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MARTIN BLÄSE 3rd Generation Gongmaker


KATIE UNDERWOOD From pop music to addiction, to finding sound healing a journey to wellbeing



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8 |News

Martin Bläse is a 3rd Generation Gong Maker who crafts his gongs and other instruments for vibrational healing by hand with some stunning results.

6 | Ed’s Letter

Take a quick gander into the world of 5G for health’s sake.

9| Products Showcasing this month’s top Supernal picks in health and wellbeing products.

DIVINE GUIDANCE 10| Divine Time A day out of Time should give us all a break. ShirleySienna examines how calendars collide to create havoc.


18| The Man with the Gong!

FEATURE STORY 20 | Katie Underwood on Sound Healing Katie Underwood walks us through her journey through music, fame, depression, addiction, and how she came out the other side having discovered sound healing and meditation. It’s a inspiring story of how life can change for the better, through the power of sound.


12| The Aussie Dream Decoder

28|Bridging Realms - Core Issue Vibrational Healing™

Tadd offers some serious subjective meanings behind our life with motor vehicles offering some unconventional insights.

Anthony Kilner is launching CIVH, and explains in detail how this system of sound and energy healing works on the mind, body and spirit.



Hire slowly and fire fast, or hire quickly and create a mess - a critical business decision.

This month, Gary is off to investigate Castlemaine Gaol, and returns with some interesting reflections.

16| The Spiritual Business: Manifesting Maven


Supernal Magazine

30| Happy Haunting


32 | Sign of the Month: Leo I AM! The month of July poses the question - do Leo star signs really love themselves THAT much?





50| Mental Health Matters Personality disorders affect a huge part of our population and can be broken down into 10 types. Do you fall into one of them?

34| Enlighten Up

52| The Mentalist

The Breath of Life – understanding the Crown Chakra and how it works to promote energetic health.

One-upmanship is a serious concern in our growing society. Jason D Varga offers insight into this potentially dangerous topic.


38 | The Spirit of Things


54| Over The Rainbow

If you have never had a reading before, what should you really expect from one?

Does God love all of us? Celeste de Vis joins the Supernal team as a columnist to explainher experiences within the church.



40| Health, Wellbeing & Holistic Healing Arts

56 | Numerology

42| Food of the Month

56 | Quote of the Month

46| Reflections

Helen Bonney, Pioneer music therapist, developer of Guided Imagery with Music.

The cost of living doesn’t always mean how much money is required to live a happy life.

48| Discovering Ayurveda In the Ayurvedic teachings, there are six important tastes to explore.

What does the number7 represent in July?

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Ed’s Anthony Kilner

Sound & Vibration As a music lover of pretty much all styles of music, it took a long time for me to realise that there is a lot more to it than just good music and lyrics. As with many of us on this sound journey, it’s about understanding the frequency and what that frequency is doing to our body. There are some amazing sounds out there, from vocal toning to indigenous instruments to funky frequency makers and synthesisers and some very, very clever people making great use of those instruments. They not only use sound to help themselves but also to help others lead happier and healthier lives. “The sound experience grew as I listened to the Tibetan monks chanting and using horns and bells.” While living in India, I was privileged to see live Tibetan music on my first night at McLeod Ganj. Listening to this indigenous music with handmade instruments


Supernal Magazine

A Letter from the Editor


was simply amazing. The sound experience grew as I listened to the Tibetan monks chanting and using horns and bells. There was also an open mic night at a local restaurant where I was invited to play and wow was that some serious fun! At one stage, there would have been ten different cultures from various countries, playing a multitude of instruments and it was brilliant! The rest of my three-month stay there was taken up learning about vibration and sound utilising voice and Tibetan bowls. It was such an incredible and educational experience – one I will never forget! In more recent times, the evidence that music moves the soul was highlighted because of my work in local radio at Yarra Valley FM. This was a fun gig for a few seasons where I asked people to choose songs for their interviews; songs that had meaning for them. In many cases, while the songs were playing, the tears were flowing. This proved to me that music is such an important part of our lives from babes learning songs from our parents, people learning cultural songs to understand their heritage and musos who write songs from their own experiences that can help listeners through theirs. It’s a powerful experience and one that will resonate with people from all over the globe, irrespective of age! Moving into this issue, Deputy Editor, Christina Watt, gets together with Katie Underwood, ex Bardot, to delve into

JULY 2019 some video of him explaining his instruments and playing little snippets for you to see via the website. We’ll also explore what Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ is all about. This is a bit of blatant advertorial as it’s my business and I am just getting ready to launch it fully into the market place. I’ll explain more in the story, however, it’s the culmination of years working with sound healing and energy measurements to get this off the ground. “Don’t forget to get in touch with any feedback, questions or ideas about stories.”

Katie’s journey through addiction and depression, working in the music industry and how changing the way she made music now helps masses of people find healing through sound. She’s amazing. We have some fun videos of Katie talking about her journey and playing some of her instruments. “In many cases while the songs were playing the tears were flowing.” I met and attended a workshop and sound bath hosted by Martin Bläse from Germany, who is a third generation gong maker. Martin hand makes all of his gongs and other metal instruments that are simply stunning. There’s an interview with Martin and we’ve pieced together

Next month we will take an in-depth look at the changing face of homelessness affecting women and young people under 25. Statistically, according to the Australian Census of 2016, there are 116,000 homeless people in Australia, a 14% increase since the year 2011. It is affecting more and more women and young people - 2 out of 5 homeless are under 25. It’s a scary stat! On another front, we have been receiving some great feedback from the last issue. Don’t forget to get in touch with any feedback, questions or ideas about stories. We’d love to hear from you. Have a Supernal day!

Anthony Kilner Supernal Magazine


July 2019

NEWS Moves to ban the 5G Network There is a growing movement in social and mainstream media about the hazards of the 5G network and the health effects, not only on growing children, but people and animals alike. After all energetically we are all transmitters with electromagnetic fields that will be impacted by 5G frequency. It’s now on record that the Prime Minister of Poland. Mateusz Morawiecki has backed a growing international appeal to ban the roll out of the 5G network globally. Our brain works on frequency and communicates electrically through the body. Our energy field is a frequency and when they are working in harmony we are healthy and happy. However, if these frequencies are negative they can impact our lives creating dis-ease and illness. The 5G signal doesn’t travel well and so millions of smaller towers around the globe will broadcast this frequency. There could be no escape from these frequencies and it doesn’t stop there. There will be satellites in the sky that will be impacting the planet as well. Supernal will be looking at more detail on the 5G network in an upcoming issue, which will hopefully give our readers a balanced understanding of why this network should be stopped and why our telcos and possibly Governments want to push ahead with it. Stay tuned!

The Apothecary of Sound In stark contrast to the 5G Network, there’s some amazing work being done in recording plants and their frequency and how the amazing and varied sounds coming from the plants can be used. This tech is not new; Helen DaVita, a now retired healing medium who has worked with both people and animals, has now turned her attention to plants. Not only that, she is working with plants that have amazing healing properties physically and using their sound frequency to aid in people’s healings. Having spent time listening to some of Helen’s work I find it just amazing. To hear some of the amazing plants Helen is working with, visit and subscribe to Helen’s YouTube Chanel – TAOS The Apothecary of Sound: Watch TAOS The Apothecary of Sound here: 8

Supernal Magazine

Featured Products Healthy products – Healthy skin Aromatherapist Rita Bennett, creator of Ibah Body Products in NSW, has for the past 20 years worked with a vegan skin care range designed for all skins types. Ibah products, according to Ms Bennett, are made with love in Australia in small batches to ensure they are always active plus they are cruelty free with no animal testing. They are plant, animal and human safe, Palm oil free with high percentages of active pure plant based, organic and natural ingredients to promote healthy and balanced skin. There are no chemical fillers or synthetic ingredients, no sulphates, parabens, mineral oils petroleum, silicones, pegs, sls, sles and Ibah use re-useable glass and, in keeping with the sustainability and pride behind their product, they support many animal charities and work towards a product sustainable to all users and our planet earth. For more information -

When family health matters Nicole Bijlsma (author) and Mark Netherway, established the Australian College of Environmental Studies in 1999 after their research showed that many products used in the home negatively impact our health. The research at ACEs, found most cleaning products marketed as ‘natural’, under perform, are expensive and contain toxic chemicals that are known lung, skin and eye irritants. They couldn’t find products to recommend, so they created Healthy Home Products, which includes ABODE cleaning products and ‘It’s your body’ personal care range. According to Nicole, Healthy Home Products are made in Melbourne to stringent standards and, without nasty chemicals, work as well or even better than leading brands. Importantly, both ranges contain only food grade ingredients and are 99.99% pure. Pricing varies across the range and the products are available at health food stores Australia wide. For more information -

