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Christmas 2016

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Redattore e ideatore: Silvia Davanzo Direttore responsabile iscritto all'albo dei giornalisti: Luna Bianca Pozzati


This magazine is in compliance with the new law on publishing (l. n. 62 of 7 March 2001). It is not a news organization, not a periodical and is updated according to the availability of the material. A special thanks to Manuela who made the English version with me The projects presented in this magazine, are the intellectual property of the creative, is therefore not authorized any disclosure or reproduction of photos, texts and patterns without written permission (Law 2 633 on Copyright)

Editoriale In this Christmas issue, I would like to thank the new creatives in our staff, and all the faithful people who usually follow me in this 'crazy' adventure. I thank you because you are the engine of this machine. The projects here after have different levels of difficulty, this is for you a way to create with your children!

Chiara deserves a special thanks, the magazine graphic, she recently oined the group, and she works to improve the aesthetic purpose of the magazine! Cebrelli Chiara, born in 1973, Illustrator & Architect, Graphic Designer, love walking barefoot on the grass, seeing the beauty and poetry in the little things, getting five minutes prior to an appointment, drawing funny little characters for my three great grandchildren.



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Etsy As for Facebook, I tried to explore a new world quite different for us IMPRONTE CREATIVE, , Etsy! Etsy is a website where you can sell the crafts. As IMPRONTE CREATIVE we opened a

crafts shop, which include the ideas of projects you see in the magazine, and slowly it will be filled with new objects ... so check it often, and do not miss the unique handmade pieces that will be offered for sale to support the magazine in exciting new developments.




I am Fabrizia, I live in Umbria near the Trasimeno lake, I have a daughter and a 2 American clothespins husband. I use my free time to create…. I 2 rectangles of cloth 16 x 10 cm for love everything that is antique or vintage. I the dress create schemes for primitive embroidering, Ecru linen or Aida to embroider a simple style I love, and jewelry with glass Embroidery floss dmc pendant, inserting pieces of antique lace 2 pieces of felt or wool cloth for the weld with an alloy of silver and tin, and also wings creating pendants “broken China” using 2 small squares of cloth for the dolls’ pieces of English and French plates. A few head. years ago I opened a blog: , that recently I rarely update because of the lack of time, but you can find me on facebook:


Fold the fabric for the dress (front to front) and sew a side. Curl slightly the fabric on the opened side and insert the head of the clothespin, tighten the fabric around the pin.


Put the square cloth on the head of the doll and tie it with the thin string under the chin, to stop the headgear. Sew a string on the back of the dolls to hang the banner. Cut from the felt two wings and glue them on the back of the dolls, above the hanging string.


Embroider each letter on a linen square, (I used 40 ct linen, 16 threads and the size of the ended embroidery 4 x 4 cm). Sew each letter on a dark-colored square fabric. Sew the banners on the dolls’ clothes.

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An accordion paper bag 12 x 24.5 cm 2 patterned scrapbooking sheets (dots / oblique lines) 1 paper Bazzil kraft White card Coordinated Washi tape Ribbon Clear Stamps Fashion Scrap "Christmas" Black ink Silver Eyelet Die-cut with reindeers Punch for scallop edges Shimmed biadhesive

Hello, I am Stefania, better known as Ste Creations. Born under the sign of the Gemini I represent the characteristics of my astrological sign, first of all the double personality :-) On the one hand I’m a bank clerk, the passion for numbers, order and accounting; on the other a creative spirit which has been increasing year after year, the desire to experiment various techniques and to find new ways to express myself. A hobby that is almost a way of life, searching the beauty around me and the little things that make me happy. I do not like too much speaking about me, but I let the pictures of my work represent me. You can follow me on my blog or on Instagram as stecreazioni.


