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Editor’s Note & Contributors Chicago & All That Jazz Fab Finds Art as Fashion Designer Spotlight - Liana SIFF Red Carpet Fashion Model Spotlight: Honey Chiffon After The Party The Power Suit Film Noir Beauty - Lights, Camera, Action! Lot Showcase ‘Gracelands’ Homes & Interiors ‘Millenium Lounge’ Homes & Interiors ‘A Grand Entrance’ 3

Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Photographer & Editorial Development Director SimEve Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca DrMusix Senior Fashion Editor - Writer (Men) Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer and Stylist (Men) Sparkle Executive Interior Design Editor & Copy Editor JMelo Associate Fashion Phoographer & Stylist Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer Minraed Executive Interior Design Director - Writer My-Sim-Style Associate Interior Designer & Photographer Meestor Mark Marketing Development Director

Contributors Lightside Contributing Interior Designer & Photographer (A Grand Entrance) Simessence Contributing Photographer

Editors Notes While most award shows are ostensibly about honoring the best musical, acting or design achievements of the past year, sometimes the real achievements--for better or worse--take place in the hours before the shows usually begin. That’s right, those red carpet moments...To commemorate the second edition of SIFF and just cuz we thought it would be freaking awesome, we decided to bring you an issue that would be bursting with some of the best red carpet styles out there in our SIM Community! So whether you are looking to glam it up Oscar-Night-Style couture or looking to funk it up for the After party, we got you covered! Also to thank all our dedicated readers and supporters we decided to have a little giveaway. On the following page of this article, you will find an ad with a link to a small Art Set created by The SF - FOR YOU! The set includes Custom Wall Art featuring some of our past Covers. We will be giving away these little items and some others in the future, so do keep an out.

Madison1909 Happy reading!

P.s. The links are now at the back for downloading!

Cover Photography by Madi 1909


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ARTWORK & MAGAZINES 4 SF Cover pieces of wall art

Table Magazines


Chicago is a musical set in Prohibition-era Chicago. The story of celebrity murderers Velma Kelly and Roxy Hart and razzle-dazzle attorney Billy Flynn opened on Broadway in 1975 and is its sixth longest running show. The musical immortalizes the roaring twenties; a pivotal era in new technologies like automobiles, radio and moving pictures. Anything seemed possible and along with the right to vote, women in the jazz age began to assert their independence though music, dancing and free speech. These “jazz babies” or flappers introduced fashion that still influences us today.

In the UK, the term “flapper” was documented as early as 1903. In Germany, they called them “backfische” meaning a fish that has been prepared for frying, but not yet cooked. The trend was considered a backlash to the over-fed, under-exercised ornamental woman. But the United States hadn’t seen anything like her. And frankly wasn’t too happy about it! The “flapper” was a scandal. She did away with confining corsets and wore slinky shorter dresses with bare arms. She cut her hair into sleek bobs or pin curls, the better to wear her gamine fitted cloche hat. Until the



Come on babe why don’t we paint the town?... And all that Jazz!

20’s makeup was not favored because it was associated with prostitution. Flappers rouged their cheeks, lined their eyes and painted their lips into sexy bee-stung pouts and didn’t care what society thought about it. If she had something to say, the flapper said it. She drove herself where she needed to go. She drank gin and Charleston danced the night away in underground “speakeasy” clubs. August marked the 75th anniversary of the 19th amendment of the United States Constitution which gave U.S. women the right to vote. We celebrate these trail-blazers with our interpretation of


their trend-setting style and attitude.

“You can like the life you’re living; You can live the life you like; You can even marry Harry; But mess around with Ike; And that’s; Good, isn’t it?; Grand, isn’t it?; Great, isn’t it?; Swell, isn’t it?; Fun, isn’t it?; But nothing stays... In fifty years or so; It’s gonna change, you know; But, oh, it’s heaven.......... Nowadays” ~lyrics from Chicago the Musical

Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle... Razzle dazzle ‘em.

Whatever happened to class?

9 Class

Editor’s Picks 1. Earrings by Natalis @ TSR

La Mode en Noir! The little black dress is undoubtedly the most essential staple in a woman’s wardrobe. Its understated style and simplicity make it one of the most versatile garments a woman can own This style has been done in more than a million and one ways throughout history, beginning with its early inception in 15th century Italy (when of course, “lil’ did not mean the same back then as it does now) and yet, it still manages to never go out of style. In this month’s issue of FAB Finds, I bring you the LBD with a TWIST! These elegant finds, by some of my favourites designers, will undoubtedly look great in any SIM fashionista’s wardrobe. 3. Watch by Lorandia Sims3

