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Kerry's By The Sea Is Open

FIGHTING THE RECESSION • Gold, silver, coin and paper money collecting has remained very steady through the past five years

Looking for some fabulous food and music to dance the night away. Check out Kerry's By The Sea, 1960 South Ocean Drive in Hallandale Beach. This Saturday at 8pm check out Manhattan Harmony - Doo woo, Old time rock & roll and Motown. Come dine and dance at this ocean front restaurant and you will not be disappointed. Also this weekend Andre Michael Friday Nov 8th at 7pm. For more information check out their specials in this weeks paper or call them at 954-251-2658 for more information.

By Larry Blustein In this trying economy, we are all doing everything possible to make ends meet. In addition, we are starting to find other avenues to generate our income. If you happen to be a collector - of any kind you will be happy to know that those comic books, baseball cards and sports programs are indeed still holding value. –––––––––––––––––––––– COLLECTING, Page 8A

Last Sunday, the Gold Coast Coin Club, which makes a monthly stop at Mardi Gras Casino with numerous club members and vendors, was a bit of reality when it comes to collecting.

Virtuoso Misha Dacic The excuses stop now opens Miami International at Steel Edge CrossFit Piano Festival on Nov. 17 • The Festival kicks off the Sundays at Five series of four salon-style programs at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center AVENTURA - A few weeks before his upcoming performance, the Miami International Piano Festival caught up with Misha Dacic who is back in Miami after several months of concerts in Europe. The Festival kicks off the Sundays at Five series of four salon-style programs at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center on November 17. This highly anticipated performance by Misha Dacic will also open the 17th annual Season of the Miami International Piano Festival. This is the Festival’s third year presenting concerts in this beautiful Aventura venue, and the programs have become popular with local classic music lovers. Misha first performed at the Festival 10 years

NORTH DADE - Edward Ramirez was a high school wrestler, a soldier in the US Army for six years, and for the past 13 years, protecting and serving, as a law enforcement officer. Always in top physical shape, Ramirez had grown up around weights and training in a manner where he thought that he was maximizing his body. That was before he found out about a CrossFit workout. “The first time I found out about CrossFit, I Misha first performed at the Festival ten years ago and has presented many encore recitals since.

ago and has presented, have been praised across the U.S. as well as in Central and South –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– PIANO, Page 3B

KODNER GALLERIES - DANIA Kodner Galleries has become a 4th generation auction business with over 90 years of experience in buying, selling, appraising and consigning for sale antiques, fine household contents, works of art and diamonds. For more on this quality business, Page 2A.

Regardless of your level of fitness, the Steel Edge CrossFit program is designed to fit your needs. Their staff has the training and experience to scale all the workouts and movements to your level of fitness. Photos By LiliBean

was sold,” Ramirez recalled. “What I found out was that I wasn’t coming close to getting that –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CROSSFIT, Page 3A

• CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that develops a person in multiple facets of fitness!

HALLANDALE BEACH The City of Hallandale Beach needs your ideas and help tonight at 7 p.m., at the Austin Hepburn Center, 750 NW 8th Avenue, for a public meeting to discuss Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for after school and public works programs. 2D.

HEAR CENTER After 20 years, Javier “Bob” Benitez, BC-HIS and the HEAR Center have become an Aventura fixture. The Aventura HEAR Center is a modern office equipped to fit patients with the best hearing technology available. Check out everything you’ve been missing. Page 1C.

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CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that develops a person in multiple facets of fitness. It does not focus on just one thing – such a just running or just strength training. What Steel Edge CrossFit emphasizes is preparing a person physically to overcome any obstacle, and for that reason, they train 10 domains of fitness. Photos By LiliBean

“The one thing that I wanted everyone to know from the start is there are so many levels of this workout. We have men, women, law enforcement professionals and housewives taking our classes throughout the week. Intimidation is never an issue here. It’s all about getting in the best shape possible at your own pace.” EDWARD RAMIREZ OWNER, STEEL EDGE CROSSFIT

CrossFit From Page 1A –––––––––––––––––––––– full workout that would actually go hand-inhand with my lifestyle and what was needed to do my job.” It was also the perfect opportunity for Ramirez and his wife to open up their own gym. One that would not only teach the tremendous principles of a CrossFit workout, but give everyone the chance to learn and see the results. Today, Ramirez runs, teaches and coaches Steel Edge CrossFit in North Miami-Dade. Located right off I-95 and Ives Dairy Road, the opportunity to come and get that complete workout minutes from your home is what Ramirez was after when he opened. “The one thing that I wanted everyone to know from the start is there are so many levels of this workout,” Ramirez explained. “We have men, women, law enforcement professionals and housewives taking our classes

throughout the week. Intimidation is never an issue here. It’s all about getting in the best shape possible at your own pace.” Ramirez was out give the facility a community feel – where working out in smaller groups would be beneficial to the total workout. WHAT IS CROSSFIT AND WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that develops a person in multiple facets of fitness. It does not focus on just one thing – such a just running or just strength training. What Steel Edge CrossFit emphasizes is preparing a person physically to overcome any obstacle, and for that reason, they train 10 domains of fitness. “There’s Balance, Coordination, Agility, Power, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Accuracy, Endurance, and Stamina,” Ramirez pointed out. “We achieve those goals by combining different modalities, such as running, jumping (ply-

ometrics), weightlifting, kettlebell lifiting, rowing, climbing, gymnastics (body weight movements).” They apply these modalities at the highest intensity the individual can provide safely. This will then get you extremely physically fit and you will feel and look great! Regardless of your level of fitness, the Steel Edge CrossFit program is designed to fit your needs. Their staff has the training and experience to scale all the workouts and movements to your level of fitness. The programming is designed to continually and progressively make you better. But don’t be fooled, regardless of where you come from, you will be challenged! Intensity is the key to results, and you will achieve them! CROSSFIT KETTLEBELLS Kettlebell Sport (known outside of the US as Girevoy Sport) is the traditional Russian sport of kettlebell lifting. Kettlebell Sport evolved from athletic and mili-

THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR THE ORIGINAL If you are looking for Sonny Levitt, don’t look to the company he founded. Sonny and Pearl Levitt joined Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapels after leaving the company that continues to use their name. There is no Levitt or Weinstein associated with that company. The Levitt family and Weinstein Brothers of Chicago are Dignity® affiliated families and are represented by Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapels of Aventura.

tary circles and slowly spread to the wider population and is now rapidly growing in the United States. Athletes traditionally compete in The Jerk/Snatch Biathlon and/or the Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk). In Kettlebell Sport, every athlete competes in a division according to body weight, kettlebell weight, age, and sex. The objective of each event is to complete as many repetitions as possible of the lift within a ten-minute period without letting the kettlebell down on the platform. To accomplish this feat the athlete requires a tremendous level of endurance and strength, both physically and especially mentally. Also, athletes work under tremendous stress while remaining calm and even quiet in order to focus on technical precision, breath control, and energy conservation. Like Olympic lifting, Kettlebell Sport has many benefits to increasing muscular and neurological adaptation by addressing many of the fitness domains. It is also functional, since it

KETTLEBELL SPORT requires multi-joint movement and core stabilization to accomplish each lift. “We are the only CrossFit facility that I know of that offers Kettlebell Sport,” Ramirez said. “This gives us a huge advantage because it is one of the toughest workouts you will get. I can 100 percent guarantee that.” CLASS SCHEDULE Every day from 6 a.m. until the late hours of the evening, there are classes going on – at

every level. If you are interested in finding out more about what Steel Edge CrossFit has to offer, check out their website ( You will find schedules, information, pricing and questions that you need answered. “Once you are a part of this program, you will see results and watch it change your life,” Ramirez said. “I see success stories unfold before my very eyes every week.”

STEEL EDGE CROSSFIT 20855 NE 16th Ave #C2 Miami, Fl. 33179 (Right off of Ives Dairy and I-95) 305.244.6158

Robar Salon & Spa

Robar Salon welcomes Paul, formerly of Hallandale Beach - Offering the same prices


Japanese Hair Straightening $295

Don’t settle! The quality and attention to service that is synonymous with the Levitt name, can only be imitated, but never duplicated.

& up normally $400

Brazilian Blowout $195 Kerafusion Straightening $99

20955 Biscayne Blvd Aventura, Florida 305-935-3939

Sonny Levitt

Pearl Prince Levitt

For information regarding scheduling a seminar at your Condominium, Organization or Synagogue , please don’t hesitate to call and ask for Sonny or Pearl Directly


2500 East Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite W - (954) 458-4656 - (954) 381-8440

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When it comes to water, it’s a major concern for everyone HALLANDALE BEACH - This past Tuesday I was honored to speak at The Global Summit On Water in Washington. Over the past years I have served on the Mayors Water Council and have been asked to serve on the Broward County Water Task Force. Water and the cost of treating water continues to a major issue in our city and around the world. The following is the first portion of my address. It is an honor to be here to address the Global Water Summit attendees. I want to extend a warm thanks to Secretary General

Samantha Yates for her keen ability to herd a group of mayors to one place to talk about a glamorous topic “water” you are laughing but I heard it is the new gold isn’t it? We have been asked to talk about our local perspective on water and how we are facing many water issues combined with a weak economy. I am of the believe that while we deliver water on the local level it is not local at all it is Global, National and regional. I am one of the most fortunate Mayors here today. Not because I am the only woman Mayor on the panel. Because I live in the

great state of Florida. It is truly a paradise. Great weather year round. We used to be one of the coastal states everyone said they did not want to move to because of hurricanes, but global warming in my opinion has changed that. It does not mean we are not always preparing for the worse, we are used to that. Living in Paradise does come with a price tag and the cost to protect treat and deliver water is getting more and more experience. Florida is surrounded by water, east, west, north, south and even underground. We have wonderful springs,

• Living in Paradise does come with a price tag and the cost to protect treat and deliver water is getting more and more experience multiple aquifers and a national treasure, the Everglades. I have been involved with water issues since I became an elected official over 14 years ago. I like to joke that I gave up my Woman’s Day magazine for Water and Underground Infrastructure Journals. Mayors are generalists. We need to know about many issues. Water, waste water and storm water being some of those issues. What I would like to do is start at the 60,000

Popular Classic Winner Mucho Macho Man To Parade Saturday at Gulfstream Park • The first 2,000 fans who purchase a Gulfstream Park program will receive a free Mucho Macho Man t-shirt Mucho Macho Man, the popular winner of the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic (G1), will be paraded Saturday, Nov. 9 at Gulfstream Park during the inaugural running of the $1 million Sunshine Millions Preview Day. Mucho Macho Man, who has wintered at Gulfstream the past three years and won the 2012 Sunshine Millions Classic and Gulfstream Park Handicap (G2), was scheduled to arrive Wednesday from California, where he won the Breeders’ Cup Classic Saturday by a nose. Mucho Macho Man will be brought to the saddling enclosure and walking ring with the horses entered in the $150,000 Classic Preview race at approximately 2:30 p.m. Fans will be able to take pictures of the Horse of the Year candidate while he circles the walking ring. The first 2,000 fans who purchase a Gulfstream Park program will receive a free Mucho Macho Man t-shirt while supplies last. Mucho Macho Man, born in 2008 in Florida, will appear on a day Gulfstream will highlight Floridabred Thoroughbreds. The $1 million Sunshine Millions Preview Day will be restricted to Thoroughbreds born in Florida. Four of the races will highlight 2-year-olds and future stars of the sport.

“Thank You For Your Loyal Patronage. Your Faithful Support Inspires Us To Be The Best!”

foot level and work my way down to my city. Our water starts out north and travels south or it is found deep within the Floridian and Biscayne aquifers. On the state level, Florida is in the midst of a renewed water war with Georgia that is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The fight is over Georgia refusing to share the waters that flow between that states that is adversely impacting wildlife and Florida’s valuable Oyster fishery. We just resolved a long standing State Issue over Nutrient Criteria. With cooperation between the EPA and State DEP, the state was able to promelgated standards to allow our cities to plan for the phasing out of ocean outfalls. This goal alone will be costing our county citizens’ millions of dollars in treatment costs. I am not familiar with the north community costs but when we first started the cost would be upward to 100 dollars a month per household. We are still working on the plan that I will touch on later to address this issue. The state also has been working to save the Everglades. This has been ongoing and stifled the economy. In 2014, voters will be

asked to pass that a constitutional amendment to insure a percent of document stamp dollars are allocated for everglades restoration and water related water projects. On the regional Level, I have served on the Broward Counties Water Task Force that has been addressing multiple issues. The biggest project to date, is what is called the C51 reservoir. This project will encompass converting a rock quarry into a large holding field for storm water drainage. The water will be preserved for parts of Palm Beach and Broward Counties for future potable water needs. Currently, the governance finance committee of which I serve on has approved a funding feasibility study for the project. All these issues have a direct and indirect impact on our city. Next week I will share my continued remarks. As always please fell free to contact me with your questions, concerns and ideas to make our city a better place. Call me anytime at office 954-632-5700 , cell/text 954-6325700 or visit my website at

Always Accepting Quality Vendors

m p 0 0 : 3 m a 0 0 : 8 y a d n u S & day r u t a S , y a d i r ree Parking F F • s r o o td u Open O • t r Cou sh Produce • Food

Items • Fre le a S e g a r a G • e is rchand • New Quality Me

For More Info, Please Call: (954) 454-8666

Flea Market

Pembroke Road and US-1 in Hallandale Beach 1 Mile East of I-95 at the Pembroke Road Exit. • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Register for Free High Water Usage Notification Program HOLLYWOOD - The City of Hollywood offers a free service to notify customers when high water usage is detected. The program is aimed at helping residents determine whether increased water consumption is due to actual water usage (filling a pool, having house guests, watering new landscape) or an undetected leak.