I propose a simple but effective scrap project. You can use it to send a Christmas card instead of the traditional cards or for a small gift. Once you have finished you will have two pockets available: one will be used for a tag with best wishes, the other to hold a little gift. I’ve put a key chain, but you can put money, a discount card or other small not too thick objects. The technique I used is known as C&S, or Clean and Simple. It is a project that requires attention for the lines, in the matching and balancing the colors of a few simple elements. Envelope The structure is built using a paper bag. Fold it to 15 cm from the bottom in such a way that the opening part will be on the front. If you want you can decorate it with a strip of washi tape. Cut two pieces of scrap paper to decorate the bag: a piece is placed on the bottom and one on the front. Measure the surface to be decorated and remove 0.5 cm per side: if you have a bag as mine the pieces are 11.5 x 14.5 cm for the bottom (blue paper with polka dots) and 11.5 x 5.5 cm for the front (paper with red stripes). I fixed them with the sewing machine, in this way you get a decorative finish and the

closure is well reinforced. Place on the bottom polka dots paper. You can use a bit 'of adhesive to hold it, but be careful to make sure that it is away from areas to sew, otherwise the glue on the needle will make you life impossible. Close the fold and fix the striped paper on which you have previously made a topstitch at the top. Sew with a single seam all around the fold and the two sheets of paper. Tag In the biggest pocket I’ve put a tag cut from a Bazzil kraft paper. I’ve cut out a rectangle of 9.5 x 13 cm and eliminated the two upper corners to about 1.5 cm per side. Then I’ve decorated it with a red stripes piece of paper of 9 x 11 cm fixing it all around with a sewing machine. At the top I’ve made a hole and inserted a silver metal eyelet.


Decorations For the decoration of the tag I’ve used a punch with a reindeer family cut in white cardboard and decorated with stamps. I’ve glued it with thickened adhesive to create a little movement without weighing. Then I’ve cut a piece of blue polka dots paper, decorated on one side with the punch for scallop edges. I’ve have secured even this piece with the double-sided thickened adhesive. I added a ribbon passing it through the metal ring. With the same style I’ve decorated the envelope: a stamp on the bottom right, a ribbon around and closed with a bow and a cut strip with scallop edge fixed with double-sided thickened adhesive. Visit my blog: stecreazioni.blogsp Visit my instagram page: stecreazioni

Interview to Romina: Eclypse's colors First of all who is Romina alias Ecliypse's colors? My name is Romina, I’m 39 years old, I have a husband and two amazing kids; i learned about cross-stitching when I was in junior high school and , among my hobby throughout years, this is the only one I kept doing, even if I don’t do it every day for the lack of time . I manly love to create fairies and ladies, but sometime I also small work on different subjects. How did you get the idea of coloring canvas? I started to color canvas some years ago, one of my friend got a tone down canvas abroad and she asked me if I wanted to get one in order to split transport costs; at that time I didn’t want to. The same day in a bricolage shop where there were a lot of creative material I asked of canvas colors, I got one and I tried it; I liked the result and so I started to color different pieces of canvas and show them to client during street markets. How do you color canvas and how do you suggest to use them? I use acrylic colors for canvas and I suggest to use them for things that don’t need to be washed so often or any way that can be washed with cold water, like a décor pillow. What will Eclypse's color do in future? Hard to say now for the future, I have a lot of ideas but i now need to learn some more things. Where can we find your ideas? My canvas are not available in shops, i get contacted directly by customers on facebook and sometime through mail.


Christmas trees made by Silvia H i! I

am Silvia, I'm 30 years old, I’ve a girl age five who is the muse of my creations! I use many materials, paper, wool, cotton, cross stitch, cloth and brushes. My little virtual space allows me to show my creations and to share thoughts and feelings with friends in internet. I love creating and messing around and I hope to pass down on Sabrina my love for creativity freedom. Visit my two blogs:; schemipensier ogspot. com

Materials Cardboard cones Jute peaces Wool thread Twine Pearls Ribbon Raffia Laces Scissors Needle and thread Hot glue

