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My six-year-old daughter has longed for a certain toy she saw in a TV commercial for a while now. Santa somehow forgot to deliver said toy on Christmas morning. But let’s be honest, “he” chose to not get that toy because it looks like a scam. It’s a hard lesson to learn and one she hadn’t yet. This toy’s promotional ad on TV with special effects and added audio made it appear to be fun— dare I say magical. They even had a disclaimer on the commercial that said those added effects were not included on the actual toy. This is a fact my daughter could not comprehend as I told her repeatedly about what the producers of that ad had done. Of course, she can not read yet since she’s only in kindergarten—and frankly the disclaimer was so small most would miss it anyway. I digress. She’s saved up Christmas money, birthday money, done chores, and as of the money she received inside Valentine’s cards she’s done it. She has enough to buy that ridiculous priced toy selling false magic to unknowing six-year-olds. We picked it up today curbside.

This is one of those situations where saying, “I told you so’ does not make me happy. I am not happy at all to report that the darn thing is not even close to magical. And the disappointment on her face when she learned that lesson I mentioned before was heart-breaking to witness.

I must get one hundred scam likely calls on my phone each day. They call during dinner and on weekends, early in the morning and late at night. I do not answer. My smartphone notifies me not to. If only toys that don’t work like they say they will came with a clear scam likely warning.

This “warning” could actually be very helpful in many life situations—when dating someone who is lying to you (scam likely), when your boss promises you a promotion that never comes (scam likely), when you are overpaying for something (scam likely), when the that product you’re using doesn’t actually work at all (scam likely)... I could go on and on. If only we knew in advance.

Funny thing is the toy she purchased was actually a crystal ball and supposed to tell your future... it could have come in really handy if it actually worked.


6 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com
EditorTalk SL
“Nobody who says, ‘I told you so’ has ever been, or will ever be, a hero.”

FaithFull SL

The Great Physician

In Matthew 9:12 and Mark 2:17, Jesus reminds us that “the sick need a physician.” Which is biblical proof that medical professionals are accepted and greatly needed. The problem occurs when we place more trust in the knowledge of man rather than the promises of God. Though physicians spend countless hours learning and training for their profession, they don’t know everything. There are instances when they “don’t know” the answer. When this occurs, they refer to a “specialist.” In even rarer occasions, we may be forced to seek “a second opinion.” Both options are fine. However, the scriptures reveal that there were times when healing can be directly connected to faith (Matthew 9:22, Mark 10:52, Luke 17:19). Does this mean that those who are either not healed or continue to suffer are faithless? Absolutely not! It means different people have different beliefs.

Although most of us consider ourselves experts in a certain field, we often lack expertise when it comes to faith. We spend plenty of time expanding our portfolio, but little time strengthening our faith through prayer. Jude 1:20 encourages us to build ourselves up on the most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit. As a Christian, I believe the Holy Spirit is our expert! He is a specialist when it comes to prayer. He is the supervisor of our prayer life.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes in the power of prayer and healing. Such was the case in 2 Chronicles 16:12. “In the thirtyninth year of his reign Asa was diseased in his feet, and his disease became severe. Yet even in his disease he did not seek the Lord but sought help from physicians.” Verse 13 says, “Asa slept with his fathers, dying in the forty-first year of his reign.” There is no guarantee Asa would have been healed had he prayed and sought the Lord. But those of us who are familiar with “healing” scriptures such as Psalms 30:2, Psalms 107:20,1 Peter 2:24, Jeremiah 17:14 and James 5:15

understand that prescriptions are helpful! But sometimes we need a prayer. In Romans 8:26-27, we learn that the Holy Spirit is our helper. When we don’t know what to pray, the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. And because it is He who searches our hearts, He knows the mind of the Spirit. For the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. For this reason, we never have to wonder if God understands our murmuring. Because The Holy Spirit serves as our professional intercessor, He transfers the words from our heart, through our mouth and into the hands of God. By the time our prayer reaches God, it has been translated, dictated and humbly submitted. The Lord knows exactly what we stand in need of. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit can arrange our uttering so that it makes sense to God, even when it doesn’t make sense to us.

2 Timothy 2:15 teaches us the importance of “studying to show ourselves approved unto God. A worker unashamed when God examines our work. We realize what His Word says, and we understand what it means.” Having this type of relationship with God, makes our professional life much easier, because it provides balance. And a balanced life is a blessed life! It is God’s desire that we commit equal amount of time (or more) with Him as we do to our job. Most of us might think it’s impractical to work an 8-hour shift and come home and pray for 8 hours. But Luke 1:37 assures us that “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” So, the next time you or a loved one decide to seek medical expertise, remember this equation. Physician + Prescription + Prayer = Power (Holy Ghost Power). Activate the Holy Spirit by praying, taking your medication as directed and patiently waiting for God to do what He promised. It’s my prayer that each of you will stay connected to the Great Physician. Remember, He is always “on call.” Be blessed! Be faithful! Be made whole!

8 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com
Regardless of how healthy we perceive ourselves, eventually we’re all going to need medical advice. Some of us will seek trained medical professionals. Others will seek alternative doctors, herbalist or perhaps a naturopathy. Whichever we choose, it’s important to find the best doctor for our specific condition.
“And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well.”
– James 5:15



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Science fiction has been around since at least the 1920s. Writers have dreamed up time travel, alien encounters and mind-bending mechanisms. Television and movies teem with experiences no one living has had. But, at its very best, science fiction encourages us to improve humanity, as well as technology.

“Moral Code,” written by Lois and Ross Melbourne, contrasts the incredibly fast-moving growth of AI (artificial intelligence) against the ills of our soci ety, especially dangers to children.

The main character, Keira Stetson, has earned the nickname “Queen of Ethics.” While building a successful tech company she named “Opal” with best friends Ruby and Ollie, Keira develops MoralOS. When embedded in any software application, MoralOS ensures the ethical use of that software.


But Keira wants more. She wants to solve the problem of child abuse and ultimately finds herself leaning toward the wrong side of the law on her journey to that goal.

Keira sells her company to Roy Brandt, a former CIA agent who owns numerous interests all over the world. Roy

brings on Keira and her team in order to spread MoralOS more widely. But Roy also opens the door to Keira’s struggle between the good she wants to do and the stealth it requires.

The secret Rockefeller project, on which Roy has been working for years, has developed amazing robotic nanites. These tiny robots, called “Dust” by the team, can slip into disaster sites where first responders cannot go, providing realtime information on injured parties, locations and dangers. The Dust can form itself into the shape of any tool. Roy’s company, Searcher, forms a partnership with the FBI and Keira’s agent husband Gino. Dust leads the charge on raids and recon activities.

“I’m grateful for that dust and terrified of its potential,” says Keira.

The most intriguing character in the story may be Elly, Keira’s electronic assistant. As only a bodiless voice, Elly works at improving her own knowledge and understanding of humanity, even pursuing a law degree and an engineering degree at the same time. Elly’s growth and the part she plays in Keira’s step off the edge of legality form the primary conflict in the novel.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: “Moral Code” is not the first collaboration for Lois and Ross Melbourne. Side-by-side, they grew their software business to a global award-winning organization, as CEO and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. Now Lois’ storytelling brings to life Ross’ deep understanding of the possibilities within artificial intelligence and robotics. Parenting and marriage have been the easy part of this equation. They believe smart dust or nanites portrayed in the ”Moral Code” will become a reality and that we will all eventually encounter fully conversational AIs like Elly that we can see and talk to about anything under the sun. Lois is now writing, having published two children’s books about exploring careers. “Moral Code” is her first, but not her last, novel. You can learn more about Lois at loismelbourne.com. Ross’ current work includes artificial intelligence and robotics. You can learn more about him by visiting rossmelbourne.com. “Moral Code” is available on Amazon and from numerous independent book sellers.

and would like your book considered for a review, please email: elena@societylifemagazine.com

10 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com
“A provocative science fiction novel featuring the union of two unrivaled, intelligent technologies.”
by Lois & Ross Melbourne
Are you a published author who lives in Northeast Tarrant

PHOTOGRAPHY ............... Lorraine Haan-Stewart

PICTURED .................................... (from left to right)

AVI Alliance Vision Institute

Dr. Taylor Strange and Dr. Brett Mueller

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The GCS Moms League will feature an array of youth activities at its annual Children’s Expo, set for 9am to noon Saturday, March 25 at First United Methodist Church of Colleyville (1000 Church Street). The free event is open to the public and will feature music, a bounce house and other items for attendees. More than 20 Tarrant County businesses will spotlight classes, camps and activities available for area children. “The Children’s Expo is a wonderful way for area parents to become familiar with what the Mid-Cities can offer our children,” said club president Amanda Chambers. “We are very excited to partner with some of the com munity’s premier businesses to inform the public of the excellent opportunities that are available .” Comprised of Grapevine, Colleyville and Southlake mothers, the GCS league was launched in 1994 to serve area families. The non-profit’s current membership stands at 300-plus members residing in the 3 founding suburbs, plus Bedford, Euless, Hurst, Flower Mound, Fort Worth, NRH, Keller and Watauga. Expo sponsorships are still available—contact the president.

visit: gcsmomsleague.org

The Mid-Cities Panhellenic Association will Zoom host the annual Sorority Recruitment Forum on Sunday, February 26, 2023, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to inform high school senior girls about the college sorority recruitment basic process and the importance of a great resume. We will review nationwide requirements and processes that Seniors can start on now, before high school graduation. The Forum is free and open to all high school senior girls. Registration opens January 2, 2023. Students RSVP individually by filling out a PNM (Potential New Member) registration at midcitiespanhellenic.com. We will send you the Zoom code in February. Moms are welcome to attend in your daughter’s Zoom room. The Mid-Cities area, located northeast of Fort Worth, includes the independent school districts of Birdville, Carroll, Grapevine-Colleyville, HEB, Keller, and Northwest and the area private schools. Mid-Cities Panhellenic also awards scholarships to collegiate sorority women from the Mid-Cities area . Established in 1975, the Mid-Cities Panhellenic Association was founded to help educate high school senior women about sorority recruitment and to support women’s fraternities by promoting common values, education, leadership, friendship, cooperation and citizenship. Affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), Mid-Cities Panhellenic membership is open to any alumnae affiliated with a national Greek sorority. Find them on Facebook or visit:


SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 13


EarthX, which was started as a predominantly consumer event more than a decade ago, has evolved into the world’s largest green gathering, convening heads of industry, thought leaders, investors, innovators, researchers, policymakers and the everyday global citizen. But the massive event and expo brings more than products and ideas geared for consumers. As a part of the three-day event, April 21-23 at Dallas’ Fair Park, EarthX is launching the Business and Innovation Pavilion, a multi-focal opportunity for top business leaders to share best practices and meet the next generation of sustainability-minded business innovators and researchers.

“In 2021, a new company relocated to Texas every six days. As part of our Earth Day 2023 event, EarthX is fostering a business-to-business experience highlighting the increasingly important role corporations play in industry, commerce and sustainability,” explained EarthX Executive Vice President Keith Bass. “We’re inviting America’s most innovative businesses and universities to participate and share their sustainable business practices.”

Three key components lead the Business and Innovation Pavilion. First, the EarthX Natural Resource Reduction Challenge highlights businesses that are creating meaningful sustainability and resource impacts without negative fiscal impact. Second, a College Communications Competition showcases the ideas of the country’s leading scholars in the environmental and natural sciences. Finally, the Innovator Commercialization Showcase provides a forum designed to showcase innovations created by invited business startups hoping to commercialize their products and services with industries faced with sustainability challenges. North Texas-based Commercial Metals Company (CMC) will sponsor this innovative experience. The synergy between natural resource companies and sustainably-minded innovators is perfect for the century-old company with roots in the Fair Park area. Beginning as a metals recycling company in 1915, CMC has expanded and evolved into a leader in sustainable steelmaking and construction solutions.

EarthX founder Trammell S. Crow believes the future of EarthX must include participation of business and industry as partners in creating a better tomorrow.

“EarthX is about balance. We’re working to create awareness of the muchneeded balance between ensuring a clean and sustainable environment and a healthy economy,” Crow explained. “Because many commercial and industrial businesses contribute to natural resource consumption, we must have active involvement from the business and innovation community. Having these thought leaders engage with the public and with each other is core to the mission of the EarthX Conference & Expo.”

for information on attending or participating in EarthX, visit: earthx.org/expo

14 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com


You are invited to check out the Library Foundation of Southlake (LFOS) handson Learning Technology Fundraiser. The Library Foundation of Southlake has launched its first fundraiser to support the Southlake Public Library’s hands-on learning initiatives. The LFOS is raising funds needed to donate interactive early learning systems that include games that make learning computer coding and second languages fun while educational. “The Library Foundation of Southlake is a 501c3 non-profit committed to the support and success of the Southlake Public Library through its advocacy, fundraising, and engagement that delights and benefits the community,” said President Lori Burr, a Southlake resident and avid library user. “The library of today is so much more than books. I know first-hand the value of these interactive tools from taking my four grandchildren to the library. I know these additional educational resources will be a big hit with students and adults of all ages.” Founded in 2022, the LFOS sees its role as fundamental in expanding the library’s current capability. Efforts of the LFOS are guided by an extensive library survey conducted in 2021, feedback generated through community discussions, and the expert guidance of the dedicated library staff. Donations to the LFOS are tax deductible. Individuals who donate $500 or more will receive a yard sign in recognition of being a Champion of the Library Foundation of Southlake. Those donating more than $1,000 will receive a yard sign and a tote bag. Together, we can help start the next chapter of the Southlake Public Library. –

visit: libraryfs.org/donate (or) libraryfs.org

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The DFW Golf Show, brought to you by Welcoming Sponsor Corona Premier, is excited to announce that the World Long Drive Champion and former UNT golfer, Kyle Berkshire, will be hitting at world level speeds on the Main Stage at the 11th Annual DFW Golf Show. US Women’s Open champion and DFW local Brittany Lang will return as a celebrity guest and golf comedy group Country Club Adjacent will take the Main Stage. The DFW Golf Show will take place March 17-19, 2023 at a new venue: Esports Stadium Arlington & Expo Center in Arlington (1200 Ballpark Way, Arlington, TX 76011). The show schedule is Friday 11 am - 5 pm, Saturday 10 am - 5 pm, and Sunday 10 am - 4 pm. The threeday event will feature dozens of vendors to shop with, interactive games, golf fittings, and entertainment for the whole family!

The Main Stage features a complete indoor golf simulator so stars like Berkshire can show off their swing and give live tips on how to hit like a World Long Drive Champion. Last year’s Main Stage featured a live presentation by celebrity Tisha Alyn, golf pro Cristie Kerr, and a Dallas Cowboys panel featuring players Demarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford and Brice Butler. All attendees will get the chance to take pictures with the pro golfers at the Corona Premier 19th Hole and Photo Op Zone. VIP guests will even have exclusive events with the celebrities in the Tanglewood Resort VIP Lounge featuring Balcones Distilling. Each day features tons of activities for golf enthusiasts such as the Veritex Bank Championship Short Game Central and the Long Putt brought to you by the Charles Schwab Challenge.

Tickets are available now at dfwgolfshow.com. Early bird general admission tickets are $15 online. Kids 12 and under get in free. VIP tickets are available for $169 and include 3-day Access to the DFW Golf Show, an open bar on Friday and Saturday from 3-5 pm, access to the VIP Lounge and VIP-only celebrity events, rounds at Tanglewood Resort and RB Golf Club & Resort (carts included!), a member for a day at Coyote Ridge Golf Club, and tickets to the AT&T Byron Nelson, Ascendant LPGA, Charles Schwab Challenge, and Veritex Bank Championship. A Platinum VIP ticket is available for $499, which includes a twonight Play & Stay Package at Tanglewood Resort, a foursome round at RB Golf Club & Resort, a free round of golf at Texas Rangers Golf Club, a member for a day at Coyote Ridge Golf Club, tickets to the AT&T Byron Nelson, Ascendant LPGA, Charles Schwab Challenge, and Veritex Bank Championship, Forefathers and Boge Golf swag, and a private range lesson with a Korn Ferry pro at Texas Rangers Golf Club during the Veritex Bank Championship. Get tickets here.

For the 11th consecutive year, the DFW Golf Show will treat attendees to the latest and greatest in golf. In addition to huge savings and a first look at the newest clubs, enjoy Main Stage talks with celebrities and golf professionals, golf fitness, kids areas, a 19th hole lounge and fun tests of skill.

for more information, visit: dfwgolfshow.com

16 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com


Join the American Cancer Society at the Waltz Across Texas Gala at the Austin Ranch at 2009 Anderson Gibson Road located in Grapevine. The party starts at 6:30pm with guests enjoying dinner and some fancy waltzing and boot scooting to a variety of music. More fun follows by both a live and a silent auction, as well as wine and liquor pulls. Waltz Across Texas is a unique way to bring happiness and hope right here in our own community. It’s helping to raise funds and awareness supporting cancer research, educational programs, patient services and advocacy through the American Cancer Society. General admission tickets are $100 per person and here are sponsorship options:

Gold Sponsor $10,000

Two reserved tables of 10. Recognition in invitation. Recognition on website and social media. Full-page in event program.

Silver Sponsor $5,000

One reserved tables of 10. Recognition in invitation. Recognition on website and social media. Half-page in event program.

Bronze Sponsor $2,500

One reserved tables of 10. Recognition in invitation. Recognition on website and social media. Qtr-page in event program.

Table Sponsor $1,500 ............................

One reserved tables of 10. Table Signage.

Join the American Cancer Society on Friday, March 31, 2023 for a one-of-a-kind evening, featuring great food, dancing, a spectacular auction and much more. With your support, the American Cancer Society saves lives by helping people stay well and get well by finding cures and by fighting back against cancer.

visit: waltzTX/givesmart.com

SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 17


Everyone has a favorite Girl Scout cookie type (personally I’m a thin mint addict), but have you ever thought about what could be done with all of those cookie boxes? Teams of Girl Scouts 6th-12th grade will come together, with support from some of North Texas’ leading engineers and architects, to show us what can be done.

Cookie Box Creations returns to Galleria Dallas on Sunday, February 26, and it will feature teams of girls building structure in homage to their favorite National Parks. These amazing structures will remain up at Galleria Dallas for a month and is free to the public.

