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Volume 1 - Issue 23



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Art by Aikea-Guinea

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6 Our Lady of Latex


16 Holiday Sparkle

26 Designer Showcase

30 Queen of the Highlands 42 A Winter’s Tale 48 Pillow Talk 60 It’s A Wonderful Life 72 Get a Clue


Volume 1 - Issue 23

Editor’s Note & Contributors


84 Fab Finds 86 Get The Look 88 Model Creator Spotlight Ms _ Blue

116 Collection Premier

“Savage Beauty” by MA$ims3

94 Metallica Beach

136 Geek Chic

106 Snow White & Rose Red

138 Beauty

Formal Styles

126 The New Formal


6 HOMES & INTERIORS 112 Fab Finds for Interiors

126 30

14 4 The Schaffer Residence 154 Architecture by Qube Design 160 Hogsmeade 168 Industrial Christmas 172 Custom Content Creator

Around the Sims

178 World Showcase

Fharhond Glacier

‘Tis the season, Season’s greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Christmas cooking, Christmas baking, Christmas shopping, Christmas sales, Christmas rush, Christmas stress... With the holiday season starting earlier and earlier each year, it’s easy to see why some folks get grumpy around the holidays. I confess, I used to be that person… but for some reason, this year is different…in fact, I am quite the opposite. As soon as the Halloween décor came down, I began pulling out my boxes of decorations from the room under my stairs and began my holiday preparations. To be honest, I thought I would have lost my momentum by now, but thankfully I have managed to tamp down my inner Grinch, and I’m happy to report that with only just a little over a week left to go, I am still starry-eyed and excited.

I would like to take the time to thank this issue’s talented collaborators: SylentWhysper, Ms_Blue, Shokoninio, MA$ims3, Qube Designs, and Sandy from Around the Sims 3. It was a pleasure and honour working with you all. Take care of each other, and we hope to see you all through yet another year…cheers to 2014!

Madi xxoo Love,

Jessica Alba Met Ball 2012 Dress by -April-

In this month’s issue of SF Magazine, naturally we tried to explore a more festive theme and as a result, have compiled an excellent set of both fashion and décor editorials that will no doubt blow your mind. Of course, for those of you familiar with our work, you should also know to expect the unexpected…like Allium’s “Our Lady of Latex,” Elasticgirl’s “Metallica Beach” and Frau Engel’s take on Harry Potter’s “Hogsmeade.”


Editor’s Notes

Cover Photography: Elasticgirl


Editor in Chief Madi 1909 Hopeless romantic/procrastinator with an eye for pretty things and creativity...loves family gatherings and terrace meals with good friends.

Senior Design Editor & Production Allium Allium loves to shoot Sims, OCD on interior design, braids, freckles and RED hair!

Managing Editor AsiaShaMecca Asia likes simming, taking Sim pictures and cute lil doggies in polo shirts.

Elasticgirl Fashion Photographer and Stylist Just like the Incredibles, tall and slim, but in a world of fashion superheros and villains.

Gelydh Fashion Photographer and Stylist Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.

Saphira Fashion Photographer and Stylist The unstoppable, perverted sloth with a heart of gold and a laugh to last a lifetime.

Voïces Fashion Photographer and Stylist Voïces is a passionate fashion lover who always tries to push her limits to create original things


Fashion Photographer and Stylist Aikea-Guinea is chaos!

Senior Production, Fashion Photographer & Writer Dustydreamer

Cbon Fashion Photographer and Stylist

An optimistic dreamer, Dusty is a green obsessed neat freak with a smile for every day!

Cbon is a slender figure living in a minimal, graphic and uncluttered world.

Senior Interior Director, Photographer & Writer Hmsdrco2001

Interior Designer

Behind Bill’s sometimes childish sense of humor and shy demeanor is a guy who lives to make others feel happy, healthy, and unconditionally loved.

Freddie Freddie is a thinking outside of the box kind of person. An Interior Architect. Loves to come up with new ideas.

linday Interior Designer linday loves chocolate, cats and her comp -- ooh, shiney!!

Minraed Interior Designer Lives for the moment: loves good food, hot days, bad boys and glasses of wine.

Contributors Adverts & Features SylentWhysper SomeSimGuy PseudoSim Ms _ Blue MA$ims3 Around the Sims Qube Designs Shokoninio

Gissense Interior Designer When you strip him down and hose him off he’s just a right-brained troglodyte who doesn’t act his age.

Frau Engel Interior Designer Frau Engel loves historic architecture and vintage style. And warm days in the summer garden.


LADY OF LATEX feature by allium









Allium x

with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season to be jolly , Fa la la la la, la la la la.

holiday sparkle

feature by asiashamecca

Pull out the sequins and polish the crystal — it’s time to put a little sparkle in your step. Nothing is as festive as sequins for the holidays. That shine, that glam just lends itself to celebration. This collection of sassy sequin styles features high-shine sequin in full effect. It doesn’t have to be a holiday party. It can be a private getaway for two. Let your Sim show her holiday sparkle.








Happy Holidays! May you all have a wonderful time with your loved ones, and a new year filled with pleasant surprises and good times! All the best, linday




Images by Aikea-Guinea Questions by AsiaShaMecca Fashion and Answers by Shokoninio


Thanks so much to Shokoninio for this amazing set! Coming soon to:

implicity at it’s finest. The beautifully finished creations of Shokoninio can be anything you want them to be. His creations vary from casual to formal and everything in between, but the one thing the creations at Hey Luv have in common is that they always seem to be something you didn’t even know you needed… until you saw it. The second you lay eyes on them, they become must haves. We’re excited to talk with Shokoninio. If you haven’t discovered him yet, read on.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Please tell us a bit about yourself. First of all, I want to thank my followers and the creators of the SF magazine. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed by you. It really is a great honor. Here I go! My name is David. I’m 20. I’m Mexican and live in Colima. I am studying psychology. My dream was to be a graphic designer, but now I have the opportunity to help people, and that makes me feel good. I like to read, especially romance and fantasy books. My favorite band is En Espíritu y En Verdad. The first time I played the sims was when a friend installed the game in a my school’s computer. Since then I got addicted. Later I downloaded the Sims 2 and I tried to make content, but I hadn’t success. Two years ago I got The Sims 3, because I noticed that there was enough CC to create a decently handsome sim (I’m serious).

I think my biggest inspiration is the fact that I hardly have clothes. I’m a middle class guy and my economy can’t cover my likes in clothes. Besides that, it is very difficult that

You have such a wide range of styles in the things you make. How would you describe your personal style? I think my style is like nerd-formal or something like winter clothes for nerds, not sure. I usually tend to make these styles because they are clothes I can’t wear, since almost all year here is very hot, so I relieve my repressed desires by making winter clothes. If any of the clothes I’ve done are a bit sexy or daring is because they are a request; I like the conservative clothes thanks to my mother’s influence. What inspires you to make the things you create?


I like a specific garment. On the other hand, the stores around here only sell clothes for gang members. So when I like a garment that I can’t have, I decide to make it. Most of my cc is based on clothes I’ve seen on Tumblr or that I’ve imagined to have. Another thing that inspires me to create is the fact that male sims don’t have many clothes; the creators have focused only on the girls, and I wondered: Where were the boys?

my sims, I found a tutorial on how to combine two meshes. That’s how I made my first frankenmesh, and little by little I was learning more and more and now here I am.