The program will notify customers when water use seems to be abnormally high and provide useful information that could benefit the customer and promote water conservation. The customer will receive an e-mail if there appears to be an unusual spike in their water consumption. The e-mail notifica-

tion will only be sent if the customer’s current four-day average is at least five times higher than the previous 30-day average. To participate in the free High Water Use Detection Program, you must provide a current e-mail address and be registered to pay your bill online (you are not obligated to pay your bill online; simply register for an ac-

• The program will notify customers when water use seems to be abnormally high count). Customers who currently view and/or pay their water bill online will be automatically enrolled in the notification program. For instructions on how you can register, please visit the online bill payment page at: or call the water department at 954.921.3421.

To participate in the free High Water Use Detection Program, you must provide a current e-mail address and be registered to pay your bill online.

'Glam Air: Flight 1975' on Saturday, Nov. 23 at the Art and Hollywood hosts Veterans Culture Center of Hollywood BBQ on Sunday at TY Park HOLLYWOOD - The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood will host its Sixth Annual Hot Hollywood Glam fund-raiser, “Glam Air: Flight 1975,” which occurs from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 23. “Glam Air: Flight 1975” will transform the Center’s contemporary art galleries at 1650 Harrison St. into an “airport lounge” in the year 1975, the same year the Center opened its doors. This fund-raiser will recognize Mark Kukulski, Area Managing Director at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Ed Walls, General Manager at Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa for their support to the Center and our South Florida community. Guests will experience a fashion show of PR Pageant Coaches’ ladies wearing art balloon couture by Carmen Ballering; the groovin’ moves of Body and Soul Dance Theatre; five contemporary art exhibitions; full bar, including champagne, courtesy of Southern Wine & Spirits; and delectable, creative foods, including a scrumptious dessert bar. The night will also include music to boogie to, as well as a fabulous silent auction featuring hotel stays, restaurant certificates, and more. Partygoers will enjoy the main gallery exhibition, Francie Bishop Good: Not on Allen Street, a series of photographic works based on domestic moments and life’s stages. A native of Bethlehem, PA, Bishop Good strives to show the struggles that are unique to the individual, but also transcend psychological and geographical boundaries. In addition to Bishop Good’s outstanding photographic works, guests will view exhibitions by Charles LaBelle (Selections from the Dwelling Archive); Melissa Fredendall (Temporal Flux); Sarah Michelle Rupert (In Search of Ever After); and Samantha Brooks (1000 Missed Connections).

The City of Hollywood will host the 3rd Annual Veterans Day Barbecue This Sunday, November 10, 2013. All Hollywood Veterans and Service Members along with their families are invited Noon to 4:00 p.m. Topeekeegee Yugnee (TY) Park, 3300 North Park Road. Entrance is free for those attending the Barbecue. For more information or to reserve your spot, please R.S.V.P. at 954.921.3404, Special Events.

Near-Far PresbyLasik, Read & Drive without glasses. Laser Vision Correction for people over 40. PresbyLASIK The Final LASIK Frontier For your Free Lasik Screening with Dr. Stanley Braverman, Please contact Rosemary at the Braverman Eye Center.*


BRAVERMAN EYE CENTER “Where Your Vision is Our Vision” 1935 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd Hallandale Beach, FL 33009 Tel: (954) 458-2112

A Trusted Name in South Florida Eye Care for Over 40 Years & the First To Offer Near-Far PresbyLASIK *Visit our website for more information including side effects and complications • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Jewelry, Artwork, Porcelain, Art Glass, Silver, Bronze, Ivory, Jade & more AS SEEN ON TV “Elite” Sets Record Breaking Auction Results

Call us First! Highest Prices Paid Immediately! A FEW OF OUR SATISFIED CLIENTS: Binder and Binder, the largest disability law firm in the country; former owner of the NBA Indiana Pacers; the family of a 2007 PGA Champion; Retired Surgeon Dr. Metrick.


BROWARD: 954-205-3446 MIAMI-DADE: 305-835-6200 License AB #2984

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contact Bill Sanders. Chairman & Show Contact - 305-389-5847.

Collecting From Page 1A –––––––––––––––––––––– But if you are looking for something beyond value - gold, silver, coin and paper money collecting has not lost any value during a period where real estate has not been so hot. Last Sunday, the Gold Coast Coin Club, which makes a monthly stop at Mardi Gras Casino with numerous club members and vendors, was a bit of reality when it comes to collecting. Bill Sanders and Greg Wagner have done more to promote the club and its many valued members. They not only have watched the popularity of these shows over the past year, but the demand has now increased to having two shows each month - one in Fort Lauderdale as well. Sanders handles all the show publicity and has found that the interest has picked up. For someone who has been collecting since the age of 11, it is certainly no surprise. "You would really be surprised with the interest that has been shown in collecting," Sanders said. "Since we have added gold buyers, you could see the level of interest pick up." Wagner, like Sanders, has been collecting since the age of 11. He has an extensive collection and looks to al-

There is free parking, free admission and free appraisals at the show venue.

Always struck by the glitter and exciting world of casinos, Ralph Sylvestri parlayed his passion for collecting casino chips into an art form. His shadow box displays are arranged with casino chips and cards.

ways get something rare. At shows like the one at Mardi Gras, the flow of collectors has been impressive since moving to the facility in the past year. While the monthly events are labeled as a "Coin, Currency and Collectible Show”, the events go beyond that. Ralph Sylvestri was doing his first show this past weekend. What he has come up with is something that really sells. Always struck by the glitter and exciting world of casinos, Sylvestri parlayed his passion for collecting casino chips into an art form. His shadow box displays are arranged with casino chips from the Dunes, Sahara, Caesar's Palace and many other high-profile gaming establishments in Las Vegas, Atlantic City. "I have been collecting these chips since I was a kid and felt that this would be a great market for me to sell

Mardi Gras Casino Holds Thanksgiving Food Drive plus Pet Food Drive This Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras Casino has partnered with both Feeding South Florida and Broward County Animal Care in support of those in need along with their pets by holding a food drive. Now through November 24th, Players’ Club members who bring in four food items will receive $5 bonus play. Acceptable items include: Boxed potatoes, boxed stuffing, canned corn, canned green beans, canned cranberry sauce, canned ham/corned beef, canned gravy, and non-perishable dessert. For pets, items include dog/cat food or treats, cat litter. “Sharing and providing for those less fortunate should be a year-round habit, however, Thanksgiving is the traditional beginning of the holiday season when we truly want everyone to be blessed with a bountiful table for their family and friends, including the four-footed ones,” said Cathy Reside, Mardi Gras Casino Chief Operating Executive. “I hope our Community will support our food drive along with our family of employees and loyal guests,” she added. Feeding South Florida’s mission is to end hunger in South Florida by providing immediate access to nutritious food, leading hunger and poverty advocacy efforts, and transforming lives through innovative programming and education. The mission of Animal Care and Adoption Division is to provide shelter for lost and surrendered animals and promote successful adoptions that enhance the lives of companion animals and their humans. For more information, call 954-924-3200 or visit Become a fan on Facebook at or follow us on twitter at http://www/

this unique form of collectible," Sylvestri explained. "I take the chips and arrange them in a case with cards, dice or whatever is associated with table gaming and the chips." Sylvestri was bowled over by the response, selling three of his masterpieces early in the morning. Collectible shows of any kind can not only bring out the "hardcore" collector, but also attract some that are new to all of this. "This is the second show I have been to here at Mardi Gras and I will tell you that I am indeed impressed," said Mark Wallenstein of Hollywood. "I brought my sons up here last time and they really liked many of the coins. We came back today to see if we could further our collection." Getting youngsters interested in collecting at an early age is what inspired the family of the late Richard White to make collectible quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies available at low prices to the youngsters to begin their collection.

"That is the kind of thing that makes this such a special event," Cathy Losure of Dania Beach explained. "I came here with my two grandchildren to see what this was all about and they began to really take a liking to it."

Coin Club. If you are interested in attending any of the events and would like to know how you can be a part of it,

At Mardi Gras Casino 831 North Federal Highway, Hallandale Florida (at the corner of Pembroke Road and US 1). Shows will be held from 9:30 am to 3:00 PM. Event is on the second floor.

Salsabor, from Paris to Florida! Dance classes, Private lessons, Shows 15 years experience teaching Salsa, Bachata, Cha-Cha-Cha, Kompa... Have fun and dance well!

MARDI GRAS EVENT Each month (Sunday), Mardi Gras Casino and Racing in Hallandale Beach is home to the Hollywood Gold Coast

(305) 510-9860 3363 NE 163 street #101 North Miami Beach, FL 33160 Thursday: 7pm-10pm Saturday: 2pm-6pm







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If you would like to submit an announcement for our Community Calendar in the paper – or online, where you are guaranteed placement weekly, please send it to: Larry Blustein, Community Calendar Editor, 305 N.W. 10th Terrace, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009; Fax: 954 4580765 or via e-mail to: . For a complete listing of all Community Calendar items, please check our website at: Also follow us on Twitter @sfsuntimes. • Every third Thursday of the month at VK Dance Studios (3363 N.E. 163rd St.) in North Miami Beach, there is a Latin Party at 10 p.m. Free Alcoholic Drinks will be served along with other refreshments. Call 305-9444725 for more information. MENTION YOU SAW THIS IN THE SOUTH FLORIDA SUN TMES AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNT. • The American Institute of Gnostic Anthropology invites you to join us every Sunday from 2pm to 3pm for free lectures that will give you the knowledge that can transform someone internally by direct observation of ones self. 15800 Pines Blvd. Suite 3008 Pembroke Pines, Fl. 33023. 305-978-2407 gnosissusa.aiga@gmail .com - Se habla espanol. • Attention: Mental Health Therapists - Do you need a tool to treat PTSD and other difficult cases? This is your opportunity to train in the revolutionary, evidence based approach, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which will teach you how to eliminate PTSD symptoms for your clients in an average of three sessions. This model is studied by The University Of South Florida (USF). You can find more information at: www.ARTworksNOW.c om or call Toll-free at: (877) 675-7153 for more information on expanding your tools for difficult cases. • Do you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? There is a cure for PTSD. The University of South Florida completed a study funded by the Department of Defense. The results speak for themselves. In most cases, with an average of 3 sessions of Accelerated Resolution Therapy, the symptoms of PTSD were gone. All calls are confidential. Toll free (877) 675-7153 for more in-

formation or Google m • American Legion Unit 92, 211 North 21st Avenue, Hollywood. Ladies Auxiliary has bingo every Thursday night beginning at 6 p.m. Seasonal Special "When you buy your 1st 2 cards, you receive your 3rd card free." We have the "lucky ball" and the "jackpot." Food is also available. We will begin our monthly breakfast, Sunday, October 20th from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and on the 3rd Sunday of each month thereafter with eggs of your choice and check out our NEW BUFFET For more information, call: (954) 923-2760. • American Legion, Post 304, 41 NE 1st Court, Dania Beach. Friday Night Dinner, every Friday from 5-8 p.m. Live entertainment 7-11 p.m. and Karaoke every Thursday and Saturday. Open to the public! For more info: (954) 9217532. • VFW POST 2500 814 S DIXIE HWY 33020 Every Tuesday Country Dinner 5-7 p.m. Every Thursday Italian Night 5-7 p.m. Every Friday our Famous Fish Fry 58 pm. Every Sunday, Buffet 1-5pm come watch your favorite team on 10 tvs. • Hatha Yoga Classes (Sivananda Method), Breathing, exercise, relaxation ...Tuesday & Thursday Evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm at the Hollywood Beach Culture and Community Center, 1301 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood. Plus-sized Yoga Instructor Saraswati has been teaching the HBCCC evening Yoga class for 11 years and welcomes students of ALL sizes and ages who are interested in the practice of Yoga. For more information, call Saraswati directly at 954-9222515. Mention the South Florida Sun Times for special class discount. • City of Hollywood Memorial Senior Partners is located at the Hollywood Beach Culture and Community Center, located at: 1301 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33019 (954) 921-3600: Memorial Senior Partners is currently offering the following classes: Bellydancing with Sandi, members $7.00 per class, nonmembers, $7.00 + $5.00 non-member fee to Memorial Senior Partners. Tuesdays at 12 noon in room 110. Hawaiian Hula by Chai: Learn the Hukilau, Tiny

Bubbles and traditional story telling with hand movements. Tuesdays from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. $10.00 per person, per class, Chai Chien, Hula Instructor, for more info, call: (954) 560-9675. • Free Yoga for Veterans AND their Families. Beginner's welcome. Taught by two licensed professionals. Non veterans cost: $5. Grace Art Galleries, 75 N. Federal HWY (rear entrance), Dania Beach Tuesdays 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. Contact: Lisa Fuller, RYT, (954) 309 6987. • Women's Social Club 60 years & over. Join us for monthly luncheons & visit places of interest. No Dues No Officers. Call Eileen 305-933-6766. • Painting With Sandi Every Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. - New demo every week, fun & easy! Hollywood Beach Community & Culture Center 1301 South Ocean Drive (A1A). Just South of Hollywood Boulevard, for more information, please call: 305-9786701. • Business Networking Event sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Hollywood - Monthly Event Fourth Tuesday of every month: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (EDT), Orangebrook Golf and Country Club 400 Entrada Drive, Hollywood, FL 33021. • Spanish lessons every Tuesday at the Hollywood Beach Culture and Community Center, located at 1301 S. Ocean Dr., Hollywood. Basic Spanish 10:45 - 11:45 a.m., Intermediate Spanish, 11:45 - 12:45 p.m., $8.00 per class. (954) 921-3600. Thursday, Nov. 7 • The Hallandale Beach Area Chamber of Commerce will host a Mix & Mingle at POC Restaurant, Village at Gulfstream, 600 Silks Run, Hallandale Beach from 5:30 PM - 7:30. Chamber Office 954-4540541. Email: Fees/Admission: $5.00 Members. $10.00 Future Members. Saturday, Nov. 9 • US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 31 will be holding a 1 day boating safety class at the Fred Lippman Community Center 2030 Polk Street, Hollywood, FL. This course meets the standards of Florida Statute 327.395. For information or to register please contact Jim Stawarz at 954-4557942.

