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The Fall 2007


First Publication: October 1981

For Alumni, Friends and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

Annual Fund 14 Kicks off The SJCC Annual Fund Board is excited to have Jim Yeager ‘70 and Jerry Freeh ‘47 to lead this year’s fund drive. The goal this year is $150,000 and will benefit Faculty/Staff Salaries, Technology, Student Religious Retreats, the Science Department and the Development Office. The hard work of the SJCC faculty is evident in the latest Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) results that Kevin Yeckley addresses in this

issue. Some of the technology dollars are being put to use in the form of new laptops for the teachers. The portablility of the laptops allows the teachers to take their work with them from room to room and school to home. See page three for more details on the new laptops. The annual fund mailing will be sent in October, please be generous in your support of this drive. The benefits are evident.

Burkett’s Band Plays On

By Amanda Tucker The musical accomplishments of many alumni give the SJCC Band Director, Bill Burkett, a reason to be proud of his music program. Burkett states, “I am very proud that they all went on to pursue their talents. I know that they will do a great job and have a great time, just like in high school.” Five SJCC alumni band students have continued what they enjoyed in high school. Antonia Alcala (class of 2007) plays the saxophone at Baldwin Wallace. Alcala states, “At first I did not plan to join the band, but once I heard the band playing, I couldn’t resist. It made me remember how much fun I had playing for SJCC. I felt very well prepared marching, thanks to Mr. Burkett.” Lexi Glanemann (class of 2006) plays the barisaxophone for Mount Union. Glanemann was awarded a scholarship for her ability. Glanemann also plays the barisaxophone for the university’s wind ensemble. Glanemann states, “ I am currently studying to be a band teacher, just like Mr. Burkett.” Alison Chudzinski (class of 2007) is proud to play the trumpet for the University of Notre Dame. Chudzinski participated in a competitive audition process; 510 people auditioned to earn a position in the 397-student band. Chudzinski states, “ The difference from SJCC is I do not have to play as loud anymore.” Katie Darr (class of 2007) plays cymbals for the Bowling Green State University marching band, and she hopes to play snare drums in the future. Brian Setzler (class of 2005) recently earned a position on the Ohio State University Marching Band. Setzler learned to play his instrument, the mellophone, several months prior to his audition. Setzler recalls, “The

moment that the band was announced was a very tense moment. All of the candidates were gathered in the rehearsal hall, and the director read the names of everyone who was selected for the band. Some people have been dreaming of being in the band all of their life, and for some the dream comes true, while for others the dream will have to wait. It was a great feeling to hear my name called, but the emotions were still mixed, because some of my friends’ names were not called, and I know how much work we all put in this summer. There are few things in life that rival the excitement of entering the field at Ohio Stadium to the cheers of 105,000 crazy fans as a part of The Best Damn Band in the Land [or The Ohio State University Marching Band]. You look up, and the entire stadium is a huge sea of scarlet.” Setzler traveled the country in 2007 with the Ohio State Athletic Band in which he played the saxophone for the Ohio State basketball team in the Sweet Sixteen and NCAA Final Four Tournaments. These talented musicians have proudly carried on the SJCC tradition into their bands. They devote many extra practice hours beyond their regular academic schedules. Bill Burkett instills the love of music in his students, and the results are astonishing.

Lexi Glanemann

Katie Darr

Alison Chudzinski

Brian Setzler

SJCC Shines Again, with Ohio Graduation Test Results!

By Kevin Yeckley In March of 2007, the SJCC sophomore class took the state required Ohio Graduation Test (OGT). Once again, SJCC was one of the top performing schools in the area. From the onset of the OGT three years ago, SJCC has ranked among the highest in Passing Percentages of all schools in Northwest Ohio. For example, when comparing passing percentages, SJCC outperformed all high schools in Sandusky County and adjacent counties. SJCC ranked in the top five of the thirteen Catholic High Schools in the Toledo Diocese. This test, which measures competency in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies must be passed in order to earn a high school diploma. One hundred percent of SJCC graduates have passed the OGT in the last three years. The OGT is first administered to students in the spring of their tenth grade year. A student has five attempts to pass all five sections. Without passing, students may not be granted a high school diploma. When asked why she felt SJCC prepared her for success on the OGT, junior Chrissie Szymanowski had this to say, “I think we do so well because our teachers help prepare us and give us confidence. The teachers really help through their dedication and perseverance.” SJCC teachers feel that following their course of study rather than “teaching to the test” provides a better holistic education foundation which results in better OGT and ACT scores. Veteran math teacher, Lou Kuhlman feels, “The OGT has brought more accountability to the classroom, and the students here take it seriously.” Many times SJCC receives much of the credit for such outstanding test scores, yet it is important to remember that the students at SJCC have benefited from thirteen years of quality Catholic Education.


PAGE 2 From the Principal

Greetings, We welcome 253 students into the halls of SJCC for the 2007-08 school year. This includes a freshman class of 75. We’re off to a great start and we’re looking forward to a great year. We are also very fortunate to welcome back Lilly Walters and Nancy Risner to our faculty. In addition we welcome Angie (O’Neal) Ritzman ‘93 as our new Development Director and Sue Berryman, who has been recently promoted to Co-Director. In this issue of The Voice, we are acknowledging all those who contributed to last year’s annual fund. This annual appeal was created to help offset the actual cost of educating our students and the tuition we receive from our families. I would like to thank

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, Ohio 43420 (419) 332-9947 (419) 332-4945 fax Development Office (419) 332-5124 Mike Gabel, Principal Angie Ritzman, Director of Development Sue Berryman, Editor Copy Editors: Ellen Leite, Sally Daubel, Ryan Good Contributors: SJCC students SJCC faculty: Liz Pietrykowski and Greg Kohler To be inducted into either the Sports Hall of Fame or the Alumni and Friends Heritage Award a person must be nominated. Call the school for a nomination form or send in the name of the person you would like to nominate with the following information: Hall of Fame: -Sports involved in and years -Any awards and/or school records either previously or currently held -Current involvement in sports/community Heritage Award: -Involvement in the community in which they live -Any awards received -Volunteering Please help SJCC honor those who deserve recognition. For more information contact Gary Geller, or Sue Berryman, 419-332-5124

all of you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity and hope that you will support us once again this year. On the front cover of this issue, you can read about the success of our students taking the Ohio Graduation Test, otherwise known as the OGT. Hats off to our students, parents and especially our teachers in our Catholic elementary schools and here at SJCC. In closing, I once again want to thank all of you for your support. Your prayers,

financial gifts, volunteer hours and suggestions are so very much appreciated. We will continue to pray for each and every one of you. God Bless. GO STREAKS! Here at SJCC we are very proud of our faculty and staff. They go above and beyond their jobs to support and care for your children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Without them SJCC wouldn’t be the great institution it is today. We salute these fine men and women in this special feature because we would like to introduce them to you and acknowledge their dedication to SJCC. Mike Gabel, Principal

The Voice Salutes... Rick Wonderly

This summer, senior Eric Barbour sat down with Rick Wonderly, this was their conversation. When did you start teaching? I started in Upper Sandusky as an 8th grade Science teacher and a 7th and 8th grade football coach. I then taught for two years at Ottawa-Glandorf as a high school Chemistry teacher. After that is when I came to St. Joe in 1974 as a Science teacher and football coach. I coached from 74’-80’ and then from 95’-05’ What has made you stay at St. Joe for 33 years? There were two things that stood out at St. Joe that I noticed the first year that I taught here and still stand true today. First the teachers – they care about what they are doing and want to have a good time. In the other school, there were good teachers, but others were just riding it out, but not here. Second the students – the first year that I taught at St. Joe, we had a guest magician who was awful. I was expecting the kids to make rude comments and laugh at him. When I saw them all sitting in the stands they were all so respectful. They had an overall positive attitude for it and they still do today. What is your philosophy on life? I always told my football players that you can makes excuses or you can make due. Life just comes at you and what you do with it makes you a success or not. You can only control your attitude. The choice is up to you. You can choose to be happy or choose not to. Life is a journey, not a destination. We spend too much time looking ahead instead of just looking down at where we are today.

