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Dear Reader:

As I write this, 2022 is winding to a close, the time of year to refect and appreciate life’s many blessings - good health and the gift of family and friends, including the wonderful relationships and friendships forged over these many years in the business community - local business owners and professionals without whom Community Publications and its titles would cease to be. On behalf of our entire team, a heartfelt thank you for your continued support and participation. In the new year, we have many exciting plans in the works - including expanded distribution to reach an even broader audience and reinstating our ongoing monthly mixers to get everyone together more frequently.

For our readers, we will strive to continue crafting compelling features showcasing local service providers and product offerings, the people in our community making

a difference, destination dining, travel, entertainment and more. Our goal is always to provide a content-rich publications each month and I personally welcome any feedback or suggestions at any time on the ways in which we can improve our offering.

Thank you for taking the time to read this issue and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2023 for all!

publisher + editor (714) 469-3495




Absolutely Fabulous

"Local print advertising is an essential part of our marketing strategy. After 14 years in business, I have found Jody’s HB Magazine to be the place to call home for our local print advertising. Not only is Jody very accommodating and easy to work with, she really cares about us and has become a part of our business family. Her magazine feels like Huntington Beach: friendly, smart, pro-business and fun. I highly recommend HB Magazine to anyone who is looking to advertise locally."


Doheny Bike • Advertising Partner since 2020

We struck gold when we started advertising with Community Publications. We know exactly when the publications arrive in mailboxes because our phones ring off the hook and we are slammed with new business. We are extremely pleased with the response!


South Coast Shutter and Shades • Advertising Partner since 2020

Since starting with South County Magazine in April 2020, we have been incredibly busy keeping up with the resulting calls, scheduled appointments and new clients! I believe being consistent in advertising is key. Thank you Jody for your loyalty and helping our business take off!


One Way Painting • Advertising Partner since 2011

I really appreciate and value the service provided by Jody and her team at Community Publications. The close attention to detail that has gone into every article Jody has written is outstanding and has helped us get the word out on One Way Painting & California Gun Services. The articles you have written really show you understand what services we provide and what value we offer to our customers. Each time a magazine comes out, the calls increase, and we get to introduce the company to new people. Thank you for making everything so easy.

Adventures of a Lifetime in the Ozark Mountains Page CountryJubilee Boardwalk
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WiseDecisionswith RetirementinMind

Some retirees succeed at realizing the life they want; others don’t. Fate aside, it isn’t merely a matter of investment decisions that makes the difference. There are certain dos and don’ts – some less apparent than others – that tend to encourage retirement happiness and comfort.

Retire fnancially literate. Some retirees don’t know how much they don’t know. They end their careers with inadequate nancial knowledge, and yet, feel they can prepare for retirement on their own. They mistake creating a retirement income strategy with the whole of preparing for retirement, and gloss over longevity risk, risks to their estate, and potential health care expenses. The more you know, the more your retirement readiness improves.

A goal to retire debt free – or close to debt free? Even if your retirement savings are substantial, you may want to consider reviewing your overall debt situation.1

Retire with purpose. There’s a difference between retiring and quitting. Some people can’t wait to quit their job at 62 or 65. If only they could escape and just relax and do nothing for a few years – wouldn’t that be a nice reward? Relaxation can lead to inertia, however – and inertia can lead to restlessness, even depression. You want to retire to a dream, not away from a problem.

The bottom line? Retirees who know what they want to do – and go out and do it – are positively contributing to their mental health and possibly their physical health as well. If they do something that is not only vital to them, but important to others, their community can bene t as well.

Retire healthy. Smoking, drinking, overeating, a dearth of physical activity – all these can take a toll on your capacity to live life fully and enjoy retirement. It is never too late to change habits that may lead to poor health.

Retire where you feel at home. It could be where you live now; it could be a nearby place where the scenery and people are uplifting. If you nd yourself lonely in retirement, then look for ways to connect with people who share your experiences, interests, and passions; those who encourage you and welcome you. This social interaction is one of the great, intangible retirement bene ts.

Ken Earwood may be reached at (800) 250-3029, kenearwood@titan or visit Securities offered through Parkland Securities, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Titan Financial is independent of Parkland Securities, LLC.

This material was prepared by MarketingPro, Inc., and does not necessarily represent the views of the presenting party, nor their affliates. This information has been derived from sources believed to be accurate. Please note - investing involves risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future results. The publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services. If assistance is needed, the reader is advised to engage the services of a competent professional. This information should not be construed as investment, tax or legal advice and may not be relied on for the purpose of avoiding any Federal tax penalty. This is neither a solicitation nor recommendation to purchase or sell any investment or insurance product or service, and should not be relied upon as such. All indices are unmanaged and are not illustrative of any particular investment.


1., December 2, 2020

Provided by Ken Earwood
Certainfnancial&lifestylechoicesmay leadyoutowardabetterfuture.
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DARE TO stay young!

We are pretty clear on how to age more rapidly than we should e.g., alcohol, tobacco, drugs, fast food, and sodas. But why are we less aware of how to stay young?

Why is it okay to diplomatically receive the answer, “…it’s a part of aging” when you ask your physician “Why am I always tired and have no energy?”

Wellness, youth, what does it mean? Self-esteem? Energy? Low Stress? Quality sleep? Firm and glowing skin? A happy mood? Thick and shiny hair? Strong bones A t body uality sex? A positive outlook on life? It’s all of the above and it is achievable. However, it takes patience, persistence, and time.

It is an erroneous belief that youthfulness is unattainable and that it is inevitable to spend the golden years of life dilapidated and chronically ill. This myth has been disproven. In fact,

there are documented ways to reverse your biological clock. However, it seems that it’s a well-kept secret. But now is the time for the veil to be lifted.

We are not a slave to our genes as was previously taught. We may have a predisposition to a certain illness based on our genes, but what determines whether those certain genes get “turned on” and whether illness becomes a reality, is the environment in which we house our genes.

We know that we are what we eat, and we know it’s important to exercise and maintain a healthy weight, but there is more, much more. So, what is the answer?

The answer is Functional Medicine also known as Regenerative or AntiAging Medicine.

Functional Medicine looks at the body as a whole symphony and works to optimize the body on a cellular level

so that each organ, its systems and all the body processes are working at an optimal level. When each cell is functioning optimally, the body can work and heal itself as it was designed. Functional Medicine works to ne tune each organ system, biochemically on a cellular level, for the systems to harmonize like a beautiful symphony. It employs advanced testing and in-depth questioning to look for answers and then uses micronutrients, bio-identical hormones, supplements, peptides, pesticide free foods, lifestyle changes and many other modalities to replenish and rebalance the body and mind. It focuses on minimizing environmental toxic exposures, helping the individual achieve quality sleep, good gut health, a healthy weight, a balance between work and relaxation and does not neglect the importance of a robust libido.

Functional Medicine sees complaints such as lack of energy, pain in the joints and rashes as a harbinger of a much larger problem. It looks to nd the cause of the symptoms instead of prescribing a medication to quiet your body’s cry for help.

Unfortunately, our current system of medicine focuses on disease, not dysfunction. Consequently, most symptoms are just quelled until they fester into a huge problem that can then be labeled as a disease. Only, then are your medications and testing hopefully covered by insurance.

Your health is an investment. Just like we siphon off earnings into a 401k, we should likewise invest in ourselves so that we may have a quality life, not just a long life. It is well known, what we don’t pay now, we will have to pay later with interest.

So, I invite you to take a deep dive into your health. I dare you to stay young!

910 S. El Camino Real San Clemente, CA 92672 Please call for your appointment 949-363-3162

Do you ever wonder why a 70-year-old person may not look a day over 40? Conversely, we have all met the 40-year-old who sadly looks 70.

Brain Power

Benefts of Learning a Second Language at an Early Age


According to Amy Yu, Preschool Bilingual Mandarin Teacher. “An early learning bilingual program supports the language-sensitive period that ranges from infancy to age seven. The most widely known model of bilingual education is the development bilingual model, in which there is a 50/50 balance between teaching the two languages. Based on decades of research, we know multilingual children gain a cognitive, academic, and social edge in school and beyond. In addition, children gain cultural com-

Did you know that approximately 60-75% of the world population can speak at least two languages? In fact, research studies have shown that knowing two or three languages is benefcial at any age, yet many people have the same question – why should a young child learn a second language while they are focused on learning their primary one? It seems like this would be learning overload at a time when they are also learning how to be friends, count, play, and so much more. However, this is a time in our lives when acquiring a second language comes very naturally.

In fact, between the ages of 0-3, the brains of young children are uniquely suited to learn a second language as the brain is in its most fexible stage. Bilingually exposed infants excelled in detecting a switch in language as early as six months old. They can learn a second language as easy as they learn to walk and grasp their primary language. According to a recent census report, 27 percent of children under the age of six are now learning a language other than English and that learning a second language does not negatively impact the child’s native one.

As adults, we have to consider grammar rules and practice, however young children absorb sounds, structures, intonation patterns, and the rules of a second language very easily. Up until the age of eight, young

learners beneft from fexible ear and speech muscles that can detect differences between the sounds of a second language.

While it may be easier for young children to pick up a second language, there are benefts for adults as well. Researchers found that young adults who knew two languages performed better on attention tests and had better concentration compared to those who only spoke one language. This is largely because of the workout our brain receives while switching back and forth between one language and another when deciding how to communicate. It allows us to focus better during a lecture and remember relevant information.

With this in mind, we consulted Stratford School’s Bilingual Mandarin teachers from our San Francisco, CA campus, to help understand the advantages of a bilingual Preschool, why it is benefcial for children, and the questions to ask when selecting a bilingual school for your child.

petence which nurtures their ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from cultures different from their own.”

Additional advice comes from Kuen “Rita” Hung Fong, Pre-Kindergarten Bilingual Mandarin Teacher, “A bilingual language program is a place for children to learn a new language naturally and comfortably within a practical environment. Children can learn to speak Mandarin (or another language) through playing different activities, singing songs, and engaging with others.”


