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THE ‘SEASON’ BEGINS Larry Blustein

As most of you know if you have read my columns throughout the years, I support anything local, and when it comes to thoroughbred racing at Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino, that is certainly my weakness. Like a child eagerly awaiting the first day of school, last Saturday, Dec. 1, was a date that I had circled for months, especially when it comes to

clearing my crazy schedule. There is something about opening day at Gulfstream Park that gets me excited. Like that first pitch of the new baseball season, the sounds of the horses racing around the track and hearing the fans cheer, is what this has always been about for me. I am not one of those year-round gamblers who will bet on anything. I am more of a racing fan. Someone who will be

brought in by large crowds and people having fun. That is where I stand, along the railing, with cold drink in hand and the warm late fall sun shining down on my white legs. Gulfstream, like Mardi Gras Racing and Casino in Hallandale Beach is a real getaway. A large facility where money is being made and fun is had by all. It is really a place where it costs –––––––––––––––––––– BLUSTEIN, Page 11A

Last Saturday opened yet another racing season at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach. This year, many area businesses are banking on the success of the fabled facility.

Gulfstream Park’s live racing ushers in optimism for the winter/spring months

BROWARD DENTAL IMPLANTS & COSMETIC CENTER Dentistry is a necessity - not a luxury

Dr. Patricia Bobadilla is a highly trained and qualified dentist who covers all phases of dentistry in the state-of-the-art office in Hallandale Beach.


Kodner Galleries has become a 4th generation auction business with over 90 years of experience in buying, selling, appraising and consigning for sale antiques, fine household contents, works of art and diamond. For more, see Page 2A.

Regular dentist visits can do more than keep your smile attractive they can tell dentists a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be developing a disease like diabetes. New research suggests that the health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body as a whole. For example, –––––––––––––––––– BOBADILLA, 6A

The Sweetest Way to Show your Appreciation


The best way to thank those who helped you this past year is a bouquet from FruitFlowers By Meena Sareen SHOWING APPRECIATION: Many times people do us favors or provide us with services and, while we would love to show our gratitude, we have trouble finding the right way to do so. At FruitFlowers, we have the solution! A one-size-fitsall approach to giving—everyone can appreciate the


When it comes to feeding friends and family, and buying the gifts, it’s time to make things easire on yourself this year. If you stick to the five easy steps for the perfect holiday, you will not be stressed out like you always are this time of year. Check it out on Page 15A.


vibrantly colored fruits, carved and arranged ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FRUITFLOWERS, Page 8A

Sleigh Bells Dipped.


Today’s wigs have come a long way, baby. They are nothing like they used to, heavy on your head, fake more! They are light weight, realistic looking, stylish. You can learn a lot about wigs with a trip to The Wig Goddess. Page 1C.

Page 2A South Florida Sun-Times/ Thursday, December 6, 2012 – 954-458-0635 – – – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, December 6, 2012 Page 3A

Page 4A South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, December 6, 2012

– 954-458-0635 – –

Purchasing Department getting the most our of our tax dollars

HALLANDALE BEACH - The new budget year began in October and over the course of October and November the city has continued to execute purchase agreements and partnerships with many agencies. Cities are uniquely qualified to evaluate the cost of goods through direct purchasing, or in what we call a piggyback purchase. Government Purchasing Directors have set up a network of corporate purchasing that allows smaller agencies like the City of Hallandale Beach to take advantage of negotiated prices that have already gone through the required state bidding process. This availability of piggybacking not only saves money on the cost of items, but also saves the city money by not having to expend staff resources and money by going through a lengthy bidding process. We have an excellent General Services Department with a staff of three under the leadership of Director Andre Lues. Over the past two months they have evaluated and helped to present purchase items including chemicals for water treatment, vehicle rental services, crossing guard services, software contracts, diesel fuel and many other items for day-to-day operations of our community. BUDGET KICKOFF

Mayor Joy Cooper FOR 2013-14 The city's fiscal year begins in October and the budget cycle begins in January. Staff’s budget kickoff meeting was held this week. City Manager Crichton held a meeting with every Department Director and key Staff within each department that has established their business plan for the upcoming fiscal year. Two years ago City Manager Antonio and the City Commission began to reevaluate and fine tune our strategic plan and implement strategic policy and goals. Staff, in turn, established their sets of goals and then strategic implementation plans through the budget process. This year City Manager Crichton conducted an internal City Staff survey through a third-party management consulting firm to provide anonymous input from every single employee and one on one interviews with the commission of their views on strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Last week the City Manager and Directors

held a daylong retreat evaluating the survey results and working with the consultant to utilize the results as a tool for improvement to operations and efficiencies. The information will also be used as a tool for budgeting effectively. CITY TIGHTENS CODE ON COMMERCIAL VEHICLE PARKING As a result of old codes which required one spot per housing unit in a built out city like Hallandale Beach our on-street parking is at a premium. Over the past years the City established a Parking Committee to work collectively with residents and community stakeholders to increase onstreet parking in many areas. Regretfully, individuals and companies have been utilizing valuable on-street parking spaces to park and store commercial vehicles and trailers over night. The City has adopted changes to our code that will make it easier for Hallandale Police Department to ticket and tow illegally parked vehicles. Staff is in the process of ensuring that all the proper signage and notifications are put in place so vehicles can be automatically towed if they are in violation. COMMISSION AMENDS PROTOCOL MANUAL The City of Hallandale Beach took action to

extensively review the City Protocol Manual over five years ago. The City hired special counsel, Bruce Rogow, to systematically review the old protocols and work with the City Commission and City Staff towards creating an updated Protocol Manual and new Ethics Manual. During that time period many cities did not have formal ethic codes and simply followed the state laws. The Code of Ethics adopted was for both the City Commission and City employees. Over the course of the past years, the City Commission has adopted motions that have changed protocols, but the manual had not been updated. The protocol was changed on a 3-1 vote (Cooper No) to allow Staff to go directly to the City Commission and bypass their Directors. Another change included the ability for Commissioners to text and email during the time they are on the dais at meetings. (Cooper and Ross No). These changes were written in along with changes to fit our newly adopted meeting format. Other language changes were made to include references to the new Broward County Code of Ethics. REACH OUT AND HELP THE NEEDY THIS HOLIDAY! During this holiday season there are so many ways in which you can help needy

residents right here in our community. We have two main food pantries in our small city that provide food to many deserving families, The Austin Hepburn Center and the Hallandale Food Pantry. They gladly welcome donations. Think about doing a food drive in your condominium or simply stopping by their locations and dropping off nonperishable items. For information on the Hepburn Center you can contact 954-4571460 and the Hallandale Food Pantry run by Mr. Snow can be contacted at 954-4550615. The Hallandale Police Athletic League always hosts an annual “Shop with a Cop” Day. WalMart is a great partner in this event but the Police Department is always in need of financial donations to help offset the costs of breakfast and funding for many young children. They are actually conducting a fundraiser December 8 to raise money for the day of shopping. For information you can contact our Police Department at 954-457-1400.

Also Hallandale Beach-Aventura Rotary Club annually sponsors the Santa Claus Sled that travels throughout our community giving away gift bags. If you want to get involved in the fun, donate funds, or donate goodies, I encourage you to visit the Hallandale Beach Rotary Club that meets every Wednesday 12 pm at Brio Tuscan Grill located in the Village of Gulfstream Park. It is a great club and new members are always welcome. This Sunday at Mardi Gras Racetrack the Toy Run in the Sun will be taking place. Motorcycles will be lining up starting 7:30 AM with a start time of 9:30 PM. Even if you're not hopping on a bike I encourage everyone to stop by this event. It is truly an entertaining and great cause. As always please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions and concerns at my office 954-457-1318 or cell/text 954-632-5700 or e-mail me at www.MayorJoyCooper.c om

s t n e c Ac

ri a l F A - Wi t h nsuceltllenatnJotb o C n g i s e g &ExceDllent Prep Work Makes an Ex n i t n i a P C us t o m FR • Honest& Rel iabl e Esti EE • Interior/Exterior • W ood Staining • Commercial& Residential• VenitianPl astering • Faux Finishing • W e Cl eanUp As W e Go Al ong • Mural s • Insured & Licensed


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Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8:00am -3:00pm More Days! More Deals! More Fun! • New Quality Merchandise • Fresh Flow ers & Plants • Free Parking • Vintage Garage Sale Item s • Food Court • Alw ays Accepting • Fresh Produce • Outdoors Quality Vendors

FLEA MARKET FO R MO RE INFO MATIO N,PLEASE CALL:(954)454-8666 Pem broke Road and US-1in Hallandale Beach 1Mile EastofI-95 atthe Pem broke Road Exit. “THA NK YO U FO R YO UR LO YA LPA TRO NA G E.YO UR FA I THFULSUPPO RT I NSPI RES US TO BE THE BEST!” – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, December 6, 2012 Page 5A

Page 6A South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Dentistry is a necessity - not a luxury


From Page 1A –––––––––––––––––––– when your mouth is healthy, chances are your overall health is good, too. On the other hand, if you have poor oral health, you may have other health problems. Research also shows that good oral health may actually prevent certain diseases from occurring.

GUM DISEASE AND HEALTH COMPLICATIONS According to the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a relationship between gum (periodontal) disease and health complications such as a stroke and heart disease. Women with gum disease also show higher incidences of pre-term, low birth-weight babies. Other research shows that more than 90 percent of all systemic diseases (diseases involving many organs or the whole body) have oral manifestations, including swollen gums, mouth ulcers, dry mouth and excessive gum problems. Such diseases include: • Diabetes • Leukemia • Oral cancer • Pancreatic cancer • Heart disease • Kidney disease Since most people have regular oral examinations, their dentist may be the first health care provider

TEAM BOBADILLA: Always ready to answer any questions you may have.

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a relationship between gum (periodontal) disease and health complications such as a stroke and heart disease. Women with gum disease also show higher incidences of pre-term, low birth-weight babies.

to diagnose a health problem in its early stages.

POOR ORAL HEALTH CAN LEAD TO PROBLEMS If you don't take care of your teeth and gums, your poor oral hygiene can actually lead to other health problems, including: • Oral and facial pain. According to the Office of the Surgeon General, this pain may be largely due to infection of the gums that support the teeth and can lead to tooth


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Joseph A.

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Free Casket For Veterans

loss. Gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease, and advanced gum disease affect more than 75 percent of the U.S. population. • Problems with the heart and other major organs. Mouth infections can affect major organs. For example, the heart and heart valves can become inflamed by bacterial endocarditis, a condition that affects people with heart disease or anyone with damaged heart tissue. Digestion problems. Digestion begins with physical and chemical processes in the mouth, and problems here can lead to intestinal failure, irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? After understanding potential oral manifestations it is essential to learn the general guidelines promoted by the American Dental Association as a preventative measure

associated with good oral health. 1. Brushing your teeth Good brushing should take a minimum of two minutes and should involve brushing in a circular motion, working your way from one side of the mouth to the another, keeping in mind to pay attention to certain neglected areas such as the very back teeth and your tongue. Dentists recommend using soft bristle brushes and toothpaste that contain fluoride. 2. Floss regularly It is recommended that individuals floss on a regular basis after meals and before brushing their teeth. The proper way to floss is to push the floss gently between your teeth to the gum to loosen debris your toothbrush cannot reach. When you begin flossing, you may experience light bleeding which will fade once your gums get used to the flossing process. 3. Mouthwash

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Using a mouthwash that contains fluoride at least twice a day is a good preventative measure that kills bacteria responsible for the plaque that causes cavities and gum disease. 4. Dental visits Regular dental visits about every six months are crucial to early identification of potential problems that could develop into more serious problems. One can never underestimate the importance of proper dental care and tooth brushing for good health. Truly poor dental care can lead to lost teeth or poor dentition, which may make it difficult to eat. That leads to poor nutrition. Mediocre dental care can lead to plaque. Plaque irritates the gum to the

point that it bleeds. This allows microscopic amounts of bacteria to enter the bloodstream. The presence of plaque and tooth decay has been noted to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and make diabetes more difficult to control. Good dental care can improve your health. Tips to avoid dental problems include brushing your teeth three times a day, eat foods that contain less sugar, and avoid or drink fewer soft drinks and carbonated beverages. See your dentist yearly. Have your teeth cleaned by the hygienist twice a year. ”Call us Today to make your appointment” (954) 456-1939.

BROWARD DENTAL IMPLANTS Commitment to Quality Patricia M. Bobadilla, D.D.S., Prosthodontist COMPLIMENTARY SECOND OPINION CONVIENTLY LOCATED: 2500 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite #601 Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009 954-456-1939 – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, December 6, 2012 Page 7A

Jewelry, Artwork, Porcelain, Art Glass, Silver, Bronze, Ivory, Jade & more AS SEEN ON TV “Elite” Sets Record Breaking Auction Results

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Page 8A South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, December 6, 2012

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From Page 1A –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– into beautiful bouquets. Add to that the juicy sweetness of premierequality fresh fruits, and you get delicious, guilt-free treats no one can resist! Our arrangements are made fresh to order. Since we receive shipments of fruit every day, there is no need for added preservatives or frozen fruits. Many of our clients report preferring our dark chocolate dipped strawberries to old favorite desserts including cupcakes, pies, and ice cream.

