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First Publication: October 1981

For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

St Joseph School 1908-2019

Memories... Fall 2020


Dear Alumni and Friends, One of the best aspects of becoming a part of this BHCS school community has been meeting the Alumni. I am impressed by your commitment and loyalty to each other and your school. It was apparent when I worked the Golabki Dinner and then again as I have been meeting with alumni individually. The love you have for your school and each other is apparent. As I reflect on the lessons I am learning in this role, one of them is the depth of support classmates give to one another. I had heard former graduates speaking about the camaraderie that was created within these halls, but now I am able to watch it develop; It is remarkable. That commitment to one another is evident in the way the upperclassman welcomed in the “youngest among us” at the beginning of school, especially important for the sixth graders that were joining the SJCC campus as part of the Junior High Academy (JHA). This camaraderie continued as I observed Homecoming activities and the pep rally which were led by the seniors. Clearly, something special happens when you become a Bishop Hoffman Catholic School student, and even more so when you make the transition to the St. Joseph Central Catholic campus. Memories are being created by this next generation, and if history serves them well, will stay with them long into the future. We are St. Joe, We are proud, We are one! 1-2-3 STREAKS! Ann Marie Pumphrey Head of School

BHCS Governing Board Message Dear Bishop Hoffman Catholic School Community: By this time, too many people in our Community know of a lost life, a serious illness, or difficult financial consequences resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic. This pandemic and response have presented unique, impossible to foresee challenges and opportunities for the entire world. The State of Ohio, Fremont, and BHCS communities have not been immune to the effects. The BHCS Governing Board extends our deepest sympathies to our friends, families, and supporters who are struggling. And we want to express our gratitude to the people around us who are working to slow the spread of COVID and to restore essential activities such as schooling our youth – and reopening our parishes for Mass attendance. Many of you have had the chance to meet, speak with, or correspond with our new Head of School, Ann Marie Pumphrey, who has been selected to help lead BHCS through these challenging times. When the BHCS Board selected Mrs. Pumphrey for this position, we were encouraged by her poise and tireless work ethic. Three months in and she has not disappointed. As with all transitions, and doubly so due to COVID, the BHCS system, the Board and Mrs. Pumphrey have had to work through several challenges this school year. As always, we endeavor to navigate the difficulties with our eyes toward Christ and for the good of our students, stakeholders and greater community. As a Board, we thank Mrs. Pumphrey for her leadership and efforts, and hope that you all have the opportunity to get to know her as the school year continues. In Christ, The BHCS Board


Fall 2020


Vo i c e

For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

Calendar Winners 2019 Monthly Calendar Winners January

Ryan & Julie Eberly


Gary Hotz


Eric & Brenda Peiffer


Michelle Picciuto


Fr. Eric Mueller


Joan Heberling


Claron & Martha Wasserman


Brian Gonya


Mike Paeth


Carol Bender


Judy Wagner


Marty Moor


Christine Paul


Eric Barbour


Bill Eberly

2020 Monthly Calendar Winners January

Melissa Garza


Ryan Eberly


Debbie Linkenhoker


Ken Wilhelm


Becky Ruth


Elaine Malinowski


Rosie Klos


Colleen Abramowski


Sue Cherry

Fall 2020

{Please help SJCC by purchasing a 2021 calendar $25.00 each You can contact the SJCC office 419-332-9947 or any SJCC student, order online at (click donate now) or mail this form to the school with your check We have altered our payout structure and will be drawing monthly and yearly winners. Name________________________________________ Address______________________________________ Phone Number ________________________________ Please mail your ticket and $25 to: SJCC Calendar 702 Croghan Street Fremont, OH 43420


SJCC 2020 Graduation

Heritage Award and Hall of Fame Update

It was not exactly the ending the Class of 2020 was hoping for but having a graduating ceremony at all was actually a pretty big accomplishment. After the COVID virus shut the school down for the entire fourth quarter and social distancing became the norm, it looked as if the students were going to have to have a “virtual graduation.” Luckily, a few weeks before the ceremony, the Governor of Ohio allowed Masses to begin and the 32 graduates were able to accept their diplomas from Mr. Gabel in St. Joseph Church. Although the ceremony was not done as in years past, it was still a memorable day. The graduates sat distanced in the pews with their parents and the awards were announced in the church. Valedictorian Hannah Paeth and salutatorian Maggie Spicer addressed their classmates with inspirational speeches and Mr. Gabel gave his traditional words of wisdom to the class. During commencement, special awards were presented; Bishop’s Cross (the highest honor given at graduation)- Madelyn Wammes, Jack Militello; Excellence in Religion award-Alejandro Baez, Kiran Dahnke; Robert Smith Outstanding Athlete-Garrett Michael, Ethel Smith Outstanding Female Athlete-Tristan Reineck, SJCC Alumni Award-Maggie Spicer; Thomas H. Rimelspach Memorial Award-Grant Stepanic; Award for Outstanding Loyalty & Service-Madelyn Wammes; Sara Barbour Memorial Award for Courage-Alyssa Sharp and Lance Emrich. The graduates and the entire community will remember the unwanted distinction the Class of 2020 encountered at the end of the school year. Throughout it all, the seniors remained upbeat and close-knit while looking forward to a bright future!

