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The Magazine for Saint Teresa’s Academy and Bishop Kelly High School

ROUNDTABLE December 2015

Celebrating 50 Years

Achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.

In This Issue: • Record Growth • BK 2020 Vision • AlumKnight Updates

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11/23/15 2:03 PM

In this Issue: • Table of Contents • President’s Message ................................................................................. 3 Principal’s Message.................................................................................. 4 Enrollment Growth at BK....................................................................... 5

Table of Contents

Impact of Strategic Planning.................................................................. 6 Technology on Demand.......................................................................... 8 Sacred Spaces.......................................................................................... 10 Performance Training Center Dedicated .......................................... 12 Purchase a Piece of History................................................................. 12


LAX Wall/Collin Pfeifer........................................................................ 13

“We are many

Reunion Weekend 2015: 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, and 2005............ 20

parts, we are

Alumknight Updates............................................................................. 24

p a ge

Bishop Kelly Gold.................................................................................. 13 Performing in the Emerald Isles.......................................................... 14 Senior Art Show..................................................................................... 15 STA 125 Year Anniversary/500th Birthday........................................ 16 Alumknight Spotlights.......................................................................... 17

BK Foundation By the Numbers.......................................................... 28

all one body,

Winner’s Choice Donors....................................................................... 30

and the gifts

Kelly Pride Fund..................................................................................... 33 Mardi Gras.............................................................................................. 36

we have we

Foundation Donors............................................................................... 37

are given

Around School........................................................................................ 38 Calendar of Events................................................................................. 39

to share.” – Marty Haugen

From the Editor: I can see our successes reflected in the achievements of our

Roundtable, you’ll see

Alumknights, both in their career accomplishments, and

photos of BK’s celebration

the joy they exude when they share photos of their greatest

of the 125th anniversary

creations – their families. I heard it when students told me

of the founding of Saint

about their trip across the Atlantic, and all they learned there

Teresa’s Academy. On that

about music, friendship, and community. I feel it when I walk

day we honored the five

through the halls of BK where so many teachers are using

Sisters of the Holy Cross

technology to make learning come to life for our students. And

who arrived in Boise via

when our BK family tells me about the sacred spaces in their

stagecoach, determined

lives, I know that the sisters would be proud. For 125 years, STA

to provided Catholic

and BK truly have educated the whole student in the Catholic

education to the children of the “wild west.” On every other

tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body.

page of this issue, you’ll see the fruits of those founding

Katie Kerby,

sisters’ labor.

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In this issue of The

BK Director of Alumni Relations and Marketing

11/23/15 2:03 PM

Dear Friends of Bishop Kelly, As we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Catholic secondary

in boys tennis, boys

education here in Boise with Saint Teresa’s Academy and Bishop

and girls golf) and

Kelly High School, we have much for which to be thankful.

four academic state

We welcomed a record 795 students to start the 2015/2016 school


year, a 6% increase over 2014/2015 and the highest enrollment ever for our school. We completed the first phase of our BK 2020 Vision in this past year which included seven new state-of-theart classrooms, eight beautiful championship tennis courts, an expanded east parking lot, a new access road to the campus, and our expanded and renovated Fraser Library for our students and community. We are now working on BK 2020 Vision Phase Two, which will address our projected enrollment growth and the strengthening of our programs.

(football, softball, girls basketball, and girls golf). • They contributed over 15,000 hours of service to their community. • Well over 75% of our students participated in co-curricular activities. As for our future, we have a shared vision of “a Catholic community achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.”

None of this would have been possible without the incredible

Key to achieving our vision is our culture – what we believe and

support and efforts of our families, our alumni, and our entire

how we act. We call it the “BK Way.”

Bishop Kelly community! We thank each of you for your

This past May we conducted our fourth annual survey of our

commitment and dedication to our mission of “educating and developing the whole student in the Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body.”

students, parents, faculty, and staff about our current BK Way culture. Our goal was to have a firm understanding of whether we had made progress in the past year on the behaviors and

Equally impressive as the support we have experienced has been

attitudes we sought to cultivate and perpetuate. I am pleased

the accomplishments of our students here at Bishop Kelly. Please

to tell you that we did make significant progress in many

allow me to brag a bit about the 186 graduates of the Class of

attributes and the overall satisfaction scores speak to how our key

2015. Here are a few of their statistics:

stakeholders feel about their BK experience. On a scale of 1 – 5

• 98% of the class went on to college, 97% to four-year colleges.

(5 highest), parents’ average satisfaction level was 4.7, students’

• 83% of our graduates were offered merit-based college

4.4, and faculty/staff 4.6.

scholarships that totaled over $20.2 million, a record by over

In conclusion, I wish to thank you once again for your interest in

$2 million.

and commitment to Bishop Kelly! GO KNIGHTS!

• And, in sports, they won 11 out of 18 possible district championships, five state titles (football, softball, boys tennis, girls track, ultimate Frisbee, and individual winners

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Letter from the President

3 pa ge

Kind regards,

Rich Raimondi

11/23/15 2:03 PM

Greetings AlumnKnights and Bishop Kelly Community, As you can see in this

course opportunities added every year. The addition of the

edition of the Roundtable,

Fraser Library to the heart of our school has been a wonderful

there’s a lot to be proud of

boost to our focus on academic excellence. Our commitment

right now at Bishop Kelly,

to continued improvement, high quality, rigorous curriculum,

and it’s a great time to be

and effective teachers in every classroom means that our entire

a Knight. With record

community should all be excited about our future.

enrollment, updated

From an activity standpoint, our participation rates, quality

and expanded facilities,

Letter from the Principal

excellence in academics and athletics, and a very strong sense of Catholic Identity, the positive “BK Way” culture permeates throughout the halls of our school. I feel very blessed to be a part of it all.

4 p a ge

Help me

to see Jesus in others, and help

of coaching, and facilities are first class. With over 75% of our student body participating in some form of extra-curricular activity, the BK culture is vibrant and alive with energy. This past year alone, every one of our varsity teams competed at the state level, and sixteen of those teams brought back hardware from the state tournament. Last year we had four academic state titles

As many of you might know, this is my second year as Principal

and five state athletic championships. With the addition of our

at Bishop Kelly. Many of you may not know, however, that this

new LaMott Performance Training Center, the future of Bishop

is actually my 11th year affiliated with Bishop Kelly in some

Kelly Activities looks bright.

capacity. I was first introduced to the Bishop Kelly Community

Our campus faith life also continues to thrive. Thanks to our

in the fall of 1994 when I was an assistant JV Football Coach. Six years later, I started teaching math at BK while I also coached football and wrestling. In 2004, I took on my first administrative role as the Dean of Students/Vice Principal of Student Affairs. After taking a job away from BK between 2008 and 2014, I was honored when I was given the opportunity to become the 10th principle of this fine school. With that all being said, you might be curious about what we have been up to in my first year and a half.

Campus Chaplain Father Donald Fraser, and our Campus Minister Ms. Teresa Nadareski, I feel our Catholic identity, service, and faith development opportunities are strong and continue to get better every year. Last year, our Senior class alone contributed over 15,000 hours of community service, and as a school we donated over 40,000 food items in our annual food drive. Our retreat program added an overnight retreat for Seniors last year, an Advent and Lent retreat for Juniors, and a full class retreat for both the Freshmen and Sophomores classes.

others to see

I’ll first start by admitting that I’ve been accused of being

We are also excited to have a room dedicated to campus ministry

Jesus in me.

a “student’s principal.” For good or bad, I really value the

this year. In addition to the Saint Teresa of Jesus Chapel, this is

relationships and input from the students on how we can make

another sacred space where students can stop in and have a quiet

Bishop Kelly the best it can be. A caveat to that however, is that

place to relax, reflect, or just talk with our campus minister. If

I also really value the relationships, input, experiences, and

you would like to see our Campus Ministers in action, I invite

knowledge that our wonderful faculty bring to the table. Luckily

you to attend an all school Mass in the Carley Center. You’ll find

for me, I feel we are all centered around the same goal, which is

Mass days listed on the monthly calendar in the Student Life

to be the best we can be in Spirit, Mind, and Body.

section of

Academically speaking, Bishop Kelly is arguably the strongest

We are extremely grateful for the support of our BK community,

it’s ever been. We continue to have unmatched percentages

and invite you to join us in “BK 2020 Vision” to make our

of students that go on from high school to pursue education

dreams of serving all who wish to come to BK a reality. Thank

at the postsecondary level (98%). Our SAT and ACT scores

you for your support of Bishop Kelly High School.

continue to significantly exceed the state and national averages,

God Bless and Go Knights!

with an astounding 96% of last years juniors meeting college readiness benchmarks in English before they even entered their senior year. Our Advanced Placement participation has increased by 263% in the last three years alone, with new AP

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Mike Caldwell, Principal

11/23/15 2:03 PM

Enrollment Experiences Record Growth Bishop Kelly’s Class of 2019 made a name for themselves before

The Freshman class isn’t the only class to experience growth this

they even walked through the doors this fall. These Freshmen

fall. BK began the year with 795 students, which is a 6% growth

have the distinction of being named the largest class in BK’s

overall from last year. The breakdown by class is:

history! With 231 students enrolled in the Freshman class, they

• Freshmen – 231

are also the first class at BK to have a waitlist.

• Sophomores – 175

This year’s Freshman Class is made up of 55% students coming

• Juniors – 202

to BK from our five partner schools, and 45% students coming

• Seniors – 187

from public schools around the Treasure Valley. That speaks to

How is BK accommodating our growth? It is crowded in

growth in the Treasure Valley’s Catholic elementary and middle

the cafeteria and halls, and we have two teachers working in

schools, as that split has been closer to 50/50 in recent years. The

portables this year. However, Bishop Kelly’s “2020 Vision”

Freshman come from all over Ada and Canyon Counties, with

strategic and master site plan includes strategies to help us

one student coming all the way from Horseshoe Bend each day.

accommodate up to 1,000 students by the year 2020.

The students in the Class of 2019 have diverse interests and

To realize the benefits of BK 2020 Vision, we are embarking

talents. Nearly half play a musical instrument. Many are involved

on an ambitious task of raising approximately $15 million over

in theater arts, and as a whole they have participated in 28

the next five years. We must work together to find meaningful

different theatrical productions at their previous schools. As

ways in which every member of the Bishop Kelly family can

a class, they have accumulated more than 100 years of dance

participate in BK 2020 Vision. Success will require extraordinary

lessons. These Freshmen are athletes as well, representing 24

leadership from Bishop Kelly’s boards, administration, faculty,

different sports between them.

staff, alumni, parents, and friends across the country. Success

Most importantly for their next few years at Bishop Kelly, the

will mean an extraordinary future for Bishop Kelly and each

Freshman are already involved with more than 60 service

Enrollment Growth

5 pa ge

student who proudly calls themselves a BK Knight.

organizations and events around the valley, and when asked about their favorite activity, these new Knights overwhelming said that they like to read.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 5

11/23/15 2:03 PM

Impact of Strategic Planning

BK 2020 Vision

The enrollment growth that Bishop Kelly is experiencing this

When we look into the future, we don’t see that trend slowing

school year can be attributed to several factors. Certainly,

down. With large classes coming through the five partner

population growth in the Treasure Valley is contributing to

schools, a sixth Catholic grade school being planned at Holy

growth at Bishop Kelly and our five partner schools: Sacred

Apostles in Meridian, and the large number of Freshmen

Heart, Saint Joseph’s, Saint Mark’s, and Saint Mary’s in Boise,

students who come to Bishop Kelly from public schools, we

and Saint Paul’s in Nampa. In addition to this influx of families

predict that Bishop Kelly could easily have an enrollment of

into the Valley, we feel that BK is attracting and retaining great

1,000 students by the year 2020.

students because of the proven success we have educating and

How will Bishop Kelly accommodate up to 1,000 students?

developing students in the Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body. Word on the street is that BK offers an exceptional academic, social, athletic, and spiritual experience for our students, and people are lining up to be part of our school community.


