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Volume 1 - Issue 16

BLACK af t er WHITE Get the Look

COLORAMA Summer Nights




Volume 1 - Issue 16

F E AT U R E S 6 Black After White 14 Summer Nights 2 8 Sugar Almond 34 Dressage 46 Enduring Style 56 Sequined by the Sea 64 Colorama 76 Olympic Gold 90 Colorized


D E PA R T M E N T S 4 Editor’s Note & Contributors 22 Designer Showcase MASims3

44 Fab Finds 54 Get The Look 62 Reel Reviews 72 Model Creator Spotlight MM&CS

114 Geek Chic 116 Beauty

Color Play

96 Elvis has been to Spain 102 Boys of Summer 108 Une Belle Histoire



14 6

Fab Finds For Interiors

12 0 Bay Breeze Resort 126 Architecture by Chemy 106 Mexicali 132 Custom Content Creator Awesims

136 Interior Designer Zveki

138 World Showcase

Plav Raj by Nilxis Sims


Editors Notes Ollo! Back again for another dazzling SF opus. Summertime is here!!! Hurray for packing away those chunky sweaters and heavy boots for swimwear, suntans and sandals. Hurray for Summer vacations and Summer romance! ‘Tis my favorite time of year and we went ALL OUT to bring you the best of Summer fashion, deco and FUN! Don’t flip through too quickly now... We’ve got your days and nights covered. Savor the sultry playwear of Simeve’s “Summer Nights.” Feeling more girlish? Then the DELISH cotton-candy colored “Sugar Almond” by KateSterling should have just the right bite. “Olympic Gold” a Summer Games tribute by AsiaShaMecca and formal “Dressage” by Allium will take care of your evenings, not to mention the seductive, oh-so-sparkly “Sequin by the Sea” by Dustydreamer for our party girls! And we didn’t forget the menfolk either. *fans self* Previously unreleased content and super HOT spreads by DarkoSims and Aikea-Guinea are almost too much for a girl!

New contributors, new content, new interviews with designer shoe darling MASims3 and celebrity Sim maker MMCS and an all new machinima review feature “Reel Reviews”... whew, it’s all here and more! And all for you! We just hope you enjoy this issue at least half as much as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Until next time - HAPPY SUMMER!


Madi xxoo

Outfit from RustyNail

Speaking of new content, shout out to Awesims for the gorgeous furniture set created especially for her CCC Showcase and the premier of Cbon’s MEGA Balmain collection “Elvis Goes to Spain.” See them here first!!!

Cover Photography: Allium


Editor in Chief Madi 1909


Hopeless romantic/procrastinator with an eye for pretty things and creativity...loves family gatherings and terrace meals with good friends.

An optimistic dreamer, Dusty is a green obsessed neat freak with a smile for every day!

Senior Design Editor & Production Allium Allium loves to shoot Sims, OCD on interior design, braids, freckles and RED hair!

Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca Asia likes simming, taking Sim pictures and cute lil doggies in polo shirts.

Senior Men’s Editor & Stylist SuperPogimon Sim creator, Simtographer and a Designer/Builder from the Republic of the Philippines.

Senior Production, Fashion Photographer & Writer SimEve

Fashion Photographer and Stylist

Jasumi Mens Fashion Stylist, Photographer & Writer Jasumi loves creating alternative universes with her imagination in her spare time...

DrMusix Mens Fashion Stylist, Photographer & Writer DrMusix likes Jigglypuff, Ravenclaw, strawberries and anything simatography related.

KateSterling Fashion Photographer and Stylist Kate loves art, architecture, photography, homemade popcorn and Nivea chapstick!

Kementari Interior Designer Kementari - Nature Loving, Cat Coddling, Interior Designer.

Darkosims Fashion Photographer and Stylist Darko is the king of drools :Q__


The grass is always greener right underneath your feet.

Fashion Photographer and Stylist

Senior Interior Director, Photographer & Writer Minraed


Lives for the moment; loves good food, hot days, bad boys and glass of wine.

Contributors Adverts & Features BlondeChaos Cbon73 Cera Glaza Linday Lulu265 MrAntonieddu FA Productions

Huge fan of music, cinema and fashion, Circa loves to create photos around these glamorous worlds!

Fashion Photographer and Stylist Aikea-Guinea is chaos!

Simanims Fashion Photographer and Stylist A Nims: Very English, wears a black beanie, cat ears and no trousers (known to be very friendly) .





Summer is here again. Time for long long nights which turn into endless sultry days. And deep tans under lazy sunny skies make you think of white swimsuits and color crazed patterns. Black is so hot... so... winter. Or is it? The little black dress is seasonless. Always the right choice and always the right style. Should the little black swimsuit be any different? We say no. The LBS is just as stylish and the choice for Sims this summer. No pool party or beach getaway is complete without it. Throw on a jacket and the right shoes and it’s an outfit in itself. Accessorize it and you can

A S I A S H A M E C C A go from the beach to... anywhere. It’s simple but stylish. In swimwear, just like evening or day-wear, black makes a statement. It says “This Sim is confident... stylish and can take any heat you dish out!” Summer style is all about attitude. Attitude we know your SIm has to spare. The cold has blown through. Summer is here. This collection showcases the best suits we’ve seen so far. And the best news? Content creators are just getting started. There’s sure to be more to come. Until then, enjoy these visions of sexy summer in black.














r e m m u SNIGHTS

Pictures & WORDS by SIMEVE







a cool escape from the draining heat of day. In fact, Summer nights



energize our bodies and spirits.

Let your eveing wardrobe reflect how the night makes




and sensous. Breezy and perhaps a bit naughty. Your ready to have some fun And rememBer that just because the sun goes down, that doesn’t mean you can’t be hot.







