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Volume 1 - Issue 13






Artwork by AsiaShaMecca

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Volume 1 - Issue 13


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12 Designer Showcase ILikeMusic640

24 Fab Finds 50 Putting On The Glitz 66 Model Creator Spotlight Cecesaun1

84 Geek Chic 88 Beauty

Dazzling Metallics


HOMES & INTERIORS 92 Architect Spolight DH4S

76 Whyte’s Wine Cellars 80 Christmas Living


72 World Showcase Everything Island

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Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca Senior Fashion Photographer and Senior Men’s Editor and Stylist SuperPogimon

Minraed Executive Interior Design Director and Contributing Photographer & Writer Kementari Contributing Interior Design Editor & Fashion Photographer Aikea-Guinea Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist SylentWhysper Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Dustydreamer Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Circa Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Jasumi Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist My-Sim-Style Associate Interior Designer & Photographer MeestorMark MarketingDevelopment Director & Writer DrMusix Mens Fashion Stylist & Writer

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Images & Writing Ruthless KK Writing Pseudo-Sim

Cover Photography by SylentWhysper


Editors Notes And so we go on to end the year with our “Holiday Issue”. And what a glorious issue it is. At SF Magazine, we are family and during this time of year (soon after we put this laborious and much loved issue to rest) we all start making our holiday plans and start looking forward to family gatherings. Whether we travel back to our home towns or we jet off to a beautiful destination, one thing rings true; there’s nothing like being with those you love during the holidays. One of the things that I have learned the most while working with my wonderful staff is that no matter what, it’s always important to try to balance your life. Always remember to take time for yourself and make time for your loved ones, because in the end, it’s your family and friends that will always be there for you...and this rings even truer at this time of year. I know I got all deep there for a second...but let’s get back to business now...OUR HOLIDAY ISSUE IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!! And believe me; SF has you SET for the season. Featuring some of the holiday’s HOTTEST fashions, this month’s issue is GUARANTEED to have you all wrapped up with holiday cheer. From some of the most awesome-est (look it up!) knits featured in our “Snow Globe” spread by our talented Stylist and Photographer – Allium - to the SEXY and Oh So Yummy “What Lies Beneath” spread by the MISTRESS of “Hot DAMN!” - AsiaShaMecca – and EVERYTHING in between – this issue will most definitely BLOW you away. So go ahead...ring in the celebrations of the season – SF STYLE! Also, in this months’ “Designer Spotlight”, we managed to snag one of MY personal favourites ILikeMusic640 – for a little one on one conversation. And wait...that’s not all...check out our interviews with SIM creator extraordinaire Cecesaun AND Samuel of DHFS, who will be featured in our very first “Architectural Spotlight”. And of course we all know that the perfect accessory will be the one you will be kissing under the mistletoe... so don’t miss out on Superpogimon’s fabulous Menswear picks for the season as well. With a bit of everything for everyone...we are sure that this issue will quickly become a favourite! With that said, I would like to add a special thank you to all the staff members who made it happen and would also like to wish all of them a wonderful holiday season filled with love.


Madi xxoo





couture en cage The art of fashion. Underrated? Certainly. Except in the most select of circles, even the most fashion conscious aficionado will often miss the simple fact that that fashion is more than clothes and how we wear them. Perhaps even more than style or design. Fashion is the expression of creative skill and imagination of more than ordinary significance. The same definition could be applied to art. And no definition might be more apropos for couture.

Images by Jasumi Words by SomeSimGuy

Pictures by Aikea Guinea Words by Pseudo-Sim


8 16


Once we begin to truly see fashion as art, our perception instantly changes dimension. It moves from the surface of fabric and line to the soul of emotion and intent. The items in question cease to be mere pieces of clothing and become a reflection of our true selves. This is power. This is fashion. As you turned these pages did you catch your breath? The dresses here transcend mere formal-wear and they speak. They breathe. They make you feel... something. Something of more than ordinary significance. Look through them and then look again. Do you feel it? These gowns are prefect in their moment. Without an admiring crowd. Without a glamorous occasion, they are breathtaking. They are beautiful in their own right. This is fashion. This is art. This... is couture.



ILikeMusic640 Interview Questions and Images by AsiaShaMecca Answers and Clothing by ILikeMusic640



o many Sims downloads have a similar feel. You got our shiny dress, your mini dress, your skinny jeans and then..... But every now and again a creator comes along who brings their own spin to the game. We LOVE ILikeMusic640 because her downloads break the mold. When you are looking for something well made that really stands out, you need look no further. We were absolutely thrilled to have the chance to get to know this talented CC designer.

challenge usually is that I find something that I love but it won’t translate well to Sims. For instance, flowing and loose outfits look great in real life but not so much in game. So then, I have to find a way to modify the clothing design to fit the game. It can be frustrating but is also very fun to make it your own.

It is so cool that you sew your own clothes . I noticed that on your TSR bio too (I wish I had the discipline... or the talent). How would you describe your First off, tell us a bit about yourself? personal style? My name is Claire, I’m 19, and I live in the My personal style is reflected very much on United States. I’m a sophomore majoring in the clothes I make for sims. I like classic and marketing with a minor in apparels, textiles, vintage inspired looks. I shop mostly at thrift and merchandising. I’ve been creating for the stores and secondhand shops, so finding the Sims for about 3 years now. In my free time cool pieces is just as much fun as wearing I like to sew and design my own clothes and them. The really cool thing about being able accessories. It’s like the Sims in real life! to sew is that I can make it look exactly how I want it, whether it’s simply altering a garment I wanted to say congratulations on or making a completely new one. becoming a TSR Featured Artist! Its well deserved. Are you excited? How does one I was looking through your Sims 2 become an FA? catalogue. So many pretties. Do you think Thank you, I’m very excited! Anyone who you will continue creating for Sims 2? submits creations on TSR is eligible to Was it difficult to make the transition to become a FA. It is a lot of work to keep up Sims 3? with comments and updates. I try to publish No, I’m done creating for Sims 2. I enjoyed something once a week, but sometimes creating for it, but, honestly, hardly anyone school gets the best of me. plays it anymore. I don’t even have the game installed! Sims 3 is a much better game and We love your items for the Sims. I noticed gives me more creating options, like shoes. many of them have a vintage feel? Where I love making shoes! It was difficult at first does your fashion inspiration come from? to learn the new techniques for Sims 3, but I love vintage inspired clothes! I read fashion it was worth it. The recoloring option adds a blogs daily and just try to generally keep up whole new dimension to the game and was with what’s coming up next. I also flip through hard to figure out initially. But, I love learning catalogs and magazines to get ideas. The new things and always improving!


and it’s obvious when you try to. There have been many projects that I have scraped because they were not going anywhere. So, don’t be afraid to start over completely. In closing, what would you like to see more of in The Sims and in the community as a whole? I would like to see more male and teen options. Everyone forgets about them, but I am trying to remember that category! Also, I want to see more accessories. You can never have too many.

