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Redattore e ideatore: Silvia Davanzo Direttore responsabile iscritto all'albo dei giornalisti: Luna Bianca Pozzati


This magazine is in compliance with the new law on publishing (l. n. 62 of 7 March 2001). It is not a news organization, not a periodical and is updated according to the availability of the material. A special thanks to Manuela who made the English version with me The projects presented in this magazine, are the intellectual property of the creative, is therefore not authorized any disclosure or reproduction of photos, texts and patterns without written permission (Law 2 633 on Copyright)

Editorial As every time I want to thanks those who continue to follow me and help me in creation of this free magazine. During these 2 years I have met many new friends thanks to the magazine and we grew as a group, both intellectually and emotionally. I think the best thing is the team cooperation and I think this is one of the fundamental thing for everyday life. I thank everyone for the support I had when I opened the Facebook page and the Etsy shop, these two new ideas are in progress and being improved. To involve you and to thank you, we have created a creative contest. You have time enough, there are prizes .... what are you waiting for to participate?

Chiara deserves a special thanks, the magazine graphic, she recently oined the group, and she works to improve the aesthetic purpose of the magazine! Cebrelli Chiara, born in 1973, Illustrator & Architect, Graphic Designer, love walking barefoot on the grass, seeing the beauty and poetry in the little things, getting five minutes prior to an appointment, drawing funny little characters for my three great grandchildren.



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Etsy As for Facebook, I tried to explore a new world quite different for us IMPRONTE CREATIVE, , Etsy! Etsy is a website where you can sell the crafts. As IMPRONTE CREATIVE we opened a

crafts shop, which include the ideas of projects you see in the magazine, and slowly it will be filled with new objects ... so check it often, and do not miss the unique handmade pieces that will be offered for sale to support the magazine in exciting new developments.


Yearly Contest Are you creative? Do you like challenge? Then you should participate to our yearly contest!

Rules - Put I Like it on the IMPRONTE facebook page: - From the 1st until the 30th of September realize one of the creation, that you like, among those that you can find in any of the numbers of our magazine; you can choose one or more projects and realize it in any way and technique you like.. -Send your creation’s pictures through mail, writing in the object YEARLY CONTEST, to:, leave us your name and nick name on facebook exclusively for the month of September. - Anyone can participate to our contest as long as the rules are respected. The pictures we’ll receive after the latest term will not be considered.

winner - The pictures will be posted on Face book, a complete collection, and those which will receive the greater amount of I LIKE IT, between the 3rd and the 9th of October will be the Winner - The winning creation will be insert within the Impronte Creative’s Almanac 2017, as the Cover page. - The winner will be interviewed in the next number of the magazine (spring edition) and will be able to insert one creative project as a contribute to the magazine – after approval. - Moreover the winner will receive a 20€ ticket to be spent on amazon.




Linen (body, head band and wings) Fantasy cotton fabric (shirt) Cream cotton fabric (skirt) Black cotton fabric (crow) Orange and green felt (vegetables) Rusty iron (pumpkin stalk) Brown elastic yarn and thread A rough wooden support Coffee or tea and salt (to make aged fabrics)

Hello I'm Laura, a mother of three daughters, a wife, and a sewaholic blogger. I love sewing, embroidering and crocheting. I’m a passionate and spontaneous self-taught in everything I make. I like creating everything that goes through my mind. This was the reason that encouraged me to realize my personal sewing patterns. In addition I also have published three paper books, and an e-book. I love my home, where everything talks about me. My inspiration come from: the Nordic style, cottages, country and coastal furniture. I mix them giving birth to my personal artistic expression. If you want to know more about me, please visit my blog

Hot glue Filling

Method ToAgecloths

This project is in primitive style and so the cloths will have to be aged and fuzzy

Let some water boil, add coffee or tea and rough salt. Sink all cloths, better if balled, and let them boil for 5 minutes.


Drain them and slightly squeeze them. Turn your oven on up to 180°, place them on the bake paper, within a baking-pan. Let them stay for 10 min (better to stick around and check every once in a while) take them out and open them without extending them with your hands, they must stay wrinkle. Let them dry. Repeat the same procedure for the felt, before starting cut all the shapes you will need leaving at least 3 cm all around, highering up the oven temperature a bit. Since it’s synthetic it will not take heat so easy, so let’s say that we’ll have to “burn it”. Be very careful with this cloth as well and check in every once in a while. When in it will be a little brown on its edges it’ll be ready.


leaving open the parts as indicated on the paper model. Cut and turn. Have the doll to wear the vest. Make a string with the elastic thread, pull it and close it on the back, then cut the elastic that is not necessary.

