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Calvin and Diesel Need A Home Adopting a pet is a big commitment so please consider these factors before adopting a pet. Here are two possible new family members at the Humane Society of Broward County this week. Thirteen year old Calvin (ID 617666) is currently the oldest feline waiting to be adopted at the shelter. Sadly his owner passed away and now this longhaired, front declawed fellow is looking for a home to spend his golden years. Calvin will do best in a quiet environment where he can be pampered. He would love a cat tree to climb on and some catnip toys. He received a dental treatment at the shelter and is ready to be adopted. Can Calvin be part of your family? After having a home his entire life Diesel’s (ID 618047) family is moving and can’t take him along. This handsome fellow is seven years young and 91 pounds of love. He is wonderful with kids of all ages, knows basic obedience and has perfect manners. He previously lived with a smaller dog and was great with him. Can this great guy make your family complete? Items To Consider If you lease your home, check with your landlord before adopting to be sure you are allowed to have a pet and can afford all required pet deposits. Pets are sometimes returned because of lease restrictions and/or landlord’s disapproval of the pet chosen. This can be an expensive lesson since the adoption fees are nonrefundable and being returned to the shelter can be a stressful Need A Home, Page 7A

We Heard You A Message from the Mayor of Sunny Isles Beach We heard you! On August 28, 2019 at 6:00 pm there will be a Special Commission Meeting in the Sunny Isles Beach Commission Chambers to vote upon a proposed building moratorium in the Town Center District. A building moratorium automatically stops any new development project. During the moratorium, we will find an acceptable solution to move forward and address development issues in the Town Center District.

El Paso shooting memorial at Walmart

WHY DO WE NEED ASSAULT WEAPONS? I am puzzled. Rachel walked in to a class the other night, sat next to me, took out her cell phone and showed me an AK-something. “I just ordered this online,” she said with a mischievous grin. I looked her square in the eye and asked her why. She squirmed and giggled in a naughty way and she answered, “Just for fun.” Before I could get an answer to my question of how she was going to use it for fun, the class began. I know Rachel through my religious group. We study in classes together. She is a very influential real estate professional in the small city in North Florida that I now call home. Born in a repressive country, she is an example of the typical American By Marylynne Newmark -

success story by working hard and smart for many years and achieving her goals. I can’t see her as a threat. But, who knows? So, what do I do? Do I need to report this? To whom? How? And why? Do we need to become like Bund-ist Germany where children were encouraged to report their parents? Should we become paranoid over somebody we know who is buying something that can harm others? If acquiring this weapon was so easy for her to purchase online, I hate to think of how easy it is to get into the wrong hands, the hands of someone who can kill 9 people in 5 seconds, as we just witnessed these past weeks. Weapons, Page 3A

The Miami Herald published an article recently that provided a much clearer description of what the true problem is and how we are proceeding to fix it. The Miami Herald article is materially different from what had been reported in the Community Newspaper and letters from the RK group (Mr. Katz and son), which are inaccurate and sensationalistic. Below is a recap of the facts to date: 1. The City and its experts have been attempting to correct mistakes that were made between 2007 and 2011 regarding the Town Center District. 2. These mistakes were discovered when the Infinity Project, a newly proposed development, was submitted for approval. That development has not been approved and is currently not under consideration for approval. 3. These prior mistakes resulted in the completion of six buildings that will be deemed nonconforming if we do not amend Heard You, Page 7A

DANGEROUS MOLD & MILDEW HONOR 1st Priority Restoration Keeps it Under Control, (1-800-617-1112) There has been a lot of severe rain and local flooding this past month, and the forecast doesn’t seem to have any changes to that trend in the near future. This driving rain impacts our daily lives, we have to take our children to activities and school in it, as well as walk outside to get from point A to point B without getting soaked. These summer rainy months are always a hassle, but the long term effects that this type of rain can have on your home or condo can be devastating if you aren’t prepared, or don’t know who to call for help. In addition we also have a few more months of the 2019 hurricane season remaining, so now is the time to get your home checked for water intrusion and

Sports Aches And Pains Got You Down? 4B

Never Fool Around With Mold & Mildew When it comes to mold and mildew, we cannot take those potential hazards lightly. For people sensitive to mold, inhaling or touching mold spores can cause allergic reactions, including sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash. People with serious mold

By David Udoff - At a time in America when division in politics, bickering and name calling raises eyebrows, the Social Citizen’s of Southeast Florida came together in the name of patriotism with a recently hosted luncheon that featured veteran guest speakers. As members sat down to lunch at Moe’s Bagel & Deli, a mainstay meeting place in Aventura, Dennis Stubbolo, president, Social Citizens, educated the group on the Honor Flight South Florida trip that sponsored seventy five veterans from WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War who traveled to Washington D.C. “As a veteran from the 1960’s, the Honor Flight was amazing. We boarded Spirit Airlines, and two fire trucks

Mold, Page 2B

Honor Flight, Page 6A

damaging. That water that gets under the foundation or into the structure this is often a recipe for disaster. As we have passed the first few months of the hurricane season, you can see a pattern that will last, flooding, driving rain and the potential for mold and mildew is always present. mold and mildew. The health hazard from living in a home or condo with mold and mildew damage can impact your health quite severely. If you wait to long the damage can get worse and the cost can quickly add up. As we all know there is nothing predictable about the weather. One day it can be hot and humid and the next, heavy rains and lightning, along with high winds that are often


School Day Solutions Family-Friendly Recipes, 5B

Kodner Galleries Antiques And Much More, 2A

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Why does the average healthy-minded person like Rachel need such a weapon? These assault weapons are meant to kill many people within a short