2. Fendi Pencil Dress by Cbon @ TSR



4. Marcela Calvet Bag by NataliS @ Just Sims2

5. Shoes by lilisims


7 6.Bubble Tube Dress by Rusty Nail

7. Cocktail Dress by Natalis @TSR

8. Cocktail dress by Natalis @ TSR

9. Detail Satin Dress by Natef005 (Natalia) @ TSR

10. Embroidered dress by Natef005 (Natalia) @ TSR

11. Pencil Dress by Natef005 (Natalia) @ TSR



art FASHION as

Fashion design has long been used as a vehicle for self and artistic expression. Instead of paint and brush, the mediums used are fabric and thread. An exquisitely made dress can be just as awe inspiring as any painting and perhaps even more so, since this art is displayed on a moving canvas.

by simeve LEFT PAGE Model, Nikita Fergusun wears a white satin dress with bead detailing by Harmonia. Shoes by Icon. Model, Meg Bryant wears a layered fringe and bead detailed dress by Irinka. Shoes by Icon. BELOW Model, Meg wears a bandage dress from Rusty Nail and shoes by Simsimay Model, Nikita wears a black dress by Anubis and shoes by Oskarone.


BELOW Model, Meg wears a breathtakingly detailed dress by Icon.


RIGHT PAGE Model, Nikita shines in sequined silk and shoes by Oskarone. Model, Meg Bryant glows in quilted silk by Anubis and shoes by Gosik



THIS PAGE Model, Nikita wears a dramatic asymmetrically cut dress with bead detailing and floor length train by Irinka. Thigh high leather boots are by All About style.


Photography by SimEve

3 s m i S My g o l B

THEplace to find the latest Sims 3 Custom Content!

SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase “Style - is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” ~John Fairchild

Everything for your sims By AsiaShaMecca Liana Sims has been well known to our fellow Sims fashionistas since Sims 2. Her clothing is simply exquisite with trendy designs, original meshes and well made textures. Because her work is so well known in the community I was a little apprehensive when I approached her for an interview. But Liana responded right away, which was very impressive to a fan like me. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to talk to this Sims icon about her creations. First off, I really appreciate you taking a moment to talk with us. You were very gracious to respond so quickly. Please tell us a bit about yourself. Hi! What can I say about me? I’m 26 years old, I live in Bucharest, Romania with my fiancé. I just received my license in marketing and I own a semi-precious stones on-line store. My biggest hobby is obviously The Sims, unfortunately I don’t have the free time I used to have a few years ago when I first started with LianaSims2.


# 204

Congratulations on receiving your Marketing license! Your clothes are always current and trendy, but I rarely see you copy or use designer labels in your creations. Where do you draw your inspiration for the items you create? I get my inspiration from current fashion collections but not necessarily from big designers. I used to create designer outfits for Sims 2 but for Sims 3 it’s a different creating process, the clothes have to be re-colorable and we only have 4 channels. My biggest regret is that I cannot use prints with many colors because I love floral patterns. I always want to know why a creator makes items for the game. How did you get started and what do you enjoy about the process? I discovered the game when visiting my brother, he played Sims 1 with his wife and daughter. I was immediately fascinated. The thing I liked most back then and I still do is downloading content. For Sims 1 I had about 8 GB of custom content, the game took an hour to load, but it was worth it :) Then when Sims 2 came out I created my first dress, it was a blue formal gown and I liked creating so much that I decided to create my own site and share the content. I think I remember that dress! I’m sure I had it somewhere amongst my 13 GB of CC (!!!). Working with Sim Interior Designs, I have experience with some of the costs associated with maintaining a successful site. Having a donation section for your creations is often frowned on in the community. But it really can be a necessity. Could you enlighten us a bit about that? This is a very controversial subject, I try my best to share as many clothes for free as possible but as you stated each site has a maintaining cost, this is just a reality. Is it difficult for you to see your donation items pirated and shared without your permission? I feel disappointed that people share the content without my permission but unfortunately piracy is a big part of our lives. The EA Store content is shared, even the game.

# 178

# 210

# 196 I’m sure. It’s marvelous work though. Wrapping up; you’ve been working with the Sims in its various versions for some time. What’s exciting for you right now about the Sims? What would you like to see more of in the future? When Sims 3 came out and I saw the Sims models I was so disappointed, I believe everyone was - all the puffy faces... So now it’s really nice to see beautiful models with great makeup and hair. It’s so much better to create clothes and make a beautiful Sim wear it. As for what I’d like to see in the future, I loved Open for Business in Sims 2 and I would like to see it for Sims 3 also. Thank you for the interview, I am honoured to be a part of Sim Fashionista Magazine! Thank you to all the people who visit and download my content!

Very true. I also want to compliment you on the fact that you share meshes so freely and even have a section for meshes with a very liberal share policy on your site. I don’t see that very often. I enjoy when people use my meshes, this motivates me to make more. I plan to share meshes for the new Workshop versions too but it’s a slower process because I don’t have a lot of free time these days.


