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The Magazine for Saint Teresa’s Academy and Bishop Kelly High School

ROUNDTABLE November 2013

Growing Forward Together Achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.

In This Issue: • Power Up, BK’s 1:1 Technology Initiative • Alumni Updates

In this Issue: • Table of Contents • President’s Message ................................................................................. 3 Principal’s Message.................................................................................. 4 Power Up, Bishop Kelly’s 1:1 Technology Initiative ........................... 5 Strategic Plan............................................................................................ 7 The Bishop Kelly Knightbeat................................................................... 9 Faith and Service.................................................................................... 10 Play Like a Champion Today................................................................ 11 2012/2013 Sports Round Up................................................................ 11 BK Softball is All in the Family............................................................ 12 The Sweet Sounds of the Bishop Kelly Choir..................................... 13 Jane Wilson’s IMPACT.......................................................................... 14 The Saint Teresa of Jesus Chapel at BK............................................... 16 Linda Leonard Ambard......................................................................... 18 George Privon......................................................................................... 19 Madeleine Sheils..................................................................................... 20 Reunion Weekend 2013........................................................................ 21 Alumknight Updates............................................................................. 24 The Bishop Kelly Foundation............................................................... 28 2012 Winner’s Choice............................................................................ 30 2013 Annual Report.............................................................................. 33 2013 BK Annual Fund........................................................................... 34 A Values-Based Approach to Estate Planning................................... 36 Foundation Donors............................................................................... 37 Hewlett Parkard Gift In-kind............................................................... 38 We’ve Got BK Spirit!.............................................................................. 38 Calendar of Events................................................................................. 39

Table of Contents

2 p a g e

“We are many parts, we are all one body, and the gifts we have we are given to share.” – Marty Haugen

From the Editor: When I began putting

writing articles it quickly became clear that what people

together this issue of the

wanted to talk about weren’t megabytes and blogs. They

Roundtable, I planned

wanted to share stories of faith, service to others, generosity,

for the overall theme of

and building community.

the magazine to revolve

I set out to write a magazine about technology. What came

around technology and the implementation of BK’s 1:1 initiative. While this finished publication certainly highlights the amazing things happening with

together is a magazine that celebrates our BK Family. Once again I am honored and humbled to help share our story. I hope as you read it you feel as proud as I do to say, “Once a Knight, Always a Knight!”

computers and kids in BK’s classrooms, it is as if the magazine

Katie Kerby

had a mind of its own. As I conducted interviews and began

Director of Alumni Relations and Marketing

Dear Friends of Bishop Kelly, As our team here at Bishop Kelly of faculty, staff and

As for our

administration begins our 50th year as a school, we have

future, we have

much for which to be thankful.

a shared vision

We welcomed a record 725 students to start the 2013/2014

of “a Catholic

school year, an 8% increase over 2012/2013 and the highest enrollment ever for our school. We have a beautiful, renovated, and now totally wireless campus well suited to the requirements of 21st century learning. And, we have launched our Power Up 1:1 Technology Initiative – the first high school in the state of

community achieving excellence in learning, service, and life.” Key to achieving our vision is our culture – what we

Idaho to do so.

believe and how we act. We call it the “BK Way.”

None of this would have been possible without the incredible

This past May we conducted our second annual survey of our

support and efforts of our families, our alumni and our entire Bishop Kelly community! We thank each of you for your commitment and dedication to our mission of “educating and developing the whole student in the Catholic tradition – spirit, mind, and body.” Equally impressive as the support we have experienced has been the accomplishments of our students here at Bishop Kelly. Please allow me to brag a bit about the 142 graduates of the Class of 2013. Here are a few of their statistics: • They contributed over 15,000 hours of service to their community. • 99% of them went on to college, 93% to four-year colleges. • 83% of our graduates received merit-based college scholarship offers totaling more that $15 million. • In athletics, they won 12 out of 18 possible district championships, six state team titles (girls soccer, girls basketball, water polo, hockey, girls golf, girls and boys individual golf, and softball) and six academic state championships. • Most importantly, over 75% of our students participated in co-curricular activities.

students, parents, faculty, and staff about our current BK Way

Letter from the President

culture. Our goal was to have a firm understanding of whether we had made progress in the past year on the values and behaviors we sought to cultivate and perpetuate. I am pleased to tell you that we did make significant progress in many attributes and have work to do in three areas – being the safe and caring place we seek to be, increasing school spirit and fun, and professional development. We are also beginning work on our 50th anniversary of Bishop Kelly with many celebrations coming throughout the next year, beginning with our 50th birthday party on September 1, 2014! We will also begin our strategic planning for the next five years with what we call “BK 2020.” Stay tuned and please join us! In conclusion, I wish to thank you once again for your interest in and commitment to Bishop Kelly. GO KNIGHTS! Kind regards, Rich Raimondi President Bishop Kelly High School

3 pa ge

Greetings Bishop Kelly Community, We hope you are enjoying

and look forward to the new challenges the future will bring to

some beautiful fall weather.

our school.

The summer was a busy

In this academic year, Bishop Kelly will continue to implement

time at Bishop Kelly High School. We spent the season hiring new faculty members, finishing several remodeling projects

Letter from the Principal

including our track and football facilities, refreshing several classrooms, and completing technology upgrades in preparation to welcome our students to the 2013/2014 school year. In August, we welcomed the newest Knights, the BK Class of 2017!

4 p a g e

Help me

to see Jesus in others, and help others to see Jesus in me.

The school year began on a great note with the deployment of our Power Up 1:1 Technology Initiative, connecting how students live and learn in today’s world. There is great enthusiasm from all our students, parents, faculty, and staff for our new academic year. I look forward to another special year at Bishop Kelly High School. We continue to experience strong enrollment growth in our freshman class, as well as continuing to execute our strategic

our focus on the school’s culture in what we call the “The BK Way” made up of eight primary characteristics: Faith, Safe and Caring Place, Academic Excellence, Activities, Honor, Generosity, Community, and Partnerships. We are developing a school culture that champions these core values and defines the future of how our entire school community lives. Living these values will make a tremendous impact on our school; we need your help to make it happen. I firmly believe we have the resolve and determination to continue building on the legacy of excellence at Bishop Kelly, living the BK Prayer in everything we do! On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Bishop Kelly school community for your efforts in our Annual Fund drive. Your financial support will continue to make a significant difference in the daily experience for every student. It is with great pride that we call ourselves Knights from Bishop Kelly High School. Sincerely,

plan in the defined growth areas of curriculum, facilities, programs and personnel. I am very pleased with our progress

Robert R. Wehde Principal, Bishop Kelly High School

Power Up – the 1:1 Technology Initiative at Bishop Kelly High School The students who walk the halls

Bishop Kelly’s Vision Statement, “A Catholic community

of Bishop Kelly today have

achieving excellence in Learning, Service, and Life” guided our

never known a world without

1:1 initiative. The goals for implementing blended learning at

email, Google, social media, cell

BK came out of our Strategic Plan as well as educational best

phones, and other technologies


that seem relatively new to their parents and grandparents. Outside of school they use technology to connect in ways that are creative, collaborative, adaptive, and efficient. But

• To close the gap between the way students are living and learning (21st century skills) • To differentiate and individualize instruction • To make learning collaborative: not just teacher-to-student, but also student-to-student, and student-to-teacher • To assist students with special learning needs • To make learning interactive

instead of tapping into those skills and resources as learning

• To make classroom resources more accessible and efficient

tools here at school, for years we have essentially asked our

• To increase communication between teacher, student, and

students to “power down” when they walk through to doors of Bishop Kelly each morning. Imagine how complicated it would be for most professionals to do their jobs effectively without a computer or access to the rich resources available online. Now imagine the powerful tool that technology can become in our classrooms if teachers and students use personal electronic devices to tap into those same resources throughout their school day. We all recognize that technology is, and will continue to be, a driving force in schools, workplaces, communities, and our personal lives in the 21st century. That is why we at Bishop Kelly High School have chosen to Power Up our students’ education

1:1 Technology Initiative

5 pa ge

parents • To provide resources and opportunities for faith enrichment • To prepare students for college. As these goals illustrate, technology is one more tool our teachers can use to enhance their current curriculum and increase the collaboration and interaction with students. Implementing blended learning school-wide didn’t happen overnight. One of the strategies from Bishop Kelly’s first Strategic Plan, launched in 2005, was to “review, analyze, and respond to input on technology and its role in maximizing student learning.” Exploring blended learning opportunities and building

by launching the 1:1 technology initiative. 1:1 (read as “one to one”) simply means that each student at Bishop Kelly now has their own laptop computer or notepad in the classroom, making the person to device ratio 1:1. The vision for Bishop Kelly’s 1:1 technology initiative is to provide an enriched technology environment designed to ensure maximum learning opportunities for all students so they may become effective communicators and responsible collaborators in the 21st century. At BK, we call this “blended learning.” Blended learning is a teaching method that combines traditional classroom instruction with online or mobile learning activities.

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Power Up ... continued from page 5

the infrastructure necessary to support technology campus-wide has been a priority at BK for nearly a decade. In 2008 Bishop Kelly invested significant dollars to become a wireless campus and to install projectors that bring the internet to the whiteboard in nearly every classroom in our facility. Forty-five laptops were made available for teachers to reserve for specific classroom projects. Three computer labs were

1:1 Technology Initiative

established on campus, and the library was equipped with 14 desktop computers for student use. Additionally, interactive whiteboards called “Smart Boards” that work with the teacher’s computer to enhance classroom teaching were installed in several classrooms. Bishop Kelly also chose to implement the popular Learning Management System Blackboard. Blackboard

6 p a g e

gives students and parents access to virtual classrooms 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While each of these investments in our technology infrastructure made significant strides toward achieving blended learning, they were limited by availability, which made it difficult for teachers to truly integrate the power of technology into their daily curriculum. So after eight years of researching, preparing, and planning, Bishop Kelly was ready to Power Up our school this fall. On August 15, more than 720 students arrived on campus with a laptop or tablet in hand, ready to begin the 2013/2014 school year. Our 1:1 launch made for a few hectic days for our IT staff, but overall was very successful. Just a few weeks into school you can see the impact this initiative is making as you walk down the hallway during the school day.