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to honor of SJCC Heritage and Hall of Fame inductees in 2020. We are planning a banquet in 2021 and will keep you posted of the date. The next issue will feature our inductees: Heritage Award: Vince Militello ‘85, Chris & Mary Knight, Tom & Kathy (Mehling ‘73) Stierwalt Hall of Fame: Tony Paradiso ‘76, Scott Radde ‘89 & Tim Dondero ‘92

On the Cover

The demolition of the St. Joseph Elementary School, built in 1908, was completed in the Fall of 2019. Thousands of students walked the halls until 2015 when the decision was made to consolidate Bishop Hoffman Catholic School into two campuses. Work is currently being completed in order to add parking for both St. Joseph Parish and the SJCC Campus. Bricks and blocks from the historic building will be used to beautify the space. We will post pics of the finished project in the next issue of the Voice.


Next Issue This issue of the Voice was originally planned for mailing in late March 2020 but was sidetracked due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We are working hard on the next issue and will be highlighting articles on the Class of 1968 Windows Project and how our students have acclimated to their new learning environment. We will also have a complete listing which will include all donors since March 2020.

We are actively looking for nominations for the SJCC Athletic Hall of Fame and the SJCC Alumni & Friends Heritage Award! In order to be considered for this award, the alumni must be formally nominated. If you know anyone deserving of these awards, please contact Gary Geller @ 419-332-9947 or Angie Halbeisen @ 419-332-5124.

In Thanks

~The SJCC Music Boosters would like to thank John Lauer and the Fremont Federal Credit Union for the donation of 24 music stands for our music department. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. ~Thank you to Burkett Electric for donating all materials and labor to move fire alarm boxes to accomodate the new water line at SJCC. ~Thank you to Andy Kistler and Greg Streacker who installed new basketball hoops at the Sacred Heart Campus. The BHCS PTO purchased the hoops. ~Thank you to the Sisters of Mercy, St. Bernadine Home for the donation to our service program. ~Thank you for Rick Wonderly and his family crew for the countless hours spent upgrading our Junior High Academy Science lab over the summer. ~Special thanks to all the wonderful donors who made it possible for ALL of our Kindergarten students to receive a free book each month. ~Our Sacred Heart Campus Early Childhood Center received a much needed facelift this summer due to the generosity of Associated Buyers and the True Value Foundation. We received 20 gallons of paint and needed supplies which were then used by our wonderful volunteers to update the preschool building prior to the start of the school year. Special thanks to our volunteers: Lisa Swaisgood (over 40 hours), Beth Tischler, Matt Pumphrey, Ann Marie Pumphrey, Lauren Cummings, Bill Barbour, Vince Snyder and Kristen Black! ~The Sacred Heart Campus received new soundproofing equipment in late august due to a grant by the Sandusky County Communities Foundation, BHCS PTO and Sacred Heart Parish.

Class Reunions

1965 55th Reunion, Rescheduled for September 11, 2021.

