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& C onnecting Those Impacted by Canc er ®
SOUL RYEDERS provides personalized resources, innovative programs and community support to anyone in the New York Tri-State area impacted by any type of cancer. SOUL RYEDERS is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, primarily serving the New York Tri-State area (TAX ID 47-3803900). All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. SOUL RYEDERS MISSION TABLE OF CONTENTS 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 12 14 15 18 19 Letter to Our SOUL RYEDERS Community SOUL RYEDERS Snapshot Caregiver Profile: Jennifer Leventhal Client Profile: Denise Rodman Client Profile: Shannon DiNota Volunteer Profile: Adrian Deen Donor Profile Highlights of Our Connections Celebrating SOUL RYEDERS Financials & Volunteer Participation Donors Volunteers Leadership 2


Dear Friends,

As we continued to navigate through the challenging circumstances of the global pandemic, our mission of staying connected to those we serve was even more vital than ever. During our fiscal year 2021-2022, our creative and agile team did not waiver and remained keenly focused on being there for our SOUL RYEDERS communities: clients, caregivers, volunteers and donors. Alongside managing through another year of unpredictability, we were thrilled to be able to toast some milestones: celebrating 15 years of this extraordinary organization and finally honoring our founder Sandy Samberg who transitioned from her role as Executive Director last year. We have included some highlights of both!

Balancing our clients’ needs and working toward in-person interactions invited many thought-provoking conversations for our team. We found that our clients, in active treatment or unable to leave their homes due to physical, immune compromised or geographical constraints, were relieved to find support from our newly formed, robust virtual programming. We continue to evaluate and build on all we have learned for current and future opportunities.

As we reflect on the 2021/2022 fiscal year, we are proud to share in this report how our impact, made possible with your help, impacted those we serve and here are a few highlights:

• Clients finding strength: Your support has enabled us to form new targeted supported groups that connect clients with similar cancer journeys. You will read about two of our young survivor clients who found strength and comfort from being part of our unique programming and sought new personal paths after their cancer treatments.

• Caregiver resources: Providing resources and strategies to be an effective and impactful caregiver while paying attention to your own health and wellbeing can be a challenging prospect. We highlight a caregiver who found our oneon-one support an anchor during the emotional demands of caring for a terminally ill adult child.

• Altruistic support: The unique endeavors of volunteers and donors in our community are heartwarming. Our care packages have become a meaningful way to let our clients know we are thinking of them and often give them a moment of joy when they are delivered to their doorstep. We were grateful to receive some very special donations as well as grants to help augment these packages.

As we create our strategic plan for the next five years, the Leadership Team and Board of Directors are working collaboratively and emboldened by the fundamental support of our community. We are committed to building on our successful foundation and will remain keenly focused on deepening our connections with all those we serve. We look forward to sharing more of our plans with you in the coming months and are excited to let you know that we recently made steps toward some in-person volunteer opportunities in the fall of 2022 and will be announcing an incredible new event coming in the Spring of 2023!

Our hearts remain filled with deep appreciation for your commitment to supporting our mission and investing in the future of SOUL RYEDERS. Together we are making a difference in the lives of those impacted by cancer.

With gratitude, Billy Miller Heidi
Kitlas President, Board of Directors Executive Director



Whether you are newly diagnosed, experiencing a recurrence or are in remission, we are here to support you. Every one of our clients is a person first and one size does not fit all. Clients are defined at SOUL RYEDERS as anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer. SOUL RYEDERS will help ensure that you are surrounded by community and supported by those who understand each phase — from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.


As a caregiver, paying attention to your own health and wellbeing is imperative. Caregivers are frequently overlooked and usually stretched to capacity. Being there for your loved one means taking care of yourself too. SOUL RYEDERS provides an empathetic ear during what can be a turbulent time. In the moments when you feel overwhelmed, our team is here for you, providing coping strategies and information on how to be an effective and impactful caregiver.


Our dedicated volunteers are the core of SOUL RYEDERS. All of our volunteer opportunities are client-focused; involving both direct and indirect support. We could not provide our wide range of services without this tireless team that continually goes above and beyond. Volunteers of all ages contribute their time and energy in a myriad of ways, and we strive to collaborate with them to find the most meaningful direction for their volunteer time.


SOUL RYEDERS would not exist without the generosity of people willing to share their resources in order to help our clients and caregivers. Many donors have been touched by cancer, either directly or indirectly. Our unique and personalized services make giving to SOUL RYEDERS a very tangible investment. Donors not only help others but experience personal fulfillment knowing what a difference they are making in our greater community.

The Wig Exchange
Strand Together
Meditation & Conversation Workshops • Caregiver Program
Grant Program • Wigs without Borders SUPPORT GROUPS • Young Survivor • What’s Next? • Chronic Cancer & Metastatic Disease VOLUNTEERS • Care Packages • Handmade Projects • Internships EVENTS • Do What Makes Your SOUL Shine • TieTheTownPink • Community Awareness Events


Meet Jennifer Leventhal

Caregiver to her daughter Danielle

In reflecting on my initial connection with SOUL RYEDERS, I have to say I am pretty sure it was serendipity. When our family moved from Chappaqua to Rye in 2018, my then 24 year old daughter Danielle was in remission from a rare form of cancer. I was looking for ways to become part of the community and heard about SOUL RYEDERS, so I reached out to volunteer. Just a few months later, Danielle’s cancer returned and the prognosis was dire. I realized that she (as a patient) and I (as a caregiver) needed support. Being a primary caregiver for a young adult child was challenging, complicated, and heartbreaking, but it was also an honor and I consider it to be the most important and loving role a person can embrace.

SOUL RYEDERS provided support to me in so many ways — from trained volunteers who listened and provided resources and ideas, to the care packages of homemade soups and craft projects that made the days a little bit easier, to programs with other caregivers to make sure we didn’t feel isolated.