In Bobbie Shea’s English classes, students are using their electronic devices to help enrich their literature curriculum. For example, when Mrs. Shea’s students read the poem, “The Ballad of Birmingham” about the infamous attack on the 16th Street Baptist Church, Shea makes archived news coverage of the bombing available via Blackboard. Similar enrichment tools are being used in history and theology classes as well. Math teacher Chad Barker has been providing help for his students by creating videos to assist them with their homework. Barker picks three to six of the most difficult homework problems each day and creates a video of himself solving those equations. The video is posted online so that his students have access to homework help 24/7. Barker’s classes are also using the popular Khan Academy website to review for tests and quizzes. Students are given a list of topics to complete online. When they are done, the Khan site tells Barker which students are struggling, which students need practice, and which students have mastered the specific skills. This information helps Barker plan his classroom instruction, and tells him which students need more help before an exam. Students are even using their devices in the art studio to research famous artists, search for inspiration online, or to watch YouTube videos about advanced techniques. Everywhere you look at Bishop Kelly you can find students using technology to enrich their school day. 1:1 is allowing Bishop Kelly students to learn beyond the limits of their classrooms. The rich resources of the internet are literally at their fingertips.

An Update on Bishop Kelly’s Strategic Plan By Rich Raimondi, President

In the fall of 2010, the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance adopted the school’s second five-year strategic plan. The first plan, covering the years 2005-2010, and led by former president David Lachiondo in partnership with the Bishop Kelly Foundation, truly transformed our school. This enabled the school to modernize and update the entire campus and infrastructure, and to triple the Foundation’s endowment. We have just completed the third year of our current plan

• Faculty/staff satisfaction – over 90% of our faculty and staff gave Bishop Kelly favorable ratings in our faculty/staff survey. • In 2013 BK implemented the Power Up 1:1 Technology Initiative that leads the state in blended learning adoption and integration. In support of that initiative BK worked over several years to build a state of the art wireless campus and technology infrastructure. • Adoption of “The BK Way” – in 2012 BK began an

(2010-2015) and our focus has been on excellence. Our vision of

intentional effort to create, promote, and live the culture

“a Catholic community achieving excellence in learning, service,

we desire.

and life” is built on the foundation of our mission of “educating the whole student in the Catholic tradition – spirit, mind, and body.” I am happy to report that we have made excellent progress toward our vision these past three years – with lots more to do.

• Established stronger connections with our Saint Teresa’s and Bishop Kelly Alumni – hosted the first All Class Saint Teresa’s Reunion in 2012, began a coordinated reunion weekend for Bishop Kelly classes celebrating “zero year” reunions,

Highlights of the first three years of our current strategic

launched a quarterly “@Bishop Kelly” e-newsletter, committed

plan include:

to producing the Roundtable Magazine annually, honored

• Exceptional student learning outcomes: Bishop Kelly

and recognized our STA alumni with the naming of the Saint

students’ SAT and ACT scores are in the top 10% nationally

Teresa of Jesus Chapel,

and lead the state of Idaho, our students are posting record

and began hosting

high GPAs, we have achieved 99% college go-on rates, and

alumni tailgates at every

our students have received record merit based scholarship

home football game.

offers (over $15 million offered to 83% of the senior class.) • BK has experienced enrollment growth of over 16% in the

spiritual environment with the hiring of a

overall, and a record freshman class of 202 students in the

full-time Campus

fall of 2013.

Minister, increased the

gave Bishop Kelly favorable ratings in our parent survey.

7 pa ge

• Strengthened our

past three years, with a record enrollment of 724 students

• Parent satisfaction – more than 88% of our current parents

Strategic Plan

priestly presence on campus, formed a Board of Governance committee on spirituality, improved the retreat program, and increased the opportunities for students to attend Mass at BK, and enhanced the Challenger program. • Won over 18 state athletic titles and 20 state academic championships in the past three years, while focusing on increasing participation (we now have over 75% of our students involved in an activity), and developed handbooks and training for coaches, parents, and students so that everyone involved in activities is aligned with our mission and culture. • Moved from a culture of fundraising, to a culture of philanthropy by implementing a coordinated Bishop Kelly Annual Fund and eliminating nearly 20 small fundraisers that were a drain on our community’s time and resources. Launched an estate planning program.

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... continued from page 7

• Developed the “BK 2020 Vision” master site plan – over the next seven years we will upgrade and expand our facilities and infrastructure to enable us to better serve all who wish to come to BK, and to prepare our students for the 21st century skills they will need. • Strengthened compensation for our faculty and staff such that they are paid among the leaders in the state and have creative and aligned incentives to encourage excellence and As we come to the halfway mark of the school year, and the

teamwork. • Improved collaboration and partnerships with all key stakeholders (parishes, Catholic elementary schools, Diocese, alumni, parents, faculty/staff, and students) and the broader Treasure Valley community.

8 pa g e

• Strengthened the Bishop Kelly brand through innovative marketing, social media presence, launch of the upgraded BK website, and by engaging parents, staff, and students in

fourth year of the current strategic plan, we are committed to improving in each of these areas. If the first few months of school are any indication we have already made strides. The intentional steps we took to start the school year in a fun and inspiring way have paid off in student satisfaction, parent engagement, and a positive and cohesive work environment for our faculty and staff. As we continue to work on our focus areas, we invite the BK

telling our story. While we as a community have achieved a great deal these past three years, there is always more work that can be done if we are to achieve excellence. Simply put, we must continue to get better in all that we do. Our focus areas for the 2013/2014 school year are: 1. BK is acknowledged as a safe, caring, and compassionate place 2. Each student achieves personal academic excellence 3. Continued investment and growth in faith development 4. Enhance and promote the culture of philanthropy and generosity 5. Increase school spirit and fun 6. Improve professional and personal development

Community to get involved. There are many ways that you can actively participate in helping us achieve excellence. Volunteer your time at Bishop Kelly, participate in our Annual Fund, wear your BK colors with pride, share your BK story with friends, attend an athletic or social event, and pray for our students, faculty, and staff. Each member of our community plays an important role in our success. Thank you for your continued support of Bishop Kelly!

The Bishop Kelly Knightbeat Students in the digital media

journalist who hopes to get some experience in that field while

class at BK are working hard

he’s still in high school. He’s excited about the new digital format

to cover all the news and

because he sees printed newspapers as a dying media. “The

events that interest Bishop

internet allows the public to be instantly up to date on important

Kelly students. With so much

news,” says Lodge.

happening on campus, around

The team members’ journalistic interests vary. So far their

town, and even in neighboring states, the team of young journalists is in constant motion. White boards with story ideas line the walls of their tech-heavy classroom. Students with laptops collaborate on articles before heading out on assignment. This year, because of the Knightbeat’s new digital format, the reporters can choose to produce their story in written or video

favorite articles have been about rock concerts, personal interviews with faculty members, movie reviews, and building projects in Downtown Boise. They love to see their work instantly published, and are looking forward to the internet allowing them to interact more with their readers. They are hoping that more Alumni and past parents will read the Knightbeat online, so check it out and leave a comment on your favorite article!

format. The finished articles and videos are then published at where the entire BK Family has an opportunity to see their work. Publishing the school newspaper for the entire world to see has advisor Paul Wardwell cautioning the students to double and triple check their spelling and grammar. It’s a real

9 pa ge

BK Trivia

world lesson with immediate consequences. But these students


are excited to step up to the challenge.

Q. What is

Garrett Lodge, a senior, is the editor of the Knightbeat this year. He, like several other students in the class, is an aspiring

Commemorative Yearbook

Bishop Kelly’s official Birthday?

In honor of the class of 2014 being Bishop Kelly’s 50th graduating class; and in anticipation of BK’s 50th birthday in September of 2014 and the yearlong celebration that will follow, the Kelligan staff is working on a special yearbook for the 2013/2014 school year. In addition to their regular coverage of the year’s classes, clubs, teams, and events, the yearbook staff is incorporating a historical look at BK’s

The first day of Answer:

start at $65.

school at

home page. Prices for the 2013/2014 Kelligan

Bishop Kelly

“Find My School Store” button at the top of the

was on and click on the

September 1,

edition of the Kelligan online. Just visit


first 50 years. Anyone can order this special

Faith and Service Since 1999, Bishop Kelly High School has been offering a summer service immersion experience for rising seniors. The trip is a chance for approximately 50 BK students to respond to Jesus’ call to feed, clothe, comfort, teach, and help “the least of my brothers and sisters.” In recent years, participating students have spent a week in New Orleans rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. They have an opportunity to meet and work alongside the people who will be living in the houses they are helping rebuild. The residents share their stories and their lives with our

10 pa g e

Monica – Getting to meet the homeowner, and seeing her excitement when she saw the work that was being done in the house made me want give her the best work that I could do.

students, bridging the gap between “manual labor” and “service

In what ways was this trip difficult?

to others.”

Robby – The hardest part for me was the food. We were eating

While in New Orleans the Bishop Kelly students are housed at the St. Jude’s Community Center, where they sleep in modest bunkhouses and eat the very simple meals that are also served in the adjoining soup kitchen. Three BK seniors – Sage Vincent, Robby Degen, and Monica Daggett – tell you about their summer service trip experience in their own words: Why did you want to participate in the Service Trip to New Orleans this summer? Sage – I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Being across the country, working in those conditions, spending time at the homeless shelter…that was a learning experience that also gave me a

meals at the shelter, so there wasn’t a lot of food and it wasn’t the same kind of food as I eat at home. We were doing all that physical work, and I was hungry all the time. It made me appreciate that hunger is not something that I deal with in my regular life. But the people we met at the shelter live like that every day. I am even more appreciative of all that I have now. Sage – I felt really separated from my family on this trip. I didn’t have my phone to talk to my parents, I was eating food from a homeless shelter, and definitely not sleeping in my own bed. It made me understand a little bit more about what the people who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina were going through, and made me appreciate my life in Boise.

chance to help someone else.

Monica – When we talk about “doing without,” what I felt more

Monica – I am really passionate about

than anything was that our need for human interaction sort of

service, and serving with my friends is one of my favorite ways to participate. It creates a bond with the other people you are serving with. Tell me about meeting the homeowner who you were helping. Robby – Meeting the homeowner was really inspiring. She had been through two hurricanes, and also lost her leg in a drive by shooting. She was so positive. She turned to God for everything, which was really inspiring because she had been through so much. Sage – Every day the family we were helping would bring us food and make sure that we were happy. They were taking care of us while we were taking care of them.

transcends that. When you’re hungry, you can get through that when you have another person to be hungry with you. But those moments where I felt alone in New Orleans, or where I saw other people feeling alone and I couldn’t reach them, it made me understand that isolation is humanity’s greatest pain. Would you like to go on another service trip someday? Robby – I would love to go on another service trip. I really enjoyed doing this trip in the United States. I think sometimes we overlook the people in this country who need help. Sage – I’m not going to say that I loved it, but I don’t think that’s the point. Getting yourself out of your comfort zone to help someone else, and getting to feel a little bit of the pain that they have been feeling helps them to not feel so alone. I would definitely do that again. Monica – I don’t think there’s a way to connect with the world without getting out into it, and I don’t think that there is any greater act of love than serving others. As part of my “rent” that I pay on this earth I will always have a need to serve others.

