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Expand your reach in the Middle East’s biggest Agricultural, Food and Food Packaging market

2012 The 19th International Trade Show for Food Products Held Concurrently with:


2012 The 31st International Agriculture, Water and Agri-Industry Show

24 - 27 September 2012


Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center (RICEC) Organized by: P.O. Box 56010 - Riyadh 11554 - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 1 2295604 - Fax: +966 1 2295612 E-mail:

Via Grandi, 25 - 28066 Galliate (Novara) Italy Tel: +39 0321 80 65 64 / Fax: +39 0321 86 11 87 /

Trivi was founded in 1948 when Abramo Trivi decided to put all his skill and strength into the design and manufacture of pasta production machines keeping the housewives’ gestures and dedication unaltered. Since the beginning, the company has grown in the food sector at national and international level, mainly in the design and manufacture of machines and plants for industrial production. The secret to the success achieved has to be found in the company’s ability of keeping up with the time. The opening up to new challenges has enabled to develop innovative production technologies and be very flexible to customers’ requirements. All that has enabled to produce a broad range of products for the market’s different requirements. TRIVI plants ground on the continuous lamination of pasta, a kind of technology offering an optimal control over the process and such production high standard lasting in time that nobody else can guarantee. The ability of proposing an efficient plant are for TRIVI a must.

Trivi Srl

TRIVI offers customized plants. Its experience enables the company to offer turnkey solutions, from A to Z, from mixers to packaging, as well as the start-up of the line. Extensive expertise in product technology is put at your disposal. The company can develop the product as to meet the various requirements of the international markets. TRIVI believes that customer satisfaction and direct interaction with his are essential to get a positive and profitable result for both sides. That is why TRIVI offers an excellent after-sales service for spare parts, information, assistance/maintenance, etc. The wide range of products that can be produced with TRIVI machines also includes the following: croissant, sheet pastry products, baguettes and by products, Ciabatta bread, tin bread, rusks, bread sticks, cakes, flat bread, Savoiardi biscuits, pizza, pita, focaccia, etc. The positive feedback from international groups and small-sized realities is further evidence that constant investment in research and development leads to customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is the real fuel powering this company, spurring it to improve constantly, every day.

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Via Vittorio Veneto, 141- 36040 - Grisignano di Zocco (Vicenza) Tel: +39 0444 41 47 31/5 - Fax: +39 0444 41 47 19 -

Teknostamap Srl

1. Croy 3000 2. Autosmart 123-7000 3. Mixer Tekno 120 4. Make Up Tekno Line 7000




The company Tekno Stamap was established in 1982 thanks to the enterprise and creativity of Mr. Baldovin and Mr. Dante, who started producing mechanical equipment for the food industry. Later on they developed a wide range of manual and automatic sheeters and the first units for croissant making. The numerous investments made throughout the years enabled the creation of a dynamic, flexible and technologically advanced firm equipped with the best software and hardware solutions. These elements made possible the development of the already existing product range with the new Line of planetary machines with capacity up to 120 litres. The company can today offer its clients state-of-theart machines, like the brand new units for croissant making Cryomat and Integrex characterized by innovative design and premium quality. When combined with a production line the unit Integrex is especially


suitable for the production of filled croissants. In addition to this, the automatic sheeters line has been further developed with the addition of new models for medium and big outputs, such as: Industrial Smart Plus featuring a sturdy structure and remarkable easiness, suitable for medium-size factories; Autosmart 123 to process thin yet hard dough, thanks to its 123 mm’s cylinders. On account of these characteristics, Tekno Stamap has been cooperating with primary companies worldwide to develop new products. It is now present, directly or indirectly, in nearly all Countries of the world and it is ever growing. Tekno Stamap production range also includes manual and automatic sheeters, planetary mixers, machines for croissant making, lines for puff pastry and laminated dough ideal for both small bakers’ and confectioners’ as well as for medium-size factories.

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Tecnopool Spa

Tecnopool is a Veneto dynamic company that has always been inspired by development, growth and evolution. Its history dates back to the eighties and shortly after it address its attention, studies and production to the applications of spiral conveyor belts (cooling, deep-freezing, leavening and pasteurization) for the food industry, by proposing a broad range of belts for any kind of product: from fruit and vegetables, to bakery products, meat and fish. In 30 years of activity in the market, Tecnopool has become one of the leading companies of its sector and can boast a production of over 2,600 plants, 80% of which abroad; it has turned tailored engineering upon customer’s requirements, both in terms of space organization, and production specificity, its point of strength. In the past 3-4 years, Tecnopool has been especially focused on research and this commitment led to the creation and development of the innovative spiral conveyor system T-WORTH, today patented; if initially, on the one hand, this solution was seen like a challenge requiring remarkable effort in adapting already existing production plants, later on, it started rewarding the company not only in terms of sales, but also customer’s appreciation. The most significant component of T-Worth system is the belt, on which the company has focused most efforts; today, the third generation of this system guarantees excellent performances, higher sturdiness and dependability than the previous versions. It is stainless steel cross-bar conveyor, length ranging from 200 and 1,300 mm, built


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Via Buonarroti, 81 - 35010 San Giorgio in Bosco ( Padova ) Italy Tel: +39049 94 53 111 / Fax: +39 049 94 53 100 /

with special meshes coupled with stainless steel bars, and a special plastic element playing double functions: in the lower part it becomes a shoe that makes the belt run on guides, while in the upper part it contains the product. The running requires nearly no lubrication, thanks to so-called plastic elements running on plastic tracks. The motion is by a driving group crossing the belt near each layer of the spiral. The belt-drive system has special plastic wheels that, in addition to minimizing noise and friction, have a special engage/release system that makes maintenance/ adjustments much simpler, allowing all such work to be performed extremely quickly. This kind of driving system differs completely from drum-type spirals, since it allows air to flow freely through the spiral layer. This way, products under thermal treatment are always under constant air flow, thus optimizing the various heat treatments. This special structural characteristics offers inevitably simpler cleaning operations. The particular materials used for the production of sliding components enable to greatly reduce noise and friction (down to 90%) and therefore the stress that the belt is subject to along the course. Thanks the absence of any direct contact and therefore friction among metal elements, the new generation T-WORTH guarantees belts remarkable durability. In fact, compared to traditional conveyors, the metal element of the belts is not subject to any wear, while the

Via Buonarroti, 81 - 35010 San Giorgio in Bosco ( Padova ) Italy Tel: +39049 94 53 111 / Fax: +39 049 94 53 100 /

Tecnopool Spa

plastic shoes, which can possibly be subject to wear in some kinds of applications, can have abrasion of various level, can be replaced in very short time (1 or 2 days for an full plant); this operation gives the belt the same features of a new one, at any moment. One of the plus benefits of the latest T-WORTH system is its extremely flexible structure. It is not a standard product, but new technology that can be adapted to the specific requirements of any user, to give the possibility to create load and discharge solutions in any place and regardless of the place where the new machinery is installed in already existent lines. Depending of the application, with single or double bars, the belt is supplied with a stainless steel mash or a plastic mesh, suitable for operating temperatures anywhere between -40째 and +250째 C.

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Tecnopool has been in business for over 30 years and continues to be a leader in the business of designing, manufacturing and installing machinery to deep-freezing, cooling, pasteurizing and proofing food industry products. The systems’ versatility means they can be fitted to existing production lines, even at a later date.


Tecnopool S.p.A. via M. Buonarroti, 81 - San Giorgio in Bosco (Padova) Italy tel. +39.049.9453111 - fax +39.049.9453100 -

Via Buonarroti, 81 - 35010 San Giorgio in Bosco (Padova) Italy Tel: +39049 94 53 111 / Fax: +39 049 94 53 100 /

Tecnopool Spa

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torello 600 Automatic line for Bagel

torello 400

Automatic line for Bagel


Via Mottola - 70011 Alberobello (Bari) Italy Tel: +39 080 43 23 191 / Fax: +39 080 43 27 910 /

Via Mottola - 70011 Alberobello (Bari) Italy Tel: +39 080 43 23 191 / Fax: +39 080 43 27 910 /

Automatic line for bagel, Mod. Torello 400

The company Tarpan Srl, located in Alberobello, Bari, presents its automatic line for taralli, a machine which allows a non-stop progress of production, by means of an extruder drawing the dough and of a moulder making the taralli. The drawing is the result of a pressure extrusion of the dough. These strings are then laid on an unbroken conveyor belt and cut by a guillotine-shaped cutting set. This making of the taralli or of other ring-shaped products is due to the moulder, which allows an excellent toroidal closing by a radial pressure on the ends of the dough strings. This line is designed and built for a new process of production which allows the use of a dough with a consistency up to 65% of humidity, according to the flour type.

Tarpan Srl

Automatic line for bagel, Mod. Torello 600

The final product is therefore tastier and more fragrant, and it keeps the characteristic of a hand-made product. Tarpan crowns the production line by manufacturing a series of accessories and components, in order to satisfy all their customers’ demands, such as: • Automatic setting of a given amount of taralli into pots • Joining belts • Boilers for taralli • Stackers for baking pans • Extruders for pasta • Industrial automatism

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Via Lemignano, 6 - 43044 Collecchio (Parma) Italy Tel: +39 0521 54 36 11 / Fax: +39 0521 54 36 21 /

Over twenty years of passion and innovation in the world of pasta since 1991. Anzio Storci, founder and President of Storci S.p.A. has brought together a group of people to design, build and sell lines, machinery and equipment for the production of pasta, couscous and ready meals. A world leader in the sector of large-scale installations for the production of dried pasta and couscous, with production capacities exceeding 9,000 kg/h, together with Fava S.p.A Storci has become a reference point for the best-known brands in this sector. “In the 1960s I was responsible for building Barilla’s big pasta plant, since then we have created a company with over 80 employees”, Anzio Storci underlines. “Our customers are very satisfied and credit us for the high level of quality and innovation. These many years of experience have taught me one important fact: in a company employees must always be given a major role; training and motivation must be constant, with everyone having the common objective of making the customer happy” . Without Storci the pasta and couscous sector may not have achieved the excellent results which many of its customers credit it with. There is nothing worse than having couscous with different grain sizes, which are not whole or are overcooked. Storci offers systems which guarantee the high quality of the product; whole, “al dente” grains, without the taste of the dough and with a uniform and coarse aspect. However, for these characteristics to remain unaltered, the

Storci Spa

machines which produce couscous must be capable of creating grains of a uniform size without the need for further final grinding. Storci production lines range from 300 kg/h up to 3.000 kg/h (built with its partner, Fava S.p.A.). The machinery has been built using top-quality, sturdy materials. A great deal of attention has been given to recovering and recycling leftovers, the couscous is always cooked to perfection with guaranteed uniformity. What’s more, mixing of water and semolina is performed by Storci Premix® added to which there is the rotating, selfcleaning sieve; pre-cooking with the product totally enveloped in steam and transported by a self-cleaning conveyor; drying of the product and controlled grain size eliminate the need to re-mill over-large grains and last but not least, sturdy machine construction in monoblocks significantly reduces shipping and assembling costs. Storci’s experience in the field has made it the number one producer of semi-automatic lines for long-cut, short-cut and specialty dried pasta, with production capacities ranging from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 500 kg/h, not forgetting fresh, frozen and pre-cooked pasta lines, as well as semi-automatic lines for producing couscous. Storci also offers interesting studies of new production lines, such as those for pasta-based ready meals, lines for gluten-free pasta, foodsafe extruders for pre-cooked pastas and continuous dough mixing units for bread-making.

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Starmix srl Marano (VI) Italy t. +39 0445 576659 Monaco (GER) 16.09.- 21.09.2012 Pad. A1 - Stand A161

Via Dell’Artigianato, 5 - 36035 Marano Vicentino ( Vicenza ) Italy Tel: +39 0445 57 66 59 / Fax: +39 0445 57 72 03 /

Starmix Srl


The making of the new 200 litres’ capacity planetary mixer PL200 has been for Starmix like making a puzzle. For years Starmix has gathered, studied, processed and combined information to design and then produce this new machine. Dependability in time, no downtime for continuous work cycles running round the clock, easy cleaning operations, user-friendly programming, fast performance and safety, are the key elements for the confectionery industry to judge and perhaps buy machinery and equipment. Hence, Starmix took in great consideration all these elements while designing the new PL200. The structure entirely built in stainless steel Aisi 304 with sphere microshot peening treatment of the surface, perfectly smooth surface and round edges guarantee easier cleaning operations. 9kw motor grants power to mix any kind of dough used in pastry and confectionery. Colour touch screen panel 5,7’’ makes programming greatly intuitive.

STARMIX can offer 16 models of mixing tools to mix any kind of dough in the most suitable way. The bowl is wheeled and provided with a discharge valve on the bottom in order to be emptied after any washing operation. Upon request, it is also possible to install a bigger valve and connect a pump to transfer the product from the bowl directly to a hopper or other container. The frequent use of this machine is for sponge cake, plum cake and muffin productions. For these specific products the bowl is pressurized: the bowl is specially sealed as to bear pressure of 0,5 bar. Featuring such pressure and double tool we can have the following advantages: cycle speed varying according to the kind of product to be mixed (sponge cake, plum cake or muffins); 2.volume of the product increased by 30% thanks to air inlet and following product saving. The double tool combined with scraper assure perfect homogeneity of mixing. PL200 planetary mixer is just the first challenge to Starmix, which has already engineered planetary mixers of 300 and 400 litres’ capacity.

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ItAlIAn EngInEErIng


Bianchi Errepi Associati


A trustworthy partner for food industry Creativity and made in Italy quality for the European reference point of the engineering chains. A reliable partner for every industrial application. An advanced model of efficiency, speed and services for food industry.