Thursday, Nov. 16 • There will be an Antique & Flea Market at The First United Church of Christ located at 200 North 46 Avenue in Hollywood from 8am-2pm. Get a bang for your buck at this bargain shopper's event including a variety of items, unique collectibles and antiques, jewelry, coins, glassware, new and used items, plants, clothing, silverware, and much, much more. Bring in your jewelry, gold, broken gold, silver, coins and antiques for cash. Buyer on premises. Admission is free. For more information, please call 305951-7349 or email Vendor space is still available. Saturday, Nov. 19 • The Irish-American Ceili Club invites you to our Thanksgiving Ceili at the American Legion Hall, 7-10pm, 211 North 21st. Avenue, Hollywood. Music by the Black Diamond Band Admission : $10. Enjoy Tea / Coffee / Cake. Email Patrick for more information at Call 954921-4325 / 754-281-7202. Christmas Ceili on 12/14/13. Wednesday, Nov. 20 • The Three IslandsAquarius Cancer Chapter of the Pap Corps for Cancer Research, invites all to our next luncheon at the popular ACQUO Restaurant, at 124 South Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, located directly across from Gulfstream Park. This fine lunch will include a salad, choice of three entrees, vegetables, beverage and dessert. In addition, we will have great entertainment for your after- meal enjoyment. Please join us,

as we continue to raise funds for cancer research. Donation is only $35 per person, which includes free raffle tickets for fantastic prizes. Call Helen Rifkin, at 954-454-5430, for reservations. Help us in our fight against this dreaded disease that has touched all of our lives, directly or indirectly. Thursday, Nov. 21 • The Hallandale Beach Area Chamber of Commerce will host its Monthly Breakfast from 7:30 am -9am at Mardi Gras Casino at French Quarter. Chamber Office 954-454-0541. Email: m.

Saturday, Nov. 23 • Hallandale Moose Lodge Flea market, 8am -3pm old and new merchandise...rain or shine.. come start your holiday shopping early ..If interested in renting space call 954456-8719 or 954-3094686 ..we are located 920 11 th st..Hallandale Fl.. We are a non profit organization and proceed will go to proceeds to help families in need ..Please come support for a good cause!...please run this 2 weeks. • Treasures of Hollywood Flea Market VFW Post 2500, 814 S. Dixie Hwy, Hollywood, 33020, 7 AM, Vendor Spaces Available $10. Call 954549-8602.

Since 1992

Contact Us (954) 475-0220 -

710 West Hallandale Beach Blvd. Hallandale, Fl 33009 Customized Chairs, Tables & Barstools

We Also Do Some Repairs & Reupholstery • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Come Join Our Family Today, Stop In For A Free Consultation! 954-HEALTHY 954-432-5849

We proudly announce and invite our community, all of our patients and welcome new patients to our new grand opening: Healthy Hallandale Medical Center Patient’s VIP social lounge. For our patients, unlimited access to FREE: • Legal Advice • VIP Lounge • Movie Room • Unisex Hair Dresser

• Exercise Room • Gaming Room • Ballroom Dancing • Salsa Night

• Kid’s Playroom • Wi-Fi Internet • Free Daily Meals • Manicure and Pedicure

• Monthly Goody Bag • Free Overseas Phone Call • Free Daily Breakfast and Lunch • VIP Transportation

In addition, UNLIMITED: • Free transportation to and from doctor’s office • Free transportation to specialists, diagnostic tests, and all medical services for our patients

At Healthy Hallandale Medical Center, we promise: • No more than 20 minutes waiting time • Same day appointments • Digital X-rays • Blood Work done on site • Holter monitoring • Pap smears

• State of the art Bone Density • Ultrasound/Echocardiogram • EKG • Spirometry • Cryosurgery • Hearing and vision tests

We Speak: Spanish, Romanian, Russian, French, Italian & Hungarian

We provide medical care for everyone from 2 to 100 years old. Insurances that we accept are the following: • Beech Street • GHI • GEHA • AARP

• Golden Rule • Aetna • Humana • Avmed

• Medicaid • BCBS • Medicare • Better Health /Simply

• Molina • Cigna • Neighborhood NHP • Coventry

• Oxford • Florida Healthcare Plus • Tricare • Freedom Health

• United Healthcare UHC • Meritan • PCIP • Assuavant Health

1731 East Hallandale Beach Blvd. Hallandale Beach 33009 Located in the Diplomat Mall next to Locatel Pharmacy

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The Lunchtime Face Lift!! By Stacy Reed

FDA approves non-surgical, “lunchtime face lift and that is good news for those who do not want to go under the knife”. This non-invasive treatment is accomplished in one session, in one hour at a small fraction of the cost of a traditional face lift. LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER

this process. Unfortunately, there aren’t any exercises that can remedy this aging process. Some say that the sagging skin can add 10 years to our looks.

is unique (only one on the market today) in its ability to reach this foundation layer without creating any heat or feeling on your skin. The ultrasound will be focused and treat the same foundation layer that facelift LIFTS FACE, NECK AND EYEBROWS surgery does without the risk, recovery or downtime. You can go back to work Fortunately there is a new facial the same day. service that can take 10 to 15 years off HOLLYWOOD STARS OPT your looks. FOR “ULTHERAPY”

If you are one of the 72 million Baby Boomers out there this procedure maybe just the solution to looking 10 years younger. Regardless of how much time and energy we put into This unique procedure being fit, we just can’t avoid certain is done without incisions and will lift unlike changes that come with aging. and tighten up the face, neck and surgical face lifts. Ultherapy has been eyebrows. This new method is safe, seen on Dr. Oz, Doctors TV, Rachael affordable and highly effective. Ray, the View and been featured in Vogue and Bazaar. NON-SURGICAL LIFT “ULTHERAPY” COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION The Ultherapy device works by means of ultrasound (sound waves) to safely For a complimentary consultation at penetrate the skin and treat the our Plantation or Boca office call today Although we have maintained a foundation layer of muscle and tissue at 954-440-1831. You’ll be glad you healthy lifestyle we are all subject to that holds your face up. The machine did.

AS SEEN ON DR. OZ, DOCTORS TV, RACHAEL RAY, THE VIEW Plus Vogue, Bazaar And Self Magazine & More



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Internet sensations The Piano Guys perform their classical and pop music at Parker Playhouse By Eleanor Hannan The Piano Guys will perform their imaginative arrangements of classical and pop music on Saturday, November 9th, 2013 at 8 p.m. at the Parker Playhouse. From the skillful covers of Taylor Swift and Coldplay to smash arrangements of Michael Jackson with Mozart and One Republic with Beethoven, the Piano Guys deliver an electric mix of original arrangements and inventive cinematography that will wow audiences of all generations. The groups fresh approach to the fusion of classical and pop music was responsible for the success of their 2012 major label debut. The Piano Guys hit number one on the Billboard New Age and Classical Albums Charts. Since then, the group has released a second successful album that earned critical acclaim and tremendous fan appeal. Tickets are now on sale at the Parker Playhouse in person, noon to 5 p.m. Prices are $27.50 and $37.50 at the box office located at 707 Northeast Eighth Street, Fort Lauderdale. Group discounts are available. For more information, call: (954) 462-0222.

BROWARD CENTER PRESENTS THE ESTONIAN NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA: Under the direction of Anu Tali, the dazzling young conductor will share her music from her native Estonia and masterpieces from Europe and Russia. She is a phenomenal cellist, destined for a star-studded career. As one of the most, intriguing young conductors on the scene today, Anu Tali belongs to a new generation of artists who are constantly searching for fresh musical ideas. The orchestra will open the concert with Overture Number 2 by Veljo Tormis, one of Estonia’s most influential composers that will add a dash of spice from her homeland and launch a program that is thrilling, beautiful and thoroughly


satisfying in both content and artistry. Anu Tali appears regularly with orchestras world-wide including the Japan and Tokyo Philharmonic orchestras, Orchestra Philharmonique de Strasbourg, in addition to so many more, too numerous to mention. Together, with her twin sister Kadri, Anu Tali founded the Nordic Symphony Orchestra in 1997 in order to develop cultural contacts between Estonia and Finland and to unite musicians from around the world. She was also named “Musician of the Year in 2006.” Don’t miss this unique program presented in the AuRene Theatre at Broward Center on November 16th, 2013 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $35 to $75 with $115 for Club Level, available at the Center’s



1700 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Hallandale Beach, 33009

954-457-8108 • 954-457-8106 Buffet Includes: Snow Crabs, Oysters, Mussels, Blue Crab, Steamed Salmon, Fresh Sushi/Sashimi, Jumbo Shrimp Hibachi Chef Cooks Chicken, Peking Duck, Frog Legs, Steak & Shrimp... And Much More! US1


SE 14 Ave

Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 3:00pm.......$8.50 Sat-Sun: 12pm - 4:00 pm..........$9.95

Golden City Buffet Tatiana Restaurant Layne Blvd Post Office Golden Isles Dr

E. Hallandale Beach Blvd

Publix SE 16 Ave

Kids Lunch Buffet (3-5 yrs)...............................$3.85 Kids Lunch Buffet (6-10 yrs).............................$5.85

Boston Market

DINNER BUFFET Diplomat Parkway

Mon-Thur: 4:30pm - 9:30 pm..$13.95 Fri-Sun: 4:30 - 10:00 pm.........$16.95

Three Islands Blvd Walmart

Kids Lunch Buffet (3-5 yrs)...............................$5.85 Kids Dinner Buffet (6-10yrs)..............................$8.85




Dinner Buffet Only Friday to Sunday. not valid on kids buffet

Golden City Buffet • Hallandale • 954-457-8108 With this coupon. Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Offer expires 12/06/13.

box office, located at 201 Southwest Fifth Avenue, Fort Lauderdale. Call: (954) 4620222 for all additional information.

Under the direction of Anu Tali, the dazzling young conductor will share her music from her native Estonia and masterpieces from Europe and Russia.

ARSHT CENTER AND FLORIDA GRAND OPERA OPENS SEASON WITH THE PREMIERE OF “MORNING BECOMES ELECTRA”: “Morning Becomes Electra,” a contemporary opera, was inspired by the Eugene O’ Neil play of the same name and set to music by composer Marvin David Levy. The work was commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera in 1967 and disappeared for thirty years until a new, more dramatic version of the opera was presented in 2003. After more rewrites, the opera will now be presented in South Florida. The story transplants the classic Greek tragedy to a small

New England town in 1865. Christine Mannon, the young wife of General Ezra Mannon, has fallen in love with a handsome young suitor while her husband is away at war. Seeing an opportunity to be with her new love, Christine replaces her husband’s heart medicine with poison, but the General manages to inform his daughter, Lavinia, of her mother’s murderous plot before taking his final breath. Enraged by her father’s tragic end, she enlists the help of her brother, Orin, as death and misfortune continue to follow this cursed family. With a most professional cast consisting

of: Lauren Flanigan, Rayanne Dupuis, Morgan Smith, Jason Collins, Kevin Langan, Riley Svatos, Carlton Ford, and Nelson Martinez, “Morning Becomes Electra” opens in the Arsht Center’s Ziff Ballet Opera House on November 16th at 7.00 p.m., November 19th and 23rd, 2013 at 8.00 p.m. and November 17th matinee at 2 p.m. Tickets start from $15 to $133 at the box office, located at 1300 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami. For more information, call: (305) 949-6722. “See You at the Theatre” Contact Eleanor at • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013





Piano From Page 1A –––––––––––––––––––––– America, Europe and Japan. His story is unique. It epitomizes the mission of the Festival and its goal to further the careers of exceptional artists. MIPF – How did your first performance at the Festival come about? MD – I was living and studying in Italy at the time, but spending a summer at home in Serbia in 2002, when I had the chance to meet my former teacher, Kemal Gekic. Several years had passed since I was out of country, and we reminisced about the past. Maestro asked me to play Medtner’s SonataReminiscenza. At the same time, our mutual friend, pianist and piano teacher, Alan Fraser, offered to record this and several other pieces I had in my fingers back then. Kemal decided to take the recording to the US and share it with someone who was constantly hunting for pianists around the world. It was Giselle Brodsky, the founder and Artistic Director of the Festival. I

guess she liked what she heard because the next thing I knew I was booked to perform Medtner, among others, in May of 2003. MIPF - What happened next? MD - Giselle suggested that I should stay in Miami and recommended me to William Hipp, then Dean of the Frost School of Music at

Page 3B





UM. I began my studies with Frank Cooper there not long afterward on a full scholarship. After graduating from UM, I got my Master’s degree at FIU, where I returned back to those old times once again studying with Kemal, who is FIU’s Artist in Residence. MIPF – Where there any other opportunities that developed from your association with the Festival? MD- Right after my debut in 2003, I met my American parents, Carlton and Andrea Cole, with whom I’ve been living off and on ever since. Giselle recommended me to numerous venues and festivals all around the US such as Ravinia’s Rising Stars series and the Gilmore Festival. She also came up with some great musical collaborations for me with artists like Ida Haendel, Gilles Apap, and many others. MIPF – How do you feel about opening the Festival’s 17th Season this month and what have you chosen to perform? MD – To play in the Festival is like playing at home. That does not make it comfortable, as it may sound, but is quite the opposite. It is hard to play for friends and for those people who have been coming to all your concerts for the past ten years.