What tools do you use to create your content? How long does it usually take to create something? I use Photoshop CS3 and TSR Workshop. Most creations take a couple hours. I usually start late at night on an inspiration kick, then I will finish it the next day when I get back from class. Adding a new mesh extends the time by at least a day. What advice do you have for any aspiring creators? I would tell them to find a good tutorial and just go for it. Start creating. Don’t publish right away! I’m so embarrassed by some of my creations when I first started. Why did I publish them? They are horrible! But, everyone starts somewhere and even now I am learning new ways of creating. Also, make sure you have inspiration. You can’t force creativity,


Advert by Yoteamo

Bridgeport 005 746 900

Sunset Valley 0051 253 301

HIM: Military Jacket by Iriesims @ TSR HER: ‘We Owned the Night’ Dress by Sims2fanbg @ TSR

ypnos H an unconcius love affair

In her minds eye everything is beautiful. Perhaps dark. Perhaps with a hint of the tragic... but always beautiful. The affair is an affair to remember. The man is always there to catch her should she fall. The dress... is ecstasy.

In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the personification of sleep. His palace was a dark cave where the sun never shines. In our version everything is inspired by a dream. Styled to perfection. Menacing and beautiful in the same giddy breath. We invite you to enter the trance and lose yourself in the magic of... Hypnos.

Photography by SylentWhysper Words by Pseudo-Sim


MINIONS: Bulletproof Vest by GeneralGerard @ TSR


HIM: PWC Male Jacket 01 by Pradasims HER: Versace for HM Collection top and skirt by Pradasims

9 19

HER: Casual Dress 068 by Natalis @ TSR

HIM: - ‘Late Night EP’ top by EA HER: Casual Dress 073 by Natalis @ TSR


HIM: Jacket by Myos HER: ES Shiny Strapless Gown by Nujeiram MINIONS: Open Blazer with Buttons by CandyLover & Pants by Myos


Advert by SimEve

Cocktail Dress by Cbon73

by Dustydreamer

Patternism 7 by Rusty


FAB FINDS Holiday Favorites


ne of our most favorite things at the end of the year is all the celebrations and parties! From Christmas parties, to that special New Year’s countdown kiss, we’ve picked some gorgeous dresses to help you out. Every girl needs a little sparkle and these formfitting frocks with all-over twinkle are standouts. These are the dresses to wear to all your invitations—and accessories are simple here. You can go all out with diamonds and black booties for a little rocker-chic or go sleek and sophisticated with classic pumps and pearls. An evening event is best attended in a sparkly dress. In the dark where there are party lights, your dress will glimmer, give allure and even attract the right eyes and impress others. This is perfect if you want your Sim to be the center of attention. Wearing a dress that sparkles like the stars can really give your Sim a feeling of attractiveness.

1. Shine by -April

2. Gold and Chains Dress by Icia23

3. Viva Pink 1 by Rusty

4. One Shoulder Print by AllAboutStyle

5. Cocktail Dress 066 by NataliS

6. Some Devil by Frozen and Iced


SF STAFF! Wishing you and yours the best of Holiday joys and every success in the New Year! ~ AsiaShaMecca

May you find the joy and wonderment you had as a child this Christmas. Happy Holidays ~ Kementari

May the glow of Christmas fill all your hearts with peace and pleasure and make your New Years bright! ~ xoxo Dusty

Cheers and happiest holiday wishes to all of our fashionable followers. ~ Minraed

Best wishes to all and may you celebrate the holidays warmly and safely ~ SylentWhysper

Cheers for the Holidays. Many blessings for you and your friends in the coming year ~ MeestorMark

Ahhhhh the holidays. That oh so highly anticipated time of the year where we all look forward to family and merriment. Where leisure replaces work as a priority. Where we are all filled with a joyous exuberance. So indulge in laziness. Spend time with your loved ones and let your heart dance. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all...from all of us! ~ Madi1909

Christmas is my favourite holiday, keeping it with friends and family. Wishing a very Happy Christmas to each and everyone! ~ Allium May the peace and joy of the holiday season be with us throughout the coming year. "Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Baong Taon" ~ SuperPogimon Wishing everyone the best now and in the coming year! Happy Holidays!~ Aikea Guinea

Even though the holidays are great times to spend with family, don' t forget to spend some quality time with your Self, too. Happy Holidays ~ Jasumi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May you be surrounded by all the things that bring Christmas cheer ~ DrMusix

Photography by


Words by Minraed

Into the Woods



The big bad wolf is in for a surprise – Little Red Riding Hood is all grown up and won’t be quite so easy to deceive this time around.

She is back in her hooded cape - decked in signature bold and confident RED, making a fashion statement that says “Look at me now, I will not be tricked or fooled. I am in charge.”


Red, as a fashion statement says power, excitement, lust and romance. It is believed that the colour red even has an aphrodisiac effect on men as studies have shown that men are attracted to women wearing red more often than any other color. The beauty of red is that it complements most skin tones and can be worn appropriately in every season and in every setting from casual to evening wear. Set aside the little black dress this season - ditch the safe colour palettes of black, brown and grey and step out with confidence in your best reds!


Find Your Holiday Ride at


FreshPrince Creations

Modern Advert by Jaded Cat


When your Fashionista has the huge mansion with a driveway full of Fresh-Prince cars and all the perfectly coordinated clothes she could want, what else is there? EA had the answer, Pets of course. But isn’t it always the way? The answer just made another question; what does she wear with... pets? And right on time too. Leather and fur are timeless but never more timely than Fall/Winter of 2011 & 2012.


Pictures by Allium Words by AsiaShaMecca

These fabulous offerings are best we’ve seen so far of luxury leather. Stylish, trendy and oh so sexy! Spoil your Sim just a little more. She’ll no doubt thank you... just as soon she is done breaking that new thoroughbred.



is not dead! Fashionable housewives are not necessarily efficient in keeping house. But then, getting down and dirty in brightly colored dresses with cut out patterns, and bold block shapes matched with knee high patent platform boots, is no easy task. All these outfits fit into the category of being Retro.