How do you pick the best school for your child? As you go through the process of choosing a school remember, you are looking for a school that will make the educational experience for your child and you as rewarding as possible. According to Janet Wong, Pre-Kindergarten Bilingual Mandarin teacher, “When selecting a bilingual

Development of memory, better concentration and focus, faster adaptation, are among the many reasons why teaching your child a second language can help boost their brain development.

program for your child, consider asking some of these questions:

• What percentage of time will my child engage in each of the languages?

• What is your teaching model? One teacher, two teachers?

• What training do teachers receive for teaching in a bilingual classroom?

• Are the teachers certifed in teaching bilingual languages?

• How will my child be supported individually as they learn a new language?

• In which ways do you develop cultural competencies?

• What are some of the learning goals for my child this year?

• How can we support at home? What is our role in supporting both languages?

Ideally, the school should have a clear mission and vision for their bilingual program. Like any school decision, families should feel welcomed, respected, and cared for as they decide if a bilingual program is a good ft for their child and for the family.”

Learning two languages will not confuse or distract your child. Remember, their brains are fexible and the skills that develop beyond learning a second language is immeasurable. Bilingual children learn that an object stays the same even though the object has a different name in a different language. Studies have also shown that foreign language learning increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and fexibility of mind.

Learn more about Stratford School and our Mandarin Bilingual programs at

8780 Warner Ave · Fountain Valley, Ca 92708 (949) 683-4741


Have an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Valentine’s Day!

Diane Silverstein had never heard of the show “Absolutely Fabulous” when she named her aptly-titled gifts and décor boutique in central Huntington Beach. But the fun-loving, irreverent, blonde, champagne-promoting show does give a glimpse into what makes Absolutely Fabulous such a treasure.

Absolutely Fabulous is not your runof-the-mill, Hallmark-style gift shop; they are as fun and irreverent as the show they share a name with.

The variety and uniqueness of products at Absolutely Fabulous is astounding: hand-made jewelry, Miche Bag purses (the ones where

you just drop the “insides” of your purse into a new shell, rather than having to dump all of your stuff out!), $10 silk scarves, old-school shaving kits for men, a “Daddy’s Tool Bag” that includes diaper changing equipment, and instructional DVD, face mask and other funny items, rare paintings by successful artists, large crystal chandeliers, crystal perfume bottles, stuffed animal baby bottle covers, piggy banks for kids, “dorm survival kits” for new students, wedding party gifts, rare Disney art and collectibles and decorations and decorative items for every holiday.

Connect with Diane and the crew at Absolutely Fabulous located at 6026 Warner Avenue in Huntington Beach, call (714) 842-1608 or visit

Industry Award Winner!

Global Innovation Awards (GIA) honoring Housewares Retail Excellence 2018 - 19

NOW ENROLLING Preschool through Grade 8 Find a campus near you & Pre-register online at Preschool State License: 304371162. Copyright © 2023 Stratford Schools, Inc. Our other Southern California campuses Altadena | West Los Angeles THE EXTRAORDINARY HAPPENS WHEN YOU SPARK THE NATURAL CURIOSITY OF A CHILD Visit our campus and meet our dedicated leaders, teachers, and staff. Learn how Stratford’s advanced STEAM-based curriculum is intentionally designed to foster creative thinking, innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. OPEN HOUSE Saturday, January 28 • By Appointment Coming Soon! Summer@Stratford 13
Mission Viejo 24741 Chrisanta Drive (949) 458-1776

Because Home is Where the Heart is

For the majority of seniors living in California, quality of life equates to living at home. A recent AARP survey reports that 77 percent of seniors want to remain in their home for the long term.

The advantages of aging in place are numerous. As we age we want to maintain the highest degree of independence possible. Our home is familiar and comforting to us, it’s where we feel safe.

Throughout the pandemic we have seen our homes become a safe-haven, a place where we can heal and stay healthy. Our home is lled with memories and it’s what we’ve created over the years with our loved-ones.

Often times in order to keep seniors living at home in comfort and safety, services and help are needed. Many seniors have opted for home care services when they need help and want to remain at home.

As the senior population increases, so has the home care industry. We spoke

to Kyle Warner, co-owner of Your Home Care Inc. about what they do and the bene ts of home care services.

Question: Tell us a little bit about Your Home Care and what it is that you do.

Answer: At Your Home Care, our mission is to enrich the quality of life for seniors by providing compassionate caregiving services at home. The agency was created in 2003 and is family owned and operated.

Our agency is licensed, insured and bonded, all our amazing caregivers are vetted, trained and background checked. We service most areas of Orange County, CA with a concentration in Laguna Woods and the surrounding cities. And we also work seamlessly with all Long-Term Care Insurance plans.

Q: What is the biggest gift or or blessing that you see while providing care for seniors?

A: The culture we have created here at Your Home Care is that of kindness and compassion. The most important


thing we can offer families is that we honor the people we are entrusted to care for. It is indeed a blessing to see our services make a positive impact in people’s lives. It is humbling to know that we get to provide a vital service that enriches and prolongs people’s lives.

Q: How many hours does a typical home care client start with?

A: The hours vary based on the needs of the client. Some clients like to start with a four-hour, or a six-hour shift. Others know they will need more care than that and schedule full days. We try to be as accommodating as possible to meet the scheduling needs of our clients.

We work with many clients coming home from the hospital, or skilled nursing facility and they require 24 hour care as they rehab and regain their strength.

Another important aspect of scheduling is establishing consistency and dependability for the families we serve. We work hard to have the same caregivers work with our clients whenever possible in order to build rapport and strong relationships.

Q: Tell us about the staff at Your Home Care.

A: Employees and clients say they appreciate working with us because they get to deal directly with the owners. They like working with the decision makers because it tends to make things run more smoothly and the process is more streamlined. Owners Segal Ronen and Kyle Warner oversee everything from client acquisition, employee operations to of ce administration.

But the real magic behind what we do is the talented, experienced team of caregivers we have the pleasure of working alongside. Our team is lled with special people and it’s apparent they genuinely love what they do and have “a calling” for this work. They are service-minded, kind people, who love to care for seniors as though they are family.

Q: What types of services does home care typically cover?

A: We offer a wide range of non-medical home care services and customize a care plan for every client. These services include personal care related services such as bathing, dressing, bathroom assistance and other personal hygiene needs. We prepare meals, provide transportation and help with housekeeping duties. We help with mobility and fall prevention. We basically help with all the activities of normal daily living that seniors might need a hand with.

Companionship and social engagement is another key aspect of caregiving. Some of our seniors feel isolated and lonely, so a caregiver becomes a friend to talk to and their bond is lasting.

Seniors with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Dementia can bene t greatly from a caregiver because they are experienced in working with people with cognitive impairments. They are trained on the techniques used to manage behavior, keeping them safe and well supervised.

Q: What makes Your home care stand out above the other home care agencies?

A: The senior home care industry is growing and changing. The trend we are seeing is an increase in rates, add-on fees and lengthy minimum hour requirements.

At Your Home Care we don’t have lengthy minimum hour requirements, nor do we up-charge. We make every effort to be as accommodating and exible as possible to meet the needs of our clients. We are responsive and available to our clients and caregivers when they need us. We act quickly to address and resolve any issue or concern.

Going back to our mission…to provide compassionate home care services that enrich families’ lives… with this in mind we are always looking for ways we can exceed our clients’ expectations.

Your Home Care is a company with heart, we care about our clients, and we care about our employees. If you are considering home care for you or your loved one, you can call Kyle Warner directly at (949) 424-9322 and let us show you how much we care.


Enjoy signi cant savings on items and services you’re already spending money on each day. Saving Money Everyday is a membership discount buyers club featuring buy one, get one discount deals as well as free and reduced rate services from ortune 500 brands you know and trust.

In the following interview, ounder avid Tedder shares program details and bene ts.

Q: How long has your business been in operation and what do you specialize in

A: PTE, Inc., the owner of Saving Money Every ay has been in business since 2010, specializing in real estate and agricultural investments. In 201 we became involved in membership bene ts. Today, Saving Money Every ay is the most costeffective life-changing membership program in America, bar none. We give our members as many meaningful bene ts as possible to help them daily to save money, enjoy life with peace of mind, and do it at a price that everyone would agree is inexpensive at 14.97 a month.

Q: What are the program bene ts and how does it work

A: Anyone 1 years of age and older can join the club. It is a monthto-month-membership, with a 30-day free trial and members can cancel at any time. All bene ts can be used (accessed) through your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Websites and mobile apps are accessed via email address and phone number.

Q: What do you believe sets your program offerings apart from others in the industry

A: We offer more bene ts in our program, including unlimited and free services such as Tele-medicine for your entire household from board certi ed medical doctors, I Theft Protection, Legal Consultation from state certi ed attorneys and Tax Preparation, Couponz irect (automated clipping) and Access evelopment (over 1 million discounts in ining, Shopping, Playing and Travel). Our program offers a total of six unique offerings while our competitors offer a maximum of three offerings at a higher price.

Q: Please share details on the tax savings bene t.

A: The Augusta rule allows you to rent out your home for up to 14 days and not have to report the income to the I S. epending upon your tax bracket, this I S gift can be worth 1,500 to 3,000 a year.

Save on Brands You Trust including

If you own a business, you can hire your children until 1 years of age to work for you. The rst 12,900 is tax-free to them and tax deductible to your business. This will be worth between 200 to 300 per month per child.

Grandparents with a business, who give their grandkids money, should hire them instead and pay them, rather than gift them. Grandparents get the tax deduction and the kids get started on Social Security bene ts.

ather than gifting your grandchildren money, put them to work for your business doing something meaningful, you get the deduction and they get a start towards Social Security. At Saving Money Every ay we show business owners how to take advantage of these I S gifts.

We believe that everyone should have a home-based business to make more money and simultaneously pay less of their income in taxes. We offer an af liate program so that anyone can have a home-based business at the low cost of 14.97 and be able to take advantage of the aforementioned I S gifts.