Neckcloth Wings

Draw the shape of a neck cloth on the cloth. Fold it as a triangle; put it on your doll’s neck and fix it

Cut a wrap of cloth (same used for the body) which measures 8 * 20 cm. Fold the sides toward the center (pic 1) Stop the sides with some thread or tape (pic 2 – 3). Use hot glue to stick the wings on the back of your doll.

Draw the shape of the body and of the harms on your cloth, fold it in two with the right part on the inside. (pic A) For the body sew along the entire drawing. Cut the shape and cut it in the center (see scheme) to turn the work. Turn it inside out stiff it and sew the opening. (pic C). For the arms sew along the side leaving open the part as indicated in the paper model. Cut, turn and stiff (pic B). Inside the harm put some cloth exceeding and sew the harms to the body (pic D)


The shape of the vest in cut in half, draw on a paper sheet the entire shape and put it on the cloth folded and with the right part inside. Sew along the drawing




it using the same procedure that you use to make roses.

Cut a wrap of cloth that measure 6 * 50 cm (the same used for the body) in order to create the hat. Place the cloth on the doll’s head and glue it frying the part over the face.

Draw the shape on the cloth, fold it with the right part inside. Sew along the entire drawing, the make an opening on the body (see paper model) in order to turn it. Turn it and stiff it. Iron it in order to make it flat. Cut a triangle of the orange cloth that has the same measure for the beak and sew it. Sew the opening.



Draw the shape of the circle on the orange cloth and the leafs on the green cloth. With the thread make a string along the perimeter of the circle (pic A), pull and wrinkle it leaving an sufficient opening to insert the stuffing material. Stuff it, wrinkle it and close it. (pic B). Cut the leafs and glue them in the center of your pumpkin (pic D). Using the brown thread (take 6 threads) create the segments always passing your needle from the center. Glue the leafs. Take the rusty iron wire and shape it turning it around a pencil then place it as you like it in the center of the pumpkin.

Glue your doll and the bird to the wood base, sew on the doll’s hands the pumpkin; flex the other harm placing the carrot and glue it. Glue the cabbages on it. Add in the back of the wood base and hanger.


Draw the shape of a carrot, cut it, fold it and sew a side (it’s not necessary to turn it). Open it and stiff it. With a thread make a string and place it on the upper part, then wrinkle it ( pic B C D); cut the unnecessary thread. Glue the leafs. For the Cabbage fold the shape and turn


Come visit my website: My Pinterest page: laura_zennaro / My Google+ page: + LauraZennaro-lauracountrystyle My Instagram page: lauracountrystyle / My Etsy shop:


Raccoon mobile pocket made by Silvia Materials

H i! I

am Silvia, I'm 30 years old, I’ve a girl age four who is the muse of my creations! I use many materials, paper, wool, cotton, cross stitch, cloth and brushes. My little virtual space allows me to show my creations and to share thoughts and feelings with friends in internet. I love creating and messing around and I hope to pass down on Sabrina my love for creativity freedom. Visit my two blogs:; schemipensier ogspot. com

Felt or soft felt: grey, black and white Pressure button Scissors Needle and black thread Sewing machine 2 little black buttons Pins

Get the material ready and print the paper shape at the end of the magazine. Check that your mobile dimensions fit otherwise enlarge the raccoon shape. Cut all the pieces and prepare the white felt to cut the eyes; get the grey felt for the front and the back side of the raccoon and then the black felt and cut the mask, the square for the nose and for the tail (completed as in the picture). Place all the cut pieces on the front of the raccoon and measure to place them in the right spot. Start to sew the white eyes on the black mask, then cut the tail in the strips and create the typical ring tail of raccoons. Be careful when sewing to do it piece by piece (as in the picture). Sew the raccoon mask and set the black buttons in order to create the pupils in the middle of the white eyes. Check that the nose, sawn on the back, should be in the centre as getting it in front on the black


mask and fix the pressure button on the nose (remember to sew the black felt square to create the nose) and on the raccoon mask. Sew with needle and black thread the raccoon paws, I used the sectioned point mark, use it to complete the tail as well. Sew the mustaches around the pressure button. Fix the front and the back of the cover and sew it creating a pocket for your mobile. I used straight mark but you can use what you prefer!

