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Carbondale Council on Arts & Humanities P resents The 4th Annual

Gala Extravaganza

FRIdAY MarCh 9TH 路 8 PM

Reception, Fashion Show & Dance Party

Bonedale Bash

saturday March 10TH 路 8 PM

Adult Fashion Show 路 Designer Challenge Awards

at CarbONdaLe Rec center

Tickets online at:

and in person at: CCAH or Carbondale Rec Center

Trunk Show

Sunday MarCh 11TH 路 11 am Collage Creative Collections

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7 speCIAL ThAnKs

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in order of appearance

EnviroTextiles – Akomplice – Sally Owen – sogrei by Sadye Harvey – lulubelle – Jenna Bradford – The Back Door Consignment Store – Back Door Consignment on Misers Mercantile – Carbondale, Colo. Basalt Special Thrift – Sadie Dickinson/Riley Marshall Mountain Metallica – Barakat Aspen – Kether Axelrod and Kashana Tonozzi Scavenger Industries – Scavenger Industries on Olivia Pevec and Pat Winger with Aloha Mountain Cyclery Elisabethan – Leti-Kat Hats, Kathy Stover and Leticia – Ironic Dilemma – Ravenheart – HyperClash Clothing – Hayley Olsen – Autumn Teneyl – Midland Clothing Company – Basalt, Colo. B’Jewel – GarCo Sewing Works – Jack Johnson – Cyndi Buck Design – Dreaming Sheep Productions – Heirlooms Consignment – Basalt, Colo. Thrift Shop at Aspen – Defiance Thrift Store/Lilly’s Consignment – Glenwood Springs, Colo. July Five – BoxEleven – Stonehide Leathers, Lori Shafer and Gigi Kesler – Katrina Byars – Tido Menendez Designs –

OCCUPY by Noreen Steiner, Brenda McCartney – Foxy Moron – Melanie Finan/Sew-Op – INDIE ATTIRE – Ala Carte – Conscious Clothing – Cari Borja –

The Collage Designer Challenge This year, CCAH is proud to team up with Collage Creative Collections to award two local, innovative clothing designers. Designs will be judged Friday night as presented on the runway. Winners will be announced Saturday night.

Functional Fashion Forward Design $500 First Prize

Judged as a ready-to-wear piece or ensemble; feels fashion-forward as opposed to retro; made from sustainable materials; comfort, durability, function. Functional Fashion: Jenna Bradford, Sayde Harvey, Adrianne Pevec, Melanie Finan, Laura Stover, Julia Farwell

Creative Couture

$500 First Prize Creative use of reclaimed materials; fresh, unique; effectively articulates a vision of the future; visually striking; takes on the challenge of moving fashion forward using materials from the past. Creative Couture: Sadie Dickinson, Carla Lewis, The Carbondale Co-op, Wewer Keohane, Janet Nelson, Tanya Black, Alicia Matesanz Delas Heras, Laura Stover, Julia Farwall, Olivia Pevec, Deborah Colley

CCAH Mission

CCAH builds community through the arts and humanities.

S s

Trunk Show Like what you see? Come support sustainable designers at our annual Trunk Sale on Sunday, March 11, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Collage Creative Collections, 1154 Highway 133. Participating: Autumn Teneyl, Cari Borja, Foxy Moron, Leti-Kat, The Carbondale Sew-Op, Tido Menendez, Stonehide, July 5, Mitzi Rapkin, Box11, Baronbleu, Elizabethan, INDIE ATTIRE Cyndi Buck

Director’s Note Past, Present, Future: Our Place is on This Planet The Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities builds community through art, and the community that has grown out of this fashion show is amazing. From the Carbondale SewOp to Collage to Studio Ten and beyond, the fabric arts are a real and sustainable economy. I am so proud to be able to showcase the creativity that surrounds us. Proceeds from this show help keep CCAH strong and healthy all year, especially our school arts education programming. It also helps support many artists and allows them to find ways to create economic opportunity, as well as ways to share their art. I want to thank all of the incredibly creative people who have come together to make it happen. That’s what CCAH is all about — ensuring interesting ways to come together as a community. This year’s theme Back To The Future took me in many directions. Our relationship with the future, as depicted in film and TV, often had to do with space and technology, however, here we are today, in that future, and it has much more to do with our earth. The designers that create what you see in the show are people who are making choices that lessen the impact we humans have on this earth. We hope you will not only enjoy this journey but be inspired by it. I know we have enjoyed creating it! Amy Kimberly Fashion Show Director

Fashion show proceeds benefit CCAH programs. Photo by Jane Bachrach

Fun. Unique. Local. Carbondale’s women’s clothing boutique.

Spring {break} fun eberjey swim pistil big buddha havaiana flip flops woodleigh creme fraiche velvet grace hats theme hudson ella moss

Classes & Workshops Coming Up this Month... Garment Construction Yarn Spinning Shibori Resists & Indigo Dyeing Garment Reconstruction (Sew-Op)

Also Classes & Workshops In Piano Ukrainian Egg Decorating Acting

mon-sat 10:00 to 6:00 sun 11:00 to 4:00 320 main street #100 p. 510.5141

Kidsʼ Summer Camps & Classes Information Coming Soon

Scholarships Available Third Street Center 520 S Third Street #9 970.963.1680

2 2012 CCAH Green is the New Black Fashion Show Program • published by The Sopris Sun




for more information visit

Where Your Money Goes Ro Mead, former executive director of the Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities, thinks schools are crazy for sacrificing their arts programs when faced with budget cuts. “Study after study shows that children who are involved in the arts stay in school, graduate, are more involved in the school itself. It boosts brain function, abstract thinking, math and science skills. It’s nuts that this is the first thing that’s cut,” says Mead, who created CCAH’s Arts in the Schools program. “It is well-documented that playing piano really helps kids who are ADD. It is scientifically proven. It’s better than Ritalin.” Through grant funding, private donations and the Green is the New Black Fashion Show, CCAH is capable of providing a range of Arts in the Schools initiatives. That currently includes an in-school drama program with more than 50 students at Carbondale Middle School, a marionette project at Roaring Fork High School, and an allschool collaboration with the Carbondale Clay Center to create a sculpture Students at Carbondale Middle School paint their journey to for the town. CCAH additionally offers America in a mural project funded through CCAH’s Arts in the free, after-school art classes. Schools program. “The beauty of these classes is they

are a mixed group with probably 5050 Anglo-Latino students. And kids love it. Every time we offer these free classes, kids reapply,” Mead says. Another recent in-school project was the painting of a mural to record the journey of Latino immigrants to Colorado. Several bilingual students at the middle school worked with artist Erica Epperson to create a 10x10foot mural in the style of Diego Rivera and Frieda Callo near the cafeteria of the school. English language teacher Mary Hernandez had been wanting to do this, to help the youth tell the story of their journey, according to Mead. “They talked about what was important to them, and all of them said the thing

that was the most important to them was school and learning English.” Hernandez has expressed deep gratitude to CCAH and its sponsors. “Thank you so much for making this happen. I tear up whenever I look at it,” she wrote in an e-mail to Mead. The mural was dedicated in February 2012. Without the successful ticket sales for events such as the Fashion Show and without funding from sponsors such as the Aspen Thrift Store, the education programs would not be possible, said CCAH Executive Director Amy Kimberly. “We also are matching a $10,000 grant, so if you believe in art and education please help us reach this match.”

Auction for Education

CCAH has been busy in our Carbondale schools. The needs are great! CCAH provides free after-school art classes for our public elementary students who get only 45 minutes of art a week. We are also helping to fund an in-school theater arts program; a curriculum-based African puppet class; and a public sculpture project. The importance of the arts in learning has been proven over and over, and CCAH is committed to ensuring our students receive this education. Participate in our auction so our kids get these experiences. The auction will immediately follow the show

on Friday evening.

Time to get ready for Fashion! Bring in this ad for 15% OFF our designer hats, new line of affordable jewelry, onyx lamps, crystals and more. (sale runs through March) Photos:






2012 CCAH Green is the New Black Fashion Show Program


Collaborative Clothing Line Says ‘Aloha’ to Carbondale To Carbondale fine artist and musician Olivia Pevec, arid, landlocked Colorado has lots in common with the humid island state of Hawaii. Her new clothing line debuting in this year’s fashion show will bring together the commonalities in a community-wide collaboration that embodies the meaning of “aloha.” Pevec recently visited Hawaii and was “blown away” by the philosophy of the indigenous Hawaiian culture. “You greet people by saying ‘aloha,’ which means a greeting with love and to be in the presence of the divine breath,” says Pevec, a blacksmith who founded Scavenger Industries to repurpose waste materials into useful, artistic items. In partnership with Pat Winger, Pevec is producing board shorts with cowboy flare — including pearl snaps, arrow pockets, floral designs and contrasting fabrics — for the fourth annual Green is the New Black Fashion Show. She is creating T-shirts with graphics that combine cowboys and bicycles, and she additionally wants to bring together dance and music for the show, including the original song “Broker Than Broke” written by Mateo Sandate, guitarist for the local band All the Pretty Horses. The board shorts for the fashion show will be made from recycled and second-

hand material and accessories, such as the unique foliage-print fabric and colorful bed sheets that Pevec picked up while shopping around in Hawaii. “Hawaiians have a cowboy culture; they’re called paniolos. They have their own variation of the same culture that we have here. In design terms, it’s East meets West. The Asian-Pacific aesthetic coming together with the Western aesthetic is interesting,” Pevec says. Winger and Pevec have talked about a collaborative project for a while now. Both work with their hands, both have compatible operating styles, and their strengths and weaknesses complement each other. “Olivia has all these really cool, wild ideas about stuff. I’m really not that interested in fashion,” Winger admits. Pointing to his sewing machines, he says: “I call these toys. So I like to play with my toys but I really don’t care what the fashion world’s doing.” And Pevec thinks that’s just fine; it’s part of what she appreciates about Winger. “We have a very similar nature. He is an extraordinarily talented person who does everything. He can do anything with his hands that he puts his mind to… ‘you do it because you do it and you’re interested in it and not for really any other reason.’”

In fact, Winger likes the challenge and is not afraid when Pevec brings up a new idea to incorporate bicycle tubes into the clothing line. An artist for Crystal Glass Studio, Winger also works with wood, metal and stone. He worked for Le’Claranns Sew Shop on Main Street and now does custom sewing jobs out of a studio at the Third Street Center. “It’s nice to have other ideas besides my own; to have someone say, ‘Oh, make this happen.’ That’s part of what I feed on, is having a challenge. When someone wants something and everyone says it can’t be done, I say let’s figure it out,” Winger says. When Pevec came to him with the board shorts idea, he got to work right away on creating an original pattern with Western wear detailing (curves and contrasting fabrics, shaped pockets, elaborate trim). To make custom clothing, Winger has developed a computer-aided design program for his original patterns. Pevec’s concept is larger than a fashion line, though. As the lead singer and songwriter for All the Pretty Horses, she views this project growing into a collective community endeavor. Once she and Winger bring the clothes to fruition, she hopes to go into production with the Carbondale Sew-Op creating larger quantities and

Olivia Pevec, left, and Pat Winger discuss details.

Aloha Mountain Cyclery selling the final product. Running their bike shop is about more than selling bikes for Darren Broome and Nic Degross. “Our whole idea — when we wrote our business plan for this store — one of the biggest concepts was to not just be a retail establishment. It was to really expand on the idea of community and community business because Carbondale … really has such a community vibe and brings together local resources to better everyone,” Broome said.

Carbondale Recreation & Community Center

These boots are made for walking.... (Or Climbing, Playing,



Labels Announces Random Acts of Daily Sales (RADS)! We're picking a random item each morning for sale – could be a brand, a color, or the whole store! CHECK IN DAILY AND LET'S HAVE SOME FUN!

4 2012 CCAH Green is the New Black Fashion Show Program • published by The Sopris Sun

or Pedaling) And

that’s just they’ll do!



Sew-Op Looking for Home The Green is the New Black Fashion Show may not have created all of the local talent in this valley but it sure has brought them together. After last year’s show a small group of designers got together and agreed to form a collective. Now that group, the Carbondale SewOp, has a business plan, held a formal membership meeting in mid-February, and is on the prowl for a space to serve as a studio and storefront for their handmade goods. (Founding member Tanya Black recently moved her own studio into Collage at 1154 Highway 133.) And also starting this month, the Sew-Op will offer a series of classes titled “Re-styling Your Wardrobe” taught by Black, Jenna Bradford and Melanie Finan at Collage.

nity while creating a unique space to sell our products and services that reflect our ideals of sustainability. We aim to provide instruction, tools, recycled fabric and repurposed wearable art, through workshops and classes and a space to sell our products and services. Sun: Who has been involved? Tanya: We have a larger group of approximately a dozen designers who have been involved since last spring after the 2011 fashion show. The board has consisted mainly of myself, Melanie Finan and Jenna Bradford, with other artists in the community giving support and suggestions as we have been in the planning stages for the last year.

my strength, so it has been a tremendous learning experience for me. We have had a wonderful amount of community support from CCAH, other designers and artists, and RFBC.

The Sopris Sun talked with Black to learn more about this creative new collective that is putting down roots in Bonedale.

Sun: How are you personally involved with the Sew-Op? Tanya: I am a local clothing and jewelry designer and one of the founding mothers of the Sew-Op. I took a business class last year through the Roaring Fork Business Center (RFBC) and have been researching and writing a business model for the Sew-Op, so that we can make our dream a reality and have a communal retail and workshop space. As an artist, this aspect of business has not always been

Sun: What is your background in fabric arts? Tanya: I have sewn my whole life, first taught by my mother, but went on to be involved in costume construction in college and beyond, so my designs tend to lean toward being theatrical or performance art pieces. I have enjoyed being a resource for the Carbondale community whenever someone is in need of a costume get-up, and this town LOVES to play dress up!

Sopris Sun: What is the mission of the Sew-Op and how did it begin? Tanya Black: The Carbondale SewOp mission is to be a designer studio collective co-op and retail store for locally designed clothing, art, accessories and supplies. We strive to empower creativity and entrepreneurship in our commu-

Tanya Black at work in her studio.

Sun: It seems like there is a revival in fabric arts/the textile industry. Do you see that as well? Tanya: Yes, many people are interested in learning how to be self-sufficient and have creative ideas that they want to express, so they are eager to learn new methods like sewing, which women and men alike of all ages are wanting to learn. Someone asks me monthly if I teach sewing classes, and I have at CCAH and other local art centers, but it will be great when we have a dedicated space for the Sew-Op to teach them in — which will be soon.

Sun: Is anyone from the Sew-Op showing designs in the fashion show? Tanya: We have designers who are involved in the Sew-Op who are showing their talents in the fashion show: Jenna Bradford, Molly Briggs, Katrina Byers, Melanie Finan, Austin Lottimer and Olivia Pevec are just a few. After the energy of last year’s show we got together and all agreed that we should form a collective and have been working on it ever since.

For more information, contact Tanya Black at (970) 903-9822 or carbondalesewop@ .

2012 APRIL 24-25 SATURDAY SUNDAY Blending Lifestyle, Business and the & Environment AT -ASPEN ~ BASE BUTTERMILK INN June 8th June 10th • OF Downtown Aspen A SWAP Project of Aspen T.R.E.E. ECO MARKETPLACE ~ ECO ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS, WORKSHOPS Food booths, arts, crafts, film fest, trashion show, yoga in AND the park, demonstrations and petting zoo. EDUCATION All things remade, recycled, re-used, natural and organic. ENVIRONMENTAL ARThandmade, SHOW CONTEST BICYCLE CLUNKER ~ SATURDAY Be aCRITIRIUM part of the excitement this year. GREEN TIE BALL AND FASHION SHOW ~ SATURDAY Artist and vendors contact us at: CANINE FASHION SHOW ~ SUNDAY FOR INFORMATION: VENDORS, SPONSORS, DONATIONS, & VOLUNTEERS!!!!! SHAE @ASPENECOFEST.COM JACKIE@ASPENECOFEST.COM 970-948-7423 970.948.7423 970.379.0360 2012 CCAH Green is the New Black Fashion Show Program



Specializ ing in solar hot water and radiant heat “Heat your



. fitness . s e tyl c n a 970.309.1269

irit . sp

yoga .

with the

687 Colorado Ave. Carbondale, CO 81623



Patrick Johnson 970-618-1768 p 970-963-4867 f 231 midland avenue. ste 201 basalt . colorado 81621

classes daily for all levels


N 24/7 365 days a year at Amoré Realty

711 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 970-963-5155

Special Thanks Linda Schuemaker Otak Tom Baker Mark Burrows Kether Axelrod Peppino’s Eric Brendlinger and the Rec Center staff Access Roaring Fork Halcyon Productions Crew Jeff Jackel and our Town Trustees Carol Klein Pam Taylor DeeDee Baronbleu Organic Clothing Mark Taylor Bill Laemmel Steven Deliyanis George and Nicole Soukup Aspen Public Radio All the incredible CCAH volunteers


True Nature Healing Arts Alpine Bank Bethel Party Rents The Town of Carbondale Halcyon Productions The Thrift Store in Aspen New Belgium Beer Collage Creative Collections The Pajwell Foundation Sew Vintage at Collage Aspen Times/Post Independent M3 Marketing KDNK Community Radio Dos Gringos Burritos and Café Ole The Sopris Sun Sopris Liquor and Wine

The PAC3 The Third Street Center The Brick Pony Catering Fig and Lily Snowmass Chili Pepper & Brew Fest Smoke Modern Barbeque Cuvée Piñons Russets The Blend Zoe Life Soaps Mark of Excellence The Little Nell


Grana Bakery Six89 Paradise Bakery Heidi’s Deli The Village Smithy Bonfire Jane Hart Marsha Brendlinger The Pan and Fork Catering

Cocktail Crew

Meghan Perry Jenn Cull Stephanie Korn Collette Newell Jenn Kauffman Missy Elzey Kelly Lemere Sarah Perry Guinevere Jones Lauren Martindale

Other Contributors Tito’s Vodka Sweet Rubys Chocolates Lulubelle Jazz Aspen Snowmass IOTA Telluride Vodka The Village Smithy Bonfire Mesa Park Vinyards Jen Perez Graphics

Photo by Jane Bachrach

PUBLIC RELATIONS ++ advertising + event planning +++



American Renewable Energy Day

AREDAY Summit, Expo and Film Festival


Look for Gretchen Jones, supported by EcoSalon in the Designer’s Challenge

Aspen, Colorado August 18-19, 2012 6 2012 CCAH Green is the New Black Fashion Show Program • published by The Sopris Sun

maura mckenna masters 970.319.3171


M3@ +



A World of Fashion Conceived and Directed by: Amy Kimberly Assisted by: Katrina Byars and Deb Colley Emcee: Ryan Margo Choreography: Deborah Colley Produced by: Carbondale Council on Arts and Humanities Sound and Lights: Halcyon Productions Music Director: Eric Allen Projections: Mark Burrows and Laura Stover Stage Manager: Frankie Grundler Wardrobe Mistress: Kether Axelrod and Ticah Burrows Trunk Show: Collage Creative Collections Video: Hamilton Pevec Poster Art: Jen Perez Photos: Jane Bachrach and Mark Burrows Original Music by: All The Pretty Horses and Phractal Pterodactyl

It’s Fashionable to Shop at Carbondale Food Coop OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK M-F 9AM-7PM; Sat. 11AM-6PM; Sun. 12-6PM 559 Main Street • 970-963-1375 •

Photo by Jane Bachrach

Hair and Makeup: Monica Muniz/Studio 2, Joy Rosenberg, Cora Sepsey/Renewal Salon, Alta Otto, Ashley Engle, Joanne Lamson, Ana Belin Desserts: Pan and Fork Supper Club, Paradise Bakery, The Village Smithy, Heidi’s, Grana Bread Co., Six89, Marsha Brendlinger, Jane Hart Women Forms: Kate Schutt, Barb Bush, Jolene Singer, Tamar Mattarano African Dancers: “Spirit U All Awakening” by Frolix Productions and members of Ngoma Dance Troupe Musicians: Eric Baumheier, Steve Perrault, Noah Arneson, Cory Britten and Allen Davenport


Deborah Colley Bill Laemmel Danielle Morse Amelia Potvin Kat Rich Jenna Bradford Wendy Stewart Melanie Finan Sadie Dickinson Michael Gorman Hannah Lippe April Clark Dana Wilson Ro Mead Peter Gilbert Mustang Molly Angelina Rossi Quinn Calhoun Janine Cuthbertson Riley Marshall Dana Ganssle Tessa Munson Rebecca Shank Brianne Jones Aja McAdams Anne Goldberg Jennifer Catto Audrey Ahumada Jenny Williams

Sarah Nyman Maciej Mrotek Sadye Harvey Monica Viall Talla Howe Noreen Steiner Rebecca Moebius Nicole Kinsler Ginna Kelly Molly Briggs Santana Jaramillo Sara Plesset Katrina Byars

Chorus: Brianne Jones, Austin Lottimer, Jenna Bradford, Rochell Norwood, Dana Ganssle, Shara Dame, Deborah Colley

y a D ’ s e Ladi day! s e n d e Every W $5 off a Full Service Oil Change or $5 off any Full Service Wash Package 745 Buggy Circle, Carbondale


Green is the new black... become an eco bag lady at HEIRLOOMS

African Dancers: Jenna Bradford, Angela Buffo, Dana Ganssle, Hannah Lippe, Aja McAdams, Tessa Munson, Rochelle Norwood and Amelia Potvin

970-927-4384 144 Midland Avenue Basalt, Colorado 81621

Photo by Jane Bachrach 2012 CCAH Green is the New Black Fashion Show Program


Aspen’s Most Unique Aspen’s Most Unique Retail Experience

Retail Experience Fun & Frippery

 Coffee & Fun Tea Bar—organic, dairy& Frippery free alternatives, hand-pours  Coffee & Tea Bar—organic, dairy Fresh organic, made to order JUICE! free alternatives, hand-pours  45 Local artists and artisans  Fresh made to order JUICE!  Art, organic, Gifts, Jewelry, Ceramics  45 Local artists and artisans  Hand-made Chocolate Truffles  Oxygen Bar-Need with altitude?  Art, Gifts,help Jewelry, Ceramics Organic Farm Stand & FoodTruffles Hand-made Chocolate  Barkery—dog treats  Oxygen Bar-Need help with altitude?  Clothing—kids & adults  Organic Farm Fresh Flowers & Stand Plants & Food

 Barkery—dog 315 E. Main—Across fromtreats The Jerome, next to Miner’s & Bldg.  Clothing—kids adults 970-544-2499  Fresh Flowers & Plants

315 E. Main—Across from The Jerome, next to Miner’s Bldg. 970-544-2499

F Fash E signs 2012 a 20 Work W

Perennial favorites for kids alike, AAM Summer Works and engage children ages 27 Classes, including:

FanCy FashionisTas Ju Pere Fashion ForWarDalike July Fashion For rEaland July or 970.925.8050 ext. 27 24 C

FanC Fash Fash 590 North Mill Street, Aspen, CO 8

970.925.8050 aspe Admission to the AAM is FREE c

or 97

590 N 970.9 aspen Admi



Fashionably Early

sign Up now for 2012 aaM summer Workshops and save! Perennial favorites for kids and parents alike, AAM Summer Workshops educate and engage children ages 4–14.

ALSO—don’t miss these great events!

27 Classes, including:

First Thursday of every month 10:30–11:30 a.m. Recommended for ages 3–5 Basalt Regional Library 14 Midland Ave, Basalt

FanCy FashionisTas July 9–13 Fashion ForWarD July 23–27 Fashion For rEal July 30–August 3 or 970.925.8050 ext. 24

Free story art

First Thursday of every month 3:45–4:45 p.m. Recommended for ages 5–10 Gordon Cooper Library 76 S 4th St, Carbondale, (Registration required, please call 970.963.2889 and ask for Pam.)

590 North Mill Street, Aspen, CO 81611 970.925.8050 Admission to the AAM is FREE courtesy of John and Amy Phelan

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