What do you try and teach your students that will help them outside of school? We can’t teach you enough to become a chemist or a physicist. We can be a vehicle to teach you how to think and to solve problems and to overcome obstacles and find your interest in a certain area. Science is a challenge. These challenges cause adversity and we grow from them and become a more whole person. You can’t judge a person by how they react to an easy situation; you can judge a person in a crisis. That’s when you see who they really are. E v e n though many are intimidated by you, they also know that you are a ‘family man.’ Where did that come from? I was born in a big family. I am the fourth of twelve brothers and sisters. Ever since I was born, my family and life has been built around a strong, family social structure. On weekends, we would go visit my grandparents and other family members. When a new cousin was born, it was exciting because we’d get to go to their house and see the family. We were always taught that children were gifts, and we should cherish them. I still spend 95% of my free social time with family. I rely on them and they rely on me. We all count on each other and that’s how it’s always been. I’m very grateful that I was able to raise my family on a farm because I got to spend so much time with my kids. I’m also grateful that my grandkids live within 30 minutes from my house so I can visit them whenever I want to. My life just revolves around family. That’s how it’s always been and always will be.



Familiar Faces and New Ideas

By Chelsea Paradiso and Amanda Tucker SJCC students will benefit from changes this 2007-2008 school year. The changes include one new class elective and the return of two very important teachers. This year Coach Todd Drusback will teach the new class of Sports Medicine. Throughout this course, students will learn about rehabilitation and injury prevention. Students will also learn about weight training and sports related infections. Drusback states, “We have a lot of athletes in this school, so I am excited to give them knowledge about athletic issues such as prevention of injuries.” Coach Drusback also plans to take trips and bring in guest speakers to reinforce class information. Mrs.Walters and Mrs. Risner both returned this year after a year of absence. Mrs.Risner taught at SJCC for eight years and moved to Sydney, Ohio. As she was away teaching in Sydney for a year, she realized, “There is no place like home.” Now that she is

“back in action” at SJCC, Mrs. Risner teaches not only Freshmen Physical Science and AP Biology, but is also the Science Club Advisor. Mrs. Walters taught for seven years prior to her sabbatical leave. She presently studies Bilingual Education at the University of Toledo and plans to receive her Masters Degree in May of 2008. By teaching at SJCC, Mrs. Walters earns student teaching credit, and she has the opportunity to practice her new methods. TPR (Total Physical Response) is a new method Walters plans to use. This method teaches the students how to communicate better with others. TPR uses physical actions and less grammar. Her focus is to encourage students to speak Spanish and not to worry about grammar rules while speaking. She teaches Spanish I and II and Intro to Philosophy. Walters states, “After a year of graduate school, I have sympathy for SJCC students. I know what it is like to study late, write papers and take tests!”

New Technology

By Ali Woodruff All the teachers at SJCC got a wonderful present last spring that also provides the school with an incredible technology facelift. Each teacher was provided with their own Macintosh Laptop with Dual Core processors. The money for this project has been saved and budgeted from the SJCC Annual Fund donors and technology supporters so this laptop purchase could be made. This computer provides the faculty with a tool that is portable so they are now able to work at home as well as at school. Mrs. Jodi Pollick, an English teacher at SJCC, said “I often compose my tests, worksheets, or project papers at work during my planning period. Sometimes I am interrupted and am unable to complete the work. Now I can pack up the laptop, take it home, and finish whatever I started. The Mac Book’s portability is a great plus for me.” Each teacher has also been asked to demonstrate three new lessons utilizing the new technology to the entire SJCC faculty by the end of this school year. The purpose of this exercise is to make sure the teachers are comfortable with the technology, and make use of this valuable resource. It is thought that this technology will help to enhance the level of teaching and variety of methods of disseminating information to the students. When asked if she thought the new technology would be beneficial to the students Pollick said, “Introducing new technology is always a worthwhile endeavor because in today’s world it’s not enough for students to be computer literate, they have to be computer competent. Anything SJCC can do to prepare

its students for life experiences is worthwhile.” A future goal is to provide all students with their own personal computer.

Notes from SJCC Music SJCC Music Boosters are proud to present on Saturday November 10, 2007...

Cooking on a High Note

Last year Cooking on a High Note was hosted by the SJCC Music Boosters at Kalahari Resort. This year Kalahari Resort has asked SJCC to become a signature event and have joined forces with two other schools, Sandusky Central Catholic and Huron High School. The event will take place at the Nia Center –Kalahari Resort, Sandusky Ohio. All proceeds will benefit each schools’ music program. Tickets are now on sale at all three school offices. Major sponsors of this years event are; Nia Center at Kalahari Resort Fremont Federal Credit Union Eshleman’s Fruit Farm Terra Community College The Garden Restaurant Lesher Printers Burnham Orchards Giaco Enterprises/ Arbys Jaz Innovations Sams Club Sandusky Register If you have any question please call Angela Molyet 355-1366 or Cathy Miller 332-1790 The SJCC Band would like to thank: Bluffton University - for hosting band camp Freddy’s Car Wash - for helping with the fundraiser car wash

Sacred Heart School and Croghan Elementary


October 1 Open House 12 Homecoming Mass/Assembly 13 Homecoming Game; Alumni & Friends Association Party 14 Homecoming Dance 15 Faculty Retreat-No Classes 26 CEDF Reverse Raffle 27 Fall Sports Mass/Senior Night Mass Chicken Dinner-Sponsored by Senior Class November 4-7 Senior Kairos Retreat 8&9 Parent/Teacher Conferences 9 Alumni Basketball Game 10 Cooking on a High Note 19 Calendar Drive Begins 21 Reach Out Begins, Fall Sports Mass 22-23 Thanksgiving Vacation 26 NHS Induction December 19 Reach Out to the Fremont Community 24 Christmas Vacation Begins

for allowing the use of their fields Village of Lindsey - for allowing the band to perform in their Labor Day Parade Camp Fire - for the use of their outdoor facilities Bus and Van Drivers - for transporting the band Band Parents and Friends - for all of their hard work and support 2007-2008 SJCC Music Booster Officers President - Bill Egbert Vice-President - Mick Wolf Treasurer - Tim Burns Secretary - Mary Wickline Fundraiser Chairperson - Angela Molyet      2007-2008 SJCC Band Officers  President - Alex Reineck Vice-President - Sarah Keating Treasurer - Cayla Liebold Secretary - Auriel VanDerLaar Librarian - Andrew Wolf Historian - Joy Risner


PAGE 4 2007 Homecoming Honoring Golf

On Saturday, Oct. 13 the SJCC Alumni & Friends will be honoring alumni and coaches of the past golf teams. If you were an SJCC golfer and did not receive a letter outlining the details of Homecoming Mass, parade, game and party please contact Sue Berryman or Angie Ritzman at 419-332-5124 or e-mail or

Class of ‘44 Hall of Fame Members Hold Record

The class of ‘44 only had 24 boys but they hold the record at five, for the most Athletic Hall of Fame inductees from any one classs.

L to R Joe Kuzma, Doyle Kusmer,

Bill Yeager, Bob Chudzinski, Herb Redding

Once again the SJCC Trophy Fund benefited from the annual Hull-Gonya game feed that took place in January. Our apologies for the delay of their recognition until this issue. ABC Detail Jim Ackerman American Auto SalesMike Koebel Anderson Farm CenterLoren and John Ash Automotive A.W. Automotive, LLCAlex Weichman Baker and BonnigsonBill and Ken Bay Tractor and Turf Bay Trophy Beck Suppliers-Dean Beck Don Beck Mark Binsack Al Bodecker Jeff Bowling

The CEDF Reverse Raffle

There are still tickets left for the annual CEDF reverse raffle to be held Friday, Oct. 26 at Ole Zim’s. The doors open at 6:00, dinner at 7:00 will be Ole Zims’ famous family style and the raffle will begin after dinner. Don’t miss your chance for a grand prize of $6,000. There are plenty of prizes you can win with sideboard tickets. To reserve a ticket contact Sue Berryman or Angie Ritzman at 419332-5124. Tickets are $150 (includes two dinners) or $130 if you cannot attend.

