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Southsea Folk

Southsea Folk Southsea Folk is a quarterly photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals – artists, designers and business owners – are photographed in their environments, and the result is an inspiring celebration of this special area.

Issue 5 comes with a warm thank you for following our magazine over the last year, and celebrates with an all-women issue. The reason I wanted to do this is because most of the Southsea Folk team is made up of working mums. We all love doing creative jobs and this more often than not means juggling home, work and family life simultaneously. Although the late hours are often hard, it is also very rewarding! This got me thinking about all the women I have met over the last year and I wanted to celebrate the jobs they do and shout about how great they truly are. Gents, you need not fear because there will be an all-male issue next year. So for now, enjoy our Southsea folk in all their splendour. Check out Roo Abrook (page 6), one of my all-time favourite artists, who designed the front cover, and see what she has to say about this fantastic city. I love her style and wish I had enough room at home to buy more of her work; it is just fabulous. Enjoy the winter season – the Southsea Folk team wish you good health. For more articles and updates about what’s going on, check out the website.


Louise O’b

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Southsea Folk

The Team

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Southsea Folk

“Southsea is a breeding ground for new and exciting small businesses, so we felt right at home when we started the Dolci Fizz concept. We knew the support from local creatives would breathe life in to our idea. Starting from a simple sketch, our beautifully hand-crafted bar was designed and built in Southsea and is something we are really proud of. Even the final details were all carried out in Southsea, including the branding, screen printing, embroidery and vinyls. Of course we can’t forget Southsea Castle for being the perfect backdrop for our first event and photoshoot. We’re really proud to be part of such a supportive and creative city.” - Katie Barrett


Southsea Folk

“I love living and working in Southsea. The sea makes us feel a lot less urban; the lovely warm community feels supportive and friendly like a small village; yet the diversity, and the hustle and bustle, brings us a busy city … it’s a great balance. Also, the history cannot be denied – we have a lot to love.” - Roo Abrook


Southsea Folk

“I first moved to Southsea when I moved in with my partner now and I don’t think I could ever live away from the great British seaside. It’s such an inspiring place, full of crazy weather, awesome independent businesses and loads of like-minded creatives. When I took over our dining room and turned it into my dreamy pink home studio, I wanted it to be a room that I loved being in. So I surrounded myself with work from awesome people, lots of sketchbooks, fairy lights: it is my sanctuary. I started my Etsy shop in 2015, selling handmade felt brooches. Now, having my own illustration business, I get to draw really silly things that make people smile. Ideas that seem too ridiculous to do anything with are often my best sellers!” - Kate Smith


Southsea Folk

“I have spent much of my life assocciated with Southsea, attending school here and teaching here, but I am a country girl at heart. I found my own little bit of country in this amazing vibrant city. I can’t imagine anywhere else where you can have the feel of a village, the joys of the sea and openness of a wilderness beach on your doorstep whilst having all the advantages and convenience of a city. My forge and home are yards from the sea. The community here is equal to any village I have lived in, but the light of Southsea is something else. I feel privileged to be based in the lovely buildings of Eastney Pumping Station, which suits every aspect of my business perfectly, from the traditional industrial aspect of blacksmithing to being part of a thriving art scene.” - Lucille Scott The Old Pumping Station, Henderson Road


Southsea Folk

“I moved to Southsea 22 years ago. I count myself as very lucky to live here. There is a bit of everything here and I love being by the sea, having the common on the doorstep and being so close to the local shops and the quirkinesses of places like Albert Road and Castle Road. I opened Delaneys 12 ½ years ago. I’ve seen many businesses come and go in Castle Road over the time I’ve been here, and made many friends along the way. Delaneys has evolved since the beginning, but was inspired by the places I loved in London offering sandwiches with creative fillings, coupled with my love of food.  Having a growing family while running this eatery has been a lovely thing to do and I am grateful I had the chance to do it.”  - Belinda Delaney 77B Castle Road 




Southsea Folk

“I moved to Southsea six years ago. After a busy life in Warsaw, I fell in love straight away with this fantastic place by the sea. As a passionate florist I had a dream to create a flower shop different than others, where I could share my love for flowers – a unique place filled with beauty and amazing scents. In September 2017 my dream came true and I opened Blossom Boutique.  I had a successful first year and have felt very welcome. Southsea has got a lovely and supportive community. I’ve had lots of positive feedback and saw hundreds of smiles on the faces of people who are passing our window display. That gives me a hope and power to build up my dream bigger and stronger.“ - Ava Fraczak blossomboutiqueflowers 50 Osbourne Road 



Southsea Folk

“I started my fashion, art and crafts business in July this year. The dream to work for myself (after nearly ten years in the fashion industry) only became a glimmer of a reality after making a big move from London to the lovely and eclectic Southsea in October 2017. I moved here with my partner and we live a stone’s throw from the beach, which we absolutely love (something else that has been a dream of mine). I’ve found so much inspiration in the beaches and local harbours. The shapes and colours, both manmade and natural, and emotions, too, always influence my work. Throughout the seasons the beach and sea air never fail to work their magic. I look forward to growing and being part of Southsea’s amazing community of diverse creatives and independents.” - Hannah Barrington