Via Rossini - 23873 Missaglia (Lecco) Italy Tel: +39 039 92 00 551-52-53 / Fax: +39 039 92 00 814 /

Reliability and quality, customer service and one of the most comprehensive line of chains: these are the characteristics that make Sircatene Spa a benchmark of the sector. Sircatene Spa is a family-run company boasting nearly forty-years’ experience established in the heart of one of the most productive areas in Europe. It cooperates with the main plant producers of the agri-food sector, canning and mill industries, and it is also leader in the making of chains for pasta, bread, preserves, yoghurt and icecream production. In any sector of the food and canning industry, Sircatene products run to guarantee the highest reliability, since Sircatene Spa knows that chains need working at their best in food production industry, also in case of remarkable change of temperatures, and fully complying with the norms in force in the food sector. Sircatene’s technological solutions have always been applied in all the most important handling and conveying operations in the food industry and agri-food sector; its capacity of keeping constant throughput combines with a well-known reliability of all the components of the chain and the ability of complying with any food hygienic norm, also on account of the most suitable materials.

Sircatene Spa

Sircatene chains stand out for their design, materials, treatments and coating; they are checked in any production phase and appreciated for their high specialization standards. The company has achieved such success thanks to well-established, specific know-how and its remarkably professional technical team with, which enable the production of high-quality products. Sircatene’s knowledge and production find their major use in all industrial environments, not only in the agri-food industry but also in the automotive, steel, concrete industries, and many other sectors. As well as its sound technical and technological knowledge, Sircatene also boasts considerable innovation activity carried out in cooperation with research centres and universities; this enables the company to be constantly ahead in the use of materials, product engineering, production processes definition. Its capacity of tailoring products, designing and making unique items, able to fully meet customer’s technical, efficiency, reliability, sturdiness and life requirements are broadly recognized by both customers and partners. Sircatene Spa always seeks motivated agents and distributors to start interesting partnerships and open up new markets.

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1980 2010


1980 2010



Via Marmolada, 15 Z.I. Nord - 31027 Spresiano ( Treviso ) Italy Tel: +39 0422 88 10 34 / Fax: +39 0422 88 85 33 /

The company SIMA was initially established as assembler in the agrifood industrial sector, and in the last 30 years it has been specializing in the design and manufacture of small-, medium- and big sized, turnkey storage plants for cereals, nuts, coffee and flour for any part of the world. SIMA offers complete and reliable products for any requirements, for instance: Screw conveyor; Bucket elevators; Storage silos; Cells and flour cells for feedstuff factories; Cereal dryers; Metal structures; Processing passages and turrets. The storage section consists in structures and machinery for the agrifood storage. SIMA production silos are fruit of long experience gained in the agri-food industry. Industrial manufacture, high-quality materials and accurate choices about the future uses contribute to making a very high-quality and greatly competitive product. SIMA cleaning and classifying machines, mod. SUP 100/200 are employed in dry maize cleaning, featuring a capacity from 50 t/h and

Sima Srl


more. The product is thoroughly cleaned through 3 sieving systems: coarse, medium and fine. The first passage removes coarse impurities, the third removes shattered pieces, while the third removes earth. Moreover, a winnower removes dust through a suction line installed in the discharge section. The cleaned maize is then stored in silos and storehouses, with no problem of preservation occurring. A reliable production of customized metal works. The complex parts of the design engineered upon the customer’s requirements are manufactured on the SIMA’s premises. Accuracy and exact reading of the project charts are crucial elements for a perfect product. SIMA skilled people can follow all working stages, from the preliminary study of the plant, from the measure at the customer’s facilities, mechanic and equipment engineering by means of the most advanced tools. Innovative and flexible programme for the most functional and suitable solutions are the result of the company’s experience gained in time.

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Via S.Rocco, 5/B23801 Calolziocorte (Lecco) Italy Tel: +39 0341 63 02 94 / Fax: +39 0341 64 57 89 /

Men always determine history with their choices and actions: an important industrial story, still present, characterized by a continuous evolution of men and products, was born in Calolziocorte in 1924 when the company “Rosa Giuseppe” was established. Its products, exclusively regarding Standard Transmission Chains with ISO Standards, developed as time went by, with the addition of special heavy and light conveying chains with attachments as by drawings, agricultural, scraper, accumulation and leaf chains, plus chains with rubber support. The “Eurocatene s.a.s.” specialized in heavy conveying chains was founded in 1974 and in 1978 the “Rosa Giuseppe” became “Rosa Catene S.p.A.”. Since 1995 the two companies were concentrated into one, “Rosa Catene S.p.A.”. It’s regarding advanced structure, solidly managed by the Rosa family. The whole Rosa-Eurocatene production is manufactured by using first-quality raw materials guaranteed by selected and certified suppliers. In addition, the firm has obtained the good quality certificate

Rosa Catene Spa

UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Upon request the finished chain can undergo pre-stretching, coupling and grinding operations, which are necessary to meet particular requirements concerning the machine where the chain will be installed. This operation is requested in case of packaging machines and of wood processing machines with iron U-bolt coated in vulcanised rubber. The chain is an ancient mechanical organ, in fact, the ancient Romans already used them on lifting devices for water. With the coming and the diffusion of motorization, chains were improved becoming authentic mechanical organs and their use as transmission lifting and conveying organs started to become considerable. Evolution of the plants and means on which they are used, imposed their perfecting to face the increasing requirements concerning resistance, duration and yielding. The Rosa Catene SpA has reached these results with the higher quality level of raw materials, precision during production, control of the heat treatments and all the process parameters.

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Re Pietro

Officina Meccanica di Francesco Re

Via G. Galilei, 55 - I-20083 Gaggiano (Milano) Italy Tel.: +39 02 90 85 025 / Fax: +39 02 90 842 014 /

Photo 2

Photo 4 Officina Meccanica Re Pietro can produce and offer complete lines for the production of cereal cakes and non-fried snacks. The process starts with cereal preparation, when humidity is raised by adding small quantity of water by means of a mixer, which makes the operation easier. The moistened product is then picked up by a mixer and conveyed to the feeding hoppers of the presses for the following cake production to be performed. The cakes out of the presses are directed to a conveyor belt to be then conveyed to a portioning machine for the following alignment, placing edges on and making of the cake portion requested to be directed to the packaging machine. The horizontal packaging machine, which is fully equipped with special mechanic and electronic devices as to package cakes with edges placed on, is used to package the product in tube-like packs with top and twist. The line is finally provided with a metal detector and weight control system. (see photo 1, Cakes Line) The Product The Presses for Cereal Cakes produce cakes from rice (wholemeal or white), corn gritz, wheat, spelt, kamut or cereal mix with sesame, millet seeds, Saracen corn, amaranth, and more. Salt can also be added to cereal cakes as to give final product more taste. In addition, cereal cakes can also be glazed with chocolate, yoghurt, and added with sweet or salty flavours. (see photo 2) Olive oil, red pepper, pizza, rosemary flavoured mini cakes are especially appreciated by consumers and increasingly popular in the market as they are a healthy and fancy snack with low fat content on account of the fact that they are not fried. This product is made with RE PIETRO pressed with multi-punch moulder, 45 mm Ø, and then conveyed to a flavouring line and packed in 40/50 grams’ bags by means of vertical packaging machines. (See photo 3) Thanks to micro cereal flour pellets, it is also possible to produce tasty snacks with customized raw materials (by mixing flours accordingly personal recipes), thus making a real unique final product. Alike all the other snacks, this one is conveyed to flavoruring lines to be


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Photo 3

flavoured with various flavours; the result is a light and fancy product that is greatly appreciated by consumers. (photo 4) Officina Meccanica Re Pietro di F. Re has recently participated in this year’s edition of Fispal Tecnologia, the most important trade fair in South America dedicated to process and packaging machines, held from 12 to 15 June in Sao Paulo do Brazil. At its stand, the company exhibited rice and maize cakes, cereal mixes, non-fried snacks and anything else that can be produced with the company’s presses for cakes. The remarkable attendance from all the Latin America, combining with the great interest in the products presented (which turned out absolute news for most part of the visitors), confirmed that participating in this event was definitely successful. Officina Meccanica Re Pietro di F. Re has been producing presses for rice and cereal cakes presses, and turnkey lines from cereal conditioning to packaging, for more than 10 years. The press for cakes Series RP is a sturdy machine to produce rice, maize, wheat, emmer, cereals cakes with shape and size upon customer’s requirements. The most commonly requested shapes are: classic round of 90 mm diam., mini round cakes of 40-45 mm., square cakes of 80x80 mm and rectangular cakes of 80x35 mm. The thickness of the cake can be varied from 5 to 12 mm by simply operating the Siemens PLC-run control board of the machine. The classic production line of round cakes of 90 mm consists of the following: • Horizontal mixer for cereal mixing and conditioning • Automatic conveying system to pick the product from the mixer and convey it to the feeding hopper of the presses • Production line consisting of 3 to 10 presses, mod. RP6/90C • Conveyor belt to collect the cakes out of the presses and convey them to the automatic loader • Automatic loader to leaf through and line the cakes in one single line, place them edgeways to form the line to be packed • Flow-pack packaging machine, mod. Synpack mini S, to package cakes with edges placed on, in tube-like packs with top • Twist-band machine to apply the CLIP to the top of the packs

Via G. Galilei, 55 - I-20083 Gaggiano (Milano) Italy Tel.: +39 02 90 85 025 / Fax: +39 02 90 842 014 /

Re Pietro

Officina Meccanica di Francesco Re

Photo 1

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Via Nazionale Est, 19 - 43044 Collecchio ( Parma ) Italy Tel: +39 0521 80 08 00 / Fax: +39 0521 80 23 11 /

Protec Srl

1. Extrasorter 2. Duett 3. Aspirx

The company Protec was founded in 1991 and has become a leader in the design and production of dual-vision sorting machines for the food industry. Protec has always invested in ideas and resources and the over 3000 plants installed worldwide are evidence of the company’s thorough and targeted managerial policy, which aims to have a team of professional people whose main target is offering their customers reliable, accurate and efficient solutions. The company’s technological commitment can be found in a machine called Duett, which is the first dual-vision sorting machine for fresh salads proposed by Protec; it enables examining produce on either sides, indicating defects or foreign bodies. In addition to this, some cameras and an exclusive visual and fluorescent lighting system allows identifying the chlorophyll that all vegetables usually have. Polluting agents, such as plastic, paper, cardboard and insects as well, can be easily kept apart. The particular configuration of the inclined conveyor belt enables separating defective produce by means of air jets. The visual system makes use of the most up-to-date electronic technology and exclusive software for processing images.

Duett can be easily put in production lines because not only is it waterproof but also resistant to the usual cleansing sanification products. Protec has always focused on technological innovation and the investments of the past years have enabled the company’s team of engineers and designers to perfect this new technology at one of the most important European producers of IV range produce. To this regard, it is worth of special mention the fact that in addition to being a leading company on the market, Protec is also leader in tomato sorting, and in the past years it has developed high technology for IV range products, such as ready salads, corn, peas, and more. In addition to tomatoes, it is now possible to sort whole fruit, tomato and fruit pulp, extrusions, purees, jams, leaf vegetables (fresh or dehydrated), legumes, diced fruit and potatoes (in almost every form). As a result, a simple product such as a tin of peas or a pot of jam, which people buy everyday, embodies a high-level technology aimed at achieving the highest quality, the one that Protec has always targeted. For any information, please contact directly: Mr. Rocco Sandei - Sales Manager E-mail:

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Via Brancaccio, 11 - 84018 Scafati ( Salerno ) Italy Tel: +39 081 85 09 368 / Fax: +39 081 85 65 168 /

Fruit Processing Machinery


Our expertise

@your service



PL2D -

Via Brancaccio, 11 84018 Scafati (SA) - Italia Tel.: +39 081.850.93.68 Fax: +39 081.856.51.68

Via Brancaccio, 11 - 84018 Scafati ( Salerno ) Italy Tel: +39 081 85 09 368 / Fax: +39 081 85 65 168 /

Pnd Srl


1 3

PND, Italian fruit processing machinery manufacturer, was founded in 2000 by a group of skilled technicians with an experience of 30 years in the agro industrial sector. During these years, the technical know-how and the passion of its founders have allowed the company to compete with companies existing in the international market for decades. Today the PND commercial network has spread out worldwide, through a chain of companies and agents that operate guaranteeing after-sales service on site. In fact, it is very important for PND to assist its customers before and after the purchase of machines, resolving any kind of problem that may arise through a fast and continuous assistance. The semiautomatic Peeling, Coring and Cutting machine for apples, pears, kiwis and mango at 2, 4, 6 or 8 heads (pic.1) is made in stainless steel. Thanks to an optional system of cutting groups, it allows to cut in wedges and in chunks. All components are easily interchangeable and all parts in touch with the fruit are suitable for hygienic and alimentary purposes. Besides, the interior parts of the machine are protected by carters in stainless steel to avoid accidents to the operator, who use the machine. This machine has central lubricating system to help a good and ordinary maintenance.

