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Via A. De Gasperi, 80 36040 – Grisignano di Zocco Vicenza ITALY 0444 614 931 0444 414 308

Z.G. Officina Meccanica Zin Gianni S.r.l. was established at the beginning of the 70s by Mr. Zin Gianni’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Mould design and manufacture of plastic materials, on behalf of third parties, and aluminum and plate die-casting have always been the company’s main activity; The most important activity of a company that has stood out on the market thanks to its quality products and technical decisions has penetrated into a broad spectrum of sectors, such as: • Agriculture • Industrial cleaning • Automotive • Motorcycling • Chairs, office and outdoor furniture (in cooperation with the best designers of the world) • Heating burners During the years, the company has always invested in new technologies and leading edge equipment as to keep up with times. Milling reaches up to 3000x1500x1500 mm, while turning up to D1000 mm.

In addition to mould manufacture, the company also offers its customers finished products and to this regard, throughout the years, three new companies were founded: • Fa.Zi.FA moulds plastic materials through presses from 80 to 1800 tons; • Zi.MA2 moulds metal parts (plate); • Stampopress moulds die-casting aluminum. These companies combined offer an all-round service. Committed to improving and differentiating its own production, in 2006 the company started producing polycarbonated moulds for chocolate production and soon it created a special catalogue (always updated) to meet the most diverse requirements of small and industrial confectioners, as well as plants manufacturers with high-quality products. Besides to offering this standard product range, the company also produces moulds upon its customer’s specific requirements (customized). Z.G. Officina Meccanica Zin Gianni has exported technology and accuracy for 40 years.


Founded in 1954 in Parma by Giuseppe Zanichelli and still owned by his family, Zacmi manufactures machines and complete plants for the food industry. Experience: More than 100 people work on a 37.000 square metre area, planning and manufacturing components and processing equipment for the food industry with high prototypal characteristics. Around 2000 customers and an adequate network of worldwide agents are evidence of the company’s experience. Innovation: The innovation capacity is continuous, creating new products and updating the existing ones. All this offers highly technological equipment that can guarantee more precision, reliability and hygiene. Most Zacmi projects are patented. Automation: A high level automation is an important feature of Zacmi equipment (SCADA systems, integrated systems for processing control, after-sale service through modem and Internet, etc.) thus guaranteeing a perfect management. Respect: Highest consideration and observance of the law in force (as for example: EN 292, EN 60204, 97/23/CE, etc.) and mutual benefit relationship with customers and suppliers. Training: Each Zacmi employee represents his company: the better the training, the better the product will be. About 5.000 hours per year are dedicated to training courses for internal employees and external engineers and contribute to the pursuance of this aim. Research: Zacmi look to the future and not only to their own tomorrow. A relevant percentage of the revenues is invested in development projects. The company’s target is not only the technical improvement of all equipment but also the search for technology and materials that may

// FOOD PROCESSING PLANTS Fruit • Fruit in syrup and cocktail lines • Fruit juice, nectar, puree and concentrate lines • Jam and marmalade lines • Baby-food lines • Pineapple and tropical fruit lines • Frozen and dried fruit lines Vegetables • Pea and bean lines • Green bean lines • Spinach, broccoli and foliaceous product lines • Cauliflower lines • Root vegetable lines • Tomato lines


reduce energy consumption, pollution during operation and disposal phases and environmental impact. Quality: Quality as “modus operandi” because everyone at Zacmi is taught to do things in the proper way. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard approval obtained, for the first time, in the year 2000, and since then, always renewed, underlines the goal reached in these terms. Service: Zacmi guarantees after-sale service everywhere in the world within the declared technical terms, through the remote assistance where possible or by the presence of its technicians. The technical files of each plant are guaranteed in its records for at least 10+3 years. Satisfaction: In the Zacmi system, customers’ demands are the company’s main focus and each product is manufactured accordingly. Every year the company monitors the customers’ degree of satisfaction, through a specific questionnaire, as the company’s goal is their total satisfaction.

• Rehydrated vegetable, cereal and pasta lines • Dried vegetable lines • Carrot and vegetable puree/juice lines • Frozen vegetable soup and sauce preparation lines // PACKAGING Filling Fillers for solid products • Semi-telescopic and Telescopic pocket filler • Vibrating cone telescopic filler • Powder product filler • Multifiller • Piston filler • Spice dispenser

Fillers for liquid products • Laminar flow filler • Gravity filler • Internal valve vacuum filler • Hot and cold juice drink filler • Rotary electronic filler • Aseptic filler Fillers for solid and liquid products • External valve vacuum filler • Rotary piston filler with rotating and vertical valves • Hot filling pouch filler • Combined solid and liquid filler Seaming • Multiple head seamer Container handling • Packaging handling machines

Zanichelli Meccanica SPA

Via Mantova, 65 43122 - Parma Italy

+39 0521 490 211 +39 0521 243 701



Vitella s.r.l. (ltd) has been operating in the bakery machines sector for ten years. The company’s main role is the production of dividers for bakeries, confectioneries and pizzerias. High quality, innovative design and competitive pricing have helped Vitella s.r.l. to establish a strong position in both national and international markets.

Vitella is currently able to satisfy a broad range of clientele and can even offer personalised models and rapid delivery. If you have any questions or would like to receive further information about the company’s products feel free to contact them.

Viale dell’Industria, 102 36015 Schio Vicenza ITALY +39 0445 575 262 +39 0445 501 605


Specialized in the production of technical fabrics for the filtration market sector

Tessitura Fratelli Fontana Srl Via Cant첫, 4 20050 Macherio (MB) tel. +39 039 243 121 fax +39 039 245 1581


Fratelli FONTANA


Via CantĂš, 4 20050 - Macherio Monza Brianza ITALY

+39 039 243 121 +39 039 245 1581

Established in 1946, Tessitura Fratelli Fontana has always been specialized in the production of technical fabrics for the filtration market sector. At the beginning of the Fifties, the broadening of the fabrics range and need of different finishings required new facilities. Therefore, in just a few years, the old machinery were replaced by technologically advanced machines, thus giving the company the possibility to look at new markets with renewed interest. In the Nineties, the market needs and constant growth led the company to further development and plant updating. The company’s complete production cycle (twisting, weaving, finishing and makingup) enables studying new fabrics with the finishing increasingly aimed to constant quality and thus providing customers with prompt solutions. Customer satisfaction also continues in after-sales assistance, as to begin a cooperation and flowing exchange of information that spurs the company to optimize the filtrating media.

The broad range of filtering fabrics, available in staple fibers, multifilament and monofilament yarns, meets the requirements of various sectors of application (food and sugar industry, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry, leather tanning industry, china, quarry and sludge treatment, water purification, etc.).


31st International Exhibition

Artisan Production of Gelato, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery 31 Gelato

23rd路27th January 2010 2010

27 23

Rimini Italy -


w w w. s i g e p . i t Organized by: /

Special event /

4th Edition RIMINI FIERA SpA Via Emilia, 155 路 47900 RIMINI - Tel. +39 0541 744111 路 Fax +39 0541 744772 Visitors: - Exhibitors:



Via Vittorio Veneto 141 36040 Grisignano di Zocco Vicenza ITALY +39 0444 414 731 +39 0444 414 735 +39 0444 414 719 2.



The company Tekno Stamap was established in 1982 as a producer of mechanical equipment for the food industry. Its founders’ creativity and entrepreneurial spirit soon drove to developing a comprehensive range of manual and automatic sheeters, as well as the first units for croissant making. The numerous investments that followed one upon the other have shaped a dynamic, flexible and advanced enterprise equipped with the best software and hardware solutions. All these elements have helped broaden the product range with the line of planetary mixers with capacity up to 120 litres. The new croissant making units, Cryomat and Integrex, feature innovative design and premium quality. integrex, in particular, is recommended for the production of stuffed croissants, provided that it is combined with a production line for stuffed products. Tekno Stamap stands out on the market with a broad range of manual and automatic sheeters, planetary mixers, machines for croissant making, lines for puff


1. Mixer Tekno 120 pastry and laminated dough ideal for 2. Autosmart 123-7000 both small bakers’ and confectioners’ 3. Make Up Tekno Line 7000 as well as for medium-size factories. 4. Croy 3000 In fact, in addition to producing state-ofthe-art manual and automatic sheeters, planetary mixers with 10 to 220 litres’ capacity, machines to produce up to 20,000 croissants/hour, TeknoStamap has also developed lines for puff pastry and laminate dough for mediumsized enterprises. Moreover, it is important to highlight the production of plants to laminate pizza dough from dough balls in order to make round pizzas with a 350 millimetre’s diameter; these plants reach an output of 4500 pc/hour. Besides, TeknoStamap is also realizing lamination lines of puff pastry, composed of 3/5 lamination heads in order to get sheets of minimum 0.3 mm thickness. These new products enrich the company’s range of fully automated plants and production lines for the production of stuffed and folded products.


Since its opening in 1980 Tecnopool has fine-tuned a unique conveying-belt system. The belt Anaconda, entirely built in stainless steel, allows the realisation of a continuous system, modular with electronic speed control to start the conveying, with variable speed in curves, upgrade and downgrade or in spirals, of any packaged or loose product that can be belt-conveyed, such as: bread, pizza, cakes, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, etc. Tecnopool spirals or race-tracks enable inlet and outlet operations in any positions and heights desired. Plants can be supplied with chambers of different thickness and grades of isolation which, together with thermal treatment units (from -50°C to +200°C), can convey, cool, deep-freeze, proof, pasteurise, season and heat according to production requirements. Depending on the application to perform the belt can be supplied with both stainless steel and plastic grids, ideal for work temperatures from 200°C to -50°C. Without the usual drum spirals Tecnopool plants’ system enable the passage of the air on the product in such a way as to optimise the various thermal treatments. In addition to this, this special characteristic makes cleaning much easier. Tecnopool’s latest creation is the belt T-Worth which runs on tracks without any lubrication. This is a new stainless steel bar belt with special mesh whose main features are here below illustrated: • Special elements in self-lubricating plastic are inserted in the meshes which will then become the shoe in the lower part that makes the belt to run on the guides, while in the upper part they perform a containing function; • Drawing is characterised by particular plastic wheels which not only reduce noise and friction, but they also allow man to carry out maintenance simply and quickly thanks to a special connection/release system.


Tecnopool has dealt with the deep-freezing sector by making highly innovative processing lines. The deep freezing process, particularly suitable for the processing of a wide range of products, is performed inside coldstorage cabinets with insulated walls whose thickness depends on the internal temperature required. Coldstorage cabinets are equipped with suitable evaporator units capable of providing an efficient exchange of heat for rapid deep freezing of products and producing homogeneous storage conditions inside. Tecnopool has decided to focus on “Compact Omnia” a small machine that represents a compact and simple technical solution that brings about innumerable advantages, such as: Easy to install. The pre-assembling and pre-final test already done in the company’s production plant allow a drastic reduction of time during the machinery startup phases. Easy to transport. Thank to the minimum size it presents an extreme easiness of transport and of positioning inside the final production unit.