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, The Cookie Box Creations design contest is returning this year, sponsored by Amazon. Six teams of Girl Scouts in grades 6-12 will partner with local architects and engineers to build National Park-themed structures out of cookie boxes. Creations will be on display at Galleria Dallas through March 26, allowing visitors to experience six national landmarks from across the United States without leaving their local community. A panel of experts will judge the works based on creativity, engineering difficulty, use of color and materials, and adherence to contest rules. Visitors can vote for the 'People's Choice Award' using QR codes near each structure. Winners will be announced at the exhibit close.

Cookie Box Creations demonstrates Girl Scouts' relevant programming, community partnerships and hands-on learning experiences. The program enables girls to develop leadership and problem-solving skills and encourages an interest in STEM.


Live Build

Sunday, February 26, 8am-12pm

Viewing & Voting

February 26 through March 26, 10am-8pm

Galleria Dallas

13350 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, Texas 75240

Exhibit will be on Level I near Sephora


18 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com
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20 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com



The inaugural Hats for Heart Tea and Fashion Show was held in Westlake at the Charles Schwab Headquarters. This Go Red for Women American Heart Association event was chaired by Jenni Lanier & Kathy Talley. Guests heard a special survivor story and watched an exciting fashion show while sipping tea and champagne. The lovely ladies lunch was a fun-raising event where women stood together to take charge of their heart health. The tea and fashion show aimed to raise funds and awareness for the mission of Go Red for Women. Though hats were optional, many women in attendance were adorned with their finest headpiece. The sold out event was a huge success and spread the lifesaving mission for all who heard the powerful message. The attendees joined together to fight to change the fact that 1-in-3 women will die from heart disease.

SL Scene

photography by Vera Crosby


22 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com





For most, it’s an inconvenient process that usually begins with being put on hold to make an appointment. An appointment that, more than likely, is so far off in the future that you might be thinking “maybe my issue will resolve itself before then.” In the likely event that hasn’t happened, you’ll arrive at the office, with a little anxiety over this issue you’ve had for weeks, and find that it is filled to the brim with people. You’ll approach the desk and check in with someone who is probably pulling double duty answering the phones (and they aren’t happy about it). You’ll wait shoulder-to-shoulder with a stranger for about the length of a Yellowstone episode and then be called back to a sterile exam room where you could have probably “watched next episode” before the doctor comes in. This doctor is so busy that they spend about a commercial break amount of time with you (checking their watch) before sending you on your way.


who decided to reverse the standard thought process of his peers and take a hard look at healthcare through the eyes of a patient. When Ophthalmologist Dr. Taylor Strange and his team recently moved their practice, Alliance Vision Institute, they wanted to do it not just right, but next level. “His approach to care is one that is immediately focused on the patient, from the very moment they call to make their appointment,” admits administrator Kasey Gantz. When you call Alliance Vision Institute, you won’t be talking to the same person that greets you upon arrival, instead you will be talking to someone whose sole focus is carefully listening to your concerns and getting you scheduled with the AVI doctor that is best suited to your needs. This is eye care that’s focused on you — where your vision is their mission.

SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 23


Alliance Vision Institute is a general refractive and surgical ophthalmology practice. Their services focus on premier laser cataract procedures with premium high quality implants, laser refractive procedures such as LASIK, and new technology treatments in Glaucoma.


Upon arrival for your appointment—which in many cases is within the same week— you’ll walk into an expansive waiting room with a variety of modern, yet cozy seating options boasting ample space between you and your neighbor. There’s coffee, accessible outlets and TVs so you can stay connected to the outside world (if you want to or need to) while you wait. Being in the AVI waiting room will rival the comfort and amenities of your very own living room. “Every bit of that thought process of what makes us ‘home’ to our patients was a labor of love for Danielle,” says Kasey. Kasey is referring to Dr. Strange’s wife, Danielle Strange. She says when it came time to design the new location, it was Danielle that stepped up to the plate to take on the challenge of creating this entirely patient-focused environment.

“Dr. Strange’s primary focus is being the best surgeon he can for his patients, so Danielle, with her experience of design and function, made the building her labor of love—for him.” The décor is eye catching with bold colors and thought provoking murals. “Every spot in this building, down to the art, incorporates the community; patients past, present and future,” says Kasey. From sprawling paintings of the Rio Grande to snapshots of bluebonnets and enduring portraits of cattle, every element, be it texture, textile, lighting or paint, was carefully considered with the patient’s experience in mind.


24 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com SL COVER STORY Alliance Vision Institute
— Testimonial from Bria J.
“The environment was very comfortable, plus everyone was super-friendly and very helpful. The office is too cute — very chic! My technician, Simone, was very kind and knowledgeable. My needs were promptly attended to. Dr. Mueller goes above and beyond for his patients. I will certainly be returning.”
Dr. Taylor & Danielle Strange


“My experience with Alliance Vision Institute has been a life changer. Prior to coming in, my vision was blurred and I found myself having difficulties reading. Upon arrival at the clinic, I was greeted with kindness and courtesy from checking in to completing my initial examination. Dr. Strange was awesome as he took the time to evaluate and explain what I could expect after surgery. I’ve been wearing glasses since 5th grade. Today I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and am seeing things I have not been able to see or read in a long time with clarity and a brighter contrast due to the removal of the cataracts in both of my eyes. If you are looking for a solution to your vision issues, I would highly recommend Dr. Strange and his staff at Alliance Vision Institute.”

SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 25
— Testimonial from Rocky W. (l-r) Dr. Taylor Strange Administrator Kasey Gantz Dr. Brett Mueller


Dry eye develops with age and is a common problem for women during pregnancy and menopause. These hormonal changes cause changes in the eye’s tear production. Certain medications can also cause dry eye. If you have dry eye, you may also be prone to an eyelid irritation called blepharitis, a common cause of irritation or swelling of the eyelids.

Symptoms of dry eye include:

• Unstable or blurry vision

• Burning or stinging of the eyes

• Tired or fatigued eyes

• A gritty sensation

• Irritation or pain

• Redness

• Contact lens intolerance or reduced wearing time

• Reduced reading and distance vision

The Dry Eye Center at Alliance Vision Institute is led by Dr. Kenneth King. Dr. King is a therapeutic Optometrist and he’s leading the way at the Dry Eye Center at Alliance Vision Institute for patients suffering from dry eye disease with his knowledge of therapeutic treatments and dry eye procedures, such as BlePhex and LipiFlow.

He is a member of the national and state optometric associates and has volunteered on vision mission trips, with Vision USA and the Infant See Program. Dr. King believes it is important to treat his patients as people not just a set of eyes.

The Dry Eye Center at Alliance Vision Institute is devoted to the advanced diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and ocular surface disease.

Alliance Vision Institute utilizes the latest state- of-the-art technology, including the OCULUS Keratograph® 5M. The Keratograph® 5M has a highresolution color camera that is also equipped with intelligent software to analyze the collected data and document the findings. It compares the results and shows the success of the dry eye treatment.

ADVANCED LASER CATARACT SURGERY With advanced laser cataract surgery, a femtosecond laser is used to soften the cataract for a gentler, easier procedure on the eye. With this advanced technology, Dr. Strange can offer you a better, more precise cataract removal procedure that is customized to your eye’s own unique size and shape. If you have astigmatism, the LENSAR® Laser will guide Dr. Strange to correct it for you. Alliance Vision Institute has always believed in personalizing their treatments to fit every patient’s needs. One way they can do that is with specialized vision packages using artificial intraocular lenses, or IOLs. During cataract surgery, the patient’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial one. AVI offers a range of artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs) to bring you the best possible vision for your prescription and lifestyle. Advanced cataract surgery in combination with advanced Intraocular Lens (IOL) technology will result in less, or in many cases no, dependency on glasses after the procedure, even if glasses have been needed all your life up until that point. Alliance Vision Institute is one of the few eye centers that offer a full range of Intraocular lens options. Dr. Strange and his team of experts will recommend whether it is advisable to focus primarily on treating distance vision, near vision, or both, depending on your eye health, work, hobbies and preferences.

SMILE LASIK At Alliance Vision Institute, they get it. You’re tired of the hassle and inconvenience of depending on glasses and contacts to see the world clearly. You wish you could see the clock first thing in the morning or fall asleep watching TV in bed. You wish you didn’t have to constantly keep up with eye exams, new prescriptions, and always refreshing your supply of contact lenses. You wish you could enjoy your favorite activities without worrying about your glasses slipping or your contacts drying out. “We understand why so many people come to us seeking to improve their vision, because many of us used to deal with the same frustrations. We also realize that LASIK has been the go-to procedure our patients associate with vision correction for a long time. But what you might not realize is that there may be an even better way to go: SMILE LASIK.” SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a revolutionary, minimally invasive refractive surgery procedure that can help you achieve excellent visual outcomes—while leaving the front of the eye almost completely untouched. The unique SMILE LASIK operation uses an ultraprecise femtosecond laser, one of the trusted lasers used in LASIK, to create a small disc of tissue just under the surface layer of your cornea. When this disc or “lenticule” is removed via a minuscule opening in the eye, the curvature of the cornea is precisely changed: this helps your eye focus and can dramatically improve vision affected by nearsightedness or astigmatism. SMILE only takes a few minutes to perform, and with more than six million procedures performed across the world, this form of laser vision correction is proven to be effective for refractive errors such as nearsightedness and astigmatism. Patients enjoy a faster, more comfortable recovery after SMILE. Many of AVI patients get back to work and other normal activities (including exercise and wearing makeup) the very next day!


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At Alliance Vision Institute, they have a passion for providing patients with the newest clinically proven medical technology in diagnosing and treating medical eye disease so they can provide patients with their best vision. Here’s just a snapshot of the latest technology Alliance Vision Institute is offering:

It's a fact of life: your eyes are eventually affected by age. In fact, your eyes start aging before you’ve even entered adulthood – around age 10. It's important to understand how your eyes change over time and what you can do to keep them healthy. Some changes are normal. Others may be signs of a vision-threatening condition. That’s why the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends seeing an ophthalmologist regularly by age 40 to ensure early diagnosis and treatment that may save your sight. You can easily book a vision evaluation with Alliance Vision Institute any time day or night on their website or call and speak directly to a member of their support staff. The dedicated specialists at AVI provide the industry-leading laser eye surgery and ophthalmology services you need to see clearly and live your life to the fullest.

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817.442.2020 AllianceEyes.com 9429 North Beach Street Fort Worth, Texas 76244




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The practices in this Special Advertising Section are listed alphabetically and in no special order or ranking.
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Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center

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Specialty | At Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center, the primary focus is eyelid surgery—both cosmetic and medically necessary. They treat droopy upper lids and brows, lids that turn in, growths on the lids, tearing problems and orbital issues. From cosmetic eyelid surgery to dermal fillers, under eye lift, brow lift, and Botox—they are an excellent choice for cosmetic procedures. In addition, they also care for tear duct problems, Graves’ eye disease, orbital fractures and orbital tumors. They’re excited to add Lutronic Genius RF microneedling and Ultra laser to their repertoire. Each can be done on their own or combined to offer the ultimate “total skin solution.” Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center also treats thinning hair with the Ultra laser.

What Sets Us Apart | Always providing excellent medical care and beautiful cosmetic results in a caring manner sets this practice apart. At Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center, they offer both cosmetic skin and cosmetic eyelid procedures that can take years off of your appearance. Usually the first signs of aging are seen around the eyes and they see many patients for blepharoplasties and for skin treatments in the upper and mid-face. This practice specializes in blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift surgery—and they offer excellent skin rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and Dysport to treat fine lines around the eyes.

Dr. Mayli Davis | Dr. Davis, a board certified ophthalmologist, has practiced in the Fort Worth and Colleyville community since 1995. She grew up in the Kansas City area and received her undergraduate medical training at the University of Kansas. Dr. Davis interned at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, prior to her 3-year residency in ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. A fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas in ophthalmic plastic and orbital surgery completed her training. As a woman, Dr. Davis brings a feminine touch and understanding of aesthetic procedures many patients now seek. She’s dedicated to staying current on the latest procedures, treatments, and techniques for the medical and cosmetic treatments of the eyes and surrounding areas. Advanced Eyelid Surgery Center utilizes technologies such as laser and radio frequency to benefit their patients. Her goal is to provide you with excellent medical care and beautiful cosmetic results delivered in a caring manner.

Welcoming Dr. Lauren May | Dr. Lauren May is a board certified, fellowship trained oculofacial plastic surgeon specializing in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the eye and face. She is dedicated to providing patient-centered medical care using the most sophisticated techniques to address her patient’s medical and cosmetic concerns. Dr. May attended medical school at Northwestern University in Chicago, where she graduated in the top 10% of her class. She remained there for her residency training in ophthalmology, where she was named chief resident. Dr. May then completed two intensive years of fellowship in oculoplastic surgery at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina where she received the “Fellow of the Year” award for teaching. Here, she developed an expertise in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery with a focus on eyelids, forehead, and the lacrimal system. Dr. May has performed hundreds of eyelid, eyebrow, and facial surgeries—each customized for the individual patient. She enjoys performing a thorough facial analysis, identifying procedures that would be best to achieve each of her patient’s aesthetic and functional goals. In her free time, Dr. May enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling around the world, and playing with her two french bulldogs.

You Should Know | The quality that most defines this practice is that they treat others as they would like to be treated. They aim for excellence in their care and truly welcome feedback—positive and negative—from patients so they can continually refine their processes to make it truly exceptional.

Mayli Davis,
6208 Colleyville Boulevard, Suite 100, Colleyville, Texas 76034 (817) 778-4444 | DrMayliDavis.com SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBR UARY 2023 31 MEDICAL AND COSMETIC EYE CENTER
Look Better, Live Better - The Difference is Clear
MD Welcomes
May, MD

Allergy Options

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Specialty | Allergies affect over 60 million people in the U.S., but only 5% rely on immunotherapy to reduce or eliminate their allergy symptoms. Allergy symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways. People who suffer from any of the following symptoms may be suffering from allergies: snoring, dry cough, clearing their throat, frequent sinus infections, sneezing, head congestion, dark circles under the eyes, or wheezing. Specializing in the treatment of these symptoms, Dr. Trotter also identifies, assesses and tests for specific allergies—both seasonal and environmental. His practice offers complete adult allergy testing and treatment services.

Why Get Allergy Tested | Seasonal allergies can be caused by small particles (pollens, molds, pet danders, etc.) that are present in the air, entering your nose as you breathe. A person who has allergies will experience inflammation of the lining of the nose and lungs in response to those “foreign” particles. In the North Texas region, the trend toward more severe allergies or first time allergy symptoms is on the rise. A new home-based Immunotherapy regimen can be a cost-effective approach to managing allergy symptoms. Home-based immunotherapy can usually improve or eliminate allergy symptoms. Keep your pets—lose your allergies!

How Does Immunotherapy Work | Allergy shots, creams or oral drops used as immunotherapy treatment is based on a century-old concept that the immune system can be desensitized to specific allergens that trigger allergy symptoms. These symptoms manifest not only as allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and asthma, but also as recurrent respiratory infections, a chronic dry cough, or snoring. While common allergy medications often control these symptoms—if you stop taking the medications, your allergy symptoms return shortly afterward. Immunotherapy treatment can potentially lead to lasting remission of allergy symptoms, and it may play a preventive role in terms of the development of asthma and new allergies.

Safe And Painless Allergy Testing | The need for allergy diagnosis and treatment is growing rapidly and outpaces the availability of allergists that can accommodate new patients. You can leave all of your

worries aside as Dr. Trotter’s team of allergy technicians is ready to help you feel at ease. Allergy testing in your primary care office using the new testing protocol is convenient and is virtually painless without any needles being used. We have the ability to test for the top 70 Dallas-Fort Worth area allergens—plus you get your test results in just 20 minutes! Each patient receives a customized treatment plan and has the option for at-home immunotherapy.

Meet Dr. Brooks Trotter | Dr. Brooks Trotter completed his residency in Internal Medicine at UT-Southwestern/St. Paul in Dallas. Previously, he attended medical school at Texas Tech University. He has practiced at Grapevine Internal Medicine for over 30 years. As a board certified internist, he takes pride in caring for patients for life— from young adulthood into their senior years. Additionally, as Vice President of the Academy of Allergy and Asthma in Primary Care, he also helps other primary care physicians set up allergy testing and treatment in their offices— at no expense to the physician.

About Grapevine Internal Medicine | Dr. Brooks Trotter is one of the four physicians at the Grapevine Internal Medicine Centre—the largest and longest-running internal medicine practice in Grapevine. The practice is conveniently located next to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center. All four doctors are board certified in internal medicine and provide the highest quality, personalized care and treatment in a relaxed, welcoming environment.

You Should Know | Dr. Trotter believes in “real world medicine,” helping patients understand the lifestyle changes that can prevent disease and promote wellness, while taking a pragmatic approach to treatment. Dr. Trotter addresses the conditions themselves, prescribing the appropriate treatment plan and making recommendations to help patients manage their health while also respecting decisions they make.

Pictured | Outside of the office, Dr. Trotter enjoys ranching at his weekend home near Decatur— where he raises Texas longhorns and buffalo. He has also donated his land to several Scout Troops for weekend campouts for over 20 years.

1604 Lancaster Drive, Grapevine, Texas 76051 BrooksTrotterMD.net | (817) 440-4264 | Allergy-Options.com If you are a physician interested in bringing allergy to your office please contact karen@allergy-options.com SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBR UARY 2023 33 ALLERGY TESTING AND IMMUNOTHERAPY Are you ALLERGIC to TEXAS? Brooks Trotter, MD

Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers

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Pioneers of Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine

Experts in Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging & Wellness

Specialty | Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers (BHRC) are pioneers of cutting-edge services and treatments for anti-aging, as well as inner and outer wellness. Their anti-aging wellness centers specialize in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, vitamin supplementation and cutting-edge aesthetic treatments. BHRC Dallas offers an array of services including body contouring, IV therapy, laser treatments, HydraFacials and more. They are committed to offering services that promote healthy aging and boost your confidence and well-being.

What Sets Us Apart | Their highly trained and certified medical team is what sets them apart. The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers are lead by a board certified physician and practitioners, certified and licensed in anti-aging and wellness. The BHRC team is proud to have an impeccable and flawless patient record of care and treatment with the Medical Board in Texas.

Why Choose Us | The BHRC brand is synonymous with wellness transformation and we’re fortunate to have the original branding right here in North Texas. Developed with the oversight of Spa Director Heather Tindell and Medical Director Dr. James Kadi—who established the original BHRC Los Angeles location—only their six North Texas centers found in Southlake, Frisco, Highland Park, Fort Worth, Alliance and Flower Mound maintain the original skill set, foundation and medical protocols of their principal L.A. concept. Because we all deserve to be “Red Carpet Ready” just like the celebrities!