I participated in a cooking class with other caregivers where we connected while learning to prepare delicious and nutritious new recipes. I joined the Grant Committee to take an active

role in helping SOUL RYEDERS support other cancer organiza tions who provide additional resources for the SOUL RYEDERS community. During the pandemic, my daughter and I participat ed in an online, personalized Facing Advanced Care Together (F.A.C.T.) program. Working with Stacy, the SOUL RYEDERS social worker, my daughter and I were able to focus on the most meaningful ways to face end-of-life fears. This had a significant impact on me and enabled me to have confidence that nothing was left unsaid and that my daughter’s wishes were honored.

If I could share any advice with another caregiver, it would be to realize that when you are providing care to a loved one with cancer, it is not the time to try to do everything yourself. Don’t be too proud to ask for help and be specific about what you need. Most people genuinely want to support you but they worry about being intrusive, so they will follow your lead and wait for you to ask. 

A Note About My Daughter Danielle:

Two charitable organizations added joy and meaning to the last years of Danielle’s life. First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults (ages 18 – 39) impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. Danielle felt empowered to push herself beyond her diagnosis by “out living it” through outdoor adventures like ice climbing. SOUL RYEDERS taught her to accept the kindness and resources offered by incredible volunteers who support community members with cancer. In 2019, she introduced these two groups to one another, and they have collaborated since on programs to change the lives of other young adults battling cancer. Dreams played a major role in Danielle’s life and it was her dream to sprinkle joy through art and adventure to young adults dealing with cancer. This special connection is an integral part of Danielle’s Dreams and will continue to resonate with those she touched for many years to come.

“Being a primary caregiver for a young adult child was challenging, complicated, and heartbreaking, but it was also an honor and I consider it to be the most important and loving role a person can embrace.”
Jennifer and family


Meet Denise Rodman

My experience of being a client of SOUL RYEDERS has been wonderful and everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. The programs and services offered at SOUL RYEDERS have been so helpful during my cancer experiences. I learned about SOUL RYEDERS from another cancer survivor who I had been taking a yoga class with. We exchanged cell numbers and began to text each other for support. I had shared with her that I had been having a difficult time finding support from other young cancer survivors since most groups I was attending had much older women. While that was fine, I was still looking to speak with younger women in the same stage of life as myself. She referred me to SOUL RYEDERS and I began to participate in the Young Survivors Support Group and their What’s App private chat used for communicating.

When I joined the SOUL RYEDERS community, I was at the tail end of my treatment. The What’s Next Support Group was exactly what I needed. Meeting with other survivors who were having similar questions and worries was very validating for me and helped me feel less alone in my thoughts. The women in the group, which is led by a SOUL RYEDERS professional social worker and facilitator, gave me the courage to express my fears and to look at my future with hope. They helped me see I was capable of overcoming any challenge put before me.

During the pandemic, I felt very isolated. Being immunocompromised really decreased my inner circle of support but having the SOUL RYEDERS online meetings and chats proved to be an important outlet to connect with others. Living in NYC, online support groups allowed me to join this community without traveling long distances and attend the various workshops offered. The presenters for the workshops are wonderful at sharing vital information on many topics that affect women going through cancer and have personally offered me valuable advice that I have implemented in my own life. One of the most memorable workshops was one focused on practical tips for a good night sleep which is something so many long for!

In the fall of 2021, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the SOUL RYEDERS Good Vibes Only retreat led by First Descents, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide outdoor adventure for those impacted by cancer and a grantee of SOUL RYEDERS. I cannot express enough how life changing this weekend away

with other SOUL RYEDERS members was for me. This retreat gave me the space to reflect, share, listen and grow. Over this weekend, cancer survivors and their caregivers were able to take part in yoga, rock climbing, fireside chats, meditation, walks and a few other activities. From the picturesque views of the grounds we stayed on, to the delicious farm fresh meals we were served, I was nourished physically, mentally and spiritually. Cancer caused me to doubt myself and the cancer treatments and surgeries I endured took a toll on my body. This retreat empowered me and gave me the courage to start on a new career path.

I am now so honored to be able to support other women going through breast, ovarian and gynecological cancer at Support Connection as a Peer Counselor. SOUL RYEDERS gave me the support and assisted me to find the strength within to make that dream a reality. I am eternally grateful to the SOUL RYEDERS community for that.

Making a dream a reality
“They gave me the courage to express my fears and to look at my future with hope.”


Meet Shannon DiNota

Healing with Yoga

Yoga and movement have been a part of my life for many years and both have helped me heal my mind, body and navigate life’s journey. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was attending a yoga class at a local studio and when I was speaking with one of my instructors, she mentioned SOUL RYEDERS as a resource I should definitely look into for support. I am so grateful that she did!

My experience with SOUL RYEDERS has been a very uplifting one. I was looking for a local small support group, and not only did I find that with SOUL RYEDERS but I found so much more. From the very first phone call with my client navigator, I felt like I found the right place where I could get the support I needed. Her kindness and generosity of her time is something I will never forget. The variety of different offerings and many ways to be involved pre, during & post cancer appealed to me. I started with the “spa day” at Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS and continued to join their Yoga 4 Cancer and the Meditation & Conversation classes.

I was diagnosed with endometrial/cervical cancer before the pandemic, so I was able to actually participate in the in-person programs/classes with SOUL RYEDERS. Right when I finished my radiation treatments and was through surgery, the pandemic hit. I was very overwhelmed with life post-cancer, my small business and my family. I felt very fortunate to still have the support I needed as SOUL RYEDERS transitioned to online classes such as Y4C, Meditation & Conversation and the virtual

What’s Next Support group to navigate this complicated time.

There are many other ways to get involved and be part of the SOUL RYEDERS community. I participated in TieTheTownPink and delivered care packages with my older daughter. My younger daughter participated in the Kids Duo virtual online race to raise money for SOUL RYEDERS. This past spring, I was delighted to be able to attend the in-person gala honoring Sandy Samberg and celebrating the organization’s 15 year anniversary. It was wonderful to see how many people SOUL RYEDERS has touched!

