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Dear St. Anne Families and Friends, Every school year brings about challenges beyond the control of the operating budget. This year, in particular, proved to be exceptional. In a short amount of time, St. Anne made extraordinary changes to the campus, to the curriculum, and to the community in response to COVID-19, all on the heels of a tremendous campus expansion. All of this was made possible because of your commitment to the advancement efforts of St. Anne Catholic School. With resilience and great adaptability, the St. Anne community responded with incredible support. Teachers and staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners, community partners, and friends, contributed to enhancing the St. Anne days of our current students. Despite the unusual school year, St. Anne students thrived in the classroom and on the field. Students placed locally in the Archdiocesan Spelling Bee and Science Fairs, nationally in the National Geography Bee, excelled in academic rallies, performed in an inaugural guitar recital, chatted with a former astronaut, celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month, witnessed the construction of the new gym, saluted veterans, presented a spirited Christmas program, volunteered on campus and in the community, competed on the track, on the court and in the field, and courageously transitioned to nine weeks of distance learning during a global pandemic.

“...St. Anne flourished under exceptional circumstances because of your generous gift, which allowed St. Anne to meet the challenges of the moment. St. Anne’s pivot to remote learning and remote community succeeded precisely because of our strong

In addition, the class of 2020 was accepted to Houston’s finest schools; 89% will attend Catholic High Schools, including St. Thomas High School, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, Incarnate Word Academy, St. Agnes Academy, Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Pius X High School, and St. John XXIII College Preparatory. Nine percent will attend other private and public schools including Awty International School, St. John’s School, Houston Christian High School, Bellaire High School, and Lamar High School. Together, the class of 2020 was awarded over $50,000 in academic scholarships. As we reflect on the 2019-2020 school, St. Anne flourished under exceptional circumstances because of your generous gift, which allowed St. Anne to meet the challenges of the moment. St. Anne’s pivot to remote learning and remote community succeeded precisely because of our strong teachers, strong curriculum, and strong community. As a result, our return to campus has been more joyful, more united, and, above all, more faithful. Thank you for continuing to stand alongside St. Anne Catholic School In His Name,

teachers, strong curriculum, and strong community.”

Dawn Martinez Principal, St. Anne Catholic School

THE MISSION of St. Anne Catholic School is to develop each student academically, spiritually, culturally, physically, and interpersonally in a Catholic environment.

FINANCIAL REPORT St. Anne Catholic School relies on generous donations to offset the annual operating expenses and make investments to improve the physical facilities. We would like to thank all those who donate to benefit Catholic education. St. Anne’s operating revenues and expenses for the fiscal years 2019 and 2020 respectively, are as follows:




Earned Revenues

$ Amount

$ Amount

Tuition and Fees (1)



Misc. Income






St. Anne Catholic Church



Fiesta (net of expenses)



Annual Fund (net of expenses)



Father John Robbins Bourse (Restricted for tuition assistance)



Additional Tuition Assistance from Various Sources



St. Anne School Foundation Annual Grant



Scholarships Administered by the St. Anne School Foundation



Other Grants and Support












Instructional Expenses

$ Amount

$ Amount

Teacher and Administrative Salaries and Benefits



Additional Educational Expenses






Facilities Maintenance & Utilities



Capital Repairs and Investments in School Facilities (2)












Additional Support

Facilities Expenses

Donations not included in operating revenues (to be applied in future years)

Sharing His Vision. Teaching His Values.
















(1) Total actual tuition and fees paid directly by the familiesFACILITIES of the students. The tuition revenue has been reduced by grants, scholarships, and all applicable tuition discounts (e.g. multi-child). (2) Capital spending includes larger scale capital costs and investments undertaken by the school over time to enhance the school’s physical facilities and learning environment (e.g. classroom refurbishment, technology investments, roof replacement, etc.). 2019-2020 included an additional $100,000 in expenses associated with audio and visual equipment for the new gym. Expenses in excess of the available current year’s operating revenues are covered by accumulated reserves from previous years.