The automatic feeder and orientator for apples, together with the peeler mod. PL4/PL6/PL8, makes up the completely automatic line for apples processing. One of the newborn in PND firm is the dip tank, a very good dipping system for fresh processed fruits (pic.2) which avoids antioxidation, like brown or black discoloration effects. It is suitable for the treatment of apples, pears, kiwis, pineapples, melons, oranges, etc and other fruits in their whole and cut varieties. Advantages: • Low water quantity for treatment; • possibility to treat both floating and not floating fruit; • adjustable dipping time; • available on wheels to make it easily moveable; • available options: measuring system for water conductivity value and dosing system for freshness retainer. The newest project: The automatic feeder and orientator for Williams pears (pic.3), together with the peeler mod. PL4/PL6, makes up the completely automatic line for apples processing; it is completely made in stainless steel 304. The whole structure is positioned on a sliding carriage that draws back making easy regulation and maintenance of peeler.

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Via delle Magnolie, 7 - 21013 Gallarate (Varese) Italy Tel: +39 0331 79 03 96 / Fax: +39 0331 78 88 75 / /

PLASTPACK ® has been in the packaging business since 1951, offering standard products and customized solutions for specific requirements, using only materials suitable for food contact and low environmental impact. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and its accurate quality control over the production guarantees high-standard products. PLASTPACK ® is located in Gallarate, Varese, in one of the most industrialized areas of Italy, 35 Km to the North of Milano, only 5 Km from Malpensa international airport. VANITY TRAY® is the world’s largest collection of top-quality plastic trays. PLASTPACK ® has created the most comprehensive line of high-quality, certified, washable and recyclable plastic trays, according to the best made-in-Italy tradition. • 11 different designs to satisfy your taste • 92 models to satisfy your requirement • 4 finishing to show your product at the best • 17 lids and 2 bags for practical and cost-effective packaging • 11 customizable cardboard boxes for exclusive design.


Hundreds of solutions to give you maximum choice. PLASTPACK ® develops all production and product control processes in-house with the most advanced thermoforming, packaging, labelling and packing plants, thereby offering its customers tailored services. VANITY TRAY ®’s are produced in special material: scratchresistant, 100% suitable for contact with food, and certified by analysis laboratories before and after forming. Golden and silver metallization of the finishing is held within the structure, thus guaranteeing no contact with foodstuff. They are perfect to present, package and sell confectionery and gastronomy products. They are used in food industry, large-scale retail trade, and Cash and Carry centers. Catering, restaurant, bar, disco and also private parties can have their right tray. Available in five-tray packages or in practical 50-piece boxes, PLASTPACK® trays can be washed and re-used again and again. VANITY TRAY by PLASTPACK, styling food!

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Pizeta Srl

Pizeta designs and builds storage and handling plants for raw materials, finished food and non-food products, such as dry pasta, pet-food, cereals, couscous, wood pellets and so on. Whether it is an individual machine or a complete turnkey plant, the company equally proves its longstanding experience and its extraordinary inclination towards innovation, supported by a very efficient after-sales customer service. All projects are strictly tailor-made, transforming all their client’s desires into highly functional projects. By using all the most modern designing technologies, such as 3D rendering, the company can guarantee top quality and long-lasting products, always aligned to the latest technological developments. This is the key to a true excellence, seen not as a static point of arrival, but a continuous effort towards an everlasting improvement. Thanks to this strictly client oriented strategy, Pizeta has become throughout the years the partner of some of the world’s leading companies in this industry. In the last decade Pizeta introduced in the food industry market a number of storage and product management solutions, distinctive for innovation and reliability. “Our production range consists of two main product lines: on one side equipment for storage of food raw materials such as flour, semolina, starch and flakes, which includes feeding to the production lines; on the other side equipment for the storage of final products such as dry pasta. The design and construction of our equipment are entirely managed in-house, from the know-how to the Quality Assurance System” explains the Chief Executive Officer, Pietro Zanetti. Pizeta develops each projects in collaboration with the individual customer, providing coaching and support from the layout of the


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

Via Europa, 27 - 35015 Galliera Veneta ( Padova ) Italy Tel: +39 049 94 70 669 / Fax: +39 049 94 71 739 /

construction and electrical diagrams to the training for the use of the PLC system: a simple and intuitive graphical dashboard that allows the customers operators full control and monitoring capabilities on the system. Pizeta workshops are equipped with the latest tools and machinery to guarantee a high quality product within the most modern technology. All Pizeta equipments are entirely designed and produced in Italy. The great reliability of Pizeta solutions also means a short Return of Investment period for the clients and then high profitability of the amortised investment. On account of its international size, Pizeta supplies its customers with equipment compliant with ATEX standards and with the Directives against the risk of explosion in flour storage. The respect of these standards guarantees a better environmental impact and an extremely low percentage of powders in the air, within the international standards, assuring a room without powder nor flour deposits. This means a better hygiene and cleanliness in the flour storing room. In the short-cut pasta storage line, Pizeta manufactures also silos in stainless steel AISI 304 in order to satisfy even the more demanding customer. The application of storing and handling systems vary a lot: cous cous, coffee, pet-food, food and plastic pellets, nuts and bolts, small parts in general to mention the most common The assertive and dynamic management in Pizeta, in conjunction with almost half a century of experience, made the company’s name recognised internationally for its complete range of solution for transport, dosing, cleaning, recycle and storage of various kind of products, all characterised by world class quality and technology, yet easy to use.

Via Europa, 27 - 35015 Galliera Veneta ( Padova ) Italy Tel: +39 049 94 70 669 / Fax: +39 049 94 71 739 /

Pizeta Srl

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19 – 21 November 2012 Dubai World Trade Centre

The only exhibition catering to the entire confectionery & snacks trade in the Middle East region Products from over 30 countries Over 1,200 brands represented NEW national pavilions! Jordan, Lebanon, Poland, Saudi Arabia

Live baking and cooking demonstrations FREE accESS to SEAFEX and The Speciality Food Festival


contact us at: Tel: +971 4 308 6253 / 6462 Fax: +971 4 318 8607

Organised by


In a country with food manufacturing potentials, food manufacturing has to be set as one of the pillars of technological and economical progress. PIGO set a goal to become an initiating force in technological and economical progress in fruit and vegetable processing industry, a leader in country and in the world in manufacturing of food processing machines from its programme. The role that PIGO undertook and the vision it has, require dedicated and continuous development of its knowledge, building strong ties with every information recourse, readiness for cooperation and commitment to innovative research, resulting in constant improvement. PIGO’s strength is its ability to predict demands in technological processes, quality, safety, standardization and all other areas related to development of fruit and vegetable processing equipment. In order to fulfil its mission, PIGO applies modern business principles, knowledgeably manage its time and recourses, carefully choose priorities and vigilantly plan its activities. Nurturing respectful and responsible behaviour within its team is foundation of its company culture. Each member has his/her own role and development path, and contributes to the company growth and readiness to respond to any task. Today, PIGO Srl is one of the world’s leading freezing equipment manufacturers and fruit and vegetable processing equipment suppliers with an extensive experience in both freezing and fruit


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

Via Pontaron, 30 - 36030 Caldogno ( Vicenza ) Italy Tel: +39 0444 90 57 09 / Fax: +39 0444 90 97 78 /

and vegetables processing. Together with its partners, PIGO has installed its machines, both spiral and fluidised bed freezers, throughout the world. Its systems have been supplied to companies in the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia by the company and its partners in the industry. PIGO Srl has specialized in building freezers with fluidised bed, Easy Freeze, the most suitable for IQF freezing variety of fruits, vegetables and numerous sea, meat and cheese products. PIGO Freezers are built in modular sizes and all components are made entirely of stainless steel, capable to provide perfect IQF product even with work with delicate products like cooked rice, raspberries, etc. All units are completely assembled and tested in the company’s factories prior to shipping to its clients. Units are reassembled upon arrival to clients’ premises by PIGO professional team. Easy Freeze and Easy Freeze Spyro are the result of many years of experience, research and development. PIGO can proudly say that its machines achieve excellent operating characteristics, energy efficiency and user friendly, and it comes up with a lot of advantages and privilege to the company’s buyers. Besides Easy Freeze and Easy Freeze Spyro, one of the company’s main machines is automatic pitting machine PG103. Thanks to special distribution system, providing almost 100%

Via Pontaron, 30 - 36030 Caldogno ( Vicenza ) Italy


Tel: +39 0444 90 57 09 / Fax: +39 0444 90 97 78 /


Anuga FoodTec 2012

filled up plates (with fruit), and extremely large size of plates, PG103 pitting machine has at least 50-100% higher capacity than any other pitting machine on the market, achieving this capacity with the optimal tact of 60 cycles per min. Experience of all PIGO’s clients confirms work with 0,00% of remained stones when adequate quality and preparation of the fruit (clean, calibrated product with adequate ripeness) is provided. At the latest ANUGA FoodTec, PIGO presented the innovated EASY Freeze SPYRO, the latest generation spiral freezer, giving utmost advantages to the users, both in energy efficiency and in hygienic and technological advantages, such as (some of them): • Belts gear motors are positioned outside the insulated cabin (no lubrication inside the freezer) avoiding any risks of contaminations due to some oil leakages; • The unit doesn’t have any mezzanine floor and or intermediary platform, to avoid any dirtiness accumulation (presence of any mezzanine floor or intermediary platform are making more difficult the cleaning operations) – the absolutely highest hygienic standards; • Freezer design is made according to max. thermal load and max. surface occupied on the belt by the different products foreseen; • Low maintenance cost and low spare parts cost due to utilisation of high quality commercial components;

• Low pressure fans to higher air speed. In order to obtain a quick freezing process EASY Freeze SPYRO is designed for high speed circulation (4 -10 m/sec) of cold air in contact with the product, on the whole length of the spiral conveyor; • Very low weight loss, which is two times less then with vertical air flow • Hitting the incoming product with the coldest air; the product is therefore immediately “crusted” and snow formation diminished; • Drum is without lateral openings to improve the air guidance and to minimize the possibility to accumulate dirtiness; • The lateral aprons to guide the airflow on the opposite side of the evaporators are on easy access design like door openable or sliding, but in any case easy access is granted all around; • Snow reduction: the temperature increase of cold air passing through the product is very low. Air cannot therefore increase substantially its humidity content. To get a better idea of what PIGO does, please visit the websites or or just send e-mail to, they will be very glad to send their detailed offer, and also a DVD with plenty of videos with its machines in the work. Short video clips of PIGO machines in operation are available on, look for PIGOsrl.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry


Via Pontaron, 30 - 36030 Caldogno ( Vicenza ) Italy Tel: +39 0444 90 57 09 / Fax: +39 0444 90 97 78 /


Pitting Machine PG103

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry


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OCRIM S.p.A. - Via Massarotti, 76 - 26100 Cremona

Via Massarotti, 76 - 26100 Cremona (Italy) Tel. 0372 40 11 / Fax 0372 41 26 92 /

OCRIM was founded in 1945 by the entrepreneur Mr.Guido Grassi In few time the company has expanded in all the continents, exporting the technology and quality which are part of the Italian DNA. Ocrim is a company committed to enhancing its activity in research, designing, manufacturing and realization of milling plants, feed mills and cereals processing industry in general. The theatre of its operations is the world market; Ocrim is present, with its installations, in more than 120 Countries. The establishment of the company, over time, has been achieved through the sharing in all its sectors of basic and fundamental values: responsibility, competence, customers focus. To the innovative research, Ocrim sustained its commitment to striving for excellence and managed to attain a world recognition, in the market where it operates, as a point of reference for quality, technical and technological solutions. While maintaining its Italian foundation, Ocrim has developed a business strategy to satisfy any requirement of the milling market across all


continents. To achieve these outcomes, Ocrim has adopted new methods of training of its human resources and the organization of a company structured on a solid management, with international perspective. The important investments made by Ocrim are the demonstration of its will to grow. Many are its activities all around the world, but the activity representing a common line and greater legalization is the industrialization, in other words the standardization of the production processes in order to knock down the prime costs, thus granting competitive prices, without jeopardizing the product quality. An efficient policy on which Ocrim will go on concentrating its efforts in the future, capable of attaining trust, loyalty and consolidate its market share. The long-standing collaborations with sub-suppliers complete the added value that Ocrim is capable to grant its Customers, demonstrating the Italian spirit steered towards the obstinate search of the product quality without any compromise. The challenge, for the future, is to succeed in improving further the Italian Made by the added value of Ocrim products in the world.

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eas or free ar f s t n e g a r we seek fo

Experience, reliability and competence in solid handling

NUOVA GUSEO s.r.l. COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE Via Dante, 8 - 29010 Villanova sull’Arda (Piacenza) Italy Tel: +39 0523 83 71 49 / 83 71 87 Fax: +39 0523 83 74 98

Via Dante, 8 - 29010 Villanova sull’Arda (Piacenza) Italy Tel: +39 0523 83 71 49 / 83 71 87 / Fax: +39 0523 83 74 98 /





Simple, versatile, accurately finished, of rugged construction and tailored upon customer’s requirements. These are the most significant features of Nuova Guseo’s production, leader in the design and manufacture of systems for fine and ultra-fine milling as well as solid handling. As for the food sector, Nuova Guseo specializes in the production of both, stand-alone equipment and highly automated integrated process lines for milling, mixing, packaging or conveying of products suitable for food preparations (flavors, preservatives, dyestuffs, etc.), as well of spices, powdered preparations for beverages, diet supplements, bakery additives and foodstuff in general. Nuova Guseo plants can be easily inspected and sanitized in order not to contaminate the product under processing, in compliance with the rules in force. Conveying devices. Product conveyance can be performed by screw or pneumatic conveyors. The first ones stand out for their accurate mechanical performance of the worm screw and housing, as well as special dustproof capacity, especially of the rotating parts. Mills. This equipment category is very popular in the food industry. Nuova Guseo’s production offers many models, such

as: lump breaker and calibrator, suitable for medium-hardness materials; pre-crushers, which are recommended, for instance, to crush sugar blocks made very hard and pressed on account of handling requirements. Hammer mills to reduce fibrous, hard, wet or thermolabile substances to medium fineness. Some particular hammer mills working at cryogenic temperature are recommended to grind fat, hard and thermolabile substances. Mixers. These machines mix powders with powders, or powders with liquid additives. They are available in two configurations, such as: horizontal and vertical, single and double reel, in different size to meet the requirements of workshops and industrial environments. Both models guarantee high-performance homogenization of the processed material; the vertical mixer is recommended for the mixing of delicate food, such as fruit or lyophilized legumes. Bagging machines. Nuova Guseo also designs equipment to bag products for food preparation. They are highly versatile also when processing diversified batches. They are engineered to be sanitized in very short time without special tools and by simple manual operations, so that they can be soon ready for new processes.