About a year ago, a friend invited me to Tumblr, and met the Simblr community. Honestly I had contemplated making custom content, but one day I learned to make hats compatible with sliders. It was very easy. One day a year ago, in my eagerness to make a cosplay costume for

The plan that I have for the Sims 4 is that I will not play until I have enough CC and tools that allow me to create decent CC. From what I have seen, the CAS in Sims 4 has had a backing down, and has taken characteristics of the Sims 2, which had already been overtaken in CAS Sims

What do you like most about the Sims? What are your plans for Sims 4? What I like about The Sims is that I can accomplish little dreams I can’t do in real life, like be a photographer or a small clothing How did you learn to create for the Sims and designer, so to speak. Besides having my own what tools do you use? set of models! That is very satisfying. My I use Photoshop, Milkshape, Maya and favorite expansion is Seasons, because it’s cool MeshingToolKit (this tool really took the tedious to see snow, trees without leaves and autumnal part out of meshing). landscapes everywhere.


3. it’s little sad. I notice you tend to focus more on meshing than detailed textures. Was that a conscious choice? If so why? Hahahahahaha, guys, you are very observant! Yes, it was. Since I started creating CC, my intention was just that because I don’t like photo-skinny-painted clothing or whatever you want to call them. I saw clothes like that everywhere, and I thought, I want to make something different. On the other hand, my policy of use is free and whoever wishes to retexture or modify my meshes can do it. I also wanted to do meshes that were available to other artists who can retexturize clothes in a way more detailed and in higher quality.

What advice do you have for aspiring creators? You can always learn more each day. Search tutorials, there’s plenty around the web. When you do not find what you need to know, ask for help, because that is the best tool you can have. If someone does not want to help, you can go to someone else. There are very friendly creators on Tumblr and MTS. Practice a lot, because practice makes perfect. Just be patient. The best things take time, and remember: Never give up and never forget to be humble! I send you a lot of hugs!

o i n i n o Shok



of the


Images by ElasticGirl Words by PseudoSim

She rides alone. Searching, ever searching. Through the frozen, snowy highlands she rides, draped in finery and crowned in bronze. A goddess of the moon, enchantment and charms, fallen low. Her eyes are full of sadness, mystery and magick. For you, she might do a great deed. Grant a deepest wish or a lost love. But she is ever alone in her penance. She tells you her story.‌ Once a great Queen, she dared to leave her home and fall in love with a mortal man. They had a child. The child was lost and she, Rhiannon, was accused. For seven years she must serve her exile. She must tell her story. She must ride alone. The goddess does not protest, nor does she complain. She bears her punishment with the grace of a true Queen. One day, she vows she will find her child and bring him home. Until then, she remains... the Queen of the Highlands.








Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!



Winter’s Tale

Images by Gelydh Words by PseudoSim

It’s not open to discussion anymore / She’s out again tonight and I’m alone once more / She’s all I have worth waiting for / But baby plays around… Sometimes it’s just over. Every great love story has an end. We all hope in joy and happily ever after, but sometimes… Sometimes that end is as cold as winter. And so it seems I’ve always been the last to know/ To hold on to that girl, I had to let her go/ I wish to God I didn’t love her so/ ‘Cos baby plays around… And so she says goodbye. Goodbye to an old love and hello to a new adventure. And at the end there is a sort of quiet. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. “Baby Plays Around” Lyrics by Elvis Costello






Pillow Talk I mages by Dustydreamer Words by W. S hakespeare

Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and is never shaken; It is the star to every wandering bark, Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle’s compass come: Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom. If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved. -Sonnet 116








Holidays ! From Gelydh


W onderful Life It’s a

A Tribute to All About Style by AsiaShaMecca

A selection of formal looks in various styles by the grande dame of Sims custom content design; All About Style.

Model : Carolina by badkisa777 The Old Granville Home by lostarts Shoes by MJ95 Previous Page Pose by Blakc This Page Pose by Traelia

Pose by IMHO


Pose by Blakc

Pose by Blakc


Pose by Blakc

Pose by IMHO


Pose by AsiaShaMecca


Happy Holidays! Love, Elasticgirl


Get a

Clue IMAGES BY AIKEA-GUINEA WORDS BY ASIASHAMECCA There was a scream from the Boddy Mansion. At 8:45 PM on a Saturday evening Mr. Boddy was found at the foot of the stairs leading to the cellars, on a spot marked “X”. Miss. Scarlet found the body. Her screams could be heard all the way to the nearby village. It was quite the shocking end to an otherwise… deadly dull holiday party. The cause of death remains a mystery. But there are several common household objects which could easily have been used. The dagger. The candlestick. The revolver. The wrench. The rope. The lead pipe. The chief suspects are, of course, the guests. And aren’t you lucky? All seem...… anxious to help you solve the mystery. -Adapted from original Cluedo Rules 1996

Professor Plum in the B a l l Room with.....

....A Revolver in the D in ing Room... 75


...Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory... with a Lead Pipe...

...M rs. Peacock with a Wrench... in the Library...


...i n the kitchen with a rope.

...Mr. G reen in the Billiard Room... w ith a Candle Stick...


W the H ishing You

appiest of and every jo Holidays, y i n New Year. . the A


Hammered Hoop Earring with Crystals by NataliS Double Pyramid Bracelet by LorandiaSims3

Triangle Accessories by S-Club

Pave Drop Earrings by NataliS

Printed Scarf by Ikari Sims


Tights by Lore Pose by Plumb-Barb

  Botas Camperas by LuxySims3

Sparkly Skirt & Cat Sweater by b182

Dusty s Picks

h, how cold and blustering that warm summer wind has become! Down at SF, we know how quickly the seasons change. Just as quickly we must adjust our summer wardrobe for autumn and then winter. Winter is a fun and exciting time for wardrobe changes because it is all about layering and staying fashionably warm. This fab finds edition, we decided to make a little wish list of a variety of items that we have been craving at some time or another for winter. From designer jeans, plush sweaters and fur coats, to dresses and heeled boots. Winter wear has never looked this good! And we can’t forget to ask our dear old friend Santa for some new shiny accessories as well! These outfits can be used from work and school to running errands in the cold and meeting friends over some warm cocoa. Don’t get sucked into the grayness of winter, perk up your outfits with splashes of color, clever layering of designs and fabrics, and warm scarves, gloves, and ear muffins. Acne Clover Boots by Pixicat Christian Louboutin 3D Ankle Boots by MA$ims3


Suede Boots by Milina Sims

FEATURE by DustyDreamer

Ankle Boots by MA$ims3

Noir Boots by Sentate

Cotton Pants by Ekinege

McQueen Dress by All About Style

Floral Pants by b182 YoYo-Sweater Coat by Julies-Sims

Knitted Pullover by Defender

Mango Jogger Jeans by Orange-Sim

  Valentine Dress Lace by All About Style

  Fur Coat and Sweater by Orange-Sim

  Silk Dress by b182

Dear Santa...

86 62



e r A What g n i o D You ? e v E s ' r a e New Y

GET the LOOK Echoes - Secret Potion 1 Dress by -April-

A hot club affair, an office party or Seamless Draped a semi-casual bar-crawl with the Backless Dress by NataliS girls. The yearly clock is about to begin anew, and it’s time for your fashionista to make some plans for New Year’s Eve. Black and gold are never fails for dressing up (or down) for the holidays. Try any one of these evening looks, and voila! Your diva is ready to bring in that new year right!