St. Anne Catholic School ANNUAL REPORT


FIESTA 2019 With excavators, hard hats, and steel beams in use for the exciting St. Anne campus expansion, a parish-wide FIESTA celebration required a more creative approach this year. Limited parking and construction activity prevented St. Anne from safely accommodating the historically large day-of FIESTA crowds. Because of this, the day-of parish-wide FIESTA fun took a siesta. However, St. Anne students honored the spirit of FIESTA by selling raffle tickets, holding pep rallies, and beating student incentive goals! When St. Anne students sell raffle tickets, they serve as active fundraisers on behalf of their school. St. Anne parishioners also generously support FIESTA with raffle sales and by giving their time. Community partners sponsor and make in-kind donations. It takes every part of our community to ensure that FIESTA successfully meets fundraising goals. Students kicked-off the St. Anne FIESTA season with a “ ‘Rock Rally”, where the entire community learned why FIESTA-and raffle ticket sales-are important to St. Anne. The FIESTA season ended in celebration with a student-only FIESTA Fest; a day of entertainment, games, and food. FIESTA took a SIESTA this year, but thanks to generous sponsors, St. Anne Catholic School celebrated with the same FIESTA spirit as in years past!

St. Anne Catholic School extends a big


to all our 2019 FIESTA sponsors. Without your support, FIESTA would not be possible!

Sharing His Vision. Teaching His Values.

FIESTA DONORS FIESTA Presenting Sponsor: Raffle Tickets D’Ambra FIESTA Presenting Sponsor: Carnival Nan and Company Properties FIESTA Presenting Sponsor: Entertainment Freddy Warner and Lara Landmesser FIESTA Presenting Sponsor: Picnic John and Vicky Dominguez FIESTA Fanatic Fayez Sarofim Hildebrand Foundation Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group FIESTA Fan Heimbinder Foundation/Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Heimbinder Echevarria Family Narcisse Family Shopoff Family Aleman Family Fadi Family Toys to Love The St. Anne School Foundation

Alvarez-Malo Family Maxwell Family Volf Family Zapata Family Kathleen Kopp and Alfredo Perez Allegiance Bank Garza Family Gregor Cassidy, PLLC. The Walkup Boys Lindstrom Family Warnke/Calzado Family Ó Súilleabháin Family Saman Family Del Olmo-Aldaz Family Chretien Family Keusenkothen Family Discover Gymnastics Raye G. White Familia North Frels Family Krebs Family Neason Family Easterling Family Sowerby Family Greater Houston Orthodontics Motes Family Alessi Family

Barrett and Blakely Bayne Placer Family Motes Family Restivo Family Higginbotham Family Total Team Construction Alonzo Family L. Jeffrey and Carrie Medeiros Sophie Tamayo and Family Scocca Family Holliday Family Michael Fountain and Ileana Del Toro Alessi Family Castro Family Kirby Inland Marine

FIESTA In-Kind Donors Little Family Olesya Webb Pilates The Village of River Oaks Layrisson Family Every effort has been made to correctly recognize donors. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any omitted names, misspellings, or inaccuracies and advise Danielle Aleman, daleman@stanecs.org.

FIESTA Friend Urruzuno Family Tuyen Le St. Anne Catholic School ANNUAL REPORT


ANNUAL FUND A St. Anne day finds students learning in the light of Christ, playing in the courtyard alongside friends, and praying for the gift of a Catholic education. By supporting the St. Anne Annual Fund, these are the days you impacted.

Over $200,000 raised in 2019-2020

This year, your gestures of confidence in the St. Anne Catholic School mission translated into gifts that were matched up to $50,000 by a generous alumnus on Giving Day. With your help, we exceeded the match challenge, with gifts coming from across our community. Thank you for saying YES! to St. Anne’s most important philanthropic effort. Your Annual Fund participation ensures that St. Anne shines in the light of the Basilian tradition of Goodness,

Discipline, and Knowledge.

Every amount helps realize the vision of a St. Anne Catholic education.


The St. Anne Annual Fund is the most important gift St. Anne Catholic School asks of the community. Gifts from current parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty and staff ensure the Basilian legacy of learning for which St. Anne is known. Annual Fund support is critical to the School as almost $.96 of every donated dollar is returned directly to the classroom, all while keeping tuition affordable. In simple terms, your taxdeductible gift to the Annual Fund eases pressure on tuition levels and provides the resources above

tuition necessary to support the excellent faculty and programs that St. Anne families expect.

Sharing His Vision. Teaching His Values.