Start attaching jute pieces to the cones, in order to have opened portion, that later will be decorated with pearls (if you prefer you can first attach pearls to jute pieces and then attach them to cones, maybe it’s easier). Cover the final part, the down one with lace, covering for 1 cm the jute. Proceed inserting twine within the pearl and glue it with hot glue the two pieces of twine on the top of the cone. Glue a piece of the twine and patiently start to cover


the top of the cone, so that the pearl will be fixed on the top of the cone. Once the topper part is covered get the wool thread and cover the central part of the cone. Take needle and thread and start to attach small and large pearls on the jute. Be careful because this passage is quite difficult because you will have to sew where you used hot glue and jute, it’s though. Now tree cone are ready to be exposed on your furniture!

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Money Heart made by Loredana


Hello to everybody, I introduce myself. I'm Loredana, a happy mom and wife and a romantic crafter. I love linen and lace, they’re my passion and I love cross stitching. Now I'm learning creative sewing which is very interesting, and I like experimenting new creative techniques. I love the country style, but also the shabby one and pastel tones. In my creations, which represent myself, you will find a bit of everything I’ve always done by heart. I have a blog, a website and a Facebook page where, through images and thoughts you will know me a bit 'more because in every creation I put a piece of my heart, my passion and love for what I realize.

Regular linen to cross stitch 23 x 15 cm White Fabric or ‘Millerighi’ white fabric 23 x 15 cm White Fabric or ‘Millerighi’ white fabric 23 x 18 cm for the pocket on the back White Fabric or ‘Millerighi’ white fabric 25 x 24 cm 1 white tassel Red ribbon cm 70 Valencienne lace with fitting belt cm 20 1 Bead Padding

Cut the fabric as indicated, proceed with the preparation of the front heart. After having cross stitched the linen (see pattern), sew the linen with the ‘Millerighi’ or White fabric (23 x 15 cm) using the sewing machine, then put the Valencienne lace on the joining seam and sew it. The front is finished. Fold 2 cm from the pocket fabric and sew it. Then overlap the front of the pocket to the front of the back part (White Fabric or ‘Millerighi’ white fabric 25 x 24 cm) and pin them. Now you take the front of the embroidered heart and overlap it. Sew with the sewing machine leaving on on side 4 cm opened. Turn the heart, iron it and fill it with a soft padding, taking care to sew the opened side with little stitches.


Sew the tassel with the pearl to the tip of the heart and your money are safe in your ready project!

Visit my website: Visit my blog: Visit my facebook: Visit my Pinterest page: Visit my instagram:


Mascarpone pandoro made by Monica Come and meet me on my blog, my funny diary to share my emotions, books and receipes with my friend

Ingredients 3 cocottine diam. 10

Visit my blog: Write me:

200g mascarpone 2 eggs 3 tablespoons sugar 2 very long coffee 6 tablespoons cognac 3/4 slices of pandoro about 2 cm high. Dark chocolate flake


Cut slices of pandoro and cut them with a round pastry cutter. Place each circle in each casserole pushing it well down. Meanwhile, beat the eggs with the sugar until they fit well, add mascarpone and cognac and mix gently with a whisk to have it creamy, smooth and without lumps. Moisten the pandoro with some bitter coffee spoon and cover it with the cream. Make a second layer of pandoro and cream and cover it generously with chocolate chips. Store covered in refrigerator and take it out of the fridge a few time before serving.


Christmas Sock made by Francesca Materials

My name is Francesca and I live in Milan. I like creating new cross stitch charts and experiencing all kinds of embroidery. I love painting embroidery fabrics as a hobby and building little wood houses. In my free time I like collecting famous designers charts. Visit my blog:

An embroidery fabric A piece of Christmas cloth Embroidery floss Padding Drawstring Needle and thread to sew

Embroider the sock chart using two threads for cross stitch and a single thread for the knot point (Eye of Santa and Rudolph's nose); Put the embroidered fabric on the fantasy one, wrong/back sides together and sew along the entire sock’s profile. Leave a side slightly opened; Cut the edges of the cloth to about 5 mm from the seam;


Put the padding into the sock from the opened side and sew it; Fix the drawstring with a hidden stitch to hang it; Fray the embroidered fabric to give a "shabby" effect.

