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The Magazine for Saint Teresa’s Academy and Bishop Kelly High School

ROUNDTABLE November 2016

Growing Forward Together Achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.

In This Issue: • BK2020 Vision • What’s Happening at BK • AlumKnight Updates

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Table of Contents

STEM Wing and BK Vision2020........................................................... 5 Dress Code Fashion................................................................................. 7 Class of 2020 Infographic....................................................................... 7 Irvine Family Scholarship....................................................................... 8 Band of Brothers...................................................................................... 8

2 p a g e

“We are

many parts,

Summer Service Immersion Experience.............................................. 9 Grandparent and STA Mass with Bishop Peter................................. 10 Senior Retreat......................................................................................... 11 BK Athletics............................................................................................ 12 Celebrating Bishop Kelly Arts.............................................................. 14 Alumknight Spotlights – Mr. Capper and Mr. Krewer..................... 16 Alumknight Spotlights – Surviving Survivor.................................... 18 Reunion Weekend 2016........................................................................ 20 Alumknight Updates............................................................................. 25

we are all one

Happy 40th to the Bishop Kelly Foundation!.................................... 29

body, and the

Winner’s Choice Donors....................................................................... 31

gifts we have we are given to share.”

Kelly Pride Fund..................................................................................... 34 Foundation Donors............................................................................... 37 Estate Planning....................................................................................... 38 Calendar of Events................................................................................. 39

– Marty Haugen

From the Editor: Years ago when I was working at a postgame party for the BSU vs. Idaho game, a coworker commented that the reason schools celebrate athletics is because athletics bring our communities together again and again. And that couldn’t be more true here at Bishop Kelly. There’s something pretty magical about sitting in the stands on Friday night with 2,000+ of your closest black and gold clad friends. I can’t walk to my seat without running into high school classmates, former teachers, old and new friends, and occasionally my kids – although they usually avoid me until they need popcorn money. So I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to put a football picture on the cover of The Roundtable to celebrate the success of our season, and symbolize the togetherness we have on Friday nights each fall.

team captains and their new best buddy, Moses, walking onto the field to shake hands with the opposing team. Moses is 8 years old. He lives here in Boise with his mom and dad, who adopted him several years ago. Moses has Down Syndrome, and our guys were connected to him through an organization called 4 the Ability that matches kids with disabilities to student athletes. Moses loves to watch the Knights under the lights on Friday night, and this team loves Moses. Everyone agrees that the best part of the season has been Moses’ smile.

I started asking around for the best football photo this season had to offer, and unanimously, this is what everyone chose. This is a photo of our

Katie Kerby, Director of Communications and Alumni Relations

By the time you read this, BK will have already finished our football season. But right now, as I’m typing away, we are just getting ready to host the state semifinals against Blackfoot. Naturally, there’s some excitement around here about our historic fourth run for a state title. I hope by the time The Roundtable arrives in your mailbox the Knights have made history, and we have come together as a community to watch it happen. But no matter what, these young men and their new friend Moses will remember this season as one for the books.

Dear Friends of Bishop Kelly, As we celebrate the 126th anniversary of Catholic secondary

A review of our first year

education here in Boise with Saint Teresa’s Academy and Bishop

received very positive

Kelly High School, we have much for which to be thankful.

feedback from our

We began this 2016/2017 school year with a record 806 students,

stakeholders – parents,

our highest enrollment in the 52-year history of the school, and

students and faculty/

a 35 percent growth over the past five years. We have a record

staff – on the progress we

high percentage of Catholic partner school freshman choosing

as a community made

to come to BK (88 percent compared to 83 percent last year) and

against our objectives, in

our incoming freshman are coming from all over the valley –

particular around our culture, the BK Way, and the specific values

53 percent from our Catholic partner schools/47 percent from

of faith, safe and caring place, and academic excellence.

public or other private schools. To keep our class sizes small (BK

Finally, we are also working on our vision for the school in the

averages 21 students per class), reduce teacher workload, and replace two retiring staff members, we added seven positions this year. These amazing, high energy, and highly qualified educators join our already outstanding faculty and staff.

year 2020 – what we call “BK2020 Vision.” We believe we must invest in a new state-of-the-art Science and Technology wing to best prepare our students for the future. We also believe additional enrollment growth is inevitable as a new Catholic

The 2015/2016 school year had many highlights: 98 percent

elementary school (St. Ignatius) opens next fall and our valley

of the 186 graduates in the class of 2016 went on to college, 93

continues to grow. We must proactively plan for around 1000

percent to four year colleges. Eighty percent of those graduates

students in the year 2020 so that we can continue Bishop Edward

were offered merit-based scholarships, which totaled more

Kelly’s dream of welcoming all who wish to attend. That means

than $24.6 million. Their SAT and ACT scores are again in the

growing our endowment, adding new classrooms and faculty, and

top 10 percent nationally and amongst the highest in the state.

expanding the Fraser Library and cafeteria/kitchen. We need the

The class of ’16 contributed over 15,000 hours of service to our

support of our entire community to help us continue to best serve

greater community, and over 75 percent of them participated

our students and community. Please join me in helping us achieve

in extracurricular activities here at BK. These seniors were

our BK2020 Vision.

instrumental in leading BK to five state championships and five

Thank you once again for your generosity and your interest in and

academic state championships. We have much more to do to achieve our vision of “a Catholic community achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.” We just finished the first year of our 2015-2020 strategic plan, which is the third strategic plan for the school since 2005.

Letter from the President

commitment to Bishop Kelly! GO KNIGHTS!


3 pa ge

Greetings AlumnKnights and Bishop Kelly Community,

Letter from the Principal

Let me start by saying

a real, authentic way. “Look up” is also a subtle reminder for all

how blessed I feel every

of us just to slow down, take a breath and appreciate the lives

day to be part of such

we’ve been given. Life is a precious gift and we are encouraging

a wonderful, caring

our community to be present and mindful of this gift. “Look up”

community. This year

is also a way that we can remind each other that we are not alone

has been very special and

in this life and that we have God with us to guide and support

unique for a number of

us through the good times and the difficult times. “Look Up”

reasons. It’s hard to believe

is another way of saying “lift up your hearts.” We all know the

that Thanksgiving is right

answer: “We lift up our hearts to the Lord.” During the assembly,

around the corner, yet

we showed a compelling video that captured our message very

it feels like we’ve gone

well. I’d encourage you to search YouTube for “Look Up, Gary

through so much in such a short time. This year already, we

Turk” and check out the video.

had a sudden death of a student over the summer, we have had

The “Look Up” theme has resonated in a lot of different ways.

two teachers and a recent graduate successfully battle cancer, a

4 p a g e

Help me

to see Jesus in others, and help

senior boy is recovering from a very serious and nearly fatal car crash, and as a community we’ve lost several other relatives and friends. Needless to say, I’m thankful more than ever that I have the Bishop Kelly Family to lean on during the darkest of hours.

We often remind students to “Look Up” from their cell phones and have meaningful conversations with each other, and simply saying the words “Look Up” brings them back to the the reason that we should look up. It’s also great when a student catches an adult and reminds them to “Look Up.” “Look Up” was also the

As you can imagine, our year started off with a lot of emotion

theme of this year’s Freshmen Retreat, led by our 40+ student

as we were all dealing with some difficult life circumstances.

campus ministers. We have and will continue to come back to

Through all of this, however, was a renewed appreciation for

this theme and which will remind us throughout the year to pay

each other, for our families, and for our own health and faith

attention to the important things in our lives and look up from

and the power of prayer. We were impacted as a community

the distractions.

and it was during these trying times that we centered ourselves

In closing, thank you for your continued support and prayers

around two words which serve as an important reminder for all of us and our theme for this year, “Look Up!”

for Bishop Kelly High School. The strength of our community is what holds us together and keeps us strong. Please keep us

others to see

On day one this year, we held an all school, welcome back

in your thoughts and prayers, and don’t forget to “Look Up” as

Jesus in me.

assembly, just as we’ve done the past two years. It was here

often as possible.

that we introduced our theme for the year and challenged our students to “Look Up.” “Look Up” can mean a lot of different things. At the surface level what we mean is to “look up” from our technology, social media, etc. and pay attention to others in

God Bless, Mike Caldwell, Principal

BK2020 Vision Addresses Record Growth and Needs By Robin Navert, Director of Development

Much has changed at Bishop Kelly in its 52-year history, but our

lacrosse wall. We are grateful for our generous benefactors who

focus on community and commitment to Catholic education

have made these investments to enrich our student experience.

remains the same. As we grow and change as a community,

To build upon our recent accomplishments and in conjunction

we have to change our campus to best serve students. Our BK Alumknights and Saint Teresa’s Alumni can be proud to know that Bishop Kelly is thriving with the support of graduates, parents, and friends of the school. The generous support of our community is allowing us to improve our facilities and programs so that generations of future knights can learn and grow, share their faith, and make friendships that last a lifetime.

with our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Bishop Kelly has launched a capital campaign called BK2020 Vision. Bishop Kelly partnered with Erstad Architects and The Estimé Group to develop a plan to accommodate significant anticipated student growth by 2020, and strengthen our academic spaces and programs, particularly in Science, Computer Science, and Engineering. We are confident this cutting edge plan will allow the school to address

Bishop Kelly has a rich academic, spiritual, and athletic history

its priorities over the next five years and more fully live out

and is flourishing today. Ninety-eight percent of our 2016

our mission.

graduates went to college and were offered over $24 million

As we celebrate our completion of the first five years of our

in scholarships. Our ACT and SAT scores are among the highest in the state and are well above the national averages. Over 75 percent of our students participate in our sports and extracurricular academic programs. In the 2015-16 school year, Bishop Kelly won five athletic state titles and five academic state championships. In addition, students contributed over 72,000 hours of service to our community. Since the 2010-11 school year, Bishop Kelly’s enrollment has increased by over 35 percent and this year we welcomed a record 806 students. To continue to achieve this level of excellence and respond to our growth, we have made significant improvements to our campus. In 2012, we built the new student commons. In 2014, the school added seven new classrooms and a championship tennis complex which includes eight tennis courts, and completed a $1.0 million renovation of the Fraser Library. We also expanded our student parking lot, significantly renovated and upgraded our performance training center, and built a new

BK 2020 Vision

ongoing Strategic Plan, we would like to share our excitement about the school’s plans for expansion and the successful launch of a new $10.8 million Capital Campaign.

5 pa ge

Science and Technology Wing $7.5 million estimate • There is an increased demand by students and parents for four years of science and math curriculum. In fact, there has been a 36 percent increase in students taking computer science courses in the current academic year. • We will meet this increased demand by constructing nine new chemistry/biology/physics teaching labs, two computer science teaching labs, and one engineering teaching lab. • We intend to increase focus on student academic preparedness in the sciences, computer science, and engineering to best prepare our Bishop Kelly graduates for college and their future professional lives.

... Continued on page 6

BK 2020 Vision

Financial Aid Endowment

Athletic Infrastructure

$2.7 million goal

• Replace aging concessions, ticket sales booth and restrooms

• Although our tuition of $7,900 is the among the lowest in

These new visitor concessions, ticket sales and restrooms

increased demand for need based aid because of our growing

would additionally support the home side soccer/lacrosse field.

student population.

6 p a g e

at Nick Ysursa Field on both the home and visitor sides.

the Northwest for Catholic secondary schools, there is an

• In the 2015-16 school year, Bishop Kelly disbursed $447,000 in need-based financial aid. • In keeping with our tradition of accessibility for families who wish to attend Bishop Kelly, we are committed to affordable tuition and increased availability of need based aid for our growing student population.

Academic Space Enhancements $600,000 estimate • Expand and enhance the Fraser Library, including adding two to four additional quiet study areas. • Renovate the existing science space from seven to 10 new classrooms.