Onya Life for the environment Since 2004, Onya Life has been part of the global solution to replace single use plastics. Working as part of the circular economy, they have been lowering their carbon emissions by using recycled materials wherever possible to provide high quality, functional and beautiful reusable products. They also help individuals reduce their overall contribution of plastic waste to landfill. As a Certified B Corporation & 1% For The Planet member, Onya’s commitment to the environment extends far beyond the creation of reusable products. They also partner with Terracycle to provide an end of life solution for their products ensuring at no point do they enter the waste stream. Onya Life is about empowering individuals to make small behavioural changes in their lives that, when combined with the efforts of others, contributes significantly on a global scale to combating the issue of plastic pollution. For more information - Supernal Magazine


by ShirleySienna

Divine Time New Year’s Day Happy New Year! Sounds a little strange, but it’s on the way! A calendar is a grid that formats our daily lives. Calendars the world over exist in many forms and are unique to culture, creed, creative ability, astronomical vision and, very much in our Western culture, are aligned with industry and goods. Trying to make sense of an earthly calendar that is nonsensical, as time does not formally exist within the 3rd dimension, can be hard to get one’s mind around. The ‘Dreamspell’ is a calendar prototype of Time, Frequency and Space (TFI) introduced by José and Lloydine Argüelles. If you browse the Law of Time (LOT) website you may become intrigued and engage the synchronicity that has cast its spell around the planet for many decades. Our current western calendar is the ‘Gregorian’ one set in place by Pope


Supernal Magazine

Gregory in 1592. Popes and Caesars’ have been dictating as rulers of our time and our minds for centuries, and the Natural LOT which observes the skies, stars and planetary alignments does not factor strongly in this equation at all. Each day we clock on and off, keeping to a daily time schedule in our working and personal lives - forever trying to find ‘timeout’ before we ‘burnout’. José decoded and developed the Natural LOT, and the ‘Dreamspell’ was shared with the world. Each person has a place in the 260 day Tzolkin calendar. There are many Mayan calendars, the highly reported 2012 year was merely the end of a cycle, not the end of the world. This signified the end of a twenty-six thousand year period and the beginning of a brand new one. Each day is a page of a new cosmic history. There is so much information written on this, you can take it anywhere

you wish to go, and it begets freedom of personal time and mind. Each Natural Law of Time Year begins July 26th and rolls along as a solar year, until the following 25th of July, known as the ‘Day out of Time’. The 26th heralds in a new 365 day year and aligns with one of four kin codes. It will be either a Storm, Seed, Moon or Wizard Kin year, with a numeric tone between 1 and 13 and a kin number between 1 and 260. As this year closes on the 25th July, the ‘Day Out of Time’, we end it with some downtime and acknowledge the release of the old energy systems and welcome in the new. We will farewell the year of Kin 169 Red Cosmic Moon and enter into Kin 14, White Magnetic Wizard. This article hasn’t enough ‘space’ for me to touch the tip of the iceberg, but, maybe a little like the Titanic, having been influenced by the year of Red Moon Kin,

Photo Credit: Pixabay

divine guidance which is the archetype of the Healer. Moon kin vibrates to us the circumstance required to release and heal emotionally by the power of universal water. This year has brought those emotions to the surface, and after all – you have to feel in order to heal! The tone is the 13th, which signifies the Cosmic tone of ‘Presence’. The verse is as follows:

a wave-spell. The magnetic tone is the first of the thirteen tones and draws us, like said magnet, into a predestined personal and planetary calendar, the ‘Dreamspell’. The verse for the incoming Magnetic Wizard Year is as follows:

With the Magnetic tone of Purpose

unto itself) we ‘feel’ our way and become more aware of the importance of being present. This allows us to utilise the LOT beyond the power of outdated man created calendars that own our time and mind, and we begin to not just find, but yearn to discover and live our purpose. We reclaim our instinct and trust our intuition and unify with like mind. With integrity we find the power to bring a more peaceful, integrative and compassionate vibration to Plan-Et Earth-Heart.

I am guided by my own power doubled

Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

I Unify in Order to Enchant Attracting Receptivity I seal the Output of Timelessness

It is also the birth kin of the current 14th Dalai Lama. Synchronically this 14th reincarnation of holiness is Kin 14. His life journey exemplifies the timelessness and magnetic tone of purpose. He has been and I Endure in Order to Purify must continue to be guided by his own power doubled. Transcending Flow He truly attracts receptivity I seal the Process of Universal and has enchanted the world in so many ways. Water

I am guided by the power of Space

The Wizard in its galactic archetype remains the Wizard, its light and shadowself performing according to tone and personal destiny.

The New Year bearer, White Magnetic Wizard Kin 14 will be very influential for 13 years. It denotes a period of time overseen by the tone of Magnetic force as

This incoming year is an iconic new beginning. As we consciously surrender to the power of healing, (or perhaps the conscious part comes as hindsight, a gift

With the Cosmic Tone of Presence

May our heart and mind be at one with that of Nature - José Argüelles from the Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions.

Supernal Magazine


Dream Decoder

The Aussie

by Tadd

An Objective Look at Subjective – The Vehicle Our vehicles tell the world a lot about who we are as people. Think about the car you drive; is it a sedan, work ute, sports car, muscle car, 7-seater? Think about the cars your friends and family own and you will soon see a pattern forming. Add to that the colour of the vehicle, the way the vehicle has been modified, if at all, and this also says a lot about a person. I enjoy spending time watching people in their cars, seeing how they look after them, what they do with them and where they go. Objectively, everything that happens with your vehicle simply happens. A flat tyre is a flat tyre. Subjectively though, everything that happens to your vehicle


Supernal Magazine

could be a message for you. I just love working this stuff out! “As the main vehicle for our direction, we should love our cars as a way of measuring success and the journey.”– Anthony Kilner (2016)

Let’s look at a couple of examples to get the ball rolling. I spotted a tradie friend’s car parked near his current work place and the right front tyre was flat. It was his blue coloured work ute which he always keeps immaculately clean on the outside, although the inside is messy. I had texted him about a job at my house and forgot to mention the flat tyre so he drove here on it. The long and short of it was, I pumped it up for him and he went off to get it fixed. Objectively, he’s got a clean exterior, messy interior and

flat tyre to fix, “Simples” as our Meerkat friend on TV would say. Well not necessarily so, here’s my take on things. The tradie’s work is slowing and he is pondering his direction moving forward. He is feeling flat about his prospects and other factors are impacting his direction. This is all determined by the car being parked at his workplace and the flat being on the right front. I forgot to tell him about the flat in my text. This represents potential clients not telling him everything they see, which can lead to problems in the future. He presents as a good communicator on the exterior, the clean blue duco, but he keeps how he’s feeling totally locked up inside. There’s a lot going on within him as he works

dreams through life – especially regarding work, hence the messiness of the interior. I helped him pump up the tyre, this is about him accepting help from outside sources. He needs to acknowledge when he needs help and to recognise there are pathways forward in life that he may be missing because he doesn’t ask for help - so not so “Simples!” If you apply this sort of thinking to real life as well as to dreams, there are a lot of deeper meanings to be found. Another dream example; you see yourself as a passenger in a white fourwheel drive (4WD) heading up a rocky track climbing into a blue sunny sky. The white 4WD represents travelling through some rough times spiritually. There’s a person driving you, helping you reach the pinnacle of your direction at this stage in life. It’s very positive and there’s growth to be had by being helped up the rocky track, as evidenced by the sun shining in a blue sky, indicating growth through communication. I love this stuff and the devil is in the detail, both subjectively and objectively. Start looking at what you are experiencing and see what messages have arrived for you!

Basic Vehicle Interpretations I have selected a few vehicle interpretations from the book, Practical Mediumship – A Guide to Understanding Psychics, Mediums, Dreams and Physical and Metaphysical Information by Anthony Kilner. Vehicle interpretations 2WD – A normal two-wheel drive vehicle that will go most places easily. 4WD – A four-wheel drive can traverse a variety of terrain from normal roads to mountain climbing, and everything in between. FWD – A front-wheel drive combines steering in your direction and power to the wheels at the same time. RWD – A rear-wheel drive has the power to drive from the rear of the vehicle. Sedan – An everyday car that can carry up to five people. Standard wagon – Offers the ability to carry loads inside, protected. 7-seat wagon – The ability to carry up to seven people safely - family. Two-door – Sports cars mean fun, freedom and living on the edge.

Dual Cab Ute – This vehicle represents the aspects of play with space. The dual cab and the tray Ute section for both work and play. A dual purpose vehicle that is practical for a variety of situations. Ute – A Ute is a work truck and comes in various configurations to make it practical. Motorcycle – Is it a sports bike, tourer, dirt bike, roadster, chopper? Can it take one, two, or three people? Bikes represent freedom, speed, agility and fun. There are so many more aspects to vehicles that can be interpreted. Next month we’ll explore the various objective and subjective understandings of the vehicle itself in greater detail. Do you have a dream you would like interpreted? Send them through to Tadd via editor@ supernalmagazineaustralia.

s m a e r

D t e e Sw

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In person and Online Holistic Health and Well-being Tailored Personal Transformation Programs Transformational Learning

Freya Sampson Transformation Facilitator


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Transformational Travel and Experiences | Ph 0412 440 118

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Manifesting Maven

Hiring Your Dream Team in Total Alignment Dr. Brooklyn Storme PhD

Ian was a health coach and his business was thriving. Every day he would come to work, check the diary and see that he was fully booked. In the beginning this was really exciting because it was a huge achievement, a manifestation of his goal of helping as many people as he could.