Our BK 2020 Strategic Plan is helping us to be thoughtful and intentional about how to invest in people, programs, and facilities at Bishop Kelly in order to support the growth of our student body. BK 2020 is the third, five-year strategic plan at BK. Looking back at the first two plans helps us to realize the impact of our efforts and make projections about our future.

p a ge

Impact of BK’s five-year strategic plans beginning in 2005

2010 Actual

2015 Actual

2020 Projections


610 students

795 students

1,000 est.


Approx. 40

Approx. 55

Approx. 65


SAT - 1677

SAT - 1797

ACT - 24.7

ACT - 25.7




80% Graduates

83% Graduates

85% Graduates




Parents: 4.4

Parents: 4.7

(On a scale where 5.0 is a

Students: 4.0

Students: 4.4

perfect score.)

Faculty/Staff: 4.5

Faculty/Staff: 4.6

Foundation: $600K

Foundation: $915K

Foundation: $1.2M

Annual Fund: $15K

Annual Fund: $290K

Annual Fund: $750K

Campus Ministry:

Campus Ministry:

Campus Ministry:





.2 persons


2015_BKRoundtable.indd 6

1.2 persons

2.5 FTE

AP Class Offerings: 10

AP Class Offerings: 15

AP Class Offerings: 20

Music participants: 30

Music participants : 70

Music participants >100

85% of

98% of

100+% of

Treasure Valley Avg.

Boise School District

Boise School District

11/23/15 2:03 PM

In order to serve 1,000 students, we know that we will need to

and renovated library, eight new state of the art tennis courts,

invest in:

and more parking for students and visitors to campus. Phase

• Classroom and academic space for 1,000 students

two of BK 2020 Vision is well under way, with two projects fully

• A cafeteria and kitchen that serves our students

funded and completed – the Performance Training Center and

• Endowment growth to support increased financial aid needs • Additional office space to support additional staff • Strengthening our event, spiritual, and performing arts spaces and programs • Updating and upgrading our athletic infrastructure • Debt reduction to improve operating cash flow Phase one of BK 2020 Vision is completed! Our students and

BK lacrosse wall. We are currently in the program development phase for a new classroom wing, expanded library, and kitchen/cafeteria remodel and expansion. With the support of our community we hope to begin construction on these much needed projects very soon! Please consider supporting students at Bishop Kelly by contacting Robin Navert in the Development office and making a gift to support BK 2020 Vision!

community are enjoying seven new classrooms, an expanded

BK 2020 Vision

7 pa ge

North Classroom Wing

Cafeteria and Kitchen Upgrade

KEY: A. Classroom Space B. Cafeteria and Kitchen Upgrade C. Office D. Event, Performing Arts, and Spiritual Spaces E. Athletic Infrastructure Football Home Side F. Athletic Infrastructure Football Visitor Side/ Soccer/Lacrosse G. Athletic Infrastructure Soccer/Lacrosse H. Athletic Infrastructure Softball

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 7

11/23/15 2:03 PM


Technology On Demand


by Tom Holdridge

if it weren’t

Kelly. Understandably so. High paying careers in technology

p a ge

“Do you realize

for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight?” – Al Boliska

Students like technology! Students use technology! Do students understand technology? Does technology play a necessary role in our students’ future? Beginning each academic year, Mrs. Kelly Shockey, Director of Admissions, fields literally hundreds of questions by students and their parents regarding technology offerings here at Bishop are in increasingly high demand, and are projected to remain so over the foreseeable future. In the Treasure Valley alone, we enjoy a microcosm of “Silicon Valley” with well over 100 technology companies currently doing business, and more

Computer Science Courses currently offered at BK: Computer Applications Introduction to Computer Programming Introduction to Computer Hardware AP Computer Science A+ Certification and Hardware Support Introduction to Web Design Advanced Web Design Android App Development Exploring Computer Science

starting up each year. Of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) jobs created in the next five years, over 67% of will be in the computer science field, while only 8% of STEM students are projected to graduate with a CS degree.

This semester we have a total of 77 students enrolled in computer science courses. Next semester approximately the same, which translates to about 10% of BK’s total student body

Further, according to Gallup and Google, the vast majority of

choosing to learn more about technology. Of these enrollments,

parents, teachers, and principals agree that “computer science

19 are young women, or roughly 20% – an exciting number

education is just as important as teaching required courses like

since nationally, less than 5% of computer science students at the

math, science, history, and English.”

college level are women.

Bishop Kelly High School is answering that demand. Since 2005 we have increased our computer science offerings by a whopping 800%!

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 8

11/23/15 2:03 PM

With your help we hope to enhance our technology offerings.

course offerings, giving students a “leg up” when entering their

Some possibilities are: AP Computer Science Principles, AP with

chosen life paths. Service, a taste of computer programming in several

Tom Holdridge is a member of the Computer Science faculty

modern languages, and Introduction to Computer Networks.

at Bishop Kelly, and also owns and operates Alliance Technical

In addition to increases in computer science courses, BK has also

Company. Holdridge is a mini-mainframe guru specializing in

enhanced other STEM offerings with five math courses above

network administration and business application development for

the required Algebra II, a BSU concurrent course in engineering,

mid-sized companies. Each day Bishop Kelly students and fellow

and six advanced courses in mixed science disciplines.

faculty members benefit from Mr. Holdridge’s 22 years of real

Bishop Kelly High School, as a technology leader in the state of

world computer science experience, and we feel very blessed to

Idaho, will continue to answer the demand for contemporary

have him here.


9 pa ge

Math Teacher Chad Barker has Flipped … Flipped his classroom that is. Like many teachers at Bishop Kelly,

miss valuable information as they focus on transcribing the

Mr. Barker is using technology to literally reverse the traditional

information. It’s a feeling that can be likened to getting a drink of

way of teaching. Instead of using class time for demonstrations

water from a firehose.

and lectures, Mr. Barker creates short video lectures on the

Pre-recording lectures gives students the opportunity to

ShowMe website. His students watch the videos at home before his class, then during Mr. Barker’s class instruction he devotes much of his time to helping individual students work through problems. Why does this model work so well? In a traditional lecture, students are trying to capture a teacher’s words the instant they are said. They don’t have time to reflect on the lesson, and could

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 9

watch and learn at their own pace, rewinding and re-watching as needed. And teachers who devote their class time to the application of concepts have more opportunity to detect errors in their student’s thinking or process. You can check out Mr. Barker’s video lectures by visiting and searching for Chad Barker.

11/23/15 2:03 PM


acred SPACES

Sacred Spaces

Sacred spaces play an important role in our lives each day. They are places where people feel as though they can be themselves, where they experience Christ by means of both environment

10 p a ge

and people present there. The Campus Ministry room is a sacred space for me on campus. It’s different from any other room in the school, and students feel comfortable and at home here. This is the epicenter of planning for all Campus Ministry activities and it is holy ground! It is a place that can transform into a quiet and reflective room that encourages prayer, or a work room that gives students the opportunity to reach out to their peers and journey with them in faith. It is a space that helps us step back from the busyness and normalcy of daily life to experience God. — Teresa Nadareski, BK Campus Minister

Some sacred spaces for me are St. John’s Cathedral, St. Paul’s at BSU, and a small grass space outside the Comm Building at BSU. I also really like the chapel at BK. I have spent many afternoons there playing the piano and doing homework. It’s quiet and feels peaceful. – Noah Rudin, ’15

A place feels sacred to me when I feel the presence of God. The labyrinth helps me find God in the everyday experience of walking. Sometimes, a class full of students will walk it in silence. This a joy. Once in awhile, my classroom becomes sacred when students sing out together, or strive to understand the sacred mysteries of our faith. – Tom Vitrano, BK Theology Faculty

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 10

11/23/15 2:03 PM

Sacred, as I understand it, is the dimension

A place feels sacred to

beyond measurement. It has no physical

me when it is quiet and

properties, but is the realm of the Divine. When

everyone is respectful

that realm enters into our consciousness, we are

and in the presence of

more aware of God’s presence. Also, the realm


(not a place, but an encounter) can be “viewed”

– Anonymous

through windows, called in Greek “icons.”

BK Student

A physical place itself is not sacred per se, but an intimation, a clue, a sign of an encounter. A garden can be sacred when it directs our

Sacred Spaces

consciousness beyond itself. A statue added in the garden increases the porthole, if you will, to the sacred. And so forth. For me, the people of Bishop Kelly are sacred by virtue of their humanity. – Father Donald Fraser, BK Chaplain

My sacred spaces are mostly in nature. When I came back to BK last year

11 pa ge

for the Class of 1974 Reunion and walked thru the doors for the first time in over 35 years that it was very profound for me. Walking thru the halls made me feel like I had come home. The evening of the reunion, I took a little time and went to the chapel and just reflected on my time at BK. The morning Mass was wonderful to share with classmates and I will never forget it. The chapel is definitely a sacred place. The old gym. The football field. The halls. BK is very sacred to me. – Karen Hildwein Thomspon, ’74

The stage (any stage) is an incredibly sacred space. Churches were designed to duplicate ritual performance spaces because the design “works” so well. It is Here on campus my sacred

a place where “magic” is created and shared in a tradition that is thousands

spaces are my classroom, the

of years old. We perform rituals there that are as old as humankind: the

wrestling room, the softball

reproduction of experiences in the form of storytelling. The unspoken

fields, the bus and the chapel

agreement and exchange that takes place in a theater between performers

listening to the words of Father

and audience is sacred, deep and powerful.

Fraser. Bishop Kelly has been a

– Jenny Sternling, BK Performing Arts Faculty

refreshing change in my life. – Travis Ribordy, BK Science Faculty and Wrestling Coach

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 11

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Performance Training Center Dedicated On September 3, 2015, Bishop Kelly celebrated the

blessing and grand opening of the new LaMott Family Performance Training Center. The LaMott Family Performance Training Center is named for brothers Tim

BK Athletics

’77, Gene ’78, Doug ’81, Eric ’83, and Randy ’86. This exciting and beautiful new facility is intended to focus on the health and wellness of our entire school community by helping to improve workout regimens, improve fitness, and reduce obesity of our students, faculty, and staff.

12 p a ge

The PTC is a busy place! Often entire athletic teams take over the space to do strength training together. These young athletes are using state of the art equipment with the guidance of trained staff. Our goal is to teach our athletes proper training techniques to improve their strength and coordination, increase endurance, increase bone density, and reduce risk of injury. On Friday afternoons the PTC becomes faculty/staff Bootcamp. About a dozen teachers and staff work out with a certified personal trainer as part of our Live Well BK program. Everyone who makes use of the PTC agrees that this new facility is transformative!

Purchase a Piece of History

Alumknights! Here’s an opportunity to make your holidays very special! Give the BK grad you know a memory of a lifetime. We are auctioning off FIFTY YEARS of trophies that have been gathering dust in storage. Visit our on-line auction at until December 20 to bid on a trophy from one of your activities, whether it be a Sport, Science, Dance, or Cheer. No State Championship trophies will be sold. They will remain on display in the Carly Center along with the trophies from the previous four school years. Currently the most recent trophies available for purchase are from the 2010-2011 school year. Some trophies have been given to the coaches who requested them, but there are hundreds more to go! All proceeds from the trophy auction will benefit students participating in athletics and activities at BK. So please visit the online trophy auction and bid often to support BK Activities!