Words by Minraed Pics by JMelo

Red Carpet Fashion

Sparkle & Madison from SF Magazine

SF Magazine and Jr. SIFF Simatographer JMelo bring you the world of SIFF fashion in this Red Carpet exclusive. In only its second season SIFF – Sims International Film Festival – is drawing the attention of big names and celebrities of all types. See who’s setting the fall fashion trends this year as we have a peek at the Who’s Who of the Red Carpet Galas.


Who better to set the stage for Red Carpet fashion trends than the SF Magazine fashionistas themselves? SF Magazine’s Executive Interior Design Editor, Sparkle, sashays onto the red carpet with a Grecian vibe in this drapey black organza and sequin Lorandia gown, striking in its simplicity. The Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Madison, radiates “classical Hollywood film starlet” with dramatically timeless hair and makeup to compliment her hand beaded grey and silver NataliS gown. We love the accentuating effects of the low-draped cowl and gathered front.

as this strawberry blonde beauty. While Page Colby, another gorgeous up and comer on the fashion modeling scene, takes our breath away in this form-fitting, gathered gown with a fish tail hem that shows off her petite figure perfectly. Let’s not forget to take notice of the dazzling collarette necklace by Birba, as is the dress.

Madison 1909

Rose Vallau

Page Colby

When the Red Carpet is rolled out, the fashion world pays attention, so it’s not surprising to find a plethora of up and coming models on the guest lists. Rose Vallau, one of fashion’s hottest new glamour girls, exudes inner confidence in this one-of-a-kind Versace stunner by designer Cbon that few models could pull off as well



Alia Renoir


Athena Bond

As expected Strike a Pose Modeling Agency co-founder Dr. Musix is in attendance and as dapper as ever with a pair of SAP models on his arm. Alia Renoir’s feminine silhouette is delightfully accentuated in her turquoise gown from famed boutique All About Style, while Maureen Hopkins glams us in a classy emerald green design from the Italian fashion house SimsMaker. Twinbrook’s Next Top Designer model Athena Bond struts her style in a silver

Maureen Hopkins


The final limo pulled up to the Red Carpet to a welcoming wave of screaming and adoring fans as two of SIFF’s popular male celebrities hit the carpet. Midnight Universe’s Norbert Szucs, talk show host and SIFF’s Director of Media Relations in his usual red and black pairing is looking spiff and stylish in EA Men’s Wear for this important Gala event.

Last, but certainly not least, is the actor known only as Alex – star of Emperor of Evil and SIFF’s Executive Lead of IT and Security, is dressed to kill also in an EA Men’s Wear classically tailored suit and vest ensemble which is conspicuously absent of spiked arm bands, though we couldn’t help but notice embroidered skulls on the vest pattern. I must admit I am surprised to see how well these boys clean up when the spotlights are lit and all eyes are on SIFF. See all of the Red Carpet photos captured by Paparazzi this SIFF at

Norbert Szucs

and rhinestone embellished Lorandia strapless number. They represent but a sampling of the ravishing beauties that have been catapulted to fame through the workings of these wellknown agencies.





Honey Chiffon

Cooking wit h Class

by Asia ShaMecca, Madi 1909 & Minraed

The terms “foodie” and “supermodel” don’t generally appear in the same sentence. The recent SNTM Cycle at SID ( ) changed all that and gave a little more exposure to a name I’m betting soon will be a household name in food and fashion: the beautiful Honey Chiffon. Honey competed in Sim Interiors Plus sized modeling competition to gain exposure for her dream of becoming a Celebrity Chef. Little did she suspect an actual win but win she did. Recently Honey sat down with us over a delectable plate of Ambrosia to discuss her win and fill us in on what’s going on in her world. ASM: Honey, its great to see you again. You’re looking fantastic and I see you’re still making magic in the kitchen. Whats been happening for you since your SNTM win? HC: It’s been a whirlwind really. My life has changed in ways I could never have imagined when it all started and I’ve just been riding the waves as they come. It’s been exhausting, but unbelievable fun. There have been a number of smaller projects in the works, but two things in particular, and a strange combination at that. I’ve been hired to repeat my catering contract with the Sims International Photography by Madi 1909 Film Festival. After the finale of SNTM I decided to work with many of the amazing and beautiful plusanistas to put on another SIFF special event, a fashion show to showcase the Red Carpet fashions of some of my favourite designers. My real vision for this though is for some of the other models to get greater exposure. They were all such an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ll be catering the meal for that event too of course. Remind me to get you a few VIP passes.