3 S M I $ MA

M rAntonieddu of MASims3 has literally blasted onto the Sims community scene out of nowhere with some of the most amazing content SF has seen. In just a few months MASims3 has dabbled in 3D eyelashes (REVOLUTIONARY), hair, fashion and of course shoes GLORIOUS shoes and bags with a level of detail we have never seen. We simply had to get to know him. And we can’t wait to get started.... Thank you for agreeing to be featured. Please tell us a bit about yourself? I’m just a student. I live partly in Italy and partly in Belarus. I’m now finishing high school and I’m planning to enter the linguistic university and then, after finishing to move in Italy definitely. A bit about myself: I’m funny, positive, sociable person. I have a lot of friends. Maybe a little bit selfish, but I think I’m a good person. How would you describe your personal style? Probably, I don’t have my personal style. I prefer comfortable things, rather than trendy items. But I can’t say the same thing about my creations. I think they have their unique incomparable style. I try to create things, that I’ve never seen in the game. You mentioned that you don’t play, but enjoy making things for Sims 3? What got you interested in creating for the game? Yes, you’re right. I began playing the sims 3 when the game was released, but there was no custom


content at all, so I returned to The Sims 2. But maybe 4 or 5 months ago I bought a new computer and installed the gold edition of The Sims 3. At

the very beginning I was making only sims and lots. Then I decided to make poses and succeeded in it. After the poses I began doing towns and skintones but these things are rather difficult to make and they take a lot of time. But after that I decided to make clothes and shoes. It was rather difficult and my first shoes were so bad that I didn’t even publish them. But with time I mastered my skill, and now you see what I have achieved. Creating new items for me is just a hobby. I wanted to learn this, and I decided that I must learn this. Everything on your blog is wonderful but we have to say that we have NEVER seen anything like your shoes! The level of detail is INCREDIBLE! Where do you get your ideas? What inspires you to say... I have to make THOSE? Oh, I have a lot of sources of inspiration. Sometimes I just make the real shoes, but sometimes I find the inspiration in Alexander McQueen’s


works. They’re really amazing and I often look through his creations to get some fresh ideas. What tools do you use in creating your content? I have 5 main programs for creating custom content: Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Milkshape3D, Blender and The Sims 3. Yes, I haven’t mistaken what I meant to say - The Sims 3. For me, It’s just a program to make screenshots and to check the new items I’ve made. Unfortunately it’s true. I simply don’t have any time to play, but I don’t want to. It’s rather boring for me. You are very prolific and also your are getting better and better very quickly. What tutorials or sites helped you get started? How long does it take for you to make something for the game? I began creating custom content when I registered on Sims 3 Planet. That site helped me a lot. I found some u s e f u l tutorials that helped me when I was a beginner. Their administrator Anarchy-Cat supported me and I must admit that I learned how to make clothes due to her tutorial. And another creator, Glaza, helped me in the very beginning. She taught me how to place the dress texture correctly and so on. Now we usually speak in skype and share new ideas. But I learned meshing all by myself. It was rather hard but I kept trying and succeeded. Some people say that making new items is almost impossible, but I don’t agree. Usually I spend approximately 2-3 hours to make an item. The time depends on what I’m doing though. If it’s a complicated mesh I can spend even 5 hours working on it, or if it’s a simple shoe, the mesh is ready in 20 minutes. What advice do you have for aspiring creators? I have a good formula for those who starts creating custom content: The more attempts


you make, the better results you’ll receive. Practice is a key to success. You must try and try doing this and one day you’ll succeed. Try to find a source of inspiration: it may help you a lot. I wish you the best. In closing is there anything you would like to say to the many fans of your creations? And what

would you like to see more of in the Sims and the community as a whole? I would like to thank everybody that supports me in all ways: downloading my items, visiting my blog, commenting my posts and of course using my creations. Because it’s very important for a creator to see that his(her) items are being used. I really love you all. Special thanks to SF Magazine and to AsiaShaMecca in particular. I was a great pleasure answering your questions. I hope that EA games will create weather in Sims 3 for us. This is my biggest wish for now. So, I will continue creating custom content and I’ll be glad to see everybody in my blog.

Take care!

Mr.Atonieddu Special thanks to Aikea-Guinea for the tape outfit and pants. You’re the poo missy!


Advert by Simanims


Sugar lmon

The sweetness of this shoot is beyond words. With sky blues, candy pinks, and canary yellows, pastels dictate the sugary feeling. These colors will keep you cool and sitting pretty. They are the perfect outfits for a late date at the beach or for lounging in the sun with friends sipping your favorite drink. The key to these outfits are the accessories. And don’t worry about them matching, as long as your Sims stay in the pastel shades they will look sugary sweet like our models.



KateSterling 29




Dressage P H O T O G R A P H Y



Model: Pritti by Allium White Dress by BluElla at SimsTR Model: Desree by Sackgirl Black Gown by VitaSims3


Model: Camilla by Levitas Fushia Dress by Ekinege at SimsTR


38 22

Model: Saffron by Allium Sequin Dress by sims2fanbg at TSR


Model: Kate Abrams by nergoellesims Purple Gown by MrAntonieddu at MA$ims3


42 26

Model: Jessica Sullivan by JennaBray Blue Gown by RustyNail

Summer Wedges by Melisa Inci

Bea c by h Fun Lily ofT Umb heV r alle ella y

Sandals by Danzxncr

Dusty s Picks

Camellia Clogs by Sasha J

Peacock Print Dress by ILikeMusic640


Roman High-Heeled

Buckle Edge Sandals by Icia23


Beach Fun Cooler by LilyofTheValley

he sunshine is lingering as the days grow longer, the weather is getting warmer, your Sims find themselves spending more time outdoors with the pets or kids…. what does this all mean?? That’s right ladies, its summer! It’s time to shed everything that was meant to keep the cold out, because at SF we are only looking at inviting the warm rays in. This summer we bring you floral designs that are splashed in every color of the rainbow. These dresses can be worn to a beach concert or bonfire, strolling hand in hand with your loved one on the boardwalk, or catching up with friends over drinks. Summer is all about standing out in hot colors that rival nature! Keep it simple though, these cute dresses speak for themselves and do not need much else to accompany their voice. With your footwear, we say go a little more elegant instead of slipping on flip flops which can understate your summer dress, go for wedges and sandal looking heels in colors that compliment -not overwhelm- your outfit. We also believe that summer is the best time to sport ponytails and messy braids, it not only cools you down but it also can be worn in many different styles. Now even though you’re looking radiant, don’t forget those necessary things that all summer lovin’ Sims need like a good pair of sunglasses and sunscreen! So, while you’re sipping your delicious coconut juice under your beach umbrella relishing in all the wolf whistles you are hearing, do ya mind reaching into the cooler and tossing us a couple?



