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Summer 2013

Cover: Marian Regional Medical Center Cardiologists pictured from left to right; Samir Bhatt, M.D.; Bruce Ourieff, M.D.; Alex Harrison, M.D.; Mark Ginkel, M.D.; Keith Somma, M.D. and Ram Setty, M.D. (Not pictured, Kishor Popat, M.D.)

H ello H u man ki n d n ess Every single one of our health care professionals chose this profession to give of ourselves to others. For us, this isn’t just a job, it’s our calling.

O u r Co re Servi ce Valu es Dignity Collaboration Justice Stewardship Excellence 2

We truly believe that, together, our humanity and kindness create something that this profession and the world at large needs. Our promise is clear and we are devoted to treating our patients and each other with the respect, kindness and the dignity inherent in our name. When community members come to Marian Regional Medical Center, we want them to experience the truth of our mission and values in every interaction they have. We want you and your loved ones to know what we have long known – we are dedicated to more than just medicine and are committed to the overall health of every person’s mind, body and spirit. Medicine has the ability to cure, but it is our shared humanity that holds the power to heal.

LETTER FRO M TH E PRESIDENT Dear Friends of Marian, It has already been 14 months since Marian Regional Medical Center’s beautiful new hospital opened its doors to the community. Every single day since we opened, we hear and see the countless ways in which the new hospital is positively impacting our patients, their families and the community at large. Throughout the past year, our patients and community members have consistently rated Marian as one of the top performing hospitals throughout the Dignity Health system for positive patient experience. Marian’s outstanding patient experience results have also recently earned recognition for excellence by Avatar Solutions and the “Quest for Excellence” award, Dignity Health’s highest patient satisfaction distinction for Marian’s commitment to continuously improving patient and family centered care. In this issue of the Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation’s Innovations publication, we are proud to share the celebration of the Marian Heart Center’s twentieth anniversary, its rich history and plans of a thriving future. You will also read about opportunities for philanthropic giving, patient testimonials and the many ways in which Mission Hope Cancer Center continues to elevate care provided to oncology patients and their families. As you know, Marian stands committed to delivering the highest level of care by investing in the latest technological advancements and recruiting health care professionals and physicians from the top medical schools and institutions. It is the commitment and dedicated service from our employees, physicians, volunteers and donors that assures Marian provides high quality compassionate care and service for our patients and community. Recently Dignity Health proudly introduced new, powerful philosophical messaging to our communities. Rooted in our history, mission and values, we believe that people deserve to be treated with dignity, compassion and humanity. We trust this messaging will continue to unite us, inspire us and help us advance our mission. We’re calling it

“Hello humankindness.” We know medicine is more effective when it’s delivered with “humankindness”, which has always been the mission and philosophy of Marian Regional Medical Center and our founders, the Sisters of Saint Francis. Our physicians, employees and volunteers have dedicated their lives to health care because we want to help people heal – to treat them not as numbers, charts or symptoms, but as human beings worthy of the best care and greatest compassion. We believe humanity is at the very core of health care and we have always known what scientists and researchers are now proving to be true: medicine has the ability to cure, but it is our shared humanity that holds the power to heal. Your unprecedented generosity in support of Marian’s new hospital, technologies, programs and services directly benefits the lives and health of our patients and community. On behalf of all employees, physicians, volunteers and patients, we sincerely thank you and your family for your continued support of the new hospital, which will assure that Marian Regional Medical Center continues to provide for the health and well-being of our patients and community. In Gratitude,

Charles J. Cova President and CEO Marian Regional Medical Center


An Evo luti o n i n Card iac Care Advancing cardiac treatment for a hospital of tomorrow In 1993 Marian Regional Medical Center introduced its comprehensive cardiac program to the community, allowing the people of Santa Maria Valley, for the first time, to receive cardiac care here at home rather than leave the area for advanced heart treatment . Much has changed since 1993. Over the years, Marian has expanded the Heart Center and updated the catheterization laboratories and the cardiac surgical suite. It’s programs and services continue to flourish and the Heart Center ranks within the top 10 percent nationally for all cardiac care measures of quality. The Heart Center provides a wide range of specialty treatments including interventional cardiology, a multitude of surgical procedures, cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation services and prevention/ wellness programs. Marian continues to add to our dedicated Heart Center team by recruiting the nation’s finest cardiologists, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists and nurses – who all specialize in cardiac care. As Marian celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the Heart Center, there is no denying that it has grown strong, but there is still more work to be done.

Today’s surgical landscape is rapidly evolving as technology becomes more advanced and science becomes more telling. At present, interventional treatments and surgeries often overlap. Interventions now treat increasingly complex diseases, while surgeries are becoming less invasive. Thus, very often endovascular and open heart procedures are combined in what is referred to as “hybrid” procedures. This merging of procedures has sparked a need for operating rooms that can easily adapt to a variety of procedures, including endovascular, minimallyinvasive, open heart surgery and hybrid procedures. This is why the Marian Heart Center will be taking another giant step forward by adding another state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization laboratory and renovating a current cardiac catheterization laboratory to become a new hybrid operating suite. “With a new hybrid operating room and remodeled catheterization lab, we will achieve a higher level of coordination in care for patients who require multiple procedures,” says Charles J. Cova, President and CEO of Marian Regional Medical Center and Vice President of Dignity Health Operations. “This translates to greater comfort, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times for our patients.”

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence in Cardiac Care Marian continues to be ranked in the top 10 percent nationally for all cardiac care measures of quality


1989 Dr. Ram Setty participates in experimental study and finds intravenous injections of streptokinase successfully dissolve blood clots.

1991 Marian recruits nationally renowned cardiologist Dr. Marvin Kaplan as Director of Invasive Cardiology.

1991 Marian introduces Project Heart Center to raise $1.5 million from community donations.

A Vision for the Future: Marian Heart Center Expansion Project

and is projected to be completed by late 2014. Costs for renovation of the existing space and acquisition of the new technology and equipment will total to approximately $2.4 million. The ambitious goal of the Marian Heart Center Expansion Project is to raise a total of $1.5 million from community donations.

Within the last year, the Marian Heart Center has seen record growth with a 21 percent increase in patient volume. This is due in part to heart disease continuing to be a growing health issue, “Now we are turning to our community and asking for their support to help us further advance our services and provide but this is also because Marian is a designated STEMI Center a Heart Center that is truly one beyond its time,” adds Dr. meaning all Santa Maria, Lompoc and surrounding area Harrison. “Chances are that every community member in their heart attack patients diagnosed with a full blockage are taken lifetime will know someone, either a friend or loved one, who directly to Marian. has suffered a heart attack or other forms of heart disease. The survival of patients suffering a heart attack depends upon the In an effort to further the Marian Heart Center’s objective to quality and proximity of lifesaving cardiovascular care. The provide our community with the facilities, technology and community’s support of our Heart Center expansion initiative medical experts of the future, the Marian Regional Medical gives the public the power to further improve cardiac care and Center Foundation is embarking on a campaign for the Marian literally save lives.” Heart Center Expansion Project to raise community funds. “As advances in cardiac care, technology and surgery continue, it is vital that Marian remains one step ahead,” states Dr. Alex Harrison, cardiologist and Medical Director of the Marian Heart Center. “The investment in the Heart Center’s expansion and new hybrid suite will allow cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons to continue to accommodate the increasing demand in cardiac procedures that accompanies the recent growth in patient volume. It also allows for continued expansion in patient services as new technologies become available. The plan and hope is for the type of cardiac procedures available at Marian’s Heart Center to be limitless.” Plans for the new 2,500 square-foot cardiac catheterization laboratory and hybrid operating suite and already underway

1992 1996

Your individual commitment is not only a sound investment in the health of the community, but your own personal health. If you are interested in making our vision a reality, please consider giving towards the Marian Heart Center Expansion Project. To discuss the most advantageous way for you to get involved, please contact the Marian Foundation at (805) 739-3595.

When your life is on the line, minutes count. And Marian Regional Medical Center doesn’t miss a beat.

Marian celebrates the opening of the new Marian Heart Center and West Wing. The new 44,000-squarefoot addition houses cardiovascular services and increases number of larger surgical suites for cardiac surgery.

Marian opens a Chest Pain Emergency Center, a new specialized service of the Emergency Department.


2014 Expected completion date of Marian Heart Center Expansion Project to add a new cardiac catheterization laboratory and renovate the existing catheterization laboratory into a hybrid operating room suite.



Marian Cardiac Rehabilitation Services earns accreditation and Marian’s Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services earns reaccreditation from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

Marian is granted prestigious STEMI Center Designation certifying Marian is specially equipped and trained to diagnose and treat ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) type of heart attack, caused by sudden blockage of a coronary artery. Santa Maria community member Sheryl Diane Heath is Marian’s first STEMI patient who today is living life to the fullest with no signs of heart damage.


Mark Sm ith A Marian Heart Center “builder” appreciates the value of his investment

As a successful construction entrepreneur and real estate developer, Mark Smith has spent his life building more than just fine homes and commercial properties. More importantly, Mark and his wife of 67 years, Dorothy, have literally invested their lives in building the future generation of health care for the Santa Maria Valley. It was 1943 when Mark entered World War II as a Private First Class Rifleman in the 99th infantry regiment. As a decorated soldier, Mark served his country with honor and even victoriously fought in the infamous Battle of the Bulge. Mark’s three years in the United States Army taught him many things, but most importantly Mark learned firsthand how precious life is. “I have long felt as if I have been living on borrowed time,” confides Mark. “I’m lucky to be here; lucky to have grown with this community.” Mark has remained a strong believer in the value of preventative health and wellness. Since heart disease can even sneak up on those that are the healthiest and the most active, he also knew how crucial it is to have the right facilities and the right people immediately available in emergency situations. As a result, in the early 1990s, when the Marian Foundation approached Mark and Dorothy about supporting the hospital’s commitment to develop the Marian Heart Center, they generously accepted. Little did Mark know that he would soon be a patient of the Heart Center he helped to build. In 1995, just two years after Marian introduced its comprehensive cardiac program to the community, doctors diagnosed Mark with heart disease and he was soon scheduled for cardiac bypass surgery. A successful businessman, Mark had the options to choose any medical center in the country for his procedure. After careful and extensive research, Mark chose to have his operation at the Heart Center he helped to build,

at the hands of the Marian physicians with whom he had the utmost confidence.. “I’m living proof that heart surgery at Marian worked for me,” explains Mark. “I’m still alive and doing well all thanks to the Marian Heart Center.” Today, more than 18 years after his cardiac surgery, there is no question that Mark is living life to the fullest. His genuine smile, contagious positive vigor and vivacious presence still continue to captivate all those he comes into contact with. When asked about the secret to his longevity, Mark credits the sophisticated cardiac care he received from Marian Regional Medical Center, in addition to his loving wife Dorothy’s support, of course. “At the time we became involved with the building of the Marian Heart Center, I didn’t realize that I was contributing towards insurance for myself,” concludes Mark. “This is our community, our hospital and we all benefit from Marian’s strong programs and services. I am honored to encourage others to do as we did, and give for the future of the hospital and ultimately their own future. There is no investment more valuable than an investment in the health of the community – life literally depends on it. All I can say now is, ‘Thank you.’”

Mark and Dorothy Smith pose for a photo holding the Summer/Fall 1996 issue of Marian Regional Medical Center’s former Pulse publication featuring Mark’s cardiac surgery testimonial on the cover.


Ro bert I bsen A heart attack patient who never skipped a beat remained by his side throughout his entire stay at the medical center. During Dr. Ibsen’s procedure his family tried not to worry while counting the minutes in the waiting room. As expected, they were shaken, but it was a huge high sigh of relief once they were updated that Dr. Ibsen’s surgery finished under estimated time and he was doing well. “Everything happened so quickly; it was unbelievable,” recalls Marcy Ibsen, Dr. Ibsen’s wife. “Although it was extremely scary, I felt confident my husband was in the best of care and this is what pulled me through.”

Dr. Robert Ibsen credits the advanced care he received from the highly skilled nurses and physicians at Marian Regional Medical Center with saving his life.