100% 100% School Board

PTO Board

100% 55% Faculty & Staff


ANNUAL FUND GIFT LIST St. Anne Society The Basilian Fathers St. Anne Catholic Church Anthony and Zorina D’Ambra Arnold and Amy Moreno Jr. Paul and Ala’a Boulos St. Basil Society Jamereal and Akilah LeBlanc Victor and Holly Narcisse The Earthman Foundation Shamrock Society Stephane and Johanne Asselin-Lauzon Oliver Warnke and Inmaculada Calzado John and Virginia Dominguez Keith and Mary Volf Eric and Carly Thibodeaux Vincent and Ashley Cuevas Javier Del Olmo and Anaceli Aldaz William and Carmen Curry Andrew and Emalee Krebs Alfredo Perez and Kathleen Kopp Antonio Padua 1930 Society Marc and Dawn Martinez Robert and Courtney Bollich Dr. Jonathan and Celina Garza Zach and Beth Hughes Michael and Christie Shopoff Stephen and Christen Siegel Dr. Michael Fountain Jr. and Ileana Del Toro Dr. Tony and Courtney Kim William and Margaret Holliday Gregory and Pamela Roche Jon Urruzuno and Laura Hernandez Tom and Danielle Aleman Dave and Matilde Restivo Luis and April Zapien Daniel and Paola Alvarez-Malo Dr. Damien and Dr. Monica Shields

Timothy Motes and Karina Vitale Trevor and Katharine Meeks Christopher and Gricelda Lindstrom Thomas and Kelli Schneider Gardner and Valerie Boulmay Jeff Ruszkowski and Mimi Ribeiro Ernest and Joy Mayfield Dr. Henri Justino and Dr. Georgine De Roth Damon and Alice Echevarria Freddy Warner and Lara Landmesser Paul Caluscos John Fu Thaddeus and Marsha Kudela Stephen and Betty Richmond Louis and Margaret Layrisson Paul and Francine Keusenkothen Angel Ayala and Rita Torres Curtis and Dr. Chau Neason Mitch and Nancy Hosman Sharon Cronin Tony and Annarita De Falco Friends of St. Anne Gretchen Murray Peter and Maria Higginbotham Ray and Yolanda Smaistrla Tuyen Le Patrick and Patricia Kools Patrick Oxford Diana Singson Liam Ó Súilleabháin and Pamela Tyner Jim and Selma Steidley David Urwiler and Dr. Silvana Molossi Alton and Barbara Dauterive Aaron and Michelle Scheffler Johanna Da Costa Kevin and Laura Grahmann Heath and Casey Ballard Birlie and Christine Bourgeois Cesar and Francis Bravo

Dr. Jason and Paige Silva Dr. Michael and Debbie Smith Fredy and Anna Rincon Patrick and Amanda Placer Humberto and Vanessa Zapata Guy and Janice Crucian Donald and Bonnie Anderson Luis Daran and Maria Melendez Chris and Ashley Eastin Robert and Veronica North Blake and Aida Paola Miller Thomas and Jackie Gregor Almer and LaTanya Love Meghan McCracken Christopher and Rachel Arnold Dr. Stanley and Dr. Jennifer Wu Donald and Martha Reid Judith Raines and David Kem Andrew and Joanna Bruce David Nuzzo Dr. Jeffrey and Carrie Medeiros Danny Vara Matt and Dr. Nicole Fleming Gail Foster Christopher and Sandy Domingo Jonathan and Julie Bennett Carlos and Claudia Galvan Daniel and Aimee Heimbinder Fong-San Chou Louie and Ellen DeCarlo Mark and Andrea James Fernando and Sandra Vasquez Green & White Club Sam and Sylvia Corpus Andres Angel and Veronica Valencia Dr. Mimi Arnold Mark and Juanita Chretien David and Mary Frances DuMay Amanda and Thatcher Focke Jason and Lori Heuring Chris O’Docharty