Platform Sandal by AllAboutStyle

FEATURE by DustyDreamer

Tropics Coconut by SIMcredible!

Cannes 2012 Antonio Berardi by RustyNail

Hasel Set 56_2 by Hasel

Countryside Dress 1 by Laupipi

Alberta Ferretti Floral by AllAboutStyle

Dolce & Gabbana 2012 by RustyNail

Alberta Ferretti Halter by AllAbout Style

Hot Hot Summer!





They were strangers on a train. The decade was the glorious roaring twenties. The discovery was... each other. The mood? Pure enchantment. Twenties fashion is beyond timeless, beyond “retro” or “vintage.” It’s pure romance. Eternal allure.. enduring transcendent style.



Lush lace, long dresses and ladylike gloves for her. For him, skinny suits, hats and spats. Be a dapper daddy or glamorous doll. Everything’s copacetic. The perfect look for an endless romantic adventure.



Advertisement by Glaza




GET Earrings by Dasha Kirilova

@a pplc4 k n i y Ir om/7w b g Ba yurl.c /tin / : http

Shoes by Birba32Â @ TSR

Bracelet by MA$ims3

Dress by EtInArcadiaEgo

Shorts by ashleypwnz @TSR

Oufit by IJS Sims3

Hat by Lemonleaf

Nails by Natalis @ TSR

Sandals by MA$ims3

Jewellery by Irink@a

Nautic al

Ahoy there! Nautical fashion is back for Summer and hotter than ever. Yay for gold buttons, hurrah for white blazers and high waisted pants! Vertical stripes in white and blue with splashes of red. Sailor caps and anchors, anchors anchors everywhere! Nothing says Summer like Nautical. Now go do some CC shopping! Top by Icia23 @TSR





Sequined Sea The modern day mermaid is a pretty girl roaming the boardwalk by the open sea decked out in sparkles that twinkle all day long under the wild sun and the calm moon .

Designer studs are nothing less for these darling creatures as they bewitch everyone that happens to spot them. They are the mixture between mermaids and the sea sirens that sink ships.

by the

Photography by DustyDreamer





Advert by SimEve

REEL REVIEWS Spotlight on

Reviews by FA Productions

Nittens looks like one of those that fly under the radar until he drops one of his bombs, and very powerful ones! His machinimas are nothing but jaw-dropping, mind-blowing and goose-bumps inducing pieces of art.

quality content since then.

He slew our souls with Moment at last year’s SIFF, winning first place in the Featured Machinima category, and continued providing us with

It takes dedication and a lot of patience to tame the wonderful art of machinima-making, and we think Nittens does it perfectly.


Don’t Miss MOMENT

This artist definitely knows how to build awesome sets, create believable characters, use extraordinary camera angles and tell us an amazing story with all of it.



Notable SS PRODUCTIONS: Probably best known for his long running machinima series “Emperor of Evil”, a dark horror about a serial killer with a dark legacy inherited from his father. SS uses a lot of custom animations, voice acting and music in his works to make them appear as realistic and professional as possible. SS Productions also picked up two awards from SIFF Spring 2012; Best Trailer and Best Staff Film for The Phantom of the Opera. MILOBEAN: MiloBean impressed the SIFF panel with his Disney-esque music video The Art of Dreaming, for the the song “Feather” by Little Dragon. All of

Milo’s machinima feature colourful characters and environments, so it’s a lovely change from all of the dark and supernatural horrors we see, no matter how good they are! Milo let slip that he’s working on another machinima that will “rock our socks off”. WINNDY: Winndy captured the hearts of SIFF viewers with the adorable machinima “Should I forgive?” Everything about the machinima was great, from the opening (a cute dog dancing to “Somebody that I Used to Know”) to the heart warming ending (which we cannot spoil here!). “Should I forgive?” is very similar to Pixar films with the sweet plot and the use of animals. We can only hope that we see more films like this in the future!

CHRISTIEL: Christie captivated our eyes with her fantastic machinima “G.O3: The Final Act” at the Sims International Film Festival (SIFF) Spring 2012. For her impressive film, she won not one but two awards! She scooped the Best [feature-length] Film and the Best Overall Film for that season of SIFF! Christie’s machinima are often very dark and she is known for creating her own poses and animations specifically for certain machinima. Now that’s dedication! “G.O3: The Final Act” features voice acting, action and drama all spread out of 6 long parts, totalling a staggering 1 hour 22 minutes! With her dedication and enthusiasm, we are certain that anything Christie does will be pure gold!







Advertisement by KateSterling



Images and Questions by ASIASHAMECCA Sims and Answers by RENATA CADEAU





howtime gave us professions and cute lil stage outfits. Late night gave us celebrity status, but we have to say the celebrities in question may have been a little... erm lacking. Well, if you agree, look no further. There are a few celebrity Simmers out there but we have to say the Sims of Male Model & Celebrity Sims are among the best. In addition to being drop dead gorgeous in their own right, MMCS has a real knack for likeness. We are thrilled to have a chance to chat with Renata of MMCS, so lets get started... Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Please tell us a bit about yourself? I’m a 32 years old mother. My daughter is also known for her pose creations. She is 14 ^.^. We live in Brazil. After creating Sims, watching TV series is my favorite hobby. We just kept seeing these familiar (and very handsome faces) on Sims 3 Updates and Facebook. Your celebrity Sims are amazing! Ian Somerhalder and Matheus Verdelho are particular favorites of mine. What prompted you to start creating for the Sims? Oh thank you very much :) Well I always loved the fashion world and male models. My crush is Leif Stacey and he also was my first creation. Then I decided to create all my favorite models and actors... And after some creations I though that maybe some other people would like to have those handsome guys in their games. So I decided to start posting on TSR. Afterwards I decided to create my own blog where I could improve my creations ;) 73

Why did you make

the decision to focus on male models and celebrities -not that we are complaining? :-) Well, it’s not a secret that I’m not good at creating females. I hate myself for not being able to create my favorite actresses like Catherine Zeta Jones and Megan Fox. But, it’s OK for me to create the hottest men in the world! :D

What keeps you creating? What are some of the joys in being so active in the community? What are some of the challenges? It is indeed! I really love what I do, even though it takes me so much time that I can’t even actually play the game lol. I guess I started being more active in April, when I hosted a huge celebrities party. In the occasion I met a lot of famous people in the Sims community. The biggest challenge is to attend in short time all the requests that I receive every day. Yes, we notice that you take requests! Who are you favorite celebrities? What about a particular celebrity makes you want to immortalize them in Sims? Well, like I said Leif Stacey is my favorite ^.^ and I would immortalize him if I could! LOL. But I also love


Creating for the Sims is truly a labor of love.

