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Smart City Networks, the nation’s leading event telecommunications, and technology services provider for the convention industry, did a complete overhaul of the Hawai’i Convention Center’s data and wireless capabilities in 27 days, an industry record. “This project under normal circumstances would have required three to four months to plan, purchase and receive components, contract construction, install equipment, configure, test, and deploy,” noted Smart City Networks President Mark Haley. “Our team worked tirelessly to meet this record deadline and this serves as an example that our organization is ready and able to meet our partners’ needs.” Smart City completed the project, assumed control of the facility’s network services and became fully operational just four weeks after being hired. This project includes design and installation of 100 new access points with antennas, 29,000 feet of Category 6 networking cable, and 11 sets of patch panels, connectors and other hardware and supporting components. “Smart City has been a tremendous partner and the Hawai‘i Convention Center is proud to be working with such a fine organization,” commented Jennifer Nakayama, director of operations at the Hawai’i Convention Center. “Their emphasis on elevating service levels to our event clients and building staff shows their commitment to being proactive, as well as their alignment with the Hawai‘i Convention Center goals of putting the customer first.” Smart City ordered and took delivery of 100 access points for the network which was designed by the company’s wireless engineering team. The organization’s facilities on the mainland collected core network equipment and 20 edge switches and shipped it to the company’s headquarters in Las Vegas, where network engineers configured and shipped the components to Oahu. Four lifts were rented and delivered to the Convention Center for the network installation to take place. A crew of 5 technicians and one foreman oversaw the physical installation of the access points and category six cabling. This crew installed it all in under two weeks. “We took great measures to not only commission this equipment and get it operational in a fraction of the time most other companies would require, but also to set up network addresses and services to the convention center’s permanent tenants early in the process,” David Langford, Smart City’s Vice President of Technology said. “Our goal is always to help the in-house venue partners keep their businesses operational and minimize any downtime as we upgrade their systems. Additionally, Smart City expanded the IPv4 capabilities by adding IPv6 capabilities as well.”






Quarterly overview from Smart City’s president, Mark Haley.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a great start to the new year.

06 C E N T E R U P D A T E S

The year 2016 was an eventful and successful year at Smart City. We had contract renewals at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Greater Columbus Convention Center & Tampa Convention Center. We’re also proud to have added the Hawaii Convention Center to the Smart City Family.

What's new in our buildings? Special updates from the field.

14 W  E CARE & GIVE BACK Highlighting the community service efforts of our Smart City teams across the country.


Recognizing this quarter’s outstanding employees.

18 T E A M U P D A T E S Team member milestones and new arrival announcements.

In December, we capped the year off with our annual General Managers’ Meeting in San Antonio at the recently expanded Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. It is always great to have all the GMs together in one place at year’s end where we can reconnect and focus on developing the company’s most valuable resource – our people. The meeting is a great opportunity for team building, exchanging best practices and hearing from our front line managers who deliver the Smart City vision each day to our customers. A new addition to the meeting this year was the day we spent giving back to the community. Our team in San Antonio, led by Keith McNeely and Guillermo Huerta have supported San Antonio’s Salvation Army’s Angel Tree project for the past five years. This year we added another 45 Smart City staff to the gift distribution effort in addition to our local team and it was a blast. It allowed us to experience the immense joy of helping out families in need during the holidays and helped us to remember to stay true to our tenth Business Principle, “We care and give back.” Turn to page eight to see photos of the gift distribution effort.


Anniversaries of team members throughout the company.

Best wishes and success in the new year!

To the Top!


the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016


“Jim Erickson, I wanted to send a THANK YOU for your outstanding support at the HRC Gala on Sept. 10th. Your responsiveness in real time with updates on utilization was vital to knowing how things were going. I was very impressed that your new system had over 2,200 users on Wi-Fi, which was critical given the AT&T weakness. Performance was fantastic, enabling more attendees than ever to participate in the important donation moment. I’ve been doing this event since 2010 and had many high stakes situations. This was the biggest and your system came through! Looking forward to partnering with you again in the future!” James Rischar, HRC