My program is somehow built around the idea of adjusting music to the piano which was not originally written for it – Bach did not write his Partita No.2 for the instrument we use today; Tchaikovsky’s Scherzo comes from the sixth Symphony (piano arrangement by Feinberg) and his little Lullaby is a song written for voice (arranged by Volodos); Albeniz may evoke the sound of Spanish flamenco guitars and so on. I fell in love with Mozart lately and particularly with his operas and his orchestral works. My initial idea was to play Mozart’s well known Symphony No.40, arranged for piano by his pupil Hummel, but Pappageno and his companions will show up on stage instead in my own arrangement of the Overture for The Magic Flute. MIPF – What a great program! We hope you get a great turnout for what promises to be a truly spectacular concert by an incredibly gifted artist. The 2014 Season continues with performances of other extraordinary artists during its three exciting series: Sundays at Five, a classical salon-style series at the Aventura Arts & Cul-

tural Center, will continue with performances on January 12, February 23 and April 27. The Master Series, “Romantic Spectrum” at the Amaturo Theatre of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts will focus on the works of Chopin, Schumann and Liszt on March 23 – March 25. The Discovery Series our

crown jewel at the historic Art Deco Colony Theatre on Miami Beach will present four successive evenings of brilliant piano recitals by recently discovered artists on May 15 – May 18. Please visit for all the details.

Ocean Front Dining

1960 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009 • 954-251-2658




Sat., Oct. 5th, 8 P. M. Motown Night

Doo wop, Old Time Rock & Roll and Motown

Come & Dance & Dine & Celebrate our 1 year Anniversary ANDRE MICHAEL

“Great American Song Book” Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis Jr. Nat King Cole Friday Nov 8TH 7-10 P.M.

Sunset Dinners Served 4:00 - 7:00 pm Daily Except 4:00 - 6:00 pm Saturdays Starters Soup of the Day, Garden House Salad or Cole Slaw and choice of potato & vegetable Entrees Caprese Pasta roasted tomato, garlic & olive oil.................$12 Chopped Sirloin 12oz. rilled w/mushroom gravy...................$13 Roast Chicken...........................................$14 Chicken Parmigiana served with linguini. .$14 Chicken Brochette served over rice with tzatziki sauce............$15 Rainbow Trout Almondine........................$15 Linguini with Clam Sauce - red or white. .$15 Atlantic Salmon grilled, broiled or poached..........................$16 Grouper - baked, broiled or Francaise........$16 New York Steak 10oz................................$16 Fillet Mignon Brochette served over a bed of rice............................$16 Grilled Rack of Lamb................................$18 Desserts Key Lime Pie, Apple Pie, or New York Cheese Cake Beverages Coffee, Tea, or Soda Happy Hour Beverage Service Well Drink - Beer - Wine: Half Price 4-6 pm Please note: After 8pm 2 drink minimum with entertainment No Sharing

Twin Lobsters

2-1 1/4 Maine Lobsters Soup or Salad Choice of Potato


Delmonico Steak 16oz


Incl Soup or Salad Potato or Veg


Stone Crabs 1 Lb. Medium

Served With Mustard Sauce





With Ad, Exp. 11/20/13 - Code ST

1960 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale Fl South of Hallandale Beach Blvd. in the Hemispheres on A-1-A Ocean Side Closed Mondays


FREE Valet Parking

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FALL IN LOVE this season Dolly’s Florist provides superior and unique designs delivered just for you in the South Florida area. We are big enough to serve you Worldwide and small enough to know you for generations. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations with quality, value and professional service. At Dolly’s Florist, we take pride in delivering the freshest floral arrangements, plants and gift baskets to our customer whether it’s next door or across the country Weddings and special events

Holiday Centerpieces

Corporate Gift Giving

Fruit and Gourmet Baskets

HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE November 23, 2013 - 10 am - 3 pm First 50 Guests receive a FREE Bouquet of Flowers 14700 NW 7 Ave Miami, Fl 33168 | 305-769-3843 | 954-981-4600 | • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013

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‘New Wireless Multi-Purpose Device helps with TV, Restaurants and Cell Phones!’ - and Aventura HEAR Center has it for you Hearing Aid Specialist, Javier “Bob” Benitez makes the experience of coming to Aventura Hear Center one to remember.

AVENTURA - At the Aventura HEAR Center, your hearing is Priority One. If people tell you your TV is too loud, or if you keep missing bits and pieces of conversation and have to ask people to repeat themselves, or if it seems that people are always mumbling, come see the hearing aid specialist, Javier “Bob” Benitez, BCHIS. He's eager to help you hear better. After 20 years, the HEAR Center is an Aventura fixture. It is behind Loehmann’s Plaza right next to the new Fresko restaurant by the back of Publix. The Aventura HEAR Center is a modern office equipped to fit patients with the best hearing technology available. It is a cheerful place, bright and airy. Ellen Pardue, the patient coordinator, greets you and in no time at all, you get to see the specialist. If you call in the morning, you can usually get an appointment the same day, and if you just want to drop by while you are in the area, Ellen will do her best to get you right in. "What we are doing here," Bob said, "is offering the best hearing care anywhere, so you won't wait long to see me and you will be treated professionally and courteously." The hearing evaluation takes 15 to 20 minutes and there is no charge. "The first thing I do is to check the ears with our advanced equipment." A videootoscope is used, a non-invasive device that transmits images of the ear canal and eardrum onto a monitor's high definition plasma screen. "I look in there and make sure there is not a lot of wax in the ear. Wax can cause a mild hearing loss, and sometimes removing the wax eliminates the problem! If there is no excessive wax, we go to the test room and I do an audiometric evaluation to see if there are some sounds the patient cannot hear well." The natural aging process and noise can cause a hearing loss, natural aging being the most common reason for hearing

problems. Stereos, Ipods, boom boxes, traffic, and a noisy work environment all contribute to the cause. "It's the prolonged exposure to noise that does it," he said. BENITEZ WAS STARKEY LAB'S FITTING SPECIALIST Before coming to the Aventura HEAR Center, Bob was, for 13 years, with Starkey Laboratories, the premier manufacturer of hearing technology in the United States. He is a Harvard graduate, a licensed Hearing Aid Specialist in the State of Florida, and nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. At Starkey, he was a fitting specialist. "I was the one to whom people like myself (a hearing professional) would send their patients when they couldn't figure out a way to make those patients happy with their hearing instruments." This experience made Bob an expert with hearing aid fittings. “The new digital instruments are complex and require expertise if they are to be properly tuned for a patient’s individual needs,” Bob said. IT IS POSSIBLE YOU SUFFER SOME HEARING LOSS If the tests show conclusively that you suffer permanent hearing loss . Benitez said, " One out of three Americans over age 65 has a hearing problem and half of adults over 75 have one. Everyone over 65 years old should be getting their hearing checked regularly. Hearing problems, like having difficulty understanding what people say, can get worse if not treated. That is why it’s important to get your hearing checked. Once you know you have a problem, you can take steps to deal with it. Just as your primary care physician does not routinely check your eyesight, she or he will not be checking your hearing. In both cases physicians normally assume you are seeing a specialist for care in these areas. The sad part is that while most seniors take good care of

their eyes, very few actually have yearly hearing tests. There is no reason for it! You do not need a referral to have a hearing evaluation—just call the Aventura HEAR Center and ask for an appointment!” Improved hearing leads to an improved quality of life. Many people who have a hearing loss become more and more isolated because they cannot enjoy conversations in social situations, but hearing help is now available that really works. THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY Hearing aids have become very sophisticated and there are many, many choices. How is a patient to decide which hearing aid to wear? “It starts with a hearing professional you can trust,” Benitez said. “It is a good thing to do research and find out what you can about hearing loss and how hearing aids can help, but when it comes to choosing a hearing aid, you need to follow the advice of a professional.” Many patients think because their friend or a family member did well with a particular hearing aid that they will also do well. “That’s not always the case. Certain types of hearing instruments are designed for particular configurations of hearing loss, and your friend or relative may have a high frequency loss and do well with those aids, but you have a low frequency loss and the aid is completely inadequate for you. As a hearing professional, I am responsible for evaluating your loss and recommending the appropriate hearing aid for your loss, lifestyle, and budget.” “Lifestyle is important,” he adds, “because a person who is not active or who has a very limited social life due to health issues simply does not need some of the advanced features available on the more sophisticated instruments.” Some hearing aids offer features designed specifically for very active social lives, and that is not what everyone needs. On the other hand, most patients would benefit from a hearing aid that does not whistle all the time, or

• The Aventura HEAR Center is a modern office equipped to fit patients with the best hearing technology available

an aid that makes noisy rooms more comfortable, or one that allows for telephone use without having to push a button. Benitez said, “many of the old problems that people had with hearing aids which prevented them from wearing them have been overcome by advances in technology, so even if you have tried hearing aids in the past and did not liked them, there are good reasons to take a second listen.” And what about all those different hearing aid companies, which one makes the best hearing aids? “They all do,” Benitez adds with a chuckle, “it’s not the company, it’s the professional fitting you that is crucial.” There are several big hearing aid companies worldwide, and they all make very good products, they are all priced very competitively, and the Aventura HEAR Center has relationships with all of them. “It used to be one company was better at one type of aid and another at a different type. With the advent of digital aids, that has all changed. My experience working for the manufacturer gives me a certain edge—I have a level of training and programming expertise not available to most dispensers and that’s an important aspect of what I offer my patients. Even if you bought your aids elsewhere, there may be something I can do to help you hear better with them!” NEW WIRELESS

MULTI-PURPOSE DEVICE REALLY WORKS! “Many patients complain that they cannot hear TV well. They have to turn up the volume and their spouses (or neighbors) complain that it is too loud. New wireless technology allows effortless TV viewing by turning the hearing aids into personal headsets—it’s like wearing earphones! The hearing aids are nearly invisible and very comfortable to wear. But not only TV, the new assistive device from Starkey lets you hear your Bluetooth enabled cell phone in both ears and can be used to hear better in places of worship, conferences and restaurants.” Can this be used with your existing hearing aids? “If you currently wear Starkey Wi hearing aids the multi-purpose device (which is also a remote control for the aids) can be added to

the system. Otherwise several wireless hearing aids are available now that are compatible including a tiny wireless CIC.” What about people who want hearing aids that are more than “nearly” invisible? Benitez says, “We have the new SoundLense invisible aids from Starkey that disappear into the ear canal but use regular batteries and last several years before they need to be replaced. They are like contact lenses for your ears, and they offer the best, most natural sound quality available in a hearing instrument. The SoundLense aids have been very well received by the public and are the most cost-effective ‘invisible’ solution.” It sounds like there is a way to help anyone who wants to hear better. “Exactly, we have solutions for every type of loss and every budget!” So, what are you waiting for? An invitation?

Wi Series Wireless Hearing Aids.

AVENTURA HEAR CENTER 19046 N.E. 29th Ave., Aventura 305-935-0200 or 305-940-8414 E-MAIL: WEB SITE:

Page 2C • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is the protein in your pet's food causing a deadly disease? (BPT) - You've seen the commercials and print ads: It seems like every pet food maker is touting meat as a top ingredient. Some even go so far as to eliminate grain completely, advertising super-high levels of protein for dogs or cats. But when it comes to pet food and protein, can there be too much of a good thing? According to the experts: yes. "There's no arguing that quality meat is important in dog and cat foods, but too much of commonly-used protein-rich ingredients for long periods of time can have devastating consequences for pets with subclinical kidney disease," says Dr. Daniel Aja, DVM and director of U.S. professional and veterinary affairs for Hill's Pet Nutrition. "Just like our diet must be balanced, this is especially important for our pets which rely on us for 100 per-

cent of their nutritional needs." Dr. Aja explains that every dog and cat needs the amino acids that are present in proteins. While those amino acids may come from meat, many can also come from vegetables and grains in the diet. Protein is important and necessary to build muscles, organs, vital hormones and enzymes, but excessive levels derived from the animal protein ingredients commonly used in pet foods can lead to elevated phosphorus levels. "Research shows that excess phosphorous beyond the nutritional requirements of your pet can place unnecessary and harmful stress on your pet's kidneys," says Dr. Aja. "Over time, this can accelerate the progression of chronic kidney disease." Pet owners feeding their cats and dogs too

Anger Management By Dr. Ron In response to some questions I have received regarding anger issues, and anger management, I have written the following article. To cover the entire field of anger management in one article is impossible, so I have picked two of the most important: Displacement of anger”, and “Assertiveness training”… John P has a very abusive and hostile boss. Today was particularly bad as John’s boss told him he was not worth his pay, and insinuated that if his love life was like his work his wife would never end up having a child… John is too frightened to confront his boss’s snide and inappropriate comments, and instead goes home dejected, and steaming mad. He enters his home, where his wife is busily cooking, and asks “what’s for dinner”?. She responds “chicken”, and John goes into another of his many rages… “Chicken again…, Chicken again?... Can’t you think of anything different?...Your cooking stinks, and your chicken is the worst of it. You’re lucky I put up with this!... You’re not worth two dead flies!!!”. The above is a classic example of anger displacement, emotional abuse, and projection. Projection is basically identifying onto others the unwanted feelings we have of our selves… Displacement of anger involves directing anger onto something or someone that is not the true source of the anger. Abuse is the outcome of all this hurt and frustration…John is not really mad at his wife, but he is afraid to confront his boss. Now both he and his wife are angry & miserable, proving once again: “What comes around goes around”. Is there a solution here, other than John quitting his job or his wife leaving him?... Yes there is. Anger management therapy might help John tremendously, especially in the area known as “assertiveness training”. Assertiveness training helps one understand the triggers which cause our anger, and how to efficiently respond to that which upsets our sense of well-being. It is not a denial process, and should not be, as anger is often an understandable, and even justifiable human emotion.…. So for those of you who over-react, or are too timid to confront, consider a little help in this area. It might just change your entire life. Dr. Ron… You can contact Dr. Ron @ 954 270-4226 ..or

much phosphorous from common animal protein ingredients may unknowingly contribute to the progression of chronic kidney disease. Considering kidney disease is the No. 1 killer of cats and the No. 2 killer of dogs, it's an important message for all pet parents. "The importance of controlled phosphorus levels for pets parallels the importance in human health care and disease prevention," explains Dr. Aja. "Health care professionals apply the same reasoning to human diets in regard to foods high in cholesterol, fat and sodium." Research shows that controlling and moderating levels of dietary phosphorus is impor-