ASM: I never turn down VIP anything. Count me in! I remember from your entry application that you love food but “aren’t willing to compromise your health over it.” I find it so fascinating that people often think that plus sized and healthy are mutually exclusive terms. Could you enlighten us a bit on that? HC: Well I am quite a food snob, and sometimes irritatingly so. I find it worrisome that in the name of convenience and temptation people are willing to fill their bodies with any garbage available. Sorry.. this topic brings out my self-righteous side of me truly. I feel like I need to shout from the rooftops - “YES! you can eat delicious and irresistible food that is healthy! STOP polluting your bodies!” At any rate, I’m quite active in the Slow Food community and support real, local when possible, environmentally sound eating practices, and reduced dependence on processed foods. ASM: I particularly enjoyed your World Domination video. It was inspiring to see you strutting your stuff. How is the clothing line coming along? HC: The handbag and hats line was a fun last minute project. I’m a huge fan of accessorizing. Even the simplest outfit can be transformed into something magical with the right accessories. I don’t have the time or energy for a full fashion line, nor is that my strong point, but the accessories line is going strong and funding my other projects. ASM: Hopefully future projects as well, like “Honey’s Bee Hive Retreat and Culinarium.” Tell us more about that. When do you see it becoming a reality (and when can I get a reservation)? HC: The Culinarium is my big dream. It is not something that will come quickly or easily, but every day I feel myself getting closer. I have quite a bit to work on before that day, but my vision is a large ranch style home where food lovers and those looking for a culinary adventure can come to vacation while cooking and enjoying fantastic local cuisine. Think of it like a hands on bed and breakfast - visitors will help in the garden, participate in cooking classes as well as meal preparations.


ASM: Now SNTM came about after an unsuccessful TV show audition. You were told to become more comfortable in front of the camera and “try again”. Honestly, I have to tell you Honey you seemed plenty comfortable to me. I don’t remember a bad set from you... You had to be thinking; “What are they talking about?” HC: In the end, it worked out in my favour that I was not accepted for the program. I would not have entered SNTM, nor would I have met Sancho. It’s all falling into place better than I could ever have imagined. I was not as comfortable as it might have looked from the outside though. The PINK swimwear shoot was absolutely horrifying. I had two problems - one.. I really have to say that PINK is NOT a colour I would ever choose to wear in public, and two.. well, Sancho was assigned to photograph me and I was quite frankly horrified... I was wobbly in the legs the moment I saw him. I never at that moment could have even fathomed that we would be living this dream together. From that shoot on, I had Sancho by my side and I was just lost in the moment. I don’t really remember much for the next several weeks. He just guided me through it all. ASM: Ahhh yes, let’s discuss the positively delectable Sancho who became your photographer and paramour during SID. However is that scrumptious man doing? Any legacies in the works? HC: I have to thank Norbert from SLNS for the chain of events leading to meeting Sancho. When Minraed was invited to the Super Late Night Show I was asked to join her since she was my agent at the time. He invited me to the Pink Flamingo Club fundraiser and that was where the magic began. Sancho is doing well. Our mutual goals and ambitions pair together perfectly. He will continue to be my photographer and videographer and will very likely be the producer of my show. Legacies? Well, neither of us is in too much of a hurry to take our lives in THAT direction. I’ll be sure to keep you updated though. ASM: So what are your future plans. Food, fashion, TV... a Restaurant. That’s a lot of ambition for one busy lady. How does this all tie together for you? What comes next for Honey Chiffon?

Photography by Minraed

HC: Well to be honest, fashion is not likely to weigh too heavily in my future. My true passion is food and always will be. What I enjoy more than anything is sharing that passion which is why my biggest ambitions are the TV program and the cooking school resort. If all goes as planned the TV program will be shot right at the resort. We are in the preliminary designing stages and definitely will be including a cooking studio. I guess it all seems too good to be true, but despite a less than ideal start to life I now oddly seem to live a charmed life and I have no doubt that it will all come together for me. Everything I am doing now is working towards that.

Photography by Minraed

Thank you Honey. It’s been edifying and edible. Now, about that Ambrosia recipe...

Photography by Madi 1909


After The Party TMZ... E!... The Daily Mail



We love our celebrities. We love to emulate their glamour and dream of their success. But if we’re really honest... we love to see them act out just as much. Blame the paparazzi. Blame the “news” feeds, but we have developed a taste for VIP gossip. What else is Sims for if not to indulge... just a little? Enjoy the club fashion but also take a second to savor this little SIMulation of celebrities behaving badly. *No real celebrities were harmed in the shooting of this editorial!





Advert by Allium, Model: Kira Liam


Eau De Perfum

by JMelo



The Power Suit.

