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Quarter 3

October 2019

SAO LEADERSHIP President Dr Anthony W. Savage Virginia Beach, VA President-Elect Dr Jeri Stull Fort Thomas, KY Secretary-Treasurer Dr Beth Faber Tappahannock, VA First Senior Director Dr Sims Tompkins Columbia, SC Second Senior Director Dr Mark W. Dusek Savannah, GA Third Senior Director Dr Debbie Sema Birmingham, AL Past President Dr Randall Rigsby Pensacola, FL

EDITOR Dr Jim Vaden Cookeville, TN



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Ms. Heather Hunt Executive Director 32 Lenox Pointe Atlanta, GA 30324 Phone: (800) or (404) 261-5528 Fax: (844) 214-1224


Quarter 3

October 2019

President’s Update Anthony W. Savage

I had the sincere pleasure of experiencing the wonderful southern hospitality that accompanies the President’s visits to your state meetings. We have a fantastic group of people in charge of our state components. There are so many new and younger members in positions of leadership and many more who are energized to help out in any way. I am encouraged by this group’s level of interest and participation in our specialty and I forecast a bright future. In January we began our 8th SAO Leadership class. There have been 99 graduates from the program since its inception. The SWSO now has their own leadership programs modeled after ours. Most of the graduates are currently in leadership positions at state or local levels. Some represent the SAO on AAO councils. This year we have a diversified leadership class of 17 SAO members consisting of new and younger members, educators and seasoned members. Their ongoing leadership projects attempt to identify issues that impact the specialty of Orthodontics. The projects will be presented to the board at the annual meeting. The goal of the projects is to attempt to find solutions to important issues in order to provide a more optimistic future for our doctors as well as their staffs and their patients. After much time and effort and with the help of a local Atlanta member, Dr. Michael Stewart, we were able to identify a contractor who we hired to renovate our SAO office. Heather and I, in consultation with the Executive committee, completed the planning stage. The work has now been completed significantly under budget. We plan to have an open house in mid January. Thanks to all involved who made this possible.

The 2019 SAO/SWSO Combined Annual Meeting will be held at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel Resort, Spa and Conference Center on Universal Blvd., Orlando. This little oasis is on 225 acres at the head waters of the Florida Everglades. The first-class hotel amenities will be enjoyed by all who attend. The hotel staff is outstanding and is dedicated to your perfect stay at their home, Rosen Shingle Creek. A wonderful redesigned Arnold Palmer golf course, multiple family and adult pools, first class food in private dining and food court styles all await you at user friendly prices. Our Meeting Chair, Dr George Sabol, SWSO President Dr Mike Ragan, and the Annual Meeting Committee have a well rounded meeting available to you. It will have ample educational and vacation experiences for everyone. The presentation format offers multi-day New and Younger member tracks, Dr /Staff tracks, Practice Management tracks and Evidenced Based tracks. We have many new, upcoming progressive speakers – Glen Krieger, Neal Kravitz, Anil Idiculla and Travis Frederson’s Disney inspired talk as well as seasoned presenters: Drs James McNamara, Jeffrey Okeson, Chris Chang, Roger Levin and many other quality speakers. Eladio DeLeon will present an update on the ABO’s new exam. Katie Maassen will discuss CAP. The Legal Assistance Program will be discussed by AAO legal counsel Sean Murphy. Please plan to attend our Private Function at Universal’s Marvel Superhero Island area on Friday evening and our outdoor Southern Celebration with live entertainment on Thursday evening. I hope to see you in Orlando, Florida November 14-16 for a great educational and vacation experience for you, your families and your staff. All the best from the SAO. It is a pleasure to serve as your President. Anthony W. Savage 2019 SAO President


Quarter 3

October 2019

SAO Goes Hollywood Well, almost ;)

We enjoyed a great view of the Hollywood sign from the AAO 119th Annual Session headquarter hotel. While we had some free time to check out the Hollywood hills, your SAO Delegation worked hard to address all the issues that confronted the 2019 House of Delegates.