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My mom opened the store in 1982, first it was the remnants store then over the years we have made many changes; we stopped to keep the fabric remnants of clothing, replacing them with embroidery fabrics, then we entered the sewing goods and at the end of my school I started to work in. I (Elisa) have a passion for cross stitch, so year after year, I specialized and I’ve made my passion a job and I love it... Now in my little shop you can find a bit of all: Zweigart linen, Vaupel edges, books, trimmings, laces, buttons, Premax scissors and fabrics but not only, to unleash your creativity... Under construction, there is a corner named "courses" and soon you will find the dates of events and courses on my Facebook page, where you just click LIKE to be updated. If you want to follow me on the blog , here I will publish tutorials and tips in addition to my work in progress, and more...

Creativity in Italy 2016 13-15 September, Creattiva, Bari 16-18 September, Kreativ, Bolzano 24/25 September Fili senza Tempo, Formigine 23-25 September, Passione Creativa, Mariano Comense 24-25 September Magie in Villa, Villa Buri Verona 22-25 September, Manualmente, Torino 30 September 1-2 October, Hobby Show, Milano 6-9 October, Creattiva, Bergamo 13-16 October, Abilmente, Vicenza 21 – 23 October, Hobby Show, Pescara 21-23 October, Passatempi e Passioni, Forlì- Cesena 27-30 October, Florence Creativity, Firenze 3-6 November, Abilmente, Roma 5-6 November, Mondo Donna, Trento 4-6 November, Fantasy and Hobby, Genova 11-13 November, Hobby Show, Pordenone 11-13 November, Creattiva, Napoli 18-20 November, Creattiva, Milano 18-20 November, Hobby Show, Umbria 26-27 November, L'Ago Magico, Segrate Novegro 25-27 November, Il mondo creativo, Bologna 3/4 and 7/8 December 2016 Modena Curiosa in fiera 18 December, Hobby sotto l’albero, Trento


The messy owl made by Mariella Materials

I am Mariel la ... I’m an employee, but my mainly work is to be a mom and a wife. During the day I’m devoted to my work and, as soon as I get free, I dedicate the rest of my time to my child, that gives me unforgettable moments and I gives me the joy of life that makes everything more beautiful. In the evening, when the house falls asleep‌ my baby is sleeping and my husband is makes his hobbies ... I enter in my sweet little creative world, that for some time takes me away from the real world and makes me live on my little cotton candy cloud. Visit my blog: Write me:

Print the pattern and transfer it on the fabric. The seams in the pattern are not considered, cut 0,5 cm from the drawing. Pin the 2 fabrics right side together; sew from the bottom and reach approximately 7 mm from the end. Now take the second side of the belly and fix it to the body.


Place the fabric so even point the above piece to make a single seam. Make small cuts on the fabric edges in order to facilitate Turn right side and turn it. Pin the top making a triangle on the top of the owl,the filling does not go there. Pin the triangle down on the belly. Close the bottom making a string and pull it slightly. Fill the owl with the filling and in the end pull the string, but not too much. Tranfer the circle from the pattern and cut it out from a heavy paper and then cut a larger circle out from the fabric used for the body. Make a string all around. Put the heavy paper circle in the middle and pull the string inside. Make a knot. Glue the fabric circle on the bottom of the owl. Remove the pin from the triangle and sew the beak on the belly. Cut a triangle of felt and a heart shape. Glue the beak over the triangle, then the two buttons to make eyes. Glue the heart on the bottom of the owl to imitate the legs.

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Shabby crochet Flower made by Francesca Materials

My name is Francesca and I live in Milan. I like creating new cross stitch charts and experiencing all kinds of embroidery. I love painting embroidery fabrics as a hobby and building little wood houses. In my free time I like collecting famous designers charts. Visit my blog:

Crochet hook Cotton thread Sangallo Lace Needle Transparent thread Big bead Small bead Hair clip

US Abbreviations: Half double crochet Chains Sc = single crochet Dc = double chain For the Irish little rose Crochet hook and cotton thread Start 8 chains and close in circle with 1 half double crochet in the starting chain; 1° Round: 16 sc in the circle with a half double crochet in the 1° sc of the Round (substitute the 1° sc with 1 chain; next if the 1° sc is double chain substitute it with 3 chains, and close with a half double crochet in the 3rd starting chain. 2° Round: * 1 dc, 3 chains, leave a base sc *; repeat for 8 times.