February 7, 2011, started just like any other day until Robert Ibsen D.D.S. asked his wife for two things – an aspirin and an ambulance. As a respected cosmetic dentistry pioneer, Dr. Ibsen has been perfecting smiles for more than 50 years. With his vast medical knowledge and decades of experience, he has long known the symptoms of a heart attack and knew the lifesaving importance of prompt medical attention. “I just knew something was wrong,” remembers Dr. Ibsen. “I felt a bilateral dull ache, my muscles were tight and would not release. My immediate thought was that I needed to get an ambulance. I knew that a higher percentage of heart attack patients who do not call an ambulance don’t make it. I needed to make it.” Paramedics arrived in record time and Dr. Ibsen was immediately taken to Marian Regional Medical Center. Upon arrival, the Marian Emergency Department team quickly moved Dr. Ibsen to the hospital’s cardiac catheterization laboratory and within a matter of minutes surgery plans were initiated. That same morning, Cardiologist Dr. Bruce Ourieff performed the successful surgical procedure of inserting a stent into the fully blocked artery leading to Dr. Ibsen’s heart. Not only was Dr. Ibsen’s cardiac emergency frightening for him, it was also traumatic for his wife and children who


Following surgery Dr. Ibsen was taken to the hospital’s Critical Care Unit for his recovery, although he didn’t need much down time for healing. Shortly after the procedure, he was back to his normal self and was doing his best to humor his hospital visitors and nurse caregivers. “The procedure was easier than when I put veneers on my patients,” adds Dr. Ibsen with a laugh. “I mean it. It was simple with no pain at all. ” For many, experiencing a heart attack and undergoing cardiac surgery is a serious life changing event. Although Dr. Ibsen’s experience was indeed a serious health concern, the prompt, high level of care he received by Marian’s expert physicians and health care professionals coupled with his successful surgery allowed Dr. Ibsen to be discharged the following day. Without delay, Dr. Ibsen went straight from the hospital to a hair cut appointment and even went into the office to follow up on work – he quite literally did not miss a beat. “When it comes to cardiac treatment, time is critical and having a nearby hospital with advanced technology and professional competency makes a difference,” affirms Dr. Ibsen. “Less than 70 minutes elapsed from calling the ambulance and completion of the placement of the stent. And only six hours later I was moved from intensive care to a regular room for observation. I had a heart attack. I have zero heart damage. I am sincerely grateful.” Post discharge, Dr. Ibsen became a patient of Marian’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Monitoring Program where he attended educational health classes and followed an exercise maintenance program for three weeks. To this day, Dr. Ibsen still faithfully

Dr. Robert Ibsen, pictured at the Marian Health and Wellness Center with members of the cardiac rehabilitation staff, faithfully keeps up his rehabilitation exercise regime.

completes his cardiac rehabilitation exercise regime at the Marian Health and Wellness Center and sings the praises of the cardiac rehabilitation staff for their skilled care. “We were deeply impressed by the overall high quality of care my dad and our family received at Marian,” expresses Noreen Freitas, Dr. Ibsen’s daughter. “I am a lucky daughter; lucky to still have both my parents alive and healthy.” Although Dr. Ibsen credits Marian physicians and nurses with saving his life, he also thanks his loving wife and daughter for providing him with the support needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At present, Dr. Ibsen is enjoying his retirement and

continues to further his passion of providing community members with confident, life changing smiles in addition to educating industry professionals about noninvasive methods of smile beautification. “I am truly blessed,” confesses Dr. Ibsen with a smile. “It’s all because of the advanced care I received from the highly skilled nurses and physicians at Marian, including Dr. Bruce Ourieff and Dr. Erin Erikson, that I am able to continue my (dentistry) ‘hobby’ that I enjoy so very much. Our community is so fortunate that all residents have access to health care that is unexcelled anywhere in the world; and it’s right here in our community.”


Paying Forward the Gift of Hope Tami Sonnabend’s inspiring journey of cancer patient to cancer patient mentor As a fitness instructor and yoga enthusiast, Tami Sonnabend has always strived to maintain her physical strength and health. On September 4, 2011, just one day after her and her husband’s eleventh wedding anniversary, her physical, mental and emotional strength was challenged when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She remembers the day she found a “little lump.” Her husband, Dr. Steven Sonnabend, a radiologist at Marian Regional Medical Center, suggested she get an ultrasound. He thought it was probably a cyst, especially since she was only 41 years of age, but as he performed the ultrasound on his wife, he knew immediately that it was much worse as the ultrasound revealed a tumor. “The look on my husband’s face was like nothing else and I knew right away that it was something,” remembers Tami. “No one expects to be diagnosed with cancer. Being a yoga instructor, being someone who always strived to be healthy, I just never thought I would be diagnosed with cancer.” In the midst of the most difficult time in their lives, the Sonnabends knew where to turn for medical care, support and comfort – Mission Hope Cancer Center, the first integrative cancer care facility in the region. “Tami’s cancer diagnosis and path of treatment was the most frightening thing I’ve ever been through,” explains Dr. Sonnabend. “To imagine that I may potentially lose my wife, my best friend, the mother of my children; it just shook me to my core. As a physician, I trusted the expertise of my colleagues at Mission Hope Cancer Center to care for my wife. I knew that the technology and resources at large metropolitan centers are no better than here. In addition, I knew they would support her, treating her as family and the human side of medicine is just as important as the science and technology aspects.” After a biopsy and MRI, the Sonnabends were told it was stage two breast cancer and within a week, Tami began chemotherapy treatment. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, Tami is now cancer free. In addition to her supportive family,


Tami Sonnabend, breast cancer survivor, strikes a yoga pose with Kristin Alexander, fellow breast cancer survivor, mentor and friend.

she credits her health and well being to her many “angels” at Mission Hope Cancer Center who cared for her all while remaining close to home. “It was such a blessing that I didn’t need to travel hours by car or fly across the country for expert physicians and the best in care,” explains Tami. “I felt such exhaustion during treatments; I couldn’t imagine having to travel to another area. If I would have gone to a big city facility I would have received the same treatment, but not the same exceptional love.” In addition to helping Tami, Mission Hope Cancer Center and Marian Cancer Care provided the Sonnabends with the support and resources needed to help their two young children. At the time of Tami’s diagnosis and treatments her son, Noah, was eight years old and her daughter, Hana, was five years old. It was important for her children to understand what was happening to Tami as they came to realize that their mother was becoming increasingly fatigued and losing her hair due to chemotherapy treatments. At the start of Tami’s cancer journey, Marian Cancer Care connected Tami with a very special mentor who offered support in the form of understanding and hope. This fellow breast cancer survivor and dear friend of Tami’s is Kristin Alexander. Kristin

helped Tami in a way that physicians could not. She offered first hand advice and shared her inspirational cancer experience with Tami, which provided much comfort and hope to Tami. Just as she was guided by Kristin, Tami is now a yoga instructor and mentor to more than a dozen cancer patients and caregivers who participate in her yoga exercise class at Mission Hope Cancer Center. “Mentorship was a true gift that I received at a time when I needed it most. I feel this is all part of God’s plan and now I want to give this empowering gift of hope to other cancer patients. I want to share how healthy and happy I am now to show them that they too will get through this.” Tami isn’t the only one in the Sonnabend family now paying it forward. Tami’s cancer journey has also positively influenced her husband’s perspective when interacting with patients.

“There is no question that this experience has made me a better physician. When I look at my patients and their families, I now and see my wife, my children and myself,” explains Dr. Sonnabend. “I try to give them hope by sharing our experience to reassure them that they are not alone.” Although difficult, the Sonnabends agree that Tami’s cancer journey has made their family more united. “Now, life is about looking forward,” explains Tami with a smile. “Now I feel complete getting back to being a wife and mommy again. Life is a gift and I feel so honored to share my experience with my yoga class participants and all of the facility’s cancer patients. Ultimately, I want to thank the many angels at Mission Hope Cancer Center: the physicians, nurses, techs and even the fellow patients who helped me. Now my angels are the women I mentor – they keep me going and keep me looking forward.”

Cancer Affects the Whole Family A diagnosis of cancer affects the entire family and when a parent is diagnosed with cancer children deal with it in different ways. Research shows that young children often have difficulty understanding cancer and express anxiety or emotional distress. Marian Cancer Care and Mission Hope Cancer Center are proud to offer support services to parents, children and families in order to successfully cope with the effects of cancer. When I was first diagnosed with cancer I had so many questions and so many concerns. Of course my children and family were at the top of my priorities. I was worried that my two young children would have difficulty understanding what was happening to their mommy and I was concerned that they would experience anxiety

Tami Sonnabend, breast cancer survivor, pictured with her husband, Dr. Steven Sonnabend, and children, Noah and Hana.

or distress over my battle with cancer. walk, I got down on all fours and told Hanna to jump on my back My daughter, Hanna, was only five years old when I was diag-

for a pony ride. I then carried her on my back into her room and

nosed. After I began to lose my hair and experience fatigue due

read her a bedtime story. I then crawled back to my room.

to my chemotherapy treatments, it became apparent that Hanna was having trouble understanding and coping with my cancer

Although for many this would not seem like an extraordinary mo-

diagnosis. She also began to receive strange treatment from

ment, but for my daughter and I it was extremely poignant. In this

her classmates since cancer is not something five-year-olds are

moment, I was able to provide some normalcy to her life. Hanna

familiar with or understand. I knew my daughter was in a fragile

later expressed to me that it was during this pony ride and bedtime

state. Her whole world was changing at home and at school. Even

story when she knew her mommy would be okay.

our bedtime routine had changed and instead of me going into my son and daughter’s rooms to read bedtime stories, they were now

As parents, we know that children’s fears are usually worse than

coming to my bed.

reality so talking to them about cancer was crucial to open the doors for communication and support. I am so thankful that

I wanted nothing more than to reassure my children that their

Marian Cancer Care and Mission Hope Cancer Center provided our

mommy was going to fight this disease and that everything would

family with the picture books and resources we needed to explain

be okay. One evening when I was feeling especially fatigued, I

my cancer battle to our children – their support truly helped all of us

gathered up all my physical strength, and even though I could not

through my journey. — Tami Sonnabend, breast cancer survivor


Th e U CLA Co n n ecti o n Advancing medicine and improving lives through groundbreaking research As an affiliate of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Mission Hope Cancer Center is part of one of the nation’s largest cancer treatment and research networks. The UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center has an established international reputation for pioneering research and developing successful cancer therapies. The dedicated research professionals who operate the UCLA Clinical Research Network Satellite Office at Mission Hope Cancer Center are devoted to finding improved practices of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. “The goals of our work is to find better methods to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer so that people can not only live longer, but also enjoy a better quality of life,” explains Alison Fernandez, Registered Nurse and Senior Clinical Research Coordinator at Mission Hope Cancer Center. “It is exception-

Alison Fernandez, RN, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator at Mission Hope Cancer Center pictured among the many clinical trial test files that are currently underway at the Center.


ally gratifying to have the privilege of witnessing many of our patients’ conditions improve and many lives positively affected by these groundbreaking therapies.” The vast majority of oncology medical facilities throughout the United States average only five percent of patients on clinical trials. With more than 10 percent of patients on clinical trials, Mission Hope Cancer Center is one of the most active satellite sites in the entire UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center national network. Mission Hope Cancer Center is currently offering 19 clinical trials and nearly 30 patients are on clinical trial drugs. “Through the UCLA clinical research connection, Central Coast patients are able to receive the latest in breakthrough oncology treatments and prescription offerings – all while remaining close to home,” concludes Alison.

Tru eBeam Li n ear Accelerato r Tech n o lo gy A new, revolutionary approach to radiotherapy cancer treatment The Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator at Mission Hope Cancer Center is a newly advanced technology that represents an exponential leap forward in the speed, power and precision of radiation therapy. The TrueBeam Linear Accelerator delivers radiation at a faster dose rate than most conventional linear accelerators, which translates into shorter treatment times for patients, even cutting treatment periods up to 50 percent. The TrueBeam technology also has a 4D imaging system and respiratory gating that improves accuracy to under a millimeter and reduces radiation exposure to the patient by25 percent.

Dr. Jeffrey Wu, Radiation Oncologist, shown with the newest advancement in radiation therapy, the Varian TrueBeam Linear Accelerator at Mission Hope Cancer Center.

“This sophisticated system features a multitude of technical innovations that dynamically synchronize imaging, patient positioning, motion management and treatment delivery,” explains Dr. Jeffrey K. Wu, Radiation Oncologist at Mission Hope Cancer Center. “The TrueBeam allows for image-guided radiotherapy with submillimeter precision and is capable of treating even a moving target with unprecedented accuracy. This highly precise advanced technology is just one of the many reasons why Mission Hope Cancer Center is currently seeing patients who reside up and down the Central Coast – from Lompoc, Solvang and Santa Ynez to Atascadero and even Los Osos. Mission Hope Cancer Center is privileged to have one of only 270 TrueBeam Linear Accelerators in the world. As the Central Coast’s only TrueBeam Linear Accelerator, the closest proximity TrueBeam machines are located in Los Angeles and Bakersfield.


