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Spring Hair & Makeup GRUNGE COUTURE New Ideas & Trends for your Sims


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Spring Fling Feature


Designer Showcase


Grunge Couture Feature


Pink’s Fashion Fix


For Him, Male Fasion Feature


Spring Cosmetics Feature


Twilight Feature


Homes & Interiors


Editors Notes Staff Editor in Chief & Design Director

Madi1909 Senior Design Editor

Allium Senior Photo Editor

SimEve Senior Style Editor


Contributors DrMusix Fashion & Photographer “For Men” Editorial

Superpogimon Photographer “Twilight” Editorial

Sparkle Writer “Spring Dining” Article

Cover Photography by SimEve


Finally it is here!!! We are so thrilled to bring you the NEW and IMPROVED Sophmore issue of SF Magazine. Yes, we admit that it took us quite some time to come out with our follow-up issue, but after the great response we received from our members, we wanted to give you something even better. As a result, we completely revamped the entire magazine - and boy was it ever a lot of work – but we are all overjoyed and excited about how it turned out. We truly hope that you will all share in that excitement as well. As with our test-run, SF Magazines’ main goal is STILL to help you navigate through the sea of CC content that we are constantly being inundated with these days. We aim to showcase products and designers, as well as some very talented photographers and models. We also hope to one day hear from the designers themselves through personal interviews and little design tips, gaining you even more insight on what is out there and what’s to come. And as we continue to move forward, we will keep evolving our formats and develop even greater content to best suite your needs. This issue’s theme is Spring as we feature several gorgeous dresses as well as share some of our insight on what’s “in” with makeup this season and showcase a few of the spring looks for our more fashion-oriented males – all brought to you by our new resident “Male-Fashion-Guru”; DrMusix. We will also be featuring an insightful home décor article by Sparkle and Allium - a definite must read for our home décor aficionados. Also, check out our “New Moon/ Twilight” Editorial, by guest Photographer SuperPogimon. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send me a quick PM or email at siminterior_designs@yahoo. ca. And as always we are forever on the lookout for any talented people who would like to collaborate with us on this project, so if you think you have what it takes, then drop us a line.


Time for...?

Guess Watch Found @ Photography by SimEve



Photos by SimEve,

Words by Madi1909



Spring Fling If men and women can agree on one thing that would be that the sundress is the MUST-HAVE fashion statement for women. Women love it for its comfort and versatility while men praise it for its wholesome sex appeal; something about that girl next door!

For many the sundress is a seasonal institution; its what we all look forward to wearing as soon as the flowers start to blossom. Whether you choose to wear it to the beach, over a bathing suit, to the office on casual fridays, dressed up with a cardigan, to your kids’ Little League game or simply glam it up by wearing it with some hot jewellery and a great pair of high heels for a night out on the town. It is undeniably the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. So ladies, shed those layers and bare those sexy gams and shoulders... and breathe it all in!

“Mini Pinky” Dress by Lusille @ Lussillesims3 Gucci Dress by Nujeiram @ TSR Valentino Dress by Nujeiram @ TSR











As a member of our SID family (Yes, we still claim her as our own, dang it!), I thought it was about time we gave “PROPS” were props were due. Nujeiram joined our wee lil’ group way back when we first started off. And although she spent only a small amount of time amongst us, we are still very happy and honoured to have made her acquaintance (and if she does decide to accept my invitation to stop by a little more often, that would make ME even more happier! KIDS!) Nujeirams’ humble beginnings started out with just a few simple items of clothing; one of them being her very popular “Roxy” tee collection, which quickly became a favorite with the crowd because of its perfect “fit”. And, as we saw our SIMS finally able to toss out those generic EA tees and dare to be even more fashionable, she went on to inspire a bit more style in their lives by re-creating - quite successfully, I might add - some very unique runway inspired outfits from RL designers including Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Valentino.










Unaware of who she was while she was with us - as she never even bothered advertising her obvious talent- she was soon found out, and we were all the happier for it . She has since then acquired a larger wardrobe to her credit and continues to provide our SIM world with even more FABULOUS Designer Inspired Outfits. (And much like the ever-present gloating mother, I stalk her TSR site daily to see what else she comes up with and rush to download.) So here’s to her continued success and to hoping she continues to share with the sim’s community even more designer outfits and of her own making!”


Photos by nujeiram,

Words by Madi1909

Find her work at:

Givenchy Haute Couture Gown by Drew @ iCON


The best of dresses in the worst of places... Ok, so it’s not exactly your flannel shirt with your token pre-ripped jeans from the Gap or the ill-fitted good will clothing you dug up from the bin on one of your “shopping” jaunts to the Salvation Army. AND yes, maybe - just maybe - it could have used a pair of Doc Martens somewhere in there to REALLY look the part; but you know what, the title FIT dang it, so just go with it ... For this fantastic editorial idea, we enlisted the help of our talented in-house senior photographer (SIMEVE) – because only the best will do - to create what we thought was the perfect blend of an urban grunge background to showcase some of our all time favorite evening gowns (ok maybe not ALL TIME favorites, but definitely our favorites of the moment!). The resulting collection of pics marries the disheveled look of urban decay and the elegance of the classic dress in an unexpected but a very pleasant way...

Recolored Wedding Dress by Tugmel @ TSR



History Lesson:

Grunge started out as a distinct ive fashion tren developed in Se d that attle during the e arly nineties. The evolved from a look genre of music referred to as g Originally intende runge. d as non-fashion , or a movement from fashion, it q away uickly caught on across the countr carries on even to y and day.

Armani Dress by JB& IC


Words by Madi1909 Photos by SimEve,

Dior Haute Couture Gown by Drew @ iCON


Fashion Fix


Photography by SimEve


Shoes by

lilisims w w w. l i l i s i m s . c o m 7

Pink’s Fashion Fix

Every season there is an excuse to buy yourself something beautiful, be it Winter, the ultimate excuse for that credit card busting coat, or a bikini in every colour come Su mmer. I have put together this outfit for Spring, you gotta celebrate the first glimpse of sunshine in something that sparkles! An eye catching dress like this should be tea med with simple yet beautiful accessories, this simple rule will carry you through the heaviest of fashion storms. If you are a girl with a more eclectic style, you could pair this beautiful dress with a grungy blazer and flats. i have chosen this hairstyle because it is perfect for Spring, it allows the sun to colour your cheekbones in the most beautiful way and it is also a style that you can wash and go. As long as you walk like a million dollars, who cares that you emptied your wallet purchasing the dress?

Artwork & Words by Pinkwizz

Cheeky Princess!


F i n d t h e m at:

Sh oe s by CyrilK @ TS R

Bra ce let @ Pegg y Z on e

Ha ir @ Pegg y Z on e

D re ss @ L u cille s Blog

Ha ir Ba n d @ M & T Si ms

Artwork by Maxim


Words by Madi1909

For Him

Photos by DrMusix,

18 by Dr Musix


worry Gentlemen, we haven’t forsaken or abandoned you. Infact, for this issue, we decided to bring in some very knowledgeable testosterone infused help in the form of our very own Male Fashion Guru - Dr. Musix. DM graciously volunteered to be your voice in our little endeavor and so we accepted – as his undeniably knowledge will no doubt be an asset to the mag.

So, no longer will you be allowed to

live in the ignorant bliss that you so happily clung to. Armed with all the wisdom, he will endeavor to bestow upon you, you will now go out into the world and live your life FASHIONABLY.



Sweaters, Henley, Vest and Leather Jacket from TSR Necklace from Rosesims Watch from Peggy Zone

18 20

Suit Jacket from All About Style All Pants & Preppy Cardigam from Lemon Leaf’s Blog All the rest from Default Game & Siims 3 Store

19 21

Spring Cosmet ics

Photos by SimEve,

Words by Madi1909

Prettify your look with these FAB SPRING makeup ideas

With the winter blahs finally behind us, its time to look forward to all the wonderful changes that come with Spring; warm breezes, chirping birdies, freshly cut wild flowers and the shift toward all the wonderful color palettes that we now can choose from this season in makeup. This spring is all about colorful eyeshadows (that are smudged not smoked) and beige natural tinted lips. So bring on the Violets, blues, Pinks, greens...ah the beauty of it all.


Every few seasons a color comes along that is so universally flattering it’s just impossible for everyone to resist. This year it’s pretty shades of purple. From sheer, pastel hues on nails, to shimmery purple-pinks on lips, to deep, jewel tones on eyes, purple is everywhere! Find the Make-Up/Hair here:

Hair - html?id=000117&sortId=00 Eyeshadow - ?p=1192 Lip Gloss - 63e832e00100hr5e.html




Fresh Blossom

Fresh, vivid pink were the color basis behind several Spring 2010 runway show eye makeup looks. Don’t worry though; this season’ s pink eye is less about the garish, to-the-brow coloring of the ‘80s, and more about reimagining an ultra-feminine color in pretty, romantic, and mildly funky ways. Its subtle and soft. Absolutely refreshing! Find the Make-Up/Hair here:

Hair - TS3 Store ‘The Shuffle’ Eyeshadow - Base Game Lip Gloss - d4e30100gcj6.html


Walk in the Forest Boldly coloured makeup is gorgeous and fresh, but there are a few colours that beg the question: how do I wear this without looking scary or worst yet - like a clown? This season, green is one such makeup colour and can range from from the darkest seaweed to Ch’ing Dynasty-inspired jade. To wear green eye shadow for spring 2010 (the trick is to keep the colour fresh (sheer or pearlescent, Go easy on the brow colour and mascara (aim for length, rather than volume, so your lashes don’t get overloaded or clumped). Just a hint, Green shadows look fantastic on blue eyed belles.