When we left, the AAO was in good hands; our AAO leadership includes Gary Inman, President, Jeff Rickabaughcontinuing his great work as Speaker of the House, and Richard Williams beginning his second year as our Trustee. The SAO is well-represented. The SAO delegation had six primary objectives as we went into the 119th Annual Session House of Delegates meeting:


No dues increase


Resolve a way forward for the CAP (Consumer Awareness Program)


Stop the MNOC (Medically Necessary Orthodontic Care) auto qualifiers


Stop the annual effort to have CONYM (Council on New/Younger Members) representatives on other councils and be a voting member of the BOT


Increase the funding for the CLSF (Component Legal Support Fund)


Approve an innovation fund to explore/implement non-dues revenue opportunities

The outcomes of the House suited us very well. Dues did not increase despite an effort to increase them by $20. CONYM withdrew its resolutions. There will be further thought on how to best increase our new and younger member voices. Both CLSF and the innovation fund passed easily. Working to achieve a balance between holding the assessment down, increasing the allocation to Council on Communications (COC) for the CAP, addressing concerns about payment out of dues, and keeping the excess liquid reserves partially in place all created the largest debate of 2019. In the end, some reserve funds were used, and dues were not increased. The assessment increased from $600 to $800. COC will have approximately $1.5M more to enhance the CAP than last year. The President received direction to appoint a task force to evaluate the best way forward for CAP funding. A task force evaluated this same topic for the 2014 HOD, but their recommendation to move funding to dues failed. So, that leaves stopping Medically Necessary Orthodontic Care auto qualifiers. After a couple of last-minute amendments, the HOD voted to adopt new language for our AAO medically necessary orthodontic policy. I would like to thank all the Delegates for their preparation and the time taken from their practices and personal lives to serve the SAO and AAO. Also, thanks to Heather Hunt and Lissette Zuknick, our SAO staff, for all they do to prepare the Delegation for this annual adventure. There is so much that happens “behind the scenes�. It all starts months before the Annual Session! In closing, a special thanks to Brian Jacobus, who served the SAO as a Delegate or Alternate Delegate for almost 20 years. Brian, as you retire from the Delegation, please take our heartfelt thanks with you. You will be missed! Dr Robert Moss SAO Delegation Chair


Quarter 3

October 2019

Message from your AAO President Gary O. Inman, DMD

The AAO Board of Trustees has a strong “Southern” look to it for 2019/20. I consider it an honor and privilege to be serving as President and to be able to work alongside our SAO Trustee, Richard Williams and the Speaker of the House, Jeff Rickabaugh. Additionally, the SWSO Trustee, Ken Dillehay, was born and raised in Gordonsville, Tennessee and AAO CEO, Lynne Thomas Gordon, is from NC. Every member of the Board of Trustees is committed to making the AAO the best it can be. I am indeed fortunate to be included in this group.

We are currently in the second year of the Strategic Plan that was adopted during the 2018 HOD. Lynne Thomas Gordon has worked diligently to reorganize and restructure the AAO staff in St. Louis. Lynne has extraordinary organizational skills and has put together a team that will move us forward. This year we are doing the planning and preparation necessary as we move into 2020. I know you have noticed the improvement in the Consumer Advertising Program that the AAO Marketing Director, Katie Maassen, in conjunction with the Council on communications (SAO COC Rep. Herb Hughes), has put together. The CAP has been wildly successful with over 1.4 billion ad views that have reached over 170 million individual consumers. There have been 7 million visits to the consumer website, Be on the look out for videos featuring member interviews along with a wealth of information that can be found on the member website. Login to see how many times your name has been given by the Find an Orthodontist locator. Advocacy continues to be a priority for our members. Direct to Consumer aligner companies’ business practices are on our minds and we are working to inform and educate consumers and patients on the potential harm of DIY Orthodontics. Again, I direct you to the member website where you can find all that the AAO is doing in regards to Direct to Consumer companies, Teledentistry, individual state specialty and advertising regulations, and more. I hope each of you received and read the Sept. 12 letter regarding