Fall 2020

Fall 2020


2019-2020 Annual Fund donors

++++St. Joseph Society $5,000 and above +++Crimson Charter $1,000 - $4,999 ++Gray Guild $500- $999 +Streak Supporter $100- $499 §Legacy Donor (Annual Fund 24 and 25 Donor) Class of 1961 (Miller)+ Class of 1938 Mr. & Mrs. Burkhart Tischler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dolweck+++ Ms. Mary Catherine Arend Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mr. Paul Fisher (Kay Thomsen)§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leite+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Arend Recktenwald+§ Class of 1940 Ms. Judith Weickert (Tight)++§ Mr. & Mrs. Peter Naderer++§ (Marie Nieset) Ms. Barb Smola+§ Mrs. Eileen Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Wurzel Mrs. Nathalie Walter Mrs. Sharon Beier (Haas)§ Mr. & Mrs. Roy Wilhelm (Kusmer)+§ (Sharon Raubenolt)+§ (House)+§ Mrs. Carol Belle (Smith) (Martha Daubel)+++§ Class of 1941 Class of 1957 Mrs. Janet Widman (Gabel)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bowden Mrs. Marsha Winters Mrs. Marcella Post Col. & Mrs. Gary Class of 1953 (Sharon Tight)+§ (Waggoner) (Widman)+§ Chudzinski+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Darr Mr. & Mrs. Harold Ehrman+ Class of 1965 Class of 1943 Mrs. Julia de la Torre (Dorothy Durnwald)+§ Ms. Karen Gabel+§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beier+§ Mr. & Mrs. Leo Bundschuh (McDermott)§ Mr. & Mrs. Sylvan Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gonya§ Mr. James Haas§ Mr. & Mrs. Louis Lee Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dohanos Mr. James Gottron+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Howard Grogg Mr. Dale Haslinger+§ (Imelda Swint)+§ Mrs. Elaine Garvin (Smith)§ Mr. Donald Hoffman+§ (Kathleen Knisely)+ Mr. Robert Haslinger+§ Ms. Fran Miesle+§ Mr. & Mrs. James Lehmann+§ Mrs. Angela Klisz (Toeppe)§ Mr. Jude Haslinger§ Mr. & Mrs. Kennard Hirt Class of 1944 Maj. & Mrs. James McCormack Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leite Mr. & Mrs. Carl Koebel+§ (Margaret Dolweck)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Kusmer+§ (Mary Ann Haslinger)+§ (Mary Ellen Hughes)+§ Mr. & Mrs. David Laird+§ Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Keating Mr. Alfred Lopez Fr. C. Denis Mrs. Ann Millar (Scheuer)+ Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rendon+ Mr. & Mrs. John Lauer++§ Mrs. Rita R. Wagner O’Shaughnessy+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schmidt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walter Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Malinowski (Rodenhauser)§ Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Ronski++§ (Shirley Gabel)§ (Diane Fisher)+§ (Elaine Geller)+§ Mr. C. W. ‘Bill’ Yeager+++§ Class of 1958 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Steinle Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Widman Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Class of 1946 Mrs. Dorothy Borys (Reiter)§ (Joan Larkins)+§ (Sandra Brunner)+ Rectenwald++§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred Mrs. Kay Szymanowski Class of 1962 Mr. & Mrs. LaMar Reiter+§ Moyer++++ (Joan Busold)+§ (Durnwald) Mr. & Mrs. Richard Esker Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rhodes+ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wolf§ Mr. Gene Gonya+§ Class of 1954 (Nancy Reardon)§ Mr. Carl Schell§ Class of 1947 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bennison Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gottron+++ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faist Dr. Jim Szymanowski+ Mrs. Alice Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Michael (Marianne Ehrman)+§ (Kathleen Widman)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Tischler+§ (Gabel)+§ (Dolores Michael)+§ Mrs. Phyllis Boucher Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gonya Mrs. Sherry Weiker Mrs. Virginia Jennings Mr. & Mrs. Michael Miesle+§ (Young)§ (Margaret Gonya)§ Mr. & Mrs. David Young (Halbisen)§ Dr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Mrs. Joan Byers (Bender)§ Capt. Stephen Kupka USN, (Mary Ann Foos)+ Class of 1948 Reineck+§ Mrs. Mildred Collins (Smith)§ Retired+++§ Class of 1966 Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Kusmer Mrs. Audre Steck (Wolfe) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dolweck Mrs. Mary Schroeder Mrs. Mary Jo Ackerman (Marian Mayle)+§ Class of 1959 (Margaret Baker)++ (Gabel)+§ (Fisher)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miesle Dr. & Mrs. John Andrews Mrs. Carol Foos§ Class of 1963 Dr. & Mrs. David Boyle++§ Class of 1949 Mr. Richard Babione++§ Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred+§ Mr. & Mrs. James Beier Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Gerber Mr. & Mrs. James Person Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Babione Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm (Marcia Marinis)+§ (Joanne Toeppe)+§ (Louise Meyer)+ Mr. James Daubel+++§ (Darr)++§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beier+ Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nicosia Class of 1950 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Ehrman Class of 1955 Ms. Susan Borkovich+§ (Mercedes Miller)§ Mr. Donald Haaser++§ Mr. Robert Foos++ Mrs. Colleen Abramowski Mrs. Mary Gilson (Grachek)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Nieset Mr. & Mrs. Richard Haffner Mr. & Mrs. James Lehmann (Reardon)§ Judi Hughes (Lauer)+§ (Carolyn Bing)++ (Ruth Gottron) (Patricia Foster)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Foos Mr. & Mrs. Richard Miller Mr. & Mrs. Kris Perry Mr. Neil Hamilton++§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ochs+§ (Rosemary Setzler)+§ Mr. Eugene Nieset++++§ (Catherine McCue)+ Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mr. & Mrs. Paul Szakovits+§ Mrs. Marilyn House Mrs. Pam Phillips (Young)§ Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald Haynes++§ Mr. & Mrs. James Weller+§ (Thomsen)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Fred Recktenwald (Linda Wagner)++§ Mrs. Jean Howard Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Widman+ Ms. Mary Ellen Kettner++§ (Elaine Denman)+§ Mr. & Mrs. John Seilhamer (Hoffman)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Zorn Mrs. Marian Kindred (Haas) § Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Smith (Brenda Chudzinski)§ Mr. & Mrs. John Mayle § (Cynthia Siler)§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mayle++§ (Jane Mayle)§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Seylhouwer Msgr. Richard Moyer+++§ Class of 1960 Mr. & Mrs. James Morley+§ Mr. & Mrs. John Swint (Cheryl Darr) Class of 1951 Mr. & Mrs. James Beier+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schwartz+§ (Florence Babione)§ Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Tischler Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Mr. & Mrs. Lee Bowden+§ Mrs. Jeanette Setzler (Meyer)§ Mrs. Susan Witmer (Hoffman)+ (Kathleen Shimer)+§ Bintz+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Faist+§ Mrs. Mary Kay Walter Class of 1964 Ms. Judy Wagner§ Mrs. Marilyn Kurt Mr. & Mrs. Joseph (Eder)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Larry Arend+§ Mr. Michael Wehring++§ (Lambert)§ Halbeisen+++§ Class of 1956 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Franks Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Wright Mr. & Mrs. John Mayle Mr. & Mrs. Richard Michael Mrs. Paula Daniel (Mary Roth)§ (Vicki Koppelman)+§ (Mary Halbisen)§ (Hoffman)+++§ (Suzanne Babione)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Gerber+§ Class of 1967 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Steinle+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Foos § Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rohr+§ Mrs. Sharon Hintze (Faist)§ Mr. & Mrs. William Babione§ Class of 1952 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mayle Mr. & Mrs. William Mr. & Mrs. David Kupka Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Beier Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Bintz (Dorothy Gegorski)++§ Swartz+§ (Linda Kupka) (Mary Beth Reineck) (Marilyn Smith)+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ruggiero Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walter+§ Dr. & Mrs. Walter Oxley+ Mr. & Mrs. John Celek+ Mr. Wilfred Borer (Ruthann Collier)+§ Mr. & Mrs. James Weller Mrs. Carol Phillips (Held) Mr. & Mrs. David Keiser+§ “In Memory of Nancy Borer” Mrs. Pat Spieldenner (Mary Spieldenner)+§ Ms. Mary Lou Randolph Mr. Joe Kovaleski (Widman)+§ Mr. Sam Weller+§


