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The Magazine for Saint Teresa’s Academy and Bishop Kelly High School

ROUNDTABLE November 2017

Growing Forward Together Achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.

In This Issue: • STEM to STEAM • What’s Happening at BK • Alumknight Updates

In this Issue: • Table of Contents • President’s Message.................................................................................. 3 Principal’s Message.................................................................................. 4 STEM to STEAM..................................................................................... 5 Snowmageddon 2017.............................................................................. 6

Table of Contents

Faith & Spirit............................................................................................. 7 Celebrating Bishop Kelly Arts................................................................ 9 BK Athletics............................................................................................ 12 Alumknight Spotlights: Kassie (Seger) Manning.................................................................... 14 William McQuade............................................................................. 15

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Married Alumknights............................................................................ 16 Reunion Weekend.................................................................................. 18 Alumknight Updates............................................................................. 23 Irish Fest.................................................................................................. 27 The Culture of Philanthropy................................................................. 28 Foundation News................................................................................... 30

“We are

2016 Winner’s Choice............................................................................ 31

many parts,

Winner’s Choice Donors....................................................................... 32

we are all one body, and the gifts we have we are given to share.”

Order of the Knight............................................................................... 31 Foundation Donors............................................................................... 35 One Day One Knight............................................................................. 36 Kelly Pride Fund..................................................................................... 38 Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing Groundbreaking.... 41 BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign Update......................................... 42 Legacy Society........................................................................................ 46 Calendar of Events................................................................................. 47

– Marty Haugen

From the Editor:

Seven years ago, when I started pulling together the content for my first Roundtable magazine, filling 32 pages seemed like a daunting task. Now here we are trying to cram everything we want to share into 48 pages and considering adding more! So much happens at Bishop Kelly in the course of a year, and this year one of the biggest changes is happening right here in the Alumni Office. Effective immediately, I will be transitioning my Alumknight responsibilities to our new Alumknight Manager Denise Brennan! Denise is a familiar face around BK, and well known in the BK community. She is the parent to two BK grads, Kaylyn (Brennan) Schneider, ’03, and Ryan Brennan, ’05, and the wife of BK Head Football Coach Tim Brennan, ’77. In addition,

she is a talented professional with many years of experience helping non-profit organizations serve our community. In her new role at BK, Denise will be taking the lead on all things Alumknight related, including Reunion Weekend, the Alumknight Golf Tournament, One Day One Knight, and much more! She’s already starting a new tradition, the BK Turkey Bowl and Turkey Trot, here at Nick Ysursa Field on Thanksgiving Day. As for me, I will be focusing exclusively on my role as Director of Communications, and I am looking forward to finding new and creative ways to engage with all of you. As always, I hope you enjoy this issue of the Roundtable. I love that we were able to tell the stories of so many of our BK family members. This issue feels like it is filled with joy and gratitude, and I can’t wait for you all to read it. Katie Kerby, Director of Communications and Alumni Relations

Dear Friends of Bishop Kelly, As we celebrate the 127th anniversary of Catholic secondary

new exciting additions

education here in the Treasure Valley with Saint Teresa’s Academy

in recent years. They are

and Bishop Kelly High School, we have much for which to be

truly making a difference

thankful. In fact, our theme for this school year is “Gratitude.”

in their students’ lives

We are grateful for the 780 students and their families who chose

and are the heart of our

to come to Bishop Kelly and be part of our Bishop Kelly family. With the opening of St. Ignatius Catholic School in the Holy Apostles parish in Meridian, along with a large group of 8th

school and our mission – “to educate and develop the whole student in the

graders at our five other partner schools, and continued interest

Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body.”

from students in other public and private schools around the

Finally, we are so very blessed by our community who exhibit

Valley, we anticipate enrollment growth of around 60-70 students

daily the BK Way value of generosity, which we define as “giving

for the 2018–2019 school year. You will read later in this issue

back to the world generously of their time, talent, and treasure

of the Roundtable about our plans to be accessible to these new

in ways that are productive to their fellow man.” With your help,

students and provide exciting new opportunities in STEAM

over the past six years we have been able to significantly increase

education with the opening of the Father Wilson Science and

our non-tuition revenue (primarily from our BK Foundation and

Technology Wing.

Kelly Pride Fund) such that we have been able to raise our faculty

We are also incredibly grateful for the class of 2017 and their

and staff salaries to pay among the leaders in the state. And

achievements: 98% of the 191 graduates in the class of 2017 went on to college, 96% to four year colleges. Over 82% of those graduates were offered merit-based scholarships which totaled more than $22 million. Their SAT and ACT scores are again in the top 10% nationally and amongst the highest in the state. The class of ’17 contributed over 15,000 hours of service to our greater community, and over 75% of them participated in extracurricular activities here at BK. These seniors were instrumental in leading

through our BK2020 Vision campaign, which has raised over $5.8 million to-date, we have been able to break ground on the Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing. This will bring 12 state-ofthe-art teaching labs to our school that will enable our students in the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Computer Science, and Engineering to be fully prepared for college level work in these areas. You can read more about this exciting new addition to our school later in the Roundtable magazine. Thank

BK to five athletic state championships and six academic state

you who have given to help us achieve our BK2020 Vision.


Thank you once again for your generosity and your interest in,

This is not possible without an incredibly talented, experienced

and commitment to Bishop Kelly!

and committed faculty and staff. We are deeply grateful for them and their service. Our faculty consists of 55 teachers who are a


wonderful blend of 14 teachers celebrating more than 20 years of service to our community, 12 who are alumni, and several


Letter from the President

3 pa ge

Dear Bishop Kelly Family, Friends, and Community,

Letter from the Principal

4 p a g e

Help me

to see Jesus in others, and help others to see Jesus in me.

It’s hard to believe I’m in

is known for, and to maintain and improve the type of school

my “senior” year of serving

culture that makes us all proud to be Knights. A student body

as the Principal of this

of 600 students is much different than a student body of 800

wonderful school. I feel so

or more students. As we grow, we have to be intentional about

blessed to work with such

maintaining that “small school” atmosphere where students

dedicated, talented, and

feel like they are part of a tight knit community, and every

hardworking faculty and

student is challenged to be successful. Fortunately the faculty,

staff every day, I’m also

staff, administration, students, and parents at Bishop Kelly are

extremely thankful for the

committed to our positive BK Way culture, and our focus on

great kids that we get to

developing the whole student mentally, emotionally, spiritually,

watch grow into wonderful

physically, and socially. It’s our shared desire for a positive school

young men and women. In

environment that will continue to make BK a wonderful place

our 53rd year as a Catholic high school, Bishop Kelly has seen its

to teach and learn. Our students and student athletes continue

share of changes, challenges, and successes in the last year.

to excel in academics, athletics, and the arts. Our ACT and

As our Catholic partner schools and the Treasure Valley

SAT scores continue to significantly outpace state and national

continue to grow, so does the demand for a Catholic Education at Bishop Kelly High School. With the near certainty of seeing a demand of over 900 student enrollments in the next two to three years, one of the biggest changes to our school right now is the broadening of our campus footprint with the addition of the 25,000-square-foot Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing. This change also brings with it some exciting new possibilities for curriculum and extracurricular programs that would have not been possible without the addition. This

averages. Last year, 98% of our students went on to college and our most recent data says that 95% of those students that start college, continue into their second year. Our athletic teams are as strong as ever with multiple state championships every year and four academic state championships this fall alone. Our music, drama, and fine arts programs continue to grow with exceptional faculty leading the charge in those areas. Most importantly, our students are active in service to the community and continue to develop in their faith as Catholics and non-

state-of-the-art teaching facility will provide students and


faculty widespread access to modern teaching space and tools

In closing, thank you for your continued interest and support for

for invention, including an assortment of flexible computer-

Bishop Kelly High School. Stop by and visit us anytime. Once a

controlled and industrial-grade fabrication tools. Its creation

Knight, Always a Knight!

represents Bishop Kelly’s commitment to STEAM education

God Bless,

and contributes to the overall vision of the school to achieve excellence in learning, service, and life. As Bishop Kelly grows, our challenge is to continue the longstanding tradition of excellence in Catholic education that BK

Mike Caldwell Principal Bishop Kelly High School

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that, during the years from 2010 to 2020, employment in science and engineering occupations in this country will grow by 18.7%, compared to 14.3% for all occupations. That’s great news for job seekers in healthcare, computer science, and engineering fields, as long as they have the skills required to fill these new positions. Unfortunately, employers are reporting that a skills gap, especially among middle class workers in the U.S., is causing many of these new jobs to go unfilled. In Idaho, our low unemployment rate can be misleading, as many people in the state are underemployed due to a lack of needed skills. In fact, the skills gap in Idaho is projected to leave 49,000 jobs unfilled in the next six years.

At Bishop Kelly we know that educating our students in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) is critical for preparing students to matriculate, as well as preparing them for 21st century careers. STEAM 2020 is Bishop Kelly’s strategic plan for a world-class education in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Our vision for enhancing and expanding our current STEAM curriculum will strengthen Bishop Kelly’s core curriculum, expand options for college level coursework, and merge the STEAM disciplines into rigorous, cross-curricular, career track coursework.

STEM to STEAM A 2014 study published by the American Society for Engineering Education named important characteristics of a successful STEM program:

Since 2014, Bishop Kelly has added 15 new STEAM courses:

• The context is motivating, engaging, and real-world. • Students integrate and apply meaningful and important

Exploring Computer Science

Honors Chemistry

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Engineering

• Teaching methods are inquiry-based and student-centered.

Math Lab

• Students engage in solving engineering challenges using an

Mobile App Development

Scientific Research and

Video Production

Critical Thinking

Web Design I

Web Design II

engineering design process. • Teamwork and communications are a major focus. Throughout the program, students have the freedom to think critically, creatively, and innovatively, as well as opportunities to fail and try again in safe environments. By adding the “A” (Arts) to create STEAM, we are addressing the importance of innovation, design, and communication in all aspects of STEM. Creative thinking and design are driving forces in everything from mechanical engineering to biochemistry. In fact, research from Michigan State University links childhood exposure to arts and crafts activities to increased patent generation and entrepreneurism in adults. Exposing students to creative writing and performing arts teaches written and oral communication skills, which are essential across disciplines. Additionally, some students need more diverse ways to communicate and express themselves. Integrating art into a STEM curriculum engages students who may not be as interested or motivated in a focused math and science environment. Thus, intentional focus on STEAM increases opportunities for each student to find success in STEM.

5 pa ge

Advanced 2D Art Anatomy and Physiology AP Computer Science Principles Digital Photography

mathematics and science content.



Web Design III Since 2014 Bishop Kelly has seen a 40% increase in students enrolling in technology courses. What is even more exciting is that we have seen a 75% increase in female students taking these courses. Currently, only about 6.7% of college graduates with science, technology, engineering, and math degrees are women.

“It is the

supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” –Albert Einstein

We believe that by making STEAM available as early as 9th grade, both male and female BK students will be more likely to pursue degrees and, eventually, careers in STEM fields. STEAM 2020 doesn’t just mean new courses, it also impacts how we teach them. Over the last three years, BK has focused on implementing more inquiry and project based learning in our classrooms. Inquiry based learning is a form of active learning that starts by posing questions, problems, or scenarios, rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge. Project based learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge. ... Continued on page 6

... Continued from page 5

The new Father Wilson Science and Technology wing at Bishop

engineering teaching lab, planned for the east end of the wing,

Kelly is another piece of our STEAM 2020 strategic plan. The

as well as develop an exciting new robotics curriculum.

innovative spaces in this new facility are designed with an eye

Focusing on STEAM is vital to Bishop Kelly’s mission to develop

for the future of teaching and learning. Classrooms have been reinvented as Teaching Labs, which are fully flexible spaces that allow the room to transition efficiently between lab space, group project space, lecture space, and more. Smaller, independent research labs will provide a home for small group collaboration and students working on individual project based learning activities. And, a grant from the E. L. Wiegand Foundation of


Reno, Nev., will help Bishop Kelly outfit the Micron Foundation

the whole student in the Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body. By offering robust and challenging STEAM curriculum we are preparing our graduates for what lies ahead of them as they head to college, and into their careers. We are confident that BK Knights will continue to be innovators, leaders, and humanitarians in our communities, and that they will draw on their foundation of STEAM education make the world a better place.

Snowmageddon 2017

6 p a g e

Virtual School Day at Bishop Kelly January of 2017 brought record snowfall to the Treasure Valley,

participated in a wide variety of online learning. Some teachers

burying homes and businesses and cancelling school across the

lectured, others posted topics to online discussion groups, and

valley. School Districts in Ada and Canyon counties were just

Coach Brennan gave students in his weights and conditioning

beginning to dig out when they got word that another huge

classes a cardio workout with a caring twist – they were assigned

storm was coming. As residents braced for Snowmageddon

to shovel the driveway of a neighbor who needed a little extra

2017, teachers and students at Bishop Kelly prepared for

help with the heavy, wet snow.

something different – BK’s first “Virtual School Day.”

“When we miss that much school, it’s difficult for teachers

Because each Bishop Kelly student already brings a laptop to

to cover all the course content for the semester. Students in

school daily, the technology was in place to make virtual school

the Advanced Placement track are especially impacted,” said

possible. Early in the week of January 16th, as the storm clouds

Caldwell. “We knew it was a risk, but we were willing to take it

gathered, BK faculty created lesson plans and uploaded materials

to recover some instructional time.” And it paid off! BK’s IT staff

to platforms like Blackboard and Google Classroom. They

was able to quickly resolve the handful of technology issues that

created PowerPoint presentations and ShowMe videos, prepared

came up, and overall both the students and faculty were excited

to take attendance via Google Forms, and walked their students

about how the day went.

through how a Virtual School Day might work. By the time the

Mr. Caldwell was encouraged by the inaugural Virtual Learning

flakes turned into drifts on January 19th, BK was ready. Instead of cancelling school for a fifth snow day, BK Principal Mike Caldwell told teachers and students to report to class online.

Day. “I’m not saying we’ll do this on the first snow day of the year,” he said while eyeing his skis. “But

Students logged into their first class at 11:00 a.m., and spent

on the third or fourth,

the next several hours in shortened class periods where they


Clearing the BK parking lot created a snowbank more than 15 feet high! BK was barely visible from Franklin Road for several weeks until the snow melted.