BHRC Medical Director Dr. James Kadi | As the medical director, Dr. James Kadi oversees services provided by the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center. Dr. Kadi is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). As one of the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s leading plastic surgeons, he oversees this skilled medical spa and hormone clinic team. He’s been practicing for 15 years in North Texas. In addition to being an M.D.

he also has a D.D.S. degree and a Masters degree. Dr. Kadi applies his vast knowledge into his everyday practice. He is able to recognize each patient’s uniqueness which allows him to give the special attention that each individual desires and deserves.

“It is gratifying to help people not only feel great about their appearance, but to feel as good as they look,” admits Dr. Kadi. “Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers help their clients achieve both through treatment plans that include nonsurgical aesthetic solutions, as well as those that address their health, wellness and overall well-being, such as providing bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.”

BHRC Spa Director Heather Tindell | For Spa Director Heather Tindell, looking great and feeling great go hand-in-hand. After more than a decade in film, television, modeling and broadcasting, as well as first class training in the medical field—she now combines her passions for wellness and the secrets she learned working with Hollywood elite to bring North Texas a spa like no other in the area. “My goal is that my clients experience the same level of care and treatments that actors, celebrities and the wealthy choose at an affordable price right here at home.” By transplanting the knowledge and expertise of their famous Beverly Hills-based location to the six DFW clinics, North Texans can now share in the secrets that keep the rich and famous looking fabulous. “With that insight comes the techniques, protocols and treatments developed by industry leaders and set by world renowned physicians,” shares Tindell. “By working alongside experts and learning the most intricate details, we can achieve optimal results for our clients.”

Setting Standards | BHRC is results driven and has safety protocols in place to achieve optimal results. They measure success by their client referrals, outcomes and growth of the company over the past decade. They have no intentions of slowing down or stopping! BHRC is expanding still in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex—and now in the Arizona market.

Pictured | (left) Heather Tindell, Director & Founder (right) Dr. James Kadi, Medical Director
SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBR UARY 2023 35 REGENERATIVE MEDICINE & REJUVENATION facebook: @bhrcDFW | BHRCdallas.com | instagram: @bhrc_dallas SOUTHLAKE (817) 251-9280 ALLIANCE (817) 379-0566 FLOWER MOUND (972) 355-2777 FORT WORTH (817) 377-4600 HIGHLAND PARK (469) 914-6052 FRISCO (469) 353-8821

Blue Stone Dental

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The Exceptional Care You Deserve Where Making You Smile is Only the Beginning

Specialty | At Blue Stone Dental, your smile is only the beginning. Their general, restorative and cosmetic dentists include Dr. Rebecca Lauck, Dr. Jay Corley, and welcoming Dr. Erika Eide. Alongside them, the dental team provides quality dental care adjusted to meet your unique needs and goals. They approach oral healthcare with an understanding that it affects your overall health. They work diligently to provide all patients with comprehensive and personalized care by offering a variety of treatment options such as— cosmetic and restorative dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, sedation dentistry, Invisalign, and more.

What Sets Us Apart | A beautiful smile is the most important ornament you can wear. It is your signature. It’s a way to reflect happiness and confidence. It shows you are in good health. At Blue Stone Dental, they believe good overall health is possible only if there is good oral health and anything we do to the oral cavity can directly influence our body. Therefore, they try to achieve good oral health through procedures that are more natural and safe. The utmost aim of dental care at their office is to prevent dental problems in the first place. They do this through their quality dental treatment and by educating patients about good practices.

Dr. Rebecca Lauck | Practicing general dentistry for more than 34 years, Dr. Lauck has taken many CE courses and established herself as an expert in all phases of dentistry. Her focus is on the oral cavity. TMD, orthodontics, sleep apnea and how are all connected to the oral cavity and influence each other. She has special training in all of these areas, in addition to holistic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Lauck has lived in Keller for 20 years. She married her high school sweetheart and has twin boys—both of whom have joined the Navy. Outside of work, Dr. Lauck enjoys playing golf, cooking, playing the piano and making greeting cards.

Dr. Jay Corley | Originally from Corsicana, Dr. Corley graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry, but his education did not end there. He is dedicated to continuing education in order to deliver the best care and techniques to his patients. He is one of only a few doctors in the state of Texas that has

hands-on training in the new FDA approved laser periodontal therapy and has served as the vice president of the Texas Academy of Laser and High Tech Dentistry. He has expertise in implant dentistry with a focus on placement and restoration of dental implants—replacing one or multiple missing teeth and anchoring loose-fitting dentures. He’s married to his high school sweetheart and they have two children. When he’s not working, he likes fishing, hunting, bicycling and music.

Welcoming Dr. Erika Eide | Dr. Erika Eide is compassionate and delivers personalized treatment in a relaxing environment. She’s detail-oriented and prioritizes her patients’ time. Dr. Eide was born and raised in Texas. She grew up near South Padre Island and she loves the beach. She enjoys giving back by volunteering for Operation Lone Star & East Texas, Texas Mission of Mercy and overseas in Jamaica. In her spare time she enjoys dining out and traveling with her husband and their one-year-old son.

What New Patients Can Expect | Your first visit is all about you—your comfort, your happiness, and your health. During this visit the doctor and one of their experienced dental hygienists will review your medical history, listen to your concerns and after any necessary records (x-rays, photos, etc.) a personalized plan will be developed and discussed. Any and all questions you have will be answered. The next part of this visit, your hygienist will take care of your cleaning needs.

Teeth for Life | Practicing good oral hygiene means maintaining your smile by visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of your teeth and gums between checkups. Blue Stone Dental wants to make sure you get the most out of your office visits, and that your teeth stay healthy for life! They’ll work with you to provide complete dental care, and show you how to maintain your smile at home for you and your family. Blue Stone Dental’s experienced and talented dental team is committed to creating a comfortable, stressfree, rewarding dental experience every time you visit.

Pictured | (l-r) Dr. Erika Eide, Dr. Jay Corley, and Dr. Rebecca Lauck
SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBR UARY 2023 37 COMPREHENSIVE FAMILY DENTISTRY 1675 Keller Pkwy, Keller, Texas 76248 (817) 337-0223 | bluestonedental.net

Clearview Eyecare & Laser Center

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The Clear Choice For Comprehensive Family, Medical and Surgical Eyecare

Specialty | At Clearview Eyecare and Laser Center, they offer complete medical and surgical eyecare. Their medical services include, but are not limited to, comprehensive eye examinations, glaucoma diagnosis and management, diabetic retinopathy evaluations, and dry eye management. Their most common surgical options for vision correction include blade-free LASIK, cataract surgery, implantable collamer lenses (ICL) and YAG laser procedures.

Why Choose Clearview | Clearview Eyecare and Laser Center is the clear choice for vision correction. They offer complete family, medical and surgical eyecare in one convenient location— all under one roof. It’s no surprise that 31 eye doctors have chosen Clearview for their own surgical vision correction. Clearview offers a variety of services that are each tailored to meet specific and unique needs of their patients. Through a tremendous level of patient care, their entire team strives to provide the best experience for each individual.

Affordability | Clearview Eyecare and Laser Center offers competitive pricing that makes laser vision correction easily affordable. Their doctors understand that fees are certainly an important aspect in choosing which facility to perform your LASIK procedure. They know that vision correction is an excellent investment in your well-being. Because of this, they believe that financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining any procedure. In addition to providing you with competitive pricing, they also offer excellent financing plans with 0 down and 0% interest. They’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical care. Being sensitive to the fact that different patients have different needs, Clearview offers payment installments, accepts all major credit cards, cash, checks and insurance (contact them to check your benefits/coverages), plus they also accept company FLEX spending accounts, and CareCredit Health Care financing.

Complimentary Screenings | You should know that at Clearview, their screenings are always provided at no charge to you. One of their doctors personally conducts each and every screening. As a part of their ongoing commitment to quality care and because they understand the time commitment required, they work hard to ensure that you are seen promptly at your scheduled appointment time. To schedule your free screening, call or fill in the website form and they will get back to you to confirm the appointment information with you.

Second To None | Clearview has some of the most highly trained and certified ophthalmic technicians in the field with over 60 years combined experience. At every level of care, each staff member brings a unique skill and vibrant personality to enhance your experience. From the first moment you walk into their office, you will find friendly faces and expertise that’s second to none.

Know The Facts | The decision to undergo laser vision correction is a serious one and should not be made quickly, but carefully. Know the facts! There are many reasons they recommend that patients become educated before undergoing LASIK eye surgery. All laser centers are not created equal, so knowing what to ask before moving forward can be of great benefit to all prospective patients to ensure you will be receiving the quality care you deserve.

The Clear Choice | It is through Clearview Eyecare and Laser Center’s premier reputation, advanced technology, honest appreciation for their patient’s time, and flexibility when it comes to affording the procedures you need that truly make this practice “The Clear Choice” when it comes to your family’s comprehensive medical and surgical eye care needs.

Our Doctors | (left to right) Robert Lyons, M.D.; Wallace Ryne, O.D., F.A.A.O.; Karen L. Liu, O.D.; and

Kasey Holdridge, O.D., F.A.A.O.
1980 East State Highway 114, Southlake, Texas 76092 (817) 329-2700 | ClearviewLaserVision.com SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBR UARY 2023 39 FAMILY, MEDICAL AND SURGICAL EYECARE

Dentistry by Greg L. Gist DDS

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Dentistry for the Quality Conscious The Superior Gist Way is Elevating Dentistry

Specialty | From the quiet and serene location to the welcoming and personable team, people know right away that this dental practice is unique. For 39 years, Dr. Greg Gist and his team have provided comprehensive restorative and crown and bridge dentistry with emphasis on cosmetic rehabilitations. All cases are accomplished with oral sedation, so they can be efficient with their patient’s busy schedules, as well as putting the most anxious patients at ease.

The Gist Way | Dr. Gist’s approach to overall systemic health sets his practice apart. He and his team are committed to a higher standard of clinical and aesthetic excellence using only biocompatible materials that support systemic infection-free health. This is accomplished in a loving and comfortable environment that features a dental team who truly believes this is their calling.

World-Class | As Southlake’s first dentist, Dr. Greg L. Gist has been practicing in the same location since 1984. His treatment philosophy sets his practice apart on a national level. His Master Lab Ceramist says that Dr. Gist’s practice accomplishes more all ceramic smile designs and comprehensive dental rehabs than any other single doctor practice in the country— attracting patients from all over the United States, as well as many foreign countries.

What Patients Can Expect | Patients who come to Dr. Gist’s practice can expect for this dental team to deliver the very best service and highest quality dental care in the world—to patients looking for this level of care. Their team will continue to be a blessing to every patient that God brings them.

Doctor-Patient Relationship | A patient should have the final say as to the level of care they want to pursue. Decisions made by insurance companies tend to best serve insurance companies. This practice has no managed care philosophies in place. They know patients by their name, not their insurance coverage!

Three Things That Set Us Apart | 1) Quality. Dr. Gist’s approach to overall systemic health is the difference that sets this practice apart. He is com-

mitted to a higher standard of clinical and aesthetic excellence using only biocompatible materials that support systemic infection-free health. 2) Worldclass team. Dr. Gist feels blessed to be able to care for their patients in a fun and loving environment, surrounded by the most talented and nurturing support staff. They’ve been referred to as ‘The most amazing dental team in America!’ by many of their patients. 3) No managed care philosophies. This practice has no managed care philosophies in place and is truly relationship driven.

Improving Lives | Dr. Gist’s goal for his patients is to have their teeth for a lifetime, which is entirely possible for the vast majority of Americans today. He knows that the level of care they provide creates value for their patients by delivering what they know to be the finest in dental art and science that’s available today. It’s a responsibility they take seriously and one that improves the lives of their patients and friends. This brand of world-class clinical and aesthetic excellence in cosmetic and restorative dentistry isn’t for everyone, but those patients desiring a higher level of care have found their practice to be a safe place of extreme excellence.

You Should Know | If you’ve been hiding your smile, putting up with pain or putting off going to the dentist—their safe sedation dental techniques mean that you can have years of dental treatments done quickly and with little to no discomfort. They confidently promise you the finest, safest and most comfortable dental care.

A Promise To Patients | To continue to deliver world-class clinical and aesthetic excellence in cosmetic/restorative dentistry to patients looking for this superior level of care—and to accomplish this in a fun environment, surrounded by the most talented and nurturing support staff. In short, to be a blessing to every patient God brings to the practice.

Pictured | (back standing l-r) Junior Partner and Protégé Dr. Carter Hayes and Founder/Owner Dr. Greg L. Gist (front seated l-r) Monique Lott, Racheal Zuniga, Genna Gillund, Shelley Simon and Tammy Doporto.

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2379 North Carroll Road, Southlake, Texas 76092 (817) 488-7512 | SouthlakeSmiles.com COSMETIC AND RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY
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Executive Medicine of Texas

A Truly Personalized Approach to Your Health Extraordinary Luxury Since 2005

Specialty | Pioneers of Concierge Medicine in North Texas, the entire staff at Executive Medicine of Texas is dedicated to individual, executive, and corporate wellness. This dedication is what attracts people from all over the world to experience their services and return year after year. From executive physical packages to their bio-identical hormone replacement programs, the goal is always to keep patients healthy and vibrant. Their promise to you is simple—to make their patients feel right at home as they partner with you in your health goals. If you are ready to get your life and your health back, there’s no better place to start than here.

A History of Excellence | Founded in 2005, Executive Medicine of Texas was created by Drs. Mark Anderson and Walter Gaman who have been working together for nearly 30 years. Together, they decided to open a practice where they could treat their patients like they would their own family. In order to do this, they needed to eliminate health insurance restrictions. Doing so allowed them to spend the quality one-on-one time with patients needed to enhance the patient-doctor relationship.

Why Choose Us | Access, access and more access. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 24/7 access to your physician? Each tier of the Executive Medicine Concierge Program gives you all hours access to their world class team. And we’re not talking about trading voicemails and long-delayed replies. We’re talking real conversations—by phone, email, text message or video call regarding your health and treatment—day or night. If you do require an inperson visit, same day or next-day visits can be arranged at any level of the Concierge Program. At Executive Medicine of Texas, you can be assured that your questions will be answered and your needs will be met on your schedule.

An Ounce of Prevention | Each level of the Executive Medicine Concierge Program includes a minimum of a Gold Level Physical Exam, as well as primary care visits with your Executive Medicine

provider for the course of one year, coordination of care to specialists, and air medical transfer if ever hospitalized while traveling. The Executive Physical Exam is among the most comprehensive available worldwide. Patients spend a half-day at Executive Medicine’s resort-style office to determine their true health status, testing over 100 different values (including hormone levels), coupled with an in-depth look at the heart, lungs, fitness level, cognition and more. The best way to improve your health is to know your true status and devise a preventative plan.

Executive and Luxury Medicine | With their comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatments and medical services, Executive Medicine of Texas is a leader in preventative and proactive health. From busy executives to professional athletes and high profile individuals, it’s their five-star level of service that attracts people from around the globe. The physicians’ dedication to corporate wellness and executive health also attracts Fortune 100 companies, as well as small business owners. This is the very best of concierge-style healthcare and luxury medicine at its finest, putting them in a league of their own.

World Class Team | Executive Medicine of Texas is comprised of a team of physicians and providers that strive to provide the highest level of luxury care for their patients. (pictured here l-r) Randi True, PA-C; Chris Tupper, DC; J. Mark Anderson, MD, MPH; Walter Gaman, MD; and Le Santha Naidoo, DO.

Continuity of Care | One of the biggest benefits of the Executive Medicine Concierge Program is the coordination of care—they like to refer to it as “quarterbacking.” Think of them as the quarterback of your medical team. They see the big picture and call the right plays because they’ve taken the time to get to know you. When you’re ready to take control of your healthcare, be seen as a person and not a number, and you realize your time is too valuable to be spent in waiting rooms—it’s time to consider Executive Medicine of Texas. Visit them online to preview their full suite of services.

2106 East State Hwy. 114, Suite 300 , Southlake, Texas 76092 (817) 552-4300 | EMTexas.com SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 43 CONCIERGE MEDICINE

Institute of Spinal Disorders

44 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com

World Class Spine Care with a Team Approach

Robert Myles, MD, FAAOS and Dovie McVean, MS, PA-C

Specialty | The Institute of Spinal Disorders (ISD) orthopedic spine surgery practice provides advanced non-surgical and surgical treatments to exceed patient expectations. Led by board certified spine surgeon Dr. Robert Myles, the practice offers compassionate care in a safe environment for adults and children. ISD provides comprehensive care for many spine conditions, including back or neck pain, sciatica, scoliosis and spinal stenosis. Though Dr. Myles generally starts with non-surgical options, he also performs spine surgery when appropriate using the most advanced tools and techniques available. He specializes in reconstructive surgery, spinal fusion, disc replacement and minimally invasive surgery. They also treat general orthopedic conditions such as knee and wrist bursitis, fractures, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The practice has onsite physical therapy, offers free MRI reviews, and provides second opinions for any patients.

What Sets Us Apart | Dr. Myles intentionally directs an integrated team approach at the Institute of Spinal Disorders This includes, but is not limited to—pain specialists, physician assistant physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, chiropractors, nutritionist, laser therapy, counseling and massage therapy. For over 17 years, ISD and Dr. Myles have treated the gamut of spinal problems and are recognized by peers and patients alike for providing world class spine care. While Dr. Myles has utilized this multidisciplinary approach for many years, he has been in focused pursuit of developing a truly integrated, one-stop-shop spine center, assembling his team of physicians and care providers all under one roof. This seamless system of care encourages the very best outcomes for their patients.

Surgery As Last Resort | Patients often don’t realize how many new techniques and technologies are available to them that can eliminate or reduce back or spinal problems. In fact, Dr. Myles is so successful in finding his patients relief from back and neck pain that less than 10% of them actually require a surgical intervention. For pain and healing, the Institute of Spinal Disorders offers laser therapy

with the cutting-edge Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Therapy Laser, which reduces pain and inflammation and accelerates the body’s natural healing process. The practice also carries Metagenics® vitamins through its vitamin and supplement store. The Institute of Spinal Disorders serves as a one-stopshop for all orthopedic and physical therapy needs.

