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You’ve given me so much more than just a smile… Amanda When you spend time with someone who truly cares about you and your needs, how does that make you feel? Research shows that when a doctor spends a few extra minutes listening to their patient, the patient’s health improves. We provide advanced, comprehensive care in an environment that puts you in control. We take the time to listen because we care about you as a person more than any treatment we may render.


Lincoln Parker, DMD

When you are looking to improve your smile with veneers or more extensive restorative dental work, you need a team on your side. Dr. Parker’s communication skills and focus on patient care are the key to his patients’ fabulous results. We keep a ceramist on staff, so the ability to create natural esthetics for our patients comes easily. The support team at Hales Parker Dentistry has extensive experience and outside training so you are always taken care of.

YOUR GO-TO FOR AIRWAY DEVELOPMENT AND SLEEP APNEA TREATMENT. Does your child wet the bed, breathe through their mouth when sleeping, grind their teeth, or have other sleep issues? Does your significant other snore, have difficulty sleeping, or worry they might have sleep apnea? The airway and tongue play a critical role in a child’s development and also affect adult wellness and health. With Dr. Hales’ extensive training in sleep apnea therapy and with the support of our team at Hales Parker Dentistry, your health is in great hands.

Tyler Hales, DDS

ADVANCED COMPREHENSIVE CARE 949-429-0049 777 Corporate Drive Suite 100, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

Planning the Path to Medicare By Stephanie Frisch

I don’t know what can be done to make the transition to Medicare an easier process for people. Those that are turning 65 are inundated with mail promising to give them the best option. There are websites, webinars and community meetings.


ut what all of these options don’t take into account is that for the most part, each new to Medicare beneficiary has a situation unique to them. So, this means that while they may get some of the information they need to feel like they’re starting to understand Medicare, their own personal needs and questions aren’t being addressed. That is why working with a Medicare broker that is experienced is SO IMPORTANT. And remember, working with a Medicare broker cost you nothing, they are compensated by the insurance companies they contract with. There is a lot of fact finding that an experienced Medicare broker knows how to do. Important questions that they should be asking you before beginning to educate you about what options would best serve you as you begin planning your entry into the Medicare healthcare system. First, remember that you must have your government provided Medicare active before you can enroll in other options provided by private insurance carriers. When you activate Medicare, whether you do it online, over the phone or in person; this is NOT the time that you need to be prepared to select the private insurance options. You are just getting the ball rolling so that you can get your Medicare ID number. Without that number, you can’t apply for a Medicare supplement, Medicare drug or Medicare Advantage plan. The time to start down this

path to activating your Medicare begins 3 months prior to the month of your birthday. If you were born on the first of the month, then you get to start the month before the month of your birthday. You don’t need to have this first step out of the way when you meet with a Medicare broker. Many people that contact me for help do so several months ahead of time because they’re curious about what their “Medicare Future” holds for them and how much it will cost and what the deductibles, co-pays and out of pocket maximums are. If you’re planning your path to Medicare, these are some of the questions you should be ready to answer in your initial appointment with an experienced Medicare broker. • How do you currently get your health insurance? If you still have access to larger group health insurance, how much does it cost you and what are your copays, deductibles and out of pocket maximum? • What was your adjusted gross income 2 years ago and last year? • Do you split your time between 2 residences or do you travel a lot? • What medications do you take and what doctors are important to you to continue to see? Where do these doctors have their offices? Your initial consultation will generally last an hour. An hour in a seminar would seem like forever and you would probably have a tough time staying awake. An hour devoted solely to you and your needs seems a lot different. You should leave feeling like the questions that were in the back of your head were answered. Yes, you may have some “homework” to do, but that will just make sure you get put in the right place for your needs and you and your Medicare broker will together begin to “Plan your Path to Medicare”. Stephanie Frisch is the owner of Insurance 101 and is an independent insurance broker dedicated to helping others make “educated decisions” about their insurance choices when it comes to Medicare. For answers to your questions, or an in-home, no-fee consultation, call (949) 351-2443.

8 July 2019


After Book online: or call 949.446.4949

Before After

26062 Merit Circle • Suite 108 • Laguna Hills CA • 92653

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Non Surgical Hair Replacement

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Curious about the Benefits of CBD? Visit our two locations serving Orange County to speak with our knowledgeable staff about how CBD can bring balance to your life. CBD or Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant and can help with stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and a wide range of other issues.

Tinctures • Topicals • Vape • Bath • Body

6960 Warner Avenue Huntington Beach

24280 Swartz Drive Lake Forest

(714) 375-9377

(949) 273-3883


Changing Lives (and Smiles) at Hales Parker Dentistry By Jody Robinson

Very few working professionals can say that they care for someone specific their entire life. Very few can say that those they care for bring their families along, or that they end up spending time responding to their client’s needs with engineering, artistry, and clear communication.


nd I’ll bet that if I asked you right now what field you thought I was referring to, you wouldn’t think dentistry first. Dr. Lincoln Parker, DMD has made it his life’s work to change what people see in their mind’s eye when they think of the dentist. Turns out, it’s a wonderful field to be in.

Back in 2013, Dr. Parker ran with a new idea: to create a sense of community in an industry that brought positive change for those that worked in it, sought care in it, and created their lives in the surrounding space. Parker Dentistry began with a vision for more: and more is exactly what they’ve received. “We’ve been able to care for so many wonderful people since the practice initially opened,” says Dr. Parker. “Individuals who have become more than just customers, clients. Friends and family come here, and have responded so wholeheartedly to the work we’re doing that we had to search out another dentist to join the office.” Taking care of people for work is a huge blessing to Dr. Parker and his new partner, Dr. Tyler Hales, DDS. Creating a legacy of real restorative work is no small challenge, but with their combined talents and passions (cosmetics, development, airway, sleep apnea!) life-improving treatment goes far beyond any other typical commitment.

Their combined expertise and scope of services covers virtually all aspects of the dental field from cosmetic dentistry (porcelain veneers, dental implants, Invisalign clear braces, same day porcelain crowns, teeth whitening), sedation dentistry, general and family dentistry and orthodontics to restorative dentistry, TMJ treatment, sleep apnea treatment, gum disease treatment and emergency dentistry. “Our competition is not other dental offices, but the perception of what a dental office is, or can be,” says Dr. Parker. “My team is what helps change that perception.” With a consistent drive to improve, the folks at Hales Parker Dentistry train to streamline their communication and clinical skills, leading to an exceptional experience both in and out of the chair. “I can truly say it is a joy to work every day alongside our group of professionals. People are what give me joy, so having a team full of people who come to work intending on changing lives makes an enormous impact on everyone we come into contact with.” Scores of happy clients have been so pleased with their experience here that they’ve taken the time to share their positive comments: “Best dentist I’ve ever been to, hands down,” Michael L. posted on Yelp and Heather G.’s review

You’ve given me so much more than just a smile… Amanda 12 2 July 2019 |


reveals that “Dr. Parker and his team have been exceptional! I was a very fearful patient and from the first interaction, everyone has been compassionate, friendly, professional and understanding of my previous experiences that caused my fears. I never imagined that dentistry could be easy or virtually painless …” It all started with Dr. Parker’s own family dentist, Dr. Kris Robinson. “He was friendly, humble, nice, and full of hilarious Dad-jokes.” Not your typical mad-scientist-like-crazy in a lab coat, as the media often depict dentists. “I got the sense he really cared about me. I remember the feeling of walking into that office, a setting which can be terribly awkward and intimidating, and he made it personable.” Hales Parker has taken a page out of that book, and run with it. Asking about your parents, kids, siblings, school, work: car trouble to community activism. You name it, they’re invested. “Some of our clients stay with us for decades! What kind of people would we be if we didn’t connect with them?” Any relationship founded on trust takes time, and no less so when it’s an issue as sensitive as your smile. “I learned to serve as a kid, and to look at the community with open eyes as an undergrad, when I volunteered at a domestic violence shelter. It really impacted me talking and hanging out with the kids of these women who were in this situation. You had to move slowly, take your time and really let them come to you.” Dr. Parker still has a heart for the community, donating all of the office proceeds from professional whitening for four months of the year to charity. Over the years, they’ve raised more than $30,000. “What we do is humbling, it is special, and it is what dentistry should be.” I couldn’t agree more.

Lincoln Parker, DMD

Tyler Hales, DDS

Hales Parker Dentistry is located at 777 Corporate Drive, Suite 100 in Ladera Ranch. For information, call (949) 429-0049 or visit | July 2019 13 3

Which is Better: Annual Mammograms or a Personalized Screening Schedule?