SavingMoneyEveryday.Info ( 1 ) 29 -6179 16
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Prescott Tax & Wealth Management

Prescott Tax & Wealth Management (PTWM) was formed over 25 years ago to focus on the needs of individuals and small business owners who want and deserve a more comprehensive approach to their tax and financial affairs. As a multi-generational firm, we believe our one-stop shop approach can help you and your family’s financial future.

As with everything in life, nothing is constant. Our interests, goals and needs are perpetually evolving, and the number of complexities continue to grow whether we like it or not. As many of you know, the tax and nancial landscape has changed tremendously over the past few years. People are searching for trusted teams that will advise them and their families in all areas of their nancial life.

Our team astutely observes that most individuals have separate relationships with their CPA and nancial advisor(s) who, candidly, don’t always consider the implications of their recommendations. And in a world where you can Google anything, it’s hard to decipher if the source or information is reliable. We believe you need an experienced team of professionals that can stay current with all the new tax and nancial laws and interpret what is important and relevant to YOUR situation.

We believe we are a unique approach to tax, wealth management and nancial planning. At our core, we are CPA nancial advisors that provide you and your family with a onestop shop or family of ce approach. With over 150 years of combined experience, we review all nancial scenarios with a keen eye towards tax planning.

We can help you and/or your business with tax preparation and planning, wealth management, bene ts and insurance, retirement plan services

and more. In the end, our mission is to provide you, your family, and/or your business with the following:

1. Organization: We will help bring order to your nancial life.

2. Accountability: We will help you follow through on your nancial commitments.

3. Objectivity: We help you avoid emotionally driven decisions in important tax and nancial matters.

4. Proactivity: We work with you to anticipate your life transitions and to be nancially prepared for them. Time spent in preparation avoids time spent in reparation.

5. Education: We will explore what speci c knowledge will be needed to succeed in your situation AND help you understand the why behind our recommendations, so you feel con dent.

6. Partnership: We will help you achieve your best life and will work in concert with you to make this possible.

or those of you who would bene t from our services, we encourage you to rst come to PTWM as a CPA tax client or for a comprehensive nancial review. Both approaches allow us to nd tax savings and ef ciencies, which are often the greatest source of nancial returns (we call this tax alpha). More importantly, this process will give our team an opportunity to learn more about your individual goals that normally don’t come to life when we are just reviewing the numbers. Unlike most CPAs, we are extroverted people persons that are looking for a long-term personal relationship. This is our philosophy, and we hope you can resonate with that. We look forward to meeting you and being of service.


Prescott Tax & Wealth Management

Securities and advisory services offered through Independent Financial Group, LLC (IFG), a registered broker-dealer and investment advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC. PTWM and IFG are unaf liated entities. Peter D. Prescott CA Insurance License #0733213

New Client Offer $50 off Tax Preparation 18

Meet Our Team & Our Multi-generational Promise

As we said before, everything in life evolves… which includes our firm! In the last year, we have added a few new team members that are committed for the long haul. We are investing in our team and implementing new technologies to improve our customer experience and ultimately help YOU.

We are a multi-generational firm that is committed to helping you and your family through every stage of life. We want to be a resource for you and your descendants.

PTWM is growing its close-knit team of professionals to provide you with the best customer service across all areas: tax, wealth management, financial and estate planning, insurance, and benefits.

Le to right (top first, then bottom): Kyle Hatch; Jill Crotty, MBA; Peter Prescott, CPA; Christa Porter, CPA; Kim Tuttle, CPA; Nicole Chung, EA; Marla Aranda; Grant Prescott, CPA; Margie Prescott. Not featured: Megan Shaw

Meet Our Founder – Peter Prescott, CPA

Peter Prescott, CPA is the founder and owner of Prescott Tax & Wealth Management. Peter has a Master’s in Taxation, Advanced Financial Planning designations, Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation, Registered Securities Principal, B.S. in Business from U.C. Berkeley, Insurance Agent and Price Waterhouse alumni.

Peter is proud of is training and background; however, Peter is prouder of his ability to implement all of these skill sets when assessing client’s unique financial situations.

Outside of work, Peter enjoys spending time with his wife (Margie) and family, attending CAL football games, and playing golf.

Meet Our New CPA Advisor – Grant Prescott, CPA

Grant Prescott is Director of Financial Planning and Investments at Prescott Tax and Wealth Management. Most recently, Grant was an investment banker focused on the technology sector at Wedbush Securities. During his time at Wedbush, he participated in several marquee IPOs and follow-on o erings, including Unity So ware’s $1.5B IPO, and acted as a financial advisor to The Sandbox, a high growth metaverse company, that raised roughly $93M from So Bank and other premier venture capital investors.

Prior to Wedbush, Grant was trained as a CPA at Ernst & Young, one of the top four accounting firms in the world, where he conducted financial audits of the top Silicon Valley hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital firms.

Grant is passionate about serving his clients’, friends’, and family’s short and longterm financial goals. He graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a double major in Accounting and Finance. In his free time, Grant enjoys traveling, exercising, golfing and attending concerts with his wife (Natasha) and friends.


Graceful Aging with San Clemente Village

I think most folks grew up with the saying “it takes a village.” Though no one is entirely certain where the adage originated, many posit that it was noted in reference to either African communities or Indigenous ones. Wherever the origin, (and whatever age the adage refers to) the idea lives on cross culturally today.

One of the most incredible examples emerged out of the Boston area in the early 2000’s, when an online retirement service organization let its residents, near and far, come together to age gracefully surrounded by friends.

Within the last two decades, the model has expanded westward, catching the attention of Jessica Reiter-Flax, now Executive Director of San Clemente Village in South Orange County.

The Village concept which started in San Clemente in 2014 as a hope that “neighbors would help neighbors” evolved to include full services two years later. The 100% volunteer driven membership organization

provides services for local seniors ranging from transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, social outings to happy hours and help around the house. The average volunteer is 65 years young - looking for ways to give back.

“Sometimes they just have some extra time on their hands now that they’re retired themselves - most just want a really rewarding volunteer experience," says Jessica. "The majority of our volunteers forge lasting friendships with our members.”

Things like Sunday brunch or a movie matinee may not seem like they make a huge difference in the overall cognitive, physical, or psychological suc-

cess rates of older adults (aged 87, on average). But more than 70% of seniors want to remain in their homes as they age “and the Village helps them do just that. They can socialize easily, which reduces isolation, maintaining a state of continuous physical and mental well-being."

“We hope to continue our geographic reach to include more South County cities in coming years,” says Jessica. “Part of the Village Movement California, San Clemente Village is the only full-service not-for-pro t service Village in Orange County. There are more than 40 such organizations throughout the state - helping older adults live their best lives, and our volunteers are always ready to welcome new members into the fold.”

After all, at this point with a full roster of wellness initiatives, grocery store, technology assistance and even fall risk reduction preparedness, it really does take a village.

Interested in becoming a volunteer or in need of service?

(949) 441-1348
TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT WEIGHT LOSS ANTI-AGING FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE 910 S. El Camino Real #100 San Clemente, CA 92672  949-363-3162  949-245-1586    optimum_rejuvenation $10Of ANY SERVICE Mission Viejo Wigs (949) 581-4549 25571 Jeronimo Road, Ste. 7 Mission Viejo We make the wig look like it’s growing out of your scalp, not sitting on it!
you experience hair loss due to medical reasons, it can be
wig can
all the difference in helping you look good and feel better about hair loss.
pattern baldness or
hair ... Our goal is to
Beautiful, natural looking appearance Serving South County since 1973 High Quality • Best Prices in OC 23
devastating. A
alopecia, female
There are three main
of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous
and melanoma. Because each has many different appearances, it is important to know the early warning signs. How Can I Tell If I Have Skin Cancer? FLEMING DERMATOLOGY & AESTHETIC CENTER 23141 Moulton Parkway, Suite 110, Laguna Hills | (949) 916-5956
cell carcinoma,
Surgery 24
Fleming, MD, Double Board-Certi ed in

Look especially for change of any kind. Do not ignore a suspicious spot simply because it does not hurt. Skin cancers may be painless, but dangerous all the same. If you notice one or more of the warning signs, see a board-certi ed dermatologist right away, preferably one who specializes in diseases of the skin.


1. Everyone needs to perform a self-skin exam once a month.

2. Melanoma can appear anywhere on the skin, including the palms/soles, under your nails, and places...for most, have never seen the light of day (genitalia). For this reason, it is important to look everywhere. Lock the bathroom door, get out a hand mirror, and check, it could save your life.


An actinic keratosis (AK) is a crusty, scaly growth caused by damage from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. An AK is considered a precancer because if left alone, it could develop into a skin cancer. AKs are the product of a lifetime accumulation of UV damage and typically appear on areas most commonly exposed sun, such as the backs of the hands, forearms, face, neck, and scalp.


Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most frequently occurring form of all cancers, with more than 4 million cases of diagnosed in the U.S. each year. BCCs may look like open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars. Any skin lesion that doesn’t heal, or bleeds with even gentle trauma, such as drying with a towel, is concerning for a BCC.

3. What to look for: ABCDEs, and an ugly duckling

A - Asymmetry: If I draw a line down the middle, do the sides match?

B - Border: Is there a nice crisp border, or does the mole melt into the surrounding skin?

C - Color: Moles should be one color, one shade of brown. Is there a variety of shades or additional colors, such as black, red, white, or blue?

D - Diameter: Any mole larger than 6mm, ie the head of a pencil eraser, has a higher risk of becoming melanoma.

E - Evolution: Has it changed?


Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells arising in the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer. SCCs often look like scaly red patches, crusty bumps, warts, or elevated growths with a central depression. SCCs may appear suddenly and some forms are tender to touch. They can become dis guring and sometimes deadly if allowed to grow. More than 1 million cases of SCC are diagnosed each year in the U.S., which translates to about 115 cases diagnosed every hour. Incidence has increased by 200 percent in the past three decades in the U.S., and more than 15,000 Americans die each year from this type of skin cancer.