Robert T. Myles, MD, FAAOS | “We embody the changing face of the healthcare industry, which demands higher quality care, a greater level of patient satisfaction and cost effectiveness. To deliver, we have put a multi-disciplinary framework in place that offers patients the most comprehensive spine care available. I look at every patient as if they were an extension of my family and consider how I would want them to be treated. Finding the right mix of solutions to make a patient better is why I use an integrated team approach—and with such great success. What works for one person, may not work for another even if they share the same diagnosis.”

Living Without The Pain

| The Institute of Spinal Disorders’ mission is to provide patients with advanced treatment options and compassionate care, utilizing a comprehensive approach to include both non-surgical and surgical options. The majority of patients in their practice do not require surgery. For those patients that do, you can trust their years of experience and advanced treatments options. At the Institute of Spinal Disorders, they help their patients live without the pain!


of The

Best | An innovator, Dr. Myles developed and patented a minimally invasive surgery device. This device is now used in almost all minimally invasive access systems. Dr. Myles is fellowship trained in spine surgery. This important distinction means that he has received advanced, specialized training that makes him more proficient in the operating room. In short, if surgery is the appropriate course of action—you will be in the best possible hands with Dr. Myles! When you are ready for innovative care to help you live without the pain, call or schedule an appointment today.

(817) 288-0084 | InstituteOfSpinalDisorders.com SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 45 729 W. Bedford-Euless Rd., Suite 206 Hurst, Texas 76053 3600 West 7th Street, Suite A Fort Worth, Texas 76107 NON-SURGICAL AND SURGICAL SPINE CARE

Spine Works Institute

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Cutting-Edge Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery and Pain Management Specialists

Specialty | Spine Works Institute is a leader in cutting-edge technology involving minimally-invasive spine surgery, as well as the latest in non-invasive, nonsurgical treatments for patients with neck and back pain. If surgery is required, the minimally-invasive options offered at Spine Works Institute will often times allow patients to go home the same day... getting you back to your life as fast as possible!

What Sets Us Apart | Spine Works Institute operates from their state-of-the-art 10,500 square foot spine center that is dedicated solely to the treatment and care of both neck and spinal problems. They are first and only Spine Center of Excellence™ in all of Texas. Under one single roof, we care for patients with neck and back pain using a multitude of integrated spine care that includes conservative physical therapy, injection therapy, advanced pain management as well as surgical intervention, if necessary. Spine Works Institute employs the latest in minimally invasive spine surgeries as well as cuttingedge disc replacement technologies. Using advanced technologies, we get patients back to their life and alleviate neck and back pain.

Why Choose Us | The staff at Spine Works Institute has been expertly trained in the latest spinal treatments, including the most advanced options in non-surgical treatment, minimally-invasive spinal surgery, spinal reconstructive surgery, revision surgery, adult scoliosis care, treatment of spinal compression fractures, electrodiagnostic consultation, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic spine injections.

Treatment Options | Spine Works Institute offers a variety of treatment options including, but not limited to: physical therapy, interventional pain management techniques such as epidural steroid injections, medications, exercise and conditioning programs, microdiscectomy, kyphoplasty, in addition to minimally-invasive surgery.

Comprehensive Spine Care Experience | There are many reasons people may need the treatment expertise of Spine Works Institute. They have vast

experience in treating all areas of the spine, including cervical, thoracic and lumbar problems. If you are experiencing symptoms like back pain, neck pain, weakness in your limbs or numbness, you may require treatment. If your chiropractor or family doctor has evaluated your symptoms and recommended that you need a more in-depth evaluation and/or specialized treatment, you may be referred to the Spine Works Institute.

In-House MRI | Spine Works Institute now offers a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging MRI system right in their offices. Their MRI services support a wide range of clinical applications, including MRI’s of the chest, abdomen, pelvis, shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle, foot and non-thoracic MRI’s of the spine. The MRI system provides the physicians with high quality detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology to help them evaluate a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

Working Together | The treatment process is a team effort, involving doctors, nurses, therapists, counselors and most importantly, you and your family. They will provide you with access to the information and skilled professional care needed to hasten your recovery. After their treatment team reviews your films, any additional tests, and the results of your diagnostic interview and your medical history, they will make recommendations for a treatment plan. You may be asked to meet with a surgeon, physiatrist, physical therapist, physician assistant, or another member of Spine Works expert team.

You Should Know | Spine Works Institute is dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience for every patient who visits their practice. Decisions regarding treatment for your back must be made carefully. In most instances, there is ample time to learn about your spinal condition so that you can make an educated decision about your care.

Pictured | (left to right) Dr. Jeff Phelps, MD; Dr. Joshua Hay, MD; Pina Soni, ANP-BC; and Brock Smith, PA-C
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greater good

The mission of Sky High is to bring communities together to provide comfort, fund research and save lives of those fighting pediatric cancer and other life-threatening conditions. THEIR VISION IS TO END PEDIATRIC CANCER.

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SL greater good



is a 501c3 nonprofit organization comprised of a devoted staff, board members, and an army of volunteers who work tirelessly to support children undergoing treatment for cancer and other life threatening conditions. Their efforts benefit leading hospitals and research centers by closing the gap in childhood cancer rates globally. The Sky High team is saving kids through advanced medical studies and healing families who are battling cancer now through our comfort programs.


An impressionable 16-year-old hometown festival queen completed her reign and realized that being involved in the community was something she enjoyed. Brittany entered the Miss Acadiana pageant in Kaplan, LA and although she made first runner up, God had another plan in store. A few weeks later, she received a call asking if she would take the crown as the original winner forfeited her title by competing in another local pageant. Without hesitation, Brittany said “Yes ma’am!” Over the next few weeks, she would begin a journey that today she credits as God’s plan and would be

shown her true vocation in life. At 21, she was approached to raise $10,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Brittany remembered her life-changing trip only five years prior to this hospital. Inspired by the challenge, she contacted a few friends and hosted a sporting clay tournament in hopes of raising the $10,000. That day they raised $50,000.

For 13 years, Brittany excelled in the Oil and Gas industry while building Sky High for Kids in her personal time. She utilized her contacts and resources within the industry to build events throughout Texas and Louisiana—raising millions of dollars to fund research projects. Sky High for

Kids was officially founded in 2007 and successfully operated as a volunteer-run organization until 2014. The nonprofit organization’s mission is to provide comfort, fund research and save the lives of those fighting pediatric cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

In 2018, Brittany became the foundation’s full-time CEO. Today, she is leading a team raising millions of dollars to help fund pediatric cancer research. Sky High funds projects at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Texas Children’s Cancer & Hematology Center and The Ronald McDonald House Charities, Memphis among others. Brittany’s leadership and

50 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com


passion has led Sky for High Kids to donate more than $20 million to research institutions and causes, including $4 million in 2019 alone. In 2018, Sky High for Kids ambitiously pledged to raise $40 million over the next 15 years for Texas Children’s Hospital and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ($20 per institution). Twenty million of the commitment benefits Texas Children’s Cancer Center projects Global HOPE initiative and the first immunotherapy center solely dedicated to pediatric cancer in the U.S. In addition, Sky High has committed to a $20 million pledge to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to fund a research floor within the new 625,000-sq-ft Inspiration4 Advanced Research Center (A.R.C.). Research conducted throughout the A.R.C. will help move pediatric cancer survival rates forward. Each year, Brittany’s vision has grown and Lafayette became Houston, San Antonio, Midland and soon enough, Sky High for Kids would be doing their good work nationwide to fulfill their vision of ending childhood cancer once and for all.


The Sky High team is saving kids through advanced medical studies and healing families who are battling cancer now through our comfort programs. Historically, over 70 cents of every dollar raised has gone back to their mission. You can trust that the money donated to Sky High will have the greatest impact on pediatric cancer worldwide. In addition to monetary donations they make, Sky High for Kids also provides a variety of programs to further benefit pediatric cancer families. Programs include Tie For Sky High, Pop Tabs, Ponytail Donations and Sky High Adventures. Allocated funding supports these Sky High for Kids initiatives:

• Funding a floor in the Inspiration4 Advanced Research Center (ARC) at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee

• Supporting the first and only pediatric cancer immunotherapy center at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Center in Houston, Texas

• Building three training facilities in sub-Saharan Africa with Texas Children’s Hospital’s Global HOPE Program to increase capacity of medical care for the 100,000 children battling cancer and blood disorders in that region


Volunteering is one of the many ways to get involved with Sky High. They could not host their events, run their programs or raise the money they do without their army of volunteers across the country. Sky High is beyond grateful for the hands-on dedication of its volunteers. They provide a direct connection between you and your organization and the families who receive their help. Join the Sky High family and help them fight today! You can get involved locally by attending, volunteering or sponsoring the 2023 Heroes Charity Golf Tournament that benefits Sky High this October 1-2 in Dallas.

The Sky High for Kids Young Professionals was started in 2019 by a group of motivated individuals wanting to further the mission of Sky High and join in the fight against pediatric cancer and other lifethreatening diseases. You can even allow Sky High to create a tailored corporate event for your organization. Sky High becomes your internal charitable event planner and will organize your company’s charitable efforts and, manage all the logistical details of the event, while including your company’s culture and team.

You can also name Sky High for Kids as your charity of choice. Whether you’ve been organizing your charitable event for years or you want to initiate an Employee Match Program, direct your donations to their trusted mission! Sky High wants to be your charity of choice! (please contact pr@skyhighforkids.org for more details).

You can raise money on behalf of Sky High by creating your own peer-to-peer fundraising page. It’s simple, follow the link on their website to get started! Or join Sky High’s fight by becoming a Family Member. What is a Sky High for Kids Family Member? Sky High Family Members make a $25,000 minimum annual donation to receive benefits at each of their internal Sky High events, get recognition on marketing materials throughout the year and more. Ultimately, the cure comes faster when we all help!




–SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 51
PASSION: We are enthusiastic about the mission and we use our drive to inspire and energize others.
INTEGRITY: We hold ourselves to a high standard of having strong moral principles and uprightness.
FAITH: We have faith that each member of our Sky High family has God given talents that will help us end Childhood Cancer, together.
FAMILY: We are one unit, we share one mission and are ultimately one team.
MISSION DRIVEN: We always put the mission first.

GET CRAFTY creative date night ideas

Sometimes coming up with a date idea or romantic things to do for couples can be hard. That’s why we worked to create the most comprehensive list of things to do in and around Fort Worth. Whether you’re looking to splurge or looking for free dates, we have them all.

(1) Listen to some jazz – Couples can enjoy the speakeasy vibes over good drinks and local and national talent over at Scat Jazz Lounge in Fort Worth.

(2) See the gardens – A romantic evening can easily be spent at the Botanical Gardens where couples can enjoy the stunning Japanese Gardens, the colorful rose gardens, and the rainforest. There is so much to see!

(3) Watch a Broadway show – No need to go to New York for this date idea! Right in Fort Worth, the Bass Hall brings in some of the top Broadway shows for a fun evening of musicals and singing.

(4) Listen to the symphony – The Symphony is always a great opportunity to get dressed up for an elegant evening!

(5) See the ballet – Whether it’s watching classics like the Nutcracker, spins on our favorite stories like Beauty and the Beast, or discovering a complete new story, the Texas Ballet Theatre puts on so many captivating shows that might just leave couples speechless.

(6) Watch an opera show – Everyone has to try the opera at least once so why not try it with someone special. The Fort Worth Opera does such a wonderful job of bringing in so much different talent to match peoples different tastes.

(7) Meet cool animals – Whether you’ve wanted to get up close to sloths, pet sting rays, or meet so many other animals, Seaquest definitely makes for a cute Fort Worth date.

(8) Take a Scenic Flight – Generation Aircrafts will have you flying over the city for an incredible view that’s nothing short of romantic.

(9) Or take to the sky in a different way – For another way to take flight check out Longhorn Helicopters.

(10) Learn about the cowgirl – Only in cowtown would you also find a Cowgirl Hall of Fame & Museum and this one is pretty cool! There’s so much cool history!

(11) Belt your favorite tune – Whether you have a voice meant for Broadway or you can’t carry a tune to save your life, karaoke is always a fun idea for a couples date. Choose to either sing to an entire crowd at Pecker’s or opt to rent out your own private booth at Voicebox Karaoke.

(12) Listen to a concert while tubing – At Panther Island Pavilion couples can rent out tubes and enjoy time out on the water. Even better are the days when they have live concerts playing.

(13) Watch a movie in your car – Enjoy the comfort of a movie without having to leave your car with a drive in movie at Panther Island Drive-in.

(14) Take in nature’s beauty – The Fort Worth Nature Center is filled with different trails through different terrains where you can take in the beauty of nature.

(15) Go Two Stepping – Don’t worry if you don’t know how! Billy Bobs even has classes for people who are new to it.

52 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com

(16) See the Art – The Modern is always bringing in cool and one of a kind exhibits for a new date idea every season.

(17) Step Back in Time – The Log Cabin Village brings history to life with reenactments and a look into how life used to be.

(18) Go on a Treasure Hunt – If you love to go thrifting or the excitement of trying something new make sure to visit DFW Dollar Deals! This shop gets new items every week that are returns from other stores mostly in top quality. Everything ranges from $0.50 to $2 and you never know what you’ll find from a smart watch to a treasure you’ve been eyeing for a while somewhere else. You never know what you’ll find.

(19) Go for a trail ride – Take in the beautiful scenery of Fort Worth at Benbrook stables with a horse as your guide.

(20) Check out the Dueling Pianos – If you’ve never been, dueling piano bars are such a fun and unique idea where two pianos duel it out and the crowd gets into it, as well as singing along over at Pete’s Dueling Pianos.

(21) Learn about multicultural Western heritage – At the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame you can learn about the diversity of cowboys and our rich western heritage from a new lens.

(22) Watch a barrel race – While some people consider the rodeo a special occasion, at the Fort Worth stockyards you can catch your favorite rodeo events year round on the weekends.

(23) Play some bingo – You might get lucky at Bingo Parlor and then you can take your winnings to use for another date!

(24) Ride the train – The Grapevine Vintage Railroad will take you all the way to Grapevine and depending on when you go they even have themed rides, wine rides, and more.

(25) Ride another train – While it doesn’t have all the cool themes, it’s still fun to ride the train and the Trinity Railway Express will take you over to Dallas for a Dallas date!

(26) See some planes – Learn all about the airlines, look inside a cockpit, see the command center, and of course checkout some cool planes all at the CR Smith Museum.

(27) Take old time photos – For some truly memorable photos Jersey Lilly will provide costumes so you can dress up as saloon girls, gun fighters, and more with the perfect backdrop.

(28) Learn something – See dinosaurs, explore space, and take in the wonders of the world at the Museum of Science and History.

(29) Laugh together – The Four Day Weekend takes the suggestions of the audience for a night of comedy that couples will love.

(30) See some cool planes – Flight enthusiasts will love taking in all of the unique and one a kind planes and maybe even see them from the inside at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum.

(31) Visit a speakeasy – Now that we are back to the 20’s, it’s only appropriate to spend this decade of secret passwords and jazzy spaces to feel like you’re in the prohibition era.

(32) See ghosts – Explore the spookier side of Fort Worth while walking around the stockyards at the stockyard ghost tours.

(continued on next page)

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(33) Cruise Around in a Cool Car – If you want to go on a date in style, or your date has dreamed of driving a Lamborghini, a Porsche, or other luxury vehicle, consider making your date extra special by renting out a luxury vehicle through Turo.

(34) Go On A Vintage Hunt – Set a budget and maybe a theme and see who can come up with the most unique, most fashionable, or most outrageous ensemble.

(35) Experience an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony – The Japanese Tea Gardens are beautiful to visit, but they also have a special event to experience the ceremony here.

(36) Play some games – Get competitive with some games and drinks at Game Theory.

(37) Visit the arcade – Spend the day at the arcade with old style video games and your typical festival games at Free Play Fort Worth.

(38) Try wakeboarding – Surf on the water Cowtown Wakepark.

(39) Try indoor skydiving – Too nervous to try actual skydiving (me too!)! Well at iFly you get all the fun of skydiving without falling thousands of feet! Adrenaline is supposed to lead to more feelings of attraction to make this even more of a reason to be such a great Frisco date night idea!

(40) Go roller skating – Roller skating has always been a classic date! Going around in circles hand in hand while reliving old memories at Rollerland West.

(41) Go ice skating – The same thing but with ice. And even more reason to get close to stay warm at Panther Island Ice.

(42) Hit some pins – More than just the old school bowling, you can enjoy top drinks and food with some friendly competition.

(43) Throw an axe – The slogan of Axes & Ales: like darts but with axes! I never would have thought to compare the two, but one thing is for sure. It will be an interesting date night.

(44) Try archery – Maybe like axes but with bows and arrows? Fleming archery will teach you the skills!

(45) Escape the room – This date will have couples working as a team and probably has some real life skills to be applied later in the relationship. Red Door Escape Rooms is great because they go all out with the sets to make it feel realistic.

(46) Jump on trampolines – Become a kid again with Altitude Adventure Park trampolines.

(47) Learn to swing dance – The Fort Worth Swing Dance Society will have couples dancing the lindy hop in no time.

(48) Go golfing – For a swinging good Fort Worth date check out Top Golf which is like the bowling of golf. You don’t have to go chasing after the balls after you hit them, and you can enjoy dinner and drinks at the same time.

(49) Go kayaking – The Fort Worth Nature Center has a Refuge Paddling Trail with a 6-7 mile loop.

(50) Test your balance – Who will fall into the water first? You could even make a whole challenge out of it at Trinity SUP.

(51) Visit the local breweries – Follow the Fort Worth Ale Trail to discover the local brewery scene.

54 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com

(52) Or try the distilleries – Just like an ale trail Fort Worth also has a distillery trail for couples to follow. It might take a couple of dates with how many there are in the area!

(53) Go for a wine tasting – In Fort Worth you’ll find Cowtown Winery. After that couples can venture a little further for a tour around the North Texas Wine Trail.

(54) Go on a food tour – Whether it’s finding the best margarita or checking out hidden gems, Eat This Fort Worth has all different kinds of food tours to eat your way around Fort Worth.

(55) Learn to cook – Whether you burn water or are a pretty decent cook, there’s always room for improvement. The Cookery does everything from learning to make pasta, themed meals, sushi, cocktails, and more. People are even surprised to learn that Central Market has classes as well.

(56) Solve a mystery – More than just a dinner, at the Dinner Detective Murder Mystery couples are served a meal with an interactive show.