S T. L O U I S

“I would like to thank the Smart City crew for doing such a good job for us. It's a good feeling knowing the networking side of our conference we find no issues with. We also like being able to work directly with staff that can make the changes rather than calling another office to make changes remotely. Doug Belew,NISC


“It goes unsaid what a terrific job Robert Romero always does with whatever madness we send his way. And the kicker is, he does it all with a smile, goes beyond the call of duty (he even cleaned my phone after installing it at the new location), looked for the additional pieces needed to ensure that the box for my headset system would be compatible with my switchboard and would work efficiently with the new set up, and well… I just can’t say enough great things about Robert. He is the epitome of what Orange County Convention Center’s CoH (Center of Hospitality) is all about!” Janine G. Gil de Rubio, OCCC-Capital Planning Division


“Debbie Green was awesome. She is an all-star—so helpful, friendly, and eager to help problem solve. She was quick to offer to take a partner within your organization to help me determine what was the best solution for our booth. I wish every company had customer service like Debbie!” Top Value Fabrics


Patricia Johnson, first of all I would like to reach out to both you and Emiliano Fernandez for all of your help both prior to and at the event. Your team was awesome to work with and this was honestly one of the smoothest events we have ever done. You guys just rolled with the punches and we made a great team. Please extend our gratitude to Jacob and everyone on your staff from us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you all again. Lynn Cole, ShowNets


“Mr. Dan Dobson,I truly appreciate all your help during the Showcase of Schools. Thank you so very much.” Renee Burns. Gheens Academy

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016



"I'd like to provide a highly deserved thank you to Smart City again for extraordinary service at the 2016 I/ITSEC conference in the Orange County Convention Center. You worked with us over a three-month period leading up to the show. After many iterations over the three months, the final requirements were well understood and defined. Determining the requirements was more complex this year since we had requirements that spanned 9 different booths at I/ITSEC. The effort by Smart City during the show set up and during the show to make sure everything we needed to make all our booths have a successful exhibit was amazing. We really look forward to working with Smart City every year. Our level of confidence with the quality of Smart City is so high, we know you will be a significant contributor to the success of every booth we use your services for.” Rick Neff, Naval Air Warfare Center


“I would like to give a huge boost to Ray Newcomb. For the last 4 months Ray has been assisting in putting together RFP’s for the upgrade here at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. Ray has used me as his eyes and ears and executed the process perfectly. His expertise expands to so many different areas and I have gotten to see the benefit from working with Ray. Thank you,Ray!!” Andrew Gutierrez, GM - Reno- Sparks


“Our Customer Service & Sales Manager Khay Pettway was AMAZING, proactive, and responsive. His professional and friendly demeanor was so appreciated.” National Trade Products


“Adrian Juarez, many thanks are owed to you and Eleazar Martinez for taking care of the League’s telecommunication and internet needs. Both your and Eleazar’s attention to detail, played an immeasurable role in ensuring that the League’s conference was a success. Smart City is fortunate to have you both on their team. With another successful conference under our belt, the League looks forward to our return to the Long Beach Convention Center in 2018, and having the opportunity to work with you again." Helen Marshall, League of California Cities


“Brian Clear was great to work with! Very attentive and listened to what we needed. We didn't have any issues on the day of the event that I was aware of.” Victoria Runnoe,Feed My Starving Children


“Michael Newton,The AUSA streaming event went really well. The network held up and we met all of our objectives. Going forward I will not use the bandwidth site, all other sites showed us having the bandwidth we were expecting. Thanks to you and your team for the service and support." Seth Pajak, Encompass Digital Media, Inc.


the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016

GM INSIGHT Internet of Things: The Future and its Impact on the Convention Center Industry GEORGE CAGLE — GENERAL MANAGER, SMART CITY MINNEAPOLIS