Women receive mixed messages about how often they should get mammograms. Even national guidelines differ in their recommendations, giving health care providers no clear protocol to follow. A study among the University of California medical centers and their collaborators aims to end this confusion. Q: What is the WISDOM Study and why is it needed? A: Knowing how often to get a mammogram can be really confusing. That’s why scientists and doctors designed the Wisdom Study. We want to find out if all women need to get a mammogram every year, or if it’s better to personalize how often women should be screened based on their individual risk. Our goal is to determine the best way to schedule mammograms to improve breast cancer screening while reducing the number of call backs, false alarms, and biopsies for women who do not have breast cancer. Q: How can I participate in the WISDOM Study and what would I do as a participant? A: You can join the WISDOM Study if you are a female, age 40-74, and have never been diagnosed with breast cancer or ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). You do not need to get your mammogram at a UC Medical Center, as long as your provider is in California. If you decide to participate in the study and are in the Annual Group, you will be asked to get a mammogram every year starting at age 40. This has been the standard for the past thirty years and is the guideline recommended by some professional organizations. If you’re in the Personalized Group, you will be assigned your own personal screening schedule, based on your medical history, family health history, lifestyle, and genetic testing (which will be done using a saliva test sent through the mail). Some women in this group will be advised to get a mammogram every year, some more frequently, and some less frequently. Women at higher risk for breast cancer in either study group may be offered additional services with our Athena Breast Health Specialist. You will also be asked to answer several questionnaires about your health history, family cancer history, and health 14 July 2019

status. Keep in mind you will receive good care regardless of which group you are in, and no study participant will be advised to be screened less frequently than the current recommended guidelines of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Q: What factors will you use to determine my breast cancer risk? A: Decades of research have provided us with a better understanding of breast cancer biology and the factors that contribute to breast cancer risk. We will be looking at the following to determine your breast cancer risk regardless of which group you are in (Annual or Personalized): • Your age • Your race/ethnicity • Your family history of breast cancer • Your history of benign (non-cancer) breast issues • Your breast density (how fibrous and glandular your breast tissue is, which can be seen on your mammogram) If you are in the Personalized Group, these additional factors will be included in your breast cancer risk assessment: • Your genes (inherited gene mutations that have been linked to breast cancer risk)

To learn more and sign up, visit Have questions or concerns? Please email: or call (714) 456-7772. Dr. Hoda Anton-Culver is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Medicine at UC Irvine. She has been a pioneer in women’s health research for over thirty-five years.

Serving South County since 1973

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Quality In-Home Care

Sherry Meradji, Expert

Sherry Meradji, Expert

Sherry Meradji_VHP.indd 1

6/3/19 10:15 AM

Sherry Meradji_VHP.indd 1

6/3/19 10:15 AM

Hourly and Live-In Services • Transportation • Meal Preparation • Personal Care Services • Companionship • Screened, Bonded & Insured

Owned and operated by a Registered Nurse



(949) 558-2777

Lori Renaud, R.N., BSN HCO No. 304700055 July 2019 15

A Member of All of Us California

UC Irvine (UCI) is one of the Institutions selected by the National Institute of Health to lead the All of Us Research Program in California, and Dr. Hoda Anton-Culver is the Principal Investigator at UCI. This Research Program is a national effort that aims at engaging one million or more participants nationwide to change the future of health.


C Irvine has been very successful in leading this effort in California. More than 194,000 people have already joined across the country.

Dr. Anton-Culver, what is the All of Us Research Program? The All of Us Research Program is led by the National Institutes of Health and part of the larger Precision Medicine Initiative. The goal is to engage one million or more volunteers living in the U.S. to improve health outcomes, fuel the development of new treatments for disease, and catalyze a new era of evidence-based and more precise preventive care and medical treatment. The mission of All of Us is simple: we want to speed up health research and change the future of health towards individualized care. Participants will share different kinds of health information over time to help build one of the largest, most diverse biomedical resources of its kind. Researchers will be able to access the data for a wide range of studies on different health conditions.

16 July 2019

What is precision medicine? Precision medicine is health care that is based on each individual. It takes into account factors like where you live, what you do, and your family health history. At the moment, health care is often one-size-fits-all. But imagine a future where your health treatments are tailored to you. This is called precision medicine. We can help make that future possible. Why is UCI so successful in conducting the All of Us Research Program? I think we are successful for a number of reasons. Our research team strongly believes in the importance of this research program as an unprecedented opportunity to change the future of health for our people, our community and our society. We created an amazing network of local healthcare providers, clinic staff members, and collaborators who are enthusiastically helping to promote the mission of the program in different ways. Our staff members are very well trained

and mostly bilingual to overcome participants’ language barriers and cultural differences, and the positive experience of our participants is of paramount priority. We work together as a team to accomplish this important mission. Why should someone consider joining All of Us? People join for many reasons: to learn more about their health, to help improve the health of their communities and future generations, to help researchers find the best ways for people to stay healthy, and to help researchers one day create better tests and treatments. The longer a person stays involved with All of Us, the more they can learn about themselves and help speed up health research and medical breakthroughs. Can anyone join? Yes, all eligible adults, 18 years old or older can join. What does participation involve? People can create an account by visiting JoinAllofUs. org and provide their consent to get started. Then they’ll be asked to share their electronic health record and complete surveys. They can do all of this from their computer, tablet, or smartphone, or at one of our locations listed below. They will come to our clinics to have their physical measurements taken and to provide blood and urine sample. At completion of these steps, they will receive a $25 gift card. The All of Us Program will last for at least 10 years. We hope that participants will stay involved over time, responding to questionnaires and participating in other activities as they become available. What do people need to do to participate at UCI? They can contact us by phone (949 824-0282) or email ( to schedule an appointment with us at one of the following locations: UCI Clinics in Irvine (Gottschalk Plaza Clinic or Gavin Herbert Eye Institute), UCI Medical Center in Orange, UCI Family Medicine in Santa Ana and Anaheim, Westminster Medical Center, and the Florence Sylvester Memorial Senior Center in Laguna Woods. They can also selfschedule the appointment at What will you do to protect participant’s privacy? We will take great care to protect participants’ information. Here are a few of the steps we will take: a) Information we have about participants will be stored on protected computers. We will limit and keep track of who sees the information; b) we will remove names

Dr. Hoda Anton-Culver

and other direct identifiers (like your Social Security number) from the participants’ information and replace them with a code; c) Researchers must promise not to try to find out who the participants are. d) We will tell the participant if there is a risk to privacy because of a data breach. e) The All of Us Research Program has Certificates of Confidentiality from the U.S. government. This will help us fight legal demands (such as a court order) to give out information that could identify the participant. Why is All of Us Research important for Orange County? The All of Us Research Program is important in Orange County because of the diversity of our population in this area, which includes Asians, Hispanics and other diverse populations including low socioeconomic people who are in general underrepresented in biomedical research. This helps to know more about their health and their risk factors for developing diseases. If we want to do meaningful research for the entire country and not just certain subsets of communities, we’re going to need broad participation. We are particularly interested in groups that are currently underrepresented in biomedical research. As leaders of this research program it is our responsibility to make sure that “all of us” have the opportunity to participate in the program and make a difference. Therefore, we will do our best to engage our community, earn people’s trust and give them the opportunity to participate in this research program.

To join, please call (949) 824-0282 or visit July 2019 17

ening and lengthening of pilates can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome, lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia,” says Shellie. “Aside rom the physical benefits, one of the best benefits of sweating is how it helps a person manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind.”

Owner Shellie Thomas (center)

Finding Peace

at the Sweat Sanctuary By Jody Robinson


here are a million fitness choices you could make. Maybe more. Food, drink, fasting. Juice cleanse, cold tolerance. Pilates, yoga, sauna, HIIT. But almost nowhere can one find a studio focusing on total health and wellness. Enter Sweat Sanctuary. Offering pilates, yoga, infrared saunas, and nutritional coaching, Sweat Sanctuary works on the whole person. Owner Shellie Thomas has been involved in fitness, personal training, and holistic health for her entire life. Fifteen years ago she found pilates and became certified to teach. Sweat Sanctuary has been in business over ten years - the fruit of Shellie’s laboring through the minefield of personal fitness. “We not only offer fitness classes, but offer an infrared sauna experience with chromotherapy light to detox the body, drop cortisol levels and increase oxygen flow to your tissues and joints,” says Shellie. “We also have different supplements to help balance the internal systems in the body that can help 18 July 2019

with sleep issues, pain, anxiety, and different hormonal imbalances.” Shellie believes that a great many health issues can be solved by “integrating a holistic solution, alleviating pain, solving sleep problems, and most importantly, keeping the body moving.” Toward that end, heated yoga can help increase flexibility to circulate oxygen and energy throughout the body and protect against injuries, build muscle strength and vitality. Pilates concentrates on developing core strength to build stamina and improve posture and bonus! create well-toned muscles without bulking up. “The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga, infrared heat that acts as the sun from the saunas and the strength-

Wholeness is healing, and we love having a creative, dynamic space to offer options in fitness, nutrition and preventative health care.” Offering a donation-based Pilates class and a free Teen Yoga class, Sweat is dedicated to the practices and commitments necessary to learn life-coping skills and improve every aspect of your daily routines. “I love seeing clients come in to work on their health,” says Shellie. “We have a wonderful community, and every day someone tells me how much they love coming in, or just how much the work they have done has lifted their spirits. Wholeness is healing, and we love having a creative, dynamic space to offer options in fitness, nutrition, and preventative health care.” With the best instructors around and a living education, all you need is a dose of sweat … Sanctuary.

Connect with Shellie directly by stopping by her studio at 657 Camino de los Mares, Suite 137 in San Clemente, calling (949) 218-4834 or visit Mention this article to receive One Week of Unlimited Sauna, Yoga and Pilates for only $49 (new clients only)!