Play Like a Champion Today By Scott Coulter, Activities Director

In 2006, F. Clark Power, a professor of psychology and education

throughout a season.

at Notre Dame University, developed a program to combat what

In the Spring of 2014,

he felt is a growing crisis in youth sports. Power was concerned

Lynn Kachmarik of

about the win-at-all-costs mentality, misguided pressure on

the University of Notre

young athletes, cheating, bullying, and “sports rage” that he saw

Dame will be here at

on the playing field. His program, Play Like a Champion Today,

Bishop Kelly to conduct

is focused on training administrators, coaches, and parents to

a Coaches Clinic, a

develop ethically responsible sports leaders, and to promote

leadership workshop

character development through sports.

for our student athletes, and a Parent Like a Champion Today

We have chosen to implement the Play Like A Champion

workshop for BK parents. Our goal is to continue to positively

Today program at BK to empower our coaches to have an even greater positive impact on the student athletes they work with

impact the culture of sport here at Bishop Kelly, and to improve the sports experience for all of our student athletes.

11 pa ge

2012/2013 Athletic Round Up Bishop Kelly High School is proud to have brought home six State Championship trophies for the

GO Knights!

2012/2013 school year. They are: Girls Soccer, Water Polo, Girls Basketball, Hockey, Girls Golf, and Softball. In addition, BK won Academic State Championships for Boys and Girls Soccer, Football, Wrestling, Golf and Softball. A special shout out goes to our Varsity Girls Basketball Team for bringing home their first ever state banner! Congratulations Lady Knights! We are also proud to share that five individual State Championships were won. In the spring of 2013 Hailey Nist

Above: Individual Golf State Champions Hunter Ostrum and Hailey Nist Left: BK Girls Golf Team – Academic and 4A Golf State Champions

and Hunter Ostrum won individual titles in Golf. The girls relay team of Maddie Minnaert, Tatum McGee, Callie Falash, and Michaela Piechowski brought home a state championship title in the 4 x 200m relay. Maddie Minnaert won the individual 4A state track championship in the long jump, Mikaela Sawyer won in the 300m hurdles, and Neal Murphy took the state championship title in the Discus.

Above: BK Wrestling Academic State Champions Right: BK Girls Softball Team – Academic and 4A State Softball Champions

Above: BK Girls Soccer Team – Academic and 4A State Soccer Champions

12 pa g e

Front Row (R to L) Gabi Harrington, Jenna Strop, Jenny Falkner, Taylor Falkner, and Emily Twohig. Back Row: Asst. Coach Micah Huttash, Sydney Engelhardt, Sheridan Meyer, Coach Tom Antonoplos, Asst. Coach Steve Mings, Morgan Mings, Cece Pratt, Delaney Atkins, Lilya Imbriani, Asst. Coach Wes Worrell, and Asst. Coach Nicole Huttash.

BK Softball is All in the Family The Bishop Kelly Softball Team is a shining example of student athletes who

represent the values of BK on and off the field. The 2013 Conference, District, and State Champions were complimented not only for their winning abilities, but for their courteousness and sportsmanship throughout the season. Not only that, this outstanding group of young women brought home the Academic State Championship as well. Way to go Lady Knights! We are proud to have you representing us to the entire state of Idaho! And here’s another fun fact about the softball team … Coach Tom Antonoplos and his assistant coach Nicole (Antonoplos) Huttash, ’06, are the first father/daughter coaching team in BK softball history. Nicole played softball for BK under Coach Worrell and helped win three State Championships for BK. She went on to play at the collegiate level, and then returned to Boise where she works as a school nurse in the Meridian School District.

The Sweet Sounds of the Bishop Kelly Choir Bishop Kelly is excited to provide the students participating in Choir with the opportunity to travel to a world class music festival this spring. The nine members of the BK Choir are traveling to Seattle in March to perform at the Heritage Music Festival. This festival is designed to give high school students a taste of what it’s like to perform in a state of the art facility, in front of a large audience. BK’s Choir Director Lisa Cooper, feels that BK’s participation in the Heritage Festival is important, because it gives the kids a goal to work toward. “It challenges them to be the best they can be,” Cooper says. “This festival gives them a sense of This year’s choir is small, but mighty. The two sopranos, three altos, two tenor, and two bass vocalists each have prior experience singing in a choral group, but most of the class is experiencing being a part of BK’s Choir for the first time. They are all enjoying the experience.

13 pa ge

community, camaraderie, and pride.”

regardless of whether or not I’m very great at it. I wanted to have something fun and creative in my schedule. I really love this

“I really like the people who are in the Choir with me,” says


Nikki Jensen, a junior who also plays in the band. “I love to sing,

“Choir is an inspirational place,” adds sophomore Garrett Boesiger. “You can express yourself in new and interesting ways and have a good time with your friends.” Both students, along with the rest of the Choir, are looking forward to the trip to Seattle. Until then, the Choir is preparing for several performances here at BK. To hear selections from their fall performance, use your smart phone to scan the QR code to the right.

Jane Wilson’s IMPACT

14 p a g e

Jane Wilson first came to Bishop Kelly in 1977. “A friend told me that BK was the best place to teach in the Treasure Valley,” Wilson remembers. “The problem was that Bishop Kelly already had an art teacher, Sister Benita.” As far as Wilson could tell, there wasn’t much hope that the position would become available. Fortunately for Wilson, and for thousands of her future students, Sister Benita had always wanted to teach Spanish. And so began a 34 year adventure teaching art at BK.

wanted to honor Wilson for the impact she made on her own life as an artist, as well as

Some of Wilson’s most memorable BK moments have happened

the many “artistic offspring” who left BK to go on to careers in

when she has taken groups of students out into the community

creative fields.

to paint murals. “There’s something about the cohesiveness of the group, and the fact that we are using our talents to help someone else that makes it really special.” Wilson’s students have created murals all over Boise, including the Saint Mark’s Food Bank, Corpus Christi House, the women’s room at the Interfaith Sanctuary, and the WCA.

“I discovered a deep joy for learning how to make things in Jane’s class,” says Stackle. “For the first time, I felt like I could express a side of myself I had never before found an outlet for in school. Jane has planted thousands of seeds in her years as a teacher, and in putting together the IMPACT show, I wanted to reveal to her a glimpse of the beautiful gardens that are growing all over the world, due

As for students who stand out,

to her thoughtful

Wilson says there are too many

and inspiring work.”

to name. So many, in fact, that a group of BK Alumni chose to honor Wilson with an exhibition last fall. The show titled “IMPACT: The Legacy of Art Educator Jane Wilson” was the brainchild of Tricia Stackle, ’97. Stackle, an artist and art educator who currently lives and works in Seattle,

More than 30 BK Alumni participated in the exhibition, showcasing their work as painters, sculptors, graphic artists,

To see more of the art displayed at the IMPACT exhibit go to www.impact-jane-wilson. photographers, and more. Wilson displayed three paintings and two ceramic sculptures as well. “There are artists who were in the show who brought me to tears because they told me that their experience in art class at BK changed their life,” Wilson said. “At the time I didn’t know what an impact it had on them.” We are thrilled that Jane is back at Bishop Kelly after a three year stint in Spokane due to a job transfer for her husband Rich. “I produced a lot of art in the last three years,” Wilson said upon her return to BK. “In fact I always thought that my dream would be to be a studio artist, but I realized that I’m too social. I didn’t feel like I was contributing to anybody except myself. When you’ve been teaching for a long time you get used to giving. It felt selfish. I missed teaching. I missed BK.” We missed you too Jane! Welcome back.

15 pa ge

The Saint Teresa of Jesus Chapel at BK

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The Bishop Kelly community has been working hard over the last year and a half to reconnect with the Saint Teresa’s branch of our Alumni Family Tree. We hosted our first All Class STA Reunion in June of 2012, and welcomed these treasured alumni home to Bishop Kelly. The friendships we have formed with our Saint Teresa’s grads are very special to all of us here at Bishop Kelly. As a community we wanted to honor that connection with something visible and permanent. After much research we discovered that the Chapel at Bishop Kelly has never had an official name. So with many Saint Teresa’s Alumni in attendance we celebrated Mass on April 24th, 2013 and officially blessed the Chapel in honor of Saint Teresa of Jesus. Our Saint Teresa’s community responded by purchasing a beautiful hand carved statue of Saint Teresa of Jesus which has been permanently installed in the Chapel. Each time we walk through the doors of the Saint Teresa of Jesus Chapel here at Bishop Kelly, we honor our long legacy of Catholic education in the Treasure Valley!

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“Prayer is

the doorway through which God’s greatest gifts enter our soul.” – Saint Teresa of Jesus

Linda Leonard Ambard, ’79 I was married to my military husband for 23 years – I wish it

forget my last cognizant memory of that day. I fell to my knees

had been 23 more.

keening. As I did, the thought that flashed across my being was

He was an immigrant from Venezuela who came to the states

how could I claim to have faith if in my darkest hours I turn

at 12 not speaking a word of English. He joined our military

Alumni Spotlight

for citizenship at 18. I met him when I was the manager of the


Mountain Home AFB swimming pool. We eloped after four

Has it been easy? No. I was a military spouse my entire adult

months of dating.

life. Home was a person, not a place. Lifelong friends and

Phil worked his way up from the very bottom, and after 16 years

family didn’t know what to say, thus the relationships ended

enlisted, got his commission. He had just completed his PhD at DU five days prior to deploying. Phil volunteered to deploy, believing that education, compassion, and help would change

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from God? I chose to fall into my faith and it has made all of the

lives. He befriended a high ranking Afghan military officer,

or were forever altered. My own children, all five of them out of the house, have all changed. I have four children serving in the military and one that is not military. It was as if the fun was sucked out of our family and our innocence lost that day. We are

trusted him, and then was assassinated by him on the 27th of

finding our way back to a “new normal” – I hate that term.

April 2011.

I have seen blessings fall down and mercies come. I have said

On that day, I was teaching. When my principal came to get me,

from the start and I say it still, “It is well, it is well with my soul.”

