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® Supporting & Connecting Those Impacted by Cancer

SOUL RYEDERS’ MISSION SOUL RYEDERS provides personalized resources, innovative programs and community support to anyone in the New York Tri-State area impacted by any type of cancer. SOUL RYEDERS is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, primarily serving the New York Tri-State area (TAX ID 47-3803900). All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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BOARD PRESIDENT LETTER ANNUAL REPORT 2020 Dear Friends, In our annual report last year, we shared with you how we were creating a more dynamic and strengthened approach to our messaging and interactions with our four key communities: clients, caregivers, volunteers, and donors. Our organization was having tremendous success providing support for our clients and caregivers and collaborating with our volunteers and donors. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing us to temporarily pause all in-person programs and events. The world was impacted by the pandemic, but dealing with cancer exacerbated that impact. Our Board of Directors and Leadership Team were experiencing the parallel anxieties of providing care and support for our clients and caregivers while living through this ourselves. With the demands of these unexpected times, it was crucial for us to find ways to work through the adversity and look at the work we do with a more innovative lens. I could not be more proud to share how we rose to the challenge as a team under the direction of our prior and new Executive Director, Sandy Samberg and Heidi Kitlas! On the following pages, you will read how our approach impacted those we serve and here are a few of the highlights: Clients and Caregivers: Cancer can be such an isolating experience, and it remained crucial for us to create meaningful connections with our clients and caregivers. Within less than 10 days of the lockdown announcement in March 2020, we pivoted from in-person to virtual programming. We found ways to be there for our clients even if we could not be in the same room. In our Client & Caregiver profile, you will read how these changes impacted one couple’s experience with us. Volunteers and Donors: Despite lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and quarantines, volunteers and donors still wanted to get involved sharing their time and talents to support our efforts. Though group events were put on hold initially, we quickly launched an initiative for volunteers to deliver Care Packages filled with a variety of thoughtful items to the doorsteps of our clients in a COVID safe way. Virtual Stitch & Sip events were set up making it easy for anyone to create comfort items at home for clients. We provided ways for all ages to support us through peer-to-peer fundraising events. Our impact pages share the variety of our efforts. Leadership: At the end of our fiscal year, Sandy Samberg — our founder — transitioned out of her role as Executive Director. We are forever grateful for Sandy’s vision and fortitude for developing and building the community of SOUL RYEDERS. Sandy still remains an active board member, donor and volunteer, and her dedication is lasting. It is with great pride that we highlight her incredible achievements in this report. Heidi Kitlas had been working as our Director of Development and is currently serving as our Executive Director. Although there are challenges with change, there is also opportunity. During 2020, our strong leadership and tenacious team demonstrated how agility and creativity could help us reimagine ways for SOUL RYEDERS to stay connected with those we serve. Building on all we have learned since the shutdown, we are embarking on a new strategic planning process that will shape our vision for the next five years, strengthening the depth of support we provide those affected by cancer. We are grateful for your unwavering support which has allowed us to fulfill and advance our mission during such challenging times. With our solid team in place and you standing by us, we are well positioned for continued success making a difference in the lives of those dealing with cancer. With gratitude, Billy Miller President, Board of Directors 3

HONORING SANDY SAMBERG From the first steps of the 2006 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer to her creativity in adapting our programs due to the pandemic, Sandy Samberg has inspired thousands of people from Rye and beyond through her thoughtful and purposeful efforts as she conceived, grew and formed SOUL RYEDERS. In March 2021, Sandy transitioned from her role as Executive Director. We are honored to be able to create a tribute to her years of service in these pages and are truly grateful that she continues her involvement as a member of our Board of Directors and Giving Circle, provides strategic guidance, and supports our clients in a myriad of ways. Here is the personal message Sandy has written to share with you: Dear SOUL RYEDERS Community: While my professional background is as a nurse practitioner, I grew into the role of Executive Director with the support of an abundance of mentors and collaborators along the way. I owe a debt of gratitude to every person who has helped shape SOUL RYEDERS into what it is today and want to wholeheartedly thank our community of volunteers, donors and colleagues who have played a pivotal role in the organization’s success. I have been fueled and inspired by our clients and caregivers and feel fortunate to have cultivated meaningful and enduring relationships with so many of them. My passion is for helping others and easing stress during challenging times. It has been an honor to support those impacted by cancer and I feel privileged that clients and caregivers have welcomed me into their lives during such a vulnerable time. During my next chapter, I am eager to continue to serve others while broadening my impact. In particular, I plan to help those who are struggling amidst our deepening mental health crisis. My goal over the past several years has been to pass the SOUL RYEDERS torch once I was confident about the long-term sustainability of the organization and its ability to fulfill our vision of ensuring that everyone we serve feels supported during their cancer experience. The hard work, commitment and unwavering dedication of so many makes me feel abundantly confident that our Leadership Team, Board and countless volunteers will carry the torch to a whole new level! With sincere gratitude, Sandy

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi 4


Sandy Samberg from Rye, NY participates in the 39-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in memory of one friend and in honor of another. Two friends join her to walk in honor of their loved ones. She shares her idea of starting a team from Rye for the 2007 walk.


Inaugural Sole Ryeders team of 35 women from Rye use the soles of their feet in the fight against breast cancer and raise over $100,000.


Sole Ryeders organizes its first education and awareness event, Wisdom & Wine, featuring a prominent breast radiologist.


Sole Ryeders is established as its own organization, develops a grant program, and begins awarding funds to support specific initiatives at several local cancer-related non-profit organizations.