These bouquets are ready to order for pick-up or delivery on our website ( or by phone at (305) 266-8757 (Aventura/Miami/Dade), (954) 568-7089 (Broward County), or (561) 241-1995 (Palm Beach). This holiday season, send FruitFlowers for gifts you can really feel good about giving!

MOST COMMONLY SENT "THANK YOU" GIFTS SENT IN DECEMBER: By Individuals: • Clergy • Health care providers • Cleaning and Maid Service • Lawn, Landscape & pool service • Security and front desk • Family and friends By Businesses: • Referral sources • Customers/ Clients • Service providers • Employees • Bosses • Accountants/ Lawyers HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: Our prices vary by the size of our arrangements and the quantity of fruit needed. For prices of specific arrangements check out our website or call us at (954) 568-7089 or (305) 2668757. Regardless of the occasion, we are happy to work with you to bring to the table a bouquet custom-sized to your exact needs and budget!

THE IMPORTANCE OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: Besides the various health benefits, fruits and vegetables make the best snacks, best appetizers and best desserts.

OPTIMIZE YOUR PARTY NEEDS: The Holiday season is a time when many of us gather with loved ones and traditionally eat a heavy meal—loading up on ham, mashed potatoes, breads, pies, and holiday cookies, washed down by a generous glass (or three) of eggnog. Show how much you care by offering those you care about a sweet treat that won’t weigh them down. Promote health by making healthy options available; we have fruit and veggie bouquets perfect for any get-togethers including Hanukkah, Christmas and football parties) Not only do our bouquets make for deliciously healthy desserts, they also double as beautiful centerpieces and lovely hostess gifts! A NOVEL APPROACH TO GIFT-GIVING: With the holiday season upon us, we all find ourselves searching for the perfect presents. Whether it’s something for mom and dad, the kids or close friends, you want to keep the people close to you healthy. The difficult-to-buy-for person in your life will be thrilled when they receive one of our arrangements; these memorable gifts truly make an impact on those who receive them. An ideal gift to send to homes or offices, many recipients site the ability to share their gift with friends and colleagues as a major plus. Any bouquet can be made more festive with a holiday container, if requested. The option of adding chocolate dipped berries to any order, in an arrangement or boxed separately, is available. WHAT'S NEW AT FRUITFLOWERS: Fresh for this holiday season, we have many new products to pique your palette. If it’s Christmas you’re celebrating, we suggest our Sleigh Bells or, if you are looking for a more personal-sized arrangement, you might consider our Fruitful Joy. Additionally, for our friends celebrating Hanukkah, we have our Festive Hanukkah arrangement. For those simply wishing to celebrate the wonders of winter, our Holiday Grand Floral Fruit is equally scrumptious. We invite you to visit us on the web at for our full selection of arrangements.

PAWS on the Green Tees up Another Success

FORT LAUDERDALE - PAWS, an auxiliary for the Humane Society of Broward County, held their annual golf tournament on November 5th and 6th at Grande Oaks Golf Club. “PAWS on the Green Ladies Invitational Golf Tournament,” now in its 14th year, raised more than $150,000 for the shelter’s programs and services. Event Chairs Pamela Baynes and Ann Marie Moon, and Honorary Chairs Marti Huizenga and Ursula Scott, created a country theme entitled “Kick up Your Heels,” and the 116 players participating did just that!  The festivities kicked off with a pre-tournament Cowgirls and Karaoke cocktail party at the home of Marti and Wayne Huizenga.  Tournament players dressed in casual western attire enjoyed a fun evening which included karaoke and a roping cowboy who demonstrated lasso tricks.  Guests could purchase custom cowgirl hats by Barbi Brunton and jewelry from Pamela Huizenga Jewelry, with a portion of the proceeds going to the HSBC. During the tournament there were several highlights in addition to the two days of golf. A silent auction was offered both days, and a prize drawing was held for an 18kt white gold paw print pendant featuring 1.50 carats of black and white diamonds donated by J.R. Dunn Jewelers, which was won by Sheryl Hartley.  J.R. Dunn Jewelers also offered jewelry for sale, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the animals.  Another exciting addition was golf trickster Dan Boever, who entertained the guests with his unique and amazing golf stunts.  Following this unique presentation was a live auction, which on its own raised $42,000!  The Humane Society of Broward County is a private, non-profit organization supported by donations from companies and people who want to help us help the homeless animals. The shelter has only one location and is not affiliated with any national or local organization with a similar name. To see animals up for adoption or find out about other upcoming events visit our website at

Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours

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LEVITT-WEINSTEIN Beth David Memorial Gardens

Proudly Serving our Community for over 50 years... Your local Pre-Planning Experts Mausoleum - Ground Burial-Monument Section-Pre Need Funerals-Northern Burial-Veterans’s Benefits

Call: (954) 963-2400 • (800) 343-5400 MIAMI BEACH • AVENTURA • HOLLYWOOD • TAMARAC • BOCA RATON

Twitter@sfsuntimes – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times /Thursday, December 6, 2012

If you would like to submit an announcement for our Community Calendar in the paper – or online, where you are guaranteed placement weekly, please send it to: Larry Blustein, Community Calendar Editor, 305 N.W. 10th Terrace, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009; Fax: 954 458-0765 or via e-mail to: For a complete listing of all Community Calendar items, please check our website at: Also follow us on Twitter

@sfsuntimes. • $1 PER CARD BINGO! Held every Thursday at 1:00 P.M. at the Hallandale Beach Cultural Center. 410 SE 3rd Street. The event is sponsored by the Memorial Senior Partners. Adults Only. Any questions, please call 954-292-8261. • American Legion, Post 304, 41 NE 1st Court, Dania Beach. Friday Night Dinner Seafood Bonanza, every Friday from 6-8 p.m. Open to the public! For more info: (954) 921-7532.

Thursday, Dec. 6 • Happy Holidays! The City of North Miami Beach Leisure Services Department in conjunction with the North Miami Beach Commission on Aging invites you to join the following upcoming events for adults 55 & older: “senior TRIP” to the Festival Flea Market. This trip will take place from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.. Registration Fee is $5.00 per person. Please call to register. Transportation will be provided but lunch is not included. Buses will leave the

McDonald Center at 10:00 a.m. For additional information or to RSVP, call Naomi Legagneur at (305) 948-2972. Saturday, Dec. 8 • American Legion Unit 310, Monthly Breakfast. Omlettes choose as many items on the list,Eggs Any way you want, Side orders, Bacon, Sausage, Pancakes Home Fries, And Scotty's Biscuits & Gravy, Toast White, Wheat, Rye And includes a Bkoody Mary or Screwdriver All for $ 8.00 Starts at 9:30 A.M. till 12:00 P.M.

Where else will you find A better Breakfast for the price, And meet your friends. See you there 225 S.E. 1st Ave and 3rd Street in Hallandale Wednesday, Dec. 9 • The THREE ISLAND AQUARIUS CHAPTER of the PAPANICOLAOU CANCER -UM RESEARCH CENTER invites all to a fine and casual waterfront dining experience at the beautiful PEPPERMILL RESTAURANT, at the ARLEN HOUSE, at Collins Avenue and N.E. 158th Street, in

Page 9A

Sunny Isles Beach, at 12 noon. Enjoy a full luncheon, including salad, choice of three entrees, including side dishes, dessert and beverage, and a glass of wine. In addition, we will be having fantastic entertainment, and included with your donation of $35.00 per person, you will be getting free raffle tickets for  lovely prizes. Friends and family are invited as well; all proceeds go to research in the fight against cancer. Please call Helen Rifkin for reservations, at 954-4545430.

Global Jewelry Buying House By Suzanne Wallace - Sun Times

Sunny Isles - You saw an ad for Global Jewelry Buying House and wanted to learn more before you trusted your jewelry to them. You called and they told you to come to their Buying House at 18090 Collins Ave., Boutique 13, in Sunny Isles, FL. Not knowing what to Global Jewelry expect, you brought only a couple of Buying House. pieces of unwanted jewelry and a silver They have been service, no longer in doing business use. Upon arrival, you in New York for were buzzed into the store by their 30 years and are private security officer and were met now beginning by the Director of their rapid Buying, Danny. You were asked if you expansion would like coffee or water and was right here in served your bottled water in a crystal Sunny Isles. stemmed glass. Danny took out a purchase form, wrote your name and date on the form and after opening up his jewelers light, asked to see what you had brought. He examined your two pieces of jewelry and wrote a value on the form next to a description and then looked at your silver and assessed its value. At that point, you had a decision to make...sell it now or take your copy of the purchase form to show your wife. You decided the price was certainly fair and sold your jewelry for cash. You took your silver service back home to make sure your wife agreed with the sale and showed her the purchase form with the price that was offered. Your wife agreed it was a good price so tomorrow you will take it back, along with the purchase order, and be given the price listed. What’s more, you have decided to take some more jewelry that has been lying in a jewelry box for years and cash it in too. That is a typical experience at the Global Jewelry Buying House. They have been doing business in New York for 30 years and are now beginning their rapid expansion. Converting Gold And Diamonds Into Cash It’s a new concept - the modern way to sell your

fine jewelry. You can convert your collection of estate jewelry or diamonds for cold hard cash. Good to know in these economic times. Although it was pointed out that most of their customers aren’t selling because they need the money...they are selling because their lifestyle has changed and they no longer need or want the silver or jewelry. Coins, Gold And Much More They specialize in American Eagle coins. They

buy scrap gold, 10k, 14k, 18k, and unlike some, they are the top buyers of gold filled. They buy silver, platinum, rings, bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, money clips, earrings, chains, brooches, watches, key chains, dental gold, class rings, pins, estate jewelry, collectibles and much more. Global Jewelry Buying House is the largest gold buyer in South Florida, and while your are there take time to admire the fine art, they have a fine art gallery right there on the premesis.

Global Jewelry Buying House is located at 18090 Collins Ave., Boutique 13, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160 - Telephone: 305-705-9600. Hours: Mon – Fri 10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.

Fine Art Gallery On Premises


18090 COLLINS AVE., BOUTIQUE 13, SUNNY ISLES BEACH FL 33160 305-705-9600 | MON. - FRI. 10 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M.

Former Major Leaguers Return to the Diamond on January 26, 2013 For Joe DiMaggio Legends Game

More than 40 former major league baseball players will return to the diamond January 26 (1:00 p.m.) for the 25th anniversary Joe DiMaggio Legends Game. The event, an exhibition charity baseball game at Fort Lauderdale Stadium, will help raise funds for Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation which assists patients and their families and underwrites the cost of programs, facilities, and equipment at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The Legends Game matches former National League stars against their American League counterparts. Tentatively scheduled to appear are MLB Hall of Famer, Andre Dawson, Paul Blair, one of the best defensive center fielders of his generation, John “Blue Moon” Odom, Bert Campaneris of the Oakland A’s 1970s championship teams, Bill “Spaceman” Lee, Al Downing, the “Mad Hungarian” Al Hrabosky and the “Legendary Ladies” Lefty Hohlmayer and Pepper Davis, two of the ballplayers who inspired the movie “A League of Their Own.”  Fort Lauderdale Stadium is located at 5301 NW 12th Avenue, just west of I95 and north of Commercial Boulevard.  Reserved seats are $5, bleacher seats are $3 and tickets for children are free. AAA members will once again receive a special discount and receive two-for-one on all purchased tickets. The day of family fun also offers free parking and special 25th anniversary give-aways. For more information or to purchase tickets visit or or call Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation at 954-265-3454.




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Page 10A South Florida Sun-Times/ Thursday, December 6, 2012 – 954-458-0635 – –

Twitter@sfsuntimes– – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times /Thursday, December 6, 2012 So, another opening day has come and gone, ushering in yet another racing season. Even though my schedule makes it tough for me to

Riding 9,000 miles for kids

get out and be a part of all that is great about the facility, I am starting to clear my calendar now for January, February and March!

Page 11A

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The mission of Bob Votruba is to save kids' lives by riding 9,000 miles to raise awareness of Bullying and Adolescent Suicide. Starting on Oct. 20, 2012, Votruba started a bike ride to bring to the spotlight to the 4,200 young adults who lose their lives each year to suicide. The Kindness Bicycle and The Kindness Bus tour will end in New York City. Votruba stopped in Hollywood to pass out information. Interested?