Pictures & Words by DustyDreamer


But what is Retro? How can it be defined when there are so many eras of definition? Retro clothing will always remain popular for that reason: it is versatile to the changing fashion world. Wearing this style of clothing is a fun way to open you to the style and culture of another time.

In the 1950’s retro dresses allowed women to be classic, graceful and beautiful. Today we combine retro with a modern twist for the same effect. Flirty patterned dresses, high waist wide leg jeans, and block heels can all be found on the runway, homes, and even the workplace.


Women today are not as constricted as they were. Fashion from the past allows them to express themselves either in a romanticized way or in a combination with contemporary clothing. Of the many styles from the fashion world that remain dead, retro is certainly not.




Let it Snow! Let’s face it, as the cold weather sets in the ladies are not looking forward to men wearing more clothing than usual, but there is more to cold weather fashion than parkas and pom-pom hats. Avoid the usual fashion faux pas as the cold weather moves in. Stay warm, or shall we say HOT, with these stylish trends in urban cold-weather wear. Classic wool suits are a timeless masterpiece, while revamped 80’s styles make a reappearance. For outdoors,

make a statement with a classic trench and fedora, or layer it up with a more modern style. Layers are the key to avoiding the icy bite of winter winds. Keep the layers light , avoid excessive bulk and choose accessories that count – boots, hats and long, wrappable scarves are essential elements in layering for warmth and with plenty of layers keeping you hot on the inside, the ladies will look forward to unwrapping you like a special gift. Oooh la la mon cherie – bring on the snow.




Putting on the

GLITZ Forget about “less is more� when it comes to your glam factor and turn evening opulence into daytime charm with these covetable finds.

Make a statement and transform that little black dress in a flash by arming yourself with one of these statement cuffs. And as we all know, one cuff is never enough, so take your cue from catwalks this season and put on an armful! Not sure how to mix it up...just make sure you stick to cuffs in the same colors and materials. Looking for the right earring? For this season, look for bright colored jewels and elaborate conversational shapes, something that will add that little bit of spark to your already FABULOUS ensemble. So go ahead and make an entrance in these gorgeous gems!


Pictures by DustyDreamer Words by Madi1909


h e r ish C t o y s

"Create memories that last a life

etime" Advert by Kate Sterling


t last hosiery is back! The runways of Fall/ Winter 2011/2012 had nary a bare leg in sight and hosiery is once again taking the fashion world by storm. The “embellished leg” is the talk of the runway and with all the new options available, hosiery is its own trend in FW 2011/2012! Its all about the color, textures and patterns. Spice up your elegant, original or just plain crazy style with the perfect hose. Fashion hose works for every type of Sim. No matter what the age or body type there’s no clipping here!

Words and Images by AsiaShaMecca


We’ve even seen them for the fellas. Hose makes a short skirt office worthy. Knee sock layers with colored or patterned (or both) is still a fun and funky look or contrast tights and shoes. Dark hose and boots can add length to your Sims legs. Of course fishnets or back seams are always a sexy finish for your Sims evening attire. Let your Sim put her best leg forward. This season gorgeous “embellished” legs are the ultimate accessory!

Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them... Marlene Dietrich

Lace Mesh Stockings by SOFTRAIN

I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box... Bette Davis

Alice Cullen Inspired Jeans as Accesories by simseviyo


Now I’m going to put my eyelashes on and stretch my legs out and do a show... Nana Visitor

Stockings with Crystals & Embroidery by altea127



It’s not really a shorter skirt, I just have longer legs... Anna Kournikova

Stocking Set ASIA-A-001 Geometrics and Fishnets by ASIA!

TOP & SKIRT from EA PETS and Late Night EP’s

DRESS from HardCandy


Images by Allium Words by AsiaShaMecca

‘Tis the season to wear sweaters fa-la-la-la la-la-la-la. Hurray for knits! How we missed them! Summer is nice and all that, but a warm snugly knit is so... soothing. Call them comfort clothes. But comfort doesn’t mean lacking in style. Versatile knits can hug the figure. They can be dressed up or down. With the wide rage of knit patterns available, your Sim style diva could go all Winter and never wear the same knit twice. Let your Sim walk in a Winter Wonderland. Seasons are surely coming to Riverview one day but don’t wait. Give her the gift of knits!


DRESS from LorandiaSims3

DRESS from LorandiaSims3 50

OUTFIT from EA Pets EP

62 65

MODEL CREATOR Questions & Images by AsiaShaMecca Answers & Sims by Cecesaun1




There are Sim makers and then there are Sim makers who make hot Sims and

make a difference in the community. We LOVE the former but the later are few and far between and have a special place in our hearts. One of these is the crazy talented Cece of CStyles. Her men (and ladies) are oh so hot and CStyles is a fun and supportive place packed with fantastic downloads, incredibly helpful members and tutorials and... well almost anything you could want. We are so happy Cece took a moment to speak with us... Hi Cece. Thanks for agreeing to the interview. Please tell us a bit about yourself? Hi and thanks for having me on this wonderful magazine! About me, I’d guess you could say at one point I’m a gamer but since Sims I’ve been pretty much just that. I’ve played the Sims since the first edition was released and continue to enjoy The Sims 3. What prompted you to take a break from game playing and start making those gorgeous Sims for our games? Well it’s really kind of a ‘stumbled across’ type of thing. When I was on TS3 someone made a thread that said that nobody created any ethnic Sims...I just was dumbfounded because in my game I had EVERY type of Sim, ethnic included. So I made a thread that basically disputed this and offered for others to post their ethnic Sims pictures in this thread. That thread is HUGE now because

so many people started sharing their ethnic Sims. I started receiving a ton of compliments on my Sims and just like I did with Sims 2 I decided to start sharing them. Now I’m hooked and I’m always trying to find new facial features to incorporate into each and every new Sim I make.

When you are making a Sim, how do you know when he or she is ready to meet the community? What makes you say... “This is the one I want to show off.”? I am seriously OCD when it comes to making my Sims. I have never made and released a Sim in under 2 day’s and it can take anywhere from several day’s to several weeks and in some cases several months. I’m so picky with every little detail and it all has to just fit and coincide with each feature. I’ve some Sims in my bin that are over a year old. I won’t delete them because I don’t want to feel like I just ‘quit’ that particular Sim so I will come back and forth to it and see what I can bring out on it. Each Sim, as I’m creating it, I put a life so to speak onto it. I have to visualize what type of person I’m making, his/her lifestyle and personality and once all that fits that’s when I know, it’s ready to share.