Booster Club News

Now that the new school year has begun the SJCC Booster Club (open to men & women) is back in full swing.   We are in desperate need of more active members, especially parents of children participating in sports.  The active Club membership is aging and in order for future SJCC sports to endure we need young members. Without the Club many of the sports we now enjoy would

SJCC Senior Class Chicken Dinner

The SJCC Class of 2008 is holding a Chicken Dinner on Saturday, October 27, in the SJCC Cafeteria 4:00 - 7:00. Dinners are $8.00 presale tickets only and include 1/2 Chicken, baked potato, green beans, roll, dessert, drink. Dine in or carryout available. Proceeds benefit the senior class trip.

Hull-Gonya Game Feed

Bowlus Trucking-Pete Werling Art Bucci Bud’s Tavern-Jon Weiker C & W Auto Parts-Bruce Shank Carbo Forge, Inc. Craig Carr Cloverleaf Stables-Bill McCann Tom Commes Consolite Corp.-Ken Durnwald Country Spring Elevator Crown Battery-Hal Hawk Gary Deshetler Dave Eckhardt Tim Ellenberger Fremont Precast De Genzman Luther Gibbs, Jr. Gibbs EquipmentDave Burmeister Curt Gonya Gordon Lumber Joe Haggerty Happy Days BoatingKevin Gottron Harris Seed-Chris Ware

Hartlen Insurance Agency Hasselbach MeatsDave, Paul & Bill Heineman Dist.-Tom Tight Dr. Charles Hull Dr. Keith Hull Jason Hull Izaak Walton League The Kielbasa Man-Charlie Darr King Industries Chris Kiser Dave Kupka Lamalie Farms Legendz Sports Bar-Jon Weiker Luc Ice, Inc. Ken Neeb North Bay Nursery-Paul Rofkar Nu Tire Pioneer Seed-Dave Wagner and Jeff Martin Root’s Poultry Ross Lawn Care Tim Sidoti Schmittz Garden’sGeorge Dabrunz

not be as readily available. During the last school year we donated $63,000 to the programs.   Save your Booster Club and save SJCC Sports.  We meet the first and third Monday of the month at 8:00 p.m. in the Booster Club rooms upstairs in the Sheets Supply building on the corner of Napoleon and Jackson Streets.  The entrance is on Jackson Street.  Support the aluminum can recycling. Drop your cans in the SJCC bin at Burns Iron and Metal Company, 911 N. Front Street. Open daily 7:30 to 4:00 and 7:30 to 11:30 Saturdays.

SJCC Alumni Basketball Games Friday Nov. 9

The first game will be Alumni from the classes of 1985-1993, the second game classes of 19942002. Anyone interested in playing can contact Jeff Radde at 937780-4869 or Schneider Carpet Cleaner Sheets Suppliers, Inc.-Bill Sheets Jason Sparks Pete Spieldenner Streacker Tractor-Ed, Greg, Brian Keith Stutzman Tackle Box II-Dan and Lisa Time Out-Dennis, Dean and Joan VanNess Tom Smith Crane Town and Country R.V. Veh and Son FurnitureMatt Kohler Weickert Ins.Ken, Kent, Mike Weickert Whitey’s Diner Willies Sales & Service Willis and Sons Woleslagel Moving Co.Tom Woleslagel WR Hunt Club-Bob Wright Dr. John Wukie Mike Zelms

ATTENTION FORMER FOOTBALL PLAYERS The signs are up but we’re still looking for players’ names and numbers!

If you played football for SJCC during your senior year please fill out this form and return it to the high school in care of Gary Geller. If you are not a football player, but know of someone who did play football (grandfather, father, brother, husband, etc.) please send in all the information you have about that person. We would like to have a complete list of football players to be hung in our new locker room. Name: ____________________________________Number worn senior year: #______ Graduation Year______ Person sending in information: _____________________________Phone Number: ________________________



----------------------------Achievements/Updates-------------------------Ryan Autullo ‘03 graduated from BGSU Aug. 4 with a journalism degree and is working at the Toledo Blade as a sports writer covering BGSU athletics. Carey Heyman ‘93 and Peggy (Courtney ‘88) Rodriguez started an infant loss support group called Angel Babies in memory of their daughters, Aryn Heyman and Samantha Rodriguez Harold “Corky” Logsdon ‘60 retired after 40 years of teaching science in Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland. He is writing a book entitled “Disappearance of Booktown, Ohio. Stephanie (Stetzel ‘98) Mackey made her debut on The Home Shopping Network modeling skin care products.

Please keep in your prayers Betty (Snyder ‘35) Lehman who has a broken shoulder. Mary (Poorman ‘77) Mayle Derek Moyer, son of Jenny (Gabel ‘02) and Scott Moyer ‘01 as he recovers from surgery. SJCC Students

Each week at the school Mass we pray for those who might be suffering and we ask that you let us know about anyone who is in need of our prayers. Please include yourself if you would like our prayers.

Class Reunions Class of 1953 - August 16, 2008 reunion at Crystal Arbors 4:30 mass at St. Joseph Church Contact Janet Overmyer 419-334-9946 Class of 1958 - 50th reunion will take place August 9, 2008 at the Fremont Country Club. Contact is Joan (Busold) Godfred 419332-6671 Class of 1973 - August 23, 2008 Contact Elaine Fisher (Stover) at 419-3348333. Class of 1978 - August 16, 2008 at The Fremont Yacht Club. For more info contact Kris Stotz at, Mike Binsack at, Joe Swint at, Doug Vassar at, Patty Swint at Class of 1998 - Julie (Kupka) Brown is attempting to plan/coordinate a 10 year reunion. She is in need of helpers, ideas, thoughts and any feedback towards this event. Please e-mail her at Be sure to add “class reunion” in the subject area.

Kate McCartney ‘02 earned a Masters degree from the University of Akron in May and is an athletic trainer at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh for the women’s soccer and lacrosse teams. Ann (Kelly ‘60) Moore received the Garden Writers Association Silver Award of Achievement for Magazine Writers. This national award recognizes people and companies who achieve the highest levels of talent and professionalism in garden communications. Nicole O’Neal ‘95 was promoted to Senior Manager with Deloitte & Touche LLP. Jason Raubenolt ‘99 graduated in April ‘04 from Eastern Michigan with a BBA and married on July 23, 2005. Cathy Setzler ‘02 is teaching in Port Au

Little Streaks from the Stork

Aidan Lee Autullo, son of Beth Cunningham and Aaron Autullo ‘01 Elliott Bradford Darr, son of Gretchen and Bradford Darr ‘94 Alayna Jae, daughter of Ann and Jeff Dickman ‘90 Lucia (Lucy) Page, daughter of Gina and Louis Gabel ‘95 Camille Suzanne, daughter of Brandi and Brian Hoffman ‘88 Ellison Elise, daughter of Angela (Halbeisen ‘93) and Steve Holbrook Cooper Jude, son of Ashley (Foos ‘92) and Jeremiah Wood


50th Ruth Ann (Koch ‘53) and Fritz Eder ‘52 50th Mary Ellen (Hughes ‘53) and Tom Leite ‘57 60th Rita (Rodenhauser ‘44) and Albert Wagner ‘40 65th Betty (Fisher ‘39) and Willis Sherman


Charla Bender ‘99 to Steven Spotts


Robert Burns’46 Rita (Dietrich) Clary ‘37 Mary Ellen (Logsdon) Cooley ‘47 Michael Dunigan ‘58 Helen Gottron ‘31 Philip Johnston ‘57 Rita (Swint) Link ‘41 Delores (Binder) Orendorff ‘50 Don Wagner ‘38 Leah Ziebold ‘61 The Voice is published four times a year for the alumni, families and friends of SJCC. Direct all comments to The Voice, 702 Croghan St., Fremont, Ohio 43420.