Long Tassel Earrings by Lore

Balmain Cropped Sweater by All About Style Ethnic Ring by Severinka

Slender Drop Earrings by NataliS

Precious Chocker by Cbon

Leather Clutch with Strap by Severinka

SF Collection Bracelet and Rings by Lore

Boyfriend Watch by Irida Sims

Satin Heart Clutch by NataliS

Clutch by NataliS

Chanel 3D Boots by MA$ims3

Stiletto Boots by Bring Me Victory

Diamond Earring Spikes by BEO Ribbed Stockings by asia!

Madlen Amantea Shoes by MJ95

Roberto Cavalli Cuff by Cloudwalker Sims

Forever in Blue Jeans by Ms_Blue

Classy Pearl Necklace by PralineSims




Images & Questions by AsiaShaMecca Sims and Answers by Ms_Blue


ooking for some Sims to populate your neighborhood or a fresh face for that photo shoot? We’re ALWAYS looking for that at SF. The Sims of Ms_Blue were a great discovery and a definite breath of fresh air in the Sims model arena. Just since May, Ms_Blue has shared over 40 sims at TSR, and they keep getting better and better. Thankfully, she was able to take a moment to chat with us. Let’s get started...

Thank you chatting with us. Please tell us a bit about yourself? First off, I want to thank you ever so much for the interest. I am so honored to be in your amazing magazine with such talented staff. About me… My name is Anna, and I’m 29 years young. I come from Denmark and live with my fiancé, our dog and two cats in the countryside. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. Anything creative I could get my hands on. My first sims game was The Sims 2. I played that a lot but never experienced the wonderful world of CC until I started playing sims 3 in April this year. I immediately knew that TSR would be the next victim of my creativity. ;-) What inspires you when you create your Sims? And how do you choose your projects? I’ve always been very fascinated with the human facial features. How different shapes come together and create such unique beauty. I started out choosing my own projects, simply by who I would like to have in the game myself. Then I got a few requests, but I’m horrible at saying no, so a few quickly turned into a lot, so unfortunately I had to stop taking requests. I still write all the names for requests down and visit them for inspiration. How long does it take you to create a Sim? When do you know that one is ready to share? Ohh dear, *laughs*. Well, anywhere between 2 hours and 5 days on and off work. I often think “Finished!” I go in-game to make


pictures for the presentation, and I realize that the eyes are too big or the nose is too small, and I go back into CAS to fix it. This process I can do several times before submitting. I am a perfectionist, so I’m never 100% sure when I’m done with a project. But at some point, I feel that I can’t get any closer. I’m always nervous when submitting a Sim, but I don’t mind, it keeps me on my toes. What are some of the joys of creating for the Sims? What are some of the challenges? I love digging into a new project. Seeing it come to life is very rewarding for me. Of course, all the positive comments from people are wonderful, and some of them have literally made me blush or even dance around the apartment of joy, so I’m very grateful for those. Hmm, challenges... Well, every project has its challenges. Worst is when I work on a celebrity Sim, and the resemblance suddenly is worse, and I can’t figure out why. I’ve had to start over a couple of times on that account. What do you think of the new free TSR? I think it’s amazing that TSR has come so far as to offer us a free site. It creates a level playing field for all creators and all content is free.

I notice that most of your Sims are slider free and yet you are really able to capture the detail and resemblance in your celebrity Sims. What advice do you have for aspiring Sim creators? First off, take your time to learn what each of the sliders do. When I look back on some of my first Sims, I really only worked with half of the sliders. Second, acquire some good close-ups of the celebrity from front and side. When you work, remember to turn the head of the Sim to check the profile. Lastly, practice, practice, practice and don’t give up. Your celebrity Sims are certainly popular. In fact, many of your latest creations seem to be


celebrities. Was that a conscious choice? I do very much love the challenge of making celebrities. It is a completely different process than doing freestyle Sims. There is only one goal, and that is to make the Sim look as much like the celebrity as possible. Whereas with freestyle Sims, there are no limits except for the sliders of course. ;-) I did get all those requests, and some of the last requests I got had to wait for more than a month before I could finish. So I really wanted to honor those requests before jumping at other projects. I actually just finished my last request and plan to do some freestyle Simmies in between my celebrities now. In closing, what would you like to see more of in the future from the Sims and from the Sims community as a whole? I can never get enough of new talented creators. I really enjoy seeing more and more people jump into the scary world of CC and see them quickly transform into skilled creators. New styles and new ideas. I love starting my day off checking TSR, Sims 3 Update and my FB profile to see what people have been up to.


May all our dear readers celebrate this beautiful season with joy in their homes, peace in their world, and love in their hearts! Love, Dustydreamer


Holiday looks in sumptious gold fabrics, rendered in geometric angles & layered with heavy gold accents.

M etallica Beach

Images by ElasticGirl Words by PseudoSim

A holiday at the beach. Golden sunsets. Golden water, golden formal wear and glorious winter snow. Sometimes the best times are spent alone. Enjoying the solitude. Thinking. Walking the beach and reveling in just being. And not all beaches are tropical. Sand and sun and sometimes seasons. Yes. Beaches have winter too. Some of them. Time alone is golden time. It’s precious‌ like gold. Soft, malleable, attractive and bright. Time alone can be like gold. Luster without tarnish. Pristine, like snowfall in December on a winter beach. Enjoy Metallica Beach.







g n i h s i W

t s e b e h t you all

! d n o y e b son and

a e s y a d i this hol


a e n i u g aikea


Snow-White & Rose-Red Images Words

by by

SylentWhysper Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

THERE once were two children who were called Snow-white and the other Rose-red. They were as good and happy, as busy and cheerful, as ever two children in the world were, only Snow-white was more quiet and gentle than Rose-red. The two children were so fond of each other that they always held each other by the hand when they went out together, and when Snowwhite said, “We will not leave each other,” Rose-red answered, “Never so long as we live,” and... what one has she must share with the other.


Bloom by jomsims All Mine Till The End Lustre Table by EA Store

Metal Wall IV by PralineSims

Wall Design Liner 2 by jomsims

Living TK Sculpture by Pilar

LivingTK2TableCoffee by Pilar m6j9p9a

Sojourn Livingroom Nesting Endtables by wolfspryte kng8yvy

Table Lamp Suh by jomsims

Dining Table by SimPhantasia

December Chords Plant by SIMcredible! Designs

Flair Living 2 Sofa by riccinumbers


by hmsdrco2001

The year’s end presents a time for reflection, and we present several creations that mirror the world around us. Metal, glass, plastic, and leather are among the many materials and textures that highlight the beauty of the objects themselves and their surrounding environments.