Easy to manage. Thanks to the ergonomic configuration of the control panel it is possible to manage and inspect the total process with some simple operations. The data management system can also be custom-designed according to the customer’s production requirements with a touch-screen display and with a PLC system. Easy to integrate. The uniqueness of each suggested technical solution is such as to be easily integrated in any production line, including also pre-existing ones. Easy to clean. The maintenance of high hygienic and cleaning levels is made easier by the particular supporting structure of the spiral which, being integrated devoid of those reticular elements typical of the traditional systems, allows the access at its inside, making it easier the inspection on the hidden points. Moreover, hygiene is guaranteed by the modular automatic washing system of the belt and of the insulated cabinet. Furthermore, the shape of the stainless steel profiles and supports used prevent any type of stagnation of dirt, making its elimination easy. Easy to adapt, custom-made. Compact Omnia results as an extremely flexible system such as to allow an great number of technical solutions, each of which realized according to the customer’s requirements. Easy installation is characterized by different product treatment times, different tiers pitch of the spiral, different belt types and different levels of productivity.

Easy to move. The “container-size” of the system allows an easy and cost-saving subsequent movement in all cases in which, due to the succeeding of new production requirements, it is needed to change the position of the machinery on the factory lay-out.



Via Buonarroti, 81 35010 S. Giorgio in Bosco Padova TALY +39 049 94 53 111 +39 049 94 53 100



Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 34/bis int. 4 35018 San Martino di Lupari Padova Italy +39 049 946 09 85 +39 049 595 97 71

Being established in Padua in 1984, this year Tecalit is celebrating its 25 years of passion for pasta as well as its activity in the food industry plant sector. Since its foundation the company has offered an extensive range of high-tech quality systems for the industrial production of any kind of pasta, such as: dry, short, long, and special shapes, namely, nests, noodles, organic pasta, Bologna-type pasta, turnkey combined plants for short-nests pasta, accessories and pasta factories. Meeting the pasta production machinery market’s requirements by developing advanced technologies and choosing the innovations that have enabled pasta factories to get first-quality products, Tecalit has broadened its range into the 5 continents. Tecalit proposes itself to all pasta factories of the world as an ideal partner with a comprehensive range of products with outputs ranging from 400 to 6,000 kg/h, and for short and long pasta, output from 200 to 1,000 kg/h for nests and noodles. Aiming at developing new products, Tecalit presents a new plant to produce gluten-free

pasta (maize, rice, quinoa, legumes, and more) which features the “BT Cooker” technology developed at the company’s research centre. This new technology can be easily integrated into already existing lines for the production of both gluten-free and mixed pasta, using the drying unit of already existing lines. The“BT Cooker” technology can be used in different sectors of the food industry to produce gluten-free foodstuff, such as bread, biscuits, bread sticks, and more. In addition, Tecalit has also developed a new huge temperature, progressive pasta drying technology, called PDT-VHT, which has been especially studied to re-use heat in excess present in certain areas, in order to bring it to those areas with lower temperature, thus creating progressive drying in a single drying stage and thereby bringing remarkable energy saving. The company’s research and development programme also aims to produce specific lines for couscous and ready-meals, which are two market segments significantly growing on account of the evolution of consumers’ requirements and tastes.

Short pasta Line, 2000 kg/h

Long pasta line, detail of 2500 mm’s long bar

Long pasta line with exclusive Tecalit PDT - VHT technology

Short pasta line, detail of TDU – Three Drying Unit


Sympak Corazza is an engineering and mechanical company based in Bologna in the very heart of the socalled “Packaging Valley”. The company was founded in 1954 by Natalino Corazza, a mechanical engineer who entered the packaging business by developing the FD220, an essential and sturdy machine for dosing and wrapping stock cubes. Following the immediate success of this model, Corazza expanded its business with a complete range of equipment to meet the capacity requirements of the clients. This led to conquer a leading world wide market share and today Corazza can be considered as world leader in manufacturing and supplying equipment for dosing and packaging products having creamy and semi-hard consistency, such as processed and fresh cheese, butter, margarine, soft and pressed soup cubes, and yeast. Throughout the years Corazza has installed more than 3500 machines in over 75 Countries. Sympak Corazza’s production programme includes: • Complete lines for dosing, wrapping and packaging processed/cream cheese portions The portion shape can be triangular, square, rectangular and round and these can be dosed at low, medium and high production capacity in a weight range included between 12 gr. and 500 gr. One of the most recent innovations in this sector is the complete re-design of the historical FF220 medium capacity double-head automatic dosing/wrapping machine for the packaging of triangular/square portions of processed cheese, resulting in the successful entry on the market of the new FF220/V. This machine, based on the well experienced and reliable technology of the rotating plate dosing system, can now reach a capacity of 250 portions per minute and can be linked to the compact SF50 boxing machine for the automatic packing of the portions into round boxes up to 4 layers. This machine is meeting the favour of the most famous dairy companies in the world. • Dosing wrapping packaging lines for soft soup cubes, yeast and hotel style butter/margarine portions Corazza and its sister company, R.C. can cover the market requests both for soft soup cubes and pressed hard cubes.


Production capacity can reach the highest level (up to 1200 cubes/minute) with the FD12 model, but the low –medium production requirement can be satisfied as well by smaller models. The main international companies are included among the customer served by Corazza / RC as far as soup cubes production plants are concerned. • Turn-key projects and engineering of complete processing & packaging lines for the dairy and soup cubes industry The synergy with other companies of Sympak Group, are fundamental for achieving excellent results in this field. In particular, this gives the possibility to design and manufacture complete lines starting from raw materials processing up to final packaging together with Stephan Machinery and SPE (Sympak Process Engineering), as for example, installations that are in successful production in the plants of important companies in the Middle East area. • Machines overhauling, technical assistance and consultancy This is an important service granted to the customers, that are assisted during the whole life of the equipment, not only in terms of spare parts supply, but also with dedicated engineering service and consultancy for modification or overhauling of the machines, if necessary. With Corazza, the customer is never left alone with his problems!



Via Natalino Corazza, 9 40128 Bologna ITALY +39 051 419 20 11 +39 051 419 22 01




Via Dell’Artigianato, 5 36035 Marano Vicentino Vicenza Italy +39 0445 576 659 +39 0445 577 203

STARMIX is a company specialized in the production of planetary mixers for the artisan and industrial pastry sector, the catering, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sector, and following a “stepby-step” philosophy not only has it developed but also stood out amongst the leading firms of the sector in just a few years. Starmix’s dynamic organization guarantees timely delivery in nearly all orders. The renowned reliability characterizing the company machines reduces assistance to sporadic cases only, with prompt intervention also due to well-stocked warehouse. The company’s wide range of planetary mixers ranges from 5 to 140 litres’ capacity and features a wealth of characteristics and models to meet any requirements. For some months, Starmix has moved to new and modern facilities, in Marano Vicentino, for an overall indoor area of 3,000 square metres. This step has enabled the modernization of

production processes, more efficient logistics and remarkable increase of throughput. At the same time, Starmix has internalized its technical department and provided it with advanced design software, investing in qualified personnel. In doing so, Starmix has wanted to keep up with the times and speed up the prototyping and customer service. Despite of the unfavourable economic situation of 2008, Starmix achieved a remarkable growth in turnover, thanks to innovation, research, serious commercial policy, promptness to meet the ever demanding market requirements, all features that have always characterized Starmix in the last 10 years. At the exhibition IBA in Düsseldorf, Starmix will be introducing its new range of planetary mixers Line “N” with renewed design and relevant devices, the new 10-litre capacity planetary mixer and the absolute novelty 100-litre planetary mixer.

1. 2. 3. 4.

PL120-PLA40 PL100N PL80N PL40N



Via Pacinotti 29 20094 Corsico Milano ITALY +39 02 451 771 +39 02 451 773 40

Soren was established in the 50s as an agent for equipment and machines for the food industry. Starting from 1968, it has developed its own activity of design and manufacturing and supplying of complete plants as well as single machinery. Over 40 years of close cooperation with important Italian and foreign food companies have honed the company’s experience and increased its recognition on the market. The quality and reliability of Soren products is due to constant technological updating and unstoppable attention to the product. The company’s production is addressed to the production process of the food industry, from ingredient dosing up to finished products. Soren designs and manufactures, simply but thoroughly, different kinds of production machines for greatly different viscous products; the application technologies involved are various and diversified, such as: sauces and juices, sponge and creams, ice-creams and semifreddi, margarine and fats, sterilized drinks, and viscous products. Both plants and single machines are designed as to meet the customer’s single requirements, providing advice during the design, manufacture,

installation and automation stages. The product range enables the following: • Tank processing, equipped with air space as to let service fluids pass, agitators and possible impellers for the dispersion of insoluble products or fat, and oil emulsion • Pasteurizing or sterilizing thermal process, cooling, deep-freezing in scraped surface heat exchangers able to treat high-viscous products with solids or tending to lay on exchange surface. • Ice-cream production with continuous freezers, to produce different kinds of ice-cream • Product handling through rotary volumetric pumps which assure the transfer of highly viscous products and products with solids in suspension • CIP systems to clean and disinfect the plants with a close system as to eliminate organic remains and most part of microorganisms. Soren laboratory is equipped with pilot machines and plants for various process and product scale tests, and it is at the company’s customers’ disposal. Thanks to the extensive experience shaped in plants design and manufacture, together with the Soren customers’ expertise, the company can realize innovative and quality products.



Via Artigianato, 85 25030 Torbole Casaglia Brescia ITALY +39 030 265 04 88 +39 030 265 01 43

Telling the history of a company might be trivial for the reader, but on the other hand it is rather gratifying to the person who founded it thirty years ago and has lived every single day of its activity. Therefore, Luciano Gnocchi reveals some nostalgia and pride when speaking of the history of his company. The company Sigma was established in 1983 by Gnocchi himself after four year’s experience with an important business in Brescia, manufacturer of bread-making machines. Firstly, he was employed as a chief CAD designer and later on as a Managing Director of the Technical Department. The first, busy and hard-working years were spurred by great energy and determination which led to the creation of a line of bench spiral mixers and bakery kneading machines. There will still certainly be someone using these machines and remembering that they were the unique example of kneading machines with just one motor, whose main feature was saving up 25% energy while offering unaltered performances. This philosophy was however put aside for commercial matters, since at that time nobody really cared of energy saving. The company was growing and broadening its offer with other products, such as planetary machines, sheeters, etc., while always offering customers products value for money. In 1990 Sigma became part of the Group VMI – Montegue, France – managed by the highly regarded Mr. Chagneau, founder of the Group, still leader in the sector of bakery machines in Europe. Such partnership gave excellent results thanks to the perfect team spirit and the following exchange with

different methods and experiences, which greatly enriched Sigma in terms of company management and thorough manufacturing, thereby leading to the creation of top-of-the-range machinery. The absolutely positive experience ended up in 2000 when Mr. Chagneau left the Group, which was then sold to important French industrial businesses. In 2003 the Sigma block of shares came back to the Gnocchi family, so beginning a time of deep innovative labour followed by important results. What is most appreciated is not only the capability to offer innovations, in terms of new machinery and improved manufacture, but also in some inventions, smaller but highly important to the strong determination to supply first-quality products, which offer what they promise, at the right price. In recent years, the company renewal has basically involved people with the introduction of new motivated people, who have been boosting the company, under the fundamental principles of earnestness and professionalism.


