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Volume 1 - Issue 15






Volume 1 - Issue 15

F E AT U R E S 6 Art Class 18 Doll House 24 Teen Picnic 32 Boho & Bump 40 Swan Lake 48 Spring Retreat 58 The Bride 66 Double Trouble 72 Flower Child


80 Road Trip

D E PA R T M E N T S 4 Editor’s Note & Contributors 14 Designer Showcase Miraminkova

38 Fab Finds 56 Get The Look 76 Model Spotlight Pia Santerelli

86 Model Creator Spotlight Chobits

86 Geek Chic 88 Beauty

Ethereal Elegance

92 Baby Daddy 98 Abandoned Romance 110 Boho Jewels



Fab Finds For Interiors

112 Dragonfly Lounge

32 40

102 Custom Content Creator Simcredible!

106 Spring Living 122 Interior Designer Linday

124 World Showcase

Winchester By MySimsRealty

A lot has happened since our last issue... I got me some awesome new shoes (always cheers a girl up), started in on my summer wardrobe (which is looking pretty stunning so far – just gotta get in shape to wear it all) and I had a baby (more reason to get in shape). All of these have made for quite an interesting few weeks… and although I did not have much to do with the SF production this issue (yes, I openly admit it), I am proud to say that my peeps (insert gang sign here) managed to pull it all off - sans moi - with flying colors. This issue is honestly one of my favorites (then again they all seem to be up there, don’t they?). Bursting at the seams with all kinds of new talent, new features and of course new community content. It had me think about going on hiatuses (is that a word?) more often. It’s colorful, fun and oh so SF and who doesn’t need all of the above once in a while.


Editors Notes

Alli starts it all off with a fun artsy piece which showcases another of her many hidden talents – styling. We have new content creator showcases and interviews with Sim designer extraordinaire Miraminkova, oh so smexy Sim maker Chobits and interior diva, Linday. That’s right; we’ve expanded our interiors section too! And as you continue to flip through all the awesomeness, keep a look out for our new-comers, KateSterling, Vintage and Simanims, as they strut their stuff in their very first editorials. Sadly, as we welcome in the newbies, we also prepare to say goodbye and thank you to one of our “older” staffers – SylentWhysper. You will be sorely missed hun (especially after seeing the awesomeness that is your “Swan Lake” editorial – LOVED IT!). Last but never least, a special thank you to CBon73 for his gift of the Zuhair Murad Couture Collection. Murad if one of my faves and you outdid yourself on this one my dear! FANTASTIQUE!

Cover Photography: Allium Cover Model: Kami by Simanims

Until our next issue – ENJOY!


Madi xxoo


SylentWhysper Fashion Photographer and Stylist Sylent loves machinima, sim-photography and fantasy creatures with wings.

Editor in Chief Madi 1909


Hopeless romantic/procrastinator with an eye for pretty things and creativity...loves family gatherings and terrace meals with good friends.

An optimistic dreamer, Dusty is a green obsessed neat freak with a smile for every day!

Senior Design Editor & Production Allium Allium loves to shoot Sims, OCD on interior design, braids, freckles and RED hair!

Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca Asia likes simming, taking Sim pictures and cute lil doggies in polo shirts.

Senior Men’s Editor & Stylist SuperPogimon Sim creator, Simtographer and a Designer/Builder from the Republic of the Philippines.

Senior Production, Fashion Photographer & Writer SimEve

Fashion Photographer and Stylist

Jasumi Mens Fashion Stylist, Photographer & Writer Jasumi loves creating alternative universes with her imagination in her spare time...

DrMusix Mens Fashion Stylist, Photographer & Writer DrMusix likes Jigglypuff, Ravenclaw, strawberries and anything simatography related.

KateSterling Fashion Photographer and Stylist Kate loves art, architecture, photography, homemade popcorn and Nivea chapstick!

Kementari Interior Designer Kementari - Nature Loving, Cat Coddling, Interior Designer.

Darkosims Fashion Photographer and Stylist Darko is the king of drools :Q__


The grass is always greener right underneath your feet.

Fashion Photographer and Stylist

Senior Interior Director, Photographer & Writer Minraed


Lives for the moment; loves good food, hot days, bad boys and glass of wine.

Contributors Adverts & Features Yoteamo Cbon73 KimWriter

Huge fan of music, cinema and fashion, Circa loves to create photos around these glamorous worlds!

Fashion Photographer and Stylist Aikea-Guinea is chaos!

Simanims Fashion Photographer and Stylist A Nims: Very English, wears a black beanie, cat ears and no trousers (known to be very friendly) .

Vin Fashion Photographer and Stylist Vin loves fashion, blogging, and eating Fruit Loops while watching YouTube videos.



Bold, bright, and fun for Spring. It’s time to brighten your palette and put away the winter blahs. Fresh and fun are the IT ideas for Spring. Your Sim knows it too, so let her explore her artistic side with these Spring fashions. Think abstract fashionistas! Think patterns patterns patterns! Think outside the box and you can’t go wrong. It doesn’t matter if its flowers or checks. If it’s vibrant and eye catching it’s right on target this Spring. Use your imagination in mixing and matching. Let your outfit be your canvas and your Art Class awaits!


Model: Desree by Sackgirl @ Digital People Clothes: Outfit by Augusto Studio


Model Left: Cherry Minx by JennaBray Clothes: Dress by All About Style Model Right: Raquel by Potentissimum Clothes: Top by Prada Sims, Shorts by EA Base Game


Model: Desree by Sackgirl @ Digital People Clothes: Outfit by Sina Blog


Model: Raquel by Potentissimum Clothes: Dress by All About Style


Model: Cherry Minx by JennaBray Clothes: Dress by CStyles





Pop Jersey Dress ยง 9.99



MIRAMINKO Images and Questions by AsiaShaMecca Fashion and Answers by Miraminkova


don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” is the tagline on miraminkova’s TSR page. We would have to agree. miraminkova’s designs are timely, fashion forward and always a little bit surprising. Even better, she is one of a handful of creators out there making amazing clothes for Teens and other ages as well as “Young Adults”. We’re excited to get to know miraminkova a little better and learn more about her so without further ado....

almost 18 years old. I love working with Photoshop and creating for The Sims. I spend a lot of time on my PC. I love listening to music and watching movies. How would you describe your personal style? Casual style. I am keen on jeans. I also wear leggings combined with t-shirts, sweaters and sneakers. I love leather. I like “strong” outfits.

