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Volume 1 - Issue 21


! ! D R I B gatsby THE


The Last of



Artwork by Aikea-Guinea

Contents F E AT U R E S 6 It’s a Bird 16 The Great Gatsby 28 The Fast & The Furious 42 The Last of Atlantis 52 Inception 60 Avatar 70 Drive 78 Payback 94 Titanic 106 Sumer in Miami


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Volume 1 - Issue 21

D E PA R T M E N T S 4

Editor’s Note & Contributors

38 Designer Showcase Sentate

90 Fab Finds 92 Get The Look 102 Model Creator Spotlight Potentissimum

134 Collection Premier

“Voulez Vous Vuitton” by Pradasims

156 Geek Chic 158 Beauty


192 Links


126 The Lone Ranger 144 Hair Apparent 146 The Endless Summer


158 42

122 Fab Finds For Interiors 164 Paradise Cove Resort 172 Architecture by eStyle36 178 Sea Side Dining 182 Custom Content Creator Wondymoon

188 World Showcase

Frates by SuumSim

These stifling heat waves, freakish thunderstorms and just generally weird summer happenings have had me seeing more of the indoors than I would like to see. Thankfully, however, it has allowed me to catch up on all the summer blockbusters that I missed earlier this season…and to finally stay somewhat up to date with things – I mean really…there is nothing like a superhero flick during a rain storm! Inspired by all of this is SF’s latest issue – aptly titled: The Blockbuster Issue. Inside, we feature some of our favorite movie-inspired fashion editorials - whether it be the epic romantic movie, blockbusting Sci-Fi film, awe-inspiring period piece, noggin’-scratching suspense/thriller- and of course the action-packed super-hero flick – we covered most of ‘em…and of course did it all in true SF Style.

Etro Dress by RustyNail

Our latest issue also showcases some of our best – in my humble opinion - interior décor and architectural pieces to date. Starting with Frau Engel’s piece which features a paradise retreat that had me longing for a REAL vacation all over again! We also offer you all a peek into one of’s latest projects; FRATRES – a collaborative Steam-punk themed world. (It really is something else and should not be missed! Just reading about it got me all excited – definitely have to make time to play around with it!)


Editor’s Notes

Cover Photography: Allium

With that said, we all hope you are all enjoying your summers and will also enjoy this issue with us! Hugs,

Madi xxoo


linday Interior Designer

Editor in Chief Madi 1909

linday loves chocolate, cats and her comp -- ooh, shiney!!

Hopeless romantic/procrastinator with an eye for pretty things and creativity...loves family gatherings and terrace meals with good friends.


Senior Design Editor & Production Allium


Mens Fashion Stylist, Photographer & Writer Jasumi loves creating alternative universes with her imagination in her spare time...

Mens Fashion Stylist, Photographer & Writer DrMusix likes Jigglypuff, Ravenclaw, strawberries and anything simatography related.

Allium loves to shoot Sims, OCD on interior design, braids, freckles and RED hair!


Managing Editor AsiaShaMecca

The unstoppable, perverted sloth with a heart of gold and a laugh to last a lifetime.

Asia likes simming, taking Sim pictures and cute lil doggies in polo shirts.

Senior Production, Fashion Photographer & Writer SimEve The grass is always greener right underneath your feet.

Senior Production, Fashion Photographer & Writer Dustydreamer An optimistic dreamer, Dusty is a green obsessed neat freak with a smile for every day!

Fashion Photographer and Stylist

Voïces Fashion Photographer and Stylist Voïces is a passionate fashion lover who always tries to push her limits to create original things


Fashion Photographer and Stylist Darko is the king of drools :Q__

Cbon Fashion Photographer and Stylist Cbon is a slender figure living in a minimal, graphic and uncluttered world.

Aikea-Guinea Fashion Photographer and Stylist Aikea-Guinea is chaos!


Senior Interior Director, Photographer & Writer Hmsdrco2001

Fashion Photographer and Stylist

Behind Bill’s sometimes childish sense of humor and shy demeanor is a guy who lives to make others feel happy, healthy, and unconditionally loved.


Contributors Adverts & Features MochaK Elasticgirl

A Nims: Very English, wears a black beanie, cat ears and no trousers (known to be very friendly) .

Interior Designer Lives for the moment: loves good food, hot days, bad boys and glasses of wine.

Ulnargroove Fashion Photographer and Stylist Artistic | Lazy | Family-Oriented | Flirt | Good

Frau Engel Interior Designer Frau Engel loves historic architecture and vintage style. And warm days in the summer garden.

IT begins...

A S ’ TI


! ! D IR

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... A feature by allium*

turn page...



di ha es, w ve mis e ou sio r n.. . L go et ’s !”



! W O in the city...



HOT 134 FASHION was in force

ust I m the d n .. i f as. t s i hion are s a f re whe y!?! the


! W O 95

Behind the mask she scanned the streets...

Who 12


!* Finally they were found!

“Be ho ou l r fa gl d s or y we hion ist , ha as ve ! at co la me st !�

! M O O B ...the end


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gatsby THE











“His heart beat faster and faster

as Daisy’s white face came up to his own. He knew that when he kissed this girl, and forever wed his unutterable visions to her perishable breath, his mind would never romp again like the mind of God. So he waited, listening for a moment longer to the tuning fork that had been struck upon a star. Then he kissed her. At his lips’ touch she blossomed like a flower and the incarnation was complete.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby










Gown by Meronin

Costume by StacheSims

Shoes by MA$IMS3

Sims by Levitas




What are you wearing to the opening ceremonies?



Images by Voices Questions by AsiaShaMecca Fashion and Answers by Sentate


erious Sim fashionistas know Sentate. He’s almost spoken in whispers and always with certain awe. Since he announced his presence with authority in Sims 2, new Sentate downloads are always eagerly anticipated. The meshes are incredible and the attention to detail even more so. Sentate’s downloads are instant classics which should be staples in any Sim’s wardrobe. We’re extremely excited to have the chance to get to know this talented creator.