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 12

11/23/15 2:04 PM

LAX Hits the Wall BK’s newest addition is both functional and beautiful. In

The wall itself is 12 feet high by 20 feet wide. To Alumknight and

September we completed a lacrosse wall on the southeast corner

aerosol artist Colin Pfeifer, ’04, it looked like a big blank canvas.

of campus. The wall is designed for our boys and girls lacrosse

Pfeifer was commissioned by Bishop Kelly to create the mural

teams to practice their stick skills. The players use their stick to

(below). To watch his incredible work in time lapse, scan the QR

throw a lacrosse ball against the wall at high speeds, and then

code or visit

catch the ball as it bounces off the wall. Playing “wall ball” is touted as the single most important drill a player can practice to improve his lacrosse skills.

BK Athletics

13 pa ge

Bishop Kelly Gold Once again, Bishop Kelly student athletes showed that they are not only talented athletes, but they are getting it done in the classroom as well! 2014-2015 State Athletic

2014-2015 State Academic





Boys Tennis

Girls Basketball

Girls Track



Girls Golf

Ultimate Frisbee

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 13

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Performing in the Emerald Isles In June of 2015 students from Bishop Kelly’s Choir and Orchestra took the trip of a lifetime to Ireland. The 25 students spent a week sightseeing and performing across the Emerald Isle. While there they were in Ireland the group visited and performed at historic sites, and learned about Irish customs and culture. Some highlights of the trip included a tour of the Poison

Performing Arts

Gardens in Alnwick, seeing the beautiful Cliffs of Moher, dancing with locals at their hotel in Dublin, and performing at the Gothic Church at Kylemore Abbey. “My favorite performance was at Kylemore Abbey,” said BK’s Choir and Orchestra Director Lisa Cooper. “It was

14 p a ge

the most beautiful place on earth, and the acoustics in the Gothic Church there were amazing. Our rehearsal turned into a concert!”

“This trip was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Charlie Thornburg, a BK Junior and violinist. Thornburg and the other students have been inspired to see more of the world as a result

“From a mile down the road you could hear us playing,” added

of this trip. Lee, who will graduate in May, hopes to go back to

Carter Lee, a BK Senior who has been playing the cello in the BK

Ireland with a study abroad program when he goes to college. He

orchestra for all four years of high school. “There were people

also plans to continue playing the cello after graduation.

there from all over the world visiting the church, and they were

“We have a really special thing here at BK,” says Lee. “Some

asking Mrs. Cooper if we had a CD they could purchase. They thought we were hired to entertain tourists.” The students worked for a year raising funds to cover the cost of

people play really well, and some people are just learning their instruments. But we support each other, and when we come together we make beautiful music.”

their trip. Many worked their own jobs, as well as participating in fundraising activities with the other members of the group. Among other things, the orchestra students played in a “quartet for hire” for individuals and organizations across the Treasure Valley. All their hard work was worth it.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 14

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Senior Art Show Seniors in the AP Art Class at Bishop Kelly choose an area of concentration to focus on for the school year. The artists explore a medium or idea in depth, and create a portfolio of their work that can be submitted to the College Board for evaluation. They also showcase their work at a Spring Arts show here at BK.

Senior Art Show

15 pa ge

Listen to your art.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 15

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Celebrating 125 Years

16 p a ge

“Accustom yourself

continually to make many

Celebrating 125 Years

Continuing to educate and develop the whole student Catholics around the world celebrated the 500th birthday of

Treasure Valley Catholic schools today are the grandchildren and

Saint Teresa of Jesus on her Feast Day, October 15. Here at

great-grandchildren of STA Alumni. The mission in our Catholic

Bishop Kelly, we gathered with our Saint Teresa’s Alumni (STA)

Schools today is similar to what the founding Sisters of the Holy

to celebrate their patroness, as well as the 125th anniversary of

Cross set out to do in 1890; to “educate and develop the whole

Saint Teresa’s Academy. BK hosted more than 50 STA alumni

student in the Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body.”

and their family members at an All School Mass, followed by a

The Saint Teresa’s legacy lives on in the halls of Bishop Kelly and

brunch for our special guests.

our elementary schools. One hundred and twenty five years later,

Saint Teresa’s Academy and its alumni are part of the living

our community still benefits from the fruits of the founding

history of the Treasure Valley! Many of the students enrolled in

Sisters’ labor.

acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul.” – Saint Teresa of Jesus

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 16

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Colin Irvine, ’87 After Colin Irvine graduated from Bishop Kelly in 1987,

develop a financial plan tied to the purchasing of horses. This

he headed to the mountains of Montana to attend Carroll

was all before lunch, which I seldom ever eat because there are

College in Helena. At the time, Irvine’s focus was on earning

so many of these meetings around such exciting topics.”

his Bachelor of Arts degree. Little did he know that he would

When asked if he had any advice for up and coming

return 26 years later to serve at Carroll’s Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College.

Alumknights who were interested in a career in academia, Irvine offered this, “You should love students and teachers

Irvine’s path back to Carroll took him to Notre Dame, where he

and teaching. If those things motivate and inspire you, you

earned a Master’s Degree in American Studies, and Marquette

will find joy and purpose in your work every day. Plus, you

University where he earned his Ph.D. in English in 2002. Before

can overcome pretty much anything, including going without

returning to Carroll, he was an associate professor of English

lunch for weeks and months at a time.”

at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he had

Irvine also borrowed the advice of his dad, former Head of

been teaching since 2003. In 2010-2011 Irvine spent a year as a Fulbright Roving Scholar in Norway.

Maintenance and BK icon, Chuck Irvine, “My dad has, and still says the same thing without fail, ‘Work hard.’ And from

When asked about his return to Carroll, Irvine shared this, “To

my mom, ‘You can do it.’ Implied in her advice is, ‘if you

have a chance to give back to the school by serving its faculty,

work hard.’”

staff, and students is an absolute dream come true. Carroll

Congratulations to Colin Irvine, ’87, and to Carroll College for

is such an incredibly special place, and it’s one that changed my life in ways I can hardly put in words. And while there are many, many things that make it unique, I believe strongly that the key to the college’s success has been and remains its

Alumni Spotlight

selecting this great Alumknight to help lead them!

pa ge


dedicated and caring professors. I am eager to work closely with them and with the entire staff to build on Carroll’s rich traditions and to make the most of the exciting opportunities before us.” As the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College, Irvine is the Chief Academic Officer at Carroll. He serves as an advocate for all academic programs, provides leadership to faculty and academic staff, and ensures that there are consistent quality standards in curriculum and programs. It is Irvine’s responsibility to guide the academic vision and strategic plan at Carroll, with a keen eye toward the future of higher education. A typical day in the life of the Vice President of Academic Affairs is anything but typical. “Each day has it’s own surprises and challenges,” Irvine says. “One day last week I met with a Professor of Political science, his student researcher, the Chief Financial Officer, the VP for Technology, a library assistant who specializes in digital research, and three members of the FBI, all of whom focus in their work on cyber-terrorism. The purpose of the meeting was to collaborate with the FBI to ensure that our students are safe when researching issues and topics associated with terrorism. An hour later I was in a budgetary meeting with members of our Anthrozoology program, and our purpose was to

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 17

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Lee Biladeau, ’04 Lee Biladeau, ’04, was working on a degree in Criminal Justice when his desire for hands-on training led him to the Coast Guard. Family members who were Coast Guardsmen had planted the seed, and Biladeau decided to follow the same path. “My ‘give it a shot’ attitude has turned into a great career decision,” Biladeau says. While Biladeau initially joined the Coast Guard for the law

Alumni Spotlight

enforcement aspect, his goals changed after boot camp during a deployment in the Bering Sea. Biladeau was stationed on the USCGC Jarvis on a chilly winter day when he watched an H-65 rescue helicopter land on the back of the boat. “I knew I wanted to be part of that.” Biladeau says. Today Biladeau serves as an Aviation Maintenance Technician

18 p a ge


Paratus” – Coast Guard Motto

2nd Class at the USCG Air Station in Traverse City, Michigan. His responsibilities include repairing and maintaining aircraft engines, rotor systems, fuel systems, landing gear systems, fuselage and structural applications, flight controls, and hydraulic systems. He is also an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter

attitude inspired me. I try to apply it to my life every day.” Biladeau reflects that he had some amazing teachers and coaches at BK. “I wasn’t the easiest student, but there wasn’t one teacher who lost faith in me. I feel that each teacher I had

mechanic, which means that about every four days he is on

influenced my life in some way.”

duty for a full 24 hours, standing ready to perform helicopter

In 2015 Biladeau was awarded Coast Guardsman of the

rescue missions with a crew of two pilots and a rescue

Year by Military Times Magazine. Military Times is a weekly,

swimmer. During these rescue missions it is the responsibility

independent news publication for military personnel and

of the flight mechanic to perform navigational duties,

their families. Each year the publication honors five “Everyday

troubleshoot for aircraft in flight, and operate the rescue hoist,

Heroes” – service members from each branch of the military

which lowers and raises rescue swimmers and survivors out of

who demonstrate pride, dedication, and courage beyond what

peril, and inside the helicopter.

is expected of them. These service members show concern

“Without a doubt, the most exciting thing about my job, is

for their fellow service members, their community, and the

when the Search and Rescue (SAR) alarm goes off, and we

country they serve.

go out on a rescue mission,” says Billadeau. “Every mission is

In his recognition for Guardsman of the Year, Military Times

different, and every mission puts our training to the test. The

Magazine reported that Biladeau is “ ... beloved by all, from his

end result can be a truly amazing and rewarding experience.”

maintenance and engineering officers to the pilots and rescue

When he’s not working, Biladeau enjoys coaching youth

swimmers.” They also noted that Biladeau has made a name for

Lacrosse. “I was recruited in 2010 to be the head coach of the co-ed Olympic Mountaineers middle school lacrosse team,” he says. “That first season there were seven boys and three

himself as the guy who’s always willing to help out his fellow Guardsmen, whether that’s picking up a shift for someone with a personal conflict, or helping the junior Coasties with their

girls who knew nothing about lacrosse, and one head coach


who knew nothing about coaching. It would seem that we

Biladeau has dozens of search and rescue missions and

were doomed, and as far as lacrosse

hundreds of flight hours under his belt. His awards and

goes, we were. It took two or three

decorations include two Coast Guard Achievement

blowout games for me to realize

Medals, a Unit Commendation Ribbon, a Meritorious Unit

that I needed to shift my focus from

Commendation, two Meritorious Team Commendation

teaching Lacrosse skills, to teaching

Ribbons, a Commandant Letter of Commendation Ribbon,

sportsmanship, teamwork, and

a Special Operations Service Ribbon, and two Good

developing camaraderie. The most

Conduct Medals.

rewarding part for me, was to see

BK couldn’t be more proud of Lee Biladeau, United States

their attitude shift, from ‘we lost, we are terrible’ to ‘we played our

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 18

hardest, and we will get better next time.’ Their never-fail

Coast Guardsman of the Year, and Bishop Kelly Knight!

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Jordan Renfro, ’15 It’s no secret that our

“Waiting to find out if I got a ticket felt like an eternity,” Renfro

Campus Minister

said. “I was so excited to have a chance to see the Holy Father

here at Bishop Kelly,

and participate in the Mass.”