In today’s technology-driven world, it is a commonplace to see dozens of people interacting with their laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even wearable gadgets such as watches or activitytracking devices. All of these devices encompass a network that gathers and exchanges data in what is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). According to Cisco Systems, Inc., “500 billion devices are expected to be connected to the web by 2030” (2016). The data exchanged between people and their smart devices create opportunities for economic benefit for the users and the businesses that create them, all at the touch of a few buttons. But what does this mean for the convention industry? There are so many variables within a convention center operation – from security and facility management to food and beverage – that it is easy to visualize the number of opportunities for IoT devices. For the various meeting and conference spaces, the use of additional sensors in rooms or meeting spaces “will monitor attendance, temperature, Wi-Fi connectivity, lighting, and seating” (Bruno, 2015). When it comes to food and beverage, the sensors can be embedded in several locations such as refrigerators, ovens, pantries, etc., allowing the staff to monitor temperature, humidity, usage, and storage capacity levels. With the Internet of Things almost being the norm everywhere you go, convention centers who have not thought about an IoT strategy should start thinking about the potential impacts and benefits. The first consideration is the expense of building the framework and infrastructure for the IoT network within a venue. The second consideration is the complexity of the system itself. The last is the potential impact on network security. When thinking about building the framework into a facility as large as a convention center, one of the first thoughts is the cost. Several hundred to thousands of sensors embedded into the building would use additional electricity as well as internet connectivity. Also, the sensors connect to devices for end users to utilize. Training would need to be created and provided to employees who will be using the systems. These, among other cost factors, would make a large impact to the overall project budget of a facility. The next factor to take into account is the complexity of the system. There are many different links between sensors, systems, and users and communication standards among systems and devices have not yet been established. Connectivity takes on three distinct forms; One-to-one (one product to the end user), one-to-many (one product connected to many other products), or many-to-many (multiple products linked to many other products) (Barnes, C., 2015). Implementing a high-density WiFi infrastructure complemented by robust cellular connectivity establishes the groundwork for a venue to support early adopters of IoT technology in advance of more focused IoT systems. Despite the benefits IoT offers, it can create risks for the venue. Having so many areas of connectivity in a facility creates great vulnerability. “Chris Witeck of Citrix explains that each newly connected device or sensor introduced to a network can become a path or entry point into the network” (Forrest, 2016). In 2015, there were several notable hacks into IoT devices such as Internet-enabled automobiles, medical devices, and even toys. While these were insignificant infiltrations into the devices, the threat of attack is real. A hack through one open device can lead to an attack on an entire network. “If attackers get hold of your Wi-Fi network, they can see what other devices are connected to your network and may try to control them, too. They can also find a way to install spyware or key loggers on your computers…to grab confidential client information” (Gheorghe, A., 2016). The future of technology lies in the Internet of Things where connected devices already outnumber people two to one. The adverse impacts of building an intelligent convention center can be mitigated if planning is comprehensive. The overall benefit of having an IoT framework far outweighs the risks. With a thorough design and sound risk assessment, the shift to being a smart facility can be a smooth and secure one.

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016



COLOR A DO CON V ENTION CENTER E XPA NSION UPDATE VISIT DENVER, Denver Arts & Venues and the National Western Stock Show Association engaged the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) to prepare a market-based, venue feasibility study related to the future of the National Western Center (NWC) and Colorado Convention Center (CCC) and make recommendations about how all of these facilities could stay competitive and relevant for the next 25 years. Funding Approved The recommendations were placed on the November 2015 ballot and some 65 percent of the voters approved extending the current lodger’s and car rental tax to fund these improvements.

Colorado Convention Center The study reported a high level of satisfaction with the overall meeting and convention experience in Denver and that Denver is currently ranked as one of the top meeting cities in the nation. The recommendations provided in the study reflect an opportunity to improve the experience and continue to move Denver forward as a top-rated meeting destination. To remain competitive, the study recommends building expanded meeting and ballroom space, improving the meeting experience and upgrading the Center’s technology. Expansion Specifications: Rooftop Ballroom/Multipurpose Space – Western Views • 80,000 SF Flex Ballroom • 60,000 SF Pre function lobby Space • 50,000 SF Outdoor Terrace • Lobby B, D and E enhancements • Additional Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

These new facilities will be seamlessly integrated into the building, and attendees will have easy access to the center’s existing exhibit, meeting room and ballroom levels. Technology improvements will be made that will position the Colorado Convention Center as a “best-in-class” facility, keeping pace with current technologies and demand, including increased capacity for Wi-Fi and streaming video. New and improved networking spaces will be incorporated into the building providing exciting and innovative spaces that capture the spirit of Denver and Colorado, and allow attendees to connect in new ways. Anticipated completion date: Q1 2020. (Source: Colorado Convention Center, 10/2016)


the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016

CE N T E R U PDAT E S ORLANDO Smart City Orlando hosted a Thanksgiving Potluck for their team members. The group had lunch with a variety of food and treats. It was a nice opportunity for the entire Smart City Orlando family to gather together in giving thanks to a very busy, but productive year of hard work.