Please tell us a bit about yourself? My name’s Jack. I’m a boy (people seem to think I’m a girl online). I’m 20 years old and living in Brighton for University. I’m studying a BA in Fashion, and I’ve just finished my first year, which I can hardly remember because I went out far too much. I’ve got a job in a bar with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. Everything of mine you will ever download was made by at least 3 cans of Diet Coke, It’s my main creating fuel. Your creations are so effortlessly stylish. How would you describe your personal style? I think in terms of design identity, what I make in real life and what I create for the game are fairly similar. I tend to go for a simple glamour, nothing fussy or too crazy and mostly wearable.. but maybe a little tight now and then. As for how I dress myself, I’m like the alien from American Dad (personality-wise too according to my friends). I tend to


wake up and pick a character. At the minute be tedious sometimes, but when you know I tend to dress like a ghetto/floral version of you can make it, you can’t help yourself! Niko from Grand Theft Auto IV. Other days I’ll just wear black. What tools do you use to create? How did you learn your craft? What do you like best about the Sims? I use Photoshop to edit the textures, What inspires you to create for the game? Milkshape to Mesh and TSRW to pull it all Fashion has always been what I wanted to together. Another essential tool is CmarNYC’s do, so when I saw creators such as the long mesh toolkit. It literally made meshing forgotten Salvatore and Atlaua’s amazing possible in TS3 for me. I learnt through a collections, I was determined to break on lot of mistakes actually. I made some awful to that scene. However, what I am doing stuff that I’ve always hidden or deleted and now is very different to what I set out to do. through that, I sort of established a design I get inspiration everywhere. I look a lot at ethos, followed through with that and ended highstreet stores for simple, easy but still up getting quite a few hits back on MTS. I really nice ideas to then build on. Sometimes don’t ever read instructions so I mostly just the idea comes from the Sim herself; I do point and clicked my way through all the actually play the game (something it’s easy tools and stuff until It worked. I’ve picked up to forget to do when you’re a creator) so a lot of tricks and habits meshing that I really sometimes a sim will get out of bed and I’ll should share one day. think, “She really needs a jumper with parrots on it” and then a few hours later she’s got What advice do you have for aspiring one… and then she needs new shoes. It can creators? Your meshes in particular are


stunning? Do you have any tips to share? Frankenstein! The main way I mesh is to take two or more meshes and combine them into something new. The trick is to make it look like more than just 2 pieces of mesh stuck together! Creators like Trapping are absolutely amazing at this technique. I always love looking at her stuff and trying to figure out where the sleeves are from or how what other pieces are combined together to get such beautiful downloads. Another tip would be never give up. I remember how hard it was when I first started, but now I can work much quicker. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. I really love your Wicked Nouk site. The store theme is so clever. How did that come about? It’s been that way in my head since before I even had a site! It was always going to be laid out like an online store, and this way I think it adds to the experience of downloading each item. I’m so thankful to Jessica at WNF for giving me this amazing opportunity to have my own site. It seems like you’re well on your way to creating a brand. So what’s next for Sentate? Surviving uni! I just finished my first year, and even though the course wasn’t particularly hard as it was mostly going over stuff I already

knew, I had awful time management and left almost everything to the night before. Plus I got a job in a bar, so I woke up hungover most mornings too. I’m not sure what the future holds for Sentate. I use the logo on all my Uni work. It’s always going to be a part of me. Maybe one day I’ll establish it as it’s own brand. I’d love that. But I personally see myself working for someone else or for a bigger company. So you might be buying Sentate clothes without knowing… one day! In closing, what do would like to see more of in the Sims and from the Sims Community as a whole? I think the community is an amazing place to lurk. I’ve never been active in the Sims community, more of a backseat creator who comes out of hiding now and then. But even so, I love sneaking around and looking at people’s games or at what they’re making. An amazing creator called Jean made an in-game store of my content which was absolutely brilliant! It’s stuff like that that does really make me feel like I’ve achieved something through this; that Sentate is its own brand.



The Last of


Feature by SimEve

Far beneath the rolling sea, It lies asleep, eternally. Yet there are some still left to roam, Forever in search of their lost home... psqso 42 144 154









There are some things that cannot be explained. There are some moments that cannot be forgotten, and then there are those that are lost forever within the depths of the mind. Memories are layered. It’s hard to get to the ones on the bottom when the ones on the top hurt to move. And as you dig deeper, memories shift to the open, thoughts float freely, remembrance is suddenly so easy. But beware of this interception within one’s own mind.


Heed my warning when I say that sometimes the good is buried deep to keep us from wandering. Digging deeper and deeper into one’s own mind only leaves us vulnerable, and we cease to believe what is real and what isn’t. The mind is no place for playing around.


















Advert by MochaK



Drive an adventure in the fast lane by cbon





payback payback payback

payback payback payback payback payback F E A T U R E








Pacific Vibrations

By All About Style

Left: Adriana Bandeau Swimsuit: silky-soft Italian fabric, lighty padded, variety of designs available: $50. Middle: Adriana Sheer Stripes Swimsuit: two piece, meshed, silk-soft Italian fabric, variety of designs available: $65. Right: Adriana Palms Swimsuit: sheer mesh, designed in luxe Italian fabric for a smooth silhouette and silky-soft feel: $45.

Advertisement by Dustydreamer

Dusty s Picks

Jean Shorts by Modish Kitten

Denim Shorts Set by Sims of Objnoora Destroyed Denim Skirt with Suspenders by vonFregeINC

Grung Fashio Shorts Juba

Studded Bohemian Dress by Cleotopia

Denim Shorts by CreatureFear


enim is very versatile. It is the most used and most altered piece of fabric. This summer, we are ditching the notion that denim and summer don’t mix. Because at SF, we think they mix very well! Not only do many of our short shorts stem from denim, but creators are reinventing the shorts and adding more embellishments, angles, and designs. Denim shorts can be worn with virtually anything. It can be dressed up and down and is more comfortable than wearing long jeans. Along with shorts, denim dresses are making a comeback. The dresses are more risqué than normal with cut outs, spikes, tight fitting, and spaghetti straps. You don’t have to sport flowy dresses all summer long. Change up the pattern and pick a denim dress that is short and sweet and goes perfect with heeled sandals or flats for a more comfy style. This summer, change the way you wear denim!


Jeans by Prada Sims

FEATURE by DustyDreamer

Funky Low-Rise Shorts by Shock & Shame

All In Denim Skirts by Icia

Mini Denim Skirt and Babydoll Top by Liana

Denim Mini Sundress by AllAboutStyle

Denim Corset Dress by ILikeMusic640


Denim Dress with Spikes by Irida

Bohemian ~ Maxi Dress with Denim Jacket by Cleotopia

Denim Babydoll Dress by Harmonia09

ge on by a

Definitely Denim

92 62


ASIASHAMECCA Sims by Levitas


Jimmy Choo Siletto Shoes by MA$ims3

Recolorable Bracelet by JenniSims

Metal Tattoo by Altea127

Top by EA Games Island Paradise EP

Accessory Clatch by Severinka

Gentle Grace Skirt by Cazarella

You and Me, A Standing on th

Diamond Earrings With Tourmalines by Milina

Classy Pearl Necklace by Pralinesims

e Sun... Dress by Hard Cand y

Modern Clip Trend-setting Sims from coast to coast Large hoop Earrings hanging earrings are feeling blue. And why shouldn’t by NataliS by Lorandia they? This shade is the hottest color Disco Jewelry to wear this season. Put away that Prayer Geometric Ring by Bracelet orange. From deep sky to azure to Rope Sims Art Factory by Lorandia by aquamarine, anything blue is what’s in fashion. Layer it, accessorize it Severinka and love it! Whatever your personal style, dive right in to this summer’s hottest shade and be Aqua FRESH!

