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Southsea Folk Southsea Folk is a quarterly photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals – artists, designers and business owners – are photographed in their environments, and the result is an inspiring celebration of this special area.

Here it is - our special men’s issue, full of entrepreneurs working to their own rules. In honour of our Southsea gents, we will be showcasing all those featured in previous issues of Southsea Folk across our social media and website. We continue to celebrate these wonderfully creative independent businesses we have locally, helping make Southsea a truly dynamic place to be. Check out the terrific front cover, designed especially for us by ilovedust. They are a great bunch who wanted to get involved – and they have their own coffee shop opening soon, so keep a look out for that. Over the summer, there will be some amazing guest posts on the web, all focussing on men’s health and well-being – as well as talking about ale and beer! Southsea Folk held its very first Independent Awards in May, and you made it all happen by voting for your favourite local businesses in the beautiful seaside town we live in, so a big thank you for all your support! Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the offer from Phlex on page 10 where you can have a free trial day at their fabulous co-working space in Portsmouth.

Louise O’brien

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loves art and interiors and can often be found at exhibitions and launch events.



Southsea Folk

“Moving a business to solely online after having a successful and well loved physical platform is nerve-wracking, to say the least. It’s been a couple of months now, but it seems to have been the right decision. Hillfield Trading started, in essence, more years ago than I care to remember, certainly before the internet was in every home. This was a very part-time thing, earning extra money to fund what are now technically classic cars. Its evolution, and the life-changing experiences of the business and life around it, now mean it’s the perfect place for apparel, choice retro, vintage, and upcycled items across many different platforms. This year we are hoping to expand the event side of the business too, with markets and trading opportunities for local businesses.” - Clive Padfield


Southsea Folk

“Wooden Wife is a term used by many skateboarders, which refers to their longterm relationship with their skateboard. I first heard it at Southsea Skatepark when I was just a kid; the phrase resonated through my teen years and became the brand name. I run an independent skateboard company based in my hometown, Portsmouth, producing quality skateboard apparel and hardware. I love using organic cotton and recycled fabrics throughout the range as it makes for a premium line with a sustainable conscience. My skate team is a tight, family-like unit based in the UK, Turkey and Australia, who not only skate together but work on the graphics and all other creative elements of the brand. Support skater-owned! Happy Wife, Happy Life.� - Jacob Skinner


Southsea Folk

“The Coffee Cabin is a modern takeaway coffee shop situated on the idyllic ‘Southsea Common’. It boasts outside seating to enjoy those beautiful summer sunsets. Ice creams, cakes (vegan/free from) and jacket potatoes accompany our premium coffee beans – along with a smile. Come check it out, guys!” - Sam the Coffee Cabin Man southsea


Southsea Folk

“My passion for beer started by brewing 20 litres a time in my kitchen at home. I was then lucky enough to be given the opportunity to run my own full-time brewery in the original Guildhall site by Brewhouse and Kitchen. Three years later, our new Southsea site has given me a fresh challenge and a brewery a bit closer to home! I’m stoked to be a part of a booming beer scene in Southsea, and now the challenge is keeping up with demand! Look out for us at the seafood festival in Gunwharf and if you’re interested in any of our brewing experiences pop in and say hello. I’m around most days!” - Oli Kutylowski 51 Southsea Terrace


Southsea Folk

“I moved to Southsea from London six years ago, but it feels like we’ve been here forever. I love the independent scene, being able to walk our dog by the sea and the community village feel – you can’t walk to the shops without bumping into someone you know! I set up Aerial Dance Days in 2017 as a way of making circus skills more accessible for dance schools in the area … since then it’s grown and I’m about to embark on another jam-packed summer holidays with workshops from Weymouth to Kent … but always coming back to sunny Southsea!” - Michael Mcwilliam