Firearms… in just two weeks! This law all but prohibited automatic and semiautomatic assault rifles, mandated licensing and registration, and instituted a gun buy-back program that retrieved close to 650,000 weapons (about

time. Why are they legal for the average person to even own one? Why would a gun enthusiast even want one, especially if they have curious children or defiant hormone-heavy teenagers in the house? You can’t hunt with this type of weapon. Who would want to eat a bulletridden giant buck, much less a smaller animal. So, the argument for hunting is out. It would destroy any kind of target or rip up a forest, we can rule sport shooting out. Is it for personal safety? By the time they took this unwieldly weapon out of the locked gun cabinet that they are supposed to keep it in, an intruder probably already would have wiped them out. Are they afraid that a terrorist would come to their city… or their door? More likely, that terrorist would have used a bomb. I did some research. Most civilized countries have banned these weapons for public use. After one mass shooting in 1996 in Australia that killed 35 people and wounded nearly two dozen others, the conservativeled government passed the National Agreement on

one-sixth of the national stock). The law also required licensees to demonstrate a need for a particular type of gun. In that continent, predominantly wild outback, the public had no problem cooperating for the common good. After another highprofile shooting in 2002 in the city of Melbourne, the government tightened the law even more. There have been no other mass shootings reported from Australia since 1996. In Israel, where military service is compulsory for every young man and woman upon completion of high school and then they serve as reservists until the age of 40, assault weapons are distributed once each graduate has been psychologically screened and monitored throughout his military career. Even so, the country has relatively strict gun regulations, including a ban on assault weapons for private use and a requirement to register all gun ownership with the government. And that’s in a country surrounded by enemies that is always on defense against very frequent attacks. After a mass killing in

Weapons From Page 1A

Great Britain back in 1987, the government passed the Firearms Act that expanded the list of banned weapons that included semi-automatic weapons, and increased registration requirements for other weapons. After another tragedy in Scotland in 1996 where a man armed with four handguns killed 16 children and one adult, legislation was put in place to ban even handguns. Japan has highly restrictive firearm legislation. The only guns permitted are shotguns, air rifles, guns with specific purposes for research or industrial use, or for competitions. Before access to these weapons is granted, the Japanese individual must obtain formal instruction, go through a background check, and pass a battery of written, mental and drug tests. Applicants must inform authorities how these weapons are stored and provide their firearms for an annual inspection. As a result, Japan has the lowest homicide rate by guns in the world. Aren’t hand guns and rifles enough for sport or protection here in the US? According to data released by the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey, the US has less than 5% of the world’s population, but owns 46% of the world’s civilian -owned guns… and that only records the ones that are registered. Our second amendment constitutes the right to bear arms for protection. No one is arguing that right. But an arsenal? Especially one filled with assault weapons? Wake up, America! We’re back to the Wild West….but worse…. and who pays the price for what some feel are their rights? Innocent victims who one day may be those you love, G-d forbid.


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Scholarship Winner Brandon Broda and Amaya Wright

Back to School Bash attendees

Coffee with a Cop

Hello To A New School Year I hope that every child has an amazing year and is well prepared. Over 500 children received backpacks, school supplies, and other goodies last Friday at the Back to School Bash at Foster Park. The event consisted of a health fair, open street segment, free haircuts, and much more. Roads along Foster Road from 6th Ave to 8th Ave were closed for free movement and to encourage street safety. This was a great event for great beginnings for all our children. Since it’s back to school for all of our great students in Hallandale Beach, we want to encourage our students and let them know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. I am delighted to sponsor the Student of the Month recognition which will start on September 2019. This is a great way to honor our students and uplift them to continue the positive work. At our last City Commission

meeting we announced the two scholarship winners: Brandon Broda and Amaya Wright. The scholarship is sponsored through the Broward Education Foundation and a prior Developer’s Agreement with the Diplomat. Both recipients will be awarded scholarship funds to attend the school of their choice in the near future. On behalf of the City of Hallandale Beach and myself, we congratulate the winners, and wish them well on their future educational endeavors. On Thursday August 8, 2019, our Police Department hosted Coffee with a Cop at Starbucks in the Diplomat Plaza located at 1805 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. We thank Starbucks for accommodating this event at their location. This gave residents and everyone an opportunity to speak openly to the men and women that serve our community. Jesus Abikkaram of

Freedom Tax, Daniel Dauber of the Keyes Company, and Commissioner Butler were in attendance and apart of the fun. A huge congrats to Officer Gonzales, as his family welcomes their new addition of a healthy baby girl. We are proud as our COHB family continues to grow. On Monday August 12, 2019, the City Commission held a Budget Workshop meeting. We are currently working hard to get the city where it’s supposed to be. We looked into and considered all aspects and possible solutions for the City to remain on a correct path. In addition, the Baitul Naseer Mosque located at 208 NW 7th Ct Hallandale Beach, FL 33009, feeds the community every fourth Friday of the month. Their next scheduled give back to the community is on Friday August 23, 2019 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm. The Hallandale Beach Branch

Library is planning to start a weekly “Family LEGO Builders Club” on Saturday, August 31, 2019. From 11:00am-12:30p.m and from 3:00pm–5:00pm and is welcoming any donations of LEGOs or DUPLOS at the library to use for this program. If you are planning to attend, please call and let them know at 954357-6380. Donations are accepted at the Hallandale Beach Library located at 300 S. Federal Hwy, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. The Library is open Monday and Tuesdays 12:00 noon to 8:00pm and Wednesday-Saturday from 10:00am-6:00pm. As we continue to better our City, one critical issue that we face is drainage. To help solve this problem the City will be performing a Drainage Improvement Project. The project will include the construction of 4 new drainage structures and French drains along NW 8th from NW 9th to

Pembroke Road. This project will also upgrade the physical appearance that will complement the CRA’s Redevelopment Project that are currently underway on the north west of the City. Finally, I would like to thank all the new Hallandale Beach businesses that have opened its doors to better serve our community. We are happy to have you here and show appreciation that you have chosen our City for your business venture. It will be a great pleasure to see and hear from you at our next Commission meeting on August 21st at 5:30pm in the Commission Chambers. In the meantime, you can contact me at (954) 457-1318. Be sure to follow the City of Hallandale Beach on all major Social Media platforms and visit for all upcoming events and important information. Until next time be safe.

