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Journalism Club Magazine 2018/Week 2 COVER BY: MADISON GATE – PENTATONIX – TOP POP VOL. 1

Music Review: Pentatonix Article by: Cathy

I'm sure that everyone has their favorite singer or singers, well my favorite singers formed an acappella band call Pentatonix in 2011. At first they were not as famous as the other bands, but after they won the third season of TV show "Sing Off", people started to pay attention to them. There are five people in the band:

Avi Kaplan was born on April 17th, 1989, the second oldest in Pentatonix. He is really good at bass voice and beatboxing.

Kirstin Maldonado was born on May 16th, 1992, the second youngest in Pentatonix. She is good at soprano, and has won three Grammy awards before.

Scott Hoying was born on September 17th, 1991, the third oldest in Pentatonix. He is good at baritone and piano, and was also the leader of Pentatonix.


“Music is about bringing light to others.”

Mitch Grassi was born on July 24th, 1992, the youngest in the Pentatonix. He is good at tenor, and has won three grammy awards before too.

Kevin Olusola was born on October 5th, 1988, the oldest in Pentatonix. He was good at beatboxing and playing cello.


The first time I saw them was when my friend showed me the video. The sounds that were sent to my ears were so wonderful and nice, making me want to learn more about them. After searching more about them, I found myself enjoying their songs and videos. Pentatonix began with Kirstin Maldonado, Mitchell Grassi, and Scott Hoying who grew up together. After graduating, they founded Avi Kaplan in an acappella community. Later on, they found Kevin Olusola on YouTube, where one of his videos he was simultaneously beatboxing and playing cello. And with the nice sound they made, they decided to form a band. Pentatonix, as suggested by Scott Hoying, is named after the pentatonic scale, a musical scale or mode with five notes per octave, representing the five members of the group. They replaced the last letter with an "x" to make it more cool and appealing. The quintet derives its influences from pop, dubstep, electro, reggae, hip hop, and classical music.


They made a lot of songs that still remain popular on YouTube or other websites. The most famous song that they sang was "Daft Punk" and "Cheerleader". The acappella sounds very relaxing and nice, everyone's sound were all connected with the others which is the reasons why they sound so good.

There are lots of bands outside, but not every group can make such wonderful music and work as one. I really like them, and I wish you will too! See you next time!

Week 2 Yuteh Weekly Blogging Club Magazine (2018)  
Week 2 Yuteh Weekly Blogging Club Magazine (2018)  

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