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Candles in jar made by Roberta Hi! My name is Roberta, I am 46 years old, I have two children Matteo and Alice ... and I live in the province of Bologna. I work as a clerk in a small company. I love everything that is creative, I like experimenting new techniques, but my beloved passions are embroidery, cross stitch, and Punto Antico. I like talking about my passions with my creative friends and comparing our creations. If you want to see my creations come and visit my blog:

Materials Glass jars Aquarium's stones, or salt Tea-tight - Colorful ribbons Felt - Cork slabs Hot glue - Scissors

Cut some hearts of different size, both with the cork and felt. The larger hearts will be used as a base to the support, the smaller ones will be used as a jar decoration. Glue the ribbon to the jar, use your imagination to match colors and shapes. You can overlay two hearts of different sizes and colors and fix with hot glue, then glue them to the center of the ribbon. VoilĂ these quick and simple candle jars.



Christmas snowflake made by Ilaria Hello! I'm Ilaria, I'm 26 and I spend my free time creating things. I share this passion with my boyfriend who also helps me with my projects. I love working with felt, FIMO, resin and Polyshrink. I also love stamps and punches, and sometimes I mix all of them with embossing powders. I like experimenting new techniques, viewed on internet thanks to photographic collections. I love fantasy or even Christmas and Halloween projects. I often make hobbies markets with other girls with the same creative passion.

Materials Metal wire Needlenose pliers Flat pliers with cutting blade (if you have not you can use scissors) Earrings hooks Various size and color pearls and beads Christmas charms

There isn’t a right or wrong way to make these ornaments, nor definite measurements. The wire length and depends on your imagination! So let's start! Begin cutting a piece of metal wire and create a small loop (where you are going to place your charms) to the bottom with pliers or by hand if it is easier. Close the loop by passing the short end of the wire around the longest. Do not let bare wire, as you may hurt yourself. Close the loop and start inserting the beads. Decide the wire length as you prefer, as I said it before. Once you have finished the first part, create another loop where to clasp the earring hook, in order to hang


it to the tree. Cut another piece of wire, longer than the previous one, in order to twist it to the first part. Create another loop to put in the first loop you have done. The procedure for this second part is the same as the first, where you will alternate beads and charms. Once finished the second part, twist it around the first one creating a loop to insert in the hook hole. Cut any excess wire and with the flat pliers tighten to secure all the wires to the first part. You have ornaments!





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Pasta Angels made by Marta Hi! I’m Marta and I live near the city of Novara with my husband and my daughter Mia. I work as a commercial secretary in Milan. I love creativity and I love learning new techniques. My favorite techniques are cross-stitch and crochet but I like trying new techniques: creative sewing, scrap booking, tatting etc ... Visit my blog:

Materials Pasta of different forms Hazelnuts Hot glue Ribbons

Simple to make and funny, the little angels of pasta are a fast and easy idea to do with your children. Use hazelnuts for the head, a macaroon for the body and the wheels for the base. The butterflies will be your wings and if you want to have the hair use the little kind of pasta. Glue everything with the hot glue and color them with the gold spray. You will have beautiful and simple Christmas decorations that will enrich your Christmas table and tree! Visit my Blog: Visit my Pinterest: Visit my Instagram: martyxxx78


Gingerbread cookies made by Ilaria Ingredients for 30 biscuits 100g butter 100g brown sugar 125ml molasses 1 egg yolk 250g sifted or wholemeal flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon of powdered cloves 1 teaspoon dried powdered ginger 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

for the icing:

Beat sugar and butter in a bowl, until the mixture becomes a cream. Add molasse and egg yolk. Mix well the ingredients and add the remaining powdered ingredients to the mixture until everything is homogeneous. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour to cool. Preheat the oven to 180C. Lightly flour your work surface and roll out the dough to a thickness of 0.5 cm. Cut the dough with cookie cutters and transfer them on a baking sheet to about 5cm from each other. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Move them to make them cool on a wire rack and decorate them as like with the decoration icing when they are cold.