M eet M issi o n H o pe Can cer Center’s M ed i cal O n co lo g ists The fight against cancer can be a long, difficult battle. The coordination of medical care provided by an expert medical oncologist is vital to overcoming the many medical and emotional challenges cancer patients face. The role of medical oncologists is more than just treating cancer, ordering tests and prescribing medications. These special physicians offer crucial support to cancer patients and provide care from the moment of diagnosis, throughout treatment and even survivorship.

Robert Dichmann, M.D. An experienced medical oncologist and founder of Central Coast Medical Oncology, Dr. Robert Dichmann has provided superior medical oncology services in the Santa Maria community since 1996. Throughout his years as a Medical Oncologist, Dr. Dichmann witnessed the need for all cancer services in Santa Maria to be offered in one location. Due to his vision and passion to build an integrated oncology facility Mission Hope Cancer Center has become a reality. Dr. Dichmann serves as Medical Director of Marian Cancer Care and the Chair of Marian Regional Medical Center’s weekly Tumor Board. He earned a his medical degree from the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Canada. He also completed fellowships in medical oncology, hematology, oncology and bone marrow/stem cell transplants from the University of San Diego Medical Center.


Todd M. Erickson, M.D. Dr. Todd Erickson is a skilled and knowledgeable medical oncologist who joined Mission Hope Cancer Center in 2012. Dr. Erickson completed his residency in internal medicine from the University of Hawaii and earned a bachelor of science in microbiology and medical degree from the University of Illinois. Not only is Dr. Erickson board certified in medical oncology, but he is also board certified in hematology and internal medicine. He specializes in clinical trial research and prior to joining Mission Hope Cancer Center, Dr. Erickson was the principal investigator with the Southwest Oncology Group at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

K. April Kennedy, M.D. Dr. K. April Kennedy is board certified in medical oncology, hematology and internal medicine. She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and completed her internal medicine residency at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Kennedy also completed a fellowship in hematology/oncology at the University of Oklahoma where she received the prestigious Khader K. Hussein, M.D., Award for her involvement and scholarly performance in palliative care. Dr. Kennedy joined Central Coast Medical Oncology in 2007. She has vast experience in the treatment and diagnosis of all cancers and provides her patients with individualized care for the best possible outcomes. In addition, Dr. Kennedy’s dedication to providing the most advanced cancer treatments available is evident by her work with the UCLA clinical research program.

Wo rki n g To g eth er to En han ce th e Pati ent Experi en ce Marian Cancer Care Advisory Committee The Marian Foundation Board of Directors identified Marian Cancer Care programs and services as a significant priority with the establishment of the Cancer Care Advisory Committee of the Foundation Board in the fall of 2011. The creation of the committee devoted specifically to identifying cancer funding needs and developing plans to provide for those needs was the outcome of several years of discussion between Robert Dichmann, M.D., Medical Director the Oncology Services and founder of Mission Hope Cancer Center, and Charles J. Cova, President and CEO of Marian Regional Medical Center.

The committee was structured thoughtfully and deliberately to incorporate representation from cancer patients and families, along with the Marian Cancer Care team and Foundation leaders. Patient and family feedback is vital to Marian’s commitment to providing patient and family centered care—modeling the delivery of care around the needs of patient and family. The committee meets quarterly to review cancer programs and services and Foundation funding for those services, and to provide feedback about emerging needs relative to program growth.

Marian Cancer Care Advisory Committee: Pictured (top left to right) Case Ketting, M.D.; Kathleen Sullivan, Vice President, Post Acute Care Services; Steven Sonnabend, M.D.; Jesse Manriquez; Robert Dichmann, M.D.; Charles J. Cova, President & CEO; (bottom left to right) Christine Cruden; Mary Spallino; Sherri Will and Katherine Guthrie, Regional Director, Cancer Care Services; (not pictured) Mark Juretic, M.D.; Patricia Ozzimo; Raul Segura, Sr. and Jeff York.


Marian Receives Level III Trau ma Center D esi g nati o n Severely injured patients no longer need to be transferred out of the area for expert trauma care In April of this year, Marian Regional Medical Center proudly announced that the hospital officially received designation approval from the County of Santa Barbara’s Emergency Medical Services Agency as a Level III Trauma Center. Level III Trauma Center Designation reflects the expertise of Marian’s experienced medical staff and high level of trauma care provided to severely injured patients. Marian has recruited and organized a team of experienced specialists including expert trauma surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians and nurses who are skilled in trauma services. “No one expects a crisis and when seconds count, Marian’s Trauma Services Team is prepared for the unexpected with advanced lifesaving technology and the highest level of clinical services provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Dr. Joseph D. Centeno, Marian Trauma Services Medical Director. “Over time, Marian has transformed from a community hospital to a large, regional medical center providing for the complex, dynamic and ever-changing environment of trauma medicine.”

A Level III Trauma Center has the resources for emergency resuscitation, surgery, and intensive care of most trauma patients and has transfer agreements with Level I and Level II trauma centers that provide backup resources for the care of exceptionally severe injuries.


Lisa Abeloe, RN, Trauma Services Coordinator

Joseph D. Centeno, M.D., Medical Director, Marian Trauma Services

To obtain Trauma Center Designation, Marian had to achieve strict standards and demonstrate that the facility is staffed and equipped to provide comprehensive, lifesaving trauma care. As a designated Level III Trauma Center, Marian has resources to specialists for emergency resuscitation, surgery and intensive care for trauma patients. In addition, designated Level III Trauma Centers have transfer agreements with Level I and Level II Centers that provide back-up resources for the care of exceptionally severe injuries. “With the opening of the new, state-of-the-art hospital and expanded modern Emergency Department, Marian now has the facilities necessary to meet the increased demand required for trauma patients,” explains Charles J. Cova, Marian President and CEO. “To earn trauma center designation, Marian had to demonstrate the high level of care provided to patients by our expert surgeons, facility physicians and highly-skilled health care professionals. Trauma center designation will improve medical care for all Marian patients by providing patients with access to top-notch specialists and ultimately elevating the quality of care for all.”

Advan ci n g Ro boti c Tech n o lo gy with da Vi n ci ® One small incision resulting in a virtually scarless procedure Advances in technology make up some of the most exciting and influential breakthroughs in medicine and Marian Regional Medical Center remains committed to providing patients with the latest in clinical advances. A recent example of this is Single-Site™ da Vinci® surgery and Marian is proud to be the most experienced facility in the Tri-County Area with the highest number of performed Single-Site™ surgeries.

a single incision through a patient’s belly button,” explains Dr. Daniel Oh, FACS, Chair of General Surgery at Marian Regional Medical Center. “To be a local leader in offering this advanced surgery demonstrates Marian Regional Medical Center’s leadership and commitment to providing Central Coast patients with the most up-to-date minimally invasive surgical options.”

Single-Site™ da Vinci® surgeries are virtually scarless procedures since surgery is performed through only one incision in the naval (belly button) and dramatically limits visible scarring. Unlike traditional robotic surgeries requiring three to five small incisions, this sophisticated robotic technology allows for a single incision in the belly button where instruments are placed and the gallbladder is removed. “Gallbladder removal is one of the nation’s most common minimally invasive procedures and Single-Site™ da Vinci® surgery is now taking this common procedure to a new level by making

Benefits of Single-Site™ da Vinci® surgery: • Minimal scarring • Minimal pain • Low blood loss • Quick recovery • Decreased hospital length of stay • High patient satisfaction

Dr. Daniel Oh, FACS, General Surgery Chairman pictured with the da Vinci systems.


Sue Sword A local philanthropic pioneer and the heart of Santa Maria Valley charitable giving Not long after arriving in Santa Maria, Sue married her husband of nearly 50 years, Erl Julian Sword, and began working for the Hancock enterprises. For more than 50 years, Sue was a devoted employee, faithful financial advisor and dear friend to the Hancocks. Marian Hancock quickly recognized Sue’s intelligence and high level of professionalism, which led to Sue’s eventual rise to the position of President of the Santa Maria Valley Railroad. Even to this day, Sue holds the distinction of serving as the only female president of a short line railroad west of the Mississippi. Although Marian noticed many professional qualities in Sue, she also valued Sue’s giving heart and their shared love of philanthropy.

Sue Sword, Marian Foundation Board member and Co-Trustee of the Marian Mullin Hancock Charitable Trust.

When it comes to charitable giving throughout the Santa Maria Valley, there is no name better recognized than that of Sue J. Sword. As the Co-Trustee of the Marian Mullin Hancock Charitable Trust, it is Sue who has continued Captain Allan and Marian Hancock’s local philanthropic leadership. In addition to furthering the Hancock’s tradition of charitable giving, Sue has also built her own legacy of philanthropy and volunteerism – all in order to boldly shape a better world. Over the years, Sue has helped establish Santa Maria’s philanthropy scene and has remained at the forefront of local altruistic giving efforts since moving to Santa Maria in 1945. It was nearly 70 years ago when Sue decided to make Santa Maria her home. She describes her move from Texas to Santa Maria as a simple one and recalls, “I moved to Santa Maria to be closer to my sister who at the time was a nurse at the hospital, then known as Sisters’ Hospital. I came to Santa Maria and fell in love with the community so I stayed and made it my home.”


As a local leader of philanthropic giving, Sue has established a record of exceptional generosity and charitable responsibility. By serving on countless community boards and with an endless list of philanthropic achievements and honors, it is evident that Sue has committed her life to investing in positive community change and expansion. She has long supported just about every civic and nonprofit organization in the greater Santa Maria Valley from Marian Regional Medical Center to the Santa Maria Valley Boys and Girls Club, to the YMCA, Allan Hancock College and every large and small organization in between. Sue served on the Marian Hospital Community Board and also served as one of the founding members of the Marian Foundation Board. Since the Marian Foundation Board’s inception in 1982, she has also served faithfully over the years by participating in the board finance and policy committees. To this day, Sue continues to serve as an Honorary Marian Foundation Board Member and devotedly attends Foundation board meetings and events. “There is no denying that Sue is an exceptional woman, an innovative philanthropist and committed community leader,” explains Georganne Ferini, a close friend of Sue’s and fellow community advocate. “Due to her involvement and support of Marian Regional Medical Center and countless other causes, she has become a key player in the many successes of and improvements in our community. Sue is a woman who will go the extra mile to honor her commitments and her work is evident of her selfless passion to help others.”

Standing adjacent to the “Sue Sword Colonnade,” the baby grand piano, gifted by the Marian Hancock Charitable Trust, plays classical selections four times a day providing a soothing respite to patients and their families.

The importance of building a foundation for future giving

her great admiration and respect for her longtime cardiologist, Dr. Ram K. Setty.

Despite Sue’s lifetime of philanthropic service, she’s far from done. In 1993, Sue became a founding member of the Marian Foundation’s Legacy Society by including Marian Regional Medical Center in her estate planning as the Sue J. Sword Heart Center Endowment Fund. She has dedicated her planned endowment gift to the Marian Heart Center due to

Through the Marian Legacy Society, the Foundation expresses gratitude to those, like Sue, who have included Marian in their estate planning. Furthermore, Sue has long been a supporter of the Foundation’s need to establish and maintain an endowment to ensure a revenue stream for the future needs of the medical center. In fact, it was her visionary leadership and wisdom


that played a significant role in the creation of the Foundation’s operating policies to steward growth of endowment funds. Her generosity has provided significant support to every major capital endeavor throughout the Foundation’s history. Most recently, Sue supported the Cornerstone Campaign to build the new hospital and in tribute to her generosity the colonnade outside the hospital main entrance is named in her honor. When asked about her motivation for building her own legacy of giving and why she felt compelled to identify the Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation as a deferred gift beneficiary, Sue offers, “The hospital is close to my heart. Marian Regional Medical Center stands for our community and the care they provide touches everyone. It’s very fulfilling knowing that the work they do and the contributions made will further advance care and benefit the future people of Santa Maria.”