BK Students were encouraged to post a Virtual School Day selfie to Twitter with the hashtag #BKOnlineLearningDay

Jimmy Harrison, ’12 “It is Jesus who stirs in you the desire to do something great

truth and grow in

with your lives, the will to follow an ideal, the refusal to allow

this relationship.

yourselves to be ground down by mediocrity; it is Jesus who stirs

Authentic friendship

in you the courage to commit yourselves humbly and patiently

is necessary for

to improving yourselves and society, to making the world more

living the Christian

human and more fraternal.” – St. John Paul the Great

life. Therefore, we

After 13 years in the Catholic school system, Jimmy Harrison,

missionaries enter

’12, headed to Santa Clara University with a solid foundation in the Catholic faith. He was prepared for four more years of catechesis, but perhaps not fully prepared for the changes about to take place in his heart. “I was a proud Catholic, but one who had not allowed the truths of the faith to really impact my life,” says Harrison. “In conversations with people from so many different backgrounds and creeds, I found myself struggling to defend my faith, and unsure of what I really believed.” Harrison knew he had some searching to do, and began to pour himself into books and online resources about Christianity and Catholicism. “At every turn, I was stunned by the clarity, beauty, and obvious truths of the Catholic Church. I was finally looking at the Church and God with an open heart and mind.” In his senior year, a transformed Harrison was introduced to the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). The FOCUS website describes the ministry as “… a campus outreach that pursues college students with intentionality and love, inviting them into a growing relationship with Jesus and the Catholic faith, inspiring and equipping them for a lifetime of Christ-centered evangelization, discipleship, and friendships …” Harrison quickly discerned that God was calling him to join FOCUS as a missionary. Harrison spent his senior year learning how to be a FOCUS missionary, and after graduation began serving at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “The Lord has provided me with incredible opportunities in training with FOCUS,” says Harrison. “I have served on missions with them in Haiti and Russia, and watched Him transform hearts with the cooperation of His missionaries here on campus.” As a FOCUS missionary, Harrison invites college students into a growing relationship with Jesus and the Catholic Church. Harrison describes the three pillars of the FOCUS mission this way, “Divine Intimacy describes the depth and breadth of the relationship that God wants with every single person. We help students understand this

into authentic friendships with our students. We

Faith & Spirit

spend time with our students, sharing life with them as we challenge each other to be better people of God. Finally, we give our students a clear of vision for spiritual multiplication, which is a fancy way of saying we tell them how Jesus wants to reach the whole world. Like Jesus, we missionaries and our student leaders invest in a small number of people and teach them to do the same for others.” Harrison is passionate about helping the students on his campus become the saints that God made them to be. He hopes that the Bishop Kelly community will support his ministry through prayer. “If there are any Rosary warriors out there, I would greatly appreciate any decades or Rosaries offered for me and my mission. Offering a Mass for the students at UCSB and for my fellow missionaries is another great way to pray for us.” You can also support Harrison and FOCUS financially by visiting

7 pa ge

Pastoral Arts Bishop Kelly’s monthly All School Mass includes a group of around 20 students who cantor and provide worship music. These students are part of the Pastoral Arts class here at BK, which is offered as a Theology option for sophomores and seniors, and as an elective for freshmen and juniors who wish to help lead the Mass in this way. These students work hard to prepare for each of the nine All

Faith & Spirit

School Masses each year, often learning several new pieces of music for each Mass. In addition, they receive training that prepares them to serve their parishes in music ministry. BK senior Maddi Zadzora has been part of the Pastoral Arts class for two years. She likes participating in the Mass in a unique

8 pa g e

Sing praise to Him,

play music; proclaim all His wondrous deeds! – Psalm 105:2

way, and feels like she has learned more about Mass as a result of having to listen for verbal cues from Father Fraser so that she knows when to start the music. “It’s not always easy to get students to sing during Mass,” says Zadzora. “But when they do it’s great. I think the students who sing along enjoy our music.” The Pastoral Arts class is taught by BK’s Director of the Music Department, Lisa Cooper. Mrs. Cooper, who is a gifted musician

and educator, has been serving in music ministry for many years. Under her leadership, the Pastoral Arts Students do a beautiful job leading our BK community in song and setting a reflective and spiritual tone for All School Mass. This is no small feat given that our monthly Mass is held in the Carley Center gymnasium, with about 1,000 people in attendance. We are grateful that the Pastoral Arts students choose to share their musical gifts with our BK community!

Celebrating the Arts: Marching Band Being a member of the Bishop Kelly Marching Band is no small

competitions and performed at one showcase event. Their show

commitment. In addition to daily practices, the band spends

for 2017 is called DANCE! and features three famous pop tunes,

many weekends participating in Marching Band competitions

some stylish moves, and a lot of attitude. The BK Band is small,

around the valley, performs for all home football games, holds

but mighty, with 19 members representing all grade levels. BK

four concerts per year, plays at school pep rallies, and tries to

took home first and second place trophies for their division

make an appearance at other home sporting events a few times

at the first two competitions of the year, beating out a mix of

per year. Several members of the Marching Band are also part

seven other bands from Southern Idaho and Oregon. The BK

of the Pastoral Arts program here at Bishop Kelly, which means

Marching Band has also been recognized with several special

they also provide the worship music at our monthly All School

awards for Best Overall Effect and Best Color Guard.

Mass. How do they manage such a busy schedule? Members of

You can hear the talented members of the BK Band, as well as

the BK Marching band say it is hard work, but because they love making music and enjoy spending time together, it is worth it. So far this school year the Marching Band has taken part in two

the members of the BK Choir and Orchestra at one of their three upcoming school concerts. All concerts start at 7:30 p.m. in the Carley Center at BK.

CONCERT SCHEDULE: December 12, 2017 March 20, 2018 May 16, 2018

BK Fun Fact: In the first quarter of the school year the BK Marching Band has performed the BK Fight Song for crowds more than 30 times!

Celebrating the Arts

9 pa ge

Theater Arts The Bishop Kelly Theater Arts students produced two fabulous

that no one else would die ever again. Her prayer is halfway

performances during the 2016 – 2017 school year, “A Wrinkle in

answered when Dr. Galen P. Gray crash-lands outside of town

Time” by Madeline L’Engle, and “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White.

in his hot air balloon. Seeing their need for a doctor, and the

The performances showcased many talented Knights, both on

coincidence of his and the town’s names, he agrees to stay,

stage and through their creative set and costume design.

healing anything and everything they come complaining of to

BK Theater Arts faculty member Jenny Sternling, is once again

him. Soon a mysterious plague begins to spread through the

working with a talented group of students to produce the fall

Celebrating the Arts

play. This year audiences will be captivated by “The Anatomy of Gray” by Jim Leonard. After the sudden death of her father, June Muldoon writes a letter to God asking that he send a healer to Gray, Indiana, and

10 pa g e

town and Dr. Gray isn’t sure he’ll be able to save them. Set in the late 1880s, Jim Leonard’s “The Anatomy of Gray” deals with death, loss, love, and coming-of-age in a uniquely funny and heart-breaking way.

ARTS – The Memory Project This fall, BK art students are collaborating with the Memory

Each student in Mrs. Masterson’s drawing class received a

Project to create art with a message of love and kindness for

photograph of a child which they are recreating as a pencil

children thousands of miles away. The Memory Project is

drawing. Those hand drawn portraits will then be returned to

a nonprofit organization that invites art teachers and their

the children as a gift from a BK student. The Memory Project

students to create and donate portraits to youth around the

hopes that the portraits will help the children feel important and

world who have faced substantial challenges, such as neglect,

valued, and let them know that people care about their safety

abuse, loss of parents, violence, and extreme poverty.

and wellbeing.

Celebrating the Arts

11 pa ge

“Art can

permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.” – Eileen Miller


Throughout the school year, and even during summer vacation, hundreds of BK students use the state-of-the-art LaMott Family Performance Training Center for strength and conditioning training. When correctly implemented, strength and conditioning training is proven to improve an athlete’s performance, as well as prevent injury. To assist our athletes with their training, Bishop Kelly is now providing each student

BK Athletics

at BK with their very own personal trainer! It might sound too good to be true, but Bishop Kelly’s new partnership with Volt Athletics, means that each student really does have access to

Students in P.E. and Strength and Conditioning classes use the

personal training uniquely designed for the demands of their

multi-sport workouts.

sport, position, gender, strength levels, and more!

12 pa g e

BK students are enthusiastic about the new program.

Students use their smart phones to access the Volt app and

Sophomore Katie Callanan uses Volt in her strength and

record their workouts. (Students who do not have access to a

conditioning class, and she is pleased

smart phone can use one of the iPads available in the PTC.)

with the results she is seeing. “Volt

The app uses strength and conditioning research and science to

helps me target the parts of my body

create hyper-personalized workouts, and then shows students

that I need to strengthen to be a better

exactly how to safely and correctly perform the movements,

[horseback] rider,” says Callanan. “I

including how much weight to safely lift and how many reps

love that the workouts have helped

to complete. Knights on the Football, Girls Basketball, Boys

me move up in show jumping levels

Basketball, Wrestling, and Volleyball teams are piloting a

over the past few months.”

Volt program with workouts made specifically for each team.

Jimmy Driscoll Fun Run & Walk Celebrates 13 Years! The year 2017 was the lucky 13th year for

and for the Bishop Kelly Cross Country Team at the same time.

the Jimmy Driscoll Fun Run and Walk. The

The 2018 Jimmy Driscoll Fun Run and Walk will take place on

Fun Run is named after beloved BK Faculty

August 25. Check the Bishop Kelly Cross Country page at

member, Jimmy Driscoll who taught and for

coached at Bishop Kelly from 1965 until

registration information

1998. The course is a nod to the route that

and join us in honoring

the boys in Jimmy’s P.E. classes would run. Coach Connor loves

a BK icon!

to share Jimmy’s legendary instructions to his P.E. classes with

Check out BK’s Jimmy

the participants of the Fun Run each year, “He kept it simple, ‘Up on the canal bank. When you get to Borah, pass it. When you get to Curtis, pass it. When you get to Phillippi, turn around. Come back.’” Participants in the 5k Fun Run spend more time on the BK track than they do on the canal bank, but Jimmy’s spirit lives on along the route. The Fun Run is open to runners and walkers of all ages and abilities, and is a great way to do something good for your health

Driscoll Fun Run and Walk board on Pinterest for training tips and aides on how to get ready for a 5k!

BK Athletics

BK Swimmer in the National Spotlight BK Senior Thomas Roark won the YMCA National Swimming

Freestyle with a time of 20.65, and set personal records in both

Championship for the Men’s 100-Yard Freestyle in April of

the Men’s 200-Yard Freestyle, and the Men’s 100-Yard Butterfly.

2017. Roark won the gold and set a personal record with a time

Roark is committed to swim for Louisiana State University

of 44.36. He also won a bronze medal in the Men’s 50-Yard

next fall.

State Championships Congratulations to the following 2016-2017 State Champion teams and individuals:

Athletic State Champions • Boys Swim Team • Boys Tennis • Girls Track • Boys Track • Boys Golf

Academic State Champions • • • • • •

Football Boys Soccer Volleyball Wrestling Girls Track Boys Track

Individual State Titles Nicholas Russell, Boys XC Individual Champion Lydia Nieto, 4A Gatorade Basketball Player of the Year Noah Austin, Boys Tennis Sam Goodwin, Boys Golf Lindsey Schmidt: Triple Jump, High Jump, Long Jump, & 100M Hurdles

Alex Pagan, 100M & 300M Hurdles Rebecca Troescher, 100M Girls 4x100 Meter Relay Girls 4x200 Meter Relay

13 pa ge

Kassie (Seger) Manning, ’08 Do you ever find yourself so busy with everyday life that it feels like you are just going through the motions in regards to your spiritual journey? Kassie (Seger) Manning, ’08, can relate, and she’s created a tool to help Catholics combat “busy” and delve deeper into their faith. Manning was working toward her Ph.D. in molecular and biomedical sciences at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston,

Alumni Spotlight

when she realized she needed to jump-start her faith life. “There came a point where I realized I had let myself get so busy that I was just going through the motions in my faith,” Manning remembers. “I was tackling it after everything else on my to-do list, and that didn’t sit well with me. It felt inauthentic to say I

14 pa g e

was Catholic, but not to be putting time and effort into growing my faith.” Manning joined a bible study with her good friend Christie Peters, a watercolor artist and elementary school art teacher in Houston. The friends had a conversation about how pre-reading the Mass readings and taking notes on the homily was helping them both to be more present during Mass. They started looking for a journal that they could use to help in this effort, and were surprised to find that existing journals weren’t quite right. The friends felt called to create Every Sacred Sunday as a result. “We all need a reset button each week, a time to reflect on who

end, Every Sacred Sunday generated $199,119 in support, and since then orders for the journals have continued online. Every Sacred Sunday is hot off the presses, and will be delivered to customers in time to be used on the first Sunday of the liturgical year, Dec. 03, 2017. Manning and Peters hope that Every Sacred Sunday helps Catholics become more aware of the ways that God is speaking to them through scripture, and through the homily. “And,” adds Manning. “We hope that hearing our story will encourage Catholics to remember that God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

we are and where we are going. As Catholics, our reset button is the Mass. Christie and I created Every Sacred Sunday because we wanted a simple tool that will encourage Catholics to take the time to prepare for Mass and let that hour each Sunday act as a springboard into deeper faith the rest of the week.” They began by envisioning the perfect Mass journal. “We wanted something reverential that would look at home in the pews, but with a modern aesthetic,” says Manning. “And it needed both space to take notes and the correct translations of the weekly readings.” Once the pair knew what they wanted, they began working with various partners, such as translation copyright offices, book printers, and distribution channels to learn how they could actually bring this idea to reality. Next, Manning and Peters turned to Kickstarter to fund the project. “We needed to raise the capital necessary for a large-scale print run, and we also wanted to grow a community centered around the belief that Mass matters and prayer takes work,” Manning says. In its first 12 hours, their Kickstarter met and exceeded the funding goal of $28,000. In the

Every Sacred Sunday includes 272 full-color pages, with full Mass readings for each Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation in the 2017-2018 liturgical year. It is organized chronologically with space to take notes, and original watercolor illustrations for each liturgical season. You can say hello to Kassie on Instagram @everysacredsunday. You can order yours at

William McQuade, ’73 Like most children growing

fulfilling,” says McQuade. “Working with some of the brightest

up in the 1960s, William

scientists, engineers, and managers is both humbling and

McQuade, ’73 watched

enlightening as well. For someone who grew up launching

with great interest as

model rockets in the back yard, it has been a delight to be a part

NASA’s Mercury, Gemini,

of the team that works on the hardware that launches humans

and Apollo Space Programs

into space.”

took Americans beyond

“Without a doubt, my education at BK laid the foundation for

the earth’s atmosphere, and ultimately to the moon. After graduating from Bishop Kelly, he channeled that interest into degrees in both humanities and engineering. A job with an aerospace company followed, and then McQuade set out on an entirely different path, and headed to law school. After earning his J.D., McQuade worked at a law firm in Michigan for a short time and then decided to repay his nation for all it had given him by joining the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corp. He spent the next 26 years serving in both active and reserve components, which included multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. McQuade’s interest in space never wavered, however, and while in the military, he was able to earn a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. He accepted a position at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as a system engineer for the Space Shuttle, and today he is part of the Commercial Crew Program. The CCP is the effort to have commercial entities (Boeing and SpaceX) provide launch vehicles and spacecraft for transporting NASA astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) starting late in 2018. Although NASA is not currently launching astronauts into space from Kennedy Space Center, they are in the process of certifying the next generation of launch vehicles and spacecraft to do just that. McQuade’s current work on the CCP is as a member of the team that will certify the Boeing Atlas V launch vehicle and CST-100 (Starliner) spacecraft for use by NASA astronauts. Specifically, McQuade is deeply involved with ensuring all the hardware is properly designed, built, assembled, and tested to ensure a robust and safe system is ready for launch next year. “Being a part of humanity’s greatest endeavor is intrinsically enjoyable and

me to ultimately achieve the goal and privilege of working on our nation’s Space Program,” says McQuade. He credits Father Rodenspiel and Sister Leo Anthony, along with Coach Schulte

Alumni Spotlight

with instilling in him a strong work ethic. “Participating in basketball and track provided me an opportunity to be part of a team that was focused on achieving a specific goal; skills that I continue to use to this day.” McQuade has sound advice for Knights who wish to follow in his footsteps. “Take all the math and science you can, and learn discipline to work hard and do your best.” McQuade also believes that a solid university education, especially at a university that has cooperative projects with NASA, can provide a path to a career in aerospace. Internships and summer programs with NASA also position young engineers and scientists for career opportunities. “Consider expanding your field of expertise beyond just a narrow band, and when encountering those inevitable stumbling blocks along the way, don’t give up. Pick yourself up, dust off, determine the best path forward and proceed onward,” McQuade says. The path that took McQuade to NASA might not have been direct, but he is quick to express his appreciation for the road less traveled. “Not every decision in life will have an obvious solution nor will the path always be easy. Much of the fulfillment and enjoyment in life can be found in the journey itself rather than merely obtaining the objective.”