“By outsourcing some tasks, your will be more free to focus …” So, he did just that. Every day he would see his clients and help them and he felt really good until, that is, he began to receive more referrals. Not really

knowing what to do, he created a waiting list and day-by-day, would add the latest referrals to it. Soon, Ian began feeling stressed about going to work. He knew something had to change but his fear was blocking him from taking the step forward and hiring. In the end, the stress was so great that he had no choice but to advertise. He was desperate for someone to come and help him. After staying back after hours to read through the applications he’d received that day, there was one that stood out – mostly because the candidate was qualified and ready

to begin immediately. That was music to Ian’s ears. Ian promptly phoned the lucky candidate and conducted an interview that way, offering the job with an immediate start date. The candidate accepted and agreed to meet Ian at the office before opening hours the next day. The two men met and got along well enough, the contract was signed and the candidate was happy to commence that day. So, he did.

“…his fear was blocking him from taking the step forward and hiring …” Things worked well between the two new work-mates for a little while,


Supernal Magazine

business until there was a change. You see, the candidate started to do things that made Ian uncomfortable. The candidate didn’t have a good retention rate of clients, he would make excuses about why he couldn’t come into the office, his notes weren’t of the standard that Ian expected and he wasn’t helping with marketing the business at all.

“…hire slowly, fire fast…” What Ian quickly realised was, that he’d made a mistake in hurrying to hire someone and that the better way is to Hire slowly, Fire fast. The next thing Ian needed to do was look at the way he was recruiting team members and really examine his processes. By exploring ways that he could use social media more effectively, Ian was able to put an advertisement out that really resonated with the right candidate. Instead of hiring the first person that applied and whom, on the surface, appeared to meet his criteria, Ian waited, took his time and in the end, his patience paid off. Ian now has two contactors working for him and they both turned out to be a very good fit for the

business. The contractors have excellent retention rates, are attracting new clients to the business themselves, their files are in order and everyone shares the greater vision for the business. You might be a solopreneur and wondering if or when you’ll hire team too. It can be daunting knowing where to begin. One way that works for many entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages of business when they are bootstrapped, is to outsource routine tasks to a virtual assistant (VA). The right VA is a relatively small investment (I pay mine $385 a month and she takes all of my inquiries, handles my bookings, uploads new client details into my client management system, sends reminder notifications and emails to clients, takes messages, processes credit card payments and lots more). In the beginning, it feels like, “Ohhhhh, I don’t know if I can afford that” but really, what is YOUR time worth? How much would I pay to see you for an hour? How much time are you investing in routine activities that are keeping

you busy and preventing you from working ON your business rather than IN it? If your administrative work or even your social media management is absorbing two hours a day of your time, over five days a week, it’s costing you $1000 a week or $4000 a month. Compare that to $400 a month and I think you’ll see where the best use of your time and money lies.

By outsourcing some tasks, your will be free to focus on doing things like writing job advertisements that attract the right candidates, like training your staff and providing them with support or supervision. This is growth, this is expansion, this is your business up-levelling.

Happy manifesting!

Dr. Brooklyn Storme

Manifesting Mavern

Supernal Magazine


Supernal Interview

Resonance of the Bronze Age - Martin Bläse by Anthony Kilner

Anticipation hung in the air in the cosy mud brick cottage at Kangaroo Ground in Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs. All that could be heard was the gentle breathing of forty or more people – waiting. We were attending a workshop facilitated by Martin Bläse, a renowned German gong and bowl maker. As he began to play his gong, the room complimented the harmonic resonations and the sheer power of the vibration surrounded and enveloped us. This was truly vibrational healing energy at its best. The phenomenal vibration and sound created by a variety of Martin’s handmade gongs and bells was mindblowing - and I can honestly say I could feel the echoes of that sound for days afterward. We spent the day listening to Martin’s fascinating explanation of his love for gongs and demonstrating

his vibrational healing skills, so where do I start in sharing that with you? Martin told his story of having been a silversmith since 1993, and being a third generation gong-smith. Both his father and grandfather were metal workers of skill, and it was back in the 1930s when Martin’s grandfather made his first gongs. Having grown up with sound ringing through the house, Martin’s father made his first gong and, years later, Martin would ask his father to teach him how to make a gong too. His silversmith father had made beautiful chalices and other products for the church and this continued to inspire Martin on his journey into smithing.


Supernal Magazine

Martin was living in Berlin at this time, and his neighbours hated the noise of Martin beating the steel into shape. That first gong never felt right to Martin, so he stopped creating - however despite that hiccup, many years

after, Martin would go on to play his first gong alongside his father and grandfather in concert. They all harmonised and worked beautifully together. After his marriage, things got pretty tough; Martin became sick, he had three kids and a wife to support and financially they were in trouble. He resorted to his love of smithing and made three brass singing bowls, selling them all within a week! This took him on a journey to a new way of thinking, design and working with sound and steel.

“They all harmonised and worked beautifully together.” By applying his thoughts and muscle, Martin now hand beats all his gongs and bowls into their shape. He originally worked with base metals, then moved to steel and finally worked with Titanium, one of the hardest and lightest metals around. As you will see from the video, the sound Titanium creates will blow you away. Watch the video here:

Martin provided in depth information about gong making, hot and cold tempering methods and how that process changes the structure of the steel, thereby creating a unique frequency. He touched on how gongmaking techniques differ


around the world, and how the body responds to the frequencies of the vibration and the resonance of the sound made by the instruments. Fascinating stuff! Martin then showed us the difference between sound and tone, and how sound quality is the most important part of the process. It’s clear that he is passionate about educating people about sound, however his main drive is always to find the best methods in order to make his bowls create a vibration that holds both quality and resonance. Martin was very forthcoming about his work but I wanted to chat about why he was here in Australia for the first time. He told us that this was his first trip outside of Europe, and the workshop was delivered on what was just his second day in Australia. His travels within

Europe took him to a place in Norway which was a sacred area from the Bronze Age. The feeling and energy of the area caused him to experience an epiphany that changed not only his work, but his life. He felt at home with the energy and for the first time knew exactly what he was going to do! This epiphany led to him to Uluru, which - to this day - he believes is the most important sacred place on earth. He obtained a permit to play at Uluru and created a beautiful Earth Gong to play there. This he achieved on the 21st May, one hour after sunrise. Watch the video here:

“...the harmonic resonations and the sheer power of the vibration surrounded me...” A direct quote from Martin about his experience: “Sometimes when something very special happens it touches so deep that I do not feel anything special while it happens. But when it’s over, the feeling, the inspiration is growing in me like seeds. “The same has happened when I played the Gong at Uluru. And now a really great inspiration wants to be realized through me.” I want to thank Cara from the Kangaroo Ground Centre for liaising with Martin on my behalf. It was a very special day and evening and such an amazing experience to have been a part of. Supernal Magazine 19


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Katie Underwood:

The Path to Purpose by Christina Watt There’s no doubt that former popstar, Katie Underwood, has achieved a perfect blend of passion and purpose to deliver a sublime musical experience for all who attend her powerful sound healing events. Katie incorporates vocal toning, guided meditation and healing sounds to induce a deep meditative state, promoting relaxation and healing. Katie, who now runs Underwood Healing, shares her story with us this month, giving us an insight into her musical career in the Australian pop scene and explaining how she left it all behind to focus on her own unique style of healing through sound.

interspersed with the instruments that seemed to bind with her voice in order to create some sort of sacred union. This culminated in an incredibly powerful experience of self-awareness and a deep sense of calm and wellness in every cell of my body.

To me, music is an enigma. It has the uncanny ability to connect intimately with our inner world and our emotions – to congratulate our achievements, soothe our grief and heighten our experiences of love, joy and everything in between. I have discovered that it also has another purpose –to help our body heal.

Sound healing involves using instruments and the voice to resonate deeply with a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies to encourage healing, release and rest. Vocal toning utilises the voice to harmonise and balance the cells and energetic pathways of the body. By using rhythm and frequency, we can entrain our brainwaves to slow our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), theta (meditative and/or creative state) and delta (sleep; deep healing).

Recently I attended one of Katie’s sound journey meditation events. From the moment I relaxed under my blanket, I became immersed in sound. Waves of sound that were oscillating in, around and through my body, gently extracting all of my thoughts, leaving my focus solely on Katie’s ethereal vocal toning

The passion that Katie has for her craft is evident during her events. She fully immerses herself in her work and uses

her voice to become the bridge between participant and sound, seeming to traverse the ether to achieve the vocal tones required for that particular group.