Prince, Haiti, as a volunteer with The Haitian Project. She is volunteering for the next year at Louverture Cleary School, a boarding school for 350 students in 7th through 13th grade. Mary Anne Schell ‘02 received a Masters of Science in Social Administration from Case Western Reserve University. Her father Carl Schell ‘65 received a Masters of Science degree in nursing from the University of Toledo. Lindsey Smith ‘03 graduated with honors from Northwestern University in June. She has accepted a fellowship with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Liz Strausbaugh ‘99 has achieved full certification as an Air Traffic Controller and is working in the control tower at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

Thank you.... George and Connie Moore for donating a weight machine for the girls locker room. Sponsors and Volunteers of the annual golf outing. SJCC Athletic Boosters for all of their support. Building and Grounds Committee for their continued guidance. Fall sports parents who helped decorate the lockers. Tony and Doug Michael and Sycamore Hills for hosting the SJCC golf team. Fremont Country Club for hosting the NWOCSA golf tournament. Mark Boukissen and Whitey’s for donating team shirts for the golf team. Joe and Amy Ridley for donating two OSU football tickets to the cheerleaders to raffle off. The winner was Mandy Berryman. Crown Battery, Economy Plumbers and the Soccer Parents for new rain gear for the soccer team. Cross Country Parents for driving students to and from meets. Pete Naderer and Knobby Reiter for their time and upkeep of the baseball/ softball complex.

If you would prefer not to get the hard copy of The Voice in the mail, but would like to be notified by email (it is posted on the website on pdf format), please email Sue at



Welcome to our first issue of the Voice! We are excited to begin a new journey. Our first event, the Alumni & Friends/CEDF golf outing was extremely successful. After the response of this event we are in awe of the number of alumni and friends who support SJCC. We each have a passion for SJCC, Athletics M/M William Turley Tom and Ellen Leite Family Scholarship M/M Fritz Eder The “Light of Christ” Faculty and Staff Endowment Fund M/M George Winters

Religious Education Robert and Helen Haaser* M/M Theodore Haaser Naderer Sports Complex Constance Bintz Porczak* Gerald Porczak The “Light of Christ” Faculty and Staff Endowment Edgar Eberly* Esther Barbour M/M Frank Bender Billy’s Restaurant Pam Haas and Joy Boukissen Dr/M Jim Bingle M/M Tom Busold M/M Rod Cutcher M/M Jim Denman Jeff Ebersole M/M Jerry Freeh M/M Bob Gabel M/M Mike Gabel M/M Norman Gabel M/M Robert Guthrie M/M Glenn Halm Barb Haubert M/M Paul Hoelzle M/M Rick Jones M/M Dan Knisely Rita Koch M/M John Lauer Leona Laurer M/M Tom Light M/M Jack Mayle M/M Mark Meyer G. Thomas Moore

Tuition Scholarship Endowment Daniel Fey Tuition Assistance M/M Thomas Buchheit Stephen Kupka Thomas Picciuto M/M Ernest Stanley Unrestricted Rev. Thomas Extejt Harry P. Gottron Jr.*

M/M Francis Ochs Jean Overmyer M/M Ron Rodenhauser M/M John Schell Jim Swint M/M Tom Swint M/M Burk Tischler M/M Roy Wilhelm M/M Bill Yeager M/M Jim Yeager Leo Fisher* M/M Dan Beaston Joe Overmyer* Matching Gift from The Hartford Ron and Jeannie Kerr Scholarship Edgar Eberly* Jeanne Kerr Jim Haubert* Jeanne Kerr Tom & Ellen Leite Family Scholarship Jim Haubert* M/M Tom Leite School Facilities Jim Haubert* M/M Bob Moyer Don and Jean Wasserman Scholarship Jim Haubert* Jean Wasserman Tuition Assistance Casimir and Audrey Macielewicz*

Angie a ‘93 alumni and Sue a current parent. We look forward to continuing the rich tradition that previous development directors began, especially Kathy Boukissen. We hope to match her enthusiasm for SJCC. Please stop in to visit our Alumni Corner. We are always looking for pictures and memorabilia. Thanks to Rosie (Mehling) Bowden ‘52 who recently donated 1937-1938 issues of The Voice. We are planning many upcoming events that are listed throughout this issue. We will be honoring the alumni golfers at Homecoming. Make sure to introduce yourselves to

us at the Homecoming Party after the game. The CEDF reverse raffle is Oct. 26 and to kick off basketball season Jeff Radde is once again in charge of the alumni basketball games on Novemeber 9. We have some exciting changes planned for our website. Please check the site often for updated pages. We are always looking for new ideas; if you have comments and suggestions please contact us at 419-332-5124,

Recognizing Gifts

Rustun Schack

M/M Willis Sherman Window Club Class of 1944 Class of 1949 Class of 1952 Pat Ackerman Joseph Kramer Thomas Tremper Woodruff Living Trust Wrestling Building M/M Bob Moyer

CEDF Mary Barrington

M/M Gary Godfred M/M Mike Haaser Mercedes Keating Larry Kramer Stephen Kupka M/M Charles Moyer Thomas Ochs M/M Gerald Shondell Louise Stout Virginia Valle George Widman


Margaret Woessner Tom & Tina Rimelspach Family* M/M Don Miesle Michelle Notestine Williams* Sandra Mosser

Tuition Scholarship Endowment Constance Bintz Porczak* Gerald Porczak Window Club Therese Bruno* M/M Bill Barbour M/M Mike Gabel M/M Jay Hensley M/M Dan Knisely M/M Ralph Mills M/M Robert Moyer M/M Mike Wasserman Edgar Eberly* M/M Alexander Grkovich Ann McCarthy James Quinn Rita Widner Edgar and Margaret Eberly* Catherine Eberly Jim Haubert* M/M Joel Marquis M/M Jack Mayle Unrestricted Leah (Ziebold) Blank* M/M Lee Bowden M/M Tom Byers Jean Overmyer Helen Gottron*

Jeff Conrad Marjorie Gillig M/M David Gottron M/M Gary Zimmerman Jim Haubert* Annonymous M/M Tom Babione M/M Bill Babione M/M Rick Barbour M/M Bill Barbour M/M Ray Batt M/M James Beier M/M Jeff Berryman M/M Jeff Blohm M/M Jim Blymyer M/M Bill Bork M/M Rob Boukissen M/M Tom Byers M/M Tom Carmack M/M Dan Coleman M/M Tim Colston M/M Albert Cook Kay Courtney M/M Adam Crockett M/M Ed Daniel M/M Jim Denman M/M Tom Drusback M/M Steve Ebert M/M Francis Fairbanks M/M Norb Foos M/M Gary Franks M/M Jerry Freeh Betty Gabel Dave Gabel M/M Ken Gabel M/M Norm Gabel M/M Russ Gabel M/M Roger Geyman M/M Al Grace M/M William Halm

Leo Fisher*


M/M Norman Beier M/M Dick Celek Harold Darr M/M Mary Eisenman John Fey M/M Richard Karr M/M Jim Pfeiffer Gail Rini Gerald Rossman Leonard Rossman M/M Carl Steinbauer

Bonnie Woodruff M/M Gary Zimmerman James Freeh* Louise Freeh Jim Haubert* Dr/M J. Thomas Reineck Donald Parks* Class of 1954 Carl Recktenwald* Class of 1954

M/M Ken Hammer M/M Tom Harman Barb Haubert M/M Tim Haubert M/M David Haynes M/M Rudy Hensel M/M Tom Hoffert Donna Hoffman M/M Herb Hoffman Kathy Holcomb Nancy Horn M/M Paul Hrupcho M/M Tom Jurski Mercedes Keating M/M Victor Kline Anna Knisely M/M Dan Knisely Tom Knisely Marilyn Knopp-Siler M/M John Kosta M/M Rick Kusmer Pat Kuzma M/M John Lauer Leona Laurer M/M Tom Light Connie Longanbach M/M Joseph Luc M/M Thomas Luc M/M Rich Michael M/M Wayne Michael Midview Elementary Sunshine Club George Miller Jerry Miller M/M Peter Miller M/M Ray Miller Thelma Miller M/M Pete Naderer M/M Kevin Nevius Jean Overmyer Jeff Overmyer

M/M Doug Pearson M/M David Peiffer M/M Dean Pfefferle Pat Picciuto Marilyn Rice Adeline Rimelspach M/M Jim Ronski M/M Ron Sanchez M/M Tom Schemmer Peggy Schiedinger Peggy Sloma James Spieldenner Pat Spieldenner D/M Jim Stierwalt Phyllis Stierwalt M/M Jeff Streacker M/M Kent Sutton M/M Joe Swint M/M Ken Swint M/M Tom Swint M/M Jim VanDerLaar M/M Tom Van Dorn M/M Gil Wagner Mike Wagner Carol Wasserman M/M John Wasserman M/M Mike Wasserman M/M Paul Wasserman M/M Stan Wasserman Tim Wasserman M/M Dick Watson M/M Richard Widman Wilma Widman M/M Roy Wilhelm M/M Roger Wise M/M Bill Yeager M/M Gary Zimmerman Don Paul* M/M Stan Moyer Chad Sayre* M/M Ken Gonya