15 pa ge

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars. ” – Serbian Proverb

Married Alumknights

Married Alumknights

Faith Muldoon, ’66, and Bernie Strouth, ’66, met in Mr.

Bernie has spent the last 20 years teaching at Worthington High

Hinman’s Geography class at St. Teresa’s Academy in the fall of

School and Alternative School, and he has also coached football

1962. They sat across from one another, and competed to see

and basketball at Minnesota West Community and Technical

who got the best grades on assignments and tests in the class.

college. He finished his Master’s degree in Sports Science in

“He usually won,” said Faith from their home in Minnesota.

2002. Faith says Bernie is still working and hasn’t given her any

“Pretty soon his friends, Mike, Skip, and Ray began to start

timeline on when he will retire.

teasing me that Bernie liked me.” Bernie slipped a Valentine in

All four of the Strouth children were either taught or coached

Faith’s coat pocket their sophomore year, and they had their first real date as juniors. “I slipped out of pep club after a Bishop Kelly JV game to take a walk with him,” remembers Faith. “Our next date was at a party Frank Talbot had before Christmas. After that we were together constantly.”

16 pa g e

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.

Faith and Bernie were married at the beginning of Bernie’s sophomore year at BSU, much to their parent’s chagrin. Before he graduated, three children joined the family – Laura, B.J., and Lenore. Richard was born three years later in Walla Walla, Wash. Bernie graduated from Boise State in 1971 with a teaching degree in Social Studies, P.E., and Coaching. He immediately began his long journey of teaching and coaching that took the Strouth family to seven states. Bernie event returned to Bishop Kelly for two years in the 1970s. Faith stayed at home with her four children during the baby years, often doing medical transcription for physicians from home. After their youngest headed to elementary school, Faith went to nursing school herself and became an LPN. “I worked many years in the medical profession, both in hospitals and clinics,” says Faith. She finished her working career as a Principal’s secretary for the Worthington School District. “I am now retired and love it! I volunteer at church and cantor twice a month.”

by their dad, and all four attended college. Bernie and Faith are very proud of them and their accomplishments, including giving them four grandchildren! This summer the Strouth’s celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, making them the longest married Bishop Kelly Alumknights! Faith and Bernie’s advice for a long and happy marriage: 1. Marry someone you are crazy over and can’t live without, don’t settle 2. Do things together – have fun together – don’t always have a crowd around. Make each other first priority. 3. It is okay to fight and disagree. Tell the truth and speak your mind, but make sure you can just as easily say “I am sorry.” Don’t be mean! 4. If possible, marry someone with the same faith base and spiritual beliefs – it just makes life more meaningful. Bernie and Faith are in good company, there are MANY Alumknights who married Alumknights in our Bishop Kelly Community. Here are just a few! (For more check out the Married Alumknights Facebook post from September 2017.)

Saint Teresa’s Grads – Mel Schulte, ’56, and Rosie (Mikolaskek) Schulte, ’58, married July 25, 1959.

Randy Reynolds ’76, and Kerri (Hague) Reynolds ’77, married in 1979. Every member of the wedding party is an Alumknight. Wedding party left to right: Jeanette Reynolds, ’77; Kim Rigg, ’76; Keleigh Hague-Bechard, ’78; Lisa Donahue Manthey, ’77; Paul Bassick, ’76; Steve Reynolds, ’77; David Reynolds, ’79; and Mike Brady, ’76.

Married Alumknights

17 pa ge

Paul Johnson, ’74, and Anne (Hoene) Johnson, ’74, were married in 1978 at St. Mark’s by Fr. Pep. Their best man, maid of honor, and four others in the wedding party were Alumknights.

Tom Heffner, ’82, and Maria (Iglesias) Heffner, ’82, got married in St. John’s Cathedral in 1984. Like many married Alumknights, the Heffner’s are also BK parents to two BK grads and a current BK sophomore!

James Steele Jr., ’87, and Christin (Chetwood) Steele, ’87, were married in October of 1992 in McCall. There were six Alumknights in the wedding party! The Steele’s are also parents of two BK Knights.

David Anderson, ’05, was named BK’s Most Creative his senior year, he married BK’s Most Creative for 2006, Kim Clements. Kim says the couple met in college, and on their first date she asked him where he went to high school! Mellisa (Majka) Woods, ’01, and Brett Woods, ’01, were married in 2009 after dating for 10 years. Their wedding party included eight 2001 classmates.

Class of 1994 grads Nicki (Putnam) Baughman and Damon Baughman started dating their sophomore year. In their senior yearbook they were voted most likely to get married, and they did in 2004!

Tim Watkins, ’13, and Angel (Fehringer) Watkins, ’13, are in the running for youngest married Alumknights. They share the title with classmates Josh and Shelby (Kwiatkowski) Poole … for now!

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

18 pa g e

“Like branches of a tree, our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”


Reunion Weekend

’77 Reunion Weekend

19 pa ge

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

20 pa g e

“I don’t want to brag or make

anyone jealous, but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.”


Reunion Weekend

’97 Reunion Weekend

21 pa ge

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

22 pa g e


Alumni Updates 1 Alumknight Updates

2 4 3

23 pa ge

We want to

hear from you! To submit photos for the next issue of the Roundtable


email alumni@ or contact the

1) Kevin Lundgren, ’88, is serving as the Command Master Chief of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group ONE in San Diego, Calif. Kevin has 28 years of service, and two more ahead of him before transitioning to his next career. He has been married for 20 years to Connie Lundgren, and has three children Elisabeth (17), Emily (13), and Jonathan (11). 2) Proud mom, Kimberly (McCullough) Beaux, ’82, and her husband Christopher pose with their daughter Alaura who recently graduated from the Navy Recruit Training Center in Great Lakes, Ill. 3) Bailey Russell, ’13, graduated Cum Laude from Gonzaga this spring. Bailey was accepted to the University of Washington law school. After a very competitive and

difficult application process, she was selected as one of five Gates Public Service Law Scholars. 4) Max Mallane, ’13, graduated from the University of Idaho this spring with a Business Management degree. He is now in Washington, D.C., beginning his career at the Gula Graham group, one of Washington, D.C.’s leading fundraising and political consulting firms. 5) Sophie Sestero, ’07, was recently promoted to Account Supervisor by her firm Fahlgren Mortine. In addition to her promotion, Sophie was also the recipient of several awards this year including: Idaho Young Professional of the Year, Idaho Business Review Woman of the Year honoree, and the Accomplished Under 40 Award.

Alumni Office at 947-1325.

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1 2

Alumknight Updates



24 pa g e


1) Clairisa (Long) Doty, ’06, her husband Jeremy and her two kids Emily and Austin enjoyed the vacation of a lifetime in Yellowstone this summer. 2) Cheryl (Qualman) O’Connor, ’79, had all four of her sons together this summer. Pictured are Dillion, Ryan, husband Rob, Brendan, grandson Levi, and Shamus. 3) Brennan Scott Schneider born May 11, 2017, to Kaylyn (Brennan) Schneider, ’03, and Scott Schneider.


4) Kaylyn (Brennan) Schneider, ’03, is new to the St. Joe’s faculty this school year. She is teaching this great group of 4th grade future Knights! 5) Hattie (Leinberger) Scott, ’08, and her husband Nick welcomed Lennon May to their family in March. Remington is Lennon’s proud big brother. 6) Tucker Gregory, born in April to Casey Hering-Gregory, ’03, and Chad Gregory.



Alumknight Updates


25 pa ge

3 5

1) Emily (Hendershott) Taylor, ’10, and her husband Jordan welcomed their son Owen Taylor to their family in December 2017. 2) Kiara (Dailey) Link, ’07, and her husband Devin welcomed their daughter Cleo to the world just after Christmas. Cleo joins big brother Cash, age 3. 3) Krista (Alonso) Chapman, ’03, and her husband Brannon welcomed Henry Alonso Chapman into the world on Feb. 10, 2017.


4) After 12 years of trying to become parents, Sean Echevarria, ’93, and Katie Yraguen, ’00, became a family of three after adopting Jackson in October 2016! 5) Michelle (Smith) Neveu, ’03, her husband Thomas, and big brother Gavin welcomed Finn Neveu to their family early this year. 6) Kurt and Molly (Johans) Wiebold, ’08, welcomed their first child, Lucy Louise Wiebold, into their family on June 8, 2017.

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Alumknight Updates




26 pa g e



6 1) Sarah (Brandt) Nichols, ’01, married Harry Nichols in August 2017. Sarah and Harry blended their families and how have six kids at home, including BK freshman Jaden Brandt. 2) Amaya Aguirre, ’06, married Matthew Landa on Oct. 22, 2016. 3) Christa (Saur) Holcombe, celebrated at her wedding with BK classmates from the Class of 2010, from left to right: Lara Tuthill, Christine (Vaughan) Brown, Corinn Evancho, and Stephanie (Souza) Marria.

4) On Nov. 12, 2016, Andrea Schmidt, ’06, married Daniel Isaacson of Aberdeen, Wash. The wedding was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church officiated by Father Rob Cook, ’89. The couple’s wedding party included Lindsay (Brady) Garlington, ’06, and Marissa Moore, ’06. The Isaacson’s met at Gonzaga University and will begin their married life in Longview, Wash. 5) Andrew Mentzer, ’01, and Genny Gerke, ’04, were married in September at Burgdorf Hot Springs. 6) Kathy (Griesmyer) Anderson, ’06, married TJ Anderson this fall with six Alumknights at her side. Betsy Griesmyer, ’11; Elissa Flandro, ’07; Amanda DeHaas, ’06; Amy Laureen, ’06; Laura Blazek, ’06; and Jessica Warneke, ’06.

2017 Irish Fest Irish Fest was once again a success!

Irish Fest

27 pa ge

When Irish eyes are

smiling, they’re usually up to something!

The Culture of Philanthropy Philanthropy

28 pa g e

We all understand that non-profit organizations rely on charitable

confusing. What is the difference between the Foundation and

giving for their success, and it is well known that Bishop Kelly is

the Annual Fund? Where does the money from Irish Fest go?

fortunate to have an incredibly generous community supporting

And who is that Tommy Steiner guy? This handy infographic

our mission of developing the whole student in the Catholic

explains how philanthropy at Bishop Kelly works, and how we use

tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body. But after that, it can get a little

your gifts to invest in our students.

Bishop Kelly Foundation

BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign

The Bishop Kelly Foundation was established as a separate, non-profit entity in 1976, providing non-tuition revenue support to Bishop Kelly High School. The Foundation manages a $10 million endowment that spins off revenue for BK each year: an operating grant from the unrestricted portion of the fund and tuition assistance from its named endowed scholarships. Additionally, it manages the annual Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction, and all net proceeds are directed to the school. Finally, it manages several privately funded, non-endowed scholarships. Last year the Foundation provided more than $1 million in non-tuition revenue from all these sources to BK, which helps keep tuition more affordable for all families and allows the school to offer need-based financial aid. The Foundation employs Rita Franklin, who serves as the Executive Director, overseeing the day-to day-operations of the organization. It is managed by a 25-member Board of Directors. For more information about the BK Foundation, visit

The BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign is an extraordinary effort to raise funds for building and infrastructure projects at Bishop Kelly over a relatively short period of time. This campaign began in 2014 in response to the long-term strategic master plan for Bishop Kelly. That plan included several building projects to support enrollment growth and update aging areas of our campus, as well as a plan to grow the BK Foundation’s endowment so that the Foundation can maintain the level of support they give BK as our enrollment grows. Gifts to the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign can be made one time, or as a pledge over three years. Both the Foundation and Development Team, as well as a Campaign Committee made up of volunteers from our BK Community, are responsible for generating excitement and gifts for the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign.

Legacy Society Several of the gifts to BK that have made the biggest impact to our programs and facilities have been estate gifts by members of our Legacy Society. Legacy Society members are those people in our community who have indicated that they plan to remember Bishop Kelly in their will or estate plan. Two examples of estate gifts that changed the course of history at BK are the Harry Daum gift, and the gift sale of the Simmunich farm. Mr. Daum was a Boisean with a soft spot for BK, despite having no children, and never having attended BK. When he died in 1999, Mr. Daum left $1.2 million to BK athletics, which continues to support our athletes and facilities through an endowment to this day. Not long after, Bishop Kelly was gifted the opportunity to purchase the Simmunich farm adjacent to the school. After Mr. and Mrs. Simmunich had both passed, their family offered BK the farmland at below market value. BK kept half the land and sold the rest, netting BK 28 acres and $1.5 million. Some of that money helped with classroom renovations in 2005, the remainder created an endowment that supports the maintenance of our facilities. The land is now home to the Carley Athletic Center, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse fields, the BK greenhouse and Legacy Garden, and the new tennis complex. In order to become a member of the Legacy Society, you just need to let Rita Franklin or Tommy Steiner know that you have remembered Bishop Kelly in your estate plan.

Kelly Pride Fund The Kelly Pride Fund is an annual fund drive that supports BK students by adding non-tuition revenue to the operations budget. Kelly Pride gifts support the highest need at Bishop Kelly, including athletic and extracurricular programs, classroom needs, a competitive salary model for our faculty and staff, and tuition assistance. In 2016/2017 our community invested more than $558,000 in Bishop Kelly through the Kelly Pride Fund. Donations to the Kelly Pride Fund are generated from mailings sent to our community, fundraising activities by our various athletic teams and student groups, and the One Day One Knight day of giving on March 14th. The Kelly Pride Fund is managed by our Development Team – Tommy Steiner, Denise Brennan, and Hailey Frechette.

BK Parents Association The BK Parent’s Association supports Bishop Kelly in many ways, including financially. The BKPA focuses their monetary support on helping BK faculty and staff grow and develop programs that enhance the student experience at Bishop Kelly. BK teachers and coaches can apply for grants from the BKPA to purchase specific things that are outside of their regular program budget. For example, last year the BKPA purchased new drums for the marching band, cameras for the new digital photography class, and nets and goal anchors for the soccer teams. The BKPA primarily raises funds at their Irish Fest dinner, which includes a silent and live auction, and through sales at the BK Spirit Store. The BKPA is run entirely by parent volunteers.

chool S h g i H y Bishop Kell

Our Community Of course, the most important part of our culture of philanthropy at Bishop Kelly is our generous community! Every dollar that our parents, Alumknights, and friends give us is an investment in our students and their success. We can’t tell you enough how grateful we are for your support. Thank you for all that you do for this school. You make a difference in the lives of our students each and every day. We’re here to help! To reach Rita Franklin and the BK Foundation call (208) 323-4789 or email To reach Tommy Steiner or any member of the BK Development team, call (208) 947-1325 or email


29 pa ge

Bishop Kelly Foundation Fund-A-Scholar By Rita Franklin, Executive Director of the BK Foundation

The Bishop Kelly Foundation contributed close to $500,000 in financial assistance to Bishop Kelly High students for the 20162017 school year. This support came from private donations

Foundation News

to scholarships, proceeds from the Fund-A-Scholar portion of the Winner’s Choice Auction, and from revenue derived from endowed scholarship funds within its portfolio of invested assets and managed by the Foundation. Following are the scholarships that were endowed by donors during the 2016-2017 fiscal year (minimum of $10,000 donation), or whose first distribution was

30 pa g e

during this time period.

Bernard and Darlene Gratton Scholarship Established in October of 2016, the Bernard and Darlene Gratton Scholarship was founded to assist students whose families might otherwise not be able to afford for them a Bishop Kelly education, particularly those who came to BK from one

“The results of

of the local parish schools. Long-time benefactors of Bishop


Kelly through scholarships, and strong believers in the value

are always beyond calculation.” –Miriam Beard

of Catholic education, Bernie and Darlene sought to establish an endowed fund in perpetuity. Bernie passed away in January of 2017. He had been involved with the Foundation for many years, and he and Darlene are well-known and respected in the

Oliver Family Scholarship This scholarship was established in 2016 by Peter and Julie Oliver during the BK2020 Vision Campaign, and the first recipients will be selected for the 2018-2019 school year. The Olivers have four sons, two of them Bishop Kelly students, and two BK alums. Their hope is that this scholarship will be a legacy that continues through their children. The Olivers are strong believers of Catholic education, and have been very involved at Bishop Kelly and the BK Foundation since their children were in elementary school.