Melanoma is a very dangerous form of skin cancer. Melanoma is caused mainly by intense, occasional UV exposure (frequently leading to sunburn), especially in those who are genetically predisposed to the disease. An estimated 178,560 cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and is fatal for an estimated 9,320 of these patients. Fortunately, if melanoma is recognized and treated early, it is almost always curable.

F - The Ugly Duckling Sign: Most people have a “signature mole,” their own personal mole appearance and architecture. Is there a mole that seems different from all the others?

4. Everyone needs a full body skin exam by a board-certi ed dermatologist once a year, more frequently if you have a family history of skin cancer, a personal history of skin cancer, or live in an area with substantial sunshine.


It’s all about dem BONES!

There’s a common misconception that a high-protein diet is bad for bone health but nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, years of research show that getting plenty of protein is crucial for bone density – provided you get enough of a key mineral.

Studies show that getting the right amount of protein in your diet improves your bone health. It lowers your chance of osteoporosis (bone loss) by helping you hold on to your bone density, and it helps prevent breaks as you age, too.

Proteins form the foundation of every living thing! But what proteins, exactly? Under a microscope, proteins are made out of long chains of amino acids linked together as links or blocks. There are 20 amino acids needed for metabolism and human growth found in food or supplements. The best sources of amino acids are found in animal proteins such as beef and in poultry. Eggs are a good source of lean protein. And even though there is cholesterol in the yolk, it is not as likely to raise your cholesterol level as foods that contain saturated fats and trans fats do.

Animal proteins are the most easily absorbed and used by your body. Foods that contain all nine essential amino acids are called complete proteins.

When it comes to your bones, protein is especially important. Protein makes up roughly one-third of your bones mass (the amount of protein your bones contain) and half of your bone volume (the amount of space protein takes up). Women need at least 50 grams of protein a day -- men about 60 grams per day. With a high-protein diet, it can be much more than that. This extra protein can come from beans, meat, nuts, grains, eggs, seafood, cheese or vegetarian sources like soy. These diets often restrict carbs like cereals, grains, fruits, and possibly vegetables. When it comes to Beans, One and a quarter cup of beans has about as much protein as 3 ounces of broiled steak. Along with protein, the ber in beans helps you feel full longer and also helps lower your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

Be choosy. The best high-protein plans focus on lean proteins and include some carbs. Avoid huge helpings of fatty meats and make sure to include vegetables.

Fish is loaded with protein and almost always low in fat. Even the sh that have more fat, such as salmon and tuna, are good choices. Those sh generally have omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart. Most people don’t get enough omega-3s. Milk, cheese, and yogurt give you protein and calcium for strong bones and a healthy heart. Low-fat, nonfat, or reduced-fat dairy products can help you keep calorie counts down.

The protein in your bones is continuously broken down and built back up, as part of your bone remodeling process. Unfortunately, the protein that’s broken down isn’t reabsorbed and reused. That’s why you need a daily supply of protein to maintain your bone density.

Now we realize that for the last 70 years, most of the westernized world has been told red meat is bad. Interestingly, our extracellular bone matrix is made primarily of collagen. Collagen is a protein. Our matrix is like a exible framework for bone. Calcium hardens this framework and adds strength to it. Together they are 2 components of bone. With 28 different types of collagen, type 1 is the most abundant form found in bones. Our body doesn’t absorb collagen molecules, but rather they are broken down into amino acids. The bottom line is: Don’t shy away from animal protein. Your bones will love you for it!

Pamela Mangen is the CEO of Transition Care Telemetry, Inc. (dba TCT Health), a Home Care and Home Health agency and a Hospice agency. Prior to the formation of TCT, she held executive and clinical management positions with a few large hospitals here in Orange County and has also conducted various health research projects. If you want more information please call 888.757.2018 and speak with Brian Flammer at ext. 509 or Maylia Tsen at ext. 510.


Classic Manicure

Classic Pedicure

Essential Tea Tree Pedicure

Sports Pedicure

Sore muscle relief for our most active guests. This specialty Premium Pedicure alternates between a series of hot and cold treatments to promote circulation and ease sore muscles. Your feet will receive a warm soak, callus resurfacing, tea tree oil-infused sugar scrub, nail care, hot-stone massage, mint clay mask, hot towel wrap, and a cooling foot balm massage.

Sports Pedicure

Sore muscle relief for our most active guests. This specialty Premium Pedicure alternates between a series of hot and cold treatments to promote circulation and ease sore muscles. Your feet will receive a warm soak, callus resurfacing, tea tree oil-infused sugar scrub, nail care, hot-stone massage, mint clay mask, hot towel wrap, and a cooling foot balm massage.

The Big Daddy Experience

Refresh & relax with our most popular hand & foot experience. This clarifying lemon and peppermint-infused Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination includes warm soak, callus resurfacing, sugar scrub, massage, nail care, warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap.

The Milk and Honey

Saturate your skin in luxury. This is a magnificently

BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY! 32411 Golden Lantern, Unit H | Laguna Niguel CA 92677 Located adjacent to Hendrix Restaurant, behind Cinépolis Theater in Ocean Ranch Village 949.340.3559 |
Manicure An indulgent experience with exfoliation and hydration. Enjoy a warm soak, nail care peppermint sugar scrub, massage, warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap.
A total foot renewal with ultimate relaxation. This pedicure adds deep hydration and exfoliates skin. Your feet will feel renewed after a warm soak, callus resurfacing, peppermint sugar scrub, massage, nail care, warm paraffin, and hot towels.
Premium Pedicure
hand care. This maintenance service includes a warm soak, nail care, hand and forearm massage, and our hot towel wrap.
regular foot care. This service is ideal for guests who receive routine foot care. You will enjoy a warm soak, callus maintenance, nail care, foot and calf massage, and our hot towel wrap.
feet needing extra TLC. This Premium
incorporates a tea tree oil-infused soak and sugar scrub. Additional time is allotted for a reviving foot massage, callus resurfacing, restorative nail care, warm
and our hot towel wrap.
moisturizing Premium Manicure and Pedicure combination. We incorporate a coconut milk-infused soak, callus resurfacing, honey-infused sugar scrub, massage, nail care, warm paraffin, and our hot towel wrap. POST HOLIDAY SKIN Paula (949) 212-6262 SALON CAPISTRANO A Talented Group of Professionals Voted Best in San Juan 9 Years in a Row! 32241 Camino Capistrano, A103 San Juan Capistrano HAIR Lalani (626) 404-8263 new clients only Anti Aging Facial w/ Brow Shape Cinamon Enzyme Peel Extractions Peptides & Antioxidants Hand & Warm Foot Treat Massage & Pampering Throughoutt $59 / 60 min reg $95 20% Of Hair Services With Lalani (626) 404-8263 Colure Enjoy, Epicuren, Lucrece & more A NEW YEAR - A FABULOUS YOU TCA CHEMICAL PEEL $250 REG $350 27


Ryan “Bubbles” Jara is just such a professional. Having been in mobile auto detail business serving Orange County for over 25 years, he must be, and especially since his specialty is restoration and paint correction on classic cars. Bubbles was the plan since the beginning, it seems.

“My uncles restore classic vehicles so I grew up in the industry," he says. "It only made sense to one day have a business of my own bringing cars back to their original glory.”

But what happens before a car becomes a classic? Those of us that pride ourselves on being detail oriented would perhaps note that a regular car wash and wax are in order. Ryan takes it one step further.

you, and handles all of the heavy lifting - from upholstery cleaning to paint protection.

Jara's services include hand wash and wax, interior and exterior detailing, headlight restoration, steam cleaning, ceramic coating, engine bay wash and ... something my minivan could certainly use ... pet hair removal. You name the vehicle, Bubbles will ensure it is looking its nest.

“Having a passion for the cars I’m servicing takes almost no effort - I know I love this work," he says. "The commitment to excellence and knowledge of the chemical industry gives your car its million-dollar shine.”

RV’s, motorcycles, daily drivers, trucks, boats and classic cars. The convenience is unmatched and the product? Well, it’s detailed. And you know I love nothing better.

Ryan “Bubbles” Jara Bubbles Mobile Detail (714) 863-3483 There is a specifc type of business person I particularly appreciate when utilizing his or her services. One who is detail oriented. WE COME TO YOU! • Cars • Boats • Trucks • Motorcycles • RVs • Classic Cars 28