“My journey into meditation began in my late 20’s when I started therapy.” She is vibrant and energetic and genuinely happy to converse with people after her events. Having read numerous reviews of these events it is obvious that Katie thoroughly enjoys her work and this is reflected in the praise her events receive. Her reviewers are in agreement that she is, “Wonderfully kind and gentle.” Incredibly talented.” “Makes everyone feel so comfortable,” and “has the most amazing voice”. As pop music and sound healing are worlds apart, I was curious to know more about the journey that had brought Katie to express her musical talent in such a

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beautiful manner, and in the process, help others to find a sense of healing and empowerment. So where did it all begin? Music has always been an important part of Katie’s life. As she explains, “I started randomly singing as soon as I could talk, started classical piano lessons at six and then school choir at nine. By age eleven I was invited to sing with three different choirs in Adelaide and I chose the Adelaide Girls’ Choir which I sang with for about five years.” Katie adds, “I felt a strong calling to continue my musical education but at the advice of my parents I chose another path and, from the ages of nine to fifteen, I aspired to be a physiotherapist.” Katie’s love of singing never waned, and after moving to Melbourne from Adelaide, she discovered Jazz and was mentored by Charlie Rook. They began performing in their jazz-swing band called Corduroy Lounge. Although becoming a pop star was


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never part of the original plan, an opportunity arose in October 1999 for Katie to audition for the TV reality show, Popstars, along with over two thousand other singers. Katie thought it would be a good experience, “I never planned to be in a pop group - I wasn’t particularly a fan of the genre but it seemed like a good opportunity to at least audition for it. Actually getting accepted to be in it was a huge surprise!”

“My mission is to reach as many people as I can to inspire them to embrace meditation and sound.” The all-girl band Bardot was the final result of Popstars. The group achieved massive success in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, with more than double-platinum sales for their debut album and singles. They had a No. 1 hit with the song “Poison” and performed at the 2000 ARIA Awards. Katie left the group in 2001. In 2002 Katie returned

to the music scene with Australian dance act Disco Montego. They had a hit with the song ‘Beautiful’. The song was certified gold, peaked at No. 9 on the ARIA pop charts and held the No.1 spot on the ARIA Club chart for twelve weeks. Katie won an APRA award for ‘Beautiful’ in 2003. Katie’s association with Disco Montego continued with the follow up single ‘Magic’ which also featured on their Top 20 album, ‘Disco Montego’. Katie’s first solo single ‘Danger’ earned her another APRA nomination in 2004. Katie’s interest in meditation began to develop as a self-help mechanism. She explains, “My journey into meditation began in my late 20’s when I started therapy. I was motivated by a deep unhappiness in my marriage and my professional music career at that point and I fell into depression.” “My depression peaked when I realised I no longer wanted to be in my marriage and I became suddenly

feature unemployed in 2006. There were multiple things going on in my life at that time. My music career in the pop realm had been really jarring and had come to an abrupt end and I had also been put through the ringer by the media. The unfortunate thing about gearing your life around music performance is that it’s combined with a lot of isolation as you are often on the road. If you are signed to a record label often artists are chronically overworked. There is no such thing as a day off – the day off is that you sleep on the bus on the way to the next gig.

“Once my career was over I then fell into a really strong relationship with alcohol and pot.” The other obvious enabler in the industry is the artists ‘Rider’. The rider is basically a bucket of alcohol that the promotor or the venue provides for you before you start work. Even if you don’t drink when you go into the industry it becomes very much a part of the norm. The drinking before the gig and celebrating with a drink after the gig and before you know it you don’t remember the last day you didn’t have a drink.” “Once my career was over I then fell into a really strong relationship with alcohol and pot – this was not good for me. Depression affects people differently and I had my lightbulb moment about six months after I had fallen into my hole and I realised I wasn’t singing anymore. Singing is such an integral part of who I am and that

was my “aha” moment to realise that I was depressed. That was when I began my journey of recovery. This led me to seek out help in the form of rehab, psychological support and health and fitness. This included meditation, improved nutrition, fitness and art therapy. I was totally inspired by this process of transformation and all of the therapists and the impact they were having on me and I thought, wow, I want to be like them! It motivated my own journey into training as a healing practitioner starting with massage and then progressing into reiki, meditation teaching and sound healing.” “That small flicker evolved into the vibrant passion I have for it now as a teacher

myself. The integration of sound into my healing practice was a natural one - combining my past talents with my new interest in helping others. From the beginning of my training in sound healing, vocal toning was always of particular interest to me. I began by singing with one crystal bowl that I found to be especially resonant and healing and also singing while drumming. Over time I began to combine both instrumental and vocal elements together.” This new passion for healing led Katie to become a certified Meditation Teacher and obtain a Diploma in Sound Healing Therapy, Certificate in Traditional Tibetan Sound Healing, Supernal Magazine



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feature feature Certificate in the Yoga of Sound, Reiki 1 & 2, Diploma in Remedial Massage and to complete the Healing Sounds Intensive with Jonathan Goldman in Colorado, USA in 2015. After feeling such a shift in my own body after attending Katie’s event, I asked Katie if she often has similar responses from other participants. Katie said, “It is quite common for people to report feeling ‘high’ or more relaxed for hours and even days after the events. The neuro-chemical benefits of these sessions can truly be felt afterwards and assist the body to repair itself much more readily. Often people with chronic pain will report some relief after the sessions, perhaps for an hour or even a day. This is a huge thing for those who suffer daily pain. Other effects can be a lasting sense of calm, increased energy, better

sleep and a heightened sense of awareness. Like any healing modality, the more regularly you engage with it, the longer lasting the benefits will be.”

“The integration of sound into my healing practice was a natural one - combining my past talents with my new interest in helping others.” It is clear that Katie Underwood has truly found a positive way to utilise her vocal and instrumental talents as she explains, “My mission is to reach as many people as I can to inspire them to embrace meditation and sound as an essential path for healing and wellbeing. It has had a profound effect on my life for many years and I want to help others to discover that same joy for themselves.”

Click on the thumbnails below to watch Supernal’s extended Katie Underwood interview and an introduction to her babies (instruments):

To get in contact with Katie or explore her upcoming Sound Meditation workshops, visit to keep up with her latest updates. Supernal Magazine


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Core Vibrations Core Vibrations Core Vibrations CIVH Interview By Jane Offer

A sound approach to energy healing

Our own Anthony Kilner has been working with sound, energy and frequency for many years, running hands-on sound healing and energy workshops with passion. I first saw Anthony practice his BRCIVH™ work on my husband David and it was fascinating. David had recently had some challenging family issues so he knew he was completely out of balance. When Anthony measured his Chakra outputs, they were of varying lengths and strengths which is not a good indication of a peaceful mind. He then used various instruments to rebalance him and bring everything into alignment. David told me after that he felt himself drifting into an extremely relaxed state and could feel his energies ‘sorting themselves out’.


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On the final measuring, his Chakras were all aligned and almost equal in output and strength. It was a remarkable result and the feeling stayed with David over the next few days allowing him to address the issues to a good conclusion. I thought it would be interesting to ask Anthony to explain exactly what BRCIVH™ is all about. What is Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™? BRCIVH™ is a system of using instruments, crystals and energetic healing to help people to work through energy, physical and mental crisis. It includes a range of skills to help people understand their disease and to get their mind, body and energy working together as one. The energy fields of the seven major chakras are measured for output with divining rods, noting energy movement. Once the measurements are taken, we chat about what that means. Most people understand the physical reasons for ailments but don’t always understand

Jane Offer

just how the chakras work with the body’s endocrine system. For example, the base chakra is connected with the genital areas of the physical body and so on up through the body. The chakras also have metaphysical meanings; for example, the base chakra is all about our fight and flight responses. The chakras have different frequencies based around colour which adds another dimension to the process. Everything is interconnected. At this point the mind aspect comes into play and that often means discussing with the client how they feel and, with time, it helps identify the core issue of a person’s problems. When a person understands the concept, then consciously understands what is causing their physical and energetic problems, they feel more in control on a consciousness level, helping the person to affect their own healing. Where did the concept of BRCIVH™ come from? Spirit gave me the idea whilst living and studying in India.


s BRCIVH™ is a sequence, a process of understanding that makes it unique. What skill sets allow you to work in BRCIVH™? Years ago, at a Native American Indian workshop, I was blown away by the flute and the drum. William Two Feather explained how they were used for self-help during life. I bought my first flute from America and started learning it, following on with hand drums, Tibetan and crystal bowls and more. I studied Reiki/Seichim, trance healing, vibrational healing, qualified as a masseur, studied muscle distress and, in India, my skills were enhanced using bowls, oils and colour. My study included the body’s endocrine system, working with divining rods and crystals as well as counselling courses, First Aid and CPR. It’s all part of my multi-faceted take on helping people. There’s the empath side of myself too which helps and, being a medium and working with spirit healers, adds to the mix. It’s been many years of learning.

Are you a doctor or qualified to make a diagnosis?

are seeking help with. The cost is $150.00 (July 2019).