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you little for hours of entertainment. The measure of any business is not how busy they can stay for a few months, but pretty much throughout the entire year. Gulfstream has been trying to do that for years. This is a place that a lot of money has been thrown in to make it that multi-use destination we had all talked about years ago. But things may not be moving fast enough! The effort being put in by Gulfstream to attract new visitors is essential. In this economy, we have no other choice. There has to be a lot of "candycoating" to bring non-racing fans into the facility. That is a given, and while some of the anchor restaurants and high-end businesses continue to get by, it's a matter of time where corporate giants will be tired of losing money. You cannot blame them. The last thing anyone imagined was to have revolving flow of businesses - coming in and out of Gulfstream. That sort of trial and error will not be beneficial. What many envisioned Gulfstream to be one day, when this project was approved, was to have racing, shopping, dining and entertainment all going on at once - creating 50,000 people at the venue at one time. While I see that there are plans made for many upgrades on the property, it is always best to ask customers who actually spend the money what is needed. Competing for the entertainment dollar is what this is all about, and having the chance to be at opening day, actually speaking with those who will continue to spend money at the facility, I found out some great information. Much I figured out on my own. Chris and Mary Treusdale come from Indiana every other year. They love racing and the beaches. While opening day is always exciting, the opportunity to walk around and take in the many things going on at the facility is also important. Spending four hours just watching races get a bit old.

"It is sort of a mixed message kind of thing," Mary smiled. "Everything is free or little cost at the track itself, but the shops and restaurants are pretty high. They need something like Hooters to balance what they have." Indeed, someone from over a thousand miles away recognizes what I've been saying for a long time. Cheaper food and drink will always drive crowds in - and not send them someplace else. The theme of low cost and FREE that Gulfstream live racing has needs to be throughout the park. It is always great to have high end businesses at a facility like this. But in this economy, and with the racing crowd and tourists in mind, having a place like Hooters would be a huge draw - year round. Cadillac Ranch bar/restaurant was poorly promoted and nobody knew that it existed if they didn't drive in the back of the facility. The signage sucks. You have no clue that many things on the property are there if they aren't in front. Another of the things that many have talked about is the lack of a hotel and pool on the facility. That, and getting full casino gaming, are what keeps this from being that resort destination. I am not privy to the behind the doors talk, but with the land they have on the southeast portion of the property, that sits empty and unappealing every day, you would think that some large hotelier would have stepped up already. "There are so many other places in Southern Florida to go and have fun," Mark Quinn of Boston said. "You have to have something for every member of the family. We have kids, they are not racing fans, so what do you have to keep their interest?" Quinn also admits that if there was a hotel on property, it would give it more of a family appeal as well. OPENING DAY Even though I was sidetracked by the reality of this economy, and what has to be done to fill the needs of the visitors and not some decision maker who has no

620 NE 8 Street, Hallandale Beach Just East of US-1 Between Ocean’s 11 & Pizza Hut



feel for the reality of the situation, I have to get back to opening day where the weather was great and the racing topnotch. The Gulfstream racing experience is simply like none other. It is where seasoned players stand next to youngsters, forming that impression for the first time. The aromas of popcorn and hotdogs mixing with cigar smoke. It's that first look at a racing form or program, where people try to explain what the times and numbers mean. It's that thrill of standing along the railing and seeing that dirt being kicked up by those magnificent animals. It's the thrill that you get when your number(s) comes in. The experience of being around the track has been taken to another level - with animation, food and drink specials and music now filling in the gaps between racing times. This is not the thoroughbred racing my father introduced me to. What my dad taught us about does not exist anymore. Racing purists have given way to fans, but what the heck, it's a lot of fun. I had a long talk with my neighbor last week who has always promised me that he would go to Gulfstream - for a stakes race - for Florida Derby, but never has. He finally told me that he was intimidated to go because he knew very little about how to bet. I assured him that it's not like it used to be. People actually spend the time to talk with you and explain.





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1758 NE 163RD STREET • NORTH MIAMI BEACH • 305.705.2162

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City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue employees grow out full mustaches for 'Movember' donations raised, presented to Mount Sinai Medical Center

MIAMI BEACH - The employees of the City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue Department are fighting more than just flames these days. By growing out their mustaches, they were able to raise more than $2,000 for Mount Sinai Medical Center. The fundraising campaign was for “Movember” an initiative where men grew out their mustaches during the month of November to help raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate and testicular

cancer. “It is absolutely spectacular to think that the people we work with every day dealing with emergencies are now working with us on the prevention of illnesses such as cancer,” said Mount Sinai President and CEO, Steve Sonenreich. To make the check presentation, approximately 30 City of Miami Beach Fire Rescue employees arrived to Mount Sinai on fire trucks, sporting full mustaches and light blue T-shirts, the color

Mount Sinai President and CEO, Steve Sonenreich, gratefully accepts a “Movember” donation from City of Miami Beach firefighter, Anthony Wilson.

for prostate cancer awareness. “If we can help some-

one wake up healthier and happier by just growing out our mus-

You’ve Planned for your family and protected them your whole life Why stop now? Pre-plan with…

taches for a month, then so be it,” said firefighter Anthony Wilson, who helped spearhead the fundraising initiative within his department. The men ended the month with one final fundraising initiative at Finnegan’s on Ocean Drive where they accepted donations to shave off their mustaches. City of Miami Beach Fire Chief, Javier Otero and Assistant Chief, Jorge Sanabria, took it one step further and agreed to shave their entire

heads for the cause. All proceeds from this event were also donated to Mount Sinai.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 241,000 new cases of prostate cancer in the United States this year alone. To learn more about what you can do to reduce your risk of prostate cancer, visit or call 305-674-CARE (2273).

Special Year End Savings Till Dec. 31, 2012

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LEVITT-WEINSTEIN Beth David Memorial Gardens

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Call: (954) 963-2400 • (800) 343-5400 MIAMI BEACH • AVENTURA • HOLLYWOOD • TAMARAC • BOCA RATON

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Quick tips for pulling together a holiday potluck: Divide, conquer and enjoy (BPT) - - When your holiday-dinner guest list keeps growing year after year, it may be time to share the cooking. A potluck is a great way to share the load, and with just a little advance planning you can avoid ending up with 12 green bean casseroles on the dinner table. "Don't be shy about assigning food categories to your guests," says Ginny Bean, founder and publisher of Ginny's catalog and"This eliminates the guesswork for them, too." Bean suggests you

start planning four to six weeks out, and following these simple tips. * Don't overlook the non-cooks. Include categories such as beverages and paper products, or ask noncooks to bring flowers, candles or other items to decorate the table. Those who want to help but need something easy to do can do some of the shopping for you. * Double up. Ask at least two of the guests to make different salads, two to make different potato dishes, two people to bring different

green vegetables, and two to bring pies. Plan on making the turkey, stuffing and gravy yourself. * Make sure someone brings kid food. There's nothing worse than having kids reject all the food at the table. Make sure there's ice cream or another dessert that appeals to kids, some sparkling apple juice for a special toast, and kid-friendly items like mac and cheese or yams with marshmallows. * Pick your battles. If someone really wants to bring a certain dish that you don't par-

How to simplify holiday gift giving

(BPT) - Overwhelmed by your holiday shopping list and short on time? Not to worry - here are a few tips to cut costs, stay organized and still buy presents that your friends and family will love. 1. Stick to a budget. Arrive at the dollar amount at which you feel comfortable spending and stick with it. Then, decide on cost ranges that you would pay for those on your list. Setting limits on how much you can spend per person will streamline the overall process of holiday shopping. 2. Use a gift selection website that does the picking for you. The Timex Gift Finder website, for example, lets you discover which watch styles your loved ones will crave most after you answer five short questions about their personalities. You'll also receive a coupon for $10 off two of these watches at Walmart or Target. To try the Timex Gift Finder yourself, visit 3. Be prepared with back-up gift cards. What if your cousin-in-law shows up to your shindig with a cute makeup set for you, but you have nothing for her? Don't let that happen by keeping a stock of extra gift cards. Walmart and Target offer a wide variety of them, so you don't have to drive from store to store. 4. Bake simple homemade treats. It's not the cost of the present that counts; it's the thought that matters. Show off your culinary skills with some hearthealthy oatmeal cookies or your delectable apple pie. If you need creative ideas, search Pinterest for mouth-watering inspiration. 5. Give to a worthwhile cause. Make a donation in the name of that friend or family member who has everything. Think about the recipient's philanthropic interests rather than just contributing to a cause that you support. Write a thoughtful card explaining what inspired you to choose this gift for an added touch. Follow these easy tips and you'll be sure to experience stress-free holiday gifting.

ticularly want, let them bring it anyway. You never know which dish might turn into a family tradition. * Assess your appliance needs. Ask guests to let you know ahead of time if they'll need refrigerator, oven or range-top space. The added capacity of countertop ovens and microwaves can be a godsend for big holiday meals. Plan a menu with some dishes that can be served at room temperature so you don't have too many dishes that need to be kept hot. * Be prepared with extra serving plates, bowls and

spoons. Somebody's bound to forget something. Also remind guests to label their serving dishes and utensils. Most regular potluck participants can tell tales about losing the lid to a favorite plastic bowl or discovering that the only casserole dish left on the table was not the one they brought. * Don't attempt to serve all the food from one table. Place desserts on a table separate from main dishes and side dishes. Locate beverages in another area. For the most convenient self-service, arrange the buffet so

diners can serve themselves from both sides of the table. Lay out the table in logical order: plates at one end of the table for guests to pick up and load with food, and utensils tucked inside napkins at the other end to grab once their plates are full. * Strike while the iron's hot (and guests are in a festive mood). Before everyone leaves, set up the planning committee and solicit suggestions for next year. To request a copy of Ginny's catalog, log on to or call (800) 487-9024.


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Regular Hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00 - 8:00 Friday 8:00 - 2 Hours Before Sunset Saturday Closed Sunday 8:00 - 8:00 All Specials Weather Permitting and Availability. Not Responsible For Typographical Errors. Good from 12/06/12 thur 12/12/12

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2250 NE 163 St NORTH MIAMI BEACH • (305) 947-9242 • (305) 947-9442 Next to Thai House II. Easy access from West Dixie Hwy. & 162nd Street. Additional parking in rear of store off Dixie Hwy.

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400 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019 (954) 923-2300

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Arts ballet of Florida celebrates its 15th anniversary with a gala reception

Arts Ballet of Florida wants you to become a VIP guest at the celebration of their anniversary with their Nutcracker Gala to be held at the Fillmore Miami Beach Jackie Gleason Theatre on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 7 p.m. The Gala reception will be followed by the fantastic favorite ballet, The Nutcracker, as they once again journey to the land of the sweets. The well-known story of the holiday toy that comes to life to the spellbinding score by Tchaikovsky, includes “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.”  The principal roles in the Nutcracker will be performed by Arts Ballet of Florida’s finest: Jun Tanabe, Kaori Fukui, Miu Yamauhi and Takaqyuki Asai from Japan, Breeana Flannery from Australia, Lillian Hill of Ft. Lauderdale, Kelvin Rabines from Peru, Dee Dee Rosner from North Carolina, and additional dancers from Japan, Cuba, France, Venezuela and Chile complete the rest of the cast, along with Artistic Director Vladimir Issaev’s choreography, preserving the Russian tradition. Every year the production is enhanced, adding special effects like falling snow and a growing Christmas tree, which will enchant children and adults, making each year a new experience for returning audiences. This performance will be one to surely remember. VIP Tickets for the Gala celebration at the Jackie Gleason Theatre, in Miami, includes a private cocktail and Hors d’oeuvres party prior to show at 6 p.m. The best Premium seats, (First six rows) a silent auction and a meet and greet all the dancers, for this special  price of $ 83.50. For VIP tickets call (305) 948-4777. All other tickets and info, call (305) 673-7300. The theatre is located at 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.  

Eleanor Hannan

MOSAIC THEATRE PRESENTS AWARD WINNINGPLAYWRIGHT CONOR McPHERSON’S PLAY “THE BIRDS” From the writer of the Award Winning hit, The Seafarer, and other successful plays comes the Southeastern Premier, “The Birds.” This new play is a chilling psychological portrait, inspired by Daphne Du Maurier’s short story (on which Hitchcock’s famous thriller film was based.) It’s not yet winter and

there’s a chill in the air, the sky is darkening and the atmosphere is eerie, as millions of birds swarm overhead, upon an unsuspecting city, and while, in an isolated abandoned house, in a Cornish seaside town, war veteran, Nat Hocken, living in the town and working part time on a farm, notices a large number of birds behaving strangely. As the situation worsens and the birds start to attack, he needs to find shelter. As complete strangers, Nat and Diane, a writer, both trying to escape, find refuge in the cottage, but experience the pressure of being imprisoned in a farmhouse, by thousands of birds maneuvering outside, and are confined with no electricity and little food, as they seek shelter from the masses of birds that are attacking everyone in the vicinity. Nat and Diane, both survivors of broken relationships start to form a bond, but the relationship is broken by the arrival of Julia, a third presence. It appears, they are one happy family but eventually feathers are ruffled leading to thoughts of murder. Experience a thriller like none other as “The Birds,” fly to the Mosaic Theatre, now on stage through Dec. 9th. For tickets and other info, call the box office, located at the American Heritage Center, 12200 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation, (954) 5778243.