• When it comes to pet food and protein, can there be too much of a good thing? Experts say yes tant in slowing the progression of chronic kidney disease in dogs and cats. To maintain healthy phosphorus levels, Hill's - maker of Science Diet, Ideal Balance and Prescription Diet brand pet foods uses multiple protein sources, both animal and plant-based, in their foods. "Since signs of kidney disease are often not evident until the disease is very progressed, keeping dietary protein and

Take your multivitamin to control diabetes (NewsUSA) - For people with diabetes, taking a multivitamin every day can mean much more than a little protection against the common cold. Research is finding that multivitamins can be the first line of defense against many different types of infections, including respiratory infections and influenza. "Once a person with diabetes gets an infection, it's much harder for them to get rid of it, and it can lead to dire consequences, even death," says Registered and Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist Debra Spector. "And since some diabetic patients don't normally respond well to treatment, prevention is key." Taking a special diabetes multivitamin -- usually found in the diabetes section of a drugstore, not the vitamin section -- allows a diabetic person to be proactive with their health, and avoid nutrient deficiencies that can lead to problems. The year-long study among 130 patients, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, found that the incidence of infection was much lower among diabetics who took a multivitamin versus those who did not. Infection occurred in only 17 percent of diabetic patients who took a multivitamin versus the 93 percent who took a placebo. The study also found that regular multivitamin usage reduced the rate of minor urinary tract and gastrointestinal infections in people with diabetes. Because of the nature of the disease, it's not uncommon for diabetics to experience nutrient deficiencies. Diabetes medications and frequent urination can lead to the loss of vital nutrients that protect the body. "Since there are many health risks that can result from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, I encourage my diabetic patients to find a multivitamin supplement with more potent levels of important nutrients to meet their needs," says Spector. "It should contain Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), an important nutrient that most 'regular' multivitamins do not have. I like Multi-betic Diabetes Multi-Vitamin since it has 23 important nutrients, including ALA, designed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, support vision and promote nerve function." Learn more about Multi-betic and other diabetic products at

phosphorus levels in check is a good preventive step every pet owner should take," advises Dr. Aja. Since seemingly normal pets can have undetected kidney disease, it's important to discuss your pet's diet with your veterinarian. Dr. Aja says if you see these warning signs of kidney disease, call your veterinarian right away: 1. Increased thirst and urine production 2. Decreased appetite 3. Weight loss 4. Bad breath 5. Vomiting and diarrhea 6. Sore mouth 7. Muscle weakness 8. Lack of energy 9. Decreased grooming habits in cats When it comes to the pet food you give your

pet, a balanced approach is best. Always purchase food from companies with certified veterinary nutritionists on staff. You can call the 1-800 number on a bag of pet food to confirm this information and to ensure your pet food maker is controlling the level of dietary phosphorus in its products. "Balancing protein and controlling the level of phosphorus in the diet throughout an animal's adult life is key to optimal nutrition and will benefit pets that have undiagnosed kidney disease," Dr. Aja says. "Ask your veterinarian for a dietary recommendation based on your pet's needs. Proper, balanced nutrition is the best form of preventative medicine for your pet."

Rethink What You Drink -- Alkaline Water May Be What You Need Your diet, for better or worse, doesn't just affect your waistline or the scale, but also plays a complex part in how you feel. While much has been written on boosting the body's immune system by eating foods dense in nutrients like antioxidants, zinc and omega 3s, many don't consider what they drink. Highlighting this point is a study conducted by Dr. Alyson Goodman for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that suggests 7 percent of all Americans drink zero cups of water per day. Zero. According to Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, in order for a body to function well, it must continuously work to maintain a proper pH or chemical balance. Alkame Water, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pinacle Enterprise, Inc. (OTCBB: PINS) (OTCQB: PINS). For more information about Alkame Water and its benefits, visit


Dr. Steven Brotsky

Podiatrist -Foot Specialist 2500 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard CONVENIENT GROUND FLOOR LOCATION

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WE ARE NOW SUPPLIERS FOR MEDICARE’S “THERAPEUTIC DIABETIC SHOE PROGRAM” Medicare and most insurance accepted where applicable • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013 Page 3C

Commercial Real Estate Finance Market Shows New Life (NewsUSA) - Until recently, the commercial real estate market has made a sluggish recovery from the nation's economic recession. The good news is that property values, rental rates and occupancy rates are improving, and commercial real estate appears to be gaining critical traction. Lower interest rates have started to help

create larger demand from borrowers -- who are already feeling some effects of the improving real estate market -- which is giving the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market some rejuvenation. In fact, 2012 saw CMBS issuance reach a postrecession high of $48.18 billion -- a number that is expected to rise in 2013 and be-

yond. "I am very optimistic about the CMBS business in 2013. I think volumes will grow substantially," says Anthony Orso, CEO of Cantor Commercial Real Estate (CCRE). "You will continue to see high-quality loans, and you will see more capital raised for the B-piece community." Orso is speaking from professional ex-

perience. The New York-based real estate finance company, an affiliate of Cantor Fitzgerald & Co., originated nearly $5 billion in securities throughout 2012. With help from Cantor Fitzgerald, CCRE sold to more than 150 bond investors last year. Orso only expects those figures to grow -- confidence that he shares with top commercial

real estate (CRE) financers, like Omega Commercial Finance Corporation ( m). "Omega uses a principle based on marrying affordable financing with available capital," says Jon S. Cummings IV, president of Omega Commercial Finance Corp. "One of the advantages of traditional

CMBS lenders is the ability to offer competitive rates against banks, agency lenders and insurance companies. Omega is strategically positioned to accommodate this growing market." Learn more about CRE loans and the rebounding market at

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ARE YOU PLANNING To Put Your Loved One In A Nursing Home? Why Not Put Them In My Care? 24 hours, inexpensive, long-term personal care. All services. Homestyle cooking, special dietary requirements, transportation to all doctors. Dropping off & picking up prescriptions, assisted help of bathing, dressing & other special needs. Recreation everyday. Great location near mall & cinema, in a beautiful single family home in North Miami Beach. This is not a nursing/group home. Everything provided, just bring your clothes. Great references.I am a Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide with 29 years experience. PLEASE CALL: (305) 653-3409 (786) 370-4321 CERT. AIDE CAREGIVER Seeksposition to care for sick/elderly, compassionate, loyal, great communicator, shopping, errands, hourly, car, references. Shar: (954) 330-1892


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LUSH TROPICAL ACRE Organic veggie gdn w/fruit trees, bamboo, ferns, tranquil setting. Lg 1 Bd, unf cottage, 10’ wd ceilings, $750 mo + UT. Also: Furn lg. 1 Bd cottage. $950 mo + UT. Both avail 12/1, 3 mo min & refs. Nr Gulfstream, rests, shops, mins to bch. (954) 458-1700 PRIVATE HOME 4 Bedroom/2.5 Bath in Hollywood, everything brand new, $2,500 per month in very nice area. (954) 394-7777


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1 BEDROOM Fully furnished, great condition, across from Gulfstream, $13,000. Also: 1/1’s & 2/2’s, $5K-$9K. (954) 394-7777


CONDO RENTAL 5959 Collins Ave. #706 Miami Bch, FL 33140 $30K-$60Kper month. CONTACT: (615) 254-7242

HALLANDALE South Ocean Drive Seasonal Rental for 4 or 5 months, 2/2, cross street to Ocean, near everything. (305) 469-8089 HEMISPHERES HALLANDALE On Ocean,fully renovated 3 Bed/3 Bath, minimum 4 months, avail. immediately. (954) 638-9824

HEMISPHERES OS 1/1.5, furn or unf. Includes: A/C, cable, gym, water & pkg. Seasonal Rentals Avail. Pepe & Martha Pena (954) 734-7274 (305) 261-1945

HOLLYWOOD - 2/2 On the Intracoastal, available November through April, $2300 mo. Hlwd Bch RE. Bonnie Carlton (954) 629-6006

MEADOWBROOK HALLANDALE 1 Bedroom/1.5 Bath, over 55. Annual or seasonal rental. (954) 381-0790 (954) 559-3212


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WINSTON TOWERS On-Site Re-Sale Office TOWER 500 20th floor, corner wrap, amazing view, asking $399K. TOWER 400 Lovely 2/2 split, tiled throughout, right across from the Ocean, only $329K. TOWER 200 Most desired “01” line, priced for quick sale, $219,000. TOWER 100 Corner wrap, remodeled, right on the water, $369,000. Winston Towers Realty (305) 935-1500




LIC #30211641


HALLANDALE - 2/2 Lake Point Towers Golden Isles Penthouse Estate, magnificent view. Appointment only. Bayview Realty (305) 903-1701

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**************** BOAT LOVERS Sunny Isles Beach 2/2. Elegantly and totally renovated. 22” tiles thruout. On-site marina. Walk to Beach.

$269,000 **************** NORTH MIAMI BEACH 3/2 House. Tile flrs Fenced yard. Great Location.



Please Call:

1,275 Sq. Ft., Highly Upgraded, Washer/Dryer Ensuite, Built-ins & Jacuzzi.

REDUCED $399,000

**NEW LISTING** PARKER PLAZA Corner 2/2, 1,375 Sq. Ft., Direct Ocean Views,

$425,000 Exceptional opportunity!

Glenis Jimenez (305) 794-9749

Beachfront Realty

FOR RENT HOLLYWOOD HILLS Beautiful 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath with Pool, 2-Car Garage. FOR SALE AVENTURA “AWESOME” - 2/2 with Amazing Intracoastal View, Wraparound Te rrace. Owner Willing to Finance! FOR RENT AVENTURA 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Wraparound Terrace.

Beachfront Realty Other Units Available For Sale & Rent Too!


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Sheridan East - 1/1, 2nd Fl. Corner, All Ages, Ok to Rent, Furnished, Ceramic, Built in ‘98, $129,900 Dorsey Arms - 3/2, 4 to 13 Fl, 1600 sf corn. units, Ocean & Intra Vus, Impact Windows & Doors, $260K to $299K Moffett Place - 1/1, 3rd floor,100% upgraded, ceramic, cabinets, granite, exquisitely garnished, all ages, small dogs and rentals Ok, even the first year. $126,000 Paradise By The Sea - 2/2, 2nd floor, all ages, pool view, updated, move-in,Ok to rent 1st year,$124,900 SOLD SOLD Summit - 2/2 corner unit, 20th floor, south ocean & canal views, 100% remodeled, porcelain tile, crown molding, new gourmet kitchen, S.S. appliances, granite, exquisite baths. Turnkey $449,000 Summit - 2/2, North Tower, ceramic, original kitchen & bathrooms, $349,000 SOLD FOR $342K Fairways Co-Op - Hallandale - Large balcony/Diplomat Golf Course View/ 55+/NE 14th Ave. 1) 1/1 Bldg 700 - 2nd floor, ceramic, motivated seller, needs TLC, great price, Won’t Last! SOLD 2) 1/1 Bldg 300 - 3rd floor, Everything new, turnkey, awesome decor, ceramic, $135,900 3) 1/1.5 Bldg. 700 - 5th flr. totally redone, great view, ceramic, turnkey, $139K SOLD FOR $135K 4) 1/1.5 Bldg. 200 - 4th flr, new (cer., Ba., appls) shutters. SOLD IN 10 DAYS What a vu, $86,900 5) 1/1.5 Bldg. 400 - 2nd flr, enclosed balcony, ceramic, totally renovated, Turnkey, $129,900 6) 3/3.5 Bldg. 500 - 2nd floor, new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms, can be converted to a 4 Bedroom, 2 parking spaces, upgraded, 1700 square feet. Very unique unit, $199,006 7) 2/2 Bldg. 300 - 2nd flr., open kitchen, ceramic, furnished, 100% renovated, $150,000 8) 2/1.5 Bldg. 300 - 2nd flr., converted to a 2 bedroom, ceramic, furnished, Only $109,000! Designer decor, furn, cov park, $180,000 9) 2/2 Bldg 700 - Top flr cor, JEWEL 100 REMODELED!SOLD 10) 2/2 Bldg 600 - 4th flr corner, Pergo, totally renov. Awesome view!SOLD IN 10 DAYS$134,000 11) 1/1 Bldg. 200 Rental - Grnd. flr., ceramic, annual lease. Just steps to mall & bus, $875. month. Meadowbrook - 2/2, 2nd floor, totally remodeled, Stainless Steel appliances. Asking $139,000 SOLD Parker Dorado - 2/2, 7th flr, great oceanfront view, ceramic, $325,000 SOLD FOR $300,000 Single Family - 3/3, 1001 NE 4th St. original, corner lot, clean $289,000 SOLD FOR $280,000 %

Page 4C Thursday, November 7, 2013 • • Twitter@sfsuntimes • APARTMENT FOR SALE

HALLANDALE - 2/2 Corner unit, water view, completely remodeled. Low maintenance, boat dock available. Hollywood Bch RE Bonnie Carlton (954) 629-6006

HALLANDALE 1/1.5, water view, remodeled, boat dock, low maintenance, close to beach, $149,999. (954) 709-9220



HEMISPHERES OS & BS 1/1.5. Incl: A/C, cable, wtr, pkg. Pepe & Martha Pena (954) 734-7274 (305) 261-1945

N. MIAMI BEACH Close to Aventura 1/1, compl renov tiled, furn., 55 yrs. +, gated, 2 pools, exercise rm & planned activities, $79K. (305) 944-1074



2000 Atlantic Shores Blvd. 2 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath. Water View Condo Low Maintenance Fee. Pool, Tennis. Asking Price $175,000


Coldwell Banker


Best Location + Ocean with Low Maintenance! HIGH & LOW FLOORS 2 Bedroom, Completely Renovated..........$200,000 2 Bedroom, Remodeled......................$190,000 2 Bedroom, Some Upgrades...............$175,000




“MJ” Mullarkey Beach Cities Real Estate Sales Specialist Serving South Florida Since 1990 Sunshine Realty


MARTIN J. HOFFMAN P.A., BROKER, ASSOC. Helping Buyers & Sellers Since 1985!


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Just a few of the Most RECENT Sales LISTED & MARKETED BY “MJ” 3/2 Pool Home (The Lakes) - $375,000 Venetian Park Townhouse - $265,000 Trafalgar Towers Unit #1405 Trafalgar Towers Unit #803 Stratford Towers Unit #1001 Trafalgar Towers Unit #303 Stratford Towers Unit #706 Trafalgar Towers Unit #1407 Since 1990 Properties I List & Market: $ E L L !!! When You are $eriou$ About Selling, I will gladly meet with you - without Any Obligation - and share the Reasons Why MY LISTINGS $ell - Even in these “Tuff” Economic Times.

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CORP OWNED BREATHTAKING HOME - $699,000 Dania. This home is one-of-a-kind, over 4600 sf, approx. 4/2.5 Ba. Over 2 Million In Upgrades, Extra Lg pool & Jacuzzi & cabana w/kitchen & Dining Room & Bathroom, w/marble flooring, built in BBQ area in home, Mahogany & Marble flooring, huge Living & Dining Rooms, extra large Family Room w/built Ins. Home was used for President of Corp. Won’t last and priced aggressively. Please Call For A Tour.

LAKES OF EMERALD HILLS - $599,000 Just Listed!! 3410 N. 31 Terrace Home on Water, gorgeous pool area, nice big kit, huge family room, 2-car gar. Priced for Fast Sale! ORIGINAL OWNER! st

EMERALD HILLS - $449,900 5 Bdrm/2.5 Ba. WOW, WHAT A HOME! Tons of upgrades. Just Listed!

HOLLYWOOD HILLS - PRICED REDUCED! $249,900 5511 Grant St. 3/2. Huge home for the $$$. Must See, Won’t Last!!

2645 TAFT STREET - $134,900 - MUST SEE! 3/1, corner lot. Newer kitchen, carport. Terrazzo flooring. $$ Only!

DESOTO PARK - $119,000 OUT OF TOWN OWNER PRICED TO SELL! 1 Br. Conv. New carpet, new kitchen, new cabinets, all apliances stay, Apt. in great condition, Fully Furnished. Owner Just Lowered Price & Wants Very Quick Sale. Call Today! Minutes to Beaches.

HILLCREST - $99,900 2/2 Owner paid $159,000. This is a great deal! Tile flooring, remodeled bathroom & kitchen, screend patio with golf course view.

DESOTO PARK - $139,900 PRICE REDUCED TO SELL! 1 Br. + Conv., 1.5 Ba. This condo is gorgeous! Intra view, pool, tennis court. Tile & gorgeous Cherry wood flooring. Fully furn., newer wood kit. cabinets, Coren counters, remodeled bathrooms, patio. Must see!



CAROL ATLAS  (954)  Realtor Associate 

Serving ANA RODRIGUEZ Sunny Isles!!



Beachfront Realty

BUILDING 25 All ages, Penthouse 2 Bed/2 Bath, 2000 square feet, spectacular views of the 18 hole golf course. State-ofthe-art kitchen, marble floors. Only $159,000 2/2 1,300 sf, Convertible, high floor, golf view, Only $94,900! 2/2 Corner Condo, 1600 sf, Renovated! New eat-in kitchen with window, Washer/Dryer in unit, pristine condition, $199,000

Buying - Selling - Renting - Short Sales . . . BONITA (Boni) CHERRY . 55+ Comnimts (305) 778-2655 Many U le Sa For & Rent! (305) 778-1855 Español

Aspen International Realty BKR./ASSOC.

POINT EAST CONDOS/AVENTURA P Bldg. - 1/1 Ground Flr., Water View, Low Price $110K R Bldg. - 1/1 Water View, Upgraded, Nice Unit $139K H Bldg. - 1/1 Tile Fl, Upgraded Bath & Kitchen $109,9K G Bldg. - 1/1 Canal & Pool Views, Priced Low to Sell! $113K J Bldg. - 1/1 Water View, Freshly Painted, Pergo Fl.$135K S Bldg. - 1/1 Water View, Pergo Flr., Upgraded $139K For Rent - 1/1 Unfurnished. Water View, 55+ $850 M

4% COMMISSION United Realty Group Jerry Leipzig, Realtor

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Many More Properties Available!




DE SOTO PARK Updated 1/1.5 LA MER ESTATES Convenient to OCEAN DIRECT VUS beaches, shopping, Upgraded 1800 sf unit HOLLYWOOD LAKES with direct ocean views. Gulfstream Race Single Family, Lake Track & Casino. Great ocean- front Views, 5,000 sf, secured bldg. $135,000 5 Bd./5 full ba. w/2 Convenient to airport, half baths, pool, FAIRWAYS RIVIERA Aventura Mall, shops & circular driveway, Upgraded 1/1.5 in restaurants, $499K 2-car garage, desirable area PARKER PLAZA $1,175,000 convenient to the ESTATES beaches, shopping, HOLLYWOOD Ocean direct views Gulfstream Race Foreclosure, Sunset from this completely Track & Casino, 15 Trails 3/2 w/Pool upgraded 1/1.5 full mins. to Ft. Laud. $329,900 service oceanfront Airport $169,900 building, $399,000 LAKE POINT TWRS 2/2 Short Sale, AVANT GARDE SEASONAL RENTAL needs work, conSUNNY ISLES OCEAN venient to beaches, COMPLEX shopping, race track Opposite Ocn, views of DIRECT VIEWS Intra & Ocn. Spacious & casino. 1 & 2 Br. units available. 3/4.5 Fully Furnished DANIA BEACH Convenient to Ft. Laud. 6 Month Rental DUPLEX Airport, Aventura Mall. $7,500 month 2/1’s very well maintained. Many Others Available, Desirable location. Ample pkg, $190K Call For Infomation!

WALK ON HOLLYWOOD BEACH Right From Your Front Door! Panoramic Views of Ocean & Intracoastal, large 2/2 Condo, partially furnished, 55+. Only $343,000! 



CELL: 786-554-4505

POINT EAST R212 - 1/1 55+, gated complex in Aventura. Beautifully decorated spacious apt., tile fls. Gorgeous view of lake. Exercise rm. $119,900 POINT EAST C607 - 1/1 Top floor spacious apt. in 55+ gated waterfront complex in Aventura, gorgeous water view from screened in terr. , $119,000 POINT EAST L216 - 2/2 Corner wrap. Split Br. layout. Great water view. 55+ gated waterfront complex. Lots of amenities, courtesy bus 6 days/week, $169,900

RARE OPPORTUNITY IN MIAMI! Never listed, 2 story residence with 4 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms. This masterpiece features 5,730 sf of interior & 1,742 sf of expansive balcony with unobstructed views of the ocean, bay & Miami skyline. Private elevator foyer, solid wood floors, soaring 20 ft. ceiling living room, electric blinds, electric shutter & large kitchen. Includes 4-car parking spaces in covered garage, 24 hr. concierge, free valet parking for resident & guest, pool & pool attendant, BBQ area, boat dock, $5,550.000





* MORTGAGE RATES: 15 Year 3.65 – 30 Year Under 4%* * QUADOMAIN BRITANNA * PERFECT PLACE to call your own or invest in! 2 Br. Conv, 2 DING Beautifully decorated Ba., eat-in kitchen and tiled throughout. PE N for instant gratification! $299,000 FOR THE BUYER WHO WANTS EVERYTHING! Direct oceanfront best investment to rent out or live in. 1 Bd. 1.5 Ba. $259,000 * QUADOMAIN CATANIA * ON THE BEACH! Direct on Ocean, 2 Br.G2 Ba. + Den, best N. & E. Oceanfront! $359,999 PENDIN

* HEMISPHERES BAY SOUTH * FOR THE DISCRIMINATING BUYER! HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! 3 Br. 2.5 Ba. totally remodeled with marble flooring thruout, truly one-of-a-kind! Outstanding unit, corner, $469K * HEMISPHERES OCEAN NORTH * BET YOU CAN’T WAIT TO SLIP INTO THIS! Large corner beauty 2/2, eat-in kit, A/C & H/W incl. in maint. Live like a tourist year round in this luxurious resort-like community directly on the Ocean where the fun never sets! $399,000

** PARKER DORADO #1 BUILDING ON BEACH! ** FOR THOSE WHO WANT EVERYTHING! UNOBSTRUCTED SUN, SAND, AND SURF all outside your windows in this 2/2 + den beauty. Designed & remod for easy kick your shoes off living. A/C & H/W incl. in Broward County’s #1 Bldg. Owner says “Make an Offer!” $525,000 NEW! HOME SUITE HOME! 1/1, AC & hot water incl. in maint. NDING$179,999 PEkitchen, Ready when you are. Tiled throughout, new NEW EXCLUSIVE! direct ocean view overlooking Golden Bch, INGwindows, PE ND 2/2 hi-flr, remod, hurricane Impact $364,500

* QUADOMAIN GRENOBLE * NEW LISTING! Ocean, Ocean, OceanG from the minute you walk NDIN$349,000 PEcorner, in the door! High floor, 2/2

* HALLMARK * WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO! Sumptuous 2/2 spacious, gracious home in most desirable luxury bldg. Outstanding Intra views. Deco designed & remodeled. Buy Now!. $439,000

* SUMMIT * 2/2 Corner, facing South, $375,000 1/1 Lowest price in Bldg. Remodeled, $169,900

* QUADOMAIN VALENCIA * FLY ME TO THE MOON; It’s closer than you think from this awesome Penthouse Beauty! 2/2 Convertible with South and East views. Oversized balcony w/ocean, Intracoastal & city views. $369,000

* TOWERS OF OCEANVIEW * NEW! Like a day at the Beach! Great South Intra views to watch the boats sail by! 1 Br. Conv. toG 2 Br. 2 full Ba., tiled DIN N PEyou throughout, furnished or not, choose! $184,900

QUADOMAIN VALENCIA - #2508 - 2 Br. 2 Ba. Convertible with Ocean views, $2500 month.

* HILLCREST * HOME SWEET HOME! Large corner, 1,600 sq. ft. of loving! Lots of windows, washer/dryer. 2/2, totally remodeled, $135K

* BEAUTY ON GOLDEN BEACH! * Classic 2-story light & bright home with over 3,500 Sq. Ft. Luscious Landscaped Oversized lot with Heated Pool. One short block from Golden Beach’s Private Beach. $2.1999M


ANNUAL RENTALS PARKER DORADO - 1/1, furnished with Intracoastal view, includes all utilities, $1300 month SUMMIT #2025 - 1/1, all redone. Washer & dryer. $1350 mo.

(786) 991-3482 (954) 296-5950 Check Me Out At Frankly Speaking@ • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Gingivitis is certainly a disease to take seriously Gingivitis, also generally called gum disease or periodontal disease, begins with bacterial growth in your mouth and may end -- if not properly treated -- with tooth loss due to destruction of the tissue that surrounds your teeth. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GINGIVITIS AND PERIODONTITIS? Gingivitis (gum inflammation) usually precedes periodontitis (gum disease). However, it is important to know that not all gingivitis progresses to periodontitis. In the early stage of gingivitis, bacteria in plaque build up, causing the gums to become inflamed and to easily bleed during tooth brushing. Although the gums may be irritated, the teeth are still firmly planted in their sockets. No irreversible bone or other tissue damage has occurred at this stage. When gingivitis is left untreated, it can advance to periodontitis. In a person with periodontitis, the inner layer of the gum and bone pull away from the teeth and form pockets. These small spaces between teeth and gums collect debris and can become infected. The body's immune system fights the bacteria as the plaque spreads and grows below the gum line. Toxins or poisons -produced by the bacteria in plaque as well as the body's "good" enzymes involved in fighting infections -start to break down the bone and connective tissue that hold teeth in place. As the disease progresses, the pockets deepen and more gum tissue and bone are destroyed. When this happens, teeth are no longer anchored in place, they become loose, and tooth loss occurs. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults WHAT CAUSES GUM DISEASE? Plaque is the primary cause of gum disease. However, other factors can contribute to periodontal disease. These include: • Hormonal changes, such as those occurring during pregnancy, puberty, menopause, and monthly menstruation, make gums more sensitive, which makes it easier for gingivitis to develop. Illnesses may affect the condition of your gums. This includes diseases such ascancer or HIV that interfere with the immune system. Because diabetes affects


the body's ability to use blood sugar, patients with this disease are at higher risk of developing infections, including periodontal disease and cavities. Medications can affect oral health, because some lessen the flow of saliva, which has a protective effect on teeth and gums. Some drugs, such as the anticonvulsant medication Dilantin an d the anti-angina drug Procardia and Ad alat, can cause abnormal growth of gum tissue. Bad habits such as smoking make it harder for gum tissue to repair itself. Poor oral hygiene habits such as not brushing and flossing on a daily basis, make it easier for gingivitis to develop. Family history of dental disease can be a contributing factor for the development of gingivitis. WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF GUM DISEASE? Gum disease may progress painlessly, producing few obvious signs, even in the late stages of the disease. Although the symptoms of periodontal disease often are subtle, the condition is not entirely without warning signs. Certain symptoms may point to some form of the

disease. The symptoms of gum disease include: • Gums that bleed during and after tooth brushing • Red, swollen, or tender gums • Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth • Receding gums • Formation of deep pockets between teeth and gums • Loose or shifting teeth • Changes in the way teeth fit together upon biting down, or in the fit of partialdentures. HOW DOES MY DENTIST DIAGNOSE GUM DISEASE? During a dental exam, your dentist typically checks for these things: • Gum bleeding, swelling, firmness, and pocket depth (the space between the gum and tooth; the larger and deeper the pocket, the more severe the disease) • Teeth movement and sensitivity and proper teeth alignment • Your jawbone, to help detect the breakdown of bone surrounding your teeth HOW IS GUM DISEASE TREATED? Periodontal Therapy & Deep Cleaning If gum disease is not treated and nothing is done about it, the inflammation will work its way down to-

wards the foundations of the tooth causing a “periodontal pocket”. Again, within the confines of the pocket, the conditions are such that the bacteria can have a right old party, and cause more damage. Gum disease can break down the support (bone) structures of the teeth, so that eventually, they will become loose. The problem is that until it gets quite severe, the person often has no symptoms. Sadly, the damage to the support structures of the teeth is irreversible. The good news is that if gum disease is caught in time, its progression can be halted and improved upon, and that is the key. To stop gum disease from progressing, your dentist may advise periodontal therapy, or deep cleaning. This gets rid of the bacteria in the pocket and provides the necessary conditions for healing to occur. What is the difference between an ordinary cleaning and deep cleaning? There is some confusion about the difference between scaling and root planing. Scaling is basically the process of removing dental tartar from the surfaces of the teeth (see dental cleanings).

Dr. Patricia Bobadilla is a phone call away for all your dental needs right here at Hallandale Beach - (954) 456-1939.

Root planing is the process of smoothening the root surfaces and removing any infected tooth structure. If you have gum disease or gum pocketing, the gum pockets around the teeth will have deepened, thereby allowing tartar deposits to form under the gumline. The two processes tend to blur together since during the cleaning process, the dental worker scales away tartar and performs any necessary root planing at the same time. Any roughness can be planed away to result in a silky smooth surface. HOW CAN GUM DISEASE BE PREVENTED? Gum disease can be reversed in nearly all cases when proper plaque control is practiced. Proper plaque control consists of professional cleanings at least twice a year and daily brushing and flossing. Brushing eliminates plaque from the surfaces of the teeth that can be reached; flossing removes food particles and plaque from in between the teeth and under the gum line. Antibacterial mouth rinses can reduce bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease, according to the American Dental Association. Other health and lifestyle changes that will decrease the risk, severity, and speed of gum disease develop-


ment include: Stop smoking. Tobacco use is a significant risk factor for development of periodontitis. Smokers are seven times more likely to get gum disease than nonsmokers, and smoking can lower the chances of success of some treatments. Reduce stress. Stress may make it difficult for your body's immune system to fight off infection. Maintain a well-balanced diet. Proper nutrition helps your immune system fight infection. Eating foods with antioxidant properties -- for example, those containing vitamin E ( vegetable oils, nuts, green leafy vegetables) and vitamin C (citrus fruits, broccoli, potatoes) -- can help your body repair damaged tissue. Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth. These actions may put excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and could increase the rate at which these tissues are destroyed. If you or somebody you know has dental problems and need professional help don’t hesitate call us today to make your appointment your smile is only a phone call away! Change your Smile Change your life. Call (954-4561939) us today! To find out if you are a candidate for this kind of procedure our consultation is Free of charge!


NEW PATIENT ONLY - OFFER VALID UPON COUPON PRESENTATION BROWARD DENTAL IMPLANTS Commitment to Quality Patricia M. Bobadilla, D.D.S., Prosthodontist COMPLIMENTARY SECOND OPINION CONVENIENTLY LOCATED: 2500 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd. Suite #601 Hallandale Beach, Fl. 33009 954-456-1939

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Public meeting to Halloween celebration was one of the best ever discuss Community

Hallandale Beach Parks and Recreation Advisory Board members selected costume contest winners in multiple categories at the annual City of Hallandale Beach Halloween Festival, Halloween night at Peter Bluesten Park. Winners in the seven-to-nine-year-old class are, from left, second-place winner Cool Gangster David Russell Britt, first place winners, twins Malaika and Malachi Mentor, and third place Princess Elke Powell.

Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to be held tonight at 7 Every year, there are some impressice costumes to check out. This year was no exception as some of the best came out to display their best. Costume contest winners: 10-to 12-year old category include, from left, second place, Bat Boy, Donald Brownlee III, third place winner Zipper face Keveia Lazo, and first place winner, Bride of Frankenstein Isabela Lara.

Royalty, fictional characters and heroes turned out to win trophies for best costumes at the annual City of Hallandale Beach Halloween Festival last week at Peter Bluesten Park. Hundreds of children and their parents enjoyed candy, games, music and the annual costume contest. Among the winners are, top photo, from left, Policeman, Bentley Waiters, 1st place in the infant to three-year-old class, “The Incredible Hulk,” Julien Cardenas, 3rd place, and Princess Brooklyn Robinson, 2nd place. In the four-tosix-year-old class, bottom photo from left, Strawberry Shortcake Brianna Matty, is the 1st place winner, Bumble Bee Janelle Carey, is 2nd place, and Rocker Girl, Kylie Johnson, has the third-place trophy. Winners were also awarded trophies and gift cards in the seven-to-nine; 10-to-12; teenagers, 13-17, and adult classes. (Photos courtesy City of Hallandale Beach Public Relations)

• Public participation is essential to determine the need for the after school and public works programs The City of Hallandale Beach needs your ideas and help tonight at 7 p.m., at the Austin Hepburn Center, 750 NW 8th Avenue, for a public meeting to discuss Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for after school and public works programs. Public participation is essential to determining the need for the funds. This is the 40th year the federal government allocates money to Broward County for distribution to the municipalities. The funding is based on needs and services. The City uses the funding to support and keep costs low for more than 200 children in the Hepburn Center After School Tutorial Enrichment Program and for much-needed public works improvements in the Northwest Quadrant. The City is seeking $332,000 in CDBG funds. The Hepburn Center After School Tutorial Enrichment Program provides transportation and teachers to tutor and mentor elementary and middle school students. The After School Program funding would be allocated through the Friends of the Hepburn Center, Inc.

The City of Hallandale Beach needs your ideas and help tonight at 7 p.m., at the Austin Hepburn Center, 750 NW 8th Avenue, for a public meeting to discuss Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding for after school and public works programs. Also, the funds will be used to improve drainage, sewage lines, sidewalks, landscaping of rights of way and other related infrastructure improvements in the City. This year, Public Works plans to allocate the funds in the Northwest Quadrant. The CDBG is administered by the Broward County Housing Finance and Community Development Division and allocates funds awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Public participa-

tion is essential to determining the City’s need. For additional information on the Friends of the Hepburn After School Tutorial Enrichment Program, please call (954) 4571460 and for additional information on the City of Hallandale Beach Department of Public Works Public/Utilities and Engineering Improvement Projects please contact Beatriz Alvarez, Engineer I at (954) 457-3040. • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Unique and nutty twists on traditional holiday recipes

• Small twists can turn a traditional dish into a holiday classic (BPT) - With the holidays fast approaching it's time to enjoy some of the season's tastiest foods. Small twists can turn a traditional dish into a holiday classic. The good news is it's simple to add a fresh twist to holiday favorites with easy additions like Fisher Nuts. Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, an Iron Chef and expert on Food Network, says that nuts are one of the most versatile ingredients to use when reinventing dishes. Here are her top five tips for cooking with nuts: 1. Cranberry sauce with a tiny grate of orange zest and a handful of toasted almonds stirred in at the last minute puts a simple but tasty twist on a staple Thanksgiving side dish. 2. Want rich, thick gravy with no lumps? Thicken gravy with ground nuts instead of flour. Simply separate a little of the gravy in a bowl and blend with ground walnuts until smooth. Then just

whisk it back in the pot with the remaining gravy. 3. Spruce up holiday side dishes by stirring in some toasted pecans or almonds. Top gratins with a thin layer or stir a handful into sauteed or braised vegetables. The nuts bring out the earthy flavors of vegetables, adding richness without making dishes too heavy. 4. Stir together melted semi-sweet chocolate and a handful of chopped pecans or walnuts. Add a pinch of cinnamon and roll into bite-size candies. It's an easy way to have something different than a pie or cookies for the holidays. Plus it's gluten free. 5. Make nuts part of any season by toasting them in a little warm olive oil over medium heat. When the nuts are toasted and coated in the oil, stir in any fresh herb (for example, rosemary for winter or basil for summer) and allow the herbs to gently crisp up and meld with the nuts.

Serve as is with a pinch of salt. These five tips can help you transform traditional holiday fare into instant classics. To "wow" guests, try this tasty recipe from Chef Guarnaschelli at your next gathering: TWICE BAKED SWEET POTATOES WITH PECANS Sweet potatoes are at their best when combined with something sweet. This recipe blends flavors reminiscent of a cinnamon-infused pecan coffee cake topping and pairs them with sweet potatoes for a change from the more traditional marshmallow topped casserole. Plus, it's perfect for busy cooks because the potatoes can be microwaved in just 15 minutes.

1/2 cup melted unsalted butter, divided 1 teaspoon orange zest, packed 3/4 teaspoon salt, divided 3/4 cup Fisher Pecan Halves, coarsely chopped 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup dark brown sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 375 F. 2. Pierce sweet potatoes all over with a fork. Microwave on high for 15 minutes or until completely cooked through. Let rest 5 minutes or until cool enough to handle. 3. Topping: Meanwhile, combine the pecans, flour, sugars, cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stir to blend. Mix in 1/4 cup butter. The topping should form sandy clumps. Refrigerate. 4. Split the potatoes in




4 large sweet potatoes, about 3 pounds

Game Day Party Tips for Football Fans Entertaining this football season? To make your gatherings memorable, you’ll need to do more than just turn on the game and hope for the best. With the right party plays, you can treat your guests to a spirited game day and a memorable football feast. Try incorporating these game changing ideas into your regular party playbook: TEAM SPIRIT Get your friends geared up for game time from the moment they arrive. Hang a team banner in your entryway and adorn your yard with your team’s colors. Pump up your crowd by playing your favorite gametime tunes. Even if all your guests are rooting for the same team, spice it up with some friendly competition, like wagering on who hosts the crowd for the next game. Have face paint on hand and encourage your guests to arrive early so the party is well underway at kick-off. SCORING BIG WITH DIPS Food is usually the main attraction at most festivities, and footballthemed “home-gating” parties are no exception. Give your spread a thematic look by making a mini football field out of your table. Use AstroTurf as your tablecloth. Then space white tape stripes at intervals for the yard lines. But you can really score big with the food. Dips are the MVP of home parties, according a recent survey conducted by ConAgra Foods. More –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– GAME, Page 5D

half lengthwise and scoop out some of the flesh inside. Arrange the sweet potato "halves" on a baking sheet. In a medium bowl, combine the sweet potato flesh with the remaining 1/4 cup butter, orange zest and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Spoon the filling back into each potato half and top with the topping on a baking tray. Place the tray in the center of the oven and bake until the topping browns, 15 to 20 minutes.


with coupon only, Exp 11/20/13

Florida Zucchini & Yellow Squash


¢ LB

with coupon only, Exp 11/20/13


Bananas ¢



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Cucumbers 5/$ 00

$ 99

with coupon only, Exp 11/20/13

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Green Beans ¢

Del Monte

with coupon only, Exp 11/20/13

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Apples ¢



with coupon only, Exp 11/20/13



Pineapples $ 99





$ 49 EA

with coupon only, Exp 11/20/13

Following Are Our 3 Locations 4191 N. State Rd 7 Hollywood Florida 33021 PH: 954-962-9250 6871 Stirling Rd Davie Florida 33314 PH: 954-585-2225 1940 N 30th Rd Hollywood, FL 33021 Booth # 69

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Thursday, November 7, 2013 • • Twitter@sfsuntimes •

VISIT OUR NEW OUTDOOR CAFE Let Senor Cafe Cook Your Thanksgiving Dinner! A. Stuffed Turkey 12-14 lbs. Oven Roasted.........................................................$48.95 + tax with 6 portions of Moros rice and Yuca (cassava) or cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, yams and gravy......................................$59.50 + tax B. Stuffed Turkey 16-18 lb. Oven Roasted...........................................................$58.95 + tax with 8 portions of Moros rice and Yuca (cassava) or cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, yams and gravy.......................................$69.50+ tax

A Taste Of The Best... The Senor Cafe Luncheon Buffet

C. Pork Leg, approximately 22 lbs. Oven Roasted..............................................$71.95 + tax with 15 portions of Moros rice and Yuca (cassava)..............................................$88.95 + tax

Mon - Fri 11 AM to 3 PM Specialty dishes vary daily.... Cuban, Mexican, South American. A definite MUST to try... You will come back over and over again!

D. Pork Picnic Ham, approximately 8-10 lbs. Oven Roasted..............................$34.95 + tax with 8 portions of Moros rIce and Yuca (cassava)...............................................$47.95 + tax

$9.95 + tax per person

E. Honey-glazed Ham, 8 lbs..................................................................................$85.50 + tax with 8 portions of Moros rice and Yuca (cassava).............................................$119.50 + tax Moros can be changed for Arroz con Gandules

Señor Cafe


Open Daily From 7 AM to 10 PM Window Service - Counter Service Dining Room Service - The Best Service!!

Check Out Our Menu ‘Fabuloso’ At




Entre los Grandes


(Next Door To President Supermarket #4) • (954) 924-1666



Until 11/19/13 Mon. - Sat. 7:00 am - 9:45 pm Sunday 7:00 am - 8:45 pm

1510 S. Federal Hwy., (US1 Near Pembroke Road) Hollywood, Florida 33020 (954) 929-0131

PORK PORK LOIN RIB SPARERIBS Previously Frozen, CHOPS Whole Pack Box #4

Box #4

99 1




Box #4



Beer TILAPIA 12Imported Pk Cans/ Bottles

4 79 1

¢ $ 29 $ 49




¢ $ 79 $ 99





$ 29

Italian (Spicy Or Mild) Cuban (Style) Nica (Nicaraguan Style) Tex-mex (Mexican)

Brazilian (Style) Paisa (Colombian Style) Gaucho (Argentina Style) Chamo (Venezuelan)

1 Lb Pkg

Visit Our

QUALITY MEATSUSDA Inspected Beef Ground Chuck.......................................$1.99 Lb


Fresh Whole Pork Loin, Cut Free.................$1.99 Lb

Fresh Fish, All Year!

Veal Shoulder Steak.....................................$4.49 Lb


Ground Veal..................................................$3.79 Lb Blue Crabs.................................................$4.99 Lb Beef Shoulder Steak.....................................$3.99 Lb Mahi Mahi Or Wordfish Fillets.................$3.99 Lb Chicken Wings, Cut In Two..............................99¢ Lb Tilapia Fillet, 10 Lb Box.............................$2.79 Lb Daily Specials! On President ’s Beers And Wines? This Week...

Swai Fillet, 10 Lb Box................................$2.49 Lb Catfish Nuggets.........................................$2.49 Lb


Seafood Mix...............................................$2.49 Lb

Red Wine 750 Ml...........................................$5.99

Visit our PAN PLUS Bakery

Blue Nun White Wine 750 Ml.........................2/ Concha Y Toro Casillero Del Diablo

Gallo Family Wine 750 Ml.............................$4.99 Loose Gala Apples

99¢ Lb

D’Anjou Pears

Fresh Pineapple

99¢ Lb $2.99 Ea We Accept Food Stamps & We Honor The New Government Card


Bread - Pastelitos - Fresh Baked Daily Fresh Green Squash (Chayote) 4/


Cilantro 3 Bunches


Travelers Express, Money Orders

Interlink & A.t.m. Cards

We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities & Correct Printing Errors. Offers Available While Supplies Last.

Western Union Money Transfer

The Faster Way To Send Money Worldwide

Yellow Bananas

39¢ Lb • Twitter@sfsuntimes • • Thursday, November 7, 2013


From Page 3D ––––––––––––––––––––––

than half of the respondents said their guests reach for dips first. And RO*TEL and VELVEETA Famous Queso Dip remains king at parties, beating out guacamole, salsa, spinach artichoke and buffalo chicken dip. So please your crowd and make game day delicious with a quick, easy and zesty dip. If you’re one of the many that have never heard of or made queso dip, try this simple crowdpleasing recipe, made with only two ingredients, RO*TEL and VELVEETA: • 1 can (10 oz.)

Quesobago, an RV loaded with queso dip, is making a crosscountry tour to college football’s hottest rivalries to introduce queso to a new crowd. While it only takes two ingredients to create crowd-pleasing Famous Queso Dip, you can make it your own with a pinch of personality. For queso customizations, or to enter for the chance to win a party featuring the Quesobago on football’s biggest day, visit Enter the sweepstakes by November 30, 2013. For the perfect pigskin party, make your football fete fun, festive and creatively delicious.

RO*TEL Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies, undrained • 1 lb. (16 oz.) VELVEETA, cut into 1/2-inch cubes

Combine undrained tomatoes and cheese in microwaveable bowl. Microwave on high for 5 minutes or until VELVEETA is melted completely and mixture is blended, stirring after 3 minutes. Serve warm as a dip with tortilla chips, crackers or cut-up fresh vegetables. ULTIMATE QUESO BASH No matter where the football festivities take place, queso dip is a fan favorite. The VELVEETA & RO*TEL

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Households Find Fruits and Vegetables in Home Juicing The home juicing trend is undergoing a resurgence as more people recognize the benefits of a diet bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the Produce for Better Health Foundation, it's estimated that only 6 percent of individuals eat the recommended daily servings of vegetables, and only 8 percent achieve the recommended servings of fruit. Data like this are only heightening the urgency for more home juicing. The benefits, however, go beyond simply meeting recommended daily values. The boost of antioxidants from fresh fruit and vegetable juice helps filter out built-up wastes and toxins. Raw juice strengthens cells, offering a wealth of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients, making it easier for the body to run more efficiently on a diet that's rich in leafy greens and fruits. Benefits range from improved skin to less inflammation to stronger immune systems. Not to mention, eating fresh produce lowers the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. Home juicing, however, isn't always the most convenient option. One problem is that juicing machines tend to be expensive -- oftentimes several hundred dollars. Another hangup is that many adults can barely fit coffee into hectic mornings -- let alone the mess after a homemade smoothie. This is where super premium packaged juice can come in handy. These juices can be consistent with a healthy lifestyle for those on the run and who don't want the fuss and hassle of juicing themselves. For example, one premium juice, Naked Juice, offers one pound of fruit in every bottle. Or, if you need a boost in vegetables instead, the Power Garden line boasts ingredients like carrots, chickpeas, beets and sweet potatoes. That's two servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit per bottle, plus tons of vitamins and fiber. Have a picky palette? That's no excuse either. The bottled smoothies come in a smorgasbord of fruit-forward flavors. Convenience, taste and nutrition, though, aren't the only reasons people are drinking Naked Juice.

Jamie’s Garden of Eden


3701 N. 29th Ave Hollywood 1 Block S. of Penn Dutch | Prices Good Thurs. Nov. 7 thru Wed. Nov. 13, 2013 | We accept credit cards & debit cards

Indian River Juice Oranges

Sweet Seedless Extra Large Navel Oranges

Pink Seedless Grapefruit Large Size

Extra Juicy Tangerines

7 for $1.00

4 for $1.00

3 for $1.00

9 for 99¢

Beefsteak Tomatoes

California Lettuce

Golden Ripe Bananas

Large Pineapples Golden Ripe












FUHGEDDABOUDIT SINCE 1951 - For Catering, Call Phil from Arthur Ave.! • For Wine Orders: • For Store Orders

HOURS: MON.-SAT 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.; SUN. 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.


899 $ 99 9 $

Reg. $12.99 + Tax With Spaghetti & Sauce, House Salad Cukes & Chick Peas, Creamy Italian Dressing add a Charlotte Russe for $1 =

+ Tax

Vegetarian Spinach Lasagna Rolls or Pork Braciole

+ Tax

WINE SHOP • CAFE / RESTAURANT • 16385 W. DIXIE HWY., NMB (305) 945-6381

OLD FASHIONED TURKEY DINNER COOKED EARLY THANKSGIVING MORNING! 14-16 lb. Turkey; Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Roasted Potatoes, 1 Italian Bread, 1 Pie (Apple Or Pumpkin) Serves 8-10 people



95 + Tax

14-16 lb. Turkey........Only $49.95 + Tax w/Stuffing & Gravy.........$64.95 + Tax 20-22 lb. Turkey........Only $69.95 + Tax w/Stuffing & Gravy.........$84.95 + Tax

20-22 lb. Turkey; Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Roasted Potatoes, 2 Italian Breads, 2 Pies (Apple Or Pumpkin) Serves 15 people $154.95



95 + Tax

New! Homemade

Pumpkin Cheesecake $14.99

To ensure availability of your Turkey, place your order w/Dep. early. Full payment will expedite pick-up. Any other purchases should be made prior to picking up your order at the scheduled pick-up time. Last pick-up time on Holiday is 1:00 p.m. No Carving, No Deliveries and No Substitutions except as noted above! Thanksgiving Order In Before 4:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.

Laurenzo’s Homemade FRESH PASTA Angel Hair Reg. $5.99 Lb.


$ 99

Spaghetti Linguine Pappardelle

Homemade Fresh Pasta Sale

STONE CRAB SEASON Medium - Large - Jumbo - Colossal

“MARKET PRICE” Subject to Availability

Fresh Rope Cultured

Canadian Mussels

Frozen Swai or Tilapia Fillet Fresh Carolina

Rainbow Trout Fillet

3 $ 49 3 $ 99 9 $ 49

USDA Choice

T-Bone or Porterhouse Steaks


$ 99

USDA Choice Boneless


Beef Strip Loin $

Lb. “New York Strip”



USDA Choice Boneless

Chicken Breast 5 lb. or more


99 Lb.

3 $ 99 1

Beef Chuck $ Roast GRADE A Skinless, Boneless


99 Lb.


Aged Cheese Reg. $8.99 lb.

Shaved Caesar Blend Imp. Ital Reg. $12.99 lb.

Auricchio Provolone Reg. $29.99Lb.

Prosciutto Di San Daniele Laurenzo’s Fresh Roasted Reg. $9.99 Lb.

Turkey Breast Bacio with a Kiss of Buffalo Milk Reg. $7.99 Lb.

Slicing Mozzarella Seasoned Reg. $4.99 Lb.

Roast Pork

5 $ 99 8 $ 50 11 $ 99 6 $ 99 5 $ 99 3 $ 99 Lb.


1/2 Lb.




Cento 3 Ltr.

99 Egg

21 $ 99 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8 $ 99 Aged Balsamic 8 Perugina Baci 10 Pc. $ 99 BUY 1, GET 1 FREE 7 $ 19 Mineral Water 2 Gragnano Italy 16 Oz. $ 99 Garafalo Pasta Reg. Cuts 1 $ 99 Panko Bread Crumbs 2 $ 99 Italian Olive Oil 18 Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cento 1 Ltr.

Bellino 16.9 oz.

Ferrara 25 Oz. Imp. Italy

Cento 8 Oz.

Cento 3 Ltr.



$ 99



NEW!! Homemade Reg. $2.99 ea.

Colossal Muffins


$ 99

Blueberry, Cranberry, Choc. Chip, Pumpkin, Apple Crunch


Laurenzo’s Homemade Reg. $5.99 Lb.

Pepperoni $ Mozzarella Bread

499 $ 25 3 Lb.

Laurenzo’s Homemade Reg. $3.99

Italian or French Napoleans Laurenzo’s Homemade



Pumpkin Reg. $15.00 $ Cheese Cake Laurenzo’s Homemade Pies

699 799


8” Apple or Blueberry 9” Apple or Blueberry $



REG HOURS: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. • 16445 W. Dixie Hwy. 305. 944.5052

ORGANICS, A GREAT SELECTION & LOW PRICES – ORGANIC FRUIT – VEG – GREENS Jumbo Fancy Florida Crispy Bartlett Fancy Green Eggplant Cucumbers Iceberg Pears Yellow Peppers Lettuce Squash


¢ Lb.


¢ Lb.



1 99

5/$ Lb.


¢ Ea.


¢ Lb.


Thursday, November 7, 2013 • • Twitter@sfsuntimes •

Page 6D

We Were Voted The #1 Kosher Market In South Florida & Aventura 1



N Country Club Drive


NE 203rd St

US 1

Sun 7:30 am - 8:00 pm Mon–Thur 7:30 am - 9:00 pm Fri 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Parking Available In The Rear

lvd. ura B Avent Aventura Mall


William Lehman Cswy

3017 Aventura Blvd (Next To Walgreens) Aventura, Fl 33180 • PHONE 305-792-7988 • FAX 305-792-2205









Choose One Starter, One Soup, Two Sides And an Entree ENTREES:




Sweet & Sour Meatballs or Gefilte Fish

Vegetable Soup, Chicken Soup, Split Pea, Mushroom & Barley

Vegetable Stuffing, Candied Yams, String Bean Almondine, Kasha Varnishkas, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Kugel, Noodle Kugel

Whole Roasted Turkey, Whole Roasted Turkey Breast Only, Roasted Chicken

FAMILY PACKAGE INCLUDES: 3 lbs. of Crispy Cole Slaw, 1 Quart of Cranberry Sauce, One Dozen Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls, One Quart of Gravy, and a Fresh Apple Pie


KOSHERKINGDOM.COM - Place Your Turkey Orders Early - Limited Supplies


French Roast Beef Stew Cubes Minute Roast Ribeye Steak $ $ $ $ 99 29 49 99




NY Strip Steak 99 $ 11



Chicken Breast




Minute Steak Boneless Chuck Eye Roast $ $ 99 99

Family Pack Boneless Skinless












$ 99 Sabra $ 99 10 Oz Ea. Hummus

Fresh Homemade New Homemade SOUPS Gourmet Frozen Buy 2 Get 1


Streit’s Heimishe Farfel




Jumbo Dozen Eggs


7 Oz.

3 $ 69 1

Tropicana $ Orange Juice Wacky Mac 5.5 Oz

99 59 Oz


Kvuzat Yavne Cucumbers In Brine 7-9 Large




5 $ 99 3

3/$ 00

Frescoti Marinara Sauce



.5 Gal


99 7 Oz


Teal Lake

Jeunesse Chardonnay

Cabernet, Merlot And Sauvignon Blanc

Moscato Red or White


Ea Btl

Victor Wines Cabernet, Merlot Chardonnay


$ $

99 99 Ea Btl





$ $

Ea Btl

Cantina Gabriele

$ $


99 99

99 99 Ea Btl

99 99 Ea Btl


$ $

Royale Cabernet, Merlot, Valflore And Chardonnay


Ea Btl


$ $

4.6 Oz

All Varieties


$ $

Ea Btl

Fusion Red Or White

99 99

16 Oz

Terra Vega

99 99


$ $



Baron Herzog

$ $

1 $ 99 1

Landau Thin Rice Cakes

Moscato Sparkling, White Or Rose´

99 99

6 Oz

Eden $ Barley


$ $



California Delight BUY 1 Noodle & Soup GET 1 Bowls 8.5 Oz FREE

26 Oz

8 Oz

California Delight Chunk Light Tuna


Darrel Lea $ Licorice



Fresh & Healthy Cholov Israel Milk



Haolam Shredded Cheeses

99 99 Ea Btl

99 99 Ea Btl

Binyamina Reserve All Varieties


$ $

99 99 Ea Btl

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