I am not a doctor and I DO NOT make any diagnosis. In fact, I often refer people back to their doctor or other medical and counselling professionals for help. I take a very holistic and integrative approach to people’s wellbeing.

You must be very excited by the thought that you can teach practitioners this method and will soon make it available to the public for help and support?

I have studied extensively over the years and, with my own life experience, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge to discuss issues openly. Has BRCIVH™ been taught anywhere? BRCIVH™ as a modality by itself, has never been taught. To date I have taken two students through the training program, which is being developed. The training takes months of work as each person undergoes their own journey and learns the skills required to work in the field competently and professionally. How long does a session take and what does it cost? A session typically takes 1.5 hours plus. It really depends on the person and what they

I am. it’s exciting to bring together ancient and modern knowledge together to help people feel healthy and well balanced. Plus, knowing the difference it can make to people’s lives, I am honoured to be part of that. How can people book an appointment or enrol for the course? Appointments are available now and people can register their intent to enrol. People can contact me via email Thank you Anthony for sharing your information on this important work. I know that it will reach many people through the clients you treat and the practitioners you train. If it has half the effect I saw in David, I am certain that it has the potential to change the lives of so many in this world.

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Happy Haunting L o c k e d by Gary Sullivan G’day folks. Welcome back to my page, I hope you are having a haunting time. In this issue we are off to the Castlemaine Gaol, thankfully not as in-mates! Castlemaine Gaol was first built in 1861 to house some of the offenders from the nearby Goldfields. From 1861 to 1908, during the Colonial Era, the Gaol housed all manner of criminals, including lunatics, debtors and ten men that were hanged within its walls. The first to be executed by hanging was a fellow by the name of David Young, in 1865, for the murder of a woman named Margaret Graham and the last being John Duffus, in 1876, for criminal assault of his own daughter. Castlemaine was a rough and ready place, especially around the Goldfields. The


Supernal Magazine

U P Chinese were prime targets for being robbed, set up for crimes they didn’t commit and more by prospectors, as they were so detested just for being themselves. There were, in fact, three known Chinese hangings within the Gaol; that of Long Poy on 10th March 1866, Ah Pew on 23rd May 1870 and Ah Kat on 9th August 1875. Life was hard and survival was the name of the game in the Gaol; even more so if you were foreign to our shores. The Goal has an interesting history as it was used as a reformatory school for boys aged 16 and 25 between 1909 and 1951 and was recommissioned as a prison in 1954 until it closed in 1990. We were invited to investigate by a good friend of mine named Cat and her team. On arrival we took in the spectacular sight as the Gaol was perched on top of a hill overlooking the town of Castlemaine. One of the

paranormal Startled, I shone my torch first things I noticed was that in that direction and, yes, ityou was designed around guessed it, there wasthe Pentonville Order. nothing there. We went back to our vigil, when there Some of the extremely distinguishable was another loud features of Pentonville bang as though somebody Prisons that wall all ofin had hit were the inside the cell windows looked the same corner. Being the straight up toinvestigators the heavens, ever-curious wethe continued on. Anthony so prisoners could decided play histo Native repent bytolooking God American Indian flute try for forgiveness of theirtosins. and calm what was there. Secondly, it was a silent This seemed work as we prison, wheretono words were didn’t hear another bang. to be spoken aloud so you could reflect on your sins Just after Anthony stopped in peace. These rules playing, I noticed whatwere seemed to be shadow strictly adhered to. figures moving about We started bywere walking ahead of We both witnessing same around thethe Gaol to thing. get a I gotfor upwhat to investigate, but feel may lie ahead yet us. again there played was nothing for Anthony his there. Continuing on we flute to try and bring some both saw appeared to peace towhat an immediate be strange light anomalies restless feeling we were coming out of a doorway receiving. This wasinto going and disappearing the to be fun night for all! floora about 10 feet in front of us. It wasn’t long before we Night had fallen and heard the sound of footsteps we weretowards busy setting walking us and up cameras and audio stopping in the same area. recording equipment. went I had no explanation asI to down stairs the kitchen why this wasto happening. Just as quickly as itcells started area and solitary withit stopped. Cat and another team member, AJ. We began We decided to explore the receiving some EMF spikes Entertainment Hall next as it around the solitary cells and felt like we were being so conducted a vigil.

We didn’t seem to make any contact with spirit, or so we thought. A.J said he would stay and do a lone vigil while Cat and I explored the kitchen area. After 10 minutes or so, Cat and I returned upstairs

invited in, more on an energetic level than a person opening the door for us. We set up our chairs and got comfortable. Anthony switched on the audio recorder as we settled into another vigil. Anthony again began to play his flute, which has a beautiful soothing sound. Just It to the main cell block. beforelong we began to wasn’t beforetrying AJ came communicate verbally, I running up the stairs quitehad said to Anthony that distraught. He told useven that as it was a warm night I felt like I he used some provocation, was burning up. (antagonising the spirits into making contact); to elicit Now, little did I know it the time,from I hadwhatever just aatresponse recorded of the clearest was down one there, when he EVP’s (Electronic Voice was physically attacked. Phenomena) thatillI and have He also felt quite ever captured. Very had to pull out of theshortly rest of after that, I felt as though I the investigation. This was was burning hot, and a very unusual for AJ,said, as I knew him clear whisper “You’re quite well and had never on Fire!” seen him this upset before. Anthony, being the medium, After some more in had picked up onvigils a young different parts ofwas the hiding Gaol, boy in spirit who in the shadowstoofcapture the stage we managed behind us, watching in some rather un-friendly amazement. Hethem, seemed EVP’s. In one of I asked to come closer, then if there was anybody there; moved back as if he were this the spirit did not like. The apprehensive. Anthony response was “A-Holes”. In explained that he appeared another vigil an EVP was to be in his early teens, captured with whispering yet seemed to aact a lot voice saying, “Talk aboutup younger. He also picked Abbo’s.” Please excuse the he may have been suffering from a mental health issue.

use of the term, but this is what was recorded. Overall the Gaol didn’t seem to have any pleasant ghosts of inmates past that had anything nice to say about anyone or anything. Cat had captured a very unusual light anomaly which Anthony picking still has mewas puzzled to up thisthat the boy was scared because very day. It clearly had its he didn’t want to get in own light Could sourcethis and trouble. bewas the certainly not man made. disembodied voice that I Itjust was only visible for a ago? brief captured moments moment - could we have To this day never know if it captured anI’llapparition was him or not. The records manifesting? show that this place was also a children’s hospital Overall, the Gaol wasfor a those with special needs, as somewhat nasty placewell as an infectious diseases tobeing be, with some of the hospital. revolting EVP’s as well as a member the team being Overall, of Pleasant Creek physically setlive upon. Yetits didn’t quite up to still it leaves you yearning name. It turned out to be so pleasant!” to“Not return. I have had the pleasure of doing some Until next time, return investigations there Happy haunting! with mixed results. Alas, the Gaol has now been closed off to visitors, as it is now in use as a privately owned place. Until next time Happy Haunting! Gaz. Gary Sullivan

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of the Month

By Varij Varidium

July 23 – Aug 23

LEO a noble knight with a lion’s heart, my beautiful mother, as fine and true a woman ‘er a man did see. At first breath, the sun shone from my very eyes and, at that very moment too, my golden destiny was revealed in a vision of radiant clear light: ‘My life, the great work of art!’

I am

LEO Allow me to introduce myself. I am Leo. For your pleasure and mine dear readers, I am staging a royal command performance in honour of myself, entitled ‘Me, Myself, I.’ As you no doubt know, I’m special, a legend of my own mind. Pay attention now as I mythologize myself. My birth was the cause of great rejoicing, for I was born out of love. My father,


Supernal Magazine

“What a novel my life is”

roar, and realize I’m a lion, not a sheep. Sheep follow, I lead. Ergo I’m not a sheep. R-r-r-r-o-a-r! Imagine making that mistake. R-r-r-r-o-a-r!

“To thine own self be true” Shakespeare

Who am I? I am the centre of the world - my world. I Napoleon Bonaparte practise self- centering in order to recognise myself as the divine creator I really As Shakespeare has truly am. Mean spirited people spoken, “All the world is a may say I’m merely ego stage /And all the men and centred, but have no fear; I women merely players / They won’t be thrown off centre have their exits and their by envious small minds. I entrances /And one man in realise full well that my great his time plays many parts.” task is to centre on Self My role in this earthly Lila, without becoming merely this play of the divine, is to fill self-centred, to not confuse the world with life, love and ‘self’ with ‘Self’. Why I’ve laughter. To sing my song, to even got my own original shine my light with will, power formulation to prove it: ego and dignity. To wake up and

astrology is to Self like a cloud is to the Sun, which is to say, ego is a cloud blocking the light of the Self. So critics get off my case! I never listen to you anyway. Call me arrogant, conceited, plain ‘up myself’ if you like, but if you want to influence me, choose the right time and place. A respectful private word in my ear I’ll listen to, but whatever you do don’t embarrass me in public or I’ll savage you. Understood? Who am I? I’m a passionate romantic. Without love my sky turns to grey. I’m warm, I’m hot, of good loving I cannot get enough. I fall in love with myself in my lover. She must be special, just like me. I need to feel proud of her. After all, she reflects on me. I will love her ardently, eternally. She is my Queen, I will treat her like one. I will honour and worship her as the goddess she is; respect her, take care of her, celebrate her, shower her

with praise and admiration, do whatever it takes to keep the heart fires burning. I will never let her down, on this she can depend. Until the death of love, which never can be, never shall we part.