What do you like about The sims? Sims is like living a second life. A Thanks so much for agreeing to second life where you can do and chat with us. Please tell us a bit try everything as soon as you want about yourself? it. Hi. First of all I want to say that giving this interview is a pleasure Your Sims clothing is always so to me. My name is Mira and I am fresh and exciting. Where do you





draw your inspiration for your creations? Thanks. I usually find my inspiration in art, magazines and movies. I check the latest fashion news. What made you decide to start creating for the Sims? What tools do you use? I use Photoshop and it is the reason I started creating. I mixed my Photoshop passion with my Sims passion and you see the result. I have always wanted to create one outfit myself and I tried. The rest is history.

How long does it take for you to create an item? For those out there still learning, please tell us a bit about your process? It depends on the item. But it usually takes me about an hour. And almost an hour for taking screenshots and for making the preview. What advice do you have for aspiring creators? I just want to tell them that they don’t have to give up and it needs practice. Many of your fellow TSR creators

16 66

have been branching out lately to their own blogs and pages. Do you have any plans to “do your own thing” or any special projects you’d like to share? What’s coming up for you? No, I don’t have plans to create my own site. I feel wonderful on TSR. In closing is there anything you would like to say to the many fans of your creations? And what

would you like to see more of in the Sims and the community as a whole? I just want to tell to them that I am really happy to have fans like them and I am really happy that they like my creations and I appreciate their comments. I am sorry that I can’t thank to all of them personally. Thanks, it means a lot to me. New expansions and talented artists are always welcome.



DOLL HOUSE Photo g rap hy


Kate Ster l i n g

Words by AsiaShaMecca


right bouncing lyrics keep twinkling through our heads. “I’m a Barbie girl. In a Barbie world. Life is plastic... it’s fantastic.” It’s a world within a world, within a glowing pink fantasy world. Neon bright and cutting edge fashionable. Crisp converse colors and clean lines are back in a big way. Color is key this season. Neon has returned strong, but how to wear it?

We suggest these contrasting accents to pure white as a memorable start to your season. Think of it as 80’s meets 90’s with a liberal dash of NOW Indulge your Sims inner Barbie girl and CAS a splash of brightest color. Just a splash mind you... Welcome to the doll house.



Pictures & Words by Dustydreamer


TP een


As the winter months slowly wither away, spring over takes the great outdoors. Snow melts under the warm sunshine, colors of all kinds are found in the wild bushes. And green over takes the senses as trees cover their bare branches with leaves and the ground swells with wildflowers and grass.



We took advantage of this developing beauty and laid a picnic out for our teens. But just because this is outdoors, does not mean they would arrive in shor ts and sneakers. Our teen shoot showcases some wonderful spring wear for your teens return to school after break and after they shed their winter coats. Heeled booties, patterned stockings, pearl chokers, wide brimmed hats, and vibrant colored floral patterns all make your teen stand out. And that is what all teens want, isn’t it?


SculptureReloj Antiguo by Pilar @ TSR

Kaedyn Orchid by Sim_Man123 @ TSR

Barna Pillows by Flovv @ TSR

Kitchen Porotfino – Sideboards by Shino&KCR @ TSR


pring anew!

Spring offers a fresh new start. It’s a time of renewal and youth. Why shouldn’t Spring bring a fresh new look for your simmie’s home too? Keep things fresh and fun, don’t be afraid of bold colors. Stuffy, safe and boring is so ho-hum. If traditional is your style, that’s OK but consider adding an unexpected touch, perhaps with some fun colorful modern art! There are so many fabulous choices of custom content out there to liven things up. Most of all have fun!


Pillow Mademoiselle by Pilar @ TSR

Egg Chair by Garden Breeze Sims 3

by KateSterling

Spring has Sprung!

She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbor: “Winter is dead”

Modern Rugs by Ung999 @TSR

Bird Feeder and Seeds by Pyszny Design

Maya Outdoor Standing Lamp by FantasticSims @TSR

- A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

Colorphobia Art by Chicago Sims Perfect Touch Deco Birds by wolfspryte @ TSR

Bakelite Radio by B5 Studio

3D Frame Shelf by Mutske @ TSR

Casablanca Flowers by Garden Breeze Sims 3

Egg Chair Ottoman by Garden Breeze Sims 3

Kaedyn Tall Vase by Sim_Man123 @ TSR

Bathroom Serenity Counters by Shino&KCR @ TSR


Zuhair Murad by Cbon73 A SPE C I A L G I FT CO L L EC T ION F OR M A D IS ON 190 9 Available


Congratulations Madi from Cbon and the SF Team



& Bump 32


ree-spirited and fun, the bohemian Mama is a stylish one. Boho-Chic is the perfect choice for expecting ladies. With it’s flowing lines and natural palette it lends comfort and ease in a time they are needed most. Eye-catching accessories, inspired by nature, top off the look and give it a touch of sophistication. If you are feeling brave then pile those baubles on. It will only enhance this look. This style is made for experimentation but always remember; a true Bohemian could care less about fashion. If you focus on your growing baby and what feels good for you both, your Bohemian spirit will shine.