Gale Harold, Johannes Huebl, Thom Gwin and Lucas Marchi. How long does it take you to create a Sim? When do you look at one of your creations and say, “This is it... this guy is ready to face the world.”? It takes about one week. It depends of the celebrity. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was easy but Harry Potter took me more time. I try to make them as similar as I can. Sometimes I’m not happy with the results and after some time I try again and make other versions. It’s easier to make celebrities that I know well, like Richard Gere or Ian Somerhalder... What advice would you offer aspiring creators? My advice is never give up trying. I usually start with the eyes! I try to make them as similar as I can and when I get this... my work is 70% done In closing, what would you as a creator and a lover of the Sims like to see more of in the Sims community and the Sims as a whole? First of all and most important, I’d love to see EA creating some decent hairs LOL. The clothes are fine, but never enough. And I can’t wait for a Seasons expansion pack. When that happens you will probably notice that I won’t be so active in my blog and the community anymore. ;)))

Renata Cadeau




ou don’t have to be a sports fan to love the Summer Olympics. Every four years the best athletes in the world compete in that hallowed tradition. The Olympics bring the world together. It doesn’t matter what the sport. We all watch. We cheer our home athletes. We root for the underdogs and we long for that most coveted prize, Olympic Gold. When our


champion wins, it’s as if we’ve won it ourselves. And in a way... we have. Well it’s here, and SF celebrates that glorious tradition the way we celebrate most traditions... with style. When we saw this spread in US Vogue we just had to bring it to you... Sims style. Join us as we commemorate the Summer Olympics. Go for the Gold!









ETERNITY by Simvin Klein


Retro Kitchen Espresso Machine by Cashcraft’s @ TSR

Tuscan Kitchen - Pepper & Salt by Sandy @ Around the Sims 3R

Country Egg Dozen by DOT @ TSR

Ikea Inspired Bekvam Kitchen Deco Stove by riccinumbersa @ TSR

We bet you were just thinking that your kitchen needs a little something more, not a total make over but just a little something else. Well, look no further! Here at SF we managed to look over a few hundred items and found a couple that will add a bit of charm to your empty kitchen. These accents will make your kitchen a bit more homely and will match any type of décor with their mute colors. We also added a new stove just in case your old one has been acting up. It’s a new design from Ikea that is compact and practical for bakers and cookers alike. - DustyDreamer


Kitchen Edition

Found or Created by: LULU265

If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.

- Louis Parrish

Tuscan Kitchen - Demijohn by Sandy @ Around the Sims 3

Contemporary Squash by wolfspryte @ TSR

Potholders by Pinecat@TSR

Tuscan Kitchen - Coffee Grinder by Sandy @ Around the Sims 3

Mug Tree by Simcredibles @ TSR

Food Processor by Buffsum@ TSR

MuraturaBalanza by pilar @ TSR

Decor Bread by Lulu 265 @ TSR

Butcher Shop Salami by riccinumbers @TSR

Rustic Kitchen Apples byLulu265 @ TSR

89 29

Color i z e d CHROMA * LUMINOSITY * HUE * GLOW! Swimwear as art... I love it! Sure we could have gave you another beach, or a pool. Personally I would have been ok with some hot Sim chicas but hey... Sim guys gotta swim too. For men’s swimwear you got 2 types... the comfy board short guy and the speedo guy. Looking at these pics I’m thinking of switching to the speedo team. Fitted shorts aren’t just for the Riviera anymore. If you got it flaunt it. And if you’re gonna flaunt it... flaunt it with STYLE!


osim k r a D

by y h p ra g o t o Ph Words by SomeSimGuy 91






A N E W C O L L E C T I O N B Y C B O N 73


ashionistas, thank your lucky stars for Cbon73. There simply aren’t that many fashion forward Sims creators out there. Stylish yes. Designer... no. We’ve watched Cbon evolve. We’re fans. We admit it. Balmain imagined this collection as a trip of Elvis Presley from Las Vegas to South America to Spain. We think Cbon nailed it and we’re absolutely thrilled he agreed to be the first designer featured in our new SF Collection Premier editorial. “Elvis Has Been to Spain” will be available soon at The Sims Resource. Get it while it’s oh-so-HOT!

96 92

AVAILABLE 7/29/2012 AT:



99 95

100 96 78


102 46

Boys of Summer

PICS by DrMusix WORDS BY SomeSimGuy

2012 Yeah yeah... summer is for color. It should scream at you right? Right? But maybe your summer is more laid back. Maybe sunbleached neutrals are more your thing. Short tailoring abounds this summer too.

Cropped pants, short crotches

were all over the runways in Milan. But soft denim and sleeves tees never go out of style. A guy could get confused.

It always takes some time to let things percolate and think about what guys might and should be wearing next. The key is your style should be just that. Your style. Put your own spin on it for God’s sake. A guy is not a slave to fashion. The battle between tradition and innovation really isn’t a battle at all. Making summer 2012 yours is the hot look this season.

NOTE: These gorgeous male models were made exclusively for SF in this photo shoot. by I-like-teh-sims


50 106

Advertisement by MrAntonieddu



Une Belle


Images by MrAntonieddu

Words by PsuedoSim


t was a chance meeting. A beautiful day on the motorway. A day of chance. Of providence. He from the north of France and she from the south. Strangers but for that one Summer day. That one spark of romance. They gathered providence in the hollow of their hands, refusing to think about tomorrow. But of course tomorrow came. He went back to his home up there in the fog... She went back , down there, to the south. But she never forgot her day of love, when they hid in the wheat field, letting themselves be taken by the streams. She never forgot greeting providence with a wave. Her first Summer love.

C’est un beau roman..


C'est une belle histoire..

C'est une romance d'aujourd'hui..


