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Experience Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort

OFFICERS President Richard Williams, DDS MS (662) 349-2196 President-Elect Greg Inman, DMD KY (270) 769-1349 Secretary-Treasurer Sims Tompkins, DDS SC (803)738-9715

SENIOR DIRECTORS Randall Rigsby, DMD FL (850) 436-7788 Anthony Savage, DDS VA 757-428-1110 Jeri Stull, DMD KY (854) 781-2662

PAST PRESIDENT Rodney J. Klima, DDS VA (703) 425-5125

AAO TRUSTEE Gary Inman, DDS KY (270) 769-1349

COMPONENT DIRECTORS AL Debbie Sema, DMD FL Joseph LeCompte, DDS GA Chris Getchell, DDS KY Carrie Jennings, DMD LA James Sieberth, DDS MS Ken Walley, DDS NC Richard D. Alston. DDS SC Michael Riordan, DMD TN James McDaniel, DDS VA William Horbaly, DDS WV Michael Hazey, DDS

DELEGATES AL James Donaghey, DMD FL Brian Jacobus, DDS FL James Wortham, DMD GA Robert Moss, Jr., DMD KY Chris Howell, DMD LA Donald Balhoff, DDS MS Michael O. Williams, DDS NC Jeff Rickabaugh, DDS SC Robert Calcote, DDS TN Tom Flanagan, DDS VA Beth Faber, DDS WV Dan Joseph, DDS

EDITOR James Vaden, DDS (931) 526-3717

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Heather Hunt (800) 261-5528

MAKE YOUR OWN UNIQUE PARADISE AT SAO16 DESTIN SAO16 Destin will not be your typical meeting. It cannot be, because the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort is a completely unique experience. With 2,400 acres and dozens of different types of condos and houses available – you, your family, and your practice can find your own perfect spot in paradise. With more swimming pools than you can discover, more waterfront miles than you can walk, more bars and restaurants than you can visit – the experience is yours for the crafting. Visit the marina and hire a boat for a bay cruise, take your choice of golf courses, spend a few hours shopping, dip your toes in the surf, conquer the ropes course as a team, zipline across Baytowne Wharf Village, watch the sun set over the water at your choice of different restaurants – all in one destination. Park the car once and let the resort’s shuttles do the rest. We’ve done the hard work to set the stage for you to enjoy the meeting in whatever fashion you design. Celebrate SAO members and enjoy music and food under the stars. Join the beach party and show of your moves or win the award for the best Hawaiian shirt. Represent your team at the Game Day Party and make sure your school wins the award for best fans. All at SAO16 Destin.


Give Kids the World Village

“Touching the lives of children- or so we thought.” Humbled, inspired, renewed soul, life-changing, and let’s be honest a little heartwrenching, are the words that my team uses to describe their experiences at Give Kids the World Village. When we decided to volunteer at the Village, our objective was to give of ourselves, to feel accomplished, to touch the life of a child, to save them from sadness, and to have fun as a team. Looking back, those “objectives” seem generic and without depth; because what we expected and what actually happened was quite different. We arrived, took a tour, helped set up a “Winter Wonderland” and we left. Those were our superficial actions. It’s what happened to our souls in the midst of our physical movements that are worth more than words can describe. During our tour of the Village, many times I looked around to see my team tearful. We Stull Orthodontics Team at learned about the mission of the organization, the devoted staff and countless volGive Kids the World Village unteers. We listened to stories on making the wishes of each child come true, and we were emotional when hearing a tale about the time when all 300 staff members and volunteers joined forces in search of a sweet little boy’s missing blanket. We were silent with our own thoughts, we were sad, we were happy, and we were thankful all at the same time. It was later in the tour when we walked into the Castle of Miracles that we realized we were the ones being saved that day. Saved from our own “woe is me” in life. We followed our leader through the castle and into Star Tower -there hung a tiny gold star representing every child and their sibling, that has ever stayed at the Village. As we learned about those millions of little stars taking up most of the “sky” within the castle, in walked a little girl with her family in search of her star from a previous stay at the village. Upon locating her star, the little girl was overcome with indescribable excitement. To us, these tiny stars were simply plastic adhered to the wall. But to her, it was resounding hope, unaltered joy, outward courage and powerful healing. It held every prayer she had ever prayed- it was her wish. As our tears continued to fall, our leader had continued with the tour, but we were too busy to notice, as we were forgetting about our superficial objectives and standing in awe of that remarkable little girl- who to us represented every ill child. We are so grateful to have had a hand in making the wishes of these kids come true. We are thankful that such a wonderful place exists, but we wish it didn’t have to. Without a doubt we will return to Give Kids the World Village to volunteer, and will most certainly hope to touch the lives of these courageous children. But we know that in reality, they are the ones who will touch our lives and forever change us.