I thought I was losing my job because my school district had

I choose life, pink polka dots, and bubbles because the assassin

essentially declared bankruptcy and certain positions were being

cannot have me too and I know the whole story isn’t over.

cut. I had volunteered to be the one to be let go because I knew

My story, is this. I have written a book, Courageously Alive – A

that when Phil came home that there was a good chance that

Walk Through Military Loss. I write and speak about my faith,

we would be moving. I followed him up the hall chatting. When

resilience, and my military family all over the United States.

I saw the media trucks, I thought that I would have to give an

For those of you that knew me as that crazy runner girl at

interview about losing my job. Little did I know what waited for me. The media had figured out who the fallen soldier was before I was notified.

BK – I am still her. I have run 75 marathons and I will complete a marathon in all 50 states this spring. I am the girl who was running the Boston Marathon this past April when a terrorist

When I got to the office, the phones were ringing, the naughty

once again sought to take something from me. I cannot let

kids were leaving, and everyone was staring at me. I thought that

terrorism take any more from me. I run to remember and I

everyone but me knew I was being fired. When my principal

run to be happy.

ducked into the nurse’s office, I saw the sea of blue uniforms and

– Linda

I heard those words ... “I regret to inform you ...” I will never

George Privon, ’02 In May of 2012 Astronomers at NASA announced that the Milky Way galaxy is on a collision course with our nearest neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. Simulations show that the collision would result in the flinging of stars into new orbits, and the merging of the two galaxies. This cosmic mashup is likely to have an interesting impact on our little corner

Alumni Spotlight

of the universe. But fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on how much of a thrill seeker you are – none of us will be around to see it. According to Astronomer George Privon, ’02, “Your plans for the weekend are safe.” The collision of these two galaxies won’t happen for about four billion of Astronomy at the University of Virginia, spends his time researching more distant galaxy collisions. He spent the spring and summer of 2013 at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at Caltech, specifically researching 20 pairs of galaxies that are currently colliding. “The stars in galaxies are so far apart that none of them actually collide, they essentially pass by one another. Eventually the galaxies kind of do this dance around each other and finally coalesce into a single galaxy.” A galaxy collision can take up to a billion years to complete. The result is galaxies changing shape, size, and color; and the creation of millions of new stars. Observing these cosmic occurrences via simulations and telescope images is what keeps Privon employed as a full-time graduate research assistant funded by the University of Virginia and the National Science Foundation. “I’m at a computer all the time,” says Privon. “It’s an interface between observational astronomy and theoretical astronomy. There are lots of people who are looking at images of colliding galaxies, and a few people who do computer simulations of

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years. Privon, a graduate student in the Department

colliding galaxies. They broadly have a nice story that explains what’s going on, but there hasn’t been much direct comparison between the models and the simulation. I’m helping to create that bridge.” When he isn’t at his computer, Privon is actively involved in making quality science and astronomy programs available to school aged children. He visits elementary and middle school classrooms to talk about astronomy, participates in live webcasts to schools from world-class telescope facilities, gives tours of observatories, and trains teachers how to use telescopes in their classrooms as part of the CLUSTER telescope loan program. Privon lights up when he talks about sharing astronomy with interested kids. “Even with binoculars you can look at interesting things in the night sky. And there are many resources online where you can learn about and participate in astronomy.” Websites like Galaxy Zoo invite people to become “citizen scientists” as they help identify and catalog the massive amount of imagery coming from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Related projects on the Zooniverse Web Portal allow volunteers to help explore the surfaces of Mars and the Moon, find planets around stars, and assist in understanding how stars form. The data collected from these various volunteer run projects has led to several scientific discoveries, and dozens of scientific papers. “There is so much for kids who are interested in astronomy to see and learn,” says Privon. With George Privon’s enthusiasm about astronomy and his efforts to engage kids, a whole new generation of young scientists is sure to discover their love of learning about the ever expanding universe.

Madeleine Sheils, ’08

Madeleine Sheils, ’08, is on the road to the LPGA –

literally. In August alone, the former Idaho State Junior Golf Champion and three-time NGCA Scholastic AllAmerican at the University of Nebraska logged nearly 3,000 miles by car, and thousands more by air, traveling to tournaments from Palm Harbor, Florida, to Portland, Oregon. Sheils is a professional on the Symetra Tour, which is the official development tour for young women

Alumni Spotlight

aspiring to a career on the LPGA. Despite Sheils’ lifelong love affair with golf, becoming a pro wasn’t always her dream. It wasn’t until her senior year at the University of Nebraska that she decided to try her hand at professional golf. “The NCAA loves

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“If you

watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.” – Bob Hope

to remind us ‘There are over 400,000 NCAA studentathletes, and most of us will go pro in something other than sports.’” says Sheils. “I decided to prove those commercials wrong.” Life on the Symetra tour has had its ups and downs. Sheils has had great rounds, like her T-9th finish in Mesa, Arizona, in February. But she’s also had some missed cuts, and a few gritty comebacks. Through it all, she continues to learn and grow. “There is truly no substitute for experience,” says Sheils. “I am learning how to manage nerves, anxiety, exhaustion, excitement, and other emotions as they come. I know that this is an ongoing process. The game will never stop demanding adjustment and improvement.”

training for the mental side of golf as well. “I practice meditation at home in order to quiet my mind and remain in the present during tournament play. I also write down goals, visualize, and reflect on my performance. Reminding myself that golf is just a

To keep herself in top shape as a professional athlete, Sheils

game, and expressing gratitude for every facet of life are keys to

relies on strength training for power and speed in her swing,

keeping the game in perspective.”

and yoga to keep her flexible. She calls yoga “a form of rehab for all the wear and tear caused by travel.” Sheils spends time

Sheils competed in her two final events on the 2013 Symetra tour at the end of September. From there she returned to Stage II Q-School where she earned the opportunity to advance to Stage III in Daytona Beach, Florida. She’ll play December 4th – 8th for a chance to earn her LPGA card. You can follow Sheils on her road to the LPGA on her website:


Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

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Reunion Weekend Reunion Weekend

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unspeakably the lengthening of memories in common endears our old friends! – George Eliot


Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend

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Alumni Updates 2 Alumknight Updates

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1 3


We want to

hear from you! To submit photos for the next issue of the Roundtable email alumni@ or contact the



Alumni Office at 947-1325.

1) Kristen (Konzek) Britton, ’05; Maegan (Reilly) Krahn, ’05; and Erin Murray, ’05; at The Color Run in Boise 2) Four out five of the Jones sisters at a wedding reception.

4) Luke Cavener, ’99, with his son Gunner Cavener (future Knight, Class of ’25) on his first day of 1st grade. 5) Becca Patrick, ’13; Emily Major, ’13; and Olivia Sarabia,

From left to right Kathy, Ellen, Elizabeth, and Leslie all

’13; show off their new sorority letters at the University

attended BK in the late 70s and early 80s

of Idaho.

3) MM3 Mark Younce, USN, ’10, with his mother Julie at his graduation from Nuclear Power School in June of 2013. Petty Officer Younce will be heading to sea in the coming months. We wish him well and thank him for his service!

6) Zoey Abigail Aipperspach, daughter of Sami Jo (Fritz) Aipperspach, ’01; and Josh Aipperspach.


Alumknight Updates

2 3


4 1) In May of 2013, Sarah Belmont, ’06, earned her Wings

(Jaszkowski) LaMott, ’05; and grandparents Monica and

of Gold at Naval Air Station Jacksonville in Jacksonville,

Mark Jaszkowski, at the baptism of Declan LaMott, ’31.

Florida. This signifies that she is now a designated Naval

Mark is BK’s Director of Development.

Flight Officer in the United States Navy. Her next duty assignment will be on Whidbey Island, Washington, flying with squadron VQ-1. 2) Michael Robert Vandewater, son of Nicole (Siron) Vandewater, ’99, and grandson of BK Theology teacher Jan Siron. 3) Sara Jaszkowski, ’07; Nick LaMott, ’04; Amanda

4) Theodore Henry Neve, son of Megan (Johans) Neve, ’07, and Gustav Neve. 5) George Doerr, ’66, and his wife Kathie are the parents of four children and six grandchildren. They live in Hercules, California. This is George holding his newest grandchild Levi while attending the preschool graduation for his granddaughter Maya.

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Alumknight Updates


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5 Wedding Bells

6 1) Tori Tverdy, ’07, and Luke Waitrovich, July 2013. The couple met at Gonzaga University. Tori is employed by Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Luke teaches at Valley Catholic School in Beaverton, Oregon. 2) Siblings Connor Lineberger, ’10; Jenna (Lineberger) Haynes, ’05; and Regan Lineberger, ’07; pose together at Jenna’s wedding to Kevin Haynes in August 2013. 3) LeAnne Zamzow, ’03, and Patrick Brandenburg on their wedding day in

September 2013. 4) Daughter of BK President Rich Raimondi, Megan Raimondi, ’03, and Adam Musser on the day of their wedding celebration in Cleveland in September 2012. 5) Martha Ann Maus, ’98, and Phillip McDowell on their wedding day in June, 2013. 6) Flashback fun … Alumna Kiara (Dailey) Link, ’07, and her husband Devin just celebrated their 3rd anniversary. They are pictured here on their wedding day in 2010.



Alumknight Updates

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5 1) Flashback fun … Alumna Ashley (Lindstrom) Nalder,

6 4) Burke Tighe Brewer, son of Maureen (Shea) Brewer, ’02,

’03, and her husband Richard are still happy after all these

and Ryan Brewer, and grandson of BK English teacher

years. This photo is from their wedding day in 2007.

Bobbie Shea.

2) Sarah (Galinato) Gerrish, ’95, lives in Boise with Alejandro (3), her husband Winslow, and Liam (8 mo.). Sarah is a family physician for St. Lukes. 3) Peter Privon, ’05; Anna (Sansotta) Bruno, ’05; Nick, ’04;

5) Caite (Wickham) Choichios, ’98, with her husband Tim and their kids Adam and Laura. 6) BK Varsity Football players suit up their moms at the BK Foundation Ladies’ Football Clinic this fall. Hunter

and Declan, ’31 LaMott; Amanda (Jaszkowski) LaMott,

and Debi Irwin, Patti and Dominic Fery, Robby and Kim

’05; Erin Murray, ’05; and Katy (Brinnegar) Privon, ’05, at

Degan, and Lori and Bowen Ogata.

a mini BK reunion in Boise in June 2013.

Foundation News From left to right: Terry, ’77 and Jennifer McEntee, Tim LaMott, and Jennifer and Pat McEntee after the McEntee’s were presented with the Order of the Knight award.