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Novapan Srl

Via della Repubblica, 25 - 24060 Cividino di Castelli Calepio (Bergamo) Italy Tel: +39 030 74 35 017 - Fax: +39 030 74 35 040 -

Since 1978 Novapan has been successfully present on the field of machines for the so called “white art�. It qualifies itself as leader in the production of dividing machines, thanks to the great experience of its founder Bruno Lancini, passed to his working mates and relatives. Doggedness, experience and a highly qualified staff, make of Novapan a firm able to offer competence, technology, reliability and immediate assistance. Presently Novapan, in a big and demanding worldwide market, is able to satisfy all its clients, granting at the same time: competitivenesson the market, great-quality and technologically advanced machines, possibility to export all over the world without limits of quantity and with the right relation between price and features. Novapan is guarantee of competitiveness, excellence of the made in Italy and vanguard technology. The patented machine performs a main and double function that usually is operated by two different machines. It is provided with a push button for the automatic change of the pieces (pieces 10/2015/30-24/48) that enhances its services.


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

Double-cut pressing machine It has total hydraulic working; the automatic lid drawbar system allows a silent and perfect gripping in the total safety. The digital wiring is completely insulated and provided with a digital timer in order to adapt it to any kind of dough so that we can have a perfect weight for each piece. At the end of each working cycle the machine stops, in order to avoid the overheating of the motor, and oil and energy consumption. The inside of the machine gives a very good hygiene guarantee thanks to high-quality products as stainless steel AISI 304 knives and basket, and alimentary nylon for the squares that are worked by Novapan at a machining center in order to avoid excess discards of dough and guarantee a good accuracy in the assembly system. Features and advantages: Greatly reduced dimensions, silent machine, perfect stability, knives in stainless steel AISI 304, basket in stainless steel AISI 304, squares in alimentary nylon, set of wheels that help the movement of the machine. The working plane is at the perfect height. The machine is easy to clean and requires no maintenance. CE specification machine that is constructed according to the safety and hygiene specifications in force. Upon request Novapan can provide special voltages. Products and productions are made in Italy. The standard machine is painted; stainless steel version is optional.

Via della Repubblica, 25 - 24060 Cividino di Castelli Calepio (Bergamo) Italy Tel: +39 030 74 35 017 - Fax: +39 030 74 35 040

Novapan Srl -

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Via A. Gramsci, 10 - 63030 Acquaviva Picena (Ascoli Piceno) Italy Tel: +39 0735 76 45 22 / Fax: +39 0735 76 44 05 /

Movinox S.r.l. has been in full working force for over thirty years now in the field of industrial techniques in industries for fish and vegetable processing. It covers an area which includes the operative logistic structure of 4.200 m², offices 620 m² and a further area of over 2.500 m² The company is specialized in stainless steel working, it plans, constructs and assembles its own machines, complete processing lines and turnkey plants for the preservation industry involved in fish and vegetable processing. All machinery and equipment are able to meet any output requirement; they are made only of stainless steel and suitable for coming in contact with food-stuff. Our production is divided into different food lines: • Processing lines for fresh and deep-frozen fish products • Processing lines for vegetables: leaf-vegetables, IVth range, grilled vegetables, tubers, legumes and more • Packaging lines in trays or bags: M.A.P., vacuumizing, in oil or deep-frozen • Processing lines for ready-made meals: complete lines for batter and bread coating and prefrying unit; cooking and flavouring lines for short and long-cut pasta for stir-fry meals; ready-made soup

Movinox Srl

in bags or trays; processing lines for multi-layer products; readymade sauces • Custom made stand-alone machinery and plants for any processing demand to be placed in existing and new plants • Accessory equipment such as gutters and grit traps for waste waters, rotating screens, trolleys, tables, transpallets … Overview activities: • Feasibility study of the plant • Techniques and economy: information regarding the techniques in use; economical comments on investments; research on existing financial funds • Technological and functional diagrams: operative and management flow of the plant • Lay-out: graphical arrangement of machinery, processing plants, services and logistics • Works Management during the installation of the plant and interface with delivery terms • Testing of Movinox’s machinery and plants; technical assistance during start-up of machinery • After sale assistance

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Ice cream · Gelato · Margarine · Margarina · Fresh Pasteurised Milk · Latte Fresco Pastorizzato Cream · Crema · U.H.T. Sterilized Milk · Latte Sterilizzato U.H.T. · Cheese · Formaggio


Pasteurizing units | Unità di pastorizzazione

Mini dairy plant | Mini-impianto lattiero-caseario


36015 Schio (VI) Italy Via Lago di Vico, 37

T +39.0445.576.692 F +39.0445.577.280

Via Lago di Vico, 37 - 36015 Schio (Vicenza) Italy Tel: +39 0445 57 66 92 / Fax: +39 0445 57 72 80 /

Mini dairy plant Mini laiterie

Milk Italy is specialized in plants to process milk and all its by-products. Milk Italy has been established after a strong thirty-year experience gained in some of the major dairy firms. Milk Italy produces complete units for processing the milk starting from Raw and/or Powder Milk. The company’s plants are mainly designed to produce: Pasteurised milk; UHT milk; Yoghurt; Laban; Cheese; Cream & Iced Cream; Powder milk plant; Butter & Margarine (from vegetable oil). The company’s strength points are: High engineering level of the solutions proposed; Knowledge and experience in this industry; Quality of product offered; Customer care and Customer support; Excellent ratio quality/price. Milk Italy follows the client from the beginning, in order to understand his specific needs and to propose its advise, until the start-up of the plant. Milk Italy can also provide warranty on site.

Milk Italy

100% Made in Italy

Milk Italy has production solutions from the small needs 150 lt./h up to 40.000 lt./h of milk. Due to the similarity of the plants and the equipment, it also makes units for juices, ice-cream and units for eggs pasteurisation process. The experience gained on many international markets has enabled the company to have remarkable knowledge of products and local dairy production techniques. In addition to this Central Europe markets, the company also operated very-well also in the following markets: East European Countries & Russia; Africa; Middle East; South America. Please check the following web-site: Please write to Please contact the company directly in order to study the best solution for your needs.

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Think Chocolate!

MAZZETTI RENATO Srl S.p.A. tecnologie per il cioccolato - chocolate equipment Via Monte Grappa, 9 - 20067 Tribiano (Mi) - Italy Tel.: ++39 0290631159-029064103 - Fax: ++39 029064445 e-mail: -

Via Monte Grappa, 9 - 20067 Tribiano ( Milano ) Italy Tel: +39 02 90 63 11 59 - 02 90 64 103 / Fax: +39 02 90 64 445 /

The company Mazzetti Renato Srl produces and sales automatic and semi-automatic machines plants and accessories for the confectionery industry, specializing in chocolate and its derivatives. For the production of chocolate bars and similar, Mazzetti Renato srl has created a new kind of plants which is addressed especially to the little and medium production needs (from 80 to 150 kg/h.) The new range Micro FX is composed of 3 different models which adopt different production technologies as to allow a total covering of the customer’s needs. Micro FX SLD is based on the “points dosing system” making of its simple plant its energy points. Micro FX OS is based on the one-shot technology making of its versatility and minimum encumbrance its energy points. Micro FX 3S adopts the classic 3 steps technology to satisfy the needs of products range variety leaving to the user’s fantasy great margins for the new specialities development.

Mazzetti Renato Srl

Common characteristics of the plants are: • Moulds dimensions 275 x 205 x 25 • Production up to a 150 kg/h (referred to the product) • Running speed up to 8 moulds/min • Production of solid articles and/or fat creams filled • Structures realized in stainless steel and aluminium • Moulds conveyor chains not reachable by the product and contained in low friction sliding guides • Semi automatic or completely automatic running • Big range of options for the additional production unities (ingredients depositors, decorations, etc.) • Really small encumbrance dimensions • Minimum installation time • Strongly reduced energy consumptions • Easier sanification and cleaning operations • Centralised commands driven by control board with computerised logic.

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Industrial Boilers & Food Processing

Horizontal Sterilisation Ă˜ 1000

Horizontal Sterilisation 700 X 1000

Fixed steam cooking vessels

Instant Steam Generator

Technology, experience and customized solutions Steam boilers Fixed steam coking vessels Tilting steam cooking vessels Horizontal sterilization autoclave Vertical sterilization autoclave Pasteurizing tanks Steam superheaters

Via Cremonese, 150/a - 43126 - Parma (Italy) - Tel. +39 0521 674088 - Fax +39 0521 674082

Via Cremonese, 150/A - 43126 - Parma Tel: +39 0521 67 40 88 - Fax: +39 0521 67 40 82 -

Since 1988 LPV Caldaie has been producing pressure equipment. The company’s current production is divided into two main areas: industrial boilers and food processing machines. LPV Caldaie designs, manufactures, installs and tests any machine it produces and serves its customers with a highly technological assistance tailored to their requirements, thus guaranteeing certain availability and specific solutions to any requirements by offering standard and also customized machines. Thanks to experience gained in over 20 years, LPV Caldaie offers a production range encompassing Steam boilers, Fixed and tilting steam cooking vessels, Horizontal and vertical sterilization autoclaves, Pasteurizing tanks and Steam superheaters. Instant steam generator, company’s flagship, is equipped with all the adjustment and safety devices set by the law in order to be exempt from licensed driver and regular inspections. All LPV Caldaie generators are in compliance with the P.E.D. 97/23/EC directive. Automatic vertical and horizontal sterilisation autoclave with cooling through air back pressure, with convex ends and quick closing with staybolts for the vertical cylindrical type, and, with convex ends and quick closing in a single gesture for the horizontal cylindrical type; both models are entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

LPV Caldaie Srl

Through a PLC a control boards manages all sterilization cycles. The appliance is in compliance with the P.E.D. 97/23/EC directive. LPV CALDAIE manufactures stainless steel cooking vessels with convex bottoms and tilting cooking vessels with convex bottoms, all provided with steam heating system. The product is heated thanks to a jacket positioned under the rounded wall of the bottom, into which steam is injected. The shape of this jacket has been specially designed to ensure excellent thermal exchange properties for rapid, even heating of the product. The vessels are thermally insulated with high density insulating material enclosed in a hermetically sealed stainless steel external covering and can therefore be washed using high-pressure systems. The design pressure (4 bar) enables temperatures of nearly 150 °C to be reached. Manufactured in conformity with the P.E.D. 97/23/EC directive. The current markets in which LPV has a direct or indirect, through supplies to other manufacturers, presence include mainly Europe and the Middle East, as well as a range of supplies to other parts of the world. The sales development uses the direct approach in all countries on the Mediterranean basin, new members of the European Union and the other Eastern European countries.

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Via La Bionda, 33 - 43036 Fidenza ( Parma ) Italy Tel: +39 0524 52 86 88 / Fax: +39 0524 52 44 65 /

Since 1949, La Parmigiana has dedicated particular attention to small and medium artisan pasta factories which produce high-quality pasta, often diversify production and ingredients, and use static drying technologies for particular drying processes. With this perspective, La Parmigiana has developed and optimized the new fully automated multi-production lines for capacity ranging from 200 to 450 kg/h. These lines have been projected to meet diverse market demands of both the craftsmen producing the highest quality traditional Italian pasta and the worldwide producers of special pasta. La Parmigiana’s guidelines have always been: reliability, flexibility, automation and last but not least, energy saving. Reliability is guaranteed by highest quality materials and components, tested to perform 24/7. A complete in-house design is carried out by the company’s researchers/engineers who boast many years of expertise. All of this assures reliable and durable technologies. Aftersales assistance is guaranteed by the specialized personnel support and a modem or VPN connection. Flexibility: all lines are projected for production of more pasta

La Parmigiana Srl

categories. The same line can produce short, long and special pasta as well as a broad range of different kinds of sheet derived pasta, such as: Bird nest pasta; Krajanka – traditional polish soup pasta; Long pasta spread on trays; Lasagna; Folds and coils. Automation: the level of automation can vary according to customer’s requirements. Generally, one operator can control a whole line. Automation is controlled by central PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) managing all processes and devices. A very high automation level is possible by adding the following to basic elements: Flour automatic feeding - Automatic pre-mixer “Volumix” for electronicvolumetric dosing and pre-mixing of all ingredients - Trays automatic feeding - Un-stacking/de-palletizing machine for trolleys with trays Automatic stacker with accelerator and pre-stacking unit - Automatic empting machine for trays with dry pasta - Automatic handling robot for long pasta sticks. Energy saving: Consumption of all the machines has been optimized, resulting in 30% less energy consumption compared to the oldgeneration technologies.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

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Semplicità, Affidabilità, Qualità


Simplicity, Reliability and Quality

Italpan sas - 36010 Zanè (VI) - Via Pasubio, 170 - Tel. 0445 314.236 - Fax 0445 314.237 -