Cryovac, the food packaging division of US-based packaging specialist Sealed Air, is a world’s leading supplier of packaging solutions for the food industry. Present throughout the world in 46 Countries, reaching over 80% of the world’s population, in Europe the company has been active for more than 50 years and continue to contribute to the development of food retail. More than 10,000 Cryovac specialists worldwide (food scientists and technologists, applications and marketing specialists, lawyers, technicians and engineers) cover all the disciplines required to develop the right food packaging for today’s consumers. This ensures added value and convenience to consumers, while protecting the food and delivering performance to retailers and food producers. While market leaders in industrial packaging, Cryovac® is also at the forefront of consumer packaging for modern retail. It takes teamwork to best meet consumer demands - an alliance between retailer, processor and packaging supplier. To achieve this Cryovac places its manufacturing knowhow, food technology expertise and international market experience at its partners’ disposal. Permanent customer care centre Packforum® located close to Paris, is the new Sealed Air - Cryovac permanent customer care centre, specifically designed to aid food processors, packers and retailers in taking decisions. Special market events and tailored visits and exhibitions are hosted regularly at Packforum


catering for the whole of Europe, with the exhibition of all products available on the market to give visitors a global approach. Packaging solutions for every product Whatever the application, Cryovac ® offer is the right and innovative packaging solution for: • central meat packaging; • Cryovac® Case Ready portions of meat, fish and poultry; • cheese and processed meats; • fresh, frozen or prepared foods; • convenient ready meals; pizza, • and much more... Waste reduction Sealed Air - Cryovac pays particular attention to packaging waste reduction. Thanks to its leadingedge technologies, Sealed Air - Cryovac produces progressively thinner, lighter, yet stronger materials. It also concentrates its efforts on recycling at the production stage, aiming for total material utilisation. This reduction at source has helped significantly diminish the impact of packaging waste on the environment, whilst at the same time ensuring that Cryovac ® food packaging is more efficient than ever before.

Sealed AiR SRL

Cryovac Food Packaging Division

Via Trento, 7 20017 Passirana di Rho Milano ITALY +39 02 93 321 +39 02 933 23 82




Via Piemonte, 9 – Z.I. 36015 Schio Vicenza ITALY +39 0445 577 000 +39 0445 575 665 +39 0445 579 056

Rollmatic bread slicers line is named after the historical Japanese warriors SAMURAI and their famous Katana sword, which embodies power and neat cutting. The name was not chosen by chance, as Rollmatic slicers guarantee high performance and efficacious cutting with any kind of bread. Complying with the most updated European safety standards, Samurai slicers are stateof-the-art machines in terms of safety use. In addition to this, they are also easy to be cleaned, thanks to a drawer for breadcrumbs with microswitch, which prevents the machine from starting prior to proper closing. Nice design, customizable colours, small overall size, noiselessness and ergonomics enable the Samurai models to be easily placed at any points of sale and supermarkets. The various models available, from bench to industrial, as well

as options such as bag blower, lubricator and Teflon blades, offer high productivity and better cutting performances, with both crusty and softer bread, just like rye bread, which is however more difficult to slice. Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models avaiable. Samurai slicers, Roll sheeters and Bull mixers are Rollmatic’s most important lines and evidence of the company’s reliability.




Via XXV Aprile, 4 40016 S. Giorgio di Piano Bologna ITALY +39 051 66 50 983 +39 051 66 50 987X

Feeling Young Yes indeed, on its eightieth birthday, the trade mark of Righi Inox is still in great shape. This year is the anniversary of the foundation of the company from Bologna and the Righi family still believes in the enterprise, just as strongly as the very first day. The secret to the longevity of this company lies in the skill of its owners in constantly renewing whenever the market demands change. The production range has changed too over the years: set-up originally to craft rather esteemed knives, ten years following its foundation, Righi Inox also began producing industrial blades. It was at the beginning of the 90’s that Sergio Righi, the third owner of the company, decided to leave aside the production of knives once and for all to concentrate exclusively on industrial blades. It was a hard decision to make but fundamental to keep the name of the family-run company high: to continue producing knives meant unavoidably compromising quality standards to be able to compete on a market which, still today, tends towards price dropping. It was a difficult choice because it meant abandoning the guideline of the grandfather, but it was the choice that enables RIGHI INOX to be still synonymous with quality for many industrial enterprises. Whoever

turns to RIGHI INOX must have the certainty of a quality product that above all meets the requested specifications. This is also why many producers of automatic machines consider Righi Inox to be the ideal partner in designing prototypes for new types of blades of basically any size. Together with the quality of the product there is also the service that a company must offer, which includes short manufacturing and delivery times. In this case again, Righi Inox has attempted to satisfy its customers’ needs by doubling the production factories, increasing machinery and always employing skilled personnel. These investments are required to keep astride of times, thus also maintaining the “creed” of Alberto Righi, founder of Righi knife factory in 1929 along Via Emilia, in the heart of Bologna. The trade mark has also been modified, even if it still has the same original shapes and colours: a straight blade has replaced the knife cutting across the P turning it into an R. This last change, even if certainly less significant than many others, is proof that the company looks towards the future, highlighting the will of the Righi family to continue along the road of tomorrow: but tomorrow will always leave a window open over the past.




Via Nazionale Est, 19 43044 Collecchio Parma Italy +39 0521 800 800 +39 0521 802 311

The company Protec was founded in 1991 and has become a leader in the design and production of dual-vision sorting machines for the food industry. Protec has always invested in ideas and resources and the over 3000 plants installed worldwide are evidence of the company’s thorough and targeted managerial policy, which aims to have a team of professional people whose main target is offering their customers reliable, accurate and efficient solutions. The company’s technological commitment can be found in a machine called Duett, which is the first dual-vision sorting machine for fresh salads proposed by Protec; it enables examining produce on either sides, indicating defects or foreign bodies. In addition to this, some cameras and an exclusive visual and fluorescent lighting system allows identifying the chlorophyll that all vegetables usually have. Polluting agents, such as plastic, paper, cardboard and insects as well, can be easily kept apart. The particular configuration of the inclined conveyor belt enables separating defective produce by means of air jets. The visual system makes use of the most up-to-date electronic technology and exclusive software for processing images. Duett can be easily put in production lines because

not only is it waterproof but also resistant to the usual cleansing sanification products. Protec has always focused on technological innovation and the investments of the past years have enabled the company’s team of engineers and designers to perfect this new technology at one of the most important European producers of IV range produce. To this regard, it is worth of special mention the fact that in addition to being a leading company on the market, Protec is also leader in tomato sorting, and in the past years it has developed high technology for IV range products, such as ready salads, corn, peas, and more. In addition to tomatoes, it is now possible to sort whole fruit, tomato and fruit pulp, extrusions, purees, jams, leaf vegetables (fresh or dehydrated), legumes, diced fruit and potatoes (in almost every form). As a result, a simple product such as a tin of peas or a pot of jam, which people buy everyday, embodies a high-level technology aimed at achieving the highest quality, the one that Protec has always targeted. For any information, please contact directly: Mr. Rocco Sandei - Sales Manager E-mail:

1. Extrasorter 2. Duett 3. Aspirx








Via Europa, 27 35015 Galliera Veneta Padova ITALY +39 049 94 70 669 +39 049 94 71 739

Pizeta consolidates yet again its international strong presence in the market with custom made plants based on clients specifications. With the highest hygienic standards, Pizeta always focus its production to provide the customer with the best optimization of space, workforce and production capabilities. Pizeta’s calling is definitely 360° wide in the industry. One of the masterpieces on the company is the recently completed Gyermelyi pasta plant in Hungary. The analysis, design, production and assembly process took 3 years. Along this process the company joints the client’s revamping plan of the old factory which included the installation of a new silos cluster tower and its flour storage system, both compliant to the European Atex regulation. Optimization of space, workforce and production time have been the main focus of the project. One of the main characteristics of the plant is that the product is never touched by human hand for the whole length of the process. Furthermore, according to word standards for export, the pant is equipped with a delivery tracking system and

can be monitored and supported remotely from Pizeta’s headquarter. In 2007 Pizeta overseas export activities included a new flour storage system in the Dominican Republic. The new flour storage plant includes a silos cluster tower which can host 6 silos with 100 tons capacity each. It is equipped with a feeding system for 6 production lines and a recycled product grinding plant with the capacity of 800 Kg/h. With this new line, the customer replaced the old system where the production lines were fed by loading cases and the flour bags were loaded manually. The advantages of such a solution are the complete automation of the process, starting from the suppliers’ flour trucks which can load the product directly into the line. The plant also reduces significantly the workforce, but the most evident benefit you’d notice when you enter the production room is the drastic reduction of powder/dust in the air through a suction system that can eliminate residual powders both on the loading area and along the whole production line.


Confirming itself as a recognized leader in the design and realization of installations for the production of “harissa” pepper sauce, Pellacini Sergio & Figli has recently supplied a completely automatic plant for the processing of 9.000 kg/h of fresh pepper to a wellknown firm of North Africa, specialized in such type of product, destined both to the individual consumption and to the industrial sale, as semiworked. In this case and in full agreement with the client, remarkable updating of the traditional process technology has been studied as to meet the requirements set by the most advanced norms, thereby enabling the customer to commercialize the same product on all the most important international markets. Strongly banking on the experience gained in this kind of workmanships as to have become a reliable international benchmark to all producers of “harissa”, Pellacini Sergio & Figli has perfected a new process technology, whose main points are composed of the following. 1.Pell-mell unloading of fresh pepper directly from the trucks into waterless hygienic receiving and storage tanks with relevant system of advancement; 2. A special separation section for stem, core and seeds, leaves only the pulpy part of the pepper; 3. The partial concentration of the puree refined by means of an automatic continuous evaporator working at low temperature and able to check exactly the process parameters, so avoiding excessive times of exposure to the heat, typical of the systems of traditional cooking; 4. The automatic in-line mixing of the pepper concentrate with the typical (garlic pasta, spices and salt powder) ingredients, managed by programmer with PLC; 5. The following product de-aeration, so obtained, and the following aseptic sterilization managed by PLC as to regulate automatically the temperature according to the mutable Ph value of product without adding


any chemical corrective, thus maintaining a product corresponding to its natural formulation; 6. The aseptic cooling management according to the different kinds of final packaging. The so-equipped line, installed and started up on the client’s premises, gives a seedless product with natural red colour, creamy and appetizing to the taste, maintaining its fragrance of tastes intact, highly appreciated by the client. All the parts of the processing line that come into contact with the product are in stainless steel Aisi 316. In addition to the characteristic packaging in metallic cans of 1/6, ½, 4/4 and in aluminium tubes of 70 and 140 gr. for domestic consumption, the company has also supplied a filling plant for 200-kilo aseptic bags, put in metallic drums, both for “harissa” sauce and the simple pepper concentrate, as semi-worked product destined to industrial uses. In both cases, the parameters of the aseptic sterilizer, as regards product cooling in particular, are set according to the kind of packaging used: with product discharge at 90-92°C for tubes and metal jars, and at 30°C for aseptic bags/drum. The line performs an automatic and continuous process, where all the various phases are constantly controlled; this enables having a spicy sauce, optimally concentrated and with definitely higher quality than traditional technology of the past. Nowadays, these traditionally performed systems, semiautomatic and greatly depending on the operator’s ability, are still broadly used. To this operational extent, contamination, inaccurate pepper preparation and trituration, might contaminate the product and therefore decrease the final quality of the product while increasing the risk of relevant economic loss. The new line, designed and manufactured by Pellacini Sergio & Figli, stands out as a point of reference for this kind of processing, favouring the request of modernity and quality from the today’s international market.


