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THE BLAME GAME Who Is Responsible For The Douglas High Tragedy?

When Andrew Pollack and his family lost daughter Meadow on February 14th, life suddenly became a mission to make those responsible for 17 deaths accountable, for not doing their job. By Larry Blustein It has now been 10 months since Parkland, Florida became as familiar as any place in the world. Seventeen families lost loved ones in what was one of the worst tragedies to ever unfold in

south Florida. Douglas High School – one of those rural and away-from-the real-world institutions suddenly got dragged into something that doesn’t happen in this city - or anywhere near it. It happens in large cities, with large city prob-

lems. Not in Parkland. Not in this affluent community where many know one another and see each other often. On Valentine’s Day, the rules changed. Everything and anything that you could ever think of – would never match what happened on that Feb.

14th Wednesday in northwest Broward County. As the weeks and months came slowly for those families, everyone wanted answers. From high school groups to the families of those who lost their precious loved ones, the answers still have not come fast enough.

As fingers have been pointed in every direction, those families – and the parents of those with children at every school in the world - are waiting for solutions. “It’s been a political thing from the beginning – with well-respected people being reassigned in

the name of saving face,” Corey Moore, a parent of three Hollywood students, observed. “We know one of those who was taken out of the school last week, and I can tell you, they are as admired as anyone we have known. There is little doubt that these people are scapegoats by some independent committee that was never close to the campus that day.” An investigator from the Douglas High Public Safety Commission presented their findings to Commission members. Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) anticipates receiving additional information from the Commission last week related to the investigation, including interviews with BCPS staff. Based on information presented during the Commission meeting, four Douglas High staff members were reassigned to other BCPS administrative locations. The staff members are Assistant Principal Jeff Morford (formerly of South Broward and slain Athletic Director Chris Hixon’s best friend), Assistant Principal Winfred Porter, Jr., Assistant Principal Denise Reed, and Security Specialist Kelvin Greenleaf.  Blame, Page 3A

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“BCPS is examining material received from the Commission to review the response by staff to the tragedy and preceding events. Evaluation will also be used to improve school safety and services to students. The full interim report from the Commission is to be presented in January 2019”, Broward County released this past week. While much of the anger is vented toward Superintendent Robert Runcie and Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, it has to go deeper than that. Not to say that any leader of any organization shouldn’t feel the complete brunt of anything negative, they are the ones who are in charge, and whether they were there – on campus that day – is not the question. “These families deserve complete transparency in the entire process,” Attorney Madeline Reilly pointed out. “If people messed up and were responsible, certainly they have to be dealt with. But in the end, you will find that this is a much larger problem than anyone will admit to.” We live in a society where we care and prepare – but maybe not enough to believe that Douglas High would one day be a target for terror. That’s why this time around has been different, and while there is still

that “sweep-it-under-the-rug” mentality, you have people who won’t let go. People like Andrew Pollack who lost his 18-yearold daughter, Meadow. He is one of many who will not give up the fight, carrying it all the way to the political arena. Pollack, like many of the families affected, knows that if you sit on your hands and stop pushing, people will forget and everyone would have died for no reason at all. “We have to go after those who were responsible for letting this happen,” Pollack said to those who supported Rick Scott and Ron Desantis at a rally. “If we give up on the root of the problem, it will continue to happen.” Pollack and the other families have tried to stay away from those for and against guns – knowing that the problem goes further than that. “The two things that really bother me when it comes to this issue is if someone knew that this killer had problems, why would you ever keep it to yourself,” Ari Meyerson of Dania Beach pointed out. “I tell my kids all the time that if you see something that is not right, tell someone of authority. The second thing is when it was reported, especially in the times we are living in, how come someone in the system did not follow through.” In this case, the process did break down – when

many people within the system reported Nikolas Cruz – but nobody ever acted – and the “it won’t happen here” mentality was certainly in play. You can play this blame game all you want, but at the end of the day, there are 17 families still hurting and that will never go away! Remember to follow the South Florida Sun Times on social media - Facebook (Sun Times Newspaper) and Twitter (Sfsuntimes) as well as the weekly video advertiser spotlights and weekly news highlights via You Tube (South Florida Sun Times).

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week The Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) Safe Mobility for Life Program and Coalition partners with the American Occupational Therapy Association’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week each year to promote the importance of knowing how to drive safely longer, and how to remain active and independent long after transitioning from driving. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that allows people to stay connected to their community, even beyond the driver’s seat, begins with knowing the keys to achieve safe mobility for life. The keys are: understand, be proactive, and plan. Here are just some of the materials that are available from the Safe Mobility for Life Resource Center that can be ordered for free: Florida’s Guide for Aging Drivers — guide provides resources and information on how to keep safe while driving; information on the impact aging has on driving; self-assessment tests; and tips and tools to help remain independent and mobile beyond the driver’s seat. How to Use tip card – learn how to access local transportation options through this on-line resource. Transportation Network Companies brochure — overview and tips on how to use companies like Uber and Lyft as a transportation option. Public Transit brochure — tips on how to use transportation options in Florida.

Can Mom still keep up with the house Clutter may mean mobility issues or just feeling overwhelmed. Discover a service-oriented assisted living community that will leave Mom time to socialize and take part in our busy schedule of programs.

To request outreach materials or join the mailing list please contact: Safe Mobility for Life Resource Center - Florida State University Pepper Institute on Aging and Public Policy. Phone: 850-644-8426 . Email:

63rd Annual

Candy Cane parade Parade Presented by the City of Hollywood Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts

Come visit. 305-504-5692 Assisted Living | Memory Care 2777 North East 183rd St. Aventura, FL 33160 | AL #10117 WWW.S EN IORL IFESTYL E.CO M


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Hallandale Beach Annual Holiday Lighting Celebration

Mayor Joy Adams, Hallandale Beach

The Holidays are right around the corner and there is so much to celebrate in the City! I would like to invite you to attend our annual Holiday Lighting Celebration tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 7 from 6:00pm-10:00pm.

This event will take place at 1750 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard and will feature amusement rides, activities for the whole family, food, community performances, a visit with Santa, and of course, the holiday lighting display. I hope to see you there! I would like to take a moment to share a story with you about heroes in our community. On Thanksgiving Day, a vehicle in the parking lot of Gulfstream Park caught fire, with the driver still inside. Upon seeing this, Gulfstream Park security guards immediately rushed to the scene and worked tirelessly to break a window and res-

cue the driver of the vehicle before the fire spread. The heroic Security Officers are Felix Ramos, Pele Cine, Charles Johnson, James and Xavier Stipes, Figueroa. These men truly saved a life. Gulfstream Park held its first race of the season last Saturday and our Fire Department awarded these deserving men for their bravery by presenting them with the City’s “Heroism in the Community” Award. I too would like to thank these heroes for their selflessness. The Department of Public Works does a wonderful job of keeping our City clean. Let’s lend

them a hand by properly managing our bulk and yard waste! Residents of the City no longer need to call the City’s Sanitation Department to have bulk trash and yard waste picked up. This service is now being offered monthly! Each section of the City is

collected on a specific week of the month, as follows: Week 1 - Southwest, Week 2 - SouthWeek 3 east, Northwest and Week 4 Northeast. Visit for more information. In closing, I would like

to thank Chabad of South Broward for inviting us to the 39th Annual South Florida Chanukah Festival. I wish all a Happy Holiday and Happy Chanukah. As always, please feel free to reach me at 954-4571318, I look forward to hearing from you.