30 Years in the same Location

DINING & ENTERTAINMENT HYPERLOCAL, TARGETED READERSHIP MONTHLY EVENTS JANUARY SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY Happy Hour Brio Tuscany Grill 24050 Camino Del Avion Dana Point Laguna Niguel Farmer’s Market 27241 La Paz Road LN • 8 am - 12 pm Happy Hour Casanova Ristorante 33585 Del Obispo DP • 3:30 pm - 6 pm Empanada Tuesdays Villa Roma Argentine 25454 La Paz Road Laguna Hills Brio 24050 Camino Pasta Mondays Surfside Pizza 216 Avenida Vaquero San Clemente Ricardo’s Place 32082 Camino Capistrano SJC 29 22 17 23 18 15 16 25 9 2 10 3 8 11 4 1 24 31 30 The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm • (949) 496-8930 Segerstrom Concert Hall • 600 Town Center Drive CM • 7:30 pm • To Kill a Mockingbird Laguna Playhouse • Canyon Road LB • JAZZ IS DEAD The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm (949) 496-8930 Happy Hour 180blu Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel 1 Ritz Carlton Drive DP The Highwayman • The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 7 pm (949) 496-8930 Soka Performing Arts Center • 1 University Drive AV • 3 pm Bob Baker MarionettesBlack Box Theatre AMY TAN Segerstrom Concert Hall 600 Town Center Drive CM • 8 pm Chicago Symphony Orchestra Segerstrom Concert Hall 600 Town Center Drive CM • 8 pm The Coach House 33157 Capistrano SJC • 8
DINING & ENTERTAINMENT JANUARY 2023 WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Villa Roma Argentine 25454 La Paz Road Laguna Hills San Clemente Outlets Vista Hermosa SC • 9 am Happy Hour Selanne Steak Tavern 1464 S. Coast Hwy. LB PINK MARTINI Brio Tuscany Grill Camino Del Avion Dana Point Dana Point Farmers Market 34111 La Plaza (at PCH) DP • 9 am - 1 pm Jan 28th LUNAR NEW YEAR Segerstrom Concert Hall 600 Town Center Drive CM • Coming Feb Segerstrom Concert Hall 600 Town Center Drive CM • 19 20 27 21 28 13 6 14 7 12 5 26 Jan 28th Soka Performing Arts Center 1 University Drive AV • 8 pm CATINA 1 University Drive AV • 3 pm • Feb 19th Soka Performing Arts Center FROZEN • 606 Laguna 7;30 pm The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm (949) 496-8930 Segerstrom Concert Hall 600 Town Center Drive CM • 7:30 pm • The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm (949) 496-8930 The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm (949) 496-8930 BRETT SCALLIONS The Petty Breakers JANE LYNCH Leif Ove Andsnes Samueli Theater 600 Town Center Drive CM • 7:30 pm Segerstrom Concert Hall 600 Town Center Drive CM • 8 pm STEPHANE WREMBEL ORIANTHE 400Z to Freedom 33157 Camino pm (949) 496-8930 The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm (949) 496-8930 The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm (949) 496-8930 ROBERT CRAY The Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC • 8 pm (949) 496-8930 Disney's Frozen Segerstrom Hall - Coming February!










An up-close and personal event with one of rock’s premier front-men, performing songs that infuenced his life, de ned the post grunge era, and accompanied him on his journey through rock’s looking glass.



Macy Gray is known for her unique vocal rasp and the high tones in her voice which she has been described as sounding like “a human kazoo.” Over the years, Macy Gray has sung backup vocals for several artists including Al Green, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Prince.



Stephane Wrembel is one of the most highly regarded guitarists in the world specializing in the style of legendary composer/guitarist Django Reinhardt.



“All Hail the Queen!” Aretha Franklin’s iconic career spanned six decades, inspiring and infuencing generations of aspiring musicians and vocalists. In her life, she recorded countless classics, garnered 18 Grammy Awards, The Presidential Medal of Freedom (the USA’s highest civilian honor), and earned the #1 spot as Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of The Greatest Singers of All Time. TAD’s newest production stars the immensely talented Charity Lockhart, accompanied by spectacular vocalists and musicians as they celebrate the legendary life &music of ARETHA FRANKLIN!

 33157 Camino Capistrano | San Juan Capistrano 
21 RONSTADT REVIVAL (Linda Ronstadt Tribute)
JAN temp y Italian Cuisine (949) 443-1476 24050 Camino Del Avion • Dana Point Live Ent tainment! Full Premium Bar • Italian and California Wines Clockwise from top: Brio partners Enzo, Marco and Peppe Powered by or text BRIO to 33733 GET 20% OFF YOUR FIRST MOBILE APP ORDER Winner of the Dana Point Times 2017 “Best of Dana Point” People’s Choice Award for “Best Happy Hour” and “Best Bartender” (GOLD) and “Best Overall Restaurant,” “Best Pizza,” “Best Bar” and “Best TakeOut Food!” (SILVER) NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH! AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: SUBWAY DOWNTOWN DANA POINT 34119 PCH, Suite I SUBWAY DANA POINT 33489 Del Obispo St. SUBWAY SAN CLEMENTE 638 Camino De Los Mares 24000 Alicia Parkway SUBWAY LAGUNA HILLS 25614 Alicia Pkwy. SUBWAY SAN CLEMENTE 401 S El Camino Real FREE CHIPS & FOUNTAIN DRINK (20oz) WITH ANY FOOTLONG Delivery available through our partners @ Buy Two Footlongs, get one free.* Available after 7pm. *One per customer One per day Redeemab e at part c pat ng restaurants In-sto e only Ext as and bott ed beverages addt P us tax No addt d scounts/coupons Exc udes Fresh Melts® Foot ong PROTM W aps Ca i Subs and The Monster ®/© Subway P LLC 2022 FREE! FREE! FREE! Redeemable for in-restaurant orders only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Must surrender coupon. No cash value. Void if sold, reproduced or altered, & where prohibited. ®/© Subway IP LLC 2021. M100145-B-LC-A-21 Redeemable for in-restaurant orders only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Must surrender coupon. No cash value. Void if sold, reproduced or altered, & where prohibited. ®/© Subway IP LLC 2021. M100145-B-LC-A-21 VALID AT: VALID UNTIL: VALID AT: VALID UNTIL: ®/© Subway IP LLC 2021. ®/© Subway IP LLC 2021. BREAKFAST AVAILABLE FROM BREAKFAST AVAILABLE FROM BREAKFAST IS SERVED BREAKFAST IS SERVED BREAKFAST IS SERVED Present this coupon and get a free small co with any purchase Present this coupon and get a free small co with any purchase Present this coupon and get a free small co with any purchase 7:00 AM - 10:30 AM South Orange County Dana Point, CA 92629 South Orange County Dana Point, CA 92629 February 28, 2023 7:00 AM - 10:30 AM South Orange County Dana Point, CA 92629 South Orange County Dana Point, CA 92629 February 28, 2023 35

Disney’s Frozen

From the producer of The Lion King and Aladdin, Frozen, the Tony®-nominated Best Musical, is now on tour across North America and the critics rave, “It’s simply magical!” (LA Daily News). Heralded by The New Yorker as “thrilling” and “genuinely moving,” Frozen features the songs you know and love from the original Oscar®winning lm, plus an expanded score with a dozen new numbers by the lm’s songwriters, Oscar winner Kristen Anderson-Lopez and EGOT winner Robert Lopez. Oscar winner Jennifer Lee (book), Tony and Olivier Award winner Michael Grandage (director), and Tony winner Rob Ashford (choreographer) round out the creative team that has won a cumulative 16 Tony Awards. An unforgettable theatrical experience lled with sensational special effects, stunning sets and costumes, and powerhouse performances, Frozen is everything you want in a musical: It’s moving. It’s spectacular. And above all, it’s pure Broadway joy. For tickets, visit

SEGERSTROM HALL February 1 - 19, 2023
Margarita Wednesday OPENING Wednesdays Join us for... Delicious Food - Live Music Starting Nov 9th 11 am to 8 pm Tequila Tasting $999 and a Wednesday Special Featuring Premium Margaritas for 2013 BEST INTERNATIONAL EATING PLACE 2016 BEST TACO 32082 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano 949.493.4941 JOIN US FOR TACO TUESDAYS WITH THE BEST PRICES IN TOWN Let Us Cater Your Special Event Closed Monday MARGARITAS & ALL BEERS HAPPY HOUR ALL DAY THURSDAY! 36
ExperienceTHE TASTE OF ITALY Classic Venetian Cuisine + North Italian Specialties using only the freshest of ingredients! 33585 Del Obispo St. Dana Point (949) 496-0992  Extensive Wine List of California + Italian Varietals Happy Hour Daily 3:30 pm - 6 pm Linguine Vongole with fresh Manila clams Heirloom Tomato Caprese Grilled Lamb Chops Outstanding Pizzas


Purposefully designed to make great wine uncomplicated

One could venture to say with Micah Sampson, what you see is pretty much what you get - passion, excitement, intelligence. But each of those things is about as complex as the best glass of wine - and as a sommelier Micah will tell you there’s so much more to wine than just fermented grape juice.

“There’s history, geology, geography, chemistry, cultural studies," says the San Juan Capistrano resident. "Books and movies have been centered on it. Wars, empires, and country lines have been fought over it.”

So how is it that one of the most uncomplicat ed pleasures in the world is also one of the most complex and variegated? Micah would like to help answer that question - with his own brand of varietals - Somm’s Stash.

A good sommelier is a helper, a guide to nding the best wine for your food and experience. He says "basically, my job is to drink a lot of wine and know everything about it,” which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from an author when she realized she could major in writing - ‘it was like nding out I could major in eating chocolate.’

It’s a bummer,” Micah laughs. “But the idea of having a wine brand run by a sommelier was to give people a chance to try and learn about varietals they may not have tried before.”

Uncomplicating the wine game has worked well for the Somm’s Stash since 2020, and unwrapping the mystery of why wine is enjoyable is a task Micah foresees sticking with for a long, long time. Probably longer than the shelf life of that Chardonnay or Petite Sirah sitting in your wine fridge right now.

The best part is, you can go about it any way you want to by booking a private tasting with Micah, and seeing what really goes into the wine you love so much. Bouquet, tannins, aroma, body, nish. ormal, informal

- a guided pairing or a casual dinner party with friends where he'll chat with anyone who has questions.

In a wild turn of events, what seems so uncomplicated stems from an extremely complex background of learning and teaching: the education and wine appreciation behind the distinguished certi cation. Whatever your reasons for coming to the Somm’s Stash for insight, leave with a personalized understanding of the real world behind wine. After all, what you see is truly what you getyou just have to understand what’s behind that rst glimpse.

Micah is happy to connect personally His cell is (562) 241-1699 or


Catina DeLuna

& Lado B Brazilian Project

SOKA Performing Arts Center

January 28th • 8 pm

Brazilian pianist, vocalist, composer and voice actress Catina DeLuna has enjoyed a successful and varied musical career since beginning to play the piano and sing at a young age.

After completing a B.A. in Brazilian Popular Music at the prestigious UNICAMP University in São Paulo, she founded two award winning groups: the vocal group Arirê, in which she was responsible for arranging, playing piano, and singing, and the group Serenata Brasileira, playing classic Brazilian songs from the 1920’s and 30’s, in full authentic costume and style. Catina currently has two independent released CDs available, Na Era de Ouro, from Serenata Brasileira, and Brazilian Accent, her solo debut featuring classic Bossa Nova standards.