ORLANDO The Smart City Orlando team had a holiday-decorating contest between departments in which the manager's theme was “Santa’s Workshop”. Each department area was decorated in the spirite of the Holidays. They also took headshots dressed as elves, which were then used to create a 'Family Portrait' for the office. The team had a great time celebrating the holidays!.

LOS ANGELES Los Angeles Convention Center and the local Smart City team welcomed the 'Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns' event during the month of October. This Halloween event put on display 100+ meticulously carved pumpkins for thousands of families in the city. The pumpkins were organized along a 'spooky' path that was paired with a musical score. The affair offers entertainment for both kids and adults. Smart City was a proud supporter of this event.

LOS ANGELES The LA Auto Show built a large outdoor tech pavilion for Automobility LA. The Smart City Los Angeles team was on-site to undertake the great challenge of getting the space connected and online. The event was executed without a hitch and the team did an amazing job in delivering on time. About the event: AutoMobility LA featured panels,high-level presentations by executives, technology exhibits, automaker displays, networking events and breaking news conferences that examined all aspects of the rapidly evolving automotive and new mobility industry.

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016



The 2016 General Managers Meeting took place in San Antonio, Texas at year's close. It was attended by all General Managers from our centers, deparment heads,and the executive team . The meeting was Smart City's motto, 'In a hectic world, we provide peace of mind. The team gathered to talk about continually providing better service and products, through a series of presentations and team-building activities. In addition to the workshops,the Smart City family joined hands with the Salvation Army in San Antonio to work on a community service project for local families. The 'Angel Tree' project fulfilled the holiday gift wishes of several families and allowed the team to bond together for a great cause. The GM's meeting was a hit and an even better way to cap off a very busy but successful year.

P I C T U R E D L E F T T O R I G H T : Tim Wortman, VP Central Operations, Terry Funk, Sr. Director Business Development

P I C T U R E D L E F T T O R I G H T : Dennis O'Gara, VP East Operations, George Cagle, GM Smart City Minneapolis


the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016

P I C T U R E D : Arnold Chavez, GM Smart City Cincinnati

P I C T U R E D : Kevin Patch, GM Smart CIty Anaheim


More pictures of the 2016 General Managers Meeting!

P I C T U R E D : Mark Haley, President

P I C T U R E D : Chris Pendleton, GM Smart City Dallas

P I C T U R E D L E F T T O R I G H T : Carey Dvorak, Manager Engineering

P I C T U R E D : Julia Slocombe, VP West Operations

P I C T U R E D L E F T T O R I G H T : Laureen Boykin, Ryan McCart, Mitchell Hughes, Jim Snook, JP Windle

P I C T U R E D L E F T T O R I G H T : Jim Erickson, GM Smart City DC, Guilllermo Huerta, Manager Customer Sales & Service San Antonio

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016



The Smart City Corporate Office in Las Vegas celebrated the annual Holiday Party at the Spanish Trails Country Club. It was a fun-filled, joyous event for all employees and their loved ones. The evening started with refreshments and a sitdown dinner catered by the country club. There were plenty of activities throughout the night, as the event had its DJ and dancefloor as well as a prop-filled photo booth for pictures. This event is a wonderful, yearly tradition that brings everyone together to celebrate a long year of hard work.