Hallandale Beach CRA Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Hallandale Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (HBCRA) marked the end of its first modular home project for the city with a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony. The home was pre-assembled, delivered, and installed at 620 NW 4th Ave. Local residents attended this culminating event for the project, which was held on November 29. During the ribbon-cutting event, opening remarks were presented by Assistant City Manager Jeremy Earle describing the significant collaboration that occurred between multiple city departments for the success of the project with the prospect of providing additional afford-

able housing using modular homes, followed by statements made from Mayor Joy Adams praising the work done by the various departments and congratulating property owner Barbara Ferguson for her patience and tenacity. Barbara Ferguson, was excited to see the installment of her home be completed, as she was on-site to witness the placement of her new home on its foundation. “I thank God for the opportunity to see the progress thus far,” Ferguson said. The home was built by Affinity Building systems and installed by Little River Box Co., which also installs kiosks, pop-up bars, event spaces.

City of Hallandale Beach Assistant City Manager Dr. Jeremy Earle was on-site for the construction. “Hopefully for us in the City and in the CRA, this will be a model for how we can do affordable housing or even market-rate housing in the future,” Earle said. The City of Hallandale Beach currently provides an affordable housing program for first-time buyers in which it offers contributions to down payment costs. Also, a mixed-use project, known as the Hallandale City Center, will include fourteen apartments designated for affordable housing. A modular home is one that is built indoors in a factory-like setting, which allows for more control over the building process, in addition to being more sustainable and energy efficient. They are completely different from manufactured or mobile homes, and are more cost-effective than traditional, site-built homes. Modular homes can be designed and assembled in the factory and installed on-site, all in a matter of a few months, as they don’t see the typical on-site delays caused predominantly by the weather. Those built for South Florida are required to not only meet all local building codes, but also to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. They are appraised, insured, and carry the same value as traditional, site-built homes.

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If you would like to submit an announcement for our Community Calendar in the paper or on-line, please call our office at: (954) 458-0635 - via e-mail: The cost per week is: $25.00 for approximately 5 lines. For a complete listing of all Community Calendar items, please check out our web-site at: You can also follow us on Facebook at: • “We would love for you to join us for bible study and worship” Wednesdays at 7:30PM Saturdays at 5PM Spanish, 6:30PM English Located: 1000 Foster Rd, Hallandale FL 33009. Text or call for more info. 305-9929537,, Calvary Chapel Broward - Hallandale - Pastor Vic Batista

• Toastmasters - Hollywood Toastmasters Club - Become the speaker and leader you want to be. Every Monday at 7:00 p.m. at Driftwood Community Center 3000 NW 69th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33024, for info, call: (954) 309-5751. Member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

• Laughter Yoga – "World Peace through Laughter"; Free; 8:30 a.m.; TY Park (Pavilion 4) Park Road and Sheridan Street; for directions and more information or call: (954) 989-3774.

• Suicide Loss Support Group - Hollywood Cultural & Community Center, 1301 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood FL. 33019 - 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Parking passes available; (Tell receptionist you are with our group and she will issue a pass.). Groups meet the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month.

• Funtastic Fridays For Kids - A free event series, features Mama Clown and Friends, bounce house, face painting, DJ & outdoor movie every Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at ArtsPark in Downtown Hollywood. Call: (954) 921-3404. Or visit our web-site: • Rotary Club of Hallandale Beach-Aventura - meets every Wednesday at 12:15 in Brio Tuscan Grille in the Village at Gulfstream Park.

• Zumba with Jane, Hollywood Bch Community Center - 1301 South Ocn. Dr., Hollywood, Florida 33019. Friday 8:30 - 9:30 a.m., $6 per class. Open to public, no membership fees. Call Jane: (860) 961-1887. ZumbawithJane@facebook.

Dorone M. Manasse,

• There will be an Antique & Flea Market Fundraiser - on Saturday, December 8 at St. Maurice at Resurrection Church located at 441 NE 2 Street in Dania Beach from 8am-2pm. Get a bang for your buck at this bargain shopper's event including a variety of items, unique collectibles and antiques, jewelry, coins, glassware, new and used items, plants, clothing, silverware, and much, much more. Bring in your jewelry, gold, broken gold, silver, coins and antiques for cash. Buyer on premises. Admission is free. For more information, please call 305-951-7349 or email Vendor space is still available. Directions: Take I-95. Go east on Stirling Road. Turn left on U.S.1 (Federal Highway). Turn right at NE 2 Street. Church is on your left.

• Italian-American Civic League of Broward County Holiday Dinner Dance Saturday December 15th, 7PM 10:30PM. The menu is Salad/Bread, pasta Course, Baked Ham or Baked Fish, Potato / Vegetable, Coffee & Shared Desserts. Music by Joe Spitale. Reservations after Wed. Dec. 12th will incur a $5.00 late fee. Call Paula (954) 444-9883 or Club (954) 920-4043 for reservations. Dinner donations: Members $30.00, Guest $35.00. Menu Subject to change.

• Bereavement Support Group - For loss of a loved one, 12:30 p.m. 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month. For info, call: (954) 924-2954.

D.M.D, P.A.

• Cosmetic • Reconstructive • General Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentures • Soft Based Dentures • Porcelain Crowns & Bridges • Partial with clear invisible clasp

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Dorone M. Manasse, D.M.D., P.A. • Fred Gelfand, Dental Technician

(954) 925-5153

“Where the dental office and laboratory come together” Mon. - Thur. 9:00 - 5:00 PM • Fri. 9:00 - 12:00

1001 N. Federal Highway, Suite 203 Hallandale Beach

(Next to Hollywood Dog Track)

• Kiwanis Club of Hallandale Beach meets - the second and fourth Thursday at Noon at Brio Tuscan Grille in Gulfstream Village. 600 Silks Run. Join in our efforts to support our local youth. For more information please call 954-907-2392.

• Step Into Enlightenment Vedanta - Philosophy - Meditation. For people who have illnesses such as cancer, pain, lack, headaches, depression, insomnia. Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month. Located at Hollywood Beach, 10:00 a.m. Sharp! Required: Cushion, notebook, text book. For more details, call (754) 703-4815 & to register.

• Memorial Senior Partners - Hollywood Beach Culture & Community Center. 1301 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019. 954-924-2954. Yoga class with Carol Parvati Cohen You will need your own mat & towel. $10 for members, non-members pay additional $5. Tuesday 2:00 p.m. Friday 10:45 a.m.

• Join us for a weekly one hour class - No artistic ability necessary. But if you would like to improve your memory, concentration, eye-hand co-ordination, reduce stress and anxiety — this is the class for you! Excellent outlet for artistic inner self. Appropriate for recovering stroke victims. MEMORIAL SENIOR PARTNERS @ Hollywood Cultural Center, 1301 So. Ocean Drive, Hollywood Beach. Every Monday 10:00-11:00 AM. Members $7, non-members $12. For more info call: 954-665-4393.