A frame (ikea 44x 33 cm) Linen cloth rectangle, you can use any tipe of neutral cloth (base) 4 fantasy cloth pieces 1 color piece of cloth(scritta JOY) Thermo adhesive paper Thread Scissors Hot glue Sewing machine (if you want to use it)

JoymadebyLaura Hello I'm Laura, a mother of three daughters, a wife, and a sewaholic blogger. I love sewing, embroidering and crocheting. I’m a passionate and spontaneous self-taught in everything I make. I like creating everything that goes through my mind. This was the reason that encouraged me to realize my personal sewing patterns. In addition I also have published three paper books, and an e-book. I love my home, where everything talks about me. My inspiration come from: the Nordic style, cottages, country and coastal furniture. I mix them giving birth to my personal artistic expression. If you want to know more about me, please visit my blog

In order to make this project it is not necessary to use a sewing machine Difficulty * Execution time 1 ½


Print the attached drawing (dimension are 1.1 scale for the frame 44x33) cut the shapes and the text. Iron on the back of the cloth the thermo adhesive paper (follow the instruction give by the producer). Cut a pice of linen 50x39. Fold in four in order to find the center. Put the shapes and the text on the cloth, once you choose the position take off the paper and iron them on the linen piece. Now you can proceed sewing by hand or using the machine buttonhole stitch. Place the cloth on the transparent and plastic side of the frame. Glue the sides and fix everything to the frame. For this project you can use old wood sticks. You will juts need to sand the sides. The procedure will be the same, the only difference is that you will glue averything to the wood instead of ironing it. As always you can use your fantasy and just following a pattern you can create some table cloth (you will find the tutorial on Special Christmas 2015) or some towels or even small curtains. Enjoy your sewing time!

Visit my website: Visit my Pinterest page: laura_zennaro/ Visit my Google+: +LauraZennaro-lauracountrystyle Visit my Instagram: lauracountrystyle/ Visit my Etsy:


Hi!, I'm Giulia, I'm 28 and I've grown up with a taylor granny and a grandpa and dad handyman, poking among the scraps of cloth and wood waste in search of something to be reinvented. I'm a web analyst for a marketing company by day, and a creative blogger by evening and on weekends: web is my world, my craftroom is my island. I deal with creations in wood, paper and creative sewing, I like experimenting many techniques and I believe that creativity is more beautiful if it is shared.

Woodpieces ( 4 cm long width 5 mm) Manual or electricfret Sandpaper Paperscoth tape Blackboradpaint Brush Hot glue Wood clips Chalks And ruler

Do you have in mind those small blackboard in wood with the clip behind, that are just perfect on Christmas gifts, they would also be very nice on your table for a chic look, or else on a vase with written on it the name of the plat that it contains. You can make a lot of them at home with a very low cost so that you can make personalized Christmas messages for the people you love; you just need a bag and some wood pieces.


With pencil and ruler draw some squares about 7x4 cm on the wood pieces. You can modify dimensions as you wish. If you use a wood stick draw a sign every 7 cm. Cut all the pieces with the fret and finish al the sides with the sand paper. Stick to the four sides the paper scotch tape covering at least 6 mm every side: in this way you are creating the blackboard frame. Use the blackboard paint to color on the wood, following instructions and then do it for a second time. As the paint will be dry, take off the paper scotch tape glue a clip on the back of each blackboard. Now use your fantasy coloring the blackborad using colored chalks: in order to erease the blackborad you will just need a dry cloth (in order to leave the blackborad a little dusty) or wet cloth (in order to have it clean like before).

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Ice looking lanterns made by Emanuela Materials Glass jar Pva glue Hot glue Brush Plastic plate Coarse salt Jute rope Hairlacquer or transparents ealant spray Pine spring and redberries Tealight

Hi! I’m Emanuela, a wife, a mother, a teacher and craft blogger for passion ... but sometimes it's the opposite! My blog, "My Little Inspirations", is mainly dedicated to the Home Decor in a Shabby and Vintage style. I have always been in love with handmade creations; I project and create decorative and useful items for my home with different techniques and materials. I often use them in unusual ways! I share the tutorials, so that everyone can do my creations. I also love cooking and sometimes I post delicious recipes. I love traveling, and some of my creations and inspirations come from my trips. If you want to know more about me and my creations, follow me on my blog.

As all crafters in the world I never throw away something i can use again, like glass jars. I often use them in my creations. For this coming Christmas I thought to indeed use some of these glass jar I kept in order to create some lanterns that seem to be covered by ice. The procedure in order to realize them is simple. Wash and clean very well the jars, then as they are dry cover them with a thick layer of pva glue using a brush.


Put the coarse salt (if it is too big make it smaller) in a plastic plate. Now take the glass jar, covered with glue, and put it in the plate. Roll it, using your hands, until it is completely covered with salt. Let it dry. If the salt is not enough use the brush and gently add some glue on it and stick some more salt. Let it dry. Meantime make a bouquet using red berries and some green springs and tie them together with the jute rope.

When the jar is dry (some salt may fall so in order to avoid this use the hair lacquer or the transparent

sealant spray), put some glue on the jar neck and cover it carefully with the rope. Using hot glue stick the pine spring on the jar’s neck and there it is our ice looking lantern is ready! Just by placing a little candle or tealight and the atmosphere will suddenly worm up!

My Little Inspirations: Facebook: Instagram: emanuelatmli Twitter: @Emanuelatz Google+:


Red and white cardboard Glod or yellow paper slide Black paper slide Eyes Glue scissors pencil and rubber

Monica: I am Monica, I’m 37 years old and I live in a small town called Cantalupa. I have a husband, two cats, and a dog; I’m a nurse. I love to spend my free time being creative, mostly if I am in the countryside. I believe that create something is the best way to feel free and most of all creativity builds ties among lives….like it happened between me and Luisa.

Luisa: Art name Kiotta, I am mother of three amazing kids, I have a husband who helps me running the family and the house…since ever I have three passions: electronic things, nature, and creativity. Some time ago I moved in the countryside, just a few km away from Monica who I met during the XSP forum and with her we started this new adventure. Ago&Filo Girls: Our target is to unify and tie people thanks to creativity so that we can have a little community full of resource and very tight. Our name strted as a game: we had to find a name and from water&Soap girls, who we are, it was easy! We hope that this union will help creativity to spread around so that no one could ever think that “I am not good at this” Our Website:


From the red cardboard cut a square 13x13 cm On the white cardboard draw and cut mustache like in the image Place near the two opposite angles of the square creating an isosceles triangle with a wide base Take the corner of the base and unify them vertically (shape of a diamond/rhombus) and press the folds. Open the rhombus Take the down corner and place it toward the center of the quare Fold the diagonal Take the two side corners right and left and put them in the formed pocket Cut a triangle from the white cardboard to be glued in the pocket Cuts and glue the mustache Glue the eyes in order to have the face. Cut a strip of black paper and glue it as a belt; cut a square from the gold or yellow cardboard with an squared opening in the middle; glue it in the center of the belt in order to have the buckle. Happy Santa reading!





Impronte creative Christmas 2 eng  

crafty magazine, felt, cross stitch, sewing, wood, diy, free magazine

Impronte creative Christmas 2 eng  

crafty magazine, felt, cross stitch, sewing, wood, diy, free magazine