P I C T U R E D : Mark Haley, President

Smart City employees dancing with their partners

P I C T U R E D : Dane Hardy, Financial Accountant II

P I C T U R E D : Rina Carr and her husband


“Courtney Vincent, thank you so very much for the outstanding service you provided us before and during Graph Expo'16. I was so appreciative of your time and effort spent determining our Internet needs and providing us with various options to accommodate those requirements. Additionally, we were grateful for your willingness to work with Bruce Campbell on our behalf. You went “above and beyond” to accommodate Deborah Corn (PrintVerse) and the mysterious spikes that exceeded bandwidth. You were a delight to work with and I hope we will have the opportunity to work again in the near future!.” Deedee Tinkham, Graph Expo


the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016


More pictures of the 2016 Corporate Holiday Party!

P I C T U R E D : Heather Benjamin, CSSR I

P I C T U R E D L E F T T O R I G H T : Marianne Haley, Miriam Cowell

P I C T U R E D : Nycole Smith, Inside Sales Representative

P I C T U R E D : LaBrea Marshall, Inside Sales Representative

Enjoying the music together with a line dance

P I C T U R E D : Dona Denton, CSSR II

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016



The Smart City Atlantic City team donated $1,500 to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. In the photo is John DeMario, Associate Director of Development. John gave General Manager, Ryan McCart, a tour of the facility and told them about the center and the programs they provide in the community to help the homeless.


The Smart City Indianapolis team donated $1,500 to the charity of their choice this holiday season. The team picked Project Home Indy, which serves at-risk teen mothers and providing them the tools to be self-sufficient. Pictured here is General Manager, Ben Behnkendorf and Project Home Indy representative, Lakshmi Hasanadka.


Terry Funk, Sr. Director of Business Development donated $1,500 to the Las Vegas Kappa League this holiday season. The Kappa League is an organization oriented toward helping young men to grow and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor.


The Smart City Kentucky team donated $1,500 to the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign. Pictured from left to right is Edward Brown, Director of Advertising and Promotions and the Coordinator for the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign for the KSFB,General Manager, Dan Dobson, and Jason Rittenberry, CEO for the Kentucky State Fair Board.


the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016


I wanted to send a note mentioning Debbie Olivas who has been our contact at Smart City Colorado Convention Center for both events. I can’t stress to you enough how much we have enjoyed working with her and what great service she provided to us. When we did the first vForum in April of 2015, it was one of the first we produced for VMware and Debbie was a fantastic resource in helping us figure out what level of service we needed and how best to serve the client and attendees. When we returned in September of this year, once again Debbie made all the adjustments in service to make sure we had the best package possible to offer the client. On top of that, the level of customer service from her and her team was more than noteworthy – professional, accommodating, fair and, everything was done with a sense of urgency that gave us a confidence that we could pass on to our client. I believe firmly in recognizing good people and excellent service and so it is with pleasure that I write this email. Debbie has been by far one of the shining examples of this during our time producing these events and I wanted you to know how important that has been.” Mark Limongelli , Nth Degree


"I would like to express my appreciation to you, Donnita Butler, for your outstanding support of the 2016 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition. The meeting gets better each year due to the hard work and professionalism displayed by team players like you. As one of our most valued partners, you always deliver our audio visual support in a highly professional manner. You are truly at the top of your game and we are happy to be associated with Projection Presentation Technology. Your contribution to this year's meeting played a significant role in our ability to deliver an exceptional meeting to our Industry Partners, Members and The United States Army. Please accept my personal thanks for a job well done, and convey my thanks to your team. ” Michael Scanlan, United States Army


"Tammy Espinosa, on behalf of ACMA and SAMPE, thank you for your efforts in making CAMX a success. You are a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your great attention to detail, for answering any and all technical questions we had, your prompt follow through and for taking such good care of us from start to finish. We appreciate your relaxed, warm manner and your professionalism at all times. Please also extend our thanks to Michelle and the rest of your team for making sure all of our internet needs were covered for the meeting, for your patience with last minute orders and onsite changes, and for troubleshooting any onsite challenges during the week. Thank you for all your hard work, support and partnership. We hope to work with you again soon. ” Heather Rhoderick, CAMX


"Thank you Arnold Chavez! GREAT JOB! One man team knocked it out of the park! " Brad Schmittou, Duke Energy Convention Center


“You are so responsive and quick! Wish all the vendors I worked with were like you. Thanks, Kenneth Kitchell.” Akiko Honda, Malware Bytes