Why did you start CStyles? What was your vision for the site? I started CStyles because I just wasn’t happy on TS3 any longer. Ton’s of trolls, constant bans and the site just kept messing up. I looked around, joined a few sites to see if I could ‘feel at home’ so to speak and I just could not find that niche’. I had contemplated starting my own forum but after finding no place I felt I really fit in I took those ideas and put them into motion. My vision was making a place like the place I was looking for at one time. I wanted everyone to feel at home, at ease and comfortable. I also wanted a place where the members voices could be heard and they could contribute their thoughts, ideas and suggestion’s. I also wanted to be very active amongst the members and not just be the ‘Administrator’ and in doing this I’ve made some very close and dear friends. Running a successful site must be hard work. Tell us a bit about what goes into maintaining a site like CStyles? What have been some of the challenges? When I started CStyles I wanted it to be fun and happy looking and for people to see it and see a place full of color and amusement. I didn’t want just an ordinary site with the basics, I wanted it to be fun and funky. Once we established that then we could start to bring the funky down and mold it into a more standard site with a few off the wall additions.

I’m still a bit shy sharing them because I always wonder should I have changed this, added that and of course, will others like him/her. But I feel if even just one person downloads one of my Sims then I’m satisfied. But I’m happier when more than one person does download my Sims. :) I get such a kick out of seeing my little Sims that someone has downloaded into their game and they have families and their own little lives and someone has posted pictures.I get kind of giddy when I see that and I actually feel very proud of myself at that point. A lot of work goes into the day to day upkeep of the site. EvaTer is our Global Moderator and she is And Joe of MS3B has been awesomely supportive excellent at making sure updates stay, ‘updated’ and of me and my Sims. I don’t think there is a Sim I’ve she is always mingling with the members and posting made that he has not posted on his blog. It makes on threads. As far as top posters go, EvaTer is right you feel so good to see something you’ve worked behind me! Evie is our Administrative Assistant and hard to create be listed on such a popular blog. she is fantastic. She is so multi talented and very


creative; our minds work well together and she has bought ton’s of her ideas and creativity to the site. We have two awesome Moderator’s, Shyne and Miss_Lochness who are very active and offer so much to the site. And of course we have some of the best members you could ever have on a forum. I’m amazed at the talent that comes through CStyles and the bonding. It’s truly like a family. But it isn’t always love is it? Recently, there was some trouble with the site owners of the now defunct A to B Creations. It seems people have rallied behind you despite their allegations. We’re so glad you didn’t get discouraged and leave the community as many creators have. How has it affected you? Is there anything you would do differently going forward? Well Asia, I’d have to say that I was totally floored by all of it. I expected (some) trouble but not to the limit to which they went. I mean posting all those lies all around the Sim community. It could have really caused a lot of damage, but luckily I have some GREAT friends, wonderful members and just awesome acquaintances who all gave me their shoulder, ears and virtual hugs and we all just got through it. The really sad part is to bring true light to all their lies about me, they had been planning and building a new website, (which not surprisingly) is now starting to resemble CStyles, but they are now using fake names. They have set up this new forum under these new identities, fake Facebook pages for the new forum, blogs with the new fake names they are pretending to be brand new to the entire Sim community. We (Brian, Angie and myself) had mutual members and I can say that they not only hurt people, but totally turned off a lot of people who trusted them and decided to not take least not until they did all that they have done and now continue to do. As far as anything I’d do differently going forward... hmm....I guess just continue to keep faith that there are still some very honest caring people here in our little community and to not let two bad eggs punish potential friends that may enter my life in the future. I know not everybody is good and honest, but I also


know that there are still some good honest people and they expect a certain vibe from you, a certain out there! standard and once it’s introduced it’s up to you to keep it going in that direction. Strive to improve your What advice do you have for aspiring site managers style but don’t change it, stay true to who you are. or Sims creators? First I’d say, forgot about numbers, it’s not the In closing, what would you like to see more of in the number of members you have that make a site, it’s Sims and in the community as a whole? the type of members you wish to attract. Having 100 Oh this is a easy one to answer; more ethnic members and only 2 posting is not a good start nor hairstyles! I’m really upset with how little they give is having 100 members but it’s filled with hostility to our ethnic Male Sims, and our ethnic females and jealously. Always make yourself available to also. I’m sure they could find some very nice styles each and every member, don’t just stand by and to incorporate into the game but for some reason wait for the site to grow on it’s own. It does take a they just never travel down that road. lot of work so don’t start a site if you don’t truly plan on having it around for as long as possible. And In the community as a whole I guess that would be you, bring your own creativity to your site; don’t be to learn how to respect each other’s ideas and base it on anybody elses forum...make it your own. creations. You see too often others stealing other peoples work and claiming it as their own. If these On creating Sims I’d say be patient in your creations. very people opened up their own minds and eyes Don’t rush any Sim out just to say, ‘I’ve posted a they probably would surprise themselves at what new Sim today’. Quality over quantity any day! they could create themselves. Keep your style but just keep working to improve it. If someone says to change up the way you make I just want to add this in closing, I truly do appreciate Sims, don’t listen...I can recognize most creators, and I am honored to be featured in this wonderful Sims and otherwise purely based on that particular magazine! I’ve not missed an issue yet and I always creator’s style. It’s your style that draws your fans look forward to each issue to come!

palette new fall lineup


Advert by SmokyTopaz

Powerful Versatile Responsible

the most intelligent 4x4 we have ever thought of

Tofunda Dealerships in Bridgeport and Sunset Valley This model $25999, Other specifications $15999


L - R L o gan , H a b i b i , P e t e r

Blue Jeans

Pictures by SuperPogimon Words by Dr Musix We all know that when it comes to fashion you can find styles that will be popular for this summer or fall and then gone forever but there are a few styles that are considered classics. The great thing about classic clothes is that you can wear them tomorrow and five years from now and still be in style. For men, a denim has always been considered a classic and has achieved iconic status over the years. But denim pants aren’t the only great looking denim clothes. One of the greatest clothing for a long period of time is the mens denim shirts. It is mainly because of the comfort, durability and the style that it gives to the wearer.


L - R S i m o n , Ma n olo


Mens denim shirts are made originally for working men, it is mainly because a denim shirt is usually thicker and durable which is ideal for work place. You can even match it with everything that you want, for you to complete the comfortable and stylish look. Men can wear denim shirts alone; they don’t need to wear anything underneath it. They can simply pair it with jeans or khakis to create a smart casual look.