SOKA Performing Arts Center

1 University Drive

Aliso Viejo

Argentine ~ Italian Cuisine AUTHENTIC & INVENTIVE ARGENTINE AND ITALIAN CUISINE MARKET & DELI NEXT DOOR L ive Music Thursday - Sunday VOTED CRITIC’S CHOICE FOR BEST STEAKHOUSE IN OC CATERING & SPECIAL EVENTS villaromarest Food. Wine. Music. Ambience. Service GRILLED STEAKS SEAFOOD • PASTA PIZZA • CHICKEN SALADS AND MORE! 949.454.8585 25254 LA PAZ RD LAGUNA HILLS New Year Special 20% off Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10-5 or by appointment | Sundays Closed Marbella Plaza, 31103 Rancho Viejo Road Suite D2, San Juan Capistrano Call for an appointment we sell your top Designer handbags & estate jewelry | 949.240.9100 beths_conservatory_ Beth's Conservatory Come Check Out Our Exciting New Q Science Skincare & Wellness Line! Beth Carney - Owner Certain exclusions may apply. With mention of this ad. Expires 2-28-23. We Buy & Consign Authentic Jewelry, Clothing & Handbags One of a kind courier faux furs, tops, gowns & handbags New Year New Me 39

Tickets are available online at SC, at the Box Of ce at 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa, or by calling (714) 556-2787; for inquiries about group ticket discounts for 10 or more, call the Group Services of ces at (714) 755-0236.

Set in Alabama in 1934, Harper Lee’s enduring story of racial injustice and childhood innocence centers on one of the most venerated characters in American literature, small-town lawyer Atticus Finch. The cast of characters includes Atticus’s daughter Scout, her brother Jem, their housekeeper and caretaker, Calpurnia, their visiting friend Dill, and a mysterious neighbor, the reclusive Arthur “Boo” Radley. The other indelible residents of Maycomb, Alabama, are BobEwell, Tom Robinson, prosecutor Horace Gilmer, Judge Taylor and Mayella Ewell.

Segerstrom Hall | Through January 8, 2023 Large Inventory | Free Appraisals (949)426-0901 | 34291 Doheny Park Road, Dana Point | Next to the post office Experts in Coins & Precious Metals BUY • SELL • TRADE Rolex Watches In Stock WE PAY TOP $$$ FOR GOLD & SILVER FREE 5 oz. Silver Bar PROUD MEMBER OF THE LIMITED TIME OFFER With any silver purchase totaling $3,500 or more. Expires 01-31-23. 40

“As a doctor myself, extensive knowledge and expertise is important. Dr Ho is truly an expert!” Steve H., Doctor

“I’ve been searching for a dentist with honesty and compassion, I found Dr Ho through a co-worker and refer all my friends and family to him.” Angela P., School Teacher

“Dr Ho and his team treats me with respect and values my feelings and opinions by involving me with my treatments. Also loves all his latest technologies.” Chris P., Attorney

Suite 6C Laguna
DENTAL ATELIER 24953 Paseo De Valencia,
Hills, CA 92653 (949) 880-6638
IVAN HO, DDS DICOI, FAAID, AACD Implants • Cosmetic Dentist

WHY WORK WITH AN Interior Designer?

Longtime Orange County resident and owner of the Laguna Niguel-based Bronwyn Gorman - Decorating Den Interiors, Bronwyn embraces the unique SoCal lifestyle, and the indoor- outdoor spaces that refect it.

“We enjoy helping our clients create the perfect look for them and their lifestyle, says Bronwyn. Whether it’s one room or one window that you’re interested in redecorating, we’d like to help you do it right the rst time! If you’re like many of the clients we work with, you want a beautifully custom designed look, but truly don’t know how to make that vision a reality. The process of decorating a home can feel very overwhelming and quite often reaches the point of frustration that results in projects

remaining un nished or completed with disappointing results.

You might not be sure of “what” goes where or with what. Or, perhaps you might want to begin your design project by building on what you already have, rather than throwing everything out and starting from scratch, but are unsure of how to begin. ou might even fear that if you call a professional decorator, your home will end up featuring that decorator’s taste not yours. And last, but certainly not least, you might not be sure you can afford the services of a professional decorator.

Well fear not! Let the professional, knowledgeable and friendly decorators at Bronwyn Gorman - Decorating Den Interiors put your decorat-

ing concerns to rest! rom design concept to completion, they’ll help save you valuable time and money by guiding your decision making process through a myriad of functional and decorative ideas. Bronwyn and her team stand behind their commitment to YOU that they will be with you every step of the way.

The list of bene ts available to you when you choose to work with a professional decorator goes on and on. The bottom line, however, is that a professionally trained interior decorator can not only make your ideas work better, but they know how to make your decorating dreams a reality! Maybe it’s time to consider calling in the professionals!

Owner | Interior Designer

Decorating Den Interiors

(949) 755-2032

Southern California is not just a location in which we reside, but a lifestyle that we live.
FREE Installation • FREE In-Home Designs & Consultation • FREE Measuring Lic. # 1044472 949.388.8344 • up to BLINDS AND SHADES! $100 OFF Any Order of $1,000 or More! •Cellular Shades •Roman Shades •Roller Shades •Motorization •Custom Shutters •Woven Woods •Wood Blinds •Faux Woods HUNTER DOUGLAS ALTA CAROLE FABRICS FABRITECH LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED (714) 863-3483 Call Us Today! FREE ESTIMATES House Washing Stucco Wood + Vinyl Siding Driveway + Car Park Decks + Patios Fences Sidewalks Bubbles Professional Power Cleaning + Window Washing EXPERTS! 43
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it time for a DEEP cleaning? LAGUNA KOI PONDS 45

South Coast Shutter and Shades

Operating honestly and with integrity has served as the foundation for the continued success of the Laguna Niguel-based South Coast Shutter and Shades for over 32 years. Owners Tom and Donna Schuster launched their own company after realizing that “on our own we would be able to offer quality products in an honest environment to our customers, as well as servicing the products we sell.”

Specializing in custom shutters, blinds (mini, faux, wood, vertical), cellular shades, woven woods, plantation and security shutters and everything in between, Tom and Donna offer free in-home consultations for design as well as measuring, they always include free professional installation and prefer to bring all of the samples to each client’s home to go over the assorted styles and many color options to suit each home’s interior and its homeowner’s unique lifestyle.

“We listen to you and then incorporate your ideas with ours to design your custom shutters, blinds or shades,” says Tom. “Our portfolios and samples are very extensive, so you will be able to envision how your windows are going to look when complete."

Tom and Donna, credit their success to date to the quality of customer service they and their team give their customers, which in turn creates a wonderful repeat and referral business. “Although there may be providers of similar products, there is no one that can match our superior customer service – from showing up on time, making precise measurements and awless installations - and with a professional ‘can do’ attitude,” says Donna.

Tom adds that “our pricing with unbeatable discounts, sales support and the fact that we offer our customers an in-house design team at no additional charge is the rst step in setting us apart from our competition. I am proud to say that we have built a reputation in the business for having the highest quality, best beauty, t and nish and value available. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty.”

A 5-Star Yelp rated company, South Coast Shutter and Shades boasts scores of glowing testimonials online, including Debora R of Laguna Niguel who writes "Donna and Tom are amazing! Great products, great prices, great service.I've used them twice for two different businesses and I could not be happier. Donna makes suggestions based on what I tell her

my needs are and she has been spot on with her recommendations. Installations by Tom are quick and easy. Highly recommended!"

Another reviewer, Doug W. of Mission Viejo posted that "From the rst call, I knew I was dealing with a reputable, experienced, HONEST company. Donna and Tom are absolute PROS and obviously take pride in their work … Their price was very competitive. Also, what they quote is what you pay - keep that in mind when talking to the "other guys" whose price seems to go up and up. All appointments including install were FAST. The installation was awless. I had a question later that evening about my motorized shades and they called me back IMMEDIATELY. My impression is that I could call them 5 or 10 years from now and they would just as helpful."

(888) 881-2007 Any make, model or year. • ROLLER REPLACEMENT • TRACK AND HEADER REPAIR • NEW LOCKS AND HANDLES • ALUMINUM, VINYL & WOODEN DOORS Stubborn Sliding Door? Call Southern California’s SLIDING DOOR REPAIR SERVICE! FREE Consultation. Whether your job requires a rebuild or replacement parts, our performance and professionalism. you w l love BUBBLES MOBILE AUTO DETAIL Complete Interior + Exterior Detailing Hand Wash & Wax Paint Protection Detail Car and Upholstery Cleaning Headlight Restoration WE COME TO YOU! YOU NAME IT, WE CLEAN IT! Ryan “Bubbles” Jara (714) 863-3483 CARS TRUCKS RVs BOATS Motorcycles Classic Cars 25+ Years Experience Teachers, First Responders, Military, Seniors - Call for Special Discounts 15% OFF WITH DETAIL PACKAGE 47
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Performance & Professionalism: Dr. Slide-Door

It’s a new year. I, along with everyone I know, made resolutions: mostly hoping that this year would be better than the last, but some that genuinely refected an optimistic mindset. Said mindset led my husband and I to craft one that hadn't topped our previous lists: fx broken things.

Like most everyone we know, our family has spent considerably more time at home these past months - and knocking around the house all day, we've made a priority

of a dizzying array of home improvement projects - both indoors and out - that we'd previously deferred. Turns out, we're not alone.

A common refrain among our friend group? Countless home appliances to be replaced. Garden and landscaping projects to embark on. And a rather surprising number of sliding glass doors in need of repair in our collective Southern California homes.

Enter Shy Hadan. Known as Dr. SlideDoor, Shy's father was in the business of selling sliding doors, but when he saw that there was no one to x them,

he stepped in with a solution. “Usually people think they just have to be replaced, but that isn’t the case! We have a ton of experience with all kinds of doors, no matter how old, what material, or what brand.”