MD Gebhard Karl





Kristy Fleming, MD, FAAD Board-Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon


Skin Cancer Evaluation and Management Mohs Micrographic Surgery General and Pediatric Dermatology Psoriasis and Eczema Rashes and Drug Reactions Hair Loss Allergic Contact Dermatitis Bacterial, Fungal, and Viral Skin Infections


Expert Esthetician Services Botox, Dysport, Xeomin Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Bellafill Kybella Removal of Sun Spots Skin Rejuvenation Laser Resurfacing Treatment of Redness and Veins

At Fleming Dermatology, our mission is to provide exceptional care and help our patients achieve and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime! (949) 916-5956 23141 Moulton Pkwy., Ste 110 Laguna Hills, CA 92653

How Can I Tell If I Have Skin Cancer? By Kristy Fleming, MD

There are three main types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Because each has many different appearances, it is important to know the early warning signs.


ook especially for change of any kind. Do not ignore a suspicious spot simply because it does not hurt. Skin cancers may be painless, but dangerous all the same. If you notice one or more of the warning signs, see a board-certified dermatologist right away, preferably one who specializes in diseases of the skin. ACTINIC KERATOSIS An actinic keratosis (AK) is a crusty, scaly growth caused by damage from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. An AK is considered a precancer because if left alone, it could develop into a skin cancer. AKs are the product of a lifetime accumulation of UV damage and typically appear on areas most commonly exposed sun, such as the backs of the hands, forearms, face, neck, and scalp. BASAL CELL CARCINOMA Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most frequently occurring form of all cancers, with more than 4 million cases of diagnosed in the U.S. each year. BCCs may look like open sores, red patches, pink growths, shiny bumps, or scars. Any skin lesion that doesn’t heal, or bleeds with even gentle trauma, such as drying with a towel, is concerning for a BCC. SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells arising in the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layer. SCCs often look like scaly red patches, crusty bumps, warts, or elevated growths with a central depression. SCCs may appear suddenly and some forms are tender to touch. They can become disfiguring and sometimes deadly if allowed to grow. More than 1 million cases of SCC are diagnosed each year in the U.S., which translates to about 115 cases diagnosed every hour. Incidence has increased by 200 percent in the past three decades in the U.S., and more than 15,000 Americans die each year from this type of skin cancer. MELANOMA Melanoma is a very dangerous form of skin cancer. Melanoma is caused mainly by intense, occasional UV exposure (frequently leading to sunburn), especially in those who are

genetically predisposed to the disease. An estimated 178,560 cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the U.S. each year and is fatal for an estimated 9,320 of these patients. Fortunately, if melanoma is recognized and treated early, it is almost always curable.

WHAT PATIENTS NEED TO KNOW 1. Everyone needs to perform a self-skin exam once a month. 2. Melanoma can appear anywhere on the skin, including the palms/soles, under your nails, and places...for most, have never seen the light of day (genitalia). For this reason, it is important to look everywhere. Lock the bathroom door, get out a hand mirror, and check, it could save your life. 3. What to look for: ABCDEs, and an ugly duckling A - Asymmetry: If I draw a line down the middle, do the sides match? B - Border: Is there a nice crisp border, or does the mole melt into the surrounding skin? C - Color: Moles should be one color, one shade of brown. Is there a variety of shades or additional colors, such as black, red, white, or blue? D - Diameter: Any mole larger than 6mm, ie the head of a pencil eraser, has a higher risk of becoming melanoma. E - Evolution: Has it changed? F - The Ugly Duckling Sign: Most people have a “signature mole,” their own personal mole appearance and architecture. Is there a mole that seems different from all the others? 4. Everyone needs a full body skin exam by a board-certified dermatologist once a year, more frequently if you have a family history of skin cancer, a personal history of skin cancer, or live in an area with substantial sunshine.


Thursday, August 1st

Space is limited. Please call to schedule your screening time.

(949) 916-5956 July 2019 21

Senior Placement Service Board and Care • Assisted Living • In-Home Care A FREE Senior Placement Service Offering Guided Tours for • • • • • •

Board & Care Homes Assisted Living Communities Hospice Care Respite Care/Short Term Care Memory Care • Long Term Care Independent Senior Living

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Derek Mannion RCFE Administrator #6033810740 We can find the best care options suited for each family and budget.

Toll Free: 866.936.4241

Please Call for a FREE Care Needs Assessment

Don’t try to answer your Medicare questions alone. We’re here to help. Understanding Medicare can be a daunting task. We’re here to make sure you get answers to your questions. Attend one of our Medicare meetings to learn the basics and compare all of our partner health plans to find the plan that’s best for your unique needs. We’re here to help you make sense of it all.

To find and RSVP for a meeting TODAY!

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Carolyn and future zookeeper Colton Almquist pose with Gillie Guinea Pig.

I don’t know that I’ve ever uttered the phrase “it all started with a guinea pig.” Certainly, this is the first time I have ever personally written the phrase. But I’m more than tickled by the notion that a whirlwind of events which has started the former owner of ZOOMARS iconic San Juan Capistrano petting zoo down the path of adventure was with, you guessed it: a guinea pig. Not just any guinea pig. Gillie Guinea Pig. Carolyn Franks, couldn’t stop smiling before. Now, I’m betting it would take an incredible feat to curb her enthusiasm. Former owner, you ask? The success of Carolyn’s first book has opened the door to an unimaginable adventure - one that has been 15 years in the making since she first envisioned an innocent, affordable family entertainment opportunity. A petting zoo named ZOOMARS in the historic Los Rios District of San Juan Capistrano resulted, and is the stuff of history now. A “backyard barnyard” from the start, the zoo buildings date back to the 1800’s, and its property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Home to a vast number of creatures and critters alike, the llamas, ponies, goats, sheep, bunnies and of course, guinea pigs will soon be in the caring hands of local developer Dan Almquist whose own children and wife Lindsey are longtime friends and fans of the beloved zoo. And, most importantly, who wish to keep it, enrich it, and bolster its already sterling reputation for years to come.

Going GILLIE Gone! Owner Carolyn Franks sells


and takes guinea pig mascot to Hollywood! By Jody Robinson 24 July 2019

Almquist will be one of only a handful of owners of the property in two centuries. The land was once part of the Mission, then a Mexican ranch owned by the Rios family, then the Nieblas family (both relatives of the native inhabitants, the Acjachemen), then granted to Delfina Olivares, the town matriarch. In 1980, Gil and Millie Jones bought the parcel and opened the Jones Family Mini Farm. Gil served as a two-term mayor. They sold the property to Carolyn when they retired in 2005. “Like me,” Carolyn notes, “the original Jones Family would only sell the petting zoo to someone who would promise to keep it a zoo. I believe that after 15 years, I have taken ZOOMARS as far as I can on my own. I see how much Dan Almquist and his company Frontier Development, truly care about historic restoration and preservation in San Juan and they have the investors and the construction know-how to revitalize old buildings. It’s great to showcase these 1800s structures for all to enjoy, but no one realizes the enormous amount of money it takes to preserve and continuously repair them. Dan’s

projects in town inspire growth and yet are in keeping with our old town charm. There is no one I trust more than Dan to pass the torch to.” As a former San Juan Mayor, Gil Jones also supports Dan’s vision for growth in town and his approval was also important to Carolyn. “I wanted to make sure I had Gil and Millie’s blessing before selling and called to ask them for it before I approached Dan. I told them I knew he would keep their ‘farm’ alive and that it would be in good hands. The property was never listed for sale as I only approached Dan privately.” The property holds four listings on the National Register of Historic Places - the Olivares House, the Owner’s Cottage, the San Juan Springs Bathhouse and River Street, which Dan purchased 50% of when he bought the Ito Nursery next door a few years ago. “Dan has a proposed project on the nursery site (pending City Council approval on July 2nd), which was

another reason I felt he was the ideal person to approach,” says Carolyn. “Should the River Street Marketplace be voted in, the petting zoo would be incorporated into their plan, constructed in a California craftsman design.” The project can be viewed at

HOLLYWOOD CALLS Carolyn, in the meantime, will be taking Gillie straight to Hollywood. For as it turns out, her literary agent loved Gillie and his friends so much, she suggested an animated series for television, which Carolyn is in the process of writing now. With preliminary interest from a few studios already, due to its uniqueness, the show would be based on many of Carolyn’s real-life stories at ZOOMARS intertwined with an imaginary place called GUINEAPIGVILLE. It would also incorporate two original soundtracks

July 2019 25

Carolyn produced, “We Are Not Hamsters,” and “Ponies Don’t Surf.”

Carolyn with Gil and Millie Jones, founders of the mini-farm, for whom Gillie is named

“I lost everything I owned to keep the zoo afloat after the economic crash in 2008, and a divorce in 2009. Thankfully, a local San Juanian and close friend lent me an inordinate amount of money to keep things going and I struggled for every dollar to pay her back. My bookkeeper would run to the bank at 4:45 to ensure every check would clear. Through years of tough times, using creative ideas to promote business, countless Groupon deals, free pop-up petting zoos, a summer camp, and even a disastrous dino extinction; the stars aligned.” A mom who’d taken her daughter to ZOOMARS had illustrated a kid’s book, and wanted Carolyn to see it. “I couldn’t type fast enough: ‘Can you draw a guinea pig?’” The rest

Illustration by Michele G. Dodds is a 32-page masterpiece. All 5,000 books sold within a few months, Gillie won a prestigious award, and after 15 years, Carolyn feels like passing the ZOOMARS torch is the best possible gift to her community. Gillie, meanwhile, is getting ready to load into a vintage Airstream Motorhome, which Carolyn always dreamed of owning and recently just purchased, and start doing shows locally. The series, called “Go Gillie Go!” is set to follow Gillie and his friends (the ones he met in the book at Mr. Parker’s Pet Shop) as they do pop-up shows around the country benefiting animals in need. “I can’t tell you all 26 July 2019

the juicy details about Gillie’s Roadshow, or Sheriff Gillie will arrest me, but I can tell you that his Airstream holds a ‘secret’ that takes him and his friends on some wild rides,” Carolyn says with a smile. “And maybe … we’ll even meet Juan the Dinosaur again.” “My heart will always be here with my animals. I’m staying on before, during and after the sale to serve as a consultant, cheerleader and guinea-pig

petter. It’s in the contract! Dan and I both want the transition to be seamless for our ZOOMARS community. Those familiar staff faces, like Nina, Gerald and Angel the emu, who have been with me from the beginning, will still be here.” And all the allure of ZOOMARS will continue to come with parties, pony rides, bunnies, goats, sheep, bunnies and chickens. And of course, their signature 100 guinea pigs! And to think, it began with one. As Carolyn likes to say “ A n y t h i n g ’s possible with love and a carrot stick.” Follow Carolyn Franks’ journey on instragram @FranklyCarolyn. ZOOMARS is located at 31791 Los Rios St. in San Juan Capistrano. For information, call (949) 831-6550 or visit



(949) 388-8886

WEEK OF TRAINING Code: South County Mag

July 2019 27

2019 is a big year for Southern California’s southern gem: San Diego. Marking the 250th anniversary of the eighth largest city in the nation, the oceanside pearl known for gorgeous beaches, distinct communities and a rich cultural history dating back tens of thousands of years. An exciting time for an exciting place: first found by the Kumeyaay Nation, and then the sailors of 1542 who renamed the land Alta California. Now, overlaid against the backdrop or native trails, the city celebrates its past, present, and future.