Reflect upon your present blessings—of which every man has many—not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. - Charles Dickens

Living Aria Mirror by Mutske

Modern Bright Living Room Floor Lamp by deeiutza

Decorated Mirror Wall by Canelline

Freado Living Lamp by riccinumbers

A Taste of Silence - 3 feet Glass Table by Canelline

Audrey Livingroom Sphere by BuffSumm

Mirror by BlackSweety

Titania Plant by SIMcredible! Designs

Collection of Vases by Severinka

Franklin Kitchen Counter Table by riccinumbers

Classic Stanza Pedestal: Town Life Stuff Pack

Sao living chair 1 by Gosik

Painting Abstract Art Still Life by Ung999

Luxury Wall III by Pralinesims

Modern Bright Bar Stool by deeiutza


Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year Bill (hmsdrco2001)






hoes. They define a look. They are a necessity. Kind of like air... or water, but more... stylish. When we approached Mr. Antonieddu of MA$ims3 about creating a shoe collection for this issue, we had no idea that he would embrace the project with such enthusiasm. But then, he is a designer of great regard in the Sims community. Should we have expected anything less than amazing? Mr. Antonieddu describes his collection as “Savage Beauty.” He says, “I have done every model with spikes and the position and the shape of spikes gives the name to the shoe: Hydra, Porcupine, Iguana, Snake, Rhino and Piranha.” All we have to say is... BRAVO!



i g u a n a


piranha Model: Genesis Levi by Jenna Bray Top by LiliSims Shadows by LadyFrontbum Lips by PralineSims


Bodysuit by Stache Sims Gloves by EA Glove Spikes by Lorandia


Futuristic Top by MissFortuneSims Leather Skinny Pants by All About Style



Bodysuit by Stache Sims Nails by NataliS


R h i n o

hydra Top by LiliSims Leather Pants by All About Style


FORMAL Classic sillhouettes combine with rich textures and unexpected finishes for today’s modern look.

Feature by AsiaShaMecca









Gadget finds for THE “Computer Whiz”


Now, I know when you think of SomeSimGuy your first thought is… giver. It’s true. I’m a giver. Always thinking of others, especially around the holiday season. OK… who is that I hear laughing?

Sigh… there’s a heckler in every crowd. Moving on. Since last Christmas, it was all about tech gifts for others, I thought I would do you guys out there a solid and give up some gift suggestions for the geek guy on your list. Now if for a few of you that guy should happen to be *coff* ME… even better. The theme here is helping that ever-loving techno-guy on your list build that oft-discussed “Ultimate Man Cave.” First, a warning. Little known fact: finishing the Man Cave is an urban myth. Often talked about, planned for, plotted and… never finished. Why? ‘Cause there’s always NEW STUFF!!! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort though. By all mean’s do. BUT, be advised that by the time he unwraps it, it’s pretty much old tech news. Don’t despair, a quick trip to buy bin will freshen him right up. And, hey… we always appreciate the effort and will grin gamely through almost anything you give us if we think there’ll be num-nums later. Except the “Bat-Mobile.” That baby never goes out of style, and if you make that happen, you will be a holiday GODDESS!!! Super Duper Costume Case Movie Stuff SP

Sim-Mobile Movie Stuff SP

Feature by SomeSimGuy

Ok... Seriously, what geek hasn’t wanted to drive the “Bat-Mobile” at least ONCE!

I’m batman... sort of.

holiday man-cave edition Curved Living Aria high-def... Stereo Surround Speaker by sound. Mutske And the best home gaming systems the Sims web has to offer... I may never leave my SD NFJ Xbox 360 Elite basement Set by Nayara again.

Samarium Speaker - Bass by Wondymoon

Curved OLED TV by 4Sims

Samarium DVD Player & Speaker by Wondymoon

SD NFJ Playstation III by Nayara

Playstation 4 by Capital Sims

NFJ - Nitendo Wii by Nayara

entertainment... mecca! Guitar Player’s Den by Around the Sims

Working Cell Phone Galaxy by 4 Sims

Guitar Mania - Guitar 1 & 2 by Pyszny

Working iPhone 5 Mobile Phone by 4Sims

Maxis Man’s Metal Hand Movie Stuff SP

Working Segway by Sims3CC It’s a Segway. A working Segway. Nobody is gonna have one of these!

Playing guitar in your basement is like singing in the shower. Probably best done with no witnesses.

A legend in my own mind! Jukebox Conversion by Esmerelda Curved Monitor PC As I rock out by 4Sims to old skool tunes, Sim Madden has never looked so... real. I can smell the astroturf. I may cry now.


Slick Sophistication Slicked back hair like this Joshua hair by Newsea goes well with this EA modern suit. A slightly unruly beard like this one by Serpentrogue keeps it formal without being too structured.


You don’t have to get all slicked up for your tux. These modern styles are a perfect match for this season’s formal suits.

FORMAL STYLES Well the weather outside is frightful,… and that can only mean one thing, the holidays are here! It’s time to drag out your best and get ready to ring in a new year. This year, we thought we would give the guys a shout. So much time gets spent dressing our Simmie ladies. What about the men





folk? If she looks great for that formal occasion, how can we neglect her escort? Well, of course,… we can’t! Getting your he-Sim together for a formal event is just as important as the divas at the party. Let’s focus on the fellas for this Beauty editorial with formal styles… for the MEN!

Boyish Charm Nothing says devil may care like a casual flip of bangs over the eyes. This Roan bangs recolor by Sjokosims has just the right amount of smooth without too much shine to bring out these come-hither eyes by Shojoangel.

Mixing it up is all over the fashion scene this season. Formal, but not too, is a great way to stand out from the pack for the holidays. The trick is to pick that perfect slightly mussed hair to keep a suit fresh and young. That need-to-shave look works well with formals. It’s hot and it’s never out of style. Barely there beards add a touch of the bad boy. It keeps him from looking like he’s trying too hard, and let’s face it, bad boys are always smexy.

Naturalistic Finally, natural ethnic styles are popping up all over. These twists by Club Crimsyn are on trend and hot hot hot!

Men’s looks don’t have to be all about the hair. Cosmetics work for both males and females. The right choices will bring out your Sims features without sacrificing his all-man looks. All of these hotties (coming soon from TSR’s Ms_Blue) are wearing some. If you can see it, you’re not quite layering it on right. Work with your shades and Opacity slider in CAS to tone it down and blend it in. The idea is to enhance, not cover that handsome face.

Casual Statement Untidy, choppy and perfect for this dress down formal look. This hair by Cazy is just “undone” enough to look like he isn’t even trying.


A Study in Contrasts A very formal tux and care-free hair are an unbeatable combination. This hair by Newsea dresses this tux down the perfect amount. Undone indeed!


Shaken Not Stirred A few open buttons, a sultry sneer and the prefect tousled hair. This look is irresistable thanks to this careless do by Kewai-Dou.

Even in basic black, these contrasting looks make a powerful holiday fashion statement for men. Mix that casual hair with that very formal tux. Or dress him down all the way. You can’t miss with these men’s holiday styling ideas. Put in that extra effort on his holiday look this year. It’s worth it and then some. When your Sims attend that special event, and no one is taking their eyes off her, she won’t be able to take her eyes off HIM!