Denim is a fantastic way for a man to look sexy without even trying. It isn,t just for cowboys and truckers. If you’d like to up your guy’s sex appeal, have a look at these awesome, denim ensembles that you can wear all year round.

a car... Once... auponlifetime carriage

“ I remember seeing him across the swimming pool, and my knees were knocking. He radiated such macho energy. Men wanted to be like him. Uptight society ladies and biker molls wanted to be with him.” Ali McGraw


eah, I’m into fashion. It comes with the territory here at SF. But what I’m getting sort of sick of is the androgynous smooth faced girly-guy who has dominated the runways for too long. I mean ok already. Super skinny, half starved and smooth as a baby’s behind is in. We get it... NEXT! Bring on the manly men. Bring me a gritty, grimy GUY model. Bring on the beards! The way I’m seeing it, a beard is the most on trend accessory a guy can put on this season. The beard guy is a non-conformist. He does it... his way. And he doesn’t care what you think of it either. Muy macho.

Dress him down and he’s sexy. Put him in a suit and he’s uber sexy. Heck I feel a man-crush coming on just thinking about it. Beard guy can’t be bothered to shave. He’s too busy driving race cars, seducing supermodels and wrestling alligators for a nice bit of weekend relaxation. Chin strap, van dyke, soul patch... STUBBLE. It doesn’t matter! Get thee to some facial hair! Do your Sim a favor and download some today! Slap it on in CAS and let the magic happen. It’s the manly thing to do. You won’t regret it. SomeSimGuy says so.

Images by aikea-guinea

Words by SomeSimGuy

A Modern Sim’s G uide to Beards


Tweed A classic in men’s apparel, the tweed suit is known for its charm and subtle elegance among the sophisticated male. From wedding ceremonies to that special night at the prom, the tweed is always a fashion favorite. But even an old classic could be reinvented in the modern world, and we’ve prepared for you a nice contrast between old and new, to help you decide where your taste lies in that continuum. The tweed pattern breaks the monotony of pastels and solids, and adds flair and debonair to almost any outfit--but don’t get crazy. We still have to keep that ol’ color wheel in mind, and with three-tofour different colors on a single tweed pattern, creating nauseating puke colored slacks might be just around the corner. Be mindful to choose colors that are complimentary and not too bold or saturated.



raditional tweed is often uniform and matches very well with the Earth’s landscape-the browns, blues, and greens. Don’t forget to throw in some pink for spice, nothing manlier than a little contrast. Boating hats, fat jewels, and boots often do well for a young lad looking to sport tweeds.




or the modern look, tweeds look best on slacks and rolled trousers-anything below the belt. Accessories like ties and scarves are also a good match for the tweed. Artistic vector patterns complement the tweed quite nicely on a buttoned short-sleeved shirt. Be sure to don your most modern of sleek boots and long-toed shoes to complete the look.

36 82


ow that we’ve got a side-byside compression of extremely modern and extremely traditional styles of the tweed, which one do you think suits you better? Or do you wish you could squeeze a third guy in-between them, er, in the most platonic way possible? Yes, the middle ground’s probably the best way to go and guaranteed to work in almost any occasion.


Gadgets finds for THE “Computer Whiz”


Oh yes... the holidays.

Is it better to give than to receive? Maybe. But let me tell you something, give the right gift and you my friend can receive plenty in return!

Now some ladies long for sparklies. But then there’s that special Trendanista. You’ve met her. The chic geekette whose outfit isn’t finished unless it wired. And I mean hard-wired. This oh so special lady craves the best of tech. The latest gadget. And it isn’t just the ladies. A primo PS3 at your buddy’s crib is a PS3 at your crib. Mi 360 bit hardcore gaming rig es su 360 bit hardcore gaming rig. You always have an out fellas. You’re not whooping it up at some bar. You’re at your buds house playing video games. Its practically better than having one yourself! And do I have to tell you ladies, a gaming geek with his own new system is never going to stray too far... from his new system. Future Shock Stuff by EA Store


u at

Fe by

When you care enough to actually shell out the Simolians for points.

m So m

i eS uy



Shock me Baby! Yeah!

Ultimate game room

Arcade Collection by opel5

OoOoohh!!! I’ll take the set!

PS3 Slim by blakegriplingph

Just FYI... This isnt just the screen This is the whole PC! EPIC!!!

Cherry Electronics by morphead Flat PC by liampike

Cool-In-One PCs & Coolbook Touch by O.Beverly

Form... Meet function. Now shake hands and play nice.

‘Cause sometimes geeks like brands too!

Sony Vaio by joan_martinez



Artwork by AsiaShaMecca







Beauty 88


Dazzling Metallics


old, Silver, copper.. oh my! Metallic makeup is one of this seasons hottest trends. What better time to apply some shine than during the holidays? They are perfect for adding subtle glam to your Sims holiday party look. Warm, glowing makeup and soft pink lips give all out glamour. Here’s how to pull it off.

The Siren is all eyes.

The trick is lid color. Choose a shadow like this Summer Night Version A by Breyete which allows for color at the corner of the eyes. A soft silver shade with a hint of flesh tone is key for a glitzy look that will make the eyes pop. Amp it up with a heavy liner like this Emo Eyeliner by Pralinesims. But nothing on the cheek and only the most subtle hint of shine for the lips. This one is all about the eyes baby.

The Natural is oh so soft.

A subtle smokey shadow this one by NY Girl give just the barest hint of drama. The cheeks should give the lightest touch of pigmentation and a perfect gloss might be this Cotton Candy Lipgloss by IN3S. Not too shiny and shaded just right to blend with the skin.


The Feminine Fade

is a bit more dramatic. A smokey shadow shaded a bit darker like this beautifully blended offering by Kathrin. Remember the trick is a grey tone with a bit of fleshy pink to give the feel of see-through metallic. Stay near the middle of the color circle in CAS. Finish with a bold liner but not too heavy. A soft blush and lip color. These almost matte Allure Lips by Juliana are an excellent choice.

The Romantic creates a pretty

and starry-eyed look with soft pink cheeks and lips. A smokey shadow like this Misty Eyeshadow by Emmzx give a dazzling eye effect. Subtle use of skin highlighting costume makeup give the complexion a dewy shine.

The Drama Queen

is achieved by use of a blended shadow. This Multicolor Eyeshadow by PralineSims is shaded dark at the lower lid to light with just a bit of color. Dark cat liner brings the drama. We choose Elegant Eyeliner by Pralinesims here and it works beautifully. Again, keep the focus on the eyes by keeping the blush and lips neutral.


litter for the holidays can still be elegant and fun. Enjoy these holidays looks and be sure to share your pics with us when you try them out!