• Upgrade lighting for soccer and lacrosse fields and enhance spectator seating. • Renovate and upgrade concessions and the ticket sales booth and add restrooms to softball field. • Provide Spirit Wear storage and sales space at Nick Ysursa Field. • Upgrade visitor-side bleachers at Nick Ysursa Field.

Office Space • To better serve our growing enrollment, we need to grow our student support staff, including business support personnel, counselors and administration. • All existing office space is full.

• Provide a new IT department room with a student helpdesk.

Sure to change the future of our Bishop Kelly students and

Cafeteria and Kitchen

community, the BK2020 Vision Campaign is one of the most

• We need to renovate and upgrade our 52-year-old kitchen. • The existing space has seating for 368 students for each lunch period. The goal is to expand seating to accommodate our expected growth in student enrollment. • Proposed kitchen enhancements include proper food storage and preparation space, as well as a high capacity dishwasher.

Faith, Performing Arts, And Events • Upgrade “The Reg” to accommodate faith and campus ministry activities, and all performing arts programs (theater, band, orchestra, and choir). • Upgrade Carley Center to enhance the spiritual experience for our students at all-school Mass.

significant fundraising efforts in our school’s 52-year history and calls for the involvement of the entire community – alumni, parents, friends, and neighbors. We must come together to make this vision a reality.

Dress Code Fashion The dress code at Bishop Kelly has come a long way from

and pride in one’s appearance and school community. We want

the gold blazers and grey skirts of the 1960s. Bishop Kelly

our students to respect each other for who they are, not for what

students stopped wearing uniforms in the 1970s, and adopted a

they wear!

structured dress code instead. While fashions have changed over

You can find BK’s full dress code on our website at

the years, BK’s dress code hasn’t changed much. Bishop Kelly’s dress code has always encouraged modesty, cleanliness, neatness,

studentlife, but here are some examples of what our students wear on Mass Days, Spirit Fridays, and regular school days.


7 pa ge

Mass Dress: Peter Hunter and Irene Bauer

Spirit Dress: Ruby Robinson and Grant Aramburu

Regular Dress: Bo Centers and McKay Carey

The Class of 2020





are Male


58% 30%

live in Boise

are Female

As a class they play 18 different sports.



They have performed in 18 different theater productions, and have accumulated more than 122 years of dance lessons.

are musicians, playing 15 different instruments as well as a number of students who sing in their church choir.

They volunteer their time at more than 54 different organizations.

The thing that they are most looking forward to at BK is making new friends.

live in Meridian or Eagle came from other schools

12% are actively involved in Scouting.


live in Canyon County


live in Kuna, Star, or elsewhere.

Irvine Family Scholarship Chuck Irvine began sharing his time and energy with Bishop Kelly in the fall of 1975, when he put his baking skills to work on behalf of the BK Booster Club. For the next 34 years, Chuck had in hand in innumerable activities at Bishop Kelly, Including helping to raise funds for the school and serving as head of maintenance for 24 years. In


that role, Chuck worked hard – very hard – making sure that Bishop Kelly’s students, faculty, and staff enjoyed the benefits of a spotless, well-maintained, and truly well-loved facility. Equally supportive was his wife, Maggie, who made time for all things BK, while also keeping their compass pointing toward what matters most: faith, family, and

8 pa g e

If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it’s part of a tree.” – Michael Crichton


at Carroll College to honor their parents. The funds will help support a BK student who attends Carroll. The Irvine

Inspired by love for their parents and their alma mater, Chuck

Family sincerely hopes that Chuck’s dedication and Maggie’s

and Maggie’s children Paulie (Irvine) McGinnis, ’79; Shawn

unwavering support are at the heart of this scholarship and all

Irvine, ’82; Kelly (Irvine) Hammaker, Colin Irvine, ’87; and

that it represents. For more information about the scholarship

Krista (Irvine) Novosel, ’93 – have seeded a scholarship

please visit

Band of Brothers

Juniors and Seniors at BK now have the opportunity to take a new U.S. History course called “Band of Brothers” which gives students a comprehensive understanding of the American soldier during World War II. Taught by Alumknight and long time faculty member, Larry Crump, ’82, the two semester course aims to give an in-depth look at America’s military involvement in the Second World War, and uses a lens of patriotism, courage, sacrifice, integrity, and honor to help students understand the American experience. BK supporter Tom Cooney came to the Band of Brothers class to talk with students about his experiences during WWII. After his graduation from Notre Dame, Cooney was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. Navy and assigned to a landing ship. Students in the Band of Brothers class listened with great interest as Mr. Cooney told them firsthand about the U.S. invasion of Italy in 1943. In addition to learning from a WWII Veteran, Mr. Crump took some of the students in the Band of Brothers Class on a Spring Break trip to France to visit historical sites that are significant to World War II.

Summer Service Immersion Experience Since 1999, Bishop Kelly High School has been offering a summer

difference. One night, when we were writing in our journals I

service immersion experience for rising seniors. The trip is a

read an article about the areas that were hit hardest by hurricane

chance for approximately 50 BK students to respond to Jesus’ call

Katrina. This quote got me thinking: “I return to the Valley

to feed, clothe, comfort, teach, and help “the least of my brothers

Down Below over and over, looking for a sign of progress in all

and sisters.” In recent years, participating students have spent a

that muck, some sign that things are getting better, that things

week in New Orleans rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane

are improving, that we don’t all have to live in a state of abeyance

Katrina. The students often have an opportunity to meet and

forever but – you know what? I just don’t see them there.” This

work alongside the people who will be living in the houses they

quote really stood out to me because it made me realize that our

are helping rebuild. The residents share their stories and their lives

job was to give people their lost hope.

with our students, bridging the gap between “manual labor” and

Staying at the shelter opened my eyes and made me realize how

“service to others.”

fortunate I am. That I can live under a roof, have shoes on my

While in New Orleans the Bishop Kelly students are housed in

feet, and always have the ability to have a meal. While we were

modest bunkhouses and eat the very simple meals that are also

staying at the shelter there were a couple of people that stood out

served in an adjoining soup kitchen. In his own words, senior Kyle

to me, the cook and our security guard Tyrone. The cook always

Adams shares about his trip:

had meals ready for us in the morning and at night. I couldn’t

Going on the service trip really opened my eyes and taught me

be more thankful for him doing that for us. The security guard

a lot about myself. While we were at the house in New Orleans, we all had many different jobs to complete. My jobs were mudding and sanding drywall, and painting the new walls and ceilings. We started at the entrance of the house and worked our way back. I wanted everything to be perfect for the people that were going to be living in this house, and I treated it like I was building my own house. While we were working on the house, we had to go buy more water, and the people at the grocery store asked us where we were from. We told them we were from Boise, Idaho, and we were here on a service trip. They instantly told us “God Bless, keep doing what you are doing.” That really affected me because that showed me that we were actually making a

was a very interesting man. Tyrone had been shot three times, stabbed twice, and lost both of his legs, but he didn’t let that bring him down. He always

The summer

wanted to talk to people and

service immersion

get to know them a little bit

experience is

better during the week that we were there. He had the biggest impact on me because he had lost both of his legs, and he still lived life to the fullest. This inspired me to live my life to the fullest by being myself

a chance for approximately 50 BK students to respond to Jesus’ call to feed, clothe, comfort,

and not let anything get

teach, and help “the

me down.

least of my brothers

I want to do more service work in the

and sisters.”

future. I want to have that same feeling that I am actually making a difference. I want to give people hope, who have lost theirs. I feel like that is everyone’s calling, to help other people when they are struggling. It doesn’t have to be a big service project, even if you talk with someone who is having a bad day, you changed their day because you chose to listen to them and be there for them. I could go on for a very long time about how this trip changed me as a person. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about it.


9 pa ge

We Love Our Grandparents Faith

10 pa g e

Each year, Bishop Kelly students invite their grandparents to

education in the Treasure Valley, we invited our Saint Teresa’s

attend an All School Mass with our community. This year the

Alumni to Mass as well! Bishop Peter Christensen celebrated the

Mass honoring our grandparents took place in October, just a

Mass, and afterward the BK Parents Association hosted a lovely

few days before the feast day of Saint Teresa of Jesus. To honor

reception for a record number of guests. This is a tradition we all

our patron saint and celebrate our long history of Catholic

look forward to each year!

Seniors on Retreat By BK Campus Minister, Teresa Nygard

The Bishop Kelly Senior Retreat is a highlight for our students as

This past year, we were fortunate

they near graduation. Our Senior Class gathers together for an

to host Chris Padgett as our main

optional night away at the YMCA camp in Cascade each April.

speaker for the event. Chris is a

This year we had over 80 students attend for our retreat titled,

nationally acclaimed Catholic

“Where Are You Going?” Over the course of the weekend they

speaker famous for his humor,

had time to reflect on three things: where they have been, where

musical talents, and ability to

they are now, and where they are going. During an often stressful

bring the faith to young people in an authentic and powerful

time of change, these seniors love the opportunity to recenter

way. Highlights from the retreat include our late night Mass,

themselves in faith and community, all while enjoying quiet

jamming around the campfire with Alumknight Jake Ineck, ’04,

reflection and outdoor fellowship (including a rock wall and

and just spending time together without the stresses of everyday

zipline!) in the mountains of Idaho. With the hope that we will

life. We are looking forward to having Chris Padgett back this

continue give them the tools they need to live as a follower of

spring as we prepare another group of BK Knights to enter the

Christ in life beyond BK, this retreat provides Seniors with what

“real world” having encountered Christ and encouraging others

they need during this time of transition.

to do the same.


11 pa ge

“Oh the places you’ll go, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so … get on your way!”

– Dr. Seuss

National Recognition for Coach Carpenter Jeff Carpenter, Bishop Kelly’s Head Track and Field Coach, has

been named Girls National Head Track and Field Coach of the Year by the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. Carpenter was chosen by a panel of judges based

BK Athletics

on Bishop Kelly’s finishes at the State Track Meet, the number of different events in which BK athletes were qualified, individual championships, and how Bishop Kelly’s performances stack up to previous years, among other criteria. In May, Bishop Kelly steamrolled the competition at the State Track Meet. Both the Boys and Girls teams took first place, with

12 pa g e

the Lady Knights scoring 164.5 points – twice as many points as the runner-up! Bishop Kelly qualified athletes in every single individual event, as well as each relay. BK girls came home with

individual state titles in the discus throw and 100 hurdles, as well as state titles in the 4×100 and 4×200 relays. The boys won titles in the 100, 200, 400, 4x100, 4x400, 1600 Sprint Medley Relay, and Discus. They scored 106 points. Carpenter has been enjoying coaching success on the track at BK for five years, taking over as Head Track and Field Coach in 2013. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, Carpenter is the Assistant Activities Director and teaches Girls P.E. classes. Congratulations on this great honor Coach Carp! Your dedication to Bishop Kelly’s athletes is evident in their success and passion for the sport.

Concussion Management While concussions occur at all levels of sport, they occur more

the student goes through the appropriate steps to return to the

frequently in adolescents. According to the Centers for Disease

classroom first, and then to their respective sport. With the help

Control, there are between 1.6 and 3.8 million sport- and

of the St. Luke’s Concussion Clinic and our Athletic Trainers,

recreation-related traumatic brain injuries that occur in the U.S.