LEGENDARY ELECTRIFYING GUITARIST JOE BONAMASSA RETURNS TO HARD ROCK LIVE WITH HIS BRAND NEW SOLO ALBUM Joe Bonamassa is regarded as one of the world's greatest guitar players. This charming musician and singer/songwriter, has been honored as 2011's   " Guitarist of the Year," by Guitar International, is a regular on Guitar Player magazine's Annual Readers' Choice Awards, having won "Best Blues Guitarist" in 2010, and was named Billboard's #1 Blues Artist the same year.  Bonamassa's career began in the early 90's with "Bloodline," a rock-blues group featuring Robby Krieger's son Waylon, and Miles Davis' son Erin. Bonamassa's 2000 solo debut "A New Day Yesterday," was followed by releases including, "So, It's Like That" in 2002, "Blues Deluxe" 2003, "Had to Cry Today," 2003, and "You & Me," 2007. A child prodigy, Joe had the craftiness of Stevie Ray Vaughan, at 7, and by the time he was 10, had caught the attention of BB King. By age 12, he was opening shows for the blues icon and was touring with well-known acts including Buddy Guy, Foreigner, Robert Cray ,Stephen Mills, Joe Crocker and Gregg Allman.   "Driving Towards The Daylight, "Bonamassa's lucky 13th album is a balanced backto-back album that highlights his signature style of roots blues with rock-and-roll, with traditions of the original blues’ musicians. It features special guests, including Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford. Tickets for the show, Dec.13, at 8 p.m. are on sale at the Hard Rock Live, located on State Road 7 (US-441) Hollywood, ranging from $53 to $103. For more info, call (954) 327-Rock or (1) 800 937-0010. 

“See You at the Theatre” Contact Eleanor at

1960 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009 • 954-251-2658

Lunch Buffet


$8.95 Mon - Friday 11:30 - 3:00 Featuring Unlimited House Salad, Soup, 2 Pastas Including a Whole Wheat Pasta , Fish Daily, Chicken, and a Chef’s Selection Daily Also Featuring Well Drinks, House Wine & Beer $5.00


OCEANFRONT DINING SPECIALS ROASTED RACK OF LAMB........... $ 2 21 1 95 PRIME RIB OF BEEF 14 oz............... $ 1 18 8 95






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Happy Hour Available 7 Nights A Week At The Bar


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Sunday through Thursday All Day All Night Till Closing! Friday & Saturday 5 - 7 P.M. Well Drinks, House Wine & Beer Make Your Reservations For Christmas & New Years Now!

Acquo 124 Live Music & Dancing - Thursday Thru Saturday

124 South Federal Highway [ 954-454-2410 ]

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Sunset Dinner Expires December 19

1 Block South of Hallandale Bch Blvd Across from Gulfstream Park

1960 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale Fl

Restaurant Available for Private Parties up to 125 people

We are located in the Hemispheres on A-1-A Ocean Side Closed on Mondays


FREE Valet Parking

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The Friendship Circle of South Broward is preparing the 33rd Annual South Florida Chanukah Festival Featuring The 8th Day Band at Gulfstream Park & Casino

The 33rd annual South Florida Chassidic Chanukah Festival is getting bigger and better. Over 10,000 people have attended the event since it was moved to Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach in 2007, and the upcoming festival set for Thursday, December 13, will include a star-studded show that is guaranteed to attract the largest attendance yet. The festival (at Gulfstream Park, US1 and Hallandale Beach Blvd.) is produced and directed by Chabad of South Broward, leaders in Jewish education, social

services and community outreach. The festival will be preceded by a 100-car menorah parade, starting out from the Yeshivah Gedolah of Greater Miami, under the auspices of Florida Friends of Lubavitch. Other festival highlights will include music by 8th Day brothers Shmuel and Bentzion Marcus; A BMX Pro Spectacluar Show; the lighting of Florida’s largest menorah led by Cantor Rabbi Yossy Lebovics, a large lineup of community leaders and dignitaries, free Chanukah gelt and goodies for the thou-

Mardi Gras Casino’s December Promotions Tuesdays Holiday Hot Seat. Every 30 minutes. 1pm-9pm. Have your card inserted into a machine for a chance to win $250 Bonus Play. Wednesdays – December 11, 18 Play & Earn for a Photo Frame. 11am-12am. Earn 35 points to receive a Photo Frame. Maximum 1 photo frame per promotion day. Fridays – December 7, 14, 21 Wreath of Cash Scratch. 9am-midnight. Earn 50 points for your chance to scratch up to $10,000 cash! Four virtual scratch per promotion day. Saturday – December 22 Unwrap Your Way to Winnings. 2pm-10pm every 30 minutes. Earn 25 points for your chance to win your share of over $20,000 in cash and prizes. Earning period 11am-10pm. Saturdays – December 8, 15 $15K Festive Cash Giveaway. Earn 75 points for your chance to win your share of over $15,000 cash! $1,000 cash drawings hourly, 5pm-9pm and $10,000 cash drawing at 10pm. Earning period 11am-10pm. Sunday, December 30 CHARGE INTO THE NEW YEAR!!! 10pm. Earn 75 points December 25 through December 30 for a chance to win a 2013 Dodge Charger. You don’t have to be present to win but if you are, you’ll score an additional $5,000 cash! Must validate your entries on December 30. Poker Promotions Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Weekends Open 24 Hours Sunday– Thursday Full House Frenzy: $40 for winning a full house or better. Receive voucher between 12am-4am and 9am - 11 am. Mardi Gras Casino is located at 831 North Federal Highway on the corner of US-1 and Pembroke Road. The casino offers over 70,000 square feet of casino excitement featuring 1,100 Las Vegas-style slot machines, including new-linked Progressive slots, video roulette, and Classic Blackjack with live dealers; Roulette Evolution; 30 action-packed poker tables; simulcast and greyhound racing; and various dining options. For more information, call 954-924-3200 or visit Become a fan on Facebook at or follow us on twitter at http://www/


110 90

$ $


7 Piece Bedroom Set $ Includes Mattress/Box/Frame

Furniture Available

954-465-6498 4180 NE 5th Ave Ft Lauderdale 33334

sands of children in attendance, as well as a delicious dinner (for a nominal fee) and scores of valuable prizes. The Festival will honor the Friendship Circle, a program with 87 branches worldwide, that caters to children with special needs, who are teamed up with local teenagers. These teenagers serve as volunteers and friends of these children with special needs. Rabbi Levi Tennenhaus, the event’s coordinator and Chabad’s program director, encourages those who can afford it to get reserved seating, “The event, as always, is free. However, in addition to our major sponsors, individuals are entitled to reserve VIP seats for $100 per seat. This will help both the festival, which runs at an enormous cost as a service to the community, and individuals who want the luxury and convenience to sit up front with their seats reserved exclusively for them and their families.” Corporate sponsors include Gulfstream Park and Casino, and Kosher Central. The event will be broadcast live around the world courtesy of Chanukah marks the birthday of Chabad of South Broward. The first Chabad Center in Broward County. It sponsors over forty programs and institutions throughout Broward County, including Project PRIDE, a non-sectarian drug prevention and education program; The Friendship Circle, an incredible interactive program for children with special needs; Florida’s only teachers seminary for women; the fastgrowing CHAI TOTS preschool and Hebrew

nessmen and professionals, and twelve synagogues.

Club; bar and bat mitzvah clubs, CTEEN Club; three mikvehs accessible to the physically challenged; Camp Gan Israel; kollel for busi-

For more festival information, or to reserve VIP

and box seats, call 954-458-1877; email; or log on

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC EVERY FRIDAY Fried Cod Fish w ith Frie s & C ol e S l aw or

Shrimp Basket w ith Frie s & C ol e S l aw


5 p.m. till 8 p.m. ONLY Call For Our Weekly Specials!



Live Entertainment

1 6 O z.P rime R ib ...............................$ 1 2.00 Bak e d S al mon....................................$ 1 1 .00 All regular meals include salad, vegetable,potato and roll

WE ALSO HAVE Tuesdays 12:00 - 3:00, Wednesdays 6:00 - 9:00 and Sunday 5:00 - 8:00

from 7-11 p.m.


American Legion Post 304 - 41 Northeast 1st Court, Dania Beach - (954) 921-7532







$ 00

a -tr ir X a H ng Lo

BLOW $ 1200 DRY

& le sty Re

Long Hair X-tra

457-3344 DANIA (954) 921-7187 Esthetician MANICURE & On Staff For PEDICURE

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Hallandale Daily • Dania Daily





Long Hair X-tra

1468 E. Hallandale Bch. Blvd. Hallandale (In the Publix Plaza) 352 E. Dania Beach Blvd. Dania (In the Winn Dixie Plaza)

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New Recycling Ordinance Coming to Hollywood in 2015


By Charles Lassiter, Environmental Services Supervisor HOLLYWOOD - Did you know that last year, more than 41,000 tons of garbage was dumped at the incinerator for disposal and 8,500 tons were diverted based on existing recycling efforts? With disposal costs last year at $99.20, the diversion of the recycling tonnage represented a savings of more than $843,200. The City of Hollywood is using regulations and ordinances in conjunc-

57th Annual Candy Cane Parade On Hollywood Beach Join us for the “Jingle Bell Jamboree” Saturday, December 8, 2012 Hollywood Beach Broadwalk 7 p.m. FREE

tion with public outreach and education as tools to enhance recycling throughout the City. The Department of Public Works, in partnership with the Green Team Advisory Committee, has made adjustments to existing ordinances that

mandate recycling to include all new and existing multi-family units and businesses within the City by Oct. 1, 2015. This means a recycling program will have to be offered and available to each business’ customers and land-

Innovative Canopy at Hollywood Beach Business Recognized with Design Award

HOLLYWOOD – Awnings of Hollywood Inc. and Yogurt UR Way Café on Hollywood Beach have been recognized with a prestigious 2012 International Achievement Award from the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) for the design and implementation of the store's innovative entry and dining canopy. The striking blue canopy outside Yogurt UR Way Café, a self-serve frozen yogurt shop at 1000 N. Broadwalk, won first place in the small awnings and canopies project category. The canopy, which sports a unique ocean wave design, was among 81 winners in 30 categories that were recognized for spectacular work in the specialty fabrics industry based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function. Yogurt UR Way Café is owned by actor and comedian Art Metrano, who is well-known for his role as Lieutenant Mauser in the first two Police Academy movies. Metrano's customized do-it-yourself approach to healthy eating, which includes a wide array of soft frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and custard flavors and toppings as well as a variety of wraps, was launched March 29 in the recently renovated historic Hotel Sheldon on Hollywood Beach. Metrano wanted to add an entry canopy to the existing building that would not only provide cover for patio diners but be eye-catching and evoke the ocean. The awning has three-dimensional changes and vertical and horizontal curves on the main structure with a lace-on cover and a wrap-style valance. The canopy graphics were created by Hollywood-based Metro Signs, Inc., and Manuel Synalovski Associates served as project architect. Founded in the early '60s, family-owned Awnings of Hollywood has operated at 5828 Washington St. since 1986. It offers a full range of commercial and residential awning, canopy and gazebo products, and services from design, engineering and construction to installation of custom canvas structures that exceed Unified Building Code of Florida regulations. Awnings of Hollywood's innovative products include waterproof tension structures and wind-safe retractables, and its eye-catching designs have won several awards from the IFAI for Outstanding Achievement and Design by IFAI. For additional information, call 954-963-7717 or visit The award-winning canopy project for Yogurt UR Way Café has resulted in referred business for Awnings of Hollywood, whose management has patronized the shop with potential customers to show them the company's work. Yogurt UR Way Café is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday through Sunday on the Broadwalk between Michigan and Buchanan streets. For more information, call 954399-9840. For information on beach or downtown businesses or events, call the City of Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) at 954-924-2980 or visit


111E. Hallandale Beach Blvd Unit B Hallandale Beach, Fl 33009

(954) 367-7383 - Email:



Manicure With A Purchase Of A Pedicure

Eyebrows Wax

Refer A Friend & Get $


For new first time customers only. One coupon per person, not valid with other offers or packages. Exp. 12/25/12

The Department of Public Works, in partnership with the Green Team Advisory Committee, has made adjustments to existing ordinances that mandate recycling to include all new and existing multi-family units and businesses within the City by Oct. 1, 2015.

lords’ tenants by Oct. 1, 2015. General recycling information and current program guidelines will need to be distributed to employees of businesses and to new and existing unit owners and tenants on an annual basis. This means your recycled material will need to be contained separately from your garbage dumpster. Though there is a cost to recycle, recycling pre-

vents the unnecessary disposal of usable materials, saves energy, and reduces air and water pollution. Recycling also can reduce disposal costs and save businesses money by diverting materials from the trash dumpster to the recycling bin. Recycling programs are often less expensive than disposing of this material as garbage. Savings are often achieved by

reducing the frequency of collection, and in some cases, the size of garbage dumpsters. Contact your garbage hauler to get a program started for your business or multi-family establishment. For more information, contact the City of Hollywood Public Works Department at 954.967.4526 or Environmental Services at 954.967.4320.