SDC I sent to the membership. Our expanded legal team, lead by Sean Murphy, is and will continue to be diligent in advocating for our patients and our AAO members. At the AAO, we have long held the position that orthodontic treatment is a complex medical process and that it is in the best and safest interest of the public to have that treatment performed under the direct supervision of a licensed orthodontist. Disruptive companies will come. Some will fail and some will succeed. They are not to be feared. They will provide orthodontists with opportunities to excel. As President, I have formed several task forces to study and make recommendations in areas of need. Business and Development TF, Innovation TF, House and Annual Session TF, How We work TF, CAP Assessment TF and Global Advocacy TF are some of these. Additionally, this Board is committed to addressing diversity and in particular, gender diversity. Kudos to the SAO for taking the lead as the SAO Executive Committee is 50% female. This year the HOD directed me to form a special committee on Women Orthodontists (SCWO). The SAO representative on this committee is Jeri Stull. The committee has been charged with developing and encouraging female leaders as well as addressing issues unique to female orthodontists. The Board of Trustees is submitting a Resolution to the 2020 House of Delegates asking for 3 ‘At Large’ Trustee positions. This will allow the BOT to address diversity and other areas needed to make the Board operate more effectively. I encourage all SAO members to support this initiative. It will make us better.


Quarter 3

October 2019

The Feb. 7-9, 2020 Winter Conference will be in Austin, Texas. Drs. Greg Huang and Jim Vaden have put together a strong group of speakers. The topic is Open Bites, Treatment and Retention. These are our most difficult and least stable cases. All treatment possibilities will be discussed. Dr Huang is planning to present the results of the Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) open bite study. Registration is now open. Attendees will learn treatment pearls that can be immediately put to use in practice. Austin is a popular destination with meetings. Dust off your cowboy boots and plan to attend. Register here:

“Lastly, the crown jewel of the AAO calendar is the Atlanta 2020 Annual session, May 1-4 at the Georgia World Congress Center.“

“The meeting has a world class location, cutting edge scientific and staff programs, and premier entertainment.”

Click below for more information https://www.aaoinfo. org/meetings/annualsession-2020/

The General Chair of the meeting is DeWayne McCamish. The Scientific subcommittee includes Jim Vaden, Greg Inman and Thomas Baldwin. The Staff subcommittee members are David Sarver and Glen Cowan. Featured lecture subcommittee members are Marilyn McCamish and Susie Inman. Please note the schedule for this meeting is Friday through Monday instead of the traditional Saturday through Tuesday. This schedule change is in response to member requests. If well received, it will be the format for future meeting planning. You will want to make plans to arrive by 9:00 A.M. Friday morning for the opening of the exhibit hall. The scientific and staff lectures begin at 1:00 pm. The Opening ceremony is Friday evening in the Mercedes Stadium where the 2019 Super Bowl was played. Admission is included in your registration. It will be a fun event with plenty of food, drink and entertainment. Saturday evening will be devoted to the Alumni Receptions and The International Reception in the Coca Cola Museum. The Excellence Luncheon on Sunday will feature Pulitzer prize winning Presidential author, John Meachum who gave the eulogy for President George HW Bush and immediately rose to stardom.

The Sunday evening Celebration will be held in the Atlanta Aquarium, the world’s largest. Everything is easily accessible with short walks to hotels and restaurants. We are hosting the World’s Premier Orthodontic Meeting and showcasing our Southern hospitality. Mark your calendar for AAO Atlanta 2020. There is much more that I can share but it suffices to say that the AAO has positioned itself for the future. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments. This has been a wonderful opportunity to make a difference. Thank You, Gary