Il rentrait chez lui, lĂ -haut vers le brouillard..


Lyrics written by Pierre DelanoĂŤ.

Elle descendait dans le Midi, le Midi..

Gadgets finds for THE “Computer Whiz”


A wise woman (who looked great in a pair of daisy dukes I might add) once said, “I don’t know what it is, but I want it.” Right now, that quote makes me think of... Steampunk.

What is it? Why is it so hot? And... why does it look so COOL?!?! Sci-fi, alternate future, fantasy, Victorian era... Wild west... anachronistic technology. Who cares? Steampunk is crazy cool and looks awesome in game. But yeah, unlike life, a little most definitely does not go a long way! When our frock-coated, goggled oh so Steampunky hero goes to make a call and reaches for the regular old boring Sims wall phone... well... he looks pretty silly doesn’t he? Is that a modern bathroom tucked away in his veddy Victorian home? We say nay. If you’re going Steampunk, go all out and outfit your hood in retro-tech too! These gadgets will add a hint of the real to your Steampunk fantasy home (now work that oxymoron for a while). Hit ‘em Harder Blackjack Table by EA Store Ok, is it really Steampunk? DUDE! He spits cards out of his mouth and blows steam out of his ears when he has a bad hand! DUH! You need this!

Feature by SomeSimGuy


Deal me in baby!!!

steampunk edition GO GO gadget cycle! Steampunk Scooter by wintermuteai1

Steampunk Accessories by Lisen801

Steamy... and yet practical.

Steampunk Kitchen by EA Store

I think my food will taste like steam and axel grease... but I find myself intrigued. Oddiment & Tweak Steampunk Espresso Machine by Twisted FATE

Stelevision Model V1 by EA Store

Model Simoetrope by EA Store

Hearth & home Brass, wood, gears and high definition. Who knew those words would find a home together?

sound the horn!

The Benet Phonograph by EA Store Retronik Lectronik by Phonokronik by EA Store

Steam-bot! by Vampire_aninyosaloh

Hmm... not a bot exactly. It’s a playable Sim. So presumably you can have really interesting Sim babies with him... er her... Yes well... moving on. Oddiment & Tweak Steampunk Phone by Twisted FATE Generation Clock by EA Store

Galileo’s Observer by EA Store Open Gears Wall Clock by EA Store

ColorP l ay

Seeing bright, crazy colors in unexpected places is enough to put almost anybody in a good mood. Whether it’s neon blazers, hot red high heels or crazy prints, adding a colorful element to your look is becoming one of the most popular and simplest trends to follow. Bring the COLOR trend into your Sims makeup routine by switching out your boring black or brown eyeliner CAS choices with a brightly colored liners for a dramatic pop of color that immediately brightens your Sim’s whole look. PHOTOGRAPHY by JASUMI WORDS by ASIASHAMECCA

Beauty 116


Brilliant Color

If a full-on lid of colored eyeshadow is too bold for your taste, you just may fall in love with summer’s colored eyeliner trend. Similar to the bright clothing trend, bright eyeliners are best when worn with minimal or muted lip and cheek shades.


Draw The Line

Don’t want your Sim to look too wild? These pastels add a more girly touch. Whatever your palette, colored liner is a noncommittal way to make your Sim’s makeup pop with just a dab of color along the water line or above the lashes. Keep the rest of your Sim’s makeup neutral so as not to compete with her bright liner

Instant Expression

And yes, guys are welcome to grab the trend too – it looks amazing! A subtly shadowed eye looks ever so slightly deeper-set, more expressive, and more tender. Suddenly, eyes take on a whole new personality when paired with a touch of color. The beauty of eyeliner is in its magical ability to make the eyes stand out for miles and miles. Remember that these trends are guides, not rules and you are the boss of your Sim’s makeup. So, whether you want to make a bright and bold statement with your look, or just be your natural and beautiful Sim self… this is the Summer for you!


Advertisement by MrAntonieddu


Style is around you. Rome, Via Pinelli 75. Milan, Largo Augusto 34. Naples, Via Francesco Pioni 49. Paris, Avenue Paul Appell 17. Cannes, Passage Fermat 55. Madrid, Calle dela Montera 12a 109



Lounge in luxury on your next getaway.

Images Words

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Homes & Interiors



Daydream away the hours while lounging in luxury on one of the many quiet corners, float around wistfully in the refreshing pool, or keep cool while enjoying a cocktail at the swim-up bar.


Homes & Interiors

Bay Breeze, the much anticipated elite 5-star spa and resort, is an oasis of Santoriniinspired relaxation. Within minutes you will feel as if you have been transported into a dream world – surrounded by calming blue tones, gentle rippling waters, and billowy curtained awnings.


Homes & Interiors

Inside the Bay Breeze, suites await to ensconce you in comfort beyond compare. The blue and white colour theme is carried throughout the resort’s bright and airy interiors. Each spacious room is decorated with a unique collection of artifacts and equipped with state of the art surround sound ensuring that every moment of your stay leave you feeling certain that you are dreaming and wishing you would never have to wake.




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here has been much talk around town in home design circles about a hot new rising star in fresh modern architecture. Builder Maggie, known as Chemy at TSR, is taking the Sims modernarchitecture world by storm with many new builds that could be described as affordable luxury, often with families in mind. Our showcase is a home called Lily Modern – a family home with 4 bedrooms, outdoor entertaining area, and equipped with a gym, office and playground – ready and waiting for a growing family. The original location of this home is 455 Sunnyside Blvd in Sunset Valley.


The download itself is free, but Chemy does use items from all stuff packs and expansions – any items you don’t have will be replaced, but our designer Linday assures you that this home is a delight to redecorate with your own personal style preferences.


LILY MODERN - free download

Chemy’s studio

Interior design by Linday Links for items at the back of the Magazine.


Images & Words by Not all of us have the good fortune of living in a part of the world where outdoor living is possible year round, so for this issue’s room theme we’ve taken our inspiration from those sunny, warm climates. Mexi-cali interior design, as we interpret it, is


Minrae d

a veritable festival of colour combined with an eclectic mix of décor features. Mexican influences help create an outdoor living, dining and entertaining space that brings to mind hot climates and a fiesta atmosphere.