The organization joins the Westchester Cancer Coalition and starts supporting community members with any type of cancer.


In response to repeated wig requests from those undergoing cancer treatment as well as those seeking to donate their wigs, the idea for The Wig Exchange forms.


The Wig Exchange launches, serving 32 women in the first year and receiving over 1,000 wig donations.


Now accepting hair donations, Strand Together is formed and volunteer Stitch & Sip evenings begin.


Mondays with Sole Ryeders, Wigs Without Borders®, and theTieTheTownPink awareness campaign are launched.


Sole Ryeders officially changes its name to SOUL RYEDERS to reflect its evolution and commitment to touching the souls of those affected by cancer. The Giving Circle, a kids team for the Westchester Triathlon, SOUL Cares, and the SOUL STRONG survivor program are formed.


Big Batch cooking sessions, Yoga 4 Cancer classes and the SOUL Kids & Teens initiative are launched. SOUL Fit grows to encompass the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the kids team for the Westchester Triathlon.


SOUL RYEDERS officially became its own 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and dedicates a meditative labyrinth in Rye Town Park as a thank you to the community for 10 years of support.


Formalized Client Navigator and Volunteer Coordinator roles expand and support the growing client base and volunteer opportunities.


A Young Survivor Group is introduced to meet the unique needs of clients in the 20-40 year old age group and the new role, Director of Client Services, is created to enhance the support team with a licensed oncology social worker.


Thoughtfully prepared Care Packages were introduced as a way to bring SOUL RYEDERS to our clients doorsteps and provide volunteer delivery opportunities in a COVID safe way. All programs and services are adapted to online formats to continue personalized support during the pandemic. 5

SOUL RYEDERS SNAPSHOT PROGRAMS • The Wig Exchange • Strand Together • Yoga4Cancer

OUR COMMUNITIES CLIENTS Whether you are newly diagnosed, experiencing a recurrence or are in remission, we are here to support you. Every one of our clients is a person first and one size does not fit all. Clients are defined at SOUL RYEDERS as anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer. SOUL RYEDERS will help ensure that you are surrounded by community and supported by those who understand each phase — from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

• Meditation & Conversation Workshops • Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS • Caregiver Program • Grant Program • Wigs without Borders

SUPPORT GROUPS • Young Survivor

CAREGIVERS As a caregiver, paying attention to your own health and wellbeing is imperative. Caregivers are frequently overlooked and usually stretched to capacity. Being there for your loved one means taking care of yourself too. SOUL RYEDERS provides an empathetic ear during what can be a turbulent time. In the moments when you feel overwhelmed, our team is here for you, providing coping strategies and information on how to be an effective and impactful caregiver.

• What’s Next? • Chronic Cancer & Metastatic Disease

VOLUNTEERS • Care Packages • Handmade Projects • Big Batch • Internships

EVENTS • Do What Makes Your SOUL Shine • Kids and Walking Teams • TieTheTownPink • Community Awareness Events


VOLUNTEERS Our dedicated volunteers are the core of SOUL RYEDERS. All of our volunteer opportunities are client-focused; involving both direct and indirect support. We could not provide our wide range of services without this tireless team that continually goes above and beyond. Volunteers of all ages contribute their time and energy in a myriad of ways, and we strive to collaborate with them to find the most meaningful direction for their volunteer time.

DONORS SOUL RYEDERS would not exist without the generosity of people willing to share their resources in order to help our clients and caregivers. Many donors have been touched by cancer, either directly or indirectly. Our unique and personalized services make giving to SOUL RYEDERS a very tangible investment. Donors not only help others but experience personal fulfillment knowing what a difference they are making in our greater community.

• Stitch & Sip - This project-driven program involves volunteers of all ages and skill sets who would like to participate and have some fun! I have made lavender sachets, written note cards for care packages and decorated drain pockets, which hopefully made the life of those recovering from mastectomies just a little bit easier.


JUDY SIEGEL Meet Judy - Not only is she a Volunteer extraordinaire but she also keeps SOUL RYEDERS legally in check!

“No matter how bad your day is, doing something with SOUL RYEDERS will lift your spirits, lighten your load and make you feel good.”

I first met SOUL RYEDERS in a professional capacity. They (it’s always a “they” in my mind because there are so many wonderful people who truly are SOUL RYEDERS) applied to become a client of Pro Bono Partnership, the nonprofit I work at which provides free, transactional legal services to nonprofits in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. I was lucky enough to have the SOUL RYEDERS file land on my desk. My first impression was, this group is amazing! I’m going to take them on as a client AND I’m going to figure out how I can volunteer with them. One of the best things about SOUL RYEDERS is all the different and meaningful ways you can become involved. Some of the volunteering roles I enjoy are: • Big Batch - Cooking is one of my favorite things, so volunteering for Big Batch and sharing my cooking skills provides me with such a sense of accomplishment. At one of the sessions, I was lucky enough to see a 5th grader, who was volunteering as part of a school project, form a bond with a grandmother who is a cancer survivor. It was a very special moment. I have also delivered Big Batch meals to the SOUL RYEDERS clients and met some inspiring people who shared their personal stories with me leaving me in awe of their courage and spirit. • TieTheTownPink - Tying pink ribbons, while not my strong suit, is a fun, fulfilling way to stay involved in the community and I have enjoyed adorning the town PINK!

• Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS - My very favorite thing, the volunteer activity that actually catapults me out of bed very, very early in the morning and makes my heart sing, is cooking for Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS (MWSR). I love the idea that by simply making sandwich platters, fruit plates and baskets and baskets of cookies, I can help the SOUL RYEDERS clients undergoing cancer treatment and all the generous volunteers, have a really relaxing, pleasant experience and take home some of the leftovers to share with their families. It feels great to know that the care, support, and love we put into making the food goes home with them and makes their day-to-day life just a little bit easier. I also really like cooking for MWSR because it is a family activity; my husband and kids do it with me. Our boys happily get up at 5:00 a.m. to help my husband and me bake, slice, dice and assemble. Since the pandemic, the Mondays’ program has been put on hold but I am still able to bake goodies for the care packages given to the clients and caregivers. Working with and for SOUL RYEDERS literally fills my heart with joy. I am so inspired by this organization’s unrelenting pursuit of more and better ways to improve the quality of life of those undergoing, and surviving cancer, as well as their caregivers. No matter how much, or how little, time you have, there is a way to volunteer with various projects and share your strengths. It’s a great way to make a difference, get involved in the community and feel part of something unwaveringly positive. The individuals who run SOUL RYEDERS are also among the most dedicated, kind-hearted, concerned people I’ve met. It is an honor to help them. When I am doing something with SOUL RYEDERS it literally gives me faith in the human spirit and the goodness of people. I get to participate in their programs and to find such well-conceived, easy to execute ways to volunteer and make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who are struggling with life-changing situations. I also truly am honored that I get to represent SOUL RYEDERS as its attorney. SOUL RYEDERS epitomizes all that is right with the world – and these days, that is invaluable. I am blessed to know and be a part of this organization. 

Prepping food for Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS 7


Sue and Joe Padgett The reality of living with a cancer diagnosis and being the caregiver who steps forward to help their loved one in need is best illustrated when they tell their stories in their own words. Our clients and caregivers inspire us every day and help us strengthen the ways in which we support them. We asked two very special people to SOUL RYEDERS, Sue and Joe Padgett, to share their thoughts and experiences about how our organization has assisted each of them throughout their journey in the battle of Sue’s multiple cancer diagnoses.

Meet Sue Padgett: Connected to SOUL RYEDERS as a client for 7 years through 3 cancer diagnoses. My cancer journey has been a long, long road beginning with endometrial cancer over 7 years ago. Following my treatment, I was enrolled in LiveStrong at the Rye YMCA and decided to sample a SOUL RYEDERS Yoga 4 Cancer(Y4C) trial class there, and joined soon after. I loved the calming atmosphere, being with other cancer survivors, and the different expert styles of teaching brought to the class by the instructors Stephanie and Janet. I rarely missed a class for 5 years! In the Spring of 2019, I was diagnosed with my second cancer (breast). I received the news from the doctor by phone as I was on my way to the Y4C class. I shared the news before class began. They were extremely supportive and encouraged me to stay for the class. It was comforting to be around others and at the end of the session, the other class members gave me hugs and kind words.


peaceful and welcoming environment. I was unable to drive but SOUL RYEDERS made sure I was able to come back to the next classes by arranging rides, many from other group members. I had the same experience of excellent guidance in the Sue and Sandy classes led by Julie. Both teachers have calming, comforting voices and style, each session bringing in and expanding on timely thoughts and issues. I met Stacy at the Beauty Bar & Salon during Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS right after she had joined their team. I shared my story with her, ate the delicious food made and donated by some of their amazing volunteers and received a manicure and reflexology! Soon after, I joined a Support Group that flourished under Stacy’s guidance where I made many friends. SOUL RYEDERS’ staff and volunteers have been amazing during the pandemic. Care Packages continued to arrive at our doorstep and the staff quickly shifted and embraced online platforms to keep programs and connections intact. The virtual programs give important structure and routine to my pandemic life. I can’t believe how important online meetings have become, even without the pandemic. I was recently in the hospital for 23 days and while I was there I was able to join Meditation & Conversation more than once from my hospital bed. Before my hospital stay, I received a pre-chemo haircut and a surprise delivery of 2 special bags of soothing and useful items to take with me. Stacy organized email memes to be sent to me almost every day from other clients I know while I was in the hospital. She has an uncanny talent for anticipating what I might need or what might be helpful to me. All of the volunteers and staff that I have met are experienced professional experts! All of the programs I have attended and services I have received have been special, supportive and uplifting. I have touched on a few of the programs and services I have been involved with and am grateful to have also participated in:

My treatment included surgery, followed by radiation and upon completion, I went right back to Y4C. These classes were calm and helpful in finding modifications so I could continue as I recovered from a developing backache.

• Chronic/Advanced Cancer Support Group

In November of 2019, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma including a related spinal tumor, which meant no more Y4C. I then spoke with Sandy at SOUL RYEDERS regarding other services that might be helpful. Sandy was compassionate, caring, gentle and attentive to my story as she described the available programs and services. My first visit to their office was to try the Meditation & Conversation Group where I was greeted with a warm welcome before class began. The participants were encouraged to share their stories and then Jackie led the meditation, talking with me at length afterwards. It was such a

• Note Card Workshop

• One-On-One check-in sessions with Stacy • Therapeutic Healing and Yoga Workshop • Facing Advanced Care Together Workshop • Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS SOUL RYEDERS has been a lifeline for me. I look forward to and depend upon the programs that I take part in. Everyone feels like a special friend, even if we’re meeting for the first time. For me, immediate connection comes from an unspoken understanding of common awareness and experience and SOUL RYEDERS provides me with access to this. 