Via Pasubio, 170 - 36010 - Zanè ( Vicenza ) Italy Tel: +39 0445 31 42 36 / Fax: +39 0445 31 42 37 /

The success of Italpan is based on its attention to its clients’ needs and its ability to transform them into advanced technical solutions, as well as its great flexibility of operation. Growth has been constant since the company was founded in 1977, and the range of products it now offers on the market is further proof of its dynamism: machines for bread sticks and taralli, taralli boilers, loaf moulders and rollers, dough sheeters, bread cutters, flour sifters, crumbers and fully automatic lines for the production of bread sticks. The Automatic Grissini Machine MOD. GR/25-A is a mass-supplied with adjustable press so as to make even the thickness of dough when entering in the die. The cut of dough can be carried out by manual electric control or through programming by timer for continuous duty. All surfaces in touch with dough are in Stainless Steel. Output can achieve 50 kg per hour. The Automatic “grissini” Machine MOD. GR/25-L. is a masssupplied with adjustable press so as to make even the thickness of dough when entering in the die. The cut dough can be carried out

Italpan Sas

by manual or electric control or through programming by timer for continuous duty. All surfaces in touch with the dough are in Stainless Steel, Teflon or treated through “Nihar Process” (American patent replacing the chromothickness). Output can achieve 50 kg/h. Dies are easily interchangeable with the intervention of two knobs. The speed of the exit belt is adjustable to be adapted to every type of product in order to avoid stretching or accumulation of the dough. The assembling system on the trolley has been studied to take a minimum amount of space in a rest position. The Sheeter Moulder I.T.P. 500/600 - Painted steel sheet bedplate, mounted on castors. Anodized aluminium sides. Ball bearings with double seal on all rotating parts. Ground and thickness chromeplated steel rollers. A simple device stops the upper belt and the machine becomes a roll unit for the upper belt and the machine becomes a roll unit for the rolling of small quantities of dough. The machine is supplied with infeed belt for the automatic feed of the dough into the rollers.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

16 64

IMA Industries Corazza Spa

IMA INDUSTRIES: ThE ExqUISITE fA f cTORy TOR TORy quality products and truly unique, even exquisite, services. This is one of the fundamental principles that has always guided the IMA Group, world leader in automatic machines for fifty years, and on which it bases the business philosophy of IMA Industries, the sector dedicated to the processing and packaging of food products, cosmetics and toiletries. IMA Industries includes divisions and companies that are recognised as leaders within their individual markets: • Tea & coffee Division offers the widest range of machines for the packaging of tea and herbs in filter bags and of coffee in filter paper pods for both regular and espresso coffee. • Gima S.p.A. has a long experience in the design and manufacture of machines for the packaging of food, confectionary, beverage, pharmaceutical and assembly packaging solutions. • corazza S.p.A. is world leader in manufacturing and supplying a complete range of equipment for dosing and packaging products having creamy and semi-hard consistency, such as processed and fresh cheese, butter, margarine, soft and pressed soup cubes, yeast and other similar products. • Stephan Machinery Gmbh has a leading position in customised machinery for the production processes of the food industry. The company is also leader in the field of machinery for processing convenience food and dairy products, meat and confectionery. Stephan Machinery is also a supplier of process engineering and automation solutions for the dairy, confectionery and convenience food industries. • BfB Division offers a complete range of end of line equipment which includes over-wrapping, shrink-wrapping, case packing and palletizing solutions. • Revisioni Industriali S.r.l. sells used automatic machines for the packaging of tea as well as food dosing and packaging machines for portions of processed cheese, butter and soup cubes, after refurbishing and regenerating them.


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

Via Natalino Corazza, 9 - 40128 - Bologna - Italy Tel: +39 051 41 92 011 / Fax: +39 051 41 92 201 /

Each of these companies has always offered its solutions with a high level of quality and technology, but now, under IMA Industries, they are part of a Group capable of offering comprehensive and integrated solutions and services, thanks to the synergy created between the various strategic and operative departments. This is where the “The Exquisite factory” comes into play. It is the leitmotiv that presents the Group as a coherent set of people, each with their own peculiarities, working together towards a shared goal: to provide top quality, integrated solutions that can even be described as “exquisite”. Through the dedicated mini-site you can enter the “factory” and get to know each company and division in the short films starring employees, who have chosen to represent their company and familiarise the world with the people working at the Group. The commitment and passion shown in the films are a testament to the sentiment of the over 800 people at IMA Industries, including over 300 engineers and technicians, who design and manufacture efficient machines and services that are always cutting-edge and reliable for maximum customer satisfaction. IMA Industries has an excellent direct relationship with its clients throughout the world, offering a far-reaching technical support network to meet every customer’s production requirements. At the website you will discover a wide range of processing and packaging solutions, together with all the contact information you will need to meet your market requirements promptly and efficiently. f o r f u r t h e r i n f o r m a t i o n , p l e a s e v i s i t t h e n e w w e b s ite:

Via Natalino Corazza, 9 - 40128 - Bologna - Italy Tel: +39 051 41 92 011 / Fax: +39 051 41 92 201 /

IMA Industries Corazza Spa

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry



CookIng and UHT SySTEmS


SofT and PrESSEd SToCk CUbES

THE EXQUISITE FACTORY. “We offer you an extensive menu, thanks to our wide range of processing & packaging machines” Cooking for many people is a pleasure - but when you have to do it for millions, it’s better to rely upon first high-quality, high-technology automatic processing and packaging systems. Ima Industries’ companies have been operating in the dairy and convenience food products’ sector for years. In particular Stephan is known worldwide for its processing machinery and its turnkey, complete plants and automated solutions, designed to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Corazza is the major global supplier of complete dosing and packaging lines for fresh and processed cheese. Corazza is also specialized in the manufacturing of complete packaging lines for paste and pressed soup cubes. Take a seat in our factory, and taste the IMA Industries solutions. We are sure you’ll find them EXQUISITE.


mEaT and ConvEnIEnCE food

End of lInE SolUTIonS


STARTING FROM COCOA BEANS PRODUCTION LINE for cocoa mass - cocoa mass drops - chocolate - chocolate drops Processing: cleaning, roasting, chopping, pre-grinding, conching, refining, storing, tempering, moulding, cooling, packing.

COMPLETE COCOA BEANS PROCESSING LINE for the production of cocoa mass and chocolate. Possibility to work pistaches, hazelnuts and almonds for eventual pure paste or spreadable creams. Processing: roasting, chopping, selecting, conching, refining

w w w . i d e o t e c n i c a . c o m



Via Silvestrini, 4, 12089 - Villanova Mondovì (Cuneo) Italy Tel: +39 0174 69 95 54 / Fax: +39 0174 69 97 35 /

Ideo Tecnica Srl


E N I L N O I T C U D O R P S N A E B A O C O C M O R F G N I T R AT S spord etalocohc - etalocohc - spord ssam aococ - ssam aococ rof ,gnihcnoc ,gnidnirg-erp ,gnippohc ,gnitsaor ,gninaelc :gnissecorP .gnikcap ,gnilooc ,gnidluom ,gnirepmet ,gnirots ,gninifer



Since 1980 Ideo Tecnica has been designing and producing complete installations and equipment for the confectionery industry, E N I L G NforI Sthe SE C O R Psector S NinAparticular. EB AOCOC ETELPMOC chocolate . e t a l o c o hThe c family-owned d n a s s a mcompany a o c ohas c fgrown o n oover i t c uthe d oyears r p ebyh improving t rof s d n o m l aitsd nquality a s t uthanks n l e z atoh more , s e hand c a t more s i p kqualified r o w o tstaff y t i l and i b i sconstant soP . s m a e r c investments e l b a d a einr pautomatic s r o emachines t s a p eforr umechanical p l a u t n eand v ecarpentry rof manufactures. gninifer ,gThe nihcompany’s cnoc ,gnidevelopment tceles ,gniand ppoexperience, hc ,gnitsa o r : g n i s s e c o rP at customers’ complete disposal, ensure optimal realization and solution for any kind of production needs, starting from cocoa beans up to finished product, including all the production phases: roasting, cleaning, chopping, refining, conching, storing, transferring, tempering, moulding, cooling and packing with a completely made in Italy production. Ideo Tecnica’s product range includes cocoa beans processing

BAllS MIll SfErA 20r

lines, in collaboration with GBV Impianti Srl, mixers, balls refining lines, conching machines, melters, pumps, technological pipelines, automatic tempering machines, dosing machines, drops lines, moulding lines, enronbing lines, cooling tunnels, decorating machines, storing tanks, cookers, aligner feeders. The production capacity of the Ideo Tecnica machines starts from 20 kg/h, through 100-150 kg/h, up to 250 kg/h per single machine. Ideo Tecnica has also good ability in construction and assembly of technological heated pipelines, double-casing stainless steel AISI 304, as to allow the transfer of products. The company has also a comprehensive stock of second-hand equipment and grants customer overhaul, repair and spare parts service for the machines produced by: Carle&Montanari, Bühler, Sollich, Kreuter, etc.

m o c . a c i n c e t o e d i . w w w Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

16 58

I.C.F. & Welko S.p.A. Via Sicilia, 10 41053 MARANELLO (MO) - ITALY Tel. +39-0536-240811 Fax +39-0536-240888 E-mail: Website:

Via Sicilia, 10 - 41053 Maranello ( Modena ) Italy Tel: +39 0536 24 08 11 / Fax: +39 0536 24 08 88 /

I.C.F. & Welko Spa

I.c.f. f. & Welko, partner for innovation. Since 1961, f I.C.f. & Welko S.p.A., an Italian company based in the mechanical-engineering district of Maranello, has been planning, manufacturing and installing plants, machines and equipment worldwide for food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agro industries. I.C.f. & Welko S.p.A. provides cutting-edge solutions for spray drying, fluidized bed drying, freeze-drying, evaporation, extraction, aroma recovery, agglomeration; hundreds of our customers successfully process a wide range of products with I.C.f. & Welko S.p.A. complete “turn-key” plants, such as dairy products, coffee, breakfast and beverages (chocolate beverages, coffee extracts and surrogates, instant coffee, cappuccino, tea, herb teas, broths, soups, etc.). Each plant is tailor-made to the customer’s requirements and provides outstanding performance, high automation levels, great flexibility and energy saving, in total compliance with the highest safety, security and environmental standards. I.C.f. & Welko S.p.A. has always been strongly committed to researching and developing new technological solutions to cater to constantly-changing industry needs; this company know that challenges are strategic opportunities and offers itself as the partner for your innovation, meaning a key partner for your success. This company has an innovated and fully equipped researchtesting laboratory, which allows its customers to • simulate and test product behavior under processing conditions • make the proper plant, machine and equipment choices • fully understand product treatment characteristics • identify process variables and necessary dimensioning and planning elements • provide technological assistance for new solutions I.C.f. & Welko’s r&D lab is staffed by the most experienced and trained personnel available, whose work consists in ongoing research aimed at continuous upgrading and the increasingly better satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

16 56

G.Mondini Spa

G. Mondini SpA, packaging machines and dosing machines. Thanks to its experience in the field G. Mondini has become a leading company, with more than 7000 plants all over the world, more than 160 employees, and constant and continuous collaboration with major food industry enterprises. from the most complex and complete line for the production and packaging of “ready-made dishes” to the single tube filling machine in simple or modified atmospheres, G. Mondini’s offer can stand any comparison in terms of quality and reliability. from this constant research, ideas were born from G. Mondini SpA which revolutionised the market, like for example the frESh M.A.P SYSTEM: a complete line for meat and fish packaging, which is appreciated all over the world. This system has made it possible to improve the shelf life of the packaged product by as much as a factor of three, while keeping taste, smell and colour features unaltered, through the innovation of the container and the barrier film used, thus allowing a saving in production in terms of labour, film consumption and elimination of air in the package. A great opportunity which G. Mondini offers its customers is the possibility of experimenting with new types of containers, making its own structures available and using the latest technologies. Packaging is becoming a more and more carefully studied activity and G. Mondini seeks to respond to the particular demands of the market with groundbreaking solutions. Therefore, as far as food packaging is concerned, G. Mondini does not only make sealing machines, but also offers complete solutions, with volumetric or piston dosing machines for liquids and semiliquids. Experience, development, and a constructive philosophy allow G. Mondini to create machines able to satisfy the highest levels of: • Efficiency, almost no maintenance, wear of components reduced to the minimum and with exceptionally fast spare part replacement times. • Ease of use, thanks to the reduction of downtime and time for making settings to a minimum; all the parameters are “menu


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

Via Brescia, 5/7 - 25033 Cologne ( Brescia ) Italy Tel: +39 030 70 560 / Fax: +39 030 70 56 250 /

driven”, minimum competence and effort is required from the operator and all that is called for is a few touches of a touch screen. • reliability, thanks to an almost invulnerable system, which is not affected by changes in pressure or outside temperature and guarantees the same work in terms of movements and sealing force. • Speed, since G. Mondini’s sealing machines are the fastest on the market today. • hygiene, the design is completely open and every corner can be reached by a jet of water. Every machine is IP65 certified. G. Mondini SpA takes care of every phase of the job: from mechanical planning to the production of the moulds, from the software settings to the printing of the instruction manual. A special department is in charge of quality control, through the inspection of raw materials and any individual supply, following every phase of production until the final assembly of the machine. A key feature which makes G. Mondini SpA a leading company worldwide is its sales network, managed by a group of commercial agents directly trained by the company and constantly brought up to date with new technologies. The major food companies, among which we can mention ABP, Bahlsen, Barilla, Bonduelle, Buitoni, Cargill, Carrefour, Danone, Del Monte, Esselunga, ferrero, findus, Galbani, Gelco, Granarolo, heinz, hilton Meat, Kellogg, Kerry foods, Kraft, lavazza, lidl, Master foods, McCain, Nestlè, Pepsico, rovagnati, Sadia, Tyson foods, Unilever and many others, have chosen G. Mondini as a partner. Another strong point of G. Mondini is certainly the relationship of full co-operation and assistance which is always guaranteed to the customer. The same goes for the research and development phase, and for post-sales assistance, which is guaranteed worldwide by highly skilled staff. G. Mondini’s success comes from commitment and hard work, seriousness and constant technological research, and full collaboration and total synergy with its customers.

