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Curves Ahead!


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Model Spotlight: Maeve Yu


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Editors Notes Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Photographer & Editorial Development Director SimEve Senior Fashion Editor - Writer (Women) AsiaShaMecca

Contributors DrMusix Senior Fashion Editor - Writer (Men) Writer & Stylist ‘For Men’ Editorial Superpogimon Senior Fashion Photographer and Stylist (Men) Photographer & Stylist ‘Rock Men’ Sparkle Executive Interior Design Editor Writer ‘Rock Loft’ Article Okadoka Executive Architectural Design Editor Writer ‘Lot Showcase’ Minraed Executive Interior Design Director - Writer Decor Style Solutions Column Emma Le Marche Contributing Writer Writer ‘Fashion Fix’

Cover Photography by SimEve


If April showers bring May flowers, then May showers bring what? Glam Rock! Ok, so maybe not quite, but it’s definitely what this month’s Issue of SF Magazine will bring to you. Saddled with the daunting task of coming up with an appropriate follow-up to our last issue (whose success, by the way, surpassed all our expectations and then some) we decided to follow the lead of our senior photographers’ advice and went with a Glam Rock theme, in honor of the upcoming film The Runaways. The result was an issue that I can only describe as a totally hot Fashion tribute to all the our ROCK DIVA’s - past, present and future…SIMSTYLE of course! In this month’s issue we offer you a bevy of Rocked-out looks for all your sims – including the more plumped-up plus-sized divas, featured in our “curves ahead” article. Also, keep an eye out for some hot male editorial spreads by Dr. Musix and Superpogimon. And last but not least, for those of you looking to find Inspiring interior design Ideas for your Sims and Simmettes…guess what? We got that too! Do check out SF’s bigger and BETTER Design section, which will feature the know-how of Sparkle, Okadoka (Editor of SID’s Interior Design Gazette) and Minread (The brains behind the ever popular design challenge Triple Take) – all now permanent members of our ever growing team. Before I leave you to your reading, I just wanted to say one more thanks for all the support we got from all of you out there in the SIMS community. We truly appreciate it all. And not only that, it really inspired us to move on in a BIG way with this project. So do stay locked in as the ride is just about to begin…


Photography by SimEve, Model by Maria_loves_alex, Shoes by Ekinege @ TSR

Time for...?

Ekinege Shoes




Photos by SimEve Words by Madi1909

First off, let’s start with a little history. What is Glam rock and where did it come from?

Well, Glam Rock (also known as glitter rock - for obvious reasons) emerged in the early 1970s as a post-hippie phenomenon and antidote to all the earnest seriousness of that era. It was prevalent in both the UK and USA and was mainly characterized by performances where singers and musicians wore outrageous clothes, makeup, hairstyles, and platform-soled boots. The flamboyant costumes and visual styles of glam performers were a campy, theatrical blend of nostalgic references to science fiction and old movies. In 1975, the style started falling out of popularity and as a result glam rock abandoned its space-age theme in lieu of something more dance-club friendly and saw many of the its bands and performers begin to embrace other genres such as disco and soul.

For a few years between 1983 and 1988, we saw a slight revival as bands such as Aerosmith, Poison and Motley Crue hit the scene and paid homage to the glam rockers who came before them by donning yet again the tight leather outfits and outrageous hair-dos. Guitar riffs reminiscent of earlier bands were also revived and this time they were exaggerated to accommodate eras new rising interest in metal and hard rock. Bands such as Def Leppard, Quiet Riot and Guns N’ Roses all followed suit. So it seems to have managed to survive continuously to this day. Today, the distorted guitar riffs pioneered by Marc Bolan (look him up) are still present in popular music on a regular basis. BRUNETTE Model (Jennifer Santiago) by maria_loves_alex BLONDE Model (Kay Scarpetta) by SimEve RED HEAD Model (Cherry Minx) by Jennabray BLACK HAIRED Model (Genesis Levi) by Jennabray


So with all of that said…our shoot may not quite be Ziggy Stardust (yes, go ahead and look him up, we forgive you) with his overly teased hair and glittery skin tight outfits. It is our take on the style, which essentially encourages self expression and originality. A fusion of Hollywood glamour and rebellion – minus all the androgyny…Glam Rock for 2K10 – SIMSTYLE! Our models are decked out in skin tight bottoms (leathers, skinny jeans and tights will get you the look) paired with a really sexy top (flowy or fitted will work as long as she shows some kind of skin…wink wink) and even hotter heels – cuz ya know it’s all about the shoes. Finish up the look with a bold asymmetrical haircut in a bold color and you are done. Oh and don’t forget; LINER LINER LINER!!!! (As in eye liner!)

Cherry Hair - Shirt - Pants - Bracelet - Shoes -

Genesis Hair - Outfit - Bracelet - Shoes -




Jennifer Hair - Outfit - Shoes - Kay Hair - Dress - Leggings - Shoes - Bracelet -


SF A Monthly Insight into ‘Who-is-Who’ of Custom Content Fashion Designers

Designer Showcase “Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind ... a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.” Oleg Cassini.


Chic attire for the true fashionista Who hasn’t heard of “Modern_Sims”? Definitely one of the most recognised CC creators over at TSR, MS’s clothing items offer a mix and match of pieces from various RL designer collections and has steadily been one of our “go-to” designers here at SF.. But for those of you who still need an introduction… Modern_Sims’ custom content creations are a collection eclectic designs that are sure to inspire you. All of the pieces have a unique look and style - whether it’s a more feminine piece, like the lace detailed cami or a pencil skirt, MS even offers some more grungy outfits, complete with torn stocking and converse sneaks it you not into the pretty stuff! The most recent collection – currently featured over at TSR. Its definitely worth checking out. It include several pieces from RL designer collections such as Bantik, Maje and more. It you are looking to diversify your SIMS look…then this is definitely your go to designer.


Model: Amber Rose by Madison1909 Top - Maje Striped Jersey Mini-Dress Shoes - Stylist Sims

Links and Site info

Modern Sim’s TSR page here:

And their blogspot here:

Model: Jennifer Sullivan by Jennabray Top - Marc Jacobs Belted sati tulip dress by MS Accessories - Bangles by Liana


Fashion Fix


Advert by AsiaShaMecca. Cars by




BY Madison1909 & Emma Lemarche








1. Loose vested top @ all about style


2. Jeans - Janice Set by Simsimay @ TSR

3. Converse High Tops by Modern Sims @ TSR

4. Glasses can be found in base game 5. Hat comes with Hair pictured on the left and can be found in base game.

Express Yourself Do you follow the crowd? Let others TELL you how you should look? Well, no more. It’s time to be your own person AND express yourself. This ensemble features a simple punk-inspired look that was toned down by keeping the accessories - and piercings to a minimum. In fact, our girl even looks chic with a loose fitted tam over her stylishly fringed hair cut. Nerdy never looked this good. Skinny jeans are a staple for the punk look, but paired with a loose fitted tank and vest ensemble, the look is not only simple, but cool. And of course lets not forget the Chucks - High top Converse are back again... and what better way to sport them than with a look like this... so worry no more about what others think. Go with your gut and it if feels good, then we say - DO IT!



Top by Ekinege at TSR - Damaged Boyfriend Jeans by All about Style - Converse High Tops by Modern_Sims at TSR - Spiked Bracelets by Aikea Guinea at Club Crimsyn -

Curves A h ea d !

Original models from Jennabray:

Words, Photography and Styling by AsiaShaMecca It’s true that much content caters to the “slim sim” but if we really like our Simmies to mirror RL here are the facts: the average US female size is 12-14, weight: 162.9 lbs, thigh size 18”-24.” Marilyn Monroe –ever the uber female icon- was a size 12.

What does this mean for fashion? What flatters the plus sized Sim? Mu-mus? Shapeless tees? Empire waists? Feel a shudder coming on? Pretty plus sized Sims fear not. Give a resounding NAY!!! Get that poor Sim out of the gym for a while and dress her to kill. This shoot highlights bold choices in our Glam Rock theme. Like life, proportion is key. Fitted truly flatters plus sized Sims. A mix of tight and flowing works magnificently. If you’re the experimenting type, CAS sliders can give wonderful realistic curves to your gals. Keep in mind that some custom content (and EA as well) distorts or “clips” on plus Simmies, some shoes & boots in particular. Don’t be discouraged! Play around with various items. The looks are out there and well worth the trouble. Plus sized Sims hold your head high you ARE full and fabulous! Be proud! And always remember three words:



Curves! Satin Vest by Ekinege at TSR - Jeans by hrekkjavaka at TSR - Accesories by blondblond at TSR - Tattoos by Vedic @ MTS -


RED HAIRED MODEL Sequin Body Top by G-Kristina at MTS - Skirt & Boots by iCON - Gloves by EA Tiara by Peggyzone -

BLONDE MODEL Metallic Dress by dunkićka at TSR - Body Fishnet by Miss Skitty - Shoes by Parsimonious - Tattoos by LadyFrontbum -

AUBURN HAIRED MODEL White Tank by Juttaponath at TSR - Ruffle Skirt by Ekinege at Sims TR - Gothic Gloves by Anubis360 at MTS - Boots by lilisims -


BLUE HAIRED MODEL Uniform Top by Lemonleaf - Blue! Blue!Skirt by RUSTYNAil - Boots by Parsimonious - Bracelet by Peggy -


For Him

22 Written and Styled by DrMusix Photograpghy by Superpogimon


is not just limited to the feminine side of the world, but has its wings spread even in the masculine world. What differentiates a man from a boy, is his gentleman like demeanor and his level of sophistication. You will need to have a sophisticated and tailored style to match with your well bred personality.


now-a-days are not shy from experimenting with their look and styles. They are undergoing a make-over and choosing voguish men’s fashion ideas along with haircut styles that not only add class and grace to their looks, but an overall sense of being well groomed. So what are these sophisticated fashions for men that have been explored. What makes up the tailored styles that add extra pizzazz to your wardrobe? Let’s have a look at some of the sophisticated styles available for men and survey the basics of your own GQ-like outfits.


good dress shirt is one of the most important things in your wardrobe, which is exactly why you should have at least one or two tailored styles that fit just right. Dress shirts vary wildly in color, cut, and fit. Typically, you will see the classic button-down, which is appropriate but very casual.

Pant style is also plays a large part of the tailored

style. More modern styles have flat-front pants, which give a clear cut look. Pleated pants feature a fabric fold (typically in the front of the pants), but also often carry the connotation of being made for larger frames. No matter the style of pant, always go with ones that are dressy and in a color that fits your dress shirts nicely. In general, avoid “baggy” pants and go for something that fits your body style nicely.

Ties are just as varied as shirts, but vary little except in color and pattern. Bow Ties are generally not stylish for anything except extreme formal wear, such as tuxedos. Sports jackets have always been classy, stylish and functional too.

Sports jacket are a complete combination of glamour along with comfort and safety. These jackets are indispensable to the well rounded male. Nowadays these jackets are easily available with varied shapes and sizes. For a dark and mysterious look find the perfect black trench coat. A short and sleek coat adds instant sophistication to any wardrobe. Pair it with a bright sweater to lighten up the look, or go in the opposite direction by wearing this short trench coat with dark-toned tops and trousers.


Scarves are like dress shirts – every man can look good in one. the right

scarf can make the average male sim twice as classy. Men look fantastic in a plain colored jacket, paired with a patterned scarf, and stripes are practically guaranteed to look fantastic. A colorful scarf can really be charming. That said, you don’t need to have every color in the rainbow represented. Pick something with 2 or 3 colors, or 1 color with several shades. These tend to go with any kind of jacket you might have.

One of the biggest ways to make or break an outfit is the shoes that go with it. As ridiculous as it sounds, shoes are sometimes the best indicator of quality in an outfit- many a wonderful outfit (especially many suits) have been ruined by an absolutely horrible choice in shoes. There is nothing more irritating than seeing someone in an otherwise wonderful suit wearing huge, bulky (“old man”-ish) loafers- it ruins everything.

These are just a sampling of the many sophisticated style tips for men.

Till now you must have understood that the trend for male sims today is more towards the trendy, hipster look, that isn’t necessarily clean cut look. T-Shirts, skinny jeans and windswept hair are a guaranteed staple, but collared dress shirts, straight-legged trousers and short hair makes a male sims look more mature and well-chiselled. Any combination of these sophisticated styles, will surely make him stand out among the other members of the masculine group. Embrace his sophisticated style and you’ll have all the women drooling.



Jacket & Scarf - Pants - Shoes - Base Game

Shirt & Waistcoat - Pants - Shoes - Base Game

Jacket & Scarf - Pants & Shoes - Base game

Jacket & Jumper - Pants & Shoes - Base game

Jumper - World Adventures EP Pants - Shoes - Base game

Jacket & Waistcoat - Pants & Shoes - Base game




Maeve and the City

Interview and photography by Asia ShaMecca

When I wrote my piece on “24 hours with Maeve Yu”, I had no idea that Maeve would be so gosh darn…. likeable. I was tickled to get another shot at this up and coming pretty face with the personality to match. After her recent win of SimInteriors Next Top Model Competition Cycle IV (http:// it was a bit tougher to get a few of Maeve’s increasingly precious moments but I’m happy to say she was just as approachable and just as down to earth. AS: Congratulations on your SNTM win girl. Well deserved! MY: Thanks Asia. It really came down to the wire. Molly Boyd, the other finalist is soooooo good and her photographer Maxim is the ultimate is capturing her essence. It really could have gone either way so I was thrilled.

Earrings by Rose Sims -


AS: Would you say the exposure has helped your career? What sorts of doors have been opening for you since the competition? MY: It’s been a wild one. I have had so many offers… a lot of print work including a recent ad for Blue Jeans by House of Denim and oh!... one for Model_Sims. I love their clothes. I could have worn my own for that one really. AS: Fantastic. And your future plans? MY: The usual I suppose. It sounds almost clichéd to say that I’d like to begin acting. Still. I think it’s a worthy goal. I recently had myself posted on the Exchange which my new agent tells me is the way to get discovered by the fantastic machima artists out there. I have been considering a couple of scripts but I guess I’m still waiting for the part that speaks to me. God…. I sound like such a………. model. AS: New… agent? How did Veronique ever let you get away. MY: *Grimaces* Reluctantly. The lawyers are still working that out so I can’t say much. Veronique has her loyalists. She is everything most would want in an agent: blood thirsty, ambitious… blood thirsty. But dealing with her day-to-day? Let’s put it this way; shark bites can be hell on the complexion. AS: Oooohhh kay. Understood. And personally? Has there been a downside to all this attention? Might I mention that lovely addition to your left hand my dear? MY: Just time. There never seems to be enough time. It’s used to be funny to me when people say this was the longest day...or the shortest’s always the same 24 hours. But I get it now. I’m not complaining though busy is good. I can’t get enough of busy. AS: And the ring? Alejandre Gaite perhaps? MY: *Laughs* No comment.


MAEVE WEARS Satin Nightdress hrekkjavaka @ TSR - Accessories by Peggyzone - ALEJANDRE WEARS Open Shirt for Males by LadyFrontbum - Necklace by Rose -


BELOW London Zola Mini dress by Ancie18 @ TSR

RIGHT IMAGE Dress by Nia @ TSR Sandals by Gosik @ TSR Bracelet by Peggyzone Earrings by Rose Sims




Fishnets -

Hair P


Ha Pants -


“Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly and the spiders from Mars.”


David Bowie



r -, Top -, Pants -, Shoes - Base game, -, Necklace - Gloves -



-, Top -, Pants & Shoes - Base Game, Gloves -


Hair -, Top -, s -, Shoes -, Earrings -


air -, Top -, -, Scarf -


r -, Top -, T Shirt -, Pants -, Shoes - Base game

Make - Up

Eye Shadow -, Eye Liner -, Lipstick -

Musical Instruments




From Bowie to Kiss to the Jonas Brothers; glam guys have been known for their distinct look. They could have been just one more act but they put on that make-up and that leather and teased up that hair and WHAM‌ along came the attention. Glam guys are brave enough to let their style do the talking. The look is as conservative as loafers, skinny jeans and a super skinny tie or as screaming neon as a bare net midriff spandex and snakeskin cowboy boots. Make up is a yes, not a maybe. And don’t be afraid to color and tease that hair. Is it better to burn out, then to fade away? These Sims certainly think so! Styling & Photography by SuperPogimon Words by AsiaShaMecca



P hotogr a phy by Sim Eve,

W ords by Asi aShaMecca

Teruko - Hair - Lipstick - Eye Makeup - World Adventures, Expansion Pack

Get Your



For those about to ROCK... we salute you! As we celebrate the spectacle of platforms, leathers, glitter and GLAM we figured it wouldn’t be complete without the makeup looks to go with them. These looks are bold, ferocious and as varied as the Sims who’ll wear them. Glam Rock has many forms and SimEve steps up to present us with the best of the best.


Visual Kei (Teruko) A Japanese movement with flamboyant clothes, wild hair andsometimes androgynous aesthetics looks breathtaking and fresh on Teruko. Pairing soft pouting red lips with dark dramatic lids and popping redshadow creates a look that’s bold brilliant and GLAM.

Glam Metal (Morgan) Late night parties, wild child hair and serious attitude. Glam Metal predates Grunge and does it with heavy metal thunder. Morgan gives us the full on pretty poison of her smoky eyes and defines her sexy pout with dark glossed glam lips. Not too harsh... all divine. Morgan - Hair - Lipstick - Eye Liner -


Androgyny (Lucy) The Greeks defined Androgyny as a mix of masculine and feminine qualities but it took artists like Bowie and George to make it cool. Rock doesn’t have to be dark. Break the color barrier like they broke the rules! Lucy ROCKS a full color pallet here in matte hot pink lips and eyes you can see from across the room. Lucy - Hair - Base Game Eye Shadow -

Glam Punk (Renee) This movement mixed elements of Glam Rock with protopunk and Punk rock. Renee is a true New York Doll with her glorious monochromatic glittering gold lips and eyes. Lashes for days and irresistible Egyptian touches in the liner complete the look. Renee - Hair - World Adventures EP Lipstick - Eye Shadow -



Lot Showcase

Island Getaway by Katalina

Interview by Okadoka, Photography by Allium Soak Up Some Sun at this Island Getaway Lot! Swimsuits for your Sims this season are fresh, colorful, and definitely not boring. Even the bland one-piece has gotten a sexy makeover with vibrant metallic’s and revealing cut-outs. Fabrics tend to be bold and creative, reflecting the most current fashion trends. While there are plenty of revealing suits available for download for your Sims we wanted to showcase the best ones available to wear while out soaking up the sun. This season there is certainly something for everyone! To showcase these suits and our models we felt it best to take our models out into the sun and sand to show you just how your Sim will look while donning one of these suits in the environment they will be worn in. Searching the sites for the perfect location we stumbled upon a beautiful Island Getaway Lot created by Katalina of TSR (the sims resource).


LEFT PAGE MODELS BY ALLIUM White Swimsuit - Hair (Ponytail) - Arm bangle - World Adventures EP Hair (cropped) - Silver Suimsuit - Hair (Shaven) - Base Game Earrings - Sunglasses - Base Game Shoes - Bikini - Heart Jewellery -


Katalina created this beautiful and functional lot so your Sims could have a retreat away from it all, yet still connect to their community. The lot allows you to own your own little island. It comes complete with a little bridge that connects to the ocean in the back and one that connects in the front to civilization. This is a great home for a single Sim or a couple. The lot is designed to be placed at Recursive Strand for the best placement in having the bridges connect. Katalina is a versatile builder who loves creating a dilapidated shack as much as she does a southern antebellum home. I was treated to the honor of interviewing Katalina and would like to share that interview with you the readers. Once you read her responses you will be as intrigued with her building style and dedication to research as I am. Be sure to visit her page at TSR to view more of her creations. Oka: I love that you created the Island Getaway so that our Sims could own a little piece of paradise. How did you discover that it was possible to make a bridge to connect

the island to the ocean and to civilization? How did you approach building that bridge? Katalina: I remember seeing a picture of a small house on a very small island and wanted to re-create that in some way. I had to choose a lot that was close to the waters edge (Recursive Strand). What I did was use the pond tool to go around the land and have just enough room for a connecting bridge front and back. The reason for the front bridge is for Sims to cross over to get to the home and the bridge in back is so Sims could get to the waters edge to fish. In the main preview image it looks as though the home is surrounded by water with the lake in the background. Oka: Do you study different era’s architecture in depth before approaching a build? Katalina: Absolutely! I am a fanatic when it comes to architectural detail. I try to do the best I can with what I have and sometimes I may have to improvise in getting the details of the era correct. Since Sims 3 is only a year old, I am sure more build sets will be made by artists and expansions.

RIGHT PAGE White Bikini - Metallic Bikini - Cream Monokini - Bangles - Base Game Oka: Do you also study the interior design of that era to compliment the interior of the home? Katalina: Yes, It wouldn’t make sense to have modern furniture and wall coverings in a Victorian home. Researching is one of the fun things to do. I try to make it as realistic inside as I do outside


Oka: What building tools do you feel were introduced with the Sims3 series that make you think, geez I

used to be able to construct my builds in the Sims2 without this? Katalina: The only thing that comes to mind is the roof slider tool, this way you don’t need to type in a cheat code and what angle when making adjustments, that was rather time consuming in Sims 2. Oka: Do you have something that you leave in each build that says “Katalina was here”? Katalina: I would have to say my landscaping skills. Landscaping is my most favorite part when making a lot. I look at it as that curb appeal to a home and can lot. I look at it as that curb appeal to a home and can

lot. I look at it as that curb appeal to a home and can spend hours making it look as real as possible. I really don’t know of any other artists who spend as much time on landscaping as I do. I’m not saying others don’t landscape, I am just saying I go overboard with it lol. Also my use of the cheat (moveobjects on) I find ways to make interesting settings by using this cheat. You never know if you’ll find an indoor arch in your garden. Oka: What architectural trends do you feel are important for a builder to know if they want to grow in the Sims3?


Katalina: believe that would be left up to the creator, for me my trend right now is cottages. In the real world we would think of Eco friendly or going green houses or even recycled or natural materials as trends. In a Sims world we can only say it is Eco friendly or has recycled materials. I believe any builder in order to grow with TS3 is to research the type of architectural style they are attempting. Oka: What do you consider as your strengths (that you could teach someone else) and your weaknesses (that you wish to learn) when it comes to creating in the Sims3? Katalina: My strengths would be my landscaping and attention to detail, not sure if I can teach someone that, all I can say is to research landscaping and get ideas, same goes with architectural styles and decorating. My weakness is probably using the cheat CFE (constrainfloorelevation) I have used it in some of my lots but there are many other uses that can be incorporated when building, I still need to experiment more. Oka: In your studio at TSR I read that you enjoy making terrain paints, floors, & walls for the Sims2? Do you see yourself creating them for the Sims3 as well? Katalina: Maybe one day but making them for Sims 3 is totally different then what I was used to doing for Sims 2. Right now I am more interested in learning to mesh and make objects for Sims 3. Oka: Do you spend your time equally creating for both Sims2 & Sims3? Katalina: No, I am more focused on creating for Sims 3, though I still have Sims 2 installed on my computer. It

Swimsuit -


just depends on how I feel about going back and making something for Sims 2. Like they say, never say never. Oka: What building style you have not approached yet, but would like to? Katalina: I would like to try Gothic but the intricate detail, such as gingerbread trim on a Victorian is so ornate, I really don’t know if anyone would make a build set like that. I do know there is some gingerbread trim for Sims 2 though. I just don’t know if I could capture the essence of a Gothic home. Oka: Would you like to share with our readers some of your other outlets for creativity when you aren’t building homes for the Sims? Katalina: Yes, I love to flower garden, paint in watercolors, make homemade crafts, boating, traveling and seeing different cultures and nature walks. I believe having an over active imagination and just having an artistic ability has helped tremendously in the creation of my lots. Oka: What else would you like to share with us? Katalina: I used to consider my self a character builder, doing one style of home to another but now my interests have shifted to more cottage and fairytale type homes. I noticed on TSR not many artists were making the old cottage type homes or even fairytale and it has been something I longed to do. A few cottages later I was asked by TSR if I would like to be promoted to Select Artists, I was thrilled! I felt any creativity I had was being recognized. I would also like to thank you for this interview and having one of my lots be a background for your fashion show, I am honored and thank you again.

K atalina


Advert by Lkadas

The Rock Loft Written by Sparkle & Images by Allium

Loft style is a modern, highly urban and industry inspired style of design and you will find the majority of these residences are ex-warehouses and factories. Due to their often vast sizes, they are invariably used as apartments. As ex-industrial sites, their main features are similar to those found in many industrial buildings; exposed brick work and hardwood flooring, high ceilings, large, bare wood or metal doors and windows. Pipes, vents, rafters and beams are often left in as design features and are an obvious sign that an apartment had a previous industrial use.


Support columns are another common feature left from the building’s original life, and as these cannot be removed, are often left free standing. In fact they make ideal design features as loft apartments are usually quite open plan. Only the bathrooms are likely to be completely separated from the rest of the living space for privacy reasons, as even the bedrooms may open onto the main living space, often on mezzanine floors. The colour schemes are typically dark and neutral, with pops of earthy colours such as red, orange and gold.

Blind & Spotlight Base Game Painting


Sofa - Rug -


Nola Dresser Nola End Table

Wine - Vase -

In this example we see a typical loft style colour scheme with dark reds, blacks and browns. The windows and exposed brickwork are obvious remnants from the original warehouse but fit well with the contemporary decor. The industrial nature of the building also flows through some of the furniture; notice the rusting metal bar at the back of the room and the highly polished metals of some of the vases. The leather of the sofa and the fur rug add that extra “rock” element to the room echoing some of the decor and hobby items and bring individuality and personality to the room. All of these elements can be brought together to give an aging industrial area an entirely new lease of life.

Vases - Apples - Guitars, Tv, Clock &Cd’s High End Loft EP

Bed Barthelme

Simetry Bar


Homes & Interiors

Plant Magazine&Mug

Pendant Light

Dea r K a ilea d, R e ce nt ly I h a ve be e n m a kin g m ore of a n e ffort to be e nv iron m e nt a lly re spon si ble by re cy clin g rowin g m y own g, ve g et a ble g a rd e n, co m po st in g et W h at ca n I d o c. to re fle ct this n e w att it u d e into h o m e d e co r ?” my

Creative solutions for your décor dilemmas with Kailead I’m K ailead Navarro - owner of T riple T ake D esign S tudio. elcome to the first edition of Style Solutions where you will find answers and inspiration for your interior design challenges!


Soft Greens, Pale Blues, Light Yellows and Natural Tones Consider keeping things neutral with background palettes of whites, pale greys, or light earthy browns while adding a pop of colour and pattern here and there.


Greens reflect on environmental trends and ecofriendly approaches to life. Soft, diluted and washed out greens are taking the stage this year - complemented by soft pastel yellows and blues. h t t p : / / w w w. c The trend carries through to the accents. Include materials and textures inspired by nature. Another aspect of this trend is an increased use of repurposed and recycled furniture, and fair-trade artisan elements.

Do you have a dilemma for Style Solutions? Ask your question by contacting Minraed at Sim Interior Designs or email :

m i n ra e d a rz h e l@ g m a i l. c o m 45

Homes & Interiors

Written a nd styled by Minraed


Sims Fashionista

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SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 2  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...

SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 2  

A Sims3 Fashion Magazine brought to you by Sims Fashionista & Sim Interior Designs Fansites. FIND US ON FACEBOOK HERE: http://www.facebook.c...