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“Receive God’s

gifts gratefully, cultivate them

The Bishop Kelly Foundation “I would like to send a sincere

Named Scholarships

thank you for the money I’ve received for this upcoming

The Father Donald J. Riffle Foundation for Bishop Kelly Scholarship

school year. The past three years at Bishop Kelly have shaped the person I have

The Father Dodgson Memorial Scholarship

become and have prepared me for the career I hope to


pursue. I have always been

share them

aware of the importance of my education and could not be more grateful for the opportunity to receive it from such an

lovingly in

amazing school. People like you have helped my dream come

justice with

true of getting into college. BK is filled with the best teachers,

others, and return them with increase to the Lord.”

the kindest students, and the brightest environment. There is no other place I would have chosen to go. Without your help, it never would have been possible.” – Noelle Quong, Junior, recipient of a Father Wilson Memorial Scholarship At the Bishop Kelly Foundation, we have been blessed with hundreds of letters such as the one cited above. In addition to our general endowment, which spins off income for our annual grant to the school, the Foundation’s scholarship endowments have provided additional funding for tuition assistance. Named funds can be established in memory of a loved one, and additional donations are often made by friends and family to those funds. The Foundation also manages a general scholarship fund, which receives regular

The Father Wilson Memorial Scholarship The John and Ruby Basabe Memorial Scholarship The Merle W. LaMott and Doretta LaMott Family Scholarship The Michael Connolly Memorial Scholarship The Robin W. Raymond Memorial Scholarship The Nick Ysursa Memorial Scholarship* Friends of Bishop Kelly Track and Field and Friends of Bishop Kelly Cross Country Bicandi-Aldecoa Scholarship

The Hank McDonald Scholarship Lois Bruce Memorial Scholarship Pat and Eloise Bieter Memorial Scholarship The Fran Wickham Memorial Scholarship The Angel Scholarship Fund The Zac McClain Memorial Lacrosse Scholarship: This newly endowed fund has just been established in memory of Zac McClain, ’09, to provide scholarships for Boys’ Lacrosse equipment costs. As with all our funds, memorial gifts are gratefully accepted. * This scholarship is not endowed and will require additional funding to continue. Donations are gratefully accepted.

donations from anyone who is interested in contributing to that endowment. Unless otherwise specified, these accounts are established to last in perpetuity, generating enough income for tuition assistance while still appreciating in value.

Many friends and alumni of BK will recognize the above names associated with the scholarship accounts managed by the Foundation. For more information about each of these funds, visit the Foundation website at

In addition, the Foundation manages the Sally Glynn Memorial

students: John and Joan Carley, Dick and Jody Mooney, Cheryl

Scholarship, another endowed fund, which was established

and George Colwell, and the family of Roseanne Thomas.

by Sally’s family to fund college scholarships to Catholic

Were you or a family member one of the many students who

institutions. The Bridget Berkey-Teater and John Reilly McDevitt Memorial Scholarships are annually funded college scholarships by the Berkey Foundation and awarded to two Bishop Kelly students each year.

received the gift of a Bishop Kelly education as a result of one of these scholarships? The best “thank you” is to pay it forward with a gift to one of the funds listed on page 28, and ensure our doors are open to future generations. For further information,

Finally, Bishop Kelly is blessed by four families who each

contact Rita Franklin at (208) 323-4789 or, or

provide four-year renewable scholarships to Bishop Kelly

visit the Foundation website at

No-Tie Mai Tai Summer Social The No-Tie Mai Tai Summer Social was an event where all in

attendance could reconnect with old friends and meet new ones over yummy cocktails and wonderful food. This year’s host couples were Micheal and Mary Adcox, James and Angela Harrison, Bill and Celeste Keller, Kevin and Debbie McDonald, and Christian and Kathryn Zimmerman. The event was held at the Harrison home on a delightful summer evening in June.

Foundation News

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2012 Winner’s Choice Special thanks to the 2012 Winner’s Choice Dinner and Auction donors and attendees:

Winner’s Choice

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Lou Aaron Margaret Acker Karen Adams Micheal & Mary Adcox Mariah Adcox Max Adcox Lance & Lish Alacano Todd & Lana Albertson Jill Aldape James & Susan Alexander Mark & Michelle Allen Mick Alley Randy & Candi Allphin Dan & Carrie Allumbaugh Carol Amador Ray Anchustegui & Cynthia Bainbridge C.W. Anderson Margaret Anderson Steve & Melanie Angiolini Monica Angleton Dan Ansotegui Tom & Michelle Antonoplos Rob & Kate Aravich Tanya Archer & Rick Hoemberg John & Michele Armstrong Rebecca Arnold Andoni Artiach Gini Artoux Hansel & Laurie Ashby Danielle Bainbridge Doug & Sue Baker Christopher & Sharon Bantrup Chad & Lisa Barker Shannon & Shelly Batman Jim & Kristin Baumgardner Ann Bell Art & Susan Berry Zach & Robin Bethel Mary Bieter Robert & Lori Biggs Steve & Tracy Bingham Taylor Black Terri Black Michael & Karen Bledsoe Dave & Jennifer Blewett Gene & Danelle Bleymaier John Bleymaier & Lisa DeDapper Joe & Marcia Bleymaier Michael & Anita Bokan Ken & Suz Bolton Deacon Rick Bonney Robert & Claudia Borgna Randy & Deana Braden Timothy & Brittany Brady Nick & Pam Brady Karen Brandecker Roger & Bonnie Brazier Tim & Denise Brennan Ryan Brennan Clyde & Kathleen Brinegar Kevin & Susan Browning Pat & Heidi Brubaker David & Terri Bruce James E. Bruce

Steven Bruce Andy Brunelle Mike & Sharon Burke Dick Cade Mike & Amy Caldwell Joseph Callanan Kerry Calverley Peter Carley Scot Carley Pete Carley Jeff & Katie Carpenter John Carpenter & Tina Remlinger Jena Carpenter Francois & Janet Casabonne Patrick Casabonne Luke & Adrean Cavener Jose & Elsa Cervantes Eugenia Chang & Xavier Danthinne Ryan Chaves Larry & Shirley Chetwood Patrick & Suzanne Chetwood David & Michelle Choate James & Teresa Cleary Greg & Chris Clovis George & Cheryl Colwell Robert Connor Pat Connor Fr. Rob Cook Thomas & Joan Cooney Greg & Lisa Cooper Michael & Kirsten Coughlin Scott & Paula Coulter Ernie & Lois Covelli Mark & Krystan Coyle Dan & Tiffany Cram Brian Cronin Doug & Mary Crum Larry & Kathryn Crump Dave & Mary Lou Cunningham Bill Curtis & Lisa Pinto-Curtis Walt & Jill Czarniecki Tom & Megan Czarniecki Greg Daggett John & Kathleen Dahl Wendy Dalrymple Mark & Vickie Daly Jeff & Suzanne Davis Alan & Laurie Day Bryan & Marie Day Patrick Day Vic & Ruby DeBoer Alan & Kim Degan Mari DeLeon Brian Denker Michael & Laurie Dente Vince & Lisa Derig Suzann DeRuyter Myfanwe DeVoe & Lynne Johnson Robert DiGrazia Bryan Dingel Tom & Linda Dixon Adam Dixon

Hillary Dixon Doug & Debra Dodson Brian & Shari Doke Colby & Janet Donicht Brooke & Wendy Drayton Billy D’Souza & Fabia Fernandes Dennis & Terrie Dunn Aaron & Annie Dykas John & Jolly Eck Joe & Amy Eisele Michael & Maureen Elia Keith & Margaret Elkins Jim & Brenda Elledge Dave & Keli Elledge James & Kerry Ellen Elliott Mike & Tammy Emerich Shawn Endicott Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt Leonard & Mary Erickson Andrew & Shannon Erstad Rodger Erstad Mike & Michelle Evans Ken & Melanie Everett RJ Evons Michael Falash & Deann Coleman Nancy Fehringer Tom Ferguson Michael & Patty Fery Brent & Sandy Fery John & Theresa Feusi Amy Fletcher Richard Flower Charles & Audrey Forrestal Dave & Liska Foss Jerry & Sue Fowler John & Jane Francis Lauren Franklin & Brekk Bass Robert & Rita Franklin Bill & Vonda Franklin Kate Franklin Father Don Fraser Jeff & Hailey Frechette Ethan & Nicole Freckleton Ron & Lindy Freeman Gina Gailis Vincent & Rebecca Galindo Tim & Michelle Garland Charles & Tina Gazdik Colby Gempler Bill & Lisa Gerke Gary Gigot & Tammy Jenkins Eric & Allison Gilbreath Jeff & Amy Glynn Daniel & Brette Glynn Bill & Connie Glynn Mike & Lisa Goddard John & Liz Goodale Todd & Lisa Gooding Austin Gorringe Alta Graham Bernie & Darlene Gratton Jim & Tami Grigsby Sharon Grisham John & Jerrilyn Grizzaffi

Ron Grove Brad & Lisa Grover Michael & Erin Guerricabeitia Chris Gunderson Rob & Catherine Gundlach Michael & Kathy Hagler Mike & Danne Hampton John Hanousek Katie Harbacheck Rita Harding Rhett & Stefany Harman Ben & Katy Harris James & Angela Harrison David & Sonya Hart Barbara Hawley Jerry & Joan Hecker Dennis Heeb Terry & Kirstin Heffner Tom & Maria Heffner Erik & Jennifer Helgeson Marvin & Laurie Henberg Don & Iris Hendrickson Ed & Stephanie Herrera Margaret Hesse Dan & Cheryl Heying Joel & Marianne Hickman Jacqueline Hickman Morgan & Susie Hicks Craig & Beth Hildebrand Steve Hippler & Stephanie Westermeier Curtis & Kate Hitchcock Jim & Emma Hoffman Barbara & Tom Hogan Alex & Stephanie Homaechevarria Richard Honsinger Mike & Kelly Horner Donna Horner Lisa Hotham Dennis Howard Guy & Lori Hudson Jeff & Jaymi Hugo Alania Huhn Dave Humphries & Gail May Cody & Patty Husk Ronald & Blanca Hutson Jacque & Karen Istok Cory & Richelle Jackson Mark & Monica Jaszkowski Bob & Lisa Jaundalderis Alan & Sally Jeffcoat Mark & Danielle Jewell Katy Jibben Bret Job & Lisa Olmstead Sharon Job John & Cathy Jobe Tim & Kathryn Johans Ed & Cheryl Johnson Vince Johnson Gordon & Cecilia Jones Cahill & Susie Jones Michelle Judy Jim & Charlene Kaufman Melinda Keckler