• Aventura N. Miami Lions Club - meets at Brios Restaurant in Gulfstream Village, on the 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of the month. Please RSVP Carmen Gomez at: (954) 850-1407 to attend our meeting.

• Aventura Hospital Volunteer Program Opportunities - If you are looking for a challenging volunteer position, Aventura Hospital has many to offer. Patient Escort, Surgical Waiting Room, Human Resources, Mail Room, Front Desk and Dietary. Please contact Richelle, Volunteer Services 305 682-7391.

Craig Farquhar President

305 NW 10th Terrace Hallandale Bch, FL 33009

Cecile Fory-Hiles Vice-President

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It's Manatee Season - Be On The Lookout! Hollywood - As air and water temperatures drop, manatees begin moving toward warm-water refuges and seasonal and manatee protection speed limit zones go into effect throughout the State of Florida. Broward County’s Environmental Planning and Community Resilience Division manages the manatee conservation program and cautions boaters to be on the lookout for greater numbers of threatened manatees throughout the County’s waterways, including the Intracoastal, canals and natural waterways during the cooler months. After a particularly cold snap, manatees tend to move into the surrounding canals and Intracoastal Waterway to forage, thus increasing the chance of manatee/boater interaction. If you see a sick, injured, or dead manatee, please call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Wildlife Alert Number at (888) 404-FWCC (3922), text *FWC or #

FWC on a cell phone or email It is very helpful to have the following information ready: • What is the exact location of the animal? • Is the manatee alive or dead? • How long have you been observing the manatee? • What is the approximate size of the manatee? • What is the location of the closest public boat ramp to the manatee? • A contact number where you can be reached for further information? You may also download the County’s free “I Spy a Manatee” mobile app which allows users to report sightings of manatees. The app also provides maps of the County’s state-regulated manatee protection and boating safety zones, allowing boaters to immediately see what zone(s) they are traveling through by using the location services of the mobile device.

63rd Annual Candy Cane Parade on Hollywood Beach Hollywood - The 63rd Annual Candy Cane Parade along the world-famous Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is taking place on Saturday, December 8th at 7:00 p.m. This year’s parade theme, “Celebrating Our Seas,” is sure to inspire many creative and colorful floats and other entries with a unique take on the holiday season on Hollywood Beach. The parade begins at Missouri Street and will head south along the Broadwalk to Harrison Street. Parade emcees and complimentary bleacher seating will be available at Charnow Park at Garfield Street and at the Hollywood Beach Theatre at Johnson Street. Guests are also encouraged to bring a lawn chair for top-notch viewing of the parade floats, marching bands and creative displays from civic, non-profit and children’s groups, or reserve a table at one of the many seaside restaurants. Due to the high demand for parking on the barrier island, beginning at 5:00 p.m., parade goers are encouraged to park in one of the downtown

A Shelter Pet’s Holiday Vacation Hollywood - Modeled after a similar program that an adoption center in North Carolina introduced, interested families will be able to take home a select adult dog or cat on December 19th and 20th holiday. Those interested in providing holiday comfort and companionship to a pet in need would have to attend an informational orientation that will be held on Saturday, December 15. When the dog or cat goes to its temporary holiday home, all the host family needs to provide is the TLC; HSBC will provide the necessary food, crates, litter and litter boxes. December 26th and 27th, the furry guests will be returned to the shelter – unless, of course, the host family happens to fall in love and wishes to adopt! The program is limited to 20 families, so if you think this is something you would like to participate in please fill out application on our website or on our Facebook page by December

parking garages and take the free shuttle to the beach. The downtown parking garages are located at 19th Avenue at Polk Street and 20th Avenue at Van Buren Street. Shuttles will circulate non-stop throughout the evening with the last shuttle leaving the beach at 10:00 p.m. Downtown parking rates apply. In keeping with the “Celebrating Our Seas” theme, parade participants are being asked to hand out candy to parade goers, rather than throwing it from floats. This will help reduce waste on the Broadwalk and sandy beach. Parade attendees can look forward to candy canes and peppermint flavored salt water taffy. Hollywood’s signature holiday event, the Candy Cane Parade is presented in partnership with the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts. For more event information, please contact the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts at 954.921.3404.

hairpeople Men’s Cuts.....................9 and up Ladies’ Cuts................12 and up Blow Drys....................15 and up COLOR

Wella................................22 and up Matrix.............................35 and up Highlights..........Starting at 50 13th. If you are selected our Live Release Coordinator will be emailing all host families an invitation. Those participating will be required to pay a fee for a background check. The Humane Society of Broward County is a private, non-profit organization supported by donations from people and companies who want to help us help the animals. The shelter receives no government funding and is not affiliated with any local or national organization with a similar name. To learn more visit or call 954-989-3977.


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Publix Shopping Plaza


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Citizens Getting Into The Social Groove

LEFT: The Social Citizens had an opportunity to visit the Bay of Pigs Museum. RIGHT: Lewis Thaler, Dennis Stubbolo and Norman Edelcup.

By David Udoff When it comes to exceptional events and affordability, no other social group does it better than the Social Citizens of Southeast Florida (SCS). Cultivate friendships, socialize, bus trips to exciting cultural destinations, enjoy theater, concerts and dine at great restaurants. This is a social group for individuals from all walks of life fitting in perfectly with the vibrant international feel of the community. The Social Citizens is subsidized by philanthropist Norman S. Edelcup, former Mayor of Sunny Isles Beach. Educate, Entertain, and Socialize is the club’s mantra and they have taken it to a new level of excellence. “We recently visited the Bay of Pig Museum in Miami and it was a memorable, educational and historical experience. Everybody really loved and our members remarked it was one of the best trips they attended,” said Dennis Stubbolo, President, SCS. This particular museum offers an interesting collection of memorabilia that commemorates the men of Brigade 2506 and their efforts in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Cuban exiles in Miami were trained by the C.I.A. as part of a covert operation to invade the island and restore the United States economic and political interests. Some of the planned events are comparable to taking a stimulating university class while other ac-

tivities are more social in a jovial atmosphere where one can meet other like-minded individuals who share a zest for life. “I am very happy to be a part of the Social Citizens and it is the ideal way to socialize with different kinds of people,” said Anna Lamarque. The Social Citizen’s events really come together like pieces in a puzzle. On the bus trip to the museum, the driver also got into the groove and cultural flavor of Miami when he spoke about all the points of interest along the route. “Dennis, Social Citizen’s president, really has a knack in selecting interesting places to visit. Initially I was not interested in visiting the Bay of Pigs Museum and thought, what does it have to do with my life. However, it really turned into a wonderful day. I was impressed with the museum presentation and lecture. Afterwards, we had a delicious lunch at Versailles Cuban Restaurant and spent some time at Bayside in Miami,” said Janice Horylev. Their educational and luncheon series has expanded with thought provoking speakers that will appeal to individuals. If theater or music is your passion, members receive a substantial discount on regular price tickets. Participate with SCS and all the amenities are taken care of including a luxurious bus trip, parking, entertainment and fine culinary experience. Visit their accessible website to view the upcoming calendar of rich and diverse activities and lively photo gallery. Not to miss. Mark your calendars for some exciting

upcoming events throughout the winter and spring. SOCIAL LUNCH AT THE OLIVE GARDEN RESTAURANT Date: Thursday, November 29, 2018 Time: 12:00 P.M.-2:00 P.M. Place: 17985 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33160