Southsea Folk

“In 1975 I realised there was a market for all things Art Deco, along with period costume and bakelite jewellery which I’d accumulated from London markets. My customers love to come to Tango Tea and rummage through old and interesting items. I am a dealer in textiles and a buyer for the BBC, both film and television. I have bought goods for productions such as Brideshead Revisited, The Nanny, Tenko and A Passage to India. I find now interior designers hunt for ephemera and bric-abrac to set-dress public houses and show homes. I have spent 45 years in Albert Road; the creative diversity here is fabulous.” - Jenni Catlow 3 Albert Road



Southsea Folk

“I co-founded Tonic six years ago whilst working in the Portsmouth Community Mental Health Team. Without the Southsea community spirit and support for Tonic we would not be where we are today.   The belief and generosity of Southsea Coffee owners Tara and Martyn, their staff and customers in Tonic enabled us to open our shop and studio a year ago at 119 Highland Road.  Our shop is a vibrant, creative and supportive community hub for everyone who might need some emotional support, advice and company. It’s also stacked with vinyl, vintage music magazines, music prints and merch.   Opening the shop has given us a real sense of community and enables us to become more responsive to what support our neighbours want and need to manage their mental health. Visit us for a chat, brew or get involved with our free music workshops.” - Steph Langan 119 Highland Road



Southsea Folk

“I grew up around the corner from where our shop now lives, and have always been proud of being from Pompey, especially Southsea village. Seeing this area blossom, and being part of that, makes me incredibly happy. Our community is wonderful and as it grows and welcomes more like-minded people it’s a creative and positive place to live and have a business. My husband and I opened Southsea Coffee in 2013 as we wanted to create a space in which people could feel they belong (and give them the best coffee we could access and food we could create). Having a business like ours allows us to meet so many people, many of whom have become friends. To hear their stories is something we treasure and consider a special privilege. We couldn’t imagine living or working anywhere else.” - Tara Knight  63 Osbourne Road 




Southsea Folk

“I’ve got a studio at Artspace, Portsmouth which I’m in most days when I’m not working as a lecturer or being a mum. I’m an RCA graduate and have exhibited internationally. I chose to move back to Southsea from Berlin when my children were very small because I wanted somewhere that felt more like home. The wide open spaces of the common and the sea, punctuated with strange stripy huts and an empty fairground, have become invaluable sources of inspiration for my paintings. I have recently won two big awards: the first was for the South of England in the National Open Art and the other was in the category of landscape for the Jackson’s Painting Prize. My work is in collections alongside globally acclaimed artists such as Antony Gormley, Jasper Joffe, and Idris Khan.” - Charlotte Brisland


Southsea Folk

“Loving your kids is natural but parenthood is the hardest role I’ve ever taken on. I think it’s important to differentiate between those two. I experienced PND and didn’t seek help for two years. That was an error on my part but it did lead to the creation of Alpha Bettys, as my own personal therapy. I print stuff to make people smile on baby vests and kids’ tops. I’ve met some incredible Southsea businesses along the way, who have helped me create, print, learn and promote, and have shared advice. The support, and knowing everyone wants you to succeed, is so lovely. Alpha Bettys produces cheeky designs that make me happy, but it’s also the best platform I have to encourage parents to speak up if they’re finding it difficult.” - Sarah Burley


Southsea Folk

“I moved to Southsea from Chichester just over five years ago. I’m passionate about pubs and have been doing my job for nearly 20 years. I’ve had the pleasure of running a bar in Palmerston Road; however, Albert Road is where my heart is. I describe Albert Road as a little village because we have an amazing sense of community spirit and support for each other. Albert Road is fun and quirky – just like my customers and staff.” - Kelly Rainey 115 Albert Road





Southsea Folk

“Both spirited and warm, I am a self-taught artist inspired by feminine themes. Using glass as my main medium, I play with a traditional craft and push the boundary into art. I am also a queer activist, model, poet and performer. My first solo show, ‘Women’s Work’, was in November 2018. A diverse creative with a passion for empowering and nurturing through creativity, I offer 1-2-1 and group workshops at my studio. Come down and see what it is all about. “ - Donna Carter


Southsea Folk

“I moved to Southsea 30 years ago and was a printmaker for 20 of those. I then did a course working with copper and that’s when I fell in love with it. Copper is such a beautiful metal and can produce such a wealth of colours. There is real magic working with metal and fire and of course the bashing is so therapeutic. The work I create is mainly of animals (lots of hares), small birds and large leaves. Southsea has a wealth of creative people and I’m lucky enough to work alongside them by being part of ‘Created in Portsmouth’, an annual art trail we hold. I also sell my work in a gallery in Boarhunt, at the Stansted Garden Show and a couple of craft shows.” - Jenny Ames


Southsea Folk

“I was inspired to start my design business in my Hayling Island home studio more than 20 years ago. I was among nature, by the coast and bringing up my young family. Southsea born, I returned three years ago to launch our first shop in the wonderfully charismatic Castle Road. Thanks to growing demand, we quickly outgrew the shop and relocated our amazingly talented team a year ago, to our dream boutique and workshop on Marmion Road. My passion is keeping the rare skills of bespoke design and goldsmithing alive by creating extraordinary, ethically-made jewellery for the unique community of Southsea, Portsmouth - and beyond. I feel so privileged to be invited into people’s lives at significant times, meeting new people every day and collaborating with fellow independent businesses #jewelleryforlife.” - Charlotte Cornelius 87A Marmion Road



Artwork by Roo Abrook

Profile for Southsea Folk

Southsea Folk Issue 5  

‘Southsea Folk’ is a photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals - artists, designe...

Southsea Folk Issue 5  

‘Southsea Folk’ is a photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals - artists, designe...


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