“…I am staging a royal command performance in honour of myself, entitled ‘Me, Myself, I.’” Who am I? At my highest and best, I am a spiritual teacher dedicated to helping others to realize the Self as I have done. I am Sri Aurobindo, Carl Jung, and Barry Long. Jung, on a personal level, was an archetypically Leonine character. A big man with a correspondingly large appetite for life, which he lived long and fully. He produced a large body of work, the influence of which continues to grow, not least in providing the conceptual underpinning for a modern psychologically oriented astrology, which has most notably been further developed by astrologers Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene.

Australian guru Barry Long, self-styled ‘Master of the West’, was quintessentially Leonine in his use of language. Note his early signature declaration quoted above: “I am Guru - don’t put the ‘I’ on me.” Meaning, the ‘I’ that declares itself to be Guru is not to be understood as any privileged individual called ‘Barry Long’, but is rather the one identical cosmic consciousness referenced as ‘I’ in all beings.

“My role in this earthly Lila, this play of the divine, is to fill the world with life, love and laughter.” And how about this gem: “there is no selfishness, no self-isness, in me” - unlike less conscious Leo’s who tend to be full of themselves. Let such Leo’s reflect on this also: “The process of knowing yourself, through facing yourself, is at the same time the reduction of self and the separating from it. Finally, self is perceived as a whole and this means that the perceiver, ‘I’, am not my self - quite an amazing realisation.”

“I am Guru - don’t put the ‘I’ on me” Barry Long

Varij Varidium

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Enlighten Up

The Breath of Life

Crown Chakra - part 3 By Freya Sampson Custodian Eartheart

To become truly empowered, we need to develop our meridians and Chakras. That way we stay consciously connected to Source more of the time and we are aware of the support that is always there for us. One of my students had a minor stroke about three months ago. She said that as soon as she felt funny, the very first thing she did was practice the ‘Connect to Grace - Breath of Life’ exercise that I had taught her. Instantly she felt improved, so much so that she was able to get home, call the doctors and get herself to the hospital for treatment. Without doing this, she maintains, “I would have been overwhelmed by the experience and I believe that the prognosis would have been far worse.” Another benefit of connection to Source is the capacity to manifest. And we all want to be able to do that well!


Supernal Magazine

Recently, Eartheart moved and y’know what moving is like! I was looking at the front lawn for a week, each time thinking, and “I need to get the lawn mowed”. I was having a morning cuppa in the garden and someone parked a machine on our lawn. I peered over the fence thinking, “Goodness what’s this machine?” and saw that it had lawn clippings on it. The driver had popped across to the deli. Upon his return I asked him if he’d be kind enough to mow my lawn. He said, “Sure thing, would you like me to do your neighbours as well?” Abundance much! He refused being paid, so I insisted on buying his smoko. Then the next month, he did it again for me… fingers crossed for this month too! This is a simple example of manifesting when ones Chakras and meridians are clear. In my mind I thought I needed to book a lawnmowing contractor. The Divine, however, is not bound by such limitations and, if one is accepting of this, holds an open heart and mind … things

occur beyond the level of consciousness.

About the Crown Chakra The Crown Chakra has many names. In Sanskrit it is called Sahasrara or Sahasrara Maha Padme. It is also known as the 1000 Petal Lotus, Akasha Chakra and The Gateway to Consciousness. The Crown Chakra vibrates at the highest frequency of all the chakras. This is why it is described and depicted as having 1000 petals. Really they are infinite, as is consciousness. The more your crown expands and grows, the more petals become revealed from its heart. The simple purpose of the Crown Chakra is Pure Being. Its function is the intake of consciousness and associations are clarity, Divine connection, service and surrender. It governs the brain, cerebellum, spinal cord and central nervous system. Historically, Kings and Queens wear crowns, which represented the Crown


Chakra and their connection to the Divine. When it’s not working properly, we could experience things like confusion and, when it gets really unhealthy, insanity. The Crown Chakra is different to the other chakras; it is more of a gateway, being the entry point for Source Energy through consciousness into the Auric Field. It’s stepped down through the many chakras above the head, to the Soul Star Chakra, the 1st transpersonal ascending chakra, where light and consciousness is fed into the lower subtle bodies or dimensions; the Astral comprising of mental and emotional frequencies. Therefore, it acts more like a funnel for incoming light and consciousness. Conversely, one can transcend through it into Oneness and Bliss.

The Benefits of a healthy Crown Chakra.

• Transcendence, going beyond logic and learning to think outside the box. • Knowing, direct understanding without being told or taught.

• Funnel or entry for the intake of spiritual energy. • Spiritual connection point. • Heart of divine spiritual love. • Understanding internal spiritual teachings, our life lessons. • Understanding Mythos and Archetypes. • Understanding continuous conscious awareness. • Access to past and future lives, known as the Akashic records. • Access to parallel lives or dimensions. • Access to other dimensional realities. • Unity Consciousness in conjunction with the Heart Chakra.

The Problems • Fear of connection or disconnection from the Divine. • Fear of becoming or realising your full potential. • Thinking that you are going crazy and fear of going crazy. • Fear, or the absence of desire, to experience conscious that is outside the left hemisphere rational consciousness. • Fear of, or the absence of, desire to experience consciousness outside

of thought, including emotion.

The Consequences • Problems with the brain or the endocrine glands within the brain, • Pituitary, Pineal, Hypothalamus. • Headaches. This may also relate to the Solar Plexus. • Inability to draw in high frequency spiritual energy. • Closed doorway to Divine connection. • Separation or disconnection from the Divine. • Stress and anxiety. • Inhibited spirituality. • Inhibited consciousness. • Confusion and fragmentation of consciousness. • Insanity. Can you relate to any of these? Perhaps make a list and then you can see what changes when you do coming ‘Breath of Life’ exercises. Happy journey. Freya Sampson

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Health, Well-Being, & Holistic Healing Arts By Joti Gore

Health through movement n an exciting age such Iinundated as this, it seems we are with too much

information. We are not quite sure what is the right thing to eat or drink and the correct choice for our health and wellbeing. We are taxing our bodies and pushing ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally to the edge of a breakdown. The one thing that is obvious is something has to change before we get to a point of non-repair and there is no single solution that works for everybody. Well, I guess there are two things.

Irvin M. Korr, Ph.D scientist, philosopher, and educator stated that there are three main components of our health care system that we need to consider: • The type of healing (rehabilitative, palliative, curative, remedial, recuperative) • Defensive (external environment) • Maintenance (homeostasis) Perhaps reshaping this model to put ‘Preventative and Holistic Care’ at the top of the list, would have a profound effect on the entire state of our health and wellbeing. Osteopathy and yoga share common principles, goals and views on holism (the treating of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease) and the holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

What is Osteopathy and Yoga? Osteopathy is a form of drug-free, non-invasive manual medicine that focuses on bodily health by treating and strengthening the musculoskeletal structure. This includes the joints, muscles, and spine


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specifically, treating and accessing movement restrictions within the body. Though osteo literally means bone, osteopaths do not treat the bone but use the bone to adjust the body structure to provide uninhibited flow of blood and energy through the body via muscle, tissue, organs, ligaments, tendons and fascia. The origin of osteopathy is credited to Andrew Taylor Still, the grandfather of osteopathy around the middle of the 19th Century. Andrew stated that, “The human body is a machine run by the unseen force called life and, that it may be run harmoniously, it is necessary that there be liberty of blood, nerves, and arteries from their generating point to their destination.” “Osteopathy is a form of drug-free, non-invasive manual medicine…”

There is much debate over the origins and time period of the first traces of yoga. Some sources report yoga to date back over 2500 years with its origin in India and it was popularised in the Western world when Yogi Bhajan broke his vow of silence in the late 1960’s.

health and wellbeing Other sources suggest the origin was Smai Tawi, an ancient African or Kemetic yoga that includes meditation, self-philosophy, self-healing, exercise and directing energy which predates the Indian Yoga. “During the adjustment an audible pop or cracking sounding may be heard…”