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Dynamic ideas, integrated solutions

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Processing plants for fruit and vegetable Marmalades, Jams, Juices and Nectars, Sirup Halls, Mixing Plants, Tomato-based as sauces, ketchup and condiments Tomato Processing Lines, Aseptic Installations for semi-finished products as fruits and vegetables




Pellacini Sergio & Figli S.a.s. Via Provinciale, 38 • 43038 Sala Baganza (Parma) Italy • Tel. +39 0521 83.35.28-31 Fax +39 0521 83.38.59 • e-mail:

Pavan Group is a worldwide provider of process technology solutions to ever changing demands challenging in the food industry. Combined with innovative engineering and a truly global competence, whether it be the application of a single technology or a multi-disciplined turnkey approach, Pavan Group makes the ideal partner for your next project. Founded in 1946, Pavan has grown to reach its present organization thanks to the merger of leading companies supplying food equipment to the food industry. High technology, acquired experience in 60 years of activity, skilled personnel shared among the group and innovative solutions represent a real competitive advantage for any company to match the new production needs and wishing to improve its business. The sales turnover of the Pavan Group - in 2008 amounted to 90 millions Euro, 95% of exports sales in 120 countries and has commercial branches in Poland, Russia, U.S.A., Mexico and Argentina. The Group consist of about 465 people. MANUFACTURING DIVISIONS Six brands identify the machinery and equipment engineered and built by the Group: • Pavan produces long-cut pasta equipments, spaghetti lines, plants for macaroni, short-cut pasta equipments, nest shaped dry pasta (nidi) and couscous production systems. • Mapimpianti produces cooking extrusion systems for snacks, pellets and direct expanded snacks, breakfast cereals, baby food, flakes and shaped cereals, precooked pasta and precooked flours. • Toresani produces machinery for filled fresh pasta (tortellini, ravioli, cappelletti), flat fresh pasta (tagliatelle, tagliolini, lasagna, cannelloni), extruded fresh pasta, ready meals, gnocchi, etc. • Montoni produces dies for food equipments, die washing machines, automatic pasta cutting systems. • Stiavelli and Dizma are specialized for packaging systems for food industry, confectionary, bakery products and other “nonfood” goods. • Pizeta is the subsidiary company which supplies complete turnkey systems for conveying, dosing, cleaning, recycling and storing of flours, cereals, short-cut pasta, fine products, coffee, food pellets and plastics. R&D ACTIVITY For the research and development activities, Pavan Group avails itself of a highly qualified working team and it collaborates both with university institutions and companies for the development of products and processes. In an area of total 2.000 sq. m., it engages 30 people, including process technologists, analysts and mechanics that have at disposal 3 pilot plants and 4 production lines to test-run the products and the new achieved processes. The lab is equipped to carry out chemical, physical-chemical, rheological, nutritional and organoleptic analysis. It carries out analysis for all the Company’s involved departments, offering its own technical-scientific know-how as further support to the customers.


SHARING KNOW-HOW WITH THE CUSTOMER Pavan Tecnologie is the company referred to the basic research and development of new product lines, pursuing the valorization and disclosure of the internal know-how of the Group’s companies; it also runs the School of Food Technologies and all the internal and external training actions. The main activities that are carried out are: • Research on new materials, new analytical techniques and new and/or alternative processes • Preparation and participation to Italian and European research projects • Organization and running of the courses of Pavan’s School of Food Technologies and other training courses • Relations with the national, international and institutional academia. POST-SALES ACTIVITY AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Post-sales service and technical assistance are among the most important activities for a modern and efficient company. Pavan has assigned a central role to its installation, testing, and technical assistance group. This department is capable of providing quick technical assistance all around the world also through PLC telematic systems. Pavan’s engineers specialising in plants installation verify and test each single detail of the process in the company’s workshop, avoiding the onset of mechanical-electrical issues at customer’s site. Pavan’s highly qualified staff receives continuous in-house technical training and is always ready to provide technical support in an efficient and timely manner. FULL ASSISTANCE PACKAGES With the aim of helping customers to plan and calculate the budget for equipment operation, Pavan is able to provide assistance packages for maintenance and regular inspection. These post-warranty service packages range from simple periodical check-up visits, to the programming of preventive maintenance, to a complete assistance on the production lines. All these services enhance the efficiency and yield of the plant.



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From 1978 Novapan has been successfully present in the field of machines for the so-called “white art�. It has qualified itself as a leader in the production of dividing machines, thanks to the great experience of its founder Bruno Lancini, who passed it down to his working mates and relatives. Doggedness, experience and a highly qualified staff, make of Novapan a firm able to offer competence, technology, reliability and immediate assistance. Presently Novapan, on a broad and demanding world market, is able to satisfy all its clients, granting at the same time: market competitiveness, high-quality and technologically advanced machines, possibility to export all over the world without limits of quantity and with the right relation between price and features. Novapan means guarantee of competitiveness, excellence of the made in Italy and vanguard technology. Hexagonal Manual and Dividing Machine (Pic. 1) The manual hexagonal dividing machine has a sturdy structure and is user friendly. It has full mechanic functioning, controlled only by manual controls. The machine parts that come into contact with dough are build with first-quality material such as stainless steel Aisi 304 and nylon.


Hexagonal Automatic Dividing Machine (Pic. 2) The hexagonal automatic dividing machine has a sturdy structure, is fast and silent, and has full hydraulic functioning; the same system controls the hook-up of the lid. For this reason, it assures the user utmost safety and noiselessness during the lid closing phase. At the end of every working cycle, the machine stops itself automatically and prevents any overheating of the oil and the engine, in order to curb energy consumption. The machine parts that come into contact with dough are build with first-quality material such as stainless steel Aisi 304 and nylon. Double Cut Dividing Machine (Pic. 3, 4) The patented automatic machine with double cut performs an important double operation otherwise performed by two different machines. The exclusivity of its performances is highlighted by the automatic change of pieces/weight of cutting due to a simple pressure on the suitable button. The machine parts that come into contact with dough are build with first-quality material such as stainless steel Aisi 304 and nylon.



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Verona, 22/26 maggio 2010 La rassegna internazionale dedicata a tecnologie, materie prime e semilavorati per la produzione di pane, pasticceria, pizza e pasta.

SIAB 2010

Un nuovo capitolo sull’arte bianca SIAB volta pagina e torna, per la sua nona edizione, ancora più ricca: maggiore internazionalizzazione, maggiore offerta e più attenzione al business. Da oltre 20 anni punto di riferimento per gli operatori dell’arte bianca, SIAB 2010 diventa, con i suoi 4 nuovi saloni specializzati, un’occasione unica ed imperdibile per incontrare il mercato di riferimento.

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When established MIX S.r.l. prime objectives were simply “To design and manufacture mixing systems suitable for the treatment of different products”. Supported by a constant research and development programme MIX S.r.l. has also designed an innovative range of products. The product divisions are: Mixing: manufacturing of Mixers, Stirred bunkers, Granulators, Reactors, with a volumetric capacity from 2,6 to 26.000 litres, in batch or continuous process with the presence of chemical / physical reactions under vacuum or pressure conditions. Filtering: manufacturing of dust collectors and relevant accessories for the environmental dedusting, pneumatic conveying in pressure, vacuum conveying. The dust collectors are available with sleeve, cartridge, cartridge and pocket filtering elements, SKYFILTER with pulse air jet cleaning, with shaking and with vibrator cleaning systems. Interception: manufacturing of Butterfly valves, Slide valves (complete with manual, motor driven, pneumatic actuators) and Pinch Valves. Safety: manufacturing of Level indicators with Paddle / Manholes / Pressure relief valves (over

– negative pressure), XILOMIX Silo control systems and accessories for silos. Extraction: manufacturing of Discs / Pads / Nozzles for aeration / Control sets for aeration systems, Flat-bottom sweep discharge. Conveying: manufacturing of XIMIX Loading bellows for tank trucks, open trucks and crowds, and relevant accessories. The choice of not supplying complete production lines, but only components and process machines for plant engineering, has boosted the industrial development of MIX : evidence of this is the achievement of numerous industrial patents registered in Italy, and the enrolment at the Italian Department for National research (502811 WU). All MIX products are supplied with their Manufacturer Declaration 98/37/ EC and its Business Management System is in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 (VISION 2000) standard, according to the certification plan no. 2432-A. The products can be built in conformity to the European Directives ATEX 94/9/EC (technical files deposed at the TÜV NORD CERT), and to the PED Directive 97/23/EC.


Since its origin in 1929, Mingazzini Srl has always been dedicated to the manufacturing of more and more powerful boilers, up to the realization of today’s thermal plants, for industrial productions on a wide scale. Nowadays it manufactures, in a plant with a total surface of 25,000 m2 (of which 10,500 are covered), steam (saturated and superheated) boilers, hot and superheated water boilers and heat generators studied in the minimum details and designed on the measure for the specific needs of industrials: from single units to key-in-your-hands boiler rooms. Product range includes waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) downward cogeneration and process plants. Mingazzini’s products are the result of a systematic research & development activity in order to obtain the following results: • innovative solutions to anticipate market requests; • technological updating of fabrication plants and processes, monitoring the performance; • high quality level of product/process. Seeking for advanced technological solutions granting at the same time energy saving and environmental protection led to the production of boilers with real efficiencies up to 95,5% and low emissions values. Mingazzini steam boilers PB_EU series cover ratings from 2.000 to 25.000 kg/h. PVR_EU series boilers, reverse flame design, cover ratings from 350 to 5.000 kg/h. Main technical features of firetube steam boilers include: • three pass to reach high efficiency, • wet back with reversal chamber totally immersed in water to widen the surface directly exposed to the flame and no refractory material to cut off maintenance costs, the loss of heat through radiation and the overheating of the rear tube plate, • big water content and a wide evaporating surface, so granting a high thermal volume and the best steam quality, • firetube with big diameter, to enhance the efficiency, always observing the most severe environmental standards for flue exhausts, Fox corrugated as a standard for boilers with ratings higher or equal to 10 t/h of steam, on request for lower ratings, • tube plates with rounded edges to uniformly absorb the expansion of the main body and the tube nest, functioning as real compensators, avoiding the risks of “breakage” typical of corner welded flat plates, • eccentricity of the downward firetube to enhance the circulation in the boiler and increase the volume of the steam chamber, • no smoke tubes in the lower part to allow easy cleaning on water side, • maximum accessibility and maintainability through hinged doors both in the front smoke chamber and the rear one for total and immediate accessibility to the smoke tubes and the tube plates (for cleaning, maintenance and ease of inspection on the part of the Authorities entrusted with


periodic inspections). Furthermore, Mingazzini Srl is also able to supply all the equipment necessary for the realization and the efficient management of boiler rooms of any size, including PLC managing systems, remote control and management and operation without supervision for 24/72 h. Mingazzini Srl has always paid the greatest attention to customer service, both as regards pre-sales technical consultancy, and post-sales. Through its commercial office and its vast network of agents, Mingazzini Srl is able to offer technical support in the negotiation phase, and to propose the most suitable and advantageous technical-economic solutions in order to create genuine value for the customer. After the sale and startup the company offers an efficient service of support during the employment of the plant. These services go hand in hand with an organisation to supply original spare parts. According to Mingazzini Srl attitude, “value for the customer” means not only maximum quality of the supplied equipment, but also a high level of “before and after sale service”, thus creating a proactive and one-to-one cooperation relationship with the customer.


Via Egidio Pini, 29/A 43126 Parma Italy

+39 0521 188 0611 +39 0521 983 641 +39 0521 293 547



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Milk Italy is specialized in plants to process milk and all its by-products. Milk Italy has been established after a strong thirty-year experience gained in some of the major dairy firms. Milk Italy produces complete units for processing the milk starting from Raw and/or Powder Milk. The company’s plants are mainly designed to produce: Pasteurised milk; UHT milk; Yoghurt; Laban; Cheese; Cream & Iced Cream; Powder milk plant; Butter & Margarine (from vegetable oil). The company’s strength points are: High engineering level of the solutions proposed; Knowledge and experience in this industry; Quality of product offered; Customer care and Customer support; Excellent ratio quality/price. Milk Italy follows the client from the beginning, in order to understand his specific needs and to propose its advise, until the start-up of the plant. Milk Italy can also provide warranty on site.

