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Annual Report JULY 1, 2020 TO JUNE 30, 2021

Your Gifts in Action Highlights of the impact from your donations to St. John's Health Foundation in Fiscal Year 2021

Counseling visits covered through Mental Health JH

Turkeys given to staff at Thanksgiving

COVID grants for staff in crisis

Preventive health exams covered





Acupuncture visits through the Cancer Survivorship program

$18,146,310 Transferred to St. John's Health thanks to your extraordinary support!


Mask extenders for patients with hearing aids


Local artists commissioned for Sage Living

Employee scholarships for continuing education

Major capital equipment purchases

New skilled nursing and in-patient rehab facility at Sage Living





2021 Board Members

Dear Friends, This year continued to be challenging for the world and our community as we dealt with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all, St. John’s Health Foundation has been privileged to support our incredible staff members, patients, and community throughout these uncertain times thanks to collective hope and generosity from you, our friends. While St. John’s Health dreams big, it is your support that helps those dreams become reality. This report summarizes the impact of our community pulling together to support our local hospital. Sage Living opened its doors in August 2021. We celebrate the $19 million that was raised for this state-of-the-art facility and every donor and volunteer who contributed to make it possible. The long-term care community for seniors offers skilled nursing, memory care, and in-patient rehabilitation, allowing loved ones to stay closer to home. You helped to fund cutting-edge technologies needed by the St. John’s medical team, vital educational opportunities for hospital staff, and emergent needs of our hospital, healthcare heroes, and community. Contributions and gifts ranging from $25 to $500,000 have shown just how much this community cares about the health and safety of our local families, friends, and neighbors. More importantly, through our COVID-19 Response Fund, you enabled our support of not only St. John’s Health staff, but also community members who needed mental health counseling in these complicated times. St. John’s Health is accomplishing extraordinary achievements thanks to the generosity of each and every one of you. Our entire community benefits. As we look toward a bright future, it is our privilege to thank you for your unwavering commitment to St. John’s Health and to the health of our community.

Valerie Beck Bill Best Karen Brennan Tom Bruno Jane Carey Michael Coles Sue Critzer Tom Fay Charles Fleischman Bob Grady Robert Halper, MD Connie Hansen May Herr Cynthia Hogan Rachel Kay Keller Richard King Jim Little Jr., MD Elizabeth Masek Hillary Munro Katy Niner Doug Ober Leslie Petersen Shirley Piper Bob Pisano Dave Robertson Gary Roubin, MD, PhD. Ted Staryk Sue Sullivan Charlie Thomson Marty Trott, MD Patrick Trucco Paul Vogelheim

Marketing Chair Past Board Chair Pulse Chair Nominating Chair Vice Chair SJH Board Chair

Auxiliary President SJH Board Member Secretary SJH Chief of Medical Staff

Investment Chair Development Chair Board Chair SJH Interim CEO

Treasurer & Finance Chair

Emeritus Shirley Cheramy, Jim Eden, Ross Hartley, Ed Liebzeit

Staff John Goettler President

Bob Pisano Board Chair

John Goettler Katie Long Claire O’Connell Sheldon Perkins

President Director of Operations Director of Marketing & Special Events Director of Development & Stewardship

COVID-19 Response: Acts of Exceptional Compassion and Generosity St. John’s Health’s ongoing response to COVID-19 is possible because of the unwavering commitment and tremendous sacrifice of its employees. Frontline workers, physicians, nurses, lab technicians, caregivers, and staff have continued to prioritize unrelenting, exceptional care. St. John’s Health understood the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine to staff as soon as it arrived. In mid-December, St. John’s received its first shipments of the newly approved COVID-19 vaccines and began to vaccinate frontline workers. Currently, over 75% of Teton County residents are fully vaccinated (more than double the state-wide vaccination rate). We are thankful for the community and staff volunteers who contributed hours of their time to this critical effort. Thanks to the extraordinary amount of community support over the past year, St. John’s Health Foundation was able to fund more than $1 million to fulfill the emergent, COVID-related needs of our hospital, staff, and community.

We are thankful for the community and staff volunteers who contributed hours of their time to this critical effort.


COVID-19 Response:

Supporting St. John's Health Staff To express gratitude to the frontline workers during the pandemic, the Jackson Hole Children's Museum invited local families to make greeting cards with notes of encouragement at the 9th Annual Touch-A-Truck event. We were fortunate to receive many beautiful homemade cards, letters, and drawings. Thank you to all of the families who shared messages of gratitude. Below are a few of the notes we received:


SJHF Annual Report 2021


Donors Support State of the Art Equipment: Da Vinci Robot Just ten years ago, it would have been hard to believe that robots would be a welcomed addition in the surgical suite. The future has arrived, and robotic-assisted surgery is the standard for many surgeries nationwide. Thanks to philanthropic support from our donors, St. John’s Health became the first hospital in western Wyoming to purchase the da Vinci surgical robotics system this past spring. An alternative to traditional surgical procedures, the da Vinci robotic surgical system facilitates complex surgeries using a minimally invasive approach. The precision, control, enhanced dexterity, and 3-D visualization is what sets the da Vinci apart for surgeons. It allows surgeons to sit at a computer console next to the patient and perform surgery utilizing robotic arms with extremely small, precise instruments attached. The surgeon’s hand movements are communicated via wristed instruments that bend and rotate to a far greater degree than the human hand and the magnified vision system provides the surgeon with a high definition view inside the patient’s body. At St. John’s Health, the da Vinci is used in procedures for abdominal, appendix, prostate, kidney, and colorectal problems. As of October 2021, over 74 procedures have been performed using the da Vinci. Robotic-assisted surgery is designed to expand a surgeon's capabilities and reduce recovery time, inflammation, and the risk of complications. “A lot of times it is less painful, because we’re able to manipulate the tissue in certain procedures in a way that causes less bleeding, less trauma to the tissue,” said St. John’s general surgeon Dr. Eric Wieman. This past spring, St. John’s Health staff had the opportunity to “test-drive” the new technology. In a friendly competition of dexterity and control, staff utilized the practice mode of the da Vinci robot to attempt to place small rings on cones in a