A gift unlike any other Although Sue and Marian Hancock both shared a love of charitable giving, they also shared a love of music – especially an admiration for baby grand pianos. Sue is quite familiar with making donations to the hospital and other charitable organizations, but for this particular donation she knew it would take more than writing a check. She eagerly conducted research on baby grand pianos and then shared her idea of this special gift with hospital leaders. “I wanted to provide a gift for the new hospital that everyone would enjoy. One day I thought that’s it – a baby grand piano for the hospital’s front lobby,” explains Sue. “Music is powerful. I wanted to provide a gift that provided soothing and comforting relief to patients and those visiting the hospital.” Now patients, their families and hospital staff take great listening pleasure in the peaceful and relaxing sounds of the newly donated baby grand piano. This beautiful and pristine piano plays classical melodies four times a day and fittingly stands just outside the chapel doors on the first floor of the new hospital as the shining star of the “Sue Sword Colonnade.” When asked what she believes Marian Hancock would say to see her work and the present Marian Regional Medical Center, Sue tenderly smiles and adds, “She would be very, very pleased and would probably say, ‘My Susie is keeping things going.’ She would be truly elated to know that I was carrying things forward. As for Marian Regional Medical Center, she had a specific vision for the hospital and community health care. Seeing the new hospital today and knowing all the services the medical center offers our community, I know she would feel as if all her dreams came true.”


Sue Sword with Dr. Ram Setty, has included the Marian Heart Center in her estate planning by establishing the Sue J. Sword Heart Center Endowment Fund in honor of her longtime cardiologist, Dr. Setty.

Sue goes on to modestly explain that it is her mission and sincerest hope to foster philanthropy for the greater good of the community. She believes in the same philosophy as Marian Hancock, that charitable giving builds and strengthens a community. “I want to inspire others to also support our organizations. But it’s about more than giving,” states Sue. “It’s about getting involved. Taking an interest in community organizations and volunteering. This is not only beneficial for fellow community members, it is also truly gratifying. I have seen so many changes over the years and have enjoyed every moment of it. There is no better feeling than to be involved in your community and to make a difference in the lives of others.” On behalf of Marian Regional Medical Center and the community at large, the Marian Foundation would like to express heartfelt gratitude to Sue for her legacy of service and generosity. Her unwavering belief in the medical center’s work is genuine and from the heart. Sue’s friendship and support of Marian Regional Medical Center is a special gift which will be forever treasured.

Yo u Can Fu rth er th e H eali n g Power Join the Marian Legacy Society Every gift makes a difference and changes the lives of Marian patients and families. We invite your support, through membership in the Marian Legacy Society, in furthering the healing power of humanity at Marian. It is our shared humanity that holds the power to heal. It takes much more than the best and brightest nurses and physicians to heal the young and old. We invite you to join the Marian Legacy Society by making a provision for Marian through a planned gift such as a bequest, a charitable gift annuity, or the beneficiary assignment of a life insurance policy, retirement account, or through the establishment of a charitable trust. Your generous gifts are an investment in not only your health, but also the health of your family and community. Membership is open to all who share the vision of ensuring excellent care for future generations. Legacy society membership is an investment in the crucial medical breakthroughs, groundbreaking technologies and nation’s top medical professionals that collectively save countless lives each and every day. Join the Marian Legacy Society by making Marian Regional Medical Center a beneficiary in your estate plan. For questions about making a planned gift, call the Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation at (805) 739-3595.


Reco rd Levels o f Vo lu nteer Servi ce Volunteer Services is reaching new heights with a new record of more than 500 volunteers. During the month of June 2013 alone, these volunteers have served for over 1,500 volunteering shifts and have contributed more than 6,700 hours. In the upcoming year, Volunteer Services will strive to maintain this positive growth through a focus on the continued recruitment of volunteers for our priority service areas as well as the retention of the wonderful volunteers who are already serving. Even with these record numbers, opportunities are still open for those interested in serving Marian’s patients, families and guests, and flexible schedules, including evening and weekend shifts, are available. Applications for adult volunteers are accepted year round with orientations held each month. In addition to the adult volunteers, many local teens are also serving. In June 2013, more than 150 teens—the largest number ever participating—were welcomed into the Summer 2013 Volunteen Program. This Program gives students great exposure to the health care field and the ability to serve their community while they’re not in school. A School Year Program for teens is also offered and will start in early September, and applications for the School Year Program will be accepted through the end of August. The time and talents that each of Marian’s volunteers give is greatly appreciated, and the service they provide is an invaluable contribution to cultivating an ideal healing environment of compassion and care at Marian. For more information about both adult and teen programs, please call the Volunteer Office at (805) 739-3520 or visit the Volunteer Information page at www.marianmedicalcenter. org/Volunteer_Information. Applications for volunteering are available for download on the website.

New Board Member Mary Oates, M.D. Dr. Oates is a member of the Marian Medical Staff, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She is the


Volunteer Services Leadership Council The Marian Regional Medical Center Volunteer Services Leadership Council leads a dynamic group of over 500 adult and teen volunteers in the provision of service to Marian staff, patients and families. The Leadership Council members shown here provide guidance to the volunteers providing service in a vast array of programs and services, seven days a week, evenings, too! Bottom Row: Rosemarie Bullock (Third Floor Service Lead), Pauline Demorree (Second Floor Service Lead), Joe Hernandez (Fourth Floor Service Lead), Ami Padilla (Manager, Volunteer Services), Marilyn Powers (Member at Large), Linda Redman (Hospice Service Lead), Carol Barker (Mission Hope Cancer Center). Top Row: Carrie Robinson (Past Chairman), Jodi Mrozek (Chairman), Inga Schlosser (Secretary), Ken Koch (Chairman Elect), Maggi Daane (Outpatient Services), Bernard Wick (Recruitment & Retention).

creator and founding Medical Director of the Marian Osteoporosis Center and the Co-Medical Director for Rehabilitation Services at the Marian Extended Care Center. Dr. Oates serves as a member on several committees at Marian.

Marian Fo u n dati o n Fu n ds $2.5 M i lli o n Together, the generous supporters of Marian Regional Medical Center (Marian) have become agents of positive change for the patients and families we serve. It is this humankindness in action that is fueling the healing mission of Marian. The mission that assures Marian Regional Medical Center continues to provide for the health and well being of all. This humankindness that has resulted in the ability of the Marian Foundation to fund $2,502,270 in 2013 for the provision of excellent care for patients and families of the Santa Maria Valley and surrounding communities.

Humankindness in action: Equipment and Technology


New technology and equipment to enhance patient care and safety

Osteoporosis Center

$ 70,000

Fracture prevention program for high risk patients

Robotic Surgery Program


Utilizing the da Vinci Surgical System in minimally invasive surgery

Marian Community Clinics


Supporting primary health care for the underserved

Home Health and Hospice

$ 60,000

Hospice program support for terminally ill patients and families

Cornerstone Campaign


The Cornerstone Campaign raised $17 million to support building the new hospital

Outreach Program


Health and nutrition programs for children at risk of juvenile diabetes

Marian Cancer Care Services


Marian Cancer Care services at Mission Hope Cancer Center

Other Marian Programs


These funds provide for programs and services offered by Marian including maternal and newborn care, newborn intensive care, staff education, rehabilitation and many others.

One hundred percent of donor contributions are applied to Marian programs and services. 23

M a r i a n F o u n d at i o n A n n u a l D i n n e r

An Afternoon in the Vineyard at

Ca’ Del GreVino 2510 East Clark Avenue, Santa Maria, CA 93457

S u n d a y , AU G U S T 2 5 , 2 0 1 3 3:00




W i n e

inner featuring the D exceptional cuisine of T h e F a r W e s t e r n Ta v e r n

and Hors D’oeuvres featuring the wines of Ca’ Del GreVino

Live Auction to Follow I n c e l e b r a t i o n o f t h e 2 0 t h a n n i v e r s a r y o f t h e M a r i a n H e a r t C e n t e r. H o n o r i n g t h e l e g a c y o f s e r v i c e a n d “ H e a r t i t u d e ” o f S i s t e r J a n e t C o r c o r a n , O S F. B e n e f i t t i n g t h e p r o g r a m s a n d s e r v i c e s o f t h e M a r i a n H e a r t C e n t e r.

Contact the Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation for reservations at 805-739-3595.

D ignity


C ollaboration


J ustice


S tewardship


E x cellence

Marian D o n o rs

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Eggert Mrs. Fern D. Eimon Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Elliot

The Marian Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Marian Regional Medical Center, a not-for-profit community health care organization. Charitable support continues to play an important role in the future of Marian programs and services. The Foundation is grateful for the many friends who have provided such generous support of Marian’s mission of wellness, health and healing.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Elliot Ms. Esther Fagerbourg Sister Pius Fahlstrom, OSF Mr. Raymond P. Farney Mr. Nathaniel D. Fast Mr. and Mrs. Milo Ferini Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ferini Mr. and Mrs. Helmut W. Figge Ms. Ellen Fletcher Mrs. Joan M. Foley Mr. and Mrs. George Gallison Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gerfen Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Gesswein Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Getty Mr. and Mrs. Gordon G. Gill Ms. Betty M. Gillette Michael R. Gomez, D.D.S. Ms. Lieselotte Graeser

The Marian Foundation Board of Directors.

Mrs. Joni Gray

Top Row from left, Kevin Ferguson, M.D., President, Medical Staff; Jane Rooney; Al Schultz, M.D., Chair; Cynthia Schur, Secretary/Treasurer; Denise Valente; Bill Burress, Past Chair; Mary Spallino; Andrew Rice; Lauren Pincot; Laura Hoffman King; Gregory Beebe; Robert Dichmann, M.D. Bottom row, Carol Reiner; Barbara Johnson; Joe Olivera; Larry Lavagnino; Angelica Gutierrez; Marcy Ginkel; Sofia Lariz and Anne Rigali. Not pictured, Rob Buchanan, Vice-Chair; Charles J. Cova, President & CEO; Sister Pius Fahlstrom, OSF; Michael Galloway; Jodi Mrozek, Chair, Volunteer Services Leadership Council; Mary Oates, M.D.; Sue Sword and Jeff York.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Grogan Mrs. Agnes S. Grogan Mr. and Mrs. James A. Guggia Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gummerman

A small group of faithful contributors to Marian programs and services were omitted in error from the donor recognition listing published in the January edition of the Foundation’s Innovations magazine. These names are shown here in gratitude for their faithful support.

Mr. and Mrs. Orrin P. Chase

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Clary

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hampton

Billie L. Cline

Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Hermreck

Mrs. Shirley E. Cobb

Mr. Roger A. Herrmann

Ms. Carolyn M. Concellos

Mr. William E. Hord

Mrs. Sylvia Connors

Mr. and Mrs. Bennie B. Houston

Ms. Dorothy H. Abel

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Bettiga

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Conway

Mr. and Mrs. Jared M. Hurley

Ms. Helen L. Anglin

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Betz

Mr. Jack D. Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Hyosaka

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Avery

Mrs. Madeline L. Bianchi

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cordero

Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ibsen

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

Ms. Sarah L. Black

Mr. and Mrs. Ron F. Cossa

Emi Inouye

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Blough

Mr. and Mrs. John Costa

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jellison

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Baldwin

Mrs. Nadine E. Bondurant

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cova

Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Barber

Ms. Shirley M. Boydstun

Mr. Kenneth D. Darby

Mrs. Bernice Juretic

Mrs. Solange L. Barrett

Ms. Lois M. Bradford

Mr. Peter J. De Kluyver

Dr. and Mrs. Eruch N.

Mr. Bob Barnes and

Ms. Elaine P. Brownlee

Mrs. Jean Denmun

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan J. Burchardi

Mr. Richard L. Depuy

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Bartleson

Ms. Shirley Burke

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred

Ms. Johanna Beattie

Mrs. Sarah E. Burns

Ms. Joanne V. Beatty

Mrs. Rita A. Calvert

Ms. Elinore M. Diefenderfer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. King

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Beebe

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dolan

Mrs. Patricia L. Kirchhof

Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Carmody

Mr. Fred A. Donati

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Klempen

Mr. and Mrs. George

Mrs. Sandy M. Carty

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dort

Ms. Elizabeth Koster

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Centeno

Mr. and Mrs. Don D. Drenon, Jr.