$140,289 July 1, 2006 - Donations and Pledges: September 7, 2007 Uncollected Balance as of 9/7/2007 $ 2,825 Collected Balance through 9/7/07

Class of 1930 Mrs. Mary Alice Mann (Habermeier) Class of 1932 Mrs. Henrietta Gabel (Partee)¨ Class of 1933 Mrs. Avaleen Eberly (Gfell)¨ Mrs. Agnes Reedy (Fisher) Mrs. Mary M. Smith (Welker) Class 1935 Mr. and Mrs. James Diedrich Mrs. Betty Lehman (Snyder) Class 1936 Mrs. Esther Barbour (Ochs)¨¨¨ Mrs. Elizabeth Kendig (Yingling) Mr. Paul Krofft Class of 1937 Mrs. Mercedes Keating (Wesolek) Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rich Class of 1938 Mrs. Rita Clary (Diedrich)*¨ Mr. Paul Fisher Mrs. Margaret Geller (Faist) Mrs. Rita Hershey (Mayle)¨ Ms. Bernadine Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Naderer Mrs. Rody Reineck (Mayle)¨ Mr. Don Wagner*¨¨¨¨ Class of 1939 Mrs. Marie Fisher (Beier) Mrs. Emerence Grime (Snyder) Mrs. Ruth Harrison (Rimelspach) Mr. and Mrs. John Notheis Class of 1940 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Foos Mr. and Mrs. Louie Foos Mrs. Ann Frankart (Naderer) Mrs. Eileen Gabel (Kusmer) Mrs. Eileen Ginley (McGrady) Mr. and Mrs. John Notheis (Mary Margaret Koleman) Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ochs Mrs. Susanne Overmyer (Smith) Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wagner Mr. John Wolf Class of 1941 Mrs. Audrey McCue (Heschel) Mrs. Bernadette Overmyer¨ (Widman) Mrs. Marcella Post (Widman)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Stan*Tinkovicz (Luella Halbisen) Class of 1942 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eisenman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Girz¨ (Jean Yeager) *Deceased

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Haaser Mr. Lawrence Kramer¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Traunero (Lois Smith) Mr. and Mrs. Gil Wagner

Gift Divisions


Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rimelspach (Irene Halm) Mrs. Mary Welsh (Hoffman)

Class of 1948 Mr. Jack Cronin Class of 1943 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eberly Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bundschuh Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gabel¨ Mrs. Margaret Callendar (Horn) Mr. and Mrs. David Haynes¨ Mr. Edward Celek¨ Mr. Jack House Mrs. Frances Durbin (Ochs) Mrs. Audrey Kupka (Zienta) Mrs. Lou Freeh (Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Kusmer¨ Mr. and Mrs. Louie Lee (Marian Mayle) (Imelda Swint) Mr. Edward Leite¨ Ms. Fran Miesle Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mosser Lochotzki Mrs. Ruth Sas (Merrill) Mr. and Mrs. Don Miesle Mr. and Mrs. Bill Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred (Jeanne Rich) Mosser¨¨ Mrs. Lois Spino (Horn) Mr. Vincent Swint¨ Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Wagner Class of 1944 (Marie Wammes) Mrs. Marie Amor (Widman) Mrs. Bernadine Cook (Mosser) Class of 1949 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Foos Mr. and Mrs. Donald (Kathleen Setzler) Bookmyer¨ Mr. Joseph Halm¨ Mr. and Mrs. Ed Guyer Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Kusmer¨ (Marylou Gabel) Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Mehling Mrs. and Mr. Mary Ann Halm Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ochs (Mary Ann Recktenwald) (Elizabeth Naderer) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hershey Mr. and Mrs. Herb Redding (Madelene Mosser) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rich Mr. Joseph Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lehman (Rita Rodenhauser) (Janice Shondell) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yeager¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith¨ (Marilyn Werner) Class of 1945 Mrs. Margaret Woessner Mrs. Evelyn Sutter-Bullock¨¨ (Macielewicz) Mr. and Mrs. Glen Decker Mrs. Joanne Young (Hawk) (Claribel Wasserman) Mr. John Gabel Class of 1950 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Halm¨ Mr. Fred Durnwald¨ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Foos (Loretta O’Neill) (Joan Fisher) Mrs. Gloria Picciuto (Held) Mr. Neil Hamilton¨¨ Mrs. Mary Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Haynes¨¨ Class of 1946 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Howard Ms. Rose Boukissen¨ (Jean Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freeh¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Gene Miller¨¨ (Rosalyn Mosser) (Coletta Steinbauer) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hertzer Msgr. Richard Moyer¨¨ (Mary Larkins) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Class of 1951 Moyer¨¨¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bartson Sr. Margaret Marie Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bintz¨¨¨ Class of 1947 Mr. and Mrs. William Mrs. Kathryn Ash (Kramer) Darr¨¨ Mrs. Alice Frederick (Gabel) Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dubielak¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freeh¨¨ (Marilyn Porczak) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hershey Mr. and Mrs. John Harman Mrs. Margaret Lehmann (Sybil Rothgery) (Reardon)¨ Mrs. Janice Heffernan (Hipp) Mrs. Rose LeJeune Mrs. Marilyn Kurt (Lochotzski) (Lambert)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merkel Mr. and Mrs. William (Mary Ann Gabel) Lochotzki Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moore Mr. and Mrs. Dick Merchant (Mary Darr-Swint) (Mary Agnes Sanford) Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mosser Mrs. Norma Ochs (Hoelzle)¨ (Mary Ann Meyer) Mr. and Mrs. John Setzler

Fr. Richard T. Wurzel¨¨ Class of 1952 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Bintz¨¨¨ (Marilyn Smith) Mr. and Mrs. Gay Bowden (Rose Mehling) Mr. Fred Brutsche¨ Mrs. Betty Essi (Kramer) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leite Mr. and Mrs. Pete Naderer¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell Dr. and Mrs. Ken Walter¨ (Nathalie House) Mrs. Jean Wasserman (Mayle) Class of 1953 Mr. Raymond Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Gay Bowden Mr. and Mrs. Gene Carson (Suzanne Kunkle) Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Darr¨ Mr. James Gottron¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Andy Klisz (Angela Toeppe) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leite (Mary Ellen Hughes) Mr. and Mrs. James Millar¨¨ (Ann Scheuer) Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schmidt (Shirley Gabel) Mrs. Barb Schmidt (Gabel)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schwartz (Jean Kirwen) Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spengler Mr. and Mrs. John Spieldenner¨ Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennison¨ (Marianne Ehrman) Dr. Ron Borer¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bud Boucher (Phyllis Young) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Byers (Joan Bender) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Collins (Mildred Smith) Mr. John Daniel Mrs. Patricia Demars (Futch) Mr. and Mrs. Herb Foos (Carol Camp) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Godfred¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hoffman¨ Mr. and Mrs. William House¨ Mrs. Patricia Huston (Hughes) Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mayle Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Miller¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Molyet (Ruth Poorman) Mr. and Mrs. Dick Setzler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shank¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wilhelm (Marcella Darr)

¨¨¨¨¨ ¨¨¨¨ ¨¨¨ ¨¨ ¨

St. Joseph Society Platinum Division Gold Division Silver Division BronzeDivision