My experience with SOUL RYEDERS has impacted me in many positive ways and I enjoy sharing that with people from my oncology team, fellow yogis, and with family/friends far and wide. Some of my friends going through cancer in different cities wish there was something like this program in their area. I feel lucky to have had this in my community.

I was grateful to have the support while I went through cancer, but also very appreciative to have the support post cancer. I was inspired by different ways that helped me heal, one being Yoga 4 Cancer. After the pandemic, I decided to sell my small business, get my yoga certification followed by my Yoga 4 Cancer certification. It has been an honor to now serve as a substitute instructor for the Y4C classes at SOUL RYEDERS! I hope this helps to give back a little bit to an organization that has supported me in many ways.

Shannon and family
“From the very first phone call with my client navigator, I felt like I found the right place where I could get the support I needed.”

Adrian Deen

When my wife April was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016, we were introduced to SOUL RYEDERS through a Yoga 4 Cancer (Y4C) class. April, myself and our 2 year old twins Alton and Elan had moved to Rye only 6 months prior to April’s diagnosis and were just familiarizing ourselves with this new area. In a brief moment, when we received the news about her cancer, our world changed. Y4C was recommended to April and after attending a few sessions, there was an immediate positive impact and she was taken under the wings of the SOUL RYEDERS’ angels. The next day after the Y4C class, Sandy Samberg arrived at our home with a “Big Batch” home cooked meal made by some very talented volunteer chefs. The personal touch and support for all of us was very special. April attended Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS for massages and wig fittings and the support kept coming, not only for April but for our whole family.

After April passed, I knew that I wanted to remain connected to SOUL RYEDERS knowing firsthand the impact the organization has on the lives of families impacted by cancer. They were instrumental in my wife’s well-being during her illness especially in her final days and it was important to me to find ways to contribute to SOUL RYEDERS’s long term goals and mission.

Volunteering is something I have always found very rewarding so I was thrilled to jump in and get involved. I have been a part of fundraising efforts such as the annual Ray’s Polar Plunge and created and ran in my own half marathons, with each event raising money for SOUL RYEDERS. I am now proud to share that I’ve been working together with the Leadership Team and a few friends on creating a race event with SOUL RYEDERS to connect people in the local community and beyond in a meaningful way to be active and support an important mission!

The TieTheTownPink campaign takes place in early October and volunteers sign up to deliver pink ribbons to those that have purchased them. This is one of my favorite family volunteer opportunities and it is a great way to get both my children involved as well! Families came out to greet us as we adorned their homes with the ribbons and let us know how thrilled they were to display their support for SOUL RYEDERS.

I also enjoy being able to provide some strategic input on the business side of the organization by being part of the Grant Committee as the liaison to Gilda’s Club and I joined the Giving Circle; a critical group of donors united to ensure the financial support and longevity that SOUL RYEDERS needs.

When I think about the volunteer opportunity that resonates with me most, top of mind would be serving as a member of the SOUL RYEDERS Board of Directors. It is quite rewarding to be a part of this group of insightful colleagues that play an essential leadership function in shaping this organization’s success and ensuring the team remains focused on its mission and goals.

The impact this organization has on its clients is immeasurable and I have witnessed it firsthand. SOUL RYEDERS was there for my family in our time of need and giving back always feels good. I am thrilled to remain connected to SOUL RYEDERS in a variety of ways that will help support other families whose lives are impacted by cancer.

Adrian and the race co-chairs Adrian, April and their twins
Connected in many ways
“I wanted to remain connected to SOUL RYEDERS knowing firsthand the impact the organization has on the lives of families impacted by cancer.”


With Gratitude

Philanthropy: “giving gifts of time, talent and treasure to help make life better for other people”

This year we were moved by the variety of new philanthropic gestures. We felt compelled to share a few of these meaningful contributions from those in our community who went above and beyond. Although all three organizations connected with us in different manners, they shared one common thread, the enthusiasm and capacity to make an impact for our programs.

The Campione Memorial

The Campione Memorial is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to funding initiatives that help those battling cancer and their families and encourages preventative care and a healthy lifestyle in memory of an inspirational woman, Virginia Campione. Their funds are derived completely from an annual dinner attended by family and old and new friends who are accustomed to “very personalized and specific uses of their contributions.” The Memorial Fundraiser proceeds go toward a scholarship and the scope has also been expanded to include an organization with a breast cancer related initiative.

New Rochelle Fire and Police Departments

In October 2021, the New Rochelle Fire Department and the New Rochelle Police Department held their annual charity softball game fundraiser for breast cancer awareness month. We were so honored to be chosen as the recipient of the proceeds of the event!

The Wooden Spoon restaurant in New Rochelle provided the food and drinks for the event and all proceeds were generously given back to the departments for donation. During the game, they sold t-shirts, had a 50/50 raffle and also had a Facebook fundraiser. The event drew a great crowd for an amazing day of fun watching these two organizations play their hearts out on that softball field. SOUL RYEDERS was presented a check for $5,680 on the steps of the New Rochelle City Hall and we are so grateful for their benevolence.

Both organizations love our mission to support anyone with any type of cancer and expressed interest in continuing their support of SOUL RYEDERS!

The Shama Foundation

The family reached out to SOUL RYEDERS to inquire about our organization, see if we might be a good recipient and learn about how the funds would be used. After speaking with them and sharing the details about our personalized services, they were very impressed and loved the idea that the funds would go directly toward our care packages, our Wig Exchange supply bags and our SOUL Lifting kits, all given to our clients in need.

The pandemic created a huge challenge for hosting their annual dinner party so they switched to a virtual format for their fundraising efforts. In February 2022, they held a virtual event that was filled with exciting activities such as Radio Bingo, a standup comedian act and a Super Bowl pool. Though different from their traditional dinner event, it was a huge success and $3,000 was raised for SOUL RYEDERS! We used it to load up our various client bags with lots of useful and comforting items that help make them feel supported while going through their cancer treatments.