Kamen Oko Vrata 1 Dress by ShakeProductions

Bag with Spikes by Irida Sims Hugo Boss Platform Sandals by MA$Sims3

Madlen Suza Shoes by MJ95











Potentissimum Images and Questions by ASIASHAMECCA Sims and Answers by POTENTISSIMUM,83.0.html



he Sims of Potentissimum have an almost ethereal quality that’s difficult to describe. They are definitely beautiful. But they’re also something... more. They haunt you. If you haven’t seen them yet, you owe it to your ‘hood to check them out. Potentissimum could easily become your favorite Sims maker. He’s certainly becoming one of ours. It’s with pleasure that we have a chance to get to know this emerging Sims creator.

Potentissimum please tell us a bit about yourself? Hello,I am Suat and I am living in Turkey (Like many designers : Ekinege,DarkNight and MiShil..) I love languages so I am studying in Language class now. I love reading books and cooking (yeah,I think it is enjoyable work.Mostly with my friends that’s make the work more enjoyable)I am friendly and too shy. Last summer my favourite sentence;I mean sentence which don’t fall out of my mouth is “People are everywhere,they are looking at us, no!” lol. What prompted you to start making Sims? Why did you decide to share them? I’ve been into the Sims since The Sims 2. But just for playing not making sim or creating clothes and share them. My adventure began with The Sims 3. When I bought it, I just played but, then I found SimsTR, I saw many creators and I wanted to be one of them. Because their creations were great and I said to myself “I must create like them” and it was happened.Thank you SimsTR for making me to share my sims.

Congratulations on reaching 400+ followers for your Simbler. What are some of the challenges of maintaining a blog, Simbler and an active presence on SimsTR? What are the joys? Thank you,now I have about 430 followers,I hope it’s going to increase. I think there is no challenges.. Umm maybe time. Because I haven’t got free time to create sims and share them,

furthermore, I have to make “credits” for my sims. This is what I called “a challenging work”. I think there is too much joys. At SimsTR my sims seen by many Turkish people. At SimsTR International, everyone can see my sims here too. They are comment to my sims and it’s makes me happy, in addition to, I have got a blog and a simblr. I opened blog because I want to share my sims with world. And there is a simblr (oh god!) Thank you soo much for Mi-Shil. I opened simblr with her advice (and she opened a blog with my What do you like best about the Sims? I dont know. Maybe magics, witchs.. boo!I really love fantastic items on The Sims and

adventures! That’s makes me want playing sims very much. Your Sims all seem to have their own personalities and very individual styles. What inspires you when creating a Sim? Firstly, thank you!Everything can inspires people.And everything can inspires me so I am inspred by everything (I think there’s too much “inspiration” How long does it take you to create a Sim? When do you look at your hard work and say “This Sim is ready to leave the bin and face the world?” Maybe 1 or 2 hours. I know it is short but enough for me. I try to make them look different. When I create celebrity sims this numbers may be increased. Like 1 week or more..When I finished my sim. If he/she is different and good. I said to myself “Let’s introduce you to the world” What advice do you have for aspiring Sims creators? I wanna say: keep making sims and never say never. Maybe you are going to a great creator! In closing, what would you like to see more of in the Sims and the Sims Community as a whole? I think Sims Community is cool. I love EP’s. My favourite EP is Supernatural methinks. Island Paradise can add to my favourites. Oh and there is Sims 4. I wonder about it so much. I hope it will be good.

m u m i s s i t Poten 105


Summer in

miami Feature by SimEve











Ivy by LunaSimsLulamai

Bird Bath, Ivy, and Little Bird by LilyOfTheValley

Gardening Foyer & Add On’s by SIMcredible!

Valencia Watering Can by AnoeskaB

Landscape plants by Suza

Belize Parasol by SIMcredible!

Coastal Outdoor Chair by riccinumbers


by HMSDRCO2001

What better time than summer to get outside and enjoy the many vibrant creations for the garden, patio, and poolside by Sims 3 artists around the world. In one’s garden a person may be one’s own artist without apology or explanation. Here is one spot where each may experience the ‘romance of possibility.’ - Louise Beebe Wilder

Birdhouse by Apple

Tree Bench by LilyOfTheValley kmr2s3a

Clock by Granny Zaza

Galoshes by SIMcredible!

BBQ Time by mensure

Avocado plant by Exotic Elements

Rattan Outdoor Bookshelf by VitaSims 3

Lamba Towels by *n-a-n-u*

Somerville planters by Gosik

SYL Oil Lamp by eryt96 SY Rug by D3VV


ShojoA the edge o

Advertisement by Vo誰ces

Angel of fashion

Lone The




M A D I S O N 1 9 0 9








hat is the definition of match made in heaven? Pradasims and Louis Vuitton would be a great start. We were mad about Vuitton’s S/S 2013 Collection. The mod, sixties-ish lines and those eye-grabbing checks, all in one minimal package. Who wouldn’t want to see their Sim in them? Well we asked, and Pradasims delivered in spades with an astounding six piece collection. Even better, Vuitton S/S 2013 has over ten presets to choose from! Straight from the runway to your Sim’s closet. Keep an eye out for this one. It’s a Sim Fashionista must have!

134 92



Models by Ya-Prava Poses by IMHO and Mimoto

Models by Ya-Prava Poses by Mimoto



Pose by Traelia

Poses by Mimoto

Poses by IMHO


The Final Seduction


Tud The

compltete series comin

Advertisement by AsiaShaMecca


ng soon on

Simtime Blueray

T H I N K M A L E H A I R I S B O R I N G ? D O C T O R M S AY S T H I N K A G A I N









Summer has come, and with the heat comes the call of the beach! Shorter shorts, tanks and trunks become essential pieces for the Summer months. This month we focus on the varying styles of swimwear and all the hottest collections this Summer. Whether you plan to go to a quiet beach on an undiscovered island, a party beach in Isla Paradiso or even to Sunlit Tides or just to the community pool, you should make sure that you look good and have all the essentials while having fun.








Gadget finds for THE “Computer Whiz”


OK, little known SomeSimGuy fact… thanks to some awfully inconsiderate parents who couldn’t be bothered to spend a couple of measly Sim hours reading 2 measly pregnancy manuals, I got saddled with a random Hydrophobic trait. Yes. It was the tragic death of my swimsuit modeling career and no, I had zero interest in Island Paradise except for the chance for new tech.