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Southsea Folk

“Antica started off as a concept for a restaurant; however, things quickly took a different turn when I took my first bread course in Shaftesbury with Paul Merry in 2017. I really got hooked by the process of making bread as I found it quite challenging, and I still do to this day. At Antica, each bread is made of three ingredients: flour, water and salt. When merged together by hand with a bit of passion and love in an old wooden trough, the results are delicious, with a thin crust and moist crumb. Thanks to the support of the lovely community of Southsea, as well as other people, I purchased a bread oven to help me further develop my micro-bakery, which has grown into what Antica is today!� - Lorin Golea


Southsea Folk

“I guess we can be summed up as a group of mates who organise beer-related events. We are in no way experts, but love talking about brews and getting people thinking about what they’re drinking. Beer tasting nights are certainly nothing new but our take on it has enabled us to have some fun with the concept and people have really responded to it. We’ve been lucky enough to hold events at Hunter Gatherer, whilst other local independents like Southsea Brewing and Beer Musketeer have been so supportive from the start. We’ve also had Ali from The Wave Maiden talk at our USA special, and in fact her pub will be the host for our next night as we begin a series of versus events with venues across Southsea.” - Chris Horton and Andy Briggs





Southsea Folk

“After working for other people for over twenty years, I decided to go it alone and set up my own business. The past year has been a huge learning experience with some positive lessons and some negative. But one of the positive things that I have discovered is the community of independent businesses all on my doorstep here in Southsea. The support and guidance have been fantastic, and have really helped me to achieve what I set out to do.â€? - Norman Mooney gratecateringandevents


Southsea Folk

“When I think about Southsea, I’m blown away by the diversity within the creative community that has evolved in recent years. Nothing Ventured Vinyl started life in 2015 as an online vinyl emporium specialising in rare, collectible records spanning all genres, with a key focus on anything related to dance music. Fast-forward to 2019, and an opportunity presented itself to set up home at 2A Albert Road – as you can imagine, I jumped at the chance, knowing the space would create the perfect vibe for me and my business. Open Fridays and Saturdays, the shop is fast becoming a musical hub. Alongside the records on sale, I also host live performances from up-and-coming and established DJs, welcoming everybody to come down and soak up the atmosphere completely free of charge.” - Alex Cave nothingventuredvinyl 2A Albert Road


Southsea Folk

“After 30 years, Tony Wood is handing the reins of his salon to me, Liam Fry. Carrying this three-decade legacy forward and continuing to create beautiful hair at our clocktower home is a tremendous honour. I’m always finding ways to inspire my team of stylists and colourists, from partnering with Dyson to create hundreds of looks onthe-fly for a catwalk show or helping them craft a themed collection. Wherever we go, our hearts remain at the Castle Road clocktower. The love of our local customers is what drives us. It’s a loyalty we showcase in our trophy cabinet after being voted ‘Best Salon’ at the Southsea Folk Awards 2019 – a reflection of how we give people the confidence to act on the question: ‘Is it time for a change?’” - Liam Fry 44 Castle Road


Southsea Folk

“Giles Collighan and Vince Noyce (cofounders) make up two-thirds of the Portsmouth Distillery Company. Dich Oatley, our Sales Director, was out selling at the time of the photo shoot! After naval careers spanning three decades, Giles and Vince started a business selling premium rum in 2015. It was during this time that the seed was sown to make their own rum. Following Vince being made redundant in 2017, the pair embarked upon opening Portsmouth’s first distillery since approximately 1824. The distillery now produces Fort Gin, 1968 Rum, Cinnabar Spiced Rum and Forum, all from the ancient monument of Fort Cumberland at Eastney Point. As a Portsmouth man, Vince was convinced the people of the island would get behind ‘their’ distillery, and they have! The distillery is open for tours, so come and say hello.” - Giles, Vince and Dich Coastguard Casemate, Fort Cumberland