The Shama Foundation’s mission is to provide support to charitable organizations, as well as, individual community members affected by various chronic illnesses, diseases, and disorders. In March 2021, they held their first fundraising event to, in their words, “Help Shred Cancer.” It was a day filled with private skiing and snowboarding at New York’s beautiful Plattekill Mountain. The net proceeds of this event were donated to SOUL RYEDERS in memory of Jennifer Healy, the sister of a Shama Foundation member. Jennifer passed away at the age of 48 after a twenty-month long battle with metastatic breast cancer. SOUL RYEDERS was incredibly honored to be the recipient of $8,000 from the Shred Cancer event and the funds will be used to help continue our mission of supporting anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis.

436 volunteers provided 1775 volunteer engagement hours You helped us stay connected to those we serve in so many impactful ways: 10 Held 8 client workshops with over 80 participants and developed On-Demand classes for easy, virtual anytime access. Provided support to 133 new clients HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR CONNECTIONS
Prepared and delivered 297 care packages 11 Facilitators led 42 Meditation & Conversation sessions with 149 participants 135 attendees at support groups held throughout the year Loaned out 142 wigs and shipped over 70 to Columbia for Wigs without Borders Distributed 105 SOUL Healing Kits


On April 30th, supporters from our community and beyond came to celebrate 15 years of SOUL RYEDERS and honor Sandy Samberg. Sandy’s vision and fortitude for building SOUL RYEDERS into the organization it is today will always be remembered and her dedication continues as she remains an active Board Member, volunteer and donor.

Billy Miller, President of the SOUL RYEDERS Board of Directors honored Sandy’s work by stating, “A hero is someone who not only makes the ordinary seem extraordinary, but knows how and when to make the extraordinary look ordinary. In life, a cancer diagnosis is an extraordinary event to both the patient and their family. Through SOUL RYEDERS, Sandy is able to make that extraordinary moment seem manageable and face it with hope and dignity. And for that, she will always be a hero to countless clients and families touched by SOUL RYEDERS and its programs.”

Here are some highlights of the event:


Giving Circle $238,673 Corporate Gifts $2,631 Community Support $107,864** In-Kind Support $96,200* General Donations $188,604

Total Income: $633,972

Stitch & Sip & Home Volunteers 43 Volunteers 124 Hours • $3,714 Group Volunteer Projects 61 Volunteers 72 Hours • $2,156


The Wig Exchange 15 Volunteers 194 Hours • $5,810

Workshops, Retreats, Social Workers 10 Volunteers 182 Hours • $5,451

Care Package Drivers & Contributors 77 Volunteers 168 Hours • $5,032

Grantmaking $85,000 Programs $307,312

Administration $94,397**

In-Kind Support $96,200* Community Support $2,286**

Total Expenses: $585,195 Totals Volunteers: 436 | Hours: 1775 | Value: $53,161 COMMUNITY SUPPORT TieTheTownPink 185 Volunteers 225 Hours • $6,739 Celebrate SOUL RYEDERS 2 Volunteers 80 Hours • $2,396 ADMINISTRATION

Based on un-audited figures for Fiscal Year April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022. *In-Kind support is not included on the filed 990. **Community Support includes awareness and participatory events including TieTheTownPink and SOUL Fit. A copy of the SOUL RYEDERS 990 is available The New York State value of volunteer time for 2021 is $29.95 an hour. EXPENSES
Grant & Program Advisory Committees 27 Volunteers 85 Hours • $2,546 Board of Directors 12 Volunteers 155 Hours • $4,642
High School & College Interns 4 Volunteers 490 Hours • $14,676



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Special thanks to Carol Wilke, owner of Blooming Orchid Florist, for her generous donation of the ferns for the Celebrate SOUL RYEDERS event. Carol also donated these gorgeous flowers for our client care packages. Thank you to all who arranged and delivered these bouquets to our clients.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission in supporting all those affected by cancer.
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GENERAL DONATIONS of $250 or more