It has been referenced by many fashion gurus as the 21st century male sim’s suit of armor. It’s a shield of protection from the wild things lurking in every cubicle, office and board room, in the concrete jungles of the modern business world. It’s an indispensable staple of every male sim’s wardrobe. No matter what your profession, whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 SimCorporation or a struggling small business owner applying for a bank loan, the power suit demands confidence from its wearer. The power suit can take even the most fashion challenged male sim from fashion dud to fashion stud in the time it takes to put it on. The power suit screams prestige and class. You can project power and sophistication without saying a word. When choosing a power suit, have it custom made by a reputable tailor. Select a crisp well fitting collared shirt in a smart color, when in doubt, you can’t fail with white. Only choose ties made of fine silk with colors and patterns that compliment your look, not distract from it. Finish off your power suit by pairing it with the finest leather shoes in black or if you‘re bold, go with a dark brown. From a lawyer to an agent in your country’s most top secret agency, you’ll find the power suit’s commanding presence is as indispensable to a sim’s wardrobe as a comfy tee shirt and well worn jeans.



Not only is the power suit a must have, it’s versatile. Axe the tie and pop a few buttons to go from professional powerhouse to casual chic. The most overlooked colors for a power suit are the classic black and white. There’s a reason why your government has its law enforcement agents clad in these domineering suits... they command respect while exuding intimidation and authority.


FILM NOIR Classic cinematic style in vintage monchrome fashion

Images by ALLIUM Words by AsiaShaMecca


There is the click of heels on a wet pavement and the revving of a powerful engine. And then she comes into the frame: The femme fatale. No cinematic image is more classically fashionable than this 1940’s film noir seductress. There is still something dark and alluring about the way this woman is presented on the screen. This symbol of film noir is seductive… unforgettable. She is as sharp as a knife’s edge and just as dangerous. Off the shoulder necklines, slinky, silken gowns and suits tailored to perfection were all designed to highlight the femme fatale’s voluptuous figure and undeniable magnetism. Stockings with seamed backs were the ultimate finishing touch providing just a peak of naughty suggestion. The femme fatale’s makeup and accessories are always the pinnacle of perfection. Every detail points to how poised she is, how alluring. In noir, the femme fatale is irresistible despite, or perhaps because of, the layer of mysterious depth which lies beneath.


Previous Page: Evening gown by b-bettina @ TSR Vintage Car: EA ‘Fast Lane’ Collection


This Page: Tailored Twinset by NataliS @ Justsims2


This Page: Tailored Twinset by NataliS @ Justsims2


Advert created by Simsessence

colour ready C o s m e t i c s

f o r

s i m s

Beauty Section

Lights, Camera, Action Old-Hollywood Glamour

Celebrities. As much as we love tracking their faux-pas in the latest rags, we love their glamour even more. And nowhere is that truer than Old Hollywood. Starlets like Marilyn and Audrey dazzled onscreen and off. They defined and re-defined the concept of glamour. They captivated then and continue to captivate now. So when it comes to modern beauty, it’s all about channeling your own inner Old-Hollywood archetypes. These modern looks are reminiscent of screen divas past, but they are just as relevant for any sim today.

The Siren


The Siren is the epitome of feminine beauty and fatal charm. Like Sophia Loren, she calls to you... Don’t even try to resist. The secret to this smokey look is mystery and sophistication. A loose up-do makes men long to remove the pins. Pale shades of purple for the eyes and a natural looking gloss draw you even deeper. If looks could would be lying on the floor.

Feature by Madi1909


The Seductress


Forget the blonds, red-heads and anyone who says black hair is “brunette�! Like Liz Taylor, raven-haired beauties are the silver screen goddesses of our time. Vamp up your style with this loose, curled, glossy do. Bewitch them with sexy red lips and dramatic lashes. The seductress entices... enchants... and has the world at her feet.

The Bombshell

Do gentlemen prefer blonds? Marilyn Monroe could have told you... “Yes!” The Bombshell is the very embodiment of old Hollywood glamour. This sensual look can be achieved with sexy kohl-rimmed eyes, the signature fire-engine red lips and, of course... the blond do. In this case, a modern bob-cut with a classic silhouette.

La petite Gamine

Petite Gamine’s are ladies who run the streets. The world is their playground. She may be tough like a young Jodie Foster or have a disarming sweet demeanour like Mia Farrow but she’s always a little girlish. Count her out at your peril. She can be just as deadly as her sultry counterparts. Don’t believe us? Lose yourself in those kohl-rimmed eyes. This look is complete with a playful pixie cut and light pink gloss.

The Vixen

The vixen makes you wonder what she’s thinking and will have you doing anything to please her. Unleash your vintage vixen Rita Hayworth style with this striking look. The sleek, side-swept hair with its rich hued waves is ultra-sexy and graceful. The make-up is a seductive palette of deep mauves and browns for the eyes and 44 lips with vivid blush. Bad is good.