Bishop Kelly is committed to the safety of our student-athletes

each year. Most concussions occur without the injured person

and are dedicated to helping them thrive in the classroom and

losing consciousness, so it is very important to learn the signs

on the field.

and symptoms of concussion. Concussions can be serious and have long term effects if not properly managed. Bishop Kelly’s partners with the St. Luke’s Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic on a school wide concussion management plan for our students and athletes. The St. Luke’s Concussion Clinic will provide concussion education and training for our parents, coaches, and athletes. This education will be focused on: how to properly recognize a concussion, when to remove an athlete from play if a concussion is suspected, and ensuring that

BK Athletics The Van Paepegham Family

Cannon Tradition

When the BK Football Team scores at Nick Ysursa Field, the

’72; Bill, ’74; Mike, ’77; and Russ, ’79. You’ll find Russ and Rena,

entire neighborhood knows about it! Each time the Knights put

parents themselves of two BK alums, Patrick, ’10, and Brenna,

points on the scoreboard a cannon fires in celebration. But do

’12, at the south end of Nick Ysursa Field at every home game,

you how this relatively-new tradition got started? Dick Porter

and you’ll sometimes find friends and family joining them. They

and his wife Jean had six sons attend BK in the 1970’s, and DIck

all have a great time making sure you get fired up after those BK

has stayed involved with the school ever since. For many years,


Dick donated a small cannon as a very popular auction item for the annual Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction, held each November. In 2012 Dick said he would donate two cannons if BK would keep one to use at football games each time BK scores. Foundation Executive Director Rita Franklin took it a step further, and sells chances to shoot the cannon at the auction each year. Former BK Development Director Mark Jaszkowski oversaw the shooting of the cannon for the first couple of years, then Russ and Rena Van Paepeghem stepped in. As an interesting coincidence, Russ’s parents, Remie and DeLoris, also sent six children through BK: RJ, ’68; Christy, ’71; John,

State Champanionships

Each year the Idaho High School Activities Association selects “Schools of Excellence” by classification, whereby schools earn points based on their varsity teams’ achievements in the classroom, at the competitive venue, and in the area of citizenship/sportsmanship. Bishop Kelly won the 4A School of Excellence. Congratulations to the following 2015-2016 State Chamipion teams and individuals:

2015/16 4A School of Excellence: Bishop Kelly Athletic State Champions • • • • •

Football Boys Swim Team Boys Tennis Girls Track Boys Track

Academic State Champions • • • • •

Baseball Football Boys Soccer Softball Wrestling

Individual State Titles

Hunter Ostrom, Boys Golf Sohpia Adams, Discus Throw Lindsey Schmidt, 100 Meter Hurdles Zach Andrew, Discus Throw Khalil Forehand, 100 & 200 Meters Matt Dean, 400 Meters

13 pa ge

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Girls 4x200 Meter Relay Boys 1600 Sprint Medley Boys 4x100 Meter Relay Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

Celebrating the Arts Fine Arts Students in the Advanced Placement Art Class turned the Fraser Library into a fine art gallery for an evening in April. The artists presented an array of work across many mediums, showcasing their finest work from the year. The body of work included sculptures, paintings, drawings, and ceramic pieces from more than a dozen artists.

The Arts

14 pa g e


takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

All are invited to attend the 2017 AP Art Show in the spring.

Theater Arts Bishop Kelly’s Theater Arts Department is preparing for their fall performance of “A Wrinkle In Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. One of literature’s most enduring young heroines, Meg Murry, is joining forces with Mrs. Whatsit, Charles Wallace, Calvin O’Keefe, and more to battle the forces of evil so she can rescue her father, save humanity and find herself. In the end, we know two things for sure: 1.) Love CAN overcome evil and 2.) There IS such a thing as a tesseract.

The Arts

15 pa ge

“We can’t take any credit for

Band, Orchestra, and Choir Students in Bishop Kelly’s Music Program participated in an

playing and singing to Disney soundtracks! This unique trip

exciting trip to Disneyland over the summer where they had

gave music students a chance to have some fun in the park with

an opportunity to meet and learn from professional recording

everyone’s favorite Mouse, and experience a day in the life of a

artists. The BK students were even able to record themselves

studio musician.

our talents. It’s how we use them that counts.” – Madeleine L’Engle

Jack Capper and Henry Krewer Over the years a lot of stories have been passed along about Bishop Kelly. Stories about epic student pranks. Stories about stern priests and merciful nuns. Stories about friendships that have lasted for 50 years or more. And it’s

Alumni Spotlight

quite possible that more stories exist about two lifelong friends at BK than anyone else – Jack Capper and Henry Krewer. Capper and Krewer’s friendship began long before their days at BK. Growing up in Brooklyn, both men attended high school at St. Francis Prep. and consider themselves “Franciscan Brothers” to this day. Krewer, who was a Freshman when Capper was a senior, has early memories of his friend being

16 pa g e

“big man on campus” and a tremendous athlete who played several sports. “Jack played football and baseball,” says Kerwer. “And he played hockey too, even though he couldn’t skate.” After high school both men began teaching and coaching, eventually returning to Prep where their friendship solidified. After several years, Krewer left New York to work with the Frontier Apostolate in Canada. While there, he met his wife and moved to the west coast to continue teaching. Along the way, he got a Christmas card from his old friend Jack Capper who had started teaching and coaching JV football at Bishop Kelly High School in 1974. By 1976 Capper had convinced Krewer to come to Idaho, where he interviewed with Father Wilson for a job at BK. Krewer remembers Father Wilson telling him, “I want Sister Leo Anthony to teach Chemistry, but if she says no, you can have the job.” She said no, and the rest is history for the two friends from Brooklyn.

Over their combined 36 years at BK Mr. Capper and Mr. Krewer

inside it – he said, “Oh yeah, your science teacher wrote a

achieved legendary status. Capper’s role as Dean of Discipline is

really phenomenal letter of recommendation for you.” There

especially infamous. In their own words here are a few tales our

were other things that he did for me to get me into ND – life

Alumknights have to share about the two:

changing. Thank you Mr. Krewer!” – Patrick Atagi, ’84

“Mr. Krewer nursed Kathryn (Brennan) O’Neil, ’81, and l through chemistry after we almost blew up his lab. Kathryn is

“I was quite shy when I was at BK. I spent my freshman year

a successful and highly respected nurse, so that worked out for

invisible, but found running my sophomore year and was

her. I went another direction.”

blessed to be a High School All American. I was happy about my – Jennifer (Kroos) Haemmerle, ’81

“Capper gave me detention weekly ... I still have detention slips that say “get a haircut!” We of the mullet generation tucked our hair under our collar ... Not good enough.” – Jay Childers, ’88 “I’m always thankful. Mr. Krewer went above and beyond and was truly the lynch pin in getting me into the University of Notre Dame. I went to see the Dean of Arts and Letters at Notre Dame, and when pulling out my file – without looking

success, but embarrassed. Even my classmates didn’t know what to think. As I slunk down the hall one afternoon, the two of them were conversing. I heard a loud voice – Mr. Capper. “You, come here.” Well crap! Was I in trouble? No, they both looked at me and Mr. Capper told me that he wished more teens my age worked as hard as I did and that I needed to make eye contact. I remember the reassurance and faith he had in me. I will never forget these two!” – Linda Leonard Ambard, ’79

“I worked at BK over summers to earn my tuition. I remember

magazines, yearbooks, and other fun mementos from Bishop

one of my first tasks was painting one of the bathrooms

Kelly on their trip, including an updated caricature of Mr.

pumpkin orange (this was either one of Capper’s favorite colors

Capper drawn by famous Alumknight and political cartoonist

or maybe something he found on sale in large quantity). After

Mike Luckovich, ’78. The original drawing was done while

a few hours, Capper came back to check on me, and he was not

Luckovich was still a student at BK. The update is similar with a

happy with the speed of my work. He grabs the roller, shows me

few new flourishes.

how I just have to splash it on, while bellowing ‘Petah, what are

Henry Krewer retired from BK in 1996. Since then he has

you doing!? Its a john, not duh Sistine Chapel!’ Of course now I realize how much patience it took to put up with all our ‘help’ over those summers.” – Pete Andrijeski, ’79 Mr. Capper left BK in 1990 to take a job at a Jesuit high school in New York. He currently lives in an assisted living facility outside of Albany, NY. This spring, BK alumnae and sisters Chellie (Richardson) Van Lith, ’78, and Pam (Richardson) Brady, ’81, took a trip to visit him. The sisters took BK

been instrumental in helping Boise’s homeless men, women, and children through Corpus Christi House, which he helped establish and directed for many years. Corpus Christi House is a day shelter founded in the tradition of Dorothy Day’s Catholic worker movement. It operates with the participation and support of churches of many denominations in the Treasure Valley, serving more than 100 people per day, six days a week. Mr. Krewer has been retired from his retirement job for a couple of years now, but he can still be found at Corpus Christi House more often than not.

17 pa ge

Chellie (Richardson) Van Lith, ’78, and Pam (Richardson) Brady, ’81, with Mr. Capper.

Caricature of Mr. Capper drawn by famous Alumknight and political cartoonist Mike Luckovich, ’78.

Henry Krewer with wife Kathy and daughter Claire.

Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

18 pa g e

The tribe

has spoken.

Warburton and Browning with the Survivor crew

Surviving Survivor Just about everyone is familiar with Survivor, the television show

call from Survivor in 2008, and soon found himself on location

where a group of strangers are marooned in a remote, isolated

with the show in Gabon, Africa.

part of the world, and compete for their survival and a cash prize

After graduating from film school, Browning spent the next

of $1 million. Since it’s debut in May of 2000, the show has won several Emmys, and remained among the top 20 most viewed TV shows in the U.S.

2 1/2 years in the Dominican Republic with the Peace Corps. In addition to building catchment systems for rainwater, Browning was able to put his skills and experience to use filming and

But did you know that behind the cameras, two of our own are

editing a 10-episode, educational soap opera titled, “Me Toca a

helping to keep this cultural phenomenon on the air season after

Mi” (It’s My Turn). The soap stars more than 25 local Dominican

season? Vince Warburton and Ryan Browning are BK classmates

youth, and is used in classrooms, educational centers, and youth

from the Class of 2006 whose passion for filmmaking was an

clubs throughout the Dominican Republic to teach life skills and

integral part of their BK experience. Both were part of BK’s

HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

video production class, and often found themselves competing

While Browning was in the Dominican Republic, Warburton

for honors at BK’s Homecoming film festival. “My passion for filmmaking was cemented with that first Homecoming film festival,” remembers Browning. “Around 50 students crammed into the hallway to watch eight film submissions. Hearing the laughter, the gasps of surprise, and the silence during the opening credits when my short film played was intoxicating.”

was traveling the world with Survivor. In total, he’s worked on 12 seasons, and has traveled to more than 20 countries with the crew of Survivor and other shows including The Amazing Race, Narcos, and the World Poker Tour. In 2013 Warburton had the opportunity to take over the top Video Engineer position. As the Video Engineer in Charge, Warburton runs a department

After graduation Browning headed to film school at Montana

that is responsible for all the technical setups for the cameras

State, and Warburton set off to break into the industry,

and accessories on the set. He is also in charge of making sure

eventually landing a position as a Production Assistant for

all the video systems work properly, and if problems arise he is

an NBC series that was shooting in Eagle, Idaho. Warburton

responsible for quickly and efficiently fixing any and all issues.

quickly worked his way from Production Assistant to Lead

All of these things can be complicated on a controlled studio set,

Assistant Camera Operator, which led him to a job working on

much less in the remote wilds of the world!

the crew for Celebrity Apprentice in New York City. He got the

Not long after Warburton took over the Video Engineer

Although the crew

position, Browning returned from the Peace Corps and started

doesn’t have to worry

looking for work. It didn’t take long for the old friends to reunite.

about getting voted off

“I’m always a big proponent of hiring people or recommending

the island, there are

friends that I know can fulfill positions. Ryan is more than that,

challenges to living

so I was happy to help him. We shot his application video and I

and working in the

recommended him to the challenges producer. Within a couple

wild. At times they

months Ryan was hired and he joined me in Cambodia!”

have struggled to get

Browning works as a Production Coordinator, and Segment

needed supplies, been

Producer. He currently produces the Survivor: Behind the Scenes of Challenges videos for CBS. These two-minute videos are highlight tapes of the Immunity Challenges that will be featured in that week’s episode. Survivor films two seasons back-to-back, which means the crew is on location with two different casts for about four months, March through June. The crew is always near the cast, and at least one crew member (either a producer or camera operator) is always monitoring them. However, they rarely interact with, or even speak to the cast. “We literally establish a line in the sand that we don’t cross,” says Browning. “Essentially, we don’t want to be a distraction to their million dollar game.”

too close for comfort to local conflicts and clashes, gotten sideways with local customs officials, and most recently endured extreme weather. The contestants on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, which began airing in September, were evacuated during filming when Tropical Cyclone Zena tore through the Fiji Islands in April. But even in the absence of a cyclone, Browning says Mother Nature takes her toll. “One day can be blistering hot, and the next day can be a torrential downpour. No matter the forecast, the show must go on.” Both Alumknights agree that the risks have been worth the rewards, and their time on the Survivor crew has been rewarding personally and professionally. “The best part of working on Survivor is working with (host) Jeff Probst,” says Warburton. “He’s so personable with everyone on the crew. He’s really hands on, and thankful for the work that we do.” When not on location both Alumknights pursue other freelance opportunities in the Film and Television Industry. Browning is currently working in L.A., and Warburton just wrapped up a project in Louisiana with the cast from Duck Dynasty. He then started a full-time job with the largest video, audio, and lighting rental company in the world. So while Warburton is staying stateside to begin his new adventure, Browning will be heading off to film another season of Survivor in March. Best of luck to these talented Alumknights! We are proud to say we knew them before they were famous.

