development of the business in North America and the Caribbean. Derik is exceptionally well connected in the global yacht industry. With more than 20 years of global sales, business development

Adrien Poncet Adrien Poncet began his career with ACA Marine as a project manager in 2016. Following the acquisition of ACA Marine by Pinmar, he recently accepted the key role of Sales Manager where he takes care of current and future clients throughout the entire commercial process, from initial enquiry until project completion, working together with our centralised administration 26

The Pinmar Magazine . Meet Pinmar's global customer facing teams

and management experience, he is mostly recognised for his previous role as Managing Director of MTN’s Service business. Operating out of Pinmar’s USA head office in Rybovich, West Palm Beach, Derik looks to expand the company’s services with its existing partners and lead the next phase of the company’s development in the USA.

Y & D Yacht Refinishing, with partner Yuriel Morales, as well as previous roles with Rybovich and Classic Yacht Refinishing. A seasoned professional, Dayan has managed refinishing projects on some of the finest yachts in the world, taking pride in the quality of work and using his refined expertise to ensure each project is completed successfully and costeffectively. Dayan manages the relationships with our customers and service providers during the refit project, providing clarity and reassurance. Dayan is also a strong motivational leader who enjoys coaching and mentoring to help every team member achieve their full potential, he holds a crucial role in the ambitious growth programme of the USA market expansion.

Phil Burgess Phil Burgess recently took on a new role as Director of Sales, USA, and business development in support of the extensive new growth plan for the expansion of the USA market. Having spent more than 30 years as a superyacht captain, Phil joined Pinmar as USA General Manager in 2013. With his previous experience working on shipyard refits on both sides of the world, he is well placed to liaise with captains, owner’s representatives and fleet managers throughout the inspection and quotation process, working with centralised administration team, to ensure a personalised proposal is delivered. Phil is now operating across Pinmar’s three locations in Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach in South Florida and Savannah, Georgia. Supremely dedicated to his clients and their yachts, Phil will do everything he can to ensure the Pinmar paint experience is the best it can be.

Please contact your local Pinmar team to discuss your next paint refit or for general advice about paint systems. Social links:

Dayan Gil Dayan Gil joined the production team as Senior Paint Supervisor in Pinmar’s USA base at Rybovich. His extensive experience with superyacht painting and project management makes him the ideal person for the role, having formerly run his own business,

Pinmar’s offices in Rybovich Riviera Beach refit facility in West Palm Beach, Florida






The Pinmar Magazine . Painting Black Shark

Painting Black Shark The 77m project Black Shark will feature a matt black colour scheme to replicate the appearance of a shark’s skin. Having been selected for the application of the project’s integral and unique paint system, Pinmar previews the painting phase of the build and reveals the detail involved in delivering such an intricate paint specification. In 2019, German shipyard Nobiskrug announced its intention to give the superyacht industry exclusive behind-the-scenes access throughout the build process of project Black Shark, in collaboration with owner's representative and construction supervisor Imperial Yachts. With a striking exterior design penned by Winch Design, the project features an imposing reverse bow and lines emulating the shape of a shark. Integral to the overall impact of the exterior, however, is the colour and finish of the paint system: a matt black hull to mimic the texture of shark skin and a metallic superstructure to complement the mast, which is cleverly designed to resemble a shark fin. “Black Shark will be very unique in appearance, combining a matt black hull with gloss black detailing,” says James Russell, Black Shark’s project manager at Winch Design. “This will be something very different and the paint process will be key to ensuring the design is brought to life. Combined with the metallic silver superstructure, it will result in a striking aesthetic. The surface preparation will be key to ensuring the matt black areas are pure and contrast with the gloss black chamfers, therefore ensuring the all-important ‘shark’ look is captured.” Imperial project manager for Black Shark, Nick Flashman, agrees that the painting phase will be a key milestone of the project. “What is essential during the painting process is that the fairing is of the highest quality, as the dark colours are very unforgiving, and the paint lasts and shines for the longest time possible,” he adds. “This is why the >>

Artist impression of Project Black Shark. Image supplied by Nobiskrug.