Graceland by Sbrizolone

Interview by Okadoka, Photography by AsiaShaMecca Sbrizolone is an Italian Simmer who specializes in creating digital versions of well known structures. For example, everyone knows there is a replica of France’s Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, but now, thanks to Sbrizolone, there can be one in your Sim city too. If your Sims aren’t sunk after living in Sbrizolone’s replica of the Titanic, they can visit many of her New York City buildings even if it is 98 years late. However Sbrizolone may have taken the name of one New York neighborhood too seriously as her lot, titled “The Toilet” which looks like an overgrown commode, would be out of place in Flushing. If your Sims need a vacation they can always check out the Disney Castle replica or, speaking of things made with plastic, for the older Sims Sbrizolone has also made a replica of the Playboy Mansion. This interview focuses on Sbrizolone’s recreation of Elvis’ Graceland Mansion as we pass the 33rd anniversary of his passing (August 16, 1977). In honoring his memory the staff at SF Magazine decided it would be fitting to bring him back to enjoy his mansion just one more time. The photos taken on the shoot that day tell the entire story.



Oka: What particular feature of Graceland was most difficult for you to recreate? Sbrizolone: I guess the most difficult thing to recreate were the interiors. On the web there are tons of pictures showing the exteriors and the garden, but so few showing interiors. I actually only saw photos of the living room, the only room that I built inspired by the real mansion. The other rooms, anyway, are built in the colonial style that the rest of the house has. Oka: How did you go about recreating the interiors, from photos or from reading descriptions of the estate? Tell us about the patterns you utilized inside the interior? With our limited furniture selections in the Sims3, were you able to find many pieces from the EA selections to accommodate the


desired result or did you use extensive custom content? If so where were you fortunate enough to find all the pieces you needed? Sbrizolone: Fortunately Ambitions gave us much material to work with! I practically didn’t use any CC (except for a Magnolia vase by Blackest_ digital_artist on TSR), and that is always a good thing. There was so much good default stuff that I didn’t feel like I should add more custom content. Oka: How much custom content was used on the exterior? I see columns with vines on the rear patio that I don’t remember as being base game items. Where did you locate those? Sbrizolone: I’m pretty sure they actually come with Ambitions.*writers note*: The Ivy Covered Column came with the World Adventures pack you can find it in build mode for $233

Oka: In building the Mansion you have included Elvis’ burial site (Meditation Gardens, just like the real Graceland), do you have any interesting facts about his final resting place you would can share with our readers? What made you decide not to include his parents graves in the burial site? Sbrizolone: Well, I’ve made some lots before, and I noticed that people don’t like lots that are too big (60x60 or 64x64). Graceland, to be complete, probably had to have a bigger backyard for the cemetery, the museum and so on, but I wanted to create a mansion where people (well, Sims) could live in, I didn’t wanted to create a museum. So here Graceland is, a nice house for your Sims, with a little tribute to Elvis’ (the grave on the front of the house).

Oka: I like how you added the fencing above the chimney, it adds character to the rooflines. How were you able to achieve that look? Sbrizolone: With the moveobjects cheat you can remove the chimney mantel, and build the chimney with the shape, the color, and the style you want. I hate the red brick default mantel... Oka: Do you have future plans to recreate any other iconic celebrity estates? Sbrizolone: Well, I already made Hugh Hefner’s mansion, and I really like Oprah Winfrey’s and Kimora Lee Simmons’ mansions. The Sims offers you a blank canvas, so I guess, everything is possible!



Millenium Lounge has proven to be one of the city’s hottest trendy hangouts, catching the eye of the city’s elite and attracting celebrities and star gazers alike. Join us in this sneak peek into Millenium’s newly launched VIP section. You may not get past the ropes, but you can say that you saw it here in this SF Magazine exclusive. Few places in town sparkle with the electricity of Millenium Lounge. This sophisticated haunt boasts a refined ambiance that is elegant in its black and white simplicity. You will find enough pricy and eye-catching art adorning the walls to classify it as a gallery, and indeed the art being featured is rotated on a regular basis – showcasing some of the city’s most talented new artists while allowing the option to purchase.

Words by Minraed Images by MySimStyle

Millenium Lounge

Homes & Interiors

Low, curvy, modern banquettes in hip white leatherette are arranged in such a way that every seat in the house provides a sense of intimacy despite the lounge’s large capacity. The newly revealed VIP areas have three distinct settings. The inviting outdoor terrace smacks of relaxation and comfort. Oversized loungers perfectly shaded by umbrellas and surrounding palm trees will tempt even the busiest VIP to stay put and relax for hours.