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HOLIDAY LIGHTS CELEBRATION Hallandale Beach City officials and residents kick off the Holiday Season

Every year, the City of Hallandale Beach gets in the spirit of the season - in many ways. From toy drives and dinners to last Friday night's Holiday Lights Celebration, this is a community that puts smiles on the faces of all ages. The year event gives many a chance to see the thousands of lights in the median along East Hallandale Beach Boulevard. Excitement also was building throughout the evening as children lined up to meet with Santa Claus. Hundreds of residents and visitors packed the plaza to watch the lighting event then visit with Santa as well as ride the amusement rides in the plaza for the event.

TOP LEFT: In on the lighting ceremony are, from left, Santa Claus, businessman Boris Moroz, City Commissioner Michele Lazarow, City Commissioner Anthony Sanders, and City Manager Renee Crichton. Mr. Moroz allowed the City to use his property at 1750 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard for the annual event. Hundreds of residents and visitors jammed the area to visit with Santa, enjoy carnival rides and several performances by area children. TOP RIGHT: Youngsters from Hallandale Elementary School’s Latin Dance Club entertained the crowd Friday night at the City of Hallandale Beach annual Holiday Lights Celebration at 1750 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard. The students were just one of several performing groups to provide music and dance at the celebration to open the holiday season. (Photos Courtesy City of Hallandale Beach Public Relations)


p i h S 2013 e s a c w o Sh ary 17 u r . b m . e p F @ 2:00 y a d n Su

Box Office Open November 27th!!! Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 am to 2 pm. Tickets on sale.

PHONE ORDERS EVERY DAY Encore 305-919-3731 Toll Free 888-317-4864

Julius Littman Performing Arts Theatre 17011 Northeast 19th Avenue - North Miami Beach

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Page 1C - Twitter@sfsuntimes – Thursday, December 6, 2012


Today’s Wigs Have Come A Long Way Baby!


By Suzanne Wallace Sun Times NORTH MIAMI - Jennifer Lopez, Brittany Spears, Raquel Welch, Beyonce, the TV Anchor Woman, my Doctor, the girl at the next table, the lady at the airport, my daughter’s best friend....what do these women have in common? They are all wearing wigs and they look fantastic! Today’s wigs have come a long way, baby. They are nothing like they used to, heavy on your head, fake more! They are light weight, realistic looking, stylish, and fun! You can learn a lot about wigs with a trip to The Wig Goddess at 15508 Biscayne Blvd in North Miami. It’s a short ride up Biscayne Blvd. from Hallandale, on the West side just after 156th Street and well worth the trip. Wig Goddess has a large variety of wigs in synthetic materials as well as natural human hair. Surprisingly, many synthetic wigs are heat friendly which means you can use a curling iron on them, and human hair wigs can be styled, colored or even cut by your hairdresser. Owner, Laura says, “The cap construction of wigs has really changed giving them a more realistic appearance. The lace front wig is popular now because it gives you a more natural looking hairline. A wig with a mono-top actually lets you part your hair in many directions to create more hair styles to give you a different look with only one wig. Every woman should own at least one wig to put on for last minute invites, or maybe you just don’t feel like working with your hair that morning. No problem, put on your wig and go out with confidence knowing you look great.” Some of the Wig Goddess’s clients are local entertainers who use

the wigs to create fantastic new looks for themselves, working women who don’t have time to get their hair done as often as they would like and young women who want to look trendy and match their wigs with their latest styles and moods. Laura enjoys helping the ladies find the right wig for all their needs. Wigs are great for women of all ages! Let us not forget women who are battling cancer or hair loss from medicine, or health issues such as vitamin deficiency, stress, or Alopecia. Laura reminded me that there are children with cancer who would love to have a good fitting wig and the Wig Goddess carries children’s wigs as well. For those who want more privacy the shop has a private fitting room. We all know that a good hair day gives us that little boost of confidence and puts us in a happy mood. A wig is the perfect solution. The Wig Goddess carries hair accessories such as scarves, wraps, clip-in hair extensions, which by the way are better than the glue-in and weaves because they pull and damage your hair over time. There’s also a large assortment of pony-tails. There’s even a baseball cap with hair attached that can be worn down or in a pony tail for oc-

casions when you want a sporty or casual look. Perhaps your hair is just too flat on problem...there’s Hair Toppers (Crown Volumizers) to gives you fullness on top. When you enter the door you will be pleasantly surprised at the many different colors and styles in stock. I was amazed to see some blond wigs with dark roots. That’s trendy now. We would never let our roots show but now it is fashionable. The Ombre look is in now too...darker at the top becoming lighter at the tips. There were bobs, and long, sexy styles, every hair shade you can imagine including silver and gold for special occasions or parties. In fact, a client purchased several of the same color and style to be worn by models for a shoot. Some of the brands I saw were: Raquel Welch, Tony of Beverly, Jon Renau, Envy and Georgie. I asked Laura about

buying wigs online and was told it wasn’t a good idea, because you really should be fitted for the wig and it’s always best to try your wig on to make sure the color is right and the style is flattering. Another reason, when you look at a wig online the color may look very different when you actually receive the wig because the color you see on your monitor may not be accurate or the photo may have altered the color. Wigs are great for travel or cruises. No one wants to spend their vacation worrying about how their hair looks. Just throw on your outfit and put on your wig and have fun! Some ladies like to have a collection of wigs of many styles and colors to change their hairstyle to fit the occasion without damaging their own hair. And when you think of all the money you can spend getting your own hair colored and in just a short time it needs it

again...not with a wig. You actually save money in the long run and they are just so much fun. Let’s face it ladies, beautifully styled wigs can make a

woman look and feel fabulous! The season is here with lots of holiday parties and special events coming up. Now is the time to visit the Wig Goddess!

WIG GODDESS 15508 Biscayne Blvd. (at 156th Street & Biscayne) North Miami, FL 33160 305-354-9222 HOURS Monday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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Tips for Healthy Traveling this Holiday Season (BPT) - Staying healthy during the busy holiday travel season can be challenging, especially for those living with diabetes. A change in routine, inconsistent meals and stress associated with travel can all affect the ability to successfully manage one’s diabetes. “I am one of the nearly 26 million Americans living with diabetes,” says Julie McQueen, a member of the Sanofi US Lantus® Champions program, a network of people living with diabetes who have achieved personal diabetes goals. “At first, I was worried about whether or not my diagnosis would affect my ability to travel. Learning how to be prepared was the key for me.” Now that Julie is experienced in traveling and managing diabetes, she has helpful tips for others who may be in a similar situation: BE PREPARED While traveling, it can be easy to give-in to eating foods you normally would avoid at home. Julie suggests packing diabetesfriendly snacks to help avoid the temptation of unhealthy but convenient options. Granola bars, fruit and anything pre-packaged with a low carb count can be healthy alternatives. If fast food is the only option, Julie suggests opting for the salad or fruit parfait. MAINTAIN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Although it seems like travelers spend a lot of time sitting in a car, there are many opportunities to maintain physical activity while you are traveling. Julie always checks ahead to see if there is a gym or a suitable place to walk around her destination. Places like a zoo or park are great places to get exercise, while still exploring your destination. Simple things like taking the stairs in the hotel instead of the elevator are always a good choice to increase physical activity. Always ask your doctor before beginning an exercise program. KEEP ON TRACK WITH TREATMENT While packing a bag before hitting the road, Julie always makes sure she has her prescription. She suggests packing extra medication and prescription slips, just in case. Julie uses once a day insulin Lantus® (insulin glargine [rDNA origin] injection), which comes in the Lantus® SoloSTAR®, a disposable pre-filled pen, as part of an overall diabetes treatment plan which includes a healthy diet, exercise and oral medications. Julie notes it’s important to work

While traveling, it can be easy to give-in to eating foods you normally would avoid at home. Julie suggests packing diabetes-friendly snacks to help avoid the temptation of unhealthy but convenient options. Granola bars, fruit and anything pre-packaged with a low carb count can be healthy alternatives. If fast food is the only option, Julie suggests opting for the salad or fruit parfait.

Staying healthy during the busy holiday travel season can be challenging, especially for those living with diabetes. A change in routine, inconsistent meals and stress associated with travel can all affect the ability to successfully manage one’s diabetes.

with a healthcare professional, no matter what time of the year, to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Indications and Usage for Lantus® (insulin glargine [rDNA origin] injection) Prescription Lantus® is a long-acting insulin used to treat adults with type 2 diabetes and adults and children (6 years and older) with type 1 diabetes for the control of high blood sugar. It should be taken once a day at the same time each day to lower blood glucose. Do not use Lantus® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. Important Safety Information for Lantus® (insulin glargine [rDNA origin] injection) Do not take Lantus® if you are allergic to insulin or any of the inactive ingredients in Lantus®. You must test your blood sugar levels while using insulin, such as

Lantus®. Do not make any changes to your dose or type of insulin without talking to your healthcare provider. Any change of insulin should be made cautiously and only under medical supervision. Do NOT dilute or mix Lantus® with any other insulin or solution. It will not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. Lantus® must only be used if the solution is clear and colorless with no particles visible. Do not share needles, insulin pens or syringes with others. The most common side effect of insulin, including Lantus®, is low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), which may be serious. Some people may experience symptoms such as shaking, sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision. Severe hypoglycemia may be serious and life threatening. It may cause harm to



 Under Pads  Diapers  Gloves  Pull-ups


 Underwear  Nutritional Feeding  Skincare  Adult Wipes

For All Your Incontinent Needs


 Bed Liners  Pads For Men  Pads For Women  And Much More

FREE Delivery

Sage Plaza 800 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite 19

(954) 458-3535

Mon - Fri 9-4 Sat 8:30-11:30 Sun Closed

Having Relationship Problems With Those Closest To You? Are you Feeling... • Insecure • Irritable • Sad • Anxious • Depressed Please Let Me Help! Dr. Ronald J. Schlossberg Psy. D, Cht. Licensed Psychologist

(954) 270-4226 1250 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. A Beech Street & Medicare Provider

your heart or brain. Other possible side effects may include injection site reactions, including changes in fat tissue at the injection site, and allergic reactions, including itching and rash. In rare cases, some allergic reactions may be life threatening. Tell your doctor about other medicines and supplements you are taking because they can change the way insulin works. Before starting Lantus®, tell your doctor about all your medical conditions including if you have liver or kidney problems, are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or planning to breast-feed. Lantus® SoloSTAR® is a disposable prefilled insulin pen. Please talk to your healthcare

provider about proper injection technique and follow instructions in the Instruction Leaflet that accompanies the pen.

For Full Prescribing Information for Lantus® please visit or call 1-800-6331610.