Daffodils by Shakeshaft @ TSR Glass Vase by RicciNumbers @ TSR Glass Vase by RicciNumbers @ TSR

Mexican Restaurant at ATS

Food and Kilim Rug/Cushions by Baufive

Santorini fireplace and more by Luna Serena Outdoor Kitchen by Lulu265 at TSR , FREE made especially for this project

Homes & Interiors

Barstool by Shino&KCR @ TSR

Herbs by Simcredible! @ TSR

Metal Wall Art by Simply Styling

ATS Flower Shop




A w e S i m s Words by Kailead Navarro Pictures by Kementari M O D E R N I N S P I R AT I O N S F O R YO U R H O M E



reator Sarah, a.k.a. Sixtyten at Awesims, has been providing the interior decorating community with consistently high quality, free dÊcor and furnishings since Sims2 days. The available collection has a distinctly classy feel that includes interpretations of mid-century modern design along with updated comfort classics. Sarah has created a dazzling array of downloadables, primarily with living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms as a focus. While she admits that she does not love creating kitchens, she has two delightful offerings here – one with a decidedly

retro 50’s vibe and the other with sleek, modern elements. Awesims offers versatile designs that you will find yourself revisiting over and over – with many musthave items for your interior design arsenal. Thank you Sarah for these wonderfully inspirational offerings.

Download this GORGEOUS chair, Lamp, table and flowers, made especially for this issue of SF Magazine!



i k e Zv

E T IN R O t I h R lig S


t o p

S D R WO ead il a K by ro r a Nav

Egyptian E legan c e Link to Zveki’s Modern Design:

Our design team has been

A balance is stuck in perfect

scouting high and low to bring


to you examples of the most

civilization and modern-day

elegant and stylish interiors to

Egypt come together with

inspire your interior designs.

an underlying tone of rustic

Serbian designer, Zveki, has a


magical touch when it comes


to interior design and certainly

include; rich natural fabrics -

does not fail to amaze us with

finely woven linens and soft as

this regal Egyptian manor.

silk cottons, the finest hand-

Simplistic yet bold at once


with a comfortable elegance

of luxurious pillows and a

that magically whisks you


way to an imaginary oasis.

wood and stone accents.




carpeting, of







World Showcase Plav Raj by Nilxis Sims

Plav Raj is a village located in the Croatian coast, in a privileged environment where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, historic places and have a totally Mediterranean lifestyle. The world has a custom sky colour that gives a very warm and mediterranean feel to the world. You can use the world as a Vacation World thanks to the Traveler Mod, I have built a Base Camp in the world to be used as a Vacation World. You can download the world without Stuff Packs, the missing objects will be replaced. Come to explore this wonderful place and discover its magic!

“It’s understood By every single person Who’d be elsewhere if they could So far so good And life’s not unpleasant In their little neighbourhood” Neil Peart, Middletown Dreams


Plav Raj

Requirements: World Size: 2048x2048 (large) Residential Lots: 36 Community Lots: 43 Rabbitholes/Community Lots: All them except some LN clubs. File Size: 89.5 MB Routing done: Yes Spawners: All Base Games



The world is unpopulated. However, some people have been helping me creating some famliles for the world. You can download these families HERE

Creator Tip: Nilxis Sims on...

Getting Started It’s good to show your works in progress in CAW forums, so if you are doing something wrong people can tell you. The best worlds you can find are product of a lot of work for part of the creator, and of lots of people advising and supporting the world creator. Always try to make your world unique. Don’t pretend to do a Sunset Valley clone, do something different, find a good and unique idea and develop it the best you can! The most important things are be patient and belive in what you’re doing.

Creator Tip: Nilxis Sims...

Recommends Here are some links to tutorials that I recommend on... • • • • •

Changing Sky/Sea/Light colours Recoloring Game Objects Routing Adding Water Planes SuperCAW

127 141

links Inside Cover Page 6-12

Artwork by Simanims

Black After White - Images by AsiaShaMecca Jasmine Sullivan by JenaBray Insert ~ See Image 4 Image 1 Daniella Metallic by Saliwa Beautiful Sinner Shoes by MASims3 Big Hoops by Luchness Dazzling Starfish Necklace by NataliS Fashionista Hair 10 by ulker Waist Chain by Lore Image 2 Dark Cat Bodysuit by Saliwa Gothic Cross Jewelry by Lore Cuff by Lore Belt with Studs Choker by Glaza Light Year Hair by Newsea Image 3 228 - Top by sims2fanbg 83 - Bottom by sims2fanbg Sandals with Strings by altea127 Oval Pendants by NataliS Bangles w/ Freeform GemStones by Lore Flying Dance Hair by Newsea Image 4 Dream Mokini by Bluella Louboutin Rodarte Shoes by MASims3 Ring w/ Pearl Pendant by NataliS Wide Metal Bracelet by NataliS Liquid Metal Earrings by NataliS Belly Ring by Lore Lucky Star Hair by Newsea Image 5 Give a Little More Bikini by sims2fanbg Earrings by Blacksweety Heart Shaped Glasses by Capital Sims Diversity Line Pendant by NataliS Ring w/ Pearl Pendant by NataliS Navel Piercing by LadyFB Freeform Modern Bracelet by Lore Anto Ponytail Conversion by CoolSims Image 6


34-43 Cont.

Suede Jacket by ekinege

All In Bikini Bottom by miraminkova Wide Spinner Ring by Lore Purse for Ladies by MelissaMel Prom Shoes by melisa inci Hair 000771 by Peggy

Page 13

Skysims Advertisement - Image by AsiaShaMecca Haydee by sherri1010 Dresses by All About Style

Page 14-21

Summer Nights - Images by SimEve Adria Moore by SimEve Cruze Delgado by SimEve Image 1 Balmain Shirt from AllAboutStyle High heels w/strings by Altea12 Three Hoops by Lorandia Undershirtless by Furballvie Rolled up jeans by RitsukaCom Spear Pendant by NataliS Multiple Rings for Males by Lorandia

Disaster Piece Jacket by Jockers Boots by Sasha J.