Milk Italy has production solutions from the small needs 150 lt./h up to 20.000 lt./h of milk. Due to the similarity of the plants and the equipment, it also makes units for juices, ice-cream and units for eggs pasteurisation process. The experience gained on many international markets has enabled the company to have remarkable knowledge of products and local dairy production techniques. In addition to this Central Europe markets, the company also operated verywell also in the following markets: East European Countries & Russia; Africa; Middle East; South America. Please check the following web-site: Please write to Please contact the company directly in order to study the best solution for your needs.



Via Cornara 2/N int.2 35010 Massanzago Padova ITALY +39 049 936 04 41 +39 049 556 41 84

MAS designs and manufactures small and medium capacity water tube and smoke tube steam generators. The company has constantly developed its products owing to its remarkable experience in the design and manufacture of steam boilers (at Officine Boldrin)gained in the various sectors where steam is used from the textile to chemical industries, from dairy to agro-food industries, right to the confectionery industry. The experience honed at industrial equipment, use of the best materials and accessories, as well as constant technical-normative update, are a guarantee of quality to the final customers. The certification of the final product is carefully controlled by the ISPESL and TUV Rheiland. The latter also certified the company ISO 9001 for the design. Remarkable attention is usually paid to the standard process operations to realize finished products, through intermediate controls certified by leading companies, which carry our non-destructive tests as a guarantee for the sealed joints.

One of the MAS’ steam generators is the horizontal semi-fixed smoke tube model with three smoke circles, pressurized also in the version equipped with a dome. The generator is also equipped with rimmed bundle plates toward the planting and the expansion joints over the combustion chamber which guarantee suitable adjustments on account of thermal shock, thus reducing their affecting the plates; Expanded and welded bundle tube with seal on the bundle plate; Broad combustion chamber, with low heat loads and very limited backpressure to assure longlasting frames. The use of insulating materials for the steam boxes, and the coating assure low thermal radiation leakage. In addition, the models can also run with other fuels. Specific steam production capacity 40 kg/h per square metre, broad evaporating panel, highcapacity liquid and extraction dome, guarantee high quality steam (about 0.97) and constant pressure also for very high outputs.




Via Pasubio, 170 36010 Zanè Vicenza ITALY The success of Italpan is based on its attention to its clients’ needs and its ability to transform them into advanced technical solutions, as well as its great flexibility of operation. Growth has been constant since the company was founded in 1977, and the range of products it now offers on the market is further proof of its dynamism: machines for bread sticks and taralli, taralli boilers, loaf moulders and rollers, dough sheeters, bread cutters, flour sifters, crumbers and fully automatic lines for the production of bread sticks. The Automatic Grissini Machine MOD. GR/25-A is a mass-supplied with adjustable press so as to make even the thickness of dough when entering in the die. The cut of dough can be carried out by manual electric control or through programming by timer for continuous duty. All surfaces in touch with dough are in Stainless Steel. Output can achieve 50 kg per hour. The Automatic “grissini” Machine MOD. GR/25-L. is a mass-supplied with adjustable press so as to make even the thickness of dough when entering in the die. The cut dough can be carried out by

manual or electric control or through programming by timer for continuous duty. All surfaces in touch with the dough are in Stainless Steel, Teflon or treated through “Nihar Process” (American patent replacing the chromothickness). Output can achieve 50 kg/h. Dies are easily interchangeable with the intervention of two knobs. The speed of the exit belt is adjustable to be adapted to every type of product in order to avoid stretching or accumulation of the dough. The assembling system on the trolley has been studied to take a minimum amount of space in a rest position. The Sheeter Moulder I.T.P. 500/600 - Painted steel sheet bedplate, mounted on castors. Anodized aluminium sides. Ball bearings with double seal on all rotating parts. Ground and thickness chrome-plated steel rollers. A simple device stops the upper belt and the machine becomes a roll unit for the upper belt and the machine becomes a roll unit for the rolling of small quantities of dough. The machine is supplied with infeed belt for the automatic feed of the dough into the rollers.

+39 0445 314 236 +39 0445 314 237



Via Sicilia, 10 41053 Maranello Modena ITALY +39 0536 240 811 +39 0536 240 888


I.C.F. Industrie Cibec was formed as the result of a merger between two leading companies of the plant sector. The merging of their wide experience gave the new organization a solid structure destined to occupy a position of importance in the ceramic sector and undergo further diversification in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Recently (March 31, 2007) the merging between I.C.F. Industrie Cibec S.p.A. and its own parent company WELKO S.r.l. has been carried out. Today, I.C.F. & WELKO S.p.A. is a manufacturing company whose highly skilled staff is functionally divided into the sales, technical, tests and research centre (R&D), production, delivery, administration and customer service departments. The company staff is assigned to process analysis and to design, supported by a series of CAD stations and a modern Data Processing System. The Tests and Research Centre (R&D), equipped with pilot and industrial units and modern analysis apparatus, working in our factory for the right interpretation of the features of the products to be processed, for the identification of the process variables and of the necessary dimensioning and planning elements, and for the proper choice of the plant/equipment components. Furthermore


this structure provides for the technological assistance and for the experimentation of new solutions for plant Engineering. The shop production departments, quality control, financial and procurement services, and after-sales service complete the company organization. The company production is divided into the following two divisions: food-chemicalpharmaceutical and ceramic. Among the various products I.C.F. & WELKO S.p.A. offers, we can certainly name the following: Nozzle or turbine spray dryers; Belt-dryers for semisolid products; Fluid-bed dryers or coolers; Intermittent and continuous instantizers/ granulators; Horizontal or vertical intermittent mixers; Continuous or discontinuous ball-mills for wet grinding; Diaphragm and piston pumps; Agitators, mixers, dissolvers. This wide range of products is for the food and dietetic industry, chemical transformation industry, cleansing agent industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber industry, fodder and fertilizer industry, paint/ colour/glaze/ink industry, by-product recovery industry, building collateral industry (cement factories, aggregate field, ceramic factories).




Via Montedoro, 61 06046 – Norcia Perugia ITALY 800 904 079 (GreenLine)

+39 0521 342104

(English-speaking Operator)

Gruppo Pierantozzi Impianti S.r.l. is composed of two different companies, such as Novelli Impianti and Pian, which have honed extensive experience in their own market sectors. The company Gruppo Pierantozzi Impianti is committed to the following operations: • Design and manufacture of meat processing turnkey plants; • Industrial cooling plants; • Workshop conditioning; • Drying; • Seasoning; • Ammonia and CO 2 applications • Design and supply of meat mincing and sausage-making lines; • Freon and ammonia chillers; • Oil-pressure plants; • Thermal plants; • High and low pressure steam plants. The company is located in Norcia, Via Montedoro, 61 and you can contact them dialing the green number 800904079 and for further information we recommend you to visit the company’s website Commercial manager, Mr. Daniele Novelli, who

can be reached at 3292111591; Administration Manager, Mr. Andrea Pierantozzi, who can be reached at 3387974178; Englishspeaking operator, Ms. Silvia, phone number 0521342104


G.Mondini S.P.A. is an Italian company established in 1959 and located in Cologne Brescia, Italy. By 1966 the company had become well known in the packaging markets and in particular, for horizontal machines to cover a wide range of products both for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Through our attendance at exhibitions, meetings and seminars in Italy and abroad we realised the growing need by some of the leading food/ready meal companies to move with the times and introduce into their range, the production of sterilized, pasteurized, frozen and chilled ready meals and fresh meat and vegetable. Within the space of a few years the Company has, using the expertise of our highly experienced staff, gained recognition throughout World for its dedication to developing new packaging technology in co-operation with its customer and also the suppliers of packaging materials. Covering everything from lines for filling and packaging products suitable for being automatically dosed such as gravy, meat ragout, diced vegetables, soups, goulash and all types of sauces additionally short pasta, jelly, melted or grated cheese, salami, fresh meat, pet food, pate, jam, yoghurt, juices, honey etc. to name but a few. The range also covers automatic lines to package lasagne and cannelloni complete with dosers for tortellini and ravioli and for the packaging and production of pizzas. G.Mondini S.p.A. has developed several systems to close the tray be they in aluminium, steralcon, PET, PP, barrier PP etc. which, depending upon the process they are subjected to, can be heat sealed, crimped, heat sealed with vacuum and gas, or closed with a plastic snap-on-lid. Production speeds for the closing machines varies from 1500 to 15000 an hour for heat sealed trays and from 600 to 12000 for trays sealed with partial or full vacuum and gas flush, always depending upon the size of the tray. Due to their personal experience with new technology G.Mondini S.p.A. is capable of offering its customers the complete know-how for the production of ready meals starting from the raw materials through to the freezing, pasteurisation, sterilisation and chilling of products. Specialised design and construction lead to all G.Mondini


S.p.A. equipment being based on the following principles: productivity; greatest versatility; flexibility to further integrate and change on the base of the technological process; easy to use; low running costs; hygienic sanitary construction. Constructed in stainless steel, the company’s equipment is of the highest quality and coupled with the use of the latest technological developments and being tailor made for our customer requirements, has made G.Mondini S.p.A. the world leader for ready meal packaging lines. G.Mondini’s new packaging machine EVO is planned on the solid base of Evoluzione; it has the same reliability and solidity but it has new electronic controls and easier maintenance. The total dimension has been reduced and the disposition of mechanical and electronic parts permit a complete integration, inside the machine, of such parts as: • Check weigher • Snap on lid • Double sealing station Even more attention and care have been given to the accessibility and cleaning of the machine. The new PC is based on touch screen. It permits the collection of a great quantity of data, a remote control and the consultation on line of directions for use and extra parts. EVO has been designed to produce a lot different kinds of packaging such as: Blow moulded Tubs, Breakable single packs, Chick in, Double decker, Map, Rigid dome lid, Shallow pack, Skin, Skin for frozen. Moreover, EVO can integrated infra-red vision system to check the correct sealing. G. Mondini is still sure that EVO will be able to satisfy the needs and requirements of your expectation.



Via Brescia, 5/7 25033 Cologne Brescia Italy +39 030 705 60 +39 030 705 0168





Corso Messina 86 95014 Giarre Catania ITALY +39 095 932 263 +39 095 937 864

Turnkey plants for citrus high-quality juice and essential oil production. The company Fratelli Indelicato’s plants are a safe and reliable investment; their main features are: • high yield from processed fruit • high-quality products (juices, essential oils and candied peels) • possibility to process citrus fruit of any kind (oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, grapefruit) without previous calibration • possibility to regulate the extractors according to the variety and ripening of the processed fruit • high-capacity processing up to 20 t/h oranges with just one line • long shelf-life and very low maintenance costs For over 60 years, Fratelli Indelicato Srl has been designing and manufacturing industrial turnkey plants for citrus fruit processing, and since 1990 for tropical fruit processing as well. The plants are customized upon customer’s requirements and therefore both layout and production capacity are tailored in such a way as to hit the target fixed. In the above pictures, it is possible to see a citrus processing line for an overall capacity of 20/ton oranges and 10 ton/h lemons. Essential oils, juice and clean peels for candied fruit and jams can be obtained.