Fall 2020

Mrs. Arlene Lenhart++§ Mr. & Mrs. Trent Longo (Kathleen Lakomy)§ Mr. & Mrs. Denny Miesle+§ Mr. & Mrs. James O’Brien++§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Picciuto+§ Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rendon (Mary Lou Swint)+ Ms. Martha Willis§ Class of 1968 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Babione+§ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barbour+§ Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bork++§ Mr. John Bovard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Celek (Cathleen Beatty)+§ Ms. Marsha Cook+§ Dr. & Mrs. Mark Hablitzel (Bettina Brawley)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Roger Haynes (Barbara Beier)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Herb+§ Dr. & Mrs. James Hotz+§ Mr. & Mrs. James Klos (Rosemary Wagner)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kwiatkowski (Judith Beier)+§ Mrs. Martha Lause (Golden) Dr. & Mrs. M. Scott Mead+§ Dr. & Mrs. Walter Oxley (Karel Bowlus)+ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pfefferle+ Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pickett++§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith§ Mr. & Mrs. William Turley (Sandra Hoffman) Class of 1969 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barbour (Kathleen Miller)+§ Mr. & Mrs. William Beier+§ Dr. & Mrs. James Bingle (Nancy Hotz)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Darr+ § Mrs. Michele Durkin (Vernarsky)++§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Keegan+§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Smith (Margaret Snyder)§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wagner (Sally Holsinger)§ Class of 1970 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beier+ Ms. Sally Breyer (Frederick)+§ Mr. John Faist§ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gonya+ Mr. & Mrs. Philip Masten (Amy Kupka)§ Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Keating (Lucy Kuzma) Mr. & Mrs. Philip Masten (Amy Kupka) Dr. & Mrs. M. Scott Mead (Martha Burkett)+§ Ms. Roberta Moyer+§ Ms. Cathy Pfefferle-Stone§ Mr. & Mrs. Randall Widman Mr. & Mrs. James Yeager+++§ Class of 1971 Mr. & Mrs. Larry Brenot (Sara Mosser) Mr. & Mrs. James Celek+§

Fall 2020

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Darr (Martha Kuzma)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Durnwald+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Eshleman (Deborah Freeh)§ Mr. & Mrs. John Fatica (Mary Zyski)+§ Ms. Pamela Haas+ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haaser§ Mr. & Mrs. William Herb (Rosemary Smola)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Charles Moyer+§ Mr. & Mrs. David Peiffer+§ Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pickett (Linda Stout)++§ Mr. Patrick Waggoner+§ Class of 1972 Mr. & Mrs. William Beier (Lynn Freeh)+§ Mr. & Mrs. John Devore (Cynthia Luc)§ Mr. & Mrs. William Halm+§ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hodges (Constance Kusmer)+ Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Kamstra (Elizabeth Moyer)§ Dr. & Mrs. Kim Knight (Joan Burkett)§ Mr. John Kupka Mr & Mrs. Jeffrey Lee (Constance Saner)+§ Ms. Marian Miller+§ Mr. & Mrs. Mark Pumphrey (Susan Hawk)§ Ms. Constance Reineck (Foos) Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wasserman++ Mr. & Mrs. Albert Zamora +§ Class of 1973 Mr. & Mrs. William Bork+§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Coleman (Susan Mosser)+ Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fisher (Elaine Stover)+§ Mr. Steve Gottron & Mrs. Terry Kuzma-Gottron+§ Mrs. Susan Harris (McCue)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Norman Selvey (Catherine Darr)§ Mr. David Snyder+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Yeager+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Albert Zamora (Martha Wolf)+§ Class of 1974 Mr. & Mrs. William Barbour (Susan Moyer)+§ Mr. Jim Darr+ Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Fisher+§ Mrs. Cynthia Gabel+ Mr. Steve Gottron & Mrs. Terry Kuzma-Gottron+§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kwiatkowski+§ Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Schwartz+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Yeager (Sandra Hershey)+++§ Class of 1975 Mr. & Mrs. John Fey§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Herb (Deborah Golamb)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jenkins+