Dr. Steven Brotsky

Podiatrist -Foot Specialist 2500 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard CONVENIENT GROUND FLOOR LOCATION

(954) 457-7400


WE ARE NOW SUPPLIERS FOR MEDICARE’S “THERAPEUTIC DIABETIC SHOE PROGRAM” Medicare and most insurance accepted where applicable – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, December 6, 2012 Page 3C

Page 4C South Florida Sun-Times/ Thursday, December 6, 2012 – 954-458-0635 – – – CLASSIFIED – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times /Thursday, December 6, 2012 Page 5C

Happy Hanukkah


Office (954) 458-0635 • Fax (954) 458-0765 • Email

Place your ad in The South Florida Sun Times Classified (954) 458-0635 The deadline to place your ad is next Tuesday at 5pm. You can fax your ad to (954) 458-0765


GIFTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Collectible baseball cards. ALSO, have collectible comic books,1988 -1990. (954) 964-0196


CERTIFIED CNA 20 years experience & 10 working in hospital, seeks PT job, 5-11 pm every day, references available. (954) 591-9757


Electrostatic Painting Plastering Wall Patching Wallpaper Removal Popcorn Removal CALL STEVE AT (917) 335-4303

INTERIOR PAINTING & HANDYMAN SERVICE Low Rates Wall Covering Removal Plastic Ceiling Panels Window Glass • Screens Carpentry • Flooring Door Installations • Bath Safety Bars • Electrical • Plumbing Tankless Water Heater

BRENDA & RICHARD FRANK (954) 296-5950 • (786) 991-3482

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* MORTGAGE RATES: 15 Year 3.65 – 30 Year Under 4% *




NEW! ON THE BEACH! Direct on the Ocean, 2 Br. 2 Ba. + Den, best North & East Oceanfront! $399,000

NEW! Rare Find Largest 2/2 + Den, Lg Balc, All Facing East + SE On Ocean & Golden Beach, $479,000

NEW! see it all from the 19th floor. large 2/2, eat-in kitchen, all with incredible views of the barrier island. can be rented out upon closing $375,000

NEW! HOT HOT HOT 2/2 Convertible, oversized


balcony. Spectacular sunset views. Ready to make it your own. $259,000 NEW! 2 Br. plus Den, 2 Ba. Large Eat-In Kitchen. Wonderful views of Sea & City. This One is Ready When You Are! $365,000

NEW! Ocean & Intra views 2/2, updtd kitch & bathING shutters! $245K rooms, laminate woodPE fls, NDhurricane NEW! SEA IT ALL from the 20th floor! Corner 2/2, direct ocean view, $349,990

* HEMISPHERES OCEAN SOUTH * SEA IT ALL! From The 18th Floor 1/1.5, $215,000 ON THE OCEAN PRICED TO SELL! 1/1.5 A/C + H/W + INGCome PENDSea, Cable incl. in maint. Come Buy! $169,000

* HEMISPHERES OCEAN NORTH * SEE VIEW!! Low Floor, Ocean View 2/2, A/C and H/W included in Mainentance, $239,000

* HEMISPHERES BAY NORTH * STUDIO With Great Intra Views, Separate Kitchen, Bathroom, Balcony. A/CE+ ING+ Cable incl. in maint. P NDH/W $79,000

** PARKER DORADO #1 BUILDING ON BEACH! ** NEW! 2/2 Convertible, Large Eat-In Kitchen, Oversized Curved Balcony With Intracoastal Overlooking Golden Beach + Intracoastal. AC + HW Included In The Maintenance, $259,000

LARGE S.E. One-Of-A-Kind - The only building that affords 360 Degree Unobstructed Views on Ocean & Overlooking Golden Beach. Enjoy the sundrenched Oceanfront views for ea. room with its own balcony. Large 2/2 W/Eat-in P KitEN w/Window. DING A/C & H/W incl in monthly maint. You will go for the ‘Gold’ when you call this Condo Your Own! $449,000 LOW Floor, 1/1.5 Oceanfront, $132,000 FOR DIRECT EAST & SOUTH OCEAN, totally remodeled incl windows, tiled thruout, 2 Br. Conv., 2 Ba. Sweeping dble. balc for Sky High Entertaining! $389K SEE THE SEA! Large 2 Br. plus Den, eat-in kitchen. Priced to sell!! $249,000 2 BR. 2 BA. Oceanfront Beauty! Totally & beautifully renovated, including new windows. A/C, H/W incl. in PENDING maintenance. $259,000

HIGH FLOOR, large 2/2 plus Den. All Tiled, Carpet in Bedrooms. Awesome Intra & Ocean Views! $459,000 #1 BUILDING @ Start of Broadwalk 1/1 All redone. A Winner! - $225,000

.* MEADOWBROOK LAKES DANIA BEACH CONDO * NEW! Have it All! Minutes away from the Beach!! Completely renov. 5th flr, lake view, all ages bldg. Rent immed. Renting OK. Low maint, $250 mo. $179,000

* SEASONAL RENTALS * QUADOMAIN CATANIA #1405 2/2, Ocean views, large apartment with upgraded kitchen $2500 mo. MEADOWBROOK LAKES DANIA BEACH CONDO 2/2 fully furnished, completely renovated, 5th floor. Ready to move into, non-smokers $2,000 month.

Call For Info About Our $$$Listing Bonus$$$

(786) 991-3482 Check Me Out At Frankly Speaking@ HOUSE FOR RENT

SINGLE FAMILY SOUTH LAKE Pool, 2 car garage, 6or7 Bedroom, newer construction. Steps to lake & golf course. Seasonal $7500. SOUTH LAKE 3 Bedroom/3.5 Bath. Pool, fabulously furnished. Yearly $4,000. Seasonal $5,000. Coldwell Banker JOAN HENRY (954) 920-6620


EAST HOLLYWOOD 1009 N 13 Terr N. Lake Area Nrbch,golfcrse,3/1,grg New: 2scrnd porches, paint, kit, appls, light fixtures/fans, rubber roof coating. $259K. Make Offer! No Brokers Owner (508) 376-5048 SINGLE FAMILY SOUTH LAKE Brand New On The Market Waterfront 3/2, pool. Access to the dock. No fixed bridges, garage, granite kitchen countertops, $950K. Coldwell Banker JOAN HENRY (954) 920-6620


HOLLYWOOD FOR SALE West of I-95. 2/1.5 double wide, fully remodeled. Steps to Golf Course. New 3 ton A/C, Washer/ Dryer, carport. 55+ community. No pets. (954) 322-6683


HALLANDALE Gulfstream Area - 1/1 Parking, air, cable ready. Near beach and shopping. $650 per month. (954) 456-7797


FURNISHED CONDO NEEDED For Jan., Feb. and March. 1 Br. 1 Ba. Hallandale Beach East of US-1. (954) 458-5691

Advertise For $20 (954) 458-0635

JOHN’S PLUMBING Service Today!

(954) 923-4184


AVENTURA SEASONAL Located on circle. Unit #704, 2/2, 1460 sq. ft. Available now. No pets, unfurnished $2,000 per month. (305) 937-1466 Extension: 11

GULFSTREAM GARDENS 55+ Furnished - Large 1/1 Central A/C, clean, pool, walk to Casino & shops, $850, annual. (305) 978-6892

HALLANDALE - 1/1 Beautiful, golf course view, parking, furnished. TV. 55+. Nr. bch & shops. Yrly/ seas. Avail. now. (305) 761-3880


HALLANDALE 1 Bed/1 Bath. Clean, central air, new appliances, includes: water, no pets, near everything, $750 month. (954) 303-2926 MISCELLANEOUS


HALLANDALE BEACH Quiet, gated location. Beautifully furnished. Cheerful 2/2, amenities, 55+. No pets. $1195 mo. Annual. (201) 247-3537 HALLANDALE Large 1 Bedroom. No Pets. MONTE CARLO APARTMENTS 400 NE 1st Street (305) 931-4638

HALLANDALE Olympus 600 - 2/2 1450 sq. ft., fully furnished. TV. Internet. Pool. $1300 mo. yearly. (917) 749-6434

HALLANDALE MEADOWBROOK 2/2 furn. All new. Walk to Everything! Pool. Easy parking. Hurry!! H. Ginsberg, Bkr (305) 454-5880 HEMISPHERES Ocean side. Seasonal. 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath, furnished. HOME WORLD REALTY (305) 826-4663




HEMISPHERES Seasonal Rentals 1/1.5 from $1900 mo. 2/2 from $2600 mo. Minimum 3 months. Pepe & Martha Pena (954) 734-7274 (305) 261-1945

********************* UPTOWN MARINA LOFT 1 Br. plus Den, water view, $1800 month. Biscaya - 1 Br. Conv. Golfcourse vu, $1150. Winston Towers - 2/2 Water view, $1700. One Sotheby’s Int’l Rlty Diana Hall: (305) 318-5670 *********************


HALLANDALE 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath corner condo. 2 balonies. Private, near beach & all shopping centers, $119,099. (954) 394-0809


• Installation • Basic Lessons • E-mail Lessons • Troubleshooting • Web/Spyware • Hardware Support Call Joe:


229 NW 3rd Ave., Hallandale Beach 33009

Flooring: Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile & Wood Laminate Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Painting • Pressure Cleaning FREE ESTIMATE:

954.609.2189 Beachfront Realty

SEA AIR TOWERS Lower Penthouse 1/1.5, Ocean view, rent immediately. All tile. Beautifully remodeled, next to Diplomat Hotel. Sareen Real Estate IRENE LUIS (954) 456-1535

WINSTON TOWERS On-Site Resale Office WT: 2/2, split, $289K. WT:2/2,Conv., $219K. WT:1/1.5, hi-fl, $185K. Winston Towers Realty (305) 935-1500

GULFSTREAM APARTMENTS 55+, 2 Br. 2 Ba. Furnished or Unfurnished, $850 Month, Yearly. Seasonal Rent Available. Great Location. Walk To Casinos!


Broker Associate Attractive 2/2 Split Floor Plan, Gorgeous View of Intracoastal Waterway From Balcony. Floor to Ceiling Windows, Walk Directly Across Street to Beach. Entire Building. Updated. Pool, Gym & Social Hall, Covered Parkng. Buyer Must Pay Special Assessment Due at Closing of $3,650.00, Deducted From Sale Price. A Buy At Only $239,900! Must See To Appreciate!!

T IMBER We CAunsytothm Frame ing! F RAME Paintings, Photos, Memorabilia & Much More! SUPER MARIO HANDYMAN

MALAGA TOWERS LUXURY CONDO ON THE BEACH! Huge apt. 2/2.5 with large balcony overlooking pool deck with ocean view. Updated kitchen with granite countertops, all tile flooring, full size Washer/Dryer, high Impact windows & doors, 24/7 lobby & garage sec. SALE BY OWNER: (954) 249-0982 Or: (954) 303-7613

MALAGA TOWERS NEW LISTING! Fab 2 Bd. 2 Ba. Hi flr, Washer/Dryer in apt. NW vu. Priced to sell! CAROL NADEL (954) 608-6430

Eleanor Hannan

CELL: (954) 394-0482

HALLANDALE MEADOWBROOK Nice 2/2 condo furn. or unfurn. 55+ comm. Near beach, casinos, all shops. (954) 822-1407


H er k

Free Estimates



My n am e

(954) 479-0850

TThheeuutteerr mpp yy CCoom GGuu

Happy Hanukkah!

M y daddy passed aw ay and I need a new dad. I am a 2 year old Lab and Am erican Bulldog m ix,approxim ately 70 lbs. I am also tall dark & very handsom e like m y dad.

Must Be Responsible (305) 496-2134

Alexander Towers 2/2 Corner. Beautiful Direct Ocean View from Every Room. Faces North & Completely East. Couldn’t Get Closer to Beach. Priced At $389,000 2/2 Furnished Apt. Available Jan., Feb., March & April of 2013 Season. Intracoastal View. Attractive Pool & Barbeque area. Only $2,500 Month. Won’t Last Long!!

Call For Appointment Direct (954) 663-1333 Located at 3505 S. Ocean Dr., Hlwd. (954) 404-7394

Page 6C South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, December 6, 2012 – 954-458-0635 – CLASSIFIED –


CAROL ATLAS (954)  Realtor Associate  478-0478 I LIVE AT HILLCREST

Best Location + Ocean With Low Maintenance, 2 Bedroom Completely Renovated, $170,000


Happy, Healthy Hanukkah!



2/2 1300 sq. ft. Move in condition. Freshly painted. Gorgeous pool & golf course views. STEAL this BARGAIN @ $74,900! 3/2.5 Condo Huge 2500 sf, hi fl, views of golf course & pond, full size W/D. Reduced Again to $169,000!! 2/2 Condo Corner, 1600 sq. ft. Faces north for cool breezes! Eat in kitchen with window, Washer/Dryer in unit. $120,000!.


Beachfront Realty


SINGLE FAMILY Home Hollywood, Emerald Hills 4 Br. 3.5 Ba., 3000 sf, pool, new kitch. & Baths. STEAL This Beauty @ $549K!!

Beachfront Realty

954 558-6022

OCEANFRONT PARKER PLAZA #712, 2/2, 1375 Sq. Ft. Upgraded Kitchen & Baths, Private SE Corner Location With Direct Ocean, Open Air Terrace, Sunrise Beach Views. Exceptional Unit & Opportunity! REDUCED - Asking Price of $445K

Happy Holiday!



#401 Exceptional value 1/1.5, 900 s.f., western ICW views, open air terrace. Move in ready! REDUCED TO $194,800

AVENTURA / MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 500 CALL: MIKE ROSEN 2/2 Cor Unit. Super View, Upgraded. Cell: (954) 854-7828 Easy To Show! A Must See at $459K! TURNBERRY INTERNATIONAL REALTY 2/2 A Great Buy. Lowest Price in Bldg. O L DRent immedOnly $249K OBO. S Can iately and have any size pet. RENTAL 2/2 Great View, Tiled. Yearly Rent $2100 mo. AVENTURA / MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 300 2/2, WD, Wood Floors, Great Shape, Nice View of Bay, 7th Floor, Super View! $279,900 OBO 2/2 17th Floor, Remodeled Kitchen Views of Ocean & Golf Course. Only $310,000!!! HALLANDALE/CHOICES! MEADOWBROOK New Listing! 2/2 Completely Redone, All Tiled. TurnSOLD key, Low Maint. Must Sell! Reduced To $109,000 New Listing! 2/2 Nice Unit. A must to see, easy to show! Only $105,000 OBO New Listing! 1/1.5 Upgraded. Reduced To $83,000!