The citrus essential oil extractor Polycitrus M15 processes citrus fruit without any previous calibration, since it can treat fruit, namely limes and grapefruit, whose diameter ranges from 30 to 140 mm. Special paddles push the citrus fruit along the extractor channels, which are composed of couples of rotary rolls coated in steel plate and rasp-like holes. It is also possible to regulate the rotating speed of the scraping rolls and the time the fruit remains in the machine, according to its own kind, ripening and peel thickness, in order to perform complete extraction of essential oils. Afterwards, citrus fruit are poured into the juice extractor Polycitrus ZX2, where it is cut into two halves, each of which is then squeezed against a steel holed surface. The juice dripping through the holes is collected in a closed tank, while the seeds and the peels are disposed together. The extractor can also be equipped with an adjustable device to remove the membranes from the albedo and therefore having cleaned peels to make candied fruit of different size.The squeezing pressure on the fruit is adjustable according to the kind of fruit to be processed, ripening and peel thickness: this enables producing highly qualitative citrus fruit juice, entirely devoid of essential oil remnants and sour principles




Via dell’Artigianato, 5 36035 Marano Vicentino Vicenza ITALY

1. 2. 3. 4.

+39 0445 575 182

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FLAMIC was established in 2004 in Schio (Vicenza), in Italy, and has proposed itself so far as a young, dynamic company specializing in the production of sheeters for bakers’ and confectioners’, with belt width ranges from 500 mm (mod. SF500 and mod. SF500B), 600 mm manual (mod. SF 600) to 700 mm (for mod. FAST700). Futuristic design combined with high-quality components have enabled FLAMIC to enter the Italian and international markets with a product able to conquer and strike the attention of many buyers in short time. Specialisation combined with company flexibility, dynamic design and selected suppliers are Flamic’s points of strength. The overall costs are cut down for an unbeatable ration price/cost. FLAMIC participates in the most important national and international exhibitions for the bakery, pastry and catering industry, and it exports its sheeters to 50 Countries all over the world. The sheeters with 500 mm’s belt are available in two versions: SF500 (with basement) and SF500B (bench version) offering two different belt lengths: 850 mm, 1000 mm and 1200 mm. This version is equipped with extractible layers. Reversal rolling belts in the SF500B are by joystick while in the SF500 are by joystick or pedal. The sheeter with belt width of 600 mm is available

only in the version with basement (SF600) but with variable belt length: 850, 1000, 1200 and 1400 mm. The SF600 version is also equipped with extractible belts. Reversal rolling is possible by means of a joystick or pedal. The automatic sheeter FAST700 with belt width of 700 mm is available also with belt length of 1500 and 2000 mm. All operations are PLC-controlled and programming is by a 50 touch-screen programme setting. The cylinder running up and down, belt speed and lamination reverse, flour duster and dough spooling unit work automatically so limiting any operator’s intervention during the load of the dough and the discharge of finished products. All FLAMIC machines are CE and GOST certified (for the Russian market). After a long design course, the sheeters that FLAMIC has been putting on the national and international markets have been rewarding those who always worked hard, earnestly and professionally.


Since 1951, FIC has been manufacturing equipment for the food industry and particular for the dairy industry, in its 40,000 square meter production area in Mese (Sondrio). Advanced production technologies and a highly specialized team guarantee high quality and cost effectiveness. The company is ISO 9001 certified and exports all over the world, to over 70 Countries. The company’s production range is greatly diversified and as regards the dairy sector, it offers the following products: Frigomilk – milk self-refrigerated tank in stainless steel Aisi 304, used by breeder to cheese-factory. Its capacity ranges from 100 litres for the smallest model, to 20,000 litres. Open and close models are available; the latter models are equipped with automatic washing systems. Freon run working: insulation by means of environment-friendly materials and the cooling unit composed of high-quality and highly reliable components guarantee performance as per the European norms ruling refrigeration times. The tank is run by an electronic system especially developed by FIC; the programmable washing systems and internal finishing can assure utmost hygiene and minimum bacteria in such a way as to obtain above-the-average quality milk. Everest – Ice accumulation tank. This system is essential in the milk processing lines as to have continuity in the cool chain. Everest is recommended when ice-cold water is absolutely necessary, above all in the morning and at night when milk is consigned at the milk factory. Ice accumulation can be done during night hours, when electric power is less expensive. Moreover, not working in continuous, the power requested is less necessary than for traditional chillers, thus consumption is remarkably lower. The range Everest is composed of over 50 models as to meet the requirements of small and large dairy factories. The materials chosen (plate thickness and very low conduction insulation) and design enable running a plant efficiently and inexpensively. The FIC-developed air agitation systems enables ice melting in very short time. Falling Film – Icy water production system in continuous. When icy water is not for immediate use but needed for a longer span of time,


Falling Film has proved to be the best solution. Its cooling capacity varies from 50 kW to over 400 kW. The water to be cooled is fed by a distributor placed above the Falling Film’s evaporation system (in stainless steel Aisi 304 and 316L). inside the plates the refrigerating fluid flows (Freon, ammonia or glycols) and while flowing on the plates, the water is cooled at 0.5°C. The distribution is even all over the surface of the plates and efficiency is very high. The water is then collected in a detached tank and ready to be distributed to the users. The Falling Film can also be integrated into already existing plants. For hygiene requirements, any side of the system can be perfectly overhauled. Tecnotank is a range of tanks for edible fluids, insulate, with thermal exchange on both bottom and walls, equipped with agitator and electronic control. The tanks are in stainless steel Aisi 304 and 316L. The selection of the agitators highly depends on the physical-chemical features of the fluid to be treated. Capacity ranges from 100 up to 1215,000 litres. Tecnotank can be either open o close, in the latter case it is equipped with a washing ball connected with existing CIP plants. The connections are developed upon customer’s requirements. The bottom can be flat, slanted, conic (up to 60°) or rounded. The most commonly used fluids are: cream, egg mix, ice-cream, chocolate and yoghurts. In addition, FIC can also develop process tanks for special applications.

1. Everest

4. Frigomilk G4 550

2. Frigomilk G9

5. Pasteurizing machine

3. Azienda Company

6. Falling film


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Frigomilk G4 550 .4

Everest .1


Frigomilk G9 .2

Falling film .6



FBF Italia has designed and manufactured since 1987, high pressure homogenizers, positive displacement pumps, laboratory homogenizers, dosing systems and, thanks to the wide experience gained in this field, is now a key pointof-reference for plants manufacturers, suppliers of turnkey equipment and end-users in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. On-going innovation, exacting experimentation of special materials, strict quality controls and endurance tests allow FBF Italia to guarantee maximum performance, durability, reliability and safety; its mission is to offer to all its customers not only excellent sale services but also continuous relationship with constant, direct post-sale technical assistance; the target is to keep friendly relationship built on mutual evolution and innovation. FBF Italia’s machines are suitable to process a lot of products and can be inserted into complete process/ production, both in sanitary and aseptic design. The main utilization fields of the company machineries are: • dairy industries (milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt, caseinates, proteins, soya milk, etc.); • ice-cream industries; • food, processing, preserving and beverage industries (fruit juices, tomato sauces, oil, ketchup, eggs, vegetable greases, emulsions, concentrates, baby food, etc.); • cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrol-chemical industries (starch, cellulose, wax, colorants, beauty creams, tooth paste, detergents, disinfectants, emulsions, inks, latex, lotions, emulsifiers oils, pigments, proteins, resins, vitamins, etc.). But what about the homogenizing principle? In order to permanently mix one or more substances in a liquid, a homogenizer must be used in such a way as to make it possible to micronize and disperse the suspended particles in the fluid, rendering it highly stable even during successive treatments and storage. The product reaches the homogenizing valve at a low speed and at high pressure. As it passes through the valve, it is subject to various forces that cause the micronization of the particles: violent acceleration followed by immediate deceleration causes cavitation with explosion of the globules, intense turbulence together with high-frequency vibrations, impact deriving from the laminar passage between the homogenizing valve surfaces and consequent collision with impact ring. Homogenization can occur with the use of a single stage homogenizing valve (suitable for dispersion treatment), or


double stage homogenizing valve (recommended for use with emulsions and for viscosity control when requested). FBF Italia’s range of machines can be commonly classified as follows: • high pressure homogenizers: The homogenizer is often necessary to mix one or more substances within a liquid. This machine allows micronizing and scattering the particles suspended in the fluid, so that the product becomes highly stable, no matter the followings treatments and storage the product may undergo. The “Millennium Series” homogenizers are manufactured according to the UE directives and are available with capacity ranging from 50 up to 50.000 litres/hour; according to the products to be processed, the requested pressure may vary up to 2.000 bars (29.000 psi) • positive displacement pumps: these pumps are used to transfer the products from a storage system or process one to a further part of the plant at a high pressure. These machines are commonly used for feeding of spray driers, tomato paste plants, osmosis plants, etc. • laboratory homogenizers: manufactured to replicate the same homogenization conditions that can be expected in a real production process these machines offer the possibility to execute tests up to very high pressure (1500 bar) and do not need of any other device to work. Easy to use and to move, with the highest reliability, is the best choice for keeping the production always under control. • positive displacement pumps for product containing particles: these pumps are mainly used for product containing particles with a max. sizes of 15x15x15 mm such as tomato cubes, vegetable or fruit pieces. The construction of such a machine is much the same as the homogenizers, except for the compression head which is equipped with special pneumatically controlled valve groups.



Via Are, 2 43038 Sala Baganza Parma ITALY +39 0521 548 200 +39 0521 835 179



technology for mixing

A complete range • Planetary Mixers • Spiral Mixers: - with fixed bowl and one motor - with fixed bowl and two motors - over-tipping - with removable bowl

ESCHER MIXERS srl 36015 Schio · Vicenza · Italy · Via Lago di Vico, 37 Tel. +39 0445 576.692 · Fax +39 0445 577.280



Via Lago di Vico, 37 36015 Schio Vicenza ITALY

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Escher Mixers specialises in manufacturing mixing and kneading machines for the bread and pastry making industries. The company boasts one of the most complete ranges available in the sector, with a high annual output that makes it one of the major specialist manufacturers. Escher Mixers product range includes: • M1 Line - spiral mixers with fixed bowl with one motor: 30-40-60 kg of dough; • M and M Premium line - spiral mixers with fixed bowl with two motors: 40-60-80-120160-200-240 kg of dough; • MT and MT Premium line - spiral mixers self-tipping on table and divider: 80-120160-200-240 kg of dough; • MR line - spiral mixers with removable bowl: 80-120-160-200-240-300 kg of dough; • PM Line – planetary mixers: 20-40-60-80120-140-160 L.

The machines are highly renowned for their sturdiness, excellent durability and for producing high-quality dough. Fixed bowl and removable bowl machines are equipped with a two-step transmission for stiff dough and intensive use. In particular, the range of removable bowl machines, designed both for the handcraft and industrial market, are suitable for intensive production of Arabic bread. Please check the following web-site: Please write to Please contact the company directly in order to study the best solution for your needs.


