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Southsea Folk

Southsea Folk Southsea Folk is a quarterly photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals – artists, designers and business owners – are photographed in their environments, and the result is an inspiring celebration of this special area.

Spring is well and truly here, and I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to some decent sunshine! Issue 6 features some fantastic people - it is always a real pleasure to find interesting creatives, artists, designers and independents who I know you’ll want to read about. Check out Kendal James on page 6, who designed the front cover. Using lovely sketches of her favourite places in Southsea, and a wonderful palette of colours, it has an uplifting, positive vibe which we all need to take us through to the summer. Kendal’s maps are so individual and inspiring; I love her work! And don’t miss the two fantastic exclusive offers for our readers this month: a week’s free trial with Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness (p.11) and 20% off treatments at The Beauty Clinic (p.16). Do keep an eye out for our special men’s edition of Southsea Folk, which is coming in June! In the meantime, enjoy the warmer days ahead, and don’t forget to check out our articles online by visiting the website.

Louise O’brien

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Southsea Folk

“The four of us, who all grew up in Southsea, opened Croxtons last year and we are immensely proud to have a business of our own in our home town. We took on a huge task when we decided to renovate the old post office in Palmerston road. It truly has been a labour of love and we can’t thank the people of Southsea and Portsmouth enough for the amazing support that has been shown to us in our first year!” - Paul Clilverd 94-96 Palmerston Road


Southsea Folk

“If I had to choose one thing that I love about working as an artist in Southsea, it would be the community of creative, talented people here. I love how many chances there are to visit exhibitions, open days and workshops at places like Art Space and the Hotwalls. Although I work with a wide range of materials (from Hama Beads to yarn), I’ve recently returned to my artistic roots, to combine my love of travel and architectureusing watercolour and ink to create vivid maps. These eye-catching pieces explore experience and adventure (and make amazing conversation starters!). If you’d like to find out more about what I do, you can always find me at Crafts in the Tower or Doodle Club events in Southsea.” - Kendal James


Southsea Folk

“Moving from Newcastle to Portsmouth was a great decision and, after a tough relationship, I found my feet and my cat Anna. I’ve been a qualified Holistic & Beauty Therapist for over 15 years. I love working for myself and I’ve had so much support from all the lovely people I have met here: I have met some amazing friends and customers. I am very passionate about what I do: I love doing my treatments and making people feel good about themselves. I use The Southsea Bathing Hut as I love the way they are hand-made in Southsea. I really love Southsea: the beautiful coastline, the quirkiness, the independent shops, the support from the locals and other shop owners, … (oh and the summertime when you can actually get into the sea. Bliss!)” - Louise Mayberry Thenaturaltherapyroom 101 Elm Grove


Southsea Folk

“I love being part of Southsea’s independent scene, especially Marmion Road and its own mini community, full of supportive and friendly people. Marmion Road is home to a bevy of independent shops and businesses, and Simply Wholesome is located at the Victoria Road South end. I opened the shop five years ago, offering healthy lunches for all. We are a vegan takeaway with a small eat-in area.” - Colleen Holt simplywholesomesouthsea 100A Marmion Road


Southsea Folk

“In December 2013 I received results confirming my extensive list of food and drink intolerances. I was tested not because I had symptoms but because of a potential hereditary condition. Suddenly I had to eliminate a list of foods and drinks from my diet as a precaution against potentially severe symptoms. I found the diagnosis hard initially as it meant I was unable to drink my favourite beer or eat milk chocolate! I have always baked; I just needed to find a new way to do it. This is where Forced To Be Fussy began. I baked initially for myself; free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, soy and more! My creations excited more than just me – I found people asking for it! Who would have known six years ago I would now have a business supplying places like The Belle Isle and Wild Thyme?!” - Jenna Boyson


Southsea Folk

“I have worked in Southsea for more than eight years as a fitness instructor, but it was only last year that I set up Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness, as I felt the area had so much to offer in the way of outdoor fitness. Southsea is a unique location because there is such a variety of places to train: the beach, hills, sand pits and the common. It definitely wins the award for the gym with the best view! For me, exercise shouldn’t be a chore. It should be varied, fun, social and motivating. And this is what I set out to achieve with Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness. With such a mix of sessions and the endless benefits of exercising outdoors, our classes attract people of all ages and fitness levels.” - Tristam Murdoch Southsea Seafront




Southsea Folk

“A new and exciting creative space in Southsea. Located at 147 Highland Road and founded by Bear Metal Industries owner Duane Bradshaw. With a vision to launch collaborative studio spaces that could take on refurbishment projects for commercial businesses and domestic purposes. In residence now are ‘Fark FK’ who is an internationally acclaimed street artist, ‘Pallet Project’, who work with reclaimed pallet wood to create bespoke furniture and decor and, finally, Bear Metal Industries, who specialise in creative metalwork, interior design and project management. You can witness our craftsmanship in places such as Farm Kitchen, Bangers and Brews, Southsea Deli and Rose Clover, with plenty more in the pipeline to be announced soon. This is a one-stop shop for bespoke items, artwork and complete refurbishments – be sure to pay us a visit.” - Duane, Fark FK, George and Gus Bear Studios 147 Highland Road