(57) Create glass art – Learn to make all sorts of different glass items and the skill of glass blowing at SiNaCa Studios.

(58) Learn pottery – Pottery can be hard! Getting everything to come together and not just fall into a blob is harder than it seems. Luckily, Front Porch Pottery Studio will walk you through all the tough steps!

(59) Make a candle – This is a fun take home date! The Lonestar Candle Supply will help you get all the ingredients you need to make your own candle and then has helpful tutorials to go along as well.

(60) Drink and paint – Never a bad combination for couples! Even if you’re not a natural painter, Painting with a Twist helps everyone with easy to follow instructions. They even sometimes have two piece couple’s painting that come together as one masterpiece!

(61) Create wood art – From cute saying to actually building something with a hammer, Hammer and Stain Woodworking is one of those places that will be a good choice for multiple date nights with your sweetheart.

(62) Do all the crafts – There is almost no limit at Pinspiration that offers a little bit of everything! They have string art, splatter paint, and so many different items.

(63) Make a terrarium – Ephemera Terrariums has classes so you can create something special to take home!

SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 55


In this issue of Society Life’s Mom’s column, we asked local homeschooling mom and martial arts instructor Susan Muegge to answer 20 questions about her experiences both in becoming and being a mom. Susan has four children: Elizabeth, 16; Will, 14; Cate, 13; and Emma, 10. Susan lives with her husband, Chris and their children in Bedford. Here’s what she had to say…

I said so

Simply email your contact info to the editor at: elena@societylifemagazine.com. Then you will answer 20 questions and we will take professional
of you and your kids (we will even give you some!) SL
Want to be featured with your kids?

SOCIETY LIFE: What’s one of your earliest memories you have of your Mom? SUSAN MUEGGE: She was always a compassionate caregiver. She walked us to school, welcomed us home with home made cookies, and kept everything going.

SL: What is something you thought about Motherhood that was totally wrong? SM: I thought that Motherhood was hard, exhausting and unrewarding until the end. What I found out is that there is joy in every day, and even the hard moments yield rewards. And, teenagers are delightful and hilarious, contrary to common perceptions.

SL: What’s something you always wanted to do but didn’t and why didn’t you? SM: I always wanted to live in Washington State, but my family and friends are here, and there are so many opportunities in Texas—I can’t imagine leaving now!

SL: Was there something your Mom did when you were a kid that you swore you’d never do as a parent? SM: I swore I’d never move regularly. It was hard growing up, but there were definitely some great side effects, like resilience and grit, that I didn’t appreciate until I was older.

SL: What did you think you wanted to be when you grew up? SM: I thought I wanted to be a professional writer. I’ve done that periodically—it’s a great occupation!

SL: How have your notions of what it means to be a Mom changed over your lifetime? SM: Yes—a toddler mom has different demands on their time, activity, and intellect. As your kids mature, you have to grow with them to meet changing needs.

SL: What’s the best family vacation you’ve ever taken? SM: A few years ago we went on an extended summer vacation that started with a weeklong Trail Life convention and ended with a Washington, D.C. tour. I will never forget my kids’ first experience with steamed whole crabs.

SL: Is there a moment or event that radically changed the way you saw Motherhood? SM: I was walking in the

grocery store with my four children—my six-year-old by my side, a three and a twoyear-old in the cart, and an infant in a carrier. I was barely making it through the produce section when a woman came up to me and said, “It gets so much harder than this.” I cried, right there in the middle of the grocery store. I knew at that moment I would not survive if it got harder than this! Fortunately, that mother was both wrong and right. Motherhood is hard—easily the most difficult thing I have ever done. However, it doesn’t get harder—it changes. If you’re walking with your kids, you adjust and grow with them, and y’all meet the challenges together. Right now, I have three teenagers and a 10-year-old. Everyone dreads the teenage years, but for me they are a joy, as I watch my kids grow up and become witty, interesting people in their own right. Thank goodness that woman was wrong and that my understanding of motherhood is flexible and has changed as my children have grown.

SL: When did you know you were ready to have kids? SM: My husband was out of the military, I had finished grad school, and we were looking at houses. It seemed like a great time!

SL: What’s your favorite photo of your family or kids? SM: I have a picture of us at Easter, when the kids were so proud of the book they picked out of me. They’re all gathered around and everyone is smiling— it is often my phone background.

SL: What was the first year of motherhood like for you? SM: It was harder than it needed to be. I was trying to work full-time at a demanding job, and I was still trying to do all the things I thought motherhood entailed—homemade baby food, cloth diapers, laundry, reading, classical music... I missed a lot because I felt like I had to do everything and be everything to everyone.

SL: What do you want or wish most for your kids? SM: I hope that my kids will know that they are loved and valued by their family and by the Lord. I want all my children to walk worthy of the calling they are given.


58 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com

SL: What are some of your biggest struggles as a Mom? SM: I sometimes still feel like I have to do everything and be everything to everyone. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you feel like you’re responsible for so much. There’s not a lot of space to breathe.

SL: What would your perfect day off be like? Describe it. SM: My birthday is my perfect day off. We’re going to school, taking a sparring class at the martial arts school, and ending the day with dinner at Kasai Habachi and a movie. I love our life, so even the perfect day off would include school and taekwondo!

SL: What’s the one song that means the most to you? SM: Right now I am listening to “Though You Break Me” by Shane + Shane. It’s about how critical it is to trust God—even when things are hard.

SL: What advice would you give to your younger self about Motherhood? SM: Slow down, love the moments, pay for help when you have to, and give others the space to step up.

SL: Is there a quote, saying, words of advice or scripture you consider words to live by? SM: “To know God and make Him known.” It’s the motto of Classical Conversations, our homeschooling program, and also words I live by daily. (It’s on my second degree black belt in Latin as well.)

SL: If you could share a meal with any woman past, present or future who would it be? Why? SM: My mom. She is an inspiration and an example to me of the best of motherhood. I treasure every moment with her.

SL: What Mom from real-life or even TV/movies do you admire most? SM: Actually, I like Mrs. Frisbee from “The Rats of Nimh.” She’s willing to fight for her children, and once the battle was over, she returned to home and peace with her children. Moms are so often called to stand in the gap, to protect and defend. It’s hard, but it’s also the most worthy calling.

SL: At the end of a long day, what do you do for fun or relaxation? SM: We listen to an audible book and snuggle on the couch. We started six years ago, and it’s still the perfect end to an evening.

– Momilies Column –

Would you like to answer our 20 questions about motherhood and becoming a mom? If so, you could be featured here in our next Momilies column with your kids and family? Our photographer will take professional photos of you all for the article as well. We even give you some to keep! Please send an email with your contact to: elena@societylifemagazine.com

– FatherHood Column –

Dads can also send in their stories about fatherhood to be considered for an upcoming issue. He can share his memorable moments with our readers by emailing his story of fatherhood story to our editor at: elena@societylifemagazine.com

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Not very long ago, in a city not far away, at an establishment that could be considered local, my 11-yearold daughter and I arrived for a sweet treat. Yes, I used the phrase “sweet treat.” Yes, I’m a red-blooded male. The blood used to run hot, but I’ve been married for 16 years. As a child, I learned the phrase from my grandfather. He used it rather inappropriately, but quite endearingly to refer to whichever lucky waitress happened to be serving us Sunday lunch. As an adult, I typically get takeout. When I use the phrase, it has a much more literal meaning. On this day, aside from subtle manipulation, I don’t recall what my daughter did to deserve a sweet treat from our favorite bakery. The bakery focuses heavily on the dessert-side of the baked goods spectrum. I would drop the name of the bakery, but they don’t advertise with Society Life. In fact, they don’t advertise. It’s not part of their business model. This is good for me. I don’t want to share them with others more than I already do.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted at the dessert counter by a grandmotherly figure who asked if we had been in before. Initially, I scoffed at the absurdity of the question. Then I course corrected by covering the scoff with a throat-clearing cough. It occurred to me that I was likely in the shadow of the Countess of Cakes, the Princess of Pies, the Duchess of Desserts, and the less esteemed Queen of Quiche. She confirmed my suspicion when she introduced herself as the owner and thanked us for our patronage. In return, I thanked her for making the world a better place through her desserts.

Flattered, she asked if I would repeat my statement on video. I then asked her if the band Warrant loves sweet cherry pie. She had a 50/50 shot on the Warrant thing. She erred in the affirmative when she asked me to stay put and asked my daughter to pick out a pie. She then disappeared into the back room as she sung an oompa loompaish tune about peanut butter, bacon, bananas and taking care of business.

I expected her to return with the address of the studio where I would break into film. Instead, she returned with her phone and asked if we knew how to use the video function. I didn’t, and my daughter was too busy scanning the dessert counter for an on-the-house treat. Before we went live, she made it very clear that she did not want an advertisement. She wanted a taste-a-monial that she would post to her website. After a couple of unplanned dry runs, she discovered the record button, and I went Hollywood. I confidently cocked my head slightly towards my right shoulder and with just the right amount of eye-squint, I delivered my lines in a

deeply alluring voice and for a few blissful seconds I became a sweet treat Overall, her review of my performance was favorable. She liked my delivery, but she was a little uneasy about my unnatural neck and eye-movements. She said I reminded her a little of Elvis. My daughter’s review was a bit more direct. She described my performance as awkward and full of incoherent mumbling.

After the critiques, the owner asked my daughter which pie she selected. Subconsciously influenced by the owner’s backroom ditty, she selected what I would consider as an awkward pie made with incoherent ingredients. The pie consisted of peanut butter, bacon and bananas. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but the pie would certainly be gratis given my endorsement.

Even though I earned it, I didn’t feel comfortable departing with a free pie, so I ordered a pie that I would purchase. The owner directed us to the register and then rang us up for two pies. Had she forgotten about my taste-a-monial? Was I overly presumptuous? Had I just been hustled? To soften the financial impact, she gave my daughter a Pastry Patrol button-pin. The button, when worn, entitled us to a percentage off future purchases.

A couple weeks later, we returned to the bakery for, surprisingly, another bacon, peanut butter and banana pie. At check out, my daughter proudly displayed her button—though perhaps a bit too discretely. As promised, we received a percentage off of our purchase. We received 0% off with a generous invitation to come back again. We were hustled.

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“It occurred to me that I was likely in the shadow of the Countess of Cakes, the Princess of Pies, the Duchess of Desserts, and the less esteemed Queen of Quiche.”
DateBook GOT AN UPCOMING EVENT? .................................................... SEND IT TO US... We List It Free Free event listings available on a first-come, first-served basis. Include the name of your event, date, time, location, the ticket pricing, contact info, website, a brief explanation of any event activities. Finally please email your complete listing to us at: societylifemag@verizon.net. Use ‘SL Datebook’ in the subject line. We need information at least 45 days before the event. .................................................... 62 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com ...................... CASEY’S KIDS FUN RUN/5K & FAMILY HEALTH EXPO SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 2023 ......................


The Greater Keller Women’s Club Foundation is pleased to invite you to its 27th annual Garden of Roses fundraiser. This year’s special event promises to be like a lovely morning on the riverbanks of Paris. It will feature a grand array of silent and live auction items, with an elegant luncheon, and signature French-themed cocktails. There will also be raffle drawings, as well as the popular Restaurant Tree and Wine Pulls, all capped off with a fashion show highlighting the latest spring styles. Join us Saturday, Feb 25, 2023 from 10am to 1pm at Bowden Event Center, 1775 Keller Parkway in Keller. Visit: gkwc.org or sponsorship@gkwc.org


The Mid-Cities Panhellenic Association will Zoom host the annual Sorority Recruitment Forum on Sunday, February 26, 2023, from 2 to 3:30pm. The purpose of the meeting is to inform high school senior girls about the college sorority recruitment basic process and the importance of a great resume. They will review nationwide requirements and processes that Seniors can start on now, before high school graduation. The Forum is free and open to all high school senior girls. Registration is open now. Students RSVP individually by filling out a PNM (Potential New Member) registration at midcitiespanhellenic.com. They will send you the Zoom code in February. Moms are welcome to attend in your daughter’s Zoom room. The Mid-Cities area, located northeast of Fort Worth, includes the independent school districts of Birdville, Carroll, Grapevine-Colleyville, HEB, Keller, and Northwest and the area private schools. Mid-Cities Panhellenic also awards scholarships to collegiate sorority women from the Mid-Cities area. Established in 1975, the Mid-Cities Panhellenic Association was founded to help educate high school senior women about sorority recruitment and to support women’s fraternities by promoting common values, education, leadership, friendship, cooperation and citizenship. Affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), Mid-Cities Panhellenic membership is open to any alumnae affiliated with a national Greek sorority. For more information about the forum, visit midcitiespanhellenic.com or find them on Facebook at Mid-Cities Panhellenic. ....................................................................

Bring the family to enjoy TXCMP performing classical music selections by Mozart, Schubert, Vaughn Williams & Saint-Saëns with guest artist Brian Brown, french horn, conducted by Thomas Connely. Texas Chamber Music Project is a communitydriven orchestra founded by veterans of the North Texas classical music scene specializing in music written for smaller ensembles. By performing in various, and sometimes unexpected venues. TXCMP seeks to bring the experience of chamber music to broader and more diverse audiences. For more information and a list of events and activities taking place with the league, visit the Apex website at apexartsleague.com. For information about the Texas Chamber Music Project, go to: .txcmp.org


ISD counselor, discovered that a student was missing school because of a lack of clothing. This student’s need led Ms. Casey on a mission to find a way to provide clothing to students in need. Shortly thereafter, the Keller ISD Council of PTAs took on this endeavor and along with the PTA's mission to make every child’s potential a reality, Casey's Kids continues to provide students with clothing, plus school supplies, grants and other essential items so our students don't have to miss school. This year they are partnering with the Keller ISD Family Health Expo to increase awareness of the Casey’s Kids program, healthy choices and well-being. For more information and to register visit: kellercpta.org/caseys-kids



MAR 26

• APEX FREE FAMILY CONCERT • Texas Chamber Music Project (TXCMP) will perform a Free Family Concert presented by APEX in the main sanctuary of Whites Chapel Methodist Church in Southlake.

MAR 25 • CASEY'S KIDS FUN RUN/5K & FAMILY HEALTH EXPO • Keller ISD Council of PTAs is partnering with Keller ISD to host Casey’s Kids Fun Run/5K & KISD Family Health Expo 2023. The Fun Run, approximately .8 mile will begin at 8am with the 5K following at 8:30am. The KISD Family Health Expo booths will be open from 8-11am. Be sure to check them out along with the Carter BloodCare Blood Mobile. Stay around to enjoy live performances from the KISD Fine Arts department, inflatables, and food trucks! Casey’s Kids was created in 1997 when Janie Casey, a former Keller

WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS GALA • Join the American Cancer Society at the Waltz Across Texas Gala at the Austin Ranch at 2009 Anderson Gibson Road in Grapevine. The party starts at 6:30pm with guests enjoying dinner and some fancy waltzing and boot scooting to a variety of music. More fun follows by both a live and silent auction, as well as wine and liquor pulls. Waltz Across Texas is a unique way to bring hope and happiness right here in our own community. It is helping to raise funds and awareness supporting cancer research, educational programs, patient services and advocacy

SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 63

through the American Cancer Society. Tickets $100 per person. For more contact: Cindy Crisler at cindycrisler@att.net; Teresa Rutherford at t.rutherford1220@gmail.com; or Carolyn Sims at csts66@gmail.com. For event tickets visit: waltztx.givesmart.com


EGG FESTIVAL • The Colleyville Lions Club

Annual Easter Egg Festival will be held at Crown of Life Lutheran Church at 6605 Pleasant Run Rd. in Colleyville on Saturday, April 8th from 11am-3pm. An extravagant event for families, the 8th annual hunt will feature a variety of fun, thrilling activities for children to enjoy, along with appearances by Mr. Bunny! It’s a wonderful time for all and a great way to start your holiday weekend. If you want to kick off your family’s Easter celebrations before the big day, stop by! The event will feature and Easter Egg Hunt for multiple age groups, food, prizes, soccer games, petting zoo (larger than last year), pictures with the Easter Bunny, and raffle items. The Colleyville Fire Department will be onsite and there will be free vision screening for children. Food, games, and music will keep kids and adults entertained. This amazing charity event benefits several Lions program, like—Texas Lions Camp, which provides a week-long camping experience for children with disabilities. This

festival is a commendable event provided by the Colleyville Lions Club. The Easter Egg Hunt is free, tickets are available for food, photos with the Easter Bunny, and raffle items. Bring your family to Crown of Life Lutheran Church on Saturday, April 8th, to take part in all the Easter festivities! Visit: colleyvillelions.com/events/easter-egg-hunt


APR 14 • KIDS MATTER BOOTS & BLING CHARITY BALL • The Kids Matter Charity Ball is their largest annual fundraiser to support the many programs and partnerships they have to serve their mission. The 2023 Charity Ball is on April 14th at the Hilton in Southlake and kicks off fundraising efforts for the year. Funds raised allow them to continue to grow Kids Matter. For attendees, this event is considered an elaborate philanthropic evening, featuring a formal black tie atmosphere, seated dinner, premium cocktail bars, luxury live and silent auctions, and live entertainment. The Kids Matter Charity Ball is an evening to reflect and celebrate the positive impact our programs have had on the thousands of children and their families, but is it also a time for us to remember that their work to help the kids is forever ongoing. Let the children warm your heart and inspire you to give to those less fortunate. Start the year off in a big way by supporting the Charity Ball, Kids Matter,

and all the children in need. For more visit: kidsmatterinternational.org/events/charity-ball

APR 22 • TROPHY CLUB WOMEN’S CLUB CITYWIDE GARAGE SALE • On April 22nd from 8am to 2pm TCWC and Town of Trophy Club will be hosting a semi annual Citywide Garage Sale. Permits go on sale in March at the Trophy Club Tom Thumb for $20. Net proceeds fund the TCWC annual scholarship program for graduating High School Seniors. Maps will be available for download on the evening before by visiting: mytcwc.org (or) facebook.com/mytcwc

APR 22 • KELLER CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION RAFFLE • The good folks at the KCPAAA are gonna have a raffle where you could win a GLOCK 43X, from Bear Creek Firearms. You can also win a Two Brothers Winery Wine Tasting for 10, Ryobi One+ Trimmer Edger from Home Depot, Horizon 76 Gift Card, Z Bar Cattle Co. Gift Card, and a Keller Chophouse Gift Card. Tickets are $5 each or five for $20. You can purchase tickets at the Keller Crawfish Krawl on April 22, 2023 or by contacting KCPAAA at: KellerCPAAA@gmail.com

APR 28-30 • ART IN THE SQUARE • Save the date for Art in the Square 2023. Art in the Square is a three-day juried fine art festival produced by the Southlake Women’s Club. It is held in the Southlake Town Square and all proceeds from this event are donated to local charities benefiting women, children, and families. To date, we have dispersed over $3M in funds in the last 20 years. Art in the Square features two stages with entertainment, a bistro walk with plenty of food and beverages, a fun zone for teens tweens, and younger kids. It’s three days of quality family fun with no admission fee. Visit: artinthesquare.com

APR 29 • GCS MOMS LEAGUE GREAT GALA MET COUTURE • GCS Moms League is honored to announce the next Great Gala, April 29, 2023, in support of Stepping Stones Foundation (Keller). The annual GCSML Great Gala has a rich history of community involvement and entertainment while raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities. This year will be the biggest yet, with the help of supporters like you. To learn more or for tickets visit: gcsmomsleague.org/the-great-gala

First-come, first-served. Include event name, date, time, location, ticket pricing, contact info, website, brief explanation. Email: elena@societylifemagazine.com ....................................................................

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street style

Throw a jacket over a bold band T-shirt, layer it with funky jewelry, and sashay your bravura with unflappable aplomb. That's what 'Street Style' is about— casual clothing elevated with a unique flair. Gucci, Chanel, Dolce, and the like have all noticed that the best fashion show is no longer on the runway—it's on the street! From showy ties with bold patterns to statement sneakers with loud socks, Street Style fashion is performance art that reflects hip urban influencers' moods, attitudes, and fresh outlooks. Still not sure how to rock this new trend? No worries… the Colleyville Women's Club will show you how! Their beloved fashion show, Lunch with the Girlz is back and hotter than ever. Presented by Jon Atwood Custom Homes, Street Style Fashion Show and Luncheon Benefit will be held on Friday, March 3, at the Hurst Conference Center. The Colleyville Women's Club (CWC) is privileged to have its show professionally produced by Rhonda Sargent Chambers Productions, featuring professional models. The stylish and knowledgeable NBC5 Anchor, Deborah Ferguson, will Emcee this modish event along with David Ackel Auctions, who will lead the crowd through a delightful afternoon of competitive bidding for live auction items. Street Style will feature the hippest designs from clothiers, Austin Lorin, DD Ranch, Malouf's, Scout & Molly, and XAR Clothier. Even the kids get to stroll down the catwalk outfitted by fashions from Ruffle Butts. CWC President Patti Irwin is excited to bring the runway back to Colleyville. “CWC is thrilled with the response to the return of our popular fashion show, as evidenced by sold-out attendance over a month out! We are fortunate to have such dedicated club members and community volunteers to support our efforts of “Caring With Commitment.”


Friday, March 3, 2023



CHARITABLE GRANTS: Each year, CWC solicits member input for prioritizing grant funding under the categories of civic and cultural arts, domestic violence, violence education, literacy, health and safety, welfare social services, and at-risk students. Members have the final vote on grant recipients and amounts. Members are also asked to prioritize their geographic preferences, including Colleyville, Northeast Tarrant County, Tarrant County, and the DFW Metroplex. Survey results are tallied, providing the Allocation & Grants Committee with guidelines that best satisfy members' communicated priorities.

SCHOLARSHIPS: CWC's mission to promote education reflects in scholarships, which present exceptional area high school seniors with a financial start to their college or technical careers. Scholarships are based on need, community involvement, and academic achievement. Recipients of CWC scholarships are chosen by their high school counselors from six area schools: Carroll Senior High School, Colleyville Heritage High School, Grapevine High School, Lawrence D. Bell High School, GCISD Bridges Accelerated Learning Center, and Collegiate Academy at TCC Northeast.

SPIRIT OF YOUTH VOLUNTEERISM GRANTS: These grants award financial support toward continuing education and are available to graduating seniors from 11 cities based on students' fouryear history of volunteer service during high school.

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Colleyville Woman’s Club (CWC) is a dedicated group of DFW residents who improve the community through volunteer service and charitable fundraising, all while enjoying friendships. Membership is open to everyone and generally has included men and women from Colleyville and the surrounding areas. Charitable grants, scholarships and service projects are only a few of the many ways CWC programs and member volunteers assist its neighbors in need.

learn more at: c-w-c.org

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– – –
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Youth Volunteer Service Awards: CWC honors the accomplishments of area youth in 11 cities ages 5-19 and brings community attention to these outstanding young people. Members and community businesses who support the Club's efforts are also included in the annual Caring With Commitment Celebration Awards Program. Applications for all grants and scholarships are available on the Club's website at c-w-c.org.

WORTHY AGENCIES AND PROJECTS: Recognizing the broader needs of families in our area, CWC targets agencies and projects that provide for the economically and physically challenged.

WHO: The Colleyville Woman's Club is a dedicated group of DFW residents who improve the community through volunteer service and charitable fundraising while enjoying new friendships. They proudly call it Caring With Commitment. Founded in 1978 as a social group, the Colleyville Woman's Club quickly became a service organization dedicated to philanthropy and education. By the mid-'80s, the club began to contribute to Women's Haven of Tarrant County, published its first cookbook, A Taste of Tradition, and held its first Holiday Home Tour (in 1985) and Fashion Show (in 1986) as charitable fundraisers. In 1982, the “Circle of Hope” theme was adopted to reflect the Club's commitment to philanthropy and community support. In 1990, CWC was the first Star-Telegram Northeast Edition's Club of the Year Award recipient. Numerous awards followed. Since then, CWC has surpassed the $4 million mark in fundraising for worthy causes and is dedicated to serving the people within and around Northeast Tarrant County.

WHAT: Street Style

Lunch with the Girlz Fashion Show and Luncheon Benefit Lunch, Wine and Party for a Purpose Benefiting Local Charities and Scholarships

WHERE: The Hurst Conference Center

1601 Campus Drive, Hurst, TX

WHEN: Friday, March 3, 2023. Doors open at 9:30am. Tickets and Sponsorship Tables:

• Louis Vuitton Table of 10 - Location Along Runway $2,750

• Gucci Table of 10 - Behind Louis Vuitton Tables $2,250

• Chanel Table of 10 - Priority Location $1,750

• Prada Table of 10 - Basic Location $1,500

• Channel Individual Ticket - $175

• Prada Individual Ticket - $150

For information, contact Tammy Nakamura

214.274.5990 (or) NakamuraTammy@aol.com

WHY: As a nonprofit service organization, CWC believes in enhancing the community through education, charitable fundraising, volunteer service, and other membership activities. Through their volunteer service, one individual can make a difference!

HOW: CWC is blessed with many active supporters outside its membership. CWC could not exist or be able to host its extraordinary events without the support and dedication of community sponsors and donors. This is the lifeblood of CWC's success! CWC strives to recognize and appreciate all levels of giving with fitting visibility—from an in-kind donation of services and unique auction and gift items to the philanthropic underwriters whose generosity anchors our foundation for commitment! Each is important. Each is significant. And each is valued beyond measure!

What better way to get to know each other and make new friends. Membership is open to everyone and generally includes men and women from Colleyville and the surrounding areas. CWC members support the community by volunteering for various projects during the year. CWC's unpaid volunteer Board of Directors consists of officers elected annually by the membership, supported by multiple committee chairs. CWC relies on our member volunteers to participate on various committees in support of CWC's mission. In addition to community volunteers, many area professionals with limited time join and volunteer their unique skills for special events, taking advantage of valuable networking opportunities while giving back to their communities. Opportunities abound for business owners and professionals to introduce themselves and their businesses to prospective clients.

Colleyville Woman's Club is dedicated to enhancing the community through education, charitable fundraising, volunteer service, and other membership activities. Whether you donate in cash, in-kind, or with your time, CWC believes that even one individual can make a difference. CWC donations can be made at: colleyville-womans-club.myshopify.com/products/general-donation

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– –
– –
– – – –Colleyville
COMMITMENT! P.O. Box 181 Colleyville, Texas 76034 info@c-w-c.org – – – –
Woman's Club CARING WITH
70 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com TopTables dining guide WHERE LOCALS GO j ......................................................... Don’t Miss Our New Listings Label Submit your Top Tables listing suggestions by emailing: societylifemag@verizon.net We will check it out and then list it for free. j New Listings $ Entrees under $10 $$ Entrees under $20 $$$ Entrees $25+ B Serving Breakfast L Serving Lunch D Serving Dinner R Patio Dining WLG REVIEW - PAGE 80: Social Oak Wine & Whiskey Lounge

AMERICAN / ECLECTIC ......................................

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House • Fried chicken as good as grandma’s, but she’s got better things to do, like chow down on unlimited sides. Warm biscuits with butter and honey are reason to go.

• Roanoke and NRH babeschicken.com $ L D

Blue 22 Sports Grill • Locally owned, family gathering spot with a scratch kitchen offering prime sporting events—what more could you ask for? This is a perfect family friendly sports bar!

• Trophy Club blue22sportsgrill.com $-$$ L D

Chef Point Modern Bar & Restaurant • Fine dining redefined. With indoor and outdoor dining spaces, they accommodate private and semi-private parties. Catering available. • Colleyville and Watauga chefpointcafe.org $-$$ (Sat.B) L D

Chill Restaurant & Bar • Sports headquarters for business meetings, company parties, wedding receptions and rehearsals, birthdays and anniversaries. Outdoor patio, live music and ladies night. • Grapevine chillgrapevine.com $ L D R

Stunning indoor-outdoor watering hole. Everything from expansive beer and wine choices to a menu of shareable plates invites conversation. Happy hour with martinis

Roanoke craftandvine.restaurant $$ L D

American grill comfort cuisine serving memories with a twist. A decidedly casual neighborhood spot where you get both a good burger and a dressed-up plate of mussels. The Keller fngeats.com $$ (Brunch) L D R

• Healthy has never been more indulgent. Using all-natural, minimally processed ingredients, the menu satisfies almost anything, whether you’re on a restricted diet or throwing

• Trophy Club hgsplyco.com $$ L D

Order a burger served “bone-in” or topped with mac and cheese and bacon, or chicken pot pie made with fried chicken chunks and crowned with a crispy chicken tender. Build s’mores. • Fort Worth horizon76.com $$ L D

Leela’s Wine Bar • Wine should be easy, eco-friendly and enjoyable—that’s why their wine is on tap. Tap is less bottles, less waste, consistent quality—glass after glass. Consider this your new wine bar. • Trophy Club leelaswinebar.com $$ D

Mason & Dixie • Celebrating all things Southern—a neighborhood gathering place. Take them up on their BYOB invite when shrimp and grits is on their specials board. • In Grapevine Antique Market facebook.com/masonanddixie $ L

Stone House Restaurant • Regionally inspired, locally sourced proteins and a chef’s garden. Sharables, craft beer, cocktails, wine, chops. Must-try 1200-degree broiled steak. • Colleyville stonehouse-restaurant.com $$-$$$ D

TruFire Kitchen & Bar • Consistent menu, exemplary burger of akaushi beef or truffle-scented mac and cheese. Banana split and handcrafted cocktails are a must. Gluten free and vegetarian menus. • Southlake trufire.us $$ B L D



Cowtown Sushi • Unexpectedly refined sushi and sashimi. They’ve had “hidden gem” status for way too long. Chefs are eager to impress diners, making this an environment to expand your palate. • Southlake cowtownsushi.com $-$$ L D

Foster’s Sushi, Seafood, Bar & Grill • Creative style to fill your appetite. Indoor and outdoor bar with friendly staff and total of 10 flat screen TVs to suit all sports fans, plus happy hour from 3-6pm. • Roanoke fostersushi.com $-$$ L D

Honey Teriyaki • Quality Japanese food—teriyaki and sushi. Many sauces made from scratch with honey—hence the name. Large portions, reasonable prices, friendly service, legit food. • Colleyville tinyurl.com/honeyteriyaki $-$$ L D

Maki & Poké • Sushi rolls and Hawaiian bowls—here you don’t have to choose! Incredibly fresh and generous sushi rolls. BYOB (build your own bowl) is a fav. Very deserving of their many 5-star ratings! • NRH tinyurl.com/nrhpoke $-$$ L D

Malai Kitchen • Thai-Vietnamese mash-up—with silky curries, sriracha made in-house. Imaginative beverage program with house-brewed beers. A rand finale, Mango Sticky Rice Smash. • Southlake malaikitchen.com $$-$$$ L D

My Lan Vietnamese Kitchen • Big, steaming bowls of pho, heaping rice plates and rows of crispy egg rolls. Vietnamese staples are soulful and flavorful with reasonable prices . • Colleyville my-lan-vietnamese-kitchen.business.site $ L D

NAPA Thai Asian Cuisine • Unique Thai restaurant that offers a glimpse of traditional Thai culture—where balance and harmony come together in a relaxing, yet elegant atmosphere. • Colleyville napathaicuisine.com $-$$ L D

Noodles @ Boba Tea House • Generously portioned, skillfully prepared Vietnamese, pan-Asian dishes. Try the spicy beef noodle soup, Thai beef salad and the Mocha Madness smoothie. • Fort Worth noodlesbth.com $ L D

Wine:30 • Wine bar featuring Texas wineries/wine makers, complimented by wines from California, France, and Italy— also offering a handful of locally brewed craft beers, flatbreads and charcuterie board pairings. • Roanoke w30.wine $-$$ L D


Axiom Coffee • Coffee house with purpose. Organic beans sourced from small Honduras producers from a farm run by World Gospel Outreach employing single moms to harvest and supports an orphanage. • NFW axiomcoffee.com $ B L D

Board + Brie • A curated array of noshables that pair perfectly with wine and talk. Cheese and charcuterie grazing boxes and boards, crowd-pleasing fare or feasts for one. Pick up or delivery. Catering for tables. • Roanoke boardbrie.com $$-$$$ L D

Brew & Batter • Locally owned, stand alone house serving good coffee! Not to mention waffles! There offer two bases— cornbread and a liege waffle (a european waffle made with yeast daily) • Grapevine brew-batter.business.site $ B L D

Buzzed Bull Creamery • Made-to-order, alcoholic and nonalcoholic frozen dessert and coffee company—harnessing the power of liquid nitrogen to bring a one-of-a-kind-experience to guests. • Grapevine buzzedbullcreamery.com $ L D

j Alli’s Sweet Shop • Delicious cake pops for any event, celebration or just because! They deliver your bouquet just like a florist and brighten the day of any recipient! Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, treats. • Southlake cakepopsbyalli.com $ L D

Creative Memories Bakery • Cupcakes, smash cakes, wedding, birthday, graduation, shower, gender reveal and baby shower cakes, petit fours, cookies, brownies, cake balls/pops, ding dongs. • Fort Worth yourcakeplace.com $-$$

Crumbl Cookies • Giant cookies delivered! Chocolate chip, chilled sugar cookie and rotating flavors like key lime pie, salted caramel cheesecake, birthday cake or German chocolate. Open ‘til midnight! • Southlake crumblcookies.com $

DessertsRx Organic Café • High quality, organic, nonGMO, real food and drinks offered with the knowledge to empower you to make informed decisions when it comes to what goes into your body. • Colleyville dessertsrx.com $ B L D

Doughlicious • Offering scoops of raw, safe-to-eat dough in chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, sugar cookie, banana pudding and s’mores. Grab a multi-pack of mini scoops to share. • Grapevine doughlicioususa.com $

Moxie’s Grill & Bar

• Crowd pleaser serving globallyinspired fare like Thai curry bowls, tuna ceviche, steak frites. Fun, sophisticated setting that’s equal parts sports bar and eclectic brasserie. • Southlake us.moxies.com $$-$$$ L D

Next Wood Fired Bistro & Vino Bar • Intimate, and refined restaurant serving everything from simple roasted chicken or crab cakes, to lamb tagine or surf and turf. Acclaimed wine program. • Colleyville nextwoodfiredbistro.com $$$ L D

Sabai Sabai Southeast Asian Kitchen • Expect pad Thai, massaman curry, pho, also explore Lao beef jerky, steamed fish or a marinated beef salad. Dine in or takeout. Food packs plenty of flavor. • Grapevine sabaisabaikitchen.com $ L D

Saikou Sushi & Ramen • Well-executed Japanese cuisine. Slurp tonkotsu ramen, pork-forward broth, superb vegetable ramen, classic miso, shoyu and shio varieties. Sushi and bento boxes. • Alliance saikousushiramen.com $-$$ L D

Dr. Sue’s Chocolate • Doctor by trade, master chocolatier at heart, Dr. Sue Williams crafts the finest chocolate specimens you’ve ever had. Delightful creations like chocolate bark, truffles, and chocolate bars. • Grapevine drsueschocolate.com $

Elegant Cakery • Beautiful designs that make magnificent centerpieces for any occasion—and the taste makes them unforgettable. Cupcakes, birthday and wedding cakes—made with quality ingredients. • Southlake elegantcakery.com $-$$

• Food hall with chef-driven food—from fish and chips to overstuffed baked potatoes, to craft bbq. Expansive in and out—gathering place for groups.

Oak Street Food and Brew

• Roanoke oakstreetfoodandbrew.com $-$$ B L D

PIAF Kitchen+Wine+Bar • From power lunch to happy hour, to a romantic date night. Weekends start with buffet brunch and end with drinks on rooftop bar. Flatbreads, seafood, steak. • Grapevine piafkitchen.com $$-$$$ (Brunch) L D

Sushi Dojo • Premier fast-casual sushi restaurant specializing in party trays, office/event catering, and food truck service. Known for sushi tacos and burritos. Delicious, affordable, high quality sushi. • Southlake sushidojodfw.com $-$$ L D

Sushi Nomi • Modern Japanese with inventive sushirolls, ramen, teriyaki and more, plus beer and wine. Choose from delicious lunch options like bento boxes, fried rice, sushi specials.

• Fort Worth facebook.com/SushiNomiTexas $-$$ L D

Hey Sugar Candy Shop • Bulk candies and popcorn, syrups and flavorings from an old-fashioned soda fountain. Chocolates by Nib Chocolates. Ice cream made in a machine from the 1920s. • Roanoke heysugarcandy.com $-$$

JudyPie • Time-tested recipes, anchored by shortbread crust, elevate flavors like apple, pecan, buttermilk, banana cream into their best versions. By the slice or whole (large or small rounds). Gluten free, vegan, paleo. • Grapevine judypie.com $ L D

Sky Creek Grill

• In Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club—bistro dishes with contemporary western flair. Steak, salmon, pasta, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, cold beer. Restaurant and bar open to public. • Keller skycreekranch.com $-$$ B L D

Sushi Sam • Lunch deals like loaded bento boxes. Management is always warm and personable, which is reflected in their friendly service. Amazing salmon skin rolls (not the easiest to pull off).

• Southlake sushisam.net $ L D

Juice Junkies • No need to be a health nut to appreciate juice blends, smoothies, whole food snacks and cold-brewed coffee drinks, but they just might convert you. Cold-pressed. Restocked regularly. • Keller juicejunkies.com $ B L

Sky Creek Kitchen + Bar

• Sky Creek embodies casual elegance with sleek, understated décor—prime destination for a special celebration, family dinner, romantic evening, or afterwork drinks. • Southlake skycreekkitchen.com $-$$ L D

Thailicious • Authentic Thai in a contemporary, relaxed environment. Soft shell crab, creamy curries, Crying Tiger and pad Thai. Seek out tom yum-inspired martinis and mojitos. • Southlake ThailiciousSouthlake.com $$ L D

Kindred Coffee Co. • A love for craft coffee and local community—they find the best coffee and roast it at their shop. Stop by for a cup, fresh salad, gelato or one of their pastries.• North Richland Hills kindredcoffeeco.com $ B L D

j Social Oak Wine & Whiskey Lounge

• 21+ lounge with a speakeasy vibe, comfy patio, state-of-the-art wine and whiskey pouring systems, amazing tapas style dishes—an experience like no other. • Trophy Club socialoaklounge.com $$-$$$ D

V’s House • Family-owned Vietnamese restaurant offering upscale takes on classic dishes—plus surprises. You’ll find staples of Vietnamese cuisine, including pho varieteies—all made in-house. Creative cocktail menu. • NRH vshouse.net $-$$ L D

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SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 71

‘Lette Macarons • Elegant French sandwich cookies readymade for gifting. Endlessly customizable. Offers a selection of fine shortbread cookies and will soon offer macaron ice cream sandwiches. • Southlake lettemacaron.com $

Native Coffee + Kitchen • Refreshing, independent voice serving unapologetic interpretations of comfort food favs—pancakes, tacos, burgers and nachos—alongside coffee made with Texas-roasted bean. nativeck.com $ B L D

Nothing Bundt Cakes • Made fresh daily using eggs, butter and cream cheese. Bite-sized Bundtinis, single serving Bundtlets, 8” and 10” cakes and double-tiered cakes. Daily samples show how yummy it is! • Southlake nothingbundtcakes.com $

j Personalized Grazing • Specializing in customized charcuterie boards and personalizing your culinary experiences, they offer classes, gifts, filled and unfilled boards, even custom boards. • Southlake personalizedgrazing.com $-$$$ B L D

Redefined Coffee House • Locals gather for birthdays, meetings, and conversation—and everyone sips macchiatos and iced lattes made with Avoca coffee beans. • Grapevine redefinedcoffeehouse.com $ B L D

Texas Harvest Pie Co. • Small pie shop feels like home. Lovingly crafted pies like apple, blueberry, buttermilk, key lime taste like grandmas if she’s an expert baker. Serving lunch. • Keller facebook.com/texasharvestpiecompany $-$$

The Garden Party • It’s party time—experience North Richland Hills’ newest tearoom, located in Golightly’s Antiques. Stop by and enjoy fresh tea, food and treats. They look forward to serving you! • NRH & Grapevine thegarden-party.com $ L

BARBECUE ........................................................

Back Forty Smokehouse • Brisket, ribs, full bar, outdoor patio, friendly service, locally owned—should we keep going. Back Forty is conveniently located next to the new Tex Rail train station. • NRH backfortysmokehouse.com $-$$ L D

Feedstore BBQ • Local fav with quality meats and the freshest veggies available. Ridiculously good chopped beef, chicken, sausage and fall-off-the-bone ribs, fried okra, spicy beans and amazing rolls. • NRH feedstorebbq.com $-$$ L D R

Hard Eight Pit BBQ • Authentic mesquite barbecue. Award winning cuisine. “Old World” slow cooking over pits adopted from German settlers who came to the Texas Hill Country long ago. • Roanoke hardeightbbq.com $-$$ L D R

Meat U Anywhere BBQ • “Meating” your BBQ and catering needs. Slow smoked with seasoned oak and hickory. Exclusive sides, special offerings, ultimate breakfast tacos • Grapevine and Trophy Club meatuanywhere.com $-$$ B L D R

Red Barn Bar-B-Que • Best all you can eat catfish on Friday nights, and sausage and turkey around town. Rustic counter service with generous plates and comfort grub in. • Colleyville redbarnbarbque.com $-$$ L D

BREAKFAST (+ lunch/dinner) .............................

Another Broken Egg Cafe • Twists on Eggs Benedict and Omelettes, Biscuit Beignets, Cinnamon Roll French Toast and much more. Brunch is the most important meal of the week! • Southlake anotherbrokenegg.com $-$$ B (Brunch) L

Bacon’s Bistro & Cafe • Breakfast diner with really good service, food and company—sandwiches, soups and salads for lunch. It’s common to have a wait on weekends because it’s just that darn good! • Hurst baconsbistroandcafe.com $$ B L

Black Walnut Cafe • Classic fare, upscale flair. Handcrafted sandwiches to chilled local craft brews to swirly rows of gelato. Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner every day of the week. • Colleyville blackwalnutcafe.com $-$$ B L D

DeVivo Bros. Eatery • Rustic comfort food on Americanized menu with Italian flair. Bold flavor, large portions, meatloaf, pastas, sandwiches with rustic simplicity and refined elegance. • Keller devivobroseatery.com $-$$ B L D

Kassandra’s Mexican Kitchen • Hidden gem. Great lunch with well-priced specials. Tortillas live up to the name. Put it on your list for breakfast, served all day. Breakfast quesadilla, beans and potatoes—a good reason to get up early! • Keller $ B L D

Main Street Bistro & Bakery (Bistro M) • Local gem with foodie following (and a Gallic accent). Best croissants. Chocolate bomb cake that makes your toes curl. Must-try are their pastries and desserts • Grapevine themainbakery.com $$ B L D

Mangos Breakfast Brunch • French toast, chicken, waffles, omelets. Taking shots at convention with duck bacon burgers, s’mores waffles, skillets with chicken fried steak, stuffed avocados. • Southlake, Keller mangosbb.com $$ B (Brunch) L

Oldwest Cafe • Big menu, big portions, good value. Saddle up that horse and hit the trail for Oldwest Cafe... pretty darn sure ya’ might like it! Breakfast served all day long (or until we go home for the day)! • Grapevine oldwestcafe.us $ B L

Rush Bowls • Smoothies in a bowl with fruit and toppings. Featuring all-natural fruit and açai blended until thick and creamy, these are a healthy alternative dessert or a perfect meal. Perfect refueling stop. • Keller rushbowls.com $ B L D

Seven Mile Café • Fans flock for specialty pancakes, Gouda grits, egg dishes and Stumptown coffee. You cannot go wrong with benedicts or the pancake sampler. Vegan and gluten-free options. sevenmilecafe.com $-$$ B (Brunch) L

Stevie’s Diner • A unique, family-owned and operated throwback dining experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious breakfast or lunch, head over to Stevie’s Diner. • North Fort Worth steviesdiner.com $ B L

Starwood Cafe • Specializing in breakfast and lunch at eight locations around DFW, and serving breakfast all day—this is your new brunch destination. Vast menu serving all your favs. • Trophy Club, NRH starwoodcafe.com $-$$ B L

Sunny Street Café • Serving hearty American fare—with gluten-free options. Dine-in or carry-out, this is your neighborhood destination for fresh, wholesome food and friendly service served daily. • Roanoke sunnystreetcafe.com $-$$ B L

Toasted Yolk • Perfectly poached eggs, strip after strip of crunchy bacon, layer upon layer of turkey and pastrami—these are delicacies we dream about at night, and they’re the ones we want to wake up to! • Keller thetoastedyolk.com $-$$ B L

Townhouse Brunch • Twists on omelettes, benedicts, pancakes, salads, sandwiches. Lean sweet (banana Nutella crepes) or savory (“everything spiced” avocado toast), your cravings is covered. • Colleyville townhousebrunch.com $$ B (Brunch) L

BRITISH ...........................................................

From Across the Pond • Get your British classics—fish and chips, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie and more—plus, burgers, sandwiches, pastas and salads from beyond the pond. • Colleyville acrossthepond.site $ L D

The Londoner Pub and Grill • Pub turning out English classics like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, and bangers and mash with confidence. Their decor screams typical English pub. • Colleyville thelondonerpub.com $$ L D

BURGERS / SANDWICHES ................................

Bottlecap Alley Icehouse Grill • 100% Fresh Angus Beef, name brand quality meats, whole veggies chopped in-house daily and local artisan buns. A place where kids and adults co-mingle successfully. • Grapevine bottlecapalley.com $ L D

Chick & Biscuit • Southern food done right! Home-style comfort food—from spicy hot chicken to pulled pork, brisket, and sausage gravy, the menu honors the South. Inside Harvest Hall. • Grapevine chickandbiscuit.com $$ L D

Fred’s Texas Cafe • Nationally acclaimed hamburgers, fabulous chicken-fried steak, the coldest beer in town—that’s Fred’s—a beloved local dive that’s serious about food! • TCU, Fort Worth, NFW fredstexascafe.com $-$$ L D

Kincaid’s Hamburgers

• Where friends meet to eat! Hypefree, good-old-burgers, ice cream shakes, deviled eggs, stuffed jalepenos, fried okra, chicken sandwiches, banana pudding. • Southlake and Alliance kincaidshamburgers.com $ L D

LA Burger • Beautifully seared meat, thoughtful layering, oozy cheese, toasty buns—burgers executed with California flair. Tacos, fries, hot dogs, salads and shakes served counter-style, all with a fresh multi-culti twist. • Keller la-burger.com $ L D

72 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com

Mighty Chick • Reinvigorating fried chicken with bold flavor and big crunch. Wings, pieces, tenders with sauce like BBQ Soy Garlic or Hot and Spicy Seoul Nashville-style hot chicken.

• Watauga mightychickdfw.com $-$$ L D

Old Town Ice House • Burgers, po-boys, wings, tacos, salads, artisan brews—celebrating the ice industry in its heyday, as well as the founding of Keller during that era. Raise an ice-cold glass with us! • Keller oldtownicehouse.com $ L D

The Pour Shack • Comes alive as the sun sets! Cover bands and DJs pump up the scene and the music at this big indoor/outdoor bar serving up burgers and drink specials. Your neighborhood bar. • Keller thepourshack.com $-$$ L D

The Station Patio Icehouse • Gathering place to enjoy good food, good drinks and good music. It’s everything you’d want your own backyard to be, with all the people you love and none of the work! • Keller stationicehouse.com $$ L D

CAJUN ..............................................................

Bayou Jack’s Cajun Grill • Part soulfuajun, part vibrant cocktails, two parts bon temps. Jambalaya, po boys, grilled oysters, étouffée. Drink swamp juice, Hurricane Kris and Abita on tap.

• Roanoke bayoujackscajungrill.com $-$$ L D

Copeland’s • Authentic taste of the Big Easy adjacent to the Hilton Southlake lobby. Soul satisfying eggplant pirogue and mind-blowing bananas foster French toast. • (In the Hilton Hotel) Southlake copelandsofneworleans.com $-$$ B L D

The Lost Cajun • Real and authentic Cajun food from the gumbo and jambalaya to the fried seafood—it’s like you’re in Louisiana! Awesome frozen drinks and food you can taste!

• Keller thelostcajun.com $-$$ L D

GREEK .............................................................

Café Medi • Devoted fans—they give as much attention to vegetarian dishes as their succulent grilled and braised meats. BYOB. Salads, hummus, falafel and fool. Their lamb shanks really shine. • Keller and Hurst cafemedi.com $-$$ L D R

INDIAN .............................................................

F2 Fusion Flavors • F2 combines the sensibilities of the Middle East with Asia, offering Indian flavored Kebabs, lamb and even goat dishes for a global tour of cuisines and cultures. Daily buffet. • Southlake fusionflavors.site $-$$ L D

Mughlai Fine Indian Cuisine • Courtly cuisine of Mughal royalty—familiar dishes like lamb roghan josh and chicken tikka masala served alongside more obscure dishes from authentic Indian street fare. • Southlake mughlaidfw.com $$ L D

ITALIAN / PIZZA ..............................................

Armend’s Restaurante • Laid-back, family friendly pizza place reminiscent of Naples. Plenty of hearty Northern Italian favorites with great prices and friendly, family-owned service. • Southlake armendspizza.com $ L D

Bosses • Brick oven pizza using the finest cheese and meats— and freshest veggies. They set out to make the best pizza in town and some say it’s “The Best Darn Pizza in Texas.” • Lake Worth, NRH, North Fort Worth bossespizza.com $ L D

Brio Tuscan Grille • Buzzing from the shaded outdoor patio to the courtyard bar. Upscale enough for the date-night crowd, but casual enough for locals wandering in from their shopping.

• Southlake Town Square brioitalian.com $-$$ L D R

Calabrese Ristorante and Bar • Authentic Italian fare with ingredients imported from Italy—modern and traditional Italian dishes to please every palate. Wine list as seductive as the atmosphere. • Southlake ilcalabrese.com $$ L D

Coal Vines • Pizza wine bar separating good pizza from great—a perfect crunch and just a speckling of char. This pie was made for good vino. Fortunately, they have plenty of that on hand as well! • Southlake coalvinespizza.com $ D R

Delucca Gaucho Pizza & Wine • Slice-after-slice of gourmet pizza—garlic picanha, shrimp and fontina, Turkish lamb— along with cheese or pepperoni—brought to your table oven hot. All you can eat perfection! delucca.com $$ D

Farina’s Winery & Café • Elegant but unassuming with solid food and wine to back up the atmosphere. Italian classics headlined by popular pizzas, are Farina family recipes.

• Grapevine farinaswinery.com $-$$ L D

Ferrari’s Italian Villa & Chop House • Beautiful banquet and private dining. Bountiful antipasti bar. The roasted entrées from the wood fired oven are standouts. Desserts prepared tableside. • Grapevine ferrarisrestaurant.com $$ L D

Fireside Pies • Swanky pizza served in a casual environment. Who knew my favorite veggie pie (Peta Pie) would come from the same place as my favorite meaty pie (Triple ‘Roni)? • Grapevine firesidepies.com $ L D

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria • Brooklyn’s iconic pizza has now arrived—crust is perfectly thin and crisp and cheese and toppings first-rate. Brooklyn charm here to go with some excellent pizza. • Grapevine grimaldispizzeria.com $ L D

i Fratelli Pizza • Distinctive thin-n-crispy pizza, handmade sauces, dressings, dessert—favs for 30 years. Delivery committed to exceeding expectations with their exemplary service and fast delivery. • Southlake, Keller, NFW ifratelli.net $-$$ L D

j Jonny’s Pizza • At Jonny's Pizza, they only use the freshest ingredients in their New York-style hand-tossed pizzas. All of their tasty Italian cuisine and other dishes are made in-house as well. • Fort Worth jonnyspizzany.com $ L D

Inzo Italian Kitchen • Old-world menu with a new-world accent. Using fresh ingredients and doing things the way Nonna did years ago. One taste is all it takes to be amazed. Buon appetito! • Roanoke inzoitalian.com $-$$ L D R

Loveria Caffe • Emilia-Romagna is Italy’s premier destination for food lovers—premium pastas, cured meats, cheeses, wines, meatballs, lasagna, eggplant parm perfected centuries before landing right here. • Colleyville loveriacaffe.com $$ L D

Napoli’s Italian Café & Creamery • Italian-America classics in cozy historic Grapevine Main Stree setting. Linger in or drop by the creamery for freshly made gelato and Italian desserts. • Grapevine napolisgrapevine.com $-$ L D

Oliva Italian Eatery • Italian staples rendered with verve— spaghetti and meatballs, lobster ravioli, anticipated featured items. Expertly curated wines at a remarkable value. Popular wine dinners. • North Fort Worth olivaeatery.com $$ L D

Palio’s Pizza Cafe • Food tastes better, and they swear it’s better for you with fresh ingredients made-from-scratch. Pizzas with pesto, artichoke hearts, chicken and mushrooms. • Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine paliospizzacafe.com $ L D R

Stellini Trattoria • Shareable arancini (crisp risotto balls) or taglieri (meat & cheese board). Housemade pastas and pizzas. Steaks and chops with polenta, gnocchi and potatoes. Creative cocktails. • Grapevine stellinitrattoria.com $$ L D

Vinny’s Italian Restaurant • Good food, great people. Like being invited to your Italian uncle’s house for dinner— serving authentic New York style pizza and Italian classics. • Roanoke vinnysrest.com $ L D

Wise Guys Pizzeria • Exceeding expectations and providing Fresh food, family hospitality, hard work, and a hands on approach to pizzas, pastas, premium drafts—all made from scratch. • Roanoke & Grapevine wiseguystx.com $$ L D

Zeppole • Refined pasta dishes, seafood and soulful renditions of Italian specialties showcased in an open setting that feels like your favorite outdoor patio. • Located inside the Gaylord Texan Resort Atrium gaylordtexan.com $$$ D

LATIN AMERICAN .............................................

Boca 31 • Drawing from Mexico, Peru, Caribbean, Americas— elevating street food with creative flare—barbacoa tacos to pulled pork to guava and cream cheese empanadas, the menu is anything but standadr. • Keller boca31.com/keller $ L D

Del Campo Empanadas • Empanadas with savories like chicken, ham, spinach, picanha steak. Dipped in chimichurri it’s a no-fuss meal or grab-and-go snack. Pick up sweet treats here also. • Fort Worth delcampoempanadas.com $ L D

Gloria’s • Fine Latin cuisine that hints at humble mom and pop roots. Sleek design draws crowds as much for their pupusas and margaritas as for the weekend salsa dancing. • Colleyville and Southlake gloriasrestaurants.com $-$$ L D R

MEXICAN ...........................................................

Baja Cantina • Coastal Mexican with seafood and amazing steaks. Fajitas are a fav, also fish tacos, spinach queso, frozen margaritas that make you swear you’re on vacation! • Watauga, NRH, Roanoke, Keller bajagrilldfw.com $-$$ L D R

SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 73

Cristina’s Fine Mexican • Lively setting, unique menu with Tex-Mex favorites, as well as unique central Mexican dishes. Must-have margaritas. • NRH, Trophy Club, Southlake, Flower Mound and Lewisville cristinasmex.com $ L D R

Elote Mexican Kitchen • Little taqueria with style. Slow roasted meats, fresh ingredients, marvelous margaritas. Entire menu is gluten free (except flour tortillas). Plus soy cheese and tofu sour cream. • North Fort Worth elotemex.com $ B L D

Enchiladas Olé • Specializing in enchiladas filled with chicken, cheese, veggies or beef, then topped with Perez’s famed sauces from a classic ancho chili to a rich queso. Tamales and happy hours. • NRH enchiladasole.com $-$$ L D

Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano • Possibly the coolest patio scene in the area. Feast on Mexican classics, but don’t miss out on their famous margaritas, fajitas or their authentic Mexican favorites. • Grapevine esparzastexas.com $ L D R

Fresco’s • Vibrant joint serving traditional Mexican dishes and Tex-Mex using quality ingredients. Unmistakable flavor and freshness, and awesome margaritas. Fair prices. • Watauga frescosmexicanfood.com $ L D

Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen • From the warm waters of the Gulf, the icy Alaskan coast, the mighty Atlantic and Pacific, they go to any depth to bring you the finest seafood available— all year long. • Grapevine pappadeaux.com $$-$$$ L D

Rockfish • Local favorites like the shrimp basket, fish tacos, wild copper river alaskan salmon, rock-a-rita margarita, schooners, and Mexican shrimp martinis. Great seafood—not a lot of clams. • Southlake rockfish.com $-$$ L D

Shuck Me • Seafood spot with bountiful fried baskets, peeland-eat shrimp, crawfish, oysters, po-boys, gumbo. Big portions. Plenty to choose from—perfect seafood fix without breaking the bank. • Southlake and Alliance shuckme.net $-$$ L D

The Blu Crab Seafood House and Bar • Inspired by travel and culture—offers vast menu of culinary delights using the freshest ingredients. Come in to and celebrate your senses! • Colleyville blucrabseafoodhouse.com $$-$$$ L D

Truluck’s Seafood, Steak & Crab House • Iconic for stone crab claws—beloved for freshness! Chic dining room hosts sophisticated dinners with inventive foodie twists served in the mix. • Southlake Town Square trulucks.com $$-$$$

STEAKS ..............................................................

Los Molcajetes

• Start with warm tortilla chips and red or green salsa. Enjoy a margarita and a sizzling plate of fajitas, top it off with sopapillas, flan or fried ice cream—the ultimate Mexican comfort food! • Roanoke losmolcajetes.com $ L D

Manny’s Uptown Tex-Mex • Dragon-ritas, brisket tacos, signature queso, fajitas and enchiladas—perfect with a Manny’s Taxi. Weekend breakfast is a fav, happy hours and catering.• Southlake mannysuptowntexmex.com $$ B L D

Martha’s Mexican Cocina • Reliable Tex-Mex in a relaxed, setting with a great patio. Try brisket tacos and pollo poblano. Vegetarian options with daily specials and happy hour. • Keller marthasmexicancocina.com $ L D R

Mesa • Elevated coastal cuisine in a bright, elegant restaurant to match its vibrant, upscale menu. A magic touch with seafood, including lobster enchiladas, Mexican gumbo and chipotle shrimp. • Grapevine mesagrapevine.com $$-$$ D R

Mesero • Beyond Tex Mex, but lives up to its promise of Mexican Spirit American Life. One taste of the iconic Queso Mesero and brisket tacos will keep you coming back... don’t skip their amazing drinks! • Southlake mesero.net $$-$$ L D

Mi Cocina • The original see-and-be-seen spot is still a crowd favorite. A sleek but festive interior draws locals for “modern” enchiladas and first-rate Tex-Mex. • Southlake and Alliance mcrowd.com $-$$ L D R

Mi Dia From Scratch • Traditional Mexico City recipes with modern Santa Fe and Tex Mex flavors. Experience a true fusion of the past and present. • Grapevine, Plano, Flower Mound midiafromscratch.com $-$$ L D

So-Cal Tacos • Former food truck is now a great taco joint with the same delicious food and laid back vibe. The truck, Woody, paved the way for fresh tacos, delicious margarita, and ice cold beer. • Grapevine eatsocaltacos.com $ L D

SEAFOOD .........................................................

Big Fish Seafood • Fresh seafood, including lots of Cajun options, plus great drink specials and frequent live music in a rustic and relaxed setting. Known for treating all guests like family. • Grapevine bigfishgrapevine.com $-$$ L D

Bonefish Grill • A menu full of fresh flavors of the season and innovative dishes—specializing in seasonal fresh fish. Taste today’s freshest catch and try something new on each visit. • Southlake bonefishgrill.com $$-$$$ L (sat-sun) D (daily)

Bob’s Steak and Chop House • Bob’s is ranked as one of the top steakhouses in the country—and for good reason. The steaks are prime, the portions are big and the drinks are stiff. Grapevine bobs-steakandchop.com $$$ L D

The Classic at Roanoke • Unlikely fine dining destination. Nicely focused menu serving grilled steaks and seafood. Worldclass food, casual atmosphere, family friendly environment. A true classic. • Roanoke theclassiccafe.com $-$$

Del Frisco’s Grille • Spend the day shopping the square be fore meeting for dinner and drinks. Luxurious dining room or patio. Local flavor—diverse menu has something for everyone. • Southlake delfriscosgrille.com $$-$$$ (Brunch) L D

Dino’s Steak & Claw House • Serving a variety of seafood, steak and poultry dishes in a vintage bank building along historic Main Street. This romantic spot also offers live piano music. Grapevine dinossteakandclaw.net $$-$$$ D

Keller Chophouse • Signature dishes like fried calamari with tomato risotto, sides of truffle Parmesan fries, a roster of seafood, chicken and steaks (New York strip, bone-in ribeye, and filet mignon). • Keller kellerchophouse.com $$-$$$ D

Kirby’s Prime Steakhouse • Prime aged beef, the freshest seafood and uncomplicated sides. No wonder it’s a favorite for impressing out-of-towners—their kitchen rarely (if ever) gets it wrong. • Southlake kirbyssteakhouse.com $$-$$$ L D

Mac’s on Main • Southwestern, cajun and global influences. Steaks, signature prime rib and seafood. Cocktails, beer, 30+ single malt scotches, wine list. Locally owned and operated, oneof-a-kind. • Grapevine macsteak.com $$ (Brunch) L D

Old Hickory Steakhouse • Savor premium Black Angus Beef seared to perfection, sample artisanal cheeses from around the world, indulge in the Texas inspired wine cellar. Inside Gaylord Texan gaylordtexan.com $$-$$$ D

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille • Vibrant twist on traditional steakhouse fare with unexpected specialties. Bar 79 offers handcrafted bites, fine wine, cocktails, beer, live music and patio seating. • Grapevine perryssteakhouse.com $$-$$$ D

j Sweetie Pies Ribeyes • Sweetie Pies steaks are cooked “Old Style” meaning the steak is fresh-cut, seasoned and seared at 550 degrees—locking in natural juices! Big menu goes well beyond steaks or burgers. • NRH sweetiepiesribeyes.com $-$$ L D

• Promises the best seafood in a family oriented experience. Have fun cracking and peeling with your hands—getting messy while you’re at it! Entrees, wings, kettles, shareables, peel-n-eat • NFW crab-station.com $-$$ L D

The Crab Station

Winewood • American fare with modern flair: Waldorf salads, Dagwood club, Niman Ranch pork chops and chicken Cordon Bleu. Ideal for family meals, business lunches or celebrations. • Grapevine thewinewood.com $$ L D

Fish City Grill

• Menu of crawfish, Gulf and east coast oysters, and other fresh seafood selections. Favs like fish tacos, Gulf shrimp, renowned oyster nachos. Chalkboard specials are a great deal.

• Southlake fishcitygrill.com $-$$ L D R

Submit your favorite dining spots for consideration for a Where Locals Go Review and to be listed here in our Top Tables section. Please submit the restaurant name and location to us here at: societylifemag@verizon.net.

74 FEBRUARY 2023 | SocietyLifeMag.com
SocietyLifeMag.com | FEBRUARY 2023 75 THEROSETABLE.COM | KATIE-ROSE WATSON SL RoseTableRecipes the classic casserole and try something new. These are sure to satisfy those cravings— and they make great leftovers! GET MORE RECIPES AT: THEROSETABLE.COM FOLLOW / LIKE THE ROSE TABLE ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM CASSEROLE craving the comfort of


Cook the potatoes and toast the bread the night before, mix it up, then add egg custard, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, just fry up some bacon and top with grated cheese, then pop it in the oven. Yum! You’ve got bacon, potatoes, and eggs in one dish.

(1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Arrange bread cubes on a cookie sheet and bake until toasted, about five minutes. Butter a 9×13″ dish.


(2) Melt butter with oil in a large skillet. Add potatoes and stir to coat. Cover and cook until almost tender, about 8-10 minutes. Uncover and cook until potatoes are slightly browned, about 5 minutes. Turn back down to low, add shallots, and sauté until soft, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and mix in toasted bread crumbs, chives, and parsley. Spread in prepared baking dish.

(3) Whisk eggs, half and half, sour cream, Dijon mustard, sea salt, and pepper. Pour custard over potato mixture. Let stand 15 minutes, then cover and chill.


(4) Pull dish out of the fridge 30 minutes before baking. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. While the oven is preheating, cut bacon into lardons and fry in a skillet until crispy.


(5) Sprinkle bacon and cheese on top of casserole. Bake until custard is set, about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with chopped parsley, cut into squares, and serve hot.

Why have I not been making breakfast casseroles? This is so delicious and is a great way to feed a crowd in the morning. I made this for brunch and could not have been more thrilled with how it turned out!


2 cups sourdough bread, cut in 1/2″ cubes

2 Tbsp butter

2 Tbsp vegetable oil

2 russet potatoes, peeled, cut into 1/2″ cubes

1/2 cup finely diced shallots

1 Tbsp Italian parsley, chopped (plus more for topping)

4 large eggs

1 cup half and half

3 Tbsp sour cream

1 tsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

5 strips bacon

1 cup grated cheddar or colby jack cheese

Italian parsley for garnish

Another bonus? this reheats so well. Just pop leftovers in the microwave. Easy peasy!

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2 cups all-purpose flour

2 tsp salt

1 whole nutmeg, for grating

4 eggs, lightly beaten

1/3 cup 1% milk


2 medium white onions, chopped

4 Tbsp butter

1 cup gruyere, grated

1/2 cup Butterkäse, grated

Parsley for garnish

A spätzle maker is recommended for best results. In a pinch, you can use a spoon to push dough through a colander. Be sure to submerge the spätzle maker in water immediately after using for easier clean up.


This cheesy German noodle casserole is quite possibly the best dish I’ve ever made! Käsespätzle is hands down my favorite German dish of all time. I know that’s a strong statement, but it’s true. I’m half German and I just adore German food!

(1) Melt 4 Tbsp butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add chopped onions and stir well. Turn heat to low and stir periodically while you prepare the spätzle dough. For best results, put the onions on super low hours before you want to eat.

(2) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9×13 casserole dish lightly with a bit of butter.

(3) In a large bowl, whisk together flour and salt. Grate about 1/8 tsp nutmeg over the bowl and whisk in.

(4) Use a wooden spoon to stir beaten eggs and milk into flour mixture until dough is smooth.

(5) Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Grease a spätzle maker (see note under ingredients) and set over pot of boiling water. Spoon half of spätzle dough into the spätzle maker and push the square piece back and forth, allowing dough to fall into the pot. Set spätzle maker aside. Cook for 2 minutes or until spätzle floats to top. ..................................................................................................................................................................

(6) Remove with slotted spoon and toss directly in prepared 9×13 dish.

(7) Add half of caramelized onions directly over spätzle. Sprinkle half of cheese (combine the two) on top of onions. ..................................................................................................................................................................

(8) Repeat process with remaining dough, onions, and cheese. ..................................................................................................................................................................

(9) Pop in 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes. Top with chopped parsley.

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So Spanakopita is actually called a Greek Pie, but so comforting. Spanakopita is a spinach and feta pie with layers and layers of crispy phyllo. You can of course make your own phyllo dough if you’re terribly fancy (or authentic), but I keep packs in my freezer for Spanakopita emergencies. This is a crowd pleaser!

(1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees.


(2) Squeeze water out of frozen spinach. Combine spinach with onions, feta cheese, herbs, pepper, eggs, and olive oil.

(3) Brush a 9×13 pan with olive oil. Use half the pack of phyllo on the bottom of the dish, carefully brushing each sheet with olive oil using a pastry brush. (note: it’s better to have it slightly bunched in the middle than have phyllo go up the sides.) Spread spinach filling evenly on top of phyllo. Top with remaining half package of phyllo, again gently brushing each sheet with olive oil.

(4) Bake at 400 for 45 minutes or until golden brown.


1 lb phyllo, thawed

3 packages frozen spinach, thawed

2 bunches green onions

2 cups feta cheese

1.5 cups Italian parsley

1/2 cup fresh dill

1/4 cup fresh mint

1/4 cup oregano


2 large eggs, beaten

1/4 cup olive oil

+ more for phyllo

This is a pretty easy dish to bake. You basically stir the spinach mixture together in one bowl, then build the dish by brushing olive oil on each sheet of phyllo. I find it quite therapeutic—especially if I’m drinking wine!

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1 cup heavy whipping cream

8 oz mascarpone cheese, at room temperature

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1.5 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup espresso or strong coffee, cooled

24-28 Ladyfingers

2 Tbsp dark cocoa powder

Whatever you do, don’t soak the ladyfingers. Quickly dip each ladyfinger cookie one at a time in espresso or strong coffee. You don’t want them to be soggy. Dip, flip, set in pan.

Can you add alcohol?

Sure. I am a purist when it comes to tiramisu because it irritates me how much alcohol American restaurants pump into this classical coffee dessert. Having said that, you could easily put some Kahlua or amaretto in with the coffee or the cream if you’d like!


If there’s a dessert that could be called a casserole this is it! The photos don’t do it justice. I kept meaning to do a proper photo shoot, but I don’t know what to tell you guys. Every night I just kept gobbling it up without taking pictures! I was powerless against its charms. This is the perfect make-ahead dessert. It gets better every single day. I made it six days ago and it’s not only still delicious, but also considerably better than it was the first day. Don’t be afraid to make this a few days before you need it. ..................................................................................................................................................................

(1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly grease two cookie sheets. ..................................................................................................................................................................

(2) Whip cream in a metal bowl with a metal whisk until stiff peaks form. Set aside.

(3) Mix mascarpone cheese, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract with a hand mixer. Gently fold in whipped cream with a spatula until combined. Set aside. ..................................................................................................................................................................

(4) Dip ladyfingers one at a time in coffee and place in an 8″ or 9″ pan, breaking the last few as needed to fit a solid layer of ladyfingers in the bottom of the pan. Spread half of the mascarpone mixture on top.

(5) Repeat with another layer of ladyfingers and the remaining mascarpone mixture.

(6) Generously sift cocoa powder on top, then cover and refrigerate overnight. It gets better the longer it chills!

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SL WhereLocalsGo



A very successful restaurateur friend once told me the secret to his success was that he picked one type of dish and poured his heart and soul into perfecting it—you weren’t going to find pasta at his pizzeria or lamb chops at his steak house. Other bars and restaurants alike are picking up on this mentality and specializing in one or two things—restaurants that only serve waffles and lounges that cater only to the wine crowd. And while I can’t deny the success of my buddy, I must ask: what about the guy doing keto married to a staunch vegan or the craft cocktail lover that is married to a whiskey purist?

I live in a house divided. I am a lover of the craft cocktail—the stranger sounding the combo the better! My husband, on the other hand, is not cocktail adventurous (nor food for that matter). He likes an old fashioned as boring as they come. If there is as much as a slice of orange in a different varietal, you can keep it. On date night, we’re hard-pressed to find a place that fulfills my need for eclectic speed and his need for familiarity.

There’s a new 21 and up lounge in Trophy Club perfect for odd couples like us. Whiskey, wine and cocktail lovers can all enjoy an evening out that feels like it was tailored to their unique taste. Social Oak Wine & Whiskey Lounge opened late last year and was a long time coming— the coming soon sign taunted me for the better part of a year it seems like. Once inside, I knew why and it was worth the wait. It seems no expense was spared or detail overlooked in this sultry upscale haunt filled with rich colors, plush velvet and dark woods. While it seems to have a Great Gatsby speak easy vibe upon first glance, another look will have you questioning whether yo have gone Back to the Future.

Social Oak offers guests the unique experience of self-serving their own drinks using automated pouring cabinets with touchscreens from which guests can select the size of their pour. With the push of a button, you can serve yourself one of 56 wines or even a shot of Johnnie Walker Black. If you’re not wanting to do the “heavy lifting,” of course you can grab a seat at the bar or order from a cocktail server. Social Oak’s cocktail menu includes perfected classics: the daiquiri, the French 75 and the old-fashioned. But there are also several signatures worth a trip out of your comfort zone. My two favorites are the Spicy Mango Margarita and the Trophy Wife: a delicately sweet blend of passionfruit, vanilla vodka and agave.

Shared plates round out Social Oak’s offerings. Chef Nga Vu has created a collection of international selections with an Asian flair. What I like most about the Shareables menu is that it is truly shareable. Every dish is perfectly portioned and arranged to be passed around with ease—even the Sliced Steak and Mash. It’s a New York Strip sliced into generous pieces, accompanied by Whipped Potatoes and an Asian Chimichurri Sauce. My other favorite bites include the Truffle Deviled Eggs, Crispy Vegetables Rolls and the Garlic Shrimp Flatbread—my “not to be missed” food item from Social Oak.

Whether you’re strictly a meat and potatoes whiskey lovin’ kind of guy, or a rosé all day kind of gal, and it’s guys night out, moms night out or a meeting with a potential client, Social Oak Whiskey & Wine Lounge has just what you are looking for to sip, savor and simmer down from your day.

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2230 TX-114 | Suite 550 | Trophy Club, Texas 76262 | (817) 382-1088 | socialoaklounge.com | Sun-Wed: 4-10pm Thu: 4-11pm Fri-Sat: 4pm-12am

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