3° Round under each bow work 1 sc, 5 dc, 1 sc. 4° Round * start from the back to the front and from right to left in the dc of the 2° Round and work 1 sc, 4 chains * repeat 8 times; 5° Round: under each bow work 1 sc, 7 dc and 1 sc; 6° Round: just like 4° Round making 5 chains instead of 4 *; 7° Round, under each bow work 1 sc, 8 dc, 1 sc. Close and fix the thread. With the Sangallo lace create the center of the flower. Make a string with a match color thread, pull to make it wrinkle. Fix the lace in the center of the rose. With a transparent or match thread fix the small bead on top of the big bead and fix them both in the center of the lace. Sew the base of the rose to the base of the hair clip.

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Bat pochette made by Roberta Materials Orange felt Black felt Round movable eye Hot glue Needle and black thread Press button


Hi! My name is Roberta, I am 46 years old, I have two children Matteo and Alice ... and I live in the province of Bologna. I work as a clerk in a small company. I love everything that is creative, I like experimenting new techniques, but my beloved passions are embroidery, cross stitch, and Punto Antico. I like talking about my passions with my creative friends and comparing our creations. If you want to see my creations come and visit my blog:

A footprint for Impronte Creative made by Luna Materials


4° Round: 2sc, 1 increase (24)

ch= chain sc= single chain

Footprint fingertips:

dc= double chain

1° Round: Start 6sc in the magic ring (6)

Sl st= slip stitch

2° Round: 1sc in every sc (6) 3° Round: increases (12)

Footprint base: 1° Round: Start 6sc in the magic ring (6) 2° Round: increases (12) 3° Round: 1sc, 1 increase (18)

Hello everyone! My name is Luna, 4° Round: 2sc, 1 increase (24) I'm 26. In this crazy world where no one remembers that "If you want

5° Round: 3sc, 1 increase (30) 6° Round: 4sc, 1 increase (36) 7° Round: 6dc, 1sl st, 1sc (for 4 times), complete

something done, do it yourself" the round with the last sc indeed, better to say, "Who is 8° Round: 2dc, 1 increase, 2dc, 1 increase, 1sl st saying, makes crochet" is not only a (for 4 times) way to say, I am still using needles, threads, and crochet hooks to Footprint palm: create small handmade creations that I like a lot and I hope you too! Visit my site:

1° Round: Start 6sc in the magic ring (6) 2° Round: increases (12) 3° Round: 1sc, 1 increase (18)


Visit my web side: My Pinterest page:

Autumnal wreath made by Ilaria Hello! I'm Ilaria, I'm 25 and I spend my free time creating things. I share this passion with my boyfriend who also helps me with my projects. I love working with felt, FIMO, resin and Polyshrink. I also love stamps and punches, and sometimes I mix all of them with embossing powders. I like experimenting new techniques, viewed on internet thanks to photographic collections. I love fantasy or even Christmas and Halloween projects.

Materials Felt or soft felt (yellow, red, orange, olive green and brown) Scissors Ribbon (Use one that has the autumn colors) Hot glue Wicker wreath

Cut about 20 cm of ribbon and pass it into one of the holes of the wreath, and fix it with a knot. It needs to hang it once finished. Print the leaves pattern. Cut the felt leaves. The measures of the leaves are about 9 cm length and 5 cm width the smaller, 9 cmlength and 6 cm width the bigger and 8 cm length 3.5 cm width the drop-shape. Cut enough leaves to cover the wreath, and glue them to the wreath, according to color shades or


according to the forms. Or try to glue them as if they have been fall down on to your base. Let it cool down and hang your wreath! goccia.

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Acquerello risotto with chestnuts and Castelmagno cheese made by Monica Ingredients

Come and meet me on my blog, my funny diary to share my emotions, books and receipes with my friend

Risotto for 3 people: 260 gr Acquerello rice 100 gr Castelmagno cheese 1/4 red onion 1 + 1 butter 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 cup dry white wine Vegetable broth

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For chestnuts: 120 gr boiled and peeled chestnuts 2 knobs butter 1 small sprig rosemary 1/4 red onion Cut the Castelmagno cheese into cubes. In a saucepan, take a quarter of onion cut into rings and soften it with the olive oil and a knob of butter. Add Acquerello rice, toast it and add wine.