Vince Warburton with Survivor Host Jeff Probst

Alumni Spotlight

19 pa ge

Reunion Weekend On August 8, we hosted our annual Reunion Weekend, celebrating class reunions for 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, and 2006.

Reunion Weekend

20 pa g e

“Like branches of a tree, our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”


Reunion Weekend

’76 Reunion Weekend

21 pa ge

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

22 pa g e

“I don’t want to brag or make

anyone jealous, but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.”


Reunion Weekend

’96 Reunion Weekend

23 pa ge

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

24 pa g e


Alumni Updates 1


3 Alumknight Updates


25 pa ge


We want to

hear from you!

5 7

To submit photos for the


next issue of the Roundtable email alumni@ or contact the

1) In 2016, Lynn (Hopfenbeck) Demerse, ’76, retired from Shepp Ranch and moved to Riggins where she started a new job with the Grangeville Interagency Fire Center. Lynn was recently awarded Rookie Dispatcher of the Year! 2) Anthony Towne, ’99, his wife Sofia, and big sister Elena welcomed Byron Patrick in September. 3) Vince, ’00, and Heather (Gribble) Carlson, ’00, welcomed a new daughter Elena, shown here with big sister Mattea. 4) When the Class of 1996 arrived for their reunion at Payette Brewing they found this nice note from Randy LaMott, ’86! 5) Hattie (Leinberger) Scott, ’08, her husband Nick and big brother Remington are excited to welcome a new addition to their family in April.

6) Jeannie Bixby, ’11, celebrated the 1st birthday of her daughter Alessandra Sofia Padron on election day! Alessandra is the niece of Emily Bixby, ’08; and granddaughter of Stu, ’75; and Ann, ’75, Bixby. 7) Katy O’Hara Gray, ’02, was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, US Navy Reserves, during a ceremony on the Blue Turf at Bronco Stadium. Pictured with her are her parents Kevan O’Hara (BK Head Football Coach 19811983) and Tamie O’Hara. Katy is a Public Affairs Officer in the Navy Reserves, and works with the Navy Office of Community Outreach out of the Navy Operational Support Center in Boise. 8) Uyen Dinh Peko, ’01, and husband Mike welcomed their first child, Maika Thien-Nhi Dinh Peko on July 5th.

Alumni Office at 947-1325.

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Alumknight Updates






pa g e

3 7 6 1) Jimmy and Jack, sons of Emily (Lineberger) Peterson, ’07. Jack was born in April of 2016. 2) Nick LaMott, ’04, and Amanda (Jaszkowski) LaMott, ’05, along with big brother Declan welcomed Bennett Henry LaMott in May of 2016. 3) In March of 2015, Captain Matthew Gridley, ’03, graduated from the Air Force Institute of Technology with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Captain Gridley and his dad David are pictured at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. 4) Nikki (Watson) Abercrombie, ’07, and her husband Nick welcomed their daughter Allison Amaya Abercrombie into the world on July 11, 2016 – exactly one year after their wedding!

5) Kiara (Dailey) Link, ’07, husband Devin, and big brother Cassius (age 2) are excited to welcome a new addition to their family in December. 6) Geoff Metts, ’03, was selected as the 2016 Oregon Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Geoff is the owner of Five Star Guitars with stores in Hillsboro and Tanasbourne, Ore. He is pictured with Mark Cuban, his business partners Johnpaul Simonet and Jeremie Murfin, Geoff, and USSBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet. 7) Big brother Elliot (age 2 1/2) with his new brother Miles who was born in May 2016. Parents Brett and Melissa (Majka) Woods, ’01, are proud of their handsome guys!




Alumknight Updates

27 pa ge


6 1) Catrina (Covelli) Weissbeck, ’09, has been short listed and won numerous awards for Colorado Building Workshop at the University of Colorado Denver. These masters of architecture students have designed and built seven micro cabins in Leadville, Colo., for Colorado Outward Bound School. 2) Shannon Decker, ’01, has been appointed executive director of the Speedy Foundation, which she helped found in 2011 to prevent suicide, promote conversations to end stigma, and support mental health education. 3) Anna (Schumacher) Swart, ’05, and her husband Tony welcomed Gwen Margaret to their family on July 7, 2016. 4) The Brennan Family had a reunion this summer, and all 10 of the Brennan siblings were there. Pictured left to


7 right: Bridget, ’76; Tim, ’77; Kevin, ’78; Mike, ’79; Pat, ’79; Margaret, ’81; Kathryn, ’82; Sean, ’84; Erin, ’85; and Kelly, ’91. 5) Christine (Vaughan) Brown, ’10, and Peter Brown welcomed Luke Barclay Brown into their family on Mar. 24, 2016. 6) Alumknight Catrina (Covelli) Weissbeck, ’09, sent in this photo of former BK Cheer Coach Cari Kerkman who passed away in August after bravely fighting against metastatic melanoma. Catrina says, “Cari was an inspiration to many girls to always stay positive in life.” 7) Amanda (Jaszkowski) LaMott, ’05, and Bennett; Anna (Schumacher) Swart, ’05, and Gwen; Maddie (Harris) Voshell, ’05, and Harris; and Maegan (Reilly) Krahn, ’05, and Brynn.

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Alumknight Updates




pa g e

5 7 6 1) Brandon, ’05, and Dominique Elliot were married on Sept. 4, 2016. 2) Tim Goldy, ’09, married Joanne Durber on the Isle of Man in July. The happy couple met at the University of Idaho. They plan to live on the Isle of Man for several years before moving back to Idaho. 3) Joshua Poole, ’13, and Shelby Kwiatkowski, ’13, got married in Kona, Hawaii, in July. The couple is moving to Utah this December. 4) Tim Watkins, ’13, and Angel Fehringer, ’13, were married in Boise on Jan. 2, 2016. The couple’s wedding party included seven Alumknights.

5) Chris Hall, ’01, and Christine (Ritchie) Hall, ’08, were married in October 2015 on Oahu, Hawaii. The couple lives in Boise where Chris is employed with Mountain West Bank, and Christine is employed at Saint Alphonsus. 6) Jordan (Engelhardt), ’11, and Sydney Donaldson, married August 2016 at the Arling Center at Tamarack Resort. The couple will return to England in 2017, where Sydney will continue playing professional basketball. 7) In February 2016, Stephen “Berg” Easter, ’99, married Krystal in his smartest move yet.

Happy 40th to the Bishop Kelly Foundation! Forty years ago, Father Reggie Wilson, along with a strong group

husband, Joel, have two daughters, Jacqueline and Natalie, who

of community leaders, had the foresight to establish the Bishop

are alums, and Marianne herself is a BK alum. She also chairs the

Kelly Foundation, a non-profit entity, separate from Bishop

Investment Committee. Steve Hippler, also a BK alum, serves as

Kelly High School, but whose sole beneficiary is BK. Who makes

Secretary. Most recording duties are managed by the Executive

up this organization today, what do they do, and how are they

Director, and the board Secretary is the fourth management

selected to serve on the board of the BK Foundation?

position on the team. Steve is a judge in Boise, and he and his

The office of the Foundation is tucked away in the northwest

wife Stephanie Westermeier, have two sons, Brady and Jack, who

corner of Bishop Kelly High School. Manning her desk

are currently at St. Joe’s but headed to BK one day. Steve serves

throughout the year is Executive Director Rita Franklin. She

on two committees, Board Development and BK2020 Oversight.

executes the routine operations of the organization such as

It is obvious from these descriptions that a common thread

handling donations, bequests, and memorials; handling the

is a close connection to Bishop Kelly, and that connection is

internal finances of the Foundation; managing donor-established

shared by all the board members. The Foundation’s tagline,

scholarship funds; attending/coordinating all committee and

“Providing funding, support, and scholarships for Bishop Kelly

board meetings; organizing the Scholarship Luncheon; and

High School” speaks to what the board does, and in order to

taking a leading role in the annual Winner’s Choice Gala. But

do it effectively, they must believe in the Foundation’s purpose:

responsibility for the management of the Foundation falls to its

to serve, support, and sustain Bishop Kelly High School and its

25-member Board of Directors.


The all-volunteer board is led by the Executive Committee –

A diverse but unified group makes up the rest of the board, and

the officers who oversee the day-to-day management of the

a requirement of the directors is that they serve on at least one of

Foundation and ensure that the governing bylaws are followed.

the board’s committees, where most of the work is done. Besides

Current President John Eck, is a Boise physician. He and his

the Executive Committee, which manages the entire board, the

wife, Jolly, are parents of four BK alums – Joseph, Andoni,

various committees and their current chairs and members are:

Isabella, and Sophia. During his tenure, he has served on and

Board Development Committee

chaired the BKHS Development Committee, and as president, he also serves on the BK Board of Governance. He presides over the quarterly executive committee and board meetings as well as major events such as Winner’s Choice and the Scholarship Luncheon. Significant decisions made by the board are overseen by the president, and he or she plays a primary role in the Foundation’s relationship with the school and the hiring of the Executive Director as well as influencing how the Executive Director handles the Foundation Office.

The board is comprised of 25 directors, and positions are vacated each years as terms expire. This committee vets a list of prospective directors each year, provided by the group at large. Once possible candidates are identified, the members reach out to them to discuss the responsibilities and discern whether there is interest in serving. This committee also considers existing directors for officer roles. Nominees are elected by the board. The committee is also charged with discussing and/ or recommending bylaw amendments to the board. Current

Peter Oliver serves as vice-president, and will step into

directors who serve on this committee are chairperson Keli

the president’s role in June of 2017. Peter is a commercial

Elledge, Steve Hippler, Todd Ketlinski, Scot Ludwig, Mike

developer with Thornton, Oliver, Keller, and he and his wife,

Ranieri, and Torry McAlvain.