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Hon. Norman Edelcup, Maria Napolitano, Kenneth Sampson, Bill Simpson, Ann Simpson, Toy Sampson, Joanie Weiss, Lewis Thaler

Honor Flight From Page 1A sprayed arches of water on the plane before take-off, considered a sign of respect, honor and gratitude. In Washington D.C., we saw many of the war memorials that inspires patriotism and reflection of those who made the greatest sacrifice for this country,” said Stubbolo. “While in the Capitol, Guardians of the Honor Flight escorted the veterans throughout the day. When we returned to Fort Lauderdale, hundreds of individuals cheered the

Veterans: Back Row, John Napolitano, Hon. Norman Edelcup, Bill Simpson, Lewis Thaler, Dennis Stubbolo, Kenneth Sampson, Marvin Cooper

vets as we walked through the airport. This was an emotional part of a oncein-a-lifetime trip,” added Stubbolo. The Social Citizens is a friendly club that offers members the opportunity to socialize, enjoy dining and experience thought provoking cultural trips. Everyone is invited to join and for more information call Dennis at: 305-9360986. As a former veteran and benefactor of the Social Citizen’s, the Hon. Norman Edelcup was pleased to have the guest speakers tell their military stories and paid homage for their

service and country’s history. The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial times in our history that really tore apart society. Former Captain Kenneth Sampson was a Strategic Air Command B52 bombardier and navigator who saw his share of military action. As the keynote speaker and longtime Floridian, he enlisted in the Air Force in 1957 and spoke about his tour of duty in Vietnam where he flew hundred of combat missions. Veteran Bill Simpson spoke with admiration of Captain Sampson and the other veterans; however,

when the Vietnam servicemen returned to the states, they were not treated with the same respect in contrast to other veterans from previous wars. Members and guests where educated from the men who serve this great county in conflict. This event emphasized genuine patriotism and not politicized patriotism. For further information on Social Citizens of Southeast Florida visit Website: Call 305-936-0986 or E-mail:

Founding Members Inducted Into The Legion of Honor The Kiwanis Club of Hallandale Beach had it’s two founding members inducted into the Kiwanis Legion of Honor for 25 years of community service. DR. Joseph A. Amunategui II, a second generation chiropractor and Stephen Cummings, columnist for the SunTimes received a plaque and a framed certificate acknowledging this milestone. Both members have donated tens of thousands of dollars supporting local charities and have served altruistically championing many causes and fundraising events.

Hallandale Baton Twirler Wins Junior Olympic Gold Jocelyn Foran, a Hallandale Beach baton twirler, recently returned from the AAU Junior Olympics as a five-time gold medal winner. Jocelyn, a fourth grader at Avant Garde Academy, spent her summer training to compete with her Florida Superstars teammates at the Junior Olympics in Greensboro, N.C. On July 29, they participated in three events, performing dance routines with batons and pompons. In addition to winning these three team events, Jocelyn also won two individual events, Strut and

One Baton. “My favorite part of twirling is being with my team,” Jocelyn said. “I spend most of my time having fun with them.” In addition to her efforts at the Junior Olympics, Jocelyn represented the state of Florida at America’s Youth on Parade (AYOP) from July 23 to 27. AYOP is baton twirling’s most prestigious event of the year, held annually at the University of Notre Dame. There, Jocelyn became the 2019 National Beginner Solo Champion for her age group. She also won second place in

Beginner Strut; third place in Show Twirl; and fifth place in the National Juvenile Beginner Pageant, an all-around competition based on an athlete’s combined performances in Solo, Strut and Modeling events. Jocelyn’s coaches, teammates, and parents were very proud of her accomplishments. “Jocelyn worked extremely hard all year for these opportunities. Her father and I were so pleased she was able to perform well on the national stage,” said her mother, Jodi Foran. The Pembroke Pines-

Gold medalwinning Junior Olympic Team. Beginning from Back Row: Jocelyn Foran, Faith Velasquez, Adriana Drescher, Isabel Bravo, Sanai Creavalle, Valerie Kozarin, Emma Diaz, Janai Oladapo, Sydney Manarite-Diaz, Samaria Castro. based National Champion Florida Superstars, led by Director Wendy Russell, perform at Disney World, Universal Studios, parades

and local performances, as well as major nationwide sports events. The organization offers a unique combination of dance

classes, cheerleading and baton twirling lessons in a dance studio atmosphere. For more information, visit

Hallandale Beach Dental


Dr. Raphael Arwas

1440 E Hallandale Beach Blvd. Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009

954- 458-1133

Conveniently located next to HairPeople Haircuts (Publix Shopping Center) Office Hours Monday - Friday 9 - 5 PM

Exam, X-Rays, Teeth Cleaning Special $


$260 VALUE

**(D0150, D0274, D0220, D1110*) Patient must qualify for the D1110 (Prophylaxis). Eligible only for patients without gum or periodontal disease. If patient needs a different type of cleaning, a discount will be provided. New Patient only.


SECOND OPINIONS & IMPLANT CONSULTATIONS (D1040, D0220/D0230) * Patient must bring x-rays.



Dental Implant, Abutment & Crown $6000 VALUE

(D6058, D6010, D6057) Restrictions may apply, This deal does include extraction or bone graft, which may be needed. Request a free consultation



Zirconia Crowns $1550 Value 7 Years Warranty

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Diesel 618047

Calvin 617666

Need A Home From Page 1A experience for the animal. Other members of your household should be aware you want to add a pet and should meet the pet before you decide to adopt. Also consider: Does anyone have allergies? Are other members of the household, including children, afraid of animals? Are you expecting other members of the household to share in the care of the pet? All dogs and cats making the transition to a new home will need time to adjust to a new family and may require house training and behavior training to correct problem behavior. If you aren’t prepared to invest your time to teach your new pet appropriate behavior and help the animal adjust, you should not consider adopting a pet at this time. Positive reinforcement-based training is recommended for all newly adopted dogs and

puppies. There is a complete list of resources you can find at: www.humane To meet Calvin, Diesel, or any of the other pets, please stop by the Humane Society of Broward County. The shelter is located at 2070 Griffin Road, a block west of I95 and opens daily at 10:30. Call 954-989-3977 ext. 6 for details or visit They Need Your Assistance to Help the Animals in Their Care The Humane Society of Broward County has several volunteer opportunities currently available and is hoping you can help, especially with the dogs. Current openings include: Animal Care for dogs – cleaning and feeding, Dog Walking, and Dog Pal – spending quiet time with the dogs. Other openings available are Clinic Assistant – prepare surgery packs, Education Outreach, Foster Care for pets too young for adop-