William & Celeste Keller Greg & Kim Kent Mike & Katie Kerby Todd & Christi Ketlinski Terry & Stephanie Killilea Shane & Judy King Kelly Kingsford Ted & Angela Kirkhart Jeff Klassen Shannon Klevenberg Beth Kljajic Alan & Anne Knight Kurt & Lori Knipe Belinda Knochel Larry & Chris Koomler Doreen Krabbenhoft Will & Maegan Krahn John & Yasone Krakau James & Jeannie Kranz Chris Kranz Barbara Kurpiewski Mark & Julie Kuzio David & Patty Lachiondo Nick & Amanda LaMott Tim & Mary Beth LaMott Randy & Nancy LaMott Doug & Sheri LaMott Eric LaMott Gene LaMott Kathryn LaMott Heather Langhorst Charles & Lisa Lawrence Stewart Lawrence Rick Leavell & Alicia Coy Jon & Barbara Letsinger Rick & Connie Liposchak Todd & Amy Little Troy & Holly Little Mark & Julie Lliteras Robert & Tena Lokken Dan & Lori Long Tracy & Megan Lotz Scot & Christina Ludwig Evan & Nancy Lundin Jack & Kristin Lynch Father Len MacMillan Charles & Ann Madden Edith & Brian Madura Butler Ed & Karen Mahoney Clinton & Mary Kent Mallari Mike Mallea & Kim Lynch Joe & Amber Mallet Mark & Nancy Mallory Curtis & Bernadette Mangus Monte & Terri Manning Trent & Anne Marcus Elizabeth Marshall Bill & Edie Martin Ric Martindale Chris Martineau Kevin Martinez Ken & Bev Matthews Eric McClure Diane McCormick Suzanne McDaniel Kevin & Debbie McDonald Pat & Jennifer McEntee Terry & Jennifer McEntee Tim & Fariss McGee Mark & Michele McKellar Patty McLaughlin

Nate & Kim Meier Dan & Joan Melvin Grace Metsker Erik & Michelle Meyers Michael & Shelly Mick Nancy Middleton Tim & Judy Milburn Steve & Michelle Mings Dena Miranda Mark Miranda Cari Moodie Bryan & Dee Mooney Mike & Karen Mooney Steve Moore Scott & Maribel Morrell Lou & Judy Murdock Marshall & Nancy Murrin Patti Myers Richard & Robin Navert Harvey & Margo Neef Janice Neilson Larry & Shirley Neznanski Tom & Diana Nicholson George & Judy Nicola Mary Carol Niland Mike Niland Maureen & Bill Niland-Stokes Dan Oliver Peter & Julie Oliver Tony & Jane Oliveri Derrick & Patty O’Neill Jennifer Oster Todd & Kim Ostrom Marty & Maureen O’Toole Chris & Tamera Owens Joe & Cathy Pachner Chuck & Tina Pagano Rick & Jennifer Palagi Kyle & Jill Palmer Michael & Marcie Pape Mike & Becky Parry Troy & Cheryl Pearse Rob & MaryAnn Perez Patrick Pettiette & Lorie Nies-Pettiette Keith & Michelle Pettyjohn Dick & Mary Lou Porter James & Becky Poulsen Shad Priest & Doreen Warren Chris & Keron Privon Eddie & Nicole Rackleff Richard & Georgiann Raimondi Mike & Lisa Ranieri Robert & Beth Rebholtz Jim & Vickie Redinger Laura Reeping Rodney Reider Richard & Karen Reilly Carl & Ellie Reynolds Jon Riche Debra K. Turk & Kelly Riedel Father Donald Riffle Richard & Susan Riley Jean Roberts Frances Robinson Molly Roscoe Kelly Rovig Father Steve Rukavina Jeff & Carolynn Russell Shannon Russell Thomas A. & Theresa Ryden

John & Katy Sabala Craig & Rechelle Sahli Carl & Gretchen Sarrazolla Gaye Sarvela Layne Sarvela Dean & Amy Schaecher Cindy Schaffeld Anna Scherer Steve & Deanna Schmidt Brad & Judy Schmidt Tom & Mary Schmidt Mary Schmidt Eli & Betsy Schmoeger Charles & Molly Schneider Susan Schomburg Tim & Laura Schrag Sue Sebranek Father Bruno Segatta Scott & Kathy Sell Kurt & Ann Seppi Patrick & Angie Shalz Tom Shanahan Brian & Bobbie Shea John & Liz Sheldon Brian & Linda Shirley Mike & Kelly Shockey Tom & Lauri Siegert Marilyn Simunich Mike & Shanley Skillern David & Patty Skinner Bill & Jane Slattery Sandra Small Bryan & Dawn Smith Jeff Smith & Linda Payne-Smith Justin & Stephanie Smith Todd & Stephanie Smith Tom & Cookie Sorge Jeff & Kate Souza Jim & Teri Souza Dan & Shawna Spangler Art Sprague Jason & Amanda Steele James & Christin Steele Erik & Wendy Stidham Scott & Tricia Stingley Nate & Cinnamon Stroud Bobby & Terri Sutcliffe Greg & Toni Sweeney Jennifer Symmonds Chuck & Nancy Tacke Suzanne Takasugi Brenda Takatori Robert & Cindy Talboy Mark & Theresa Tavelli Mike & Tina Taylor Dave Tester & Claudia Weathermon Dave & Diana Tetreault Greg & Marisela Therrien Keith & Pat Thomas Tim & Susan Thometz Andrea & Bill Thompson Mike & Isabelle Thornton Andrea Thornton Shannon Throm Mark & Heidi Tidd Christopher & Sophia Tobe Ray & Wini Trapp Keith & Karen Tucker Roger Turcotte & Diana Lachiondo

George & Susan Tway Mike & Sue Urquidi Damon & Dawn Van Gerpen Joel & Chellie Van Lith Russ & Rena Van Paepeghem Jennifer Warren Doreen Warren Tim & Rebecca Watkins Michael & Marta Watson Robert & Colleen Wehde Joe & Kristin Weitz Stan & Gina Welsh John & Staci Welsh Anne Wescott Alex Westfall Michael & Karen Wetherell Bob & Sue White Andrew White Anthony & Caroline Wickham Cris & Maria Williams Joe & Becky Wilsey Thomas & Theresa Zepeda Ed Zimmer Christian & Kathryn Zimmerman Steve & Jeanette Zorich

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Winner’s Choice

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Winner’s Choice

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2013 Annual Report The last decade has been described by some as a “golden era”

Partners program, and Annual Fund proceeds.

for BK. Strategic planning has driven continuous improvement,

On the expense side, about 64% of our budget is used for

and your investments through the four year long Capital Campaign launched in 2006 are paying large dividends. Campus modernization and increased financial aid are driving significant enrollment growth, and our students are earning state and national accolades for their performance in the classroom. Never content to rest on success, we will continue to use our strategic planning process plan to set the bar high for Bishop Kelly, our students, and our BK community. As we graduate our 50th class in 2014, and prepare to celebrate BK’s first 50 years throughout 2014/2015, we have thoughtful and strategic plans to grow with the Treasure Valley as a premier educational institution where students develop in the Catholic tradition – spirit, mind, and body. Our Annual Report would not be comprehensive without mentioning the Bishop Kelly Foundation and its important relationship with Bishop Kelly High School. The Bishop Kelly Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation, chartered in Idaho, and governed by a 25-member Board of Directors. The Bishop Kelly Foundation is a sole support foundation that can only make grants to Bishop Kelly High School. The Foundation’s endowment stands at just over $8 million and consists of unrestricted funds and named scholarships. The Foundation earns money in three important ways: gifts to the Foundation, the Winners Choice Auction, and investment earnings (or losses) on the endowment. Each year Bishop Kelly High School applies for a grant from the Foundation. That grant is made up of 100% of the proceeds of the Winners Choice gala, plus funds taken from the earnings on the endowment’s unrestricted funds. The Foundation also pulls 5% of each scholarship fund and forwards that to be used in the school’s financial aid process. This year the Bishop Kelly Foundation will make an unrestricted grant to Bishop Kelly of $447,000, and provide $285,000 from named scholarships, for

personnel costs, wages and salaries, healthcare, employment taxes, and pension fund deposits. Bishop Kelly employs around 160 faculty, staff, administrators, and full-time and part-time coaches. Financial Aid grants account for 13% of our expenditures, leaving 23% or about $1.6 million for the operation of the school. Operating costs include a wide variety of expenses such as maintenance costs, workman’s comp, transportation and liability insurance, electricity, telecommunications and data services, technology equipment and licenses, photocopiers, transportation, marketing, and kitchen operating costs. While our cost per student is similar to public schools, gifts from the Bishop Kelly Foundation and others allow us to keep tuition approximately $2,000 less than the actual cost to educate each student. Missing from our operating budget is funding for infrastructure replacement or expansion. For these investments in our facilities we often rely on the generosity of our extended BK Family and the appreciation of existing endowments established for that purpose. In 2013 we made a $100,000 investment in technology infrastructure in order to support 800 portable devices simultaneously logged into our wireless campus. We also invested $235,000 to resurface the Driscoll-Dooley all-weather track and upgrade the associated curb and storm water management. Current projects include investment in a new tennis complex and an urgently needed east classroom wing to replace portable classrooms and accommodate an expected increase of 50 new students for the 2014/2015 school year. Based on donor interest we are also considering expanding and modernizing our library. Each of these projects is dependent on funding, and we appreciate the generous donors who have already expressed an interest in making them happen.

a total gift of $732,000. On average, the Foundation’s annual grant lowers the tuition for every BK student by about $1,000 each year. The Bishop Kelly Foundation also underwrites several events at



the school each year including the Back-to-School BBQ and the


Commencement Reception in May.