Joe Padgett

“SOUL RYEDERS has been one of the absolute front line workers during this rampant pandemic.”

Caregiver to Sue Padgett My wife Sue has been through so much dealing with the challenges of her diagnoses over the last 7 years. Her strength and perseverance helped me to realize how important it was for me to stay strong to support her as much as possible. I became involved with SOUL RYEDERS when Sue was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in November of 2019 and from that day forward I became her caregiver. Sue was always very independent and hands on with most everything for all of our married life so, when she was diagnosed with cancer our lives changed significantly. Taking on the role of her caregiver felt like such an immense responsibility, supporting her through her treatment and recovery process, as well as dealing with all of this during a global pandemic– it is a 24/7 job! My career took me into the city daily for the past forty years and I found myself having to adjust to a whole new way of thinking and scheduling. I was, fortunately, at the end of my career so retirement made it easier for me to take on the new occupation of full time caregiver. The SOUL RYEDERS team has been very beneficial in supporting our cause. We both find it to be encouraging and rewarding on many levels. What my wife has been going through with her treatments, plus dealing with the

complications brought on by the pandemic, your organization has been a real help to us both. She always has someone to reach out to for a comfortable response to some very uncomfortable questions. In addition, SOUL RYEDERS has been one of the absolute front line workers during this rampant pandemic. Having Sue and I involved with SOUL RYEDERS has Sue at Mondays with given us both a sense of SOUL RYEDERS relief and comfort knowing there is an organization out there who totally understands our situation. My wife looks forward to the care packages delivered by amazing volunteers and is reassured by knowing she has a support team that is there whenever needed. When possible I take advantage of some of the programs/workshops offered. I participated in a zoom Therapeutic / Healing & Yoga workshop in December 2020 which I found to be interesting and quite helpful. One of the lessons I’ve learned about being a caregiver is to have the patience of a saint. You really need to slow down and to understand the immediate situation. You also need to educate yourself on what exactly your purpose and goals are in taking on this responsibility. In the beginning, you may feel totally unprepared but it helps to understand the causes that have created the situation. I quickly learned what an important impact my role as the caregiver is to Sue’s treatment and healing progression. We are both grateful for the support that SOUL RYEDERS has given us. Dealing with Sue’s Myeloma and Covid 19, simultaneously for the past two years, has been the challenge of our lives. Having the support system of SOUL RYEDERS in our life has helped ease the pain. 

care • giv • er

noun | \’ker–,gi–v r\

1: one who gives the tremendous gift of love and aid to another Sue and Joe Padgett

2: symbol of strength and dedication 9


Sue DeStaebler A resourceful member of several SOUL RYEDERS communities Sue and her husband Doug

The SOUL RYEDERS mission states “SOUL RYEDERS provides personalized resources, innovative programs and community support to anyone in the New York Tri-State area impacted by any type of cancer.” To me, it is the people behind this mission statement that make it such a special organization. The feeling you get when you walk through the front door of their office is one that cannot be put into words. Having many friends, acquaintances, and family members who have been affected by cancer and have benefited from SOUL RYEDERS’ numerous programs, I am incredibly inspired to continue to support them in every way I can. I first became involved with SOUL RYEDERS when my husband and I became financial supporters through the Giving Circle. Sandy’s story and the growth of the organization into what it is today is an inspiring one. Since our original involvement, my role has grown from a volunteer at Stitch and Sip, to a Program Advisory Committee Member, to working on the newly formed Caregiver program. Most recently, I have been able to find a way to use my art as a source of comfort and relaxation during a time of isolation for both clients and caregivers. When the pandemic was in full force and we were in lockdown, I wanted to find a way to meaningfully utilize my love of painting with watercolors. I had an idea to include a set of notecards made of my paintings in the care packages SOUL RYEDERS’ provides to clients and caregivers and the entire leadership team were on board. As per their usual incredible efforts, they made it happen!

Workshops have long been a part of the SOUL RYEDERS’ offerings. It was so rewarding to hear the feedback from the care package recipients, it made us all want to do something more. Although not an art therapist or a teacher, I believe that art in many forms can be used in a therapeutic way. With this in mind, we brainstormed and developed a special workshop for clients and caregivers to create homemade notecards. We kept the project simple so that anyone could participate, regardless of artistic ability. Bags with all the materials were provided to the attendees and we had an hour of creating and community together on Zoom. One of the clients actually joined us while she was receiving a chemo treatment and found it to be a nice distraction. I feel honored to be a part of the wonderful group of people that make up the SOUL RYEDERS family. Their actions and the lives they touch through their support is remarkable. I hope to continue with more art related workshops in the future. It gives me great pleasure to give in a variety of ways to this amazing organization. Keep up the good work, team! 

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” ~ Kathy Calvin 10



“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein Numbers are not always enough to show the impact of our work, they are only part of the story. Cancer did not stop during the pandemic and SOUL RYEDERS was not going to let the pandemic stop us! As we reflect on a year of change, accomplishments, challenges and success, we wanted to share with you some highlights of the important ways that your support has aided us in achieving our mission to provide personalized support to those whose lives have been changed by cancer. Our ability to continue to be there for those we serve is a testament to the passion and dedication of all of you this past year embracing our organization with your time, talent and treasures. When we say Our Impact, Our Reach and Our Success, that represents the collective efforts of our entire community.

HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR CONNECTIONS: Volunteer Engagement Our Impact: YOU wanted to stay involved. YOU asked us how you could help. Volunteer opportunities were arranged for anyone looking for ways to get involved and support their community members during such challenging times making the items in their own homes. Our Reach:

1144 454

volunteer engagement hours volunteers (children/student interns, adults)

Our Success: You tied ribbons and delivered care packages. You made hundreds of comfort items for clients including fleece blankets, stress balls, handwritten note cards, tea bag holders, warming pillows, and drain pockets. You joined a virtual card making workshop and online Stitch & Sips. You wrote notecards to Frontline workers. You made a difference!

“It was really fun and my girls loved helping out. Having young daughters in grade school, it is great to show these girls the importance of giving/helping to such an amazing organization that helps our community and beyond.”

“I am impressed that all SOUL RYEDERS does, and have been wanting to volunteer for some of your events such as Big Batch and Stitch & Sip. The note card writing was a perfect way for me to participate.” 11

Client & Caregiver specific offerings Our Impact: Your financial support has enabled us to establish meaningful interactions and find innovative ways to increase our individual and group connections. Our Reach:


Meditation & Conversation sessions


Yoga 4 Cancer sessions


One on One Virtual session with our Licensed Social Worker

Meditation & Conversation Zoom session

Our Success: •

Meditation instructors led virtual classes to improve physical, emotional & spiritual health for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis and a global pandemic.

Support and guidance for clients and caregivers in a group and individual setting.

“You and the groups gave me something the doctors couldn’t; and it was critical to getting through this.”

“I’m sure you’re hearing how beautifully your support groups are thriving through the pandemic.”

Events & Fundraising Our Impact: Though our ability to hold our usual events was limited, children and adults in the community participated in our “challenges” to stay active and have fun while fundraising for a great cause. Ribbons were purchased and tied in several local and neighboring communities for our TieTheTownPink campaign. Our Reach: Raised over $111K with our fundraising events including the Kids Duo, the 30 for 30 Walking Challenge, and the COVID matching campaign. Tied 1200 ribbons, raised $36K and donated 180 ribbons to local businesses impacted by the pandemic. Our Success: In spite of difficult times this past fiscal year, your generosity made it possible for us to deliver value in the lives of those who depend upon our programs and services.

“I am beyond amazed by the outpouring of support for the TTTP campaign-it really put SOUL RYEDERS on the map up here—it’s the perfect covid-style way to harness community spirit and everyone is just aching for some happy goodness!”


Care packages and meal gift cards Our Impact: With your help during our COVID matching campaign, we sent meal gift cards and created care packages that were delivered safely to our clients in need Our Reach: Provided close to 400 care packages and meals cards Our Success: •

Connections were made with our clients and caregivers in a COVID safe manner.

Numerous volunteer opportunities were made available for our community members.

“I LOVE MY CARE PACKAGE filled with goodies and most importantly, LOVE! Thank you for thinking of me and coming so far to cheer me up.” “Thanks again for dropping this off! Just another reminder that my support system is bigger than I could have ever imagined.”

The Wig Exchange Our Impact: In collaboration with our staff, the incredible support of our Wig Advisors, and an extraordinary donation of curtains by The Shade Store, customized arrangements were made for clients who were dealing with hair loss to have access to wigs, accessories and support. We continued our support of our Wigs without Borders program shipping wigs internationally. Our Reach: Over 120 wigs loaned to clients and 75 wigs sent domestically. Our Success: Progressed from mailing wigs with virtual fitting assistance to creating an outdoor, COVID safe, private environment for inperson appointments on our office front porch.

“Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect wig. I was a little anxious about going to the appointment but my Wig Advisor had such a nice energy and was so kind and caring. I appreciated the comfortable setting of the heated outdoor space with a curtain.”

“I was looking for a wig but ended up with a lifeline.” 13



April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021

PROGRAMS Care Package Deliveries


69 Volunteers 119 Hours • $3,396

The Wig Exchange 14 Volunteers 40 Hours • $1,142

Stitch & Sip At Home

Teen Buddies, Workshops, Support Groups

126 Volunteers 387 Hours • $11,045

5 Volunteers 34 Hours • $970

General Donations $217,131 Giving Circle $216,620 Community Support $75,460** Corporate Gifts $2,400


In-Kind Support $157,534*

Grant & Program Advisory Committees

Total Income: $669,145

49 Volunteers 116 Hours • $3,311

Board of Directors


12 Volunteers 155 Hours • $4,424

Office 2 Volunteers 17 Hours • $485


Programs $284,657 Administration $94,886


Community Support $5,104

6 Volunteers 12 Hours • $343

In-Kind Support $144,579

Board of Directors

Grantmaking $101,500

171 Volunteers 264 Hours • $7,535

Total Expenses: $630,726 Based on un-audited figures for Fiscal Year April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. *In-Kind support is not included on the filed 990. **Community Support includes awareness and participatory events including TieTheTownPink and SOUL Fit. A copy of the SOUL RYEDERS 990 is available 14

Totals Volunteers: 454 | Hours: 1144 | Value: $32,650 The New York State value of volunteer time for 2020 is $28.54 an hour.

2019 Giving Circle Hike- Looking forward to taking a new photo together soon!

A special thanks to Carol Wilke (Blooming Orchid Florist) for her generous flower donation and to all the Giving Circle members who made these special arrangements for our clients.