The Pinmar Magazine . Painting Black Shark

team at Imperial gives specific care and attention during this process: it can’t be less than 100 per cent successful.” The paint application, therefore, comes with great responsibility, and this is one of the reasons why leading paint applicator Pinmar has been selected for the job. “Pinmar is a well-known and reputable company in the segment,” adds Fadi Pataq, sales and marketing director at Nobiskrug. “Black Shark’s complex and unique paint specifications were the main reasons behind our decision to select Pinmar, a company that has proven to be a reliable partner in previous projects.” For Pinmar, the project has come about following a change in strategy: in the past three years, the company has generated a renewed focus on the new-build market and is strengthening its relationships in northern Europe. As GYG’s Group Commercial Director Rupert Savage explains, this new approach has put Pinmar in the perfect position to be first choice for exciting new-build projects such as Black Shark. “Traditionally, Pinmar’s strategy for winning New Build business was based on Pinmar's long-term client relationships with owner’s representatives, management companies or captains,” explains Savage. “In 2018 we changed our strategy to also focus on building long term relationships with shipyards and becoming application partners of these yards. The goal is to be operating consistently in these Northern European yards and working on several new-build projects simultaneously. We are strengthening our new build management team and highly experienced workforce, so we continue to give our clients the very best service and quality which Pinmar has built its reputation on, while ensuring we don’t interfere with our activities within the refit market.”

all stakeholders will fine tune the technical specification for this unique superyacht.” The matt black topcoat might be more technically challenging to apply than a gloss topcoat, but GYG’s Head of Operations James Millott is unfazed. “Satin and matt topcoats can be more difficult to apply because they don’t have the same flow as a gloss coating, so the applicators have to be careful to work in a uniform way to achieve a harmonious finish,” Millott advises. “Having said that, we have a very experienced team of applicators that have done many projects with complex coatings, so we are confident in our ability to achieve the right quality.” In fact, GYG has a proven record with other matt black finishes – including that of motor yacht Air at Monaco Marine in 2016. However, while Black Shark’s end result may look similar to Air’s, the use of a different product necessitates a completely fresh approach. “As a group, we have always been involved in specialist coatings systems, and we are not afraid to work with new systems, but each one is unique and behaves differently and we need to learn how to use it,” explains Savage. “While we have the previous experience with matt black applications, our applicators will still have extensive training in conjunction with AkzoNobel to make sure we have 100 per cent confidence with the product and its application, before we start spraying the hull.” >>

With Nobiskrug and Imperial lifting the lid on a design and construction process that would traditionally be highly confidential, Pinmar recognises the unique prospect to detail the planning, preparation and work that goes into executing such a project. “As we rarely get the opportunity to demonstrate what we do, many clients don’t understand the new-build process and what differentiates Pinmar from any other application company, so we are looking forward to being able to show the market the structured way in which we operate,” adds Savage. AkzoNobel has been chosen as the coatings supplier for the project. “Black Shark is quite an exception for AkzoNobel – the design, in combination with the choice of colour, means this is a standout project that makes us all excited,” explains René Bremer, global account manager superyacht at AkzoNobel. “Our technical staff, as well as our colour development and marketing teams, are closely involved in the preparation phase. An intense cooperation with

A pre-inspection of the vessel's surfaces is a key step in Pinmar's new build process

30 want to rely on experienced partners. 20 years of coating systems assessment.

u, k yo r n a o Th ar, f Pinm ars of e 31 y y golf! it char


The Pinmar Magazine . Painting Black Shark

For a project such as Black Shark, there is typically several months’ worth of commercial discussions surrounding the paint specifications and technical details before a contract is even signed. During this stage, Pinmar brings its knowledge and experience to the table to ensure the correct advice is being given and the most applicable products are being discussed. Once the contract is agreed, it is then crucial for Pinmar’s commercial team to handover to the production division to ensure they can deliver what has been agreed. This is a detailed process where the final contract, any specific requirements and technical specifications are reviewed and then stored in Pinmar’s CRM system so they are available to the project manager to refer to throughout the project. Once the fairing and painting phase of the project approaches, Pinmar then starts working with the shipyard to organise the logistics. “We have a project manager and logistics person start onsite earlier than the rest of the team to get familiar with the shipyard, double check everything is in place and receive deliveries of materials,” says Millott. “It is at this stage that any teething problems can be ironed out before the larger onsite production team arrives. When

the shipyard has the scaffold in place, we do a full survey of the boat and all the areas the team will be coating to check the vessel’s surfaces. It’s also a good opportunity for our project team to get familiar with the boat, the shipyard team and owner’s representatives.” Depending on how the shipyard releases the boat to Pinmar for paint application, for this project, Pinmar could have a team of between 20 to 40 people onsite at any one time. Pinmar’s health and safety department is responsible for coordinating with the shipyard to ensure that all these staff are fully briefed on the shipyard’s health and safety protocols, as well as the environmental regulations that must be followed. Coinciding with this, the Pinmar application team will be working in collaboration with AkzoNobel to ensure the agreement of all stakeholders on the expectations and output quality of the project. “We’ll provide calibrated samples for project spray outs and safeguard stock that is tailormade for the project,” Bremer adds. “Training will be provided to application staff and our experience will be shared accordingly onsite, ensuring the highest-expected quality. ‘Teamwork’ is the Holy Grail on projects like these.” Once in receipt of the shipyard's construction plans, Pinmar’s project planning team prepare detailed project and manpower plans that are tracked on a daily basis during the project. “The plans highlight major milestones and inspections with the shipyard and owner’s team,” continues Millott. Communication and coordination with the shipyard is key, so Pinmar’s onsite manager will meet daily with the shipyard’s project lead to discuss progress, anything that needs trouble shooting and to find solutions to any problems that have been found. All of Pinmar’s works are recorded by its in-house quality control system. “We have a bespoke software application that we use to record all project data,” Millott adds. “The project managers use the app to log all critical project data from product batch numbers and environmental conditions to what work has been carried out, where and by whom on a daily basis.”