Heard You From Page 1A our comprehensive plan to correct them. This would cause substantial economic hardship to these six buildings and residents, and in some extreme cases, could put homes and businesses in jeopardy. Our top priority and duty is to fix these mistakes. 4. The initial recommendation from the City’s experts was to simply revise the comprehensive plan in the Town Center District to uphold prior approvals. This would have fixed the problem. However, this original proposal is what created much of the public concern - even though it appeared the most expeditious and efficient way to ensure that the affected residences and businesses would not face additional exposure. We did not move forward with this proposal and are now considering alternatives. 5. Our main priority now is to find a legal solution that protects the homes and business owners in the affected buildings,

tion or who need to recuperate from a medical procedure, Adoption Ambassador – take an adult dog or cat into your home and help them find their forever home, Kennel Guides and Customer Service Assistant – help with adoptions and sending animals home. To volunteer you must be 18 years of age and complete a criminal background check. Orientations are held several times a month. To learn more please call Linda Sanders at 954-266-6814. To read more about the volunteer jobs visit www.humane and go to the “Get Involved” tab. The Humane Society of Broward County is a private, non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any local or national organization with a similar name. The HSBC relies on donations from people and businesses in our community to help carry out the programs and services offered. The shelter is open seven days a week.

while also mitigating any concerns of granting other land parcels the same zoning as the prior approvals. 6. Despite what has been disseminated, these proposed changes to our comprehensive plan have never been about upzoning. There has never been any project or plan to approve 9,000 additional units. It is these misrepresentations that are generating a lot of the unnecessary concern. 7. The upcoming vote upon a proposed building moratorium in the Town Center District is to ensure no development can move forward while this administration finds an acceptable solution to the problems described above that were inherited and recently discovered. Once again, we have an obligation to find a solution to protect these homes and businesses while preserving the rights and quality of life for all of our residents, which currently is our top priority. I invite you to join us at the August Special Meeting. Sunny Isles Beach Mayor George “Bud” Scholl

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Full Moon Drum Circle, The Artisan Market & More There are some exciting events planned in the City of Hollywood. Check out these events that are sure to be fun for the whole family.

SUNNY ISLES BEACH HAPPENINGS Yoga - Teens Only Movie Night and Nominate a Veteran Looking to stay fit or something fun for your teen to do? Sunny Isles Beach has a few events planned for you in the next few weeks. Also, The City of Sunny Isles Beach is getting ready to honor residents that have served our country in the military. You can nominate a veteran who resides in Sunny Isles Beach to have their name added to the wall this Veterans Day. Full Moon Yoga on the Beach Join neighbors for a full moon yoga class on the beach, Thursday, August 15, 2019 at Samson Oceanfront Park (Directly On the Beach) 17425 Collins Avenue. Relax and rejuvenate to the sound of soothing waves under the light of the full moon. This is a free class, however, participants will be required to sign a waiver. Stop by Pelican Community Park or the Sunny Isles Beach Government Center to register and sign a waiver, or show up early to class and event workers will be on site available to register you. Participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat or blanket. Free parking is available in the municipal lot behind Walgreens (175 Terrace & Atlantic Blvd.) and on the north side of 174 Street. For more information, call 305.792.1706. Teens Only Movie Night Celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year on Friday August 23, with a special Teens Only Movie Night at Gateway Park, featuring ‘Love, Simon’. Enjoy free popcorn and snow cones while relaxing on the lawn with friends. Film is rated PG-13. Some material may not be suitable for children under 13. Admission is free and open to teens only, grades 7-12. Signed waiver required to participate in zip line activity. Must present school identification or state ID/driver’s license to enter. Appropriate dress required. Large bags will not be permitted in the park. For more information, call 305.792.1706. To view more events hosted by the Cultural & Community Services Department please visit their webpage, and view their event calendar. Nominate a Veteran The Veterans Wall at Heritage Park displays the names of Sunny Isles Beach residents that have served our country in the military. Every year on Veterans Day, new names of Sunny Isles Beach veterans are added to the wall. You can nominate a veteran who resides in Sunny Isles Beach to have their name added to the wall this Veterans Day. Nominations must be turned in by September 1, 2019, to be recognized at our annual Veterans Day Celebration on November 11 at 9:30 am. To nominate a veteran you must submit: Proof of honorable discharge from military service, and proof of residency in the City of Sunny Isles Beach (Resident ID Card or Utility Bill). You can nominate a veteran online or by filling out an application and returning it to Pelican Community Park, 18115 North Bay Road or the Government Center, 18070 Collins Avenue. Applications are also available at the front desk at both locations. For more information, visit, or call 305.792.1706.

Full Moon Drum Circle Thursday, August 15 Bring your percussion instrument to join in the Full Moon Drum Circle at ArtsPark at Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood on Thursday, August 15th from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. All skill levels are welcome to participate in this free, guided drum circle in the ArtsPark Palm Court area on the west side of the park at US-1 and Hollywood Boulevard. Funtastic Friday Friday, August 16 Funtastic Friday is a weekly event at the ArtsPark at Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood featuring a rocking DJ spinning the tunes while kids kick-off their shoes and bounce the night away in inflatable bounce houses. Kids can also take part in guided activities including games and arts and crafts projects. Funtastic Friday is free and runs from 5:00 8:00 p.m. each Friday at the ArtPark at Young Circle, located at US-1 and Hollywood Boulevard, weather permitting. ArtsPark Movie Night featuring “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom” (PG-13) Friday, August 16 Three years after the destruction of the Jurassic World theme park, Owen and Claire return to the island to save the remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that’s about to erupt. While dealing with a terrifying new breeds of gigantic dinosaurs, they uncover a plan that threatens the entire planet. “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom” is rated PG-13, showtime is 8:00 p.m., weather permitting, admission is free and lawn seating is available. The ArtsPark at Young Circle Amphitheater is located at 1 Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood. Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk Saturday, August 17 Visit galleries, shops and restau-