Home Words





S ch af fe r Residence If Frank Lloyd Wright is the father of modern architecture, John Lautner is by creative birth, his son. He entered Wright’s apprenticeship program in 1933 and continued working under him until 1939. What the parents do in moderation, the children do in excess, the saying goes. It’s true. Take a gander across Lautner’s body of work. You will scantly find a “room.” You know, that box most of us cohabit in. What will confront you are massive otherworldly sculptures that those with the means to do so happen to live in. Once in a century it seems this planet is sent a persona in any given discipline to arrest the default thinking and open our eyes to new worlds. Such is John Lautner’s architectural legacy. Schaffer House was built in 1949 in the Verdugo Hills of Glendale Ca. This house gained stardom when it took the spotlight in the movie, A Single Man, starring Colin Firth. Upon entering the property, you get the sense that the roof is levitating. It was constructed entirely of clear heart redwood. Today, it would be nigh unto impossible to

procure the same wood. If you are prone to see life merely through the value of a dollar, this is really just a very expensive shed. There is no insulation in the walls and the kitchen is shaped like a tent. Not surprisingly that’s by design. Like a Picasso, it’s a Lautner. It’s not merely boards, mortar and sod but art. “I want to have a house that feels as if we’re picnicking under the oak trees,” said Schaffer. For Sim builders, Lautner’s work appears unapproachable… according to default thinking that is. It’s amazing what one can do with the game’s tool when one simply refuses to take “no” for an answer.


Homes & Interiors

Attemptin g a Lautner


“I want to have a house that feels as if we ’ re p i cnick i ng under the oak trees,” said Schaffer.

Homes & Interiors

Find the rest of the items listed at the back of the magazine.

Homes & Interiors

Download BuffSumm’s set used to create the spectacular interiors of Schaffer Residence here:


Homes & Interiors

Frau Engel Wishing you the happiest of holidays,




The Sims continues to this day to attract the creative acumen of people like Qube Design who love to do the craft of Sim building exclusively and passionately. His work and words shared here with us offer a candid glimpse of what exactly is in the basement of an uncommonly good sim builder. G: Tell us briefly about yourself as it relates to how you became involved in Sim building.


Q: I think I drew my first building at the age of 5. During a rainy lunch hour in grade one, I drew the floor-plan of a house, then cut and glued pieces of different coloured cardboard paper for furniture, and it was all to scale. Once the teacher noticed what I was doing, she made me stay indoors all week until I’d finished my first blueprint. I was certain I would become an architect until I wrote my very first computer program while in grade 10 (in BASIC on a PET). My post-secondary educational track in architecture was

even a colour palette. I also travel quite a bit, and I’m always inspired to build something when I get home from a trip. From that point, I will research (either online, or at the library), gathering data on all the elements I want to integrate - building scale, prominent features, textures and colours. Then I start shopping for exterior CC. When I finally sit down to build, I’ll map out the basic scale and shape of the lot, and play around with roof-lines and different cheat codes. Then my imagination kicks in, and I’ll start dreaming about the kind of Sim that might live here. Sometimes the story that comes out is so involved I’ll jot it down in the description. Once the basics are finished it’s on the the. The first level of detail is the materials selection (wood, metal, plastic, paints), next is colour palette which I often fiddle with for hours. Finally comes landscaping and lighting.

side-swiped by videotext computer graphics which did not last long. After a career in marketing research as a multivariate statistician I’m now lucky enough to be able to design homes for friends and work with my sister as she develops properties. When I discovered Sims3, I was immediately drawn to the building aspect as a way to express my design ideas. G: Describe your typical building process from start to finish: Q: I start a new game for every lot I build, and I have a very specific 7 point routine: Inspiration - Research - Shop - Scale - Imagination Details - Details - Details. I will be inspired by something - the photo of a building, a floor plan, a build another player has created, or

G: Your work has a very real-life sense of proportion in relation to all the main elements, working in harmony both in structure and patterns. This is not easily translated into Sim architecture. How do you do it? Q: I think it may be that I spend an inordinate amount of time researching before and during a build. It probably also helps that I get to do a lot of ‘real-life’ design work too, so I have a lot of experience in things like space-planning, architectural details, landscape design, and (my pet peeve), lighting. G: Your builds have a grandiose spirit of opulence. Is there a particular era, genre, and/or region from which you draw excitement and inspiration, and why? Q: LOL, I think that’s when I leave my research behind and start imagining. It’s great to run wild


with a fantasy house. I think it also helps that I grew up in a very historic little town filled with Victorian and Gothic architecture. It’s the market my sister is still involved in, so I’ve had the opportunity to get very up close and personal with the architectural details from that period. G: From what you’ve seen concerning Sims4 so far, do you have any thoughts about your future with sim building?

Q: I’m very excited about it! I’m anxious to see how dropping in rooms work, as I’d love to do that with the interior custom content that is out now. It’d be so awesome to drop another artist’s furniture collection into a lot. I also like being able to scale different levels, but I sure hope Sims4 retains the ability to customize textures as much as I. G: How much do you play versus build in the game? Q: I rarely get to play. I have one poor Sim who gets dumped into my builds for testing, I doubt he’s ever met another Sim. G: Anyone you might consider mentors, people who have inspired you? Q: I think one of the most amazingly unexpected aspects of my entire experience with Sims3 has been the community. I’m so thankful for the help and guidance I’ve received and for the new friendships I’ve made. It’s also been an

honour to be part of The Sims Resource, and I’m super-happy that all our work is now free. CycloneSue was the very first Sims3 one to ever directly contact me. Her work has always knocked me over. RicciNumbers and Gissence have been amazing to work with, and I’m always blown away by the work of Mutske, Autaki, Ayyuff, BuffSumm, Fredbrenny, Pilar, ShinoKcr, SIMcredible, Pralinesims, and Sim_ man123. I’m also a HUGE fan of BauFive, AweSims, ATS3, and Pocci. G: What projects can we expect to see from him in the future? Q: Lots more lots! I’ve become a huge fan of small lots. The detail required for a huge lot can get really draining (some have taken 120+ hours). I’ve been very happy with my small Townhouse series, and my most recent build, Painted Cottage, has been the first Sims3 lot I want to actually build in real life. Funny enough, my sister has an empty lot that this house would look perfect on….

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD Download Qube Design’s exclusive new lot entitled Habitat here:



A spellbinding holiday retreat awaits at the popular wizarding destination of Hogsmeade.

H O G S 102




Homes & Interiors


Images Words

162 122

glow of the crackling fireplace at the Three Broomsticks Inn. Propietor Madam Rosmerta claims the inn is as old as Hogsmeade itself, and the pub remains a popular meeting place and hub of local conversation. Vaulted ceilings, iron chandeliers, and ancient stonework contribute to the inn’s famed rustic Sip pints of butter beer in the warm ambiance.


Homes & Interiors


spellbinding holiday retreat awaits at the popular wizarding destination of Hogsmeade. Based on the famed Harry Potter series, this enchanting village welcomes the magically inclined with delightful shops and inns.

A more shady reputation mars the Hog’s Head Inn, the first meeting place for Dumbledore’s Army who assembled in hopes of better defending themselves against the Dark Arts. It is rumored that Mundungus Fletcher was thrown out of Aberforth Dumbledore’s disreputable establishment due to his bartering of stolen and suspect merchandise. Lighter fare can be found at Tomes and Scrolls, Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, and Ollivander’s Wand Shop where one may procure almost any sorcerous necessity. Towering stacks of pots and kettles adorn tables and counter tops amongst scrolls, candles, owl cages, and books.

164 122

Homes & Interiors


Finally, sweet charms abound at Honeydukes where students and teachers alike from local Hogwarts may sample toffees, cakes, chocolate, peppermint creams shaped like toads, Fizzing Whizzbees, and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Decadent treats fill every nook and cranny including a pink spiral staircase of cascading candy shelves. Explore the snow-layered streets of Hogsmeade and discover the many enchanted secrets and splendors behind every corner. As lights illuminate the village square, witness a holiday greeting card come to life.