Bishop Kelly’s budget for the 2013/2014 academic year is about


$7 million. Tuition and student fees account for approximately

3% 1%

77% of Bishop Kelly’s income. Revenue from operations such as admission to athletic events, interest, and cafeteria sales adds another 6%. The remaining 17% comes from gifts to the school. Those include the Bishop Kelly Foundation’s annual grant and scholarship income, Catholic parish tuition contributions, the Laura Moore Cunningham Scholars program, the Parents as


13% 23%

Income Tuition Fees Foundation Support Parish Supported Tuition

Other Financial Aid Income Annual Fund Other Income

Expense Personnel Expenses Financial Aid Awards & Scholarships Operatiing Cost

33 pa ge

The 2013 BK Annual Fund By Mark Jaszkowski, Director of Development

Bishop Kelly owes an enormous debt of thanks to the many

In September, we began reaching out to current BK parents

people who support our school. Simply put, there is no way

and past donors, asking them to participate in the 2013 Annual

that Bishop Kelly would enjoy the success it does without the

Fund. On November 8th we will begin to reach out to our

generous financial contributions from our current and past

broader community of alumni and past parents and ask them

parents, alumni, local businesses, our Catholic parishes, and our

to join us in supporting BK. Our goal is 100% participation in

other friends in the community. These gifts directly impact our

the Annual Fund each year. This year we are encouraging every

students each day. To offer the same quality of programming

alum to give in honor of their graduation year, whether that be

without this incredible support would require us to dramatically

$19.65, $65, $165, or even $1,965!

raise tuition, which would severely limit the number of families

The 2013 Annual Fund is budgeted to raise $155,000. This

who could make a Bishop Kelly education possible for their children.

includes $30,000 to eliminate 17 fundraisers from the list of more than 100 inefficient fundraisers that we hold each year. On


Because of the generosity of our community, Bishop Kelly is on

average, our student clubs and teams only net 39% of the gross

a growth spiral that has us climbing to new heights across all

sales from these fundraisers. That’s a huge outpouring of time

dimensions of our program. Enrollment is up, our students are

and energy that results in 61% of someone’s “donation” to Bishop

achieving more academically, our campus is growing, and our

Kelly going back to a product vendor. We believe teachers

latest 1:1 technology initiative is positioning Bishop Kelly as a

should teach, coaches should coach, and students should study

regional leader in secondary education. Bishop Kelly’s Annual

and compete. Transactional fundraisers are distracting us from

Fund is the foundational way for our entire BK family to be part

these important activities and leaving parents and friends of BK

of this exciting progress. Whether it is a new alum giving $20 or

feeling nickeled and dimed.

makes a BIG

a longtime supporter at the $2,000 level, every gift however large

There are several Catholic high schools in the Pacific Northwest

pa g e

Every gift

difference at Bishop Kelly. Especially yours!

or small makes a big difference at BK, especially yours!

that are similar to Bishop Kelly with one notable exception –

The focus of the 2013 Annual Fund is to increase the number

they will raise over $1 million in their Annual Fund this year.

of people in the Bishop Kelly community who participate by

Our BK Family is larger and stronger and we can do this too, if

making a gift within their philanthropic budget. We are proud

we all pitch in. When asked, please give at a level you can afford.

to say that 100% of our faculty and Board of Governance made a

Help us pay forward the Bishop Kelly experience to the next

gift to the Annual Fund! Their generosity totals over $15,000.

generation. donate

The following is our BK Family Honor Roll including those who participated in the Parents as Partners Program or made a gift to the 2012/2013 Annual Fund: Alexander & Diana Adamson Tom & Kitty Blake Lance & Lish Alacano James & Kristine Bockenstette Todd & Lana Albertson Lawrence & Deloris Bosio T Jill Aldape T Clifford & Ruth Brady Skinner & Joanne Anderson Mark Bransom Rick & Justine Arons T Roger & Bonnie Brazier Gini Artoux Jerry Breaux Harvey & Patricia Babendure Susie Breaux Scott & Danielle Bainbridge Tim & Denise Brennan Michael & Brenda Ballantyne T Clyde & Kathleen Brinegar Jeff Banks T Dave & Terri Bruce Barbara Barber Ken & Patrice Burgess T Shannon & Shelly Batman Michael & Sharon Burke Chris Bauer John Burke Michael & Margaret Beltrami Todd & Angela Campbell Barbara Bergeson T Chris Carr Bobby & Lori Biggs Kristi Cellers

Rex Chandler T David & Michelle Choate Thomas & Catharine Chopp T Bryan Christiansen Cathy Clarkson Jim & Ronda Conger Victor Cook DDS T Steve & Bobbi Cooper Terry & Susan Copple Scott & Paula Coulter T Karen Countryman Richard & Roxanne Cummings Victoria Cummings David & MaryLou Cunningham John & Wendy Dalrymple

David Krick Jim & Deborah DeFede T Byron Defenbach T Patty Delgadillo Betty Derig Robert DiGrazia Brian & Shari Doke Darlene Dominguez George Drashner Don Driver Jerry Dunne Karen Eastman Karen Eccles Kristi Edmunds T Denise Edwards Tony & Tara Eiguren Joe & Amy Eisele

Mike & Maureen Elia Kevin & Tereasa Engelhardt T James & Jay Ewan John & Kelly Falkner T Bruce T. Fery Mike & Tanya Fitzgerald Paula Forney William & Vonda Franklin Katherine Franklin Steve & Kathy French Paul & Margie Fritz Dan & Carol Gado William & Lisa Gerke John & Laura Gibson T Eric & Alison Gilbreath T Bill & Connie Glynn T Kevin Godwin T T.J. Gomez Richard & Jackie Goodson Bernie & Darlene Gratton T Tim Graver David & Laura Graves J.P. Green T Ron Green Tony Greer Art Gregory Jim Grissom Cheryl Guiddy Rob & Catherine Gundlach John & Carrie Hanousek T Richard & Kathleen Hanousek Darel & Andrea Hardenbrook Kevin & Gina Harney Andy & Debbie Harrington Ben & Katy Harris Rich & Shannon Harris Nikela Harris Jay Hastings Ed & Stephanie Herrera Joel & Marianne Hickman T Rod & Chris Higgins Chris & Mandi Hill James & Waverly Joan Hill Brad Hollenbaugh T Carol Holsinger Ronald & Blanca Hutson Mike & Tina Huttash Raymond & Barbara Ineck Dave & Deboi Irwin Sara Jaszkowski Tim & Kathlyn Johans T Ed & Cheryl Johnson T Charley Jones

Steve & Michelle Judy Rusty & Lorri Kaiser Joy Kealey Kevin & Suzanne Kelso Greg & Kim Kent T Allan & Anne Knight Kurt Knipe James & Jeannie Kranz Barb Kurpiewski Mark & Julie Kuzio David & Connie LaMarque Royce Landaluce Alan & Kelly Langerak Christine Larsen John & Gloria Lejardi Josh & Molly Lenty Stan & Amy Leopard Miren Lete-Odencrantz Justin & Courtney Lewis Todd & Cassy Lindsey T Mike & Amy Lodge Dan & Lori Long Brian & Lisa Losness Tracy & Megan Lotz Tim & Peggy Luke Ed & Karen Mahoney T Lou & Sara Mallane Patrick Marron Bill & Edie Martin T Mary Martin T Ric Martindale Jack & Deb Matunas Errol & Connie Maus Derek McCormick Kevin & Debbie McDonald T Tomi & Liza McGee Peggy McReynolds Nathaniel & Kim Meier Alex Merritt Greg & Grace Metsker Steve & Michele Mings T Dan Minor Steve & Dena Miranda David & Lorri Morris Ed & Jeanne Mae Mulick Jeff & Mary Neumeyer Rich Nicolona Peter & Julie Oliver T Derrick & Patty O’Neill T Larry & Mary Ossenkop Todd & Kimberly Ostrom T Chuck & Tina Pagano Michael & Marci Pape

Juanitta Pearson T Mary Anne Pelkey Don & Debbie Petersik T Trenna Peterson Wade & Claudia Pfennig T Bill & Terry Post Jim & Becky Poulsen T Dave Radcliffe Robert & Beth Rebholtz, Jr. T Dick & Karen Reilly T Dennis & Nancy Robinson Molly Roscoe Dan & Mary Rowley Gabe & Cindi Royce John & Katy Sabala T Nick & Leslie Salinas, Jr. Carl Sarahor Thomas & Teresa Schmalz Steve & Deanna Schmidt Eli Schmoeger Steve & Elisa Schutz T Bill Senkosky & Peg Powers Tom Shanahan Brian & Bobbie Shea Jeffrey & Theresa Shinn T Brian & Linda Shirley T Mike Shuman John & Janet Simonson Dave & Patty Skinner T Jon & Tina Skinner Randy Skinner David Smith T Chris Smith, Sr. Michael & Lauren Snow T Caty Solace Jeff & Kate Souza Donald & Frances Sprague Donald & Frances Sprague Anna Stark James & Christin Steele, Jr. T Amanda Steele Mike Stephenson John & Lynne Sterling Duane Stotland Jim & Paula Streit Rick & Judi Sullivan T Greg Talent Brendon & Mary Tavelli Warner & Grace Terrell, III Peter & Laurie Thimm Roger & Mary Pat Thompson T Kristy Toth

Roger & Sally Turcotte, Jr. David & Barbara Uberuaga Sara Updike T Anna Urresti Mike & Monica VanPaepeghem, Sr. Tom Vitrano & Kristina LaFace Morey & Susan Wade T Robert & Eloisa Walker T Tim & Rebecca Watkins Robert & Kolleen Wehde Georgia Wells Jon & Rhonda Wilkins Larry & Marianne Williams T Charles & JoAnne Wilson John Wolter Wes & Stephanie Worrell Doug & Sheelagh Zamzow Nick Zenovich Edward & Amy Zimmer T Kathryn & Christian Zimmerman, MD T Capital Educators Federal Credit Union


= Knights Club = Parents as Partners

35 pa ge

A Values-Based Approach to Estate Planning By Mark Jaszkowski, Director of Development

Your estate plan is an interpretation of your values and wishes. Done correctly, this living and breathing document will help you to leave a legacy to the people and organizations that you love while minimizing your tax liabilities, both now and to your

Plan Ahead

for Your Financial Security

estate. As a gift to you, Bishop Kelly High School and the Bishop Kelly Foundation have contracted with the highly regarded national estate planning consultants at Thompson and Associates to

36 pa g e

provide you with their unique values-based estate planning services. At no cost to you, Thompson and Associates will help you thoughtfully create, or update, an estate plan that maximizes your assets and ensures that your values, priorities, and wishes are clearly communicated. This completely confidential process will help you to: • Review your current plan • Quantify your assets • Create an unbiased, third-party recommendation that maximizes the assets you leave to your heirs while reducing your tax obligations • Develop strategies for supporting the causes that you hold dear • Implement your estate plan through your own attorney and financial advisor To date, 24 BK families have taken advantage of this service since it began in April 2013.