In osteopathy, the life force is a vehicle for our wellbeing, yoga calls that life force Prana and prana is responsible for the cardiac function through the sinoatrial node, and respiration. Respiration, or breath, carries the prana or life force to every tissue, even every cell of the body. That unseen force travels through an intricate etheric subway channel system called nadis. It is believed that if the nadis are blocked by disturbances in the body then the accumulation leads to disease like a stagnant body of water can. The therapeutic use of yoga and osteopathy helps circulate that life force or prana preventing stagnancy, assisting in

the elimination of waste, the mechanical action of inversions and HVLA (high velocity low amplitude technique) moves lymphatic fluids and rebalances the body through elimination of restrictive barriers. The International Journal of Yoga Therapy Supplement 2014, suggests yoga inversions create a natural traction rendering space, which further promotes the osteopathic stretching and direct techniques to help correct subluxation of the spine, improving paralytic scoliosis, compression of discs and relieving osteoarthritis. HVLA is one of the oldest and most clinically studied forms of manual medicine, which is an active technique often referred to as manipulation by patients. This technique involves initial positioning, engagement and stacking of barriers, accumulation of force and a final corrective thrust. During the adjustment an audible pop or cracking sounding may be heard but that it is indicative of effective treatment. In HVLA, the practitioner holds one bone still while moving the others to correct the dysfunction. Efficacy of

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Phototherapy for Patients with Chronic Lower Back Pain was a trial involving eight OMT’s (Osteopathic Manual Therapy). The results were reduction of low back pain during short term and longterm follow up. A 12-week Quasiexperimental Study, Effect of Yoga on Neurocognitive, Biochemical, and Muscular Fitness Variables in Healthy Adults showed that nurturing the body through yoga yielded scientific evidence of increased short term memory, increase in muscle strength and balance, muscular endurance, flexibility, and decrease in auditory and visual reaction time, cholesterol, triglycerides, and cortisol in both men and women as compared to their own baseline data. In the control group there was no change at all. A great way to combine these two practices is to start the treatment with soft tissue effleurage techniques to prepare the body for appropriate, indirect and direct osteopathic techniques and stretching, followed by a 30 minute Yoga session to address the specific needs of the patient to create long term benefits. Using the HVLA and yoga techniques in a clinical setting can be a great way to be provided services for intervention, prevention, and restoration for holistic health and wellbeing. Joti Gore

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Healthy Seasonal Foods By Jane Offer

Bro ccoli and Lime for July Seasonal Fruit - Lime How appealing does the soft yet vibrant green of Lime look in our fruit basket? The colour itself talks about new beginnings so maybe that is how we can approach Limes this month, by including them in our diet a little more.

“Traditionally, Lime has been widely used in county medicine for centuries…” The lime is thought to have originated in Indonesia, brought to the Western world by Arab traders and is now grown in orchards and in gardens across the world. The majority of cultivated species are in reality hybrids, and there are several types including Kaffir and Key Limes. Traditionally, Lime has been widely used in ‘county medicine’ for centuries, both externally and internally, due to the high Vitamin C content contained in its skin


and its juice which provides antibiotic effects.

Tasty Chicken with Coconut and Lime

When we eat limes it effectively helps to treat infections of the throat, mouth, colon, stomach, intestines and urinary system.


It supports a healthy digestive system as well as promoting mental clarity.

Zest of 2 limes plus wedges to serve

For external conditions, dab the juice or an essential oil of Lime (in a carrier oil always) onto wounds and skin infections, sores, psoriasis, ulcers and rashes. Lime can also be used to help in cases of viral infections such as coughs, colds and bronchitis; just some juice in hot water and a little honey is very comforting and can work wonders. One other great benefit is that it acts as an insect repellent to flies, ants and other flying nuisances. What a great bonus to our life! Here is a tasty recipe that uses limes in a delicious way.

8 skinless and boneless chicken thighs or 16 chicken tenders

2 teaspoons of medium curry powder or garam masala 1 teaspoon of chilli powder (optional to taste) 50g desiccated coconut 1 tablespoon vegetable oil Seasoning – salt and pepper Mango chutney and rice to serve Method Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas. Put the chicken in a large bowl with the lime zest and juice, curry powder, chilli powder (if using) and seasoning. Mix well, then toss in the coconut.

health and wellbeing Place chicken on a rack sitting in a roasting tin, drizzle with the oil, then bake for 25 mins until cooked through and tender. Use a shorter time for chicken tenders or they may dry out.

Broccoli is a good source of vitamin K and calcium, two vital nutrients for maintaining strong, healthy bones. It also contains phosphorus, zinc and vitamins A and C, which are necessary for healthy bones as well. Broccoli Prepare and cook the rice as helps with blood sugar normal. control, helps regulate blood pressure in the body, and it Serve with mango chutney also helps in reducing bad and lime wedges for cholesterol - all leading to a squeezing over the chicken healthy heart. and rice.

Seasonal Vegetable Brainy Broccoli Broccoli is a Brassica and is part of the cabbage family, closely connected to the cauliflower. It is named after the Italian province of Calabria where it first grew and its Italian name, Broccolo, means cabbage sprout, while in Latin ‘brachium’ means branch.

“Often food looks like the area of the body that it supports...” Often food looks like the area of the body that it supports and the branching structure of broccoli resembles that of the brain. The compounds in Broccoli target cognitive function and help to clear out brain plaque that leads to conditions such as memory loss and Dementia.

Broccoli is great in smoothies but also used as a raw or cooked vegetable. Here is a very different recipe to spike your taste buds. Spice Roasted Broccoli with Yoghurt Ingredients Himalayan salt ½ kilo broccoli, tough stems trimmed, stalks peeled ½ cup plain whole-milk yogurt 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil ¾ teaspoon hot paprika ½ teaspoon ground coriander

Lemon wedges Method Preheat oven to 220C. Bring a small pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Remove the dry end of the stalk then cut broccoli in half lengthwise. Cut systematically smaller, leaving tips of florets intact. Working in batches, drop broccoli into the salted water for about 30 seconds or until bright green. Drain very well. Whisk yogurt, oil, paprika, coriander, turmeric, garlic and cayenne in a medium bowl and season with salt. Add broccoli and toss to coat. Transfer mixture into a foillined rimmed baking sheet and arrange in a single layer. Roast broccoli until browned and stalks are tender, 15–20 minutes. This is a favourite recipe from Chris Morocco of Bon Appetit.

¼ teaspoon ground turmeric 1 small garlic clove, finely grated Pinch of cayenne pepper or a couple dashes of hot sauce

I hope you enjoy these two very different dishes.

Jane Offer

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The True Cost of Living While recently having coffee with a close friend, she told me a story from her past of which I had little idea - a sad and sorry tale about her relationship with an ex-partner. My friend discovered a massive series of lies that he had told her which had quickly unravelled revealing that her whole life with him had been based in deception; in fact, it was so bad he could have ended up in jail. Her ex-partner had created a life based on lies and denial which had become out of control and built to something akin to the Leaning Tower of Pisa – only his construction had nothing to support it and it had fallen spectacularly. Knowing something of her family background, I asked how they had taken it. Naturally they were furious, but surprisingly, much of their anger was directed at her. When I asked why they would react in that way, she explained that after the initial shock and pain, the 46

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only feeling she held was gratitude to him and they were not pleased with her reaction. ‘I was devastated initially to think that I had shared my life with him for so long and it was all based in a tissue of lies. Quickly I realised that during our time together, and as a result of the outcome, I had learned an enormous amount about myself and how I face life. He had taught me all of that, so how could I not be grateful? After all, that is my Cost of Living!’ After I left her, I thought about her words and saw that indeed our experiences are the Cost of Living.

I reflected on some of the most painful experiences of my own life and now, viewing life in reverse, I can see the amazing and happy results of those challenging times – I’m living it! At the time though, trying to look forward, it was confusing and scary to say the least; I couldn’t even begin to guess what my life would look like. I came out of it wiser and happier than I had been, with a whole new horizon to enjoy. So, my Cost of Living was traversing that dark place to move towards the sunshine. Was I scared? Oh, believe me I was. Was I angry? At first the fear overtook me and I

“Always see others with an open heart!”

was furious. Did the process become easier day by day? Without a doubt. Do I regret it? Not for a moment. Was it an amazing gift? It was, and has continued to be, from that very first day. Without challenges in our life how would we learn what resourceful and courageous people we truly are? We would never know the boundless inner strength we can access when faced with painful situations or how amazingly we pull through when life seems to throw us the curved ball. Anyone around us, who gives us a hard time, really does help us to discover our true self; our compassion, our values and our boundaries. We could even choose to consider them a gift in our life! So, when difficulties come along and we feel upset, angry, hurt, fearful or alone, let us take time to reflect on what is our personal Cost of Living. When we look past the pain, we

can always discover the gold in every situation. Treating the situation from a point of compassion towards ourselves and those involved, helps us realise that the wisdom gained is what will carry us through to a brighter and free future.

We are encouraged to forgive but it is also about understanding; that all people do what they do from their own place in life. No-one is out to get us; they are merely working from the limits of their understanding. We are here both as teachers to each other and

pupils of life. We each have the same opportunity to assess our experiences and choose to do it differently or rollout the same patterns that we have been taught from the beginning of our life. It is simply a matter of choice when we have the understanding of how it works. We can each look at someone displaying anger or jealousy or behaving in the many possible human permutations and, thanks to their example; we can see exactly what it looks like. We can ask ourselves, is that attractive or ugly, harmful or uplifting and decide – ‘Is that how I want my life to be?’ If the answer is yes, then we can follow their example and if the opposite is true, then we can leave it with them; we do not need to make it ours. That is the true Cost of Living.