rants in Downtown Hollywood while enjoying art, cultural entertainment, music and murals at the Downtown Hollywood ArtWalk on the third Saturday of every month from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. A FREE guided Mural Tour begins at 6:00 p.m. at the Visitor Center Information Booth at the corner of 20th Avenue & Hollywood Boulevard. Learn the stories behind the art and artists. At 7:00 p.m. join Evan Snow of Choose954 for a FREE guided gallery tour and curated Artwalk experience. Get an opportunity to meet with the local artists of each gallery in Downtown Hollywood. At 8:00 p.m. artist Daniel Pontet, accompanied by Jeff Lee of Resurrection Drums, entertains the crowds at 2001 Van Buren Street with a FREE performance of Impulse Art, a fusion of music and foot painting. The Artisan Market at the ArtWalk on the 2000 block of Harrison Street features pop-up shops, artist showcases, handmade items, local purveyors, vintage shopping & fun! This month’s headliner is legendary South Florida blues band “IKO IKO” on the outdoor Main Stage located at Harrison Street and 21st Avenue. For more information, please call the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency at 954.924.2980 or visit Global Meditation for World Peace Sunday, August 18 Join this guided group meditation led by Roz in a safe, relaxed environment where you can quiet your mind and focus your thoughts towards peace. Typically 25 to 100 people attend each month to focus on a common goal. Global Meditation for World Peace takes place at ArtsPark at Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood on Sunday, August 18th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more information please call 954.962.7447. SAVE THE DATE: Coffee with a Cop Tuesday, August 27 Join the Hollywood Police Department on Tuesday, August 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for

Artwalk Mural Tour

Coffee with a Cop. Officers, Neighborhood Team Leaders and Command Staff will be at the Starbucks located at 5355 Sheridan Street in Hollywood to meet with residents and share information on what’s happening in our community. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, voice concerns and get to know the officers in your neighborhood. For additional event information, please contact the Hollywood Police Public Affairs Unit at 954.967.4371. Commission in the Community Wednesday, September 11 The Hollywood City Commission invites Hollywood residents to an open forum where they can ask questions and share suggestions or concerns. This edition of the “Commission in the Community” will take place on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:00 p.m. at the Washington Park Community Center, 5199 Pembroke Road. Residents wishing to speak will be asked to fill out a speaker’s card by 7:00 pm. Each forum begins with a welcome from Mayor Josh Levy followed by an open forum facilitated by the hosting District Commissioner. This meeting is being hosted by District 6 Commissioner Linda Sherwood. • 6:00 - 6:30 pm Informal meet and greet with Mayor Levy and Commissioners • Food, snacks and beverages will be provided 6:30 - 8:00 pm • City of Hollywood Honor Guard Presentation of Colors followed by a moment of silence • Open forum with Mayor and Commissioners For more information on the Commission in the Community Open Forum, please call the Office of the Mayor and Commissioners at 954.921.3211.

Hollywood Lions Club Clean Up The Hollywood Lions Club has Adopted-a-Street… Heck, they adopted the entire perimeter of Hollywood Beach Golf Club at 1600 Johnson St in Hollywood. Be a part of the solution and please join them on Saturday August 24th from 9 to 11 as they meet up and put some Lionscaping Time = pick up litter, soak up some sun & enjoy meeting the neighbors! Hollywood Lions Post / Club is committed to helping beautify their city / Hollywood by helping get rid of litter, one clean up at a time! They are a young, energetic, outwardly focused and vibrant club that is here to SERVE! They are truly bringing Hope and Service to the environment

and ALL those that need it in our community and beyond. Optional: Following the clean-up please join them in the Hollywood Golf Course’s temporary club house for refreshments and snacks from 12 to 1. They will also have a full cash bar & lunch menu with delicious food available. Parking: Park at the golf course. Just follow the Lions Club signs that will be pointing you in the right direction. Some of them will be meeting at 8:45ish for coffee and doughnuts. You’re invited too! They will set out with buckets, gloves, pickers and fun attitudes promptly at 9am. If you arrive late, grab a bucket and catch up. Staff will be driving a golf cart

around with water and a garbage can to assist with the clean up. Please invite friends and /or students who want to donate some time for a good cause. They can also sign off on hours if needed towards Community Service. They will make this Fun, Fast and Fulfilling. Details: August 24 - 9:00 am - 11:00 am Hollywood Lions Post (954) 922-9411 Venue: Hollywood Beach Golf Club 1600 Johnson Street Hollywood, FL 33020 (954) 927-1751


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Harmful Mold & Mildew Can Be Controlled By Calling 1st Priority Restoration, You Are Making The Right Choice - (1-800-617-1112)

Mold From Page 1A allergies may have more severe reactions, including shortness of breath. At 1st Priority Restoration, this is what they do 365 days a year, and nobody knows how to prevent potential dangers like they do – and by dialing 1-800-617-1112 – you can save financially - as well as with your health! Very Important Information There are some important ways we can prevent the spread of mold, and what you can do to get rid of it. Keep an eye out for hidden leaks: Wet spots on your ceiling, at the baseboards or on the floor are a telltale sign of a leaky pipe or roof. Your homes pipes are behind drywall, which can leave a small leak unnoticed. Mold can grow behind those walls and filter into the air through ducts or pipes. At 1st Priority, they can come in and assess the situation before it gets worse. Did you know that many air conditioners, especially

window units, are susceptible to mold growth! They often trap moisture, creating a breeding ground for spores. Bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms create a lot of excess heat and humidity, especially here in south Florida – whether it be from a shower, stove or dryer. All three of these areas should be well ventilated. Education is key to anything – and when our health is at stake – knowing that mold spores can lay dormant for years after they are produced and could begin growing at any time is extremely important to know. Because of this, regular cleaning and having 1st Priority Restoration to depend on, will certainly make our lives much easier. Experience Is Everything With decades in the business, 1st Priority Restoration is a reputable company with over 20 employees that are licensed and insured. They have been doing all types of cleaning and water damage restoration for more than a decade. “We use the most effi-

cient cleaning and water removal equipment to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the job we do for them. We try to use nontoxic “Green” safe chemicals for all mildew treatments.” “In all the years that we have been helping customers with water damage, they are pleased with the work that we do. We have never received a single complaint, and that has to speak volumes!” Year Round Service At 1st Priority Restoration, being around during hurricane season to help you rebuild and pick up the pieces after a storm - is fine, but what about the other six months? If you have lived in south Florida for any period of time, you already know that the weather is ever changing, and for that reason, the rainy season can happen at any time. It doesn’t have to be a tropical system to cause flooding and everything that goes along with it. Providing a complete cleaning job has become 1st Priority Restoration’s trademark. What continues to separate them from any-

one else is they can take care of all of your cleaning and water damage problems - as well as conducting leak and mold detections, and working with your insurance company and adjuster. By calling 1st Priority Restoration, you are getting a business that understands it all - and is ready to spring into action 12 months a year. From ceiling repair, drywall replacement, structural damage, roof leaks, floor repair, furniture cleaning, mold removal and treatments, they have it all covered. 5-year Protection Is Worth It! If your bathroom is not something you are proud about, let 1st Priority really clean safely, scrub those tiles and make them look new again. If you have a marble floor, you already know about scratches, but 1st Priority will grind the scratches down, buff and polish to look brand new. The company also installs floors, tile, marble and wood - and stand by every job they do. The 5 Year Protection is something that this com-