Gus and Corinne Oppermann Dr. Carlos and Laura Roldan Miguel and Sandra Soto Bill and Carole Flaherty Leonardo Garcia Margarita Boitel Maria Fuess Ann Soderman Lisa Gonzales Jason and Sanjuanita Cisneroz Sue Cromwell Miguel Ramirez and Stella Sanchez David and Jessica Rivero Nurina Gonzales Todd and Julie Lorenz Claire Sprigg Timothy and Carolyn Alessi Theresa Paradise Samantha Briones Lynette Mitchell Erica Cole Andrew and Blanca Silva-Solis Barbara and Mike Caswell Thomas Scoulios and Claire Sabatier Charles and Joyce Emmittee Valentine and Margaret Flores Madeline Sherlock Luis and Blanche Zapien Eric and Carrie Feighl Raul and Romina Rodriguez Stefanie Farris Steve and Kelley Stephens Julie Stephen Et’Chane and Mar Towers Al and Dorothy Scheffler Jason and Desirae Loftin Daniel and Diane Kopfensteiner Ramon Herrera Dominique Frost Dr. Andres and Adriana Ramirez Ben and Brook Marchive Kenneth and John-Robert Zarella

St. Anne Catholic School ANNUAL REPORT


ANNUAL FUND GIFT LIST Brent and Ainsley Babin Charles and Tania DeJohn Joe and Alicia Shaughnessy Yasmin Taylor Paul and Yasmin Egge Brian and Jennifer Cronin Crystal Maxwell Steven and Laura Garcia Chris and Audra Stevenson Dr. Marvin and Dr. Kimberly Atkins Nora Heene Anthonia Ogbo Chris and Catherine Dauterive Roger and Alicia Tancreti Pablo and Vanessa Pereira Frank and Tammy Orozco Ken and Cathy Brown Christopher and Whitney Heard Michael McAullife Kevin and Mariam McEvoy Geraldine Vara Jay and Aimee Flores Jennifer Tessin Andrew Slezak and Arielle Li Brian and Kourtney Teaff Amanda and Steven Szydlik Hector and Randi Sandoval Glenn and Angie Turner Richard and Laura Wolfe Katie Rickle amuel and Caty Gleason Don and Esther Bryant Thomas and Alison Bliss Will and Njeri Rutledge Mike and Katie Beirne Jelena Mills Joel and Linda Berry Rafael and Maria Perez Shane and Megan Kent David and Claudia Walkup Andrew and Nadia Alonzo Christie Billings Juan Paolo and Jonica Tamayo Steve and Kristi Benys Christopher and Cheryl Fisk James and Katarina Sowerby Julie Zogg Paul and Nancy Oppermann Daniel Weber Nathan and Elizabeth Gilmore Noe and Leticia Moreno Ted James Angie and Jonathan Keller

Douglas and Nicola Kemp Greg Mills Jessica Colon Matthew and Theresa Doyle Ingo and Lizette Rumohr Dr. Blythe Mansfield Ryan and Laura Ruppert Dan and Amy Schmidt Salvatore and Karin Scocca Martinez Heather McIntyre MacDonald and Tracy Ruffeno III Erik and Diana Larson Brent and Mary Lou Summerville Jose and Carolina Quiros Michael and Kim Martinez Jason and Amanda Ostrom Nathalie and Fausto Hernandez Shrinand Vyas and Diana Duran Sharon Leonards Joseph and Mary Holliday Sohelia Tavakoli-Sabour Ivan and Nancy Ruiz Jon Clark and Deidra Odom Chris and Amy Price Lorraine Mims Brianna Kessler Remo and Laura Mazzini Christopher and Anya Michels Molly Laegeler Javin Martinez Ana Teodoro Deena Hilbert Brandon and Meg Booth Shirley Mize Liam Ó Súilleabháin and Pamela Tyner Molly Duncan Thelma Herrera Christopher and Kelly Drakey Carol Steffes Dana Jefferies Charla Trader Ellen Claire Gibson Keith Guinan Darrell Beck Anne Saied Antonio and Annette Delgado David and Linda McCue Matthew and Kristin Brazzel Rosa Torres Greg and Beverly Foley

Sharing His Vision. Teaching His Values.