Download Frau Engel’s Hogsmeade and exclusive custom content created by Li Ko here:

Homes & Interiors

I N D U S T R I A L G etti ng that ra w, min ima listic a par tm ent r eady fo r the h o lid a ys c a n be a tr i ck. A lthough striking o n its own, the re is ju st noth ing t h a t scr eam s festive about worn b rick and expose d p ipin g . B ut w i th a few well-chose n ite ms, y o u can cel eb rate th e h o lid a ys in s t y l e w i thout goin g th e tra d itional ro ute. M etal and wood work well w i th the indus trial style. B rin g ing i n som e natura l ele ments like b ranches and g reen p lants will a l s o hel p ad d so me softness t o the otherwise hard lo o k C hr istm as tr ee, anyo n e ? Go fo r a soft, natur al pale tte instead of


C hrist mas

t h e t ra d it io n a l b rig h t Ch ris t ma s c o lo rs . T h e b e s t t ip is t o wo rk wit h wh a t y o u a lre a d y h a v e , a n d c a re f u lly choose it e ms that will e n h a n c e in s t e a d of c o mp e t e or o v e rp o we r. Wh o s a id t h a t Ch ris t ma s h a s t o b e a ll a b o u t re d , g re e n a n d g o ld ?

Images & Words


Happy Holidays 2011 by simcredible

Pipemania! by Cyclonesue Table lamp snowy glass by Kiolometro

Simply Styling Christmas decor by Suza

New Year gifts by Mensure

3DL sim imperio antonio chair by Eddielle Simple Photo Box by BlueHopper

Small fir tree by Severnika

Homes & Interiors

Mojito Home Collection Sofa by Cemre Fresh Living Pillow by Shino&KCR

Happy Minraed Holidays from

wishing you a new year filled with treats and surprises




Around the Sims 3 Questions by hmsdrco2001 Answers and pictures by Sandy from Around the Sims 3 ENRICHING THE LIVES AND WORLDS OF OUR SIMS


i Sandy! Thank you so much for speaking with us. It’s so nice to be able to get to know you better. For our readers who may not know you, tell us a bit about yourself.

else, more disconnected from reality, from time to time, but it would mean playing with another game, and days aren’t long enough for that. Also, my own Sims inspire me. I like giving them some favorite places to hang out with their friends and family; so then, I As I’m afraid you can see by “need” to make a pizzeria, or my creations, I’m a Sims player a brasserie, a bakery... much more than an artist! I’m a French woman, and I work from How long have you been home, which gives me time to playing the Sims, and what do create for the game. you like most about the game? What made you want to start Your creations always add such creating for the game? a nice extra layer of reality to my game. Where do you draw I’ve been playing the Sims since inspiration for your work? the Sims 1 French release for Mac, which was few months From absolutely everything. after the PC release. I was I always see things around reading about the game in me as potential stuff to put in some video-game magazines my game! That’s pathologic, I and was so impatient to put swear. It can be from a catalog, my hands on it! Then, I read it from walking on a street... As was possible to make custom my time is limited, I focus on content for the game. I was in “real life” inspiration, though. heaven. I downloaded some I’d love meshing something skins from SimFreaks and some

objects from 7 Deadly Sims before getting the game. I couldn’t do anything with the Sims 1 objects, but I was still able to open the skin files as they were simply bitmaps. I began to draw clothes for the Sims. I had NO idea about what I was doing here, no idea that meshes would be required, and as I still hadn’t installed the game, I couldn’t test anything. *LOL* But that shows how eager I was to create for the game, as I began even before getting it! (of course, none of the clothes I had drawn at that time were usable...) My love for the game hasn’t faded. I love those little pixilated characters. I love seeing them evolving in a world I’ve been building for them for years. I love being able to add my objects to the game, and it’s so fun to see these objects in other players’ games too.

Walk me through how your creations come to life. Do you use real-world objects as a


reference? Do you sketch out the best motivation. Do what your designs beforehand? How you like, not what you think long does it take for you to others might like. create particular pieces? What other Sims creators do The time varies a lot, from a you admire or consider as couple of hours to a couple of mentors? weeks. But I always need to get results quickly to not get Mentors, aha, it’s been a long discouraged. So when I work time since they quit the Sims on a difficult set that demands universe, but there are indeed a lot of time, I try to also make so many people I admire in parallel tiny objects, so at the around! Well, if I had to name end of the week, I still have new one, it would be Eric (baufive). stuff to add in my game, and I His sense of perfection always can make my town progress. The blows me away. If I can name method also varies. I can collect few more, I’m a big fan of pictures to use as inspiration or Pocci, CycloneSue, Lily of the sketch something on a piece of Valley, Lisen... Doh, so many I’m paper. Everything starts with a forgetting here! list of things to create, though. How much time would you say How did you learn to start that you’ve spent playing the creating content of your own in game as opposed to creating the game? Are there particular for the game? resources, tutorials, or programs you’ve found useful? What Mmm, I spend way more time at advice do you have for anyone creating than at playing, and I who might want to start creating keep complaining about that, their own content for the game? but I can’t prevent myself. When I launch the game and begin Mmm, I’m afraid I have a very to play, I’m not long before rough approach of things. thinking: “But where will I send I don’t read many tutorials these Sims for their date? I need because I always find them too a new bar... Oh, I can’t find the long. Just like I did with Sims furniture I had in mind for that... 1, I jump into creation, and I Well... I’ll make it!”, and I quit google my problems when I’m and launch 3DS Max. It doesn’t stuck. That might not be good answer your question, though. to recommend this way of 80/20, I’d say. *sad sigh* Also working... When I’m in need of because my game takes 15 tutorials, I always refer to The minutes to load, I don’t play if I Sims Resource ones. The best don’t have at least two hours of advice I can give to people is free time in a row, which doesn’t draw what you need for your happen that often; while I can game--that’s where you’ll find mesh for 30-45 minutes at any


time of the day, which I always do. I must spend at least 4 hours per day at meshing, but very rarely in a row.

What projects can we anticipate from you in the future? Aha, my to-do list is about fifty lines, and it keeps getting longer and longer. It’s always the newest idea that sounds the more urgent for me to do, so I’m afraid that if I’d tell you my first lines of my list, it wouldn’t be the sets you’d

see in a near future! But I can say without being afraid to be wrong that I’ll make more stuff for community lots.

my main game, just like Sims 1 was my main game during the Sims 2 years, even though I was playing with Sims 2, too. I’ll see what the Sims 4 will offer us, but I Are there particular features or have neither hope nor fear about changes to the game that you it. I enjoy the Sims 3, and carpe would like to see in the upcoming diem! :) Sims 4? Well, thank you again, Sandy, for Hmm, no. Actually, I don’t really sharing more about yourself and care about the Sims 4. I’ll buy it, your creative process. You are an for sure (though $80 might make inspiration, and I very much look me think twice), but I won’t give forward to what’s next on the up the Sims 3 and it will remain horizon for you.

