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Bob and Ruth Ann Moyers’ enduring hope for Colombia—where they served more than four decades as missionaries with South America Mission (SAM)—is the same Christgiven hope that compelled them to Colombia in 1965. It is a hope for redemption in Christ, made manifest through the Church—the beautiful bride of Christ—transforming communities by radiating God’s love, grace and compassion through life-on-life engagement with the world. Santa Marta, Colombia, gives witness to the transformative impact of the body of Christ in a congregation of believers known as Iglésia La Esperanza. The Moyers, part of a dedicated SAM missionary team, were instrumental in founding La Esperanza in the 1980s. The name of the church translates into English as “hope”, i.e., Hope Church—a name invoking the one true hope that continues to compel God’s work onward in Colombia. In honor of the Moyers’ legacy and the partners who have walked alongside them, South America Mission has established The Moyer Enduring Hope Colombia Fund to sustain God’s work in Colombia for years to come.

ENDURING HOPE Today, La Esperanza is growing and impacting Colombia for Christ. New church plants in cities and towns surrounding Santa Marta, outreach to the local University community, a ministry to the Wayuu people of the Guajira Desert to the north, and a model school ranked second in the state with a vision to impact students and families for Christ, these are all born out of La Esperanza. The gospel is not only about what Jesus can do for his people, but through his people as well. God is transforming lives in Santa Marta and he is using La Esperanza as an important catalyst. Champions for Colombia, the Moyers see their hope enduring. As the Moyers transition into a new season in their lives, real redemption and transformation flourish through La Esperanza. The world is growing and needs are multiplying, yet hope endures. La Esperanza church and school are expanding their footprints and the influence of their ministry to respond in obedience. South America Mission is participating with La Esperanza in this new growth. The Moyer Enduring Hope Colombia Fund will amplify La Esperanza’s influence with $250,000 in Kingdom resources. The church being the church, God’s redemptive power in this world—that is the influence La Esperanza wields and the testimony Bob and Ruth Ann Moyer have given us.

La Esperanza expansion area

Colegio La Esperanza

IglĂŠsia La Esperanza

Santa Marta, Colombia


he Moyers began their ministry in this region in 1965, living in the Sierra Nevada mountains, focused on taking the Gospel to the Kogi people. As armed civil conflict in Colombia spread, the Moyers moved down into Santa Marta, a coastal city dating to 1525 that today boasts a population of more than 400,000 and the nickname “The Pearl of the Americas.” The groundwork for Hope Church took shape throughout the ‘80s as the Moyers and other SAM missionaries engaged the people of the city for Christ. Today, a worshipping community of 200 sustains the ministry of La Esperanza. The school, a ministry of the church, has 550 students, and keeps growing… A growing ministry means more impact and the need to effectively expand.


Moyer ENDURING HOPE COLOMBIA fund target: $250,000

The fruit of the Moyers’ legacy of sacrificial, life-on-life ministry is most evident in La Esperanza. The vine is still producing. There is much fruit yet to come. La Esperanza has plans to make room for the harvest. The church itself needs to expand its physical footprint to make way for a growing, worshipping community. As the church adds to its physical plant, the school will be able to construct a wing of classrooms above the church and tie them into the existing school building. In addition, the government is requiring the pre-school be separated from K-12. The school needs to purchase adjacent lots to expand for the new pre-school facility. Funding and fulfilling these capital improvements is key to the work that God is accomplishing through La Esperanza. Equally important is providing resources to sustain transformational ministry initiatives through La Esperanza. The investment plan for Enduring Hope directs resources to both these needs—near-term capital projects and long-term strategic ministries.

ENDURING HOPE PROSPECTUS Capital Projects: Half of Fund monies ($125,000 target) will be used in conjunction with resources raised in Colombia to improve facilities. All funds will be invested within three years. • Capital purchase of land for La Esperanza School to build a new pre-school facility. • Church building and classroom expansion projects to accommodate growth.

Transformational Ministry Initiatives: Half of Fund monies ($125,000 plus ROI) will be directed to supporting ministries led by the Colombian church. Resources will be allocated at a target rate of 10% per year (minimum $5,000 annually) over at least 15 years, extending the impact well into the future. • Scholarships for La Esperanza school to produce future leaders grounded in Christ. • Support for the Wayuu in the Guajira Desert to sustain Christcentered leadership training and Oasis Radio’s critical daily broadcast. • Multiple church-planting initiatives being the presence of Jesus in neighborhoods.

The chart above is for illustrative purposes and shows planned uses. Ultimately, allocations will be made based on need, opportunity and strategic impact.

MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN The Moyers and South America Mission chose the name Enduring Hope to celebrate what God has done through La Esperanza (The Hope). It looks back at ministry past and ahead with hope and conviction about God’s great purposes. The Moyer Enduring Hope Colombia Fund is about sustaining ministry through La Esperanza into the future. When the Moyers landed in Colombia so many years ago, they could not have conceived of all that God has accomplished! And they will be the first to say that they have not been alone. The Holy Spirit has worked through the collective influence of the people of God, the cloud of witnesses that has risen up around Bob’s and Ruth Ann’s work over the years. In honoring the Moyers, we are celebrating God’s mighty deeds and his power made manifest in us together. Ultimately, this is about the Church being the Church, both in its impact and in the way resources come together to make it all happen. We invite you to donate to Enduring Hope, to pray for God to be glorified through this effort, and to give thanks for how the Lord has used Bob and Ruth Ann Moyer in Colombia and in our own lives. Be a part of Enduring Hope, contact 803-802-8580 or Help us reach the $250,000 goal: Make a tax-deductible donation to South America Mission, indicate that the donation is for “Enduring Hope”, and mail it to the address on the back cover.

“God is transforming lives in Santa Marta and he is using La Esperanza as an important catalyst. Champions for Colombia, the Moyers see their hope enduring.�

The church being the church, God’s redemptive and transformative power in this world—that is the influence La Esperanza wields, and the testimony Bob and Ruth Ann Moyer have given us.



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