At Bishop Kelly, we feel strongly that understanding estate planning is important. For that reason we have chosen to offer this service as a gift to our friends. Should you choose to meet with the Thompson and Associates consultant, the information you share will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to Bishop Kelly High School, the Bishop Kelly Foundation, or any other source. You will not be asked to make a charitable gift to Bishop Kelly or any other organization. Additionally, we wish to assure you that Thompson and Associates does not draft documents, manage money, or sell any products. This allows them to provide unbiased counsel in connecting lifetime values with asset strategies. Recent headlines illustrate the importance of having an estate plan. On television, the IRS didn’t scare the larger than life gangster, Tony Soprano. But in real life, the untimely death at age 51 of James Gandolfini, who played Tony, was a very different story. Due to poor estate planning, James left 80% of his $70 million estate unprotected from taxes. This resulted in undue hardships for his family who immediately faced a $30 million tax bill. A simple will and estate plan could have dramatically lowered his tax liability. While most of us are not in the same tax bracket as James, it is important for every family to have an estate plan and keep it current with the changing tax landscape. If you, or someone you know and love, would like more information about our estate planning services, please contact Rita Franklin at the Bishop Kelly Foundation: (208) 323-4789 or, or Mark Jaszkowski in the Development Office: (208) 9471325 or We would be happy to answer any questions you have, or to schedule your introductory appointment.

Foundation Donors Special thanks to the following 2012 Foundation Donors: Jim & Susan Alexander * Gary & Karma Alzola * Angels Among Us Foundation Anonymous Dorothy Ansotegui * Jack & Barbara Areitio * Michael & Jeannie Badgley Lt. Col. Lance Ball * Bill & Carol Barber * Dan & Susan Baughman Bennett Creek Farms * Joseph Benoit * Andy Berkey Foundation * Leland Bernasconi Helen Berria * Kathryn Bettger Mark & Shannon Bieter * Jean Boda * Mike & Anita Bokan Lawrence & Delores Bosio Cherie Brady * Adair Brown * Rand & Maryann Budzianowski Angela Chacon * Steven Chojnacky & Family * Jim & Cherie Clayton * Judy Cline * Michael & Robin Cole * George & Cheryl Colwell Concrete Placing Company * Jim & Helen Conner * Ellen Connolly Dave & Mary Connolly * John & Sarah Connolly Mr. & Mrs. Robert Connolly * Tom & Joan Cooney Scott & Paula Coulter * Rick & Ann Cronin Doug & Mary Crum DA Davidson Wendy Dalrymple Mark & Vickie Daly Rita Daniel * Marjorie Davis Bob Doran * Ann Driscoll * Lloyd & Mary Sue Duncan * Joanie Elkington Katy (Mary Kate) Elliott James & Kerry Ellen Elliott * Derroll Ellis & Family * Wayne & Janie Ernst * Pat & Kathy Farrell * Douglas & Becky Ferguson * John Ferguson * John & Delores Fery Mike & Sharon Florence * Mike & Mary Jane Ford * Four J Foundation Robert & Rita Franklin * Leo Frett * John & Dee Frey Brent & Nancy Fricke Jim & Sara Fullerton * Earl & Jeannie Gafford Glenna Glover *

Joe & Bonnie Goicoechea * Jennifer Goodale Rick & Jackie Goodson Bernie & Darlene Gratton * Steve & Dodie Gray * Sharon Grisham * Lester & Jenell Guske * Christine Haggerty * John & Carrie Hanousek Kevin & Gina Harney Harriman Foundation Charles & Maria Harris & Family * James & Angela Harrison Dan & Misti Hawkins James Hays Mr & Mrs Heaton Linda Helvie * Mr. & Mrs. David and Maryanne Titus Hembree * Joel & Marianne Hickman Darlene Hoffland * Richard & Mary Hormaechea and Family * Chris & Rachelle Horras Mildred Houk * Charles & Lissa Hummel * Patrick & Rhonda Hynes * Colin & Kelly Irvine * Mark & Monica Jaszkowski Jerry & Colleen Jensen * Cheryl & Korn Jerry * Tim & Kathlyn Johans William Jonakin & Family * Gordon & Cecilia Jones Clarence Jones * Helen Kaufman Bill & Celeste Keller * David & Bonnie Kerns * JR & Jeanne King * Jim Kissler * Robert Krueger * Steve & Nancy Kunkler Dick & Peggy Kuntz * Dave & Patti Lachiondo * David & Connie Lamarque Wells & Joan Lamey * David Lamey * Tim & Mary Beth LaMott * Randy & Nancy LaMott * Doug LaMott * Gene LaMott * Eric LaMott * Le Bois Questers * John & Jan Lee * Lennox International John & Helen Leonard Stan Leopard Todd & Cassy Lindsay James Lineberger Mark & Julie Lliteras * Mike & Amy Lodge Sarah Loftus Valerie Loge Robert & Lori Biggs Lynch Foundation

Mark & Tammy Masarik George & Connie McCabe * Kevin & Debbie McDonald Carey McNeal * Dan & Joan Melvin * Zimri & Maizie Mills * Dick & Jody Mooney Lorrie Moore Michael Morrison Robert & Nancy Muldoon Ed & Jeanne Mulick Pierce & Mary Anne Murphy David & Elaine Myers * Charles Newhouse * Francis O’Brien * Michael O’Brien * Kathleen O’Brien * Eileen O’Brien * Ardith O’Day * Derrick & Patty O’Neill Old Bofie Foundation Peter & Julie Oliver Rosemary Pendleton Shirley Perry * Petroglyph Energy Foundation Andy Pollard * Greer Radcliff * Richard & Georgiann Raimondi * Phil Reberger * Robert & Beth Rebholtz Jim & Vickie Redinger Steve & Jeannette Reynolds * Richard & Susan Riley Mike Roach * Molly Roscoe Sam & Kari Rosti * Ron & Diana Sabala * Terry & Sarah Scanlon * Brandie Schmidt Gerhard Schurig Steve & Elisa Schutz Sheryl Scott * Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Service * Mary Shehan * Bradley & Chris Sheldon Edward & Frances Sheldon * Jeff & Theresa Shinn & Family Jim & Elizabeth Simpson Joe & Katie Simunich * John Slaughter * Teresa Smith * Tom Smith Kate Spessard * Brandy Stemmler * John & Lynne Sterling Joe Streiff Fred & Bonnie Stringfield * David & Beth Suhr Patrick Sullivan * Bernadette Tavelli Thomas Testa * TF Dixon Family Foundation Jean Thomas James & Laura Thomas Jean Thomas John Thornton

Bill Tonkin * Esther Totorica * Ray & Wini Trapp * Tom Troy Susan Troyer Roger Turcotte & Diana Lachiondo Ann Urresti * US Bancorp Foundation Barbara Valdez Humbert Valenti * Ronald Van Auker Bob Van Hoomissen Joel & Chellie Van Lith * Peter Vaughan Tom & Kristina Vitrano Larry & Karen Wade * Stan & Gina Welsh * Kimberly Welsh * Kathleen Wetstein Marc & Sheila Whitehead Brandy Wiegers Willow Park Assisted Living * Amy Wood * Mandy Wood Laurel York-Odell Christine Young * Joan Zauha * * Memorial Gift or Memorial Scholarship Gift

Memorial gifts were made in loving memory of the following: Virginia Anderson LaWanda Barrutia Katherine Caron Bob Christensen Greg Goodson Letha Gribble Lena Kidd Sean Marron Zachary McClain Carolyn McEntee Clifford Nelson Elaine Rockne Rose Sestero Joe Subia Carol Troy Remie VanPaepeghem Doris Weis Bruce West Michael Wilson

… or for scholarships in memory of: Father William Dodgson Father Donald J. Riffle Father Reggie Wilson Bridget Berkey-Teater Pat & Eloise Bieter Michael Connolly Sally Glynn

37 pa ge

Hewlett Packard Gift In-Kind

The launch of Bishop Kelly’s 1:1 Technology Initiative can be directly tied to our parents, alumni, and friends working at Hewlett Packard. Since 2006, a group of HP employees have been patiently and systematically investing in BK’s technology infrastructure. Along with HP matching gift funds, this group has invested $290,854 at Bishop Kelly. We honor and thank the following BK families and HP for their gifts. Miguel & Teresa Alvarez T Tracy Bradford Carrie Colby Terry & Susan Copple T Ernie & Lois Covelli T Don Curtis T Gregory & Annette Daggett Joel & Lisa Fyan Vincent & Rebecca Galindo Carlos & Clarissa Garza Charles & Tina Gazdik T Louis & Maureen Germano


Tom & Suzanne Gillespie * Rick & Mary Goodwin Scott & Bonnie Hahn Jeff & Denise Hale Mike & Tammy Kern John & Toni Larrinaga Mike & Amy Lodge Victor & Margie Loewen Martin McCannon Matthew Messinger Brent & Danelle Murphy Nathalie Nguyen

Ricardo & Rocio Osuna Samuel & Marianne Ozuna Jeff & Teresa Patrick Jon & Patty Powell Shawn & Roni Pratt Chris & Keron Privon T Kurt & Elaine Rockenhaus Craig & Rechelle Sahli Daniel & Dorothy Sammartino T Dale & Blanca Saur Patrick & Kim Sawyer

p a g e

Ooh Ahh BK!

We’ve Got Spirit!

Hey BK … every Friday is a BK Spirit Day! Show your Knight Pride and wear your BK gear every Friday.

Daniel & Susan Schram Brian & Kathleen Stroschein Dave & Diana Tetreault Michael & Maria Turner Peter & Marlene Vaughan T Yennhi Vo Michael & Debra Weber Lewis & Lorraine Whitesides T Jim Whitmer Jim & Barbara Wilson

T = Knights Club

Calendar of Events November 2.........................Bishop Kelly Foundation Winners Choice Dinner/Auction January 12......................................................................................Pasta Festa Italian Dinner February 10........................................................................New Student Information Night February 16............................................................................... Hallissey Pancake Breakfast March 7................................................................................................. Service Learning Day March 8......................................................................................Bishop Kelly Rummage Sale March 15..................................................................................................................... Irish Fest April 10 -13........................................................................ Theater Arts Spring Production May 24..............................................................................................Bishop Kelly Graduation August 8 – 10................................................................ Reunion Weekend Celebrating the . .................................................... Classes of 1954, 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, and 2004

39 pa ge

NONPROFIT ORG US Postage PAID Permit #510

Bishop Kelly High School 7009 W. Franklin Road Boise, ID 83709

For detailed information about BK events check out the Alumni Calendar at

or call the Alumni Office at

(208) 947-1325 Connect with us: Opt into @Bishop Kelly our e-newsletter at, follow us on Facebook at “Alumknights Bishop Kelly” and update your mailing information at the alumni tab on

2013 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication Boise, Idaho

2013 BK Roundtable Magazine  

Bishop Kelly High School's Annual Publication Boise, Idaho