S 4 DH

i h c r A ct t e h t tlig o p S

b w e vi r e int nraed Mi y


DH4S - or Download Houses for Sims, is the creative home base of Samuel, master builder. His talents are beyond words, you must visit his website to believe it. He’s created a variety of styles of homes worth of any architechtural publication, each with it’s own unique features. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Samuel, and as a gift he will release a home especially for our readers - 7642 North Foothill Road, Beverly Hills As always we are curious see I love building houses, about the person behind but I preferred graphics! the sim, so tell us a bit You have quite a variety about yourself? My name is Samuel of styles, but it seems that and I’m 17. I’m in an modern styles are your high school where I study preference. What inspires economics and social studies your designs?

for, for example, is a great website! For the design interior I always imagine everything. I don’t have any design book and I’ve never have any real life experience with design or architecture, it’s and at the end of the school Yes, I really love just that I like this style and year I will pass with my high modern styles! When I’m not I know how to represent it school diploma! As you can inspired I search the internet; in a home.


It seems that you prefer building for Sims3 and your Sims3 homes seem to have more exciting elements. What makes building for Sims3 different or better than Sims2?

content in my houses. It’s because I noticed that people preferred furnished with custom content. For my future houses I will try to be as realistic as I can to ensure that the house would be like one seen in an architecture Yes, I really prefer magazine. building houses for Sims 3, that’s for sure! You just have to compare 2 identical houses, one from Sims 3 and the other from Sims 2. The photo in Sims 2 looks virtual (we can guess that it comes from a game), whereas in the Sims 3 it looks more real, even sometimes completely real!

Some of your homes have complete interior decorating, some have little or none. Is there any reason why?

There isn’t exact reason, but when I’m not inspired by the house, I don’t furnish it. Sometimes, when the house is too big and I don’t know where to place the rooms so I place it anywhere in the house and I upload it like that without furnishing the home.

Can we expect more homes from you? What are you looking forward to or what plans do you have for future homes?

As you can see, I use more and more custom


rth o N 2 4 d a 76 o ll R i h t ill s H Fo o rly e v Be

Tell me about the home there’s a relaxation that you are featuring for room where you can either play this interview. This house is a very big place which looks very modern and design. I imagined the house from A to Z. There’s a large kitchen. The living room is large too, the red and the wood’s brown work well together. These two rooms look really modern. Then,

piano, read books, or take a drink with your family or alone. There is a large master bedroom suite, once again modern, the pink and yellow lights gives to the room a relaxing side. This room has a great view; this is why i put a lot of windows. Then, the

cement and the plants give to the bathroom a natural side. On the other side of the ground there are two bedrooms with their own bathroom. What I prefer on this lot is the central pool, every rooms has a view to the great pool.


Words & Images by Minraed

Whyte’s Wine Cellars high-impact wine and dine

96 42

Whyte’s Wine Cellars is located entirely underground, bestowing a luxurious breath of life back into the long abandoned wine cellars at the Luxe Hotel downtown. Just in time for the busy holiday season, Whyte’s is quickly filling to capacity with wine lovers looking for a joyous celebration of wine, food and friends.


Homes & Interiors

Chef Winter Whyte has a reputation that precedes him and his newest culinary venture does not dissapoint with decor that is nothing short of awe inspiring.

Revel in luxurious culinary extravagance at the chef’s table - a modern, stark-white dining room amid a multitude of wine racks containing the Chef’s exclusive wine collection. Enjoy specially prepared menus and wine pairing events here. Affcionados or newcomers alike may participate in wine tasting and appreciation classes at the wine bar, enjoy pre-theatre wine and cheese in the lounge, or dine in modern comfort in one of the elegant dining rooms. We will leave the comments on Chef Whyte’s culinary magic to the food critics, but for stunning decor and ambiant elegance the Wine Cellars are a must for your special celebrations.


Homes & Interiors




hristmas Living

The change happens all over town. Whether it is actual Christmas spirit or not, the decorations take over, often with no regards to taste. But that isn’t your house. Neither is your house full of humbugs who don’t decorate. Your chic style remains and welcomes the season.


Images by

S i m Ev e

Elegant holiday appointments are everywhere. Christmas cheer is no longer tinted only red and green. With today’s options, your color scheme can be festive and yet remain graceful and delicate. The warmth of the season fills your house beautifully and maintains your sophisticated splendor.

Words by

Me e storMark

O Seasonal Decor @ SIMcredible

Vase @ Mussa Sims

Cushions @ Awesims

Mirror @ Sims Crossing

Rug @ Alex Pilgrim


Candlestick @ Cleo Sims

Vase @ Vita Sims 3

Living Room Decor @ Simply Styling

Homes & Interiors

World Showcase Everything Island by RuthlesKK You can call me....Goldi. I am an adventurer of sorts and a while back a nasty run in with some bears made me think of relocating. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sunset Valley. But the sleepy suburbs were so last year...I needed bright lights and a big city. So, off to Bridgeport I went. Loved the highrises and the whole gritty downtown vibe, but something wasn’t quite right. Where were the rolling hills, the open spaces, the nature? I love a good walk in the woods as much as the next girl and it just wasn’t happening in Bridgeport. Luckily, I heard about this new place, Everything Island. One short boatride later and I found a town that was “just right”. This is the place for me! Tons of cool clubs and venues downtown to keep me busy at night, and several lush parks and beaches for when I want to get back to nature. And dont get me started on the shopping! Every store I could want and then some. A girl has to have her shoes, you know. And those shoes cost money, so the first thing I did was to check out the job market. Every possible job and profession I could want were available and they were all hiring. Score! I have been told I can be a bit nosey, and I do like to poke around where I am not invited, so the investigator job seemed like a great choice for me. Starting pay wasnt much, so I knew finding a home might be a challenge. I could not be more wrong.

56 102

Everything Island


I contacted a real estate agent to help me find a place and the variety was amazing. There were plenty of downtown lofts, even some large family sized apartments, with great views and reasonable prices. We looked at modern homes on the hillside above the city, some cute suburban homes along the beautiful lake, contemporary homes on the rocky coast, fancy Victorians in the mountains, and even some farmhouses tucked in the wide open county. It seemed like regardless of the area, I could find at least one or two houses


that I could afford. There were some really cheap houses in Smugglers Cove, but the place kind of looked like a dump, if you ask me. I settled on a cozy cottage across from the beach that backs on to a nature preserve and is in walking distance to the subway, a corner shopping mall, and the swim center. Perfect! I love living on Everything Island. Once I build up my funds, I am even thinking of building my own custom home. There are plenty of empty lots around town that seem to be available. There is even a rumor that the city council is thinking of allowing Pets in the town. We dont have them yet, but I can see plenty of places for the horses to roam...and I would love to walk a dog along the lake. I just hope they dont allow bears. I dont like bears.