Quarter 3

October 2019

Message from your SAO Trustee

Richard A. Williams, DDS, MS

Greetings to all and thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Trustee for the SAO to the AAO. Just one year removed from being the neophyte Trustee, I still find myself “drinking from the firehose” occasionally because our AAO is not a static organization. Rather, it is extremely active and dynamic. We are in a season of great challenge and change which presents us with even greater opportunity. A new title, Chief Executive Officer, has been given to Lynne Thomas Gordon. She has led a great reorganization of the staff at headquarters which has put familiar names and faces in new roles and refined the roles of others. Some have departed and others have been added in positions not formerly present at the AAO. Gary has enumerated some of these new initiatives in his remarks and I am positive we are well-poised to meet and impact our future. The stars have aligned for the SAO to be in the rare position of having three of our members serve on the Board of Trustees and I could not be prouder to be a part of that group! Gary Inman has been unofficially dubbed as the “President of Change”. You can see from the number and variety of Task Forces he has appointed that we are taking an in-depth look at who we are and how we accomplish tasks in order to better position ourselves to meet our members’ needs in critical areas. Jeff Rickabaugh continues to make us proud. Jeff has quickly acclimated to his role as Speaker of the House of Delegates and is providing steady, direct, and concise guidance to our BOT as well as the House of Delegates. He will most assuredly leave things better than he found them… that is his personality.

President Inman has delineated several areas of interest for our membership in his letter. The CAP program being spearheaded by Katie Maassen and COC as well as Advocacy/Legal. I echo his enthusiasm for what Katie is doing with our all-digital campaign to put the AAO and its message before the consumer/patient in a meaningful way that is translating to new patients in YOUR door. If you have not logged in to the member website recently, you should take time to peruse it in the near future. It has been redesigned to function in an efficient and appealing manner. When you log in, a pop-up box in the lower left corner of the page will tell you how many times your name has been used by the AAO doctor locater service. I can attest from personal experience that the number for me has increased exponentially, providing email requests for appointments that have started treatment in my practice. Please verify your practice demographic information so that you can benefit from this program and see your assessment dollars at work in a very positive way. Advocacy is another arena in which the AAO team is fighting for members and patients. Sean Murphy, Trey Lawrence, Andrew Wiltsch, and Gianna Hartwig are proactive in monitoring regulatory agencies and state boards to remain aware of matters of concern regarding patient care and well-being. You will find a timeline of information at the link www1. Please take a few minutes to see what is being done by our team on your behalf.

It has been my privilege to serve on the “How We Work” task force under the leadership of Ken Dillehay, SWSO Trustee and alongside Jeff Rickabaugh and Steve Siegel. This group is tasked with examining how the AAO and more specifically, the BOT functions in multiple areas. The process has been led by association consultant Mark Engle, who has facilitated discussions regarding policies and procedures, construct of our BOT, and possible efficiencies to assist us in getting our work done in the most effective and relevant manner. One of the task force recommendations addressed the size and makeup of our BOT. The conclusion we have reached is that we can increase the size of the BOT by up to three members without sacrificing efficiency and relevance. This suggestion will provide the opportunity to address the need for diversity on our current Board and there is a forthcoming Resolution to the HOD from the BOT. You will have the opportunity to discuss it with any of us so that you will, hopefully, agree with our sense of urgency to address perceived needs for diverse representation. The current proposal is to add to the BOT up to three additional members who will serve for three-year terms and will represent either a demographic or expertise-based need. Our experience with New and Younger Member liaisons Trista Felty last year and Mariela Anderson this year has proven to be an invaluable contribution to our discussions as we make vital decisions for the AAO. Other recommendations are likely to be forthcoming as the task force completes its assigned task. I have also asked our editor, Jim Vaden, to print an essay from one of our firstyear Resident here at the University of Tennessee who recently attended GORP. It is a summary of her experiences and an affirmation that the support provided by the SAO this year is helping to build the next generation of engaged members. The AAO is strong because of its members and that means YOU! We will continue to be strong as long as all of us remain engaged and help orthodontics by contributing our time and talent in order to leave it better than we found it. Thank you for the humbling opportunity to serve!