Via Brescia, 5/7 - 25033 Cologne ( Brescia ) Italy Tel: +39 030 70 560 / Fax: +39 030 70 56 250 /

G.Mondini Spa

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry


We will be present at: CFIA Maroc – Casablanca, 25-27 September, 2012 Hall 1 - Booth 8-2 Saudi Agro Food – Riyadh, 24-27 September, 2012 Stand 405-3

Via dell’Artigianato, 5 - 36035 Marano Vicentino (Vicenza) Italy Tel: +39 0445 57 51 82 / Fax: +39 0445 50 17 43 /

Flamic Srl

fASI 700 P f

fASI 700 f

fl flAMIC proposes itself as a young, dynamic company specializing in the production of sheeters for bakery and confectionery factories. Specialisation combined with company flexibility, dynamic design and selected suppliers are flamic’s points of strength. futuristic design combined with high-quality components have enabled this company of Marano Vicentino to enter the Italian and international markets with a product able to conquer and strike the attention of many buyers in short time. The automatic sheeters fAST700P f and fAST700 f with belt width of 700 mm are available also with belt length of 1500 and 2000 mm, stainless steel or varnished. All operations are PlC-controlled and programming is by a 50 touch-screen programme setting. The cylinder running up and down, belt speed and lamination reverse, flour duster and dough spooling unit work automatically so limiting any operator’s intervention during the load of the dough and the discharge of finished products.

The real news introduced by the automatic sheeter fast700 is the independent sheeting speed for a perfect spread and evenness of also less thick sheets. Owing to this special feature, fast700 and fast700P guarantee the minimum thickness of 0.2 mm. The sheeter with 450 mm’s belt (Sf450B) is available in the bench version with belt length of 500 mm. The sheeters with 500-mm belt length are available in two versions: Sf500 (with basement) and Sf500B (bench version) offering two different belt lengths: 850 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm. The reversal rolling belts in the Sf500B are by joystick while in the Sf500 are by joystick or pedal. The sheeter with belt width of 600 mm is available only in the version with basement (Sf600) but with belt length variable: 850, 1000, 1200 and 1400 mm. The Sf600 version is also equipped with extractible layers. reversal rolling is possible by means of a joystick or pedal.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

16 50

WE KNOW HOW TO CHALLENGE SPACE Racks, automatic storage systems

In order to meet the challenges of the future, we have taken another step forward: a single, highly experienced company which directly controls all its corporate-brand business activities. A major step that clearly and emphatically maps out the strategic horizons of the Ferretto Group: to boost research and development of its products and integrated services for ever-better storage management.

Ferretto Group Spa

Strada Padana Verso Verona, 101 - 36100 Vicenza, Italia Tel. +39 0444 349688 - Fax +39 0444 349498 -

Italian style and expertise serving logistics Scaffalature metalliche - Soppalchi Metal racks - Mezzanines

Magazzini automatici Automatic storage systems

Magazzini rotanti, verticali e compattabili Vertical, rotating and compact mobile systems

Software per la logistica Software for logistics

Strada Padana Verso Verona, 101 - 36100 Vicenza - Italy Tel: +39 0444 34 96 88 / Fax: +39 0444 34 94 98 /

Ferretto Group SpA, racks, mezzanines and automatic warehouses systems. The company, established in Vicenza, Italy, in 1956 and owned by the Ferretto family, is a business reality able to operate as a single provider and offer a comprehensive range of solutions for any storage and archiving requirements. Well known brands such as Armes (racks and mezzanines), Promag (automatic storage systems) and Bertello (vertical, rotating, and compactable storage systems) are now company divisions. Other divisions of the group develop software, engineering and civil solutions. In addition to an extensive and well-established presence in Italian market, the Group has long been started its internationalization strategy, under relevant expansion and with huge potential for further growth through a widespread network of distributors located in the major European countries, in the Middle East and North Africa. Moreover, for some years the company has also been present in India and China through its branches and production facilities. Competence, expertise, competitiveness and excellent service make Ferretto Group one of the leaders of Italian and European integrated logistics panorama. Ferretto Group can offer the following products: Traditional racks • Pallet racking, suitable for most ordinary applications (standard, drivein, self-supporting) • Multipurpose shelving, from light loads for house and office, to solutions for multi-level storage • Modular mezzanines, patented, simple design and assembly, suitable for any space requirement

Ferretto Group Spa

• Cantilever shelving, light and heavy versions Automatic storage systems with stacker cranes • Automatic storage systems for pallets and bins, • Mini-load automatic storage systems, developed to meet small parts storage and handling requirements • Automatic multi-depth and dynamic storage systems to get exceptional exploitation of spaces and very high storage density • Storage system peripherals: fundamental to automate hard and repetitive operations, optimize space and time, monitor product types and quantity (roller and chain conveyors, shuttles, motors and anthropomorphous robots) • Special and self-supporting automatic storage systems, building structures, fire systems Vertical and rotating automatic storage systems • Vertical storage system, and rotating storage systems are the best solution to stock or archive in limited spaces, small rooms and offer easy picking and data consultation, safety and operational ergonomics • Compactable storage system and compactable archive, which enable to exploit the room available at the best, are expandable and modular All Ferretto Group products can be provided with the proprietary management software (WMS for automatic storage systems, vertical and rotating storage systems, static storage systems, ground storage areas, for delivery), constant assistance through maintenance contracts, technical assistance in the warehouse and phone assistance, in order to guarantee customers the best help.

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Processing them is our mission

Fenco Spa

Via Prampolini, 40 - 43044 Lemignano di Collecchio ( Parma ) Italy Tel: +39 0521 30 34 29 / Fax: +39 0521 30 34 28 /

Forced circulation evaporator

Aseptic filler Aseptic filling operation

Falling film evaporator

Fruit puree production line

Fenco SpA, established in 1984, has been producing food processing plants for the food industry for over 25 years. The company’s today’s activity includes not only the manufacture of machines and complete lines to process fruit and vegetables into semifinished products, but also process lines for finished products. Close interaction and experience sharing with its customers have enabled Fenco SpA to offer always to best technical solution. The company’s offer includes the following: Lines for semi-finished products • Tomato processing for the production of all its by-products such as concentrate, pulp, peeled tomatoes and cube tomatoes; • Processing of European and tropical fruit, and carrots into natural and concentrated purées, and into clarified or turbid concentrated juices: • Vegetables processing lines to produce preserves in any preserving liquid • Processing of fruit and vegetables for following deep-freezing or drying

Juice extractor

Tube in tube aseptic sterilizer

Lines for finished products • Production and packaging lines for tomato-based juices and sauces • Fruit juice production and packaging lines • Jam and marmalade production and packaging lines • Candied fruit production and packaging lines • Milk and milk by-products (cheese and yogurt) production and packaging lines • Air and water pasteurizing and cooling lines for packed ready meals • Fluid and spiral deep-freezing plants Fenco SpA banks on a team of qualified technicians and technologists who are at the customers’ disposal from the design stage right through the installation, start-up and personnel training. Fenco’s flexibility guarantees tailored solution upon customer’s requirements.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

16 46

Eurosicma Spa

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 4/6 - 20090 Segrate ( Milano ) Italy Tel: +39 02 21 89 61 / Fax: +39 02 26 95 29 91 /

Eurofold Machine Model combined with Automatic Portion Feeder Volumetric Version

Sandwich Machine Model SAMA 2 combined with EURO 88 flow wrapper

Founded in 1965, Eurosicma has played an important role in the food confectionery field since the seventies, becoming an Italian specialist in horizontal packaging machines and systems, on both the Italian and the international market. A great number of machines have been supplied to several of the most well-known sweets producers such as, Akkond, Arcor, AVK, Borodino, Bucuria, Grupo-Bimbo, Cnc, Concord, Ekoteknika, Eti-Gida, Fabrika Pechenya, Ferrero, Gandour, Haribo, Kharkiv, Kraft-Cadbury, Krasneya Zarya, Leaf, Lotte, Nestlé, Pecivarne, Perfetti-vanMelle, Primorski Konditur, Roshen, Rotfront, Shirin Asal, Shirin/Koroglu, Ulker, Wrigley. Eurosicma designs and produces a wide range of high-performance solutions for the packaging of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. To the Food industry, the company offers flow and fold pack solutions for the horizontal packaging both primary and multipack, and on request secondary wrapping. The company realizes automatic machines and lines for handling, feeding and packaging of products such as


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

candies, chewing gums and bubble gums, plain, sandwich and filled biscuits, wafers, crackers, snacks, chocolate and sweets in general. Starting the activity with 30 employees, Eurosicma Group counts today 150 members with an annual turnover of over than 30 million Euros. Eurosicma’s total production has reached as many as 4000 machines, sold in more than 80 countries all over the world. This allowed the company to face and deal with several issues strictly related to the product’s wrapping: this qualifies Eurosicma as a “Multispecialist Constructor of Automatic Machines”. Today, Eurosicma is able to offer its clients an array of solutions, customizing all the requests and needs with a partnership approach. Thanks to specific and qualified departments, Eurosicma follows up every stage of the production process, from the design phase to the entire production, throughout the quality control up to the customer-care, managing all the phases with the most qualified expertise and know-how. Clients who use Eurosicma’s products are totally satisfied and

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 4/6 - 20090 Segrate ( Milano ) Italy Tel: +39 02 21 89 61 / Fax: +39 02 26 95 29 91 /

Eurosicma Spa

High-performance packaging line complete with Carton Feeder from reel for products coming in rows to be packed in flow pack style

keep buying the machines produced by Eurosicma, as its list of references shows. The optimization of the production process is the main objective they achieve. • Time reduction of return of investments is guaranteed by an actual high productivity, high standards of efficiency and waste reduction. • The reduction of the cost of personnel is possible thanks to the automatisms applied, so that they reduce at most human intervention. • The optimization of the occupied areas and low energy consumption are possible thanks to the PC technology which allows to realize space-saving machines with a simplified electric panel and extremely low energy absorption. • The costs of maintenance are low thanks to the reduction of mechanical parts and consequently of the relative maintenance operations. • The simple use is assured by the possibility of a completely personalized Human Machine Interface’s Menu (HMI).

Eurosicma is a reliable partner and has some corporate characteristics which are concrete and provable and allow to distinguish itself from many companies of the same sector. • Seriousness and expertise are guaranteed by over 45 years of activity and more than 4000 machines placed in more than 80 countries. • Clients who choose Eurosicma are never left alone thanks to the efficient after-sales service both from Italy and on-site, where several equipped and specialized teams have been created and specially trained. • The quality of the products is assured by both the only “made in Italy” production and a careful and thorough quality control. • Eurosicma is flexible both in the relationship with the clients, sharing its all know-how and in terms of products, realizing customized solutions, specially designed according to the needs. • Eurosicma is a reliable partner able to provide any kinds of technical and commercial guarantees, willing to satisfy needs and requests of any clients, from the small company to the big multinational.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry


Handling? Feeding? Packaging? Sandwich or Plain?

Edge or Stack?

Fold or Flow pack?


the answer! we make sandwich, we feed, we pack AS YOU NEED!