If hauling open your sliding door requires Herculean strength, it’s likely you’re experiencing rollers with dirt and dust buildup so they don’t roll the way they used to. Over the years, it’s common for the rollers to wear to the point that you may actually be dragging the entire weight of the sliding door across the track, which causes even more damage and drag every time you do it.

Whether your door is modern or ancient, made of aluminum, vinyl or wood … all you have to do to “remedy your rolling troubles” is schedule a free inspection. A tech will come out to see if the components can be xed or replaced, and then... x it. With over 25 years of industry experience, Dr. Slide-Door is the number one chosen sliding glass door repair service in Southern California. What sets them apart? Each member of Dr. Slide Door’s team arrives with everything you’ll need on site.

“Your sliding door professional will replace the parts right down to the rollers, leaving your door feeling weightless and good as new. You’ll be amazed at how easily your door slides open and closed.”

With parts made in Germany, you can be assured that your “new” door could last another 20 years: plenty of time to tackle out the rest of your resolutions.

Dr. Slide-Door (888) 881-2007
This New Year’s, I found the best way to cut carbs ... ONLY 15 MINUTES FROM ANYWHERE IN SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY! 949-489-8990 Morena Tile & Stone Your Local Resource for Tile and Stone in South OC 32951 CALLE PERFECTO SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO M-F:8:30–5:30PM / SAT:10–4PM LIC#1015123 5,000+ SQ. FT. TILE STORE FEATURING 75+ VENDORS & REMNANT YARD THINSET + GROUT INSTALLATION AVAILABLE

Travel Can Be Tough on Your Legs

Medical compression stockings and socks are a travel essential

Many people travel long distances and have to remain seated for two or three hours or even longer. They might not think much of it, but when movement is constrained, the blood circulation in the legs is restricted. This can contribute to heavy legs, leg pain and swollen feet and ankles.

Prolonged sitting is also a major risk factor for the development of phlebitis and Deep-vein Thrombosis (DVT). Deep-vein Thrombosis involves the formation of blood clots (thrombi) in the deep leg veins during prolonged inactivity. In some cases, blood clots

can migrate to the lungs resulting in a pulmonary embolism.

When seated without moving for a few hours – whether by plane, train or automobile - the risk of DVT could be four times higher and can happen

Tips to reducing the discomfort and risks associated with prolonged inactivity:

• Wear comfortable clothing

• rink plenty of fuids (avoid alcohol)

• Stand up and stretch several times during travel

• Wear gradient compression legwear

to anyone during travel, regardless of age, weight or lifestyle.

JOBST™ medical compression stockings and socks are a simple and comfortable way to help avoid heavy, tired and achy legs and the swelling of feet and ankles.

Unlike the products available at your local drugstore, JOBST™ medical compression stockings and socks are recommended by physicians for their clinically proven gradient compression bene t. Medical compression products reduce swelling and helps prevent the pooling of fuid in the venous or lymph systems. The stylish cotton blend dress socks and compression hose available today increase tissue pressure to help balance the fow of fuid across the capillaries of the limb.

Livia De Los Rios is the president and CEO of Allied Medical Supply.

 JOBSTTM compression socks
Allied Medical Supply 170 El Camino Real, Tustin (714) 617-4176

Inspirational living every day.

At Serra Sol, we’re compassionate memory care experts who bring a touch of warmth into everything we do. From caring staf who know your loved one’s favorite activities to comfortable routines that spark positive memories, we’re here to make sure your loved one truly thrives in our care.

Schedule a tour of our community. Call 949-485-2022 or visit

RCFE: 306005946
31451 Avenida Los Cerritos, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Memory Care in San Juan Capistrano.

Next Stop: Manhattan Family Fun in the Big Apple


It’s rumored that more than 150 movies are lmed in New York City every year. I’d wager that a good portion of those are made during the holiday season, celebrating the most populous city in the country under a blanket of white. Iconic landmarks, glittering skyscrapers, and some would argue the best slice of pizza in the US. Street food vendors, Central Park, ice skating, the tree in Rockefeller Center. Easy to see why the whole family can nd something to love at the most magical time of the year or all year ‘round.


The selfsame tourist hit ( that attracts visitors from all over the world to its iconic location on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles has a sister venue in the Big Apple. Not surprisingly renowned as “the world’s greatest wax museum,” Madame Tussauds is home to some of the most incredible wax attractions you’ll ever lay eyes on.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience here - sitting in the Oval Of ce, battling alongside MARVEL’S Avengers, or ringing up the Ghostbusters for a quick post-Halloween chat. Now, inspired by New York’s incredible gala presence, visitors can join

an exclusive rooftop party with today’s hottest celebrities including Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Justin Bieber; all in custom illuminated out ts.


Built between 1930 and 1931, the Empire State Building ( was recently voted the number one attraction in America to visit with unbelievable views at the center of it all - two observation decks offer unmatched vistas of New York City and a panorama that stretches across six states (views from the 102nd oor span 80 miles on a clear day).

Our teens are big on self-guided audio tours so it was easy

A 102-story Art Deco triumph in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the building gets its name from the state’s nickname, and has certainly inspired more than its fair share of cinematic moments. Save money with CityPass or time with an Express Pass: Skip the queue and head straight to the top. A

perfect venue for the whole family to scope out the city, ride an elevator that counts oors in tens instead of singles, and get together for a core-memory making photos.

to immerse ourselves in the multiple exhibits showcasing the history of the Empire State Building (ESB), from its origins in the 1920s through the construction process and opening day to the specific measures taken to make ESB the modern marvel it is today as world leader in sustainability and energy ef ciency.


Our family was blessed to have experienced a European vacation last summer. It was in Paris that we discovered one of the best ways to get around and orient yourself in a new city upon arrival: Big Bus Tours ( Offered in cities all over America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, their hop on, hop off tours give you a front row view of


landmark sites and attractions. An audio tour of pre-recorded commentary offers a particularly great way to learn a bit of history/background on each of the 10 “stops” along the route and determine which were “must-see” destinations for the coming days.

stakes its claim as the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. With a unique design, 360-degree views, and an incredible glass oor, lean out over the Big Apple on angled glass walls and sip champagne in the sky. I guarantee you’ve never seen the city this way before - from the rooftop garden of your favorite hotel or even from the Empire State Building. If you’re really brave, scale the outside of the skyscraper Edge sits atop and lean out more than 1,200 feet above the ground - the highest open-air ascent in the world. No more challenging than a typical staircase,

particularly thrilled to stumble upon the Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting website (ahoynewyorkfoodtours. com) when planning our itinerary.

Literally the best of both worlds, our family enjoyed a avorful tour of the culture and history of Chinatown and Little Italy. Winding our way through a maze of streets while regaled with fascinating tales and stopping to indulge in eight different tasting locations (think authentic Chinese dumplings and popular Asian pastries, homemade mozzarella paired with prosciutto, fresh pasta with outstanding marinara and super yummy imported cheeses and olives) - family-owned shops, off-the-beaten path locations and establishments that have been in operation for over a century. With advance notice, Ahoy even tailored our intimate tour to accommodate Tim’s shell sh allergy.


If you’ve never heard of the company, you’re in for a treat. Especially with kids in tow. No whining that their feet hurt, no sore backs from trying to piggyback a toddler 20 blocks at a time. Incredibly priced, you can choose to hop off at a particular sight to explore a bit more or stay on the bus for the entire time to snap crystal clear photos from the open-air deck for the duration of the 2.5-hour ride. Pick the option that works best for you - 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days at a time - downtown or uptown loops. Times Square, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and more await.


There’s a fascinating and exhilarating experience now open at 30 Hudson Yards. Suspended in mid-air, and overlooking 100 stories of New York skyscrapers, Edge (

though it is perched at an exposed 45-degree angle on the side of a building.


Full disclosure: my husband, Tim and I fancy ourselves edgling foodies. Over the years, we have found that taking a walking tour with an entertaining local guide has often been the highlight way to experience a city’s offerings. So I was

I know a way to keep the Christmas spirit alive in your family’s heart every holiday


season: attend the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular ( Could be the classic high-kicks, the chorus line entertainment, the magical and seemingly instantaneous costume changes, or just the exquisite feeling of New York under a blanket of snow that makes it such a memorable experience. Perhaps it is a bit of each - but it’s most

from the climate-controlled space. All you have to do is step aboard the SkyPod Elevator, and you’ll be to the top story is less than a minute (47 seconds to be exact).

What else could unite the family for an afternoon than one of the most iconic views in New York City, from one of the state’s most remarkable foundations?


For truly unique means of experiencing some of the city’s most famous landmarks on both the Hudson and East Rivers, there’s perhaps no better option than boarding a Circle Line Cruise Landmarks Cruise ( This 1.5 hour fromthe-water perspective features breathtaking views of Manhattan’s downtown and midtown skyline and the up-close spectacle of the Statue of Liberty,


de nitely a not-to-be-missed spectacular (pun intended).


The glittering gem of lower Manhattan’s skyline towers amongst iconic and historical buildings at One World Trade Center. Now also known as the Freedom Tower (, the gorgeously designed monument exists as a living museum, observation point, registry of global guests to the Big Apple, and reveals the New York skyline from its unsettled heritage to today’s uninterrupted swath of skyscrapers. Enter into a multimedia extravaganza viewable from One World Observatory where 145 screens tell the story of each face, moment, and place viewable

while the 2.5 hour Best of NYC tour is the only cruise that completely circles Manhattan (or for the most beautiful view of the NYC skyline at night, opt for the Harbor Lights cruise).

In the city that never sleeps, every minute counts so purchasing a CITYPASS ( is a great way to save time and money. The best-selling option offers 42% off your choice of ve of NYC’s most popular attractions including the Empire State Building, 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Top of the Rock Observatory and the Museum of Modern Art.


When I was younger, my Mom loved to read me the book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” The plot essentially revolves around an ever-growing list of to-do’s that had to be accomplished, all set into motion by the simple act of giving a mouse a cookie. This tale came back to me recently when I purchased a new television at Best Buy.

What was a simple shopping trip ended up being an adult’s version of that circular tale. If you give a grownup a television, they’ll have to measure their wall. When they measure the wall, they’ll realize they may actually have room for a bigger television. When they buy the bigger television, they’ll nd out they have no idea how to

mount it to the wall. When they start mounting it to the wall, they’ll see that the power outlets are all in the wrong places. When they realize the outlets need to be moved, they’ll call an electrician. (This could go on forever.)

Luckily for clients who have been on the receiving end of ReelTime’s patient, intelligent, and personalized

service, the rabbit hole of home automation doesn’t have to swallow you entirely. With the help of their independent certi ed Control4 dealer, it’s easy to update your home without upending your entire life. After all, the true luxury of an integrated entertainment system is really dependent on its ability to deliver seamless entertainment. By placing every


control at your ngertips, the team at ReelTime helps homeowners manage everything from how brightly lit your family room is, to your streaming devices - all with a single remote. And best yet? You can control your whole home from the comfort of your couch- even seeing who is at the front door, without ever leaving your seat. Simple, clean, and uncluttered.

And on the home entertainment front … when you started planning for your ultimate home theater set-up and sound system, could you nd the right media cabinetry for your particular space – cabinetry that wouldn’t catch on re from the heat of the equipment, or that would simply look good in the room? Did you understand half of what the televisions, receivers and other devices could do, and did you have anyone to hold your hand to make sure you weren’t overspending for what you wanted?

Big box retailers, the professed champions of value, are happy to sell you any home theater and sound equipment you think you might like, and send you off to gure it out at home. That’s what they do. And that’s all they do.

If you want the home theater system that you envision, seek the services of Skip Myers and his team of experienced professionals at ReelTime to take you from start to nish for the home theater or sound system of your dreams.

“Usually there is a part of the job that you nd you just can’t do by

yourself,” says Skip, who has overseen the design and installation of thousands of home theater and sound systems over the course of 40-plus years in the business.

“You get your brand new television home, you’re so excited, then you realize you need to move an outlet or none of the cabinets you can nd will t your space. We’re here to make sure you get the equipment that will give you what you want and the system that will work with that equipment, without leaving you to fend for yourself.”

Skip opened the doors at ReelTime in 1983. Today, the technicians and designers that Skip assigns to clients are all ReelTime employees, knowledgeable in all home theater and sound technologies. First, they work closely with you to determine what you’re looking for. Then they custom design every aspect of the project, from wiring to custom-built cabinets, frames, or built-in wall designs. Finally, licensed, in-house contractors install your entertainment system with care and precision.

There are a couple of things that people may not think about when they embark upon the road to their own home entertainment system.

“You need to think about your home theater goals,” says Skip. “You don’t have to do everything at once – you can do it bit by bit – but if you know where you’re going, you’ll save money and when it’s all said and done, you’ll have exactly what you want and what you will actually use. We’re here to help you determine your goals.”

Skip is also an advocate for getting what you’ll use, which is part of the design and planning process.

“You can buy everything you want to, but if you can’t operate it, what’s the point?” he says. “There’s the television, DVD and Blue-ray; there’s the receiver, there’s Apple TV… it’s all great, but how do you get them to work together? We’re big advocates of the universal remote. Not everyone knows how to get the most out of their systems with one powerful remote – they’re not expensive, but the best ones are computer-based. We’ll set that up for you so you’re getting the most out of your custom system.”

It’s easy to assume that personal service is expensive, but a conversation with Skip and the experts at ReelTime is free. Ultimately, in planning your purchases for the right outcome, you’re likely to save money while avoiding chilling setbacks. The only chilling you want to be doing is in front of your fantasy home theater system.

Connect with Skip Myers and eelTime by calling (949) 240-0555, stop by their beautiful new showroom at 263 1 ia e Anza in San Juan Capistrano or visit



An astounding roster of inspiring individuals come to Segerstrom Center for the Arts, as part of an exciting new In-Conversation Series. First is the author of The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan on January 23, 2023.

Amy Tan is best known as the author of The Joy Luck Club, which was made into a successful lm, as well as ve other novels, a memoir, and two children’s books. Her work often focuses on a Chinese mother and her daughters, derived from her own experience.

She was born to Chinese parents who emigrated to the Bay Area to escape the Chinese Civil War. There were dark secrets for Tan to discover, many of which found their way into her writing and that make her books so compelling.

Tan’s novels are all New York Times bestsellers and her memoir, two children’s books, and numerous magazine articles enjoy popular acclaim. Today, she’s the subject of a PBS documentary and is still sought after for what she has to say about writing, families, and the trauma and resilience that shaped her.

This will be an exceptional opportunity to hear Tan share what made her who she is as a writer.

Segerstrom Concert Hall January 23, 2023 • 8:00pm
Securities Offered Through Sammons Securities Co. LLC. Member FINRA/SIPC Titan Financial & Ins. Svcs. is independent of Sammons Securities Co. LLC 60

Earth Tour: Tsuzumi

n their rst commemorative work, Tsuzumi, O O will perform yu-Ha on tour for the rst time in around 15 years. The late Maki Ishii, a modern composer who was introduced to O O by conductor Seiji Ozawa, presented this piece to O O as a gift to congratulate the ensemble on its debut in 19 1. Tsuzumi will also feature Ishii’s masterpiece Monochrome and other O O signature pieces such as O-daiko, atai-bayashi, and oku, coupled with new compositions. Join O O as they trace the group’s origins back to the beginning, to refect on their history and reaf rm what has shaped O O today. Tsuzumi will serve as a cornerstone for O O’s next ground-breaking chapter.

or decades, O O has led the genre of taiko performance with dedication and innovation. Since the group’s debut at the Berlin estival in 19 1, O O has given more than 6,000 performances on all ve continents, spending about a third of the year overseas, a third touring in Japan and a third rehearsing and preparing new material on Sado Island. O O strives to both preserve and re-interpret traditional Japanese performing arts. Beyond this, members on tours and research trips all over the globe have brought back to Sado a kaleidoscope of world music and experiences which now exerts a strong infuence on the group’s performances and compositions.

SO A Performing Arts Center 1 niversity rive Aliso iejo

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Performing Arts Center February 2nd • 8 pm I

Costs for Medicare Drug Coverage

You would expect to pay a monthly premium for a Medicare drug plan right? And an annual name brand drug deductible (It can be no higher than $505 in 2023) that needs to be met is typical if you have a “stand-alone” Medicare drug plan. (Those who are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan that includes drug coverage don’t have to suffer through a name brand drug deductible).

But there is also an “Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount” (IRMAA) assessment that you’ll pay to Medicare if you make above $97,000 as an individual and $194,000 for a married couple.

Medicare uses the modi ed adjusted gross income reported on your IRS tax return from 2 years ago. The IRS provides this to Social Security. If you got a notice of IRMAA from Social Security they’re basing it on your 2021 income. (FYI, these notices were just mailed out late November/early December.

There are 5 income brackets that cause a person to pay more for their Medicare Part D (prescription drug) coverage.

If you make above $97,000 up to $123,000 (individual) or above $194,000 up to $246,000 (joint) you’ll pay $12.20 plus your plan premium.

If you make above $123,000 up to $1153,000 (individual) or above $2246,000 up to $306,000 (joint) you’ll pay $31.50 plus your plan premium.

If you make above $153,000 up to $183,000 (individual) or above

$306,000 up to $366,000 (joint) you’ll pay $50.70 plus your plan premium.

If you make above $183,000 and less than $500,000 (individual) or above $366,000 and less than $750,000 you’ll pay $70.00 plus your plan premium.

If you make $500,000 as an individual or $750,000 as a married couple; you can make any amount higher than that but still pay the same Part D “IRMAA”. You’ll pay $76.40 plus your plan premium.

Surprisingly, a few of these “IRMAA” amounts are actually slightly lower than they were in 2022.

Don’t try to “work the system” by just paying cash or using “GoodRX” to buy your medications. If you don’t have “credible drug coverage” (which means it covers both generic and name brand drugs at a certain copay or co-insurance level) you will start accruing a late enrollment penalty (LEP). Even if you add coverage the next chance you have (during the Annual Enrollment period) that penalty will be with you for the rest of your life.

The penalty is 1% of the national average premium for the current year of a Medicare drug plan multiplied by the amount of months that you were without Part D or credible drug coverage.

Has the question come to mind about what to do if your income drops because you retire or lose a source of income? If the government bases your “IRMAA” on income reported 2 years earlier, do you need to suffer a higher premium until they catch up with your current income? The answer is “No”. If your curious, look up online Form SSA-44; Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount-Life Changing Event. I’ll write about that next month.

Stephanie Frisch is the owner of Insurance 101 and is an independent insurance broker dedicated to helping others make “educated decisions” about their insurance choices when it comes to Medicare. For answers to your questions, or no-fee consultation, call 949-292-4958.


(949) 209-3829 |

The best is yet to come

Here’s to the New Year! At The Covington, this exciting time brings a fresh take on five-star menus, engaging arts and wellness programs, and lively social events. A gated senior living community in Aliso Viejo, The Covington is a picturesque, well-appointed place to welcome in another wonderful year.

Live your legacy.

An ECS Senior Living Community. Celebrating 100 years. Proudly nonprofit.
3 Pursuit Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 RCFE 306-002255, SNF 060000937, COA 224
34163 Pacific Coast Hwy. #100 Dana Point (949) 427-3305 NewHappyYear! New in 2023 MOST AFFORDABLE FOLDNGO EBIKE & DUAL BATTERY OPTION W/ 80-100 MILE RANGE COMMUNITYPUBLICATIONS LLC P.O. Box 73188 San Clemente, CA 92673 PRSRT STD ECRWSS U.S. Postage PAID Santa Ana, CA Permit #4833 ******************ECRWSSEDDM***** Postal Customer
Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.