Quarter 3

SAO Sponsor Spotlight:

October 2019

Henry Schein Orthodontics

SAGITTAL FIRST Philosophy powered by MOTION 3D Appliance is changing the landscape of the orthodontic industry. Treatment has evolved from lengthy and unpleasant, to expeditious, comfortable – and discreet! Bite correction with MOTION 3D Appliance prior to aligner or bracket treatment is becoming common practice amongst leading industry clinicians. MOTION 3D CLEAR™ Appliance is the ideal driver to every aligner case. Benefits of beginning treatment with MOTION 3D include achieving Class I platform in as little as 3 to 6 months prior to starting aligners, reduction in the number of aligners required, and shortened overall treatment time. Carriere® MOTION 3D does the heavy lifting of A/P correction when there are no competing forces in the mouth and when patient buy-in is at its peak. Important to aesthetic-minded patients, its unique design makes it virtually unnoticeable during treatment. The MOTION 3D Appliance is as easy to place as a bracket or buccal tube. Bonding takes about 15 minutes and can easily fit into a Same-Day Start protocol and increase conversion rates. The vision of SAGITTAL FIRST is to work smarter, not harder, by capitalizing on patients’ heightened compliance at the beginning of their treatment. HSO’s doctors who have incorporated SAGITTAL FIRST into their practice, using MOTION 3D on almost every patient discussed what inspired them to treat systematically all their Class II and Class III cases with MOTION 3D Appliance.

Here is what they had to say: Dr Graham used the opportunity to transition to MOTION 3D Appliance when he moved to his new practice. This move gave him the opportunity to change his entire clinical workflow and incorporate more same-day starts. “No matter what—Class II or Class III—use Motion!” The tipping point for Dr Chorak were the astonishing results of his Class III cases.

Dr Paschal articulates the shift in his thought process of when he fully transitioned his Class II and Class II cases to MOTION 3D. “By having Motion mentally be the go-to appliance, I haven’t done an extraction case in 3 years. Nothing is as effective as Motion.” To watch the full discussion, click on the links below: How I shifted to SAGITTAL FIRST

“Class III case success is what triggered me to implement the use of Motion on all cases.”

A new era of orthodontics has arrived,

Dr Paquette incorporated the MOTION 3D Appliance on all of his patients after seeing the excitement in his staff about the speedy results of Class II correction.

MOTION 3D Appliance the standard

“For 30 years we couldn’t do this.” (In reference to correcting Class II and Class III cases with simplicity and efficiency). Consistency was the turning point for Dr Fortney – she points out that MOTION 3D gets her cases done correctly each time. “I have a reputation in my community as the practice you can go to for non-surgical Class III Correction. Now we’re getting referrals from surgeons!”

and industry leaders have not only taken notice, but have taken action to make in bite correction. SAGITTAL FIRST

Philosophy proves that treatment can be less invasive, more efficient, and provide impressive results in a shorter amount of

time. The rising popularity and demand is undeniable.

We hope that you will join us on the Performance Revolution. #TheHappinessRevolution


Quarter 3

October 2019

AAO Member Tools This October, in observance of National Orthodontic Health Month, the AAO is teaming up with Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying charity. For more information, click here https://

Issues surrounding teeth are one of the top targets for bullies and the negative impact on dental health has been highlighted in the AJO-DO. Links to marketing resources and other National Orthodontic Health Month Materials can be found here on

Are you ready to be a mentor to a fellow colleague or do you find yourself interested in networking with a tenured orthodontist? The AAO Mentoring Program may be what you need. To sign up new and younger members, and for mentors (10+ years of practice), please click https://www1. Exclusive member-only discounts: AAO member discounts help members save money on practice management resources, staff development, and personal products and services. There are many companies who market directly to orthodontists, but these AAO endorsed programs provide discounted rates and the peace of mind that companies are trustworthy, and pricing is competitive. Learn more about sponsored AAO products by visiting