Mr. Michael Molyet+§ Ms. Teresa Roth (Mosser) & Mr. Larry Von Kuster+§ Mr. & Mrs. Steve Spader+§ Dr. Nanette Steinle & Dr. Arnel Tagel+ Class of 1976 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boukissen (Kathleen Reineck)+§ Mr. Bruce Cook+ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jenkins (Susan Freeh)+ Mr. & Mrs. John Lindenberger§ Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Luc Mr. & Mrs. Charles Merrill (Margaret Schultz) Mr. Anthony Paradiso+ Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Price Class of 1977 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Carmack (Mary Jean Reineck)+++ Mr. Joseph Gabel+ Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hick (Marita Haslinger) Mr. & Mrs. John Lindenberger (Sonia Colon) Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Price (Lori Saller) Mr. & Mrs. David Spader (Jean Molyet)+ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swint+§ Class of 1978 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gabel§ Mr. & Mrs. Ramiro Sanchez (Susan Wagner)+§ Ms. Shari Snyder§ Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Snyder§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swint (Patricia Widman)+§ Class of 1979 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Chudzinski+§ Mr. & Mrs. John Cronin+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Eakin§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gabel+§ Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gillmor (Kathleen Naderer)§ Mr. Jeffrey Gottron+§ Ms. Sandra Mosser++§ Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Picciuto+§ Mr. & Mrs. Allan Wise (Ann Rimelspach)++§ Class of 1980 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Biggert (Sharon Dumminger) Mr. & Mrs. James Camp+ Mr. Christopher Cook+§ Mr. & Mrs. John Cronin (Annette Mayle)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Warren Hensley (Theresa Ochs)++ Mr. & Mrs. David Jay+ Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Luc (Lesia Jenkins) Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Paradiso+ Ms. Anne Poorman & Mr. Eric Cotton++§ Mr. & Mrs. James Ronski (Amy Spieldenner)+§ Class of 1981 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Cook§

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Cullen+ Mr. & Mrs. Roger Darr+++ Mr. & Mrs. Michael PJ Foos+ Mr. Thomas Halm+§ Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Picciuto (Cheryl Kuzma)+§ Mrs. Julie Rodriguez (Foos)§ Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Wurzel§ Class of 1982 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Burns+§ Mr. Jim Cronin Mr. Timothy Foos+§ Mr. & Mrs. Terrence Gonya (Laura Bisnette)§ Mr. Dave Rhineberger§ Class of 1983 Dr. & Dr. Christopher George (Teresa Quaintance)+++§ Class of 1984 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Foos (Jami Wammes)§ Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Snyder (Kelly Ross)§ Ms. Karen Weissinger (Cook)§ Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wymer (Carol Kuss)§ Class of 1985 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kupka (Martha House)§ Class of 1986 Mr. & Mrs. Todd Jett (Sandra Wagner) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kupka§ Mr. Mike Miller+ Class of 1987 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Cook Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Foos+§ Mr. & Mrs. Kregg Gegorski+§ Mr. & Mrs. Steven Foos (Deanna Gonya)+ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mercer (Annette Michael)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Pearson (Maribeth Mayle)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Reineck+ Class of 1988 Mr. & Mrs. John Baier (Joy Swint)+§ Ms. Maureen Barry+§ Mr. & Mrs. Brian Flahiff (Melissa Wehring)+ § Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Haslinger++§ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Hirt (Denice Quaintance)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hotz (Michelle Reiter)+ Mr. Jeff Overmyer+§ Class of 1989 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Alexsonshk (Jennifer Spieldenner) Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bender§ Mr. & Mrs. Carl Miller (Kristen Hartenstein)§ Mrs. Dorothy Stanforth (Colon)+ Class of 1990 Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Hirt+ç Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hotz+ Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey House+§ Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Militello (Heather Swartz)+§

Mr. & Dr. Ray Rellinger ++§ Mrs. Kathleen Taylor (Steinbauer)+§ Class of 1991 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dondero+ Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Gottron+ Ms. Lisa Reiter Class of 1992 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hines (Amy Lenhart)+§ “In Memory of Charles Lenhart” Mr. Aaron Klos+§ Mrs. Suzanne McFeaters (Militello)+ Class of 1993 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Celek§ Mr. & Mrs. Brian Haynes+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Holbrook (Angela Halbeisen)++§ Class of 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Denman Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hartenstein+§ Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Root (Amber Reineck)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Smith (Catherine Mayle)§ Class of 1995 Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Branon (Nicole O’Neal)+ Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Celek (Julie Hotz)§ Class of 1997 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fey+§ Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Foos (Cora Bruchs)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Good+ Mr. & Mrs. Eric Oxley+§ Class of 1998 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Haynes § Mr. & Mrs. Michael Knisely (Holly Wagner)§ Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Waleryszak+++§ Class of 1999 Mr. Rustun Schack+ Mr. & Mrs. Eric Setzler Class of 2000 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Carmack+§ Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Gonya++§ Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Haynes (Kerri Zimmerman)§ Mr. & Mrs. David Kistler§ Mr. & Mrs. Jason Moody§ Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan§ Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Waleryszak (Rachel Root)+++§ Class of 2001 Mr. Nicholas Babione+§ Ms. Sally Fey+ Mr. & Mrs. Zach Sanchez+§ Class of 2002 Ms. Amy Strausbaugh Mr. & Mrs. Juan Vela (Keri Peiffer)+§ Class of 2003 Mr. & Mrs. Jake Barbour+§ Class of 2005 Mr. & Mrs. Sam Cotterman (Rebecca Babione)+§ Mr. & Mrs. Joe Weaver (Jennifer Knisely)§