Class of 1955 Mrs. Colleen Abramowski (Reardon) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darr Mr. and Mrs. Ron House (Jeannine Bintz) Mr. and Mrs. William House¨ (Marilyn Thomsen) Ms. Mary Ellen Kettner¨ Mrs. Marilyn Knopp-Siler (Fiegelist) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayle¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. August Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Morley Mr. and Mrs. Dan Reardon¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russell (Sandra Carte) Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Dick Setzler (Jeannette Meyer) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spieldenner Mrs. Mary Kay Walter (Eder) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Whitney (Kathryn Bowersox) Mrs. Charleen Woessner(Akin) Class of 1956 Mrs. Sandra Agnew (Below) Ms. Marlene Bartson Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Borer¨¨ Mrs. Kay Courtney (Thomsen) Mr. and Mrs. Edward Daniel (Paula Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mayle (Dorothy Gegorski)¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bill McKinney¨ Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Miller¨ (Marilyn Wurzel) Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Recktenwald¨ Mr. Donald Reinbolt Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ruggiero¨ (Ruthann Collier) Mr. and Mrs. Burk Tischler Mr. and Mrs. Lou Vacca (Carolyn Mayle) Ms. Judith Weickert (Tight)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jim Winton (Janet Borer) Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wurzel¨¨ (Sharon Raubenolt) Mr. Jack Yeager¨¨¨ Class of 1957 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Atzinger Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chudzinski¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darr (M. Susan Szymanowski) Dr. and Mrs. Jorge de la Torre (Julia McDermott) Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dohanos Lt. Col. and Mrs. Thomas Hoffert¨ Mrs. Philip Johnston¨¨ Dr. Thomas Kunkle Mr. and Mrs. James Lehmann¨ Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mayle¨ Maj. and Mrs. James McCormack (Mary Ann Haslinger) Mr. and Mrs. John McGinnis

PAGE 8 Mr. C. Denis O’Shaughnessy¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruble (Carolyn Spieldenner) Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schmersal (Sue Widman) Mr. and Mrs. Dave Winters Class of 1958 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Borys (Dorothy Reiter) Mr. Phillip T. Darr Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dohanos (Francine Carroccio) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Godfred (Joan Busold) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gottron¨ Mr. and Mrs. Ken Haslinger¨¨ Lt. Col. & Mrs. Thomas Hoffert¨ (Joanne Schell) Lt. Col. and Mrs. Richard Hoffert Mr. and Mrs. Tom Manahan (Louise Billow) Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Michael (Dolores Mayle) Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miesle Mr. George Miller Mrs. Jean Overmyer (Drusback) Mr. and Mrs. James Reardon¨ Mr. and Mrs. John Spieldenner¨(Carolyn Tight) Class of 1959 Dr. and Mrs. John Andrews Mr. Richard E. Babione¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bender Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Binder Mrs. Jeanne Bisnette (Rectenwald) Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daubel¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. William Detzel (Judith Meyer) Ms. Carol Jespersen (House) Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lehmann¨ (Patricia Foster) Mr. and Mrs. James Reardon¨ (Marcia Sevitts) Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ronski Mr. and Mrs. William Smith Mr. and Mrs. Paul Szakovits¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weller¨ Mr. and Mrs. Donald Widman Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Widman¨ Mr. and Mrs. Roger Young (Charleen Kilgus) Mr. and Mrs. Ken Zorn (Cynthia Siler) Class of 1960 Mr. and Mrs. James Beier¨ Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bowden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crockett (Joanne Beier) Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dickman¨ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Faist¨ Mrs. Barb Fisk (Horn) Mr. and Mrs. Michael James Mr. and Mrs. David MacDowell¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mangiola (Judith Hotz) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mayle Mr. and Mrs. David Reinbolt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rohr Mr. and Mrs. Bill Swartz

Mr. Terrence Toeppe¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weller¨ (Mary Spieldenner) Class of 1961 Ms. Mary Catherine Arend Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Binder (Genevieve Bebow) Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bowden (Sharon Tight) Mr. and Mrs. Dan Coleman (Constance Foos) Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ehrman Ms. Karen Gabel¨ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gonya Mr. and Mrs. Howard Grogg (Kathleen Knisely) Mr. and Mrs. Nobert Halbisen (Mary Benlein) Mr. Jude Haslinger Mr. and Mrs. Carl Koebel¨ Mr. and Mrs. Peter McDowell Mr. and Mrs. James Ochs¨ Mr. Kenneth Sale Mr. and Mrs. David Smola Mrs. Marianne Stillner (Koch)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Widman¨ (Sandra Brunner) Class of 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Babione Mr. and Mrs. William Baker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Esker (Nancy Reardon) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Faist¨ (Kathleen Widman) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gonya (Margaret Dickman) Capt. Stephen Kupka¨¨¨ Mrs. Sherrill L. Redovian (VanNatta) Mrs. Mary Jane Schroeder (Gabel)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Widman Mr. and Mrs. Harold Zienta Class of 1963 Mr. and Mrs. James Beier¨¨ (Marcia Marinis) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beier Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blymyer (Susan Borkovich) Ms. Ann Brayley (Notheis) Mr. Ronald Faist Reverend Philip Haslinger¨ Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hughes¨ (Judith Lauer) Mr. Richard Molyet Mr. Eugene Nieset¨¨¨ Mrs. Pam Phillips (Young) Mr. Ronald Ritzman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith (Jane Mayle) Mrs. Margaret Smith (Arend) Class of 1964 Mrs. Sue Babione Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bender (Carol Wagner) Ms. Janet Brown Toeppe Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bundschuh (Jacqueline Winters) Mr. and Mrs. David Daoust Mr. and Mrs. Ray Darr Mr. Milt Decker Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dukes

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Franks (Mary Roth) Mr. and Mrs. Russ Gabel¨ Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Gerber Mr. James R. Haff Mr. and Mrs. Ken Haslinger¨¨ (Cindy Bigaila) Mrs. Jeanne Kerr (Smith)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Dave Kupka (Linda Binsack) Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Lenhart¨ Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilhelm (Martha Daubel) Mr. and Mrs. Dave Winters (Marsha Waggoner) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wohlgamuth (Elizabeth Koebel) Mrs. Margaret Zeller (Hotz) Class of 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burkett Mr. and Mrs. Mike Glovinsky (Maureen Sherer) Mr. Dale Haslinger Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hirt¨ (Margaret Dolweck) Mr and Mrs. George Hollingsworth(Carolyn Smith)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keating Mr. and Mrs. John Lauer¨¨¨ Mrs. Cheryl Lehmann (Seilheimer) Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Malinowski (Elaine Geller) Mr. and Mrs. Peter McDowell (Joanne Dudley) Mrs. Rosalyn Porter (Snyder) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald¨ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reineck Mr. and Mrs. LaMar Reiter¨ Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rhodes¨ Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schell Mr. Eric Schmidt Mr. David Smith Mr. and Mrs. Denny Tischler Mr. and Mrs. John Wasserman (Carol Rodenhauser) Mr. and Mrs. Dave Young (Mary Ann Foos) Class 1966 Mr. and Mrs. David Boyle¨ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Engler (Joan Hotz) Mr. and Mrs. James Eurenius (Elizabeth Gabel) Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Gerber (Joanne Toeppe) Mr. Tom Haslinger¨ Mr. and Mrs. Gil Miller (Patricia Mehling) Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Nicosia¨ (Mercedes Miller) Mr. and Mrs. Vince Overmyer Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald¨ (Linda Wagner) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reichert (Janet Rimelspach) Mr. and Mrs. Dick Reineck Mr. and Mrs. John Seilhamer (Brenda Chudzinski) Mr. and Mrs. Denny Tischler (Kathleen Shimer) Ms. Judy Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Marv Wright (Vicki Koppelman)

Class of 1967 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Babione Ms. Janet Celek (Fisher)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Fey Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hoelzle (Judith Cimini) Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Lenhart¨ (Arlene Burkett) Mr. and Mrs. Trent Longo (Kathleen Lakomy) Mr. and Mrs. Jim O’Brien¨¨¨ Mr. Thomas J. Picciuto Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pollick (Jodi Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reineck (Marciann Tinkovicz) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Robinson (Cynthia Kramb) Mr. and Mrs. Denny Snyder¨ Mr. and Mrs. Steve Szymanowski (Anita Amor) Class of 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Babione Mr. and Mrs. Rick Barbour Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bork¨ Mr. and Mrs. John Bovard¨ Mr. and Mrs. Dick Celek¨ (Cathleen Beatty) Mrs. Therese Clouse (Chudzinski) Ms. Marsha Cook Mr. David Darr¨ Mr. and Mrs. Larry Faist (Shirley Logsdon) Mr. and Mrs. William Gordon (Mary Zambrano) Ms. Jeannine Hauck Mr. James Herrel Dr. and Mrs. James Hotz¨ Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jacobs (Mary Lou Schwartz) Mr. and Mrs. James Klos (Rosemary Wagner) Mr. and Mrs. Dan Knisely Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kwiatkowski (Judith Beier) Dr. and Mrs. Scott Mead¨ Mr. John Moneghan Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pfefferle Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pickett¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Queen (Celeste Smith) Mr. Jim Rimelspach¨ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Turley (Sandra Hoffman) Mr. Tim Willis¨ Class of 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Barbour (Kathleen Miller) Dr. and Mrs. Jim Bingle¨ (Nancy Hotz) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Camp Mr. and Mrs. Ron Carnicom (Annette LeJeune) Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Darr¨ Mr. and Mrs. Gary Geller Mr. and Mrs. Mark Golden Mr. and Mrs. Jim Halbeisen (Patricia Mosser)¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Mike Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keegan Mr. Gary Kowaleski Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith (Margaret Snyder) Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wagner (Sally Holsinger)