A Golden Anniversary 250 Years in the Making at San Diego’s Historic Old Town By Jody Robinson

It doesn’t take a history buff to appreciate the legendary quality of Don Juan Bandini’s Cosmopolitan Hotel ( Returned to the glory of its 1870’s glory, the once adobe home-restaurant-stagecoach office-olive cannery is now an updated San Diego staple. Antique furnishings and what feels like service from a truly bygone era are the benchmarks of the hotel’s Victorian-style bedrooms and baths. Our stay here proved to the perfect place Grab a bite in the restaurant from the Cosmo’s seasonal menu. Fresh vegetables, local ingredients, and exceptional cuts of meat to whet any appetite. Choose from a private dining room, the Orchard Terrace, Grand Sala, or Bandini Room. And if you’re looking for something to do after dinner, try out the Cygnet Theater: Historic Park at its finest.

from which to explore the area. Easy walking distance to entertainment, art galleries, family-friendly restaurants, and a locale literally adjacent to the historic Old Town Presidio: where California began (more on that in a minute). 28 July 2019

For breakfast, enjoy a bed and breakfast style coffee, tea, or homemade pastry (the scones with yummy blackberry jam are worth writing home about) in the salon. Take in the Old West decor and enjoy an afternoon tea on Saturday or Sunday until 5pm.

Presenting the best of California culture, San Diego’s Old Town State Historic Park gives visitors the opportunity to experience the history of its early connections to our storied present. Restored buildings from the interpretive period are complemented with early twentieth-century buildings designed in the same mode. Original adobe buildings are part of the park, which remains a favorite place for social gatherings and family-friendly historic activities, like the park’s working blacksmith shop. At elementary schools all over California, fourth graders have been making missions from craft supplies

for years. My son constructed Mission San Diego Alcala (the first of 21 established in the state) a couple of years ago, which made our visit all the more exciting and impactful. The city’s first downtown area and the true birthplace of California, San Diego is now famous for its pristine stretches of sandy shore and hip shopping and bar crawls through Pacific Beach. But once upon a time, San Diego was known for the historic sites, cultural lore, and the nearby Mission San Diego de Alcala. Of the 21 missions in California, San Diego de Alcala marks the birthplace of Christianity on the West Coast. Providing an important cultural and significant look at the start of Catholicism, the mission, which was founded in 1769 serves as an active community hub, parish church, and grandiose placeholder for the migration of faith from Spain to the United States. The California olive was first cultivated at the Mission in San Diego, and many thousands of children’s appreciation for California history. Designated as a historic house museum over sixty years ago, the Whaley House Museum ( has been open to the public ever since. Ranked right up there with some of California’s national parks, the home receives over 125,000 visits a year, managed and operated

by SOHO- the Save Our Heritage Organization. A perfect example of Greek Revival architecture from the mid-nineteenth century, the house pays tribute to Thomas Whaley and his historic presence in San Diego’s old town. But what makes this tour even more intriguing is the folklore surrounding this former family home and its bygone residents. According to the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted, the house is the number one most haunted house in the country. The alleged hauntings began with ghostly sightings of “Yankee Jim,” a convict who was hanged in 1852 on a gallows of the back of a wagon on the site where the house now stands. The local newspaper reported that he “kept his feet in the wagon as

Cosmopolitan Hotel

long as possible, but was finally pulled off. He swung back and forth like a pendulum until he strangled to death.” Although Thomas Whaley had been a spectator at the execution, he did not let it dissuade him from buying the property a few years later and building a home for his family there. According to the San Diego Union, “soon after the couple and their children moved in, heavy footsteps were heard moving about the house. Whaley described them as sounding as though they were made by the boots of a large man. Finally he came to the conclusion that these unexplained footfalls were made by Yankee Jim Robinson.” Trek through town on the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour ( and hear stories about how the city’s most beautiful daytime spots have a darker side when the sun goes down. This trolley/walking guided tour takes visitors into Pioneer Park (now a park in the middle of Mission Hills, the site July 2019 29

was once the final resting place for thousands of people and is still home to a small cemetery at the back edge of the trees and pathways - said to be peaceful by day, but an altogether different experience after the sun goes down), the adobe walled El Campo Santo Cemetery circa 1849 (where “Yankee Jim” is interred) and culminates at the aforementioned Whaley House - chock full to the brim with spooky sounds, sights, and encounters. Well known ghosts with reputations for leaving disembodied footprints and a small child that cries out in the night are the norm at San Diego’s most haunted attraction.

Casa Guadalajara

can choose from seasonal specials (such as the Sopes Surtidos - which fills three traditioncrafted fabric brought from Oaxaca in its banquettes to the unique furnishings - each piece crafted by a local artisan or an artisan across the border.

Tahona Bar


al cornmeal cakes with refried beans and your choice of carnitas, shredded chicken or beef) and popular favorites (like the Camerones ala Diabla which arrives as tasty large shrimp in a rich and spicy chipotle salsa or the Enchiladas Suizas, prepared with seasoned shredded chicken and green chilies).

A full menu at Casa Guadalajara ( leads to a full belly, and there isn’t anything better before a night out in historic San Diego - providing a vibrant and colorful entrance to Old Town, Casa Guadalajara is defined by its festive decor, trumpeting mariachis, lush patios, “Birdbath Margaritas” and authentic Mexican cuisine. Using only the freshest ingredients, the food is prepared daily to ensure each customer who walks through the doors (since 1995!) leaves satisfied. Serving up the best traditional and regional dishes, you

New on the block in Old Town is Tahona, on a mission to “educate and give reverence to the complexity and beauty of the Mexican culture through its most iconic beverage: Mezcal. Tahona Bar ( achieves this by serving up a most delicious menu Oaxacan-inspired bites at its warm, beautifully appointed tasting room that makes guests feel as though they’ve been transported to a modern Mexican hacienda: from the hand painted tiles and the handmade rope seats to the traditionally

30 July 2019

Sharing bites populate the menu (think gourmet Carne Asada, Chicken Tinga and Pork Belly Quemado tacos), a modern take on a Tres Moles tasting flight and favorites that range from the Camaron Aguachile (shrimp, chipotle and citrus sauce further enhanced by cucumber, red onions and cilantro) and the Pulpo and Pipian (grilled octopus, kale, broccoli, pork belly, pepitas and pipian sauce. It was all my husband and I could do to manage a taste of the churro s’mores before the kids dove in to the sweet treat - crunchy churros with chocolate ganache and marshmallow fluff. But make no mistake: at its heart is over 120 different varieties of the agave-based spirit - both for simply sipping and those incorporated into flavorfully creative cocktails (the Whaley House Punch pairs Domingo Espadin Mezcal with lime, pineapple, salted watermelon, Campari and Absinthe while the Campo Salto, named for the iconic historical landmark next door is made with Espolon Blanco, passionfruit, coconut water, fresno chili, Contreau, agave and lime).







San Clemente Farmers Market 200th block of Avenida Del Mar 9 am – 1 pm




Porsche 356 Club Concours Show



Dana Point Concerts in the Park


Sea Terrace Park 33501 Niguel Road 3 pm – 4 pm: The Queen of Soul Aretha 4:30 pm - 6 pm: AbbaFab



Taco Tuesday

Ricardo’s Place Mexican Restaurant 32082 Camino Capistrano SJC

9 Festival of Arts 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach,12:30 pm

17 24

Happy Hour


Painting and Vino

All Night Happy Hour at the bar


Tribute Tuesday

Romeo Cucina 28241 Crown Valley Pkwy. Laguna Niguel

Festival of Arts 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach “Diva Diaries: The Ladies of the 70s” with Melanie Taylor 5:30 pm - 7 pm

Bella Collina Golf Club 200 Avenida La Pata San Clemente 6pm to 9pm


31852 San

Tribute Tuesday


Brio Tuscany Grille 24050 Camino del Avion Dana Point

Old Capist Farmers M Tow


Happy Hour

2 pm – 6 pm 31761 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano



Villa Roma

Empanada Tuesdays .99 cent empanadas 25454 La Paz Rd. Laguna Hills

Art & Story Time

Festival of Arts Family Art Day

Bella Collina Golf Club 200 Avenida La Pata 34 San Clemente

Happy Hour

Casanova Ristorante 33582 Del Obispo Street Dana Point 3:30 pm – 6 pm

8 15

650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach, 12 pm - 3 pm


True Willie and the Boys Festival of Arts 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach 5:30 pm – 7 pm



San Juan

Rebel So FREE Co Historic T 31852

O Cer Market

31852 San



trano Certified Market Historic wn Center Park

JULY 2019






2 El Camino Real Juan Capistrano 3 pm

FRIDAY Festival of Arts Opening Day

12 pm 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach


SATURDAY Dana Point Farmers Market

La Plaza Park Pacific Coast Highway & Golden Lantern 9 am – 1 pm

34 Happy Hour

rio Tuscany Grille 24050 Camino Del Avion Dana Point

Summer Nites

ouls, Classic Rock oncert in the Park Town Center Park 2 El Camino Real SJC 6 pm to 8 pm