“A lot of times it is less painful because we’re able to manipulate the tissue in certain procedures in a way that causes less bleeding, less trauma to the tissue,” - Dr. Eric Wieman | St. John’s General Surgeon

simulation. A whiteboard in the hospital lobby listed staff members’ names and scores across departments.


SJHF Annual Report 2021

Donor Story: Addie Donnan’s Legacy Though it’s hard for many of us to imagine, there was a time when our current hospital campus didn’t exist. The evolution of St. John’s Health was made possible by visionaries that saw a local need and made the vision a reality. One of these visionaries was Addie Donnan. Longtime Jackson resident Adelaide “Addie” Marshall Donnan was born and raised on the East Coast, but

“The goal is not keeping patients from death, but giving them a good life.” - Addie Donnan

she had a connection to this valley starting at the age of 12. Addie’s extended family owned a dude ranch in Wyoming in the 1930s. As a young girl, Addie would take the train out west to spend her summers at the ranch working as a cabin girl and riding horses. Addie’s annual trips from Connecticut to Wyoming continued when she married her husband Ted. The Donnans purchased property in Jackson Hole from their family in the 1960s and quickly became extremely active in the nonprofit community. As a career fundraiser and active board member at the Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, Addie was no stranger to the healthcare world. Once a permanent resident in Jackson, she quickly became involved with St. John’s Health. The immense generosity of her time, efforts, and knowledge was invaluable in making the hospital what it is today. When several long-time Jackson community members established St. John’s Health Foundation in 1999, Addie served as the Foundation’s first chairperson. She worked diligently to raise awareness and financial support for the hospital. Addie believed every person of every age, from newborns to grandparents, deserve proper healthcare. As Addie would say, “the goal is not keeping patients from death, but giving them a good life.” Ensuring our community has access to excellent healthcare close to home for generations to come is the legacy Addie Donnan left for this valley. Addie Donnan died in November 2019 at the age of 95, but her legacy of service will be forever honored through the Foundation’s mission. Addie left a bequest gift to the St. John’s Health Foundation Legacy Fund. The Foundation is so grateful for people like Addie who know their gifts will leave a lasting legacy.

If you would like more information about how to incorporate St. John’s Health Foundation into your estate plan, please contact John Goettler at 307.739.7516.



SJHF Annual Report 2021

Sage Living: A New Home For A New Age St. John’s Health’s new long-term care community, Sage Living, officially opened its doors to residents and staff in August 2021. As a result of four years of hard-work, organizational partnership, and generous support, Sage Living residents will receive the services and care they need in the community they love. In August, hospital staff, board members, and community members attended a “homewarming” event and grand opening of Sage Living. Community members toured the state-of-the-art facility, sharing sentiments as they walked the halls: “The views! Such beautiful art! I want to live here!” The stunning architectural elements are matched by expanded service lines and ever-advancing clinical care. Sage Living is the only program in the Jackson Hole area to provide skilled nursing care, private suites, a memory support neighborhood for residents with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and an acute physical and functional rehabilitation program for those recovering from stroke, traumatic injury, heart failure, and other illnesses. Every aspect of Sage Living was designed with the residents in mind. The Snoezelen Room, for example, provides residents experiencing memory change with controlled sensory stimulation. Research has shown that this type of stimulation can slow down the loss of function. Residents may also find comfort in the locally sourced art, melodic sounds of music therapy, or community programming in the Town Hall. The building itself is surrounded by secure pathways and gardens, allowing residents to enjoy the beautiful seasons of this valley. St. John’s Health Foundation is immensely grateful to our generous donors, voters of Teton County, and St. John’s Health for creating a peaceful, supportive, and joy-filled community where our loved ones will feel cared for, connected and at home.

Every aspect of Sage Living was designed with the residents in mind.


Wendell Field | The Show is About to Begin

Sage Living: Art and Healing Healthcare facilities are not often thought of as places to display and view art, however, peer-reviewed studies show that in a healthcare setting art has benefits to patients, including lower levels of stress and reduced lengths of stay. The artwork for Sage Living was selected by a committee comprised of St. John’s Health staff, community members, and art professionals who reviewed multiple rounds of thoughtful artist submissions. The selection process was facilitated by JH Public Art who was hired in 2014 by St. John’s Health Foundation to develop new collection criteria and donation policies for St. John’s Health that are guided by evidence-based criteria and designed to promote healing and wellness. The

“Art has the power to connect people, reduce anxiety, create conversation, and connect one’s memories.” - Blair Christy | Director of Patient Experience

Sage Living process was further enhanced by following best practices relevant to a long-term care and memory care settings. The original Sage Living collection consists of seven site-specific works and over 45 paintings, prints and photographs made by local and regional artists. The art collection is curated to inspire conversations that further connect residents and caregivers. The artworks also reduce anxiety by serving as comforting wayfinding images that contribute to a welcoming, home-like setting. “It was important to us to have local and regional artists representing a strong sense of place” Blair Christy, Director of Patient Experience shared. “Art has the power to connect people, reduce anxiety, create conversation, and connect one’s memories. In Sage, the art ties the neighborhoods together, serves as wayfinding

If you are interested in learning more about the St. John’s Art and Healing Program, please contact the Office of Patient Experience at 307.739.7479.

pieces, and creates a home-like feel.”


SJHF Annual Report 2021

LeeAnn Ramey | The Witness

Yulia Avgustinovich | Birds

Borbay | Rammell Barn

Katy Ann Fox | Houses

Ben Roth | Dandelion Blossom

Kathryn Mapes Turner | What Owns the Sky


Friends of the Foundation Friends of the Foundation

Friends of the Foundation and members of the Donnan Society recognize the critical role private philanthropy plays in our community hospital. Gifts to the Foundation ensure that world-class services

Donors who support St. John’s Health Foundation by giving $2,500+ in annual contributions.

are available to all members of our community. St. John’s Health Foundation is grateful for the special commitment in support of the

Donnan Society

Foundation's operations and priority projects shown by the

Donors who have given $100,000+

members of our Friends of the Foundation and Donnan Society.

cumulatively in their lifetime.

Pulse Committee Established in 2019, Pulse Committee is a dynamic group of young professionals who are committed to raising awareness and funds to support St. John’s Health. Pulse serves an integral role as ambassadors for our community hospital. Pulse members meet quarterly and the annual membership term is July 1 – June 30.

Members Ryan M. Beaupré

Steve Cole

Erik Dombroski

Bernadette Gwilliam

Erin Lusins

Oliver O’Connor

Sarah Beninga

Georgia Cunningham

Anne Fasciano

Laura Hedges

Will Munford

Emily Smith

Lindsay Linton Buk

Haley Deming

Megan Grassell

Bobby Jones, MD

Meagan Murtagh

Shannon Stec


SJHF Annual Report 2021

The first baby of 2021, Leo Nadon McKelvey, arrived on January 1, 2021, to parents Kannika and Michael McKelvey of Jackson.

St. John’s Auxiliary Having raised more than $3 million to date, St. John’s Auxiliary is instrumental to the success of St. John’s Health Foundation and St. John’s Health. Funds raised by the Auxiliary support medical equipment and other necessary purchases and enhance services to better serve our community. The Auxiliary was not able to host the Spring Fling Gala and Golf Tournament this year due to the pandemic, however, members organized a Valentine’s Day dinner fundraiser. The sweet deal for two included a quarantine-ready dinner from Genevieve Catering, a bottle of wine from The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole, and chocolate-covered strawberries from Choices Cafe. With support from local businesses, the Auxiliary is proud to celebrate the first baby born at St. John’s Health each year. The first baby of 2021, Leo Nadon McKelvey, arrived on

St. John’s Health Auxiliary members serve as ambassadors for the hospital and provide important financial support and service.

January 1, 2021, to parents Kannika and Michael McKelvey of Jackson. Leo’s father, Michael, was also born at St. John’s Health. The Auxiliary recognized the birth by coordinating a warm welcome on behalf of over 30 community businesses and individuals. Congratulations to the Auxiliary for fulfilling its pledge of $250,000 to support the purchase of a new nuclear medicine SPECT/CT scanner this spring. The scanner will be used to image the heart and look for cancer in various organs, and also provide needed additional CT capacity at St. John's Health. The new Auxiliary pledge is to raise funds for the Birdsong Garden and landscaping on the

Officers Connie Hansen | President Mary Ponce | Vice President Lonnie Brown | Treasurer Betty Zernik | Secretary Sue Critzer | Past President

northern side of Sage Living, the hospital’s new skilled nursing facility.


Stripping for a Cure: Stripping for a Cure is an annual celebration of women, fly fishing, and philanthropy bringing female anglers together to raise funds for St. John’s Health Foundation, to assist cancer patients and their families with the challenges of treatment and recovery. In late August, 65 female anglers armed with pink flies joined together for a day of fly fishing on various stretches of the Snake River and over 225 community members supported the cause by donating to the online event. This year’s event raised over $120,000 for the St. John’s Women’s Health Care Fund and the Cancer Survivorship Program. In addition to the fishing, contests, and prizes this year, Stripping for a Cure board members and participants were featured on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’. Thanks to Stripping for a Cure and the generous community support of the event, we are able to continue to help women and cancer patients in our community.

Tee It Up for Oncology: Tee It Up for Oncology is an annual golf tournament hosted by the Teton Pines Women’s Golf Association in support of St. John’s Oncology department. Since 2012, funds derived from Tee It Up for Oncology have supported the purchase of a 3-D mammography machine, brachytherapy afterloader, CT scanner, and oncology treatment bays. Thanks to generous participation from the Teton Pines members and Women’s Golf Association, this year’s event raised over $55,000 for the Oncology Survivorship Program for cancer patients, survivors, and their caregivers and family members. The Foundation provided initial funding for the program pilot to offer new and expanded services to improve the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial wellbeing of participants. Services include yoga, healing touch, massage therapy, wellness coaching, mindfulness tools, physical and occupational therapy, spiritual direction, acupuncture, speech therapy, nutrition services, Meals with a Mission, and an oncology support group. We are so grateful for the continued support from the Teton Pines Women’s Golf Association!


SJHF Annual Report 2021

19th Annual Steve Winograd Diabetes Tennis Tournament: The Steve Winograd Memorial Diabetes Tennis Tournament, founded by tennis pro Eddie Kolsky in 2001, is an annual three-day tournament in support of the Diabetes Fund at St. John's Health Foundation. Funds raised through the tournament, auction, and private donations provide diabetes education and medical care for youth and adults in our community. Proceeds are also used to cover the cost of continuous glucose monitors, provide blood sugar test strips, and offer scholarships for families to send their children to camps for kids with diabetes. The 19th Annual Steve Winograd Memorial Diabetes Tennis Tournament raised over $60,000 through the participation fee, silent auction, and private donations. We had record attendance for both the tournament and dinner event, with 61 tennis players in the tournament and 90 individuals at the dinner to conclude the weekend. We're grateful to tournament founder Eddie Kolsky, Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club, and everyone who came out to support the event.

21st Annual Run and Ride for the Cure: Run and Ride for the Cure, hosted by Skinny Skis, is an annual community race open to all ages and abilities in support of the Cancer Patient Support Fund at St. John’s Health Foundation. The race includes a 5-kilometer run combined with a 15-kilometer bike ride. The in-person event for the 21st Annual Run and Ride for the Cure was canceled due to COVID-19, however, Skinny Skis and several local businesses put together both an online raffle and in-store promotion to help support the Cancer Patient Support Fund. This fund supplies resources to local cancer patients receiving care at St. John’s Health who need help with medical bills, transportation, lodging, and discretionary support. Between the online raffle, in-store benefit, and sponsorships, Run and Ride for the Cure raised over $13,000 for the Cancer Patient Support Fund this year. We sincerely appreciate the Skinny Skis team and everyone who continues to support this worthy cause.


In Appreciation: St. John's Health Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, foundations, and corporations who made generous gifts between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. The generosity of our donors ensures that our families, friends, and neighbors have access to high quality healthcare services close to home. $100,000 to $499,999 Val and Dick Beck Lynn and Foster Friess * Deirdre Griffith Majo and Franz Humer Carole and Bob Hummel * Adrienne and John Mars Marge and Gil Ordway The Estate of Sue Salzmann * Noa and Ted Staryk Stripping for a Cure $50,000 to $99,999 Bowen Family Foundation: Liz and Bruce Bowen The Brinson Foundation C & N Foundation Community Foundation of Jackson Hole Cynthia Hogan Karen and Glenn Doshay Fred B. Snite Foundation The Estate of George Fry Regina and Mario Gabelli Colleen and Bob Grady George and Suzanne Harris Anne and Bill Hoglund Kemmerer Family Foundation The Estate of Liz McCabe Mithun Family Foundation: Jill and Lewis Mithun Carolyn and Bob Pisano Mike Sellett Amy and Ray Thurston $25,000 to $49,999 Kay and Brandon Baker Jodi Pederson and Tim Beaudin Deborah and Jonathan Dawson Roberta and Steven Denning Betti Deutsch Gerald T. Halpin Irrevocable Trust Chris and Ross Hartley Debby and David Hopkins Patty and Dick Jaquith Jacque and John Jarve Jane and Chuck Kusek Philippe Laffont Carolyn Miller National Immunotherapy Cancer Research Foundation William Newton Shirley and Paul Piper Sharon Powell T. R. Paul Foundation: David and Samantha Cadenhead Wilson Family Foundation: Amy Wilson Scott and John Scott 16

$15,000 to $24,999 Marcia Kunstel and Joe Albright Anne Berry Nancy and David Donovan Barbara and Stephen Friedman Alison and Lewis Lee Elizabeth Masek Teresa and Bill Waterman Whiteley and Nick Wheeler John and Vicky Whitley $10,000 to $14,999 Barbara and Bill Adams Dorothy Bahna Robert Berlin Martha and Bill Best Susan and Michael Bird Captain Bob Fund Donna and Michael Coles Verena and Rod Cushman Ethel & Philip Adelman Foundation: Sheryl and Jeff Flug Mary Caryn and Christian Felipe Cindy and Evan Jones Karl M. Johnson Foundation Jan and Jack Larimer Nelson Family Foundation Robert J. Hiler Family Foundation: Janet and Larry Hiler Mark Snell Juli and Hort Spitzer Bob Strawbridge Caroline and Ken Taylor Robert S. & Grayce B. Kerr Foundation Michael Wehrle Laura and Mark Yockey $5,000 to $9,999 Mary and Dan Armour Annegret and Fred Botur Howell Breedlove Burton Family Foundation Lisa Carlin Caryll and Norman Sprague, Jr. Foundation David Elan Larry Finch Martha Fink Lisa and Chuck Fleischman Frank A. O'Neil Family Foundation Kathy and Lee Gardner GE Johnson Construction Grand Anesthesiology Services: Lisa Finkelstein and Marc Domsky Myrna and Stephen Greenberg Berte Hirschfield Wendy and Ted Hobart Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates Erika Pearsall and Ned Jannotta

Michelle and John Kren Irene and Alan Lund Nancy and John Luther Andy and Clark MacKenzie MKL Foundation Anne and Michael Moran Caroline Mortimer Pam and Dick Niner Nixon Foundation Parke Family Fund: Veronique and Marshall Parke Payne Family Foundation Leslie Petersen and Hank Phibbs Sarah and George Phocas Anita and Julian Saul Steven Schreiner Sharon and Glen Self Mary and Don Shockey Kim and Simon Stertzer Sweet Life Foundation: Anne and Tom Muller Pam and Phelps Swift Linda and Tom Taylor Test Teton Now Teton Heritage Builders The Timothy T. Day Foundation Barbara and Stan Trachtenberg Wednesday Lunch Group Fund Wyoming Arts Council $2,500 to $4,999 Helen and Fred Arbuckle B Street Foundation Ann and Ed Beddow Heather and Richard Black Laura and Jim Bonich Jane and John Carey Eleanore and John Carifa Charles Foundation: Theresa Godchaux Christy and Lou Cushman Jane and Jeff Deming Emwiga Foundation: Trina and Mike Overlock Tania and Thomas Evans Valerie and John Goettler Tracy and Sean Haling Julie Ann Giacobassi and Zach Hall Susan and John Jackson Reece Jenkins Carol and Curtis Kayem Joffa and Bill Kerr Pamela and Charles Koob Ann Williams and Bob La Ganza Mary Ann and Harry Lawroski Margaret and David Lichtman Carole and Ed Liebzeit Lubnau Law Office Suzanne and Lowell Martindale Maureen and Thom Mayer SJHF Annual Report 2021

Karin and John McQuillan Greg Merage Dorothy and John O'Dwyer Fran and Doug Ober * Julie and Will Obering Lani and Nick Orsillo * Otzen Family Foundation Outpost JH Beth Burrough and David Ramsay Therese and Bert Romberg Laurie and Tom Saylak Snake River Lodge and Spa Marcia and Mike Taylor Jen and Mike Tennican Cynthia Fayard and Stephen Trickey Lou Wade Ben Wegbreit Wyoming Department of Health $1,000 to $2,499 Sheila and Michael Alessandro Warren Anderson Barbara and Brad Andrews Katariina and Sanford Anstey Amy Maynard and John Aubrey Mickey Babcock Bank of Jackson Hole Deborah and Randolph Barker Dodie and David Boyd Lisa and Brad Bradley Stephanie Brennan Linda and Tony Brooks Jen and Tom Bruno Kay Bruno Barbara and Frank Butterfield Lisa and Bain Campbell Jinx and Max Chapman Nancy and Dick Collister Karen Connelly Connie Cordill Bob Culver Anna Marie and John Daniels Sandra and Timothy Day Dorothy W. Gach Family Foundation Sarita and Brent Eastman Jim Eden Will Emery Julie and Matthew Faupel Cissie and Dillon Ferguson Betsy and Pete Forster Margot Walk and Jerry Freeland Becky and Tom Frisbie Joan Goldfarb Louise and Ralph Haberfeld Gigi and Mike Halloran Nanci and Bob Halper Margaret Harris Bruce Hawtin Jim Healy Meredith Hein Elizabeth and Dan Hennessy Cecilia and James Herbert Anne and Skip Hildebrand Malenda and Rob Hoelscher Liza and Bland Hoke Judy and W.R. Howell Mercedes Huff Dawn and John Hummel Maggie and Jim Hunt

Alison and Dick Jones Judith Kaelber Janet and Steve Kalalian Jay Kidd John Klein Kathleen and Jack Krouskup Carol and Jim Linton Liquor Store of Jackson Hole Judy Mingst and Pat Lupo Marna and Bob MacLean Carol and Bill Maloney Laurentius Marais Mary Rawls Cooke Berkeley and Richard D. Cooke, Jr. Fund Linda and Randall McClenahan Mary Ann and Samuel McClenahan Emmie and Mike Minter Charles Moore Hillary and Mac Munro Judy and Don Opatrny Carol and Kary Paulson Brad Peck Paul Podell Mary and Azari Ponce Story Clark and William Resor Kitty and John Resor Lisa and Steve Robertson Andrea and Monroe Rosenthal Phil Round Patricia Russell Louisa and Christopher Sandvig Janet and Mark Sandvik Maggie and Dick Scarlett Jim Schmitz Jack and Katherine Shook Bobby Shriver Cathy Siegel Diane and Don Siegel Bridget Mullen and Michael Stern Elizabeth Sword Systemic Change Fund Talbott and Carter Simonds Foundation Frances and Allan Tessler Thursday Roundtable Fund Cindy and Marty Trott Sandra and Bruce Tully Amy and Steve Unfired Barbara and Larry Van Genderen * Vogelheim Family Fund Betsy Carlin and Becky Watson William H. Flowers, Jr. Foundation Wolfensohn Family Foundation Deborah Clemens and John Zendler $500 to $999 Carlene Ackerman Jodi and Greg Armstrong Carole and Curke Baker Joan Baldwin Ruth Ann Petroff and Mark Barron Donna and Paul Beaupré Chris Beda Gainor and Joseph Bennett Janet and Robert Benz Martha Birkett Karen and Ben Brennan Tim Brown Sue and Alan Bybee Sally and James Byrne

Trudy and Bill Carpenter Karen and Stan Chatham Blair Christy Viki and Richard Clark Terri and Joe Conger Kathy and Phil Coosaia Sue and Kevin Critzer Steve Davidson Christine and Arthur Denton Dawn Easton Gloria and Rosser Edwards Jacqueline and Christian Erdman Robin and John Fields First Interstate Bank Beth and Nick Furlong Alex Gambal Elizabeth and Greg Gerhard Martin Gibbs Patty and Mike Gierau Jeanne and Oswald Gutsche Tara Hagan Susan Halling Connie and John Hansen Vicki and Alan Henderson May and John Herr Julie Hoover Bob and Nancy Jaycox Jorgensen Associates Dale and Jay Kaplan Luette and Michael Keegan Rachel and Chris Keller Richard Kramer Frances Pollak and Ernest LaBelle Corinne and Scott Laurance Heidi and Phil Leeds Maureen and Frank Londy Kathy and John McCance Rachel and Greg Merrell Ann Miller Eileen and Charles Mohler Rosa Montano Kimberley Morse Morse Family Foundation Elisabeth and Tom Niedermeyer Glennis and Jimmy Nokes Patty O'Neil Sylvia Pack George Parker Kim and Don Parker Louise and Joseph Parzick Reid Phifer Scott and Lisa Pierson Scott Post Jennifer Chiappa Lucy and Harley Rankin Chuck Resor Vicki and Michael Rosenberg Linda and Robert Scott Marc Segal Collin Smith Kim and Lance Spranger Naomi Starcevich Karen and Dick Stewart Charlotte Stifel Jennifer Durning and Geoffrey Tennican Karen Terra and Bob Graham * Laurie Thal Annie Turner Mary Kay and John Turner


Martha and Warren Van Genderen Becca Wartig Alice Webber Lynn and Ken Wegner Katie and Steven White Cindy Winslow June and Stephen Wolfson Susan and David Work $100 to $499 Carolyn Allen Joe Amdor DeNesha and Jay Anderson Kristiina Anstey Vickie and Charles Atwater Elona and Dmitry Balyasny Lori Bantekas Maureen Barry William Barry Elizabeth Bartek Nanette Bean Ryan M. Beaupré Sylvia Beck Lynne Becker Cecelia and Frank Bellinghiere Karen and Daniel Bernstein Laura and Jim Berrett Carol and Dennis Berryman Connie Bicker Teresa Binning Helen and David Bishop Peter and JoAnn Blomberg Laura Boss Cynthia and David Brackett Amy and Bomber Bryan Jane Buckley Cathie and Bruce Burkland Amira Burns Marian and Dennis Butcher Hilary and Marty Camino Wendy Carlson-Koll Sarah and Andy Cavallaro Laura and Stan Chamberlain Patty and Lawrence Chapman Sandra Chapman Donna and Blake Clark Kathy Smith and Litt Clark Timothy and Linda Cohane Julia and Steve Cole Genie Copp Helen and Michael Cottingham Merle Jo Crandall Maryann and Tim Crawford Rosie and Tim Cully Ellen and Jim Cummins Celia Currin Julie and Paul D'Amours Mitch Dann Shawn and Mike Daus Lynne and Vanleer Davis Maggie Davis Tom and Alecia Davis Jean and Tim Day Andree Dean Pamela and Tony Deangelo Skyler Denton Bruce DeVine Liz Devine Stacey Dieckmann


Robert Diehl Susan and Paul Divjak Andrea and Erik Dombroski Michele and Lloyd Dorsey Doyledawes Real Estate Partners Cindy and Sigsbee Duck Doug Dunbar Sanford Duncan Lauren Dwyer Cheryl and Thomas Ebright Diana and Mike Eden Becky Eidemiller LizAnn Eisen Syd and Gary Elliott Susan Elzemeyer V. B. Emery Madeleine Emrick Mia Erickson Rod Everett Nancy and Mike Faems Anne and Anthony Fasciano Kristin and Tom Fay Kathy Felix Chris Finlay Kenneth Finn Olivia and Mark Fisher Carole and Roland Fleck Fran Floreani Jane and Terry Folgeman Petria and Scott Fossel Susan Freeze Hilary Frenette Michael Fry Marc Fuller Lynnette Gaertner Debbie Gaines Ilene Garber Julie and Fred Gaston Anne and Patrick Gavaghan Sarah Beninga and Clay Geittmann Lynn and Paul George Martha and John Gilmore Marjorie Gilmour Donna and George Glass Kristin Godfrey Tori Gold Bullock Jae Goodman Charles Goodrich Christie and Oliver Goss Natalie and Eliot Goss Pam Gotham Emily and Andrew Graham Sarah Graham Jeff Greenbaum Marjorie Greenfield Katherine and Jeff Grove Christy and Donald Guear Chris and Charlie Gulotta Bonnie and Sheldon Guren Bernadette Gwilliam Linda and Harry Hagy Kathryn and John Haines Linda and John Hanlon Diane Hanson Jacque and Andrew Hardenbrook Leslye and David Hardie Laura and Brandon Harrison Mallory Harrower Karrin and Bill Hawkins

Mary and William Hayes Bruce Hayse Laura and Tom Hedges Julia Heemstra Deane Henderson Barbara and Charles Herz Christine and Fred Hibberd Karen and Richard Hobbins Margaret and Lou Hochheiser Nancy Hoffman Marsha Sensat and Joel Hoffman Susan Perkins and Jack Hogan Catherine and Thomas Holland Marne and Edward Holstein Jenifer Hoover Carrie and Jack Howe Cameron Hume Heidi Huseby Cynthia and Eric Huyffer George James Dorren and Ken Jarman Gina and Haynes Johnson Cynthia Millard and Brian Jones Jean and Pete Jorgensen Brian Kahin Karns Family Fund Ellen Karpf Kai Karstens Van and Merrill Kasper Mary Kaufmann Frank Kaunitz Maura and David Keener Joan Kelleher Koreen Kelleher Peter Kempf Becky and Ted Kimmel Thomas Kinney Carrie Kirkpatrick Roger and Jeanne Kirkpatrick Christina Kitchen Diana and Jerry Kitchen Mike Kitchen Frank Kline Allie Knetzger Julie Birrer and Kraig Kobert Kathleen Koch Eddie Kolsky Debbie and Bob Kopp Martha Ann Pittard and Allan Krapf Kevin Kumana Lee Kunze Meghan Kussy Monte and Gail Kvittem Rose and Fred Lammers Jacqueline Lamping Maggie and Dan Land Alisa and Frank Lane Andy Lang Stuart and Jessica Lang Valerie Lefebre Beth Lemon Jean and Jim Lewis Natalie Raines and Bill Lewkowitz Jayne and Scot Lewton Sally and Bing Linhardt Lindsay Linton Buk Jim Little, Sr. Jodi and Jack Livingood Maura Lofaro

SJHF Annual Report 2021

Katie and Spencer Long Lindsay Long and Shane Darnel Pattie and Bruce Ludwig James Luebbers Jodee Lundstedt Erin Lusins Ann and John Lyle Barbara and Jim Lyons Natalia Macker Ann and Paul Magnuson Carl Markwood Linda Mars Carol and Mike Marshall Laura Martien Michele Pacifico and John Martin Nancy Martino Margery and Edgar Masinter Marcia Lux and Jerret Mate Whitney Matson Leslie Mattson Julie and Dan Matzke June and Mike McCollister Michael McDonnell Leanne McFadden Carolyn McGarr Marsha McGill Margaret and James McIntyre James and Eileen McKinney Julie McLaughlin Joyce Anders and Paula McNally Dorice and Corbin McNeill Doug McWhirter Kate and Brad Mead Malissa and Roberto Mejia * Kimberly Mellick Alex and Mike Menolascino Laura and Ron Miller Amy Minella Deborah Schlinger and Tom Montgomery Marguerite and George Moran Truda and Warren Moreau Amy and Paul Mower Peter and Robin Moyer Jo Ann Mueller Patti Mull Brenda Mulligan Patrick Murphy Sandra and Rob Murphy Meagan Murtagh Dana and Carl Nagel Dale and Jim Naylor Laurie Brown and Keith Nelson Tracy and Rob Nelson Claudia Nettle Sparky and Andy Norman Patricia Nott James Noyes Julie O'Halloran Kacy and William O'Hare Ann Olson Kathi Osbakken Connie Owen Travis Owen Barb and Richard Pack Cindy and Michael Parseghian Nancy and Bruce Pasfield Colleen Patchen Samantha Livingston and Hadyn Peery Kelly Biscombe and Carl Pelletier

Linda Pennell Murray Pepper Sheldon and Chris Perkins Perkins Charitable Foundation Berit Amundson and Brenner Perryman Jenifer and Russ Peterson Dianne Pfabe Carol Poole Sheila and George Poore Patty and David Raaums Glenda and Bill Ramsay Susan Rauch Steven Rickert Annie and Travis Riddell Nancy and Richard Riddle Beatrice Rizza Linda and Joel Robuck Roca Enterpirses Leslie and Bob Rockey Rocky and Larrie Rockwell Linda and William Rode Tara Rosales Charles Ross Nancy Rufener Amy Russian Debbie and Robert Sanford Cheryl Sawyer Joy Sawyer-Mulligan Victoria and Bill Scarlett Frances Schaeffer Maria Schiavo Carol and Chuck Schneebeck James Schondelmeier Catherine and Bill Schreiber Regina and Gerald Schultz Mary and Peter Schwendeman Craig and Carol Schwender Dorie Schwertz Priscilla and Barry Sibson Tyson Slater Janet and Michael Sluszka Bitsy and Garnett Smith Emily and Dan Smith Kathryn Smith Timothy Smith Mona Sobieski Priscilla and Greg Sorensen Susan Riesch and Ric Soto Alan Sousa Susan Speicher Jeanie and Fred Staehr Abbie Stanford Blakely Starr Martha Stearn Shannon and Steve Stec McKenzie Kohlhardt and Matteo Steiner Judy Steininger Gary Stevens Camilla Stewart Anna and Stephen Sullivan Maureen Sullivan Megan Svalberg Derek Swain Cathy Tallichet Sandra and Richard Teodori Daniel Teoh Janine Bay Teske and Charles Teske Teton Springs Resort and Club Diane Thomas

Noreen Thomas Barbara Thomasma Nancy Leon and Charles Thomson Three Elephant Public Relations Marie Trautman Elisabeth Trefonas Sue and Dennis Triano Jennifer Truman Christine Turner Valerie Ulrich Joni Upsher Carolyn and Michael Vale Stephen Van Helden Tammie and Ted Van Holland Doug Van Houten Karen Van Norman Jill Veber Dylan Wade Christine and John Wagner Alex and Will Wagnon Miriam Walsh Margaret Gordon and Travis Ward Robin and Bill Weiss Maryjo and Gary Weissman Western Wyoming Beverages Happy and Martin Weston Alicia Whissel Janet and Bob Whitmire Sarah Wilkins Ellen and Richard Wilson Mary Wiser Janet and Robert Wood Cynthia and Dale Woodling Melody Lin and Charles Woodman Sara Flitner and Bill Wotkyns Jackie and Tom Wygant Christi Yannelli Linda Young Sharon and Dan Zelenko Sondra Zernis Up to $100 Allen Ann Jeanni Balint Pamela and Dennis Bierbaum Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming Omar Bohsali Barbara Brown Diana and James Brown Jeannine Brown Nancy Brown Kenneth Burnes Shari Byerly Mary Lynn Callahan Molly Carapiet Joan Charbonnet Joann and Joseph Cioffi Vincent Cirella Lisa Craighead Pam Crawford Linda Criswell Lee and Mary Cutler Carolyn and John Daily Larissa and James Daus Carl and Joann Detwyler Lynn Donnelley Veronika Chmelarova and Tomas Dvorak Erika Edmiston Marie and Brian Elliott


Catherine Evans Robin and Guy Evans Caryn and Timothy Flanagan Paula Fleck Jennifer Fox Cindee George Carrie and Michael Geraci Margaret Gilday Joshua Greenough Dulcie Griffith Charlotte Hale Donna and Keith Hall Krista Halminiak Katherine Halsey Janice and Harold Hansen Carol and John Harkness Walker and Elaine Harman Janice Harris Melissa Harrison Hawtin Jorgensen Architects Diane Hazen Tracey and Jeff Heilbrun Yvonne Henze Paula and Rodney Hopkins Judy and Steve Houghton Connie Huspek Jackson Hole Lodge Carol and Richard Jansen Christine Jenkins Diana Joy Barbara Kaplan Deb Keenan Kathy and Leon Kjellgren Michelle Kole Sharleen Kominsky Judi Kraft Lisa Larson-Hoyt and William Hoyt Cammy and Sierra Lawson Courtney Leavell Brittany Lewis Beverly and George Leys Mary Lohuis Caroline Lynch Alex Marlantes Carol McCain Bradley Metzler Tara Michaels Ben Michaud Carissa Milliken Bailey Morris Logan Morrow Sally Moxley Lynne Myers Lee Naylon Anne Newcomb Jennifer Nichols Rylee Nichols Rosa Angela Ortega Nunez Richard Oatis Richard and Jill Pampe Francesca Paolucci-Rice and Richard Rice Sharon Parrott Mary Katherine Payton Andre Pech Jennifer Powell Kathryn Purser Cynthia Satagaj-Radda and Jim Radda Elena Ramirez Luis Reformina


Julie Renneisen Susan Ress Max Riedlsperger Gayle Roosevelt Amanda Salzman Joseph and Marilyn Santos Senior Center of Jackson Hole Judith Serkin Sharon and Daniel Smitherman Laura Soltau Lorene Southworth Split Creek Ranch Amanda Sutton Karen and Dennis Sutton Kathleen Swift Elizabeth Thebaud Nicole Tsang Melissa Turley and Chris Stump Lauren Turner Sara Van Genderen Susan Van Wagner Rose and Mark Williams Chris and Kurt Wimberg Meghan Wood Ellen Wozniak Nancy and Nick Zawacki Padgett Hoke and Sam Zuckerman In Memory Augustine Albanese Virgil Boss Ann M. Breedlove Bud Butterfield Andrew Cadenhead Tim Coletti George Ditton Allison Eden Janice Finch Raymond Floreani Barbara Garrett Shane Grove Carolynn Hawtin John Hess Reid Jackson Betty Jones Clare and Chick Joy Joan Lammers Ellen Linn Malissa Mejia Kenneth Scott Morrison Robert and May Myatt Fran Ober Ernie Roeber Frances Schaeffer John Simon David Spackman Arlene Stewart Father Ubald Barbara Van Genderen Jean Webber Diana Williams In Honor Berit Amundson, MD Grace V. Anderson Barb and Brad Andrews Paul Beaupré, MD Glenn Burnett, MD Max Chapman

Sue Critzer Vivian Daus Jae Goodman Deirdre Griffith Barbara Huhn Allie Knetzger John Lela Robyn Lunsford Robin Moyer Ginny Senn St. John's Auxiliary and First Baby of the Year St. John's Health & Foundation Staff Lou Wade Birthday Club Amy Audrey Blair Daddy Darcy Ed Gedrius Hope Irene Iza Jean Joy Lou Mark Michele Mimi Penny Robin Ted Teddy


We are honored to recognize donors who are no longer with us, but have made a permanent impact through their years of generosity. Employees matter. The St. John's logo represents employees who donated this Fiscal Year. St. John's Health Foundation strives to provide accurate recognition of donors. If you feel that there has been an error or omission, please contact the Foundation Office at 307.739.7512 so that we may correct our records.

SJHF Annual Report 2021

Summary of Support Highlights for Fiscal Year 2021: July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

Community Health and Wellness Cognitive Health


Hospice and Home Health


Pediatrics, Pediatric Audiology


Sage Living


Wellness, Diabetes


Human Capital 825,000

Employee Housing Heart Fund, Employee Assistance


Nursing Education, Employee Scholarships, and Training Programs


Innovation and Technology Art and Healing Program


Cardiac Ultrasound and Capital Equipment


Da Vinci Robotics System


Community and Patient Care Funds Cancer Patient Support Fund


COVID-19 Response Fund


Men's Health Fund


Mental Health Fund


Women's Health Care Fund

Total Support To St. John’s Health



Includes dollars transferred to SJH and funds paid directly to providers and contractors

Misson The mission of St. John’s Health Foundation is to secure philanthropic support to advance the mission and strategic objectives of St. John’s Health, including patient-centered care, clinical excellence, and community wellness.

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