Class of 1970 Mr. Joseph Beier¨ Mrs. Barbara Bidek (Celek) Mrs. Sally Breyer (Frederick) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Busold Mrs. Patricia Distel (Beier) Mr. and Mrs. Martin Eberly Mr. and Mrs. John Faist Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gonya Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoelzle (Charlotte Kusmer) Mr. and Mrs. Randall Holton (Loretta Saner) Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Keating (Lucy Kuzma) Mrs. Carol Kelly Ms. Anita Kupka Mrs. Susan M. Martin (Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Phil Masten (Amy Kupka) Dr. and Mrs. Scott Mead¨ (Martha Burkett) Mrs. Julie Meyer (Smith) Ms. Roberta Moyer¨ Ms. Cathy Pfefferle-Stone Mr. and Mrs. Dick Reineck (Cynthia Baumer) Mr. and Mrs. Rich Reineck¨ Ms. Sue Rimelspach Mr. and Mrs. Stan Root Mr. and Mrs. Jim Scherf (Edna Flores) Mr. and Mrs. William Sielschott (Nancy Darr) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith (Joan Lehmann) Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stanley¨ (Mary Anne Babione) Mr. and Mrs. Randall Widman¨ Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wise (Sandra Lee) Mr. and Mrs. Jim Yeager¨¨¨ Class of 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bovee (Maureen Golden) Mr. and Mrs. Jim Celek Mr. and Mrs. Rod Cutcher¨¨ (Patricia Barbour) Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Darr¨ (Martha Kuzma) Mr. and Mrs. Mike Durnwald Mr. and Mrs. John Fatica (Mary Zyski) Ms. Linda Gegorski Mr. and Mrs. Mike Haaser Mr. and Mrs. Bill Herb (Rosemary Smola) Mr. David House Mr. and Mrs. Randy Koebel (Judith Reineck) Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ochs Mr. and Mrs. David Peiffer¨ Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pickett¨ (Linda Stout) Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Waggoner¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wammes Mr. and Mrs. Steve Yellstrom Class of 1972 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Busold (Joanne Gabel) Ms. Cyndi Devore (Luc) Ms. Linda Dray (Blue) Mr. and Mrs. William Halm¨

PAGE 9 Mr. Mark E. Hoffman¨ Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Garry Kamstra¨ (Elizabeth Moyer) Dr. and Mrs. Kim Knight (Joan Burkett) Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lagrou (Sonya Fisher) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee (Constance Saner) Ms. Constance Magrum Ms. Marian Miller Mr. and Mrs. Tim Shetzer Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wammes (Teresa Rich) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wasserman¨¨ Ms. Teresa A. Wright (Fox) Mr. and Mrs. Al Zamora Class of 1973 Mr. and Mrs. Doug Abbott (Donna Camp) Mr. and Mrs. Ron Autullo (Margaret Reineck) Mr. and Mrs. John Barrington¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bork Mr. and Mrs. Edward Colon Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fisher (Elaine Stover) Mr. and Mrs. Mark Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gottron¨ Mr. and Mrs. David Gutschalk (Mary Rich) Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hirt (Cynthia Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Craig Kilstrom (Susan Laterza) Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lagrou Mr and Mrs. Thomas O’Neill (Paula Toeppe) Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rhoad Mr. and Mrs. John Riley (Constance Freeh) Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rimelspach (Susan Yellstrom) Mrs. Linda Salazar (Wolf) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Norm Selvey (Catherine Darr) Mr. David Snyder¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Yeager¨¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Al Zamora (Martha Wolf) Class of 1974 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barbour¨ (Susan Moyer) Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Blohm (Cathryn Schneider) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dirlam¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bill Durnwald¨ Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Russ Gabel¨ (Cynthia Wasserman) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Geller (Adele Rellinger) Mr. John Halm¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. John Kuzma Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gottron (Teresa Kuzma) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kwiatkowski Mr. and Mrs. Tom Light Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Ohm¨ Mr. and Mrs. Carl Overmyer Mr. and Mrs. Renald Radeloff (Susan Hart-Overmyer)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rothblatt (Margaret Burkett) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Wahl Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wasserman Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Yeager (Sandra Hershey)¨¨¨¨ Class of 1975 Mr. Bill Burkett Ms. Abby Camp Mr. John Fey Mr. and Mrs. Rick Jenkins¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leiby¨ (Julie Barrington) Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moody Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith (Mary Rimelspach) Class of 1976 Mr. and Mrs. Rob Boukissen¨ (Kathleen Reineck) Mrs. Susan Brett (Smith) Mr. Bruce Cook Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeLaet (Tina Durnwald) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dickman (Janet Beier) Mr. and Mrs. Rick Jenkins¨¨ (Susan Freeh) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kusmer¨ (Susan Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Laterza Mr. and Mrs. John Lindenberger Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Luc Ms. Peggy Mitchell (Foos) and Mr. Greg Walker Mr. and Mrs. Giles Molyet Ms. Sonya Molyet Mr. and Mrs. Tim Price Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wendt¨ (Cheryl Poseler) Mr. and Mrs. Willie Zamora Class of 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carmack (Mary Jean Reineck) Mr. and Mrs. Randy Darr Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hart Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hendricks (Brenda Freeh) Ms. Michelle Hughes¨ Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jay (Mary Lou Schmidt) Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kosta (Joanne Gabel) Mr. and Mrs. John Lindenberger (Sonia Colon) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Luc Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mayle (Mary Poorman) Mr. and Mrs. Tim Price (Lori Saller) Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Stang (Brenda Foos) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swint¨¨ Mrs. Lisa Troidl (Cronin) Mr. and Mrs. Jim VanDerLaar (Jeanine Faist) Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver Mr. John Yeager¨¨ Class of 1978 Mr. Michael Binsack

Ms. Marilyn Binsack (Mosser) Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Calmes Mr. and Mrs. Vern Conley (Maria Colon) Mr. and Mrs. Randy Darr (Leslie Amor) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Foos Mr. and Mrs. Bob Freeh Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gabel¨ Mr. and Mrs. Mark Golamb (Carolyn Mosser) Mr. and Mrs. John Havens (Brenda Spieldenner) Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hill (Cheryl McKinney Ms. Kathleen Koch Mr. and Mrs. Neal Miesle Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neiling¨ Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rhineberger Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ross (Sheri Wolf) Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sanchez (Susan Wagner) Dr. and Mrs. Tim Sauber¨¨¨ (Debra Miller) Mr. and Mrs. Gene Snyder Ms. Shari Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swint¨¨ (Patricia Widman) Mr. and Mrs. Scott Taylor (Mary Miesle) Mr. and Mrs. Doug Vassar Mr. and Mrs. Brent Weickert Mr. and Mrs. Louis Zamora Class of 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chudzinski Mr. and Mrs. John Cronin¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Eakin Mr. and Mrs. Chris Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Matt Frederick¨ Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gabel¨ Mr. and Mrs. James Gabel Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gillmor (Kathleen Naderer) Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffman¨ Mr. and Mrs. Mike Knopp¨ Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kreilick (Julie Spieldenner) Ms. Sandra Mosser¨¨ Mr. Joseph Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Steve Pfefferle Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sanchez (Colleen Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Chris Snider Mr. Jim Swint¨¨ Mr. Kent Weickert¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Al Wise (Ann Rimelspach) Class of 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carroll (Michele Raths) Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cook Mr. and Mrs. John Cronin¨ (Annette Mayle) Mrs. Kay Darr Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hensley (Theresa Ochs) Mr. Thomas Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Brian Knopp Mr. and Mrs. Ron Landis (Jacqueline Mosser) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Luc (Lesia Jenkins) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Macielewicz