#1614 2/2.5+Den, deluxe 1800 sf. big wide direct Ocean vus. $2900 month. Parker Dorado # 609 Exceptional 1 Br. 2 Bath + Den, Convertible with Rare Private South Eastern Unobstructed Wide-Bodied Coastal Ocean Beachline, Full Sunny Pool, Golden Beach Mansion And Forest Views. One-Of-A-Kind View, $385K. **Motivated Seller**Bring All Offers** LUXURY WATERFRONT SPECIALIST! CALL BILLY TODAY!!



Coldwell Banker

Line Ads Are 7 Lines for $20

FOR SALE FAIRWAYS CO-OP 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath corner, view of golf course, furnished. “Bring Your Toothbrush.”


MARTIN J. HOFFMAN P.A., BROKER, ASSOC. Helping Buyers & Sellers Since 1985!

954-874-9961 PARKER PLAZA - $159,900 Oceanfront Building 1 Br. 1 Ba., newer appliances. Will sell furnished. Bring Your Toothbrush! Owner might hold financing for a few years! HOLLYBROOK - NOW $119,900 HUGE PRICE REDUCTION!! This 2/2 is gorgeous! New kitchen cabinets & granite counters, SS appliances, new central air, tons of closets, remodeled bathrooms, pool & golf course views. 24-hr. security. All Offers Considered. STOP LOOKING $109,900. Huge 1/1.5 in the Fairways in Emerald Hills. Amazing Golf Course & Pool Views. Very big tiled patio. Laminate flooring in Great Shape. Newer appliances. Biggest 1 Bedroom in the Building! Great Closets, Eat in kitchen. Act today! Priced right! SINGLE FAMILY HOME $129,900. 3/2 Fenced Yard. Updated Kitchen and bathrooms. Call today! CONDO Steps to Beach. Small complex 1/1 $139,900. Owner would rent for a min. of (3) months at $1300 month. CARRIAGE HILLS CONDO $34,900 1/1.5, 3rd fl., sec. $$$ Only! SHADY RIDGE ESTATES Huge 5 Bedrooms + Den, Over 3,000 sf, over 1 acre of land. This Home is like living in the country or being West but you are living East. Gated community, huge pool & patio area. Must See! Priced to Sell at $699,000 SHOPPING CENTER $599,999 - The center consists of a $3800 sq. ft. unit + 1200 sq. ft., two 900 sq. ft. & two 600 sq. ft. All units have electric meters & central air. Approximately 30 parking spots. Owner might do owner financing with 50% down. Won’t Last, Call Today!

LISTINGS ARE SELLING! PLEASE CALL ME FOR A FREE MARKET ANALYSIS. YOUR PROPERTY WILL BE DISPLAYED HERE UNTIL SOLD!! HLWD./HALL./AVENTURA/SUNNY ISLES SPECIALIST ALL BUILDINGS!! Avant Garde - 2 Bdrm. 2 Ba. corners 1501ESOLD listed $289,400 202E elegant renovation, limited vu $249,000 - Rent $1850 Sheridan Ocean Club Furn. Rent $1450 or Buy @ $224,900 Ocean Four - 2/2.5 Ocean view, 1886 sq. ft. 9th fl, marble fls, Sunny Isles lux. bldg, all amens, Beach $897,900 Rent $3900 view - $760,000 Ocean Palms - 2/3.5, Ocean SOLD Golden Isles Twrs - 2/2 Boutique Bldg. Limited lake vu 4 per Fl Featuring sought after BEST WATER VIEWS in Hallandale 2/2 Ocean Intracoastal views, Unf. Rental, upgraded $1699 mo. 2/2’s PH Renovated choice of styles from $214.9K - All with Ocean - Intracoastal views 3/2, 1700 sq. ft., Beautiful renovation, like a private home!

Happy Holidays! BEVERLY CARAWAN, Realtor Assoc.


Certified International Property Specialist Luxury Home Specialist, TRC, 1031 Exchange Specialist •


Gorgeous Upgraded 2-Story Townhouse, On Golf Course. Huge Screened Patio Complete Cov. Roof, Watch Sunset. All Ages. $200’s

Happy Holidays!

Happy Happy Holidays! Holidays!

AVENTURA ATLANTIC III Beautiful 3 Br. 3.5 Ba. with magnificent views of Ocean & Intracoastal.



3/2 lg fenced backyard, freshly painted, wood flrs. Near Beaches & Downtown Hollywood $224,900

Ocean direct views from this completely Upgraded 1/1.5, full Service Oceanfront Building, $399,000.


SINGLE FAMILY HOME Beautiful Lake Views From This Spacious 5,000 sq. ft. Home Built In 2005. 5 Bedrooms, Beaches, Airport, 5 full Bathrooms with $329,000 2 half Baths. Pool, AVANT GARDE COMPLEX 2-car garage. Ocean & Intracoastal views, complex opposite LESLIE DRIVE ocean. Convenient to Ft. Large corner wrap E Laud. Airport, 15 mins. 2/2 + Den. SAL Completely INGEasy to D to Aventura Mall. Large upgraded. N PE 2/2 with wrap terrace. Show! Call LA From $259,000. SO. BEACH CONDO PARADISE HARBOUR 1/1 DesirableSAlocation LE near Beaches, 1/1 w/fabulous views. DING Lincoln N E P Road. Needs TLC Completely updated $144,900 $119,900

WEST LAKE VILLAGE TOWNHOME 3/2.5, 1 car garage, SOLtDo Shopping, convenient

Oceanfront Building, 1 Bdrm. Conv. with 2 full Baths. Priced to sell!!

LA MER ESTATES OCEAN DIRECT VIEWS From this completely upgraded 1800 sq. ft. unit. Great Oceanfront secured bldg. Convenient to airport, Aventura Mall, shopping and restaurants. $499,000.

RENTAL OCEAN ONE Direct Ocean Views 3/3.5, Furn. $7,200 Mo.

Many Others Available, Call For Info!


Place your ad in The

South Florida Sun Times Classified (954)


Advertise For $20 (954) 458-0635


Happy Holiday!

POINT EAST E514 - 2/2 Cor wrap has remod. opened up kit. Porcelain tile fls, crown molding thruout. Updated bath. Just move in! Lots of closets, 55+ gated waterfront complex $179K POINT EAST N208 - 2/2 Beautiful remod. apt. Kit. redone incl. ceiling & opened up. Gorgeous water vu from screened terrace. 10 mins to Aventura Mall, $174,900 POINT EAST E605 - Corner wrap w/tile floors. Beaut. remod. kitchen, wall down & ceiling redone. Master Ba. & guest Ba. remod. Lots of closets & storage, furn. avail., $177,900 POINT EAST M207 - 1/1 Remodeled corner unit on Lake, tile floors, kitchen all redone, spacious apartment with walk-in closet, beautiful water view, $123,900

Exclusive with Exclusive with Jalmark..... Jalmark..... THE THE




$AVE Call Call Ted Ted or or Mary Mary Ann Ann With Jalmark

Brokers ! Welcome

Jalmark Realty

Broker Welcom s e!

$ The Only Real Estate Office At The Summit! $ 954-925-6500 Ext. 24 or 23 Place your ad in The South Florida Sun Times Classified (954) 458-0635



Sareen RE

HALLANDALE BEACH Chelsea Bayview 3rd fl, 1/1 Intra view, New. .$120K PENDING Chelsea Bayview 3rd fl, 2/2 Intra view.........$159K Imperial Towers E. 10rth fl, 1/1.5 ...................$160K SOLD Parker Plaza 14th fl, 2/2 Ocean view ...........$325K SOLD Taromina 1st fl Studio remodeled REDUCED. $74,900 HOLLYWOOD Sea Air Towers 16th fl, 1/11/2 Ocean vu, New. $220K Sea Air Towers 4th fl, 1/11/2 All SOLD Tiled.........$149,900 Seasonal Rentals 2/2’s, Direct Ocean views. Annual Rentals 2/2’s, Direct Ocean views. MIAMI New Continental Prk. 3/2 in-law SOLD qtrs... $349,000


(954) 456-1535

Page 1D – Twitter@sfsuntimes – December 6, 2012


European trained chefs will work with you to put together that special menu with your vision in mind. Hors D’oeuvres, Main Dishes of Meat, Fish, Pasta, Whole Roasted Pigs or Chickens, Roast Beef, Desserts, Pastries, Party Trays, Creative Ice Carvings, Fresh Fruit Trays from first quality products at a very affordable price! Call Ralph’s for your Company or Personal Holiday Party, Super Bowl Party, Birthdays, Weddings, Large and Small Events and Traditional Dinners.

RALPH’S INTERNATIONAL MARKET By Suzanne Wallace Sun Times HOLLYWOOD - Just in case you haven’t experienced Ralph’s International Market, you are in for a treat! You may have noticed the many country’s flags displayed on the building at 3701 N. 29th Avenue in Hollywood, but never stopped. Now would be a great time to remedy the oversight. Especially if it’s breakfast or lunch time! THE BEST BREAKFAST DEAL IN TOWN Where else can you get 2 eggs, choice of meat (bacon, ham or sausage), choice of home fries, oatmeal or grits, toast and coffee included for $2.99? Or maybe choose one of their other items from the menu at the same low prices. How about a daily lunch special from $4.99 to $5.65 that includes one entree and two sides cooked fresh every day? How about a Cuban sandwich, or Gyro, Reuben, or one of the other tasty sandwich’s from the grill? It’s not a fancy restaurant, it’s a market with an eating area with lots of tables, fresh - cooked food and great budget friendly prices. You can eat-in or get your meal to go. Every 10 meals you get one free! BREAKFAST is served Mon-Fri 7:30 AM – 11:00 AM. LUNCH BEGINS AT 11:00 AM

Serving up European flavor in Hollywood PLENTY TO SEE AFTER BREAKFAST Finish your breakfast or lunch but don’t leave....take time to browse because down every aisle you will find a new experience or for those who are familiar with Eastern European delicacies you will be thrilled to find food items you never knew you could get in Hollywood, Florida. You will find Bulgarian Feta Cheese, Greek pastries, incredible German sausages, large tins of Mediterranean olive oil, wines from distant lands, and around every corner is another treat. No where else in Florida can you find such great sour cabbage from Slovenia or the smoked meats from Eastern Europe. There’s a deli and a bakery and just in case you want to buy in bulk....the other part of the business is Niagara Distributors so you will find large boxes, cans, and bags. You will find catering supplies, baking and cooking essentials. For 30 years Niagara has been specializing in serving bakeries, restaurants, hotels and institutional markets through out the United States, South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. PLANNING A HOLIDAY PARTY?

Looking for that perfect bottle of wine? Look no further! RALPH’S HAS IT ALL! Are you looking for a caterer for your next shindig or holiday party? Ralph’s International Market offers their professional services for every special occasion. Their European trained chefs will work with you to put together that special menu with your vision in mind. Hors D’oeuvres, Main Dishes of Meat, Fish, Pasta, Whole Roasted Pigs or Chickens, Roast Beef, Desserts, Pastries,

Party Trays, Creative Ice Carvings, Fresh Fruit Trays from first quality products at a very affordable price! Call Ralph’s for your Company or Personal Holiday Party, Super Bowl Party, Birthdays, Weddings, Large and Small Events and Traditional Dinners.

SERVING THE JEWISH COMMUNITY FOR OVER 30 YEARS Ralph’s International Market and Niagara

Ralph’s International Market 3701 North 29th Avenue Hollywood, FL 33030 954-923-9037 – 954-925-6775 954-925-5338 Fax

HOURS Monday – Friday (7:30 AM-6:00 PM) Saturday (8:00 AM – 6:00 PM) Sunday (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

Distributors have been serving the Jewish Community in South Florida for 30 years. Most of the food products they carry are Kosher certified, which enables them to offer you an extensive range of goods for your bakery or home, including yoshon flour. You can go to their website to view their products and catalog. You may be saying to yourself, “This sure sounds like a unique place.” You would be right, it is! Mr. Pat Lucci founded Niagara Distributors in 1979 in the same location where it is today. However his experience in the food business started long before that. As a young man from Buffalo, New York, Mr. Lucci attended the Merchant Marine Academy and received a Commission in the Navy. He volunteered for active duty during the Korean War. Upon release from active duty he continued his career in the Naval Reserves while moving back to his hometown and into the franchise business. Mr. Lucci began a lengthy career in food service as a single unit franchisee of a Mr. Donut in Buffalo. Over the years his business grew from that one unit to become the largest Mr. Donut franchisee

and an important leader in the industry fight for independent franchise distribution. At one time he even owned and operated 10 Arthur Treacher’s franchises where he met Dave Thomas the founder of Wendys. Along with his franchise business he was also the National President for the Naval Reserve Association for two years. While running a fund-raising campaign to build a national headquarters for the Association in Washington DC, Mr. Lucci met Joan Croc (wife of Ray Crock, founder of McDonalds) who generously donated to the campaign. Mr. Lucci served for 30 years in Active Duty and Reserves retiring as an Admiral. He is proud of his 30 years of service to his country and equally proud of his 30 year Niagara Distributor business here in Hollywood, Florida. The company continues to operate under the leadership of his son Richard and daughter, Janet with Mr. Lucci as an active consultant. The next time you happen to be driving down Stirling Road or Sheridan Street, turn onto 29th Avenue and grab a delicious breakfast or lunch at Ralph’s International Market. Or just explore the never know what delicacy you may take home.