Teresa Nadareski,

Renfro did finally receive word that she had been selected to

loves her Alma Mater. Nadareski has great things to say about her undergraduate experience at The Catholic University of America, and her students are listening! This fall, an Alumkngiht from the

have a standing general admission ticket to Mass with the Pope, but then a week later the school offered an even better seat to the winners of a “Pope Trivia Night” on campus. “I have a friend who knows a lot about Popes. I instantly ran to him and asked to be on his team. I knew we would win, and I really wanted to win!” The team was asked questions like “Where did Pope John Paul II stop on his way back from the Philippines and from Korea?” (A: Alaska.) Renfro and her friends were soon the proud winners of

Class of 2015, Jordan

the seated tickets to the Papal Mass.

Renfro, became the

On September 23, with 25,000+ people outside the Basilica of

first BK Knight to follow in Miss Nadareski’s footsteps.

the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Renfro got

“Choosing to come to The Catholic University of America was

to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. “Participating in

the best decision I’ve made,” writes Renfro. “At first the fact that

Mass with the Holy Father was a beautiful moment that I won’t

it was 2,500 miles away in Washington, D.C., was incredibly

soon forget.” says Renfro.

scary, however, I knew that there was a greater reason I was

Renfro says that she is balancing homework, student clubs and

being called to CUA.”

organizations, exploring Washington, D.C., and making new

Renfro visited the CUA campus in April and was instantly

friends at CUA. “At the end of the day, God is such a central

attracted to what she saw and felt from the community. “They showed me so much love, generosity, and support. It was hard to forget that atmosphere when I was visiting other schools.” And it just so happens that as soon as Renfro committed to becoming a CUA Cardinal, the school announced that Pope Francis would be on campus at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to canonize St. Junipero Serra in

Alumni Spotlight

pa ge


focus in the hearts of so many people here on campus. It is reflected in the community and what we do. The experience I have had here is one I hope to bring everywhere I go – to show the love of Christ that Pope Francis spread on his trip to the United States.” We have no doubt that this outstanding Alumknight and former BK Campus minister will do just that!

September. CUA students had an opportunity to enter a lottery for tickets to the Mass, and Renfro put her name in the hat.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 19

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Reunion Weekend On August 7, we hosted our annual Reunion Weekend, celebrating class reunions for 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, and 2015.

Reunion Weekend

20 p a ge

“True terror

is to wake up one morning and realize that your high school classmates are running the country.” – Kurt Vonnegut

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 20

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

21 pa ge

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 21

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

22 p a ge


unspeakably the lengthening of memories in common endears our old friends!” – George Eliot

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 22

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

23 pa ge

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 23

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Alumni Updates 1


Alumknight Updates

24 p a ge


We want to

hear from you! To submit photos for the next issue




of the Roundtable email alumni@ or contact the Alumni Office at 947-1325.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 24

1) Classmates Amanda (Jaszkowski) LaMott, Yesnia (Hernandez) Ineck, and Anna (Sansotta) Bruno, Class of ’05, with their future Knights! 2) Cole Oliver, ’14, at the Papal Mass at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. 3) Bristol Rose Mallory, daughter of Paul, ’00, and Samantha (Carnosso) Mallory, ’03.

4) Cara (Gillespie) Van Sant, ’08, and her husband Pete welcomed Elizabeth Rose Van Sant into their family in March of 2015. 5) Kevin Grant, ’90, bringing his new Alumknight Megan Grant, ’15, to the University of Idaho. 6) Brian Hosefros performed at his first concert featuring solely his work as a chamber composer at the Russian Cathedral Centre in London.

11/23/15 2:04 PM



Alumknight Updates

5 3




1) Declan LaMott and Lucia Ineck, BK Class of 2031 2) Josh, ’03, and Illana (Monforte) Smith, ’03, with their son Brody. 3) Dr. Elise Helvie, ’05, has joined the dental practice at Pennsylvania Dental in East Boise. Elise’s return to Boise comes after pursuing educational opportunities outside of Idaho: BA at Willamette University (2009), Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Washington (2013), and Certificate in General Dentistry at Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry (2015).

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 25

25 pa ge

4) Katie (Schoenfelder), ’99, and William Gumerson welcomed Maxwell Dow to their family in May of 2015. 5) Hattie (Leinberger), ’08, and Nick Scott are expecting a baby boy in October! 6) Larry Crump, ’82, Kimberly McCullough Beaux, ’82, John Daly, ’82, Toni Goldade Smith, ’82, John Burke, ’82, and Kat Grant Crump, ’85, celebrate this summer. 7) Henry and Julian Turcotte, children of Diana Lachiondo, ’98, and Roger Turcotte, ’98, and grandsons of Dave, ’65, and Patti Lachiondo at a BK baseball game.

11/23/15 2:04 PM



Alumknight Updates

3 4

26 p a ge


Wedding Bells

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 26


1) Adam Weissbeck, ’09, and Catrina Covelli, ’09, on their wedding day in June of 2015. 2) Amy (Johans) Bertelsen, ’09, and Jimmy Bertelsen, ’09, on their wedding day in August 2014. 3) Kristin (Engelund) Harris, ’07, and West Harris were married June 13, 2015. Kristin works for her Alma mater Boise State University as an Enrollment Counselor in the Admissions Office.

4) Nikki (Watson), ’07, and Nick Abercrombie on their wedding day. 5) Stephanie (Souza) Marria, ’10, and James Marria, ’10, on their wedding day in September 2015. 6) Christine (Vaughan) Brown, ’10, and Peter Brown on their wedding day in 2015.

11/23/15 2:04 PM




Alumknight Updates


27 pa ge


6 1) Megan (Johans) and Gustav Neve along with big brother Theodore welcomed Thomas Peter to their family in May. 2) Stefanie (Loisate) Deeds, ’07, and her husband Brian welcomed their first baby, Connor to their family in October 2014. 3) Rob Cobari, ’01, was named one of the top Bartenders in Denver, Co for 2014. 4) The O’Sullivan Siblings at a reunion in 2015: Greg, ’90, Jane, ’93, Louise, ’92, Kevin, ’85, Bernard, ’86, Katie (O’Sullivan) Scanlan, ’88, and Gabrielle, ’91.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 27

7 5) Spencer King, ’14, and Cole Oliver, ’14, representing the Knights at the Air Force and Naval Academies. 6) Mini Knights from St. Mary’s and Sacred Heart training to play for BK someday. 7) Tom, ’82, and Maria (Iglesias) Heffner, ’82, at WSU’s graduation with daughter Kiley Heffner, ’11, and Kiley’s siblings Halle and Matthew.

11/23/15 2:04 PM

BK Foundation By the Numbers As many of our Roundtable readers know, the Bishop Kelly

2. Dollars per Student

Foundation was established in 1976 by Father Reggie Wilson,

Based on the number from the first graph, one can then

who was principal of Bishop Kelly. Catholic schools in Idaho were struggling at that time, BK was no exception, and he

Foundation News

searched the country for answers from schools that were thriving. He discovered one commonality: those schools had foundations with endowments that provided non-tuition

extrapolate the average dollars per student that the Foundation provides through its donors and the growth of the endowment: from an average of just over $600 per student in 2006-2007 to $1,150 per student in the 2015-2016 school year.

revenue and scholarship support. He approached several of his friends, among whom were community leaders with tremendous wisdom that they generously shared to create the Bishop Kelly

28 p a ge

Foundation. Shortly thereafter, the first Winner’s Choice Auction (then called The Cadillac Dinner) was held, and 39 years later, both the Foundation and the Auction are going strong. But how can that strength be measured? Is the Foundation achieving what Father Wilson and the founding members of the board had hoped? At a recent Foundation Board meeting, Executive Director Rita Franklin shared the following measurements from the past ten years with the directors: 1. Enrollment Growth vs. Grant Growth The graph below demonstrates the growth in enrollment over the past 10 years (the blue line), and the growth of the grants

3. Composition of the Portfolio Assets

from the Foundation over the same period. In 2006-2007, for

The Foundation manages a portfolio, valued at over $8.7

example, the enrollment was just over 600 students, and the

million at the end of the most recent fiscal year. In 2005,

total in grants (the purple line) from the Foundation was just

the value of the portfolio was $3.78 million, with 7% of that

over $400,000 (that amount is comprised of operational and

dedicated to nine scholarship funds (red section). At the end

scholarship grants – the red and green lines). Today’s enrollment

of fiscal year 2014-2015, the value of $8.7 million is composed

is just under 800 students, and the grants total more than

of 18 scholarship funds (with two additional pending),


which is 21% of the portfolio. Donors appear to be interested in establishing gifts that last, and do so by creating named scholarships or donating to existing funds that spin off dollars in perpetuity. For a list of our scholarship funds, visit The bulk of the portfolio (in blue) represents the general fund, which spins off revenue to the school each year in the form of an operating grant, and this helps all families by keeping tuition among the lowest in the Pacific Northwest.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 28

11/23/15 2:04 PM

4. Composition of the Annual Grants to Bishop Kelly High School From the Foundation

particularly in the Paddle-Up for Scholars, and notable growth in named scholarship funds, particularly in the full scholarships.

As mentioned on page 28, the growth in the grants over the last

In summary, it can be assumed that Father Wilson would be

decade has been significant. There are five sources of revenue

proud of the direction of the Bishop Kelly Foundation. The

for the grants from Foundation to the school:

school has never been stronger for many reasons, but the legacy

1. Income from the General Endowment portion of the

he left through the Foundation is certainly one of them.

Foundation’s invested assets (blue)

An eternal debt of gratitude is owed to Father Wilson and the

2. Income from Winner’s Choice Auction (red)

initial Board of Directors, but that gratitude extends also to

3. Income from the Endowed Scholarships portion of the

the decades of board members, executive directors, but most

Foundation’s invested assets (green) 4. Income from the Winner’s Choice “Paddle-Up for Scholars” – the portion of the event dedicated to raising money for scholarship (purple)

especially donors that have followed in their footsteps. Thank you for ensuring the growth of the Foundation and Bishop Kelly High School.

Foundation News

5. Income from Unendowed Scholarships (teal). Four families donated over $220,000 in the 2015-2016 school year to fund 31 full, four-year scholarships. The Foundation manages those generous gifts, which then frees up other financial assistance, making Bishop Kelly accessible to more families. The graph to the right illustrates where the growth in the grants is trending: slower but consistent growth in the bulk of our invested assets, significant contributions from Winner’s Choice,

29 pa ge

“Receive God’s

gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord.”