To learn more about Give Kids the World and/or make a donation visit

Remembering Past SAO Presidents Dr James L Vaden Dr Kenneth “Ken” Owen Sr (1938-2015) SAO President 1992 “Your challenge is to hold dear to those things that are truly necessary to maintain objectives, to cast aside the unnecessary, nostalgic baggage (“that’s the way we’ve always done it”) and then, through intellectual observation, study, curiosity, and initiative meet the challenges of change with progressive (not regressive) adaptability and innovation.” - Dr Ken Owens Dr Owens recognizes Dr Thompson in 1992

Dr William “Bill” Thompson (1932-2015) SAO President 1978 ABO President 1992 “It seems that the more we become involved in organized orthodontics, the more concerned we become about our future as individual practitioners and as a free specialty.” - Dr Bill Thompson

All three of our late colleagues were tireless servants and champions for the specialty. Bill served both the SAO and the ABO and was instrumental in the evolution of the SAO’s having full-time dedicated staff support. Walt was the co-chairman of the Building Committee that had the vision to build our Atlanta Headquarters, while also advocating a strong focus for involvement of young members. Ken Owen’s father had also been a President of the SAO/SSO, only the second time in history that both a father and son had held the office (in the lofty tradition of Dr Oren and William Oliver). Their wisdom rings as true today is it did in decades past. We send our condolences and thanks to their families for allowing them to serve.

Dr Sheffield’s original membership application photo Dr John “Walt” Sheffield Jr (1929-2015) SAO President 1983 “It always disturbs me when I hear one of our members say ‘I’m not a dentist, I’m an orthodontist.’ I submit to you that we would be better off today if we had always said ‘I’m a dentist who limits my practice to orthodontics.’” - Dr Walt Sheffield

Q4 2015 Southern Association of Orthodontists 32 Lenox Pointe Atlanta, GA 30324

Orthodontic PBRN or PRACTICE BASED RESEARCH NETWORKS In 2013 the AAO Board of Trustees, with the strong persuasion of several members including then AJODO Editor Dr. Vince Kokich, formed a special committee to look at creating an orthodontic practice based research network. For many years several dental practice based research groups had been operating in the US particularly the Precedent Group in the North-West part of the country and another at the University of Texas at San Antonio. In 2012 the NIH funded a nationwide project called the National Dental PBRN with the idea of joining into one big network all such research efforts. The stated concept of practice based studies is to improve the oral health of our patients by increasing the knowledge base for clinical decisions and moving that information into clinical practice as fast as possible. In other words, the clinicians who are involved in these projects are in many cases the proponents of the study and work in the design of each protocol. If successful, this model should in turn result in not only better patient health, but also improved patient satisfaction, enhanced efficiency in the delivery of care and superior treatment outcomes. The end game is to have dental professionals directly improve the effectiveness of the treatments they deliver. With this is mind, the first step was to survey the AAO membership regarding what were the major problems that a majority of our membership understood needed being addressed. That 2013 national survey was answered by over 11% of our membership and it identified those topics that were of interest to both the clinicians and researchers. These included open bites correction, class II treatment, predictors and risk factors for apical root resorption, white spot lesions, management of relapse and periodontal problems and their impact on orthodontic treatment. Three work groups were setup to work in developing PBRN studies in these areas. At this time the first study, anterior open bites has been approved and funded under the direction of Dr. Greg Huang, Chair at the University of Washington. A second study looking at class II treatment under Dr. Verasathpurush “Sath” Allarreddy at the University of Iowa is approved but awaiting funding. A third protocol proposing a severe apical root resorption registry looking at risk factors under Drs. Jaime De Jesús-Viñas and Sylvia FrazierBowers at University of North Carolina is under review. Work is pending on two more topics that are still under development. The AAO PBRN committee is actively recruiting orthodontists who want to join this national PBRN effort. Each study has specific requirements and every clinician must complete mandatory HIPAA and human studies training. For more information on PBRN’s please visit the AAO website. For more information on the open bite study contact Andrea Mathews SAO members in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida contact Deborah McEdward at dmced-

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