When the alcohol is completely evaporated, cook the rice with the broth as needed and stir it often. Three quarters of the way add the Castelmagno cubes and stir to make it soften, in the meantime let the onion with the butter and a few leaves of rosemary cook: when the butter is gold, add the coarsely chopped chestnuts and cook high heat for a few minutes. Once the risotto is cooked, proceed to cook stirring until creamy with the remaining butter, then let it stand a few minutes, and cover it with a cotton cloth. Serve the risotto as a ring-shape with a hole in the middle and put a couple of tablespoons of chestnuts. Serve warm, if desired with a light dusting of Castelmagno.


A lovely house made by Marta Materials

Hi! I’m Marta and I live near the city of Novara with my husband and my daughter Mia. I work as a commercial secretary in Milan. I love creativity and I love learning new techniques. My favorite techniques are cross-stitch and crochet but I like trying new techniques: creative sewing, scrap booking, tatting etc ... Visit my blog:

Felt or soft felt Scissors Cord Needle and thread Filling Hot glue

Cut two large felt hearts, 6 small soft felt hearts, 2 soft felt rectangles in order to make the roof (or 1 if you use the thick felt) Sew the hearts two by two in buttonhole stitch and fill them with the filling. Sew or glue the roof to the great heart (which should be used upside down). The small hearts will be glued to the cord and the cord will be glued under the house. Decorated the house with flowers (Buttons, felt roses, see article page 29 Impronte Creative n° 4 )


Here is a beautiful door hanger which can be adapted to every season you just have to change colors and accessories. Don’t you believe? Here’s a perfect Halloween door hanger!

Come and visit my blog: My Pinterest page: My Instagram page: martyxxx78


Interview to Laura from Cuore di Maglia First of all, notice that I’ve often heard about Cuore di Maglia, I have friends who participate to these projects and meetings, but I have never really realized the nice job made by this group up until I started to look into it. I want to thank Laura for her amazing interview and for having created this little miracle.

Cuore di Maglia was born in 2008 from an idea of Laura Nani, a manager from Piedmont, when she found herself knitting with friends she understood she could give an humanitarian purpose to her job. She started to involve knitting clubs from all over Italy, thanks to her contacts and the notoriety acquired with her job and to her blog. Her intention was to supply hospital neonatal divisions, everywhere in Italy, with little blankets and cloths. The core of this action refers to the fact that it’s not easy to find small size cloths in the shops, but the purpose was also to welcome the new parents who will have to handle a new born kept alive by machines. The first works are taken by the most important Hospital in Piedmont, Lombardy and then in all the regions with a lot of gratitude.


Cuore di Maglia partners start to grow and clothes are shipped to hospitals weekly. In a short time this project becomes a real no profit association whose purpose is to help premature babies, orphans, abandoned and abused children, giving them moral help and ensuring them prior needs.

Born as a manager of public relation and marketing, before at IBM Italy , than at McDonald’s Italy, I have always had a passion for knitting and for babies. At first it was hard to apply knowledge and marketing rules at an onlus, but at last the organization of the association and the careful distribution over the national territory and, last but not least, the right people at the right place, have brought lots of satisfactions. Cuore di Maglia had a last success and in a short amount of time it’s able to deliver the “first gifts” to hospitals. Nowadays Cuore di Maglia counts 39 ambassadors in as many Italian cities, and about 1200 helpers who cooperate in the different branches where monthly or half-yearly delivery are scheduled. Over the 2014 Cuore di Maglia is present in 45 hospitals in Italy and in 5 Centri di aiuto alla vita. Just estimating what about 8 years, 2500 blankets and a number not far from 4000 shoes and hats have been knitted and pace.

From a mistake, a shoes too small, I thought that it didn’t have to be thrown away so I thought that ic could have been useful for a very small baby. From this mistake a project was born; it was at first for the city of Alessandria, but since it was successful it reached Turin and Milan. So I understood that I did something special that didn’t exist before. By seeing the enthusiasm fo Doctors and mothers for this warm and human touch maybe this project was even wanted. Neo Natal Intensive Cares really appreciate these


gifts because they are part of the CARE protocol; it helps babies and parents to stay at the hospital, because they see love and help for them and their babies; this helps to bring hope and positive feedback from mothers and babies. What we knit is also given to kids that have lost everything over an earthquake in Abruzzo or for flooding in Liguria and lately a new program has been created for helping kids at emergency structures in Emilia Romagna. In 2014 Cuore di Maglia has also given its effort sending gifts in Siria because of the war.