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 29

11/23/15 2:04 PM

2014 Winner’s Choice Donors Special thanks to the 2014 Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction donors and attendees:

Winner’s Choice

30 p a ge

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 30

13th St. Pub & Grill 3 Girls Catering A1 Plumbing AAA of Idaho James Adams Karen Adams Mike & Mary Adcox Agri Beef Alavita Albers Enterprises Albertson’s Eagle Road James & Susan Alexander Alexander Davis All Valley Window Cleaning Abe & Tammy Alsop Humberto & Carol Amador Amaru Confections American Cleaning Ameri-Star Jewelry Margaret Anderson Angell’s Bar & Grill Renato Angels Among Us Steve & Melanie Angiolini Anglers Rob & Kate Aravich Tim & Trish Armstrong Todd & Kathy Armstrong Gini Artoux Artsmith Jewelers Asiago’s Ristorante Scott & Wendy Askins Tom & Cindy Atkins Dorrie Atkinson Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass Autosort AVI Resort & Casino Axiom Fitness Michael & Jeanie Badgley Danielle & Scott Bainbridge Chris & Shawn Baker Stephanie Baker Ballet Idaho Banbury Golf Club Bandanna Running & Walking Banner Bank Chris & Sharon Bantrup Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery Allan Bardoff & Jenny Sternling Chad & Lisa Barker Basque Market Basque Museum & Cultural Center Brekk Bass & Lauren Franklin Shannon & Shelly Batman Sam & Marisa Battaglia James & Kristin Baumgardner David & Lisa Beale David & Jill Beck Ken & Chrissy Beckner Beth Beechie Beef O’ Brady’s Stan & Ann Bell Bella Aquila Ben Pape, Investment Management, Wells Fargo Advisors Bennett Creek Farms Mike & Machalla Benton Father Jack Bentz Art & Susan Berry Steve & Mary Bertelsen

Zach & Robin Bethel Chris Bevan B-Hoopin’ Mary Bieter Big Al’s Big Bun Big City Coffee Big O Tire Bigelow Tea Robert & Lori Biggs Steven & Tracy Bingham Bishop Kelly Boys Basketball Bishop Kelly Cafeteria Bishop Kelly Cheerleaders Bishop Kelly Football Team Bishop Kelly Foundation Bishop Kelly French Club Bishop Kelly Girls Basketball Bishop Kelly High School Bishop Kelly Horticulture Class Bishop Kelly Parents’ Association Bishop Kelly Theatre Arts Bittercreek Ale House Emily Bixby & Alan Gray David Bixby BizPrint Taylor & Chelsie Black Terri Black & Chad Blue Morgan Black Black Dog Clays Michael & Karen Bledsoe Bleubird Cafe Joe & Marcia Bleymaier Gene & Danell Bleymaier Tim & Jen Bleymaier John Bleymaier & Lisa DeDapper Blis Salon Block 22, LLC Scott Bobst, DDS Bogus Basin Mountain Resort Boise Art Museum Boise at Its Best Boise Centre Boise Co-op Boise Fry Company Boise Hawks Boise Little Theater Boise Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Boise Philharmonic Boise Racquet & Swim Club Boise Ranch Golf Club Boise State Alumni Association Michael & Anita Bokan Kenneth & Suz Bolton Gretchen Bolton Eugene & Lynn Bonfilio Rick & Bea Bonney Wenda Booth Nate Borchert Laura Deddo Robert & Claudia Borgna Randy & Deana Braden Timothy & Brittany Brady James & Guia Brennan Tim & Denise Brennan Ryan Brennan & Katie Morris Brick 29 Clyde & Kathleen Brinegar BRJ Distributing Co. Kevin & Susan Browning David & Terri Bruce

Steven & Beri Bruce Robert Bruce & Gloria Maheux Mike & Sharon Burke Jessica Burke John & Andrea Buss Richard Cade Cafe Ole Caffe Capri Italia Coffee Mike & Amy Caldwell Caldwell Transportation Company, Inc. Joseph & Katie Callanan Timothy & Angela Callanan Todd & Angela Campbell Campbell Tractor Company Mark & Kelly Cantrell Capital City Florist John & Joan Carley Peter Carley Scot Carley Larry & Nancy Carmona Jeff & Katie Carpenter Carroll College Francois & Janet Casabonne Patrick & Stephanie Casabonne Cascade Raft & Kayak Luke & Adrean Cavener Eric & Lisa Centers Central Paving Company Certified Inc. Chandlers Steakhouse Eugenia Chang & Xavier Danthinne Katie Charles Cheers Cheesecake Factory Faith Chennette Larry & Shirley Chetwood Patrick & Suzanne Chetwood CHF Chicago Connection Chuck-a-Rama Lew & Betsy Chumich Michael & Michele Cisario David & Julie Claiborne Classy Casuals Teresa Cleary Cindy Clever Greg & Chris Clovis CM Company Cobby’s College of Idaho Commercial Tire Concrete Placing Co. Pat Connor & Rosa Ysursa Father Rob Cook Thomas Cooney Greg & Lisa Cooper Nic Cordum Pamela Corisis Costa Vida Costco Inc. Cottonwood Creek Dental Cottonwood Grille Michael Coughlin Mike & Kirstin Coughlin Courtyard by Mariott Courtyard West By Mariott Cracklin’ Gourmet Popcorn Craig Stein Beverage

Tiffany & Breanna Cram Crane Creek Country Club Creative Ice Designs of Idaho Crescent Beer Company Mary Beth Cronyn Doug & Mary Crum William & Brenda Crump Cucina di Paulo Richard & Roxanne Cummings Cumulus Media Dave & Mary Lou Cunningham Don & Susan Curtis Walt & Jill Czarniecki Greg Daggett John & Wendy Dalrymple Mark & Vickie Daly Jon & Michelle Damon Dave & Buster’s Jon & Gina Davidson daVinci Italian Restaurant Jarrod & Jayne Davis Bryan & Marie Day Alan Day Day Three Studio Vic & Ruby DeBoer Mari DeLeon Vince & Lisa Derig Nick & Suzanne DeRuyter Jake DeRuyter Matthew Dessert Matt & Claire Dickenson Bob & Claudia DiGrazia Dillards Bryan Dingel & Valencia Bilyeu Jessica DiRocco Discovery Center of Idaho Tom & Linda Dixon Doug Dodson & Deb Ewan Douglas Bedroom Design Bishop Michael Driscoll Travis Dryden Nancy Dudek Mark & Shelly Bedke Aaron & Ann Dykas Eagle Animal Clinic Eagle Hills Golf Course Echelon John & Jolly Eck Edie Martin Glass Gery & Anne Edson Garnet Edwards Joe & Amy Eisele Andrew Elam Michael & Maureen Elia Margaret Elkins Dave & Keli Elledge Jim & Brenda Elledge James & Kerry Ellen Elliott Britney Elliott Lance & Beth Elroy Andy & Daniella Emerson Marcus & Marissa Emmons Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt Ennis Fine Furniture Epi’s a Basque Restaurant Leonard & Mary Erickson Erickson’s Fine Wine Andy & Shannon Erstad Mike & Michelle Evans Ken & Melanie Everett

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Eye Associates Falcon Crest Golf Club Famous Dave’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Dan & Gerri Faricy Fast Lane Indoor Kart Racing FC Nova Soccer Club Patti Feeney Joe & Laura Fehringer Tom Ferguson Brent & Sandy Fery Michael & Patty Fery John & Dee Fery Fidelity National Title of Idaho Valerie Finnigan Pat Fischer Allan Fisher Tony Fisk Steve Fitz Regan Flanagan Pascual & Cecilia Flores Richard Flower Flying Pie Pizzaria Sheldon & Jill Forehand Fork Joe & Kari Forney Sean & Julie Forrest Robert & Rita Franklin Kate Franklin Franz Witte Nursery Father Don Fraser Fraser Vineyard Jeff & Hailey Frechette Ethan & Nicole Freckleton Frito Lay Company Steve Frost Michael Fuchs Father Gerald Funke Fusions Glass Studio Daniel & Carol Gado Gina Gailis & Tom Shanahan Martin & Gladys Galindo Cristal Galindo Gabriela Galindo Rebecca Galindo Gallery 601 Ed & Betsy Galtney Darrin & Lisa Gardner Tim & Michelle Garland Charles & Kristina Gazdik Gem States Dermatology George’s Cycles Bill & Lisa Gerke Gary Gigot & Tammy Jenkins William & Melissa Gilbert Gino’s Ristorante Bill & Connie Glynn Daniel & Brette Glynn Jeff & Amy Glynn Mike & Lisa Goddard Golden Corral Tom & Tess Golis Gonzaga University John & Liz Goodale Lisa Gooding Jeff & Monty Goodman Goodwood BBQ Goody’s Bill & Alta Graham Rod & Julie Gramer Brad & Kristin Granger Bernard & Darlene Gratton Great Harvest Bread Greenwood’s Ski Haus Grind Modern Burger & Brewforia

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 31

Sharon Grisham John & Jerilyn Grizzaffi Grocery Outlet Brad & Lisa Grover Tom Gudmestad & Michele Hitch Rob & Cathy Gundlach Gary & Joanne Gunther Guy•Rome & Associates, Inc. Kathy Hagler Nick Hamilton & Kristen Fahrenwald Steve & Karen Hamm Rob & Margaret Hampton John Hanousek Michael & Jessyca Hanson Happy Nails Katie Harbacheck Michael & Georgeen Hardy Rhett & Stephany Harman Mike Harrington & Sherry Morgan Andrew Harrington, Sr. Ben & Katy Harris Harris & Company James & Angie Harrison Jessica Harrison & Casey Howell Harry Morrison Foundation Harry’s Hyde Park Pub & Grill John & Karin Hart Dan & Misti Hawkins Tim Hedrick & Ashley Applegarth Terry & Kirstin Heffner Tom & Maria Heffner Erik & Jennifer Helgeson Stacy Helm Don & Iris Hendrickson Tom & Alice Hennessey William & Julie Hentges Her Spirit Wear Jeff & Michelle Herbert Ed & Stephanie Herrera Jeff & Linda Hess Dan & Cheryl Heying Bonnie Hiatt Joel & Marianne Hickman Morgan & Susie Hicks Higgins & Rutledge Insurance Highlands Hollow Bart Hill Hillcrest Country Club Hilton Garden Inn Steve & Stephanie Westermeier Jim & Emma Hoffman Barbara & Tom Hogan Hollenbaugh Photography Hollywood Market Yoga Ward Hooper Hotel 43 Marcia Hoyt HSB Academy Travis Huffman Linda Hughes Jeff & Jaymi Hugo Jeff & Alaina Huhn Huntington Learning Center Hurless Brothers Foreign Car Service Huston Vineyards Idagirl Wearable Art Idaho Angler Idaho Botanical Garden Idaho Center for Rolf Structural Integration Idaho CPR Source Idaho Humane Society Idaho Ice World

Idaho Independent Bank Idaho Legal Research Consulting & Services, LLC Idaho Regional Ballet Idaho Shakespeare Festival Idaho Sporting Goods Idaho Stampede Idaho State University Idaho Steelheads Impact Imports Ray & Barbara Ineck Initial Response Inn America Intermountain Gas Company Charles Irvine Brian & Amy Jankowski Scott & Jennifer Janzer Richard & Janice Jarrard Mark Jaszkowski Erin Jensen Katy Jibbens Jim’s Appliance & Furniture Tim & Kathlyn Johans Charley & Nancy Jones Dan & Jennifer Jones Gordon & Cecilia Jones Josu Landaluce Watercolors JR Simplot Company JR Simplot Company Food Group Headquarters Harry & Betty Karnes James & Charlene Kaufman Doug & Cyndi Friend-Kay William & Celeste Keller Kevin & Chris Kempers Kendall Ford of Meridian Kennel Up Idaho Mike & Katie Kerby Tami Kerensky Mike & Tammy Kern Ryan & Naomi Kerns Sam & Debbie Ketchum Todd & Christy Ketlinski Terry & Stephanie Killilea Patrick & Monique Kilroy Michael & Bozena Kinalski Shane & Judy King Ray & Bonnie Kirby Ted & Angie Kirkhart Bill & Shannon Klevenberg Alan Knight Knights of the Gridiron Belinda Knochel Larry & Chris Koomler James & Jeannie Kranz Chris Kranz Cheryl Kreiling KTVB TV Channel 7 Kwal Howell Paint David & Patty Lachiondo Alicia Lachiondo Lacrosse Idaho Brent & Mindi Lacy John Lake Lamar Outdoor Advertising David & Haley Lamey Tim & Mary Beth LaMott Nick & Jan Larrea Tom & Cecilia Larson Charles & Lisa Lawrence LaZboy Furniture Galleries Bart Leach Stan Leis & Rebecca Smiley-Leis Leku Ona Dan & Nora Lemmon