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016






Data Operations Professional - Smart City Washington DC I would like to nominate James Zarharchuck as September’s Employee of the Month. James has proven to the Washington DC Center that his talent has helped us through our largest event of the year, AUSA. James assisted with Wi-Fi, and internet needs with customers, staff, and facility management. His talent with understanding our new Cisco system helped us in providing top quality Hot Spots, Limited User and wifi buyout for AUSA. In addition to providing great service, James understands customer service talent helping customers understand what they needed and how we can supply personal solutions. With this talent, AUSA has said that this has been the smoothest and successful event they have had this year. Nominated by: Jim Erickson, GM , Smart City Washington DC

E L E A Z A R M A R T I N E Z Technician I - Smart City Long Beach


Eleazar is a hard working employee who can be relied on to complete assignments with minimal supervision. Eleazar is the only full time technician in Long Beach and is relied on to ensure the events are installed and serviced properly. He always maintains a positive attitude and is a team player who is always willing to assist with a smile. Eleazar continues to improve his knowledge of computer networking through independent study and hands on learning. Eleazar is a crucial member of the Smart City Long Beach team and is a perfect example of our business principle #3 “It’s the people”. Nominated by: Adrian Juarez, GM , Smart City Long Beach



Operations Manager - Smart City Los Angeles As Operations Manager in Los Angeles, Matt has lead an operations team and Data team that supported the highest revenue year to date, including the highest revenue show to date. At the same time, he has lead the numerous technology upgrade projects from RFP to installation here, which includes an $850,000 high density wireless network upgrade. With the lack of a Data Operations Manager, Matt has been supporting both departments effectively and productively for the last six months. Matt is very knowledgeable of Internet Technology and constantly keeps up with the latest technological trends. Without a doubt, he follows one very important Business Principal and that is he “Continually improves processes”. Matt’s patience and ability to step in and help, have been invaluable to our team. He is informative and always there with a solution. We “Seek the Best” and he is. Nominated by: Henry De la Rosa, GM , Smart City Los Angeles


the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016


10 Y E A RS Smart City Orlando’s Data Manager, Tim Boyer, pictured with General Manager, Tim Overall. We want to thank him for all of his hard work with Smart City for the past 10 years! Smart City Orlando is lucky to have him on our team!

15 Y E A R S Smart City Houston’s General Manager, Chris Wharry, pictured with Vice President - East, Tim Wortman, and President, Mark Haley. We want to thank him for all of his hard work with Smart City for the past 15 years!

5 YEARS Smart City Los Angeles’s Operations Manager, Matthew Chavez, pictured with the rest of the LA team. We want to thank him for all of his hard work with Smart City for the past 5 years!

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016



EMPLOYEE OCTOBER 2016 Albert Janak Kevin Patch Christopher Wharry Timothy Wortman Deborah Jackson Matthew Casaus Timothy Boyer Christopher Pendleton Lisa Paul

21 years 18 years 15 years 14 years 12 years 11 years 10 years 10 years 9 years

Robert Garner Mohammed Nouwass Forrest Berndt Carlos Rosario-Robles Brian Fairbanks James Zarharchuck Michael Bowser Pedro Arias Mario Sanchez

18 years 16 years 15 years 12 years 10 years 8 years 6 years 6 years 6 years 5 years 5 years 2 years 1 years 1 years

Lais Vang Matthew Yauch

8 years 4 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 1 years 1 years 1 years 1 years

NOVEMBER 2016 Joe Melancon Jr Patrick Nelson Dennis O'Gara James Snook Marlon Brown Todd Zuccato Jessica Torres-Cruz Maria Gomez George Cagle Carolyn McDonald Matthew Chavez Melissa Luckey Roberto Ramos-Burgos Robert Bonville

DECEMBER 2016 Enrique De La Rosa Kyle Libby Yanderis Lodos Benjamin Behnkendorf Darryl Galmon Aaron Kahn William Bischof Lalla Kabongi


22 years 14 years 10 years 7 years 4 years 2 years 1 years 1 years

the PINNACLE • Issue 4, 2016

1 years 1 years

The Pinnacle - Q4 2016  

Smart City Networks' 4th Quarter Pinnacle.