No we didn’t receive anything from abroad, as for now we cooperate with Emergency for which in November we delivered 1689 blankets for the Anabah hospital in Afghanistan. Another project from outside it came from an SMS from an Italian mom whit her baby in an hospital in New York a Saturday night. After a few fast exchange of messages, on Tuesday 70 hats have been sent in order to help a whole oncology department for kids.

When a premature baby is born the happy

environment changes to worries about the baby and his health, the mother fells bad for not been able to help her baby and for not having completed her pregnancy and by seen high tech machines and specialized staff doesn’t help. The physical and emotional relation between parents and their baby is difficult. Lately parents are involved more, recognizing their help and role mainly about love, for example the kangaroo therapy. Thanks to Giusy Carolei experience, cooperating to Cuore di Maglia, the “Primo Legame” project has born whose target is to help the relationship

Cuore di Maglia is about to be 8 years old. It’s like one of my baby; I always say that after them and my family this project is absolutely what makes me happy and satisfied. I will look for new project and also new ways to find financial helps and sponsor, thing that is becoming harder and harder. I don’t know what Cuore di Maglia will become but I know what I became with it and I’m Happy. About it, the Heart, I only know that it will keep growing and it will find its own way. Don’t kids do that?

between parents and nurses, parents and baby, focusing on the baby as unique lovely person. The “Primo Legame” kit is a pack for parents right after the baby is born. And it contains: • A sleeping sac • A cotton body with plastic automatic buttons • A hat • 2 pairs of shoes Inside the pack parents also find a Giusy’s presentation letter explaining the meaning of CARE in every cloth and a letter full of love and hope written by Cuore di Maglia. Delivering this gift by a professional nurse has a symbolic meaning that helps parents to feel confortable to show their love even in a technological environment.


Recycled Pincushion made by roberta Cut a circle diameter 15 cm from the colored fabric. Make a string to a centimeter from the outer edge, pull the thread and fill the little ball you have formed with the filling. Fill it well.

Material Milk bottle plastic cap (I used a diameter of approximately 5 cm) 15 cm of colored fabric - Filling - Hot glue - Cotton thread and needle 15 cm c.a ribbon - Decorative button

inside the cap and on the bottom of the little ball. Put the ball in the cap and press with your fingers until the glue has cooled.

Make a knot to close it well, then glue

Glue the decorative ribbon all around the side of the cap, and decorate the pincushion with a small button.


Amigurumi Pumpkin made by Ilaria Hello! I'm Ilaria, Airali is my name spelled backwards because I often do / see things upside down. I love tins, ice cream, walking and the absolute silence (as much as the opposite). While I was commuting between Naples and Sorrento I met with amigurumi. Now I'm in London, in a new house where I'm going to accumulate yarns;) My passion for crochet and knit, together with my passion for design, led me to open my blog more than five years ago.

Materials Cotton yarn in orange and dark green (I udes Drops Safran, 160 m / 50g, colors 28 and 04) 2,5 mm crochet hook 5 mm black beads Tapestry needle Toy stuffing

Una piccola zucca all’uncinetto per decorare la casa in vista della notte di Halloween, ma a differenza delle classiche zucche fa gli occhi dolci e dispensa sorrisi.


In orange cotton yarn: Rnd 1: start 6 sc in a magic ring, do not close the round, continue working in rounds. You can use a stitch marker or a safety pin to mark the last st [6 sts] Rnd 2: inc 6 times [12] Rnd 3: (inc in next st, sc in next st) repeat 6 times [18] Abbreviations (US terms): Rnd 4: (inc in next st, sc in next 2 st) repeat 6 times [24] ch: chain Rnd 5: (inc in next st, sc in next 3 st) repeat 6 times [30] st/s: stitch/es Rnd 6: (inc in next st, sc in next 4 st) repeat 6 times [36] slst: slip stitch Rnd 7: (inc in next st, sc in next 5 st) repeat 6 times [42] sc: single crochet Rnd 8: (inc in next st, sc in next 6 st) repeat 6 times [48] inc: increase Rnd 9 - 18: sc in all 48 st dec: decrease Rnd 19: (dec, sc in next 6 st) repeat 6 times [42] Rnd20: (dec, sc in next 5 st) repeat 6 times [36] Rnd21: (dec, sc in next 4 st) repeat 6 times [30] Rnd22: (dec, sc in next 3 st) repeat 6 times [24] Stuff with toy stuffing and continue as you go. Rnd23: (dec, sc in next 2 st) repeat 6 times [18] Rnd24: (dec, sc in next st) repeat 6 times [12] Rnd25: decrease 6 times [6] Fasten off leaving a long tail. To make the segments of pumpkin, starting from the bottom in the middle of the pumpkin, insert the needle in the middle at the top, pull the thread on the surface of the pumpkin and pull until the clove is well defined. Repeat 6 times or more to get more slices. Sew the eyes between Rnd 12 and 13 (approx 5 st apart), embroider the mouth on Rnd 10. For the stem, ch 4 (working in row): Row 1: skip the first st from the hook, sc in next 3 st, turn [3 sts] Row 2: (ch 11, skip the first ch from the hook, 3 sc in each ch, slst in next st) repeat 2 times, continue with 5 ch, skip the first ch from the hook, sc in next 4 st, slst in next st. Fasten off leaving a tail for yarn. Fold on itself the piece and sew to the middle of the pumpkin. .