BRANCHES / Göteborg, Sweden • Chicago, USA Melbourne, Australia Krakow, Poland • London, UK


Via G. Marconi, 23 42030 - Viano Reggio Emilia ITALY +39 0522 762 011 For more than 25 years, Elettric 80 has been supplying the food sector with breakthrough technologies that have changed the landscape of end-of-line automation. Due to its track record of developing solutions which guarantee operational efficiencies, flexibility and reliability, it has built up a client base which includes some of the biggest brands in the world. However, not only do manufacturing plants benefit from Elettric 80’s experience; worldwide more and more distribution centres are turning to Elettric 80 to automate their transport, wrapping and picking requirements. Elettric 80’s proposition includes highly flexible material handling systems, palletising robots, Laser Guided Vehicles (LGVs), high speed stretchwrappers (Silkworm) and pallet control systems. All of these technologies are adaptable and have a degree of built-in flexibility which makes them suitable for any plant layout or design. The entire process is centrally managed by a stateof-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) which enables the user to schedule, route, monitor and visualize the complete end-of-line process. Elettric 80’s system design has incorporated the food sectors special requirements for hygiene and data tracking. One of the latest additions to Elettric 80’s LGV family is the Giraffe. The high-lifting Giraffe has a reach capability of 11 metres and a maximum pallet weight of 1,200 kg. It is able to work alongside manual fork lift trucks in a rack storage environment to ultimately improve safety, increase flexibility and reduce storage handling costs on-site. The Giraffe

+39 0522 988 481

can be programmed to manoeuvre in a 3 metre wide corridor and due to its small footprint can replace existing manual fork lift vehicles in a facility without the need to change the racking environment. Headquartered in Viano, Italy, Elettric 80 has subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and Poland, and is therefore able to offer customers local expertise coupled with international insight.



Via dell’Artigianato, 10 Loc. Molina 36034 Malo Vicenza Italy +39 0445 637 584 +39 0445 637 592

From the thirty-year experience of Silvano Fabris and the skilful initiative of his son Luca, the company Effedue was founded in 1993. Effedue is an Italian dynamic company that can satisfy all the market requirements in terms of spiral mixers. Its product range puts the company on the market with the highest qualitative standards as far as all sanitary norms of hygiene and quality working are concerned. Particular attention is usually paid to carefully-made and charming design, which has been created by qualified technicians and designers. Single product specialisation combined with an ongoing research and development programme enables Effedue to have short delivery times together with high quality standards. The company’s models Unimix and Supreme are today also available in the stainless steel version, where a steel casting cover is mounted. From the cooperation of technicians with designers the new Unimix has been created. This type of mixer, enriched with a modern and functional design, keeps unchanged the dependability of the company’s products. The body of the mixer is made of steel, the central tool, spiral arm and protective grid and bowl are all

in stainless steel. This type of mixer is suitable for bakeries and cake shops and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. The work cycle can be manual or automatic with 2 speeds, both having programmable timers. It is also possible to change the rotation of bowl during the automatic cycle. Belt drivers eliminate vibration and noise. The company Automatic spiral mixer with fixed bowl is particularly suitable for bakeries and cake shops and allows for shorter working times to be obtained. The work cycle can be manual or automatic with 2 speeds, both having programmable timers. It is also possible to change the rotation of bowl during the automatic cycle. Effedue spiral mixers are currently sold successfully in more than 40 countries, not only in Europe but also in Australia, the United States of America and Mexico. It is also worth saying that Effedue cooperates with two leading companies of the sector: Kemplex and Steno, with which it shares an export office able to deal with all requests in many languages, represented by CL Bakery.




Via Monte Pelmo, 8 35018 S. Martino di Lupari Padova ITALY +39 049 944 01 46 +39 049 944 01 74

On the market for over 40 years, the company Cusinato has developed into a leader in the sector of conveying and storing machines and systems for both fragile granular products and milling products, manufacturing single machines and complete turnkey systems for the sector companies both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its constant monitoring of the market demand, Cusinato can supply simplified and completely computerized control systems, using its own technology and relying on its patents. Cusinato pays particular attention to pasta-making companies, among which some world-renowned pasta factories are today Cusinato’s customers. They choose Cusinato on account of its detailed design, ongoing qualitative improvement and the special partnership the company Technical Dept. has been able to create throughout the years.

Many systems, designed and manufactured on the two company’s premises, have been installed all over the world, manufactured following advanced technologies and control systems. Throughout the years, in addition to steadily broadening its expertise also producing new kinds of machines and systems destined to developing markets, such as the pet food, frozen product and snack, Cusinato has also completed its wide range of systems and technologies for the seed, dry legume and fruit processing. Cusinato, ISO 9001/2000 certified, has been investing in updated research and technology for many years, with the aim to improve and monitor all its systems, to use assistance network and after-sales organization entirely addressed to customer satisfaction.


Focus on the

Sweet Spot! From

Processing & Packaging to Finished Products 2 Specialised Shows focusing on Sweets, Snacks & Confectionery 2 – 4 November 2009 Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai


Educational Workshops Gain in-depth understanding of Food Trade & Safety Regulations in Dubai International Buyer’s Centre Learn more about Food Import Regulations into the UAE

Pre-register online: / For further information please contact: Ms. Marie Tillmann Koelnmesse GmbH Tel: +49 221 821 3939 Fax: +49 221 821 3723



Via Rossini, 4 13045 - Gattinara Vercelli ITALY +39 0163 826 384 +39 0163 826 384 cotor@cotor.t

1. 1. Exhausted film filling

Cotor Srl was established in 2002 by a group of partners working in the evaporating cooling sector for over 40 years. A small company committed to designing and manufacturing components to get more reliable cooling towers. After experiencing the inconvenience of replacing the surface that might be dirty, degraded or however unable to guarantee the required performances, above all in the hottest season when it should be of much use, Cotor focussed its first attention just on surfaces. Most surfaces tend to get dirty due to either water or air, and much of them turn out to be so fragile that crumble and dirt the system. The performances of the cooling tower will therefore show their limits during hot weather, and organizing any necessary replacement to re-establish optimum performance will sometimes require much time. As far as reliability is concerned, Cotor has focussed its efforts on a Splash type surface, the easiest possible, with high-level interchangeability, resistant to high temperatures and, if possible, to be cleaned while working.

The Lolipan panel was created, in polypropylene and by injection. The panels are easily and intuitively assembled in such a way as to create some stable sections, which have been preferred to guarantee excellent performances, even if it meant renouncing some ephemeral advantages of adaptability. The assembly of variable-section surfaces is often left to unskilled staff, so that the final assembling might result inaccurate and later give performances rather different from the one expected. The surface with Lolipan panels is of a “supported� type, which differs from suspended surfaces in that it is able to sustain a greater dirt load without deforming or dropping. From a mechanical point of view, the Lolipan surface is particularly strong and able to withstand pressurised water jets and steam without suffering any harm; this characteristic enables, if necessary, cleaning operations without disassembling it from the cooling tower. The company’s catalogue is now available in Arabic as well on the website


Established in 1895, the company Colombo Pietro has been specialized in the

• Elevator buckets • Elevator belts • Bolts • Continuous metal flights

manufacture of screw conveyors and bucket elevators.

Screw conveyors for: • Food industry • Confectionary industry • Preserve industry • Chemical industry • Pharmaceutical industry

OGGIONO (Lecco) Italy Via Marco D’oggiono, 21 tel.+39 0341 576251 Fax +39 0341 579005 - E-Mail:


Via Marco D’Oggiono, 21 23848 Oggiono Lecco ITALY +39 0341 576 251 +39 0341 579 005

Colombo Pietro, a traditional company established in 1895, was the first Italian company specialized in planning and production of screw conveyors and bucket elevators, well-known in the field of the Italian milling industry. Colombo Pietro has been on the market for over hundred years, its trade name is a warranty of quality, dependability, and efficiency. Screw Conveyors. Colombo screw conveyors are used for material handling of any kind of product in the most different field: milling industry, food industry, chemical industry, paper industry, mining industry, iron metallurgy, pharmaceutical industry.

Continuous metal flights: carbon steel and stainless steel. Sectional Flights: Sectional flights are cold pressed or hot formed . Possibility of cylindrical or conical section, shaped on the outer and inside diameter. Elevator Buckets. Columbus buckets performance is known worldwide, their design and utilization fit all kind of granular and powdery products: grain, cereals, oil-seeds, rice, fodder, meal, cubes, chemicals, cement, sand, fertilizers, glass, detersives, wood-shaving, products difficult to convey, abrasive products, foundry sand. Deep and open shapes Columbus buckets design meets all users requirements.





Via Fiorolle, 16-18 36060 Romano d’Ezzelino Vicenza ITALY +39 0424 577 559 +39 0424 577 458

VE 400 biscuit dough

Thanks to its experience and know-how of various applications in 1986 C.F. started to develop its first vertical packaging machine and its growing technological development has led to the present range of vertical packaging machines VE. C.F. pays particular attention to the electronics of its packaging machines choosing (Omron) PLC programmable systems, because the most reliable at a world level, and state-ofthe-art user interfaces. In fact, C.F. has been one of the first firms in its sector to replace old “Christmas-tree” like panels with even more advanced and ergonomic electronic panels. Using the possibility brought about by programmable electronic logistics, the machines of the Series VE are equipped with an advanced self-diagnosis system to detect any anomalies. The basic structure of these machines is built with very-well known products like Omron, yet upon request C.F. technical department can also offer other electronic products, such as: Siemens, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Saia and so on.

VE 500-60° deep frozen

From a mechanical point of view C.F. has decided to develop simple but sturdy and reliable machines. The mechanic levers system that makes the pliers group work, despite its simple construction, can increase the power of the pneumatic cylinder to such high levels as to guarantee sealing and increase the machine performance. In the overall, the system VE requires minimum maintenance since its main joints do not need any particular intervention but for ordinary cleaning. CAD design is closely connected with the commercial department so that any C.F. offer is highly customised according to the clients’ requirements and to the products they want to package. The mechanical feature that has been distinguishing C.F. from all other producers of packaging machines is just the particular aluminium frame of its machines, which gives excellent results in terms of sturdiness and resistance, and a winning design.



Technology, systems and plants for confectionery and nuts industry

A G A I N D e t e r m i n e d

t o


a t t a i n

G A M E o n e ’ s

g o a l

OIL ROASTING PLANTS Automatic oil roasting plants for peanuts and nuts to obtain high quality snacks in terms of colour, taste and nutritional value.


GBV IMPIANTI srl - Cortemilia (CN) - Italy - Tel. +39 0173 81439 - -



Via Valle Bormida, 7 12074 - Cortemilia Cuneo ITALY +39 0173 814 39 +39 0173 812 85

Brovind’s origins trace back to mid nineteenth century in Cortemilia where a “blacksmith workshop” originated a firm bound to last over a hundred years. Over the years, a thousand factories coming from the five Continents, have relied on Brovind. Nowadays Brovind group is a modern concern that praises four Italian factories and one Brazilian. Thanks to the philosophy to move on and always progress, the former workshop turns into the modern and recent industry that nowadays is a leader, all over the world, for nuts processing technology. Highly skilled staff, and the most up-to-date technology, allow the company to provide its customers with turnkey machine, complete plants and customised solution for any possible need to process nuts in different way. Supported by suitable and modern software, the design department works out the project in 3D technology. Brovind guarantees: technical support during erection, start up and training; flexibility and punctual delivery times; accurate servicing; modem assistance; programmed maintenance service; quick spare parts supply; fast and detailed answers towards projects, quotations and production through the staff of the headquarter in Cortemilia (CN), Italy. Brovind strategy is mainly turned to develop research activity for the most reliable plants and guarantee a constant technological progress for a thoughtful, qualified and demanding customer.