Nicolas Albizzatti · Cathy Anterasian · Jonathan Ashley · Mamta & Yuko Badlani · Shari Lieberman Balaish · Jenna Bayard · Esther Beilenson · Bill & Melissa Belleville Family Fund · Jessica Benjamin · David Berman · Meredith Bilski · Frank Birkel · Joshua Block · Joshua & Allison Block · Susan Blumenfeld · Shelia Gerchak Brady · Laurie Brecher · Charles Brenner · Loraine Brenner · Dan Broden · Doug/Marion Buchanan · Carrie Budke · Marjorie Becker & Peter Burack · Tom & Harriet Burnett Family Foundation · Lloyd E. Campbell Charitable Fund · Billy Campione · Laura Cannon · Grace Chen · Claudia Chimale · James M. Citrin · Gary Claar · Benjamin Claar · Carol Osborne Claps · Michael Colagiovanni · Kevin Connelly · Joie Cooney · Gretchen Crist · Ruth Cunningham · Thomas & Donna Daniels · Brandon Deger · C&E DeRose · Louis-Daniel Desjardins · Thomas & Sally Devino · Henry L. & Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation · Jennifer Donnalley · Scott Durkin · Jennifer and John Eckerson Family Foundation · James Egan · Elizabeth Ensign · Betsey Ensign · Brad Farnsworth · Allison Fehrenbaker · Mark & Betsy Feiner · Gail Fell · Mark Ferner · David & Rochelle Fierston · The Findlay Family Foundation · Beth Finkelstein · Simon Foster · Brigitte Frankel · Jackie Frederick-Berner · Kathleen Friel · Erica Fritsche · Eric Fuller · Kimberly Fullerton · Allyson Galishoff · The Judi and Jonathan Galst Giving Fund · Arlyn Gardner · Arlene Gibbs · Catalina Gironza · Margo & Jeff Gold · Amy Driscoll Gold · Pamela & Eric Goldstein · Robert Goodman · Karen Gordon · Alexis Gorman · Mary Gorman · George & Sandra Gottlieb · Michael Gould · Sara Moss & Michel Gould · Thomas Graziano · Alexa Greene · Maria Hancock · Gabriel & Meredith Hansen · Mrs. Christopher Hardart · Jonathan Harper · Ken Harris · Holly Hartman · Anne Hentschel · Julie Hershberger · Michael Horan · Leslie Hortum · Patrick Hynes · Heidi Israel · Karen Issokson-Silver · Kelsey Johnson · Dan Joseph · Michael Kellard · Shaun Kelley · Leona Kim · JoAnn & Edward Kitlas · Scott Klein · Amy Knox · Joseph Kopsick · Lori & Rob Kost · Connie Kuznekoff · Elizabeth Landis · Kimberly LaPointe · Claudia Lebowitz · Paul Lee · Robyn Leventhal · John Liddy · Neal & Anne Lieberman · The Linton Family Charitable Fund · Bonnie Litvack-Penn · Emma Loebel · Liz Luckett · Marci & Kevin Lyons · David MacEachern · Ben Machtiger · Lisa Maibach · Cheryl Marcus · Susan & Stephen Marynowski · Denise McCauley · Ali McDonough · Brenda McFarland · Kim & Craig McKesson · Sandy McLane · Michael Meagher · Lauren Chiarello Mika · Susan Minster · Mark Mischenko · Marsha Moses · Rosalie Mucci · Janet Muller · Karen Naber · Mike Nakagawa · Thomas Neff · Cheryl Neff · Karen Neuburger · Norman Foundation · Audrey O’Connell · John Officer · Janice & Armand Paganelli · Roger Paganelli · David Paget · Olivia & Timothy Parton · Susan & Joe Petrelli · William Plum · Leslie Pollack Family Foundation & Yvonne Pollack · Carol Pouchie · Mary Quinlan · Rachel Rader · Deirdre Ragusa · Patricia Randall · Marcia Regen · Sarah Reid · Bobbie and Don Ribatt Charitable Fund · Tangela Richter · Madeline Rivlin · Jay Rosenblum · Karen Rubin · Nancy Rushton · Debbie & Jeff Samberg · Jwee San Tan · Heidi Sandreuter · Ismael Sassi · Stefanie & Joseph Saviano · Thomas Scanlan · Julianne Schmidt · Caroline Scully · Thomas Seclow · Greg Sedlock · Hildy & Marc Sheinbaum · Leslie Silver · Marcela Simon · Deborah Simon · Chris Slager · Sandra Smith · Alexis Stiles · Stephanie & Tom Suskin · Susan Suslow · Mark & Nancy Taylor · Tatia Torrey · Loriel Townsend · Kendall Truman · Tracy Turner · Gerard Vernali · Joel von Ranson · John Berman & Kerry Voss · Kelly Voss · Karen Wachtmeister · Elise Wagner · Kristin Wait · Terry Ann Weill · Sandy & Ken Weissberg · Greg Welch · Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust · Matthew Werner · Friends at Westchester Country Club · Kimberley Wilson · Avalon Wilton · Connie Young · Elizabeth Zahm

Peer Support Initiative Launch

There is a demand for addressing the high unmet psychosocial needs of those affected by cancer. The Peer Support Initiative will enhance each of our existing programs and grow our circle of support through formal, supervised training of our community of cancer survivors to become peer mentors for our clients. Thank you to all those who contributed to help launch this critical initiative!

Kim & John Abate · Alicia & Hunter Baldwin · Anita & Stuart Beeber · Tiffany & Jeff Begoon · Sharyn & Michael Bertisch · Patricia & John Bottomley · Don Hansen & Joie Cooney · Michele Cote-Korian · Julia & Michael Dailey · Shannon & Tony DiNota · Fiona & Ozgen Dogan · MaryEllen & Mark Doran · Sarah Dwyer-Shick · Ann Eagan · Seth Harris & Mindy Gabler · Allison & Zach Gibbs · Nicole & Adam Gibbs · Andrew & Andrea Giobbe · Deborah & Neal Goldman · Tamara & Daniel Gropper · Pati & Micheal Holmes · Jen & Rob Howard · Andrew Kaminsky · Amanda & Kevin Kavanagh · Emily & Jimmy Keenan · Lauren & Michael Kenny · Julia Killian · Nora & Ned Kirk · Lori & Rob Kost · Cathy Crowl Kraft · Jennifer & Brian Lapin · Alyson & Michael Levine · Alex Weinberger & Lynn Lewis · Shari & Amos Lieberman Balaish · Dierdre Macdonald · Jacqueline & Steven Mazzilli · Andrea & Chip Meakem · Sara & Billy Miller · Melissa & Timothy Muccia · Christy & Tom Murphy · Wendy & Paul Nagle · Amanda & Lew Nash · Deborah Nye · Michael Graham & Carol Pouchie · Nancy & Stephen Pryor · Alison & Fran Rodilosso · Debbie & Jeff Samberg · Sandy & Joe Samberg · Michael Faino & Laura Samberg · Angela & Thomas Schonberg · Audrey & Brian Smith · Claire & Daniel Stein · Caryn & Eric Steinert · Danielle TaggerEpstein · Tracy & Chris Turner · Kim & Jeff Veber · Kristan & Chris Watson · Kerri & Michael Winderman · Milan & Jeff Yokuty


SOUL RYEDERS helps thousands of people each year through its Grant Program. Grants are awarded to cancer-related organizations for specific initiatives that improve the quality of life for families affected by all types of cancer. The grantees and initiatives are chosen by our Grant Committee and Board of Directors to complement our own programs and provide important, often essential, services needed for the individuals we serve.


Alicia Baldwin · Anita Beeber · Stuart Beeber · Joie Cooney · Adrian Deen · Lisa Dominici · Mark Doran · MaryEllen Doran · Jane Fitzpatrick · Stephanie Gardner · Allison Gibbs · Amy Gorman · Maria Guarnieri · Jennifer Leventhal · Connie McBroom · Lis Mitchell · Wendy Nagle · Amanda Nash · Sandy Samberg · Joe Samberg · Angela Schonberg · Ellen Stern · Linda Thomas · Tracy Turner · Kim Veber · Maura Walther


We were fortunate to have great weather and a beautiful outdoor location to celebrate 15 years of SOUL RYEDERS and honor Sandy Samberg. Thank you to all those who contributed to make the evening special and support our general fund.