25% OFF MOLD TESTING! 1st PRIORITY RESTORATION 1 -800 -617-1112 • Closed Saturday & Jewish Holidays. pany always stands by! Customers Are Always Satisfied “If a customer calls and is not completely satisfied with any of the work, the crew will return promptly to your property and will meet

your expectations. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied and have many repeat customers as a result of it.” Proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

Carpet & Tile Cleaning & Marble Polishing It’s like dry cleaning your whole house! See for yourself why everyone is switching to the Dr. Dry Formula: • Cleans Betters • Dries Fast • Friendly Technicians

• Guaranteed Satisfaction • Free Deodorizer • Call Today, Clean Today!

• Open 7 Days • 24-Hour Water Damage Service

Sofa Cleaning Sofa or 2 chairs

Per Room 2 Room Minimum Requested Basic Steam Clean Additional Per Sq. Ft. Expires 08/31/19

Basic Steam Clean Haitian Cotton & other special fabrics priced separately Expires 08/31/19

FREE Pick-Up & Delivery Expires 08/31/19

Tile & Grout Cleaning Se Habla Español Licensed & Insured

5 Year Warranty Terrazo • Marble

10% OFF Senior Citizen Discount

FREE Demo Cleanings! Must see it to believe it!

Drapery & Oriental Rug Cleaning Expires 08/31/19

MIAMI (305) 770-4546 • PALM BEACH (561) 883-5966 BROWARD (954) 922-0005 • TOLL FREE 1-800-617-1112

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Don Soffer Aventura High School Opens and Welcomes Students for the First Time Don Soffer Aventura High School is a tuition-free public charter school opening August 19, 2019. The school will accept 9th grade students in its first year and will add grades 10 through 12 in subsequent years. Don Soffer Aventura High School is a municipal charter school managed by Charter Schools USA Inc. (CSUSA) and governed by the City of Aventura. CSUSA, the first education management company to receive corporation system-wide accreditation through AdvancED is one of the nation’s leading charter school management companies. CSUSA currently manages 83 schools in six states serving more than 70,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. The 53,418-square-foot school and 10,250square-foot gymnasium is situated on two acres at 3151 NE 213th St, Aventura, FL 33180. Discover their passions: Learners at Don Soffer Aventura High School will discover their passion and build a bridge between their rigorous high school experience and future to become impactful global citizens. Every student starts their journey with a learner interview. They will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of specialty areas including Liberal Arts, Technology, Biomedical, Advanced Studies, and more. Learning will go beyond the school day as they experience individual and group challenged-base learning experiences to solve real-world problems. Choose their path, students will select an Academic Pathway which includes: • Biomedical and Technology Academies • Advanced Placement • Capstone™ Diploma • Advanced Placement courses • Cambridge International courses Students will also learn in a manner and environment that works best for them with flexible seating and learning spaces, 1:1 technology, and personalized learning goals. Define their future: Students will have an opportunity to earn college credits and industry certification and will be equipped with

future-ready skills. The academic pathways are developed with future and career outlook in mind. A Message From The Principal: Dear Parents and Students, I am both honored and thrilled to be your Principal at Don Soffer Aventura High School. There is no greater investment than the education of our children, and together, we will create a powerful and unifying educational environment for everyone. It is OUR mission at Charter Schools USA to ensure that all students achieve their academic potential and become responsible and productive members of society. As we begin this new and exciting opportunity, I want to share with you our primary goals as we accomplish our mission. It is our goal at Charter Schools USA to sustain and create a powerful and cohesive commitment for each of you through these priorities, which include: • Lead Don Soffer Aventura High School in a way that places student and adult learning at the center of all decisions. • Set high expectations with a commitment to high standards of academic performance for all students and staff. • Create a culture of continuous learning for students and adults within a safe and secure learning environment. • Use multiple sources of data as diagnostic tools to assess, identify and apply instructional strategies as needed for academic achievement. • Actively engage all school staff, parents, students, and community members to create a shared vision for the school success. Please know that serving as the Principal of Don Soffer Aventura High School is a great honor, and I value the trust and responsibility that comes with this position. I invite you to join Charter Schools USA and me in making the future great for our students through support of your time and talents. Nothing motivates children more than when learning is valued and encouraged by our school, our families, and our community. Together, we will ensure a quality

education for each and every child; each and every day. Sincerely, David McKnight, Principal Dress Code: Shirts - All shirts must be uniform shirts purchased from Chai Tees, the school’s authorized uniform agent. The approved uniform shirts are polos in Navy, Light Blue, and Grey with the school logo embroidered on the left chest. Only school-approved uniform T-shirts can be worn on sanctioned spirit day events. Plain white T-shirts (no writing) can be worn underneath polo shirts and must be neatly tucked in. These are the only shirts permitted to be worn in school. Pants/Shorts - All pants must be uniform pants purchased from Chai Tees, the school’s authorized uniform agent. The school’s acronym has been placed on the pants for identification purposes. All uniform pants shorts must be worn with a belt through the belt loops, worn at the natural waist, be in good repair, and be the appropriate size. Tight fitting pants/ shorts and short shorts are not acceptable. Shorts must have at least a 9.5” inseam. No cargo pants, capris, skirts, or leggings are permitted. No jeans

of any color or style are permitted unless they are authorized for a sanctioned school day or event. Color: Khaki Jackets/Sweatshirts - Only designated jackets and sweatshirts may be worn to school. It is highly recommended that all jackets and sweatshirts be purchased from Chai Tees, the school’s authorized uniform agent. Approved jackets (Lettermen-style) are Navy with Grey sleeves for boys and Navy with White sleeves for girls and have the school’s logo embroidered on the left chest. Approved sweatshirts are crewneck only in either Navy or Charcoal Grey with the approved school design on the front. Please be prepared for and expect daily increased vehicular activity along NE 213 Street between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Aventura Police Department will be present to ensure a smooth traffic flow and safety for the new students, teachers and staff during the start of the school day and dismissal time. For more information about the new high school, visit, or contact the Office of the City Manager at 305-466-8910.