Carolyn LeVering Like Nu Car Wash Jack & Jennifer Lincks Todd & Cassy Lindsey Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar & Grill Lisa’s Creations Mark & Amy Little Troy & Holly Little Todd Little & Amy Wong-Little Mark & Julie Lliteras Scott Lliteras Gus & Molly Loayza Garrett & Carol Lofto Lotus Hair Spa Louie’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant Lucky 13 Lucky Fins Scot & Christina Ludwig LuLu Lemon LV Nails Lyle Pearson Company, Inc. Greg & Jamie MacMillan Father Leonard MacMillan Charles & Virginia Madden Madril Hair Design Cari Magette Ed & Karen Mahoney Joe & Amber Mallet Thomas & Julie Manning Terri Manning Tina Manolopoulos Debra Marria Darin Martin & Kirsten McCannon Martin Ronald & Suzanne Martinez Nicole Martinez Masak Pottery Mark & Tammy Masarik Carol Maynard & Dan Gado McAlvain Construction Eric & Larenia McClure Todd & Paula McCurry Reilly & Amy McDevitt Kevin & Debbie McDonald Tim & Margaret McGranahan Lori McGraw Michele & Laura McKellar Patty McLaughlin Mort & Mara McMillen Carey & Daphne McNeal McU Sports Nate & Kim Meier Dan & Joan Melvin Merchants Moving & Storage Trevin & Randi Meredith Mike & Lori Mers John & Sandee Meyer Father Bruno Mgaya Michael & Shellie Mick Micron Foundation Nancy Middleton Judy Millburn Nick Miller & Cathy Silek Francie Miller Ed & Dixie Milliken Steve & Michelle Mings Dan & Peggy Minnaert Brian & Kelia Mintz Mister Car Wash Mister Hotshine Andy Mitchell & Amy Rebholtz David & Kerri Moe Melvin & Sherie Mohr Kim Moodie

Winner’s Choice

31 pa ge

Continued on page 32

11/23/15 2:04 PM

... Continued from page 31

Winner’s Choice

32 p a ge

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 32

Alan & Julie Moore Steve Moore Scott & Maribel Morrell Mountain Home Auto Ranch James & Zoe Murphy Matthew & Mali Murphy Marshall & Nancy Murrin Teresa Nadareski & Stu Nygard Kay Nadeau Nampa Funeral Home Richard & Robin Navert Neil & Tyley Nelson Aaron & Michelle Nemec Gustav & Megan Neve Tom & Diana Nicholson George & udy Nicola Mary Carol Niland Maureen Niland-Stokes Thomas & Andrea Nist Nordstrom Rack North Star River Expeditions Brand & Krista Novosel NRS Oakely Sean O’Gara Olive Garden Peter & Julie Oliver Dan Oliver Oliver Finley Academy Barbara O’Meara O’Michaels Pub & Grill Derrick & Patty O’Neil Opera Idaho Options Greg & Jennifer Oster Greg & Kim O’Sullivan Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter & Lori Otter Outcast Sporting Gear Chris & Tamera Owens Chuck & Tina Pagano Riccardo & Jennifer Palagi Papa Joes Parilla Grill Jack & Kit Parker Nick & Julie Parker Mike & Becky Parry Pete & Kelly Parsley Payette Brewing Peak Broadcasting Troy & Cheryl Pearse Steven Pearson David & Mary Pera Jerry & Ann Perez Ken & Joey Perry Patrick & Lorie Pettiette Keith & Michelle Pettyjohn PF Chang’s Tracy Pham Jackie Phelps & Brian Leisten Pierce Park Greens Pinnacle Sports Grill Pioneer Title Company Dick & Mary Lou Porter William & Judy Post James & Becky Poulsen Shad Priest & Doreen Warren Chris & Keron Privon ProShine Window Cleaning PT 180 Pure Synergy Fitness Training Richard Puzio Quail Hollow Golf Club Tony & Sarah Quilici R. Grey Gallery

Scott & Nancy Raeber Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Michael & Lisa Ranieri Bill & Cheri Rawden RC Willey Robert & Beth Rebholtz Brooke Reche Red Feather Lounge Red Robin Jim & Vickie Redinger Dick & Karen Reilly Kirk & Cheryl Reilly Reilly’s Church Supply Micheala Reitcheck Maria Ressler Steve & Jeanette Reynolds Justin Reynolds Travis & Jennifer Ribordy Jon Riche Ridgecrest Golf Club Deb Riedel & Kelly Turk Jeanette Riedel Richard & Susan Riley River Birch Golf Course Roaring Springs Gordon & Dianna Roberts Willis & Kathy Robinette Dennis & Nancy Robinson Rockitecture Stoneworks Rod’s Auto Repair Rollerdrome Michael & Lori Romani Rosauers Ruby Lou Jeff & Carolynn Russell Mike & Julianne Russell Shannon Russell Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Uwe & Karen Ruttke Thomas & Theresa Ryden Jared & Christy Rye S-16 LLC John & Katy Sabala Lou & Suzie Sabala Paul & Melissa Sadlek Saint Alphonsus Life Flight Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Salad Man Nick & Leslie Salinas Salon Couture Ron & Brie Sandow Gretchen Sarrazolla Layne Sarvela Rickie Sautebin Timothy & Andrea Sawyer Dean & Amy Schaecher Brad 5. & Judy Schmidt Steve & Deana Schmidt Tom & Mary Schmidt Eli & Betsy Schmoeger Tim & Laura Schrag Tom & Carolyn Schultz Autumn Schumacher Steve & Elisa Schutz Trent & Barb Schwenkfelder Sue Sebranek Father Bruno Segatta Tony & Jennifer Senn Ron Sestero Shadow Valley Golf Course Patrick & Angie Shalz Brian & Bobbie Shea Christen Shelden Patrick & Michelle Sauvain

Beth Sherwood Shilo Inns Jeff & Theresa Shinn Brian & Linda Shirley Mike & Kelly Shockey Shop N. 7 Marine Shore Lodge Shu’s Idaho Running Co. Dave & Vilma Shuttleworth Tom & Lauri Siegert Sight & Sound By Design Silver Sage Girl Scouts Simplot Food Group Sizzler David & Patti Skinner Sandra Small Mark & Karen Smalley Bryan & Dawn Smith Chris & Adrienne Smith Justin & Stephanie Smith Todd & Stephanie Smith Smokey Mountain Pizza Snake River Pool & Spa Soccer Etc. Sockeye Brewing Tom & Cookie Sorge Salvador & Anali Soto Southwest Hide Co. James & Teri Souza Jeff & Kate Souza Spa 35 SPaR Tactical, LLC SpringHill Suites by Mariott Spurwing Country Club St. Luke’s Health Foundation Ray & Linda Stark James & Christin Steele James Steele, Sr. & Jan Steele Stein Distributing Derek & Mauri Stephenson Steve’s Cafe Erik & Wendy Stidham Scott & Tricia Stingley Stinker Stations John & Becky Stone Greg & Karen Strimple Nate & Cinnamon Stroud Rick & Judi Sullivan Super Smiles Susan’s Shop Bobby & Terri Sutcliffe Reiko Suzuki Robert & Julie Swanson Greg & Toni Sweeney Sweetheart Manor Swire Coca Cola Chuck & Nancy Tacke Robert & Cindy Talboy Teresa Tavelli Mike & Tina Taylor A.J. Terry & Karia Lee Dave & Diana Tetreault The Cutting Cabin The Dish The Estate of Jim Bruce The Flicks The Florist at Edwards Greenhouse The Gallery at Finer Frames The Maid Brigade The Nature Company The Pantry Restaurant The Riverside Hotel The Tutor Doctor Susie Thomas Tim & Susan Thometz

Andrea Thornton Scott & Shannon Throm Mark & Heidi Tidd TML Heating & Air Conditioning TNT International Beth Toal Tom James Trader Joe’s Ray & Wini Trapp Travis Jeffries, P.A. Treasure Valley YMCA Tri City Meats Jim & Carolyn Trino Triple Play Indoor Water Park Seth & Courtney Troutner Tucano’s Keith & Karen Tucker Roger Turcotte & Diana Lachiondo Mark & Megan Tverdy George & Susan Tway Two Rivers Salon & Spa U.S. Bank University of Idaho University of Notre Dame University of Portland Joel & Chellie Van Lith Russ & Rena VanPaepeghem Mike VanPaepeghem Chris Verhaegh Wahooz Family Fun Zone Warhawk Air Museum Washington Trust Bank Michael & Marta Watson Sean & Toni Watt Olivia Weitz & Tony Shallot Joe & Kristen Weitz Welker Photography John & Staci Welsh Stan & Regina Welsh Joyce West West Side Drive Inn Alex Westfall Michael Wetherell George White Karena Whitmore Whole Foods Anthony & Caroline Wickham Curt & Molly Wiebold Kirk & Meagan Wiedmeier Wildhorse Resort & Casino Jon Wilkins Cris Williams Debra Williams Willowcreek Grill Joe & Becky Wilsey Marcie Wilske Winco Kevin Winsauer Melissa Wolfe & Alison Wolfe Ken & Lynda Wood Woodland Park Zoo World Center for Birds of Prey Ye Old Sweet Shoppe Benito Ysura John & Genevieve Ysursa Margie Zamzow Zamzows Ed & Amy Zimmer Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman Zoo Boise Craig & Nicole Zuber Hank & Evelyn Zurfluh Dan Zurfluh Vincent & Teressa Zywicki

11/23/15 2:04 PM

The 2014-15 Kelly Pride Fund By Robin Navert, BK Director of Development

The 2014-2015 school year was challenging, exciting, and

championships and provide funding for our band, choir, and

rewarding for our students, families, alumni, faculty, staff, and

drama departments. You also helped support Campus Ministry

community. Thanks to those who gave generously to the Kelly

and student retreats; improved salaries and benefits for our

Pride Fund, Bishop Kelly was able to provide a robust and

outstanding teachers; and gave generously to provide financial

exciting place for our students to excel academically, spiritually,

aid for those to whom a Bishop Kelly education would not have

and in extracurricular activities. Last year, our community gave

been possible without your financial support.

nearly $300,000 to the Kelly Pride Fund, a record amount for

Bishop Kelly High School has grown into the outstanding school

Bishop Kelly.

it is today because it is more than an academic institution – it is

Your gifts enabled Bishop Kelly to graduate 186 outstanding

a community. Although we will never be able to fully express our

seniors, including National Merit Finalists and Semifinalists,

gratitude to you, I would like to thank you for your support, your

Service Academy Appointees, and scholarship recipients

faith in what we do here at Bishop Kelly, and your generosity.

to colleges and universities across the United States. You helped the Knights win several state academic and athletic

Kelly Pride Fund

Every gift makes a difference – thank you!

33 pa ge

Knights of the Roundtable Bishop Kelly’s Knights of the Roundtable honors donors who have made gifts to the Kelly Pride Fund totaling more than $1,000 during our fiscal year July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015. As an acknowledgement of their generous support, members of the Knights of the Roundtable were invited to attend an invitation-only Mardi Gras event hosted by President Rich Raimondi. The 2015-2016 Bishop Kelly Knights of the Roundtable Mardi Gras will be held on Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Please consider joining in the fun this next year by making a generous gift of $1,000 or more to the 2015-2016 Kelly Pride Fund.