• Sandwich machine model Sama: 1,2,3,4 rows available • Automatic portion feeder: volumetric and counting solution available • Horizontal packaging machine: Euro 88, Eurofold

Eurosicma S.p.A. • Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 4/6 • 20090 Segrate (Mi) • Italy • Tel. +39 02 218961 • e.mail:

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 4/6 - 20090 Segrate ( Milano ) Italy Tel: +39 02 21 89 61 / Fax: +39 02 26 95 29 91 /

Eurosicma Spa

EURO 77/DS900 Flow pack machine for candies and gums

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry


2 Exhibition of Technology for Packaging and Processing nd

June 11- 14 2013

Rimini Expo Center - Italy

Organized by


Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association

Via del Lavoro, 53 - 36034 Molina di Malo (Vicenza) Italy

Europa Srl

Tel: +39 0445 63 74 44 / Fax: +39 0445 63 74 55 /


MARCONI New Edition

For many years EUROPA srl has been focusing on the development of products conceived to use the electric energy with rationality: energy saving means not only money saving but also more respect for the environment and more flexibility in working methods. Among Europa srl’s products, there are 2 of them that stand out from the others: the series of compact rotary rack ovens BELL and the series of low consumption electric deck ovens MARCONI New Edition. BELL, successful series of “new generation” rotary rack ovens, extremely compact, ideal for bread and pastry products, perfect for small bakeries, can be installed in less than 2 hours thanks to the delivery in 2 modules and can pass through common doors, installable also in premises with very low ceilings. Available in both electric version and fuel version, high quality details, modern design, massive structure in stainless steel. FREESTYLE version: the first rotary oven with 3 independent sections (patented 2008) which allows to reduce the consumptions from 33% to 66% when the baking of a complete rack is not needed. You can decide whether to bake 5,10 or


15 trays using accordingly 1/3,2/3 or 3/3 of the power. Essentially it is like having three 5-tray-convection ovens (one above the other) with the same quality of a rotary oven: the choice to use only 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 of the power will give the highest flexibility and will avoid the usual waste to which the consumers are forced from all the others rotary rack ovens present on the market. MARCONI New Edition represents the new evolutionary step of the highly successful design which over the years has become the standard in its category thanks to its very low consumptions. Now available also in compact version, it is the ideal product for bakeries having limited electric power but where bakers want to produce “high quality artisan bread” with continuous baking cycles. MARCONI JUNIOR is a new generation “small/great” electric oven conceived with new technology, new design, very low consumptions without any quality compromise but with excellent performance with both small and big breads. You can install an electric deck oven using less than 20 kW, as you do for a common 10-tray-ventilated oven, having very low average consumptions: less than 10 kW/h.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

16 38



technology for mixing

ESCHER MIXERS srl · 36015 Schio · VI · Italy · Via Lago di Vico, 37 · T +39 0445 576.692 · F +39 0445 577.280 · ·

Via Lago di Vico, 37 - 36015 Schio ( Vicenza ) Italy Tel: +39 0445 57 66 92 / Fax: +39 0445 57 72 80 /

Escher Mixers presents the MR Professional Line, a range of spiral mixers with removable bowl consisting of models from 80 to 500 kg dough capacity. Bowl locking and motion - patented The new taper bowl locking and motion system is technically superior to the traditional systems as it utilizes a taper coupling to join the machine and the trolley. The trolley is locked by means of a taper shaft that, as it ascends, centres the bowl and moves it into the working position. The hydraulically controlled cone engages under the bowl, maintains constant pressure during use and eliminates any possibility of slippage or wear. The taper shaft gives rotating

Escher Mixers Srl

motion to the bowl and guarantees a constant number of bowl revolutions. The motion system is noiseless and free of mechanical play. Quick change system for the tools Escher Mixers has developed a tool mounting and release system that is completely manual which means that operators can remove, easily and safely, the tool in use and replace it with another one in just a few seconds. Escher can design tools with specific shapes and characteristics to suit customers’ needs. The possibility of using different types of tools makes the company’s mixers even more versatile.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

16 36

Under the Patronage of H. H. Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

26-28 November 2012 , ADNEC


at SIAL Middle East Order your entry badge at

Strategic partner Fast-track entry is available for all pre-qualified and pre-registered visitors.

Culinary partners:

SIAL, a subsidiary of Comexposium Group

Co-located with:

Viale Europa, 28 - 36020 Pove del Grappa (VI) Tel. +39.0424.808341 - Fax. +39.0424.808755 -


Effedue Srl Via Dell’Artigianato, 10 36034 MALO (VI) Italy Tel. +39 0445.637.584 Fax +39 0445.637.592

Via dell’Artigianato, 10 - Loc. Molina - 36034 Malo (Vicenza) Italy Tel: +39 0445 63 75 84 / Fax: +39 0445 63 75 92 /

From the thirty-year experience of Silvano Fabris and the skilful initiative of his son Luca, the company Effedue was founded in 1993. Effedue is an Italian dynamic company that can satisfy all the market requirements in terms of spiral mixers. Its product range puts the company on the market with the highest qualitative standards as far as all sanitary norms of hygiene and quality working are concerned. Particular attention is usually paid to carefully-made and charming design, which has been created by qualified technicians and designers. Single product specialisation combined with an ongoing research and development programme enables Effedue to have short delivery times together with high quality standards. The company’s models Unimix and Supreme are today also available in the stainless steel version, where a steel casting cover is mounted. From the cooperation of technicians with designers the new Unimix has been created. This type of mixer, enriched with a modern and functional

Effedue Srl

design, keeps unchanged the dependability of the company’s products. The body of the mixer is made of steel, the central tool, spiral arm and protective grid and bowl are all in stainless steel. This type of mixer is suitable for bakeries and cake shops and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. The work cycle can be manual or automatic with 2 speeds, both having programmable timers. It is also possible to change the rotation of bowl during the automatic cycle. Belt drivers eliminate vibration and noise. The company Automatic spiral mixer with fixed bowl is particularly suitable for bakeries and cake shops and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. The work cycle can be manual or automatic with 2 speeds, both having programmable timers. It is also possible to change the rotation of bowl during the automatic cycle. Effedue spiral mixers are currently sold successfully in more than 40 countries, not only in Europe but also in Australia, the United States of America and Mexico.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

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Short c 875m続 ut pasta stora Italy Silos 2500 x 2 ge system 500 x 7 000

system Short cut pasta storage00 x 5340 25 x 50 2700m続 Silos 22 Spain

Short cu 540m続 St pasta storage sy ilos 2000 s Italy x 2000 x 5tem 500 Inox

Sho 280mrt cut pa Vene 続 Silos sta stor zuel 2000 age s a x 200 ystem 0x5 800

Via Monte Pelmo, 8 - 35018 San Martino di Lupari (PD) - ITALY Tel. +39.049.9440146 - Fax. +39.049.9440174


4 6 9 m1

e z i l a n-re

ig s e d we uild b e d a and m mo t s cu . s n o i solut

Via Monte Pelmo, 8 - 35018 San Martino di Lupari (Padova) Italy Tel: +39 049 94 40 146 / Fax: +39 049 94 40 174 /

Cusinato Giovanni srl is an Italian leading company which manufactures and installs systems and equipment for handling, conveying, storing pasta, pet food, dried fruit, cereals, sweets, seeds, frozen foodstuff, wood pellets, etc. Throughout the 47 years of this company’s success and significant achievements, the Cusinato company has installed over 1000 storage and conveying systems in more than 30 countries worldwide, thus confirming in the last two years a considerable turnover increase compared to the general economy situation. The company’s points of strength have always been based on a research and design team, attentive to detail, a production of bespoke and technologically performing machineries, quality Made in Italy guaranteeing a long lasting product. The company offers a wide range of products and solutions, capable of satisfying any request: Cusinato patented Bucket Elevators and Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Silos, Storveyors, Vibrosifters. The Cusinato systems are also capable of meeting the most different requirements depending on for example: plant dimensions, existing

Cusinato Giovanni Srl

production system, future extensions and investment possibilities. A technical staff analyzes, studies and develops the most suitable solution for the client, thus gaining trust, notoriety and respect - key elements for customer loyalty and partnership continuity. Cusinato launches also an innovative and patented loading system, purposely designed and developed for handling the most fragile food products, specially bulky pasta: the Belt Storage System for handling Pasta Nests. The Belt Storage System consists in a new type of Bucket Elevator, which incorporates Cusinato’s know-how and technology, designed for feeding product by “gently” placing on a linking belt, allowing to store the product by spreading it evenly and at varying thickness along the entire width of the storage belt. Thanks to the differentiated supports for loading and unloading, processing and storage operations have never been so quick and simple. Cusinato is a reliable partner to work with when facing new challenges. Besides its product Cusinato offers customized advice, planning and development meeting the client’s requirements and so achieving together winning results and goals.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry


Via F.lli Buscetto, 76 - 84014 Nocera Inferiore ( Salerno ) Italy Tel: +39 081 51 77 133 / Fax: +39 081 51 72 655 /

The company Cuomo has been working in the design and production of metal packaging and food processing machinery since 1964. The market success of CUOMO machinery has enabled the company to double its turnover and stand out on the market as one of the major players of the sector, operating on four continents through both sales departments and representatives who work locally. The company’s production range includes the following: can making and food processing lines for food, twist-caps and lids/ends, especially designed to satisfy small, medium and big companies. They are all designed and produced according to ISO quality standard. Moreover, Cuomo can also supply its well-known wide range of spare parts.

F.lli Cuomo Snc

The workshop is equipped with the most modern tools and electronic working centres; with grinding machines, lathes, overhead cranes, a heat treatment room and an assembly shop. The engineering of state-of-the-art machinery has enabled the company to deal with complex technological issues concerning sectors such as metal packaging and metal twist-off capsules, with spirit of innovation and cutting-edge technology. Customers are always cared for, from the deal to the daily problems they may encounter, thanks to the company’s skilled technicians who travel wherever needed.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry


Jams and preserves; Purees, fruit juices and nectars; Dosing systems, mixing and aseptic sterilization; Complete lines for processing fruit & vegetable, Preserved tomato products; Preserved vegetables and food in oil, vinegar and brine.

Pilot lines for dairy products designed for white milk; R&d for by-products such as cream, butter, cheese and ice cream; Mixed milk drinks; Yogurt; UHT milk

Receiving and washing units; Selection and primary processing units; Secondary processing units; Sterilisation and aseptic filling units; Fixed and mobile C.I.P. units.


Parma - Italy - phone: +39 0521.711627 - mobile: +39 338.1222621

Via degli Artigiani, 6 - 50055 Ginestra ( Firenze ) Italy Tel: +39 055 87 14 31 / Fax: +39 055 87 14 322 /


contact in Arabic: Bassam Lassoued - Phone: +39 333 81 46 077 SKYPE: bassam.lassoued -





FoodLab, fast, user-friendly and reliable food analysis system. The FoodLab system enables to control the quality of fats and oils, milk, eggs, tomatoes, vegetable purees, cheese, as well as every kind of nuts. It is user-friendly, requires no dedicated laboratory and enables to perform a wide panel of tests by means of just one tool and in shorter time than traditional analysis methods. Different comparative studies evidence that the accuracy of its analytical results is equal to AOCS methods, but FoodLab is more user-friendly and grants shorter testing time. As well as simple analysis procedure, the system also offers further main advantages, such as: reagents that are ready to be used and the possibility of analysing samples as such or after simple preparation. They system is supplied precalibrated and ready to analyse micro quantities of samples of a specific matrix. On account of its accurate reading, user-friendliness and fast analysis process, FoodLab is used across the globe, and not only

in laboratories and production lines in the food industry, but also in small-sized dairy factories, producers and users of vegetable oils, cattle breeding farms, egg producers and analysis laboratories. FoodLab analyser, combined with CDR extraction system, is particularly recommended for nuts production, processing and packaging industries, since it enables to reduce testing time in determining Free Fatty Acids, Peroxide Value, and Anisidine Value. The major companies of the sector have already adopted this method and left traditional analysis systems enabling toxic solvents (Soxhlet) apart. FoodLab is designed and produced by CDR S.r.l., which is an Italian company that has been committed to developing a line of analysers and reagents for medical diagnostics (haematology, haemostasis) and veterinary diagnostics since the early 90s. Since 2000, CDR has been applying its know-how gained in medical diagnostics in the research in the dairy, edible oil and fat, and other food matrix sectors.

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Cama Group is a leading supplier of advanced technology secondary packaging systems, continuously investing in innovative solutions. Cama engineers design and develop packaging lines following a well developed and adopted motto: “Technology with Added Value”.

Via Como, 9 - 23846 Garbagnate Monastero (Lecco) Tel: +39 031 87 98 11 / Fax: +39 031 85 63 73 /

Cama Group, thanks to its own dynamics, has been international leader in the engineering and the production of high technology secondary packaging systems and machinery, especially for the food sector, since 1981. Its outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a unique range of machines and robotic loading units, represent Cama capability to propose complete lines starting from the handling of primary packages such as a flow-wrap, a bag, a tray,… up to the supply of a final carton/corrugated packaging ready for palletising. In recent years, the second-generation ownership has increasingly invested in the company Total Quality concept orienting to high quality partnership and customer service. That is why Cama can boast many customers, including major multinational groups of the “food” industry, as well as medium-sized companies. It is spurred by the ambition to extend its leadership into driving sectors, also thanks to its remarkably increased turnover.

Cama 1 Spa

In addition to this, the group invests the 5% of its yearly turnover in research and development, devoted to constant upgrading and technical development of machines and packaging systems with the purpose of increasing and maintaining a high quality technology in several market fields. The Cama Group staff (150 people), is composed of a selected group of experienced and highly skilled engineers and technicians all committed to the company philosophy of “Total Quality Process System”. The Cama Packaging Dept. offers its 30 years’ experience and know-how in cardboard packaging design and customer support. Cama patented innovative solutions are also made available to the company’s customers. The Cama Group (ISO certified 9001) works in close partnerships with a network of qualified suppliers, identified as C.S.P (Cama Selected Partners), whose quality and performances are constantly monitored and controlled in application of the company severe quality control procedures.

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Via Valle Bormida, 7 - 12074 Cortemilia (Cuneo) Italy Tel: +39 0173 81 439 / Fax: +39 0173 81 285 /

Brovind Gbv Impianti Srl

Multi-Purpose Seasoning and Roasting Line

Cocoa Beans Processing Line

Brovind is one of the largest global manufacturer of the nuts processing lines. The company carries out processing equipment accordingly to internal guidelines of processors and protocol of National and International authorities (like Almond Board of California, Gost and others). The company’s engineers have used a lifetime of technical competence and customer interaction for developing the design cleaner, avoid closed corners, use only approved hygienic materials and regularly update the materials applied in correspondence with changing rules. Highly skilled staff, and the most up-to-date technology, allow the company to provide its customers with turnkey machine, complete plants and customized solution for any possible need to process nuts in different way. Supported by suitable and modern software, the design department works out the project in 3D technology. Brovind guarantees: technical support during erection, start up and training; flexibility and punctual delivery times; accurate servicing; remote assistance via modem; programmed maintenance service; quick spare parts supply; fast and detailed answers towards projects,

quotations and production through the staff of the headquarters in Cortemilia (Cuneo), Italy. Brovind strategy aims to develop research activity for the most reliable plants and guarantee a constant technological progress for a thoughtful, qualified and demanding customer. Brovind’s Production Among Brovind’s products, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the roasting process that could be used for every kind of nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.) with different technologies like hot air, infrared rays and oil roasting that allow to get high quality snacks in terms of color, taste, nutritional value and long shelf life. For further processing steps, Brovind is able to supply processing unit to get semi-finished products for confectionery and ice-cream industry such as: flour; chopped products; paste and spreading cream; blanched and peeled products. Besides, the company has also recently developed an innovative technology in cocoa beans processing for small productions, smart solution for medium enterprises involved in chocolate industry.