DONORS THANK YOU Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission in supporting all those affected by cancer. GIVING CIRCLE Anonymous (3) • Maureen & Phil Angelastro • Liza & David Bainbridge • Shari & Amos Balaish • Hunter & Alicia Baldwin • Loring Bartlett • Anita & Stuart Beeber • Josh & Julie Bieber • Jim Billingsley • Allison & Joshua Block • Melissa & Justin Boisseau • Emily & Jon Borell • John & Laura Breckenridge • Diana & Ryan Byrne • Alan & Alicia Chabot • Mary & Mario Ciampi • Erica & Craig Coblenz • Julia & Michael Dailey • Adrian Deen • Daniela & Brian Delaney • Liz & Craig Delizia • Doug & Sue DeStaebler • Laura & Joe DeVita • Antonio & Mary Diaz Albertini • Fiona & Ogden Dogan • Mark & Mary Ellen Doran • Jane & Owen Fitzpatrick • Erica & Jeff Fritsche • Arlyn Gardner • Stephanie & Nick Gardner • Allison & Zach Gibbs • Nicole & Adam Gibbs • Ronda & Matthew Gilroy • Andrea & Andrew Giobbe • Gina & Glenn Giordano • Deborah & Neal Goldman • Lois & Blake Goodner • Amy & Walter Gorman • Michael & Maria Guarnieri • Kimberly & Brian Higgins • Pati & Michael Holmes • Laura & Jeffrey Iverson • Susan & George Janart & Family • Kelsey & Tim Johnson • Emily & Jimmy Keenan • Sue & Jim Kelly • Kristine & Joseph Kennedy • Nora & Ned Kirk • Laura & Steve Kovacs • Cathy Crowl Kraft • Brian & Jen Lapin • The Lapin Foundation • Steve Roberts & Kimberly LaPointe • Jodi & Howard Lavitt • Lauren & Michael Lehmann • Jennifer & Eric Leventhal • Christa & John Liddy • Leslie & Gene Lynch • Paulette & Eric Mann • Christie & Chris Manning • Susan & Stephen Marynowski • Steven & Jacqueline Mazzilli • Connie McBroom • Lisa & Pat McGowan • Tori & Chris Meier • Billy & Sara Miller • Elisabeth & Barry Mitchell • Annabel & Tom Monaghan • Trish & David Muccia • Janet & Scott Muller • Clark Munnell Jr. • Christy & Tom Murphy • Wendy & Paul Nagle • Amanda & Lew Nash • Jennifer & Robert Peters • Sharon Pohoryles & Jim Gelb • Yvonne Pollack & Leslie Pollack Family Foundation • Esther & John Regan • Sandy & Joe Samberg • Becky Samberg • Robert Santangelo • Maiju & Rich Savage • Tom & Angela Schonberg • Tracy & Evan Segal • Emily & John Sharko • Caryn & Eric Steinert • Ellen & Douglas Stern • Jessica Reisman & Adam Tuckman • John & Tricia Tartaglia • Kerry & Mike Tepedino • Andrea & Jason Tighe • Beth & Neil Townsend • Tracy & Chris Turner • Jeri & Simon Turner • Margaretha van der Voort • Kim & Jeff Veber • Maura & Matt Walther • Cynthia & Jon Weber • Jodi Weber & Daniel Kaderabek • Terry Ann & Sandison Weil • Michelle & Burt Weiss • Carolyn & Mark Whaling • Mark & Vicki Whatley • Michael & Kerri Winderman • Christi & Nick Wood • Lee & Bob Woodruff • Tracy & Zac Wydra • Milan & Jeff Yokuty • Corinne & Neil Zola


GENERAL DONATIONS of $250 or more Abbey, Ferrante, Barker Tag Sale • Judi Allen • Wendy Baruchowitz • Maureen & Phil Angelastro • Paula Auth • Alexandra Bayha • Laura Becton • Nelson Family Fund, Tiffany & Jeff Begoon • Beth Bienstock • Joshua Block • Melissa & Justin Boisseau • Diana & Ryan Byrne • James Carey • Suzanne Chamberlain • Concepcion Family Foundation • John Cooney • Donna Cutro • Daniela & Brian Delaney • Connie Dempster • Fiona & Ozgen Dogan • Jennifer Donnalley • Anne Douglas • CAMS Charitable Fund • Laura Drumm • Jennifer & John Eckerson • Stephen Feinstein • Gail Fell • LePage Giving Fund • Judith Fishlow Minter • Liz Fitzgerald • Brenda Fitzgerald • Erica & Jeff Fritsche • Lisa Gagliardi • Scott Geller • Shelia Gerchak • Arlene Gibbs • Rhonda & Matthew Gilroy • Lori & Rich Goldman • Carla Gray • Jennifer Hammond • Nancy Haneman • Holly Hartman • Nicole Hazard • Henry L & Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation • Gloria Holtman • Jonathan Hunter • Sharon Jaccoma • Diane Jaile • Amy Jennings • Debra Julian • Valerie Kaczegowicz • Kaos Design Co • Nicole & Stuart Kovensky • Kimberly LaPointe & Steve Roberts • Michael Levy • Christa & John Liddy • Judith Linton • Kevin Long • Gordon MacArthur • Susan & Stephen Marynowski • Sally Masucci • Joanne McGovern • Adrienne Mecca • Marsha & Ira Moses • Jean & Gregg Nabhan • Lew & Amanda Nash • Kathy Siever • Audrey O’Connell • M Kim O’Connor • Beverly Orthwein • Alissa Osier • Olivia Parton • Perry Garber Memorial Fund • Anne Pollard • Marie Pope • Nancy Pryor • Cara Puzzuoli • Patricia Randall • Patricia Ranta • Emilie Reddoch • Jennifer Reisner • Deborah Royce • Augustina Rueda • Joe & Sandy Samberg • Hasan & Carol Sarwar • Rich & Maiju Savage • Julianne Schmidt • Sarah Sisbot • Sandy Hook Sole Sisters • Stephanie and Lee Spiegel Family Charitable Fund • Beth Stevens • Stroup Family Fund, Catherine & Chris Stroup • John & Patricia Tartaglia • Kendall Truman • Kimberly Tucci • Tracy Turner • Kerry Voss • Allison Walker • Peggy Walsh • Norman Foundation • Valerie Weinfeld • Jan Wielopolski • Laura Wilson • Debra Wood • Robert Zahm • Hope & Simon Ziff • Corinne & Neil Zola