Jane Offer

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Discovering Ayurveda


By Liesl Horne

Exploring the



t the heart of Ayurvedic nutrition is the understanding and use of the six tastes to guide us towards health and vitality. The foods that we eat most regularly should be the foods that strengthen our constitution and bring harmony to our Doshas - the biological energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of the tastes provides particular qualities which can enhance or increase the same qualities within our body. Just as our individual constitution is made up of the five elements, so too are the six tastes - sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. Using our awareness and our sense of perception, the six tastes help us to choose the foods that are supportive to our individual nature. There are certain tastes which we tend to crave


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more than others - the sweet taste being one of them. It helps to soothe and comfort our emotional state and also softens and builds the bodily tissues. Too much of the sweet taste however, increases the qualities of ‘heavy and damp’ in the body which can lead to sluggish digestion, weight gain and feeling lethargic. Over the long term this can cause further imbalance and disease. Perhaps you crave the savoury, salty taste which stimulates the taste buds and appetite. Too much of the salty taste though creates stiffness of the tissues and water retention.

but used in excess promotes acidity and dampness in the body. The remaining tastes are bitter, pungent and astringent which are often lacking in our diet because they are craved less. Let’s take a closer look at the elements that govern each of the six tastes along with their qualities and effects on our bodily tissues: Sweet taste - earth and water. Examples: Carbohydrates, protein, fats, grains, wheat, pasta, bread, starchy vegetables, dairy, meat, chicken, fish, sugars and honey. Sweet taste has the qualities of wet, cooling and heavy. These qualities are also increased in the body. It has a soothing, relaxing and softening action on the tissues. Helps to pacify Vata and Pitta doshas and increases Kapha dosha.

Another popular taste is the sour taste found in fermented foods, citrus fruits and pickles which is also stimulating to the taste buds

Sour taste- earth and fire. Examples: Berries, yoghurt, citrus fruits, alcohol, vinegar, cheese, green grapes and fermented food.

health and wellbeing These help to increase the digestive fire and metabolism. The qualities of light, hot and wet increase saliva and strengthens the appetite but too much sour taste increases heat as well as dampness in the body. This can aggravate Pitta and Kapha doshas but is pacifying to someone with more Vata in their constitution. Salty taste- water and fire. Examples: Sea salt, rock salt, kelp and other sea vegetables. Salty taste has heating, moist and heavy qualities. Used moderately it helps to promote digestion and relieve stiffness in the bodily tissues. Over use increases water retention and hyper acidity. The qualities of moist and heavy increase Kapha dosha and the heating quality aggravates Pitta dosha. In moderation it can help to pacify Vata dosha. Bitter taste - air and ether. Examples: Green leafy vegetables, kale, celery, broccoli, sprouts, chamomile, dandelion, rhubarb and turmeric. Bitter taste is detoxifying, antibacterial and antiinflammatory. It helps to restore the sense of taste and lighten, dry and cool the body. Helpful to Pitta

and Kapha doshas but can be aggravating to the light and dry nature of Vata dosha. Pungent taste- fire and air.

absorption and helps to alleviate diarrhoea. It decreases Kapha and Pitta doshas but increases the dry, rough and light qualities of Vata dosha.

Examples: Peppers, chillies, cloves, garlic, onion, ginger, mustard.

In Ayurveda, a balanced meal contains all of the six tastes.

Cleanses and purifies the food helping to clear the senses. The qualities of light, hot and dry, helps to reduce the moist qualities of Kapha dosha but can be too heating for Pitta dosha and too drying for Vata dosha. Pungent taste also helps to release heat through sweating.

A good place to start is by noticing the regular tastes that you include in your diet and identifying the tastes that are being over used, under used or that are missing altogether.

Astringent taste - earth and air. Examples: All legumes, beans, peas and lentils, cabbage and cauliflower. Apples, pears, grape skins, pomegranate, buckwheat, quinoa, barley, rye, coffee and tea. With the qualities of dry, cooling and light, astringent taste promotes cleansing of the tissues, improves

Gradually try to include the spectrum of all of the tastes to bring more variety and balance to your diet. Preparing a delicious soup such as Minestrone provides a wonderful opportunity to include all of the six tastes in one meal. Remember that the foods you eat the most regularly should support your constitution, boost your energy levels and sense of vitality. Have fun experimenting!

Liesl Horne

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or heal any health condition or to replace standard medical treatment or advice.

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Mental Health

ers tt a M What is a

Personality Disorder? By Derran Heney RN Mental Health Professional

Personality can be described as our unique ‘way of thinking, feeling and behaving’ (American Psychological Association, 2017).

feelings, emotions and behaviours that interfere with the development of healthy relationships and maintaining meaningful activities in life. The development of a Personality Disorder includes theories of: • Poor parental bonding, attachment or unstable family life in childhood • Family history of mental illness or personality disorders (and role modelling of maladaptive behaviours)

Our personality is determined • Significant abuse, neglect by our genetics, but also or trauma in childhood or greatly influenced by adolescence (witness to factors around our early or direct) developmental and life Before we discuss experiences. But what is the different types of Personality Disorder? personality disorders and Personality Disorder (PD) is the characteristics of described as an inflexible the thoughts, mood and and persistent way of behaviours associated thinking, feeling and with them, it is important to behaving that deviates understand that we can greatly from functional all demonstrate traits of and healthy ways of personality disorder. We can being. Someone with all feel paranoid sometimes, a personality disorder be inflexible in our thinking may experience intense or feel dependent on thoughts, overwhelming others at times in our lives. This of course, does not mean we have a personality disorder but, it is important to understand the difference between normal human fluctuations in feelings, emotions and behaviours in comparison to when these become more


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persistent, inflexible (fixed) and dominant within a personality style. When characteristics of personality become very destructive to the function of healthy relationships; when they are consistent across time and debilitating for the individual to maintain usual activities of daily living, with a distinct cluster of symptoms - that is when it may be diagnosed as a mental health condition known as a Personality Disorder. There are 10 common types of personality disorder defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition, 2013. Paranoid PD: Longstanding suspicion of the intention of others, mistrusting, nervous and worried about ulterior motives, finding malevolent meaning in innocent comments or actions, highly sensitive to criticism. Schizoid PD: Acute discomfort in close and intimate relationships; prefers to be alone, avoids social activities, limited range of emotional expression and reacting appropriately to emotional situations. Schizotypal PD: Socially withdrawn, much discomfort in close relationships, few close relationships, odd thinking, eccentric mannerisms and dress,

mental health transient and brief perceptual disturbances. Narcissistic PD: Overinflated sense of selfimportance; seeks admiration, recognition and gratitude from others, obsessive about success, power and feels entitled, exaggerates achievements, not accepting responsibility for wrongdoing, lack of empathising ability. Borderline PD: Frantic effort made to avoid real or imagined abandonment or rejection, unstable interpersonal relationships, pattern of idealising/ devaluing relationships, unstable self-image, recurrent suicidal behaviours, self-harming behaviours, intense anger and inability to regulate mood, paranoid or dissociative symptoms. Histrionic PD: Extreme discomfort when attention is not on them, dramatic, theatrical expression, exaggeration, over emotionality and sensitivity to perceived criticism, rapid shift in emotions, attention seeking behaviours like being overly flirtatious

or provocative, easily influenced by others, perceives relationships as more intimate than reality. Anti-social PD: Longstanding attitude of disregard for common societal rules, courtesies and regulations, lacks empathy and remorse towards others, tends to superficially engage, can also be self-assured, confident and charming when suits needs. Impulsive, takes risks. Dependent PD: Relies on others excessively to make decisions, being taken care of and seeks constant reassurances, fears being alone, disapproved of and abandonment, is dependent upon others. Extremely passive, feels helpless and vulnerable. Avoidant PD: Feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem and confidence, sensitive to negative evaluations and perceived criticism, withdrawal from social situations and intimacy, anxiousness. Obsessive Compulsive PD: Obsessed about order and perfection, needing to feel in control, often inflexible and rigid, concerned about regulations, rules, lists and schedules.

disorder because the way they have managed throughout life seem very normal to them, even if their thoughts feelings and behaviours have been problematic in relationships and everyday functioning. The behaviours may be challenging and difficult to understand at times. Personality Disorder can affect the way a person feels about themselves and others. Therefore, demonstrating empathy while establishing firm limits around behaviour may be required. Psychological therapies are very useful in learning ways to manage thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with a personality disorder. Some beneficial therapies include Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Joining a support group can be useful to gather information and resources about Personality Disorder. If you need further assistance or are worried about someone, make a call! Life line: 13 11 14 Kids helpline: 1800 551 800

How to assist someone with a personality disorder? A person may not be aware they have a personality

Derran Heney

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