Lindsey Family Scholarship This scholarship was established in 2017 by Todd and Cassy Lindsey during the BK2020 Vision Campaign, and the first recipients will be selected for the 2018-2019 school year. The Lindseys value the quality of a Bishop Kelly education; their eldest daughter was a 2017 Bishop Kelly graduate, and they have three other children who will graduate in the coming years. They wish to assist students who would otherwise be unable to attend Bishop Kelly.

Urquidi-West Scholarship

Bishop Kelly community

This scholarship was established by Mike and Susan Urquidi,

Mark and Vickie Daly Family Scholarship

intended to help students with learning disabilities who qualify

Mark and Vickie Daly established this scholarship in 2016, as BK was important to their family. Mark and his siblings are alums, both Mark and Vickie were passionate volunteers at Bishop Kelly and the BK Foundation, and they are the parents of three BK alums – Anna and Derek, Class of 2008, and Charlie, Class of 2010. The scholarship is need-based, with preference to

parents of BK alumni, upon the passing of Susan’s father. It is for financial assistance. Selection will be made with the input of the BK Student Supports Services personnel. The Urquidi-West family also established a separate endowed fund to provide additional financial resources to the BK Student Support Services department.

students from Sacred Heart School.

Joe Good Scholarship

Lliteras Family Scholarship

donated to the endowment of this fund, Joe Good, Class of

Mark and Julie Lliteras are long-time supporters of BK, Julie (Lachiondo) having graduated in 1967. Their children, Scott and Jeff, are both alums as well. Julie was the director of the Bishop Kelly Foundation from 1999 to 2009, and during her tenure the endowment doubled in size, the Foundation participated in a

Thanks to the efforts of his many friends and classmates who 1971, will be remembered through this scholarship. Sports were a passion for Joe, and awards are made throughout the school year towards athletic fees for students who would otherwise find it difficult to participate.

capital campaign with Bishop Kelly that completely renovated

For the full listing of the named endowed scholarships, or for

the campus, and Julie worked with donors in beginning the

more information, contact Rita Franklin at the Bishop Kelly

establishment of endowed named scholarships through the

Foundation – or (208) 323-4789 – or visit


2016 Winner’s Choice

Winner’s Choice

31 pa ge

Order of the Knight Dick and Jodi Mooney first became involved at Bishop Kelly as

In 2008, they started the George and Cheryl Colwell Family

parents whose children, Michaele, ’84; Bryan, ’86; and Rick, ’89;

Scholarship, and have supported 11 full, four-year scholarships

attended BK, a commitment the family made even though they

since that time. The Colwell’s dedication to excellence in their

were living in Weiser. During that time, Dick was a director on

industry led to their being the recipients of the 2013 Lifetime

the BK Foundation Board, and Jodi and Dick were also involved

Cattlemen Award, and their dedication to supporting Bishop

in the Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction. Always remaining

Kelly led them to the decision to support these scholarships.

friends of Bishop Kelly, in 2007 the Mooneys made a significant

The Mooney and Colwell Family Scholarships have changed lives

decision that has impacted the lives of several of our students over the past 10 years, and began the Dick and Jodi Mooney Family Scholarship. They began sponsoring a full, four-year scholarship for at least one incoming freshman every year, for a total of 12 thus far. Their commitment to education has also been recognized by other institutions. In 2014, Dick was a member of the inaugural class of Hall of Fame inductees at his high school – Christian Brothers in Sacramento, and inducted into the Vandal Hall of Fame in 2012 at the University of Idaho. Our second recipients have been friends of the Mooneys for several years though their association in the cattle industry. George and Cheryl Colwell, of Colwell Ranches in Payette and North Powder, Ore., are parents of three BK alums: Patrick, ’93; John, ’96; and Nick, ’00. During that time, they, too, were contributors to the success of the Winner’s Choice Auction, and were lead donors in the 2006 Bishop Kelly Capital Campaign, which made possible the renovation of the BK campus and dramatically increased the size of the Foundation endowment.

and provided an otherwise unattainable opportunity for students to attend Bishop Kelly. We are humbled by their generous spirit, and gratefully welcome them both into the Bishop Kelly Foundation’s Order of the Knight.

2016 Winner’s Choice Donors Special thanks to the 2016 Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction donors and attendees:

Winner’s Choice

32 pa g e

02 Photography 13th St. Pub and Grill 28th Street Barre & Soul 3 Girls Catering A1 Plumbing AAA of Idaho Active & Fit, LLC Ben Adams Karen Adams Mary Adcox Addie’s Restaurant Agri Beef Tod Alan Bill & Pat Albers Albers Enterprises Albertson’s Eagle Road James & Susan Alexander Alexander Davis All Valley Window Cleaning AJ & Kellie Allen Josh & Hillary Aller Alloway Lighting Kristin Alverson Humberto & Carol Amador Amaru Confections American Cleaning Ameripride Linen and Uniform Bret & Nicole Amideo Mitch & Shannon Anderson Angels Among Us Steve & Melanie Angiolini Anglers Rob & Kate Aravich Kathy Armstrong Tim & Trish Armstrong Artsmith Jewelers Asiago’s Ristorante Scott & Wendy Askins Curtis & Madeline Ater Christina Atherton Atkinson’s Mirror & Glass Auto Ranch Group Autosort Bill & Christin Avey AVI Resort and Casino Axiom Fitness Azure Hair Studio B & B Photography Scott & Danielle Bainbridge Stephanie Baker Ballet Idaho Banbury Golf Club Bandanna Running and Walking Banner Bank Chris & Sharon Bantrup Barb Bergeson Studio Gallery Chad & Lisa Barker Mike & Myrna Barriatua Basque Market Basque Museum & Cultural Center Cindy Bateman Sam & Marisa Battaglia Heidi Bauknecht Matthew Baumann Jim & Kristin Baumgardner

Josh & Christina Bawden David & Jill Beck Beef O’Brady’s Terry & Christine Begg Dave & Wendy Behrend Stan & Ann Bell Bella Aquila Ben Pape Investment Management, Wells Fargo Advisors Bennett Creek Farms Angie Berman Michael Berry Amy Bertelsen Steve & Mary Bertelsen B-Hoopin Big Al’s Big Bun Big City Coffee Big O Tire Robert & Lori Biggs Steve & Tracy Bingham Bishop Kelly Boys Basketball Bishop Kelly Cheerleaders Bishop Kelly Development Office Bishop Kelly Football Team Bishop Kelly Foundation Bishop Kelly French Club Bishop Kelly Girls’ Basketball Bishop Kelly High School Bishop Kelly High School Cafeteria Bishop Kelly High School Horticulture Class Bishop Kelly Parents Association Bishop Kelly Theatre Arts Bittercreek Ale House BizPrint Morgan Black Taylor & Chelsie Black Terri Black & Chad Blue Black Dog Clays Bleubird Cafe John Bleymaier & Lisa DeDapper Gene & Danell Bleymaier Blis Salon Block 22, LLC Trevor Blue Blue Lakes Inn Blush by Jamie Rose Bogus Basin Mountain Resort Rusty & Sheri Boicourt Boise Art Museum Boise at Its Best Boise Co-op Boise Hawks Boise Kennels Boise Little Theater Boise Philharmonic Association Boise Racquet & Swim Club Boise Ranch Golf Club Mike & Anita Bokan Odette Bolano Courtney Bolton

Gretchen Bolton Kenny & Suz Bolton Nate & Ali Borchert Bob & Claudia Borgna Randy & Deana Braden Joanne Bradford Nicko Brady Tim & Brittany Brady James & Guia Brennan Ryan Brennan Tim & Denise Brennan Clyde & Kathleen Brinegar BRJ Distributing Co. David & Terri Bruce James & Micki Bruce Bob & Gloria Bruce Steve & Beri Bruce Jeff & Zoe Brunelle Terry & Lynda Bruns Mike & Sharon Burke Pere & Gina Cabus Cafe Ole Mike & Amy Caldwell Caldwell Transportation Company, Inc. Joseph Callanan & Pat Fischer Jeff & Suzanna Cammann Campbell Tractor Company Cassie Cannon Mark & Kelly Cantrell Capital City Florist Capitol Cellars Daniel & Sarah Cara John & Joan Carley Peter Carley & Julia McMillen Carlisle/Per Se Jeff & Katie Carpenter Carroll College Frank & Janet Casabonne Patrick & Stephanie Casabonne Cascade Raft & Kayak CBH Homes Eric & Lisa Centers Jake & Michaela Centers Certified Inc. Chandi Lighting Chandlers Steakhouse Cheesecake Factory Suzanne Chetwood CHF Chicago Connection Chick-fil-A Chuck-a-Rama Tyler Cloyd CM Company Cobby’s Coiled Winery College of Idaho Joan Colleran Brian & Cassie Collins George & Cheryl Colwell John & Chrystal Colwell Nick & Lacey Colwell Pat & Maggie Colwell Cathi Comish Commercial Tire

Concrete Placing Co. Pat Connor Thomas Cooney Costco Inc. Cottonwood Creek Dental Cottonwood Grille Courtyard by Mariott Dan & Tiffany Cram Crane Creek Country Club Hugh & Wendy Crawford Trey & Amy Crookston Patrick & Katherine Crozier William & Brenda Crump Cucina di Paulo Cumulus Media John & Jamie Cunningham Dave & Mary Lou Cunningham Michael & Lisa Curtin Lisa Don & Susan Curtis Tom & Megan Czarniecki Walt & Jill Czarniecki Greg Daggett Anthony D’Amato Xavier Danthinne & Eugenia Chang Dave and Buster’s daVinci Italian Restaurant John & Elaine Davis Alan Day Bryan & Marie Day Vic & Ruby DeBoer Paul & Chris Dehlin Mari DeLeon Reed Demordaunt Jake DeRuyter Nick & Suzanne DeRuyter Robert DiGrazia Dennis & Joan Dillon Bryan Dingel & Valencia Bilyeu Todd & Brenda Dixon Tom & Linda Dixon Eli & Allison Dorsey Nancy Dudek James & Ahnna Dudley Dennis & Linda Dwyer Aaron & Ann Dykas Eagle Animal Clinic John & Jolly Eck Joseph Eck Charles & Lisa Eddy Gretchen Ediger Joe & Amy Eisele Anthony & Jaime Ekman Maureen Elia Margaret & Keith Elkins Dave & Keli Elledge Jim & Brenda Elledge Richard & Kelly Ellinger James & Kerry Ellen Elliott Anna Ellis Lance & Beth Elroy Andy & Daniella Emerson Marcus & Marissa Emmons Ennis Fine Furniture Epic Car Wash Epi’s a Basque Restaurant

Erickson’s Fine Wine Andy & Shannon Erstad Erstad Architects Evan’s Building Center/ Ace Hardware Ken & Melanie Everett Exhale Salon and Med Spa Eye Associates Falcon Crest Golf Club Famous Dave’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Tom Ferguson John & Dee Fery Michael & Patty Fery Fidelity National Title of Idaho Dan & Kimberly Fidler Richard Flower Flying Pie Pizzaria JD & Michaele Fonnesbeck Foothills Med Spa Sheldon & Jill Forehand Joe & Kari Forney Sean & Julie Forrest Kate Franklin & Sam Kosydar Robert & Rita Franklin Douglas & Jacqueline Franolich Franz Witte Nursery Father Don Fraser Jeff & Hailey Frechette Ethan & Nicole Freckleton Father Gerald Funke Fusions Glass Studio Daniel & Carol Gado Rebecca Galindo Gallery 601 Gem State Dermatology DJ & Danielle George George’s Cycles Bill & Melissa Gilbert Gino’s Ristorante Sande Giuliani Bill & Connie Glynn Albert & Lydia Godinho Janie Goicochea Golden Corral Tom & Theresa Golis Gonzaga University John & Elisabeth Goodale Jeff & Monty Goodman Goodwood BBQ Goody’s Soda Fountain Austin Gorringe Rod & Julie Gramer Brad & Kris Granger Gray Hare Media Great Harvest Bread Greenwood’s Ski Haus Dennis & Vicki Gribble Sharon Grisham John & Jerilyn Grizzaffi Ray & Elaine Guindon Rashelle Gussner Ashley & Rebekah Guy Guy • Rome & Assoc., Inc. Mike & Tore Gwartney H & M Meats and Catering Kathy Hagler Mike & Danne Hampton Katie Harbacheck

Mike Harrington & Sherry Morgan Andrew Harrington, Jr. Liz Harris Harris and Company James & Angie Harrison Harry Morrison Foundation John & Karin Hart Ellen & Shane Hartgrove Lance & Lisa Hatfield Mike & Sharon Hayhurst Terry & Kirstin Heffner Tom & Maria Heffner Erik & Jennifer Helgeson Kent & Tina Hemseri Don & Iris Hendrickson Alice Hennessey William & Julie Hentges Ed & Stephanie Herrera Bonnie Hiatt Joel & Marianne Hickman Higgins Rutledge Insurance High Desert Hardwood Highlands Hollow Hilton Embassy Suites Anaheim-Orange Hilton Garden Inn Diane Hinkle Steve Hippler & Stephanie Westermeier Barbara Hogan Hollenbaugh Photography Scott Holloway & Kenna Merrigan Carolyn Holly Hollywood Market Yoga Michael & Carmen Hormaechea Richard Hormaechea Chris & Rachelle Horras Hotel 43 Casey & Jessica Howell HSB Academy Bobby & Carey Hunter Jeanne Hunter Terry Hunter Huntington Learning Center Hurless Brothers Foreign Car Service Chase & Cheryl Hutchinson Manny & Lia Ibarra Idaho Angler Idaho Botanical Garden Idaho Humane Society Idaho Independent Bank Idaho Legal Research Consulting and Services, LLC Idaho Shakespeare Festival Idaho State University Ray & Barbara Ineck Inn America Intermountain Gas Charles Irvine Jalapenos Bar & Grill Scott & Jennifer Janzer Father Radmar Jao Jay Simmons Fine Jewelry Katy Jibben Jim’s Appliance and Furniture Tim & Kathlyn Johans

Ed & Cheryl Johnson Bryan & Heather Johnson Charley & Nancy Jones Mike Jones Jordan’s Pumpkin Patch & Christmas Tree Lot JR Simplot Company JR Simplot Company Raw Procurement Group Steve & Michelle Judy Dave & Resa Kallas Sean & Andi Kane Harry & Betty Karnes Steve & Liz Keating Roman & Tricia Keefe Bill & Celeste Keller Kevin & Chris Kempers Quane & Mariellen Kenyon Katie Kerby & Jake Hays Tami Kerensky Ryan & Naomi Kerns Todd & Christi Ketlinski Michael & Bozena Kinalski Ted & Angie Kirkhart Alan Knight Knights of the Gridiron Joan Knudsen Alicia Knudson Kyle Knudson Larry & Chris Koomler James & Jeannie Kranz KTVB TV Channel 7 Katrina Kulm Kwal Howell Paint Alicia Lachiondo David & Pattie Lachiondo Brent & Mindi Lacy Lamar Outdoor Advertising Brad & Hether Lambson David & Haley Lamey Ron & Cyndy Larson Tom & Cecilia Larson Charles & Lisa Lawrence LaZboy Furniture Galleries Stanley & Rebecca Leis Leku Ona Life Flight Network Like Nu Car Wash Todd & Cassy Lindsey Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill Lisa’s Creations Todd & Amy Little Jeff & Katie Lliteras Mark & Julie Lliteras Scott Lliteras Gus & Molly Loayza Paul & Becky Lodge Garrett & Carol Lofto Dan & Lori Long Lucky 13 Lucky Fins Scot & Christina Ludwig LuLu Lemon Lunchbox, a Waxing Salon Evan & Nancy Lundin Lyle Pearson Company, Inc. Father Leonard MacMillan Charles & Ann Madden Scott & Loretta Madison