Knights of the Roundtable Circle ($1,000 or more) The Adcox Family Anonymous Dan & Carrie Allumbaugh Steven & Melanie Angiolini James & Kristin Baumgardner Dave & Jill Beck Bill & Mary Bergquist Stephanie Brooks Michael & Julie Byrne Pere & Gina Cabus Jose & Elsa Cervantes Tamera Connolly Greg & Lisa Cooper Darin & Rebecca Cooper Richard Cummings & Roxanne Truax Cummings Greg & Anne Daggett Xavier Danthinne & Eugenia Chang Richard & Sally Darmody Alan Day Vic & Ruby deBoer Tim & Jenifer Dellgard Todd & Brenda Dixon Robert & Fiona Doiron Charles & Lisa Eddy Dave & Keli Elledge Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt Elsaesser Jarzabek Anderson Elliott & Macdonald Law Andy & Shannon Erstad

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 33

Melanie Everett Pam Faino Joe & Laura Fehringer John & Dee Fery Mike & Patty Fery Brian Foruria Dan Gado & Carol Maynard Carey & Kris Geiger-Blue Stephanie Goddard Brad & Lisa Grover Tom Gudmestad & Michelle Hitch Steve & Karen Hamm John & Carrie Hanousek John & Karin Hart Gerald & Edwena Hecker Jim & Susan Jensen Shane & Teresa Jolley Charley & Nancy Jones Bill & Wendy Jordan Doug Kay & Cyndi Friend-Kay Kevin & Chris Kempers Michael & Teresa Kirkmire Bill & Shannon Klevenberg Allan & Anne Knight Knights of the Gridiron Barb Kurpiewski Alan & Kelly Langerak Jennifer Lenoue Todd & Cassy Lindsey Ed & Karen Mahoney Thomas & Julie Manning Tim & Fariss McGee Mort & Mara McMillen

Nathaniel & Kim Meier Jesus & Janie Mendez Mike & Lori Mers Micron Technology Foundation, Inc. Rod & Francie Miller Steve & Dena Miranda Jim Murphy Richard & Robin Navert Neil & Tyley Nelson Jeff & Mary Neumeyer K.C. Odencrantz & Miren Lete-Odencrantz Toni Ortiz Hon C. L. “Butch” Otter & Lori Otter Michael Petty & Wendi Norris Keith & Michelle Pettyjohn Jim & Becky Poulsen Toby & Nicole Prehn Christopher & Keron Privon Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Mike & Lisa Ranieri Daniel & Kelly Reed Debra Riedel John & Carol Rinehimer Gene & Claire Dwyer Michael & Lori Romani John & Katy Sabala SanDisk Corporation David & Nicole Sansotta Tim & Andrea Sawyer Brad & Judy Schmidt Steve & Deanna Schmidt

Tim & Laura Schrag Steve & Elisa Schutz Joseph & Katie Simunich James & Teri Souza Stephen & Loretta Stech Students For Life America, Inc. Rick & Judi Sullivan Jeffrey & Andrea Symmonds Annette Tatro Parks Treasure Valley Hospital #50057 Treasure Valley Hospital Foundation Ken & Cathy Tucker Mark & Megan Tverdy Steve & Denise Twohig John & Terry Vallin Justin & Franny Vitrano Cris & Maria Williams Wes & Stephanie Worrell Kristi Zastrow Thomas & Teresa Zepeda Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman

Ladies and Lords Circle ($500-$999) 3 Girls Catering Jose & Els Aguilar Skinner & Joanne Anderson Rob & Kate Aravich Todd & Kathy Armstrong Robert & Nicole Balderson Lance & Gerri Ball Mike & Brenda Ballantyne

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11/23/15 2:04 PM

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Kelly Pride Fund

34 p a ge

Tim & Denise Brennan Jeff & Julie Catalano Idaho Cheer David & Julie Claiborne Ron & Christine Clevenger John & Sarah Connolly David & Pam Corisis Rick Cronin Mike & Angie Davies Brooke & Wendy Drayton John & Nancy Dudek Mike & Maureen Elia Wayne & Janie Ernst Kelli Fredback Steven Gilman Greg Heitman James & Waverly Hill Rick & Colleen Horiuchi Don & Janee Hornsby Derek & Kayla Hudson Joseph & Paula Jones Rusty & Lorri Kaiser Bill & Laura Karnes Mike & Katie Kerby Belinda Knochel Tom & Cecelia Larson James & Julie Lineberger Terry & Carmen Little Brian & Lisa Losness Greg & Jamie Jo MacMillan Eleanor Maloney Mary Martin Ron & Suzy Martinez Kevin McCarthy Carey McNeal Steve & Michele Mings Andy Mitchell & Amy Rebholtz Quinn & Tammy Morrison Kyan & Jen Newman Mike & Marci Pape Brent & Carla Phillips Eddie & Nicole Rackleff Ben & Carol Roberts Joseph & Anna Rodriquez Uwe & Karen Ruttke Lou & Suzie Sabala Pat & Angie Shalz James & Christin Steele Camilla Switzer The Benevity Community Impact Fund, American Endowment Foundation Bill & Andrea Thompson Brian & Carri Thornburg Tim & Rebecca Watkins Jim & Wendy Webster Jacob & Alissa Wolbach Jim Wolfe Steve & Jeanette Zorich

Nobles Circle ($300 to $499) Ben & Marisela Baca Chris & Sharon Bantrup Shannon & Shelly Batman Morrie & Alison Berriochoa Bobby & Lori Biggs Rick & Tisha Bonney Gary & Karen Brandecker Kevin & Susan Browning Frank Celsnak

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 34

John Clement & Bridget Bedke CM Company Savers Company Bill & Wanda Crowley Doug & Mary Crum William & Brenda Crump Michael & Cheryl Cutler John & Wendy Dalrymple Mike & Tammy Emerich Kevin & Patti Feeney Steve Fitz William & Vonda Franklin Hernan & Alejandra Gutierrez Ed & Stephany Herrera Tom & Joanne Holdridge Stephen & Claire Jones Knights of Columbus #12531 – St. Mary’s Knights of Columbus – Sacred Heart Bob & Judy Kroos Stan Leis & Rebecca Smiley-Leis Sue Linja Todd Little & Amy Wong-Little Steve Marlow Derek McCormick Tobiah & Nicole McReynolds Peter & Julie Oliver Jack & Kit Parker Mike & Julianne Russell Terry & Sarah Scanlan Dean & Amy Schaecher Derek & Mauri Stephenson Ron & Karen Strop Suzanne Takasugi Dave & Diana Tetreault

Kelly Pride Circle ($100 to $299) Ray Anchustegui & Cynthia Bainbridge Timothy & Patricia Antonoplos Felix & Rachelle Aramburu Stephen Asher Henry & Dianne Loeffen Harvey & Patricia Babendure Terry Bartlett & Elizabeth Marshall Basque Museum & Cultural Center Sam & Marisa Battaglia Ken & Chrissy Beckner Aitor & Debbie Bidaburu John & Alex Bieter Mark & Shannon Bieter Rachel Brasil Dave & Terri Bruce Ken & Patrice Burgess John Burke Peter & Jennifer Butler David & Julie Clairborne Jim & Cherie Clayton Mark & Cynthia Coffman Daniel & Tiffany Cram Larry & Kathryn Crump David & MaryLou Cunningham Adrian & Barbara Curnow Don & Susan Curtis Don Curtis, Jr.

D.A. Davidson & Company Alan & Kim Degen Vince & Lisa Derig Mike & Katie Dolby Karen Eccles Mark & Kathryn Estep Dan & Gerri Faricy Talia Flagan John & Jane Francis Rev. Canon Donald Fraser Fred Meyer Stores #00449 Fred Meyer Stores #662 Bill & Renee Fremgen Martin & Gladys Galindo Rebecca Galindo Darrin & Lisa Gardner Richard & Susan Gardner John & Elisabeth Goodale Mary Lee Gross Tim & Chris Haener Steve & Georgia Hagler Mike & Danne Hampton Rita Harding Kevin & Gina Harney Andy & Debbie Harrington Matthew & JoAnn Harrison Donald & Peach Hendershott Bill & Julie Hentges Marcos & Tina Hernandez Trent & Anne Howie John & Stefanie Hruby Jacob & Yesenia Ineck Ray & Barbara Ineck Mike & Bozena Kinalski Knights of Columbus – St. Mark’s Martin & Judy Knoelk Michele Koehl Robert & Annie Kranz Antonio & Sheri-Lynn Kusic Herb LaFond & Debbie Petersik David & Haley Lamey Larry & Chris LaRocco Ron Lauer Todd & Robin Lee John & Gloria Lejardi Jimmy & Grace Liao Murray & Kelly Lodge Richard & Emma Lovel Kent Lovelace & Rebecca Oaxaca-Lovelace Scot & Christina Ludwig Donald & Beverly Lukasik Craig Marria Brian Martin & Lynda Friesz-Martin Kirsten Martin Chas McDevitt Dan & Joan Melvin Chris & Nancy Middleton Misty Moore Lorrie Ann Moore Salvador & Erika Morfin David & Tracy Morris Dave & Diane Myklegard Blake & Christa Napier Daniel Neumeyer David Neumeyer Joseph Neumeyer Scott Ngo & Kelly Dinh

Tom & Andrea Nist Michael & Laurie Nolan Larry & Mary Ossenkop Greg & Jennifer Oster Joe & Cathy Pachner Mike & Becky Parry Randal Pauletto & Michelle Murphy Mark Peters George & Dodi Pfautsch Glenn & Jenifer Pfautsch Steve Pitkin Chris & Christy Porter Ronald & Margaret Pridmore RC Willey Company Jim & Shannon Reed Steve & Michaela Reitcheck Event Rent Jon Riche Riche Dempsey & Associates Sandra Riggers Richard & Susan Riley John & Melanie Rubocki Mark & Christie Running Jeff & Carolynn Russell Gregg & Chris Saunders Thomas & Teresa Schmalz Brian & Linda Shirley John & Janet Simonson Michael & Jan Siron Doug & Jen Skyer Sandra Small Chris Smith Jeff & Kate Souza Allyn & Tanya Spanfellner Julie Spillane Tom & Kate Starr Richard Steele John & Rebecca Stone Jim & Paula Streit Bobby & Terri Sutcliffe Robert & Julie Swanson Sue Syverson Chuck & Nancy Tacke Nora Tamez Mark & Teresa Tavelli Sharon Taylor Mike & Tina Taylor The Bank of America Charitable Foundation The Silicon Valley Foundation Peter & Laurie Thimm Marlin & Kerri Trainer Chris & Karen Verhaegh Tony & Yliana Villegas Tim & Carissa Wahl Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program Kim & Kari Werner Neil & Christine Whited Nicholas & Trisha Wieber Brad Williams & Lauren Yun Michelle Wilson Charles & JoAnne Wilson Kevin & Amy Witmuss Clay & Jacqueline Young John & Genevieve Ysursa Rosa Ysursa

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Kelly Pride Gifts up to $100 Albertsons Boise Open Scott & Danielle Bainbridge Chad & Lisa Barker Cynthia Barrell Michael & Margaret Beltrami Bruce Berquist James & Bethany Bewley Jim Blaine Chris & Angela Bloom Clifford & Ruth Brady Nick & Pam Brady Steve & Beri Bruce Michael Burke Mike & Sharon Burke Mike & Amy Caldwell Jack Capper Anthony & Jennifer Chappell Ed & Arita Cleary Cary & Demetra Conklin Erin Christon Shari Doke Tim & Susan Donnellan Joe & Amy Eisele

Angel Fehringer Ron & Valerie Fehringer Nestor & Sonna Fernandez Bob & Rita Franklin Gina Gailis Charles & Tina Gazdik Tim & Shanalee Graver Ruth Hadzor Ben & Katy Harris Terry & Kirstin Heffner Joel & Marianne Hickman Ernestine Hiner Karl & Carol Holsinger Joseph & Jeanne Hunter Idaho Sports Medicine Institute, P.A. Langley & Jody Stroup Jones T.J. & Jo Ann Jones Rusty & Jamie Kirtley James & Tamara Koenig Jennifer Little Tim & Peggy Luke Mark & Tammy Masarik Janey Feuling McGarry

Robert & Joanne McQuade John Meehl Tim & Carol Mokwa Todd & Denise Monroe Carol Murgoitio Thomas Murphy Teresa Nadareski Robert Navert R. Scott Navert Gary Neal Ramona Neal Brett & Tamara Neukam Rich Nicolona Samuel & Abigail Nieto Jay & Jeri Olearain Steven Osborn Erin Rausch David Remmerden Nick & Leslie Salinas Mike & Kelly Shockey Frances Sprague Chris & Mary Starr Scott & Shannon Throm Keith & Karen Tucker

Thomas & Beverly Warnecke Mike & Marta Watson Jean Wilkin Barry & Margie Zamzow Doug & Sheelagh Zamzow

Parents As Partners

Gifts to the Parents As Partners program are an opportunity to help bridge the gap between BK’s tuition rate and the actual cost to educate a Bishop Kelly student. We are so grateful to the following Parents As Partners: Ken & Patrice Burgess William & Brenda Crump Hal & Jacque Eastman John & Laura Gibson Ed & Cheryl Johnson Todd & Cassy Lindsey Doug F. Manchester Mark & Beth Mills Steve & Elisa Schutz Michael & Lauren Snow

This listing includes gifts received from July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015. Please contact Bishop Kelly’s Development Office at (208) 947-1325 with corrections and accept our apologies for any inadvertent omissions.