Annual Fund Donors Continued

Class of 2006 Mr. & Mrs. Brad Gabel+++§ Dr. & Dr. Ryan Sauber+ Mr. & Mrs. Cory Swaisgood (Candace Miller)+ Class of 2007 Mrs. Sondra Miller (Beaschler)+ Class of 2008 Mr. Eric Barbour+ Mr. Mike Kistler Class of 2011 Ms. Sylvia Reinhart+§ Mr. & Mrs. Chris Rossetti (Chelsea Bender) Class of 2012 Ms. Kaitlyn Stroup Friends Mr. Ron Autullo “In Memory of Peg Autullo” Mr. & Mrs. David Batey, Sr.+§ Mr. & Mrs. Tom Beaschler+

Reverend Daniel Borgelt+§ Mr. & Mrs. Enrico Branda Mr. & Mrs. Edward Brandt+§ Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Brudzinski+ Mr. John Caputo+ Mr. & Mrs. Chris Carnicom§ Mr. Richard Celek§ Mrs. Lou Chamberlain+§ Mr. Albert D. Cook+ Crown Battery Mfg. Co., Inc/ Hal & Diane Hawk++++§ Mrs. Susan Davis+§ Mr. Roger Dick & Mrs. Donna Durst§ Reverend Thomas Extejt+§ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fick§ Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Good§ Mr. Francis Halbisen+§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hartenstein+§ Mrs. Kathy Haeuptle§

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Harmon+§ Ms. Jan Hazen Mr. & Mrs. Donnie Heilman+§ Mr. Thomas Hopp Mr. Ronald C. House+§ Reverend Krzysztof Kardzis+§ Mr. William Kelly+ Mr. & Mrs. Sam Kitchen+§ Mr. & Mrs. Victor Kline§ Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Knight+++§ Mr. Brian Koenig+§ Mrs. Anne Marquis++§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCartney§ Ms. Krista Michaels+§ Mr. & Mrs. Peter Miller+§ Mr. & Mrs. Ron Molyet§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morris++§ Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Narducci§

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Nause Mr. Tom Ochs§ Mrs. Vicki Overmyer Mr. & Mrs. James Palomo+ Mrs. Pat Picciuto+++§ Mrs. Michelle Picciuto Mr. George Pickett++++§ Mr. Gerald Porczak§ Mr. Richard Randolph+§ Mrs. Dolores Reardon+ Mrs. Virginia Rich§ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryan Mrs. Nancy Sattler+ Mr. & Mrs. Don Schade+++§ Mr. & Mrs. Todd Schnell+§ Mrs. Doris Seaman+ Mr. & Mrs. Scott Slatter++§ Ms. Pamela Snell+§ Mr. & Mrs. James Snider§ Mrs. Beverly Spieldenner Mr. Terry Stanforth

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Steinmetz Dr. & Mrs. James Stierwalt+++§ Mr. Regis Valentine+ “In Memory of Mary Zitte Valentine” Mrs. Jeanne Walter++§ Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Walters+++§ Mr. Charles Wonderly & Dr. Mary Wonderly+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wood+§ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woolf+§ Mr. & Mrs. Gary Zimmerman+ Matching Gift Companies AAA-Ohio Automobile Club Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. Duke Energy Raytheon Rockwell Corporation

Scholarships James & Barbara Haubert In Memory of Kenneth Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gabel Tom & Ellen Leite In Memory of Kenneth Gabel Kay Tischler Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leite In Memory of William Leite Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Leite Mr. & Mrs. Joe Leite Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Leite Thomas R. Swint In Memory of Kenneth Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Swint Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Swint Weickert Family In Memory of Kay Tischler Ms. Judith Weickert Thomas “Spud” Yeager In Memory of Kenneth Gabel Mr. C. W. ‘Bill’ Yeager Mr. & Mrs. James Yeager In Memory of Kay Tischler Mr. C. W. ‘Bill’ Yeager Class of 1954 Scholarship In Memory of Nancy Borer Thomas Dalton Kenneth Gabel Kenneth Hoffman Richard Setzler Dr. Ron Borer In Memory of Thomas Dalton Mr. & Mrs. Gaylord Bowden Mrs. Joan Byers

Class of 1954 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corthell Mr. Thomas L. Dalton** Mrs. Joann Fuchs Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gray Mrs. Catherine F. Hoffman Mrs. Carole L. Klingman Mr. Bill Keating & Ms. Debbie Koebel Mr. & Mrs. John Lonsway Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sessler Mrs. Jeannette Setzler Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Showman In Memory of Herbert Foos Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred Mrs. Sharon Walby Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm In Memory of Kenneth Gabel Class of 1954 Mrs. Joan M. Byers Mr. & Mrs. Gary Godfred Mrs. Carole L. Klingman Mrs. Jeannette Setzler Mr. & Mrs. Paul Spriggs Mrs. Sharon Walby In Memory of Richard Setzler Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gonya Mrs. Catherine Hoffman In Memory of Alice Wagner Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm Alumni Association In Memory of Thomas Dalton Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cronin