SOCIAL LUNCH AT RED LOBSTER Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Time: 11:45-2:00 P.M. Place: 13300 Biscayne Blvd. North Miami Beach, FL 33181

ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY DINNER/DANCING Featuring Singer Debbie Taylor and Friends Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019 Time: 3:45 P. M.-7:00 P.M. Place: Duffy’s Restaurant 3969 NE 163rd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33160

For more information about the Social Citizens of Southeast Florida (SCS). Events or membership call Dennis Stubbolo, President. Tel: 305-936-0986. E-mail: Website:

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01&/&7&3:%":].0/%":ű5)634ű".ű". '3*ű46/01&/)0634 &%"/*"#&"$)#-7%%"/*"#&"$) '-

'03&7&/55*$,&544)08 8*/#*( $"4*/0%"/*"#&"$)$0. • • • (954) 458-0635 • Thursday, December 6, 2018 Page 1B

Warm Up With Chicken Soup

As the weather is changing, even in south Florida - from time-to-time, a hearty bowl of Chicken Soup is just the thing that hits the spot. Served with a fresh loaf of bread or rolls, soup can easily be eaten as a meal - with the many ingredients providing that satisfying feeling. This week we are bringing you a delicious recipe to try, and serve to your family and friends. While we do not get snow and frigid weather, the air sometimes gets cool enough for you to temper that chill with something warm and delicious.

CHICKEN SOUP • 1 (4-pound) whole chicken • 3 quarts cold or room-temperature • homemade chicken stock or store-bought • low-sodium chicken broth • 6 medium cloves • 2 sprigs fresh thyme

• • • • • • • • • •

1 bay leaf 1 large carrot (8 ounces), diced 1 medium turnip (7 ounces), peeled and diced 1 medium yellow onion (9 ounces) or large leek (white and light-green parts only), diced 1 large parsnip (10 ounces), peeled and diced 2 medium ribs celery (5 ounces), diced Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper Minced fresh dill, flat-leaf parsley, or other fresh herbs, to finish

Using a sharp knife, cut chicken breasts from breastbone and detach chicken legs from carcass. In a large soup pot or Dutch oven, cover chicken breasts, legs, and carcass with stock. Add garlic, thyme, and bay leaf. Heat stock over medium-high heat until temperature reaches between 150 and 160°F (66 and 71°C) on an instant-read thermometer; adjust heat to maintain stock temperature in the 150–160°F

range. It's okay if the temperature bounces around a little, but try to keep it above 150 and below 170°F (77°C). Cook until thickest part of chicken breasts registers 150°F on an instant-read thermometer, about 1 hour. Remove chicken breasts and set aside. Bring soup to a simmer and continue cooking for 1 hour longer, skimming as needed. Discard thyme sprigs and bay leaf. Remove all chicken from pot. Pull meat from bones, shredding it into bite-size pieces; discard skin and bones. If broth is cloudy, you can strain it through a fine-mesh strainer to clarify it. Return all chicken to pot except breast meat and return to a simmer. Add diced carrot, turnip, onion (or leek), parsnip, and celery and cook until just tender, about 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Add minced fresh herbs and remove from heat. Dice chicken breasts and stir into soup along with any accumulated juices. Serve hot.

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Luxe Gourmet Buffet Is Open Casino @ Dania Beach Rolls Out A Weekend Buffet Selection To Remember

Dania Beach - As the calendar says December, you will start to notice many visitors to the area. When those visitors look for a place to eat, they have a tremendous choice to make – throughout all of south Florida. One of the destinations that many are heading to is The Casino @ Dania Beach. From jai alai to gaming and top entertainment, this is certainly a destination that will be a high priority this winter. One of the most popular places to eat has been the impressive Luxe Gourmet Buffet – and this year it is bigger and better than ever before. With a top new international chef that has trans-

formed their gourmet buffet into an amazing dining experience, this is now more popular than ever before. Playing on the weekend crowds that are flocking to Dania Beach, the Luxe Gourmet Buffet gives you a dining experience that you will tell everyone about. Sally Carter-Perez of Hollywood recently attended the Friday Seafood Buffet and was impressed. For $29.95 (5pm-10 pm), the buffet features delicious dishes from the ocean – along with many other favorites. “We had six people in our party,” Carter-Perez explained. “The choices were amazing and delicious.

Fish and seafood of all kinds. We left full and very satisfied. I would recommend the experience.” In addition to Friday’s seafood selection, Luxe Gourmet also boasts a tempting Saturday (5pm 10pm) Steak Buffet for $29.95 – and a tasty Sunday (11am-3pm) Brunch Buffet for $24.95.Kids under 12 -$12.

Casino @ Dania Beach Luxe Gourmet Buffet 301 East Dania Beach Blvd. Dania Beach, FL 33004 (954) 920-1511

Save Money When Decorating This Holiday Season

By Florida Power & Light Company Putting up strings of holiday lights and giving special gifts to family and friends are holiday traditions for many Floridians. Before you deck the halls this year, consider how your decorations may impact your energy use and your bill. “Depending on what type of holiday lights you use, those beautiful glowing strands can use a lot more energy than you’d think, which can drive up your energy bill,” said Florida Power & Light Company Energy Expert Monica Landrini. “Purchasing LED lights may be more costly upfront, but will save you money throughout the season. LED lights use 80 to 90 percent less energy and can last 10 times as long as standard incandescent bulbs, which saves you more over time.” Here are more tips from FPL’s energy expert on ways you can decorate smarter and safer, as well as how you can give the gift of savings this holiday season.

DECORATE SMARTER Set it and forget it: Use automatic timers to control how long you are running your lights or holiday inflatables each day. The fewer the hours, the less energy you’ll use. Use extension cords: Need to add length to your holiday lighting display? Consider using extension cords in less visible areas, so that you’re using your holiday lights where they’ll make the most visual impact. Include energy-free décor: You can supplement your holiday displays with wreaths, ribbons and other decorations that don’t consume energy. Use inflatables carefully: Although large inflatable decorations are fun and more popular than ever, they can be some of the most expensive holiday decorations. For example, if you run a large, animated snow globe around the clock throughout December, it can add nearly $15 to your energy bill.

KEEP SAFETY TOP OF MIND Inspect lights each year: Whether you’re using old or new holiday lights, inspect them for damage. Re-

turn or discard any with cracked or broken sockets, frayed or bare wires or loose connections. Check the rating: Ensure that outdoor lighting and extension cords are UL-rated for exterior use. Never use indoor lights outside – although using outdoor lights inside the home is fine. Keep them grounded: All outdoor electrical decorations should be plugged into a ground-fault circuit interrupter. You can buy portable units for outdoor use or have them permanently installed.