Your gift to BK (Joint Tax Return) $300 $500

Growing Forward Together

$1,000 $2,000

($25/mo.)* ($41.65/mo.)* ($83.33/mo.)*


($166.67/mo.)* ($416.67/mo.)*

Kelly Pride Fund

35 pa ge

Every gift makes a

Tax deduction if itemizing






50% Idaho Education Tax Credit






BIG difference

Actual cost to you of your gift







Your gift to BK (Single Tax Return) $300 $500 $1,000 $2,000 $5,000

($25/mo.)* ($41.65/mo.)* ($83.33/mo.)*

($166.67/mo.)* ($416.67/mo.)*

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot to Make a Big Difference

Tax deduction if itemizing






The Idaho tax code lets you support Bishop Kelly with dollars you would otherwise owe in state taxes. Idaho offers you a TAX CREDIT of half your gift to Bishop Kelly up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for married couples filing jointly. This is in addition to the tax deduction for charitable gifts if you itemize. Please look at the chart below and consult your tax advisor.

50% Idaho Education Tax Credit






Actual cost to you of your gift $45 $75 $150 $800 $2,750 Figures are estimates based on persons in the 35% marginal tax bracket. The tax credit can go up to, but not exceed, 50% of your total Idaho state tax obligation. * Amount based on electing a monthly payment option.


Bishop Kelly. Especially yours! donate

The Kelly Pride Fund

Please detach and return with your gift Name_______________________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________________ City____________________ State ____________ Zip ________________________ Phone_______________________________________________________________ Email Address________________________________________________________

I would like to make my gift in the amount of: _____________________________________ q One time q Monthly q Quarterly q Each year for 5 years q My employer will/may match my gift. Employer’s name:_________________________ [ ] I have enclosed a check for: $_________________ [ ] Please charge my credit card: $_________________ Card #_______________________________________ Expiration Date:_________________ Signature_____________________________________________________________________

Please make my gift to:

q Highest need for Bishop Kelly, or: q Tuition Assistance q Athletics/Academic Program:______________________________________

q Foundation Endowment Growth q Foundation Named Scholarship:____________________________________ q Other:___________________________________________________________

Please make checks payable to Bishop Kelly High School or give online at and look for For more information contact the BK Development Office at (208) 947-1325.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 35

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Is This Your Estate Planning Strategy? Consider a Private Estate Planning Consultation Session Bishop Kelly High School and the Bishop Kelly Foundation are sponsoring Private Estate Planning Consultation

Kelly Pride Fund

Sessions at no cost to friends of Bishop Kelly. The nationally renowned firm of Thompson and Associates provides the Private Estate Planning Consultations. These sessions can help you: • Establish your net worth and determine if you will be financially secure in retirement.

36 p a ge

• Help you determine what you will owe the government in taxes, and whether that can be reduced or diverted by making a gift to your favorite charity or charities. You may be able to make a difference – large or small –

to those organizations that are important to you! • Help you determine your legacy to your heirs. Contact Robin Navert (, Bishop Kelly Director of Development at 947-1325, or Rita Franklin (, Executive Director of the Bishop Kelly Foundation at 323-4789 for more information.

Mardi Gras Knights of the Roundtable

Bishop Kelly’s Knights of the Roundtable were honored at the Mardi Gras event as an acknowledgement of their generous support.

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 36

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Foundation Donors Abbey of the Holy Trinity Michael & Mary Adcox Delphine Aldecoa AmazonSmile Foundation Josephine Anchustegui Angels Amoung Us Rob & Kate Aravich Philip Armstong Jess & Anna Asla Ray Aspiri Mike & Brenda Ballantyne Chris & Sharon Bantrup Kenneth & Deanna Becker Bridget Bedke Benson Benson Berkey Foundation Helen Berria Randy & Jeannine Berriochoa Mary Bieter John & Alexandra Bieter Lawrence & Delores Bosio James & Mary Jane Brauer Dave & Terri Bruce Rand & Maryann Budzianowski John Burke Bill & Leandra Burns Frank & Janet Casabonne Jeff & Cathy Cilek James Cilek Cathy Clarkson George & Cheryl Colwell John & Sarah Connolly Jack & Belinda Cortabitarte Scott & Paula Coulter Anne Curto Mark & Vickie Daly Kirk & Betty Davenport Elly Davis Diane DeChambeau Anita Dick John Dillon Hillary Dixon Tom & Linda Dixon Adam Dixon Doug Dodson & Debra Ewan Robert & Marilyn Donnelly Patricia Droubay John & Jolly Eck Ann Edwards Maureen & Mike Elia James & Kerry Ellen Elliott Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt Wayne & Janie Ernst Andrew & Shannon Erstad Estate of James E. Bruce Gary & Winkie Felton Mike & Patty Fery John Michael Fery Daniel Flamm Steve Flood Patricia Forbes

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 37

Four J Foundation Bob & Rita Franklin Trudy Hanson Rebecca Galindo Richard & Susan Gardner Mario & Pamela Giannini George & Linda Gilmore Bill & Connie Glynn Richard & Jackie Goodson Bernie & Darlene Gratton Bob & Dottie Greenwood Sharon Grisham Bradley & Lisa Grover Jan Gudmundsen Eby Hamilton Lane Advisors Rita Harding Dennis & June Hardziej Harriman Foundation Patrick & Kathy Harrington Dr Charles & Maria Harris Maria Louise Harris James & Angie Harrison Mary Hartung Ruby Hasselbring Laura Hatfield Joel & Marianne Hickman Darlene Hoffland Debbie Hondo Albert Horn Everett & Beverly Howard Glenn Howe Joseph Iglesias Jane Innamorati Intermountain Industries Petroglyph Energy Foundation Bill & Kristin Jacobs Peter & Barbara Jenny Charles & Nancy Jensen Donna Jones Gary Jones Bill & Celeste Keller Dr. Kevin & Chris Kempers Peggy Kenney JR & Jeannie King Kissler Family Foundation Robert & Judy Kroos Dick & Peggy Kuntz Dave & Patti Lachiondo Dr. Eric LaMott Eva Langrell John & Gloria Lejardi John & Helen Leonard Mark & Julie Lliteras Lynch Foundation Don Lytle Joe & Amber Mallet Richard & Lisa Manthey Pat Marsh Benjamin McClain Kevin & Debbie McDonald Gary & Tomi McGee

Robert McLean Michael McQuade Dr. David & Kay Merrick Micron Technology Dick & Jody Mooney Steve Moore Thomas & Cathy Morrissey Hugh & Barbar Mossman James & Lea Murgoitio Ruth Murgoitio Pierce & Mary Ann Murphy Rena Murphy David Navarro Richard & Robin Navert Bibiana Neurtney Vaughn & Katharine Olson Marty & Maureen O’Toole Mike & Becky Parry Robert Peck George & Marie Petrissans Denis & Nancy Petrissans Piledriver Investment Club Tony & Sarah Quilici Robert & Beth Rebholtz James & Vickie Redinger Phillip & Martina Reilly Jerome Reininger Jon Riche Rihard & Susan Riley Tom & Charlene Ripke William & Lisa Robbins Tom & Theresa Ryden Saint Alphonsus RMC Ricardo & Dolores Salutregui Dr. Charles & Molly Schneider Andrea Schneider Glenn & Linda Schumacher Dr. Steve & Elisa Schutz Jeffrey Seabourn Beth Sherwood Brian & Linda Shirley Sylvia Sillonis Thomas Smith Tom & Cookie Sorge Phil Soulen St. Joseph’s Elementary School Betty Stadler James & Christin Steele Robert & Pilar Steele Eric & Wendy Stidham Patrick Sullivan Chuck & Nancy Tacke Suzanne Takasugi Ben & Lauren Tassos Barbara Taylor TF Dixon Family Foundation The Estate of Remedios Jayo Yturri Kathryn Thesing Tim & Susan Thometz Stan & Kimberly Tomimoto Mercedes Urrutia

US Bank Foundation US Charitable Gift Trust Marcile Vaclavik Tom & Kristina Vitrano Robert Wells Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program Stan & Regina Welsh Lewis & Lorraine Whitesides William Whitney Ronald & Rita Wilper Richard & Jane Wilson Charles & Joanne Wilson Jim & Judy Wolfe Robert Woodhead Wes Worrell Wes & Stephanie Worrell YourCause LLC Dan & Kathy Yribar Mick & Jessica Ysura Ben Ysursa Bernard Ysursa Begona Ysursa Ruth Ysursa-Gibson

Foundation Donors

37 pa ge

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Around School Bishop Kelly Life

38 p a ge

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 38

11/23/15 2:04 PM

Calendar of Events January 10.................................................................................Pasta Festa Italian Dinner January 28............................................................................................Grandparents Mass February 1..................................................................... New Student Information Night February 14........................................................................... Hallissey Pancake Breakfast

Calendar of Events

March 4............................................................................................. Service Learning Day March 12................................................................................................................ Irish Fest March 16............................................................................... Music Department Concert April 14-17..................................................................... Theater Arts Spring Production May 17................................................................................... Music Department Concert May 28.........................................................................................Bishop Kelly Graduation August 12-14............................................................Reunion Weekend Celebrating the ........................................................... Classes of 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, and 2006

39 pa ge

November (TBD).........Bishop Kelly Foundation Winners Choice Dinner/Auction

2015_BKRoundtable.indd 39

11/23/15 2:04 PM

NONPROFIT ORG US Postage PAID Permit #510

Bishop Kelly High School 7009 Franklin Road Boise, ID 83709

For detailed information about BK events check out the Alumni Calendar at

or call the Alumni Office at

(208) 947-1325 Connect with us: Opt into @Bishop Kelly our e-newsletter at, follow us on Facebook at “Alumknights Bishop Kelly” and update your mailing information at the alumni tab on

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11/23/15 2:04 PM

2015 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication Boise, Idaho

2015 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication Boise, Idaho