Well IP came with beautiful island vistas, gorgeous –I’m told- mermaids and… boats. Lots and lots of boats. Oh! And a camera that takes amazing pictures… under WATER. I hate water! So no. No new IP tech. Sorry. You’ll live. Instead I decided to outfit my media room… again. I think they used to call them home theaters before everyone started watching movies on their phones… but I digress. As in all things I did it big. REAL big. And as in all things I have most generously elected to share my big screen/big play finds with you. Not that you’ll have time to enjoy it as you squeeze into your wetsuit to net a hot mer-person. Water lovers are so selfish! Movie Theater Set by mensure

Feature by SomeSimGuy

Every home needs a cinema... with a projector... and signs... and posters... and a ticket booth. Popcorn I say! Get me some hot buttered popcorn stat! (Ushers sold seperately).

best seats in my house

big screens? the biggest! My biggest TV is French and costs 15,000 Simflouzs. Now I’m not saying this impresses French chicks... but it sure don’t hurt.

Écran de Cinéma by lilliebou

HD Phenomenon by SIMul8rReviews HD Phenomenon Version Two by SIMul8rReviews

I’m here for scale. Look how wee I am! When you and the other tech snobs are having that big screen discussion... Oh yeah.. Shut it DOWN! ASIA-O-ELECTRONIC-001 by asia!

CompuMAX by frnkitoz

PCs need big screens too! I know... I know... TOTALLY off topic but it’s just so COOL!

bbb Computer Large Flat Screen by babybluebug

Play on playah! play on Weighted Storage & Companion Cubes and...

...Portal Turrents by Ever-Lasting Garden

So many hours spent on these... If only I could have that time back I’d.... Nah! Who am I fooling, I’d just waste it AGAIN!

Apple Machintosh 128K / Apple ImageWriter by Sims3CC PSP TS2 to TS2 Conversion by Ever-Lasting Garden

And in Colors Too! SNES Games Part 2 by Lazer-Cats-Do-Exist


Life in an Island Paradise brings more than sun and surf. It brings a riot of color, too! The flora and fashion of island life go hand in colorful hand. Why shouldn’t your make-up stand up to the challenge? Blah tones just won’t do, and we don’t mean a little extra eye shadow either! We mean embrace color. Hug it. Love it like a sibling! This is the chance you’ve been waiting for. Island life is all about fun times. Your look should be as colorful as that new sarong. If you’ve been wondering how to add more color to your Sim’s island look, read on!

Beauty 158



Pull-No-Punches Liners Oh-so-hot for summer make-up this year is colored eye liner. Pinks, blues, purples and yellows… no color is sacred. EVERYTHING goes, and we LOVE it! Experiment with colored shades in CAS. Try making some of those smudged black liners HOT PINK instead. It’s a fun new trend that’s even more fun for your Sim to wear.

Bold Beautiful Glossy Lips

Lips in red and pink and…. Zzzz…. Sorry. We dozed off there for a sec. These looks are about breaking color barriers. Lips aren’t any different. We

suggest glossy blue with a soft purple liner. How about yellow? Or even a soft aqua – a very HOT color this season. Contrast those lips and go!

How Now, Colored Brow?

Quick! What’s one oft neglected part of a beauty look? You guessed it… Eyebrows! We choose a style and forget ‘em. But how about this for a change? Colored brows! And why not? Who ever said they have to match your hair? Colored eyebrows are another daring trend we’d love to see more of. They’re bold, eyecatching and unforgettable to boot!



Mix-And-Match Shades And just in case you haven’t noticed yet… monochromatic is SO last spring. If you’re going color, go all the way and mix those contrasting shades. Contrasting colors are warm and cool and HOT all over. Those bold color choices stand out even more in contrasting colors. And Sim stylists, we are not settling for anything less than a hands-down stand-out look!

We’re calling these looks “efflorescent” because they are taking color to a whole new level. It’s time for your Sim to step outside her makeup box and try something new. When she’s striding down the beach on that island resort vacation, ALL eyes will be on her!

Surrender to the natural beauty and luxury of Paradise Cove.

Images Words



Homes & Interiors

Para dise Co v e


Each of the well-appointed private villas features sweeping panoramic views of the ocean and blends seamlessly into the coastal surroundings. Built from wood, stone, and other materials from the nearby islands, the resort also features exquisite furnishings created by local artisans.

Homes & Interiors

Surrender to the natural beauty and luxury of Paradise Cove. The work of SF Magazine’s newest architect and designer, Frau Engel, this tropical haven beckons you to the pristine beaches of Sunlit Tides where the everyday cares of this world are swept up in a blissful and breathtaking seaside escape.

Slumber in one of the hanging platform beds as the breeze whispers through finely woven drapes reminiscent of fishing nets from the adjacent village. After a bath in the openair spa, enjoy a private couple’s massage overlooking the beach. Sip piùa coladas from carved coconuts as you relax at the thatched palm roof bar. Watch the sun set as you soak in melodies from a steel drum band. Dine under the moonlight and stars at one of the worldrenowned restaurants featuring the culinary delights of Chef Minraed Arzhel.


Homes & Interiors

Tiki torches, colorful candles, sumptuous seating, and towering palm trees surround the pool built with rustic stone quarried from the island. And, of course, the beach is only a few sandy footsteps away. Travelers worldwide make Paradise Cove a regular and favorite destination, and repeat visitors will find this retreat preserved in all of its spectacular beauty and sensational service from year to year. Couples exchange vows surrounded by family and friends beneath the waterfront wedding canopy. Paradise Cove is also perfect for honeymoons and anniversary celebrations.

Homes & Interiors

Indulge your every whim, whether it’s a refreshing swim, beach towel nap, or seaside dance at Paradise Cove.

Advert by hmsdrco2001 You think you know the story.








H: I’m thrilled to be able to speak with you. I must say I’ve been a longtime fan of your amazing homes for years now. For our readers who may not know you that well, tell us a little bit about yourself. eStyle: It’s my pleasure to be a part of this issue! My name is Etienne, I’m 20 years old, I live in Canada, and I’m a full-time student. I live in an apartment in Montreal, and I share it with my best friend who studies art history. I’ve been raised in the countryside, so each month, I leave the big city for a weekend or two to go hiking or just relax in nature with my friends and family. H: When did you first start playing the Sims, and what are your favorite aspects of the game? eStyle: I’ve been playing the Sims since the very first game. Though, I’m not sure when exactly. I know that when I bought the first base game, a few expansion packs were already released. My favorite aspect of the game is by far the building.

H: You are clearly overflowing with talent when it comes to architecture and design? Do you envision for yourself a career in either of those fields? Or perhaps a career in game design? eStyle: Oh why thank you very much! Well, I’m currently studying landscape architecture which is pretty close to architecture except we focus more on the exteriors of buildings and the ecological aspects of projects. I wanted to study architecture first, but as I’m a real outdoor lover, I preferred to take a similar branch that still involves design and creativity. H: What made you decide to start sharing your creations with the world? eStyle: At first, I was really shy to share my creations. I thought nobody would want to download my houses. But one day I decided to show a building I made with TS2 on a French forum and everyone liked it. They all suggested me to share it, which I did. A few months later, the Sims 3 came out and since then, I share all the creations I’m proud of. H: What is your favorite aspect of building a home--the architecture, landscaping, interior design, or just playing the house when it’s finally done? eStyle: What I love the most about building a home is certainly architecture, then landscaping. I just hate interior design. It just doesn’t come as naturally as the architecture and the landscaping so it takes me twice as long. I love building because the possibilities are just so infinite and incredible ...

H: Walk me through your creative process. How do you design your homes? Do you sketch them on paper beforehand? From where do you draw your inspiration? Do you get your ideas from particular real-life homes, or do your ideas just spring to mind when you go into “Build Mode”? eStyle: I normally have a little idea of a building in my mind when I start the game. I never sketch, but my inspiration comes from a LOT of places. It can be from a house I see in real life when I walk down the street or even from google images or by participation in building contests. What I like the most is always trying new house styles. There are those builders who find the style they are the best at and just keep building following those lines. I can hardly do that. That’s why my studio is full of houses that are so different. I always need new challenges and new styles to explore. H: What advice do you have for aspiring builders who might want to start building their own homes for the first time?


eStyle: The only advice I could give is: just have fun. Sims 3 is a game. I feel like some people want to get experience in building so bad that they forget they have to do this for themselves and not for the number of downloads or recommendations they would get from their work. Also, don’t give up. It’s by building houses over and over again that you will gain experience. You have no idea how ugly my first house was. I think it was just a super huge room with a couch in the middle of it with no floor or even paint on the wall because I would use all my Sim’s simoleons to buy gifts for his girlfriend so they could improve their relationship and then get married, lol.


H: Any amazing projects on the horizon for you? eStyle: I’m actually planning on making a new World. I had a blast with Saint-Yield (my first world that is on the Exchange) so I would like to create a new world that would include more EP features. I’m not decided about the style of it yet though, but I may start it in a few days as soon as I set myself on a leading idea. H: What directions would you like the game to take in the future? Are there particular changes to the game that you hope EA will consider making, especially given that they are currently working on the Sims 4?

eStyle: I really like how the game is right now. Though, I think EA should give us more tools to create realistic houses. I could make a long list, but those that are probably on the top of my list would be to be able to change window heights, to customise the roof color, to have an official create-aworld tool (the one we have for TS3 is still a beta program), and finally to be able to visit other player’s houses (so a more complex online version of the game, even though it should only be optional). H: In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to the many fans of your creations? eStyle: Thank you so so so much for all the support and the ideas you guys constantly give me. What I like the most about sharing my creations is how people use them in their game in their own way and have fun with them. H: Thank you so much for taking time to speak with me! I can’t wait to see your next creation!


eStyle’s Studio

Forum Thread



Be d and Break fas t St yle

C on ve r t your seaside hom e i nto a char m ing B&B with a ki tche n m akeover. W ith a vi ew of the beach and the b a y, your seaside hom e is su re to attr act a steady flow o f sun - wor shipping tour ists l oo ki ng for a cute and co sy rest stop. Decor ate in aqua, tur quoise, sa n d y tones and painted

Images & Words


woods for that ups c al e nautical feel. A v ar i ety of coastal clutter a nd dec or objects can ad d c har m and inter est whi l e s ti r r i ng conver sation am o ung y our guests. Include a del i c i ous br eakfast and per fec t c up of coffee, and yo ur gues ts won’t ever want to l eav e your little par adis e.

Sink by Shino&KCR @ TSR

Coastal Set by Ladesire

Nautical Poster by Samusa06 @ TSR

Vitasims - Cakes Audrey Barstool by BuffSumm @ TSR

Chair by Pillar @ TSR

Thank you all of the other creators, too many to credit, for their contributions.

Kitchen by Pyszny @ TSR

Trellis by Suza @ Simply Styling

Coastal Objects by riccinumbers @ TSR

Homes & Interiors

Sea Creatures Cushions by FantasticSims @ TSR


Advert by hmsdrco2001




WOndymoon Interview by hmsdrco2001 Pictures by Wondymoon AT T E N T I O N TO V I S U A L R E A L I S M



hank you so much for taking time to speak with us. I’m excited to get to know you better. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hi! My name is Çağlar. I’m studying at Universitiy this year. I live in a small city in Turkey. I love drawing and traveling, even in the game—when I play The Sims 3, I travel to Egypt, China, and France with World Adventures. I follow closely technology. I love to discover/ try new things. Nature and animals are peaceful for me, and I use mainly natural materials in my houses and objects. I of course love home decoration and architecture, and this love came to life with The Sims. The Sims has inspired me to begin this work and to realize my dreams. Because of this, I love Sims very much.

Looking at your creations, I can’t help but wonder if you are studying art, architecture, or a design-related field. Do you ever make furniture in real life?

isn’t my only inspiration. I used before Da Vinci’s physics and anatomy drafts in my Rhodium Teen Bedrooom set. Chemistry, biology, and physics are parts of nature. Because of this, I like Although I’d love to actually using these things, but I have no make furniture in real life, science in my background. right now, I’m focused on getting my education. But I’m Where else do you draw still a student, so anything is inspiration for your creations? possible. Whatever happens, Are there particular it’s absolutely my hobby that I designers or artists in real want to advance in myself. I’m life to which you are drawn? constantly trying to develop myself, and I take pleasure in Since I’ve begun creating, this. I’ve been looking around my environment more curiously. Do you have a background in I take pictures of homes and science? I noticed the titles of objects that I like. In my spare your sets correspond with some time, I’ve been looking for of my favorite atoms from the decoration ideas. I have an Periodic Table of the Elements! enormous image archive. Of course, there are famous, great Chemistry was one of my favorite designers in this image archive. subjects. I love chemistry, but my I’m not doing the exact same real inspiration is my brother. things in those images, but those He is a chemist. But chemistry images get me inspired.


When did you start playing the program, and train yourself. Sims, and what made you decide If you start from easy, small to start creating for the game? objects, you will get experience easily and still won’t bore My interest in the Sims began yourself. with the Sims 2, and I used to make homes, but I never What other Sims creators do you published them. Because they admire or consider as mentors? were a disaster! I wanted to start creating when I discovered I’ve been doing this work for the Sims design world. However, 2-3 years, and of course there I did not know anything about are a lot of designers that I like this at first, and I tried to who motivate me. Like Stylist discover how to make things. Sims, VitaSims 3, Simply Styling, I made up my decision when I Around the Sims, SIMcredible!, discovered a video tutorial on Simpossible, Murano... There how to make Sims 3 objects, But are even designers like Murano, it was hard because it was in a Cyclonesue, RicciNumbers, and language I didn’t understand, Ekinege who show the way they and I couldn’t find the video work with tutorials. again. I began to experiment in the game with a 3D model Tell me more about your I downloaded. It was great! creative process. Do you sketch Afterwards, I began to make out your designs beforehand? my own objects. 3D modeling How long does it take for you is harder than I thought, and to create particular pieces? I began to publish after I developed my skills sufficiently. Usually, I do my modeling in I have been doing this for over company with music. The most 2 years now. I still go on making boring thing for me is to design homes, but it is second priority maps, and at these times music to making objects. makes me relax. The time it takes me to create an object is Bill: What advice might you very variable. For instance, if offer to aspiring creators? I’m trying to make a sofa, it must What tools and tutorials seem soft and comfortable. It have you found most helpful? can take hours, even days. On the other hand, a simple table As I said, I couldn’t find that can be done in 15 minutes. This video tutorial again, but the also depends on my motivation design tutorials at The Sims and amount of leisure time for Resource are very good. I took me. I never have deadlines. This advantage of these tutorials, is my hobby. but these are just teaching technique. The main thing is the self-development. The most important thing is object modeling. First, get a 3D

What projects can we anticipate that you would like to see from you in the future? in the future or made part of the upcoming Sims 4? I want to continue to advance in 3D modeling. However, I I’m waiting eagerly for the Sims don’t want to give up playing 4 to come on the market. Since the Sims. I will have new sets I’ve begun 3D modeling, I pay and houses as I continue to most attention to visual realism. design those in my head. But Already, I know the Sims 4 will I have no long-term plans be better than Sims 3, but I want because my school is going on. the graphics to be excellent. It will be great for the sets that we Are there particular features make. I hope to see innovations or changes to the game in build mode to make unique

architecture. For instance, it would be great to be able to adjust window height, or make walls with round corners, or make different floor heights. Would you like to share any closing thoughts with our readers and fans of your work? Thank you very much for giving me such an opportunity. I really enjoyed this, and it was a great experience

for me. Thank you! This summer, I think I’ll concentrate on designing a lot. I cannot wait! I’m looking forward to sharing new sets and houses with you. I really appreciate you speaking with us. And I can’t wait to see what you create in the future!

Wondymoon has completed this exclusive set for SF Magazine called ‘Bathroom Manganese’ we LOVE it, we hope you do too! Find his work here:

Download Bathroom Manganese here:


World Showcase Fratres by SuumSim


Words by Gissence

ratres is a very wee speck in a vast and nameless ocean. It belongs, undeniably, in that timeless genre known as steampunk. And do not let its size cause you to prejudge it as something that would quickly lose its captivating virtues. When we say “steampunk,� we mean more than the mere visual trappings that adorn this place. The history and playable storyline were likewise encoded with the same cog-turning complexities as one would expect from something claiming to belong to this style.

148 Requirements: Base Game World Size: Small map Residential Lots: 16 Families: 12 Community Lots: 15 Main Tombs: 4 Ancillary Tombs: 4 World Type: Small Steampunk themed world


And so it Begins... Two years ago I had a growing desire to see a new venue started on TSR that would foster collaborative projects. Fratres began life as a platform for such a project. I approached the powers that be with the idea, and they liked it. Before too long, we had over 20 featured artists excitedly working away in various levels of involvement. But while we were all blissfully creating, none of us really knew what it was going to look like from a technical standpoint, what with all the custom content. Alas, this would largely be what would kill the dreams of it being a template for a new collaborative TSR venue. They were, however, gracious in letting Freddie & I publish the world on our own site with all the featured artist content included.

More than Skin Deep When I think of the world of Fratres, I think of a few props from the movie Hugo like the wind-up mouse toy or the automaton. Steampunk, by design, visually drips from this little world, but you will find steampunk goes more than skin deep with Fratres. Like the wind-up mouse or the automaton, the real spirit of steampunk, the original marriage of art and science, is found when you take a peek at its innards.

Beyond the Surface Beyond the surface glitter, which I certainly do not mean to trivialize, you will find a world quite unlike any you have ever played. We’ve dubbed it “The Complete Adventure”. It’s largely in the presence, not only of the eight tombs, but in the fact that these tombs are all interconnected in some fashion. Though playable separately, they work toward a single conclusion that follows an intriguing storyline and juicy history which was carved out by a couple of the TSR Composers. Present in the mix also is a minor interlacing theme of four elements which lightly seasons every dimension of Fratres reality. Our new website, SuumSim, is focused on deliberately interjecting life’s drama and story into the Sims experience through the creation of worlds. Our first offering comes out strong with that statement.



Links Cover by Allium Inside Cover Artwork by Aikea Guinea Page 6 It’s a Bird! - Images by Allium

World at Sims 3 New York Models Cherry Minx by Jennabray Desree by Sackgirl Yoko by Allium (Not available for Download) (Page numbers do not Include the opening image) Page 1 Cherry Minx Dress by Irink@a Pose by SynapticSim @ MTS Page 2 Desree Dress by Nubie @ Cool Sims Pose by ForeverHaileyCreations Page 3 Jennabray Outfit by Sims Studio Pose by ForeverHaileyCreations Page 4 Yoko Outfit by AeB Sims3 Pose by My Sweet Sims Page 5 Yoko Top by Oh My Sims Skirt by i like teh sims Leggings by tiffaff7 @TSR Pose by ForeverHaileyCreations Image 6 Desree Outfit by Ersch Sims Cape by silfantasy Pose by My Sweet Sims Page 16 The Great Gatsby- Images by AsiaShaMecca Cast Gerard Way by BrainlessPrincess (As Nick Carraway) Henry by BrainlessPrincess (As Tom Buchanan) Amy Fisher by Gosik (As Jordan Baker) Shane by BrainlessPrincess (As Jay Gatsby) Ava Green by Gosik (As Daisy Buchanan)


Image 1 Nick Suit by EA Base Game Tom Business on the Top by EA Store Slacks by EA Late Night EP Jordan Canal Street Dress by EA Store Jay Business on the Top by EA Store Slacks by EA University Life Daisy Dress by There’s Cake in Your Hair Image 2 Daisy Egyptian Bride Dress by EA Store Jay On The Ritz Top by EA Store Image 3 Brassy Lassy Bob Hair by EA Store Pearls by VitaSims Pearl Earrings by NataliS Image 4 Jordan Big Band Swing Dress by EA Store Tom Polo Shirt by EA Base Game Riding Pants by EA Pets EP Boots by EA Pets EP Daisy Vieux Carre Dress by EA Store Butler Formal Glad Rags by EA Store Nick Traveling by Steamboat by EA Store Image 5 St. Charles Ball Gown by EA Store Shoes by Altea127 Image 6 Deco Gown by EA Store Multi-Gem Cuff by Lorandia Image 7 Flapper Dress by EA Store All That Jazz Dress by CBon Image 8 Daisy Hat by EA Base Game Abe’s Cabe Dress by EA Store Jay Business on the Top by EA Store Slacks by EA University Life EP


1 Page 28 The Fast and the Furious- Images by Voices All Images Car by Understrech Imagination Nose piercing by Winry Image 1 Top by Pretty Ladies Babies Skirt by Modern Lover Shoes by JS Sims 3 Rings by MA$ims3 Necklace by Sims3ArtFactory!accessories/c2387 Images 2 & 3 Top by Icia23 Trousers by Sentate Shoes by Cazarella Bracelet by Torona Necklace by Tifaff7 Ring by Sims3ArtFactory!accessories/c2387 Images 4 & 5 Tank by JS Sims 3 Leather Leggings by All About Style Shoes by Milina Necklace by Tifaff7 Rings by TheSimsK Image 6 Sweater by SimsinSpring Studed Garters by RooraSims Tights EA Base Game Shoes by Cazarella Spike Piercings by Glaza Necklace by Sims3ArtFactory!accessories/c2387 Bracelets by Irida Image 7 Baseball Vest by All About Style Leather Leggins by All About Style Earring Piercing chains by Lorandia Multiple Rings by Lorandia Bracelet by Meronin Sims Image 8 Shirt by Lorandia Shorts by Simtorr Shoes by Milina Ring by Irida Rings by TheSimsK Spike Piercings by Glaza Necklace by Sims3ArtFactory!accessories/c2387 Bracelet by Irida Page 42 The Last of Atlantis- Images by SimEve Models Elenora by buckosnort( not styled) Muirgen by SimEve(styled as shown) All Images Include Skin by Synestesi Asari Genetics Hair by Annoree Nail Jewelery by altea127


Long Nails by NataliS Nails by NY Girl Sims Image 1 (LtoR) Pose by ForeverHailey Bodysuit by Whamettnuht Earring by Glaza Pattern by Ireveles18 Pose by buitefr1 Suit by All About Style Gloves by Birb32 Necklace by Poseiden Claw Ring by Lorandia Sims 3 Snake Earring by Lorandia Sims 3 Eyeshadow by Lorandia Sims 3 Pattern by Marcorse Image 2 Pose by K2 Suit by Cleotopia Necklace by NataliS Bracelet by NataliS Eyeshadow by YukeySims Pattern by Harmonia Image 3 (LtoR) Pose by IMHO Suit by PradaSims Shoes by ErSch Sims Gloves by MoonFairy Earrings by RoseSims3 Pose by ForeverHailey Suit by PradaSims Gloves by Birb32 Necklace by Tomislaw Earrings by Meronin Pattern by Marcorse Image 4 Pose by ForeverHailey Body Suit by PradaSims Ribbon Wrap by Luluke Earrings by NataliS Eyeshadow by Ephemera Image 5 (LtoR) Bodysuit by Icon Gloves by altea127 Choker by Tifaff7 Earrings by Meronin Eyeliner by Daisy Sims 3 Pose by BubbleClouds Sims Suit by Lorandia Sims 3 Gloves by Birb32 Necklace by Severinka Earrings by Meronin Pattern by ddmrl


Page 52 Inception- Images by Nims Image 1 Hair by Lapiz Lazuli Top by Rusty Pants by EA Supernatural EP Shoes by EA Late Night EP Image 2 Top by Hey Love! Pants & Shoes by EA Late Night EP Dress by Rusty Shoes by Sentate Image 3

Dress by Rusty Shoes by EA Showtime EP

Top by Rusty Pants by EA Supernatural EP Shoes by EA Late Night EP

Page 60 Avatar- Images by Saphira Most Images Include These Hair by IggySaurus + Head wrap by .indiemilk Hair at Garden of Shadows Eyeshadow by Ephemera Eyeshadow by LadyFrontbum Facial Avatar Tattoo 1 by Simique Facial Avatar Tattoo 2 by Traelia Avatar Bodytattoos by Tralia (And via Facial Avatar Tattoo 2) Image 1 Dress by PradaSims3 Shoes by Ma$ims 3 Earrings by tifaff7 Bracelet 1 by SClub Bracelet 2 by Liana Sims 3 Image 2 Dress by Icon Necklace by Shokoninio Bracelet by Taurona Image 3 Dress by Sentate Necklace by Poseiden Headband by Taurona Bracelet EA Content Image 4 Dress EA University EP Necklace by Shokoninio Image 5 Dress by Daisy Sims 3 Bracelet by Lorandia Sims 3 Image 6 Dress by Rusty


Headband by Taurona Bracelets EA Shoes by Ma$ims3 Earrings by Lorandia Sims 3

Image 7 Dress by NY Girl Sims 3 Bracelet by Liana Sims 3 Earrings by Lorandia Sims 3 Image 8 Dress at All About Style Necklace by Shokoninio Bracelet by CBon73

Page 70 Drive- Images by CBon Image 1 Studded Jacket w/ corset by Icia 23 High-Waisted shorts by Cbon73 Jeweled Satin Pumps by Gosik Image 2 Fashionista Dress by Icia23 Jeweled Satin Pumps by Gosik Image 3 Cutout Swimsuit by Modern_Sims Spike Sandals by Gosik Image 4 Glam Gold Swimsuit by RustyNail Image 5 Dress by Cbon73(Coming Soon) Rings by Lorandia High Heels Sandals by NataliS Image 6 Necklace by CloudwalkerSims Leotard Bra by Anubis Pants by Cbon73(Coming Soon) Spike Sandals by Gosik Image 7 Layered Bra by All-About-Style High Waisted Skirt by Sentate Image 8 Swimsuit by RustyNail Page 78 Payback- Images by Dustydreamer Models Russel Kulkarni by Sarah Earina by Kassi Anyette Chienog by DustyDreamer (Not Available for Donwload) Image 1 Female YSL Stiletto Pumps by MA$ims3 Cat Eye Sunglasses by Gosik Pose by Raine Male Sunglasses EA Late Night EP


Trench coat EA Store Shoes EA Late Night EP Image 2 Suit EA Base Game Men Magic Pose set by Neka-Mew Image 3 Female Saligary Blazer by LiKo Babydoll dress by Saliwa Pose by IMHO Male Suit EA Base Game Pose by Neka-Mew Image 4 Female1 Glitteriffic Romper EA Store Black gloves EA Base Game Boots by LiliSims Pose by Raine Female2 Lattice Dress by Ekinege Ring by Irida Beryl Tablet Ring by Gosik T-Strap Pumps by Gosik Pose by Blakc Image 5 See Through top by Lorandia Harem Pants at AllAboutStyle Shoes EA Late Night EP Ring by LorandiaSims3 Mysterious Pose by IMHO Image 6 Female1 Sunglasses by ModishKitten Micro Jumpsuit by Cbon73 Pose Pack no.13 by Blakc Female2 Cat Eye Sunglasses by Gosik Elegant Jumpsuit by Simsimay Pose Pack no.13 by Blakc Male Sleeping pose by buitefr1 Page 94 Titanic- Images by AsiaShaMecca Poses by IMHO Shot on Titanic by sbrizolone Models Leslie Vollz by Lida_Del_Rey Chris Pine by mistyinthebluebox Image 1 Layered Dress by Art Factory Necklace by MA$ims3 Image 2 Dress by All ABout Style


Outfit by EA Image 3 Daisy Dress by SashaJ Wet Suit by EA Store Image 4 Bikini by EA Master Suite Stuff SP Sheer Pareo by Everlasting Garden Water Lily Sunhat by Anita Shorts by EA Base Game Image 5 Gown w/ Transparency by Lorandia Wet Suit by EA Store Image 6 Sheer Sundress by All About Style Wet Suit by EA Store

Page 106 Summer in Miami- Images by SimEve World by Fresh Prince(Beta) Model by SimEve (Not Available for Download) Image 1 Wrap Top by Modish Kitten Pants by Sunny Custom Content Shoes by Cbon73 Necklace by NataliS Earrings by NataliS Handbag by Ma$ims Image 2 Dress by Rusty Pumps by Ma$ims 3 Necklace by Ma$ims 3 Ring by CleoSims 3 Image 3 Top by Parsimonious Bottom by PradaSims 3 Accessory Blazer by Sims Studio Bracelet by Tomislaw Image 4 Cropped Tee by All About Style Bracelet by Lorandia Sims 3 Earrings by Lorandia Sims 3 Image 5 Crop Suit by All About Style Shoes by NataliS Earrings by Ma$ims 3 Bracelet by NataliS Ring by CleoSims 3 Image 6 Outfit by Rusty Necklace by Tomislaw Bracelet by Lorandia Sims 3 Ring by CleoSims 3


Page 114 Rise- Images by MochaK Images1&2 Darkness Outfit by David Sims Cage Bracelet by Lore Star Earrings by Irida Long Nails 001 by NataliS Boots by MrAntonieddu Images 3&7 Lady Gaga Outfit by Anubis360 ARTPOP Mask by David Sims Upper Arm Bracelet by Ginko Multicolor Nails by Ikari Sims Suede Boots by Serpentrogue Image 4 McQueen Dress by IconSim Choker Necklace by Tifaff7 The Raven Gloves by Club Crimsyn Nails by Sintiklia Sims Image 5 Dress by PradaSims Galactic Earrings by Neka-Mew Rings by Lore Long Nails 001 by NataliS Subway Heels by MrAntonieddu Image 6 Fifth Element Cloth by ANnEV Cage Bracelet by Lore Long Nails 001 by NataliS McQueen Shoes by MrAntonieddu

Page 126 The Lone Ranger- Images by Madison1909 Models Deacon by Chobits Image 1 Tank by Darko Jeans by RustyNail Necklace by Lemonleaf Image 2 Top & Hat by EA Pets EP Image 3 Jeans by PradaSims Image 4 Layered Top by Darko Bracelets by EA University Life EP Image 5 Jacket by Olesmit Hat by Cloudwalker Sims Page 144 Hair Apparent- Images by Dr. Musix (L to R) 1) Gantz Hair for Males by Newsea 2) Raon36 convert by Mamyrocker 3) Hair 051 by Skysims 4) Rough Sketch by Newsea


5) Ginko Hair 1 by Daisy Sims3 6) Soledad by Newsea 7) Male Hair 13 by Raon 8) Male Hair 16 by Raon 9) Blue Hair 10 by Lapiz Lazuli 10) Good Kid by Newsea 11) The Roaring 20s by EAStore 12) Backswept by My Blue Book

Page 146 The Endless Summer- Images by dr. Musix Image 1 (L to R) Ipanema set bikini by Juliana Bikini by Darko Image 2 (L to R) Ed Hardy Sunglasses by jla43 Surf Addiction pendant by Juliana Suit by Darko Ed Hardy Sunglasses by jla43 Spear pendant by NataliS’ Suit by Darko Image 3 Top EA Island Paradise EP Bottom EA University EP Surfboard by alex_stanton1983 Image 4 (L to R)

Tank tops by Pudding Brothel Bottoms EA Island Paradise EP Shirt for Males by LadyFrontbum Shorts Swim by Sonata77 Image 5 (L to R) Trunks by Darko AussieBum trunks by AfterDusk Image 6 Trunks EA Base Game

Page 158 Beauty-Efflorescent- Images by Saphira Most Images Inlude These Lashes by S-Club Blush by IN3S (Site Down) Image 1 Lipstick by Pralinesims Eyeliner by Gosik Eyeshadow by Gosik Image 2 Lipstick by In3S (Site Down) Eyeliner by Gosik Eyeshadow by S-Club No.1 Image 3 Lipstick by Pralinesims


Eyeliner by Gosik Eyeshadow by Gosik Image 4 Lipstick by IN3S(Site Down) Eyeliner by Gosik Eyeshadow by Ladyfrontbum Image 5 Lipstick by Pralinesims Eyeliner by Pralinesims Eyeshadow by Gosik Lashes by Sintiklia Image 6 Lipstick by Pralinesims Eyeliner by Gosik Eyeshadow by Gosik Lashes by Sintiklia

Page 164 Homes & Interiors: Paradise Cove Images by Frau Engel Structure & Decor Design by Frau Engel Chair, cushion & picture by *n-a-n-u* Fruit, ice cream & chair by NATY Bananas and melon by RepulsiveDesire Bed by lunasimslulamai Chair by Jope Louvers by lunasimslulamai Curtains by pocci Ceiling by Severinka Coffee table and candles by *n-a-n-u* Sofa by SIMcredible Fruit by vitasims3 Suitcase by steffor Rug by vitasims3 Sconce by Angela Straw by vitasims3 Towel by steffor Pillow by camille Massage table EA Sunlit Tides Towel by steffor Towel in a box by riccinumbers Bathroom table by pyszny16 Glass Floors by Angela Stool Canopy by lunasimslulamai Lamp by sim_man123 Flower by vitasims3 Grape by vitasims3 Candles by mutske Sofa by wondymoon Beach Bar by *n-a-n-u* Pineapple Juice by simcredible Sofa & table by riccinumbers Stool by Shino&KCR Bouquet of flowers by Roan




Sims Fashionista



SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 21  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

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