Julie, are parents of BK alums Clay and Cole and current BK

BKHS Development Committee

students Petey and Todd. Peter weighs in on any Foundation management decisions with the rest of the Executive Committee team. He serves on the BK2020 Oversight Committee and has also served on the BKHS Development Committee. Marianne Hickman serves as Treasurer and provides financial updates, as well as overseeing the preparation of the annual financial statement and 990. Marianne is an accountant, and she and her

Foundation News

This committee is a liaison committee with Bishop Kelly High School. Activities the Foundation does in conjunction with the school come under the purview of this group. For example, the estate planning program, offered to all friends and supporters of BK, is an activity that was embarked upon at the recommendation of this committee. Currently, the primary

29 pa ge

topic discussed by this committee is BK2020 Vision – the plan

hairman John Bleymaier, Haley Lamey, Celeste Keller, Tim

to renovate and/or build facilities necessary to take BK to the

Thometz, Katy Sabala, and Nancy Jones.

year 2020 and beyond. A portion of the funds raised will be

Investment Committee

dedicated to Foundation Endowment Growth to support the school and its students as need grows with the school. Current directors on this committee are chairman Peter Carley, John Eck, Ken Bolton, Todd McCurry, and Nick DeRuyter. The school’s representatives are Rich Raimondi, Robin Navert, and Tommy Steiner.

endowment provides a long-term income stream for the school, and spins off revenue to the school each year for operations and Robert Aravich, Chris Privon, James Steele, Greg Sweeney, Kristin Baumgardner and Judi Sullivan.

annual Winner’s Choice Gala is managed by the Foundation,

BK2020 Oversight Committee

and 100 percent of net proceeds are given to the school as part event is overseen by the auction committee, and any major


is followed, and providing financial updates to the Board. This

Established to provide immediate funds to Bishop Kelly, the

of the annual grant. Governance for the Foundation’s signature

pa g e

invested assets, ensuring that the Investment Policy Statement

scholarships. Current directors are chair Marianne Hickman,

Auction Committee Foundation News

This committee is responsible for oversight of the Foundation’s

changes or issues come before this group. They also provide support for other auction activities when necessary or in their personal scope of interest, but governance is the primary function. The committee works with the Executive Director, the event chairs, and the auction coordinators, Jeannie Kranz and Tricia Stingley, who assist the Executive Director during “auction season.” Current directors on this committee are

This is a co-committee, with members from both the Foundation and BK, that resolves any issues regarding the BK2020 Capital Campaign. Current Foundation members on this committee are Peter Oliver, Peter Carley, and Steve Hippler. Thank you to this group of volunteers, and to all those who preceded them over the past 40 years. Their dedication and adherence to the founding beliefs of the Foundation are key to keeping the organization healthy and strong for the benefit of Bishop Kelly High School.

“Receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them

Foundation Executive Committee from left to right: Vice President Peter Oliver, Secretary Steve Hippler, Treasurer Marianne Hickman, and President John Eck.

responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord.”

Foundation Board Members: front row from left to right: Kristen Baumgartner, Molly Loayza, Rita Franklin, Marianne Hickman, Katy Sabala, James Steele, Chris Privon, John Bleymaier, and Robert Aravich. Back Row: Peter Carley, Peter Oliver, Steve Hippler, Rich Raimondi, John Eck, Todd McCurry, Nick DeRuyter, Judi Sullivan, Greg Sweeney, and Nancy Jones.

2015 Winner’s Choice Donors Special thanks to the 2015 Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction donors and attendees:

13th St. Pub and Grill A1 Plumbing AAA of Idaho Karen Adams Mary Adcox Agri Beef Bill & Pat Albers Albers Enterprises Albertson’s Eagle Road James & Susan Alexander Alexander Davis All Valley Window Cleaning Alloway Lighting Dan & Carrie Allumbaugh Glenn H. & Julie Alves Humberto & Carol Amador Amaru Confections Ameri-Star Jewelry American Cleaning Ray Anchustegui & Cyndi Bainbridge Pete & Simone Anewalt Angels Among Us Steve & Melanie Angiolini Anglers Rob & Kate Aravich Gini Artoux Asiago’s Ristorante Scott & Wendy Askins Henry Atencio & Dianne Lueffen Curtis & Madeline Ater Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass Autosort AVI Resort and Casino Axiom Fitness Dannea & Justin Aylsworth B-Hoopin Scott & Danielle Bainbridge Jim & Katie Ball Ballet Idaho Banbury Golf Club Bandanna Running and Walking Banner Bank Christopher & Sharon Bantrup Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery Andrew & Tomara Barda Chad & Lisa Barker Basque Market Basque Museum & Cultural Center Brekk Bass Sam & Marisa Battaglia Jim & Kristin Baumgardner David & Lisa Beale David & Jill Beck Ken & Chrissy Beckner Shelly Bedke Beth Beechie Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Stan & Ann Bell Bella Aquila Ben Pape Investment Management, Wells Fargo Advisors Lisa Benjamin, Hotel 43 Fr. Jack Benz

Michael Bergey Zach Bethel Chris Bevan Mary Bieter Big Al’s Big Bun Big City Coffee Robert & Lori Biggs Kassondra Biggs Steven & Tracy Bingham Bishop Kelly Boys Basketball Bishop Kelly Cheerleaders Bishop Kelly Development Office Bishop Kelly Football Team Bishop Kelly Foundation Bishop Kelly French Club Bishop Kelly Girl’s Basketball Bishop Kelly High School Bishop Kelly High School Cafeteria Bishop Kelly High School Horticulture Class Bishop Kelly Hockey Club Bishop Kelly Parent’s Association Bishop Kelly Theatre Arts Emily Bixby Biz Print Terri Black & Chad Blue Taylor & Chelsie Black Morgan Black Black Dog Clays John Bleymaier & Lisa DeDapper Gene & Danell Bleymaier Blis Salon Block 22, LLC Trevor Blue Blush by Jamie Rose Bogus Basin Mountain Resort Boise Art Museum Boise at Its Best Floral Boise Centre Boise Co-op Boise Hawks Boise Kennels Boise Little Theater Boise Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Boise Racquet & Swim Club Michael & Anita Bokan Kenneth & Suz Bolton Gretchen Bolton Lynn Bonfilio Nate & Ali Borchert Robert & Claudia Borgna Randy & Deana Braden Timothy & Brittany Brady Chris Brady Tim & Denise Brennan Ryan Brennan Brick 29 Clyde & Kathleen Brinegar BRJ Distributing Co. Kevin Browning Robert Bruce & Gloria Maheux Steven & Beri Bruce James & Micki Bruce

David & Terri Bruce Terry & Lynda Bruns Mike & Sharon Burke Darin & Christy Buttars Cafe Ole Cafe Vicino Joe & Amanda Cain Mike & Amy Caldwell Caldwell Transportation Company, Inc. Joseph Callanan & Pat Fischer Jeffrey & Suzanna Cammann Campbell Tractor Company Mark & Kelly Cantrell Capital City Florist Capitol Cellars John & Joan Carley Peter Carley Sara Carley Scot Carley Carlisle/Per Se Shannon Carnahan Carroll College Francois & Janet Casabonne Cascade Raft & Kayak Luke & Adrean Cavener CBH Homes Scott & Beth Cegnar Eric & Lisa Centers Certified Inc. Chandi Lighting Chandlers Steakhouse Ryan Chaves Cheers Cheesecake Factory Hannah Chessin & Will Young Larry & Shirley Chetwood Holly Chetwood Suzanne Chetwood CHF Chicago Connection Chick-fil-A Bishop Peter Christensen Chuck-a-Rama Jeff Cilek David & Julie Claiborne Dave & Wendy Claman Debbie Clark Classy Casuals Tylor Cloyd CM Company Cobby’s College of Idaho Joan Colleran Commercial Tire Concrete Placing Co. Pat Connor & Rosa Ysursa Thomas Cooney Greg & Lisa Cooper Costco Inc. Cottonwood Creek Dental Cottonwood Grille Edward Coulter & Jane Klosterman Andrea Cox, Courtyard by Mariott

Craig Stein Beverage Dan & Tiffany Cram Crane Creek Country Club Hugh & Wendy Crawford Jason Crawforth & Meredith Clark Creative Ice Designs of Idaho Crescent Beer Company Dwayne & Kay Cripps Kip & Missi Crofts Patrick & Katherine Crozier William & Brenda Crump Cucina di Paulo Cumulus Media John & Jamie Cunningham Dave & Mary Lou Cunningham Don Curtis & Scott Squires Don & Susan Curtis Walt & Jill Czarniecki Tom & Megan Czarniecki Greg Daggett John & Wendy Dalrymple Joe & Nell Dalton Mark & Vickie Daly Xavier Danthinne & Eugenia Chang Dave and Buster’s Dave Schwartz Motor Sports Donald Davis Bryan & Marie Day Alan Day Danielle Day Vic & Ruby DeBoer Alan & Kim Degan Vince & Lisa Derig Jake DeRuyter Brooke Diehl Robert DiGrazia Dennis & Joan Dillon Bryan Dingel & Valencia Bilyeu Hillary Dixon & Josh Aller Tom & Linda Dixon Lorie Doan, Country Music Concerts, LLC Robert Doiron Shari Doke Mike & Cindy Domecq Lori Donaldson Eli & Allison Dorsey Douglas Bedroom Design Nancy Dudek Mark Durcan Linda Dwyer Aaron & Ann Dykas Eagle Animal Clinic Echelon John & Jolly Eck Charles & Lisa Eddy Edie Martin Glass Joe & Amy Eisele Michael & Maureen Elia Margaret Elkins Jim & Brenda Elledge Dave & Keli Elledge James & Kerry Ellen Elliott Lance & Beth Elroy

Winner’s Choice

31 pa ge

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Winner’s Choice

32 pa g e

Marcus & Marissa Emmons Ennis Fine Furniture Epi’s Basque Restaurant Leonard & Mary Erickson Erickson’s Fine Wine Andy & Shannon Erstad Alexa Erstad Mike & Michelle Evans Jim & Linda Everett Ken & Melanie Everett Exhale Salon and Med Spa Eye Associates Falcon Crest Golf Club Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Dan & Gerri Faricy Ken & Angela Farrow Fast Lane Indoor Kart Racing Joe & Laura Fehringer Tom Ferguson & Lori Grasham Michael & Patty Fery Fidelity National Title of Idaho Jim & Cora Findley Finer Frames Michelle Fitzgerald Pascual & Cecilia Flores Richard Flower Flying Pie Pizzaria Sheldon & Jill Forehand Sean & Julie Forrest Taylor Fourser Kate Franklin & Sam Kosydar Robert & Rita Franklin Lauren Franklin Franz Witte Nursery Kristina Franzoia Father Don Fraser Jeff & Hailey Frechette Ethan & Nicole Freckleton Mark & Kelli Fredback Frito Lay Company Fusions Glass Studio Daniel & Carol Gado Rebecca Galindo Gallery 601 Lisa Gardner Tim & Michelle Garland Charles & Tina Gazdik Judy Geier Ben & Nicole Geile Gem State Dermatology DJ & Danielle George George’s Cycles John Gibson Gary Gigot & Tammy Jenkins Jonathan & Sally Giles Gino’s Ristorante Daniel & Brette Glynn Bill & Connie Glynn Mike & Lisa Goddard Janie Goicochea Golden Corral Tom & Theresa Golis Gonzaga University Jeff & Monty Goodman Goodwood BBQ Goody’s David & Ann Moree Goss Vicki Graham Rod & Julie Gramer Brad & Kristin Granger Andrew Grant

Greenwood’s Ski Haus Grind Modern Burger & Brewforia Sharon Grisham Tom Gudmestad & Michele Hitch Hernan Gutierrez & Alejandra Diaz Guy Rome & Associates, Inc. Melissa Haga Kathy Hagler Scoti Hahn Mike & Danne Hampton Mike & Jessica Hanson Katie Harbacheck & Andrew Taruscio Andrew Harrington, Sr. Harris and Company James & Angie Harrison Harry Morrison Foundation John & Karin Hart Mike & Sharon Hayhurst Terry & Kirstin Heffner Gunnar Heinemeyer & Amie Wilson Stacy Helm Don & Iris Hendrickson Ed & Stephanie Herrera Joel & Marianne Hickman Morgan & Susie Hicks Higgins Rutledge Insurance High Desert Hardwood Highlands Hollow Hillcrest Country Club Jody Hinton Steve Hippler & Stephanie Westermeier Tom Hogan & Barbara Hogan Hollenbaugh Photography Scott Holloway & Kenna Merrigan Evan Hopkins & Ashley Marelius Sarah Howard Jessica & Casey Howell Travis & Brandy Huffman Jack & Linda Hughes Jeff & Jaymi Hugo Bobby & Karey Hunter Terry Hunter Huntington Learning Center Joe & Rebecca Hupp Hurless Brothers Foreign Car Service Chase & Cheryl Hutchinson Idagirl Wearable Art Idaho Angler Idaho Botanical Garden Idaho Center for Rolf Structural Integration Idaho Ice World Idaho Independent Bank Idaho Legal Research Consulting and Services, LLC Idaho Shakespeare Festival Idaho Sporting Goods Idaho Stampede Idaho State University Idaho Steelheads Ray & Barbara Ineck Inn America Intermountain Gas Company