James Millott GYG's Head of Operations

It is this meticulous, process-driven approach to every project that differentiates Pinmar from its competitors. “The ability to work simultaneously on multiple projects, in multiple locations around the world, comes from having a professional onsite project management team that is heavily supported by a strong back office, sophisticated tracking and control systems and with close scrutiny from the senior management team,” Savage concludes. “Because a new build project can be a moving target, with a lot of moving parts, it is the work behind the scenes that allows the onsite teams to perform effectively.” 32

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The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review The end of an era for The Pinmar Golf.


The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

In October 2019, Pinmar hosted the ‘Grand Finale’ of The Pinmar Golf, marking the end of an era for one of the yachting industry’s most cherished and highly regarded events. Held annually for the past three decades, The Pinmar Golf has evolved from its origins as a small local tournament into an international industry event. The final edition followed Pinmar’s announcement that the company would be heading in a new direction with its events programme. Members from every corner of the yachting world gathered in Mallorca from 17 to 19 October for a special celebration to commemorate the culmination of 31 years of The Pinmar Golf. The weather behaved for the occasion, with both Thursday and Friday golf teams treated to a round of golf while bathed in autumnal sunshine


Over the years, The Pinmar Golf has created a platform to bring together people within the yachting industry to socialise, network and raise money for some very worthy charities around the world.


The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

at Golf Son Gual, meaning spirits were high all day on the course. A total of 81 teams of competitive golfers played a Texas Scramble over four sessions, battling it out for the tournament’s renowned prizes. The various bars dotted around the course offered golfers plentiful refreshments and kickstarted the charitable donations thanks to the volunteer bar staff provided by the sponsors and yachts. Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, golfers and non-golfers alike soaked up the vibrant atmosphere on the terrace, enjoying lunch, drinks and relaxed networking alongside an upbeat DJ set.


The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

The ‘Social Player’ package, created for nonregular golfers who wanted to participate in some light-hearted golf among the social atmosphere at the clubhouse, offered a putting competition and driving-range clinic each day. Sponsored by Gym Marine and David Store Navigational Management respectively, these gave the social players the opportunity to practise their putting and swing techniques. Golfers on the Friday were also fortunate to have former Open Champion Paul Lawrie OBE make an appearance to offer some handy coaching tips and advice. The Friday Night VIP Party returned to Cappuccino in Puerto Portals. After two days of golf, the party provided the perfect opportunity for guests to unwind. With drinks flowing and live music as entertainment, the party continued late into the night. As such, the Captains’ Brunch on Saturday morning, featuring a delicious spread of food, was a welcome treat. Attendees could enjoy the excitement of both Rugby World Cup quarter-final matches that were being played on big screens while soothing any sore heads with an endless supply of Bloody Marys. >>


The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

The dazzling evening of entertainment provided the perfect setting to draw the curtain on 31 years of The Pinmar Golf, which has raised €1,109,293 for the Pinmar Charities Fund over this time.


The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

The ‘Grand Finale’ celebrations culminated with The Awlgrip Black Tie Prizegiving, Gala Dinner and After Party at the stunning Son Amar estate outside of Palma. The traditional Mallorquin finca provided an atmospheric terrace for pre-dinner drinks and canapés and a covered fountain area for the prize-giving ceremony. British TV presenter Gabby Logan hosted the proceedings, where the prestigious Pinmar trophy went to Sanora as winners of the best yacht team. GYG plc CEO Remy Millott also addressed the audience to pay tribute to The Pinmar Golf’s long history and explain the decision to create a new event concept. The ceremony was followed by a delicious dinner in Son Amar’s purpose-built theatre, an incredible live show, uplifting music performed by the Function Band and plenty of fundraising expertly hosted by Gabby Logan. It was another memorable evening topped off by the after party that continued well into the early hours. The dazzling evening of entertainment provided the perfect setting to draw the curtain on 31 years of The Pinmar Golf which has raised €1,109,293 for the Pinmar Charities Fund over this time thanks to the generous backing of its industry sponsors. Over the years, The Pinmar Golf has created a platform to bring together people within the yachting industry to socialise, network and raise money for some very worthy charities around the world. With Pinmar’s events programme entering a new chapter, the ‘Grand Finale’ of The Pinmar Golf was full of nostalgia and celebration, but the industry can now look forward to the spirit of the tournament continuing in a fresh and exciting way. Event Photography: Stuart Pearce, Vicki McLeod and Oliver Neilson. 39