NOTICE OF COMMUNITY MEETING Hallandale City Center, LLC, will hold a Community Meeting concerning its Applications DB-19-3486 Major Development PDO-19-816 Planned Development Overlay; PA-19-815 Text Amendment/Rezoning; and RV-19-845 Road Vacation, to the City of Hallandale Beach, Florida for approval to construct the Hallandale City Center Project. The project is located at: (Lot A) 110 Foster Road /501 NW 1st Avenue; (Lot B) 605 North Dixie Hwy and 608 NW 1st Avenue; and, (Lot C) 501 North Dixie Hwy The project consist of 3 buildings with 22 residential apartment units on Lots A and B and 45 units on Lot C (total of 89 units). 26,530 square feet of retail and office space is also proposed on Lot C.

Proposed Development

View from N. Dixie Hwy and Foster Road

To learn about this project, you are invited to attend our community meeting: WHEN: Thursday, August 29, 2019 TIME: 6:00 PM WHERE: OB Johnson Park 1000 NW 8th Avenue, Hallandale Beach, FL N Location Map

For additional information contact: Ana Haile at (954) 298-8885

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HEALTH Sport Aches And Pains Getting You Down?? Let The Power Of Shockwave Therapy Heal Your Entire Body!!! The Shockwave Therapy healing method uses modern technology to provide patients with safe and high-quality physiotherapy treatment. This method of physiotherapy works by accelerating the healing process in the body through stimulating your metabolism and improving blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. The shockwave machine applies strong energy pulses to affected areas, which occur for short periods of time creating micro-cavitation bubbles that expand and burst. The resulting force penetrates tissues where it stimulates the cells that are responsible for connective tissues and bone healing. The effectiveness of this method offers many benefits to help the body when it has not been able to heal itself. Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy (ESWT) has been widely used in clinical practice for managing various orthopedic conditions. The ESWT has shown to exert an overall positive effect on the treatment success rate, pain reduction, and range of motion restoration in patients with soft tissue disorders. Various research studies suggest that focused shock wave therapy can relieve pain and can serve as an ideal alternative treatment option. The efficacy of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) has been shown to be a great alternative to standard treatments and surgery. • By the targeted application of shockwaves, stress to the sur-

rounding tissues is quite insignificant. The body is not burdened by pharmaceuticals, except the short-term effect of local anesthesia, if used. • Other benefits include preventing surgical intervention and its relevant hazards. • Thanks to ambulatory treatment, work absences are reduced to a minimum. Additionally, routine absences for sports athletes is likewise reduced. • Soft tissue injuries and tendinopathies account for large numbers of chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is popular and effective in the management of chronic tendon conditions in the elbow, shoulder, and at and around the heels. For some indications, such as Tennis or Golf Elbow, there really is no other effective treatment. Shockwave Therapy Treatment Has Shown Great Benefits For Muscles And Tendons In These Areas 1. Elbows 2. Neck, Shoulders 3. Wrist 4. Back, Hips, Groin 5. Legs, Hamstring 6. Knees 7. Shin, Achilles Tendons 8. Feet, Heels Plus the energy pulses of the Shockwave Therapy healing method have also been able to provide patients with safe

relief of general muscle aches and pains, as well as provide general wellness massage and skin elasticity benefits. Main Benefits Of Shockwave Therapy Treatment Non-surgical Treatment, Easy to Apply - Clients don’t need to worry about undergoing painful surgical procedures to heal. As an easy and effective procedure, Shockwave Therapy is beneficial since the modern machines used are intuitive and easy to use, therefore clients can apply this treatment. Accelerated Healing The key benefit of Shockwave Therapy is that it highly accelerates healing, allowing clients to go back to their normal lives within the shortest possible

amount of time. Just by undergoing a few sessions of this type of therapy, one can start to feel the healing effects in minutes. Safe and Effective, with Minimal Side Effects - This method has been tested by highly-qualified professionals who confirm that it is safe and effective. Another key benefit that people who undergo Shockwave Therapy appreciate is minimal side effects. This means that patients spend their full time on healing without the pains and down time of negative side effects. Affordable and Convenient Other factors that make Shockwave Therapy so appealing is that clients can enjoy speedy and affordable healing by

visiting our Hallandale clinic or in the comfort of their own home if they want to purchase our portable units. Modern Therapy also has available the latest peptide therapy programs: • For sexual health (ED) we have our exclusive Sexotropin PT141 peptide. • For injuries, pain, and regeneration we have Celltropin BPC157 peptide for optimal skin, bone, ligament and tendon repair. We also offer the latest Exosome Therapy for other treatments such as Hair Restoration, Skin Rejuvenation, and Sexual Enhancement.

Contact us at or call: 1-888-663-1777 to experience the Powerful effects of Shockwave Therapy and how this modern electrotherapy can help heal your aches and pains.