In Memory of Kenneth Gabel Judi Hughes Mr. & Mrs. John Lauer In Memory of Thomas Dalton Jean Kowaleski Robert Kryder Mr. & Mrs. John Lauer In Memory of Charlotte Hoelzle Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boukissen In Memory of Kay Tischler Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cronin Mr. & Mrs. John Lauer CEDF In Memory of Joyce Knight Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCartney Sacred Heart Campus In Memory of Joyce Knight Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Babione Mr. & Mrs. Vince Snyder Wendt Teacher Retention Fund In Memory of Thomas Dalton Kenneth Gabel Don Humphrey Kay Tischler Mr. & Mrs. Craig Wendt UNRESTRICTED In Memory of Thomas Andecover Tom Leeth Ms. Linda Gegorski In Memory of Helen Carmack Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harman Mr. Raymond Ackerman Mr. John Caputo

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Cherry Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Coleman Mr. & Mrs. William Ebert Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Franks Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gabel Ms. Jean Garvin Tonya Gilson, Anita Hotz, Alanna Hasselbach Ms. Pamela Haas Mr. & Mrs. Chris Heflinger Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hofelich Mr. Dean A. Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Michael Horn Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Craig Jensen Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Randy Koebel Mrs. Deborah Krynock Ms. Geri Long Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Luc Ms. Peggy Mackey Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Michael Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Paeth Mrs. Joyce S. Reardon Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reineck Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rusch Mr. & Mrs. John Shetzer Ms. Sandra Walleman Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Whisler Mr. Stephen Widman In Memory of Sue Darr Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Darr Mrs. Elaine Garvin Ms. Nancy Winslow In Memory of Thomas Dalton Mr. Brett Lasher In Memory of Kenneth Gabel Mr. & Mrs. Brad Davis Mr. Thomas Foos Mr. & Mrs. Mark Gabel

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Michael Mr. Gerald Porczak Dr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Reineck Mrs. Jeanne Shank Mr. & Mrs. Paul Thatcher In Memory of Joan Guthrie Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Miesle In Memory of Robert Kryder Class of 1965 Mrs. Judith Miller Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Picciuto Van Arsdale Family In Memory of Patricia Oprie Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Franks Mr. & Mrs. Bob Girand Family Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Skerrett In Memory of Kathleen Root Mr. & Mrs. Michael Waleryszak In Memory of Kay Tischler Mr. Donald Bertsch Mrs. Roberta Esker Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Michael Mr. & Mrs. James Winton Downtown Fremont, Inc. Various Donors In Memory of Alice Wagner Mr. & Mrs. James Klos In Memory of Terry Wagner Mr. & Mrs. William Bork Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm In Memory of Theresa Whitcomb Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moyer In Memory of Joan Zyski Mrs. Lucretia Saller

Memorials thru 2/24/2020


Fall 2020

In Memoriam Mary (Mullholand) Soper ‘35 Elizabeth (Fisher) Sherman ‘39 Mary Margaret (Koleman) Notheis ‘40 Harold Gonya ‘41 Paul Ackerman ‘42 Rebecca Binder ‘42 Elizabeth (Cronin) Sheehan ‘42 Margaret (Horn) Callendar ‘43 William Leite ‘43 Helen (Fisher) Arnold ‘44 Doyle Kusmer ‘44 C.W. “Bill” Yeager ‘44 Margaret (Reardon) Lehmann ‘47 Mary Ann (Gabel) Merkel ‘47 Donald Hade ‘48 Pauline (Fox) Lowery ‘49 Kathleen (Chudzinski) Root ‘49 Sherry Sue (Jago) Adudell ‘50 Joanne (Hoffman) Kern ‘50 Patricia (Dickman) Molyet ‘50 Shireen (Johnston) Ray ‘50 Donald Spieldenner ‘50 Ruth (Burns) Hakes ‘51 Raul Rendon ‘52 Mary Ellen (Hughes) Leite ‘53 Gerald Cronin ‘54 Kenneth Gabel ‘54 Louise (Weber) Claar ‘55 Cecilia (Link) Singleton ‘55

Gerald Borer ‘56 Kay (Thompsen) Courtney Tischler ‘56 Carolyn (Mayle) Vacca ‘56 Susan (Szymanowski) Darr ‘57 George Widman ‘57 Frank Carroccio ‘58 Francine (Carroccio) Dohanos ‘58 Robin (Huffman) Lescott ‘58 Karen (Myslinski) Smith ‘58 Thomas Notheis ‘59 John Roth ‘59 David Francis ‘60 Michael James ‘60 Diana Binder ‘61 Sr. Mary Helaine Ehrman ‘62 Ralph “Dan” Mehling ‘63 Joseph Spieldenner ‘63 Patricia Oprie ‘64 Robert Kryder ‘65 Phillip Dirig ‘66 Joseph Durnwald, Jr. ‘69 Stephen Fisher ‘69 Susan Barrington ‘70 Joan (Mullholand) Guthrie ‘71 Timothy Stotz ‘71 Robert Heckters ‘74 Patrick Roth ‘75 Terrance Wagner ‘75 Andrew Wonderly ‘99