In-Kind Donations & Business Support Beauty Bar and Salon, Stacy, John, Genith, Chris and Staff • BeautyCounter • Jackie Berner, meditation instructor • Cancer Awareness Club at Rye High School • Al Coster, Baldessari & Coster, LLP • Daniela Delaney • Sue DeStaebler • Drive, Steer the Play • Julie Engerran, meditation instructor • Stephanie Gould, yoga instructor • Homespun Foods • Lemon Perfect • Jennifer Leventhal • Janet Muller, yoga instructor • Alberto Orozco & Ana Heredia • Augustina Rueda, social worker • Rye Chamber of Commerce • Rye City Council • Ryemarkable Moms, Liz Woods • Rye Recreation • Rye Town Park • Judy Siegel, Pro Bono Partnership • The Shade Store • Tracy Turner, social worker • Carol Wilke, Blooming Orchid Florist

Foundation Funding & Sponsorship Athleta Scarsdale • Benevity Community Impact Fund • Comcast NBC Universal • ConEd Matching Program • Disney Employee Giving Program • Goldman Sachs Matching Program • H.macdo Paper Co. • Mastercard - Blackbaud Giving Fund • Network for Good • Police Association of New Rochelle • Professional Fire Fighters Association • Royal Bank of Canada • Royal Bank of Canada Matching Gift • Royal Jewels of Rye, LLC. • Rye City Lions Club • Rye Presbyterian Church, Women’s Association • Stone Point Capital LLC • Synchrony - Blackbaud Giving Fund • TisBest Philanthropy • The Walt Disney Company Foundation • Whipporwill Women’s Golf Association Charity Tournament

COVID MATCHING CAMPAIGN Lisa Ammon • Maureen & Phil Angelastro • Hillary Assael • Anthony Attanasio • Lauren Barton • Anita & Stuart Beeber • Stacy Bergman • Jan Bernstein • Beth Bienstock • Allison & Joshua Block • Melissa & Justin Boisseau • Marguerite Borsella • Louise Bryant • Dona Burke • Diana & Ryan Byrne • Nancy Cassone • Rachel Chalchinsky • Amy Chernoff • Sasha Cupic • Daniela & Brian Delaney • Rita A DeLosa • Erika DiSalvo • Fiona & Ozgen Dogan • Jennifer Donnalley • Theresa Dougherty • Anne Douglas • Debra Duarte • Jennifer & John Eckerson • Pamela Fameli • Jane & Owen Fitzpatrick • Lindsay Forman • Soldi Foster • Joan Taback Frankle • Carl Friedrich • Eric Frishman • Lisa Gagliardi • Shelia Gerchak • Ellen Gershman • Eric Gershman • Mary Gilmartin • Rachel Glick • Harriet Greenberg • Tamara Gropper • Kim Haas • Lorraine Hadjipanayis • Mary Hale • Jennifer Hammond • Nancy Haneman • Barbara Harrison • Steven & Karen Harrison • Anna Holness • Gloria Holtman • Jessica Hooton • Diane Jaile • Kathy & Jerry Jarombek • Barrie Kaplan • Suzanna Keith • Holly Kennedy • Emily Knight • Nicole & Stuart Kovensky • Kimberly LaPointe & Steve Roberts • Barbara Latwin • Christa & John Liddy • Peggy Locastro • Kevin Long • Mary Beth Lubeck • Irene Macaluso • Lorraine Martire • Susan & Stephen Marynowski • Sally Masucci • Connie McBroom • Adrienne Mecca • Juianne Metzger • Patrice Michel • Sandy Motland • Graeme Muirhead • Donna Murphy • Jean & Gregg Nabhan • Carrie & Eric Nagel • Lew & Amanda Nash • Deborah Nye • Audrey O'Connell • Deborah O’Gallagher • Kathy O'Hare • Alissa Osier • Susan Padgett • Olivia Parton • Lynne Phy • Cathy Pinsky • Anne Pollard • Jenny Price • Jane Ragals • Bill Ragals • Stacey Reichman • Jennifer Reisner • Betty Ross • Joseph Sack • Theo Sakalis • Laurie Salanitre • Joe & Sandy Samberg • Amy Sapirstein • Rich & Maiju Savage • Julianne Schmidt • Jennifer Schoppe • Karen Schulz • Caroline Scully • Robin Shainberg • Eden Simon • Ellen Stern • Jennifer Stevens • Beth Stevens • Linda Talt • Nina McGonnell • Lynn Thomas • Jessica Torch • Gina Trilla • Kimberly Tucci • Tracy & Chris Turner • Norman Foundation • Elissa Weinhoff • Julie Weiser • Sandy & Ken Weissberg • Melissa Weisstuch • Robin Willig • Michael Wohlstadter • Beverly Wright • Tracy & Zac Wydra • Hope & Simon Ziff • Corinne & Neil Zola •


SOUL FIT EVENTS KIDS DUO Challenge Participants Kendall Bahl • Blake Beame • Chase Beame • Sally Bieber • Simone DiNota • Vivian DiNota • Ethan Felenstein • Grayson Findlay • Henry Fogel • Eliza Fogel • Tevah Gibbs • Saedi Gibbs • Samuel Gibbs • Will Howson • Mia Howson • Kayla Lombardo • Dalia Mansell • Juliet Mansell • Lily Mansell • Kieran Moran • Charlotte Moreland • Andrew Moreland • Ella Nee • Hunter Ryan • Alexandra Ryan • Lucas Simms • Hank Swann • Cecilia Swann • Matthew Vernace • Michael Vernace • Cara Weissberg

30 for 30 Walking Challenge Participants Leah Beck • Mariel Boyd • Marcela Bravo • Alanna Costantino • Megan Flanigan • Amy Gorman • Julia Kosinski • Kate Liberman • Jessica Matfus • Martha McDermott • Leigh Moynihan • Joy Reidenberg • Stacey Rittenberg • Kahleen Rozowsky • Samantha Sher • Leigh Stewart • Amy Williams

GRANT PROGRAM SOUL RYEDERS helps thousands of people each year through its Grant Program. Grants are awarded to cancer-related organizations for specific initiatives that improve the quality of life for families affected by all types of cancer. The grantees and initiatives are chosen by our Grant Committee and Board of Directors to complement our own programs and provide important, often essential, services needed for the individuals we serve.

GRANT COMMITTEE Alicia Baldwin • Anita Beeber • Stuart Beeber • Joie Cooney • Adrian Deen • Lisa Dominici • Mark Doran • MaryEllen Doran • Jane Fitzpatrick • Stephanie Gardner • Allison Gibbs • Amy Gorman • Maria Guarnieri • Jennifer Leventhal • Connie McBroom • Lis Mitchell • Wendy Nagle • Amanda Nash • Sandy Samberg • Joe Samberg • Angela Schonberg • Ellen Stern • Linda Thomas • Tracy Turner • Kim Veber • Maura Walther 17

LEADERSHIP Board Of Directors

Adrian Deen

Mark Doran

Kimberly LaPointe

Bill Miller

Dawn Ewing

Zach Gibbs

Deborah Goldman

Pati Holmes

Sandy Samberg

Emily Sharko

Brian Smith

Kerri Winderman

Leadership Team

Rachel Felenstein

Christine Lombardo

Lesley Findlay

Susan Marynowski

Heidi Kitlas

Sandy Samberg

Stacy Weissberg

Organizational Support LEGAL SERVICES

Judy Siegel & Pro Bono Partnerships


Jackie Berner Julie Engerran




Leanne DiResta Stephanie Gould Debra Lee Janet Muller

Beauty Bar and Salon

Al Coster Baldessari & Coster







Beyond Yoga 18


Linda Thomas

Augustina Rueda Tracy Turner

Pierce Strudler

Tom Ewing, Ewing Graphics Scott Muller, Printing Solutions

VOLUNTEER LEADERS Volunteer Program Leaders Our Volunteer Program Leaders support the organization by volunteering their time to ensure our various programs and events run smoothly. Without these individuals, we would not be able to provide our services. We are so thankful for the dedication and passion they bring to their roles. Due to the pandemic and the need to shift our programming from in-person to online as well as canceling events, our incredible volunteers shifted as well. While we were able to adapt some programs like The Wig Exchange in a COVID safe way, our Mondays with SOUL RYEDERS and Big Batch program continue to be on hold. These changes have not stopped our volunteer leaders as they have stepped up to support our new care package efforts and continue to create handmade items for our SOUL Lifting Kits.




Wig Advisors Patricia Alarcon • Nanci Briganti • Mary Ciampi • Sandy Chittenden* • Sondra Fizzinoglia • Kim Haas* • Sally Joyce* • Jackie Mazzilli* • Sara Miller* • Janet Muller* • Deborah Nye • Devina O’Reilly • Kim Veber*

Sharon Pohoryles • Sandy Samberg

MaryEllen Doran* • Hilary Karmilowicz Laura Kovacs* • Wendy Nagle*

Program Volunteers Anita Beeber • Monica Brenner • Maria Guarnieri • Ryan Marynowski

STITCH & SIP Laurie Gamble • Melinda Stein


CAREGIVER PROGRAM Sue DeStaebler • Nicole Moser • Corinne Zola

Sandy Chittenden*

*Program Advisory Committee

MONDAYS WITH SOUL RYEDERS Liz Ahrens • Lorraine Artale • Allison Brates • Sandy Chittenden* • Lisa Greenspan • Laura Lehman • Sarah Palmer • Nancy Picker • Jessica Reisman • Linda Thomas* • Tracy Turner • Kim Veber* • The Beauty Bar and Salon • Genith Mancero • Stacy Sakellariou • Tanya Torello • Christina Piliero




Nicole Gibbs Marci Lyons Jannine Moran

Sandy Chittenden Marci Lyons

Lisa Dominici Jennifer Dreilinger Deb Goldman

Kim Haas Susan Janart Debbie Ragals 19


Front and back covers: photos of dedication bricks located at the SOUL RYEDERS Labyrinth in Rye Town Park, Rye, NY that was dedicated to the community in 2017 in honor of our 10 year anniversary. 914.412.4884 • 1091 Boston Post Road • Rye, NY 10580 •

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