Mr. Peter G. Krynak

Mrs. Patricia A. Chandler

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Edwards

Mrs. Margaret T. Larrabee

E. Baldiviez

Mrs. Judith Bartel

S. Benford, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Berry

P. Deschenes

Karanjawala Mr. and Mrs. Rodney M. Kennison Ms. Helen King


Mr. and Mrs. Kam C. Leong

Mrs. Lavern H. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt R. Rinke

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Teixeira

Mrs. Mary B. Leutloff

Sister Antoinette Navarro, OSF

Ms. Pamela S. Rittman

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Teixeira

Mr. and Mrs. Royce R. Lewellen

Ms. Isabel Z. Noriega

Mr. and Mrs. Carlos J. Riveron

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Thayer

Mr. Patrick Lind

Ms. Gabriela V. Novo

Ms. Barbara J. Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald

Mrs. Margaret Loder

Mr. John W. Oliver

Mrs. Rosalie J. Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Loicano

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Olivera, Jr.

Ms. Susan Rubel

Mr. Dante E. Tognazzi, Jr.

Mr. Jerold R. Luis

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Ourieff

Col. and Mrs. Robert L. Ruck, Sr.

Mrs. Setsuye Tomooka

Mrs. Judith A. Lundberg

Mrs. Margaret M. Paden

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Rust

Mrs. Yatsue D. Tomooka

Mr. and Mrs. Francis K. Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. Max J. Paschke

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sexton

Toshiko Tomooka

Ms. Jean M. Mackenzie

Ms. Anastasia Paulsey

Mrs. Anna Mae Sheehy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Travis

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Madjedi

Mrs. Leonore C. Penny

Mr. and Mrs. Keido Shimizu

Mr. and Mrs. Bob D. Tuck

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Marcum

Mr. Manuel V. Pereira

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Shook

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Uyehara

Mr. and Mrs. Victor M. Marin

Drs. Alan and Andrea Edelman

Mr. Joe D. Silva

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Viadella

Ms. Andrea M. Mather

Mr. Harold B. Phelps, Jr.

Ms. Nettie J. Silva

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walk

Ms. Beverly J. Matthew

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pollard

Ms. Susan J. Silveira

Ms. Frances A. Walker

Mrs. Betty J. McKibben

Mrs. Lois A. Poltl

Mr. Steven Siri

Mrs. Patricia Wells

Mr. and Mrs. Victor

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Portman

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Wenger

Drs. Joseph and Annelie Purdy

Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wick

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald

Ms. Phyllis Y. Wicks

N. McLaughlin Ms. Ruth M. McMullen Mr. Peter E. Mehlschau

W. Quigley

H. Souza, Sr.

M. Throndson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Craig Miller

Ms. Janet Rajala

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Spry

Ms. Eileen E. Will

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Moberg

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rampenthal

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Steis

Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Will

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Moffatt

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Redden

Mrs. Doris S. Stephens

Mrs. Anne J. Will

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Moses

Ms. Linda A. Reed

Mrs. Kathleen M. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Wise

Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Moss

Mr. William R. Reed, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Swann

Mrs. Dorothy E. Wittenauer

Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Moss

Mrs. Carol J. Reiner

Mrs. Sue J. Sword

Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Wyatt

Mr. and Mrs. Tim I. Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Renfrow

Mr. and Mrs. Pete J. Sysak

Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ziemba

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Reynard

Mrs. Joanne Szumski

Susan E. Ziemba, M.D.

These individuals and organizations listed here have given generously in support of Marian Regional Medical Center programs and services between, November 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013. Erlinda Abata

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel M. Alvarez

Ms. Dorothy H. Abel

American Medical Response

Accents Salon

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Amiot

Gary Acosta

Praful Anantani

Paulina B. Acosta

Mr. and Mrs. Manuel J. Anaya

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Acquistapace

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Andersen

Addamo Bistro and Wine Bar

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Anderson

Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Adler

Mr. Paul Andrade

Mrs. Pauline E. Ahlemann

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Andrews

Dr. Richard G. Ainley


A to Z Club

Mr. Manuel Y. Barcelona

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Aja

Anthem Blue Cross

Margaret Atteberry

Mrs. Solange L. Barrett

Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Alderete

API Waste Services

Mrs. Virginia A. Aubuchon

Bob Barnes and Judith Bartel

A Little Something

Evelyn P. Aquino

Mr. Stanley E. Aulabaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bartlett

ARAMARK Corporation

Dr. and Mrs. Muthiyaliah Y. Babu

Mrs. Elyse A. Battistella

Ms. June R. Alldredge

Isabel D. Armstrong

Rosalie P. Baez

Hinda Beaman

Tamara S. Allen

Ms. Ann Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Baldwin

Mr. Tom J. Beaman

Dora C. Almaguer

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Arone

Mr. and Mrs. David Bangs

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Beaver

Crystal S. Alonso

Ms. Anna Artiaga

Ms. Norma Barajas

Mrs. Vickie L. Beaver

Mr. and Mrs. Lupe Alvarez

Asia Market

Ilona A. Baran, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Maynard E. Becker

Flowers & Gifts


Officers of the Marian Foundation Board of Directors from left, Al Schultz, M.D., Chair, Angelica Gutierrez and Bill Burress, Past Chairs. Not pictured, Rob Buchanan, Vice-Chair and Cynthia Schur, Secretary/Treasurer.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Bouquet

Funding the Future of Surgical Care Friends at The Wood Claeyssens Foundation (WCF)have provided a generous grant of $600,000 to fund the Robotic Surgery Program. The WCF has a history of faithful support for Marian programs and services, including the Cornerstone Campaign to fund the new hospital building project. This recent gift for Robotic Surgery funds the provision of the new minimally-invasive surgical technology, including the da Vinci Surgical System. This technology allows for better patient outcomes, including shorter recovery times; less scarring, reduced risk of infection, and blood loss, and significantly less pain for the patient. For physicians, the state-of-the-art technology offers unparalleled precision, enhanced dexterity, and superior visualization. The da Vinci can be used for prostate, kidney, hysterectomy, gynecologic oncology, colorectal, acid reflux, weight loss, and lung surgeries.

Mrs. Catherine D. Bouquet Mr. William H. Bowen Ms. Shirley M. Boydstun Mr. and Mrs. John F. Boysen Mr. William A. Bracamonte Julie A. Brady

Consultants Central Coast Medical Oncology Corp. Central Coast Orthopedic Medical Group Central Coast Pathology

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur

Consultants, Inc.

G. Brandenburg

Ms. Joann A. Cermak

Charles C. Brandt

Mrs. Carol A. Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond

Change A Life Foundation

E. Brickey

Mr. and Mrs. Orrin P. Chase

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Brigham

Mr. and Mrs. Juan M. Chavez

Mrs. Helen F. Bright

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Choate

Jane Bringley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brizzolara


Mrs. Tommie L. Broussard

Constance Chun

Mr. William O. Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Clark

Mrs. Elaine P. Brownlee

Ms. Lillian J. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. John Brunello

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Clay

Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Bryan

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clelland

Pamela J. Buchanan

CoastHills Federal Credit Union

Patsy J. Buchanan

Mrs. Shirley E. Cobb

Mr. Brian Bullock

Mr. David R. Cohen and

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bunkelman

Pictured here with Marian’s da Vinci surgical system are Shelbey Hughes, Secretary of The Wood Claeyssens Foundation, and Christopher Johnson, M.D., Medical Director, Robotic Surgery Program.

Central Coast Inpatient

Mrs. Esther B. Ginsberg Mr. Edgar S. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Harlan J. Burchardi

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Colli

Dr. Samuel B. Burg

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Collins

Mr. John H. Bushnell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Como

Byars Thompson Buchanan

Ms. Carolyn M. Concellos

Insurance & Financial

Mr. Jack D. Cooper

Services, LLC

Mr. Jose S. Coria

Hannah N. Byram

Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Corser, Jr.

Mrs. Fe T. Cabanting

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Corvi

Cabrillo High School

Mrs. Betty G. Cossa

Dr. and Mrs. Tad P. Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. John Costa

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Campbell

May M. Costa

Rhodonna H. Becker

Joann K. Bickley

Ms. Patricia G. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. William

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Beebe

Mr. Gordon Bilodeau

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cardona

Mr. and Mrs. Reynold C. Belding

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron D. Bixby

Bonnie J. Cardone

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cova

Dr. and Mrs. Gary S. Benedetti

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Black

Mr. and Mrs. David Careaga

Ms. Virginia B. Cox

Mr. Phillip J. Benedetti

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis

Michelle M. Caretto

Mr. Timothy M. Cramer

Mr. Charles C. Carl

Dr. and Mrs. Fred L. Crandall

Blacklake Golf Resort

Howard R. Carpenter

Mr. John T. Crawford

Henry Bergeron

Mr. and Mrs. Rick W. Blaemire

Shirley Carr

Mr. Joseph L. Crotty, Sr.

Craig S. Bernard

Mr. William Bley

Mr. and Mrs. Marlon C. Casabar

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Cruz

Mr. and Ms. Kenneth J. Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Blough

Mrs. Rose C. Castaneda

Mr. Ronaldo C. Cruz

Romelia O. Berry

Mr. John Bluthardt

Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Castello

Cruzin’ for Life

Mr. Louis C. Bertsch

Mr. Matthew P. Boland

Rosario Y. Catayas

Mr. and Mrs. Karl W. Cudworth

Betteravia Farms

Bonipak Produce

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Centeno

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen

Dr. and Mrs. Samir N. Bhatt

Juanita T. Bontempo

Central Coast Cardiothoracic

Mrs. Madeline L. Bianchi

Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Borik

Mr. and Mrs. George S. Benford, Jr.

C. Blackburn

Surgical Associates

E. Couey, Jr.

L. Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. James D. Cusack


Cypress Ridge Golf Course

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dries

Mrs. Joan M. Foley

Jordis A. Daigle

Ms. Harleyetta C. Duke

Mr. and Mrs. Myron D. Forbes

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D’Amato

Mr. Conrad S. Dyke

Melissa Ford

Dr. and Mrs. Ramanand

East Donovan Lanes

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Forster

Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Grennan

C. Dandillaya

H. Greenawald Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Ms. Margaret J. Eaton

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. France

Griffin Plumbing Inc.

Ms. Mildred I. Daniels

Mrs. Shirley A. Eckert

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Franklin

Ms. Amanda F. Groce

Mr. Kenneth D. Darby

Ms. Joan C. Edwards

Fraternal Order of Eagles

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Grogan

Ms. Margie Darrow

Edwin & Jeanne Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Paulus F. De Bruin

Mrs. Agnes S. Grogan

Mr. and Mrs. Wes D. Fuerch

John H. Gross

Mr. Peter J. De Kluyver

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Eggert

Ms. Lucy M. Furia

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Grossman

Mr. and Mrs. Salvador de la Torre

Betty Ehret

Mr. and Mrs. Jim J. Furuya

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Gruber

Mr. Jesus De Luna

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Elliot

Mr. and Mrs. Robert

Mrs. Gloria H. Guhl

Ms. Eva De Pedro

Bruce H. Ellis

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest

Mr. and Mrs. James F.

W. DeGasparis Mr. and Mrs. Banaag B. DeGuzman Mr. Mark Delgado Bonnie Delkener

Family Foundation

Auxiliary #1745

D. Gagne, Sr.

Ms. Louise Guillaume

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Galas

Mr. Michael Gutierrez

Mr. Phillip Gallegos

Monica E. Guzman

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Erhardt

Mr. and Mrs. George Gallison

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hagen

Donna G. Eschen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Galloway

Veolit B. Haifi

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham

Mr. Juan R. Galvan, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hajjar

Gamerz Unlimited

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Wallace

Ensminger, III

Z. Espiritu

Pauline J. DeMartin

Mr. and Mrs. Enrique P. Estacio

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto H. Gandola

Mr. Clifford R. Dennell

Lilia D. Estacio

Lynda M. Gantt, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dennett

Irma S. Estrada

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Garcia

Mr. Stephen M. Haney

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Denning

Mrs. Maria M. Evans

Robert Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Hannick

Dennis Bethel & Associates, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Evans

Garcia Dance Studio

Donna J. Hanning

Mohammed M. Diab

Mr. Raymond P. Farney

Mrs. Bonnie B. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Hanselka

Diagnostic Imaging Medical

Nathaniel D. Fast

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Gaskill

Gene C. Hanson

John E. Faulkner

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Gass

Cary D. Harbor

Dr. and Mrs. Barry S. Feldman

Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hares

Group of Santa Maria Diani Companies (Diani Ward Diani, LLC)

Mr. Gerit L. Fenenga

U. Gatchalian


Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Harper

Joseph R. Diefenderfer

Ms. Patricia Feola

German Club of Santa Maria

Sharon K. Harris

Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. DiModica

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Feragen

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Gesswein

Dr. and Mrs. Alex T. Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. Milo Ferini

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Getty

Mr. Richard H. Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Diyorio

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ferini

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Gibilisco, Jr.