Visit my website: Visit my Pinterest page: airali_gray/ Visit my Google+ page: Visit my Instagram: AIRALI_GRAY/ Visit my Etsy: Visit my Facebook:


Mushroom pinkeep made by Francesca Materials Embroidery canvas 2 pieces fantasy cloth Needle Embroidery thread Sewing thread Stuffing material Embroider the pattern. Sew one piece of cloth on the embroidery fabric, prepare the other cloth on its back; Put the cloths right side against right side and cut the shape of a mushroom leaving about 5 mm all around for sewing. Sew all the perimeter, make a little vertical cut on the back


of the mushroom and insert the stuffing material, then sew the opening.


Too many Raccoons made by Silvia Materials

First of all you have to measure the high and width of your mobile abounding of about 1 cm per side for seams. Found the correct size then cut two rectangles of fabric to cross stitch and start embroidering in the middle the raccoon. Once finished, cut two rectangles or the inside of the mobile cover, and 10 cm of ribbon. Sew along the two long sides and the bottom short side of the two of embroidery canvas rectangles, remember that in order to have the seams on the back you have to sew the front fabric face to face with the back, then turn inside out. Sew the external front fabric face to face with the back, always on three sides, 2 long and 1 short, leave on one side at least 3 cm slit (to turn the work). Cover as in photo 1, the inside cover with the edges sewn on the outside, on top of the embroidery cover with the raccoon already folded. Insert also the ribbon between the inner bag and the outer bag on the back, in order to close the phone cover with the button on the front. Sew all along the top edge


to hold together the two cover parts, inside / outside and the ribbon. Turn over the cover thanks to the 3 cm hole as photos 2. You will have a work as in picture 3, sew with needle and thread the hole and insert the inner bag. Iron it. Sew the button on the front of the phone cover. Et VoilĂ , the cover is ready!


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Mother's Day Contest! The contest created to celebrate the “ Mother’s Day” was made by Silvia Davanzo Pensieri Animali and Francesca Allegro Cuoreditela to celebrate moms. The chart is a happy collaboration of two creatives of the magazine’s team and was advertised through blogs and Facebook pages, we want to show here the photos of the participants and the interview with the winner Daniela Asero. If you are interested to receive the free chart I’m Daniela and I am 37 years email us: old and I live in the province of Catania. I'm married and I have three wonderful boys that fill my house, my life and they also are active participants in my work, because they advise me, criticize me and support me. Embroidery is one of my greatest passions, inherited from my maternal grandmother whose hands Have been creating up to 85 years. I owe her everything I know, and , I think, she drives me from that place called heaven. I'm a sunny, strong and fragile at the same time, woman. I refuse to be discouraged by anything or anyone. I’m an extra school educator who works mainly with "special" children of primary school. With them I spend many afternoons. Despite this corresponds to my studies and my titles, my real job is to create objects that make unique houses, parties and events of my friends. I love all types of embroidery, decorative technique and I like to challenge myself to learn always new things. My

crayons are my inseparable companions of adventures from which comes to life all my projects. I do not love PC, I project in the old way: paper, pencils and imagination. Another inseparable companion of adventures is Guendalina, my sewing machine that has made a long way with me and from which I could never be separated despite being an old basic model. I love collecting owls of all kinds and I love restoring old furniture I choose personally to the flea markets of my areas. For some years I devote myself with great pride to volunteer: I am a cuoressa of "Cuore di Maglia". Find me on FB: Nel baule della Dani


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