October 2019

My GORP Experience Whitney Vrazel

Department of Orthodontics, UTHSC

Attending GORP was a multifaceted and valuable experience for my fellow residents and me. The bonding with each other as well as the camaraderie with our peers was a great way to start off our residency program. GORP provided forging of relationships, fellowship as we move forward into organized orthodontics, as well as an opportunity to learn from lectures. I feel the camaraderie was a main strength of GORP. I was able to reconnect with people I interviewed with and build new contacts with my peer group that I will be able to come back to throughout the rest of my career. Yes – some residents placed more time and energy in the social aspect of the program in lieu of other opportunities at GORP – but that does not take away from the great value of building connections with our fellow future practitioners. A great topic of conversation in the programming was the need for orthodontists to be more united in the future against threats against our profession and protect it, and that begins with our relationships. Where there had been a sense of competition before during interviews, now there is camaraderie. For the first time, many of us first-year residents were also able to learn about ways to become more involved in our specialty organization. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet some members of the board of trustees of the AAO and meet some giants in the field of orthodontics. After this experience, I feel a sense of duty to give back to the profession and become involved in driving the specialty forward by playing an active role in organized orthodontics. There is great educational value at GORP. The lectures were well thought out and flowed well, covering a variety of topics concerning tips for starting out your residency and career, practice pearls, utilizing 3D imaging in treatment planning and review, practice branding and marketing, Q&A about navigating post

residency life and ownership, clear aligner therapy, and management of palatally impacted canines. This wide array of topics introduced us to some different schools of thought out in ortho and the importance of investing time to educate yourself and be a lifelong learner. Many of the speakers had excellent advice, and I certainly left GORP with a passion to know more and a list of topics to read about on my own time. What was disappointing about GORP was that there were residents that did not see the value of the days of lecture, and they indicated that with their absence from the program, which was noticeable. I realize though that unfortunately absence is not isolated to this meeting. I had a conversation with an exhibition vendor who was a previous office manager, and she spoke of her disappointment when people she worked with did not show up for meetings after the doctor paid for their travel. Perhaps one day these residents will be in that doctor’s shoes with their own staff and realize the frustration of the programs that have paid for GORP.

Save The Date

GORP 2020

Ann Arbor, Michigan August 6-9, 2020

I am not sure if this summary has qualified as brief, but overall, I believe that there is great value in sending our Tennessee residents to GORP every year. The unique opportunity to get together at the start of our residencies, meet people and celebrate entering the greatest profession in the world, learn in lectures, and realize the value of our specialty’s organization is something only GORP can provide.


Quarter 3

October 2019

General Population Knowledge about the Orthodontic Profession and Factors Affecting Potential Practitioner Selection. Dr Riley Dyer* DMD and Dr Sawsan Tabbaa** DMD, MS., ABO *Class of 2018 **Associate Professor. Jacksonville University, School of Orthodontics, Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences.

To the question “Which of the following orthodontists would you choose?” subjects were given options to choose an orthodontist that is: “cheapest/most conveniently located for me/my dentist recommends/or has a doctor with the best community reputation via word of mouth” or “orthodontist with ABO or/and MS degree,” or “no extra training/degree.” 50.2% (140) participants choose the response “Whichever is the cheapest/most conveniently located for me/my dentist recommends/or has a doctor with the best community reputation via word of mouth”.


Abstract: Introduction:


It is important for orthodontists to understand which factors are most important to their potential patients in order to fully capitalize on the current market. Recent studies have shown that roughly 30–40% of patients seeking orthodontic treatment prefer to “shop around” prior to settling on an orthodontist.1 Several studies concluded that quality, good communication, and convenience were very important.2,3 Also evaluated were factors such as a caring attitude, convenient location, reasonable prices, etc.2,3,4 While one study concluded that board certification was “highly important” to patients, no mention of whether or not patients understood what that meant or entailed was listed.5 The purpose of this study was to identify the general population’s knowledge about the differences between general dentists who offer braces and orthodontists (with or without board certification/Master in orthodontics) and to determine the role that these qualifications actually play in a patient’s preference when seeking orthodontic treatment.