Loueen Harsch

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer L. Doane

Mr. Robert T. Ferrence

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Gibson

Terry Hashimoto

The DocuTeam

Jane M. Fesler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Gibson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Florenciano

Mr. and Mrs. Bill M. Finley

Mr. Malvin H. Giddings, II

Healthcare Financial

David Fisher

Mrs. Betty M. Gillette

Mr. Rande Downer


Honor Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Donald

Mr. and Mrs. Don D. Drenon, Jr.

Benjamin M. Flores

E. Gilmartin Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast Troop #50149 Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast Troop #50187 Debra M. Glahn Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Gomes

Alex Harrison, M.D., Marian Foundation Golf Tournament Committee Chairman (third from left), with his tournament foursome, from left, Doug Nock, Phillip Benedetti and Stan Shaner during the Marian Foundation Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, March 18 at the Santa Maria Country Club.


Resources, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Hebard Mrs. Mary B. Heiberger Mrs. Betty L. Hennon Ms. Gloria M. Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Jose R. Hernandez Maria Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Javier P. Gonzalez

Mr. Gene F. Hershberger

Mr. Raymundo A. Gonzalez, Jr.

Mrs. Carolyn L. Hicks

Ms. Margaret K. Gooding

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Marlin K. Gotchal

Ellen Hill

Yael Gott

Mrs. Helen L. Hill

Ms. Lieselotte Graeser

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hirsch

Mr. and Mrs. Walter

Hitching Post Restaurant

Mrs. Victoria M. Hodam

Mr. Charles T. Kirkpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin J. Hoffman

Mrs. Lois A. Kiser

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Hoffman

Ms. Georgia O. Kizziah

Mr. and Mrs. Burton H. Holaday

Mr. Timothy J. Kleinsmith

Sandra C. Holland

Klondike Pizza, Inc.

Ms. Margaret M. Holler

Mr. and Mrs. Robert

Susan R. Holt

P. Klostermann

Ms. Catherine F. Holtz

Ms. Eleanor M. Klostermann

Home Motors Chevrolet

Mr. and Mrs. Len W. Knight

Mr. William E. Hord

Mr. David J. Knox

Mrs. Grace W. Houlihan

Ms. Darlene V. Krouse

Mr. and Mrs. Bennie B. Houston

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Kvek

Mr. Dave Hovde

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin

Tammy L. Hudgins

F. Laemmlen

First Place Paul M. Cook, M.D. Low Gross Award winners, the Rabobank foursome took the top spot at the Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation’s 24th Annual Leland “Butch” Simas and Felix Fly, M.D. Memorial Golf Tournament. Pictured from left, Joe Diefenderfer, Matt Richardson, Steve Harding and Bill Racine.

Mr. Kenneth E. Huff

Mr. James H. Laflin

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Majewski

Ms. Bernadine A. McDaniel

Priscilla H. Hurst

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Lamont

Laurie Majewski

Mr. and Ms. Ronald P. McEvoy

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Hyosaka

Alicia T. Lane

Mrs. Edythe M. Major

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Arturo R. Iglesias

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Lange

Trisha Makimoto

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. McIntire

Mrs. Marion M. Ikeda

Kim M. Laplante

Mr. and Mrs. Juliano L. Manalo

Mr. and Mrs. Howard

Mr. Stanley I. Imanaka

Patti M. LaPointe

Leland Mann

F. McIntosh

Ms. Carina Y. Inay

Sofia Lariz

Magdalena M. Maratas

Mrs. Betty J. McKibben

Industrial Medical Group

Mrs. Margaret T. Larrabee

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. March

Mr. and Mrs. Victor

Agnes Larsen

Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo P. Marcos

Emi Inouye

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Lavagnino

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Marcum

Mrs. Joan R. McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Ivora

Lee Central Coast Newspapers

Ms. Kathryn A. Marcum

Ms. Florentina Medellin

Jack’s Family Restaurant

Mrs. Patricia M. Leine

Marian Convent Sisters

Medtronic, Inc.

Joseph D. Jackson

Helen A. Lesuer

Ruth Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Leutloff

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. James

Mr. Royce Lewellen and Dr.

of Santa Maria Valley

Dr. and Mrs. Hillel K. Janai

Ann Foxworthy Lewellen

of St. Francis Marian Mullin Hancock Charitable Trust Marian Regional Medical

N. McLaughlin

Carmen C. Mendoza Mr. and Mrs. Moises V. Mendoza Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Meraviglia Miranda Meza

Mrs. Grace M. Jarvis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lewis

J.F. Will Company, Inc.

Janet F. Leyden

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Johnson

Kathleen A. Lienemann

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lloyd

Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Markline

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Craig Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Everett B. Johnson

Mrs. Margaret K. Loder

Ms. Barbara L. Markstone

Mr. Kenneth J. Millington

Mrs. Pamela A. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. Suresh C. Lodha

Mr. and Mrs. William Marsalek

Jean F. Minzenberg

Mr. and Mrs. W. Carter Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen

Mrs. Marjorie C. Martin

Andrea F. Miranda

Richard J. Martin, M.D.

Mission Linen Supply

Ms. Rose E. Juneau

P. Lombardi

Center Auxiliary Marian Regional Medical Center Medical Staff

Mr. Joe J. Mickels Naomi R. Mier

Mark C. Juretic, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lopez, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ron R. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Mitchell

Mrs. Grace C. Kadota

Mr. Jeffrey Lopez

Juan Martinez

Ms. Tomiko Miyamoto

Mr. and Mrs. Toshio Kamo

Lori’s Gifts

Mr. Oscar G. Martinez

Ms. Debra A. Mockler-Young

Jasmine O. Kang

Ms. Emma Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Martinez

Monarch Dunes Golf Course

Karamitsos And Wiltchik A

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Luther

Dr. and Mrs. James B. Mase

Ms. Sharon A. Moore

Ms. Bonnie Lynam, RNFA

Mr. and Mrs. Russell R. Mathews

The Moorehead Family Trust

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Kasper

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Macias

Sachiko D. Matsuda

Linda Mora

Kay’s Country Kitchen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael MacLean

Ms. Beverly J. Matthew

Barbara M. Moreau

Thomas D. Kelly

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Madjedi

Mr. Raymond N. Mayer

Mrs. Estelle M. Moreland

Ms. Barbara L. Kendall

Kaleb C. Madrid

Mr. Robert W. McAllister

Marshand Moreno

Jean Kenton

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Magazino

Mrs. Sharon A. McConnell

Morgan Stanley

Julie Kerhulas

Mr. and Mrs. Arwin L. Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morris

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Killpack

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mahoney

Ms. Helen King

Main Street Shell Services

Medical Corporation

J. McCormack Mrs. June A. McCune

Mr. William G. Morton Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Moss


Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pike

Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Robertson

Mr. Joseph A. Piliero

Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Rodrigues

Mr. and Mrs. Alain Pincot

Mrs. Yolanda I. Rodrigues

Mary S. Pinoli

Ms. Patricia M. Rodriguez

Arlene Pinon

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rojas

Pioneer Valley High School

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Rojas

ASTRA Program

The Fourth Annual Swiss Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, June 29 at the Rancho Maria Golf Course. Over $10,000 was raised in memory of Sam Manos, “The BBQ King,” to benefit Marian Cancer Care at Mission Hope Cancer Center.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Rose

Plantel Nurseries, Inc.

Rosemary Hancock Smurr Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Polley

Rotary Club of Nipomo

Mrs. Lois A. Poltl

Rotary Club of Santa Maria

Ms. Violet J. Ponza

Mr. John A. Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Porterfield

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rozeira, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Powell

Ms. Eloise M. Ruiz

Ms. Larue L. Prate

Ms. Lucia Ruiz

Ms. Edith Q. Pray

Mr. Clarence L. Rusconi

Marie W. Price

Mrs. Angela Rutigliano

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Priddy

Mr. and Mrs. Leon H. Sagun

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Pritchett

Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Saiger

Dr. and Mrs. Jon W. Propst

Salas, Inc.

Emma Proroczok

Ms. Ramona Salazar

Drs. Joseph and Annelie Purdy

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Salazar

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pybas

Mary Salinas

Rabobank, N.A.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Salling

Sandra Mugg

Mary L. Oswald

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Raffanello

Mr. and Mrs. Homer B. Sanchez

Mr. Eric M. Munro

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Owens

Mrs. Nemesia T. Ramelb

San Luis Diagnostic Center

Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Murray

Mr. and Mrs. Everett L. Pachner

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rampenthal

Santa Barbara Foundation


Pacific Petroleum California, Inc.

Rancho Maria Golf Club, Inc.

Santa Barbara Teachers

Dr. and Mrs. Igor J. Nastaskin

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Padilla

Rancho Sisquoc Winery

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Naugle

Nancy M. Paine

Amalia C. Rea

Sister Antoinette Navarro, OSF

Palacios Architects

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Reade

Mrs. Yolanda M. Neitzke

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Paravato

Veroneka Reade

Santa Maria Elks Lodge #1538

Mr. and Mrs. Michael

Ms. Melissa H. Park

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Redden

Santa Maria Kennel Club

C. Neuhauser

Federal Credit Union Santa Maria Digestive Diagnostic Center

Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Parrish

Red Dog Management, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Santillan

Mr. Clifford E. Newbold

Mrs. Roberta L. Parsley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Redman

Alba A. Santos

Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Nguyen

Mr. Richard J. Pastirchak

Ms. Linda A. Reed

SA Wynn Transcription Service

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Nicoll

Don C. Pathirage

Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Reeves

Scentsy Family Foundation

Ms. Frances Norris

Jami O. Patton

Mrs. Carol J. Reiner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schafer

North China Restaurant

Ms. Dawn Paul

Mr. and Mrs. Robert

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Schiber

Mr. Wayne L. Northrup

Frances M. Pedersen

Angela Novoa

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pedersen

Ramona M. Reyes

Drs. David and Mary Oates

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Pedigo

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Reynard

Mrs. Marilyn R. Schobel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Ogden

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Penner

Ms. Sandra A. Ricca

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schobel

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Matt Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald

A. Olivera, Jr.

J. Pennington

R. Reitmeyer

Mrs. Mildred F. Riewald

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Schmidt, Jr.

R. Schroeder

Olivera Properties LLC

Mrs. Kathrin S. Pereira

Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Righetti

Dr. and Mrs. Albert L. Schultz, Jr.

Orcutt Library

Flora Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Rinehart

Ms. Carol L. Schulz

Original Roadhouse Grill

Mrs. Laverne T. Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Gerhardt R. Rinke

Mr. and Mrs. Dale R.

Mr. and Mrs. Javier C. Orozco

Mr. Douglas Petrick

Ms. Pamela S. Rittman

Mr. and Mrs. Jose R. Orozco

Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Pevny

Riverbench, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Sears

Ms. Julia M. Orr

Connie Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Robbins

SeaStar Enterprises

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Oryall

Sheila Phipps

Mr. John N. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Segura, Sr.

Frank Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Piatek

Barbara J. Robertson

Mr. Stanley P. Shaner



Mrs. Sally C. Sheehy

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Summers

Mrs. Delores F. Sheley

Mr. and Mrs. Raynaldo G. Suniga

Shepard Eye Center

Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Sutter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Sherrow

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Swann

Mr. Roy A. Sidor

Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Swann

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Viadella

Mr. Roy Wilson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Silbert

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Vircsik

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Wiltse

Mr. Joe D. Silva

Mrs. Sue J. Sword

Mr. Joseph L. Wade

Mrs. Mary E. Winters

Ms. Nettie J. Silva

Sally J. Symonds

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walk

Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Wise

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Silva

Mr. Benjamin R. Tabar

Mrs. Thelma M. Walker

Mrs. Noreen Withers

Mr. Brian F. Simas

Euchi T. Takagi

Mrs. Barbara R. Walters

Mrs. Dorothy E. Wittenauer

Mrs. Dolores L. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Talleur

Mr. Robert L. Warren

Women’s Ministry of Saint

Mr. Robert W. Simpson

Dr. and Mrs. Himat G. Tank

Peggy A. Warwick

Mr. Steven Siri

James C. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watso

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Wood

John H. Sisson

Robert J. Teaford, M.D.

Darlene Watson

Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

Sisters of St. Francis

Ms. Lillian J. Teran

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Weber

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Woods, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Thayer

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Weintraub

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Woods, Jr.

Patricia A. Small

Amalia Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. David

Virginia Wright

Mr. and Mrs. Bryn N. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Jewell W. Thomas

Debra J. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Thomas

Mr. Steven A. Welles

Sharon A. Yamaguchi

Mrs. Shigeko Smith

Ms. Joan A. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Mr. Sam Yamamoto

Smith Electric Service

Joanne Thompson

Alfredo Soto

Mario Tognazzini

Heyward M. Wharton

Mr. and Mrs. Reaf F. Young

Mrs. Marilyn E. Souza

Mrs. Setsuye Tomooka

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. White, Jr.

Ms. Cristian Zamudio

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald

Toshiko Tomooka

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Whitten

Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Zern

Provincial Business

H. Souza, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rocco R. Verlengiere Mr. and Mrs. William J. Veroski, Jr.

A. Wellenkamp

P. Westwood

Mrs. Anne J. Will Mr. and Mrs. John F. Will Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Will Mr. Edward Williams, Jr.

John’s Lutheran Church

Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Wyatt

Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Young

Mrs. Patricia Toubbeh

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wick

Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ziemba

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spallino

The Towbes Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Wieman

Susan E. Ziemba, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Spire

Toyota & Honda of Santa Maria

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Wilkins

Mr. and Mrs. Keith N. Zurek

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Spoo

Trader Joe’s

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Spry

Trattoria Uliveto

St. Joseph High School

Ms. Mary Tresh

St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Mr. Rupert M. Trinidad

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph St. Laurent

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Truby

Ms. Maria Stanciulescu

Mrs. Eileen E. Trujillo

Gary E. Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. Bob D. Tuck

STAR Physical Therapy

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Tunnell

In Memoriam or In Celebration Gifts Memorial gifts honor a loved one who has passed away. Gifts in celebration honor friends, relatives and colleagues on special occasions. . The contributions acknowledged here were received between November 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013.

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Turbow

In Memory of Clinton

In Memory of Fredrick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Steis

Adrienne J. Tuttle

F. Asmussen

A. Barenchi

Mrs. Phoebe L. Steveson

Twitchell and Rice, LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Robert

Mr. and Mrs. James Ramos

Jason A. Stewart

Mrs. Anselma T. Ujano

Ms. Mae E. Stewart

United Methodist Women

Mrs. Nancy Stewart

United Way Mile High

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stitt

Helen Valdez

Mr. and Mrs. Monte Stone

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Valente

Ms. Dorothy T. Stork

Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel

of Santa Maria

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stransky Mr. and Mrs. Amos L. Strawhun John T. Strawn

O. Valenzuela Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Van Belleghem

W. Asmussen Mr. and Mrs. Wesley G. Asmussen Mr. and Mrs. Irwin

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Snodgrass Wendy L. Terrell Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Washbish

E. Branquinho Mr. and Mrs. James R. Brass

In Memory of Glenna

Brumit Diesel, Inc.

L. Barenchi

Ms. Kathleen G. Langenbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dort

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ott

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Goble

Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. Strong

H. Elizabeth Vancamp

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Porter

Rose Gottlieb

Sister Catherine Sullivan and

Mr. and Mrs. Hendrikus

Mr. Ronald E. Root

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney F. Matye

SM Tire

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. O’Neill

TriCal, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Park

Sister Regine Donner


Ms. Kathleen K. Sullivan

Mr. Pedro G. Velasquez

Ms. Kathleen M. Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Verduzco

Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Patton


In Memory of Patricia Cardoza

Mrs. Shirley E. Cobb

Newcomers Club of

Mrs. Kathleen J. Jones

Santa Maria Valley

Lompoc Lodge No. 57 Knights of Pythias

In Memory of Ann Cermak

Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Williams

Ms. Joann A. Cermak In Memory of Margaret In Memory of Donald

M. Eberhard

J. Chambers

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford

Mr. and Mrs. David T. Barker

E. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Blough

In Memory of Val Charn

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Geraghty

Louise F. Elliott

Mr. and Mrs. Morris E. Goatley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Elliot

Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Natzke Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ozzimo

In Memory of Marilyn Clay Kenneth L. Clay, M.D. Javier Cruz, pictured with Debra Scholar, Pediatric Assistant Nurse Manager, receives a Dr. Seuss book with matching plush toy from the Kohl’s Cares cause merchandise program. Kohl’s sells kid-friendly cause merchandise, with 100 percent of the net profit donated to support kids health and education initiatives in our community and communities nationwide. Proceeds from this Kohl’s program fund Marian outreach programs teaching healthy nutrition and fitness to underserved children.

In Memory of Bettie Clough

In Memory of Mary Eberle In Memory of Terry S. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Snodgrass

Ms. Renee Parker

Mr. and Mrs. James Snyder

In Memory of Jack Cairney

In Memory of Katherine

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Tognazzini

Mr. Bob Barnes and

R. Crowe

Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Kelsey

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Jellison In Memory of Ruth Egan Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Bell

Ms. Neilla M. Cenci

In Memory of Louise M. Feragen

Ms. Lynne S. Miller

Mr. Donald E. Feragen

In Memory of William

Ms. Margaret S. Nickson

Ms. Mary Feragen

L. Caldera, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Stofan

Ms. Carol Mulcahy

Mrs. Judith Bartel

L. Tognazzini L. Washbish

Mr. and Mrs. James E. White

Sue Rutledge

In Memory of Jim G. Burch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

W. Quigley Mrs. Vera A. Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. James Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. Randall

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Acquistapace In Memory of John

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Barca

In Memory of Frank

In Memory of Frances

J. Barlogio, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Battles, Jr.

W. Davis, Jr.

A. Franzen

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Battles, Jr.

Mrs. Lorraine M. Bewley

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Corvi

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Claycamp

In Memory of Lois Begg

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Chabot

Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Sorenson

Ms. Patricia G. Caird

Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Diamond

Ms. Mary J. Hollinger

Ms. Evelyn M. Donati

In Memory of Michael J. Davis

In Memory of Albert P. Benoit

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Donati

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Miller

Mrs. Arleen Parks

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hampton

Mary J. Trettevik

Mrs. Rosalie Minetti

In Memory of Grace E. Depuy

In Memory of Myron Bettencourt

Janice Pond

Mr. Richard L. Depuy

Mrs. Helen F. Bright

Mr. and Mrs. Manfred C. Sander

Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Gomes

Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Smith

In Memory of Fred L. Dotson

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Teixeira

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Torres

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Will

Ms. Cheryl J. Mauchette

In Memory of Nadine

In Memory of Ron Frazier Mrs. Lela M. Souza In Memory of Beatrice Freitas Mrs. Helen E. Silva In Memory of Virginia Giles Mr. Timothy V. Garvin and Mrs. Cynthia Drake

Ms. Marie Pearson

In Memory of Esther B. Ginsberg

E. Bondurant

In Memory of Alice Caldon

Ms. Mary Lou Pearson

Ms. Katlyn Cotton

Priscilla Fellows

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Czarnecki

Ms. Linda L. Sanders

In Memory of Al Canup

In Memory of Elizabeth

W. Goodchild

Charlene Stadtmiller

J. Douglass

Mrs. Mae Dutra

Michelle L. Barry

Mrs. Dolores B. Malinowski

In Memory of Harry

Mrs. Floris B. Walter In Memory of Donald J. Brooker Mrs. R. Joan Brooker

Ms. Susan Rubel


In Memory of Gratia Greene

Laurel Brod

In Memory of Bob Lively

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Crowe

Mrs. Shirley E. Cobb

Cynthia Schorr

Mrs. Dolores B. Malinowski

Michele Decant

Linda A. Witham In Memory of Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Espinoza In Memory of Patricia

B. Griffith

In Memory of Davideen Hurley

L. Lizarraga

Jeanette Hamer

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kinsey

Mrs. Carol A. Chambers

In Memory of Jared M. Hurley

In Memory of Concha B. Lopez

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kinsey

Mr. and Mrs. Richard

Mr. and Mrs. JohnPaul F. Stornetta

McBroom, Jr. Mrs. Nancy J. Roady Mr. and Mrs. Alan Share

In Memory of Ricky L. Guthrie

E. Baldiviez

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Guthrie

In Memory of John J. Kessler

Mr. Justin Hernandez

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Clark

In Memory of Leona R. Love

Ms. Pam Myers

Mrs. Dona S. Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. James Hartle

Wanda Salzer

Mr. Jerre L. Hutchins

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Weisshaupt In Memory of Frank L. Matthews Nathan L. Miller In Memory of Renee McKenzie

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Robertson

In Memory of Don Luttman

In Memory of Helen Hadley

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sobczak

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dvorak

Mr. Michael Hadley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Stadnick

In Memory of Marian

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce V.

Ms. Evelyn M. Donati In Memory of Marion Mehl

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Terry

In Memory of Lorita K. Luttman

Mr. and Mrs. Schuyler C. Wardrip

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Dvorak

In Memory of Mary E. Landrum

In Memory of Glenna

In Memory of Doris Metz

Ms. Marjorie L. Chandler

J. Mahoney

Quinn Company

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Teixeira

Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Shiffrar

Mr. and Mrs. George M. Lauterbach

M. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. John Gherini In Memory of Opal M. Hansford Mr. and Mrs. David W. Stamey

In Memory of Loretta A. Lara Connie M. Fineschi

In Memory of Sarah L. Mainini

In Memory of Suzanne D. Miano

In Memory of Marie F. Hauser

Liz Hatch

Doris L. Brolio

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bisho


Mrs. Helen K. Kawaguchi

Newcomers Club of

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Brickey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. King

Santa Maria Valley

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond

In Memory of Kevin Hayes

Rebecca J. Sainz

Mr. and Mrs. Perry N. Clyatt

Schonekas, Evans, McGoey In Memory of Betty J. Maple

Mr. James E. Italiano

In Memory of Donald R. Hilbig

Mr. George C. Webster, II

Ms. Marianne Cebulski


Mr. and Mrs. Rod E. Ferguson

Effie C. Yamano

Mr. Konrad Jones

Ms. Bernadine A. Neil

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Miner

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Palmeri

& McEachin, LLC

Mrs. Flora M. Smith

E. Brickey Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Hoffman

In Memory of Lewis S. Howard

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Ms. Karen S. Santoro

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Palmeri

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Griffin

Mr. Kenneth D. Sharp

Anne Priestman

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sharp

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Spry

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Shelley

Mr. Alan Tuck Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wick

In Memory of Regina Marcellini

Ms. Patricia M. Wiltse

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Basile

Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ziemba

Mr. and Mrs. Lou Brush

Inspired by the troop’s co-leader, who has been battling breast cancer, members of Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast Troops 50187 and 50149 donated $400 along with Girl Scout cookies and homemade breast cancer pins for the enjoyment of patients at Marian Cancer Care at Mission Hope Cancer Center.

Vini Mara

In Memory of Ruth Milburn

Ms. Myrna Maraviglia

Helen Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Paul

In Memory of Ruth A. Mills

Ms. Lydia A. Trumbull

Ms. Ann Baker

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Mr. and Mrs. William D. Amstutz

L. Mougeotte

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Pamela S. Mougeotte

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burns


In Memory of Dean Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Larsh Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Reeves

Lapp, Fatch, Myers & Gallagher Accountants Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Moss

In Memory of The Sandy

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Hill Elementary Victims

Kathleen M. Telleria

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sexton In Memory of Mary Telleria

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Mrs. Charlotte Wellenkamp

Nelson, M.D. Ernest W. Degasparis Family Trust

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In Memory of Frank H. Nunez Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ziemba

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A. Newark

Ms. Julie Hernandez

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Kathleen M. Telleria

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Judith A. Bartel Mr. and Mrs. James G. Battles, Jr.

In Memory of Mary J. Silva

Ms. Ann Blair

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Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Bonetto

D.E.S. Club of Santa Maria Valley

Mrs. Helen F. Brannon

Ms. Frances A. Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin In Memory of Robert W. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Battles, Jr.

Mr. Bob Barnes and Mrs.