GIVE GIFTS THAT HELP SAVE MONEY Shop smart: A smart thermostat makes for a great holiday gift and can save you about $50 a year on your energy bill. Ask Alexa how to save: If you have a device with Amazon Alexa, enable the FPL skill. Then, ask Alexa for energy savings tips from FPL all year long to find new ways to save energy and money. Look for the ENERGY STAR® logo: If you’re shopping for larger appliances or electronics, select models that are ENERGY STAR-rated as they’ll use 40 percent less energy than comparable models.


Open 6 Days A Week From 4 pm Til Close - Closed Mondays


00 OFF*


Expires 12/12/18 *One Per Person - For Sunset Menu & Dinner Menu Entrees. Not valid for daily specials. Must Present Coupon. Dine-in Only.

419 Sheridan St. Dania Beach, Fl 33004 -

(954) 367-6738 Located Behind Regions Bank In The Sheridan Square Plaza

LATKES... LATKES... LATKES!!! Come to Sage Bagel & Deli and get your favorite Latkes and donuts and enjoy Hanukkah with us! Private Catering For All Occasions, We Deliver Like Us On Facebook

800 E Hallandale Beach Blvd | Open 7 days | Deli 6:30am-6pm | Restaurant 6:30am-5pm | 954-456-7499 | • • • (954) 458-0635 • Thursday, December 6, 2018 Page 3B

ArtsPark Movie Features ‘Expedition Pearl Harbor’

Hollywood - It will be another exciting Friday night in Hollywood this week - and it all gets started with two special events. Starting with the al-

ways popular Funtastic Friday, which is a weekly event at the ArtsPark at Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood, a will feature a rocking DJ spinning the

tunes while kids kickoff their shoes and bounce the night away in inflatable bounce houses. Kids can also take part in guided activities including games

and arts and crafts projects. Funtastic Friday is free and runs from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. each Friday at the ArtPark at Young Circle, located at US-1 and Hollywood Boulevard, weather permitting. on Friday Also evening, the surprise military strike by the Japanese Navy Air Service at the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii took place on December 7, 1941. The attack led to the United States’ entry into World War II. This Friday the ArtsPark Movie Night is featuring a special showing of the documentary “Expedition

Pearl Harbor,” where an expedition team using state of the art technology explores the bottom decks of the USS Arizona. Showtime is 8:00 p.m., the documentary run time is 60 minutes and Parental Guidance is Suggested. Admission is free and lawn seating is available. The ArtsPark at Young Circle Amphitheater is located at 1 Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood.

T.Y. PARK'S ROCKING 47TH BIRTHDAY PARTY SUNDAY, DEC. 9 All are invited to celebrate the 47th birth-

day of Topeekeegee Yugnee Park in Hollywood, one of Broward County's most beautiful open green spaces. Enjoy live music, Food Trucks and family fun on Sunday, December 9th from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. Performers to include Blues Legend Joey Gilmore, local favorites Classic Rock Therapy playing music from the 1960's to today, vocalist Honey Cuddles and a special tribute to Aretha Franklin. T.Y. Park is located at 3300 N Park Road in Hollywood, the party will be held in Pavilion #12, $1.50 park entrance fee applies.

Jewelry Depot Holds Grand Opening Jewelry Depot in Hallandale Beach celebrated their grand opening recently with a ceremonial ribbon cutting with the Hallandale Beach Chamber of Jewelry Commerce. Depot is family-owned and operated with a history that spans over three decades in the jewelry trade. Ted M. Bach began his business at the renowned jewelers’ building located at 580 Fifth Avenue in New York City. As a master diamond cutter in Manhattan’s diamond district, Ted pioneered the practice

of dealing directly with the public at wholesale prices. Ted is very proud to open his new location in Hallandale Beach. "We sell a wide variety of fine jewelry and watches for women and men. Not only are our prices unbelievably low, but all of our loose diamonds and diamonds in engagement rings come with a lifetime guarantee. trade-in When you bring the diamond to our store with your original receipt – no matter when – you will get full credit towards something new.

This is a wonderful benefit for those who plan to upgrade the size and quality of their diamond engagement ring." "You will appreciate the knowledge, helpfulness, and integrity of our highly trained staff. Many are GIA-trained Accredited Jewelry Professionals and Graduate Gemologists. They have the answers to your questions, and will help you make the right decisions for your personal taste, style, and budget. We may sell our jewelry at discounted prices, but the

quality of our fine jewelry and our customer care are world class. We buy, sell and repair

gold and other jewelry. Call us today! (800) 423-BACH" Jewelry Depot is located at 250

N. Federal Highway in Hallandale Beach just in time for the holiday season.

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Making Needed Home Repairs 1st Priority Gets Your Property Back Looking Like New. Call Today 1-800-617-1112!

1st Priority

From Page 1A

and the elements that this area is home to, 1st Priority Restoration is ready to spring into action 12 months a year. With an understanding that flooding and water damage that can occur year round, they can track down potential problems before they occur. The past few years, brief winter and spring rains exposed roof leaks and even foundation problems, where the water got into the house and lifted tile. When you need a water damage and restoration business in south Florida, finding one that is honest and dependable is not often easy. 1st Priority Restoration has proven that they are the standard in the industry over and over again. Remember, these are professionals, who will replace or restore your soaked and stained drywall. From ceiling repair, drywall replacement, structural damage, roof leaks, floor repair, furniture cleaning, mold removal and treatments, they have it all covered.

SPECIALIZING IN WATER DAMAGE, MOLD TESTING Living here in south Florida, the rains are always present - and that’s when 1st Priority Restoration springs into action, specializing in water damage restoration and mold testing. “We are also known for cleaning carpets, tile and grout, marble polishing, pressure cleaning, canvas awnings and cleaning air ducts. Upholstery cleaning and drapes as well.” 1st Priority’s tile and grout cleaning will have your dirty or aging floors sparkling like new. Tile cleaning is done, section by section, as an exact science and there will be no mess. The company can remove painted tile glaze and return the tiles to their original state.

ASK FOR THE 5YEAR PROTECTION If your bathroom is not something you are proud about, let 1st Priority really clean safely, scrub those tiles and make them look new again.

If you have a marble floor, you already know about scratches, but 1st Priority will grind the scratches down, buff and polish to look brand new. The comalso installs pany floors, tile, marble and wood.

CARPETS CLEANED Have you ever had your carpets cleaned? Then you know that it is not an easy job. But at 1st Priority, professionals go to work and thoroughly clean your carpets in one hour. They also move or lift furniture and place on Styrofoam blocks to really steam clean those hard to reach spots. Carpet cleaning should routinely be done every 6 months, especially with children and/or pets.

NO JOB TOO SMALL With decades in the business, 1st Priority Restoration is a reputable company with over 20 employees and are licensed and insured. They have been doing all types of

cleaning and water damage restoration for more than a decade. "We use the most efficient cleaning and water removal equipment to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the job we do for them. We try to use nontoxic "Green" safe chemicals for all mildew treatments.” "In all the years that we have been helping customers with water damage, they are pleased with the work that we do. We have never received a single complaint, and that has to speak volumes!” CUSTOMERS 100% SATISFIED "If a customer calls and is not completely satisfied with any of the work, the crew will return promptly to your property and will meet your expectations. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied and have many repeat customers as a result of it."