Brovind’s Production Among Brovind’s products, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the roasting process that may be used for every kind of nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.) with different technologies like hot air, infra-red and oil roasting that allow to get high quality snacks in terms of colour, taste, nutritional value and long shelf life. For further processing steps, Brovind is able supply processing unit to get semi-finished products for confectionery and ice-cream industry such as: flour; chopped products; paste and spreading cream; blanched and peeled products. Besides, the company has also recently developed an innovative technology in date processing for production of concentrated and clarified juice, to exploit unused or waste dates.



23 - 27


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pizza Salone Internazionale delle Tecnologie e Prodotti per Panificazione, Pasticceria e Dolciario

Tecnologie e Prodotti per Pizza e Pasta Fresca

Innovazione tecnologica, materie prime d’eccellenza, abilità e creatività: questi gli ingredienti base di A.B. Tech Expo e A.B. Tech Pizza Expo 2010. A Milano, capitale europea del business, nel centro fieristico più grande d’Europa, cogliete l’occasione unica per incontrare operatori di tutto il mondo, presentare i vantaggi che i vostri impianti, macchine e forni di ultima generazione possono offrire e far toccare con mano il valore aggiunto di materie prime e semi-lavorati di alta qualità.

NON PERDETE L’OPPORTUNITÀ! A.B. Tech Expo e A.B. Tech Pizza Expo: la ricetta giusta per far lievitare il vostro business! Eventi promossi da

Con il patrocinio e la collaborazione di

Eventi organizzati da F & M Fiere & Mostre S.r.l. Via M. Donati, 6 - 20146 Milano Tel +39 02 40922511 | Fax +39 02 40922499




Via degli Artigiani, 5 20046 Biassono Milano ITALY +39 039 498 00 20 +39 039 232 46 76

Boldrocchi T.E. Srl is a company member of the group Boldrocchi Srl, one of the most active groups in the sector of thermal exchange and industrial ventilation; it produces industrial, metal cooling towers with axial suction fans. Equipment, which is designed to cool water from a few cubic metres/hour up to some hundred, can be supplied both fully assembled (also with the suitable size for open-top insertion) and disassembled to be mounted on the work premises (with or without the company assistance assembler) for bigger versions. Water distribution sump without spray nozzles but with stainless steel non-clogging distributors, the possibility to install Filmtype filling (various shapes) and original and tested Splash-type filling (for over 100° C) are features of all the company cooling towers,

whose particular reliability make them highly appreciated by all the company’s industrial customers. The company evaporative towers are cleanable and sanitizable, suitable for small and big users, flexible and reliable even with waters containing fat acids or organic substances. In addition to this, it is also available a stainless steel version in Aisi 304 and Aisi 316 for any specific requirements. The company invites to visit its website and fill in the information form for any offer and information you might need. The company will promptly contact you.


Bassanina is specialized in manufacturing equipment for bread, pastry and confectionary production. A wide range of models covers all stages of the technological process: dough-mixing, dough-moulding, proving, baking. Therefore, it can satisfy the requirements not only of those customers who would like to modernize or re-equip their production but also of those who aim at adding equipment to the operating enterprise. Bassanina is especially proud of its ovens: rotative and deck steam pipes. Namely the high quality of its ovens was the particular feature that allowed the company to achieve international success and give its clients the opportunity to manufacture high-quality products satisfying modern requirements. The technology used by the company, accompanied by its policies of development and modernization, enables it to be flexible and keep production costs down. Thus Bassanina is able to offer its clients product innovation and high and constant quality. Thanks to this individual approach and continuous modernization of its manufacturing, Bassanina has managed to develop and launch into production rotative ovens optimal as to their price and quality. Rotec Technical capabilities and sense of design joined harmoniously create a machine with higher performances and an appealing aesthetic impact. Its original shape and accurate construction, the quality of the materials and the attractive design make Rotec a distinctive model. Italian creativity is skilfully combined with technological precision. Its improved construction technique increases the sturdiness of the oven and the comfort on working. Its versatility makes the oven suitable for many requirements, while the well-balanced distribution of air flows allows homogeneous, even baking, enhancing the rising and fragrance of the product. Made in stainless steel, it is suitable for baking various kinds of small and medium sized bakery and confectionery products. The powerful steam generator, placed in the baking chamber, thanks to its modular system hpss (high performance steam system), may be increased up to 92% in the generation surface. The efficacy of the system for exchanging the air at the end of the baking cycle is extraordinary. Two versions are available: with electromechanical or programmable digital panel.


Tubix The steam pipes deck oven Tubix is a static oven, with baking chambers arranged vertically. Its chief characteristic is the heating system: a dense network of closed circuit pipes where steam circulated. An internal smoke channel, entirely in refractory material, transmits the energy from the combustion to the pipes. This provided a high energy supply ensuring even cooking on all levels. The perfectly sized smoke ducts made of refractory bricks, automatic device for the draft adjustment and the lateral paddled concretes guarantee low consumption, quick temperature recovery and perfect uniform baking. This oven provides a constant and excellent evenness of the temperature and its extraordinary stability after loading. The baking products rest on slabs made from a special cement mix suitable for alimentary use. This gives a perfect head distribution over the entire surface. Each chamber is made in stainless steel and supplied from powerful steam generators that made repeated inlets of large quantities of steam available. The powerful steam system is independent for each baking chamber, and its technical conformation and high efficiency materials, provide immediate steam expansion, penetrating into the baking chamber in large quantities. The oven loading and unloading operations are facilitated. The stainless steel input mouths are arranged for the use of the proper conveyor belts, and are equipped with balanced door of tempered crystal glass and steel. These doors can be easily removed from their seats, in order to allow easy cleaning of the doors themselves and of the baking chamber. A carefully designed combination of substantial mass and efficient insulation, provides the oven with thermal inertia, even heat distribution and its characteristic economic efficiency. The configuration available are 3 or 4 chambers with 2, 3 or 4 doors, with surface areas of 8 to 28 square metres. It is further available in two versions: with mechanical or digital, and programmable panel. The oven works with a gar or diesel burner, and on request with a solid fuel furnace. The machine complies with the latest CE regulations.


Via dell’Artigianato, 1 36064 Mason Vicentino Vicenza ITALY +39 0424 411 325 +39 0424 411 326 +39 0424 418 455




Viale de Gasperi, 72 20010 Bareggio Milano ITALY +39 02 903 634 64 +39 02 903 634 81 ALstep

ALline C



ALTech – Advanced Labelling Technologies – is one of the major European producers of selfadhesive label applicators. Established in 1991 it has designed and developed a wide range of systems for automatic labelling of all types of product, self-adhesive labelling systems, for decoration, product coding and identification and other material in general. On its 3500-square-meter premises just outside Milan, the company manufactures a thousand systems a year, which through 80 distributors reach 50 Countries, from New Zealand to Argentina, from Iceland to South Africa, for a seven-million Euro turnover, 70% of which are destined to the foreign market. About forty people work to manufacture sophisticated models, which are often customised, to economically and promptly respond to the most demanding requirements in terms of labelling: from small and low-cost automatic ALstep applicators;


to the high-performance ALritma heads, equipped with touch screen control boards, up to complete linear ALline labelling systems for flat, oval and cylindrical bottles, and to print-apply systems ALcode equipped with SATO printing groups. Sato is a leader company in this sector and ALTech is the distributor of Sato products in Italy. Lastly ALsleeve, a unit designed for the automatic application of heat-shrinkable protection seals on closures of foodstuff. Latest absolute novelty is the introduction of the “linerless” technology – labelling without silicon support – which allows less cost of labels, respect of the habitat and more and easier production. Many important companies, such as 3M, BASF, Campari, Coca Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Danone, Ferrero, Ferrarelle, Lavazza, L’Oreal, Nestlé, Philips Morris, and Unilever, have decided to use ALTECH systems to meet the labelling requirements of their production lines.


Alimec boasts twenty-year experience in the design and production of complete systems for the dosing and filling of food products, which has driven it to achieve high standards in the production which have made it a leader in two fields: pizzas and pastries. In addition to a high degree of constructive quality achieved through the use of carefully selected materials and advanced design techniques, Alimec aims at research and development as its base to face a continuously evolving market. For the pizza sector, Alimec is particularly proud to introduce its lines for garnishing and decorating pizzas before and after cooking, completely PLC controlled and with variable functions by touch screen. Each machine is customised in such a way as to be connected with the main processing line, be it laminating or dough ball, with a tunnel oven and the product transfer from the oven to the freezer. Pre-oven garnishing consists of a polyurethane conveyor belt and modular units such as: volumetric dosing for tomato sauce, tomato spreader and cheese dispenser. On the other hand, post-oven equipment mainly of polycord conveyor belts or plastic mesh belts and modular units, such as: distributors for ham, vegetables, mushrooms, olives, slicers for slicing and distributing salami, ham as well as distributors for oil and oregano, etc. All units have been manufactured in stainless steel and have been fitted onto wheels to allow the extraction from the line and easy washing and cleaning procedures at production cycle end. Moreover, it is also possible to store quickly and automatically different recipes and information and to recall them on the display touch screen. Alimec’s versatility is perfectly represented by its slicer A 600-900-1100, ideal for different uses like slicing bread and sandwich lines, and slicing and continuous distribution of salami, ham and cheese onto pizzas. Both number and position of slices on the pizza can be varied. The slicer is mainly composed of a interchangeable hopper with pendulum movement and a band cutting blade. The unit, with cantilever frame, has been set on wheels to facilitate its removed from the production line. The new version of this slicer has been enhanced in such a way as to offer a wider cutting surface. All parameters can be


adjusted and stored by means of a display touch screen. Alimec is also really competitive in the Pastry Industry where its volumetric dosers to make plum cakes, muffins, cream puffs, and ĂŠclairs and then fill them with jam, creams and chocolate have given it the market leadership. The automatic line ADV is suitable for the production of cakes, muffins, madalenas, etc. either on moulded baking pans or directly on previously deposited paper cups. The line is composed of a series of catenary conveyor belts, a paper cups dispenser which lays the paper cups onto the baking pans, and one or two dosing heads for depositing the batter into the pans. In particular, the paper cups dispenser, which has been designed with a precise mechanical function and with a suction free aspiration system, has been developed to give an extremely high production rate. The line can also be combined with several accessories such as: vertical injection of jam and creams, baking tray oilers, sugar and chocolate chips distributors, oven loaders and dischargers, cooling towers, depanners or even a complete baking tray plant. These lines have been designed and manufactured to allow adapting to various production requirements, such as: different pan sizes, hourly capacity, product requested, and more. They are electronically controlled and their functions can be regulated by means of a display screen, thus allowing information and recipes to be stored and quickly recalled on the touch screen.

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What we do best are High Pressure Homogenisers. We have already done it more than 2500 times and still keep on doing so.

A complete range to suit a wide variety of applications and products



INSTALLED MACHINE twenty years of homogenization technology more than two thousand machines installed all over the world

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Turnkey plants & machinery for Dry, fresh & nest-shaped pasta • Stackable potato chips • Pellet/Snack 3D • Breakfast cereals • Ready & frozen meals

Combined with innovative engineered solutions and a truly global competence, whether it be the application of a single technology, machinery or a multi-disciplined turnkey approach, Pavan Group makes the ideal partner for your next project.

Technology you can trust...machinery you can rely on PAVAN GROUP

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TecnAlimentaria Catalogue Arabic /English 2009/2010 - FOOD  

Catalogue in Arabic /English of italian technology for the Food industry. Edition 2009/2010

TecnAlimentaria Catalogue Arabic /English 2009/2010 - FOOD  

Catalogue in Arabic /English of italian technology for the Food industry. Edition 2009/2010