Madril Hair Design Ed & Karen Mahoney Matt Mahoney Tina Manolopoulos Al & Laurel Marino Steve & Diana Marlow Debra Marria & Bart Hill Terry & Elizabeth Marshall Derek & Tara Martin Leon Martin TJ & Adrienne Martin Chris Martineau Mark & Tammy Masarik Timothy & Diane Mathews Ken & Bev Matthews James & Crystal Maust Torry & Kim McAlvain McAlvain Construction Eric & Larenia McClure Bob & Kristie McCurdy Todd & Paula McCurry Pat & Jen McEntee Terry & Jennifer McEntee Mathew & Tisha McGarry Jason & Heidi McGill John & Francine McGrew Michael & Leticia McLaughlin Mort & Mara McMillen Carey & Daphne McNeal McU Sports Rosalie Medemia Nate & Kim Meier Dan & Joan Melvin Merchants Moving and Storage Mike & Lori Mers Michael & Shellie Mick Micron Foundation Middle Fork Rapid Transit Chris & Nancy Middleton Francie Miller Ken Miller Steve & Michelle Mings Mister Car Wash Melvin & Sherie Mohr Carol Mokwa Bryan & Dee Mooney Dick & Jody Mooney Steve Moore D.H. & Margaret Moss Mountain Valley Moments Brent Moylan Emily Mulcahy Brian & Trasi Mullin Matthew & Mali Murphy Marshall & Nancy Murrin Nampa Funeral Home Blake & Christa Napier Rich & Robin Navert Hans & Janene Nederend Neil & Tyley Nelson Stacy Nelson Gustav & Megan Neve Jen Newman Josh & Missy Nichols Nichols Custom, LLC Tom Nicholson Diana George Nicola Judy Maureen Niland-Stokes Andrea Nist NRS

Winner’s Choice

33 pa ge

“It is not how

much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

... Continued on page 34

... Continued from page 33

Winner’s Choice

34 pa g e

Teresa & Stu Nygard K.C. & Miren Odencrantz Miren Off the Field Olive Garden Dan Oliver Peter & Julie Oliver Oliver Finley Academy O’Michaels Pub and Grill One Haute Cookie Open Table Boise Catering Opera Idaho Options Orange Theory Fitness Jennie O’Reilly Greg & Kim O’Sullivan C. L. “Butch” & Lori Otter Outcast Sporting Gear Chuck & Tina Pagano Papa Joes Ben Pape Jack & Kit Parker Mike & Becky Parry Pete & Kelly Parsley Kathy Paulin James & Tami Paxton Christina Peacock Peak Broadcasting Steve & Tammi Peel Nathan & Angela Pellow David Pera Jerry & Ann Perez Perfect Air Heating and Air Conditioning, a division of A1 Plumbing Alex & Brooke Peterson Patrick & Lorie Pettiette Dina Pfeifer Tracy Pham Jackie & Bria Phelps Pinnacle Sports Grill Pioneer Title Company Sherry Placido Carl & Jean Pollock Bobby & Kristin Porter William & Judy Post James & Becky Poulsen Poulsen Orthodontics Dave & Kelly Prezzano Shad Priest Doreen Warren Chris & Keron Privon Peter & Katy Privon Chris J & Mary Jane Privon II ProCare Landscape Management ProShine Window Cleaning PT 180 Pure Synergy Fitness Training Quail Hollow Golf Club Tony & Sarah Quilici R. Grey Gallery Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Jackilyn Rainwater Mike & Lisa Ranieri Karen Rasgorshek Stacy Ray RC Willey Hannah Records Red Feather Lounge Red Hawk Golf Course

Jim & Vickie Redinger Reel Foods Fish Market & Oyster Bar Chet & Carrie Reid Rodney & Chantelle Reider Reilly’s Church Supply Michaela Reitcheck Barron & Kim Ressler Steve & Jeanette Reynolds Jason & Rachel Reynolds Brian & Angie Reynolds Justin & Kristine Reynolds Steve & Jeanette Reynolds Travis & Jennifer Ribordy Butch Richardson Jon Riche Ridgecrest Golf Club Deb Riedel Steve & Maura Ripson Jordan & Juanita Risch Kenneth & Bobbi Rivas River Birch Golf Course Roaring Springs Water Park Doug & Anne Roberts Rockitecture Stoneworks Paul & Stephanie Rodeghiero Rod’s Auto Repair, Inc. Michael & Lori Romani Rosauers Ruby Lou Jay Rueb Mike & Julianne Russell Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Tom & Theresa Ryden Jared & Christy Rye S-16 LLC John & Katy Sabala Lou & Suzie Sabala Paul & Melissa Sadlek Sage Meadows Landscape Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center Saint Mary’s College of California Steve & Karen Sales Salon 117 Salon Couture Santa Clara University Alec & Erica Sarrazolla Dean & Amy Schaecher Steve & Deana Schmidt Tom & Mary Schmidt Eli & Betsy Schmoeger Charles & Molly Schneider Randy & Annette Schultz Tom & Carolyn Schultz Bob & Bonnie Schwenkfelder Trent & Barb Schwenkfelder SCORIA Winery Jamie Scott Larry Sebranek Sue Father Bruno Segatta Tony & Jennifer Senn Ron Sestero Shadow Valley Golf Course Tom & Gina Shanahan Sherwin Williams Painting Beth Sherwood Shilo Inns Jeff & Theresa Shinn

Brian & Linda Shirley Mike & Kelly Shockey Stuart & Julia Shoemaker Shop N. 7 Marine Shore Lodge Shu’s Idaho Running Co. Silver Sage Girl Scouts Jay & Stacey Simmons Sandra Small Bryan & Dawn Smith Justin & Stephanie Smith Smokey Mountain Pizza Snake River Pool and Spa Tom & Cookie Sorge Southwest Hide Co. Jeff & Kate Souza SpringHill Suites by Mariott Spurwing Country Club St. Luke’s Health Foundation St. Luke’s Health System Devin & Tamra Stampfli James & Christin Steele Stein Beverage Tommy & Frencesca Steiner Steve’s Cafe Scott & Tricia Stingley Stinker Stores Jann Marie Stockwell Nick & Carol Stokes John & Becky Stone Suzanne Stone Matt & Stephanie Strand Jeff & Shannon Strom Eric Stroschein Nate & Cinnamon Stroud Studio Salon and Spa Kelly & Chris Sullivan Rick & Judi Sullivan Super Smiles Susan’s Shop Reiko Suzuki Erin Swearhart Greg & Toni Sweeney Sweetheart Manor Rob & Janelle Swikert Swire Coca Cola Arnela Tarantino Shannon Taugher Mark & Teresa Tavelli Carla Taylor Mike & Tina Taylor A.J. Terry Karia Lee Dave & Claudia Tester The Basque Market The Cheesecake Factory The Cutting Cabin The Diamond Girls The Flicks The Florist at Edwards Greenhouse The Riverside Hotel The Tavern at Bown Crossing Tim & Susan Thometz Scott & Tina Thompson Andrea Thornton Scott & Shannon Throm TML Heating and Air Conditioning Tom James Tom Scott Toyota

George & Iciar Totorica Trader Joe’s Ray & Wini Trapp Travis Jeffries, P.A. Tucano’s Roger Turcotte & Diana Lachiondo Roger & Sally Turcotte Mark & Megan Tverdy Twisted Ewe A Yarn Shop Two Rivers Salon and Spa Father Ben Uhlenkott University of Idaho University of Notre Dame University of Portland Mike & Susan Urquidi US Bank Joel & Chellie Van Lith Mike & Monica VanPaepeghem Russ & Rena VanPaepeghem Christina Van Tol VinCru USA Tim Wahl Wahooz Family Fun Zone Jack & Patti Walborn Jay & LeNeah Wallander Warhawk Air Museum Washington Trust Bank Michael & Marta Watson Joe & Kristen Weitz Melissa Welsh Anna Welsh John & Staci Welsh Stan & Gina Welsh West Side Drive Inn Western Farms, Inc. Michael & Karen Wetherell Steve & Georgia White Dan Widner Curt & Molly Wiebold Wildhorse Resort and Casino Joe & Becky Wilsey Winco John Wolter YMCA Sean & Tara Young Will & Hannah Young Ben & Danielle Zamzow James Zamzow Zamzows Dave & Jodi Zanecki Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman Vincent & Teressa Zywicki

Foundation Donors

Thank you to the following donors who supported Bishop Kelly students through donations to the BK Foundation’s endowment, scholarship funds, and via memorial gifts from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017. Amaya Aguirre Landa Nathan Alexander Juanell Alleman Kay Alspaugh Kathryn Barkdull Jim Barnhill Mike A. Barriatua Lynda Benson for Jeff Borders John P. Bieter Mary F. Bieter Julio & Julie Bilbao Robert & Claudia Borgna Cherie Brady Rand & Maryann Budzianowski Donald Buettner John Burke John & Joan Carley Joseph Cestaro Ann Chalfant Len Chow Russell Christensen Edwynn Christophersen Jeff & Kathy Cilek James & Cherie Clayton Darlene Code George & Cheryl Colwell Glenn M. Compton Kevin Cook Jim H. & Jane Coughlin Martha Coulter-Laing Rick D. & Karol Cronin Joseph & Aimee Czarniecki Mark M. & Vickie Daly Xavier Danthinne & Eugenia Chang Eric & Nancy Davis Larry Deboard Tom & Linda Dixon Doug Dodson & Debra Ewan Thomas Drechsler Maureen Elia Jim & Kerry Ellen Elliott Wayne & Janie Ernst Kristin Essay Bruce Fabbi John B. and Delores L. Fery Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation Mike & Patty Fery Intermountain Industries Petroglyph Energy Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund, American Online Giving Foundation Four J Foundation John & Jane Francis Bob & Rita Franklin Gladys & Roland Harriman Foundation Bill & Connie Glynn Kathryn Golab Richard & Jackie Goodson David & Anne Moree Goss Rod & Julie Gramer Bernie & Darlene Gratton Ron Graves Scott Graves Robert W Greenwood Dennis & Vicki Gribble Hal Davis Jewelers David Halter Dennis & June Hardziej Pat & Kathleen Harrington Charles & Maria Harris James & Angie Harrison John & Karin Hart Vicki Helming Scott & Bridget Henson Ann Hett Joel & Marianne Hickman David B Hill Darlene Hoffland Ernest & Carol Hoidal Eileen R. Hoverson Patricia Howarth Tom Huey Idaho Community Foundation Idaho Womens Charitable Foundation Robert Jacalone The Estate of James Bruce Mark T. Jaszkowski T.J. & Jo Ann Jones Bill & Celeste Keller JR & Jeanne King William Kinnett Allen Knutson Rebecca Kochvar Marvin Koci Richard & Peggy Kuntz Alicia J. Lachiondo David & Patti Lachiondo Nicholas & Amanda LaMott Tim & MaryBeth LaMott

Jennifer N. Lane Ronald Lechelt Evelyn Leithe John & Helen Leonard Jeff & Katie Lliteras Mark & Julie Lliteras Scott Lliteras Carol Lofquist Valerie Loge Deeta Theresa Lonergan Willam B & Frances A Lynch Charitable Trust Debra Marria Donald E Masterson Benjamin McClain Kevin F. McDonald Jason McGill Knox & Susan McMillan Michael & Joanne McQuade Micron Technology Foundation, Inc. Dick & Jody Mooney Tim Mooney Lorrie Ann Moore Julie A. Muguira Matthew & Mali Murphy William & Susan Myers Neil & Tyley Nelson Marty & Maureen O’Toole Timothy Ohm Mike & Becky Parry Marianne Pelletier Jerry & Ann Perez Peter Berkey Foundation Martha J. Peterson Robert Porter Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program Richard Radtke Norman Rayburn Jim & Shanon Reed Terry & Rosie Reilly Steve & Jeanette Reynolds Ed & Phyllis Rinker Jack Robertson Rock and Armor Physical Therapy Kathleen Roth Mike & Julianne Russell Ron & Diana Sabala Michael & Ann Sadler Paul & Mary Saras

Steve & Deanna Schmidt Steve & Elisa Schutz Schwab Charitable Marilyn Seastrand Selway Asset Management Beth Sherwood Jeff & Theresa Shinn Penny Simons Bill & Jane Slattery Sandra Small Christopher M. Smith St. Joseph’s Elementary School James & Christin Steele Dennis Stutzman Jane Stutzman Rick & Judi Sullivan Telecom Pioneers Wayne & Peggy Thiessen Peter & Laurie Thimm Thornton Byron LLP Paul & Mary Anne Traughber Roger Turcotte & Diana Lachiondo Debra Riedgel & Kelly Turk UBS Donor Advised Fund United Way of Treasure Valley Vanguard Charitable Mike & Monica VanPaepeghem Washington Trust Bank Eric & Brittany Welsh Stan & Regina Welsh Richard Werner Alan & Maryann Winkle Jim Woollett Wes & Stephanie Worrell Jane Young Doug & Sheelagh Zamzow

Foundation Donors

35 pa ge

One Day One Knight By Tom Steiner, ’03, BK Director of Development

On March 14, 2017, Bishop Kelly held their first ever One Day One Knight, a 24-hour giving campaign aimed at encouraging Bishop Kelly Alumknights to support BK students with a gift to our Kelly Pride Fund. Alumknights came out in full force to make the day a success, raising over $15k for Bishop Kelly students! Additionally the event helped us to solidify our culture

One Day One Knight

of philanthropy at Bishop Kelly and generated a lot of fun and excitement about BK in the process. Here’s a look at One Day One Knight by the numbers:

36 “Mic Drop.”

–The Class of 2003

to BK! • $2,003.00 was the amount of the largest gift • 2003 was the class with the most dollars raised, AND the most participation. Mark your calendars for One Day One Knight on March 14, 2018, and join in the fun! If you are interested in being a class captain or making a

• 24 hours

p a g e

• 80% of gifts received were from donors making their first gift

“challenge gift” to stoke those competitive fires with

• 183 gifts to the Kelly Pride Fund

your classmates, please contact Denise Brennan

• $15,400 raised

in the Development Office at (208) 947-1325 or

Thank you to everyone who supported One Day One Knight 2017!