Kim & John Abate · Janine Avril & Robert Accordino · Susan Adler · Maureen & Phil Angelastro · Debbie Bahl · Alicia & Hunter Baldwin · Loring Bartlett · Anita & Stuart Beeber · Tiffany & Jeff Begoon · Nicole & Ted Berkery · Sharyn & Michael Bertisch · Julie & Justin Bieber · Ingrid Lopp & James Billingsley · Emily & Jon Borell · Patricia & John Bottomley · Jaena Bradley · Elizabeth Bradley · Shelia Brady · Laura & John Breckenridge · Monica Brenner · Elizabeth Calise · Karen & Tim Carlisle · Alicia & Alan Chabot · Jung & Nelson Chai · Sandy & Robert Chittenden · Don Hansen & Joie Cooney · Michele Cote-Korian · Catriona Cronin & Cliona Cronin · Brian McManus & Judy Croughan · Anne Curtin · Julia & Michael Dailey · Joanne & Chris Daly · Audrey & Greg David · Adrian Deen · Liz & Craig Delizia · Andrea Della Mura · Michael Denvir · Laura & Joe DeVita · Shannon & Tony DiNota · Fiona & Ozgen Dogan · Lisa Dominici · MaryEllen & Mark Doran · Athena Dratelis · Jennifer Dreilinger · Sarah DwyerShick · Brenda Earl · Julie Engerran · Dawn Ewing · Caroline & William Featherston · Gail & Greg Fell · Jane & Owen Fitzpatrick · Sandy Fizzinoglia · Jeanne Fogel · Jackie Frederick-Berner · Seth Harris & Mindy Gabler · Betsy & Jim Gallagher · Allison & Zach Gibbs · Nicole & Adam Gibbs · Andrew & Andrea Giobbe · Sara & Taegan Goddard · Deborah & Neal Goldman · Amy & Walter Gorman · Jen Griffiths · Tamara & Daniel Gropper · Marian Hamilton · Nancy Haneman · Alberto Heredia · Andrea & Daniel Hessekiel · Pati & Michael Holmes · Jennifer & Robert Howard · Cynthia Hudson · Mark & Alison Hudspeth · Laura & Jeffrey Iverson · Susan Janart · Amy Jennings · Jamie Jensen · Andrew Kaminsky · Amanda & Kevin Kavanagh · Jennifer Kay · Hilary Keating · Emily & Jimmy Keenan · Elisa Kelly · Lauren & Michael Kenny · Adele Ungar & Brad Kimmelman · Nora & Ned Kirk · Julia Kosinski · Lori & Rob Kost · Laura & Steve Kovacs · Cathy Crowl Kraft · Jennifer & Brian Lapin · Steve roberts & Kimberly D LaPointe · Lois & James Lavelle · Debra Lee · Kieran Leonard · Jennifer & Eric Leventhal · Alyson & Michael Levine · Alex Weinberger & Lynn Lewis · Kate & Eric Liberman / Gershman · John Liddy · Shari & Amos Lieberman Balaish · Peggy Locastro · Alexis London · Laura Longo · Mary Beth Lubeck · Gene & Leslie Lynch · Dierdre Macdonald · Lina Macri & Rocco · Paulette Mann · Susan & Stephen Marynowski · Ryan Marynowski · Jacqueline & Steven Mazzilli · Connie McBroom · Denise McCauley · Barbara McKay · Andrea & Chip Meakem · Sara & Billy Miller · Rita Miller · Mary Miller · Melissa & Timothy Muccia · Patricia & David Muccia · Janet Muller · Hilary Ward & Joseph Murphy · Christy & Tom Murphy · Carrie & Eric Nagel · Wendy & Paul Nagle · Amanda & Lew Nash · Deborah Nye · Beth O’Callaghan · Alissa & Jason Osier · Steve Otis · Susan Padgett · Lisa Pearson · Jim Gelb & Sharon Pohoryles · Michael Graham & Carol Pouchie · Nancy & Stephen Pryor · Debbie Ragals · Anne & David Randall · Jessica & Josh Raskin · Adam Tuckman & Jessica Reisman · Deborah Reisner · Jill Rhodes · Alison & Fran Rodilosso · Denise Rodman · Augustina Rueda · Stacy Sakellariou · Sandy & Joe Samberg · Max Samberg · Zack Samberg · Becky Samberg · Debbie & Jeff Samberg · Michael Faino & Laura Samberg · Margarita Urbanczyk & Robert Santangelo · Maiju & Rich Savage · Angela & Thomas Schonberg · Garth Shutz & Karen Schulz · Caroline Scully · Doreen Semel · Emily & John Sharko · Ray Shedd · Narda Skov · Audrey & Brian Smith · Gretchen & Scott Snyder · Claire & Daniel Stein · Caryn & Eric Steinert · Ellen & Doug Stern · Jennifer Stevens · Rudi Elert & Leigh Stewart · Jennifer Swanson · Dalibor Eterovic & Cassandra Sweet · Joan Taback Frankle · Danielle Tagger-Epstein · Tricia & John Tartaglia · Linda Thomas · Laura Tiedge · Mary & Brendan Toulouse · Kimberly Tucci · Tracy & Chris Turner · Laura Tutun · Kim & Jeff Veber · Lisa Wallace · Kristan & Chris Watson · Terry Ann Weil · Michelle & Burt Weiss · Carolyn & Mark Whaling · Kerri & Michael Winderman · Elisabeth & Ed Wolfe · Christi & Nick Wood · Daryl Woolsey · Tracy & Zac Wydra · Milan & Jeffrey Yokuty · Kara & Gilly Zimmer

Do What Makes Your SOUL Shine Participants and Donors

Individuals who set out to complete a personal goal and rallied family and friends to contribute toward their efforts for SOUL RYEDERS.