Where else can you get 2 eggs, choice of meat (bacon, ham or sausage), choice of home fries, oatmeal or grits, toast and coffee included for $2.99? Or maybe choose one of their other items from the menu at the same low prices. How about a daily lunch special from $4.99 to $5.65 that includes one entree and two sides cooked fresh every day?

Page 2D South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, December 6, 2012

– 954-458-0635 – –

DELCIOUS TASTE OF HANUKKAH BEEF BRISKET WITH CITRUS SWEET POTATO MEDLEY 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 2 (2-pound) beef briskets, trimmed 2 medium onions, sliced 1 orange, thinly sliced 1 pound carrots, peeled and cut into inch-thick slices 1 pound sweet potatoes, peeled and cut crosswise into -inchthick slices 1 medium Granny Smith apple, peeled and cut into 1-inchthick slices 1 cup orange juice 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons ketchup 2 teaspoons dried thyme 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves 1 (14-ounce) can lowsodium fat-free chicken broth 3/4 cup dry white wine or low-sodium fat-free chicken broth 2 (3-inch) sticks cinnamon, broken in half 1 cup dried cranberries 1. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add beef; cook 4 minutes on

each side or until browned. Place onions in a 7-quart slow cooker; top with beef and orange slices. Add carrots, potatoes, and apple. 2. Whisk together orange juice and remaining 8 ingredients in a medium bowl. Pour mixture over beef. 3. Cover and cook on HIGH setting 4 to 5 hours or until meat and vegetables are tender. Transfer beef to a serving platter. Pour remaining vegetable mixture through a wire-mesh strainer, reserving juices and vegetables; discard cinnamon sticks. Serve beef and vegetable medley with juices. OLD FASHIONED POTATO PANCAKES 4 Idaho baking potatoes (about 1-1/2 pounds), peeled, shredded or grated 1 small onion, finely chopped 1 egg, beaten 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon white pepper 1/3 cup vegetable oil What To Do: 1. Place potatoes and

cooker. 2. Cover and cook on HIGH setting 4 hours. Stir until desired consistency. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator up to 1 week.

JELLY DONUTS 1 (16.3-ounce) container refrigerated butter-flavored biscuits (8 biscuits) 1/4 cup strawberry jam 2 cups vegetable oil 1/4 cup confectioners' sugar

onion in a strainer and press down on them with the back of a large spoon to extract excess moisture. If they’re still watery, wrap them in a clean dish towel and squeeze to extract the remaining moisture. 2. Place in a large bowl and add egg ; mix well. Gradually add flour, baking powder, salt, and pepper, mixing well. 3. In a large skillet, heat oil, then drop 1/2 cup batter for each pancake onto the skillet, being careful not to crowd skillet. Fry pancakes 5 to 6 minutes, or until golden on both sides, turning

halfway through cooking. Drain on paper towels and serve warm. MAPLE-HONEY APPLESAUCE 12 large Granny Smith apples (about 5-1/2 pounds) 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup pure maple syrup 1/2 cup honey

1. Peel, core, and cut apples into 1-1/2-inch chunks. Place in a large bowl. Stir in lemon juice and remaining ingredients. Place mixture in a 5- to 6-quart slow

1. Carefully separate each biscuit into 3 layers. Place an equal amount of jam in the center of half the biscuit layers, then top each with the remaining biscuit layers. Pinch the edges together to seal well. 2. In a large deep skillet, heat the oil over medium-low heat until hot but not smoking. Cook the donuts in batches for 4 to 5 minutes, turning to brown on both sides. Drain on a paper towel-lined platter. Sprinkle with the confectioners' sugar and serve warm, or allow to cool completely before serving. Makes about 1 dozen donuts


HANUKKAH BUTTER COOKIES 1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened 3/4 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1. Preheat oven to 350 degree F. 2. In a large bowl, with an electric beater on medium speed, cream the butter and sugar. Add eggs and vanilla; beat 1 to 2 minutes, until light and fluffy. 3. Gradually add the flour and beat 2 minutes, or until well blended. Form dough into 2 balls; cover and chill at least 2 hours. 4. On a lightly floured work surface, using a rolling pin, roll 1 ball of dough to 1/4-inch thickness. Using cookie cutters or a knife, cut into Hanukkah or other desired shapes. Place shapes 1 inch apart on ungreased baking sheets. Repeat with remaining ball of dough. 5. Bake 10 to 12 minutes, or until golden around the edges. Remove to a wire rack to cool completely.

HEAR OUR ADS - LISTEN TO 880 AM, SUNDAY JAZZ BRUNCH, 7 AM-NOON W/MARK BENSON CAFE SPECIAL Reg. $12.99 + Tax With Spaghetti & Sauce, House Salad Cukes & Chick Peas, Creamy Italian Dressing

Chicken Francese

FUHGEDDABOUDIT SINCE 1951 - 62ND YEAR IN BUSINESS SALE! or • For Wine Orders: • For Store Orders

HOURS: MON.-SAT 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.; SUN. 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

Veal Parmigiana



99 + Tax


@ Front of Store In Wine Baskets $5.99’s BUY 1 GET 1 FREE & CLOSEOUTS!!

Fresh Center Cut

Pork Loin Chops Imported Frenched Australian

Lamb Racks Fresh

Pork Shoulders

Laurenzo’s 27th Annual Wine, Champagne & Food Holiday Tasting LAURENZO’S WHOLE ARTICHOKES Baked Spicy $ Sat., Dec. 8th 7:30 - 10 P.M. 799 Over 150 Wines & Champagnes Poured. One night only pricing! Neapolitan 99 $ Reg. $16.99

Dedicato $ 99 Prosecco Reg. $16.99 Clot d’Ivern $ 99 Cava Brut

12 9

3$ 99 14 $ 49 1

Open Italian Buffet + Food Demonstrations

$40.00 Advance $45.00 at Door

+ Tax

+ Tax

5$ 99 9 $ 99 2

$ 99 Tilapia $ 99 Lb.

Fresh Farm Raised

Fillet Fresh Farm Raised

Rainbow Trout Lb. Fillet


Fresh Prince Edward Island



Reg. $12.50 1/2 Lb. 1/2 Lb. Min. Imported From Italy

Prosciutto Di Parma Reg. $5.49 Lb.

Lb. Mild Slicing



Provolone Cheese Reg. $7.99 Lb.

Boars Head Jerk Turkey Breast Reg. $4.99 Lb.

Lightly Smoked Buffet Ham

Stuffed Reg. $15.99


Veal & Peppers Sub................$5.99 Tripe Alla Romana 12 oz......$5.99 Large..............................................$12.99

9 $ 49 4 $ 99 5 $ 99 3

$ 99

1/2 Lb.




Kennesaw Fresh OJ 1/2 Gal.. . . . .$4.49 Fresh Jumbo Eggs Grade A. . . . . . .$1.99

Molivo 3 Ltr EVOO Perugia Baci Bag 4 oz Giulia 16oz Italy Cut Fusilli Pasta Lindsay Calif Black Ripe Olives 6oz Tin Motta Imp Italy Pandoro 750 gr Just Arrived From Brooklyn Pastosa Ravioli Anna Pasta 1 Lb. Imp. Italy Reg. $1.49 Cento 28 Oz. Crushed Tomatoes Bellino 6.8oz Pesto Sauce “Basil”

16 $ 99 4 2/$ 00 1 $ 99 1 $ 99 15 $ 99 8 99¢ $ 39 1 $ 99 5 $



WOOD BURNING BRICK OVEN PIZZAS Tue.-Sat. 11-5:30 p.m. Sunday 12-5 P.M. Margharita Pizza 10” $7.99 Napoletana Classic $8.99 LAURENZO’S HOMEMADE PASTA

Frozen Large $ 99 Round Pesto Ravioli BUY 1 DZ. GET 1 DZ. FREE


Jumbo Cheese Ravioli Dz.

Laurenzo’s Homemade Reg $15.99


4 $ 99 9





Fresh Homemade While Supplies Last 1 Lb. Min. Reg. $7.99 Lb.



$ 99 Lb.

Strawberry Shortcake New!

Reg. $10.99 Lb. Laurenzo’s Homemade

Asst. Italian Butter Cokies


$ 99

Laurenzo’s 14 oz. $ Italian Bread





REG HOURS: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. • 16445 W. Dixie Hwy. 305. 944.5052

ORGANICS, A GREAT SELECTION & LOW PRICES – ORGANIC FRUIT – VEG – GREENS Gift Box Organic Organic Delicious Extra Large Sweet Sweet Sweet 10 Lb Hass Gala Pomegranates Green Persimmons Florida Navel Pineapples Navel Oranges Avocados Apples Peppers Oranges


$ 99

4 1

3/$ 00 $ 99 Ea.

4 69

3/$ 00 Lb.



$ 59 Lb.

1 1

5/$ 00 $ 99 Lb.


NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS – PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! AMEX, VISA, MC & ATM Honor Cards For Main Store • Farmer’s Market: VISA, MC & AMEX. Valid 12/06/12 - 12/12/12 – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, December 6, 2012 Page 3D

We Were Voted The #1 Kosher Market In South Florida & Aventura 1



N Country Club Drive


NE 203rd St

US 1

Sun 7:30 am - 8:00 pm Mon–thur 7:30 am - 9:00 pm Fri 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Parking Available In The Rear

lvd. ura B Avent Aventura Mall


William Lehman Cswy

3017 Aventura Blvd (Next To Walgreens) Aventura, Fl 33180 • PHONE 305-792-7988 • FAX 305-792-2205

Chanukah Deli Meat Platter Special

Potato Latkas Platter $

Serves 10-12 Served With Assorted Meats, Fresh Rye & Rolls, $ Condiments & Relish Tray




60 Latkas Served With Apple Sauce, Garnished Beautifully On A Platter


WE ARE ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER. Daily Deals, Private Sales, Games & More!

LARGE INVENTORY OF BET YOSEF & SHOR HABOR BEEF Family Pack Family Pack Rib Eye Steak Rib Steak





BISON Now Available





Fresh Chuck Eye Roast





Beef $ Patties

Lb Ea.





$ 99

New Homemade Gourmet Frozen Dinners


99 Lb.


Blooms Chocolate Homemade Jason Bread Tabatchnick Chips 9 Oz Potato Latkas Crumbs 16 Oz Chicken Broth $ 49 $ 99 99 3/$ 00 $



Menora Chanukah Candles



Badia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

7 $ 19 1 1 Ltr

Cedar 16 Oz Chick Peas



3 $ 99 2

Fresh & Healthy Cholov Israel Milk 1/2 Gallon

Calif. Delight Hearts Of Palm 14 Oz

$ 49

Paskesz Marshmallows 8 Oz


3 $ 69 1

$ 49

Wacky Mac 5.5 Oz

Traditional Soups



Herzog Selection

Don Alfonso

Teal Lake

Moscato Sparkling

Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay & Valsfore

Cabernet, Merlot And Sauvignon Blanc

Moscato Red or White


99 99 Ea Btl

Victor Wines Cabernet, Merlot Chardonnay


3/$ 3/$

00 00


Cantina Gabriele Dolcemente


$ $ 99 99



00 00

2/$ 2/$

Ea Btl

$ $

99 99 Ea Btl

Segals Fusion Red Or White


$ $

99 99 Ea Btl


$ $

Terra Vega All Varieties


99 99


$ $

Ea Btl

Kedem Concord Grape Wine

$ $

99 $ 49 1


California Delight Chunk Light Tuna 5 oz


$ $

32 Oz

Roland 20 Oz Vicenzovo Lady Fingers 200 G Whole Lychees 49 99 $ $

Chanukah Oil Set On Sale Now

$ 99



99 99 Ea Btl

99 99 Ea Btl

Binyamina Reserve All Varieties


$ $

99 99 Ea Btl

Page 4D South Florida Sun-Times/ Thursday, December 6, 2012 – 954-458-0635 – –

12.06.12 Sun Times Issue  

The South Florida Sun Times covers Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny isles Beach, North Miami Beach, Dania Beach, Bal Harbor, Bay...

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