Member of the Better Business Bureau.

1st Priority Restoration 1 -800 -617-1112 • Ask For Amir. Closed on Saturday and for Jewish Holidays.

One of the deals that so many customers have taken advantage of is the special - 40% OFF of all drapery and Oriental Rug Cleaning! It’s a deal that many locals continue to cash in on! 1st Priority specializes in cleaning

carpets, tile and grout, marble polishing, pressure cleaning, canvas awnings and cleaning air ducts. • • South Florida Sun Times Classified • Thursday, December 6, 2018 Page 5B

South Florida Sun Times


Grand Alaskan




Cruise & Tour

per couple

Ultimate Hawaii Tour

Saveupto $


with Pearl Harbor Experience

per couple

12 days from $1,849* $1,599*

13 days from $2,249* $1,799*

Departs June - September, 2019

Departs year-round

Enjoy a spectacular cruise & tour between Seattle and Alaska including 7 nights aboard Holland America Line’s ms Westerdam and 4 nights on land. You’ll cruise the Gulf of Alaska and the Inside Passage—a sea lane teeming with marine wildlife, where you’ll pass glaciers, towering mountains, and lush forests, with stops in Ketchikan, Skagway and Glacier Bay. On land, you’ll go deep into Denali National Park, tour Anchorage, and see the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Enjoy a fully-escorted 4-island Hawaiian vacation with beachfront lodging on Kauai, Maui, and the “Big Island” of Hawaii, and a centrally-located hotel in gorgeous Waikiki on Oahu. Includes a Pearl Harbor experience where you will see the USS Arizona Memorial and Battleship Missouri. Visit historic Lahaina, enjoy a boat cruise on the Wailua River and authentic Hawaiian entertainment and food at our Farewell Feast. Escorted throughout by our friendly Tour Directors—your local experts. Price includes 3 inter-island flights.



National Parks


per couple

of the Golden West

per couple


Best of Ireland Tour




12 days from $1,849* $1,599*

14 days from $1,849* $1,599*

Departs April - September, 2019

Departs May - September, 2019

Take the ultimate trip around the Emerald Isle! Starting and ending in Dublin, enjoy a 12-day loop around the island with an expert local driver guide showing you the legendary hospitality and iconic sights of this lushly green nation. See fairytale castles like Blarney and Bunratty. Experience Titanic Belfast in the very town where the grand ship was built. Travel through the Ring of Kerry and see the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway, tour the Waterford Crystal factory, and more, on this exceptional tour!

Visit up to 9 of America’s most spectacular national parks on this incredible tour! Start off in fabulous Las Vegas and continue to the world-famous Grand Canyon. From there we’ll go on to see Zion’s steep sandstone cliffs, rock hoodoos in Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley’s giant mesas, Arches National Park’s gravity-defying stone formations, waterfalls and granite scenery in Yosemite, towering sequoias in Kings Canyon, and everything in between—America’s natural beauty awaits!

The escorted tour experts since 1967! All tours include hotels, sightseeing and baggage handling. TM


Promo code N7017 $

*Prices are per person based on double occupancy plus up to 299 taxes & fees. Cruise pricing based on lowest cabin category after savings; upgrades available. Single supplement and seasonal surcharges may apply. Add-on airfare available. Onboard Credit requires purchase of Ocean View or Balcony Cabin. For full Set Sail terms and conditions ask your Travel Consultant. Offers apply to new bookings only, made by 2/28/19. Other terms and conditions may apply. Ask your Travel Consultant for details.

Office (954) 458-0635 • SERVICE DIRECTORY


FREE ESTIMATES Lic. & Ins. Very Reasonable!

GET READY TO CELEBRATE! • WALLPAPERING • Repair, Removal & Sales • Accurate, Clean, Reliable


CALL NOW! 954-709-6153

JOHN’S PLUMBING Service Today!

(954) 923-4184


TRINCOATS PAINTS, INC. Over 20 Yrs. Exp. Painting & Handyman

REASONABLE RATES! Lic. & Ins. • Reliable!







CASH PAID ON THE SPOT! Call Now for Fast, Easy Sale! Also Available: RV Parts, Service, Body & Paint & Rentals!

(954) 595-0093

20 Years Exp. Remodel Kitchen/Baths, Floors, Electric, Plumbing

Small Jobs Make My Day! (305) 588-4026






From 20 (954) 458-0635

We WILL Work With Your Budget! Int/Ext.



1817 S. OCN. DR. #1022 1 Bedroom/1.5 Bath. Yearly lease. (954) 226-4189 (954) 822-4186

ADMIRALS PORT Adorable 1/1.5, move-in condition, all assessments paid, $165K, open to offers. Winston Towers Realty (305) 935-1500

HALLMARK 2/2 PH Dir. Ocn vus., updtd kit/baths. Also hi-imp. winds., cable, Internet, full serv bldg, indr pkg. Motivated seller. Ferne Zam (954) 336-8476 (954) 437-5001 Ext. X2035 Todd Miller Realty



APARTMENT TO RENT HALLMARK 1/1.5 LOVELY - UPGRD. Open kitchen, bath, indoor pkg, full srvc bldg, yearly lease. Ferne Zam (954) 336-8476 (954) 437-5001 Ext. X2035 Todd Miller Realty APARTMENT TO RENT HEMISPHERES 1/1.5, hi-fl, furnished. Imperial Towers 1.1.5, unfurnished. Seasonal Rentals Available Pepe & Martha Peña (305) 905-4392

• Painting • Floors

• Drywall • Pressure Wash



Refs. Available

(954) 245-1755

Chickee Huts



• KITCHEN CHAIRS • DINING ROOM CHAIRS • WINDOW TREATMENTS • NEW FOAM CUSHIONS • FREE ESTIMATES 50 Years Experience - (954) 381-8555 Cell: (954) 815-9178


954.497.1122 State Certified Thatching Contractor CYC000002 by Advanced Construction Corp. 337385

To the lady in the grey flannel running suit, I met you and your young daughter at the CVS in Hallandale, Friday, November 30th about 6 pm., you were waiting on line by the cash register. Perhaps we can meet for coffee, Ira. (954) 455-4284 E-mail:

SEEKING EMPLOYMENT AS CNA /HHA; Companion/ Homemaker You or your loved ones. Days, nights, wkends or live-in, exc. refs. (954) 394-6461

EASTERN SHORES Wide Bay Townhome - 2/2.5 being renovated, $379,900. If You Buy It Now, You Can Design It Your Way! Sunny Isles - Best Waterfront view in S. Fla! 2/2 condo ovelooks Beach & State Park. Priced right @ $329,000 Cell: (305) 776-5333 Black Diamond Rlty

JEFF PEARL - (305) 944-3050 MOBILE HOMES


FOR SALE HOLLYWOOD Orangebrook Mobile Home Estates ON THE GOLF COURSE! Gorgeous Double Wide Furnished 3/2, Split Bdrm. Plan, 1,700 Sq. Ft. Completely, Beautifully Renov., including Tile Floors, All Kitchen Utilities (Dishes, Silverware, Etc.) 55+. Perfect For 2 Families To Share. Carport. No Renting.