Ms. Carol Maier Ms. Anne Poorman¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ronski (Amy Spieldenner) Ms. Dorita Snyder (Steinle) Mr. and Mrs. Ken Swint¨¨¨ (Lauretta Miller) Class of 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cook Mr. and Mrs. Adam Crockett¨¨(Laurie Bodnar) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dohanos Mr. James Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Michael PJ Foos Mr. Matthew Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hrupcho Ms. Ann Karr (Haaser) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mosser¨ Mr. and Mrs. Chase Newby (Mary Renee Eberly) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stotz¨ Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Streacker (Debra Dye) Mr. and Mrs. Ken Swint¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Wurzel¨ Class of 1982 Mr. and Mrs. John Beauchemin (Patrice Cook) Mr. and Mrs. Doug Burns¨ Mr. Jim Cronin Dr. David Darr¨ Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Darr (Kathleen Courtney) Mr. and Mrs. Pat Eberly (Lezlie Knopp) Mr. Timothy Foos Mr. and Mrs. Terry Gonya (Laura Bisnette) Mr. and Mrs. Rob Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Greg Knieriem (Veronica Mumford) Mr. and Mrs. Tony Michael (Patricia Vanyo) Mr. Paul Ohm Mr. Dave Rhineberger Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Streacker Class of 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Colston (Cheryl Swint) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Darr Mr. and Mrs. Brad Davis (Beth Gabel) Mr. and Mrs. Pat Eberly Mr. and Mrs. David Growel (Jacqueline Reardon) Mrs. Therese Martin (Cimini) Mr. and Mrs. Chris McGarry (Ruth Freeh) Ms. Annette Raths Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rini (Melisa Spieldenner) Mr. and Mrs. Steve Spieldenner Class of 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ebert (Lisa Naderer) Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foos (Jami Wammes) Mr. and Mrs. Mark LeJeune¨ (Amy Hershey) Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mantoani (Lynn Setzler) Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Snyder (Kelly Ross)

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Class of 1991 Ms. Carrie Hart Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Sanchez (Amy Malinowski) Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schaeffer (Amy Wilhelm)¨¨¨ Mr. and Mrs. Brad Young (Jamie Beier)

Class of 2001 Ms. Julie Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Scott Moyer

Class of 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Aschenbrener (Pamela Kubat) Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Overmyer Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wilkins (Suzanne Militello) Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Wood (Ashley Foos)

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Class of 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Buchheit (Emily Carr) Mr. and Mrs. Doug Celek Mr. and Mrs. Matt Denman Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hirt Mr. and Mrs. Steve Holbrook (Angela Halbeisen)¨ Mr. and Mrs. Troy Ritzman (Angela O’Neal) Mr. and Mrs. Cort Sattler Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Woolf (Darcy Liwaj) Class of 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Dorobek (Amy Wagner) Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gable (Emily Wilhelm) Mr. Eric Hartenstein Mr. P.J. Keating

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PAGE 11 Fall Sports Preview By: Greg Kohler

Cross Country

The cross country teams have competed in several invitationals to start the year. Due to low numbers and a few injuries, the boys did not field a team in the Norm Bray Invite or the Tiffin Carnival. At the Lakota Invite, the boys finished 8th out of 13 teams and 5th out of 7 teams at the NWOCSA meet. Senior Eric Barbour has been the team’s top runner, including a 10th place finish at NWOCSA. The girls have finished 9th out of 12 teams at Lakota, 4th at the NWOCSA, 14th out of 15 at the Norm Bray, and 30th out of 48 teams at the Tiffin Carnival. Junior Leslie Celek led the team at the NWOCSA and Norm Bray, while junior Lauren Michael led the team at the Tiffin Carnival and the Lakota Invite.

SJCC SPORTS The golfers began their ‘post-season’ with their seventh straight MAL title, shooting a 300 to beat runner-up Calvert by 33 strokes. Yellstrom was medalist with a 71. Horvath (72) and Mike Kistler (76) were also 1st Team All MAL. Jason Swint shot an 81 for 2nd Team All MAL and Furlong shot 84 to earn Honorable Mention.

This has been a season of transition for the Lady Streaks volleyball team. Cheryl (Swint ’84) Colston has taken over as head coach and brought in Lisa Swaisgood and Amy Ronski as the JV and Freshman coaches. On top of an all new coaching staff, the team returns only three letter-winners and one senior, Chelsea Paradiso. The team is currently 6-4 (2-2 MAL), but the highlight of the young season was a thrilling 5-game win over Tiffin Calvert. The Streaks were down two games to one, but in the fourth game they rallied for a 25-18 win. Once they got on a roll, the Streaks carried their momentum into the deciding game and upset the Senecas 15-6 to win the match three games to two.


Girls Tennis

The girls tennis team struggled to a 1-4 start this season but have come on strong lately. With the loss of several veteran seniors last year, many of this year’s players found themselves adjusting to new roles and positions on the team. Now they have rolled to eight straight wins to improve to 9-5 on the season. They also won the NWOCSA tournament. Alexis Heimert and Olivia Beck won at first and second singles, and Maddie Beck and Marisa Culbert won at first doubles. Heather Miller took second at third singles and Tessa and Ali Woodruff finished second at second doubles. Some highlights of the season include wins over Maumee Valley Country Day, Sandusky St. Mary’s and two wins over Tiffin Calvert.


The SJCC golf team is in pursuit of their third straight trip to the state finals. The team started out the year with five tournament victories in five days. They won at the Port Clinton Invite shooting a 320, the New Bremen Invite (313), the Woodmore Invite (300), the Seneca East Invite (305) and the Willard Invite (310). They also took second in the NWOCSA tournament at 326, one stroke behind Lima Central Catholic. The team has a 9-2 record in matches, and along the way has set a couple of SJCC records. Junior Max Yellstrom shot a 31 at Fremont CC against Ross to tie the school’s individual 9-hole record score. The team broke the school’s 9-hole match scoring record with a 143 against Seneca East. SJCC scores were Kyle Horvath 34, Yellstrom 35, Jordan Frank 36 and Jordan Furlong 38.



Soccer coach Phil Collison is excited about the way his program has grown at SJCC. There are 29 players out for soccer, and SJCC has played three JV games for the first time this season. Collison said he hopes to have a full JV schedule within the next couple years as the team continues to grow. This year, the team is 2-5-1. Chris Wobser is leading the team in scoring, including a 3goal hat trick in a 3-0 victory over Old Fort. The Streaks other victory came in a 7-2 defeat of Seneca East. The JV team is currently 0-3, but all three games have been one-goal losses.

The SJCC football team got off to a roaring start with a 42-0 shutout over Cardinal Stritch. Unfortunately, the Streaks lost their next four games to hit the halfway point in the season at 1-4 (0-2 MAL). After the Cardinal Stritch blowout, St. Mary’s beat SJCC 41-28 and Ayersville handed the Streaks a 31-7 defeat. The key in the Ayersville game was SJCC’s three opportunities with a first-and-goal. They came away with no points off those three chances. SJCC visited No. 1 ranked HopewellLoudon next and got beat 42-7. Senior Matt Vassar scored on a kickoff return in the 4th quarter for the Streaks. SJCC had a chance to gain some momentum going into halftime, but were stopped again on a third-and-goal play as time expired. Calvert visited Don Paul Stadium in week five and SJCC played tough, trailing 7-3 at halftime. For the fifth time in three games, the Streaks’ offense came away empty handed in a first-and-goal situation. After Calvert took a 14-3 lead, SJCC responded with a 70-yard TD pass from Derek Meyer to Brook Kerr. But the Senecas scored with four minutes to play and beat the Streaks 20-10. After four games, SJCC led the MAL in passing offense but was last in rushing offense, and was fifth overall. The team was sixth in total defense. Meyer was sixth in the league with 279 yards rushing and leading the league with 763 yards passing while completing 51 percent of his passes. Kerr was leading the league with 30 receptions for 355 yards. Kerr was also second in the MAL with a 31.6 yard average on kickoff returns. Winter sports Basketball starts on Nov. 16 for the girls and Nov. 23 for the boys, Bowling on Nov. 29 and Swimming and Wrestling begin in December.

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