Ted Nugent

Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC,8 pm

11 18 25

Summer Concert

Kelly Boyz Band (Country & Line Dancing) Linda Lane Park 400 Linda Lane San Clemente 6 pm – 8 pm

Art, Jazz, Wine & Chocolate

Festival of Arts 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach 5:30 pm

Active Duty Free Play Day

Bella Collina Golf Club 200 Avenida La Pata San Clemente


13 Phantom of the Opera

Segerstrom Center for the Arts 600 Town Center Drive 34 Costa Mesa, 7:30 pm


Henry Kapono

Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC 8 pm


Concert on the Green with Grace Kelly Festival of Arts 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach 1 pm – 2:30 pm

43rd Annual San Clemente Ocean Festival



Happy Hour

Casanova Ristorante 33582 Del Obispo Street Dana Point 3:30 pm – 6 pm


Skeleton Crew – Grateful Dead Tribute

Coach House 33157 Camino Capistrano SJC 8 pm

Old Capistrano rtified Farmers t Historic Town Center Park

2 El Camino Real Juan Capistrano 3 pm

SC Farmers Market - Saturdays


019 JULY 2


July 1

LADERA RANCH Founders Park 28275 Avendale Blvd. Dark

July 6 San Clemente Farmers Market. Come out and find the finest purveyors and farmers of local produce every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the 200th block of Avenida Del Mar - rain or shine! For info:

July 7

Now through January 11, 2020 in the Cathedral Cultural Center on Christ Cathedral campus. Enjoy this immersive experience of museum quality and near life size reproductions of the iconic masters’ frescos that adorn the Sistine Chapel. For times and tickets, visit


Weekend Afternoon Tea at Montage Laguna Beach. 30801 Coast Highway Laguna Beach The deliciousness and elegance of Afternoon Tea will be served every Saturday and Sunday starting at 2 p.m. in the newly refurbished Lobby Lounge overlooking the Pacific Ocean with live entertainment. For info: (949) 715-6420.

July 14

July 4 SAN CLEMENTE 622 Avenida Del Mar At the Pier, 9 pm DANA POINT Dana Point Harbor, 9 pm LAGUNA NIGUEL Over the lake at Laguna Niguel Regional Park 28241 La Paz Road Laguna Niguel, 9 pm LAGUNA BEACH Monument Peak at Heisler Park 375 Cliff Drive, 9 pm July 2019 | 34 2 May

Festival of the Arts Family Art Day 650 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach 12 pm – 3 pm Family Art Day at the Festival of Arts is the most fun-filled, art-filled and enchantment-filled day of the entire summer for Orange County families!

July 14 Dana Point Concerts in the Park Sea Terrace Park 33501 Niguel Road 3 pm – 4 pm: Pyromania: the Def Leppard Experience 4:30 pm - 6 pm: Aeromyth – The Ultimate Tribute to Aerosmith

July 20 -21 San Clemente Ocean Festival The Greatest Show on Surf The San Clemente Ocean Festival is celebrating 43 years of “The Greatest Show on Surf”! Come see the thrilling competitions of many ironman water and land events, including the ever-popular dory boat races, 5K beach run, and one-mile ocean swim. Register early for these and other events, including the Kid’s Dolphin Dash beach run, ‘Groms Rule’ Surf Contest, NEW Pier Bowl Surf Contest & NEW Tandem Boogieboard Contest! For info:

July 21 Dana Point Concerts in the Park Sea Terrace Park 33501 Niguel Road 3 pm – 4 pm: The Reflexx 4:30 pm - 6 pm: Freedom – a Tribute to George Michael and Wham Bella Collina Golf Club JUNIOR GOLF CAMP 200 Avenida La Pata San Clemente July 8 - 12, July 1519, July 22 - 26, July 29 - August 2 On course play, golf clubs provided, fun-filled activities and games, achievement medals awarded, lunch and snacks provided. For info: (949) 498-6604 or visit

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book inspired by a famous artist, a first in the Pageant’s history.”

Ready, Set… Launch into

“The Time Machine”

The Pageant of the Masters has been a Laguna Beach tradition since the 1930’s and now attracts over 140,000 patrons every summer. The show is accompanied by original, live music by the Pageant orchestra, with informative and engaging, live narration presented by Richard Doyle and written by Dan Duling. Long-time Pageant Technical Director Richard “Butch” Hill is excited about advances in video production and special effects this year. “The Pageant has always been a kind of time machine for us,” Challis Davy observed. “Studying and appreciating the world’s artworks – great and beloved – is the best and the only way to take a trip back in time.”

for an Adventure in Art at the Pageant of the Masters Nightly Performances July 7 – August 31, 2019 in Laguna Beach


he team behind the world-famous Pageant of the Masters is rockin’ around the clock with preparations and rehearsals for the highly-anticipated production of “The Time Machine.” Presented by the Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach, the 2019 Pageant of the Masters will amaze audiences nightly from July 7 to August 31 with the magic of tableaux vivants (“living pictures”). Real people will step into famous works of art by artists like Vermeer, Dali, Rockwell and Da Vinci for a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. “The Time Machine” will take audiences around the globe and into the past, present and future in search of great art and amazing stories. In a show that journeys through time and space, audiences can look forward to tributes to breakthroughs in both art and science. Highlights include an 36 July 2019

homage to American sculptor Malvina Hoffman for her groundbreaking anthropological exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History in 1933 as well as the 1913 Armory Show in New York which marked the dawn of Modernism in America. “To say this summer’s show is a very different Pageant is an understatement!” revealed Diane Challis Davy, now in her 24th season as the Pageant Director. “The story line will bring audiences on a journey through a series of clues and instructions from a note-

2019 marks the 500th anniversary of the death of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, whose “Last Supper” has been the Pageant’s traditional closing tableau since 1936. Challis Davy shared one final tease: “Prepare yourselves for an imaginative adventure, a plotline from start to finish, and a very surprising finale. Spoiler alert: Do not leave early!” Tickets are available at


Coming Home to Romeo Cucina & The Heart of Italian Cuisine By Ann Laurence

Ask anyone what the most comforting foods are, and they’ll likely have Italian near the top of the list. With its hearty vegetables, homemade pastas, delicious meats, and breads, brings flavorful tradition home for dinner.


he Romeo family began their restaurants with a sole purpose: to being a vanguard for that tradition in Orange County. Linked with a healthy Mediterranean taste, Romeo Cucina hasn’t changed the way they operate in their 25 years of business - always keeping abreast of Italian food trends to update their menu with innovative dishes in an atmosphere of exceptional service. Showing the ancient skills of Italian hospitality created a signature style that is hard to find elsewhere. Paired with an intergenerational love of good cooking, and blended with the artistry and creativity of the current era, it’s not to be beat. Tina, Ada and Michael personally greet guests into the Laguna Niguel restaurant with a genuine warmth that feels like coming home - right down to the open fireplace in the corner and the starched white table cloths.

Have one of the variety of menu options, changing daily and seasonally depending on the freshest ingredients, or bring your whole party in for an evening that won’t soon be forgotten. Popular starters include the Bruschetta Caprese - Romeo grilled bread topped with mozzarella, tomato, basil and balsamic reduction and the Carpaccio di Manzo which flavorfully combines thin sliced raw beef filet with artichoke hearts, arugola (Italian aromatic lettuce), capers and Parmigiano cheese.

Entrees range from delicious homemade pasta and rich, creamy risotto dishes to chicken, veal, beef and seafood dishes and the always crowd-pleasing thin crust woodfired pizzas. Love gnocchi? Try Romeo’s homemade potato pillows in your choice of pesto or fresh tomato sauce. The homemade Lasagnette Graziella arrives in a classic bolognese ground beef ragout with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella, earthy vegetables and herbs while Cioppino is a seafood aficionado’s dream - chock full of fresh clams, mussels, shrimp, swordfish, calamari, scallops and crab in a delightful broth with vegetables and herbs. More of a meat eater? The Ossobuco Alla Romano is veal shank tender to the bone, slowly braised in a fresh vegetable-tomato sauce with a side of fettuccine pasta and the Tagliata di Manzo is a grilled to perfection sirloin steak served with cherry tomato, caramelized onion, arugula, Parmigiano and topped with a shallot sage butter. From wedding parties to happy hour - no party is too large or too small. Just follow your nose to the family kitchen, and join Romeo’s for mouthwatering tradition for years to come. Romeo Cucina is located at 28241 Crown Valley Parkway in Laguna Niguel. For reservations, call (949) 831-4131 or visit

38 July 2019


Conservatory @ Curiosity and The Mole Hole Keeping San Juan Capistrano Charming


hen I was a little girl I dreamed of one day working with my best friend when we grew up. The stuff of childhood doesn’t always work out in such a magical way, except when it does. 40 July 2019

Like for Beth Carney and Linda Kopperud, who met at a study group and have been great friends ever since. The pair own two (now combined into one!) of the most elegant and charming shops in San Juan Capistrano.

By Ann Laurence Who doesn’t love boutique shopping? I’d much rather while away an hour looking at all of the one-of-akind collectables, gifts, handbags, clothing, jewelry and accessories that you’ll discover in here over shopping the shelves of “more of the same” department store merchandise. Beth came from the corporate world of large department stores. She worked at Joseph Magnin in Century City and South Coast Plaza. She opened her first store on PCH in Newport Beach, then moved into two larger stores on Balboa Island and Lido Island which grew to seven locations. The owner of Conservatory @ Curiosity for the past 23 years, Beth has an incredible eye for buying. She

Her friend Linda happened to be looking for something other than the corporate world (she worked for American Express in New York and Los Angeles) and found her calling in retail. Opening her first little shop in Santa Monica, CA in 1980, she quickly found success as The Mole Hole (taken from the children’s story ‘Wind in the Willows’) and after relocating to San Clemente in ‘93, Linda continued the legacy of the original Mole Hole: perpetual magic and wonderment and was named one of the five most charitable stores in Orange County. Today, her collectibles and gift items are the perfect complement to Beth’s designer clothing, handbags and unique costume jewelry in the 1,500-square-foot space that might just be SJC’s most charming boutique.