DRASTICALLY REDUCED TO: $99,000 OWNER (954) 478-0478

Page 6B • • South Florida Sun Times Classified • Thursday, December 6, 2018 APARTMENT FOR SALE


HEMISPHERES BN 18G 2/2, SE Ocn & Intra. view, updated, $365K, negotiable. (954) 817-4919

WINSTON TOWERS ON-SITE OFFICE Winston Tower 500 Full 2/2 split, 1488 sq ft. Not in the “T” $300K. ••••••••••••••• Winston Towers 300 Large 3/3, over 2400 sq. ft. Asking only $459K, 16th floor, water views from every room. Open to offers. ••••••••••••••• Winston Towers 200 High floor Convertible, $249K Estate Sale. Winston Towers Realty (305) 935-1500

APARTMENT FOR SALE IMPERIAL TWRS E. Can you imagine walking across the street to the Ocean? 2/2, Northeast corner, 7th floor. Ocean view, remodeled, reduced to $265K. Sareen RE Irene Luis (305) 318-6464

Xpert Property Management LCAM (844) 523-2079 •

Condos • HOAS • Commercial • Apartments Private Homes • Maintenance Specialist











IRENELUIS.COM CAROL, MICHEL “MIKE” OR JEAN-PAUL CAMILLO (954) 923-8881 AQUARIUS 15th fl, furn, 2/2, Direct Ocean. Annual..............$2,500 mo. ALEXANDER TOWERS - Rent Minimum 30 days, Small Pet OK REDUCED Studio Off Pool Area, Furnished Remodeled...........................$250,000 REDUCED Studio, Off Pool Deck, Furnished.............................................$229,000 REDUCED 11th Fl, Furnished 1/1.5 Intracoastal View..............................$285,000 9th Fl, Furnished 1/1.5, Ocean Views, Parking Space............$319,000 8th Fl, Furn. 2/2 Corner, Remodeled, Intra Views....................$369,000 14th Fl, Furn. 2/2, Large Balcony, Ocean Views..........................$445,000 HEMISPHERES BN - 2nd Fl, Furnished 1/1, Best Buy............$180,000 DOWNTOWN HOLLYWOOD RADIUS - 11th Fl, 3 Br. 2 Ba. Corner Unit, Fabulous City Views, Washer / Dryer.......................................$369,000 CAROL KAGNO LA MER / OLYMPUS SPECIALIST: 954.812.7502 REDUCED LA MER W. - PH 1, Lovely 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath........................$549,000 LA MER S. - 9th Fl, Remodeled, Granite Counters..................$329,000 REDUCED OLYMPUS A BLDG. - 5th Fl, Upgraded 2/2 Intra Views...........$184,900 OLYMPUS - A-5th fl, 2 Br., 2 Ba. Water Views, New Kit Tiles. $235,900 PENDING OLYMPUS B BLDG. - 16th Floor, Unfurnished 2/2...................$250,000 DANIEL SANCHEZ: 954-829-9519 HEMISPHERES SPECIALIST: ON - 8th Fl, 1 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath, Furnished, Renovated........$317,000 OS - Mezzanine 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, Unfurnished................$439,500

JUST REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE IN PARK DORADO: Unit 1620: 2/2 Panoramic views, 1200 sq. ft......................................$299K Unit 1504: 2/2 Direct Ocean, 1100 sq. ft.............................................$425K Unit 1019: 2/2 Intracoastal views, 1200 sq. ft....................................$299K Unit 701: 3/2 Corner, direct Ocean & Intra views, 1500 sf. Furn.........$399K Unit 410: 2/2, SE Direct Ocean & pool views, 1100 sq. ft....................$399K Unit 214: 1/1.5, SE Direct Ocean & pool views, 1000 sq. ft.................$359K Unit 212: 2/2, SE Direct Ocean & pool views, 1300 sq. ft....................$359K YEARLY RENTALS: 1/1.5 SE Ocean & Pool views, 1000 sf. Avail Jan. 1st..$2500/m Unit 1504: 2/2 Direct ocean view .......................................................$2750/m SEASONAL RENTAL: Unit 1722: 1/1 Available Now! Amazing Views....$2200/m


(954) 478-0478


BLDG. 15 - 2/2, approx. 1300 sf, ground flr, park outside your door! Compl. furn. All new kit, Bamboo flrs, in Bdrm. Hurricane windows & shutters. Move Right In! $160K - REDUCED $24K !! BLDG. 26 - 2/2 approx. 1300 sf, great vus of lake, furn. Move-in LDREDUCED - $127,900! SO55+ cond. Encl. balc. for extra room, BLDG. 26 - 2/2, 1200 sf., highly motivated seller, moving, views of lake, encl. balcony for extra room, office, etc. Steal @ $110K BLDG. 26 - 3/2.5, 2500 sf. One-of-a-Kind! Lavishly remodeled & OLD completely decoratorSfurn. W/D, 55+, $298,500 DYNAMITE! BLDG. 26 - 3/2.5, 2500 sf. Ground floor. “Like your Own Villa!” Park outside your door, W/D, 55+, Lake view, $349,000

Happy Hanukkah!






Martin Hoffman, P.A., Broker Associate


Mary Ellen Closius, P.A.

Helping Buyers & Sellers Since 1985

Sales Associate

Cell: 954-605-4823

Direct: 954-471-4626



Olympus 14th Fl Only $169,900

The Wave 5 Fl View $339K On Ocean

1/1.5, Very spacious unit, amazing views of park, Intra, Ocean. Spacious unit, nice big patio. Able to rent out unit right away

WOW what a View! Pool & Direct Ocean views. Spacious 1 Br., eat in kit. Rarely used. Able to rent right away.

Parker Dorado On Ocean

Lawn Acres Home - $349,900

Intra & City views, 11th fl. Only $202,900 Price Reduced! Lowest price in Bldg! Very spacious unit, nice patio. Bldg. being remod. Act Quickly, Won’t Last!

3/2, 2 car garage, huge corner lot over 10,000 sf, large front porch, back patio. One Br. has separate entry. Great for teenager or in law.

West Davie 5/3 with 1 acre, $649,900 On Ocean PH in Positano - $4,900,000

EVALUATE - PROTECT - MARKET - ENJOY Y THE DUO-HALLANDALE BEACH - Luxury Building, 2/2 Pool, Gym, Security. Pet Friendly. $299,000 305-785-4687 1000 PARKVIEW DR. #623 OCEANVIEW CONDO - 2 Bd+ Den/1.5 Updated, Investors rent right away, A10479125, $199,000, 954-298-3553 SOUTHVIEW AT AVENTURA - 3/2 High End Upgrades. Turn-Key. W/D. Guardgated, Waterfront Complex, A10546267, $399,000, 305-785-4687 POINT EAST AVENTURA - WIDE BAY VIEWS. Totally Upgraded 2/2 Corner, 55+, A10536878, $257,000, 954-298-3553

Five car garage, nice big home, pond, Approx. 4,798 sq. ft. Breathtaking upgrades. Call today. unobstructed Ocean view! Call Today! Call Us For A Free Market Analysis! We Put Your Listings on 900+ Websites!