Image 2 Balmain Crop Outfit from AllAboutStyle Summer Wedges by melisa Inci Big Hoops by SugaMami

Image 3 Asymetrical Blouse by Lorandia Marta Shoes by Altea127 Bangles by Lorandia Multiple Rings by Lorandia

Leather Jacket by PradaSims Boots by Sasha J. Temptation Trilogy Ring by AB_Creations

Image 4 Strapless Michael Kors by Irinka Shoes Elisa by altea127 Rocks angled bracelet by NataliS Rocks angled ring by NataliS

Leather pants by ekinege Multiple bracelets for males by Lorandia

Image 5 Bright Soul Set Dress Bracelets by Lorandia Image 6 Balmain Bodysuit from AllAboutStyle Tribal Shirt by Juliana

Page 22-26

Designer Spotlight: MA$ims3 - Images by AsiaShaMecca Models by MrAntonieddu Caution Tape Skirt & Top by JS Sims


22-26 cont.

Tape Pants & Outfit by Aikea-Guinea Not Available for Download... Yet. :-P Crime Scene Tape by Skeletal Screams

Page 27

Anubis Advertisement- Image by Nims

Model by Nims Not Available for Download Dress by Anubis

Page 28-32

Sugar Almond - Images by KateSterling Model by KateSterling Not Available for Download Look One Hair #000019 by PeggyZone Glasses & Socks by EA Base Game Tunic Top by AllAboutStyle Hot Pants by Daluved1 Clutch Bags Winter Collections by Weeky Zipper Heel Sandal by AllAboutStyle Look Two Hair Scarf by EA World Adventures EP Earrings by EA Base Game Shirt & Necklace by EA Showtime EP NatlaiS Bracelet With Gems by NataliS Hot Pants by Daluved1 Look Three Flirty Hair Bow Hairstyle by EA Store Earrings & Socks by EA Base Game Chambray Tunic by AllAboutStyle Fabric & Seebead Bangle by Irink@a Zipper Heel Sandal by AllAboutStyle Look Four Bangles by Irinka Flower Garden 4 by RustyNail Sequin Stocking by NewSea Poodle Pearl Necklace by NewSea Patent Leather Peeptoe pumps by Gosik Look Five Sunglasses by EA Late Night EP Hair #000262 by PeggyZone Sequin Stocking by NewSea NataliS Pearl Bracelet by NataliS Empire Waist Dress by AllAboutStyle Peeptoe Heels by ILikeMusic640

Page 34-43

Dressage - Images by Allium Image One Pritti by Allium Not Available for Download White Dress by BluElla at SimsTR Desree by Sackgirl Black Gown by VitaSims3 Image Two Camilla by Levitas Fushia Dress by Ekinege at SimsTR Image Three Saffron by Allium Not Available for Download Sequin Dress by sims2fanbg at TSR Image Four Kate Abrams by nergoellesims


34-43 Cont.

Purple Gown by MA$ims3 Image Five Jessica Sullivan by JennaBray Blue Gown by RustyNail

Page 39-40

Fab Finds - Dusty’s Picks: Hot Hot Summer - Images by Dustydreamer

Peacock Print Dress by ILikeMusic640 High-Heeled Sandals by Danzxncrd Beach Fun Cooler by LilyofTheValley Camellia Clogs by Sasha J Buckle Edge Sandals by Icia23 Summer Wedges by Melisa Inci Beach Fun Umbrella by LilyofTheValley Platform Sandal by AllAboutStyle Cannes 2012 Antonio Berardi by RustyNail Hasel Set 56_2 by Hasel Countryside Dress 1 by Laupipi Alberta Ferretti Floral by AllAboutStyle Dolce & Gabbana 2012 by RustyNail Alberta Ferretti Halter by AllAbout Style

Page 46-52

Eduring Style by Nims Evie Wright by PistolKitten Drakon Blake by Nims Image One Dress Perfect Wedding by RustyNail Hat and Hair- Sims 3 Store Shoes by EA

Not Available for Download Not Available for Download Showtime EP

Jacket/Top - Sims 3 Store Trousers - In game Hat - Land of Woe Image Two Dress Perfect Wedding by RustyNail Hat and Hair- Sims 3 Store Outdoor Living SP

Jacket/Top - Sims 3 Store Trousers - In game Shoes by EA Image Three Dress - Cbon Hair - Sims 3 Store Shoes by EA Outdoor Living SP Showtime EP Showtime EP

Jacket/Top - Sims 3 Store Trousers - In game Outdoor Living SP Hat - Land of Woe Image Four Dress - All About Style Hair - Elexis, Ace Creators Necklace Showtime EP Bag - SimsTR Suit by EA Image Five Hair - Sims 3 Store

Nightlife EP


46-52 Cont.

Hair - Sims 3 Store Dress Perfect Wedding by RustyNail Bracelet - Lorandia Sims 3

Jacket/Top - Sims 3 Store Trousers - In game Outdoor Living SP Image Six Dress - All About Style Necklace Showtime EP Jacket/Top - Sims 3 Store

Page 56-60

Sequined by the Sea - Images by Dustydreamer Lily January by Sims for Sale Image One Shiny Dress w/ Open Back by Sunny13 Sexy Stilettos by Simsimay Image Two Gradient Glitter Dress by Cleotopia Seahorse Platform Wedges by Cbon73 Long multi-stone necklace by NataliS ImageThree Gold Bodysuit by Cbon73 Classic Peep-Toe Pumps by Gosik Image Four Shiny Heels by Melisa Inci Lady Gaga Black Bra by Anubis360 Bracelet by EA Showtime EP Sequin Hotpants by Ekky_Sims Trace by cecesaun1 Dress by Rusty Nail Hat by Peggy Drop Clip Earrings by NataliS

Page 61

IMHO Poses Advertisement - Image by SimEve

Poses by IMHO

Page 64-71

Colorized - Images by Aikea-Guinea Models by Aikea-Guinea Not Available for Download... Sigh Image One (Left to Right) Top by Aikea-Guinea - Coming Soon Top by Aikea-Guinea - Coming Soon Top by EA Base Game Image Two Top by Aikea-Guinea - Coming Soon Bottom: All About Style Shoes: Vans by Sims2Time ImageThree Top by EA Base Game Bottom: All About Style Hat in Hand by Aikea-Guinea - Soon Image Four Top by Aikea-Guinea - Coming Soon Bottom by EA Store Shoes by EA Nightlife EP Image Five Top by Aikea-Guinea - Coming Soon


64-71 Cont.