The inviting outdoor terrace smacks of relaxation and comfort

Homes & Interiors

The patio is a classy outdoor lounge spotted with art deco tub chairs that wrap around you in a welcoming embrace – providing a perfectly private atmosphere among the palms while overlooking the beach below. And finally, the indoor VIP wine bar where the black and white theme continues with a striking contrast of surprisingly comfortable designer PVC swish chairs against a stark black backdrop, sparkly dangling chandeliers and hand painted accent murals. Sadly our tour ended without an invite to the evening’s VIP unveiling party. Alas, we enjoyed the opportunity to share with you the stunning design style of Millenium Lounge – VIP


From Baroque Designs

Orbit Chair part of the Zala set from Baroque Sims


A Grand Entran


you a social star or do you just want to feel like one for the day? That’s no problem with this hotel style reception hall where glamour and opulence emanate from every wall. Whether you’re retiring for the night following that red carpet premier or just fancy getting away from it all to “another world” (and pretending that you’ve just attended that red carpet premier), this entrance will have you feeling like a star before you’ve even stepped through the door. Bright whites and creams keep the space feeling open and light while the gold highlights add that feeling of splendour and richness.

While whites are normally associated with cold and icy feeling rooms, here they help to create a peaceful and comforting room by emphasising the wood tones and the golds. The materials echo this with ceilings and walls made with marble form Al Simhara and rich wood floors made of the finest French woods. The furniture is an antique style, giving a feeling of wealth and comfort without being crass or garish. Entertainment is on offer in the form of the piano, or you can sit quietly and listen to the sparkling fountain, gaze at a beautiful flower arrangement and allow yourself to drift away into a world of never ending dreams.


Vase - UM Creations @TSR Wall Light - EA Store

Lamp - Awesims Piano - Lisa9999 @TSR

Tables Base Game

Vase - World Adventures EP Arm Chair - EA Store

Words by Sparkle Images by Lightside

Statue & Pedestal World Adventures EP

Sofa Base Game

Vase - EA Store

Homes & Interiors

Light Part 1 - Dot @TSR Light Part2 - Mesure @TSR

55 53

links Page 6-10

Chicago & All That Jazz Lot: Le Antoinette House of Opera (Models by SLIPSLOP are credited as they appear) “Velma Kelly” & “Billy Flynn” portrayed by Samantha Davis & Cole Miller “Roxy Hart” portrayed by Amberly Hall Pg 6 & 8 White Dress by Liana Blond Hair by Rose ”T-Strap” Shoes by All-About-Style Black Dress by Saliwa “Perle” Heel Shoes by Noxeen Chorus Line Jackets by Shep Chorus Line Bottoms Billy Flynn Suit & Hat by EA Base Game Billy Flynn Spatz by EA Page 8 Assymetrical Dresses by Liana Gloves by EA Base Game Necklace by Rose Page 9 Long White Dress by Katelys “Cloche” Hat by EA Base Game Long Black Dress by Simenapule Gloves by All About Style Page 11-12 Fab Finds: La Mode en Noir! Earrings by NataliS Fendi Pencil Dress by Cbon73 Watch by Lorandia Marcela Calvet Bag by NataliS Shoes by Lilisims Bubble Tube Dress by RustyNail Cocktail Dress by NataliS Cocktail Dress by NataliS Detail Satin Dress by Natef005 Embroidered Dress by Natef005 Pencil Dress by Natef005 Page 12-16 Fashion as Art (Models credited as they appear) Nikita Ferguson V 2.0 by maria_loves_alex Meg Bryant by BryonyRae Page 12 Nakita Dress by Harmonia,3593.0.html Shoes by Icon Meg Dress by Irinka Shoes by Icon Page 13 Meg


Cont. 12-16

Dress by RustyNail Shoes by Simsimay Nakita Dress by Anubis360 Shoes by Oskarone Designs Page 14 Meg Dress by IconSims Page 15 Nakita Dress by Oskarone Designs Shoes by Oskarone Designs Meg Dress by Anubis360 Shoes by Gosik Page 16 Nakita Dress by Irinka Boots by All-About-Style

Page 18-19

Designer Showcase: Liana Sims (Models credited as they appear) Yvonne Moreau by BryonyRae Kira Liam by Rusalka Clothing by Liana Bed Room Set by Sasilia Page 20-23 SIFF Red Carpet (Models credited as they appear and when available) Madi: Zuhair Murad by NataliS Maureen Hopkins: Dress by Sims Maker Athena Bond: Dress by Lorandia Alia Renoir by Rusalka Dress by All-About-Style Sparkle: Dress by Lorandia Page Colby by hmsdrco2001 Dress by Birba32 Rose by Vallau Dress by Cbon73 SylentWhysper: Dress by Bluella Dr. Musix: Tux by EA Store Alex: EA Store Top & Base Game Pants Norbert Szucs: Tuxedo by EA Base Game