Southsea Folk

“I moved to Portsmouth from South London to study Graphic Design and just never really left. Having spent the last few years trying to combine my passion for art and graphic design, it was only after completing my Master’s degree that I decided to pursue printmaking as a career and start up my own business selling my work. I really enjoy making things by hand: all my linocut prints are cut and printed by me. Ultimately I use traditional processes to add value to visual communication. Most of my work is based around the themes of happiness or Portsmouth. More recently I have also begun to produce a range of clothing. I’m happy to be living in Portsmouth; there’s such a great creative scene and sense of community here.” -Scott Coates






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Southsea Folk

“I came to England from Italy in 1974 after I had finished catering school. In 1977, opening my own restaurant, ‘The Pizza House’, in Hilsea, gave me great joy! Owning this restaurant for 40 years brought so many wonderful and loyal customers, and after this time I decided to retire. Being a restaurant lover, I came back after three years of retirement to open Giuseppe’s, which I am very proud of. Residing at the bottom of Castle Road, it has a wonderful feel about it and even though we have only been open for seven weeks it feels like longer. Our loyal customers from Hilsea have come along to eat with us and we look forward to welcoming you into our restaurant for home-cooked Italian food.” - Giuseppe Mascia 1 Kent Road


Southsea Folk

“Roberts of Southsea is a well established business, which has benefited recently from a huge change in direction. New blood, in the form of George Enoch and Rob Matthews are now running the shop. The philosophy is to stock the weird and the wonderful as well as good, useable antique and decorative furniture. The shop is now more of a bazaar, where you can find anything from vintage clothing, jewellery and mid-century design to architectural antiques, stained glass and vintage sci-fi comics. We sell mainly to the trade; however, the public is very welcome. We buy and sell through the shop and offer a full house clearance service. We are a very friendly, slightly anarchic duo, who are delighted to be based in Southsea.” - Rob Matthews and George Enoch 60 Castle Road




Southsea Folk

“Being a Paper Marbling and Turkish Ebru artist means I get to teach, design and sell from Studio 13 at the Hotwalls Studios. I learned my craft in Istanbul, studying for five years with Ebru Master Kubilay Dincer. Teaching how to marble paper and create the patterns seen on the covers of old books and the motifs and flowers seen in traditional Turkish Ebru is something I really enjoy. I also design and sell a whole range of products based on my original work, including pure silk scarves, poncho-style tops, cards and cushions. I hold regular free taster sessions for anyone who wants to try their hand at marbling; follow me on Facebook to find out when. I’m generally open Tuesday to Saturday and the third Sunday of each month.” - James Mouland Studio 13 Hotwalls Studios


Southsea Folk

“Many of you will know my mug from my public art projects and, more recently, the Soup of Souls drawings at Portsmouth Cathedral. Pompey is my hometown; Saint Edmund’s School, then the Art School and straight into a life of making ‘stuff’, and hopefully making a difference. This summer I am Artist in Residence at Treadgolds Museum in Portsea, making a giant fish sculpture from their scrap metal: keep an eye out as it moves around the city this year. I live in deep Southsea amongst the good, the bad and the ugly folk of Castle Road. As Chair of the Castle Road Traders Association, CRATA, I also love to be involved in the city’s many cultural and community events that make this dirty old town of ours home.” - Pete Codling 84 Castle Road


Southsea Folk

“An exciting new and vibrant jazz scene is bubbling away under the surface in Southsea. La Havana Jazz Club, hosted by Coastguard Studio, is booking some of the world heavyweights on the international jazz circuit. The end of July sees the legend that is Johnny Mars, ‘King of the Blues Harp’, take the stage alongside the Mantic Muddlers and Anquilo Duo (gypsy jazz)’, with support from residents The Rhythm Earth Electric Trio. With sell-out Jazz Club nights for the last six months, this one is not to be missed. Tickets on sale now! Coastguard Studio is a multi-faceted space designed to accommodate private functions, studio works and exhibitions; it’s now also home to what’s shaping up to become the South Coast’s number one live Jazz Club.” - James Porter 91 Clarendon Road




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