A dve rt by J a s umi


ver fancied turning your hand to making a Sim advert? Well featured in this magazine and below are the results from our latest challenge! At SF Magazine, apart from fabulous editorials, we love to feature innovative and creative adverts and we thought


why not involve our members in a fun challenge that would - well take some of the load off of us! The aim of the challenge was to style, shoot and design an advert for the upcoming edition of SF Magazine. We aim to host this challenge for every issue so keep checking our website for details!

The last challenge can be found here:

links Inside Cover Page 5

Artwork by AsiaShaMecca

SF Magazine Facebook Advertisement by AsiaShaMecca Justice keene by AsiaShamecca Lady Blaze Top by EA Store Earrings by Lorandia Pearl Necklace by altea127 Metallic Leather Pants by Ekinege Boots by Annflower1 Fro-Hawk Hair by RoboKitty

Page 6-11

Couture en Cage - Images by Aikea-Guinea Look One Penelope Cruz Dress by NataliS Look Two Wedding Dress for Females by PradaSims Jeweled Pearl necklace by NataliS Look Three Zuhair Murad Dress by NataliS Look Four Satin Dress by RoseSims Emile Autmn Hair by Club Crimsyn Look Five Maggie Grace Dress by Glamurita84 Hair by RoseSims Feather Brooch by NataliS

Page 12-14

Designer Spotlight: ILikeMusic640 - Images by AsiaShaMecca Models Gwen Stephanie by Pralinesims Raina Holt by mimikins470995 Serena Myer by Pralinesims Savannah Truth by AsiaShaMecca Alexander by IMHO

Page 17-23

Hypnose - Images by SylentWhysper

Josephine by SylentWysper

Not Available for Download Mathais Bell by SerpentRogue Not Available for Download Tommy Tremonti by SerpentRogue Dan by SerpentRogue Not Available for Download Image One We Owned the Night Dress by Sims2fanbg Fashion Necklace by Vitasims Extravagant Shoes by Altea Military Jacket by Iriesims


17-23 Cont.

Image Two

Bulletproof Vest by GeneralGerard Image Three Versace for HM by PradaSims Shoes 21 by Lorandia PWC Male Jacket 01 by Pradasims Image Four Casual Dress 068 by Natalis Chain with Pearl Necklace by Natalis Image Five Casual Dress 073 by Natalis Fashion Necklace by Vitasims Sandals Katy by Altea Male Top by EA Late Night Expansion Image Six ES Shiny Strapless Gown by Nujeiram Wedding Pearlset by Vitasims Lead Male Jacket by Myos Open Blazer with Buttons by CandyLover Pants by Myos

Page 24-25

Fab Finds: Holiday Favorites - Images by DustyDreamer Dresses In Order of Appearance Cocktail Dress by Cbon73 Patternism 7 by Rusty Shine by -April- Gold and Chains Dress by Icia23 Viva Pink 1 by Rusty One Shoulder Print by Judie Cocktail Dress 066 by NataliS Some Devil by Frozen and Iced

Page 28-33

Into the Woods - Images by SylentWhysper Models Para by SylentWysper Not Available for Download Aiden by SylentWysper Not Available for Download Image One Dress sery21project by Elynia Robe with Hood by Irink@a Heart Valentine’s Day by Irink@a Image Two Kurzes BallKleid mit Spitze by Carriesims Open toe ankle boot by Ekinege Men’s Trench Coat by NewOne Image Three Coat Dress by ILikeMusic640 Stivali Strass Boots by Altea Image Four Dress sery31project by Elynia Boots Stella by Altea Image Five Autumn Set 1_1 by BlueElla Robe with Hood by Irink@a Image Six Coat Women by Altea Platform Boots by Ekinege


Page 36-40

Leather, Feather & Fur - Images by Allium Jessica Sullivan by Jenna Bray Bandage Dress by Simseviyo Elise by Serpentrogue Casual Dress 070 by NataliS Model by Allium Not Available for Download I’m the One Top by Sims2Fanbg Weird Leggings by miraminkova Justine by Dexims I Am Top by Miraminkova I Am Bottom by miraminkova

Page 41-44

Retro Is Not Dead - Images by Dustydreamer Dara Kluies by DustyDreamer Not Available for Download Page 41 Bodice Dress by Modish Kitten Platform Thigh Boot by NancyJ Page 42 COLLIDEOSCOPE Dress by Modish Kitten High Heel Platform Shoes by Aniaorazova Page 43 Blouse Under Sweater by AllAboutStyle Wide Leg Jeans by AllAboutStyle Nerdy Glasses by IN3S Page 44 Versace Mini Applique by AllAboutStyle Ankle Strap Shoes by Melisa Inci Wolford tights by Ancsie18

Page 44-49

Let It Snow - Images by Superpogimon Page 44 Hair 1 Hair 2 Hair & Hat EA Base Game Coat 1: Victorian Peacoat with Collar Coat 2 : Jacket EA: Late Night Expansion Coat 3: Coat with Scarf EA: Late Night Expansion Bottom 1 Bottom 2 EA: Town Life Stuff Bottom 3 Boots 1 EA: World Adventure Expansion Boots 2 EA: Base Game (“unlockoutfits on” cheat required) Boots 3 Gloves EA: Base Game & Generations Expansion Glasses EA: Late Night Expansion Page 46-47 Hair 1 Hair 2 Hair 3 Hair 4 Top 1: D Style 3 Top 2: Victorian Morning Coat Bottom 1: ‘P’ants Series 09 Bottom 2 Eye Glasses


44-49 Cont.