Southsea Folk

“Firstly I’m holding my hands up to the fact that I don’t live in Southsea … but I can dream, right? I live there vicariously through lovely friends (unless they finally discover I’ve set up camp in their spare rooms, shhhh!) and consuming my body weight in Southsea Coffee Shop’s cinnamon buns surely gives me some kind o’ Green Card? I am lucky enough to be included in the eclectic line up of traders at the marvellous Love Southsea market on Palmerston Road, which has been the rain for the seeds of my little business – sometimes literally if you recall December 2018! Sigh.” - Joanna Eastbury


Southsea Folk

“I’m on a mission as I gently and fiercely help highly sensitive people to thrive in a noisy, modern world. An important part of this is reconnecting them with their intuition and helping them to nurture all of who they are, not just the shiny parts. I do this through soul-nourishing workshops, retreats and private coaching. I particularly love working with people outdoors. There’s something special and transformative about working through challenges while in nature. It brings an instant shift in perspective. I’ve been a qualified NLP Master Practitioner for 5 years now and it never ceases to amaze me just how brilliant the human mind is when we know how to direct it.” “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” Norman Cousins - Lisa Pascoe



Southsea Folk

“We both love living and working in Southsea. It’s such a great place to be. A city by the sea: what more could you want? We have been working together for just over a year and are already opening up a new business next door! We’ll be providing specialised beauty treatments in addition to the hairdressing and beauty therapies we already have at our existing shop. We’re so excited about this new venture and truly believe it will be another great asset to Southsea.” - Debbie Hill and Bradley Craig 104 Marmion Road


Southsea Folk

“My work has meant that I have mainly lived outside of the UK, at sea and on land in many different countries. I’ve loved the experiences, but for so long there has been a desire to come ‘home’. Although I was born in Portsmouth, this is the first time I’ve lived here. Southsea is the sea for me: it has life, a soul. Being a Personal Travel Assistant is the perfect combination of my previous work and my own personal interest in travel. I look for individuals and families that would like help with their travel, whether that be putting the initial idea together, working out the logistics and helping source items for a trip, or assisting with the trip itself. Every project is different and relies on my understanding of the individua; it’s personal.” - Natasha Moody





Southsea Folk

“I set up the business in 2008 having been made redundant, and was determined to work for myself. Ten years on, Southsea Gallery is still going and proud to be part of the vibrant Southsea community. I could not do it without my able staff Helen, Alana and Harriet, and we count many of our customers as friends. We are particularly popular with the Southsea pooches which always makes us smile!” - Sarah Payne 51 Albert Road


Southsea Folk

“I have been tattooing for 14 years and it has sent me around the world, but I always come home to Southsea. 5 years ago I opened Kings Ship Tattoo on Marmion Road. My passion for Japanese art and culture has literally bled into my tattooing and has steered me towards focussing heavily on my own interpretations of classic Japanese mythology and folklore in the tattoos I make and artwork I produce. My first solo exhibition will be at the Coastguard Studio on 12th April showcasing over 100 pieces I have hand painted. I have had both tattoos and art work published in international magazines and books, and have won multiple awards. Southsea’s creative culture has played a massive part in this.” - Aaron Willett 96 Marmion Road



Southsea Folk

“Having lived in Southsea all my life, the seafront was somewhere I always felt a connection to. Growing up spending time as a kid at the beach, as well as seeing my own children enjoy this area and Canoe Lake, means it holds lots of fun memories. One thing that hasn’t changed is the fantastic views out to the Solent, which I feel are unrivalled along the south coast. Locals have watched the seafront change – and need investment – for a long time, so building Southsea Beach Cafe helped to create a new landscape. We are now about to celebrate our 5th birthday on the beach – coupled with a few extra grey hairs! We have met great people along the way, including our staff and customers, and when people say that ultimately it’s the people that create the business, I couldn’t agree more.” - Ian Clarke




Southsea Folk

“Desperate not to lose the only cinema in Portsmouth regularly screening Art House, indie and classic films and documentaries, a disparate group of film-loving volunteers got together to take over the running of No6 Cinema from the Naval Base Property Trust in 2012. Based in one of the most beautiful buildings in the Historic Dockyard, the Georgian boathouse accommodates the largest screen on the south coast and seats 250, without most visitors even knowing it is there! I joined the team running the cinema at the start of its journey and am very proud to be part of the amazing group of enthusiasts who work so hard to keep this enterprise on the road.” - Malisa Sledmere Boathouse 6, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.


Southsea Folk

“Ian Parmiter Antiques has been trading in Albert Road, the creative bohemian hub of Southsea, since 1987. Here you’ll find treasures from Roman times to the 20th century, including all manner of unique items and vintage paraphernalia. We also buy your antiques and provide a friendly reliable house clearance service! I have often featured on antiques television, including shows on the BBC. I’m well known throughout the trade and a regular at national antique fairs. Eccentricity abounds so why not call in and say hello? You are always welcome at Ian Parmiter Antiques.” - Ian Parmiter 2 Exmouth Road/Albert Road


Southsea Folk

“Making daisy chains in the garden of my grandma’s lakeside, Lithuanian village home, is where it all began. After studying art and taking a plane to my new home, this ‘Baltic girl’ found love, settled down and now is now lucky enough to be spending days in her very own, beautiful, creative space on the so vibrant Castle Road. It’s a very different village but so full of wonderful open-minded and creative individuals. Green Hands of Southsea is my creative platform; it’s where I create my wild floral designs inspired by nature, art, and my visitors’ imaginations. Everyone is welcome and treated like a friend when they pop in to pick up a bouquet, take part in a workshop, or just hang out, sip coffee and discuss beauty.“ - Monika Woods 64 Castle Road



Artwork by Kendal James