The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

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The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

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The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Golf 2019 event review

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The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Yacht Supply

Pinmar Yacht Supply superyacht chandlery store inside MB92 Barcelona

In June 2020, GYG’s Pinmar Yacht Supply began the roll-out of its new branding across all platforms following the realignment of its growth strategy, which places a much greater focus on the servicing of superyachts’ purchasing requirements. Commenting on what motivated the strategy change, GYG CEO Remy Millott said, “We have been analysing the performance of Pinmar Yacht Supply and monitoring changes in market behaviour, and, similar to what has occurred in other sectors, we have seen a shift from traditional retail and ad hoc purchasing to the adoption of more strategic buying practices

supported by digital communications and transactions. Today, the yacht’s bosun is less likely to go into the local chandlery to find a spare part or buy a short-term supply of maintenance products. Superyachts, like most businesses, are streamlining their supply chain by selecting key suppliers who can provide them with a fast, efficient, and personalised service with direct delivery to the yacht’s current or future location.” Pinmar Yacht Supply is working towards fully digitally enabled procurement services centred on a personalised supply service that delivers directly to each yacht. With the new yacht-centric service model, each yacht is allocated with a dedicated 44

The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Yacht Supply

account manager responsible for delivering a personalised supply service from quoting through to delivery. The process is powered by our CRM system, which stores yacht details and account information. The system is linked to Marine Traffic, allowing us to check the movements of our clients so that we can get in contact at the right time understanding their current location and movements. Having a single supplier with an experienced account manager who knows your yacht; its location, inventory, account details and will take personal care of ensuring your order is delivered on time to your required location is immensely valuable as it saves the crew time, is easy to control purchasing expenditure and provides access to the best tariffs. Over time your account manager understands the dynamics of your vessel and its buying history, preferred brands etc. This shift in purchasing practices was accelerated by the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. These practices have remained in place after the restrictions were lifted as the advantages became clear to captains, pursers and fleet procurement managers.

Pinmar Yacht Supply - distribution centre in Barcelona

GYG’s central marketing team developed this fresh new image to signify Pinmar Yacht Supply’s new direction. The new brand acknowledges Pinmar’s forty-five-year heritage servicing the superyacht industry whilst the design conveys the dynamism of the business model and the yachtcentric focus. The new brand was launched across the company’s portfolio of digital platforms in June, including web, email and all sales documentation whilst shops, vehicles, packaging, retail partners and distribution centres will roll-out the new branding during the quieter end of the summer period. This will also replace the old uniform with a revamped design incorporating the new colours and branding. A new leadership team has been created to spearhead the new strategy with Luis Bestard recently appointed as General Manager of Pinmar Yacht Supply. Luis’s Pinmar journey is an impressive one; having joined the company 12 years ago as junior storeman he has worked his way up the organisation gaining experience of all facets of the business, technical product knowledge, and an excellent understanding of the superyacht supply chain. As a member of GYG’s senior management team he is now responsible for leading Pinmar Yacht Supply as it enters a new era. “Our goal for this new focus of Pinmar Yacht Supply is to see better forecasting of our clients supply needs, streamlining services for yachts and to have closer contact with our clients in the future,” explains Luis. >>

“ Superyachts are streamlining their supply chain by selecting key suppliers who can provide them with a fast, efficient, and personalised service”


The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Yacht Supply

Supporting Luis in his new role is Liz Wood, head of Yacht Sales who has been instrumental in the growth of Pinmar Yacht Supply. Having joined Pinmar in 2013 after the merge with Rolling Stock, Liz together with her teams in Palma and Barcelona ensures superyacht orders are not only interpreted correctly, but delivered on time, every time. “The product knowledge and consistent training that our team has with all key suppliers helps yacht crew identify the right products and any auxiliary products for the job required. I am excited about the new focus of PYS and to move towards an easier, more personalised process for superyacht captains and their teams,” says Liz. Pinmar Yacht Supply will retain its stores located inside key shipyards to continue to service the daily chandlery needs of yachts in refit. These locations include its main chandlery stores in STP in Mallorca and MB92 in Barcelona. The upper floor of its Barcelona retail store has recently been converted to become a superyacht showroom and meeting facility where the account managers can meet with the captains and officers of the superyachts berthed in MB92 and Port Vell to discuss their purchasing requirements and solutions. Planning is underway to convert Pinmar’s other Palma store outside STP to create a similar facility in Mallorca.