Renay Becker

Stephen Beramsingh  Carrie Berg

Katelin Berkowitz

Jennifer Bernstein

Wendy Blake

Simone Bonnet

Jon Borell

Brian Boudreau

Julie Boudreau

Ivan Brockman

Jo Bryan

Lori Buszkiewicz

Jennifer Cain · James Caldarella · James Carlson · Laura Centeno · John Cheung · Emily Cofrancesco · Holly Cohen · Wendy & Don Coombs

Joie Cooney  Laura Corrao · Danielle Craig · Mary Alice Dadras · Deborah Dandrea · Dion Deen · Romello Deen · Riyad · Deen · Adrian Deen · Erika Dimson · Marjorie Dingee · Kathy Dinger · Timothy Doherty · Frank Donatelli · Diana Dooley · Sean Doyle · Scott Dubowsky · Debbie Dubowsky · Allison Dubrow · Cristina Duggan · Pam Felenstein · Marilyn & Barry Felenstein · Stephanie Flick · Kim Formon · Sheila Fornoles · Lisa Marie Foto · Susan Frazier · Erica Fritsche · Jody geist · Ryan Gellman · Alice Graff · Kelly Grant · Harriet Greenberg · Joy Grese · Mary Guthrie · Ken Harris · Heather Harvey · Courtney Haydon · Stefan Hermann · Briana Hesse · Jeffrey Hirschberg · Deborah Holt · Joan Houston · Corry Hyer · Jeffrey Iverson · Yelena Johnson · Carolina Johnson · Stefanie Kalkut · Susannah Karajannis · Jacklyn Katz · Ray Kelly · Allison Kelly · Joshua Kitlas · Liz Kitlas · Richard Kramer · Michelle & Ken Kramer · Stephen Lampa · Margaux Lange · Andrea LaScala · Jerome Le Jamtel · Bruce Ledoux · Paul Lee · Davinia Liew · Sally Hawkins Loizeaux · Elaine Losquadro · Amy MacLean · Jason Madden · Toby Mankuta · Rebecca Mansell · Marci Marcis · Kristin Martinez · Vanessa Mayo · Jacqueline Mazzilli · Robert McBroom · Connie McBroom · Emily McGlon · Diane McNamara · William Mentzer · Erika Mercurio · Emilia Mihel · Connie Miller · Kathleen Mora-Kaplan · Donna Morton · Janet Muller · Nick & Elena Nadgauda · Angelike Orfanos · Sarah Overbay · Olivia Parton · Elizabeth Patterson · Jayne Peister · Susan Pfeffer · Mark Polemeni · Kenneth Polin · Sara Proulx · Leah Rapoport · Douglas Ring · Stacey Rittenberg · Mindy Rosenfeld · Jennifer Rubin · Suzanne Rittenberg Rubinstein · Sandy Samberg · Fiona Schaupp · Glenn Schwartz · Betty Schwartz · Casey Segal · Rainu Sharma · Todd Sherman · Aubrey & Brian Smith · Karen Sondel · Julie Souza · Alison Spodek · Daniel Stefanis · Lisa Tannenbaum · Linda Thomas · Edward Timlin · Lindsay Timlin · Susan Visconti · Christie Wachtmeister · Caroline Wallach · Genevieve Weber · Janet Weidinger · Richard Weisberg · Michelle Weiss · Libby Wildes · Joanne Wildes · Kelley Worman · Milan Yokuty · Kate Yulis · Kara & Gilly Zimmer · Gena Zimmerman

Sandy Chittenden Adrian Deen Scott Dubowsky Rachel Felenstein Lesley Findlay Ken Harris Heidi Kitlas Christine Lombardo
Connie McBroom
Stacey Rittenberg
Stacy Weissberg Thank you to everyone who supported our community members! Sankar Aiyar
Jason Alfano
Nicole Anzuoni
Sarah Ardire
Maite Arrarte-Kaye  Shari Ascher
Lisa Awrey
Stephen Baird
Amy Bass
Stacy Bayer
Kristina Bell
Brandon Beramsingh