Charles Irvine Jacque & Karen Istok Jalapenos Bar & Grill Scott & Jennifer Janzer Fr. Radmar Jao Jacob & Colleen Jarvis Mark Jaszkowski Tammy Jenkins Katy Jibben Jim Murphy & Associates Jim’s Appliance and Furniture Ed & Cheryl Johnson Bryan & Heather Johnson Mary Kaye Johnson Gordon & Cecilia Jones Charley & Nancy Jones Mike Jones Jordan’s Pumpkin Patch & Christmas Tree Lot Josu Landaluce Watercolors Matt Joyce JR Simplot Company Raw Procurement Group William & Lorri Kaiser III Harry & Betty Karnes Doug Kay & Cyndi Friend-Kay Steve & Liz Keating William & Celeste Keller Ryan Kelly Kevin & Chris Kempers Travis & Leslie Kendrick Gregory & Kim Kent Whitney & JQ Kenyon Quane & Maryellen Kenyon Katie Kerby Ryan & Naomi Kerns Todd & Christi Ketlinski Terry & Stephanie Killilea Michael & Bozena Kinalski Ted & Angie Kirkhart Alan Knight Knights of the Gridiron Alicia Knudson & Joshu Rees Kyle Knudson Larry & Chris Koomler James & Jeannie Kranz Judy Kranz KTVB TV Channel 7 Katrina Kulm Kwal Howell Paint La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries David & Patti Lachiondo Alicia Lachiondo Lacrosse Idaho Brent & Mindi Lacy John & Deborah Lake Lamar Outdoor Advertising David & Haley Lamey Tim & Mary Beth LaMott Tom & Cecilia Larson Ron & Cyndee Larson Charles & Lisa Lawrence Conrad & Lyndsey Lee Brian Leisten Leku Ona Life Flight Network Like Nu Car Wash Lisa’s Creations Todd Little & Amy Wong-Little Troy & Holly Little Jennifer Little

Mark & Julie Lliteras Jeff & Katie Lliteras Scott Lliteras Gus & Molly Loayza Doug & Christina Lodge Murray & Kelly Lodge Robert & Tina Lokken Lucky 13 Lucky Bums Lucky Fins Christina Ludwig Lyle Pearson Company, Inc. Fr. Len MacMillan Charles & Ann Madden Scott & Loretta Madison Madril Hair Design Joe & Amber Mallet Ashley Marelius Steve Marlow Debra Marria & Bart Hill TJ & Adrienne Martin Bill & Edie Martin Derek & Tara Martin Chris Martineau Mark & Tammy Masarik Ken & Bev Matthews James & Crystal Maust McAlvain Construction John & Karen McCarthy Kevin & Shemayne McCarthy Eric & Larenia McClure Mick & Kathy McCurry Todd & Paula McCurry Debbie & Kevin McDonald Pat & Jen McEntee Terry & Jennifer McEntee Mike & Karen McEntee Terry McEntee, Central Paving Company Mathew & Tisha McGarry Rob & Joie McGarvin Tim & Fariss McGee Jason & Heidi McGill John & Francine McGrew Scott & Nicola McIntosh Michael & Leticia McLaughlin Mort & Mara McMillen Carey & Daphne McNeal McU Sports Rosalie Medemia Daniel Mediate Nate & Kim Meier Dan & Joan Melvin Merchants Moving and Storage Mike & Lori Mers Grace Metsker Michael & Shellie Mick Micron Foundation Middle Fork Rapid Transit Nancy Middleton Dave Miller Francie Miller Jeremy Miller Brian & Kelia Mintz Mister Car Wash David Moe Melvin & Sherie Mohr Carol Mokwa Ben & Lauren Moore Steve Moore Lisa Morgan

Sherry Morgan D.H. & Margaret Moss Mountain Home Auto Ranch Brian & Trasi Mullin Sam & Melissa Murano Meredith Murdoch Matthew & Mali Murphy Marshall & Nancy Murrin Nampa Funeral Home Blake & Christa Napier Richard & Robin Navert Emily Nefzger Neil & Tyley Nelson Jerel Nelson Tom & Diana Nicholson George & Judy Nicola Maureen Niland-Stokes Thomas & Andrea Nist Noodles and Company North Star River Expeditions NRS Reggie Nwauzor Stu & Teresa Nygard Barbara O’Meara O’Michaels Pub and Grill Olive Garden Peter & Julie Oliver Dan Oliver Travis Oliver Oliver Finley Academy Open Table Boise Catering Opera Idaho Options Outcast Sporting Gear Chris & Tamera Owens Joe & Cathy Pachner Packaging Corporation of America Chuck & Tina Pagano Papa Joes Parilla Grill Jack & Kit Parker Mike & Becky Parry Pete & Kelly Parsley Kathy Paulin Peak Broadcasting Troy & Cheryl Pearse Chris & Heidi Pearson Peppershock Media David & Mary Pera Jerry & Ann Perez Perfect Air Heating and Air Conditioning, a division of A1 Plumbing Joey Perry & Katie Oelrich Mark & Katie Peters Susan Petruzzelli Tracy Pham Jackie Phelps David Phillips & Laura Lineberry-Phillips Pinnacle Sports Grill Pioneer Title Company Sherry Placido Carl & Jean Pollock Grant & Jacqui Porter Bobby & Kristin Porter Dick & Mary Lou Porter William & Judy Post Poulsen Orthodontics Dave & Kelly Prezzano

Shad Priest & Doreen Warren Chris & Keron Privon ProShine Window Cleaning PT 180 Tony & Sarah Quilici R. Grey Gallery Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Michael & Lisa Ranieri RC Willey Hannah Records Jim & Vickie Redinger Tom Redinger Kelly Reed Chet & Carrie Reid Dick & Karen Reilly Reilly’s Church Supply Micheala Reitcheck Steve & Jeanette Reynolds Steve & Jeannette Reynolds Bennett Creek Farms Travis & Jennifer Ribordy Sue Richardson, JR Simplot Company Jon Riche Ridgecrest Golf Club Deb Riedel Jeannette Riedel Jordan & Juanita Risch River Birch Golf Course Roaring Springs Rock and Armor Rockitecture Stoneworks Rod’s Auto Repair Paul & Stephanie Rodeghiero Tony & Josephina Roque Rosauers Ruby Lou Jeff & Carolynn Russell Mike & Julianne Russell Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Thomas A. & Theresa Ryden Jared & Christy Rye S-16 LLC John & Katy Sabala Paul & Melissa Sadlek Sage Meadows Landscape Saint Alphonsus Life Flight Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Saint Mary’s College of California Salon 117 Daniel & Dorothy Sammartino William & Kristen Samson Ron & Brie Sandow Santa Clara University Michelle Sarabia Kevin & Katie Scanlan Tessa & Jace Schaecher Dean & Amy Schaecher Ben Schile Steve & Deana Schmidt Brad & Judy Schmidt Tom & Mary Schmidt Charles & Molly Schneider Tim & Laura Schrag Randy & Annette Schultz Tom & Carolyn Schultz Daniel & Autumn Schumacher Steve & Elisa Schutz Trent & Barb Schwenkfelder Bob & Bonnie Schwenkfelder

Scorpion Sting Tattoo Jamie Scott Larry & Sue Sebranek Fr. Bruno Segatta Tony & Jennifer Senn Ron Sestero Shadow Valley Golf Course Tom & Gina Shanahan Beth Sherwood Jeff & Theresa Shinn Brian & Linda Shirley Mike & Kelly Shockey Shop N. 7 Marine Shore Lodge Shu’s Idaho Running Co. Arnie & Denise Silva Marilyn Simunich Larry & Julie Sirhall Sizzler Sandra Small Justin & Stephanie Smith Smokey Mountain Pizza Snake River Pool and Spa Carson Sofro HSB Academy Tom & Cookie Sorge Southwest Hide Co. Jeff & Kate Souza Spa 35 SpringHill Suites by Mariott Spurwing Country Club St. Luke’s Health Foundation Ray & Linda Stark James & Christin Steele Janet Steele Sam Steele James & Jan Steele, Sr. Stein Distributing Tommy & Francesca Steiner Steve’s Cafe Erik & Wendy Stidham Scott & Tricia Stingley Stinker Stores Jann Marie Stockwell John & Becky Stone Harry & Sunny Storch Nate & Cinnamon Stroud Rick & Judi Sullivan Super Smiles Susan’s Shop Robert & Julie Swanson Jack & Erin Swearhart Greg & Toni Sweeney Kayla Sweeney Sweetheart Manor Rob & Janelle Swikert Swire Coca Cola Mark & Teresa Tavelli Mike & Tina Taylor A.J.Terry & Karia Lee Dave Tester & Claudia Weathermon The Cutting Cabin The Diamond Girls The Estate of Jim Bruce The Flicks The Florist at Edwards Greenhouse The Gallery at Finer Frames The Grove Hotel The Nature Company The Pantry Restaurant

The Riverside Hotel The Village at Meridian Tim & Susan Thometz Andrea Thornton Scott & Shannon Throm TML Heating and Air Conditioning TNT International Tom James Mitchell & Kim Toryanski Dan Totorica Trader Joe’s James Trapp & Trish Bouma Ray & Wini Trapp Travis Jeffries, P.A. Triple Play Indoor Water Park Tucano’s Karen Tucker Andrea Tuning Roger Turcotte & Diana Lachiondo Two Rivers Salon and Spa U.S. Bank U.S. Bank Foundation University of Idaho University of Notre Dame University of Portland Mike & Susan Urquidi Russ & Rena Van Paepeghem Mike & Monica VanPaepeghem Chris & Karen Verhaegh Mike & Lisa Vuittonet Wahooz Family Fun Zone Jay & LaNeah Wallander Jeff & Kristen Ware Warhawk Air Museum Ray & Erika Warner Washington Trust Bank Tim & Angel Watkins Tim & Rebecca Watkins Sean & Toni Watt Welker Photography Christian Welp West Side Drive Inn Alex Westfall Michael & Karen Wetherell George White John White Whole Foods Curt & Molly Wiebold Wildhorse Resort and Casino Steve & Peggy Williams Joe & Becky Wilsey Winco Amy Wittmuss Jacob & Alissa Wolbach Kelly & Cathy Wood World Center for Birds of Prey Ye Old Sweet Shoppe YMCA Annie Young James Zamzow Zamzows Thomas & Teresa Zepeda Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman Zoo Boise Vincent & Teressa Zywick

Winner’s Choice

33 pa ge

“It is not how

much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

The 2015-16 Kelly Pride Fund By Robin Navert, BK Director of Development

Kelly Pride Fund

The 2015-2016 school year was challenging, exciting, and

and provide funding for our band, choir, and drama departments.

rewarding for our students, families, alumni, faculty, staff, and

You also helped support Campus Ministry and student retreats;

community. Thanks to those who gave generously to the Kelly

improved salaries and benefits for our outstanding teachers;

Pride Fund, Bishop Kelly was able to provide a robust and

and gave generously to provide financial aid for those to whom

exciting place for our students to excel academically, spiritually,

a Bishop Kelly education would not have been possible without

and in extracurricular activities. Last year, our community gave

your financial support.

nearly $387,829 to the Kelly Pride Fund, a record amount for

Bishop Kelly High School has grown into the outstanding school

Bishop Kelly.

it is today because it is more than an academic institution – it is

Your gifts enabled Bishop Kelly to graduate 185 outstanding

a community. Although we will never be able to fully express our

seniors, including National Merit Finalists and Semifinalists,

gratitude to you, I would like to thank you for your support, your

Service Academy Appointees, and scholarship recipients to

faith in what we do here at Bishop Kelly, and your generosity.

colleges and universities across the United States. You helped the

34 pa g e

Knights win several state academic and athletic championships

Every gift makes a difference – thank you!