In addition to its chain of chandlery stores and superyacht showrooms, Pinmar also has a network of retail partners in other key superyacht destinations including La Ciotat, Gibraltar, Girona, Malta and the Canary Islands. Each of these independently managed chandleries benefits from Pinmar’s buying power and has access to their core stock of essential marine products. Pinmar’s team of experts can swiftly source and supply everything from urgent spare parts to specialist safety equipment, paints and primers to trendsetting water sport toys. With this network of retail partners in strategic locations and other marinas along the Mediterranean coast, Pinmar Yacht Supply has the capability to get whatever product you need to any location, at any time of year.

Pinmar Yacht Supply Links Contact info: Email: Tel: +34 661 87 62 89 Business link


The Pinmar Magazine . Pinmar Yacht Supply

Our specialist supply team have over 40 years of background knowledge at their advantage when it comes to making sure products are delivered safely and effectively, particularly when shipping hazardous materials where it is crucial to handle such products with care. This year has seen our warehouse capacity double in Palma and Barcelona to accommodate the increase in both sales and product portfolio as the needs of superyacht clients diversify, as well as being able to satisfy more bulk purchases. These behind the scenes facilities underpin Pinmar Yacht Supply’s ability to service superyachts wherever they cruise and ensure supply of key operational and maintenance products year-round. As one of the leading distributors in Spain for many of the marine industry’s biggest brands, Pinmar Yacht Supply sells the widest range of products at market leading prices, backed by a team that has both the product knowledge and technical know-how to assist yacht crews in sourcing exactly the right products for the job. We aim to provide our yacht customers with a premium global chandlery service, supported by a strong retail network across the Mediterranean so that we can reach and service you wherever you are. Please get in touch with the team to see how we can simplify and improve your superyacht purchasing process with a fast, highly efficient, and personalised global service.

Pinmar Yacht Supply - superyacht hub in MB92 Barcelona


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America’s Cup

In the context of the coronavirus, it’s a happy accident that the next America’s Cup is set to take place in Auckland, New Zealand, in the early part of 2021. One has to wonder if the 36th edition would have been able to go ahead on schedule if it had taken place anywhere else in the world. Written by Andy Rice.

The battle for the oldest trophy in sport will see the holders, Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ), lining up against whichever of its rivals makes it through the challenger series to the America’s Cup Final, due to commence on 6 March, 2021. There were still four challengers at the time of writing, although the shoestring American campaign known as Stars+Stripes looks very unlikely to materialise. The fight for the right to go up against the Kiwis will be a battle between three well-funded teams – American Magic, Ineos Team UK and Luna Rossa from Italy.

Word is that, in return for providing significant financial and logistical support for ETNZ’s victorious assault on Bermuda 2017, Luna Rossa boss Patrizio Bertelli was demanding a monohull to take the event back to its traditional roots. Grant Dalton, CEO of Emirates Team New Zealand, never hides his intense disdain for fellow Kiwi Russell Coutts, the five-time Cup winner who, with billionaire owner Larry Ellison, had heralded in the high-speed multihull era of the Cup. A return to monohulls would be the ultimate two-finger salute to Coutts’s short-lived legacy.

Having so comprehensively mastered the previous design rule – the high-speed hydrofoiling AC50 catamarans – it would have been unsurprising to see New Zealand produce an evolution of those wing-masted, twin-hulled wonders. So why didn’t the Kiwis make life easy on themselves and opt for some form of continuity?

Most expected to see little more than an updated version of a conventional displacement keelboat, a 21st century evolution of the 10-knot dinosaurs that lumbered around the course during Valencia 2007. So when Emirates Team New Zealand announced the full details of the AC75 design rule, there was a sharp intake of breath from the whole 49


The Pinmar Magazine . America’s Cup

Jesus lizard gains its surface-defying stability from speed, so the AC75 relies on forward motion to gain stability. Until the AC75 achieves forward momentum, it’s about as stable as keeping both feet on your bike pedals while trying to stay upright at a set of traffic lights. Already, there have been capsizes during training, yet the rule states that boats must be capable of self-righting; no outside assistance is permitted while racing. This low-speed instability is set to make the prestart sequence either very interesting or boringly predictable. Will the boats attempt to engage in a traditional punch-up before the start gun fires, or will they stay apart and go for a timed run at the line? Once the boats are up to speed they should be capable of close to 50 knots downwind. Just as the critical performance statistic of Bermuda 2017 was the percentage of foiling time from start to finish, the same will be true of Auckland 2021. ‘Dry laps’ – 100 per cent flying time with no splashdowns through a manoeuvre or a lull in the wind – will be the key to success on the Hauraki Gulf.