STA Class of 1942 Bob ’42 & Gloria Bruce

Class of 1965

Sandy (Biggs) Banta ’65

Class of 1969

Mary (Smith) ’69 & Marvin Koci Ted ’69 & Dani Renk

Class of 1971

Rod ’71 & Julie Gramer Gloria (Garatea) Lejardi ’71 Don J. Petersik ’71 & Debbie Walker Ray ’ 71 & Linda Stark Michael Weber ’71 & Deb (Drost) Weber ’72

Class of 1972

Deb (Drost) ’72 & Michael Weber ’71 Marianne (Winsky) Pelletier ’72

Class of 1975

Mary (Gray) ’75 & Sam Steiner

Class of 1977

Tim ’77 & Denise Brennan Alan Day ’77 Tim ’77 & Ina Jaszkowiak Marilyn (Mais) ’77 & Jerry Wildey

Class of 1980

Anonymous Mike ’80 & Marci Pape

Class of 1981

Christine Bubb ’81 Chris Compton ’81 Paul ’81 & Margie Fritz Leslie (Jones) ’81 & Clyde Jernberg Paul Keller ’81

Class of 1982

Tom ’82 & Maria (Iglesias) Heffner ’82 Anne (Morrissey) ’82 & Trent Marcus Mike ’82 & Julianne (Curtis) Russell ’87 Mary (Wolter) ’82 & Rick Salocker Nancy Sloan ’82

Class of 1983

Becky (Helgeson) ’83 & Donald Leffler

Class of 1984

Patricia (Forrestal), ’84 & Peter Cook Pauline (Shalz) ’84 & Marc Mueller Julia (Schulte) Terteling ’84

Class of 1986

Tony ’86 & Calley Haws Troy ’86 & Holly (Post) Little ’86 Mike ’86 & Lisa Ranieri

Class of 1987

Jennifer (Bolton) ’87 & Scott Janzer

Julianne Curtis ’87 & Mike Russell ’82

Class of 1988

Moria (Harrington) ’88 & Lance Blair Dani (Anton) ’88 & Dave Flanagan Kristi Handley ’88 & Mary Grant Matt Hicks ’88 Julie (Miyamoto) Himler ’88 Molly (Callanan) ’88 & David Widdicombe

Class of 1989

Hailey (Post) ’89 & Jeff Frechette Stephanie Profitt ’89 Robert ’89 & Aimee Tylor Katie (Hellhake) ’89 & Michael Wright

Class of 1990

Julie (Sneddon) ’90 & Tony Robinson

Class of 1991 Heidi (Post) ’91 & Russ Lindsley

Class of 1992

Christina (Gary) ’92 & Josh Bawden Alison (Hardesty) ’92 & Morrie Berriochoa Bryan, ’92 & Melanie Clark Jeffrey ’92 & Amy Glynn Jacob Hays ’92 Katie (Fuess) Kerby ’92 Kara Kreizenbeck ’92

Janet (Schiele) Roscoe ’92 Christine (Burke) ’92 & Mark Running Jocele Skinner ’92 & George Decker Diane (Falk) ’92 & Devin Stephens Margery (Cornell) ’92 & Dennis Tangeloff Mark ’92 & Melissa Thomsen Rainelle (Esposito) ’92 & Kevin Wolf

Class of 1993

Michael ’93 & Dale (Loughran) Gallagher ’94 Tony Janquart ’93

Class of 1994

Ceicely (Jost) ’94 & Jason Anton Danielle (Bailliet) ’94 & Scott Bainbridge Damon ’94 & Nicki (Putnam) Baughman ’94 Anne (Cannon) Boroff ’94 Heather (Hodgkinson) ’94 & John Cotton Dale (Loughran) ’94 & Michael Gallagher ’93 Kealoha (Harrison) ’94 & Michael Harmon Scott ’94 & Laura Robinson

Class of 1995

Hillary Dixon ’95 & Josh Aller Michael ’95 & Elaine Garris Kathryn Johnson ’95

Class of 1996

Mollie (Alexander) ’96 & Lee Titmus Derek McCormick ’96 Brea Shrum ’96

Class of 1997

Tiffany (McCormick) ’97 & Jared Perez Meagan ( Alexander) ’97 & Kirk Wiedemeier

Class of 1998

Chad ’98 & Lisa (Hughes) Barker ’98 Chris Hill ’98 Roger Turcotte ’98 & Diana Lachiondo ’98

Class of 1999

Luke ’99 & Adrean Cavener Edmund Gorman ’99 Matthew Hotham ’99 John ’99 & Yasone Krakau Krista (Irvine) ’99 & Brand Novosel Salvador Villegas ’99

Class of 2000

Heather (Gribble) ’00 & Vincent Carlson ’01 Meghan(Banta) Goodwin ’00 Jaime Myers ’00 Katherine (Connolly) ’00 & Patrick Nihipali Christopher ’00 & Kelley Smith

Class of 2001

Vincent ’01 & Heather (Gribble) ’00 Carlson Samantha (Fritz) Aipperspach ’01 Hailey Becker ’01 Shannon (Shagaye) Decker ’01 Nicholas Jones ’01 Matthew Raimondi ’01

Class of 2003

Krista Alonso ’03 Larkin Brown ’03 Dana Finders ’03 Sarah (Peltier) ’03 & Wesley French Travis ’03 & Marty Galloway Jacqueline Hickman ’03 Michelle (Smith) ’03 & Thomas Neveu Kyle Ogle ’03 Ellen Paget ’03 Megan Raimondi-Musser ’03 Michael ’03 & Kathryn Redinger Morgan (Osich) ’03 & Jeremiah Reed Marshall ’03 & Kelsey Rule Eric Schlechte ’03 Kaylyn (Brennan) ’03 & Scott Schneider Jessica Sloan ’03 Tyler Smith ’03 Andrea (Bertoni) Spooner ’03 Tommy ’03 & Francesca Steiner Kim Stephens ’03 Casey Warden ’03

Class of 2004

Taylor Elkington ’04 Nicholas ’04 & Amanda (Jaszkowski) Lamott ’05 Robert ’04 & Melodie McQuade

Class of 2005

Jesse Bermensolo ’05 Ryan ’05 & Jessica Brennan Brandon Elliott ’05 Maegan (Reilly) ’05 & Will Krahn

Amanda (Jaszkowski) ’05 & Nicholas Lamott ’04 Christopher Martineau ’05 Darren O’Donnell ’05 Alex Renfro ’05 Mike Sladich ’05 Andrew Yates ’05

Class of 2011 R. Scott Navert ’11

Class of 2012 Reid Frechette ’12 Kaitlyn Janquart ’12

Class of 2006

Class of 2013

Class of 2007

Class of 2015

Amaya Aguirre Landa ’06 Katie Miller ’06 Allison Donahue ’07 Gavin ’07 & Anna (Daly) Gamboa ’08 Sara ( Jaszkowski) Gilson ’07 Christian Laursen ’07 Meghanne Martineau ’07

Class of 2008

Kassondra Biggs ’08 Taylor ’08 & Chelsie (Renk) Black ’08 Matt ’08 & Claire (Fisher) Dickinson ’08 Lauren Franklin ’08 Bryanne Gribble ’08

Class of 2009

Robert Navert ’09 Emily Raimondi ’09

Class of 2010

Nicko Brady ’10 Dominic Chumich ’10 Joan Cleary ’10 Kate Franklin ’10 Sam Kosydar ’10 Ziyi Li ’10 Lauren Naughton ’10 Anne Siron ’10

Shea Siegert ’13 Angel (Fehringer) Watkins ’13 Blakely Frechette ’15 Ryleigh Navert ’15

Class of 2016 Bailey Clifford ’16 Lucas Fehringer ’16

One Day One Knight

Class of 2019 Kohl Biggs ’19

Friends of Bishop Kelly

Gary & Lane Brown Dan Clifford & Dominique Naegele-Clifford Joe & Amy Eisele Melanie Everett Bob & Rita Franklin George Gamber Matthew & JoAnn Harrison Mike & Tammy Kern Herb & Joni Krakau Sam & Tara Kristensen Kevan & Tamara O’Hara Mike & Kelly Shockey Carolyn Tenn Mark & Megan Tverdy Wes & Stephanie Worrell Tim & Robin Zadzora

Class of 2002

Chelsea Cammann ’02 Kathryn (O’Hara) ’02 & David Gray Alicia Lachiondo ’02 Jessica (Koep) Letus ’02 Kimberly (Stephenson) Smith ’02

Alumknight Matt Walling, ’12, posted this picture to his Facebook page and said, “BK taught me to never settle for complacency, to make a positive impact on the world, and to fight for social justice. BK taught me to stand for something MORE and BE the change I want to see in society.”

37 pa ge

The 2016-17 Kelly Pride Fund By Tommy Steiner, ’03, Director of Development

Everyone here at Bishop Kelly would like to pause and take a

ground on a new indoor baseball and softball hitting facility.

for your incredibly generous investments in Bishop Kelly High

The facility is a 100% flexible space, which allows our baseball

School. You are a blessing in the lives of Bishop Kelly faculty, staff,

and softball programs to prepare year-round and provides a

and students. By providing additional resources beyond tuition,

place to hold clinics, camps, and community events.

you give each student the opportunity to fulfill their full potential.

Kelly Pride Fund

38 pa g e

• Gifts to the Kelly Pride Fund enabled Bishop Kelly to break

moment to express our sincere appreciation to our community

• Bishop Kelly was able to make available a new piano to our

Last year, our community invested over $558,000 for Bishop

music department because of a generous contribution to the

Kelly through the Kelly Pride Fund. Please join me in celebrating

Kelly Pride Fund from a BK Alumni Parent.

this tremendous generosity! The Kelly Pride Fund is Bishop

• The Kelly Pride Fund was also the path for BK Alumknights

Kelly’s annual fund, and exists to support annual operating needs

and friends to make a charitable gift to the inaugural BK One

beyond tuition. The Kelly Pride Fund is designed to involve the

Day One Knight “24 hour day of giving’’ event where we raised

entire BK community – current families, alumni, alumni families,

over $15,000 in just one day. Wow!

staff/faculty, and friends – and ensures we are able to offer quality spiritual, academic, and athletic programs for our students and faculty.

Thank you to all who continue to support Bishop Kelly High School with a charitable gift via the Kelly Pride Fund. Your gift represents a vote of confidence in our ability to do what we say

The Kelly Pride Fund is the avenue that empowers you to support

we are going to do: To educate and develop the whole student in

the areas that mean the most to you and speak to your heart.

the Catholic tradition – Spirit, Mind, and Body. The School exists

Here are three examples of how your generosity has transformed

because of you and we are deeply grateful for your generosity.

Bishop Kelly in the last year:

Thank you!

Knights of the Roundtable Circle ($1,000 or more)

Anonymous (2) Diamond Knights Citadel Storage The John F. Nagel Foundation Jon & Heidi Van Stone/Electrical Engineering Co. D.H. & Margaret Moss Biotzetik Basque Chior Steve & Michelle Judy/Primary Health Medical Group David Beale & Lisa Hudson-Beale/ Spectra Productions, Inc. Idaho Dash Track Club, LLC. Dr. Jacob & Dr. Colleen Jarvis/Jarvis Dental & Orthodontics Corp. Julius C. Jeker Family Trust Troy & Wendy Peltzer/The Peltz Company Darin & Christine Buttars/Custom Fluid Power Ying Donegan/7E International Enterprises, LLC Daniel & Allison Abel James & Susan Alexander Josh Aller & Hillary Dixon Mitch & Shannon Anderson Dalynn Appleton Felix & Rachelle Aramburu Scott & Wendy Askins Bill & Christine Avey Sam & Marisa Battaglia John Bleymaier Gerhard Borbonus Landscaping, Inc. Mike & Angel Bowie Tim & Denise Brennan Chris & Ann Callanan Jeffrey & Susanna Cammann Patrick & Allison Cammann Chris Cammann Jake & Michaela Centers

Jim & Gayle Chalfant David & Julie Claiborne Jim Cleary Branson & Nicole Collins Jim & Ronda Conger Chuck Conley Nic Cordum Judy Crandell William & Brenda Crump Richard Cummings & Roxanne Truax Cummings Greg & Anne Daggett Richard & Sally Darmody Alan Day Vic & Ruby deBoer John Dudek James & Ahnna Dudley Allan & Dixie Dykman Charles & Lisa Eddy Jim & Brenda Elledge Dave & Keli Elledge Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt John * & Dee Fery Mark & Sharon Fischer Timothy Fitch & Carol Jamieson-Fitch Thomas Flaig Gerald & Lynnete Flerchinger Jeff & Hailey Frechette Dan & Carol Gado D.J. & Danielle George Clyde & June Gerhard Brad & Kris Granger Darlene Gratton John & Cindy Greiner Pat & Kathleen Harrington John & Karin Hart Lance & Lisa Hatfield Mike & Sharon Hayhurst Joan Hill Charley & Nancy Jones Doug & Cyndi Kay Kevin & Chris Kempers

Todd & Christi Ketlinski Jeff & Amber Korsen Todd & Cassy Lindsey Thomas & Jill Loach Garrett & Carol Lofto Dan & Lori Long Jeff & Erika Malmen Al & Laurel Marino Steve & Diana Marlow Torry & Kimberly McAlvain Mort & Mara McMillen Carey & Daphne McNeal Mike & Lori Mers Jarrod & Rhea Morrison Brent & Laura Moylan Brian & Trasi Mullin Louis & Judy Murdock Phil & Anita Murelaga Marshall & Nancy Murrin Richard & Robin Navert Neil & Tyley Nelson Jeff & Mary Neumeyer Thomas & Michelle Neveu Peter & Julie Oliver Jack & Kit Parker Bob & Annette Parks Michael & Wendi Norris Jon & Patty Powell Shawn & Roni Pratt David & Kelly Prezzano Rich & Georgiann Raimondi Mike & Stacy Ray Robert & Beth Rebholtz Jim & Vickie Redinger Steve & Michaela Reitcheck Barron & Kim Ressler John & Carol Rinehimer Michael & Cynthia Roche Michael & Julianne Russell Ron & Diana Sabala John & Katy Sabala Paul & Melissa Sadlek Alec & Erica Sarrazolla

Tim & Andrea Sawyer Brad & Judy Schmidt Tim & Laura Schrag Glenn & Linda Schumacher Kelly & Jody Scott Arnold Silva & Denise Mills Joseph & Katie Simunich Neil & Clover Smith Jeff & Shannon Strom Rick & Judi Sullivan Kelly & Christina Sullivan Dan & Angie Taylor/ Western Trailers Tim & Kasey Tekippe Timothy Vaughn Jack & Patricia Walborn Heather Walker Thomas & Jessie Warner Mountain Power North American Dust Control, LLC

Monarchs Circle ($500-$999)

Anonymous Keynetics J U B Engineers, Inc. Jess & Ana Asla Lance & Gerri Ball Tom & Shannon Barnes Josh & Christina Bawden Dave & Jill Beck Morrie & Alison Berriochoa Steven & Mary Bertelsen Aitor & Debbie Bidaburu Rick & Tisha Bonney Emmanuel & Sandra Brennan Kevin & Susan Browning Terry & Lynda Bruns Shane & Stacy Butler Dr. Mike Cammann & Dr. John Cammann/Meridian Dental, PLLC

Daniel & Sarah Cara Vincent & Heather Carlson Jeff & Julie Catalano Mark & Cynthia Coffman Joan Colleran Douglas & Evelyn Cooper John & Jamie Cunningham Troy & Beth Cunningham Scott & Kathleen Curtis Candice Davidson Jon & Gina Davidson Josh Dickson & Meredith Dean-Dickson Robert & Fiona Doiron Alexander & Kristin Domingo Melanie Everett Joe & Laura Fehringer John & Theresa Feusi David Gabrieli & Theresa Scheingraber Christopher & Kristin Godfrey Christopher & Makala Goodale Jeff & Monty Goodman David & Anne Goss David & Mely Grasso Hernan Gutierrez & Alejandra Diaz Tim & Chris Haener Daniel & Jennifer Hagan Mike & Danne Hampton Travis B. Hawkes/Riverwood Strategies Jerry & Joan Hecker Rick & Colleen Horiuchi Jacob & Colleen Jarvis Rusty & Lorri Kaiser Paul Keller Katie Kerby Martin & Judy Knoelk Keith Kolpitcke David & Haley Lamey Brett & Stacy Lee Todd Little & Amy Wong-Little Keith & Lisa Lockard Jeff & Karin Loffer Scott & Loretta Madison Greg & Maureen Marchant Derek McCormick Nathaniel & Kim Meier Judy Wood Milburn Rod & Francie Miller Salvador & Erika Morfin David & Tracy Morris Frank & Mary Muguira Ed & Jeanne Mulick Josh & Missy Nichols Tom & Andrea Nist Derrick & Patty O’Neill Ellen Paget Chris & Jacy Palic Mike & Becky Parry Brent & Carla Phillips Ronald & Margaret Pridmore Chris & Keron Privon Mike & Lisa Ranieri Daniel & Kelly Reed Joseph & SueAnn Reese Joseph & Anna Rodriquez Thomas & Theresa Ryden David Sasso Tony & Jennifer Senn Mike Sladich Stephen & Loretta Stech Sam & Mary Steiner John & Lynne Sterling Dave & Diana Tetreault Tim & Susan Thometz Daniel & Nikki Totorica Estate of Ronald Turner Mark & Megan Tverdy