Feature by SimEve





Toddler Knitted Body Sleeper by Ireveles18

Dusty s Picks


abies…babies…babies! Who loves ‘em? We at SF certainly do! We love them so much we found it fitting to include a little section dedicated to the loves of our Sim mommies and daddies. Who says that toddlers cannot be fashionable and cute? These creators sure don’t agree with that! They have made onesies that are functional, fun, cute, warm, and fashionable just for your little darlings. We have found onesies that will keep your toddler warm on those cold spring nights and some that will let them breathe and move around more freely when they are awake. And of course we have included the options of buttons and zippers for mommies to choose from. We at SF also have the pleasure of introducing Aikea Guinea’s new toddler line inspired from the real FEATURE by DustyDreamer life collection, “My Baby Rocks”. It consists of fun quirky patterns, lettering, and cute cartoonish designs. All of these onesies are unisex and CASable, making them more versatile than other toddler outfits.



Body Suit for Toddler by Simromi

Cute Bear by Manga_ka92

Unisex Onsies by AikeaGuinea

Monster Onsies by AikeaGuinea

Flying Cow Toddler Outfit by TigerLiyene

Cute Toddler Romper by Lillka

Toddler Onesies!


Swan Lake

Beauty arises from the deep to console the fragile soul of the one turned feathered. We all know the story of the Swan Lake, one of the most popular ballets from the 19th century. It is a classic fairytale, filled with princes, princesses, sorcerers, evil, magic spells, and true love.

Pictures by SylentWhysper Words by DUSTYDREAMER


44 54

For this issue we decided to incorporate that tale into one of our shoots. This hauntingly beautiful shoot features delicate choices in lingerie and SylentWhysper’s gentle touch to bring to life a scene that manages to have a cold, romantic, dark and lethargic feel. No words are needed here, this shoot tells its own story with its dramatic impact in mastery of the portrayal of movements, gestures, and postures.


Spring Retreat 2012

Images by Vin





Triple Take Design Ltd

Inspired Design...

designed for living

distinctive, distinguished, personalised an award winning design team Kailead Navarro Kementari Kimwriter75 Cera13 Lulu265 Linday

styling, consulting interiors, exteriors join us for mini design challenges


Live the Dream

Advert by Allium, Car by FreshPrinceCreations, Outfit by Lorandia


ALLIUm AsiashAmeccA



B d e R

Chloe Shoes by Juliana’s Corner

Rocks Angled Jewllery by Natalis @ TSR

Simple 2 Dress by Rusty Nail

Romantic Modern Jewllery by Natalis @ TSR

Oh yes. Nothing says smexy like curves and RED. Pencil dresses suit all types and they have never been more timely. Pair them with platform stilettos or bowed pumps in contrasting black. Don’t forget the clutch, and keep the accessories simple and classic. You’ll know you have it right when your Sim is... unforgettable.

Metallic C lu http://tin tch by SimsTR cqseddg

s l l e h s b om Christian Louboutin’s by Rusty Nail

h by SimsTR Sateen Clutc m/blt6wpu http://tinyur

Leather & Lace Dress by Natalis @ TSR



The Bride I

m a g e s

b y


s i a


h a


e c c a


I have been here before,

But when or how I cannot tell: I know the grass beyond the door, The sweet keen smell, The sighing sound, the lights around the shore. You have been mine before, How long ago I may not know: But just when at that swallow’s soar Your neck turned so, Some veil did fall---I knew it all of yore. Has this been thus before? And shall not thus time’s eddying flight Still with our lives our love restore In death’s despite, And day and night yield one delight once more? ~ Sudden Light by Dante Rosetti


60 70


61 71

62 72




Images Words





DOUBLE trouble

Those sneers... those eyes... that leather. girls love bad boys.


Or so they say... and

the Blake brothers are bad to the bone.

Tees, skinny jeans and leather transcend any season. To be honest, we don’t all enjoy a holiday in the sun. Sometimes fashion is crud and style is the answer. And you can have any style you want to boys.

You don’t have to comb your hair.

You don’t have to

shave if you don’t want to. You don’t have to look... “nice.”



whatever you want to!



style you like and rock the world!


69 19

70 20

vin interiors 105 Oceanview Drive Starlight Shores, QB G1A 1C5 +1 555 310 9835

Left: Dress by AllAboutStyle Middle: Outfit by Punie @ TSR Right: Dress by ekinege @ TSR


The world is beautiful; sunshine and bubbles for her. The only joy you can find is the smiles on their young face as they dance to a tune that only they can hear.

Images by Alix

Outfit by oepu @ ModTheSims



Left: Outfit by asia! @TSR Leggings by Lilisims Middle: Outfit by lillka @ TSR Right: Outfit by Hasel @ TSR

Top by Tomislaw @ TSR Leggings by Precious Sims @ TSR

Left: Top by AllAboutStyle Leggings by Lilisims Right: Outfit by DivaDelic06 @ TSR Tights EA Base Game

Left: Outfit by asia! @ TSR Right: Outfit by DivaDelic06 @ TSR Tights EA Base Game


t h g i l t o p model s

i l l e r a t n a S a i P First Winner of “The search for the next fashionista”, the beautiful Pia Santarelli has proved her talent and is now ready to be a true fashionista!

Pia Santarelli was born in Barletta, Italy. 21 Years ago, she was quite a solitary girl but adventurous child and moved up to Twinbrook when her little brother died accidentally. Absorbed by the taste of studies, she graduated without problems. For a time she studied journalism and posed for an unknown photographer in order to pay her way through school. Participating to SFTNF, Pia has showed that she really can model and a fashion queen. Her listening skill, her open creativity and huge versatility won her the title of ‘fashionista’, deservedly so.


We are delighted to introduce her now featuring one of her prizes, the stunning couture collection by Cbon73.

Photography by Circa Model by Juli



ROAD TRIP Baby, you and I are meant to paint this town red. Let's ride with the windows down and our hair flowing in the hot wind as we track across these dreary places to one of fortune and fame. This road trip was meant to be. At SF we are gearing up for the summer and its sizzling heat. We bring you an editorial that is brimming with sultry summer fashions for your sims. And no, we did not leave out your male sims, sure they are only half dressed‌ but would we really want them any other way? Denim never goes out of style and cut offs are the best kind of alteration one can do. Pair your denim with belly bearing shirts and long boho styled necklaces, or *ahem* nothing at all and your sims are good to go.

Images by Darko Words by Dustydreamer











magine a hood free of he-puddings. Just handsome chiseled men walking about like they own the place. Suddenly meeting your neighbor is a lot more intriguing, and who is that lolling around at the coffee house waiting for his next show? Yummy. Well this world can be yours if you embrace the men of Chobits. And why wouldn’t you? They are gorgeous! Chobits has been filling his Sims 3 page and his blog with sexy male Sims for years. If you haven’t heard of him, you are missing out on some of the hottest Sims the community has to offer. SF Magazine is thrilled to have a chance to get to know this talented creator.

material and CC that the amazing community had created over the years! Over time and with the help of the community the Sims 3 has grown into my new addiction of game play! I’ve only created new and happy memories with this game franchise!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Please tell us a bit about yourself? I am 23 years old. I was born and live in Washington. I just graduated college last year, with my teaching certificate! So during my first year as an official teacher, I have been subbing in two school districts. I’m also in the process of gaining my masters in education (administration)! I have to say that I’m very happy at where my life is right now. I enjoy work and have wonderful family and friends! I would have to say that my addiction to Sims began with Sims 2! It was a birthday gift and once I played it, I was addicted to the game, my first pc game ever! I would soon buy like all the expansions and stuff packs! With the Sims 3, it was a slow process to move away from the Sims 2 and all that wonderful and already available


It must be tough keeping up with the Chobits blog, TS3 and you also have a legacy family blog as well as an active Facebook page. Why do you do it? What are some of the joys in being so active in the community? What are some of the challenges? It is very tough, keeping up with all of it but I enjoy it so much! I have made a deal with myself that I would upload a new sim or sims every month on my blog. My blog has become my place to let my creativity grow and lets me express myself in a positive manner by providing Sims to others! I’m always on Facebook, so that’s no problem! :P My TS3 page, I have to admit that I haven’t been that active on it but

We started following you on your Sims 3 profile. What prompted you to set out and start your own blog? I personally wanted my own space where I could put up my creations and set up my page the way that would fit me! I wanted my Sims to be accessible to more people and make easier for the community to find my Sims! I wanted this space to really be able to thank the CC creator’s and post links to their sites! Most importantly be able to clearly thank and provide information for other players to find and enjoy those amazing CC items! I also enjoy the updates the Blogger provides to me, as other creators post new creations, news, and mods!


when I am, I enjoy catching up with friends and occasionally posting my new Sims there as well (that’s if my launcher allows me too)! My legacy family blog is so much fun for me and I enjoy writing the story! I also put a chapter or two out every month! The joys for being active in the community would have to be the people and all the creativity they

put up every single day! I enjoy chatting with all their loved ones moving on with life and passing kinds of different people from different parts of away! These type of events, I believe would the world! I love seeing new creations that the community shares, which I truly appreciate and really thankful for!!! The challenges would have to be time! Realizing the older I get the less time I have! With work and school, its really challenging to find the time to actually sit down and play the Sims for a couple of hours! However, every time I get online and read great comments, it inspires me to make the time to create more! I started reading the Hilton family and couldn’t stop. You’re a gifted storyteller as well. Where does the story come from? Where do you get your ideas? Thank you so much! I’ve been playing this family for about two years, many of the characters are born in game! I wanted to create a story using the elements that the game had to offer and I wanted it to have some supernatural elements in it as well! I enjoy reading and watching horror, action, and science fiction. So I wanted my story to hold some of those aspects and to hold a dark element to it as well. So basically, I am inspired by a lot from those genres! I especially enjoy the vampire genre (not the Twilighty aspect of the genre)! I believe that vampires are tortured individuals that live forever by ending others lives and watching all

leave damaging aspects to any character! Either the character moves on or simply lives in their guilt and becomes the monster that everyone will eventually fear! The story itself is about an ex-vampire named Danny, who cured himself and took a potion of everlasting life. He truly wants to repent for all his bad deeds by vowing to cure all his family members that he had turned. As the story unfolds over time, Danny learns that it might be to late to undo the damage that he has brought upon his ever expanding family! Now lets get back to those smexy Sims, why

15 89

did you make the decision to focus just on the men-folk (not that we are complaining a bit)? This is really a good question! It began right from the start of the Sims 3 community! I would look on the exchange and see all these gorgeous females all decked out in their beautiful outfits and hair. They were simply divine, but the exchange offered very little choice in males! I

How long does it take you to create a Sim? When do you look at one of your creations and say, “This is it... this guy is ready to face the world.”? In some cases I tend to take a couple of hours and to some extremes a couple of days! Yes, DAYS! Creating a Sim based on any real person takes a massive amount of time! Not only are

also was truly inspired by this creator named Ninjon! He created some really amazing guys! So I started to create some of my own with some minor success at first! But I think over time, once I got better with capturing more of the facial aspects to my Sims that I really started to enjoy creating males for other players! My blog and Facebook page only confirmed my joy of making males, once I started getting praise from players from different parts of the world! I sometimes don’t believe that I made friends from different countries! But I’m really happy that I did and really enjoy chatting and answering their questions!

you looking for the right CC that even comes close to what you want on this Sim, its the facial appearance that really takes your time! When I think a Sim is done.....hmm....It’s when the Sim becomes really annoying and it seems that your making a bigger mess of the Sim than humanly possible! I mean when I create a Sim, I’m not all to worried about what he’s wearing because I really focus on what he looks like! I want his facial appearance to really catch peoples attention! Besides I fully expect people to change my Sims style to fit into their own style but keeping the Sims handsome features the same time!


be moments of true cruelty out there, but I tend not to dwell on them and focus on the good more than the negative! Don’t let anyone keep you from creating or sharing that you feel is your best work! Believe me someone in this crazy world will truly appreciate the creations you share! In closing, what would you as a creator and a lover of the Sims like to see more of in the Sims community and the Sims as a whole? I would love to see more creator’s that would cater to male Sims, either it be by creating clothing, accessories, and hair! I mean the community has a ton of fantastic creator’s and modders! I LOVE finding new sliders, especially facial sliders! Those type of sliders add more depth to any Sim! I only wish the the Sims actually had most of these sliders pre-installed into the game! I would like it if the game would add more to CAS in terms of designing your Sim, instead of the massive amount of clothing and sometimes oddly shaped hairs! I think the Sims community does a splendid job at providing new clothing and hair! Which I truly appreciate for all the creator’s very hard work and their ability to share content over and over again! I would like better sliders to really enhance the Sims features to really make the Sims more life like. I think that over time the Sims will only get better!

What advice would you offer aspiring creators? I would tell them to be themselves when creating, not to cater too much to what others want! Believe me I tried that for awhile and it got old real fast! I would encourage new creators not to get frustrated when creating. Creating anything takes time and practice and once you get to a point and look at what you created and go, yeah that looks pretty good! Then you will know when you want to share it with others! One important note for new creators would have to be the comments! Yes, every creator Thank you and the SF staff for this amazing gets either the really fantastic comments and opportunity!!! praise or you get those comments that aren’t as nice as you would like them to be! There can ~ ~





Y Father/son day. I think the shudder I feel says more about me than it does about fashion. If your idea of sim boys clothing is a EA bin tee and a pair of 2009 Judie jeans, then this spread is definitely for you.


These visions of natty pappis and for ONCE equally natty offspring actually brought a light mist to my eyes. Who knew Sim tots could look so stylish? Who knew father/son duos could coordinate so... well. OK Jasumi knew... now turn to the back and get to downloading smart guy. You know your Sim kids look a mess and it’s not OK.



96 78

Advert by Simanims

A town of secrets, trust and loyalty. Only you can decide its future.

y A

yb h p a r og



uin G a e ik

Abandoned Romance

“I miss you when something really

good happens, because you are the one I want to share it with. I miss you when something is troubling me, because you are the one who understands me so well. I miss you when I laugh and cry because I know that you are the one that makes my laughter grow and my tears disappear. I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when I lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other; for those were some of the best times of my life.



100 82


103 85

Gadgets finds for THE “Computer Whiz”


Ohhh yes... The much anticipated

Showtime expansion. Besides the obvious charms of a singing career, new places to woo hoo and lots of cuties running about in teeny little magician fetish costumes (and of course the skintight acrobat outfits for the ladies), Showtime brought the geek out in all of us with scads of new gadgets.

Sure it practically takes a Game and Simulation Programmers Certification to navigate the wilds of Sim Port, but with a few clicks your average gamer - and by this I mean ME- can easily sort out the new electronics and hobby objects in Showtime and a “motherload” later, geek out till your heart is all warm and fuzzy. In my humble “o” Showtime rocks! OK, I’ve yet to jump through a flaming hoop without setting my wetsuit on fire, but I have a golf course in my living room and many a happy exhausted picture taking couple *insert sly wink here*. SimTech Sim-Bot What does he do? NOTHING expect look TOTALLY FLIPPIN’ AWESOME!

Feature by SomeSimGuy


Buck & Chuck Broncho ‘Cause I want to be a Cowboy!! Baby! With the top let down and the sunshine shinin’

Plasma Paradiso! YEEEE Hawwww!

SHOWTIME edition PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor AKA Revolving Vomit Comet w/ BOLTS!


Portably Portable Music Player by Muze, Inc. The name says it all... and then some. AmpliFLY & Old School DJ Booths

Gigi Photo Booth Sadly, a “Take Woo Hoo Photo” option is not available.

hey hey mr. dj BassBoom Jukebox of The Future And the Old School version too!

go go games

Captian Starplanet Arcade Table Get Exploding Tank Man and Robots vs. Monsters and have the set!

Super Skee Ball No game room would be finished without it... Right next to the pool table.



Here comes the sun... right? Spring is a time of renewal. We dress it up in strong brassy colors and audacious accessories. And for some that’s fine. But the other side of Spring is softer... more rarefied. Delicate, sublime and otherworldly are the words which come to mind. Barely there color and soft wispy hair. Doe-like eyes and above all innocence are the ideas behind these looks. They’re not for everyone, but for that certain Sim it’s not a look. It’s the look. PHOTOGRAPHY by SIMANIMS WORDS by ASIASHAMECCA

Beauty 106


Pale Skin Done Right. Choose the right pale skin for your Sim.

Your selection should bring to mind virginal innocence perhaps with a hint of blush touched in. Anemic and flat skins will give this look an entirely different feel. Ok if that’s what you’re going for, but not the best choice for a subtle radiant effect. Choose wisely and you’re more than halfway there.


Eyes Are Just the Beginning. Ethereal isn’t just about the eye-makeup.

It’s about the eye’s themselves. If you’ve come this far, you know about custom content (because EA skin just doesn’t get that pale). How is your contacts selection? An eye with otherworldly doll-like highlights is perfect for this look. Let’s call it mandatory shall we?


Barely There Eye Color.

Define your Sims eyes in the most subtle way. Use eyeshadow shades like soft rose, lavenders, mauves and apricots. Open up her eyes with maxed lashes and thick upper lid liners. Leave the lower lids bare or open her eyes with a soft white or pale liner for the watermark or inner eye corner.

Soft Barely There Lips.

For invitingly kissable lips, pick a shimmering lipstick or tinted lip transparent gloss. Glossy or matte, the color should be subtle. CAS the barest rose or mauve or just the softest hint of pink to give that nude feel... Even better, just leave them nude. It’s more ethereal that way. Ethereal is an amazing, fresh new look to analyze and most importantly, glean inspiration from. Perhaps it can be adapted for every Sim at that. Embrace it, and give your Sim a heavenly look for Spring.


Beatnik Treasure For Your Jewellery Box... Vintage Hoop Earrings by Katelys @ TSR

Love Flower Rings by Lorandia Sims 3

Wide Hoop Metal Ring by Natalis @ TSR

Drop Clip Earrings by Natalis @ TSR

Bamboo Necklace & Bangles by NataliS @ TSR

Multiple Rings by Lorandia Sims 3


Liquid Metal Oval Earrings by Natalis @ TSR

Necklace by Lorandia Sims 3

BOHO JEWELS Photography by SimEve

Circle Pendant by Wideopeneyes @ TSR Feather Earrings by Lorandia Sims 3 Bangle by Tantra @sims3 Multiple Bangles byLorandia Sims 3


high-impact wine and dine

Dragonfly Lounge 112 102


103 113

Homes & Interiors

Images & Words

The newly opened Dragonfly Lounge is quickly becoming a hotspot for lovers of nightlife and celebrities alike – filling to capacity on any given night. This spectacular club overwhelms the senses with a spectacular and unique Asian theme with inspirations ranging from pop culture to classic Asian art. Divided into several sections, Dragonfly boasts some of the most magnificent interior design seen in a nightclub. A comfortable lounge styled with bamboo furnishings and flooring, passionate red party


Dragonfly guest list is not an easy one to get your name on while the who’s who of Bridgeport are regularly seen slipping in past the lineups. If you’re lucky enough to get in, you’ll be sure to have an experience not soon forgotten.


Homes & Interiors

rooms that can be booked for a special occasion and a state of the art dance floor that pulses with the abandon of a highenergy rave, often hosted by celebrity DJ’s. For those in search of the VIP experience, the golden VIP rooms are unmatched in comfort and elegance.




SIMcredible! Words by Madison1909 Picures by Kementari




first came across Simcredibles` fabulously sophisticated color-infused furniture sets during one of my many Sims2 CC shopping forays (ages ago) and was just blown away by their quality items and equally impressive design skills. In fact, I still have a few of their advertising images saved in my design inspiration folders – for those `mental block moments. Their ability to create stylish items that we actually ENJOY using over and over was what drew me back continually over the years and had us all stalking their site for additional updates.

And because, we at SF Magazine – like many of you out there - have employed the use of their wares in several of our interior design projects, we just could not resist focusing on their work exclusively for our inaugural Interior Design: CC Creator Spotlight. Undeniably a MUST have staple in any simmers furniture catalogue – behold SIMCREDIBLE!




Living Spring has sprung and it’s time to freshen up your living space. Kimwriter, one of the newest interior designers on the SF team, inspires a spring home makeover with the retro feel of midcentury modern. Mid-century modern style has a timeless appeal it seems as designers rethink the avant-garde styling of the 1950’s and give it a modern-day touch. Clean simplicity and integration with nature mark the classic


style with square lines, rounded edges, and smooth wood grain accents. Colours for Spring should be invigorating yet relaxing with an overall refreshing feel that we yearn for after a long cold winter. Blue in the hue of robin’s egg is romantically springtime and lends towards a calming effect, while splashes of sunshine yellow stimulate the soul. Balance off the room with a touch of fresh light pistachio green to soothe your spirit and you’ll have a refreshing space to spend those delightful spring afternoons.

Images by


Words by

Minrae d

Table and Pablo Picasso painting from Zveki’s Modern Design


Vero Modern LR Chair by FantasticSims @ TSR

Modern Rug 07 by Ung999 @ TSR

Vero Room Sofa by FantasticSims @ TSR

Vero Sofa Pillows by FantasticSims @ TSR

Vero Modern Fireplace by FantasticSims @ TSR

Homes & Interiors


y a d Lin

E T IN R O t I h R lig S


t o p

by S RD d O W e a r Min


Find her work here:

When it comes to interior

making her one of the most in


demand designers in town.




stylish touch. She has been designing for the Triple Take

As if being a star designer




were not enough, Linday is




also known for her stunning

the best in current design

architecture. Unfortunately a



rogue meteorite destroyed a

attention to detail. No matter

whole town of homes built by

what challenge is thrown at

Linday, but she never gives

Linday she always comes

up. She has picked right back

back with star quality dĂŠcor.

up where she left off and is

Her reputation precedes her,

building once again.




World Showcase

The Winchester Farming Community 2.0 by MySimsRealty

Welcome to the Winchester Farming Community 2.0. This is an updated version of an old classic that is quite popular. Winchester is a small rural world, it has two legacy priced lots. It has a small motel in the town there and has some new lots for Showtime. If your sims are seeking solace away from the hustle and bustle of a city, complete with rolling farmlands, dirt roads and a little red schoolhouse, you will want to download this world. Don’t think though that your sims will be lacking in night life opportunities as this world also has several clubs and bars to enjoy that blend in with the rustic charm.

“It’s understood By every single person Who’d be elsewhere if they could So far so good And life’s not unpleasant In their little neighbourhood” Neil Peart, Middletown Dreams



Requirements: World Size: Small Empty Lots: 10 Total # of Lots: 59 What is Included: This world has all base game rabbit holes, all Ambitions lots, all Pets lots, a local watering hole, dance club, exclusive club, and a poolside club. There is also a public pool, library, gym, hotel (setup as a club), beaches, campgrounds and much to explore!



The Winchester Farming Community is not populated. But there is also a Saved game with over a dozen families in various stages of development.

Creator Tip: MySimRealty on...

Getting Started Well I actually could write the tutorials, so I can’t say any of them helped me. I learned by trial and error - if you look at my original worlds you can see they’ve come a long way. You can make your world populated but it requires mods and not everyone likes sims in it so I don’t take the time for that, just do the save file. I am sorry I don’t really have a resource to refer to, I am kind of a resource of sorts for other CAW builders so... hehe I guess one resource that has been of HUGE help to me is the CAW forum on Sims 3. It is a great community with other skilled builders and its nice to have people to bounce ideas off of and share with. They have been my biggest resource in learning CAW because if I ran into an issue I could post on there and see if anyone else had the solution yet or post the solutions. They also have a large index of worlds to look into, I don’t post most of mine on there but there are a lot of nice ones on there.

Creator Tip: MySimRealty on...

Working in CAW First, do not give up and give yourself time to get used to CAW. Second, recognize that you will have your own personal style so aspire to perfect that instead of trying to be like someone else’s. Third, if a world looks good in CAW you are doing something right... my worlds always look worse in CAW and then better in game but if they look great in CAW I know they will be awesome in game :)


links Inside Cover Page 6-12

Artwork by SimAnims

Art Ckass - Images by Allium Image 1 & 2 ~ Orange Desree by Sackgirl Outfit by Augusto Studio Image 3 ~ Green Cherry Minx by JennaBray Dress by All About Style Image 3 ~ Lilac Raquel by Роtentissimum Top by Prada Sims Shorts from EA Base Game Image 4 ~ Lilac Desree by Sackgirl Outfit by Sina Blog Image 5 ~ Turquoise Raquel by Роtentissimum Dress by All About Style Image 6 ~ Yellow Cherry Minx by JennaBray Dress by julianafraga29

Page 13

SF Advertisement Contest Winner - Toddler Ad - Image by Yoteamo

Pixie hair by EA Store Duckies Dress by EA Store

Page 14-17

Designer Showcase: Miraminkova - Images by AsiaShaMecca

Brooke Quinn by sherri1010 Amy by Serpentrogue Regina by Serpentrogue

Page 18-23

Doll Hiouse - Images by KateSterling Model by KateSterling Not Available for Download Quorra’s Hair by Elexis Image One Dress by EA Store Shoes by Sims2fanbg Top EA Pets EP Skirt by All About Style Shoes by EA Necklace by altea127 Image Two Top by All About Style Shorts by EA Base Game


Shoes by Bluella Necklace by Katelys Image Three Shirt by All About Style Necklace by Tomislaw Bracelet by NataliS Image Four Dress by All About Style Shoes by Bluella Bracelet by NataliS Image Five Outfit by EA Store Shoes by EA Late Night EP

Page 24-27

Teen Picnic - Images by DustyDreamer

Look One Leila Wong by Vasilla Laced Gloves by Icia Smooth Criminal Boots by Anubis360 Choker by PeggyZone Hat by RoseSims Blair Waldorfs Tights by Ancsie18 Flora Dress by Frozen and Iced Look Two Peony Peterson by Charmmy Bangles by Irinka Flower Garden 4 by RustyNail Sequin Stocking by NewSea Poodle Pearl Necklace by NewSea Patent Leather Peeptoe pumps by Gosik Look Three Leila Wong by Vasilla Breath of Spring Top by Greennoodle Flower Garden 4 by RustyNail Sweet Valentine Necklace by Anubis360 Platform Shoes by Aniaorazova Floral Miniskirt by AllAboutStyle Look Four Peony Peterson by Charmmy Rhinestone & Pearl Bangles by Irinka Smooth T-D by RustyNail Pearl Necklace by VitaSims3 Classic Peeptoe Pumps by Gosik Look Five Zinnia by SimmersTime Flower Garden 10 by RustyNail Hair Accessory by NewSea Teen Leather Shoes by Melisa Inci Leggings by JS Sims3 Look Six Kimberly Wilson by Vasilla Flower Garden 2 by RustyNail Hat by LemonLeaf Gem Bracelet by Natalis T-Strap Pumps by Gosik Blair Waldorfs Tights by Ancsie18


Page 31-32

Zuhair Murad Special Gift Collection by Cbon73 - Image by AsiaShaMecca Not Available for Download Allium SimEve Minraed Not Available for Download AsiaShaMecca (Oceane) Madison1909

Page 33-38

Boho & Bump - Images by SimEve

Brigid O’Shea by SimEve

Image One Dress by RustyNail Platform Sandals by All About Style Necklace by lianaSims3 Lourdes Bracelet by Tomislaw Drop Clip Earrings by NataliS Wide Hoop Ring by NataliS Image Two Dress by RustyNail Dragonfly Necklace by RoseSims2 Bamboo Necklace by NataliS Bamboo Double Bracelet by NataliS Flower Ring by Apple Sandals by lilisims Image Three Wrap Dress by Poppy Sims Spring Grace Boots by Elexis Necklace by Peggy Zone Bangle by Lorandia Sims 3 Oval Earrings by NataliS Image Four Blouse by Vivera Rings by Lorandia Platform Sandals by All About Style Inside of Star Necklace by Tomislaw Beaded Necklace by RoseSims2 Image Five Peasant Dress by Poppy Sims Boots by PradaSims Circle Pendant by WideOpenEyes Feather Earrings by Lorandia Sims 3 Image Three Outfit by EA Generations EP Studded Sandals by All About Style Headband by Newsea Necklace by Lorandia Sims 3 Stacked Bracelets by Lorandia Sims 3 Bangle with Gems by Tantra Vintage Hoop Earrings by Katelys Rings by Lorandia Sims 3

Page 39-40

Fab Finds - Dusty’s Picks: Toddler Onesies - Images by Dustydreamer Knitted Body Sleeper by Ireveles18 Body Suit for Toddler by Simromi Cute Bear by Manga_ka92


39-40 Cont.

Unisex Onsies by AikeaGuinea Flying Cow Toddler Outfit by TigerLiyene Cute Toddler Romper by Lillka

Page 40-47

Swan Lake by Images by SylentWhysper All Models by Rosa Image One Mia Lorentzen Sleepwear #133 by by Liana Butterfly Necklace by Liana Morten Lundqui Underwear by EA Base Game Image Two Anna Anker Lace and Satin Bra by Ekinege Lace and Satin Briefs by Ekinege Camellia Accessorie by Kerm Image Three Mia Lorentzen Body with Lace by Altea Merry Christmas Necklace by Liana Luise Ulrikke Thorsen Lingerie by Unknown Please let us know so we can credit properly. Ann Anker Lingerie by Shakeproductions Image Four Luise Ulrikke Thorsen Body Lingerie Ally by Alte Leaf Necklace by Natalis

Page 49-53

Spring Retreat - Images by Vin Image One Lace tank dress by Icia23 Boots AF by ilikemusic640 Lace Ankle Socks by kawfeczkasims3 Wide hoops pendant by NataliS Bamboo Double bracelet by NataliS Images Two & Three Mini Balloon Dress by Rusty Nail Lita Platforms by Modish Kitten Sunglasses by Lorinda Images Four & Five One Piece Flower Dress by Rusty Nail Christian Louboutin Shoes by Rusty Nail Jeweled Pearl Necklace by NataliS Jeweled Pearl Earrings by NataliS Image Six Knit Dress by MYOS Boots 3Dsockified by Traelia Oval Pendants Necklace by NataliS Earrings by EA Base Game Trace by cecesaun1 Dress by Rusty Nail Hat by Peggy Drop Clip Earrings by NataliS


Page 55-56

Fresh Prince Car Advertisement Image by Allium

Page 58-65

The Bride - Images by AsiaShaMecca

Aston Martin by Fresh Prince Creations Blouse by Lorandia Sims Trousers by Lorandia Sims

Chessa by sherri1010 Alejandra (Groom) by AsiaShaMecca Not Available for Download Image One Bridal Set by Irinka Vintage Female Tuxedo by munia Wedding Coach by Eodsy Image Two H&M Dress by PradaSims Kiss Jasimine Hair & Accessory by Newsea Gloves Anastasia by altea127 Wedding Ring Set by daluved1

Image Three

Wedding Dress by Vitasims Flower Ring by Astra Necklace by Peggy Dancer Hair by The Sims K

Image Four Carolina Herrera Dress by RustyNail Hair Acessory by MTS Cake Store China Fan by MelissaMel Luxury Bracelet Lore Pearl Necklace by altea127 Image Five Wedding Dress & Bouquet by annflower1 Hair by Peggy Image Six Halterneck Gown by Cbin73 Say Forever Hair by YU Bow by Newsea Collier Altea by altea127 Bracelet by Lore Dress (Bridesmaid) by Gosik

Page 66-70

Double Trouble - Images by Simanims Blake Brothers by simanims Not Available for Download Image One Trousers by Aikea-Guinea Necklace by TumTum Hair by EA Store Trousers by Aikea-Guinea Image Two & Three Scarf: One Billion Pixels Trousers by Aikea-Guinea Necklace by WOE Hoodie by Aikea-Guinea Image Four Jacket by EA Store Necklace by Sasha Trousers by Aikea-Guinea Jacket by EA Store


Trousers by Aiker-Guinea

Page 72

Vin Interiors Advertisement by Vin

Page 81-85

Road Trip - Images by Darkosims

Kitchen Glamour Counter by Shino&KCR ModoModo Kitchen Counter by cazarupt Modern Designer Kitchen Cabinet by AweSim Design Kitchen Sonics Refridgerator by jomsims Kitchen Glamour - Sink by Shino&KCR ModoModo Barstool by cazarupt Counter Piece Zveki’s Modern Design Image One

Glasses by Tamo Top by Modish Kitten Necklaces by Natalis Image Two Top by EA Pets EP Shorts by Icia Image Three Top by Modish Kitten Necklace by Natalis Bracelet by Aikea Image Four Glasses by Tamo Necklace by Natalis Bracelet by TumTum Jeans by All About Style Tattoos by Darko Not Available for Download Image Five Necklace by Natalis Necklace and Bracelet by TumTum Jeans by Aikea Image Six Top by Icia Shorts by Icia Shoes by Modish Kitten Bracelets by Lorandia Necklace by Dasha Kirilova Socks & Tights by Darko Not Available for Download

Page 92-96

Baby Daddy - Images by Jasumi Dads Black Suit by All about Style Plaid Suit by EA Store Golf Outfit by EA Casual outfit by Katelys Boys Hat by EA Store Suit by EA Store

Page 98-103 Bonus Content

Abandoned Romance - Images by Aikea-Guinea Girl by Aikea-Guinea Not Available for Download Boy by Gelydh Not Available for Download Clothing


Page 106-109

Beauty: Ethereal Elegance - Images by Simanims Emily by Simanims Not Available for Download Skin by Ephemera All Eyes: Sasha All Brows: Elexis Image One Eyeshadow: ShojoAngel Eyeliner: Serpentrogue Lipstick: Lemonleaf Hair: Peggy (shyne retexture) Image Two Eyeliner: Praline Eyeshadow: Altea127 Lipstick: Lemonleaf Hair: EA Store Image Three Eyeliner: EA World Adventures EP Eyeshadow: NYgirl Lipstick: Lemonleaf Hair: Butterflysims Image Four Eyeliner: Redridinghood241 Eyeshadow: NYgirl Lipstick: Lemonleaf Hair: Newsea (Beaverhausen retexture)

Page 112-115

Community Interiors: Dragonfly Lounge - Images by Minraed Table Lanterns by DOT TSR Chinese Patterns by Annosims Honeycomb Wall Panel by Pilar Golden Buddah by Lisen801 Dr. Frankenstien Ceiling Lamp by Hekate666 Qin Yun Stool at M&T Sims The Gift Painting by Devirose TSR Art of Seduction Coffee Table by Cashcraft TSR Style Rug by Praline Sims Barna Living Sofas by Flovv TSR Large Wall Art by SharinSims Ornate Cabinets used for bar by AstraSims Asian Princess Mural by Denise Designs TSR




Sims Fashionista



SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 15  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

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