Donec eu nunc nonthe purus pharetra Find Make-Up/Hair here: Hair facilisis vitae at purus. 3%20donate/rosesims3donation_2.htm (last set) Donec blandit suscipit Costume MakeUp http://www.thesimsresource. urna, eu convallis arcu com/downloads/details/category/sims3-makeupporta commodo. In costumemakeup-facepainting/title/Crystal%20 convallis turpis quis makeup%20-%20eyebrows/id/929956/ mauris pulvinar venEyeshadow - enatis. Curabitur non load.php?t=378202 orci risus.




Morning Dew

Want a stunning head turning look, then try on springs new blue eye shadow trend. From cat eyes, to blue bold eyeliners, and blue smokey eyes, blue is the hottest look around. It speaks volumes this season; you can wear it during the day as a sexy splash of eyeliner color, or go bold during the night-time with blue Smokey looks. Always pair blue eye shadow with soft pale colored lips and cheeks for a more model-modern look.

Find the Make-Up/Hair here:

Hair - details/category/sims3-makeup- (on last set of page) Costume MakeUp - http://www.thesimsresource .com/downloads/details/category/sims3-makeupcostumemakeup-facepainting/title/Greda_Angel%20 Wings/id/931855/



28Advert Created by AsiaShaMecca

Hotties Feature


MOO After

volunteering to do us the honour of being our first guest photographer, SuperPogimon was giving the task of creating his own “Twilght� inspired photoshoot featuring our own simified version of Edward and Bella. As usual, the end results were fantastic....



16 30 32

Images by SuperPogimon

OON Model: Kay Scarpetta by SimEve Outfit: Dress from TS3 Store, Shoes from base game, Hair from Peggy Zone Model: Habibi McSteamy by SuperPogimon Outfit: T-Shirt From TS3 Base Game, Cargo Pants from TS3 Store, Hair & Skin from Garden of Shadows

Hotties Feature


31 17 33


the season of new growth when life comes back to the natural world following the cold, dreary and dark winter months, a time of transition from winter into summer. The colour pallet is inspired by the flowers that we see at this time of year; daffodil, tulip, hyacinth, primrose, iris. It is a season and a pallet all about nature but specifically about flowers. Early in the season we see pastel shades, primrose yellows and greens, pale pinks and purples. In later spring, you see stronger colours,

deeper purples, dark fuchsia pinks, sunny yellows, light yet strong blues and bright grass greens. But wherever you are in the season, spring is about fresh, clean and new looking colours. Materials follow a similar theme, moving from the hard and sharp shapes and fabrics of winter, into the softer and more natural feel of summer. The unnatural and harsh glass, plastics and metals of winter decor are replaced by unstained woods, cottons, wicker and hessian. With spring, we move from the dead world behind us into a world full of colour and life.

Spring Dinin

Written by Sparkle Images by Allium


Simply Elegant Seating Sims World Adventures Expansion Pack

Dinner Party Perfect Chair & Dining Table du Jour Sims World Adventures Expansion Pack

Awesims Large Cushions Nola Living Table Lamp Angela @

Gilbert Dining Lillies Apple @

Floris End table Angela @

Topper Sims 3 Store (free)

Arcan Dresser Frances @

This spring dining room brings various elements of an early spring scheme together. The colours are still quite cold and muted. Winter still lingers in the cold grey floor and the cool eggshell blue of the arm chair upholstery and dining chair frames. A spring shade of pale yellow is used as an accent colour to the cold grey and blue but is itself still a cool shade, telling us that the warm days of summer aren’t quite here yet, while the brown wood of the armchair and side board bring an earthy and slightly warmer feeling to the room, taking the chill out of the spring air. An ideal way to decorate a spring room is to collect and place spring flowers or potted plants to decorate otherwise empty areas of a room; this adds an instant cheer to the interior of any house. In this case we see tulips and daffodils gathered from the garden we can see through the windows,

this helps bring nature in from the outside and also adds to the yellow accents in the room. The room contains a combination of both hard and soft lines and materials from the two seasons, further echoing the change from a cold, hard winter to a more soft and gentle time of year. The hard stone floor and sharp edges of the dining chairs and table contrast with the soft fabrics and the natural lines of the chandelier and the arm chair. We see a warm coloured wicker rug thrown over the cold flooring and cotton upholstery on the chairs. These natural materials are typical of a spring scheme while the wood of the furniture brings an authentic touch of nature. The result is a room, that while still slightly wintery on first sight, shows the promise of spring peeping through the surface, just like the flowers peeping through the earth outside in the garden.


Homes & Interiors


ASC Daffodil Pitcher, Basket & Planter Shakeshaft @


Sims Fashionista

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