© Carlo Borlenghi

Herein lies the fundamental design dilemma: do you go for small hydrofoils for maximum top-end speed in a straight line, but with less insurance against a costly splashdown? Or do you go for bigger foils that provide you a greater guarantee of a dry lap through complex manoeuvres in variable wind and wave conditions while accepting that you’re sacrificing top-end speed? The most critical challenge for the designers is how to address this speed/stability tradeoff in the foils, far more so than the traditional battlegrounds of hull shape or rig optimisation. That said, hull shapes across the teams do vary significantly. Broadly speaking, the hull shapes of Defiant (USA) and Britannia (GBR) are aimed at generating the right moment to pop up on to the foils earlier. The humps on Luna Rossa (ITA) and Te Aihe (NZL) contribute to a less wetted >>

© Richard Hodder

sailing world. Some wondered if April Fool’s Day would have been a more appropriate moment to unveil the AC75. The most ambitious hydrofoiling concept ever attempted, it’s effectively a 75ft dinghy with no lead keel to provide inherent stability. Instead, the AC75 will fly above the water supported by a big leeward foil that provides the lift when it’s lowered for one tack, and then rotates up and out of the water to provide ballast on the other tack. The only concession to lower tech was to move away from the wing masts of 2017 to double-skinned soft sails – not as aerodynamically efficient, but logistically much more straightforward. As soon as concept drawings and mock-up videos appeared of the AC75, social media was quickly flooded with America’s Cup memes of a Jesus Christ lizard, the gravity-defying four-legged creature that creates sufficient speed to propel itself across the surface of the water. Just as the 50


AN INTEGRATED SHIPYARD 1700tn. haulout capacity 4 slipways Outfitting quays for vessels of up to 119m. 3 Cranes for 25, 10 and 3tn.

ALSO WITHIN STP Full management team Workshops + offices 1000tn. travel lift

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The Pinmar Magazine . America’s Cup

surface area but at the expense of making the yachts less stable. Ineos Team UK’s head of design Nick Holroyd has been critical of the ‘asymmetry of information’ coming out of New Zealand; for example, ETNZ developing the AC75 long before any other team saw it, and holding back publication of the wind limits for competition until February 2020, a vital piece of the puzzle to keep from the other teams as they attempt to optimise the sweet spot for their hydrofoils and hull shapes. Marcelo Botìn, design chief for American Magic, says: “The AC75 presents an extremely interesting design challenge. They are fast in a straight line. I’m not sure they will be good for racing.” Botìn’s observation goes straight to the big question that looms over every America’s Cup, particularly whenever there is a quantum leap in design: will the racing be any good? In most America’s Cups, clear boat-speed differences have become very obvious very quickly. That’s a likely scenario for 2021, especially given the fact that both warmup events for summer 2020 – in Sardinia and

Portsmouth – were cancelled because of the coronavirus. All the learning is being done in isolation; the sailors will come to the action with a severe lack of competition time or much idea of how they’ll line up against their rivals. Nevertheless, sailing fans remain optimistic for a thrilling, close-fought spectacle. It will be fascinating to see how the teams have responded to the most exacting design challenge ever attempted in the America’s Cup. The success of a Cup cycle can be measured in many ways, not just in the thrill of the racing itself. Another measure of success is the level of technology trickledown we’ll see from the AC75 into the wider sailing world. Perhaps one day we will see blue-water cruisers hovering their way across the Atlantic – just like a Jesus Christ lizard.

The Teams Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL), Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Defender

© Emirates Team New Zealand

Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL) look as strong as ever, with most of the key members in place from their 2017 victory in Bermuda. Round-the-world racing legend and team CEO Grant Dalton continues to run a tight ship, with British engineer Dan Bernasconi overseeing the design team. With a PhD in mathematical modelling and aerodynamics, Bernasconi’s six years at McLaren Formula One must feel surprisingly relevant to the design challenge of the AC75. Olympic medallist Glenn Ashby, often referred to as New Zealand’s favourite Australian, continues to manage the sailing team. Between them, Pete Burling and Blair Tuke have won Olympic silver and gold along with six world titles in the 49er skiff. Tuke returns as one of the key crewmembers working for Burling whose calm, collected presence at the helm was a key part of the team’s success in Bermuda three years ago. 52

The Pinmar Magazine . America’s Cup

Stars+Stripes (USA), Long Beach Yacht Club

Pinmar Applies Awlgrip HDT Racing Finish for ‘American Magic’


Pinmar is proud to be the chosen paint applicator for New York Yacht Clubs’ “American Magic” US Challenger yachts. Working in collaboration with AkzoNobel’s technical experts, Pinmar’s elite application team have been commissioned to deliver the ultra-high performance finish to American Magic’s two AC75 yachts using AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip HDT product in a classic Flag Blue colour scheme.

At the time of writing, Stars+Stripes USA still believes it can make it to the start line. The ever-optimistic Taylor Canfield, a former World Match Racing Champion, claims the team’s lack of experience could work in its favour: “I don’t believe there is a disadvantage to not having competed in the America’s Cup previously. The AC75 we will be racing is like nothing we have seen before. We have the ability to build a fresh American team with no expectations that prioritises teamwork over individuals.” Brave words, but first we need to see if Stars+Stripes USA actually makes it to Auckland.

The 1st AC75 was built last year and painted by the Pinmar team at the American Magic yacht production facility in Bristol, Rhode Island and is at present being used as a prototype. With all the technical performance data collected over the last 12 months of race trails, upgrades will be built into the 2nd yacht which will be launched in September of this year and then transported to New Zealand in preparation for three upcoming regattas at the America’s Cup venue.

American Magic (USA), New York Yacht Club Challenger

American Magic’s skipper Terry Hutchinson has the backing of some big financiers including Maxi 72 owner Hap Fauth, TP52 campaigner Doug DeVos and former IndyCar racing driver Roger Penske. Known for his hard work ethic, Hutchinson has committed the team to more on-the-water training and testing than the other challengers. Hutchinson and the crew have put in a huge number of training miles out of their base in Pensacola, Florida, before becoming the first of the challengers to relocate to Auckland. Despite the focus on home-grown talent there is still room for foreigners in key roles, such as former Emirates Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker on the helm, and British sailors who include navigator Ian Moore and former Olympic Champion and International Moth World Champion Paul Goodison, whose knowledge of high-speed foiling will be invaluable to the team. >>

Credit “American Magic/Amory Ross”



The Pinmar Magazine . America’s Cup

Ineos Team UK (GBR), Royal Yacht Squadron Challenger

© Lloyd Images

While Sir Ben Ainslie remains the figurehead and skipper of the British team, much has changed since chemicals billionaire Sir James Ratcliffe took over the financing of the operation. The old name and the old backers were swiftly swept aside as Land Rover BAR changed its identity to Ineos Team UK. Following a lacklustre performance in Bermuda, big changes needed to take place, and the most significant of those has been the appointment of Australian Grant Simmer, a multiple Cup winner, as CEO. Head of Design Nick Holroyd has won the America’s Cup with Emirates Team New Zealand and is well respected for his understanding of high-speed foiling. Unlike the other teams that have remained resolutely focused on in-house development of their Cup boats, Ainslie also ventured on to the fledgling SailGP circuit at the start of 2020 for some white-hot competition, and swept aside his world-class rivals in Sydney by winning five of the six races.

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA), Circolo della Vela Sicilia Challenger

Headed up by Patrizio Bertelli, owner of the Prada fashion empire, this is Luna Rossa’s sixth assault on the Auld Mug. In 2017, Luna Rossa supported ETNZ heavily in its bid to prise away the last America’s Cup from previous holders Oracle Team USA – a team mutually reviled by the New Zealanders and Italians. Now the Italians are on their own and will have to work out how to beat the Kiwis in their own back yard. German physics PhD Martin Fischer heads up the design team. Max Sirena, long-time Luna Rossa skipper and Bertelli’s son-in-law, worked on secondment to ETNZ on the last campaign and brings that experience to bear on a team that is heavily laden with Italian talent. James Spithill last sailed with Luna Rossa as primary helmsman during the 2007 America’s Cup. Having twice helmed Oracle Team USA to historic Cup victories in Valencia 2010 and San Francisco 2013, the pugnacious Australian holds vital knowledge of how to win the Cup.

© Carlo Borlenghi


The future of Pinmar marketing and events post COVID.

The Pinmar events team entered 2020 with a great sense of excitement, having just delivered a fantastic ‘Grand Finale’ event celebrating the end of the famous Pinmar Golf and receiving a rapturous response when announcing the launch of the Pinmar Festival. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, the team were busy designing a new and unique social event to bring the industry together for two days of high-quality business networking, hospitality and great musical entertainment. Venues had been explored, sponsors engaged, band, DJ and conference-speaker line-ups debated, and catering menus sampled. Momentum was building and then the COVID-19 pandemic struck and everything changed. The company’s focus switched to dealing with the immediate imperatives of protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff, maintaining services to customers and protecting the future integrity of the business. By mid-April, the scale and implications of the global pandemic were apparent; it was clear

that no mass gatherings or major industry events were going to be feasible while the world struggled to contain the spread of the virus. Following consultations with our major sponsors including Awlgrip, MB92, The Superyacht Group and Y.CO, we made an early decision to defer the event to 2021 when we hope to celebrate a strong market recovery and a return to normal social behaviour. This decisive action enabled our marketing team to focus on strengthening and adapting our communications to ensure we kept our staff, customers, partners, shareholders and the industry as a whole updated as we charted our way through this unprecedented period of uncertainty. Times of adversity often act as a catalyst for change, and the Pinmar team have responded with a host of new marketing and communications initiatives. The first change was to recognise that the industry, prompted by the COVID-19 workplace restrictions, 56

“ In the digital world everything is measurable, so it becomes immediately apparent when messaging is not engaging the target audience”

The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Festival

was finally embracing digital communications, signalling the end for printed brochures. As ‘you’re on mute’ became the new catchphrase in our daily schedule of video conferences, we were busy upgrading our digital media of catalogues, websites and social-media channels. As well as the obvious environmental sustainability benefits of eradicating paper, the real advantage of adopting a digital mindset is that the architecture becomes much simpler and more precise. Content can be coordinated across all communication channels, facilitating multi-faceted campaigns linking advertising and social-media communications to funnel potential customers directly into the sales pipeline. Costly and inefficient broadcast communication becomes a thing of the past and we are able to target our communications to a very specific audience of customers. Perhaps the biggest single advantage of digital over traditional media is that it brings video into play; if ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, then consider the value of a 90-second video encapsulating the emotion of the experience derived from your product or service. Video brings a new richness and dynamism to our content, making it much more engaging for our audience as we recently discovered when we released a short video of one of our R&D projects trialling the new sprayable filler product

introduced by Awlgrip. Within a week, the threeminute video was viewed more than 5,000 times, provoking a host of follow-up comments and discussion with interested stakeholders (view the video here). Video is now firmly embedded in the Pinmar marketing toolbox and the team are busy honing their Spielberg-esque filming and editing skills. In the digital world, everything is measurable, and the data is instantly available, so it becomes immediately apparent when messaging is or is not connecting with and engaging the target audience. This makes life so much easier for marketing directors to plan, measure and adjust campaigns and budgets in an agile manner, learning from the ‘agile’ development methodologies already established in the IT sector. For the Millennials and Generation Z (basically anyone under the age of 35), this seems both natural and obvious because this is the world they have grown up in, but for the senior decisionmakers within the superyacht industry who have spent years with a copy of Superyacht Report tucked under their arm, it’s a lot to take on board. It’s interesting to observe how the industry has reacted to the cancellation of the major yacht shows and events; the initial proliferation of digital seminars and virtual yacht shows filled some time and maintained a dialogue during lock-down, but its long-term effectiveness is, as yet, unproven. This, coupled with the uncertainty of the timeline >> 57





w w w. s t u r g e y a c h t s . c o m | i n f o @ s t u r g e t a y l o r. c o m +44 207 702 2202

S t u r g e Ta y l o r & A s s o c i a t e s L t d .

A u t h o r i s e d a n d r e g u l a t e d b y t h e F i n a n c i a l C o n d u c t A u t h o r i t y. R e g i s t e r e d o f f i c e : H i g h f i e l d C o u r t , To l l g a t e , C h a n d l e r s F o r d , Eastleigh, Hampshire SO14 3TY Registered in England N° 3706480

COLOURS TO INSPIRE YOU Bold. Elegant. Striking. Refined. Welcome to a world where colour is everything. Welcome to Challenger PRO. Discover an extraordinary palette of 200,000 inspiring colours in gloss, matt, metallic and pearl finishes. This innovative new concept draws on Boero’s expertise in quality yachting products to bring together the latest market trends and the fascinating universe of colour. Challenger PRO introduces a new era in luxury yacht enamel. What’s your perfect colour?

A brand of

The Pinmar Magazine . The Pinmar Festival

and outcome of the pandemic, makes for some challenging marketing decisions in the coming months. For the time being, at Pinmar we are focusing on our direct (Zoom) communications with customers and partners. This is proving effective in the short term as owners, having abandoned the summer 2020 cruising/charter season, have sought to bring forward refit programmes. However, we are also looking at the bigger picture of how we grow our profile and acquire new customers to drive growth. We are planning to attend the Superyacht Forum because we consider it a key platform to meet industry influencers and decision-makers. However, this involves preparing both a physical and virtual option given the lack of certainty for what will be feasible come November. Until a COVID-19 vaccine is found we have to face up to the new norms and uncertainties that it presents, both in our professional and personal lives. The full effect upon the global economy is not yet known, but clearly it will impact some sectors much more than others. Fortunately, in

this regard, the superyacht sector is more resilient than most. Undoubtedly, some of the changes – including how we communicate and conduct business – will endure, and we will continue to innovate. Nevertheless, I think we all miss the freedom to enjoy social interaction up close and personal as opposed to socially distanced, so let’s hope that in 2021 the industry can once again get together at the Pinmar Festival to celebrate a safe, secure and prosperous future.

Pinmar Media Links Pinmar Festival Video Pinmar Events Social Media: PinmarEvents @PinmarEvents

The Superyacht Forum 2020 will once again take place at the RAI, Amsterdam 16th - 18th November



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