Bottom: All About Style

Shoes by EA

Top by Aikea-Guinea - Coming Soon Bottom by EA Store Shoes: Vans by Sims2Time Image Six

Top by EA Image Seven Top by EA Store Bottom by EA Store Shoes by EA Hat in Hand by Aikea-Guinea - Soon

Page 72 Nightlife EP Base Game Nightlife EP

Softrain Lashes Advertisement - Image by KateSterling Softrain’s Blog

Page 76-85

Olympic Gold - Images by AsiaShaMecca

Shot on location in Oahu by Jasumi Bella by BrainlessPrincess Event: Hurdles Tyrell Johnson ( as Adult) by LadyFB Heidi Dress by -April- Casual Shorts by terriecason Event: Tennis Brock by Lima_Melon (Both) Latino Swan Dress by Simsimay Hair Conversion by Robodl95 Heart Earrings by NataliS Heart Necklace by NataliS Tennis Items by lilibou Lacoste Polo by RamenNoodles Malibu Ken Shorts by frisbud Tennis Items by lilibou

Hugo Dean by MissLochness Draped Dress by NataliS Flower Ring by Astra Wide Matte Hoop Ring by NataliS Freeform Modern Bracelet by Lore Wide Matte Hoop Earrings by NataliS Fashionista Hair 16 by ulker Rev’s Dungarees by Revilo70 Men’s leggings by _aya_ Parallel Bars by Severinka

Event: Parallel Bars

Event: Basketball Basketball Guy by AsiaShaMecca Not Available for Download Sequined Miraculous Dress by Harmonia High Heels Sandals by NataliS Diva Hair by AngelD (DarkoSims) Halftime Shorts by miraminkova Basketball Items by Severinka Event: Swimming Shane by BrainlessPrincess Dress 007 by Juice Wella Hair by Newsea


76-85 Cont.

Semi Precious Bracelet by NataliS Semi Precious Earrings by NataliS Olympic Tattoo Added in Photoshop

Page 86-87

Eternity Advertisement - Image by AsiaShaMecca Ansel Crichton by AsiaShaMecca Allegra Greene by AsiaShaMecca Afro-Wrap Hair by Aikea-Guinea

Page 90-95

Colorized - Images by DarkoSims Models by DarkoSims Not Available for Download Swimwear by Darko (Coming Soon)

Page 102-106

Boys of Summer - Images by DrMusix Image One August Mission Shirt by Sims3Store Bottoms by EA Showtime EP MYOS Shoes Leevan’s Hat by WOE Leather Jacket by Pradasims Casual Set Bottoms by Juliana MYOS Shoes Image Two Top by EA Base Game Casual Set Bottoms by Juliana MYOS Shoes Leevan’s Hat by WOE Casual button shirt by Maaak Pants Series II by RustyNail Shoes by EA Base Game Accessory by EA Base Game Image Three Tank Tops by dalagitah Cotton Pants by CarrieSIms Shoes by EA Base Game Accessory by EA Base Game Suspenders Shirt Set by JS SIMS Pants Series II by RustyNail Bottoms by EA Showtime EP Shoes by EA Base Game Image Four Lukasz Layered Tee by Sims3Store Casual Set Bottoms by Juliana MYOS Shoes Accessory by EA Base Game Accessory Set by My Blue Book Summer Collection by Pradasims Pants Series II by RustyNail Shoes by EA Base Game

Page 108-113

Une Belle Historire - Images by MrAntonieddu Models by MrAntonieddu Shoes by MrAntonieddu Image One


108-113 Cont.

Louis Vuitton Transparent by Cbon Hat by Lore Image Two Top Unknown If it’s yours please let us know. Bottoms by EA Town Life Stuff SP Hat by Lore Image Three Louis Vuitton Kate Moss by Cbon Hat by Lili Image Four Louis Vuitton Fur & Leather by Cbon Hat by Lili Image Five Louis Vuitton Red Jacket by Cbon Hat by Lili

Page 116-118

Beauty: Color Play - Images by Jasumi Eyeshadows EA Ambitions EP Ephemera Eyeliners Danzxncrd Yukey Sims Lips Yukey Sims

Page 120-124

Luxurious Resort - Images by Kementari Outdoor Furniture Tango Set @ Mussa Sims 3 Barcelona Set @ Mussa Sims 3 St Raphael Set @ Crea Sims 3 Pool Stairs Swimming pool 1 @ simenapule Bar Stool & Sign Lamba Beach Bar by *n-a-n-u* @ TSR Indoor Furniture Lounge Chair & Foot Stool Montecito Bedroom Set @ Vita Sims 3 Couch by Einfach Simlisch Arianna Double Bed (No Pillows) by Apple @ TSR Latis Outdoor Umbrella by Angela @ TSR Morphee Living Room White Tulips by Roan @ TSR European Dining Luster Chandelier by Deeiutza @ TSR Clive Kitchen Barstool by Shino&KCR @ TSR PB Dining 2011 Bartable by Shino&KCR @ TSR Misc Decor Beaded Mirror by Yarona @ sims3-models Canopys by Luna @ LunaSimsLulamai Fountain by simcredibledesigns


120-124 Cont.

Lanterns by Luna @ LunaSimsLulamai BreezyCurtain by Shino&KCR @ TSR Wall Deco by Suza @ Simply Styling Pillows Morphee Set by Roan @ TSR Twygo Nursery Set by AnoeskaB @ TSR Simply Modern Living Set by Ray_Sims @ TSR

Page 126-129

Architecture by Chemy - Images by Linday Items Used From: Opium Dining by Jomsims Creations Miscellaneous Deco from Simcredible

Page 130-131

Mexicali - Images by Minraed

ATS Flower Shop Vintage Wall Plant by Simcredible Outdoor Barstool by Shino&KCR Mexican Restaurant at ATS Food and Kilim Rug/Cushions by Baufive Santorini Fireplace and more by Luna MADE EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEXICALI: Serena Outdoor Kitchen by Lulu265 Adinia Daffodils in Pitcher by Shakeshaft Just Live Glass Vase by RicciNumbers Metal Wall Art by Simply Styling




Sims Fashionista



SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 16  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

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