Jorge Cardenas and ST. ANNE ANNUAL FUND Maria Romani LEADERSHIP LEVELS Eduardo and Nicole Santos St. Anne Society: $10,000 & Above Kamala Bergeron St. Basil Society: $5,000-$9,999 Pamela McCollom Shamrock Society: $2,500-$4,999 Amy Champagne 1930 Society: $1,000-$2,499 Gil and Lucia Garcia John Carrara Jr. Friends of St. Anne: $500-$999 John and Green & White Club: Up to $499 Rachel Kilpatrick Donald and Joanna Reid Michael Woodward William and Claire Getschow Michael and Georgia Werich Denise Gruber Alan and Marilyn Schorfheide Jeff and Celeste Harris Burton Bossley Jr. Patricia Krauthaus Kelly and Carmela Frels Andy and Callie Gaines George and Diane Mathis Natalia Hernandez Daniel and Kristin O’Leary Joseph Heuring Louanne Sullivan Ramon and Chula Sanchez Nicholas and Lori Hall John and Doris Heard Terri Kelly Chris Martin William Wood Jr. Jim Beirne Renee Gonzales and John and Marian Stevenson Yvonne Elizondo Timothy and Sharon Clark Dr. Rick and Suzanne Maloch June Hilbert Roberta Howell Every effort has been made David and Donna Bliss to correctly recognize donors. Chris Golden Please accept our sincerest Frank Mathius apologies for any omitted names, Michael and misspellings, or inaccuracies and Christina Openlander advise Danielle Aleman, Ann Kowalski daleman@stannecs.org. Charles and Alison Turner Yelena Kiyanitsa Bruce and Clarice Mize Maria Maggio Bob and Leticia Zatarain Richard and Linda Gorski Jose and Emma Llana Beatriz Moreno Total Number Francesca Moreno Garrett and of Gifts Stephanie Gremillion Juana Herrada Stephanie Smith Roger and Annamelia Smith Erin Gould Deborah Peña Total Number Don and Judy McCullough of Corporate DeAnn Englert Matching Gifts Jerome and Kathryn Baumeister Mark and Debra Babin






STEPS FOR STUDENTS As one of the largest fundraising events in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Steps for Students provides a platform for 59 Catholic school communities to raise funds for their own specific needs. For St. Anne, Steps For Students supports the Annual Fund, which translates to tangible classroom enhancements and experiences for our students like innovative technology, continued professional development, and arts enrichment. This year St. Anne raised $2,840.11 at Steps for Students. More importantly, over 100 families signed up to run/walk or hit the snooze button in support of a Catholic education.

THANK YOU! for walking with #TeamStAnne in support of the Annual Fund!

Sharing His Vision. Teaching His Values.

ST. ANNE SERVANTS Members of the St. Anne community have exemplified the Basilian spirit in working to keep Houston safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many serve on the front lines and selflessly risk their lives to protect ours. Many have taken on service projects for Houston’s most needy. Efforts have saved both lives and spirits. In tribute, these St. Anne Servants deserve to be recognized for their heroic efforts of hope.

MATCHING GIFTS Many companies support causes that are important to their employees by matching their charitable contributions. Matching gifts double, sometimes even triple, individual donations.

St. Anne is grateful to each donor who directed a matching gift to the School and to the companies who sponsor these programs. AIG Bank of America Charitable Foundation Benevity Community Impact Fund; Equinor Benevity Community Impact Fund; Abbott BP Foundation Inc. Bright Funds; Cisco Systems Brookfield Properties Management, LLC ConocoPhillips Charitable Investments Cheniere Energy C/O CyberGrants Exelon Foundation Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program C/O CyberGrants

Kinder Morgan Foundation Kirby Corporation Network For Good; Insperity Protiviti/Robert Half Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts Chevron Matching Employee Funds AllianceBernstein, LP Dell Giving Medtronic Foundation Volunteer Grant Program Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Chevron Matching Employee Funds Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program









Sharing His Vision. Teaching His Values.



A Legacy of Transforming Love

“It was not you who chose me,but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain” John 15:16

2120 Westheimer Houston, Texas 77098-1496 713.526.3279 | stannecs.org

In 2019, St. Anne was named the beneficiary of a family trust, whose transformational gift celebrates the family’s long-term commitment to St. Anne. Members of the trust attended St. Anne Catholic School and were parishioners. As immigrants from Central America, St. Anne embraced the family and made a tremendous impression. Per the donors wishes, the gift will be designated for tuition assistance. As St. Anne embarks on 90 years of educating students, major gifts such as this one ensure that generations of students, no matter their circumstances, experience the blessing of a St. Anne Catholic School education.

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2019-2020 St. Anne Catholic School Annual Report  

Every school year brings about challenges beyond the control of the operating budget. This year, in particular, proved to be exceptional. In...

2019-2020 St. Anne Catholic School Annual Report  

Every school year brings about challenges beyond the control of the operating budget. This year, in particular, proved to be exceptional. In...

Profile for stannecs