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Sumayyah Bailey

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City & Islington College

Teacher Assessor Unit 13

Osman Amin, Ian Busby, Jeff Lee

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Extended project in creative media production

Proposed project title

The Imagination of a Cavy

Section One: Rationale, objective, responsibilities, reasons for choosing this project

Rationale e.g. what is your project about and what media type will you be using: For my FMP I will be creating a musical short film. Inspired by Disney’s Fantasia, The Imagination of a Cavy shows the visual spectacle that is a guinea pig’s mind. When let to roam his owner’s living room, Alfie the guinea pig, in a state of excitement, imagines a musical world that is in tune with the music playing on his owner’s record player. This world is full of upbeat music, ballet, formal attire, complete in 1950’s art style, using both 2D and 3D animation. My project will communicate how music can make you feel and will be a feel good film for all ages. 1950’s music will be used, which will be in line with the aesthetic of the film. This will appeal to an older target audience who remember the songs from their former years. I was inspired to do a musical short, from watching ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’. The musical aspect of the film will represent the guinea pig’s excitement of hearing music and being allowed to roam owner’s house. Reasons for choosing the project (eg, links to other subjects you are studying, personal interest, future plans, knowledge/skills you want to improve, why the topic is important): My project is a passion project inspired by Disney’s fantasia. I chose to have a guinea pig as the main character, as they are my favourite animals and are very social. Guinea pigs react to music and names and in a film where sound is the premise, I thought it only right to use an animal which not only makes a lot of sounds, but also reacts to them. So visuals and sound will play a major part of this film. Due to watching ‘The greatest showman’ and ‘La La Land’, I was inspired to do an upbeat film as a project, because I think love and passion for a project really adds to the outcome of the work you produce. I am a big fan of 50’s music. Some of the artists I like are, Nat ‘King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and a more underpraised artist, Tommy Edwards, known for his hit, ‘It’s all in the game’. Project objectives (eg, what is the question you want to answer? I want my audience to happy and intrigued by this film, as the purpose of this film is to entertain. From this project, I want to develop my skills in animating and I want this project to be the starting point for me being able to tell a story through different genres, both live-action and not. What do you want to learn how to do? What do you want to find out? I intend to develop my skills in 3D animation software such as, Maya, Zbrush, Adobe Illustrator, Animate and After Effects. I want to learn the process of 2D and 3D animation. I want to be able to tell a story through graphics and model character from concept art.

If it is a group project, what will your responsibilities be? Or if you are working independently what support you may need from others? I will be working independently, however I will gain inspiration and advice from online animators, for example, on YouTube, websites or reading ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ by Richard Williams. This book contain principles of animation, which may come in handy when learning how to create a good animation. I will get feedback from my peers in class, through pre-visualisation sessions and show them rough drawings and concept art to give my audience an idea on what my animation will look like.

Section Two: Target audience Who is your target audience? The target audience for my musical short film is all ages in all social classes. My animation will feature 50’s style music, which an older audience can appreciate. Animation is a genre that people of all ages can enjoy, with Disney’s audience ranging from 5-60 years of age. The use of animal characters in my film will appeal to a younger audience, especially as the main character is a guinea pig and mainly children and young adults have guinea pigs as pets. Why would your program capture their attention With the success of student-made animations, gaining millions of views on YouTube, I think my animation will maximise its audience on this platform. Also the success of musicals in Hollywood, such as, ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ leads me to believe that my film will a success. With the use of 50’s music, this will maximise my older and young adult audience. Lo-fi Hiphop has become very popular on YouTube . This genre of music often mixes jazz and hip hop beats. With original 50’s music made ‘trendy’, so to speak, young audiences (including myself) often ask for the source of the music, looking for the original track. I will provide my audience with original 50’s music and although this is popular music, it can be considered ‘indie’ due to its difference in time period and style. Section Three: Activities and actions


Activities to be carried out during the project (eg, research, development and analysis of ideas, writing, data collection, numerical analysis, rehearsal techniques, production meetings, production of final outcome, administration, evaluation, preparing for the presentation, etc):

How long this will take:


1 week

Finding reference material

3 days

Music association ( concept art based on music)

3 days

Analysis on animations (student-made & mainstream) Inspirations

1 week

Production schedule (Pre-production papers) Learning software Animating/editing Weekly reviews/vlogs Bibliography Evaluation

4 days 3 days Ongoing 3/4 weeks Ongoing Ongoing 1—2 days

Section Four: Resources Analyse the type of equipment, locations and personnel required for your production Canon 1200D: filming reference material for roto-scoping and analysis Zoom H1: voiceovers and narration Macbook Pro: editing and animating Wacom tablet: animating and drawing concept art Pet shop: film reference material of guinea pigs Apeman action camera: filming reference material Creative mentor: animation advice and inspiration What resources will you need for your research, write up and presentation (eg, libraries, books, journals, equipment, rehearsal space, technology and equipment, venue, physical resources, finance): ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’ By Richard Williams - £25 Turbosquid 3D model site – 3D guinea pig model - £20 Microsoft Word and Powerpoint Animation YouTube channels Google DSLR Camera Audio device Macbook Pro/ PC Wix blogsite builder What your areas of research will cover? What is an animation? Techniques/principles Conventions The movement of a guinea pig Guinea pig reference material Music analysis and association Analysis of animation clips (student-made & mainstream)

Section Five: A review of your progress and achievement to date Explain how your current knowledge and skills will help you produce a high standard final project General knowledge about your chosen topic: Research skills: My ability to create surveys will help me collect and analyse data about my target audience and in turn will help me appeal to my target audience. My analytical skills will help me identify what will appeal to my target audience. Critical analysis: My knowledge of media and film theory will help me conform to conventions and appeal to my target audience. I will be able to pick out convention from mainstream animation and apply it to my film in order to maximise my target audience. Planning: My organisational skills will help we plan my film in a understandable way. This will help me keep a clear head and help me navigate through my work easily. Production: My knowledge and skills in using editing software and equipment will help make the process of production easier. This will make the overall project feasible.

Section Six: How will you evaluate and review the project Weekly reviews: monitor and record the process of research, planning, ideas development. Include audience feedback How will your ongoing reviews help you improve the quality of final project I will identify my strengths and weaknesses throughout the production of my film. I will get feedback from my peers about my ideas. This will give me the ability to see things from my peers perspective and appeal to my target audience. I will converse my creative mentor about the ideas I have for my project. My mentors professional outlook on my project will help me create my film to a high standard. Through my weekly reviews/vlogs, I will get a clear understanding of the development of my skills and be able to identify the best way forward. Section Seven: Provide a list of bibliography detailing all research sources use Harvard format Primary: Trips, reference material, surveys Secondary: Analysis of animations, media and film theory, peer feedback (separate bibliography to be created) Comments and agreement from learner and assessor Learner declaration: I certify that the evidence submitted for this assignment is my own. I will clearly reference any sources I use in the work. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice. Learner signature:

Assessor declaration:

Date: 09/02/18

I confirm that the project is not work which has been or will be submitted for another qualification and is appropriate. Assessor Agreed:



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