Knights of the Roundtable Bishop Kelly’s Knights of the Roundtable honors donors who have made gifts to the Kelly Pride Fund totaling more than $1,000 during our fiscal year July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. As an acknowledgement of their generous support, members of the Knights of the Roundtable were invited to attend an invitation-only Mardi Gras event hosted by President Rich Raimondi. The 2015-2016 Bishop Kelly Knights of the Roundtable Mardi Gras will be held on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Please consider joining in the fun this next year by making a generous gift of $1,000 or more to the 2015-2016 Kelly Pride Fund.

Knights of the Roundtable Circle ($1,000 or more)

Anonymous 7E International Enterprises, LLC Ray Anchustegui & Cynthia Bainbridge Scott & Wendy Askins Basque Studies Foundation, Inc David Beale & Lisa Hudson-Beale Dave & Jill Beck Bobby & Lori Biggs Mike & Anita Bokan Mike & Angel Bowie Tim & Denise Brennan Clyde & Kathleen Brinegar Peter & Jennifer Butler Michael & Julie Byrne Jeff & Susanna Cammann Patrick & Allison Cammann Jose & Elsa Cervantes Jim & Ronda Conger William & Brenda Crump Richard Cummings & Roxanne Truax Cummings Thomas & Megan Czarniecki Greg & Anne Daggett Richard & Sally Darmody Don Davis & Lindsay Randolph Alan Day Vic & Ruby deBoer Nick & Suzanne DeRuyter Developmental Concepts, Heather Walker Diamond Knights

Todd & Brenda Dixon Robert & Fiona Doiron Harold & Jacque Eastman Charles & Lisa Eddy Elsaesser Jarzabek Anderson Elliott & Macdonald Law Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt Andy & Shannon Erstad Pam Faino Farrow Corporation, Kenneth & Angela Farrow Joe & Laura Fehringer Gerald & Lynette Flerchinger Jeff & Hailey Frechette D.J. George & Danielle George Clyde & June Gerhard John & Laura Gibson Brad & Kris Albers Granger Ned & Tera Greene Tom Gudmestad & Michelle Hitch Tim & Chris Haener Daniel & Jennifer Hagan Joe & Melani Hautzinger Terry & Kirstin Heffner Ed & Cheryl Johnson Charley & Nancy Jones Bill & Laura Karnes Doug Kay & Cyndi Friend-Kay Kevin & Chris Kempers Ronald King & Cathy King Michael & Teresa Kirkmire Knights of the Gridiron Dave & Patti Lachiondo Alan & Kelly Langerak Robert & Bonnie Lee

Todd & Cassy Lindsey Doug Manchester Al & Laurel Marino Steve & Diana Marlow Weeb & Linda Martin Mike McConville Mort & Mara McMillen McMillen LLC., Mort McMillen & Mara McMillen Nathaniel & Kim Meier Mike & Lori Mers Micron Technology Foundation, Inc. Mark & Beth Mills Steve & Michele Mings D.H. & Margaret Moss Brian & Trasi Mullin Marshall & Nancy L. Murrin Richard & Robin Navert Jeff & Mary Neumeyer Michael & Wendi Norris Jon & Patty Powell Shawn Pratt & Roni Gehring Pratt Toby & Nicole Prehn David & Kelly Prezzano Primary Health Medical Group Sherry Quay Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Mike & Lisa Ranieri Jim & Vickie Redinger Daniel & Kelly Reed Reilly’s Church Supply, Inc. Steve & Michaela Reitcheck John & Carol Rinehimer Michael & Julianne Russell

Paul & Melissa Sadlek Brad & Judy Schmidt Steve & Deanna Schmidt Tim & Laura Schrag Tom & Carolyn Schultz Steve & Elisa Schutz Joseph & Katie Simunich SOAR USA INC., John & Stefanie Hruby Devin & Tamra Stampfli Stephen & Loretta Stech John & Rebecca Stone Rick & Judi Sullivan The John F. Nagel Foundation Tom Scott Motors, D.H & Margaret Moss Ken & Cathy Tucker Steve & Denise Twohig John & Terry Vallin Justin & Franny Vitrano Don & Debbie Walker Heather Walker Cris & Maria Williams Edward & Amy Zimmer Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman Steven & Jeanette Zorich

Ladies and Lords Circle ($500-$999)

James & Susan Alexander Skinner & Joan Anderson Tom & Cindy Atkins Lance & Gerri Ball James & Kristin Baumgardner Chad Blue

Boise Blast Amateur Softball Assoc. Inc. Boise Valley Asthma & Allergy Clinic Pere & Gina Cabus Chris & Ann Callanan CM Company Inc. Joan Colleran Xavier Danthinne & Eugenia Chang Dave & Keli Elledge E-M Construction, Rob McGarvin Kenneth & Angela Farrow Brian Foruria Genevieve Gerke Jeff & Monty Goodman Richard & Jackie Goodson Matthew & JoAnn Harrison John & Karin Hart Michael & Karen Heilman Ed & Stephany Herrera James & Joan Hill Rick & Colleen Horiuchi Bill & Wendy Jordan Rusty & Lorri Kaiser Greg & Kim Kent Katie Kerby Belinda Knochel Alicia Lachiondo Charlene Lang Stan Leis & Rebecca Smiley-Leis Matthew & Jennifer Lenoue Jack & Jennifer Lincks Rod & Sue Linja Keith & Lisa Lockard Murray & Kelly Lodge Garrett & Carol Lofto Mary Martin Kevin McCarthy Derek McCormick Rod & Francie Miller Lorrie Ann Moore Salvador & Erika Morfin David & Tracy Morris Louis & Judy Murdock Neil & Tyley Nelson K.C. Odencrantz & Miren Lete-Odencrantz Todd & Kimberly Ostrom Ronald & Margaret Pridmore Shannon & Jeanette Rizzo Mike Roach Terry & Sarah Scanlan Melvin & Rose Schulte Sandra Small Sam & Mary Steiner Mark & Megan Tverdy Mike & Susan Urquidi Brian & Caroline Valle Volkswagen Boise Audi Boise Chrys & Jennifer Warren Gary & Kim Wiener Jim Wolfe Steve & Elise Woodall

Nobles Circle ($300 to $499) Jose Aguilar

Elden & Katy Alexander Christopher & Sharon Bantrup Shannon & Shelly Batman Sam & Marisa Battaglia Kenneth & Chrissy Beckner

Jason Bender Brad & Mariea Benton Aitor & Debbie Bidaburu John & Alex Bieter Mary Bieter Robert & Claudia Borgna Ron & Christine Clevenger Mark & Cynthia Coffman David & Pam Corisis Chuck Elliott Kevin & Patti Feeney Carey & Kris Geiger-Blue Steve & Karen Hamm Rob & Margaret Hampton Andy & Debbie Harrington Tom & Maria Heffner Richard Kauphusman Keynetics Shane & Judy King Martin & Judy Knoelk John & Kelley Kolpitcke Jimmy & Grace Liao Terry & Carmen Little Thomas & Jill Loach Scott & Loretta Madison Cari Magette Kevin & Cathie McDonald Tim & Carol Mokwa Frank & Mary Muguira Marty & Maureen O’Toole Ellen Paget Michael & Marci Pape Jack & Kit Parker Andy & Kathy Paulin Chris & Heidi Pearson Joseph & Anna Rodriquez John & Melanie Rubocki Lou & Suzie Sabala Mark Schlag Jeff & Kate Souza St. Mark’s Catholic Community Thomas & Francesca Steiner Scott & Tricia Stingley Tim & Susan Thometz Brian & Carri Thornburg Mike & Monica VanPaepeghem Tom Vitrano & Kristina LaFace

Kelly Pride Circle ($100 to $299)

Albertsons Boise Open Greg & Lisa Anderson Mitch & Shannon Anderson Peter & Simone Anewalt Felix & Rachelle Aramburu Todd & Kathy Armstrong Roger & Virginia Artoux Henry & Dianne Loeffen Curtis & Madeline Ater Harvey & Patricia Babendure Scott & Danielle Bainbridge Andrew & Tomara Barda David Barden Chad & Lisa Barker Basque Museum & Cultural Center Morrie & Alison Berriochoa Randy & Deanna Berry James & Bethany Bewley Steve & Tracy Bingham Christopher & Angela Bloom Jeffri & Mary Bohlscheid

Cliff & Ruth Brady Roger & Bonnie Brazier Emmanuel & Sandra Brennan Dave J. Bruce & Terri Bruce Desiree Brunette Terry & Lynda Bruns Michael & Sharon Burke Kathy Butler Mike & Amy Caldwell Katie Callanan Will Casey Frank & Marlene Celsnak Center of Peace Anthony & Jennifer Chappell Holly Chetwood Erin Christon Bryan Clark Jim & Cherie Clayton John Clement & Bridget Bedke Greg Clovis & Chris Rodlun Brett & Elizabeth Compton Michael & Kirsten Coughlin Robert & Teresa Crook Douglas & Mary Crum Larry & Kathryn Crump Victoria Cummings John & Jamie Cunningham Lisa Curtis Walt & Jill Czarniecki John & Wendy Dalrymple Mark & Vickie Daly Jon & Michelle Damon Candice Davidson Lisa Dean Alan & Kim Degen Dino & Michelle Degiorgio Vince & Lisa Derig John Dillon & Carolyn Depoto George & Kathleen Doerr Billy D’Souza & Fabia Fernandes Debbi Dunn Karen Eccles John & Jolly Eck Mike & Maureen Elia Mike & Tammy Emrich Richard & Mary Lou Ennis Dan & Gerri Faricy Stefanie Fazzio Ronald & Valerie Fehringer Pascual & Cecilia Flores Sean & Julie Forrest John & Jane Francis Robert & Rita Franklin Bill & Renee Fremgen Martin & Gladys Galindo Richard & Susan Gardner Andrew & Staci Grant John & Lisa Grasser Richard Greener & Janie Goicoechea-Greener Joseph Grover Nicholas Grover Santiago & Kristen Guerricabeitia Curtis & Linda Guiles Hernan Gutierrez & Alejandra Diaz Leon & Linda Hall Mike & Danne Hampton Heather Hanson Michael & Georgeen Hardy Dennis & June Hardziez Kevin & Gina Harney Andrew Harrington

Gregory & Phyllis Heitman Erik & Jennifer Helgeson Bill & Julie Hentges Michael & Jaymi Hermes Marcos & Tina Hernandez Jacqueline Hickman Morgan & Susie Hicks Ernestine Hiner Wesley Hirons & Qihua Hirons Karl & Carol Holsinger Linda House Wade & Pam Howland Jeff Huhn & Alaina Sayers-Huhn Joseph & Jeanne Hunter Idaho Gardners Association Jacksons Scott & Jennifer Janzer Rick Jaszkowiak Tim & Ina Jaszkowiak Joseph & Paula Jones T.J. & Jo Ann Jones Randy & Heidi Jorgensen Steve & Michelle Judy Prent & Molly Kallenberger Ryan & Naomi Kerns Todd & Christi Ketlinski Rusty & Jamie Kirtley KJCQ LLC Backcountry Bar Michele Koehl Kevin & Peggy Koomler Ken & Katie Kope Chris & Rose Kreslins Antonio & Sheri-Lynn Kusic Steve Kuzara & Beatriz Von Ungern-Sternberg David & Haley Lamey Tracy Landry John & Gloria Lejardi Craig Allen & Sandra Lile Laura Lineberry Todd Little & Amy Wong-Little Madelyn Lodge Richard & Emma Lovel Scot & Christina Ludwig Tim & Peggy Luke Chris & Jody Mallane Steve & Jennifer Masonheimer Ralph & Theresa May John & Theresa McCallum Matthew J. & Tisha McGarry Philip & Lynette McKay Pete McQuade Michael & Shellie Mick Chris & Nancy Middleton Judy Milburn Andy Mitchell & Amy Rebholtz Todd & Denise Monroe Jim Monti Tammy Morrison Quinn Morrison Ramona Neal Daniel Neumeyer Joseph Neumeyer David Neumeyer Kyan & Jen Newman Samuel & Abigail Nieto Tom & Andrea Nist Kevin & Aimee O’Brien Peter & Julie Oliver Larry & Mary Ossenkop James & Stephanie Ossman Joe & Cathy Pachner