Lisa Ammon · Maureen Angelastro · Beth Antonelli · Lauren Barton · Laurie Batal · Zoe Baumrind · Gabby Bayer · Stacy Bayer · Anita Beeber · Stuart Beeber · Austin Bergamini · Gayl Bergamini · Faith Berland · David Bluvol · Kate Bluvol · Dalton Boisseau · Melissa Boisseau · Rocklan Boisseau · Emily Borell · Liz Bradley · Nanci Briganti · Jayce Brossman · Elizabeth Brown · Wendy Buffone · Diana Byrne · Sapna Canet · Norma Canzio · Dervil Carey · Carmine Casino · Frank Casino · Isabella Casino · Patricia Cavalie · Claudia Chimale · Sandy Chittenden · Mary Ciampi · Suzanne Chamberlain · Michael Civetta · Andrew Civetta · Aileen Cleary · Yojeiris Cordero · Laura Corrao · Brynn Costello · Allison Coviello · Penny Cozza · Cliona Cronin · Alyssa Cullagh · Claire Dailey · Enza Dattero · Adrian Deen · Sue DeStaebler and family · Sasha Dluzhevskiy · Lisa Dominici · Maelin Doran · Mark Doran · MaryEllen Doran · Jennifer Dreilinger · Michele Dubowsky · Rebecca Dubrow · Amiya Ebola · Nicholas Echlov · Avery Eiff · Carolina Espinosa · Jordana Esterow · Gina Evangelista · Dawn Ewing · Annie Farrenkopf · Natascha Feenstra · Ayla Felenstein · Ethan Felenstein · Eva Ferrara · Andrea Ferris · Nathaniel Findlay · Jane Fitzpatrick · Sandy Fizzinoglia · Tracey Forte · Alexis Friedman · Aria Friedman · Maggie Gallagher · Stephanie Gardener · Libby Geist · Sharon Gellman · Shelby Gellman · Allison Gibbs · Nicole Gibbs · Zach Gibbs · Rachel Glick · Deb Goldman · Abigail Goldstein · Stephanie Gomez · Michael Gonzalez-Molina · Amy Gorman · Juliana Greco · Tamara Gropper · Joanna Gross · Beth Grotta · Maria Guarnieri · Kim Haas · Elias Hadjipanayis · Cathy Haines · Jennifer Hammond · Karen Harrison · Heather Harvey · Randi Helb · Lynn Henderson · Pati Holmes · Despina Hyde · Kim Iannucci · Tracy Isaacs · Laura Iverson · Sharon Jaccoma · Susan Janart · Kelly Jancski · Logan Jancski · Ivy Johnson · Sally Joyce · Andrew Kaminsky · Lisa Kantor · Debbie Karapides · Lauren Karp · Danny Keilman · Bridget Kelly · Elisa Kelly · Kris Kelly · Kris Kennedy · AnneMarie Kiernan · Ellie Kirk · Laura Figueroa Koh · Maria Kohilakis · Laura Kovacs · Nicole Kovensky · Angela Kretzschmar · Kimberly LaPointe · Laura Laura · Parme LeBertre · Debra Lee · Avery Lehmann · Casey Lehmann · Lauren Lehmann · Jennifer Leventhal · Peggy Locastro · Sally Loizeaux · Kayla Lombardo · Alexis London · Gabby London · Laura Longo · Kayla Love · Alexandra Lucchese · Leslie Lynch · Cara MacClumpha · Hailey Mallah · Lilay Mann · Colleen Mannion · Claire Manto · Lilah Martelli · Susan Marynowski · Jeralynn Mastroianni · Cate May · Emma May · Jackie Mazzilli · Connie McBroom · Barbara McKay · Adrienne Mecca · Bill Miller · Sara Miller · Lis Mitchell · Karyn Moore · Jannine Moran · Inas Morsi · Tricia Muccia · Kim Mulcahy · Alex Musicus · Julie Musicus · Sabrina Musicus · Arianna Nachman · Carrie Nagel · Wendy Nagle · Lisa Nichols · Debbie Nye · Suzanne O’Brien · Devina O’Reilly · Jane Obadia · Danielle Orris · Cassidy Pagen · Jennifer Peters · Lily Peters · Nancy Pryor · Patrick Puzzuoli · Will Puzzuoli · Debbie Ragals · Joanne Reed · Lauren Reed · Grace Regan · Stacey Rittenberg · Susan Romeo · Wendy Rosen · Jenn Rubin · Matthew Rubin · Augustina Rueda · Katie Sack · Lyne Samad · Sandy Samberg · Veronica Samper · Blanca Sanz · Marni Schwartz · Jennifer Schwartz · Denise Shah · Robin Shainberg · Johanna Shapiro · Emily Sharko · John Sharko · Sasha Sherman · Jillian Shohet · Jordyn Shohet · Andrew Showers · Caitlin Showers · Emma Showers · Judy Siegel · Brian Smith · Binh-Minh Sobol · Emily Solow · Maghan Stark · Amanda Stern · Becca Strauss · Spencer Swiader · Florence Taylor · Olivia Taylor · Andrea Tighe · Melissa Tolchin · Natalie Trolio · Toni Trolio · Caleb Tuckman · Tracy Turner · Jaime Ulrich · Lisa Unger · Margi Urbanczyk · Kim Veber · Katie Vernace · Rebecca Vincent · Alanna Vogt · Maura Walther · Kristan Watson · Janet Weidinger · Terry Ann Weil · Michelle Weiss · Claire Weschler · Carol Wilke · Kerri Winderman · Jennifer Yates · Parker Yates · Milan Yokuty · Cindy Zahl

Our volunteers truly are the brick that built us. Without them, we would not be able to provide our services to those in our community affected by cancer. SOUL RYEDERS is a volunteerdriven organization and we are incredibly thankful for the countless hours and dedication of every individual as well as groups and teams of people who share their time and talent with us. We have volunteers of all ages and many who get involved in a variety of ways to support our organization and all those we serve. Groups are reflected in the InKind section

We are so grateful for all of you!
Leadership Team
Rachel Felenstein
Organizational Support LEADERSHIP ACCOUNTANT Al Coster, Baldessari & Coster CELEBRATE SOUL RYEDERS Wendy Nagle, co-chair Kim Veber, co-chair GRAPHIC DESIGN Pierce Strudler SOCIAL WORKERS Augustina Rueda Tracy Turner MEDITATION & CONVERSATION Jackie Berner Julie Engerran PRINTING Tom Ewing, Ewing Graphics Scott Muller, Printing Solutions LEGAL SERVICES Judy Siegel & ProBono Partnerships WIG ADVISORS Patricia Alarcon Nanci Briganti Mary Ciampi Sandy Chittenden Sondra Fizzinoglia Kim Haas Sally Joyce Jackie Mazzilli Sara Miller Janet Muller Deborah Nye Devina O’Reilly Kim Veber SOUL HEALING MASSAGE Linda Thomas WEBSITE Axioned WIGS WITHOUT BORDERS Sharon Pohoryles Sandy Samberg Y4C INSTRUCTORS Leanne DiResta Debra Lee
Lesley Findlay Heidi Kitlas Susan Marynowski Christine Lombardo Stacy Weissberg
Pati Holmes Mark Doran Zach Gibbs Deborah Goldman Dawn Ewing Adrian Deen Billy Miller Kerri Winderman Kimberly LaPointe Emily Sharko Brian Smith Sandy Samberg
Board of
Directors 914.412.4884 • 1091 Boston Post Road • Rye, NY 10580 •
The SOUL RYEDERS Labyrinth in Rye Town Park, Rye, NY was dedicated to the community in 2017 in honor of our 10 year anniversary. Photos of the donated bricks are also included throughout the annual report.
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