Buying or Selling? Call your Luxury Waterfront Specialist

MAGDA S. SALTZMAN 305-868-2141 E-mail:


Specializing on the Waterfront! Oceanfront, Deep Water, Estate Homes Condos, Lots, Short Sales & Foreclosures!

(754) 971-7009

(305) 318-6464


Rltr. Assoc.

(954) 701-7653




Walk To Beach From All Apartments!







ROSE CUNNINGHAM : 954-257-7523 FAIRWAY RIVIERA SPECIALIST: 200 BUILDING - 5th Fl, 2/2, Updated, Water Views................$199,000

Sareen RE

HALLMARK CONDO of HOLLYWOOD 11th Fl, 2/2. Remodeled. RENTEDFor Rent for Winter. HEMISPHERES OCEAN NORTH 8H, On Ocean, Ocean Vu, New Kit, 2 new Baths. SOLD IMPERIAL TOWERS EAST DUCED! REOcean 7th Fl, 2/2, NE cor., remodeled. Vu, $265K 7th Fl, 1/1.5, Remodeled, $169K PENDING 10th Fl, 1/1.5, Furn., Remod. Ocean, $190K IMPERIAL TOWERS WEST 3rd Fl, 2/2 SE View, Corner, $225K Seasonal rental 9th fl 1 bedroom 1&1/2 bathroom just bring your bathing suits $1800 monthly min 90 days SEA AIR TOWERS 10th Fl, Ocean View. For Rent till Jan. 1st, 2019


Balistreri Realty

WATERWAYS HARBORSIDE - 2 Br. 2 Ba. Gorgeous Water and Marina Views. Porcelain Floors, Shutters. Priced to Sell! Near Everything, including the New High School. Pet & Child Friendly Bldg, 24-Hour Security. Lobby & Concierge Service.



(305) 331-1681 Happy Hanukkah! AVENTURA




ISLE OF PARADISE “Live in Paradise” Close to Gulfstream & Beaches Spacious & Water View in Every Unit


REDUCED! 1 & 2 Bedrooms Available DON’T MISS THIS, CALL FOR APPT.!


DARIA DeMARINIS, Bkr. Assoc. (954) 778-8790 Beachfront Rlty

HOME LOTS FOR SALE NORTH FLORIDA TWO ADJACENT BEAUTIFUL LOTS 1/4 acre lots for sale in Citrus County, Florida. $6,000 each or both for $10,000. Send e-mail to: alan1129@


Unique Internet Realty

Se Habla Español Personalized Real Estate Brokerage Boutique I Live At The Beach! VISIT




CALL MIKE ROSEN Cell: (954) 854-7828 Beachfront Realty, Inc.

Happy Hanukkah!

INCLUDED: (2012) 16 foot box truck Ford E-350 50K Miles (5) White Commercial Frame Tents from Celina Tent Company (1) 15x20, (2) 15x30, (2) 20x30 (16) 8ft. Banquet Wood Tables (5) 60in. Round Wood Tables (190) White Folding Chairs • (2) Tent Jacks (12-3x3 sectional/144 sq. ft. total) sizable wood dance floor (1) Gas powered stake driver/ stake puller (10) Cathedral Window Commercial side walls (10) Frame tent leg extenders • (200’) Lights And Miscellaneous Items.

FOR INFO, CALL 516-984-2318

AVANT GARDE Upgraded Corner 2/2 + Den, wrap terrace. Beautiful Ocean & Intracoastal views. Gated complex, easy Beach access. Other 1 & 2 Bdrms. avail. in complex. HOLLYWOOD HILLS S. F. Upgraded 3/2 with 2-car garage & circular driveway. Impact windows, newer roof, fenced. $575,000

PARKER TOWER Oceanfront. Furn. 1/1, South Ocean & Intra Views. New Hurricane Proof Windows. Convenient to Aventura Mall, 20 mins. south of Ft. Lauderdale airport. Seller Motivated. $259,900 LAKE POINT TOWER 1/1.5 Gated complex on Intracoastal w/ Marina. Spacious, completely updated, water views. Convenient to shopping, Beach, Gulfstream & Aventura Mall

Happy Hanukkah!

OLYMPUS RESORTSTYLE COMPLEX Spacious fully furnished 2/2, great vus of Marina & Pool. Neutral tile floors. Upgraded Bathrooms. Convenient to Beaches & Shops. $235,000. Avail for Seasonal Rental $3700 mo. MEADOWBROOK Spacious, upgraded 2/2. Newer A/C & water heater. Near shops, Beaches, Gulfstream Race Track & Casino. No rentals. HOPA $169,900 FAIRWAYS RIVIERA 1/1.5, Spacious & Bright, lovely water views. Convenient to Beaches, Shopping, Gulfstream. Sellers Motivated!

AVENTURA/MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 500 NEW! 3/3, 1694 sf. Corner wrap, gorgeous views of Ocean & Bay. Granite tops, hurricane shutters & much more! Low maint. includes High Speed WiFi & Cable! Can have dog any size! Can Rent Immediately Easy to Show! $665,000 OBO NEW! 2/2.5, 1,361 sq. ft., Water View, 7th floor. Best Price in the Building! $399K OBO - REDUCED TO $349K OBO NEW! 2/2, 12th floor, 1181 sq. ft. Upgraded kitchen, stainless steel appliances. Best Price in Building! $319,900 OBO Rented. Can buy as investment! NEW! 2/2, 19th floor, direct Ocean view, remodeled kitchen. Asking only $379,000, REDUCED TO $364,900, OBO NEW! ALSO 2/2 Corner wrap + Den or Dining Room, 1365 sq. ft., 12th floor. Great water view! Tile floors, new kitchen. NEW!! 3/3 corner 1694 sq. ft. A Beauty on 8th Floor, all tiled, hurricane shutters. Won’t Last! Must See! $629K OBO, REDUCED! $599K OBO NEW!! 2/2.5, 17th floor, direct Ocean. Most gorg. unit, fully remodeled, open, walk into great rm, combination living/din. room & kitchen. Best unit you will ever see! Also comes fully furnished with modern furniture. A Must See! $549K, DRASTICALLY REDUCED!! $499K OBO MYSTIC POINTE TOWER 400 CONDO NEW!! 3/3 Luxury in the Sky. Stunning SE corner, 1,667 sf., 35th Floor., Ocean & City views, turnkey. Only $750K OBO REDUCED TO SELL @ $685,000 OBO. Rented until May 1st. HALLANDALE/MEADOWBROOK NEW! 2/2 All remod. & new appliances. A Bonus Enclosed Balcony can be Guest Room! Low Maintenance @ $305. ONLY $179,000 OBO

Sun Times Issue 12 06 18  

Check out what's in this weeks South Florida Sun Times. Serving The Following Areas: Aventura, Bal Harbour, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Hallanda...

Sun Times Issue 12 06 18  

Check out what's in this weeks South Florida Sun Times. Serving The Following Areas: Aventura, Bal Harbour, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Hallanda...