Page 48 Hat & Hair (EA Store) Suit EA: Ambitions Expansion Shoes EA: Late Night Expansion Gloves EA: Generations Expansion Glasses EA: Base Game Page 49 Hair 1 Hair 2 Hair 3 Top: Long Sleeves with Tie EA: Late Night Expansion Bottom 1 Bottom 2 Bottom 3 Shoes EA: Base Game & Late Night Expansion Glasses EA: Base Game

Page 50-51

Putting on the Glitz- Images by DustyDreamer

Earrings (Left to Right) Twisted Earrings by Natalis

Miranda Earrings by AstraSims3 Turmaline Earrings by BlackSweety Flower Pearl Earrings by Natalis Pearl Earrings by Natalis Necklaces Flower Pearl Necklace by Natalis Pearl Necklace by Natalis Bracelets (Top tp Bottom) Gem Bracelet by Natalis Janett Bracelet by AstraSims3 Bracciale di brillanti by Altea127 Pearl Bracelet by LorandiaSims3 Single Bangle by Einfach Simlisch

Page 54-61

What Lies Beneath - Images by AsiaShaMeca Models Camilla by Levitas Cole Millers by SlipSlop Female Hair by Roanjena Male Hair 1 by Ulker Belted Slacks by RustyNail Just A Kiss Bra by Sims2Fanbg Nowhere Bottom by Sims2fanbg Image One Lace Mesh Stockings by SoftRain Leather Sandals by CBon73 Image Two Alice Cullen Accessory Jeans by Simseviyo Rome High-heeled Sandals by Danzxncrd! Image Three Stockings with Embroidery by Altea Classic Pumps by Modish Kitten Image Four Stocking Set 001 by ASIA! LV Preppy Shoes V3 by CBon73


Page 63-66

Snowglobe - Images by Allium

Kate Abrams by NergoElleSims3 Image 1 Top by EA Skirt by EA Image 2 Dress by HardyCandy Image 3

Dress by LorandiaSims3 Image 4 Dress by LorandiaSims3 Image 5 Outfit by EA

Page 67-71 Pets Expansion Late Night Expansion Pets Expansion

Model Creator Spotlight: Cecesaun1 - Images by AsiaShaMecca Sims by Cecesaun1 Cece Clothing by RustyNail Cece Shoes by JB & IC Male Clothing by EA and by RustyNail Female Clothing by Sims2Fanbg

Page 72-75

Blue Jeans- Images by Superpogimon Models by Superpogimon Not Available for Download Image 1 LOGAN Hair Top Bottom Shoes EA: Late Night Expansion HABIBI Hair Top Bottom Shoes EA: Late Night Expansion Yin & Yang Necklace Wristband SIMON Hair Top Bottom Shoes EA: Late Night Expansion Image 2 COREY Hair Top Bottom Shoes EA: Late Night Expansion Slack Attack Headphones Wristband EA: Late Night Expansion Image 3 ADONIS Hair Top Bottom Shoes EA: Late Night Expansion


Page 72-75

Image 4 SIMON Hair Top Bottom Shoes EA: Late Night Expansion MANOLO Hair Top Bottom Shoes EA: Base Game Necklace Bracelet Image 5 LEE Hair Top Bottom Shoes Spiked Bracelets Tattoo Sleeve EA: Late Night Expansion Multi-Rings Necklace

Page 79-80

A Modern Sim’s Guide to Beards - Images by Aikea-Guinea Special thanks to A.Z. Zabala for the “manly beard” idea. Grow yours back! ;) Models by Aikea-Gunea Image 1 Slim Beard Based on Jim Raynor of Starcraft Outfit by EA Pets Expansion Glasses by EA, Modified with Eyeglass Slider Base Game Eye Glasses Slider by james_rocks89 Hair by EA Generations Expansion Image 2 Shaped Up Heavy Beard Un Binned Outfit by EA Pets Expansion Hair & Hat by EA World Adventures Expansion Image 3 Goatee (Default Replacement) by Robokitty Retextured EA Store Hawk (Store Hair Required) EA Store Mid-Hawk (Required for Above)

Page 81-84

Tweed - Images by Jasumi Models by Jasumi Image 1 & 2 Left Suit & Shoes by EA Fast Lane Stuff Bracelet by TumTum Shoes by EA Fast Lane Stuff Right Top by EA Late Night Expansion Bottom by EA Pets Expansion Boots by Jasumi Hat by LiliSims Earrings by Jasumi


81-84 Cont.

Image 2 & 3 Left Top by EA Bottoms by All About Style Earrings by Lemonleaf Right Top by EA Bottoms by All About Style Shoes by EA Bracelet by TumTum Earring by Lemonleaf

Page 85-86

Page 87-88

Pets Expansion Late Night Expansion Late Night Expansion

Geek Chic- Images by AsiaShaMecca (Except where otherwise credited) CoolBook Touch & Cool-in-One PC Images by O.Beverly Darko Jeans Advertisement - Images by AsiaShaMecca

Cole Millers by SlipSlop Jeans by DarkoSims Jacket, Cowboy Hats & Boots by EA Pets Expansion & Base Game

Page 89-92

Beauty: Dazzling Metallics- Images by SylentWhysper Toni by Brainless Princess Valeria by Brainless Princess Look One: The Siren Shadow Summer Night Version A by Breyete Emo Eyeliner by Pralinesims Nectar Crystal Lipgloss by Lemonleaf Look Two: The Natural Smokey Shadow by NyGirl Eyeliner 2 by Kathrin Cotton Candy Lipgloss by IN3S Look Three: The Feminine Fade Eyeshadow by Kathrin Eyeliner by Kathrin Allure Lips by Juliana Look Four: The Drama Queen Smooth Multicolor Shadow 2.0 by Pralinesims Elegant Eyeliner by Pralinesims Nectar Crystal N16 Lipgloss by Lemonleaf Look Five: The Romantic Misty Eyeshadow by Emmzx Emo Eyeliner by Pralinesims Juice Lipstick 007 by Newsea

Page 97-100

Whyte’s Wine Cellars - Images by Minraed Group Dining Room Elegante place setting Cheese plate by Shino&KCR Wrought iron rug by Pralinesims Cheese fondue by Simcredible Femme Elegante paintings by Ziggy28 Fancy Taste dining chairs by Simcredible Dining glass top table is EA Not store Lounge Style Rugs by Praline Sims Sofa and Chairs by Lit Smoked glass wall divider by Luna


97-100 Cont.

Tameta wall lights by Clio

Mariana coffee table at sims3d Dining Room Sara ceiling light at sims3d Study Papiro chairs by Pilar Round dining table by Lily of the Valley Red and White wine paintings by Abuk0 Wine Bar Frio ceiling lamps by DOT Red wine Bordeaux set by Gosik Flexy barstool by Roan Apreciatta bar by Simcredible Udden White and Red wine bottles by Dresden Titania painting by Simcredible

Page 106

Deluxe Estates Advertisement - Image by Jasumi Model bu Jasumi Top by EA Store Denim Shorts by Maaak



Sims Fashionista

2 011 FACEBOOK Sims Fashionista


SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 13  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

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