Gifts Athletics Mr. & Mrs. Richard Berger

Don and Jean Wasserman Scholarship Fund Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Wasserman

CEDF Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Kamstra Ms. Roberta Moyer Mr. William Ochs

Pickett- StoutDumminger Scholarship Dr. & Mrs. Mark Pickett

Class of 1954 Scholarship Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm

Stierwalt Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Howard Stierwalt

Fall 2020

Trophy Fund Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Gonya Tuition Assistance Mrs. Cathy Frastaci Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Jenkins Mr. Tom LeSavage Sacred Heart Altar Rosary Society Sacred Heart Parish St. Joseph Parish

Walters’ Boiler Works, Inc. Unrestricted Mr. William Ochs Kroger Community Rewards In Honor of Paul Courtney’s 90th birthday Ms. Linda Gegorski In Honor of Jan Hazen’s

Birthday Ms. Linda Gegorski Merry Christmas to Ben Horn Ms. Linda Gegorski In Honor of Peter & Joy ChudzinskiThanksgiving Blessings Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wing


Finding the Way


BISHOP HOFFMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL 2020 Annual Fund Donor Categories:

St. Joseph Society $5,000 and above Crimson Charter $1,000 - $4,999 Gray Guild $500- $999 Streak Supporter $100- $499 Name (Please Print) Maiden Name Street City Phone Amount Enclosed: Balance Due $ BILL MY CREDIT CARD Credit Card Number: Exp. Date (MO/YR): Signature

Spouse Name

Year of Graduation

State Email


Bill Me Monthly:

Bill Me Quarterly: Security Code Date

Please return this form to: BHCS, 702 Croghan Street, Fremont OH 43420 Please remember to enclose check payable to BHCS Annual Fund Donations can also be made online at

Thank you for your Gift! 10

Fall 2020


IN Box

Please send your pictures and captions to share with our SJCC family. We would love to help you celebrate your anniversaries, weddings, births, reunions and accomplishments. Please send to:

In the News

1950’s Pat & Gus Miller ‘55 celebrated their 60th anniversary July 4, 2019. 1960’s Bill “Moose” M. ‘61 celebrated 50 years of sobriety in March 2020. He was invited to speak at the A.A. convention in Detroit Michigan in July. He states “It will be like singing “Ol Man River” all over again in Showboat in ‘61. Instead of 60 to 80 people at our playback , it will be 200,000 in Detroit.” Margaret (Dolweck ‘65) and Kennard Hirt celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary October 24, 2020. Maureen (Sherer ‘65) and Michael Glovinsky celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary September 26, 2020. Ruth Anne and Ted Luc ‘65 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary August 7, 2020. Jean (Biehler ‘69) and Jim Schneider ‘65 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary July 18, 2020. 1980’s Julie (Fisher ‘87) & Ronald Darr ‘82 were married December 23, 2019 at Sacred Heart Parish. 1990’s Sarah & Brad Busold ‘93 welcomed son Benjamin Thomas Busold November 10, 2019. Roger Kuns ‘99 was awarded the “20 Under 40 Award.” This award recognizes individuals under the age of 40 who have distinguished themselves in their community in order to motivate other young leaders in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Kylie (Davis ‘99) & Kevin Laughlin welcomed son Theodore Thomas Patrick Laughlin October 23, 2019. 2000’s Jennifer (Keating ‘00) & Christopher Rupp were married May 18, 2019 at St. Ann’s Parish. They are the parents of Talia. Keri (Oxley ‘00) & John Brenner welcomed daughter Siena Therese Brenner September 15, 2019. Maggie O’Brien ‘02 & Nick Wasserman ‘03 welcomed son Rooney John Wasserman December 7, 2019. Lindsey & Justin Carmack ‘03 welcomed son Keegan John Carmack July 16, 2019. Sonya (Walters ‘03) & Tony Stevenson were married February 14, 2020. Leigh Ann (Swaisgood ‘08) & Jeffry Gibson welcomed daughter Gwendolyn Eleanor Gibson July 24, 2020. 2010’s Haley Egbert ‘14 graduated cum laude with distinction from The Ohio State University with a degree in mechanical enginereering research. She is a member of the Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing. Lillian Cool ‘16 graduated cum laude with distinction from Otterbein University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. Hannah Riehl ‘17 represented SJCC in El Salvador while participating in a mission trip for John Carroll University.

Fall 2020

Luc, Hirt and Glovinsky

Theodore Laughlin

Jennifer & Christopher Rupp

Rooney Wasserman

Keegan Carmack



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Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, OH 43420 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

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Crimson and Gray Days! November 24 Calendar Drive Begins

December 16 SJCC Band Concert

21 Reach Out February 7 Booster Club Superbowl Breakfast (tentative) April 17 BHCS Dinner Auction **All dates subject to change**

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Fall 2020

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