Brian & Caroline Valle Robert Van Hoomissen Jose & Yliana Villegas Tom & Veronica Welsh Melissa Welsh-Wolfe Benjamin Zamzow Pawel & Angel Zieba

Ladies and Lords Circle ($300 – $499)

Anonymous Legacy Wrestling Academy Inc. Peter & Simone Anewalt Todd & Kathy Armstrong Ben & Marisela Baca Kenneth & Chrissy Beckner Randy & Deanna Berry Bobby & Lori Biggs John & Andrea Buss Pere & Gina Cabus John & Wendy Dalrymple John Dillon & Carolyn Depoto Mike & Katie Dolby Tim & Susan Donnellan Karen Eccles Andy & Cyndi Elliot Joseph & Natali Elliston Nestor & Sonna Fernandez Bill & Renee Fremgen Darrin & Lisa Gardner Rod & Julie Gramer Andy & Debbie Harrington James & Katie Harrington Andrew Harrington* Roger & Charlyn Hefflinger Ed & Stephany Herrera Scott & Jennifer Janzer Hui Jin Richard Kauphusman John & Gloria Lejardi Jimmy & Grace Liao Kent Lovelace James & Grace Maguire Tim & Fariss McGee Phillip & Tami Mills D.H. & Margaret Moss Samuel & Abigail Nieto K.C. Odencrantz & Miren Lete-Odencrantz Erik & Becky Phillips Tom & Judy Piepmeyer Bill & Judy Post Rene & Demetria Ramakers Scott & Carol Schoenherr J. Trent & Barb Schwenkfelder Jon & Tina Skinner Doug & Jen Skyer Allyn & Tanya Spanfellner James & Christin Steele John & Rebecca Stone Mike & Tina Taylor Mike & Leslie Vandenberg Mike & Monica VanPaepeghem Tom Vitrano & Kristina LaFace Jacob & Alissa Wolbach John & Genny Ysursa

Nobles Circle ($100 to $299)

Boise Cascade Company KJCQ LLC Backcountry Bar Greg & Lisa Anderson Henry Atencio & Dianne Loeffen Curtis & Madeline Ater Chris & Christina Atherton Paul & Shelby Augustine Harvey & Patricia Babendure Christopher & Sharon Bantrup Andrew & Tomara Barda

George Beauregard Brian & Kimberly Beckley Jesse Bermensolo Mary Bieter Steve & Tracy Bingham Lance & Moria Blair Chad Blue Ron & Gisele Bodine Gary & Karen Brandecker Mike & Anne Brennan Brian & Rachael Brown Carl & Barbara Browning Dave & Terri Bruce Robert & Gloria Bruce Mike & Amy Caldwell Jeffrey & Sally Cammann Thomas & Georgia Cammann Cassie Cannon Dan Clifford & Dominique NaegeleClifford Michael & Kirsten Coughlin Richard & Kathleen Crapo Douglas & Mary Crum Jon & Michelle Damon Xavier Danthinne & Eugenia Chang Matt & Claire Dickinson Allison Donahue Brian & Lori Donaldson Debbi Dunn Curt Erskine & Julia Achabal Ronald & Valerie Fehringer Mike & Patty Fery Dan & Kim Fidler Dana Finders Pascual & Cecilia Flores Dave & Beth Ford R. Jeffrey Ford Sean & Julie Forrest Randy & Debbie Forster Wesley & Sarah French Steve French Salvatore & Karen Garruto Nick & Sherri Genna James & Diane Gilman John & Sande Giuliani David Gonzalez & Jacqueline O’Rourke Edmund Gorman Stephen & Elizabeth Gray Katherine Hall Rob & Margaret Hampton Heather Hanson Michael & Georgeen Hardy Nick & Barb Harper Matthew & JoAnn Harrison Tom & Maria Heffner Gregory & Phyllis Heitman Erik & Jennifer Helgeson Bill & Julie Hentges Michael & Jaymi Hermes Jacqueline Hickman Matthew Hicks George & Mary Ann Hicks Scott Holloway & Kenna Merrigan Michael & Carmen Hormaechea Scott Howard & Angie Iglesias-Howard Rob & Kathryn Hunter Joseph & Jeanne Hunter Mike & Tina Huttash Ryan & Julie Iffland Raymond & Barbara Ineck Tim & Ina Jaszkowiak Tim & Kathlyn Johans Joseph & Paula Jones T.J. & Jo Ann Jones Donald & Laurie Kayler Greg & Kim Kent Mike & Tammy Kern

David & Bonnie Kerns Gerald & Mary Klooster Allan & Anne Knight Michele Koehl Chris & Rose Kreslins David & Connie LaMarque Tracy Landry Ron Lauer Donald & Becky Leffler Matthew & Jennifer Lenoue Mark & Christina Linder Russ & Heidi Lindsley Rod & Sue Linja Troy & Holly Little Kevin & Truely Loescher Dana & Ann Lopez David Mack Cari Magette Ed & Karen Mahoney Tina Manolopoulos Trent & Anne Marcus Mark & Tammy Masarik John & Theresa McCallum John & Brandi McChesney Matthew & Tisha McGarry Ashley McMullen Andy Mitchell & Amy Rebholtz Mitchell Tim & Carol Mokwa Jim Monti Quinn Morrison Thomas & Catherine Morrissey Marc & Pauline Mueller Scott & Emily Mulcahy Daniel Neumeyer David Neumeyer Joseph Neumeyer Joe & Cathy Pachner Michael & Marci Pape Chris & Heidi Pearson Marianne Pelletier Don Petersik & Debbie Walker Keith & Michelle Pettyjohn George & Dodi Pfautsch Michael & Catherine Piechowski Steve Pitkin Chris & Christy Porter Tony & Sarah Quilici Shannon & Jeanette Rizzo Tony & Julie Robinson Janet Roscoe Anthony Rose John & Melanie Rubocki Mark & Elizabeth Rudin Marshall & Kelsey Rule Uwe & Karen Ruttke Edward & Tracy Ryan Nick & Leslie Salinas Rick & Mary Salocker Steve & Deanna Schmidt Steven & Susan Schossberger Michael & Nicole Schuette Marilyn Seastrand Tom & Gina Shanahan Chuck & Debbie Shank Mike & Kelly Shockey Brea Shrum John & Janet Simonson Larry & Julie Anne Sirhall Jocele Skinner Sandra Small Bryan & Dawn Smith Lawrence & Carol Smith Robert Sobotta Ray & Linda Stark Tommy & Francesca Steiner Justin & Kristy Stewart Jeffrey & Andrea Symmonds Dennis & Margery Tangeloff

Kelly Pride Fund

39 pa ge

... Continued on page 40

... Continued from page 39

Kelly Pride Fund

40 pa g e

Every gift makes a

BIG difference at Bishop Kelly. Especially yours! donate

Sharon Taylor Carolyn Tenn Mary Thaete William & Andrea Thompson Michael Thompson Scott & Shannon Throm Jason & Sharleen Thurston Mathew Trana John & Becky Tucker Jon & Heidi Van Stone Peter & Marlene Vaughan Scott & Janine Vinsonhaler Tim & Carissa Wahl Tim & Linda Wakefield Phillip & Mona Warchol Neil & Christine Whited Kirk & Meagan Wiedmeier John & Lori Wilson Kevin & Amy Wittmuss Mike & Jerri Woodworth Tim & Robin Zadzora Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman Charles & Lessie Schoenfelder Scott & Carol Schoenherr Richard & Margaret Schwarz Trent & Barb Schwenkfelder Mike & Heather Scott Tom & Gina Shanahan Matt & Kathleen Sheehan Mike & Kelly Shockey Stuart & Julia Shoemaker Arnold Silva & Denise Mills John & Janet Simonson Lori Simpson Doug & Jen Skyer Bryan & Dawn Smith Chris Smith Wes & Mary Smith John & Patricia Southern Allyn & Tanya Spanfellner Speech Tree, Shari Morrison-Doke Jed & Meghann Splittgerber Tom & Kate Starr Joe & Amy Staufer James & Christin Steele John & Jerilyn Grizzaffi Justin & Kristy Stewart Bobby & Terri Sutcliff Robert & Julie Swanson Chuck & Nancy Tacke Suzanne Takasugi James & Carrie Tavelli Mike & Tina Taylor Sharon Taylor Tim & Kasey Tekippe Dave & Diana Tetreault Thinking Boise Real Estate, Janet Parsons Michael & Karen Thompson William & Andrea Thompson Scott & Shannon Throm Mitch & Kim Toryanski Daniel & Nikki Totorica Peter & Marlene Vaughan Chris & Karen Verhaegh Jose & Yliana Villegas Jeff & Kristen Ware Peter & Rebecca Wargo Timothy & Angel Watkins Michael & Marta Watson Robert & Kolleen Wehde Tom & Veronica Welsh

Melissa Welsh-Wolfe Kim & Kari Werner Neil & Christine Whited Kevin & Amy Wittmuss Jacob & Alissa Wolbach

Fr. John Worster John & Genny Ysursa Michael Zimmer

Kelly Pride Circle Up to $100 Albertsons Boise Open Mountain West Bank Idaho Sports Medicine Institute, P.A. Amaya Aguirre Landa Samantha Aipperspach Donna Allington Krista Alonso Abe & Tammy Alsop Dorothy Ansotegui Jason & Ceicely Anton Scott & Danielle Bainbridge Sandy Banta Chad & Lisa Barker Damon & Nicki Baughman Hailey Becker Kassondra Biggs Kohl Biggs Taylor Black Chris & Angela Bloom Anne Boroff Cliff & Ruth Brady Nick Brady Ryan & Jessica Brennan Gary & Lane Brown Larkin Brown Christine Bubb Michael & Sharon Burke Chelsea Cammann Luke & Adrean Cavener Erin Christon Dominic Chumich Bryan Clark Cathy Clarkson Joan Cleary Bailey Clifford Mardi Coffelt Brett & Elizabeth Compton Chris Compton Peter & Patricia Cook John & Heather Cotten Victoria Cummings Shannon Decker Kyle & Jill Dennis John & Lisa Dillon Joe & Amy Eisele Taylor Elkington Brandon Elliott Lucas Fehringer Dave & Dani Flanagan Blakely Frechette Reid Frechette Paul & Margie Fritz Michael & Dale Gallagher Travis & Marty Galloway

George Gamber Gavin & Anna Gamboa Michael & Elaine Garris Sara Gilson Jeffrey & Amy Glynn Meghan Goodwin David & Kathryn Gray Bryanne Gribble Cheryl Guiddy Benjamin Hale & Johanna Luchini Kristi Handley & Mary Grant Michael & Kealoha Harmon Tony & Calley Haws Jacob Hays Maureen Henke Matt Hicks Chris Hill Julie Himler Ernestine Hiner Matthew Hotham Cheryl Hutchinson Tony Janquart Kaitlyn Janquart Shane & Andria Jenne Clyde & Leslie Jernberg Daniel & Carmelyn Johnson Kathryn Johnson Nicholas Jones Bill & Lisa Kelly Will & Maegan Krahn Herb & Joni Krakau John & Yasone Krakau Kara Kreizenbeck Sam & Tara Kristensen Christian Laursen Jessica Letus Ziyi Li Tim & Peggy Luke Meghanne Martineau Christopher Martineau Errol & Connie Maus Scott & Nicola McIntosh Robert & Melodie McQuade Katie Miller Jaime Myers Lauren Naughton Ryleigh Navert R. Scott Navert Robert Navert Ramona Neal Patrick & Katherine Nihipali Brand & Krista Novosel Darren O’Donnell Kyle Ogle Kevan & Tamara O’Hara Jason Patterson Jared & Tiffany Perez Carolyn Peters Stephanie Profitt Emily Raimondi Matthew Raimondi Megan Raimondi-Musser Michael & Kathryn Redinger

Jeremiah & Morgan Reed Alex Renfro Chelsie Renk Black Ted & Dani Renk John Rickard, III Richard & Susan Riley Scott & Laura Robinson Mark & Christie Running Jon & Michelle Ruzicka Tessa Schaecher Eric Schlechte Scott & Kaylyn Schneider Charles & Lessie Schoenfelder Julia Shoemaker Shea Siegert Anne Siron Nancy Sloan Jessica Sloan Christopher & Kelley Smith Tyler Smith Kimberly Smith Andrea Spooner Frances Sprague Kim Stephens Devin & Diane Stephens Sue Syverson Julia Terteling Mark & Melissa Thomsen Lee & Mollie Titmus Paul & Mary Anne Traughber Robert & Aimee Tylor Barbara Valdez Salvador Villegas Casey Warden Timothy & Angel Watkins Michael & Deb Weber David & Molly Widdicombe Jerry & Marilyn Wildey Joe & Becky Wilsey Richard & Jane Wilson Kevin and Rainelle Wolf Michael & Katie Wright Andrew Yates * Deceased

Parents As Partners

Gifts to the Parents As Partners program are an opportunity to help bridge the gap between BK’s tuition rate and the actual cost to educate a Bishop Kelly student. We are so grateful to the following Parents As Partners: Brad and Kris Granger Mike and Sharon Hayhurst Charley and Nancy Jones Jeff and Amber Korsen Todd and Cassy Lindsey David and Kelly Prezzano

This listing includes gifts received from July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017. Please contact Bishop Kelly’s Development Office at (208) 947-1325 with corrections, and accept our apologies for any inadvertent omissions.

Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing Groundbreaking

Bishop Kelly officially broke ground on the Father Wilson

The Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing will be

Science and Technology Wing on Wednesday, October 30, 2017.

home to the departments of Science, Computer Science, and

Bishop Peter Christensen was on hand to celebrate with the

Engineering. It will house 11 teaching labs, an Engineering/

Bishop Kelly community, as were many current students and

Robotics Shop, smaller project rooms for individual and group

their families, investors in the project, and Bishop Kelly faculty

study, a Student Commons, and Bishop Kelly’s new Senior Hall.

and staff. In all, there were over 1,000 people to witness the

The Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing will open for

historic turning of the dirt, which was held in conjunction with the annual Welcome Back BBQ.


the start of the 2018 – 2019 school year.

41 pa ge

BK2020 Vision:

Capital Campaign Update

BK2020 Vision

Every day, the Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing is

These repurposed learning spaces will provide opportunities for

taking shape right before our eyes. When the foundation was

all academic departments to use the classrooms as our needs

poured a few weeks ago, the project came to life. And now that the

dictate. Additionally, BK plans to expand the Fraser Library to

metal framework that will become teaching labs, hallways, and

meet student needs for more quiet reading and study spaces and

gathering spaces is going up, there is palpable excitement in the

enhanced digital research opportunities. Included in that upgrade

air. In just months, this addition will transform Bishop Kelly, both

will be a refresh of the IT department in support of our students’

visually and programmatically.

increased use of digital devices, applications, and our entirely

The Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing is part of the

wireless campus.

BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign, which has a goal of raising $8 million in order to complete this project, as well as grow the Bishop Kelly Foundation Endowment to support our students.

42 pa g e

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to

To achieve this goal Bishop Kelly is splitting each dollar raised for BK2020 Vision with $.75 going toward the building project, and $.25 going toward endowment growth. With enrollment expected to exceed 800 students next fall, and eventually reach 1,000 students as the Treasure Valley continues to grow, both of these endeavors are critical if we are to continue our goal of accommodating any student seeking a quality education in the Catholic tradition.

The Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing

The Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing is scheduled to open for the start of school in 2018. It will house the departments

be known.”

of Science, Computer Science, and Engineering in 11 new state-

– Carl Sagan

teaching labs will be fully flexible spaces, able to accommodate a

of-the-art teaching labs and an Engineering/Robotics Shop. The faculty lecture, student lab experiments, independent learning, and student led research projects – all without leaving the classroom! This innovative new space is designed as a dedicated science and technology facility in response to increased demand for these courses from our students, and will allow us to expand what we offer in science, technology, engineering, and robotics curriculum in the future. The Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing will include: three chemistry teaching labs, two biology teaching labs, two computer science teaching labs, two physics teaching labs, one biology/anatomy teaching lab, one biology/environmental teaching lab, and one engineering shop/robotics teaching lab. It will also be home to BK’s new senior hall, which will include up to 250 lockers, an extra wide hallway to accommodate flexible seating for small group work, study, or quiet time, and space to gather socially. A new Student Commons on the west end of the wing will offer “grab and go” type food services to relieve pressure on our cafeteria. The existing science classrooms that will be vacated as a result of the new wing are part of a longer term renovation plan, which will turn those seven larger spaces into ten standard sized classrooms.

Growing our Endowment

The Bishop Kelly Foundation supports the students at Bishop Kelly High School by providing non-tuition revenue to offset the school’s operating costs, and by managing an endowment for long-term financial stability. Annually the BK Foundation provides nearly $1 million of financial assistance to the school and Bishop Kelly families with financial need. As our enrollment grows, the non-tuition revenue needed to maintain current levels of financial assistance grows as well. By growing the invested assets of the BK Foundation – the endowment – the foundation is able to increase its support to the school. This keeps tuition low for all families and funds need-based financial aid for students who otherwise might not be able to attend BK.

Making Progress Toward our Goal

At the end of October, as the Roundtable magazine was being produced, Bishop Kelly had raised $5.8 million of our $8 million goal. To reach the finish line and complete this phase of the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign without incurring any debt, we need to raise an additional $2.4 million. We can achieve this with the support of our entire community. We currently have more than 200 donors who have joined us in in our efforts, and hope that many more will choose to invest in this important project. The need to develop our facilities and programs due to the rising demand for a Bishop Kelly education is greater than ever. The BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign positions us to take the next steps in meeting the needs of our growing community and allows us to stay ahead of the ever-changing demands in the classroom, work force, community, and beyond. Your investment in the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign is an investment in our students, and as those learners and innovators go out into the world, an investment in our community. Please help us create an exciting future at Bishop Kelly by making a gift to the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign. If you are interested in making a gift to the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign, please contact our Director of Development Tommy Steiner at or (208) 947-1325, or visit the Bishop Kelly Website and click on the “GIVE NOW” button at the top of the page. We can’t get there without you!

“It is our turn to be the stewards for the next generation of students. This fabulous new expansion of the school will cement Bishop Kelly as a leader in high school education for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. (STEAM). We all hear how much need exists for this type of education in our community and around the world. BK has shown through this project that they are willing and ready to invest in our kids.” —Tyley Nelson, BK Parent and Campaign General Chair

BK2020 Vision “As a Bishop Kelly alumnus and current BK science teacher, I am honored to be a part of the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign. The Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing will dramatically improve Bishop Kelly’s ability to train future professionals of all types, and to arm them with the critical thinking and problem solving skills that are absolutely vital for success in our rapidly evolving world. Moreover, the campaign will substantially grow the Bishop Kelly Foundation endowment, enabling more students from all walks of life to have access to the excellence that Bishop Kelly has to offer. I am proud of the work that we have done as a team toward our BK2020 Vision goals thus far, and I am excited to continue to support our forward progress.” — Chris Horras, ’98, Bishop Kelly Science Faculty

43 pa ge

BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign

44 pa g e

Bishop Kelly thanks the generous individuals, families,

courts, expansion of the BK Parking lot, construction of the

foundations, and corporations who have supported the BK2020

Lacrosse Wall, renovation of the LaMott Family Performance

Vision Capital Campaign to date. Since 2014 contributions to

Training Center, and growth of the BK Foundation’s endowment.

the BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign have generated more than

Currently we have raised $5.7 million of the $8 million needed

$9.3 million for several building and renovation projects here at BK. Those projects include the expansion and renovation of the Father Fraser Library, construction of seven new classrooms in the East Classroom Wing, construction of eight new tennis

Founding Society $1,000,000

Bill & Connie Glynn E. L. Wiegand Foundation

Benefactor’s Society $500,000-$999,999

Dalynn Appleton Jake & Michaela Centers Commercial Tire Schwenkfelder Family Alan, Joile, & Caleigh Day in Memory of Mike Day Bryan & Marie Day Don & Irene Eaton In Memory of Bernard Gratton HP Inc. Tim & MaryBeth LaMott W.H. Moore Company McCurry Family John & Katy Sabala James Steele, Jr. ’87 & Christin Chetwood Steele ’87 Keith* & Catherine Stein Jack & Patti Walborn

Anonymous Tom & Joan Cooney

Anonymous John & Joan Carley

Heritage Society $250,000-$499,999 Anonymous Angels Amoung Us J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc. Mark Durcan Micron Technology Foundation, Inc. Edw. F. & Vickie S. O’Gara Family Founda tion

Leadership Society $100,000-$249,999 Anonymous Chris & Keron Privon The Raimondi Family Pat & Jen McEntee Terry & Jennifer McEntee Mike & Lori Mers Kathy Hagler Todd & Cassy Lindsey Peter & Julie Oliver Neil & Tyley Nelson Family The Adcox Family Jim Cleary

Roundtable Society $50,000-$99,999

Knights Society $25,000-$49,999

Anonymous Knights of the Gridiron Andy & Shannon Erstad, erstad ARCHITECTS William & Patricia Albers Larry & Karen Arguinchona Larry & Shirley Chetwood Richard Cummings & Roxanne Truax Cummings Nick & Suzanne DeRuyter Aaron & Annie Dykas Greg Eaton & Laura Woodward Family Concrete Placing Company, John & Judi Ferguson

to fully fund the Father Wilson Science and Technology Wing and continue to grow the BK Foundation’s endowment. We are so grateful to our community for your investment in Bishop Kelly and our students. D.J. & Danielle George Brad & Kris Granger Tom & Maria Heffner Erik & Jennifer Helgeson Charley & Nancy Jones David & Patricia Lachiondo David & Haley Lamey Gene & Chanze LaMott

Black and Gold Society $10,000-$24,999

Anonymous (5) J. R. Simplot Foundation Electrical Engineering Company Ray Anchustegui & Cynthia Bainbridge Bill & Christine Avey A. J. & Susie Balukoff Gene & Danell Bleymaier John Bleymaier Kenny & Suz Bolton Robert & Claudia Borgna Michael & Sharon Burke William & Brenda Crump Mark & Vickie Daly Danthinne Family Bryan Dingel & Valencia Bilyeau John & Jolly Eck Charles & Lisa Eddy Tom Ferguson Bob & Rita Franklin Jeff & Hailey Frechette Lars & April Hansen Terry & Kirstin Heffner Mike & Carmen Hormaechea In Memory of Rash & Mary Iglesias Jacob & Colleen Jarvis

Mark & Monica* Jaszkowski Thomas & Marilyn Kalange Kevin & Chris Kempers Eric & MaryKay Klein Larry* & Barb Kurpiewski Troy & Holly Little Scott, Loretta, & Sophia Madison Doug Manchester Mort & Mara McMillen Carey & Daphne McNeal Richard & Robin Navert In Honor of Tom, Gerry, Monica, & Trish David & Kelly Prezzano John & Melanie Rubocki Tim & Andrea Sawyer Tom & Cookie Sorge Jim & Jan Steele Scott & Tricia Stingley Greg & Kari Strimple David & Kristin Turnbull Peter & Marlene Vaughan David & Robyn Yraguen

Patrons Society $5,000-$9,999

Anonymous Bishop Kelly Parent Association Pape’ Family Foundation STRATA Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing James & Kristin Baumgardner Stan & Ann Bell The Coffman Family Doug & Evelyn Cooper Walt & Jill Czarniecki Greg & Anne Daggett Dave & Keli Elledge Mike & Patty Fery

The Gado Family John & Carrie Hanousek Bill, Celeste & Katie Keller Michael Kirby Larry & Chris Koomler Eric & Lynn LaMott The Leopard Family Charitable Fund Jeff & Katie Lliteras George & Karen Mulhern Derrick & Patty O’Neill Bob & Anette (Tatro) Parks The Pfautsch Family James & Cynthia Prestridge Barron & Kim Ressler Mike Sharpes Clif & Barbara Squires Ray & Linda Stark Justin & Frances Vitrano

Advocates Society $1,000-$4,999 Anonymous (4) Rob & Kate Aravich Michael & Jeanie Badgley Jim & Katie Ball Chad & Lisa Barker Mary Bieter

Bruce & Suzan Belzer Bobby & Lori Biggs Tim & Denise Brennan Kevin & Susan Browning Jim & Ronda Conger Mike & Renee’ Coyle Vic & Ruby deBoer James & Ahnna Dudley Jim & Brenda Elledge John & Laura Gibson Dennis & Vicki Gribble Teresa Amillategui Grimm Rob & Catherine Gundlach John & Carol Hepworth Ed & Stephany Herrera Joel & Marianne Hickman Barbara Hogan Chris & Rachelle Horras Scott & Cheryl Kreiling Doug & Sheri LaMott Cathy Leamy Nathaniel & Kim Meier Erik & Michelle Meyers Louis & Patti Miller Steve & Michele Mings Brian & Trasi Mullin Phil & Anita Murelaga Dale & Kathy Nagy

Mike & Lisa Ranieri John Ritter Ron Sestero Sandra Small Thomas & Francesca Steiner Rick Thomas & Penny Olano-Thomas James & Nancy Van Dinter In Memory of Remie Van Paepeghem, Jr. Very Reverend Dennis Wassmuth

Associates Society $1-$999

Anonymous (3) Mario & Megan Borgna Timothy & Brittany Brady Cliff Brown & Carla Karnes Tom & Gina Burton Frank & Marlene Celsnak Steve & Christina Elwer Joe & Laura Fehringer Alan Fisher Dave & Dani Flanagan Charles, Brett, & Andrew Gardner The G-T’s

James & Diane Gilman Class of 1967 Ben & Katy Harris Gregory & Chris Holmes In Memory of Fr. Wilson Scott & Jennifer Janzer Larry & Chris LaRocco Craig & Sandra Lile Pam Lyda Mark & Tamara Masarik Jim & Mary Ellen Nourse Frances Pentz William & Judy Post Ron & Ann Rowan Paul & Melissa Sadlek Becky Schindele Charles & Lessie Schoenfelder In Memory of Brent Frans, Class of 1978 John & Janet Simonson Suzanne Takasugi Sharon A. Taylor In Honor of Michael Twomey Tom Vitrano & Kristina LaFace Jim & Judith Wolfe Steve & Elise Woodall * Deceased

This listing includes BK2020 gifts as of November 1, 2017. Please contact Bishop Kelly’s Development Office at (208) 947-1325 with corrections, and accept our apologies for any inadvertent omissions.

BK2020 Vision Capital Campaign

45 pa ge

Legacy Society

The Bishop Kelly Legacy Society is a special group of people who

that our Legacy Society members will wear this small token of

believe in Bishop Kelly’s mission and want to ensure its financial

gratitude proudly, knowing that some of the most significant

success for future generations. Legacy Society members have

gifts in Bishop Kelly’s history have been estate gifts. We are

indicated that they plan to remember Bishop Kelly in their will

forever grateful for to our Legacy Society members past and

or estate plan. Each year we honor new members to the Legacy

present, and the legacy they have, and will create at Bishop Kelly.

Society by presenting them with a special Legacy pin. We hope

Legacy Society

46 pa g e

“If the essence

Anonymous Larry & Karen Arguinchona Angel Belaustegui* Kathryn Beumeler* Michael & Julie Byrne Katherine Caron* George* & Marcia Chatalas Marie Uberanga Cranston* Mark & Vickie Daly Harry Daum* Pat & Terry Day* Vince & Lisa Derig Robert & Rita Franklin Clara Geier*

Bernie* & Darlene Gratton Virginia Gray* Msgr. James Hallissey* Larry & Jane Harris* Ron Heffner* Reme Jayo Yturri* Jim & Jeannie Kranz Julie & Mark Lachiondo Tim & Mary Beth LaMott William & Frances Lynch* Bill & Edie Martin Richard & Robin Navert Msgr. Raymond Peplinski*

Fr. Don Riffle* Reguna Sheipe* Mike & Anna Simunich* Kate Spessard Dorothy Stuchlik* Ray & Wini Trapp Mike & Susan Uriquidi Fr. James “Reg” Wilson* Todd Little & Amy Wong-Little Kristi Handley Mike & Gigi Hardy Jack & Patti Walborn

Doug Dodson & Debra Ewan Sandra Small Tom & Cookie Sorge Dave & Keli Elledge Mark & Megan Tverdy Bonnie Haitt Ken & Jean Parker Erik & Jennifer Helgeson Chuck & Debbie Aguirre-Shank Chris & Rachelle Horras Dave & Terri Bruce Kelly & Christina Sullivan *Deceased

Please contact Bishop Kelly’s Development Office at (208) 947-1325 with corrections, and accept our apologies for any inadvertent omissions.

of my being has caused a smile upon your face, or a touch of joy within your heart, then in living I have made

Is This Your Estate Planning Strategy? Consider a Private Estate Planning Consultation Session Bishop Kelly High School and the Bishop Kelly Foundation are sponsoring Private Estate Planning Consultation Sessions

my mark.”

at no cost to friends of Bishop Kelly. The nationally renowned firm of Thompson and Associates provides the Private

– Thomas L.

Estate Planning Consultations.

Odem, Jr.

These sessions can help you: • Establish your net worth and determine if you will be financially secure in retirement. • Help you determine what you will owe the government in taxes, and whether that can be reduced or diverted by making a gift to your favorite charity or charities. You may be able to make a difference – large or small – to those organizations that are important to you!

• Help you determine your legacy to your heirs. Contact Tommy Steiner (, Bishop Kelly Director of Development at (208) 947-1325, or Rita Franklin (, Executive Director of the Bishop Kelly Foundation at (208) 323-4789 for more information.

Calendar of Events November 11.......................Bishop Kelly Foundation Winners Choice Dinner and Auction November 23........................................................... Alumknight Turkey Bowl and Turkey Trot December 12..................................................................................... Music Department Concert December 30.......................................................... Alumknight 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament January 14...............................................................................................Pasta Festa Italian Dinner

Calendar of Events

January 29................................................................................... New Student Information Night February 18......................................................................................... Hallissey Pancake Breakfast March 2...........................................................................................................Service Learning Day March 17...............................................................................................................................Irish Fest March 20.............................................................................................Music Department Concert April 19-22...................................................................................Theater Arts Spring Production May 16 . ...............................................................................................Music Department Concert May 26 . .....................................................................................................Bishop Kelly Graduation August 10-12..........................................................................Reunion Weekend Celebrating the . ..............................................................................Classes of 1978, 1988, 1998, and 2008 September 2018...........................................................................................Class of 1968 Reunion October 5...................................................................... Alumknight and Friends Golf Scramble

47 pa ge

NONPROFIT ORG US Postage PAID Permit #510

Bishop Kelly High School 7009 Franklin Road Boise, ID 83709

For detailed information about BK events check out the Alumni Calendar at

or call the Alumni Office at

(208) 947-1325 Connect with us by opting into @Bishop Kelly our e-newsletter, update your mailing information at the alumni tab on, and find us on: Alumknights Bishop Kelly



2017 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication

2017 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication