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How important is this year’s election? More voters than ever before are expected to help make a very important decision - at all levels of government.

Larry Blustein

Okay, raise your hand if you’ve had enough of the campaign ads,

phone calls and all those signs that obstruct the beautiful views in our neighborhoods. You can put them down now – you are certainly not alone. I’ll bet a lot of you are just about worn out, but here is some bad news – or good news if you are a politician – we are one month away from what appears to be one of the most important elections of many of our lives. With Twitter, Facebook and every other instant way of communicating, this is, and will be, the most covered and promoted election of all time. Where else can you see your favorite candidate on live streaming video, read what they say instantly on Twitter and every other way of getting the word out? This election is certainly the poster child, if you will, for the age we are all living in, and for


Nobody did more to get the facts out about casino gaming than area resident Stan Wertheimer

By Larry Blustein Sun Times There are people you meet, in your every day life, that end up influencing how you approach different situations. Stanley Wertheimer was indeed one of those people. "Casino Stan", as thousands had come to know him over the years, never wanted to draw attention to himself, but this is someone who has always made a difference - for the betterment of himself and those around him.

Back in December of 2006, “Casino Stan” Wertheimer was part of the opening celebration at Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach.

Taken way too soon, Wertheimer, who has spent the past 40 years in South Florida, passed at the age of 69 - still working like he did the day he came from New Jersey. His passing was indeed a shock to many who had come to love and rely on him. ____________________________________ STAN, Page 6A


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The Election of 2012 turning out to be one of the most impactual - at all levels

that reason, it automatically becomes the election that more and more –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BLUSTEIN, Page 6A


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Charles Wu, an architect by training and a certified planner, is the new Director of Development Services in the City of Hallandale Beach. Mr. Wu will oversee the City’s Building, Planning and Zoning, and Code Compliance divisions. See Page 1D.

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rics. And mold may already be growing on a surface that is not yet releasing enough spores so it is visible. A small area of mold and moisture can spread to big damage, it's –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– PRIORITY, Page 4A


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Page 2A South Florida Sun-Times/ Thursday, October 4, 2012 – 954-458-0635 – – – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, October 4, 2012 Page 3A

Page 4A South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, October 4, 2012

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From Page 1A ––––––––––––––––––––

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1-800-996-7919 – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times /thursday, October 4, 2012 Page 5A

Page 6A South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, October 4, 2012


From Page 1A –––––––––––––––––––_ are being involved in.

POLITICAL FEVER Politics has become our daily source of what we talk about at dinner, at work and just about any time we are dragged into this economy and the way this past four years has not offered any positives – for any of us! I will never turn this into a Democratic vs. Republican column because I am one who believes that we all live in this country, and no matter what the outcome may be in November, we will all go with it and continue to do our part to make this a better economy. If you have read my columns throughout the years, I have never leaned one way or another for a party. It’s immature and certainly not sound to do. In my opinion, it’s really not doing

all your own thinking. Just because a Republican feels one way about something – or a Democrat has a belief in something else – doesn’t mean I agree with everything both say. Everyone has issues and things we all agree and disagree with – so turning it into just a party preference takes all the positives that both sides have and throws them out of the window. WE ALL HAVE PROBLEMS Correct me if I’m wrong, but both Republicans and Democrats are Americans – living with the highest unemployment, rising gas prices, soaring foreclosure numbers and an economy that has not come close to being spiked in a positive way. Win or lose, wouldn’t it be in the best interest of this entire country to combine the two parties’ ideas? To me, that was

– 954-458-0635 – –

what went wrong the past four years. Both sides had some valid and sound ideas to get the economy rolling, but finger pointing and separating themselves brought us to where we sit right now. Hasn’t seeing local businesses suffer and watching all those homes go into foreclosure enough to wake you up? I am so tired of choosing sides – when we are all on the same side. This is not like two countries running against one another. This comes down to survival. As long as this nation remains divided, we have no chance to recover, economically. You can bet billions on that! Agreeing or disagreeing with what I have to say doesn’t come into play here. There are far too many facts that outweigh anything that you will say to make me feel otherwise. Even the most ardent political


From Page 1A ___________________________________________________________________

"My dad was one of the most honest and nicest guys you wanted to meet," Jonathan Wertheimer, 39, said. "We all lost such a loyal person who never wanted to hurt feelings, but at the same time carry out his beliefs." As a pool manager at several top-flight condos and resorts in the region, Wertheimer had the opportunity to meet many influential people. It was through those many meetings that he listened to enough ideas how this could be a special year-round destination.

HOW HE GOT HIS NAME One of those grand ideas earned Wertheimer his nickname - "Casino Stan". His never-ending letters and phone calls to newspapers and radio shows were loaded with facts and figures about casino gaming's future in this region. People, such as the late Neil Rogers, listened and applauded his efforts. "You have to keep hitting people over the head to make them understand - but at the same time - not hurt any feelings," Wertheimer was quoted back in the Sun Times in 2005. "The thing you want people to see when it comes to casino gaming is how it will make this a better place - year round." From his last job at the Olympus in Hallandale Beach, to such early year locations at the Newport Hotel, Wertheimer was in the epicenter of what he loved the most - people! From Ali to James Brown, they all knew him, and listened to his always encouraging words. "My dad was always the team guy," Jonathan said. "He didn't believe in being singled out, which is crazy for all he did, especially when it came to casino gaming." THE VOTE To this day, there are a lot of those who lobbied to get slots and other casino games into our local pari-mutuels, but from all those he talked with, and showed what could happen, "Casino Stan" may have been as responsible as anyone for what we have today. "There are letter writers and those who have a purpose," said longtime Hollywood resident Mike Hollis. "I think that Stan definitely served a purpose. He kept the issues fresh and in front of those who mattered. That to me speaks volumes for a man who never received a cent for his efforts." In addition to his son, Jonathan, Stan is survived by his daughter, Marcy, and son, Aaron.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Over the next two months, after the family grieves for the loss of such an icon, there will be a public remembrance that the family will put together for friends, family and those who were in some way touched by what Stanley Wertheimer did during his lifetime.

2968 Aventura Blvd Aventura, FL 33180 Located in the Publix parking lot behind the Aventura Mall.

(305) 792-9380

party lovers are starting to understand that being short-sighted when it comes to one party or another is counter-productive to what we are trying to do in this country. LOCAL MESS? Do not get me started on what’s happening locally. No matter what city you want to look at, it seems that the residents either do not care – or may just not be able to grasp what they are being sold. As someone who has evaluated high school football talent for 42 years, I know where talent ends and character takes over. I am often the person selling these athletes to college coaches who are ready to put down as much as

$300,000 for an education for these student/athletes. There is no way I would ever recommend a football player to a college if there were character issues. You can have the most productive athlete, but that person could have a terrible attitude, which eventually would spread to the rest of the team. It’s not worth it. Again, as we get ready to profile our local

candidates over the next month, read what they have to say, and then check backgrounds and track records. You’ll be amazed at how politicians can try and hide what could be the worst thing for the future of your city. Have something to add to this column – and I hope you do since it’s your future? Drop me a not at

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Twitter@sfsuntimes – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times /Thursday, October 4, 2012

Page 9A


Keeping he residents informed on how the 2012-2013 budget was developed

HALLANDALE BEACH - One of the most important jobs your commission does for you is to watch every tax dollar. Our professional staff works to propose the budget to us. We then have an opportunity to make changes during workshops and during the public hearings. We can vote to remove items or add items. We then adopt the annual budget and the set the millage rate. The 2012-2013 budget was developed through a lengthy process that started back in January. Over the months of preparation we as a Commission had monthly input along with Staff. Former City Manager Antonio started the budget, but it was completed under the leadership of our new City Manager, Renee Crichton, who started in June. Our City Commission adopted this year’s budget on Monday evening on a 3-1 vote; Vice Mayor Sanders, Commissioner Lewy and I voting yes. Commissioner Ross was absent. This year we have reduced the tax rate from 5.9000 to 5.6833. This means we are doing more with less and this budget is the first in many years we are adding new services and increasing staffing levels to focus on clean City Services. The overall budget is $95 million that includes all funds: General Fund, Enterprise Funds including Water, Sewer, Sanitation, Storm water, Marina and Cemetery and Special Funds Law Enforcement Trust, Police Equitable Sharing, Transportation, Golden Isles, Three Islands, Police outside service and General Liability. The reserve for all funds after this year’s Budget was funded is 28 million dollars. Over the past year we have utilized reserves responsibly to offset cost. Last year we budgeted 6 million dollars, but did not

Mayor Joy Cooper utilize all the budgeted reserves. This often happens due to the fact some projects do not get completed during the year or costs run under budget. Some of the capital projects were not completed and will be completed within this year. This year we are budgeting 6.0. Some of the reserve is to complete capital, pay for new lifeguard services and pay pension obligations. The majority of the Commission would rather use reserves wisely to make sure we are providing the same level of service and paying our bills rather then increase your tax rate. This is even more important this year since there is an increase in sewer cost that will impact every user. The City is still in a good position with our reserves. This is something to be very proud of in light of the rocky economy. Manager Crichton’s first challenge was to address the large sewer bill from Hollywood. She and Staff worked closely on how to address the 19% increase. The end result was $2 base fee increase and 15% on gallon usage. The City does plan annually for this true up and had anticipated the bill to be no more than 700,000. We are increasing the level of service and continuing to invest in our entire infrastructure. This budget includes over 7.0 million dollars in capital and staffing solutions. The main staffing has been for an increase in new

services that include in-house Lifeguard Service for our entire Beach and city pool, a new Clean City Services, marina staffing and parks positions. The City just opened the New Foster Park and we are also expanding our many programs offered at the parks including a New Teen Center. Capital improvements include AIA Lighting Improvements, Beach Renourishment, Compressed Natural Gas Station, Well Field Relocation, Sanitary Sewer Rehab and a new Enterprise System (Main Computer System). The enterprise system is a critical asset that will tremendously impact access transparency and most important, efficiency. I pushed to expedite this project back in January rather then push it off another year. There were some last minute changes to the budget. Com-

missioner Lewy moved to not allow Commissioners in the Defined Benefit Pension plan. Currently Commissioners Lewy and Sanders and I are in a Defined Contribution Plan. The two other commissioners are in the DB plan. This means they are guaranteed a pension benefit from the City for life; rather than a DC plan where if the fund loses money, the employee loses money. This motion passed 3-1; Lewy, Sanders and Cooper voted yes and Ross was absent. This saves the city 100,000 in long term costs. There was a motion to cut all cities advertising in this paper. Currently the City runs a weekly page of city information, announcements and other meeting dates. Commissioner Lewy countered that motion with a suggestion of cutting it in half to 25,000. He even

stated that in our city survey many people use the paper for this type of information. Paper advertizing is cost prohibitive in the two other papers and this paper is our community paper. The motion passed 3-1 with me voting no. I spoke that it is vital to keep all our residents informed in every cost feasible way. The

budget year started on October 1st and it is hard to believe but we will start over again in three months.

As always feel free to contact me anytime: office 954457-1318, cell 954-632-5700 or email www.mayorjoycooper. com

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Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper receives Florida League of Cities Home Rule Hero Award

FORT LAUDERDALE - Broward League of Cities Past President and Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper recently received the Home Rule Hero Award from Florida League of Cities President and Sweetwater Mayor Manny Moroño. Mayor Cooper, the Florida League's immediate past president, was selected in recognition of her outstanding efforts during the 2012 legislative sesion to advance the organization's agenda and protect the home rule powers of Florida’s cities. “I am extremely honored to receive the Home Rule Hero Award,” said Mayor Cooper. “Throughout my presidency, it was my priority to advocate on behalf of the League’s legislative action agenda to ensure home rule powers in Florida.” Chartered in 1957, the Broward League of Cities is a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing the 31 municipal governments and more than 80 associate government, non-profit and business organizations within Broward County. For more information on the Broward League of Cities, please visit or become a fan on Facebook at

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Page 1B - Twitter@sfsuntimes - October 4, 2012


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Page 2B South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, October 4, 2012

– 954-458-0635 – –

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida opens a brand new season at the Aventura Cultural Center

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida opens its 15th season on October 6 at 7 p.m. and October 7 at 3 p.m. including a very exciting contemporary program that includes Vladimir Issaev’s popular neoclassical ballet “Four Seasons” with music of Verdi which first premiered at the Marinsky Theatre in Russia and has become one of the audiences favorites with the exhilarating “Fuga con Pajarillo,” music by Venezuelan composer Aldemaro Romero. In addition, a performance of “Danzon” by guest choreographer Yanis Pikieris, first premiered by Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida in 2010 and became a great success, will be featured by Mr. Pikieris’, whose creativity and Latin flavor is shown in this wonderful ballet. Vladimir Issaev is the Ballet Master, choreographer and Artistic Director of the Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida. He has earned recognition as “Best Arts Educator of the State of Florida,” “Best Choreographer in Competition in California,” and “Honorable Merit Diploma for the Advancement of the Arts of Dance in Russia,” and much more, from 2000 through 2009. If you love Ballet, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the entire season of outstanding ballet performances at

Eleanor Hannan

the Broward Center continuing October 13 and 14, through May 12, 2013. Future performances include programs as the fanciful “Chipollino,” the delightful holiday classic “The Nutcracker,” and the popular spring Ballet Gala. Subscribe now to attend them all at a savings of 15%. Tickets are $25 available at the box office located at 3385 NE 188th St., Aventura. For all additional info, call 954 462-0222 or 1 877-311-7469. Not for children under 3 years of age. Latecomers will be seated only during intermission. BROWARD CENTER FEATURES ENGLISH SYMPHONIC ROCK BAND AND ANNIE HASLAM IN CONCERT Fans have been waiting a long time to hear the rock band Renaissance and Annie Haslam perform their classics with fresh interpretations of their most admired compositions,

including “Carpet of the Sun,” “Ocean Gypsy,” “Ashes Are Burning,” and “Prologue.” The progressive rock ingenuity of Renaissance has been mesmerizing audiences with experimental rock combined with classical motif, since 1971. The haunting five-octave range vocalizations, for Renaissance, has been alluringly characterized by Lancashire’s Annie Haslam. From 2012 to 2013, Renaissance will be touring and performing concerts featuring their masterpiece albums, “Turn of the Cards,” and “Scheherazade,” and other stories, in their entirety, to sold-out audiences at the North East Art Rock Festival in June 2012. The group features the incredible duo of Annie Haslam vocals, and Michael Dunford on guitar, with Rave Tesar on keyboards and David J. Keyes bassist, along with the last two former members of Renaissance and the Annie Haslam Band, spotlighting Frank Pagano, on drums and Jason Hart on keyboards. Today, Annie is not only an accomplished singer and songwriter, but also an artist and fashion designer, and is currently working on a brand new studio album entitled, “Grandine ll Vento,” in tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci. The piece is powerful, poetic and inspiring, to be re-

COMMUNITY CALENDAR If you would like to submit an announcement for our Community Calendar in the paper – or online, where you are guaranteed placement weekly, please send it to: Larry Blustein, Community Calendar Editor, 305 N.W. 10th Terrace, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009; Fax: 954 458-0765 or via e-mail to: For a complete listing of all Community Calendar items, please check our website at: Also follow us on Twitter @sfsuntimes. • Attention: Music Lovers: If you love to sing, join our weekly rehearsals every Tuesday, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at McNichols Community Center, 1411 South 28th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida. New season 2012-2013 starting October 2, 2012. We perform at the Hollywood Art and Performing Center, Schools, Condos and at Special events, luncheons and other activities. We feature broadway and other favorite works. First three rehearsals are complimentary. Annual dues: $60.00 For further details, call Marie Prud'Homme at: 954.391.7656 or just drop in. • BINGO !!!! You are invited to Thursday Bingo at the 1:00 P.M. at the Hallandale Beach Cultural Center. 410 SE 3rd Street - Adults Only, $1.00 per card. For more information about this event call 954-292-8261 or 954-4571452. Thursday, Oct. 4 • Computer Lessons For Seniors age 50 and over. Registration for Basic lessons will take place at 10 a.m. at the Hollywood Beach Culture & Community Center, 1301 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood. Internet Lessons available on completing the Basic Course. Cost for eight two-hour lessons is $50. Further information, phone: (954) 921-3600. Saturday, Oct. 6 * There will be an Antique & Flea Market at The First United Church of Christ. Get a bang for your buck at this bargain shopper's event including a variety of items, unique collectibles and antiques, jewelry, coins, glassware, new and used items, plants, clothing, silverware, and much, much more. Bring in your jewelry, gold, broken gold, silver, coins and antiques for cash. Buyer on premises. Admission is free. For more information, please call 305-951-7349 or email Vendor space is still available. 200 North 46 Avenue. Hollywood 33021 8:00am - 2:00pm. Directions: Take I-95 to Hollywood Blvd. Go west. Make a right at North 46 Avenue. Go 2 blocks and church is on your left.  Sunday, Oct. 7 • American Legion Unit 310, is pleased to announce the return of our monthly  breakfast. We  are  pleased to see all our friends  again after a long summer and maybe some new  friends. Breakfast includes, Omlette's  of choice, Eggs of choice, Side orders Bacon,Sausage, Pancakes, Home fries, and     Scotty' s famous Biscuits and Gravy, Toast of choice, and A complimentary Bloody Mary or Screwdriver, Amt.  $7.00, Time 9:30 a.m. /12:00 p.m. Hope you can join us and will be glad to see all our friends again   Welcome Back. • BLUEGRASS SHOW & JAM---from 12:30 til 5:30 pm at Greynolds Park in No. Miami Beach.  The So. FL Bluegrass Assoc. warmly welcomes you to come enjoy our FREE show of 6 local bluegrass groups, or bring your acoustic instrument and jam with other players at all levels.  Food & drink are available, parking is near-by, and we are accessable to all.  Bring your own lawn chair. Parking is $6.  For more info. call (305) 358-1800 or go to

leased shortly. The band will be performing in the Amaturo Theatre at the Broward Center on Oct. 7, 2012 at 7 p.m. featuring all their admired compositions. Tickets are $45 to $125 at the Center’s box office at 201 SW 5th Ave., Ft. Laud. For all other info, call 954 4620222.

SUPER SCIENTIFIC CIRCUS COMES ALIVE TO THE PARKER PLAYHOUSE Science comes alive with the Super Scientific Circus starring Mr. Fish and Trent the Mime, who prove that science can be fun and funny. The duo uses their amazing and amusing skills to demonstrate scientific concepts such as velocity, friction, inertia, centrifugal force, aerodynamics, sonic booms, air pressure and ultraviolet light. Students learn how to make and throw

a boomerang, put a pin through the balloon and perform unbelievable tricks that actually have scientific explanations. The show helps students realize that science is interesting, fun and something they can understand and use. This fun and educational show teaches audiences all about beach balls, bullwhips, how to blow giant soap bubbles and magic. Smart Stage Matinee’s performance comes to

the Parker Playhouse located at 707 NE 8th St., Ft. Lauderdale, Oct. 8, at 10 and 11:30 a.m. Tickets are very affordable for individual seats at $6, $5.50 for groups 10 or more, and $3 lap tickets for infants under 12 months. For more info, call 954 462-0222. This program is suitable for grades 2 through 5. "See You at the Theatre" Contact Eleanor at

Murder Mystery!!! MURDER THEY VOTE A one woman interactive murder mystery Read a part. Share information.. Examine clues

Fri. Oct 12th 7 pm Café in Knights Inn - 26 Diplomat pkwy, Hallandale


Advance Reservations required…



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2500 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard #601 Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009 Complimentary Second Opinion

Twitter@sfsuntimes – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times /Thursday, October 4, 2012

Destroy unwanted receipts, personal and business records Nov. 3 HOLLYWOOD City of Hollywood residents who would like to destroy unwanted receipts, personal and business records, and other documents are invited to shred up to 5 boxes of paperwork free of charge at the west side parking lot of Hollywood City Hall on Saturday, November 3 from 8 a.m. to noon or until the disposal truck reaches capacity. Proof of Hollywood residency is required.  The City of Hollywood’s Office of the City Clerk-Records and Archives Division is hosting this event to help residents protect themselves against identity theft. Between 500,000 and 700,000 Americans are victimized every year by criminals who cash in on stolen identities, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Identity theft often results in lost money, the need to close fraudulent bank and credit card accounts, damage to a person’s credit rating, and being denied credit, loans, or other services. Residents who would like more information about this event can contact the City of Hollywood Records and Archives Division at 954.921.3545.

The THREE ISLANDS AQUARIUS CHAPTER of the PAPANICOLAOU CORPS FOR CANCER RESEARCH is having their fall season opening deluxe luncheon on Wednesday, October 17th, at 12 noon, at the fabulous "CHRISTINE LEE'S RESTAURANT", at Gulfstream Park and Casino, in Hallandale Beach. In addition to a full menu, including appetizer, choice of three main dishes, dessert, and beverage, we will be entertained by a fabulous musical entertainer, Ralph D'ovedio. A nominal donation of $35 is all that is required, with all proceeds going directly to cancer research at the University of Miami-Sylvester Cancer Center. Included with your donation are two free raffle tickets for great prizes. For reservations, please call Helen Rifkin, at 954-4545430. Help us in our fight against cancer!

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Hollywood residents helped save nearly 27 million gallons of water in 1 year!


By Raelin Storey, Public Affairs Director

HOLLYWOOD - The City of Hollywood Department of Public Utilities partnered with Broward County and the ConservationPays Program a year ago and has seen residents make remarkable progress in conserving water. Since the program launched, it has saved nearly 73,092 gallons of water per day. That equals 26,678,580 gallons saved in a single year! As more and more residents learn about the program, they’re making pledges to reduce their water usage. So far, over 150 pledges have come in from Broward County residents. That means, this year, ConservationPays is on track to save 30 million gallons of water! City of Hollywood along with 17 other municipalities and water utilities. “By partnering with Broward County, we are able to get the message out to a broader group of residents about the importance of conserving water and how it equals savings on their water bills,” says April Taylor, Administrative Coordinator for the City of Hollywood. “If you are vigilant and reduce your water consumption and water loss, you could see a significant difference on your bottom line.” At one time or another, all of us have been told to shut off the water while brushing our teeth or shaving; to check for leaks in our home; and to avoid over-watering

At one time or another, all of us have been told to shut off the water while brushing our teeth or shaving; to check for leaks in our home; and to avoid over-watering our lawns. However, everyone may not be aware of how taking these simple steps results in lowering your consumption.

our lawns. However, everyone may not be aware of how taking these simple steps results in lowering your consumption. • Turning off the water while brushing your teeth/shaving, can save up to 8 gallons a day. • Repairing a faucet that drips only one drop per second, can save 2,700 gallons per year. • Repairing a silent toilet leak can save you 30 - 500 gallons a day. • Watering your lawns, in accordance with the South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD) restriction schedule, can save as much as 25% from water loss.  • Shortening your shower by just 60 seconds a day, can save approximately 150 gallons a month. • Using a pool cover prevents thousands of gallons of water from evaporating and helps keep your pool warm naturally.  “We are hoping people make conserving water a way of life,” says Steve Joseph, P.E., Director of the Department of Public Utilities.  Joseph


The More Intelligent Thing To Do For ONLY $100 Deposit, You Can Guarantee Today’s Price Forever! NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS NO FINANCE CHARGES 100% Trust • 100% Refundable Backed by the Independent Funeral Directors of Florida Master Trust Fund “A Reputation Earned ... Not Inherited” Family Owned & Operated

Joseph A.

urges residents to pay attention to their water bills and track monthly usage. “You should check for spikes as it may indicate hidden leaks or other plumbing problems. These problems mean you are throwing money down the drain and paying for water that no one is even using.” Not only will the leaks increase your water bills, it can also create added costs by the potential it creates for property damage. Now that you armed with additional steps, you can start by simply committing to doing one thing a day.  Before you know it, you will have naturally incorporated conservation into your routine! The City of Hollywood makes it easy for you to begin


by offering a shower head exchange and a toilet rebate program. For more information on how you can reduce your water bill and use our water

conservation programs, please visit our website at or visit our partners in conserving at

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Inaugural ‘Arts In The Park’ event brings in residents from throughout the city

Hello everyone, History was made in Hallandale Beach on September 29, 2012. The first "Arts In The Park" event was held in the NW. Palms, that coincided with the dedication of the new Foster Park Community Center. The dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony, was initiated by our Mayor, Joy Cooper, and the City Commis-

Bill Julian

sion, at 10 am, followed by a tour of the new facility.

The "Arts Festival began at 12 noon and ended at 6 pm. For the first time in it's history, Foster Road was closed to traffic, from NW. 5th Ave. to NW. 7th Ave. A stage was assembled, and vendors, from arts, crafts, and various foods lined the road, and into the park. Since this was Hallandale Beach event, our vendors were local

Free Admission at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood on Sunday, Oct. 21

HOLLYWOOD - Enjoy three exhibitions at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood for free on Sunday, Oct. 21, the Center’s monthly Free Admission Day. From noon to 4 p.m., guests will have the opportunity to view the exhibitions “Justin H. Long: Bow Movement,” “Alex Triminio: Luminous,” and “Lori Nozick: Walkabout.” Free Admission Day is funded in part by Wells Fargo. In his site-specific exhibition, Miami-based artist Justin H. Long explores his passion for the ocean and sailboat racing with a mixed-media installation that includes a massive sailboat hull. With a subversive whimsy that is at the core of his work, Long breaks new ground in his first Broward County exhibition by claiming sailing as an art medium, not only a sport. The centerpiece of the exhibition is an approximately 60-foot-long hull that is elevated from the gallery floor. This singular work, which resembles the skeleton of a whale, is augmented by paintings depicting important events in sailing history. Long also incorporates a series of videos that capture him racing solo in a sailboat in preparation for future races, as well as maps and artifacts that highlight significant journeys and sailboat lore. Alex Trimino’s exhibition consists of illuminated totem poles that are covered in crochet, knitting, and found objects. In employing such items, the Miamibased artist reveals similarities between modern, high-tech materials (microcontrolled neon lights) and colloquial, low-tech crafts (crochet, knitting and weaving). The works create equilibrium between traditions, technologies, and generations. Old methods and new technologies commingle in ways that explore our connection to today’s reality. Lori Nozick’s site-specific installation focuses on the concept of a passage, a journey through the wilderness. The Miami resident presents life as a walkabout in which we continually explore the unknown in order to discover one’s self in relationship to the universe. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday, 12 to 4 p.m. Free parking is available at the Center, which is located at 1650 Harrison St. For more information on these exhibitions or Free Admission Day, please call 954.921.3274 or visit

residents, could benefit most from their concession sales. I can tell you, I contributed to our economic stimulus, as I sampled the best ribs, wings, conch fritters, velvet cake, and frozen mango drinks, from every vendor. The entertainment stage featured music, singers, and dancing for all ages to enjoy. The young performers from the Palms Center for the Performing Arts were fantastic as always. Under the direction of Dr. Debra Brown the Palms Center has consistently educated these kids in the art of music, and dance who otherwise would have never have had the opportunity. I was fortunate to have served on the committee, with a great team of residents, that "Talked the Talk", and "Walked the Walk", to

make this dream a reality. It took the efforts of the (P.C.A.C.), Palms Community Action Committee, with Sandy Atkins, in charge, and various City Departments, the City Manager's Office, Police, Fire, and Public Works, to make this a most enjoyable, successful, and safe event, a real family affair. Arts in the Park was more than just a fun day at Foster Park, and the opening of a new Community Center. It will take a while, maybe a few weeks to let all of this process, and realize what a history making event September 29, 2012 really was to the community. The moral of it's residents is at an all time high, and we must not lose this opportunity, and cease the moment now. We have shown our city what a dedicated,

hard working group that has assembled, as one, can achieve, when we work together. Lets make the momentum we have started, continue. This event has broken through the barriers of, "You Can't Do it", to show us your plans., we will work together and make this happen. This is exactly what our city needed, and was long over due. Let's continue to move forward. Longtime Hallandale Beach resident Bill Julian is the President of the Hallandale Beach Historical Preservation Board. Have any story ideas that will help bring back the tremendous past of Hallandale - Hallandale Beach? You can contact Bill at (954) 2747230 or via e-mail at

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Always Accepting Quality Vendors

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Matthew Gold Takes The Confusion Out Of Your Healthcare Options

Choosing the best plan for you is not easy. That’s why you should attend one of Matthew’s seminars or give him a call to meet with you to discuss your best options. Matthew meets with many Seniors through seminars at their Condo or Homeowner’s Associations. By Suzanne Wallace Sun Times AVENTURA - You are turning 65 and your mailbox is over-flowing with information on Medicare, Supplement Plans, Advantage Plans, prescription plans. Let’s face it ...its very confusing. How are you going to find the plan that works best for you? Maybe you have been in the system for a while but you are not happy with the plan you have. How do you know if there is a better one? OK, your neighbor says her plan is great but when you ask her about the details, she seems unsure herself. What if there was a way for you to learn about Medicare and your many options without reading all the literature that is even more confusing? Well, there is a way to cut through all the mumbojumbo and find out what would work best for you. Matthew Gold is a knowledgeable, independent, healthcare “trusted advisor.” He holds free seminars for groups or meets privately to discuss the many scenarios available. Matthew breaks down the options, benefits and over-abundance of information into bite size pieces so everyone can understand. Be prepared to learn the basics of Medicare and the Medicare process, and the choices that are available to you, including Medicare Supplements also known

Matthew Gold meets with many seniors through seminars at their condo or homeowner’s associations. If you and your neighbors would like to book one of these impressive seminars, it’s an easy thing to do. Just give Matthew a call at 305-215-7881.

Seniors are given a time to change their coverage...It’s called Open Enrollment and it runs from October 15 through December 7. During that time you should shop around to see what is available to address your particular scenarios.

Matthew Gold breaks down the options, benefits and over-abundance of information into bite size pieces so everyone can understand. Be prepared to learn the basics of Medicare and the Medicare process, and the choices that are available to you, including Medicare Supplements also known as Medi-Gap policies and Medicare Advantage programs.

as Medi-Gap policies and Medicare Advantage programs. Matthew Gold earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from the University of Florida. He then went on to earn an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. Matthew has quite a diverse background, as he has experience working in

Now is the time to ask about your Medicare options... • What is Original Medicare and are there other options? • What are Medicare Parts A, B, C and D? • Are prescriptions covered? • How much do I have to pay for Hospital stays? • Do I have co-pays for Doctor Visits? • How much does the plan cost? • Are there deadlines to enroll?

the banking, mortgage and food industries. Today, Matthew spends his time helping seniors cut through the maze we call Medicare. Seniors are given a time to change their coverage...It’s called Open Enrollment and it runs from October 15 through December 7. During that time you should shop around to see what is available to address your particular scenaros. What better way to do so than to meet with Matthew? For instance - maybe paying a higher premium is no problem for you if you are getting the best coverage....but are you? Have you wondered if you really needed to pay that much? Or perhaps you are on a limited income. How can you

pay high co-pays or deductibles? If you choose a plan, how do you know if your doctors accept the plan or if your prescriptions are going to cost you more than if you went with a different plan? Choosing the best plan for you is not easy. That’s why you should attend one of Matthew’s seminars or give him a call to meet with you to discuss your best options. Matthew meets with many Seniors through seminars at their Condo or Homeowner’s Associations. If you and your neighbors would like to book a seminar, it’s an easy thing to do. Just give Matthew a call at 305215-7881. You can set it up in your Club House or Meeting Room and it’s free.

Matthew Gold is a knowledgeable, independent, healthcare “trusted advisor.” He holds free seminars for groups or meets privately to discuss the many scenarios available.

At the seminar he will break down the options, benefits and over-abundance of information into bite size pieces so everyone can understand.

Knowledge is a great gift. It’s comforting when you know you are making the smart choice for your healthcare and your future. "If you're new to Medicare, turning 65, or about to retire and possibly lose your em-

ployer coverage, you may need to make some choices”, Matthew stated. “When you're ready, I'd like to help." A salesperson will be present with information & application.

Upcoming Medicare Seminars: Courtyard by Marriott 2825 N.E. 191 Street Aventura. Tuesday (October 9th - 6 P.M.) Thursday (October 11th - 10 A.M.)

Page 2C South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, October 4, 2012

– 954-458-0635 – –

Nine tips to protect your rights as a patient (ARA) - Many Americans put a great deal of trust in our country's health care system and the health care professionals who tend to their medical needs. But from time to time, a medical procedure doesn't go according to plan. When a procedure goes wrong, here are nine tips from about your rights as a patient: 1. Understand your health insurance. Millions of Americans purchase health insurance with little understanding of what they're actually buying. They assume that when a medical crisis comes up, they're covered, but that isn't always the case. Take responsibility for your health and read your insurance policy to clearly understand what is and isn't covered, and what your financial responsibilities will be in the event of a major medical event. 2. Become familiar with your employer's policies. The Family and Medical Leave Act is a federal law that has established minimum unpaid leave standards and rights for employees who have health problems, sick family members or who are giving birth to or adopting children. Become familiar with the law and any additional benefits offered by your employer if you are or will be facing a medical situation that may make it difficult to work for a

lengthy period of time. 3. Get a second opinion. If you don't like the way you're being treated or don't believe your physician is providing the best possible care, consider seeing another physician. If you're facing a major medical issue and want to understand all of the treatment options available to you, or to confirm the treatment plan recommended by your primary physician, let your doctor know that you're going to get a second opinion. Good doctors generally welcome further consultation with other doctors. If you seek a second opinion, check ahead of time that it is covered by your health insurance. 4. Consider alternative courses of treatment. In times of a serious or critical illness, ask your physician to explain all potential treat-

ments to you, whether or not your health insurance will pay for them. 5. Understand your right to refuse medical treatment. You have the right to refuse medical treatment. You also have the right to leave a hospital or health care facility against medical advice. If you do so, however, most hospitals and health care facilities will require you to read and sign a form indicating refusal of treatment in order to protect themselves from any future malpractice claims. 6. Bring a trusted friend or family member to your appointments. Invite a trusted friend or family member to join you when discussing your health care with your physician. Medical information and options for treatment can be complex. Having another person listening to your doctor can help

you process all the important information and sort out your options. 7. Protect yourself against health care fraud.

Groups attempting to defraud the health care system and/or programs like Medicare and Medicaid may be putting your health at risk through bogus treatments and prescriptions. Stick with well-recognized health care organizations and pharmacies, and carefully watch your medical statements for unusual activity. 8. Keep good records. Keep your own records of your health care treatment and make sure to inform your primary physician of treatment you have received from other doctors. Also keep careful records of your chil-

dren's medical histories, including information about vaccinations, allergies and medications. 9. Consider drafting a health care directive. You may want to hire an attorney to help you complete a health care directive, which designates a trusted person, such as a family member, to make decisions about your health care treatment in the event that you cannot due to illness or injury, including your wishes regarding organ donation. For more information about your rights as a patient, visit

Preventing Senior Falls Starts in the Bathroom

(NewsUSA) - More than one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year, and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) says 80 percent of these falls are in the bathroom. Due to the multitude of unforgiving and slippery surfaces, bathrooms are very hazardous for the home. Knowing how to get in and out of tubs and showers properly and equipping homes with necessary safety precautions can reduce senior falls, keep them out of the emergency room and possibly extend their life. According to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.6 million older adults seek emergency care each year for fall-related injuries, fractures or head trauma. In addition to potentially losing their independence, seniors 65 years old and up have a 25 percent chance of dying within six months to a year if they fall and break a hip. Seniors are vulnerable to falls for many reasons -- eyesight and reflexes aren't as razor-sharp as they used to be, not to mention the balance issues posed by diabetes, heart disease, thyroid conditions and various medications. But, another preventative method recommended by physicians is installing a shower or tub built around the unique needs of elderly adults. For example, Safe Step Tub Walk-In Tub Company's new walk-in shower has a foldable chair, flexible shower wand, grab bars, ultra-low step up and other senior-friendly features. And since the cost of retirement is high for many seniors, installation is included in the price.

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Elite Dental Practice with coupon. Limited time only. No gum disease present. – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, October 4, 2012 Page 3C

Page 4C South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, October 4, 2012

– 954-458-0635 – –

Many adults are not aware of important vaccinations they need

(ARA) - Which vaccinations should adults get? If you answered, “I don't know,” don't worry - you're not alone. A new national survey of adults in the United States reveals that more than two-thirds don't know which vaccinations they need beyond just the flu shot. Adults need vaccinations not only to protect themselves from serious diseases but also to prevent spreading illnesses to their family, friends and other loved

ones. Millions of Americans get sick from diseases that can be prevented by vaccines each year, causing them to miss work and leaving them unable to care for those who depend on them, including children and aging parents. Even though many diseases can now be prevented by vaccines, there are still nearly 1 million cases of shingles (which is caused by the chickenpox virus) in the United

Atrial Fibrillation: 3 Reasons to Protect Your Heart Health

(NewsUSA) - Health problems associated with atrial fibrillation (AFib) are increasing. According to the Atrial Fibrillation Association, approximately 2.5 million people living in the U.S. currently have AFib, the most common heart rhythm disorder. AFib is an electrical problem that causes the atria (upper chambers of the heart) to beat in an irregular, erratic rhythm, resulting in insufficient blood-flow throughout the body. Sometimes the condition doesn't negatively impact a person at all. Other times, however, it can lead to serious and sometimes fatal health issues like heart attack or stroke. Below, we unravel some of the most prevalent AFib statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and share ways you prevent the condition. 1. As many as 12 million people will have AFib by 2050. To prevent Afib, promote heart health by avoiding risk factors associated with it. Risk factors include old age, high blood pressure, heavy alcohol consumption, sleep apnea, genetics, other abnormal heart conditions and other chronic medical conditions. Keep your blood pressure down by consuming a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, staying active and not smoking. For sleep apnea, consult a doctor or polysomnography technician as a first step. 2. The median age for patients with AFib is 66.8 years (men) and 74.6 years (women). Doctors have noted that atrial fibrillation seems to increase with age. That's why it's especially important to make healthy lifestyle choices and take better care of your heart sooner rather than later. Becoming aware of health problems before they get worse can reduce the damage the body experiences. If caught early, conditions like stroke and heart attack caused by AFib are very treatable. 3. Atrial fibrillation increases risk of ischemic stroke by five times. The CDC reports that AFib causes approximately 15 to 20 percent of all ischemic strokes. About 80 percent don't experience symptoms, so preventing, identifying or treating atrial fibrillation can have a huge impact on these numbers. Since most strokes are asymptomatic, preventive health screenings ( that can identify the possibility of a stroke are beneficial. Spotting a debilitating stroke before it happens can benefit a person in more ways than one. By implementing healthy habits in your daily routine, you can promote your own lifelong health ( and avoid becoming a statistic. Don't become another individual faced with the challenges of atrial fibrillation.

States every year, and almost one out of three people will develop shingles in their lifetime. Also, cases of whooping cough have increased significantly within the last year there have been 26,000 cases of whooping cough reported in the United States as of early September, which is more than twice as many reported at this time last year. To help people get the vaccinations they need, Sam's Club is offering 10 vaccines this cold and flu season at all locations with a pharmacy. In partnership with Mollen Immunization Clinics, the retailer is providing an expanded menu of vaccines administered by registered nurses through Nov. 15.

Specific vaccines include the following: * Flu - Protects against influenza (also known as the flu), which is a contagious respiratory illness * Pneumococcal Protects against pneumococcus, which can cause several infections, such as pneumonia * Varicella - Protects against chickenpox * Herpes zoster Protects against shingles, which is caused by the chickenpox virus * Tdap - Protects against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (also known as whooping cough), which is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection * HPV - Protects against human papillomavirus, which is a sexually transmitted infection that can cause common conditions, such as warts, as well as more serious diseases, such as cervical cancer * MMR - Protects against measles, mumps and rubella (also known as German measles) * Meningitis - Protects against meningococcal disease, which is a serious bacterial illness that can cause bacterial meningitis * Hepatitis A - Protects against hepatitis A virus infection, which

A new national survey of adults in the United States reveals that more than two-thirds don't know which vaccinations they need beyond just the flu shot. Adults need vaccinations not only to protect themselves from serious diseases but also to prevent spreading illnesses to their family, friends and other loved ones.

causes a liver disease * Hepatitis B - Protects against hepatitis B virus infection, which also causes a liver disease “Many adults have not received one or more of the vaccinations that they should be getting, and undervaccinated communities are at a higher risk for local outbreaks of disease,” says Jill Turner-Mitchael, senior vice president of Sam's Club health and wellness. “By offering these vaccines this year, we continue to help our communities live healthy at a low cost and remarkable value.”

New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that everyone older than 6 months old should receive a flu shot every year. Each year in the United States, one in five people (about 20 percent of the population) is infected with the flu. Getting vaccinated against the flu is important because it is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death. Additionally, getting vaccinated with

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2978 Aventura Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 - (305) 931-5550 “Between Publix And CVS Pharmacy” “ List With Us & View Your Property on You Tube & Facebook” CONDOS & HOMES FOR SALE Ashbury House 1 Br. 1.5 Ba.....................$90,000 Atlantic 1 @ The Point 5 Br. 5.5 Ba....$1,893,000 Atlantic Shores 3 Br. 2 Ba....................$229,000 Beverly Hills Condo 1 Br. 1.5 Ba.............$60,000 Greyknoll Estates 3 Br.2 Ba...................$375,000

Mystic Point 2 Br. 2 Ba..........................$249,900 Mystic Point 2 Br. 2 Ba..........................$345,000 Stonebridgge 3 Br. 3.5 Ba......................$595,000 Taramina Co-Op 1 Br. 1 Ba....................$110,000

OUR RENTALS Beverly Hills Condo 1 Br. 1.5 Ba..................$900 Del Vista 2 Br. 2 Ba......................................$1450 Del Vista 1Br. 2 Ba.......................................$1700 Latitude On The River 1 Br. 1 Ba................$1850 Sayan 2 Br. 2.5 Ba.......................................$9000 Springtree in Sunrise 2 Br. 2 Ba................$1195 St. Tropez 3 Br. 2 Ba....................................$7500 St. Tropez 3 Br. 2 Ba....................................$9000

St. Tropez 3 Br. 2 Ba....................................$9500 St. Tropez Seasonal 4 Br. 3.5 Ba.............$15,600 Sunrise Golf Village 3 Br. 2 Ba...................$1550 Villa @ Harbor Isles 3 Br. 2.5 Ba................$1650 Villa in Sunrise 3 Br. 2.5 Ba........................$1695 Waterway WPB 4 Br. 3.5 Ba........................$1595 Waterway WPB 4 Br. 2.5 Ba........................$1600

COMMERCIAL SALES Vacant Land Near I-95 & Aventura Zoned For 18 Townhomes...................................$799,000 Business Opportunity Tire Store on 441.....................................$950,000

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Hemispheres 2/2 Pent. Corner, East - Upgraded, $334,000 Hemispheres 2/2 Hi Fl S.e. Intra & Ocn,................$299,000 Hemispheres * NEW1/1.5, Ocn, Hi Fl upgraded $289,000 Hemispheres 1/1.5 Upgraded, S/e .......................$210,000 La Mer* NEW 2/2, SE, large unit.................$349,000 Yacht Harbour 1/1.5 Upgraded “Spectacular OnThe Intra”...................................$131,000

SUNNY ISLES: Trump Royale * NEW 2/2 Lower Penthouse, SE......$859,000 Trump Royale * NEW 1/1.5 Dir Ocn Hi Fl........$689,000

RENTALS Hemispheres 1/1.5 On Ocean Seasonal..............$2,850 Hemispheres 1/1.5 On The Intra Seasonal..........$2,200 Hemispheres 1/1.5 On The Ocean, Annual..........$1,300 Hemispheres 2/2 Corner East View Seasonal ...$2,500 Plaza Towers North 2/2 Spotless! Annual...........$1,350 Trump Royale 3/3.5 PH Spectacular Ocean & Intracoastal Unfurn. Annual....................................................$5,500

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Spacious 2/2’s + Den corner wrap starting in the $200,000’s. AVENTURA Smaller 2/2’s & 1 Br. ATLANTIC III Converts. w/2 full baths. Beautiful 3 Br. 3.5 Ba. Great Complex across with magnificent views from Ocean, 15 mins. of Ocean & Intracoastal. from Ft. Laud. airport. 10 mins. to Aventura WEST LAKE Mall.

from this Completely Upgraded 1/1.5, full Service Oceanfront Building, $399,000.

PARKER TOWER Oceanfront Building, 1 Bdrm. Conv. with 2 full Baths. Priced to sell!!


3/2.5, 1 car garage, convenient to Shopping, Beaches, Airport, $329,000

LESLIE DRIVE Large corner wrap 2/2 + Den. Completely upgraded. Easy to Show! Call LA

Spacious 2/2’s & 1/1.5 Units available. Bldg. offers water or golf views. Opposite 5-Star Diplomat Golf & Country Club. Great location, convenient to beaches, shopping, airport, Aventura & Gulfstream.


MYSTIC POINTE 2/2 Short Sale - 3/2 convenient to Racetrack, Great complex in the D LD SO&Lbeaches. shopping Heart ofSOAventura. $249,900

OCEAN DIRECT VIEWS From this completely upgraded 1800 sq. ft. unit. Great Oceanfront secured bldg. Convenient to airport, Aventura Mall, shopping & restaurants. $499,000.

3/3.5, Furnished. $8,000 Per Month.

$129,900. Cash Back Up Offers Only!

Many Others Available, Call For Info!

Page 1D - Twitter@sfsuntimes – Thursday, October 4, 2012

Charles Wu named Director of Development Services

Charles Wu, an architect by training and a certified planner, is the new Director of Development Services in the City of Hallandale Beach. Mr. Wu will oversee the City’s Building, Planning and Zoning, and Code Compliance divisions. A University of Michigan graduate, Mr. Wu is no stranger to South Florida. He is the former Planning Director in the City of West Palm Beach. He comes to Hallandale Beach after serving as the Deputy Director of the Office of Community Redevelopment in Fairfax County, Va. A native of Trinidad, Mr. Wu moved to Taiwan when he was 12. He immigrated to the United States to attend the University of Michigan. Upon graduation in 1987, he joined the planning staff of the City of West Palm Beach for the first time. He assumed managing roles in Palm Beach Gardens before returning to West Palm Beach as Planning Director, a position he held for five years. From West Palm Beach, he assumed the role of Deputy Director of the Office of Community Redevelopment in Fairfax County. “I take jobs that are challenging,” said Mr. Wu. “(West Palm Beach) had a revolving door of planning directors. They lost a lot of good staff,” Mr. Wu

A University of Michigan graduate, Mr. Wu is no stranger to South Florida. He is the former Planning Director in the City of West Palm Beach. He comes to Hallandale Beach after serving as the Deputy Director of the Office of Community Redevelopment in Fairfax County, Va.

said of his returning to West Palm Beach to work under then Mayor Lois Frankel. After stabilizing the Planning Department, Mr. Wu found his next challenge, Fairfax County. Mr. Wu said he jumped at the oppor-

tunity in Hallandale Beach. “(Hallandale Beach) has a lot of potential; there is a lot of uniqueness to the City,” Mr. Wu said. However, he candidly said, “I missed Florida. I missed the beaches and I missed my friends.”


Seventh Annual Women’s Cancer & Health Event to be held on Oct. 13

Women from throughout the region are encouraged to attend the City of Hallandale Beach’s Seventh Annual Women’s Cancer & Health Event, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Austin Hepburn Center, 750 N.W. 8th Ave. The event is free and lunch will be served. At 8:30AM, before the Women’s Cancer & Health Event will be the first Stiletto Breast Cancer Walk from the Hepburn Center to the new Foster Park Community Center, 609 N.W. 6th Ave., and back. The Stiletto Breast Cancer Walk is sponsored by Fire-N-Dezire Bikers Club of Miami. Registration fee for the walk is $15, with proceeds going to support area cancer organizations. “We’ve had women from as far as Pompano attend the event,” said Cora Daise, Hallandale Beach Assistant Director of Human Services, about the Women’s Cancer & Health Event.  “The event is open to all women; they will enjoy free knowledge, prizes, food and fun.” The annual event brings together cancer experts to discuss a variety of cancers that affect women; breast cancer, cervical cancer, and several other cancers. Educational seminars and free HIV screenings will be available at the event. Door prizes will be awarded at the Women’s Cancer & Health Event. The City’s Human Services Department has taken an active role in providing cancer education and screening to the community. In September, the City sponsored the Annual Men’s Cancer and Health Event.  More than 30 area residents attended the free prostate screening and seminars.

The new Foster Park Community Center

Road closures for the Livestrong half-marathon and 5-K charity runs

Hallandale Beach City Commissioners and Community leaders joined together Saturday, Sept. 29, to open the new Foster Park Community Center, 609 N.W. 6th Avenue. Built mostly by City residents and City subcontractors, the Community Center attracted about 200 people in attendance for the event. Designed to meet the needs of the community, the Foster Park Community Center has a large multi-purpose room with kitchen area, micro library with an African-American and Caribbean history and cultural theme, a historic wing honoring pioneers from the community, fitness room, computer lab and several smaller play areas for children and adults. Mayor Joy Cooper cut the ribbon to officially open the center. (Photo courtesy City of Hallandale Beach Public Relations)

There will be temporary road closures on along Hallandale Beach Boulevard and partial road closures on several roads in the Northeast Quadrant 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 13, for the Livestrong halfmarathon and 5-K charity runs. Livestrong is the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Lanes to be closed include: Eastbound Hallandale Beach Boulevard at N.E. 10th Avenue; two temporary road closures closure to allow runners of both events to cross at the beginning and ending of each event. Westbound Hallandale Beach Boulevard at N.E. 12th Avenue (5-K run) and Three Islands Boulevard (half-marathon) The Half Marathon route includes partial closures on Hallandale Beach Boulevard between N.E. 10th Avenue and Three Islands Boulevard; Three Islands Boulevard; Atlantic Shores Boulevard; N.E. 8th Avenue; N.E. 7th Street; and N.E. 10th Avenue. The 5-K run includes partial road closures on Hallandale Beach Boulevard between N.E. 10th Avenue and N.E. 12th Avenue; Atlantic Shores Boulevard; N.E. 8th Avenue; N.E. 7th Street; and N.E. 10th Avenue.

Page 2D South Florida Sun-Times/Thursday, October 4, 2012

– 954-458-0635 – –

Savory fall dishes enhanced with grapes

(ARA) - Beautiful fall vegetables are in season now and make for wonderful dishes that will have your family members saying “yum.” In addition to the traditional fall flavors of produce like squash and cauliflower, California grapes are also in season, having one of the longest, “just-picked” seasons among North American fruits, from May to January. Always the perfect snack, grapes possess a flavor balance of sweetness and acidity, making them a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savory preparations. When it comes to fall produce, cauliflower is often passed over in the produce aisles in favor of its much-touted cousin broccoli. But roasting cauliflower brings out a hint of surprising sweetness in this robust veggie. Add to that roasted grapes, with their juicy burst of tangy flavor, along with a good sprinkling of ground cumin, and you'll be reaching for cauliflower more often just to prepare this simple and delightful dish. Butternut squash takes on a whole new dimension when baked

with grapes and rosemary and seasoned with a gratin topping. The crunch of the topping adds another texture component to the “pop” of juice coming from the grapes and the browned edges of the comforting squash.  Rosemary offers a hint of aromatics that fits perfectly into the mix. Roasting grapes is a big trend in finer restaurants, but very easy to do. Roasted grapes can also be turned into a simple sauce, by adding a ladleful of wine, water or broth and reducing the mixture over heat to thicken to a syrupy consistency. Drizzle over pork tenderloins or sauteed chicken breasts, and you'll wonder why you've never done it before. Both featured recipes have an added bonus: They combine fruit and vegetables, which are foods that health experts say we need to eat more of, more often.

3/4 teaspoon kosher salt 3/4 teaspoon ground cumin 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 2 cups red, green or black seedless California grapes

Preheat the oven to 450 F. Toss cauliflower, 1 1/2 tablespoons oil, salt, cumin and pepper together in a large bowl and spread in one layer on a large, rimmed baking sheet. Roast 20 minutes and stir the cauliflower. Toss the grapes and remaining olive oil together and add to the baking sheet. Roast 5 to 10 minutes longer and serve. Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories 116; Protein 3.3 g; Carbohydrate 17 g; Fat 5.2 g; 37 percent Calories from Fat; Cholesterol 0 mg;

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER AND GRAPES 1 large head cauliflower (3 pounds), cut into 1 1/2-inch florets 2 tablespoons extravirgin olive oil, divided

Sodium 287 mg; Fiber 3.6 g. BUTTERNUT SQUASH, ROSEMARY AND GRAPE BAKE 5 tablespoons extravirgin olive oil, divided 2 medium butternut squash (about 4 pounds), peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks or 3 1/2 pounds precut butternut squash chunks (11 cups) Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 1/2 large red onion, cut into thin slices 1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary or 1 teaspoon dried 3/4 cup chicken or vegetable broth 2 cups red or black seedless California grapes, stemmed and rinsed 2 cups fresh bread-

crumbs 1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan

Preheat the oven to 375 F. Grease a 9 x 13inch baking dish. Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add half the squash and season liberally with salt and pepper. Cook, stirring occasionally, until browned, about 5 to 7 minutes, then transfer to the baking dish. Repeat browning of remaining squash with another tablespoon of olive oil and more salt and pepper. Transfer to baking dish. Heat another tablespoon of the oil in the skillet and add the onion and rosemary. Season with salt and pepper and cook until softened, about 5 minutes. Pour in the broth and scrape up any browned bits on the


bottom. Bring to a simmer and pour into baking dish. Cover with foil and bake until squash is very tender, about 40 minutes. Raise the oven temperature to 450 F. Remove the dish from the oven and take off the foil. Sprinkle the grapes over the top. In a medium bowl, mix together the breadcrumbs, Parmesan and remaining 3 tablespoons olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle over the squash. Bake until top is browned and bubbling, or about 10 to 15 minutes longer. Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories 259; Protein 6.6 g; Carbohydrate 36 g; Fat 12 g; 38 percent Calories from Fat; Cholesterol 10 mg; Sodium 266 mg; Fiber 4.7 g.

HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY LISTEN TO 880 AM, SUNDAY JAZZ BRUNCH, 9 AM-NOON W/MARK BENSON CAFE SPECIAL Reg. $12.99 + Tax With Spaghetti & Sauce, House Salad Cukes & Chick Peas, Creamy Italian Dressing

Entree Choice:

Chicken Laurenzo or Pork Roast • For Wine Orders: • For Store Orders w/Broccoli Rabe HOURS: MON.-SAT 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.; SUN. 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. or Veal Parmigiana



$ 99 + Tax

WINE SHOP • CAFE / RESTAURANT • 16385 W. DIXIE HWY., NMB (305) 945-6381 Sangervasio “Organic” Reg $21.99 Toscana 2007 70% Sangiovese 20% Merlot 10% Cab Sauv.

$12.99 While Supply lasts

LARGE SPAGHETTI OR RIGATONI Famous Whole $ W/2 MEATBALLS & SAUCE Baked Artichoke Antolini Reg. $29.99 “Baby Amarone”



From Famous Amarone Producer

4$ 99 3 $ 99 3




Steaks Frozen

Swai Fillets

“Cat Fish” Frozen

Tilapia Fillet


USDA Grade “A” Boneless Skinless

1$ 99 3 $ 99 8 Lb.

5 lb or more Imported Danish

Baby Back Lb. Ribs


USDA Choice Beef Rib

Boneless “Ribeye” Lb. Steak

+ Tax

Tripe Alla 12 oz. $5.99 Romana Large $12.99

Salmon $ 99 Chicken $ 99 Breast

Fresh Canadian Farm Raised





Reg. $6.49Lb.


Reg. $5.49 Lb.

Citterio Hard Genoa Salami


Reg. $6.99 lb.

Hot or Sweet Capicola Reg. $7.99 Lb. Imp. France

Nicoise Olives

Imp. Italy 16 oz. Reg. $2.49

1 Ferarra 25 oz. $ 39 Sparkling Mineral Water 1

5 $ 99 1

Famous Since 1921 $2.50 Gabilla’s Brooklyn Coney Island Square

Potato Knish

Frozen made in Bronx NY 6 Pk.



$ 99

DeCecco Pasta


Jumbo Eggs Dz. Kennesaw Fresh OJ 1/2 Gal.



Cento 3 Ltr. EVOO $17.99 Cento 28 oz. Crushed Tom $1.39


Vincent’s Voted #1 Pasta Sauce on Long Island! Mild Original Sauce Since 1904 - 16 oz. Reg. $4.69

12 Oz

Mon.-Sat. 11-5:30 p.m. Sunday 12-5 P.M. 2 Slices NY $ 63 + Tax Cheese Pizza w/FREE 12 oz. Soft Drink

2 Cento 15 oz. $ 49 Tomato Soup 1 $ 29 3 Misura Italy 1 Lb. $ 69 Whole Wheat Pasta 1

Roasted Red Peppers

4 Oz


LAURENZO’S HOMEMADE PASTA Frozen Cheese $ 99 Ravioli 36 Ct. PKG Frozen Meat $ 99 Ravioli Dz. DZ Jumbo Cheese $ 99 Ravioli Dz. DZ

99 Mancini 12 oz. 8 Oz

Boar’s Head Muenster Cheese

+ Tax

Veal & Peppers $ 99 SUB!! + Tax

3 Smoked $675 Nova U $950 $ 549 $ 449 $ 599 ACME BROOKLYN $ Pre-Sliced Salmon




$1.79 $3.99

5 5 3

Fresh Homemade 1 Lb. Min. Reg. $7.99 Lb.


Just Bagels

$ 99 Lb.

“Boiled” Made in “Da Bronx” 6 Pk Frozen Plain 3-4 Types

Laurenzo’s 14 oz. $ Italian Bread



5 $ 49 3 $ 99 3

Pumpkin Fettuccine



REG HOURS: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. • 16445 W. Dixie Hwy. 305. 944.5052

ORGANICS, A GREAT SELECTION & LOW PRICES – ORGANIC FRUIT – VEG – GREENS Organic Beautiful Tasty Beautiful Fancy Idaho Garnet Green Papayas Red Eggplant Potatoes Yams Beans Peppers 5 Lb Bag








$ Lb.











NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS – PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! AMEX, VISA, MC & ATM Honor Cards For Main Store • Farmer’s Market: VISA, MC & AMEX. Valid 10/04/12 - 10/10/12 – – 954-458-0635 – South Florida Sun-Times / Thursday, October 4, 2012 Page 3D

We Were Voted The #1 Kosher Market In South Florida & Aventura 1



N Country Club Drive


NE 203rd St

US 1

Sun 7:30 am - 8:00 pm Mon–thur 7:30 am - 9:00 pm Fri 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Parking Available In The Rear

lvd. ura B Avent Aventura Mall


William Lehman Cswy

3017 Aventura Blvd (Next To Walgreens) Aventura, Fl 33180 • PHONE 305-792-7988 • FAX 305-792-2205





• Sandwiches & Wraps • Fish Platters • Fruit & Dessert Platters • 6 Foot Subs • Chicken Wings • Deli Meats



BET YOSEF & SHOR HABOR BEEF Acme Smoked Roland 20 Oz Salmon Whole Lychees




99 $ 4 Oz





2 Hot Dogs & Soda

$ 50 Gold’s 6oz

8 Oz




Memorial Tins




Homemade BUY 1 GET 1 Frozen Dinners FREE






Osem Chicken Soup Osem Mini Osem Bamba Tabatchnick Consomme 14oz Mandle 14oz Multi Pack 6pk Chicken Broth 29 $ 99 $ 79 99 $ $





32 Oz

Osem Bread Crumbs Osem Salad Osem 8.8oz Achva 450 G Honey Cakes All Varieties 15oz Croutons 5oz Couscous 99 $ $ 29 $ 99 $ 29


7 $ 19 1

$ 99

Badia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Ltr

Cedar 16 Oz Chick Peas



Herzog Selection

Prosecco or Asti

Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay & Valsfore


99 99 Ea Btl

Victor Wines Cabernet, Merlot Chardonnay


$ $

99 99

$ 49

Paskesz Marshmallows 8 Oz


3 $ 69 1

$ 49

Wacky Mac 5.5 Oz

Traditional Soups


00 00

2/$ 2/$

Cantina Gabriele Dolcemente


$ $ 99 99

Ea Btl


Ea Btl

Yarden Merlot


99 99

$ $

Ea Btl

Barkan Classic Wines


$ $

99 99 Ea Btl


99 $ 49 1


California Delight Chunk Light Tuna 5 oz



$ $

3 $ 99 2

Fresh & Healthy Cholov Israel Milk 1/2 Gallon

Calif. Delight Hearts Of Palm 14 Oz



Teal Lake

Terra Vega

Moscato Red or White


$ $


99 99


$ $

Ea Btl

Kedem Concord Grape Wine

$ $

All Varieties

99 99 Ea Btl

99 99 Ea Btl

Binyamina Reserve All Varieties


$ $

99 99 Ea Btl

Page 4D South Florida Sun-Times/ Thursday, October 4, 2012 – 954-458-0635 – –

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