Find Sandy’s work here:

My Sims: Sims 3: Sims 2: Sims 1:


World Showcase Fharhond Glacier by Bakafox

Images by Freddie

Fharhond Glacier is only one feature of the island, but being one of the main features--the other being Fharhond Mountain--the entire island is generally known by the name. In the far north, just short of the arctic circle, it’s an isolated little place, out of sight of the oil derricks and fishing fleets, home to a few hardy souls and a research station. It has almost more amenities than it needsthough people do come in from other, smaller islands, as well as perhaps those oil derricks, so the businesses manage to squeak along.


Fharhond Glacier Visit Fharhond Glacier here

Requirements: Base game and Pets Expansion World Size: Small map Residential Lots: 20 residential lots (11 prebuilt lots including 3 starters for single Sims) Community Lots: All community rabbitholes from basegame and Pets; art gallery, library, gym, pool, beach, big park, fishing hole, graveyard File Size: 35 MB



The island is windswept, and almost just tundra and rock, though some trees survive, and people have planted hardy ones around the town to help keep the ocean gales softened at least a little. Despite these harsh conditions, there is wildlife, and while other areas may have moose or bears that wander the downtown streets, Fahrhond has the occasional wild horse trot past bemused townsfolk.


Links Cover by Elasticgirl Inside Cover Artwork by Aikea-Guinea Page 6 Page 14


Our Lady of Latex - Images by Allium Model: Cherry Minx by JennaBray Image 1 Outfit by Glaza Shoes by Gosik @ TSR Pose by Sleepy Genius @ CStyles Image Two Dress by AnarchyCat Gloves by leseffrayants Shoes by Altea127 @ LorandiaSims3 Pose by Linna @ MTS Image Three Bikini Top by Harmonia @ TSR Leggings by Sims2fanbg Gloves by Ladesire Pose by VS Creations Image Four Dress by mimetic @ TSR Gloves by lilisims Boots by enchanting58 @ TSR Pose by IMHO Image Five Outfit by AnarchyCat Boots by Milinasims Pose by Linna @ MTS Image Six Dress by Miraminkova @ TSR Gloves by lilisims Boots by enchanting58 @ TSR Pose by EniSims3 Image Seven Top by _aya_ @ TSR Skirt by Bebana2 @TSR Gloves by Ladesire Pose by IMHO Holiday greeting by Allium Dress by MissDaydreams @ TSR Choker by Sylvanes @ TSR Ice Queen Tiara by Beo2010 Shoes by Altea @AeBsims3 Pose & Wrecking Ball by Ersch Sims

Page 16 Holiday Sparkle - Images by AsiaShaMecca Lucy Liu by Ms_Blue Lee Donghae by Ms_Blue Poses by AsiaShaMecca Image One Versace Corset Dress by All About Style Marchesa Inspired Pattern by ddmrl Pearl Rope by There’s Cake in Your Hair Top by EA Base Game Slacks by RustyNail Image Two Elle Saab SS 2013 Dress by RustyNail Gloves by Altea127 Vintage Hat by CloudwalkerSims Showtime Top w/o Glasses by Shokoninio Image Three Elite Night Dress with Fur Bolero by ernhn Clutch with Crystal Trim by everthing4sims2 Louboutin 3D pumps by MA$ims3 Bling Bling Earrings by Lunararc Glitter Pattern by AmysSexySims Image Four Balmain Leather Jacket by All About Style Simpure Thoughts Glitter Patterns Longer Game Skirt by All About Style Glitter Pattern by AmysSexySims Classic Pearl Necklace by PralineSims Diamond Earrings by BEO Bang Bang Bang Outfit by Shokoninio Image Five Embellished Sheath Dress by Simroni Hook Earrings by Lorandia Cascade Crystal Necklace by NataliS Cascade Crystal Bracelet by NataliS Image Six Hat by EA Ambitions EP Anubi’s Cosmic Love as Top by Skokoninio Shorts by EA Katy Perry Sweet Treats SP Accessory Tie by Jenni Sims Stockings by Creature Fear Sims Slender Drop Earrings by NataliS Pince Nez Glasses by Cloudwalkersims Statement Ring by Lorandia Louboutin Rolls Royce 3D Pumps by MA$ims3 Page 26 Designer Showcase: Shokoninio - Images Aikea-Guinea Models by Aikea-Guinea Hair & Props by Shokoninio Blond hair: Brown hair: Book props: Page 30 Queen of the Highlands - Elasticgirl Image One Dress: Boots:



Image Two Dress: Scarf: Tiara: Image Three Dress: (Valentino Dress Lace): Stockings: Boots: Movie Stuff SP Flowers: Image Four Dress: Leggings: Boots: Pets EP Tiara: Image Five Dress: (Edwardian Skirt/Blouse): Gloves: Base game Head Veil with Flowers: Boots: Pets EP Image Six Dress: Lace Cutoff Gloves: Page 42 A Winter’s Tale - Gelydh Image One All About Style - Puffer Tunic Coat Moddish Kitten - Classic Slim Pants Shoes - Aikea Guinea Patterns: Simlicious Him Top: Sims Store Bottom: EA University Life Shoes: Aikea Guinea Patterns: Simlicious Image Two Outfit: Orange-Sim Club Shoes: Aikea Guinea Him Top: David Viega - Jacket Pop Collar Bottom: EA Late Night EP Shoes: EA Late NIght EP Image Three Top: All About Style - Leather Trim Coat Bottom: Anubis Shoes: EA Base Game Him Outfit - Irink@a Shoes: EA Late Night EP Image Four Outfit: Anubis - Winter Glaze Shoes: Moddish Kitten - Wedge Booties Tights: Simlicious - Wintery Warm Tights Page 48 Pillow Talk - Images by Dustydreamer Model by Dustydreamer Image One Sheer Lace Dress by AllAboutStyle


D&G Strap Stiletto 3D Shoes by MASims3 Pearl Headband by Twilight Stockings by Newsea Pose by Calvaria Image Two & Three Babydoll dress by Sims3 Art Factory Shoes from Late Night Expansion Pack Pose by Dustydreamer Not Available for Download Image Four Romantic Lingerie by Alexandras Sims Bowed Stockings by LianaSims3 Jimmy Choo Strap 3D Shoes by MASims3 Pose by Dustydreamer Not Available for Download Image Five Satin and Lace Insert Dress by NataliS Jimmy Choo Ankle Strap Shoes by MASims3 Pose by Dustydreamer Not Available for Download Image Six Silk Corset by Juttaponath Balmain Satin Skirt by AllAboutStyle Jimmy Choo Ankle Strap Shoes by MASims3 Pose by Cloud9 Image Seven Lace Sleepwear by Sunny Temptation Bottom by Sims3 Art Factory Louboutin So Kate 3D Shoes by MASims3 Pose by Dustydreamer Not Available for Download Page 60 It’s a Wonderful Life - Images by AsiaShaMecca Links on Feature Page 70 Elasticgirl Holiday Greeting Jeans Blouse Boots Pets expansion pack Page 72 Get a Clue - Aikea-Guinea Models by Aikea-Guinea Image One Lorandia - Open Back Gown Image Two Jacket with Tie and Vest by Shokoninio Image Three Lace and Chains Dress by Meronin Image Four Top: aikea-guinea Unreleased Image Five BluElla - Strict Dress With Sequin Bolero Image Seven Top Unknown Bottom Island Paradise EP Page 92 Holiday Greeting by Dustydreamer Olivia’s Gown by April Cutoff Lace Gloves by Simlicious Te Amo Couple Poses by Skylar Male clothing Late Night Expansion Pack Page 94 Metallica Beach - Eleacticgirl Image One