Page 28-30

After the Party (Models credited as they appear) Page 28 Lucy Liu by emmzx Julia Roberts, Beyonce, Paris Hilton & Rima Fakih by Tyty30 Lucy Liu dress by Natef005 Shoes by All-About-Style Julia Roberts dress by Cbon73 Shoes by NataliS Beyonce dress by Ekky_Sims Boots by All-About-Style Paris Hilton dress by Liana Rima Fakih dress by Juttaponath Shoes by Birba32 Page 29 Britney Spears by Chadgraphix Madonna by TyTy30 Britney Spears Dress by Cbon73 Boots by All-About-Style Madonna Top by All-About-Style Pants by Cbon73


Cont. 28-30

Shoes by Icon Wall Graffiti by Repulsively Desirous Creations Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich & James Hetfield by Arisuka Lady Gaga by Nekonyami Billy Idol by monca533 Kirk Hammett Jacket by EA Store Lars Ulrich Pants by EA Store All Other Menswear by Club Crimsyn Lady Gaga Outfit by Anubis360 Page 30 Avril Lavigne, Rhianna by Tyty30 Rose (Bartender) by Megan Fox by chadgraphix Avril Leather Jacket by All-About-Style Pants by All-About-Style Shoes by All-About-Style Rose Top & Bottom by EA Store Rihanna Dress by All-About-Style Shoes by Birba32 Megan Fox Dress by RustyNail Shoes by Gosik Lindsay Lohan by funkermanfan Lindsay Dress by All-About-Style Stefania Fernandez by TyTy30 Stefania Dress by Juttaponath Page 31 Minx Advert Kira Liam by Rusalka Wall Backdrop by Repulsively Desirous Creations Top by Liana

Page 32-35

The Power Suit (Models credited as they appear) Shawn McBride by JMelo Navy Blue Casual Chic by EA Base Game EA Store Top & Base Game Pants Jude Jackman by JMelo Hugo Boss Blazer by jla43 David by GeorgefPlay Men in Black Suit by EA Base Game Men’s Gray Pinstriped Suit by EA Base Game Page 36-39 Film Noir Model by Allium Not available for download Evening Gown by b-bettina Tailored Twinset by NataliS Vintage Car by EA Fast Lane Stuff Pack Page 42-46 Lights, Camera, Action: Old Hollywood Glamour Page 42 & 43: The Siren Cherry Minx by Jennabray Misty Eyeshadow by EMMZX Moisture Sheer Lipstick by Channy & VIVIN SoftGlo Blush by KittyKlan Heby hair by Newsea Page 44: The Seductress Lydia by Ariz, Larz and Cholez Three Color Eyeshadow By Susan Shine Lipstick By Susan Cheeky Blush v1 Full Coverage by Ladyfrontbum Donation Hair by by Peggy Page 45: The Bombshell Model By Madison1909 Not available for download Misty Eyeshadow by EMMZX


Cont. 41-46

Nose and face highlighter by Tifa Realistic Lipglossby Katelys Hair by Rose Sims Page 45: La Petite Gamine Bobbi Vidal by Madison1909 Download coming soon! Cheeky Blush v1 Full Coverage by Ladyfrontbum Mocha Eyeshadow by Ladyfrontbum Lip Finity Pro by Lemonleaf Hair by Peggy Zone Page 46: The Vixen Model by Madison1909 Not available for download Gradual_three-color_Eyeshadow by Susan372 LipStick by the Sims World Swoop Tri - Color Blush by Ladyfrontbum Anto 83 Hair Conversion by TumTum Simiolino

Page 47-49

Lot Showcase: Graceland by Sbrizolone Graceland Lot “Elvis” by AsiaShaMecca Ashleigh Shepard as “Ann” by Tinuviel,3295.0.html Veronica Torez as “Pricilla” by SLIPSLOP “Elvis” Jacket by EA Store Pants by annadg82 Open Shirt by LadyFrontBum Hair by EA Store (Teddy) “Ann” Valentino Pants by noxeen Top by Cheapncheerful Swim Bottom by Katelys Swim top by EA Store “Pricilla” Dress by NataliS Chanel Bag by NataliS Shoes by Lilisims Page 50-52 Millenium Lounge Page 50 (Small Image) Panton Chair by Sims3D Occasional Tables by Mango Sims Side table by Stylist Sims (Oslo Set) Champagne by SimCredible Wall Stencil by Gosik Page 51 (Large & Small Image) Modular Sofas by Lisen801 Chairs by Nikki Tables by n-a-n-u Bar by Shino&K Page 52 (Small Image) Cocktails by n-a-n-u Page 52 (Large Image) Seat by SimCredible (Misc/TV Room) Umbrella & Fruit by SimCredible (Belize Set) Bar Trolley by Simcredible (Metropole) Giraffe Decor by Apple Cushions: Simply Styling (Bedroom 2)


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