Contemporary Italian Cuisine Live Entertainment!

Full Premium Bar • Italian and California Wines

(949) 443-1476 24050 Camino Del Avion • Dana Point

Conservatory @ Curiosity & The Mole Hole offer everything from Chanel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton bags and one-of-akind designer wear to The Frogman, Willow Tree, Woldard Oil Lamps, Wee Forest Folk, wedding wine glasses and everything in between. The shop’s resident world-class artist is Earlene Moses. Enchanted designs from haute to cottage chic await. Just when you think your shopping experience couldn’t be any more fun - Beth and Linda serve champagne and nibbles daily from 4 pm - 6 pm. We look forward to your business! Conservatory @ Curiosity and The Mole Hole is located in the Marbella Plaza at 31105 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite C-8 in San Juan Capistrano. For info, call Conservatory at (949) 240-9100 (Beth) or The Mole Hole at (949) 443-1670 (Linda).

Buy 1 Entree, Get 1 Entree at

50% OFF

Not valid with any other offer or promotion.

Winner of the Dana Point Times 2017 “Best of Dana Point” People’s Choice Award for “Best Happy Hour” and “Best Bartender” (GOLD) and “Best Overall Restaurant,” “Best Pizza,” “Best Bar” and “Best Take-Out Food!” (SILVER) July 2019 41


has worked with film studios, actors, Hollywood estates and model photo shoots … and she has something for everything budget. “Boutique doesn’t have to break the bank,” she says. “I love it when people come in and find just what they are looking for.” Beth also believes in giving back and has been a founding member of the El Camino Health Clinic for the past 35 years.

Move, Smile and Feel Great!

Meet Align’s Nicole Inzitari... By the Align Pilates Team

When you first walk into Align and are greeted by Nicole Inzitari’s big, beautiful smile you’re instantly put at ease. She radiates a genuine love for people, fitness and all-things wellness.


Certified Pilates Instructor and Align’s Studio Manager, Nicole is truly genuine and sincerely happy to see you, whether it’s your first time at Align or your regularly scheduled time. Five years ago Nicole purchased her first pack of pilates classes. This simple transaction changed her life for the better. Working as Retail Visual Manager for 25 years, Nicole knew she wanted to find a career in the health and wellness industry. Especially after the last 10 years of overhauling her own health. Pilates happened to be the act that would jump-start it all.

“After a year of taking Pilates classes locally, I found the courage to attend BASI where I completed my Pilates Teacher Certification,” Nicole explains. “I have now been teaching Pilates for three years, and looking back at my career I am not surprised why I love teaching. My favorite part of retail was teaching. I went from teaching retail visual standards to teaching breath, alignment, and movement safely.” “Pilates is for EVERY BODY, EVERY shape and size, male or female, the athlete or the non-athlete,” Nicole continues, quick to debunk a common misconception about Pilates

and yoga. “This is why I LOVE Pilates. I have been there- I have been overweight, underweight, and in pain. I love that Pilates can be modified and adapted to each person. Pilates can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be when you find the right studio and instructor for you!” Pilates has connected Nicole to an incredible community of fitness and Pilates professionals, as well to a community of clients that she feels honored to call friends. When she’s in the studio Nicole creates an atmosphere that is positive and supportive, while peppered with nutritional tips regarding healthy choices for eating and living. Within a one session Nicole will leave you feeling stronger, standing taller and empowered to take on the day. “I love that my clients leave with a variety of feelings depending on the day or class- they might feel taller, have less pain, be proud of accomplishing a new exercise or feeling more connected, as they had one hour of undivided attention,” she continues. “I am honored to help them achieve this, and to be part of their day.”

Connect today with Nicole at Align and she will get you started on a path to new health, with your best interests in mind. And in no time she will have you moving, smiling, and feeling great! Align Pilates is located at 31896 Plaza Drive, Suite E6 in San Juan Capistrano. For info, call (949) 481-3577 or visit

42 July 2019


Get a Medium, 2 Topping Cauliflower Crust Pizza for 2013 Best International Eating Place 2016 Best Taco Closed Monday and Wednesday


32082 Camino Capistrano San Juan Capistrano



+ tax 1 order per customer. Not valid with other coupons or offers. Expires 7-31-19.


50% OFF

Spaghetti Marinara or Fettuccini Alfredo

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Let Us Cater Your Special Event

Buy any medium pizza and get 1 free of equal or lesser value (Does not include stuffed crust or deep dish) 1 order per customer. Not valid with other coupons or offers. Expires 7-31-19.



50% OFF

Any Order of Wings or Rib Tips Buy 1 order of wings or rib tips, get 2nd order of equal or lesser value 50% off 1 order per customer. Not valid with other coupons or offers. Expires 7-31-19.

(949) 498-3400

216 Avenida Vaquero San Clemente, CA 92672 Across from the DMV

Home of the 30” Party Pizza 10% Senior & Military Discount Fresh Quality Ingredients Specialized Delivery Custom Pizza Local Owner


Valid Monday thru Friday only. Not valid with other offers. Expires 7.31.19.


20% with Purchase of 2 beverages Valid Monday thru Friday only. Not valid with other offers. Expires 7.31.19.

July 2019 43


Best Breakfast Served All Day!

20% OFF


Lunch: Mon. - Fri. 11 am to 2 pm Dinner: Nightly 5 pm til Late

With Purchase of 2 Beverages

Happy Hour Nightly 5 pm to 7 pm

Not valid with any other offers. CODE: COMMPUB2019

B est Croissants n! In Tow


Open Daily 7:30am - 3:00pm


23615 El Toro Rd. Ste. T, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Ocean View Dining • Full Bar • Food to Go • Catering

What are you waiting for! A Local Favorite for 30 Years


The Romeo family started their restaurants with a single mission - to bring the flavorful tradition of Mediterranean Italian cuisine to Orange County. Italian cuisine - defined by hearty vegetables, fresh seafood, homemade pasta and delicious meats is at the heart of the Mediterranean taste! The Lunch menu includes also a variety of specialty panini sandwiches made with daily baked focaccia bread. The warmth and colors of Romeo Cucina décor delivers you to the South of Italy… making it a journey to be taken together. The Romeo family’s goal has never changed over their 25+ years in business - to introduce OC diners to the ancient culinary skills and flavors of Italian cooking, passed through generations, with inventive modern touches in creativity and artistry resulting in a menu of signature Healthy Italian Cuisine.




34700 Pacific Coast Highway, Capistrano Beach, CA 92624

(949) 661-8266

Monday-Closed • Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-close 44 July 2019

off 20 DINNER %

food only

Not valid with any other discounts discounts or offers. Must present coupon. coupon. 07.31.19. Dine in only. Expires 11-15-13.

28241 Crown Valley Parkway Laguna Niguel

$10 OFF

Dine-in only. Minimum spending of $30. (must present coupon) Not to be combined with other offers. Exp. 07.31.19



Grand Opening Champagne and Nibbles 4 pm - 6 pm Daily


The Mole Hole

Two Iconic Boutiques Have Opened Together in Their All-New Elegant and Charming Location!

10% OFF

• Wee Forest Folk Your Entire • The Frogman Purchase • Willow Tree with this ad Certain exclusions may apply. Cannot be combined with any other offer. • One-of-a-kind • Arthur Court designer wear Conservatory @ Curiosity (949) 240-9100 • Beth • Lolita wine • Wedding wine glasses glasses The Mole Hole (949) 443-1670 • Linda • Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton Bags and jewelry

Marbella Plaza, 31105 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite C-8, San Juan Capistrano Hours 11-6 Mon- Sat. Evenings by appointment & Sundays closed

July 2019 45



PONIES & PLAY FREE KID'S ADMISSION & Train Ride! With purchase of adult admission

Expires 07/31/19

31791 Los Rios St 路 San Juan Capistrano

Two blocks from the Mission at the Train Station 路 949-831-6550 路 ZOOMARS.COM

WEEKDAYS 10 am to 4 pm 路 WEEKENDS 9 am to 5 pm

46 July 2019


Whole Whole Body Body Cryotherapy Cryotherap Whole Body Cryotherapy Live Music Thursday - Sunday

Brief Exposure to Extreme Cold Helps These Common Conditions Chronic Back and Joint Pain Headaches Muscle Soreness and Injuries Post-surgical Recovery Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Acne

One FREE Cryosauna



30251 Golden 30251 Lantern, GoldenSuite Lantern, B Suite B Laguna Niguel Laguna Niguel

(949)(949) 281-6853 281-6853

(Exp. 07.31.19. CODE: COMMPUB2019)

Catering & Special Events MARKET & DELI NEXT DOOR

VillaRomaRest 25254 La Paz Road Laguna Hills

Restaurant 949.454.8585 Market 949.454.8880


R OFF YOUCHASE. PUR ENTIRE be used Not to e credit. d with tra

Men’s & Women’s New and Gently Used Name Brand & Designer Clothing, Shoes & Accessories Follow Us On FB & Instagram

34276 Doheny Park Road Capistrano Beach


July 2019 47


Wig Wag Dog Grooming in San Juan Capistrano By Ann Laurence

We had a dog growing up named Lucky. A Maltese-Poodle mix, Lucky would crawl into your lap and sit there, contented, for hours. As a teenager, he’d get in your way until you picked him up, more often than not when there were guests over and he wanted a part of the action.


hich meant we needed to keep him clean for our guests’ sake. Not an easy task, even for a little lap dog like Lucky. For any bigger dog, I might not have been able to win that wrestling match. Enter: Wig Wag Dog Grooming. Serving the South Orange County area for the past 7 years, owner Liana Brown and groomer Carol Gutzwiller have made the care and maintenance of your pet their priority. “Our mission is to always provide the best possible care for your pet,” says Liana. “Our number one priority is to ensure a safe environment in which to give the highest quality groom with lots of TLC for your furry family members. All of our services are personalized to meet your individual needs.” It’s obvious that both Liana and Carol love what they do as evidenced by testimonials from happy clients like Sasia M. who says “Best groomers, hands down! Liana is amazing and cares so much about all of the dogs and owners who come in. We have a lab and we like to get her shaved when it gets hot. With other groomers, her cut looks uneven in places

and not completely smooth. Liana is very meticulous and you can tell she takes her time. The end result is fantastic.” Another happy customer, Michelle D. says “I took my dog Winston here and he loved it! He recently got an awful haircut form another groomer, so I’m super happy he’s back to his adorable self thanks to Liana! You can tell she loves what she does and Winston will definitely be back!”

conditioner and undercoat brushing. “We love animals,” says Carol, “and our goal is to improve their quality of life. We groom your pet from start to finish, in and out in about two hours.” That’s faster than I could shake a stick at Lucky, to be sure.

The packages and services offered here reflect Liana and Carol’s philosophy that grooming plays a vital role in the health and well being of our furry friends. The Bath and Tidy Package includes ear cleaning, blow dry, brush out, and trimming of the paw pads, feet, sanitary area, and in front of the eyes. Bath and groom touches up the haircut, and if your pup really needs pampering, there’s even a de-shed 48 July 2019

Wig Wag Dog Grooming is located at 32432 Alipaz St. in San Juan Capistrano. To connect with Liana and Carol directly, call (949) 291-8799 or visit

Pets of the Month One year old Eugene is quite the character. Full of energy and a goofy personality, Eugene is loads of fun to play with. He is very loving and would be a good match for someone with an active lifestyle who can keep up with all of his silliness.



Tyrone is a happy, seven month old puppy who loves to run and play. He has a sweet disposition and can appreciate a good belly rub. Full of energy and good with other dogs, Tyrone would do best in an active home where he can continue his puppy training. This handsome boy is Oswald, a one year old pup looking to meet his new best friend. Though he can be a tad shy initially, he quickly warms up and shows his true playful self. Only about forty pounds, Oswald is a great medium size and would do well in a home with another dog for a companion.

Three month old Vlad is quite the little charmer. With his big bright eyes and playful personality, he wins over everyone he meets. Vlad is just one of the adoptable kittens waiting for their forever homes at the shelter. Come and meet your new best friend today.

If you would like to know more about the animals listed here, please call the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter at (949)492-1617 or visit with them at 221 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente.

Voted best of San Juan 4 years in a row

Veterinary Care 24-Hour Pet Hotel Professional Dog & Cat Grooming Daycare for Dogs



27341 Ortega Hwy. • San Juan Capistrano

FREE PET EXAM for first-time clients one offer per household please

July 2019 49

Protessional Grooming Breeds Protessional Grooming - All- All Breeds Top ot the Line Products the Line Products Top ot Exceptional Haircuts to Breed Standards Exceptional Haircuts to Breed Standards and/or Owner Specitications and/or Owner Specitications


TOOTHBRUSHING 0 �!�) 949.291.8799 /1"/1" 0�!�)


949.291.8799 J2+J2 Ali az St., Suite A• San Juan Ca

W I T H F I R S T Service V I S I T J1 -� .. � - Ld •••••••••••••••••••• � - .. 1


._ . . - ._. .


-� .. Ld .-::�f;. � - ..---�-



•••••••••••••••••••• J


J2+J2 Ali az St., Suite A• San Juan Ca istrano

50 July 2019


•.!'• '




Insurance 101 Services

Do Your Feet a Favor... Call Today and Shedule

Medicare options are complicated. Understanding them shouldn’t be.


FREE Consultation

Now Offering r Military & Senio Discounts

Stephanie Frisch


Complimentary and Personalized Consultations


I can’t help you if you don’t call - my services are free!


CUSTOM ARCH SUPPORTS +EXPERT FOOTWEAR RELIEF FROM: Plantar Fasciitis • Heel Spurs • Hip and Leg Pain Neuromas • Bunions • Hammer Toes • Back & Knee Pain • Flat Feet ARCH SUPPORTS

$50 OFF Not to be combined with any other offer. Expires 07/31/19. CA License #OF18674


Planning the Path to Medicare:

don’t know what can be done to make the transition to Medicare an easier process for people. That is why working with a Medicare broker that is experienced is SO IMPORTANT. Remember, working with a Medicare broker cost you nothing, they’re compensated by the insurance companies. First, remember that you must have your government provided Medicare active before you can elect other options by private insurance carriers. When you activate Medicare, this is NOT the time that you need to be prepared to select these options. You are just getting the ball rolling so that you can get your Medicare ID number. Without that number, you can’t apply for a Medicare supplement, Medicare RX or Medicare Advantage plan. There’re some questions you should be ready to answer in your initial appointment. They revolve around your current insurance, recent household income and current medications and doctors. Your initial consultation will generally last an hour. You should leave feeling like the questions that were in the back of your head were answered. Yes, you may have some “homework” to do, but that will just make sure you get put in the right place for your needs and you and your Medicare broker will together begin to “Plan your Path to Medicare.”

Mon - Sat. 10 am - 6 pm Sun 10 am - 6 pm 34085 Pacific Coast Hwy Dana Point 949.487.6797

Tested and approved by American Research Council MD FORMULA

Have You Taken Your B12 Today? A new alternative to B12 shots and pills to boost your energy and nervous system! VEGAN-FRIENDLY • CAFFEINE-FREE • ORGANIC

� Improves Energy � Improves Nervous System in Diabetics � Great for Diabetics & Seniors! One Month Supply

60 Patches

for ONLY $25.99 (562) 275-3929


Call or Order Online today! July 2019 51


Pool Service & Supplies Serving All of South OC Monthly Pool & Spa Maintenance Green Pool Clean Up Equipment Repair and Installation New Automation and Upgrades

Buy 5 Months of Service, Get One Month FREE! RETAIL LOCATION: 23052 Alicia Parkway, Suite G (in the Albertson’s center at the corner of Alicia and Olympiad)

Mission Viejo Licensed by the Contractors State Licensed Board and Certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

52 July 2019

(949) 498-7665

Owners Steve and Elise Donohoe


949.496.1926 WE BEAT LOWE’S • COSTCO • HOME DEPOT 638 Camino de Los Mares


Buy Direct • Public • Contractors • Designers • Installers


75 OFF %



• • • •




FREE ESTIMATES Next Day Installation Available

• Lifetime Stain Warranty • Lifetime Pet Stain • 25-year Fade Resistance • 25-year Texture Retention

Family Owned for 35 Years in San Clemente... Ask Your Neighbor


Kevin, Richard & R.J. Osborne

• Shutters & Blinds • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling • Granite Countertops • Area Rugs • Crown Molding & Baseboards • Expert Wood Refinishing & Repair

r o f s tion




0555a . 0 4 2 z De An 949. e ourM! e s e Com HOWROO NEW S

rano apist an C u J  San

y cienc y Effi g r e n nd E nce a ie n : e H v e OUC , Con r-Fre NE T iance lutte O b C H m & s WIT for A lean ay ient ertip r aw ple, C rgy Effic hting Fing r im u S me o o e • Lig o Y n h t m E a o e & il o sic d wh mart ery R • Mu le f min in Ev at’s S o h o t e e l c hedu • Vid te Contro y for pea ur sc ll! o y ma at a curit nd to • Cli nt Se espo anything r e e ig s ll e u g • Int chin ur ho e yo hout tou v a h … or eeds wit n rt and Sma e

Anza ia De V 1 8 263

! FREE S Y A life! ALW r E u R o A fy y IONS mpli T i s A T n t a SUL men we c n i w a CON t o r g te see h d En rt Lightin e fi i Let’s l Sma venience Simp Con ecurity & t r S o f Com Safety &

Via trano 26381 an Capis u San J

th l4 ntro ates A Co coordin our life y e Hom ology in brilliant , n tech omplete c o t s n e i rienc expe

949.240.0555 July 2019 53


Designers Magic Carpet and Flooring


100 OFF Any Water Heater



Installation (40 and 50 gallons only)

With this ad. Cannot be combined with any other offer. This ad is the property of The Local Dish® Magazine. Reproduction, copying and/or distribution in any way is strictly prohibited prior written consent. Limitedwithout time offer.


25 OFF

Questions? M








Call Kim Cuffe-Lalla at 949.637.7432 or email


Ad Representative: MATTHEW VICELJA


Any Plumbing Service

Email Approvals/Changes to:

Ad Size:

Slab Leak Detection Gas Leak Detection & Repair Business HydroName: Jetting Sewer Lining Tankless Water Heaters Issue:

944 Calle Amanecer Ste. B, San Clemente, 92673



Full Page

Full Bleed

(Labor only)

No Bleed

Half Page With this ad. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Limited time offer. Quarter Page Four Color, Gloss Paper

A Beautiful Garage Floor Like This...

It’s Not Epoxy — It’s Better. It’s SpartaFlex offers so many advantages over epoxy — why would you consider anything else?

Hate your old, tired, peeling or yellowed Epoxy floor? We can remove it and install a new SpartaFlex floor that you will love!

EPOXY SPARTAFLEX • ONE DAY Install • No Hot Tire or Permanent Tire Stain Issues • No VOC’s or Strong Odor

Call today for a FREE estimate and receive

• Most Durable Finish 2–6 Times More Scratch and Stain Resistant Than Epoxy! • UV Stable – No Yellowing

$100 OFF

• Most Chemical Resistant • Best Slip Resistance – Wet or Dry

Industrial & Restaurant Floor Applications Too! Dozens of colors in stock, hundreds of others available!


Thousands of satisfied customers. See for yourself why Perkins installs more floors in Southern California than anyone else!

54 July 2019

• Strongest Residential Warranty in the Industry Lic# 459148

A Division of the Wm. M. PERKINS Company

Covering Southern California Since 1969

Please approve ad or provide changes/corrections within 48 hours of receipt. If no response is received within 48 hours, this ad will be deemed approved as is.

HOME IMPROVEMENT Residential Interior Design Kitchen and Bath Design Furniture Flooring Accessorizing Window Treatments

Residential & Commercial


(858) 220-5264

Specializing in Interior Design in Southern California July 2019 55

PERSONAL INJURY & ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS EXPERIENCE. COMPASSION. RESULTS. NO TWO SITUATIONS ARE EXACTLY ALIKE This is why our experienced and highly skilled attorneys take whatever time is necessary to completely understand your unique issues. It is our Experience, Compassion and Results that will benefit you the most and this is the cornerstone of our strong reputation.


Auto Accidents | Motorcycle Accidents | Truck Accidents Boating Accidents | Bicycle Accidents | Pedestrian Accidents Dog/Animal Bites | Premise Liability (Slip/Fall)

Free Consultation • No Recovery, No Fee! S E H A B LA E S PA N O L

(949) 752-7474 |

Orange County Real Estate Registry Best Gift Alternative for the New Bride and Groom!

Suzanne Boyer Leslie

Managing Partner

This Free Wedding Registry Helps Young Couples in Crowd Fund Their Dreams Into a Reality! Online down payment registry services allows you to “register” for a new home and invite guests to donate to the cause in lieu of other, more traditional gifts.  Easy setup includes free wedding website & easy  to use donation platform

  Seamlessly connects with Paypal so family and friends donate via a trusted platform  friends to you helphelp you ease earn  An easy way for family & and friends a down payment for a home

Call / Text: 949-338-7408 56 July 2019



(949) 494-5107

Carpet | Hardwood Waterproof Flooring Laminate | Tile Counter Tops | Vinyl Kitchen & Bath Kitchen Cabinets

Up to

65% OFF


free installation & free carpet removal Special prices for Realtors, Designers & Contractors

Carpet & More

23635 El Toro Rd. #H2, Lake Forest 10 min away from Laguna Woods Located in Smart ‘n Final Shopping Center

Call for shop at home 949.707.7999 We bring our show room to you | Call for Free In Home Estimate July 2019 57

Morena Tile & Stone

5000+ sq. ft. of Showroom Featuring 50+ Vendors and Remnant Yard

I don’t buy tile often, but when I do...





32951 Calle Perfecto • San Juan Capistrano • • @morenatileandstone Lic #1015123 • Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm, Sat: 10am – 3pm, Sun: Closed

Plumbing Professionals You Can Trust Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Drain Cleaning Pinhole Leaks Water Heaters Water Treatment Systems

Art Gallery &Framing • Creative Consultation • Custom Picture Framing • Custom Framed Mirrors • Over 3000 Frames Available • Art and Frame Restoration • All Work Done on Premises

27601 Forbes Rd., Suite 32 Laguna Niguel, 92677

949.831.3909 Monday-Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-5 Sunday closed


20 OFF %

Custom Framing & Custom Mirrors Not valid with any other offers or discounts. Expires 7-31-19.



Interior Design-Consign Come See Our New Location 27601 Forbes Rd., #31 • Laguna Niguel Turn at Crown Valley Car Wash


License #1039417

34172 Doheny Park Road Capistrano Beach

(949) 496-9731

Monday-Friday 10:30am-4:30pm • Saturday 10:30am-3:00pm

20 off %

Entire Purchase

With this coupon. Not valid with any other discounts or offers. Expires 7-31-19.


Where’s the Party? By Jody Robinson

There are extroverts and introverts. There are loud personalities and reserved ones. Those who love dinner in with a few friends, or a real lollapalooza with everyone they know. The common ground between both types?


oth like a good party, no matter the size or shape. “At the center of all good gatherings is the sense of celebration,” notes Candy Hirte, owner of Costa Mesa’s Where’s The Party? store. Candy knows her way around a celebration. In business since 1990, she and a cadre of incredible ladies have been making every occasion special for their customers with everything from invites to home decor. “Customer service comes first, but that’s pretty simple when we all love the

60 July 2019

idea of celebrating every holiday.” Nowadays the competition is building online, but even with expedited shipping, nothing really helps set the tone of a party like talking through a theme or decor details with an expert. “Each one of the wonderful women (there are 17 of them!) who work here can walk you through the process and share our etiquette gleaned from 29 years in business.” Paper goods, balloons, and home decor weren’t Candy’s original business plan. “I kind of stumbled into

the party,” she notes with a chuckle. “I met a darling girl at a class I was taking and she said she was interested in opening up a party store in Orange County! I jumped in with both feet, not knowing a darn thing about this business. Well, except that I do lo-ve parties.” Quickly growing to love chatting with each and every customer who walked in the doors, Candy soon realized that on a very personal level, the business was about the personal friendships she was developing, and the small and large moments that made up each

individual’s lives. “Maybe getting involved in the industry was a fluke, but knowing how much I love people, it just made sense to celebrate every occasion with them!”

store in South County quite like hers - Where’s the Party? would be worth the drive if it were twice the distance. I could honestly spend hours wandering around the store looking at all the amazing hostess gifts, home decor and unique presents for weddings, baby showers, holidays and all of life’s other occasions. I’m already envisioning retro party ideas (think 80s, western, disco, Roaring 20s or other era-themed events where only a paper invitation will do).

Candy and her husband love their community, and often take the time to go out with their friends and family. “Obviously we love movies or relaxing with a good book, but giving back to those who surround us is so important to us. Through the store, through loving what I do every day, contributing to our local schools and philanthropies in the area. They’re our big supporters, and I must say, I

For a more curated experience, all you have to do is see what’s coming up on the events list. From taking a modern calligraphy workshop to spotting the team at a wedding show, there’s something for everyone, even those of us with little or no decision making skill to speak of. You’ll feel directed and taken care of: ready to take on your next party, be it baby’s first birthday or your boss’ retirement bash. Even personalization on your favorite Crane or Rifle Paper Co. stationery. Mention this article for

$25 OFF

your purchase of $50 or more (regular priced merchandise)…

come to work every day loving who I work with and excited to help a customer with their party.” Bridal, baby, and kids. Greeting cards, business, or personal stationery. Wedding invitations and essentials: no category is off limits or out of reach. Some might question why I would make the drive to Costa Mesa from my home in San Juan Capistrano to peruse Candy’s wares. My answer is quite simply that I’m not aware of a

If it’s time to celebrate someone, or maybe it’s just been too long since you threw a good dinner party, Where’s the Party can help you find that common ground and let your passion take over. Introvert or extrovert. “Where’s the party? You tell us!”

Candy and Kurt Hirte

Where’s the Party? is located at 270 E. 17th Street in Costa Mesa. Candy and her team can be reached directly by calling (949) 722-1803 or visit July 2019 61

Your Full Service Window & Door Company!


Off Any Window


Off Any Patio Door


Off Any Entry Door

23288 Del Lago Drive • Laguna Hills, CA 92653


Cannot be used with any other offers. Applies to new contracts only. Expiration date 07.31.2019

Contractors License #678380 B & C17

The Most Trusted Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Company in Orange County since 1988 OUR LEAD TECHNICIANS AVERAGE 10+ YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH CERTIFIED MASTER CLEANERS ON STAFF. • Oriental/Designer Rug Cleaning • Carpet Cleaning • Green Carpet Cleaning • Odor Control • Hardwood Floor Cleaning • Upholstery Cleaning • Emergency Water Removal

Check out our reviews on and NEW CLIENT OFFER

(949) 496-6079


OFF ANY SERVICE (on first cleaning)

Mention Code: COMMPUB2018

Beacon Carpet Cleaning of Orange County • 27324 Camino Capistrano, Suite 173, Laguna Niguel 62 July 2019



For a FREE Quote & Consultation

CA Lic. No 1011311

ha b it a t re b uild e r.c om

(714) 253-4790





Postal Customer

C/O Community Publications P.O. Box 73188 San Clemente, CA 92673


(949) 945-0390 . (714) 941-0937 TODAY FOR SAME DAY SERVICE!


“Service you ” can







New Programs to make it easier to Purchase or RefinanceWHISPER a Home QUIET MODELS 1% Down Payment up to $457,677 Purchase Price 5% Down Payment up to $1,500,000 Purchase Price


10% Down Payment up to $2,500,000 Purchase Price 15% Down Payment up to $2,750,000 Purchase Price


Qualify with Bank Statements/Asset Depletion/Non-Traditional LICENSE # 1020298 Income Sources Common Sense Underwriting

Al W. Hensling, President BRE: 01154798 NMLS: 1942


Please call to discuss your specific needs and situation. DOOR OFF TRACK NEW OPENERS 1 (800) 708-5626 | 1(949) 250-1300 | 3198-F Airport Loop Drive Costa Mesa, California 92626

Discounts Available for: AARP, Senior, Fire, Teacher, Military, Police