Among the 279 participants surveyed, 73% were females, 46.8% were between 18 and 44 years old. Most participants were Caucasian (73%) followed by African American (15.5%). The majority reported to be employed (73.7%), 72.7% had children, 57.9% had a college or high school degree and 46.2% reported to have a total income of 50,000.00SD or more. Among the 279 participants surveyed, 81.7% reported to have biannual dental care, and 93.9% reported to know the difference between a general dentist and orthodontist. However, the results showed a lack of knowledge about the orthodontic specialty among surveyed population. The results of the population surveyed showed that the majority (84.9%) of participants, or their immediate family (spouse or children), have received orthodontic treatment. Out of those, 66.9% (158) reported that the practitioner who provided the orthodontic treatment was a board-certified orthodontist, and about 27.1% were uncertain. Only 30% (71) reported to know whether the practitioner who provided the orthodontic treatment had a Master in Orthodontics, and 62.7% (148) were uncertain.

Knowledge about the specialty of orthodontics and the requirement to legally practice in the USA is lacking. People don’t know the differences between GPs and orthodontists. When it comes to orthodontic education, people prefer an orthodontist with ABO and MS, however, other noneducational factors greatly affect their decisions on where to seek treatment.

References: 1. Keim RG, Gottlieb EL, Nelson AH, Vogels DS. 2011 JCO Orthodontic Practice Study. Part 1 Trends. Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, Vol. XLV, No. 10 (October 2011): 535-544. 2. Walley EK, Silberman SL, Tuncay OC. Patient and parent preferences for orthodontic practices. Clinical Orthodontics and Research 2, no. 3 (August 1999): 110-123. 3. Kelley SW, Schwartz RW. A marketingoriented perspective on physician selection. Surg Innov. 2005 Dec; 12(4):357-63 4. St Louis BL, Firestone AR, Johnston W, Shanker S, Vig KW. Prospective patients rate practice factors: development of a questionnaire. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2011 Feb; 139 (2):235-41. 5. Longoria JM, English J, O’Neill PN, Tan Q, Velasquez G, Walji M. “Factors involved in choosing an orthodontist in a competitive market.” Journal Clinical Orthodontics, Vol. XLV, no. 6 (June 2011): 333-337


Quarter 3

October 2019

SAO State Orthodontists (Component) Associations Plan to attend your state meeting and join your orthodontist colleagues in your hometown!


Dr Aimee Skelton, President Meeting: April 3–4, 2020 Westin Birmingham


Dr Shreena Patel, President Meeting: March 6–8, 2020 Renaissance International Plaza Tampa Hotel


Dr Thomas Flanagan, President Meeting: February 28–29, 2020 The Ritz Carlton, Lake Oconee


Dr John Iennusa, President Meeting: April 3–4, 2020 The Westin Canal St Mississippi Dr John Hodge, President Meeting: February 8, 2020 Hilton Jackson, MS

North Carolina Dr Matthew Olmsted, President Meeting: January 31–February 1, 2020 Sheraton Imperial, Durham, NC

South Carolina

Dr James Maginnis, President Meeting: March 20, 2020


Dr Nick Ising, President


Dr Quinton (Chuck) Robinson Meeting: January 31, 2020 Location TBD


Dr Graham Gardner, President Meeting: March 26–28, 2020

West Virginia

Dr John Palmer, President

Save The Date

SAO 2020 Annual Session October 15–17, 2020 Omni Nashville Hotel Nashville, TN CDABO 2019 Prep Course November 17, 2019 Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel Orlando, FL Click below to register Winter Conference February 7–9, 2020 JW Marriott Austin, TX Click below to register meetings/event-page/winterconference-2020-austin-tx/ AAO 2020 Annual Session May 1–4, 2020 Atlanta, GA Click below for more information https://www.aaoinfo. org/meetings/annualsession-2020/


Please make plans to join us at the

SAO+SWSO ANNUAL MEETING ROSEN SHINGLE CREEK® HOTEL NOVEMBER 14 - 16, 2019 Click below to register today!

Rosen Shingle Creek®