Dress: Rings: Earrings: Image Two Dress (Futuristic Koma Halter): Shoes: Image Three Dress: Earrings: Rings: Image Four Shirt: Shorts: Image Five Bodysuit: Shoes: Necklace: Earrings: Image Seven Dress: Earrings: Ring: Bracelet: Page 106 Snow White & Rose Red - Images by Sylent Whysper Models created by Sylent Not available for Download Brunette - Blair Blonde - Olana Links for Dresses: Links for Accessories: Rose Accessories from S-Club Other Accessories from Natalis at TSR Page 114 Holiday Greeting from hmsdrco2001 Attire The Lindy Hop Hair by JS Sims 3 Sweatshirt by AllAboutStyle Knickers by AllAboutStyle Decor Pillows by b5studio Avis Bedroom Blanket by Lulu265 Brookhaven Coffee Pot Deco by Pinecat Shabby Chic Outdoor Pillow by riccinumbers Rattan Outdoor Sofa by VitaSims 3 Patterns Multicolored Knitted Pattern by Similicious Norway Knit Moose and More by Similicious 3-Color Striped Knit by Similicious Page 116 Collection Premier: Savage Beauty by MA$ims - Images by AsiaShamecca


Other Links on Feature Page 126 The New Formal - Images by AsiaShaMecca Cigar Accessory by Aikea-Guinea Perhaps she will post one day. ;-) Poses by AsiaShaMecca Image One Ryan Nolan by fenrirsims Blazer & Turtleneck by EA Store Paso Doble Pants by bukova Shoes by EA Late Night EP Image Two Prestin Sarin by simsgal2227 Vintage Jacket with Neckerchief by IreneGouret Image Three Tom Cruise by Lunararc Modern Tuxedo by EA Supernatural EP Embellished Leather Pattern by EA Waist Coat Fabric Pattern by EA Image Four Peter by Blonde Chaos Suit by EA Base Game Vintage Pattern by Simsettee Image Five Harley by Blonde Chaos Business on the Top Pants by EA Supernatural EP Pattern by EA Vest Pattern by Peacemaker IC Image Six Ryan Nolan by fenrirsims Formal Glad Rags by EA Store Dense Fabric Pattern by Anulaa89 Image Seven Chi Mbanefo by AsiaShaMecca Hat by EA Base Game Top by EA Late Night EP Slacks by EA Base Game Tie Pattern by Peacmaker IC Image Eight Gabriel Jensen by HystericalParoxysm Top by EA Supernatural EP Fabric Patterns by EA Page 138 Beauty: Formal Styles – Images by Ms_Blue Models by Ms_Blue Coming Soon Image One Hair: Joshua Hair by Newsea Contacts: Hypnotic Eyes by PralineSims Beard: Modern Beard by Serpentrogue Lip Balm: Sweet Poison by PralineSims Eyebrows: Tender Brows by PralineSims Foundation: Pure Liquid by PralineSims Modern Tux by EA Supernatural EP Image Two Contacts: EyeSet19-V2 by Shojoangel Beard: Modern Beard by Serpentrogue


Lip Glace: Mademoiselle by PralineSims Eyebrows: Realistic III by MissDaydreams Crisp Coat and Gloves by EA Store Image Three Hair: Short Afro Hair by Club Crimsyn Contacts: EyeSet19-V1 by Shojoangel Beard: Chin Strap 3 by Serpentrogue Lip Gloss: Aqua by PralineSims Eyebrows: Tender Brows by PralineSims Foundation: Pure Liquid by PralineSims Blazer and Turtleneck Combo by EA Store Image Four Hair: DeAngelo by Cazy Contacts: EyeSet19-V2 by Shojoangel Lip Balm: Sweet Poison by PralineSims Beard: EA Games Late Night Expansion Eyebrows: Midnight Poison by PralineSims Foundation: Pure Mineral by PralineSims R&R Top by EA Store Image Five Hair: Unchained by Newsea Contacts: Lucid Eyes by MissDaydreams Lip Gloss: Crystal Glam by PralineSims Eyebrows: Realistic 6 by Serpentrogue Foundation: Pure Liquid by PralineSims Shadow: Impression by Gosik The Tux by EA Store Image Six Hair: Kisaragi Hair by Kewai-Dou Contacts: EyeSet19-V1 by Shojoangel Lip Gloss: Crystal Candy by PralineSims Eyebrows: Tender Brows by PralineSims Foundation: Fairy Cheek Powder by PralineSims The Undone Gentleman Top by EA Store Page 144 The Shaffer House - Build & Images by Freddie & Gissence Custom Content Used in the Lautner – Schaffer House Living Aspen - FULL fake wall by Mutske Living Aspen - HALF fake wall by Mutske Clear full window by Angela Z@pp Fireplace by Kyta1702 Ceiling beams by sim_man123 Patio set by Sim_man123 Gray round coffee table by Pilar Kilim rug by Baufive – Kilim Rugs Cambria Diningroom Tulips 1 by AnoekaB Rustic Hallway seat by Angela Tabo sofa by *n-a-n-u* Priza living chair by Wondymoon Willowbrook chair Dining chair Umlautaspiel by Honeywell Kitchen credenza by Awesims Wallunit 08_Pt 2 by Ung999 Skoll double bed by Sim_man123 Astraea wall surface by SIMcredible!


Ultramodern Lounge chair by Pralinesims Nautilus High shelve by Buffsumm Milk bottle by Sandy at ATS3 Eggs by Sandy at ATS3 Cider bottle by Sandy at ATS3 Vintage box by Sandy at ATS3 Pepper&salt by Sandy at ATS3 Mono kitchen cabinets and fridge by Murano Mugs by Baufive at b5-studio Farmhouse coffee pot by Cashcraft Silver milkserver by Shino&KCR Silver sugarserver by Shino&KCR Art Nouveau glasses, set of 6 by Shino&KCR Bottles, Treselle drinks by SIMcredible! Page 160 Community Build - Hogsmeade by FrauEngel Hogsmeade exclusive items by Li Ko Available in lot download Broom by Around the Sims 3 Cauldron by Around the Sims 3 Shop Windows by Around the Sims 3 Witch’s Hat by Around the Sims 3 Classic Gumball Machine by EA Store Fir Cones by ErSch Sims Dining Table by Helen Magic Laboratory by Jennisims Bed by Khany Sims Bookshelves by Khany Sims Chandelier by Khany Sims Fireplace by Khany Sims Bedside Table by Ladesire Under Stairs Shelving by LilyOfTheValley Medieval Tavern by LunaSimsLulamai Hammerhead Beams by MsBarrows Windough Add-on by Mutske Brookhaven Mum Basket by Pinecat Chesterfield Wing Chair by Pocci White Owl by Qingshuang Boy Master Suite Chest Seat by riccinumbers Christmas Set II by Severinka PBLiving Coffee Table by Shino&KCR Outdoor garland by Sim_man123 Asian Nook Hanging Tea Pot by SIMcredible! Bedroom 3 by Simply Styling Table, Chairs, Wallpaper, Tableware, Hearth, and Books by Sims 3-Models Sweetshop Decor by Sims Studio Fir Tree by VitaSims 3 Page 191 Back Cover Photography by Minraed


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