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FOOD School Day Solutions Family-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner (Family Features)

Freshen Up Family Breakfasts A truly beneficial start to the day is usually centered around breakfast. Start your family on the right foot with a meal that delivers sweet flavor along with nutritious fruits. This Honey Leches French Toast recipe swaps out syrup for hot honey combined with the crisp taste of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Honey Leches French Toast Recipe courtesy of chef Rob Corliss on behalf of the National Honey Board Servings: 4 Honey Leches: • 2 tablespoons blueberry honey • 1/4 cup evaporated milk • 1/4 cup light coconut milk • 3 large eggs • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon Berry Garnish: • 1/2 cup fresh raspberries • 1/2 cup fresh blueberries • 1/2 cup fresh strawberries, sliced Hot Honey: • 1/2 cup blueberry honey • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper Pound Cake: 8 small slices premade pound cake nonstick cooking spray To make Honey Leches: In mixing bowl, whisk blueberry honey, evaporated milk, coconut milk, eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon to evenly combine. Keep chilled. To make Berry Garnish: In mixing bowl, lightly toss raspberries, blueberries and strawberries to evenly combine. Keep chilled. To make Hot Honey: In small mixing bowl, whisk blueberry honey and cayenne pepper to evenly combine. Keep warm so hot honey is pourable. Heat electric griddle to 375 F. Arrange pound cake

slices, side by side, flat, in casserole dish or pan with sides. Pour Honey Leches over and around pound cake slices; soak 1 minute. Lightly coat griddle with nonstick cooking spray. Remove pound cake slices from Honey Leches, allowing liquid to drain off, then place each slice on hot griddle. On griddle, cook pound cake slices approximately 2 minutes on each side until golden crispy and hot throughout. To serve, place two overlapping pound cake slices on plate (four plates total). Top each with approximately 1/4 cup mixed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries then drizzle each with approximately 2 tablespoons hot honey. A Healthy, Happy Midday Meal Back to school means back to packing daily lunches, and for parents aspiring to send healthier options with their children, look no further than a bento box loaded with the nutritional values of fruits, dairy and protein. Surprise your little one with this Happy Lunchbox, a sweet treat to help keep him or her hydrated throughout the school day. Start with watermelon, a portable, versatile and easy-to-serve staple composed of 92% water for a hydrating snack. Add in a favorite yogurt flavor, mixed berries, cheddar cheese cubes and smoked turkey breast for a well-rounded lunch to maintain energy all day. By assembling this nutritious meal using a divided bento box, you can add a little fun to an already flavorful lunch. Find more refreshing recipes for back-toschool season at Happy Lunchbox Recipe courtesy of the Watermelon Promotion Board.

In small plate with dividers, assemble watermelon sticks with yogurt in one section and berries in separate section. To make Watermelon Kebabs: Skewer watermelon, turkey and cheese cubes on stirrers or straws. Assemble in third section of plate. A Bigger, Bolder Burger Making a meal everyone loves can sometimes be a challenge when tastes differ and each member of the family craves something different. However, turning to a nearly universally enjoyed staple - a burger - may be just the solution. Next time your group debates the night’s dinner menu, turn to a customizable creation like the Brooklyn Bacon Bonanza Burger created by celebrity chef and author George Duran for Jarlsberg’s Global Burger Campaign. Topped with melted cheese and optional garnishes like fried eggs and tomato slices, this burger can be personalized to appease the taste buds of everyone under your roof. Find more back-to-school meal solutions at

National Brooklyn Bacon Bonanza Burger Recipe courtesy of chef George Duran on behalf of Jarlsberg

Watermelon Kebabs: • 18 cubes (1 inch each) • seedless watermelon • 6 cubes smoked turkey breast • 6 cubes cheddar cheese • 6 coffee stirrers or beverage straws

Servings: 4 • 4 thick chunks Jarlsberg cheese • 1 tablespoon hot sauce • 1/4 cup mayonnaise

• 1 pound ground beef • 1/2 pound ground pork • 1 onion, finely chopped (about 1 cup) • 1 cup chopped cooked bacon • 3 tablespoons sundried tomato paste • 3 tablespoons breadcrumbs • kosher salt • freshly ground black pepper • nonstick cooking spray • 4 eggs for frying (optional) • 4 hamburger buns • 8 thin slices tomato Place cheese in freezer about 1 hour ahead of time. Heat grill to medium-high heat. In small bowl, mix hot sauce and mayonnaise; set aside. In large bowl, season beef, pork, onion, bacon, tomato paste and breadcrumbs with salt and pepper. Using hands, mix until well combined. Using hands, form meat mixture into four balls. With thumb, make indentation in centers of balls and place one chunk cheese in center of each. Begin shaping burgers around cheese until patties form. Spray grill grates with nonstick spray. Grill burgers, turning frequently, until cooked through and cheese begins to ooze out, about 8-10 minutes. In nonstick skillet, fry eggs, if desired; set aside. Serve burgers on hamburger buns with chipotle-mayo, tomato slices and fried eggs. For more back-to-school recipes, visit

16445 WEST DIXIE HIGHWAY NORTH MIAMI BEACH FL 33160 - (305) 944-5052


Bananas 3 lbs Strawberries

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Full Cento Selection, Anna Pasta, DeCecco Pasta, San Benedetto water & Tea...New Items added weekly!

Hours Monday - Saturday 7am - 6 pm Sunday 8am - 5pm Laurenzo’s Farmers Market Not Responsible For Typographical Errors. Prices Valid August 15th - August 21st, 2019


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CLASSIFIED Summer Heat? Beat It! Family nights continue at Castaway Island

Cool off from the heat of a South Florida summer with Splashtacular Family Fridays, a longtime favorite at the Castaway Island water park at T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee) Park (3300 N Park Rd., Hollywood 33021). A new season of splashy fun is under way with the next event on August 30th. Castaway Island water park is located inside the Topeekeegee Yugnee (this means “gathering place” in the Seminole language) County Park or TY Park for short. This is a favorite spot for families to come together and cool off during a hot summer afternoon. After entering the park, follow the signs to the Castaway Island water park. The road inside is shaded with lots of old trees and winds around past picnic shelters, covered playgrounds, and a large lake with a white gazebo overlooking it. The Splashtacular Family Fridays are family-oriented events, which run from 6 to 8PM, and will only be offered on two more Fridays this summer, August 30th & September 27th, so stop in before it’s to late. Activities include games and splash time in the water park. Admission is $7 plus sales tax per person, with children under 13 months free.










LINE ADS $ Starting At


(954) 458-0635










Recreation. Preservation. Education. For Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate in programs, and activities must contact the Special Populations Section at 954-357-8170 or TTY 954-537-2844, 5 business days prior.






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Check out what's in this weeks South Florida Sun Times. Serving The Following Areas: Aventura, Bal Harbour, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Hallanda...

Sun Times Issue 08 15 19  

Check out what's in this weeks South Florida Sun Times. Serving The Following Areas: Aventura, Bal Harbour, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Hallanda...