Kelly Pride Fund

35 pa ge

Continued on page 36

... Continued from page 35

Kelly Pride Fund

36 pa g e

Mike & Becky Parry Keith & Michelle Pettyjohn Thang Pham & Trang Doan Brent & Carla Phillips Tom & Judy Piepmeyer Cynthia Pierce Steve Pitkin Chris & Christy Porter Bill & Judy Post Troy & Janice Preuit Rene & Demetria Ramakers Richard Raulston Ronald & Ginky Reaves Michael & Kathryn Redinger Amy Reiber Michael & Alma Rowell Daniel Rutten Uwe & Karen Ruttke Charles & Molly Schneider Charles & Lessie Schoenfelder Scott & Carol Schoenherr Richard & Margaret Schwarz Trent & Barb Schwenkfelder Mike & Heather Scott Tom & Gina Shanahan Matt & Kathleen Sheehan

Mike & Kelly Shockey Stuart & Julia Shoemaker Arnold Silva & Denise Mills John & Janet Simonson Lori Simpson Doug & Jen Skyer Bryan & Dawn Smith Chris Smith Wes & Mary Smith John & Patricia Southern Allyn & Tanya Spanfellner Speech Tree, Shari Morrison-Doke Jed & Meghann Splittgerber Tom & Kate Starr Joe & Amy Staufer James & Christin Steele John & Jerilyn Grizzaffi Justin & Kristy Stewart Bobby & Terri Sutcliff Robert & Julie Swanson Chuck & Nancy Tacke Suzanne Takasugi James & Carrie Tavelli Mike & Tina Taylor Sharon Taylor

Tim & Kasey Tekippe Dave & Diana Tetreault Thinking Boise Real Estate, Janet Parsons Michael & Karen Thompson William & Andrea Thompson Scott & Shannon Throm Mitch & Kim Toryanski Daniel & Nikki Totorica Peter & Marlene Vaughan Chris & Karen Verhaegh Jose & Yliana Villegas Jeff & Kristen Ware Peter & Rebecca Wargo Timothy & Angel Watkins Michael & Marta Watson Robert & Kolleen Wehde Tom & Veronica Welsh Melissa Welsh-Wolfe Kim & Kari Werner Neil & Christine Whited Kevin & Amy Wittmuss Jacob & Alissa Wolbach


makes a

Fr. John Worster John & Genny Ysursa Michael Zimmer

Your gift to BK (Joint Tax Return) $300 $500

Especially yours! donate

Growing Forward Together It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot to Make a Big Difference

The Idaho tax code lets you support Bishop Kelly with dollars you would otherwise owe in state taxes. Idaho offers you a TAX CREDIT of half your gift to Bishop Kelly up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,000 for married couples filing jointly. This is in addition to the tax deduction for charitable gifts if you itemize. Please look at the chart below and consult your tax advisor.

$1,000 $2,000

($25/mo.)* ($41.65/mo.)* ($83.33/mo.)*


($166.67/mo.)* ($416.67/mo.)*

Tax deduction if itemizing






50% Idaho Education Tax Credit






Actual cost to you of your gift






BIG difference

Bishop Kelly.

Gifts to the Parents As Partners program are an opportunity to help bridge the gap between BK’s tuition rate and the actual cost to educate a Bishop Kelly student. We are so grateful to the following Parents As Partners: Mike & Angel Bowie William & Brenda Crump Harold & Jacque Eastman John & Laura Gibson Brad & Kris Albers Granger Daniel & Jennifer Hagan Charley & Nancy Jones Todd & Cassy Lindsey David & Kelly Prezzano Steve & Elisa Schutz Devin & Tamra Stampfli Rick & Judi Sullivan Edward & Amy Zimmer

This listing includes gifts received from July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. Please contact Bishop Kelly’s Development Office at (208) 947-1325 with corrections and accept our apologies for any inadvertent omissions.

Every gift


Parents As Partners

Your gift to BK (Single Tax Return) $300 $500 $1,000 $2,000 $5,000

($25/mo.)* ($41.65/mo.)* ($83.33/mo.)*

($166.67/mo.)* ($416.67/mo.)*

Tax deduction if itemizing






50% Idaho Education Tax Credit






Actual cost to you of your gift $45 $75 $150 $800 $2,750 Figures are estimates based on persons in the 35% marginal tax bracket. The tax credit can go up to, but not exceed, 50% of your total Idaho state tax obligation. * Amount based on electing a monthly payment option.


The Kelly Pride Fund

Please detach and return with your gift Name_____________________________________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________ City____________________ State ____________ Zip ______________________ Phone_____________________________________________________________ Email Address______________________________________________________

I would like to make my gift in the amount of: _____________________________________ q One time q Monthly q Quarterly q Each year for 5 years q My employer will/may match my gift. Employer’s name:_________________________ [ ] I have enclosed a check for: $_________________ [ ] Please charge my credit card: $_________________ Card #_______________________________________ Expiration Date:_________________ Signature_____________________________________________________________________

Please make my gift to:

q Campus Ministry/Spiritual Development q Foundation Endowment Growth q Highest need for Bishop Kelly, or: q Foundation Named Scholarship:____________________________________ q Tuition Assistance q Athletics/Academic Program:______________________________________ q Other:___________________________________________________________

q I would like to receive information about complimentary Estate Planning. Please make checks payable to Bishop Kelly High School or give online at and look for For more information contact the BK Development Office at (208) 947-1325.

Foundation Donors Mary Adcox Albertsons James & Susan Alexander Humberto & Carol Amador James & Kristin Baumgardner Lynda Benson Morrie & Alison Berriochoa Steve & Mary Bertelsen George W. Betebenner John P. Bieter Mary F. Bieter Julio & Julie Bilbao Rusty & Sheri Boicourt Tristan Boicourt Robert & Claudi Borgna Lawrence & Delores Bosio Bronco Motors Rand & MaryAnn Budzianowski John Burke Michael & Sharon Burke John & Cinda Canine John & Joan Carley Jeff & Cathy Cilek Class of 1965 John Clement & Bridget Bedke George & Cheryl Colwell Don Lee Curtis Joseph & Aimee Czarniecki Tom Czarniecki Mark & Vickie Daly Ron & Lotus Dibelius Tom & Linda Dixon Brooke & Wendy Drayton Ora Durham Allan & Dixie Dykman Luise Echevarria Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt Wayne & Janie Ernst Andrew & Shannon Erstad Rich & Patsy Fedrizzi John B. & and Delores L. Fery Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Intermountain Industries Petroglyph Energy Foundation St. Luke’s Treasure Valley Health Foundation The Benevity Community Impact Fund Four J Foundation

Robert & Rita Franklin Jeff & Hailey Frechette Rebecca Galindo Richard & Susan Gardner Gladys & Roland Harriman Foundation John & Vickie Glerum Bill & Connie Glynn Kathryn Golab John & Liz Goodale Richard & Jackie Goodson Dennis & June Hardziej Pat & Kathleen Harrington Charles & Maria Harris James & Angie Harrison Richard & Betty Heaton Joel & Marianne Hickman James & Roberta Hinson Jeff & Lisa Hippler Tim Hixon Larry & Paula Hlobik Monte & Madonna Hobson Darlene Hoffland Pat & Bonnie House Bill Houston Idaho Community Foundation Darlene Imhoff Mark Jaszkowski Tim & Kathlyn Johans Bill & Celeste Keller J. Keith Kennedy Charles Kohlbecker Scott & Cheryl Kreiling Marjorie Kroush Dick & Peggy Kuntz Mark Julie Kuzio David & Patti Lachiondo Nicholas & Amanda LaMott John & Helen Leonard Mark & Julie Lliteras Scott Lliteras KC Lloyd Valerie Loge Roxanne Lopez Lynch Foundation Mary Louise Lynch Beverly & Pat March Debra Marria Benjamin McClain Donna P McCulloch Kevin & Debbie McDonald Michael & Joanne McQuade

Bill & Amy McReynolds Dan & Joan Melvin Micron Technology Foundation, Inc. Steve & Michelle Mings Clyde Moneyhun Dick & Jody Mooney Jerron Moore Thomas & Cathy Morrissey Ruth Murgoitio Pierce & Mary Anne Murphy Tom & Shirley O’Neil Marianne Pelletier Peter Berkey Foundation Martha J. Peterson Richard Pietrucci Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program Tony & Sarah Quilici Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Sue Richardson Debra Riedel & Kelly Turk Tessa Schaecher Howard & Rhonda Schaff Todd & Terri Schultz Steve & Elisa Schutz Selway Asset Management Ron J. Sestero Christen & Bradley Shelden Beth Sherwood Jeff & Theresa Shinn JR Simplot Company Sandra Small Kirk Smith Wes & Mary Smith Lee Snyder Tom & Cookie Sorge St. Joseph’s Elementary School Catherine Steisel Vivian Stockinger Barbara Stone Dorothy Swanson Suzanne Takasugi Bob Tanabe Paul Taylor Peter & Laurie Thimm James & Laura Thomas Robert & Aimee Tylor UBS Donor Advised Fund United Way of Treasure Valley Mike & Susan Urquidi

Joel & Chellie Van Lith Stephen & Christine Vernon Rachel Walsh William Weiser Stan & Gina Welsh Bob & Sue White Alan & Marianne Winkle Wes & Stephanie Worrell Jane Young David & Robin Yraguen Sandrice Zaccardi Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman

Foundation Donors

37 pa ge

Is This Your Estate Planning Strategy? Consider a Private Estate Planning Consultation Session Bishop Kelly High School and the Bishop Kelly Foundation are sponsoring Private Estate Planning Consultation Sessions at no cost to friends of Bishop Kelly. The nationally renowned firm of Thompson and Associates provides the Private Estate Planning Consultations. These sessions can help you: • Establish your net worth and determine if you will be financially secure in retirement. • Help you determine what you will owe the government

38 pa g e

in taxes, and whether that can be reduced or diverted by making a gift to your favorite charity or charities. You may be able to make a difference – large or small – to those organizations that are important to you!

• Help you determine your legacy to your heirs. Contact Robin Navert (, Bishop Kelly Director of Development at 947-1325, or Rita Franklin (, Executive Director of the Bishop Kelly Foundation at 323-4789 for more information.

Calendar of Events January 8...............................................................................................Pasta Festa Italian Dinner January 30................................................................................ New Student Information Night February 19...................................................................................... Hallissey Pancake Breakfast

Calendar of Events

March 3 ........................................................................................................Service Learning Day March 9-12................................................................................Theater Arts Spring Production March 18.............................................................................................................................Irish Fest March 21 & May 18........................................................................Music Department Concert May 27 ..................................................................................................Bishop Kelly Graduation August 11-13.......................................................................Reunion Weekend Celebrating the ................................................................Classes of 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, and 2007 November 2017 (TBD)......Bishop Kelly Foundation Winners Choice Dinner & Auction

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Bishop Kelly High School 7009 Franklin Road Boise, ID 83709

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2016 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication

2016 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication