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Dates to remember 11/11 Veterans Day


Milton’s Retirement


Winter Prep


A Family Business Adventure



11/28 Thanksgiving


Anniversaries September Driver Awards Paragon Employee of the Month

11/29 Black Friday

11/14 - Children’s Health Donation Collection Begins


Milton Hangs Up His Keys At Stevens Transport Stevens Transport driver Milton Dycus recently retired at age 62 after 44 years of service to the transportation industry. The veteran driver logged more than five million miles with no major preventable accidents. Milton was honored and recognized for his many years of service at a company-wide retirement celebration.

“We are extremely blessed and fortunate to have Milton on the Stevens team for the past 17 years,” Vice President of Driver Relations and Administration Angela Horowitz said. “His exemplary driving record over the course of millions of miles is superior. Milton achieved top success as a trainer who shared his knowledge with the next generation of drivers. Milton also achieved great success as an Independent Contractor; his ability to run his business and keep his wheels turning while giving back to Stevens is beyond commendable.” Milton had nothing but positive remarks about his journey at Stevens. “I have truly enjoyed every moment of my career, and am glad to have spent 17 years with an outstanding carrier,” Milton said. “Stevens has always treated me like a part of the family, and and I have many memories that I will cherish forever .” Driver Manager Joe Jenkins, who had Milton as a member of his fleet for 10 years, spoke highly of Milton and his accomplishments. “Milton has always been a superior driver who is always willing to lend a helping hand when it is needed. His positive attitude always radiated throughout the building, and his training legacy will always be remembered by his students.” Milton, we appreciate your 17 years of hard work and dedication to the Stevens family and wish you the best in your retirement! Written by: Sidney Mireles

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Winter Preparedness 101 With winter quickly approaching, unpredictable weather conditions can affect even the most cautious drivers. Colder temperatures demand heightened awareness and precise driving skills from every driver. Other adverse winter conditions, including ice, snow,wind, and below-freezing temperatures also challenge each driver’s equipment, professionalism, and personal well-being. Safety and Training Director William Tallent explained how his department prepares drivers for the season. “Each quarter, Stevens offers a seasonal workshop to address the particular weather conditions to that season, different ways to check the weather for the driver’s path, and how to drive in different weather conditions. Two Qualcomm messages are sent daily to alert all drivers of the weather conditions that they will encounter during their travels, and targeted Qualcomm messages are sent to drivers who are traveling to weather-affected areas.” William then discussed the importance of Stevens’ Weather Hot Line. “Drivers can access this line by calling 1-800-527-7094. After a successful connection, drivers will be presented with options to hear a detailed description of the weather in the East, Central, and West regions of the country. This line is updated twice a day to aid drivers who are wanting immediate weather updates. This is a good tool to use in conjunction with the website and the Weather Band radio station that is available on all AM/FM radios.” William also explained the preventative measures that the Operations team takes when a driver needs to be re-routed. “Proper planning for our drivers is crucial for their success. Our Operations department receives a pre-weather notice 48 hours in advance to ensure that any adjustments to a driver’s route are made. The adjustments are immediately sent to the driver’s Qualcomm to guarantee a safe and rewarding delivery.” Fuel Department Manager Mike Mistishen advised that this season requires drivers to pay close attention to their fuel. “It is very important that drivers take care of their equipment during this season, especially their fuel tanks. To prevent fuel from becoming solidified in below-freezing temperatures, drivers must add power service anti-gel to the tractor-trailer diesel tank before fueling. All drivers are to follow dosage instructions on the bottle to ensure a pristine fuel tank.” Lastly, William urges all drivers to keep an emergency kit filled with nonperishable food items, bottles of water, and extra clothing items in their trucks in the event that one is caught in a weather shutdown. If a driver is caught in a winter emergency and is not in a safe haven, he or she is to stay with their truck as emergency personnel can be sent to their location. By using these preventative measures, we can ensure our co-workers have a safe and successful winter season. Written by: Sidney Mireles

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STEVENS DRIVER & WIFE MAKE BUSINESS A FAMILY AFFAIR Chad Dankenbring dreamed of driving trucks since he was 18 years old. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chad had to put this dream on hold but always kept it in his heart. The perfect opportunity arose in August of 2018, and Chad knew he could not pass it up. Chad researched different companies to begin this new career, and recalled seeing Stevens’ state-of-the-art equipment that they offered their drivers. “I loved seeing their trucks on the road, and after doing my research, I saw that they were highly rated for their training and approach of driver services. I instantly knew that this would be the company that would become my new home.” Chad attended training at Careers World Wide in Keenesburg, CO, and obtained his CDL by the end of August. “I had no experience in the industry before going to Careers World Wide. The training that I received was very helpful, and I can confidently say that I was well prepared for the next step in my journey.” Chad then traveled to Stevens’ headquarters in Dallas, TX to complete his orientation and over-the-road training with his trainer. “My trainer, Bob Sporka, was great and I learned so much from him. I also gained a great wealth of knowledge every day from the road, and credit that experience for my success today.” Nine months later, Chad decided to become an Independent Contractor with the assistance of Stevens’ Contractor Division. “I wanted to make sure that it would be a good fit for myself, and that I was capable of running the miles. Now that I know that I am fully capable, it is the perfect time to make this decision.” This conversion required Chad to attend the business classes that were created by the Contractor Division to teach drivers to run a successful and thriving business, as well as understand how to control their company expenses. Chad’s wife, Leslee, even joined Chad in these classes to make sure that this was the right career move for him.

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“I cannot express how amazing these classes are,” Leslee said. “They really lay everything out for you, and answer all of your questions. I’m even going to take the knowledge that I gained from these classes and apply them to my own independent business!” Contractor Recruiter Will Byrd was very impressed that Leslee joined Chad in the classes. “It was great to see that Leslie was so supportive and was showing so much interest in Chad’s future endeavors. The family support that Chad is receiving is a big indicator that he will be very successful in this new career move.” Leslee also offered some sound advice for family members and spouses of Independent Contractors. “Be as supportive, communicative, and loving as you can. Every day is different for them, and it all be worth it in the end!” When the couple is enjoying their home time, they can be found on the beach, and relaxing at home. Congratulations on all of your success Chad and we cannot wait to see your future accomplishments at Stevens! Written by: Sidney Mireles

Stevens Transport & Children’s Health Donation Drive Join Stevens as we donate stocking stuffers for the children who are spending the holidays in Children’s Medical Centers across Dallas and Plano! The deadline to donate your new and unwrapped items is Wednesday, December 11! Donation boxes are located all across the building! Example of stocking stuffer gifts include: • • • • •

board books small craft kits sports-related items coloring books fun socks

No food, candy, or religious items will be accepted! Please direct all questions to Bandi Dickerson at bdickerson@ or Benita Bowser at

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#MEETSTEVENS Art Blacketer Body Shop Manager / Sales Division Estimator Art joined Paragon Leasing in October of 2001. He is recognized for his hard work and dedication to making sure that all equipment is repaired properly at all times. One of Art’s favorite parts of his job is the daily interactions that he as with the driving force and his peers. When we asked Art about what motivates him to his continued success, he stated: “I enjoy being able to work with others who embody the same values and principles that I do. I know that I have achieved success in my role when I fulfill the daily goals I have set for myself.” Art also passed along some sound advice for our new associates: “Always set goals that you can accomplish, and strive to do your job to the best of your ability.” Outside of work, Art enjoys working on antique cars, taking care of his farm animals, fishing, and attending gun shows.

David Garcia Assistant Service Manager David joined Paragon Leasing in September of 2005. He is recognized for his work ethic and dedication to ensuring that the drivers are properly taken care of. One of David’s favorite parts of his job is executing truck repairs in a timely manner so the Operations department and the drivers can meet their transportation needs. When we asked David about what motivates him to his continued success, he responded: “By keeping our drivers truck and trailer repairs handled in a timely manner, the Stevens mission is able to be completed every day. This pushes me to positively complete every day with my team.” David also passed along some sound advice for our new associates: “Stevens is a great company to work for with much potential for advancement in all positions. The more hard work you contribute to your position, the higher your potential for growth in the company.” Outside of work, David enjoys having grill-outs and spending time with his wife and four children.

Keyshona Haggerty Claims Adjuster Keyshona joined Stevens in April of 2010. She is recognized for her passionate attitude and willingness to help others. One of Keyshona’s favorite parts of her job is having the opportunity to help others find solutions to their obstacles. When we asked Keyshona about what motivates her to her continued success, she explained: “I am able to complete every day successfully knowing that I am able to make a difference in a positive way for the company.” Keyshona also passed along some sound advice for our new hires: “Always make the most out of your position, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, because everyone is willing to help!” Outside of work, Keyshona enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring new restaurants with good food. #MEETSTEVENS articles written by: Sidney Mireles

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#MEETSTEVENS Tracy Frederick Chicago I Terminal Manager Tracy joined Stevens TL in April of 1989. She is recognized for her dedication and passionate determination to positively complete every day. One of Tracy’s favorite parts of her job is having the opportunity to build personal relationships with the carriers and drivers. When we asked Tracy about what motivates her to her continued success, she said: “In an industry that constantly changes, I consistently find ways to continue to cover freight and still keep our customers, carriers, and drivers happy. Developing working relationships with carriers that have lasted decades is also a great motivator to complete every day successfully.” Tracy also passed along some sound advice for our new hires: “Use your resources to expand your knowledge in an ever-changing industry. Also, maintain an honest and integral relationship with your carriers and co-workers.” Outside of work, Tracy enjoys spending time with her family, going to concerts, getting my nails done.