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Benco Pack - now dedicated business business unit of Sacmi Imola dedicated to the Form-Fill-Seal technology - designs, manufactures and trades horizontal thermo-forming machines, to package any kind of pumpable product such as mineral water, butter, chocolate, tomato sauce, preserves, dairy products (cheese, milk, milk cream, yoghurt with and without fruit), mayonnaise, jam, honey, edible oil and many other, in single-serve packages. Benco Pack, with a peculiar attention to international customers, has shaped a relevant customer-oriented service on which all company activity is focused; technical assistance and after-sale backing are of particular importance in the company, supporting and cooperating continuously and successfully with all its clients around the globe. Forming-Filling-Sealing packaging lines The company’s packaging lines include the following: heating and thermoforming station for single and multi-layer plastic materials, including Polypropylene; Dosing unit for low- and medium-viscosity products with and without suspended solid parts: Sealing unit of lid films in plastic, paper or aluminium material; Cutting unit for singleserve or multiple packages. This in-line process introduces several advantages, both economic and hygienic, since no container manipulation intervenes because containers themselves are produced just at the moment of packaging, and big storage containers are therefore not necessary, as differently requested when treating with already-made containers. Benco Pack’s FFS machines are available in the following models: Packline Packaging machine with productivity from 6000 to 45.000 containers/ hour for single-serve containers with volumes ranging from 50 to 300 ml; it is also possible to equip the machine with special units as to decorate plastic containers (paper labels or heat-shrink sleeve labels).


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

Form-Fill-Seal Division of SACMI FILLING S.p.A. Via Enzo Ferrari, 1 - 43058 - Ramoscello di Sorbolo ( Parma ) Italy Tel: +39 0521 69 54 11 / Fax: +39 0521 69 54 00 /

Minpack Packaging machine producing from 6000 to 108.000 containers/hour, for mini-portions with volumes from 10 to 50 ml. Both models are available in the following three versions: Hygienic: the machine packaging area is protected by a tunnel in overpressure of ultra-filtered air and infra-red or UV rays for sanitization of the lid film. Ultra-clean: in this case, the packaging zone is kept in sterile air overpressure, which enables steam sterilizing the filters before beginning the production. Film sanitization is by means of UV lamps. Aseptic: the system is based on the usage of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) for the pre-sterilization of the machine and continuous sterilization of packaging materials during the production, while steam is used to pre-sterilize the dosing unit and the air filters. Aseptic conditions are maintained by sterile air overpressure. Technological innovations The renovated packaging machines, mechanically servo-driven, are now equipped with user-friendly interface with windowsbased touch-screen control panel, new sterile fillers for pasty products, purées with fruit pieces up to 20 mm, sterile fillers with flow-metres for isotonic drinks and other liquid products. In addition to this, Benco Pack’s FFS machines can be now equipped with innovative decorating units for containers, like the ISA for example. Benco Pack is proud to be the only company in the world to have achieved the international patent for its revolutionary applicator ISA (Integrated Sleeve Applicator) to apply shrink-sleeve labels, which can be completely integrated in the machine using sleeve labels of any material, like OPS, PET and also PVC, thus offering remarkably high cost-effectiveness.

Form-Fill-Seal Division of SACMI FILLING S.p.A. Via Enzo Ferrari, 1 - 43058 - Ramoscello di Sorbolo ( Parma ) Italy Tel: +39 0521 69 54 11 / Fax: +39 0521 69 54 00 /


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Bassanina Srl

Bassanina at IBA 2012… Bassanina will be present at IBA 2012 16/21 September Munich!, to present its new line of ovens and answer any and all the queries visitors may have about the new Bassanina models. The new ovens that Bassanina will be demonstrating at this very important event have not simply been revamped with a more captivating, refined look; more importantly, the elegant exterior conceals some important new technological developments. Bassanina staff will welcome any requests and will be happy to illustrate the quality and performance of its range of ovens in order to identify the Model that best meets your baking needs, whether they be for bread, pastry or pizza. Over the years the name Bassanina has become synonymous with performance and reliability in rotary, deck and static rack ovens. You will find some of Bassanina new products below, but please visit the company’s new web site to view the complete line: Happy surfing and ... see you in Munich! EcoPower transforms all the energy it requires into heat without any dispersion. The chambers are made of stainless steel and each chamber has an independent steam generator. The technical conformation and high performance materials used in the chambers permit immediate expansion of the steam that forces its way into the baking ovens. The stainless steel and hardened glass loading apertures can be used with the special loading and unloading conveyors. The baking deck is made of a special high thermal efficiency and high mechanical resistance compound for use with foodstuffs. The internal dimensions of the chamber depend on the number of loading apertures included in the oven.


Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

Via dell’Artigianato, 1 - 36064 Mason Vicentino ( Vicenza ) Italy Tel: +39 0424 41 13 25 - +39 0424 41 13 26 / Fax: +39 0424 41 84 55 /

EcoPower can be constructed with 2, 3 or 4 loading apertures. The oven features programmable digital equipment. The Declaration of Conformity in compliance with the applicable European Directives accompanies the machine. The “I.E.” intelligent energy system” adopted by EcoPower guarantees that the temperature SET POINT is reached gradually. It prevents any deviation from the selected temperatures. The advantage is that it reduces the temperature oscillations provoked by traditional systems between one loading and the next, to a minimum. Approximately 50 times per second an advanced electronic system controls the status of the chamber and supplies more or less energy to the heating elements on the ceiling and bottom, but only where necessary, to maintain a continual thermal balance over the entire baking surface. Rotorgreen. Bassanina aims at saving on running costs and proposes an alternative solution to the usual energy sources. At the same time, it also wants to combine the concept of saving with eco-friendliness. That is why Bassanina proposes the versions of rotary and tube ovens with pelletfed burners. The advantages deriving are remarkably reduced energy consumption and reduced gas emission released by the burner. Airpower. It comes out from the intention to provide the market with a compact-sized product able to produce confectionery products and heat pre-cooked and deep-frozen food. AIRPOWER is a air-heating electric oven suitable for trays the size up to 48x80 cm. especially recommended for supermarkets and stores selling cooked or cooked first and deep-frozen then products. It stands out from its category thanks to its sturdiness and performances. Airpower is usually provided with digital control with economy programme and system in order to automatically reduce energy costs down to one third of nominal value.

Via dell’Artigianato, 1 - 36064 Mason Vicentino ( Vicenza ) Italy Tel: +39 0424 41 13 25 - +39 0424 41 13 26 / Fax: +39 0424 41 84 55 /

Bassanina Srl

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Viale De Gasperi, 72 - 20010 Bareggio (Milano) Italy Tel: +39 02 90 36 34 64 / Fax: +39 02 90 36 34 81 /

ALtech Srl ALcode P



ALTECH – Advanced Labelling Technologies – is one of the major European producers of self-adhesive label applicators. Established in 1991 it has designed and developed a wide range of systems for automatic labelling of all types of product, self-adhesive labelling systems, for decoration, product coding and identification and other material in general. On its 3500-square-meter premises just outside Milan, the company manufactures a thousand systems a year, which through 80 distributors reach 50 Countries, from New Zealand to Argentina, from Iceland to South Africa, for a eight-million Euro turnover, 80% of which are destined to the foreign market. About forty people work to manufacture sophisticated models, which are often customised, to economically and promptly respond to the most demanding requirements in terms of labelling: from small and lowcost automatic ALstep applicators; to the high-performance ALritma heads, equipped with touch screen control boards, up to complete

ALline C

linear ALline labelling systems for flat, oval and cylindrical bottles, and to print-apply systems ALcode equipped with SATO printing groups. Sato is a leader company in this sector and ALTECH is the distributor of Sato products in Italy. The latest innovations introduced by ALTECH are: ALsleeve, a unit designed for the automatic application of heatshrinkable protection seals on closures of foodstuff; ALmatic, a bench unit for semi-automatic labelling of cylindrical products. The ALpharma self-labelling systems have been specially devised by ALTECH for the packages of pharmaceutical products. This line has been recently added with some Linerless labelers, for higher savings and respect for the environment. Many important companies, such as 3M, BASF, Campari, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Danone, Ferrero, Lavazza, L’Oreal, Nestlé, Philips Morris, and Unilever, have decided to use ALTECH systems to meet the labelling requirements of their production lines.

Italian Technology for the food IndusTry

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$% 7HFK([SR ϯϮϠΤϟ΍ϭϦ΋ΎΠόϟ΍ϭΰΒΨϟ΍ΔϋΎϨλΕΎΠΘϨϣϭΕΎϴϨϘΘϟϲϟϭΪϟ΍νήόϤϟ΍ 5,0,1,),(5$











Via delle Industrie, 16/B - 35010 Villafranca Padovana ( Padova ) Italy Tel: +39 049 90 70 380 / Fax: +39 049 90 74 042 /

Alba & teknoservice Srl

Alba & Teknoservice Srl, with over 30 years of experience in the confectionery and bakery industry, produces automatic and semiautomatic lines for croissants and puff pastry machines, make-up tables, multi-head laminating lines, panning units, curling units for both plain and filled croissants. The company’s strength backs on many years’ expertise serving customers, providing advice, projects and technology to internationally renowned companies, both machinery manufacturers and confectionery and bakery producers. Alba & Teknoservice makes custom design solutions and guarantees skilled and prompt assistance. The company’s commercial service is supported by an organization that is not only customer-oriented but also focused on a suitable technical production development, able to process the data promptly, provide an offer and manufacture a product. Technical service is one of Alba & Teknoservice’s point of strength, and it works in full compliance with the international norms in force. Each processing undergoes controls and is certified by in-house certification. Final inspections are carried out upon the contract and in compliance with the reference norms. The company Alba & Teknoservice was established upon former CIM International’s experience. Adriano Chiarello and Fabio Manzini, two owners of Alba & Teknoservice’s, are very well-known since they have been in charge of installing many croissant and ciabatta bread lines, make-up tables and laminating systems. To make your dreams come true, just contact ALBA & Teknoservice’s commercial department.

AGROMECCANICA Srl Via Passanti - Traversa Eugenio Bersanti, 153 bis 84018 Scafati (Salerno) Italy Tel: +39 081 86 30 636 / Fax: +39 081 86 30 400

Via Passanti - Traversa Eugenio Bersanti, 153 bis 84018 Scafati (Salerno) Italy Tel: +39 081 86 30 636 / Fax: +39 081 86 30 400

Agromeccanica Srl /

Agromeccanica was established in Castel S. Giorgio in 1994. Its founder, Andrea Petrosino, who is its present manager, after many years of experience gained as employee in the field of stainless steel carpentry, decided to autonomously bring his competences into play by committing himself to producing machines and plants for the agricultural-food industry. Thanks to his zeal and self-sacrifice the firm has got the privilege to belong to a limited group of leading factories in this sector. Agromeccanica guarantees a more efficient and higher performance product/service, and it avails itself of external technical experts being doyens in agricultural-food industries. The designers working for Agromeccanica, besides creating and building plants, also provide for the definition of customized lay-outs for the areas devoted to production lines. Agromeccanica is provided with a Safety Management System and is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 rules concern the business organization and show the procedure to follow to get the Total Quality; The concept of Total Quality provides the widespread use of suitable instruments for the carrying out of technical-management processes giving the firm a high operational efficiency and is the obliged reference for all the firms willing to conform their own organizational structure with experimental and widely acknowledged models.

Agromeccanica guarantees perfect cutting, because it has used a plasma system for years, which allows to obtain high quality levels, guaranteed by a CNC handling system, the cutting head, and by special characteristics of plasma spray. Plasma cutting shows a smooth cutting surface, with light streaks, a very little burr, a very limited thermally altered area and a quite imperceptible taper of cutting in case of little thicknesses and low taper only in quite high thicknesses (over 4-5 mm). However all the cutting characteristics can be improved in relation to a limited decrease of the cutting speed. It is then possible to obtain different quality levels, according to the cutting speed (that can range between about 1 and 8 m a minute in relation to thickness and capacity). Plasma processes are applied specially in the field of carbon and alloyed stainless steel. Among all Agromeccanica machines, we can name the Telescopic Filler, suitable for dosing, mostly automatically, and for the transfer of whole products or products in small pieces into tins or glass. The filling performed with advanced technologies that guarantee accurate dosage, automatic performance and high speed, without ever damaging the product.

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Effedue Srl Via Dell’Artigianato, 10 36034 MALO (VI) Italy Tel. +39 0445.637.584 Fax +39 0445.637.592


Each and every single one of our products is a perfect fusion of technological force and rationality of the human mind

Via dell’Artigianato 1 · Mason Vicentino (VI) Italy ph +39 0424.41.13.25 - +39 0424.41.13.26 · fax +39 0424.41.84.55 ·



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TecnAlimentaria Catalogo Arabo-Inglese_Catalogue Arabic-English 2012 Food Industry  

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TecnAlimentaria Catalogo Arabo-Inglese_Catalogue Arabic-English 2012 Food Industry  

Italian Technology for the Food Industry - Catalogue in Arabic-English