E. Branquinho

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Hampton Farming

Mr. and Mrs. Charles

W. Cossa, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Diamond

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Jones Santa Maria Lawn Bowling Club

Company, Inc. Mr. Robert W. Levinson

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Donati

W. Cossa, Jr. East Donovan Lanes Mr. and Mrs. Dan T. Iriyama

Ms. Evelyn M. Donati

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Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Will In Memory of Charles J. Newman Mrs. Sue J. Sword In Memory of Harry E. Nichol

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Elva J. Hohe

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Magner-Maloney Funeral

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Christopher Rose

M. Quaresma, Sr. Mrs. Helen E. Silva Mrs. Lela M. Souza Mrs. Charlotte Wellenkamp


Carole Wilder

In Memory of Tom Roberts

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Mrs. Kathleen J. Jones

Home and Crematory Mrs. Rosalie Minetti

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In Memory of John L. Young

In Honor of Todd M.

In Honor of Deborah A. Schobel

In Honor of Team

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Claycamp

Erickson, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Krause

End Cancer Now

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Goble

Mr. Richard C. Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis J. Tunnell

Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Dennis In Honor of Kimberly Streker

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howard In Honor of Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Parsons

Joseph A. Olivera, Jr. In Honor of Sister Janet Corcoran, OSF

Ernest W. Degasparis Family Trust

In Honor of Sue J. Sword Mr. and Mrs. John Gherini

Mr. Dante E. Tognazzi, Jr. In Honor of Deborah

In Honor of Patricia Weekley

In Honor of Mary Cronan

A. Rothanzl

Mr. Bill M. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spallino

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Follett

Li g ht Up A Li fe

Santa Maria Celebration

Thursday, December 5 at 6:30 PM First United Methodist Church 311 S. Broadway, Santa Maria For more information, please call the Marian Foundation at 805.739.3595.

The individuals listed on these pages contributed in honor or in memory of a loved one to the Light Up a Life tree lighting ceremony in 2012 to benefit Marian Hospice.

Ms. Rita A. Calvert

Mrs. Betty G. Cossa

Ann H. Cameron

Mr. Peter J. De Kluyver

Bernadett N. Cano

Emily A. De Young

Mr. and Mrs. David Careaga

Mrs. Jean Denmun

Mrs. Jeanie C. Ader

Rita Benton

Ofelia Carriedo

Joyce L. Dezellem

Eloise C. Aguillon

Mr. and Mrs. Tony A. Bettencourt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Carriel

Vanette Diaz

Reba J. Alger

Bobbie Biely and Gail Craine

Nevart Carroll

Mrs. Gloria F. Dickey

Catherine J. Alsup

Audrey H. Bowman

Marcella M. Carty

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Dicus

Ms. Anna Artiaga

Richard J. Boyle

Ms. Joann A. Cermak

H. Eileen Dohl

Dr. and Mrs. Muthiyaliah Y. Babu

Mr. William A. Bracamonte

Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. Chavez

Elizabeth Douglas

Anthony E. Baca

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Brannon

Anna C. Compton

Rosalie C. Dowty

Glenna L. Barenchi

Mrs. Anita L. Brogdon

Eleanor Jane Conley

Ria Drahmann

Mr. Bob Barnes and

Jack Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cordero

Mr. and Mrs. Barney Eames

Shirley C. Bryant

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony

Debbie Esselstrom

Mrs. Judith Bartel Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bendele

Pamela Burke

W. Cossa, Jr.

Mr. Leroy C. Facciani


Sister Pius Fahlstrom, OSF

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Lossing

Mr. and Mrs. James Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wick

Mr. and Mrs. Helmut W. Figge

Mrs. Judith A. Lundberg

Ms. Sandra A. Ricca

Mrs. Anne J. Will

Michael W. Filipponi

Jean M. Mackenzie

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Roady

Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Will

Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Flores

Mrs. Norrine A. Madson

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Rodriguez

Linda M. Williams

Peggy Flynn

Mrs. Claire C. Magee

Mrs. Margaret A. Rowell

Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Wise

Gayle K. Ford

Maureen A. Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Al Sanchez

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Zachrich

Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Fredieu

Vivian Malicdem

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy C. Sauer

Marla A. Ziemba

Muriel E. Gade

Peggi Martinez-Arnold

Mr. Eugene L. Schaefer

Susan E. Ziemba, M.D.

Joan Garcia

Ms. Andrea M. Mather

Junivere Schwindler

Sophie M. Zydron

Merilyn L. Garcin

Mr. and Ms. Ronald P. McEvoy

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Selken

Mrs. Betty M. Gillette

Mr. and Mrs. Howard

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sexton

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon R. Green

F. McIntosh

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sheehy

Mrs. Maxine M. Grgich

Mrs. Betty J. McKibben

Mrs. Sally C. Sheehy

Mrs. Agnes S. Grogan

Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. McKinsey

Richard L. Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Grogan

Mr. and Mrs. Victor

Sharon M. Silveira

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Guggia

N. McLaughlin

Mrs. Dolores L. Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Guida

Mr. and Mrs. Steve McMillan

Sharon L. Simundson

Jeanette M. Harelson

Tasha Mendez

Sisters of St. Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hassett

Mary C. Middleton

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Hearne

Frances C. Montoya

Catherine G. Smith

Mr. Lewis H. Height, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Moses

Mrs. Shigeko Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Heinzler

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Mrozek

Irene Soderquist

Nancy P. Hight

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Munoz

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stone

Istar Holliday

James E. Neuschwander

Ms. Kathleen M. Sullivan

Mrs. Linda A. Holt

Mrs. Isabel Z. Noriega

Linda Sullivan

Mr. William E. Hord

Bill Novak

Marguerite M. Swain

Mrs. Grace W. Houlihan

Dr. and Mrs. Robert

Mrs. Sue J. Sword

Fran Hutchinson Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ibsen Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Jaquez

W. Okerblom Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Olivera, Jr.

Provincial Business

Sally J. Symonds Ms. Judith M. Tani Mrs. Mary D. Thomas

Diane M. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Javier C. Orozco

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Tinney

Grace A. Kalal

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pedersen

Sherrie J. Todd

Sarah B. Keane

Frances M. Pedersen

Jacqueline Toler

Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Kee

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Pedigo

Mrs. Yatsue D. Tomooka

Catharine Keene

Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Mrs. Edna C. Torres

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Killpack

J. Pennington

Mrs. Suzanne F. Tosti

Ms. Helen King

Ms. Leonore C. Penny

Mrs. Patricia Toubbeh

Margaret A. King

Mrs. Kathrin S. Pereira

Mr. Al Quod and Mrs.

Mrs. Lois A. Kiser

Mr. Manuel V. Pereira

Ms. Elizabeth A. Koster

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Prevost

Elizabeth J. Van Berckelaer

Marjorie J. Kraft

Mary H. Quandt

Sharon Veith

Mr. Peter G. Krynak

Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Carlota Villalobos

Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Kurz

M. Quaresma, Sr.

Karen Trapp

Ramona J. Villanueva

Dr. Paul R. Lee

Ralph J. Quinn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walk

Mr. and Mrs. Werner E. Leo

Tami Rabska

Ms. Frances A. Walker

Mrs. Alice A. Liechti

Melva B. Ragadio

Alberta F. Walls

Mrs. Margaret K. Loder Mrs. Anita S. Loredo Mrs. Florence J. Lormans


Th e J o u rn ey o f Sai nt Fran cis Saint Francis of Assisi has a special place in Marian Regional Medical Center (Marian) history. Saint Francis is the patron of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Penance and Christian Charity, Marian’s founding sponsors. He is known as the model of brotherly love for all creation—a model that all members of the Marian family commit to model in our human compassion and kindness for all we serve.

This special Saint Francis was created by Reto Demetz of the Demetz Studio of Ortisei, Italy, an internationally recognized creator of religious art. The stone from which Francis was crafted was taken from the ranges of Carrara, Italy—the same region from which Michelangelo secured the marble he used to create his great works like the Pieta, now displayed in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

This summer a special Francis was welcomed to the Marian campus thanks to the generosity of the Robert and Marcia Ibsen family, and to the vision of Sister Patricia Rayburn, OSF, Provincial Minister for the Sisters of Saint Francis. When the new hospital was nearing completion, the Sisters felt a Francis of some stature was called for against the large scale of the facility. In Sister Pat’s words, “A Francis that is a comforting, healing presences to all who enter the campus.”

The creation of this likeness commenced in November of 2011 and was completed in June of 2012. He weighs 10, 150 pounds. He was transported by boat from Italy to Long Beach, California, and continued by ground transport to Santa Maria. He was placed at the entrance to the Marian campus on Saturday, July 13, 2013.

A likeness that modeled the Saint Francis known to Gubio, Italy was selected. As the story goes, a fierce wolf was terrorizing the village of Gubio. Seeking out this wild wolf, Saint Francis approached him, quietly calling him, “Brother wolf” and gently tamed him to become a guardian and protector of the people of Gubio. Hence, the likeness of Saint Francis as guardian and protector to all patients, families and visitors entering Marian enjoy the peaceful welcome of his safe and comforting presence.

The Ibsen Family provided the gift to create Saint Francis in honor of the Sisters of Saint Francis and their health care ministry at Marian Regional Medical Center. The Sisters, and all members of the Marian family extend their tremendous gratitude to Robert and Marcia Ibsen and Family for their friendship and support of Marian’s healing work. This beautiful likeness will forever serve as a comforting healing presence to all who enter the Marian campus.

The construction of St. Francis Artist Reto Demetz of the Demetz Studio of Ortisei, Italy shown with his wooden carving sitting atop the block of marble used to create Saint Francis.

Sculpting of the carrera marble stone in progress as the likeness starts to emerge.

Saint Francis near completion shown with the wooden carving used to guide the process.


A completed Saint Francis is prepared for the journey via boat to California.

Saint Francis arrives on the Marian campus in his wooden crating.

Saint Francis is removed from his protective shipping ‘cocoon.’

Saint Francis is gingerly placed by crane upon his pedestal at the entrance to Marian Regional Medical Center.


Charles J. Cova, Marian President and CEO speaks before a draped statue at the blessing and unveiling event for Marian employees physicians, volunteers and friends on July 24, 2013.

Than k Yo u to O u r Board Lead ers Foundation Board

Al Schultz, M.D., Chair Rob Buchanan, Vice Chair Cynthia Schur, Secretary/ Treasurer Gregory Beebe Bill Burress, Past Chair Charles J. Cova, President & CEO Robert Dichmann, M.D. Sister Pius Fahlstrom, OSF Kevin Ferguson, M.D., President, Medical Staff Michael Galloway Marcy Ginkel Stephanie M. Grogan, Vice President, Philanthropy Angelica Gutierrez Laura Hoffman King Barbara Johnson Sofia Lariz Larry Lavagnino, Honorary Jodi Mrozek, Chair, Volunteer Council Mary Oates, M.D. Joe Olivera, Honorary Lauren Pincot Carol Reiner, Honorary Anne Rigali Jane Rooney Mary Spallino Sue Sword, Honorary Denise Valente Jeff York

Hospital Community Board

Mike McNulty, Chair Jacqueline Frederick, Esq., Vice Chair Rebecca Alarcio Lupe Alvarez, Esq. Todd D. Bailey, Jr., M.D. Sister Amy Bayley, RSM Peggy Blough Kathy Castello Charles J. Cova, President & CEO Terry Fibich, Secretary Steve Flood, D.D.S. Kevin L. Ferguson, M.D., President, Medical Staff Jonathan E. Fow, M.D., Chief of Staff Angelica Gutierrez Michael S. Hardy, Esq. Ernest Jones, M.D. Sister Sheral Marshall, OSF Vincent Martinez, Esq. Juan Reynoso, M.D. Sister Barbara Staats, OSF Kath Tompkins, AGCH Foundation Board Chair

Al Schultz, M.D., MRMC Foundation Board Chair John F. Will

Pacific Central Coast Health Centers Board

Gene Alarcon, Chair Sister Pius Fahlstrom, OSF, Vice Chair Carrick Adam, M.D. Carolyn Baldiviez, D.D.S. Leo Corona Charles J. Cova, President & CEO Robert Freeman Patricia Gomez

David Merlo Ruth Moran Sister Mary Louis Provo, OSF, Secretary/Treasurer Sister Jeanne Rollins, OSF

Marian Health Services Board

Sister Pius Fahlstrom, OSF, Chair Robert Moss, M.D., Vice Chair Sue Andersen, Vice President & CFO, Secretary/Treasurer Charles J. Cova, President & CEO Kevin Ferguson, M.D.

The Marian Regional Medical Center Foundation was established in 1982 to secure philanthropic support for Marian and the health care mission of the Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity.

1400 East Church St Santa Maria, CA 93454 (805) 739-3595 supportmarianmedical.org Return Service Requested