Tysha Rose Verifications Specialist Tysha joined Stevens in May of 2006. She is recognized for her dedication to furthering herself and her team. One of Tysha’s favorite parts of her job is having the opportunity to help others achieve their success. When we asked Tysha about what motivates her to her continued success, she explained: “My team pushes me to reach my success. Because of them, I am able to complete all of my tasks daily.” Tysha also passed along some sound advice for our new hires: “Determine what you want to achieve in your position, and stay focused on my goals. Doing this will help you have great success in your role.” Outside of work, Tysha enjoys relaxing and spending time with her family.

William Lemanski Texas Regional Manager William joined Stevens in June of 1997. He is recognized for his willingness to go the extra mile for our driver force and his commitment to the Stevens team. One of William’s favorite parts of his job is having the opportunity to mentor and assist both his co-workers and driver force on a daily basis. When we asked William about what motivates him to his continued success, he said: “This industry is all I’ve ever known. Being a part of a driver’s success story or seeing them happy keep me happy in my role.” William also passed along some sound advice for our new hires: “Exercise patience through your training. Make an effort to stay positive in all situations, and learn as much as you can!” Outside of work, William enjoys camping, bowling, and spending time with his three children. #MEETSTEVENS articles written by: Sidney Mireles

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Driver Awards Spario Banks

1st Place Contractor

Lawrence McLaren Runner Up Contractor

Casey Mumford

1st Place Trainer Of The Month

William Lester

Runner Up Trainer Of The Month

Craig Jacobson

1st Place Company Driver



Robert Miller - NIGHT DISPATCH - 20 Years

Albert Voorhees - ADMINISTRATION - 27 Years


Randolph Mitchell - TRUCK - 21 Years

Holly Daniel - ACCOUNTING - 16 Years

Louis Onyia -TRAILER - 11 Years

Kathy Sells - SALES - 16 Years

Joseph Flores - TRUCK - 8 Years

Sandi Rosas - ACCOUNTING - 15 Years

Munib Sebo - DETAIL - 7 Years

Deshard Middleton - CUSTOMER SERVICE - 14 Years

Eric Saldana - TRUCK - 6 Years

Vickey Johnson - ACCOUNTING - 14 Years

David Havlik - TRAILER BODY - 5 Years

Gary Kral - ACCOUNTING - 12 Years

Chessa Corado - TRAILER - 5 Years

Gloria Vladi - TRAINING COUNSELOR - 11 Years

Zorry Hearda - DETAIL - 5 Years

Candace Collins - ACCOUNTING - 11 Years Charles Lee - SCHOOL - 9 Years Terrence Burgess - DRIVER TRAINING - 9 Years

* Highlighting 5 years or more of service

Joyce Dunn - ACCOUNTING - 7 Years Kayla Kitchen - DRIVER RECRUITING - 7 Years Bill Lee - NIGHT DISPATCH - 6 Years

Jean Philistin

Runner-Up Company Driver Of The Month

Brandon Watkins 1st Place Grad Driver

Jermaine Bouler

Runner Up Grad Driver

Tommy Hill & Susan Dittman

Team Drivers Of The Month

Anita Martinez - ACCOUNTING - 5 Years



Alan joined Paragon in May of 2006 and is a Truck Shop Technician. Alan’s job duties include working on all major repairs include engine rebuilds, engine swaps, transmission rebuilds, and more. Alan’s quality work and creative mindset on all daily repairs help Alan complete all tasks before the end of his shift. Stevens Transport and Paragon Leasing, L.P. are very proud to have employees like Alan and we are pleased to award him the Paragon Leasing Employee of the Month for November 2019!

Herbert Floyd

1st Place Owner Operator Of The Month

*Every winner receives monetary compensation, credit to our Stevens merchandise store, as well as a plaque-style certificate of recognition.

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Birds Eye Newsletter - November  

Birds Eye Newsletter - November