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The best reason to live here is the life here.

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6th Annual Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Designer Showhouse


tlanta’s top interior designers have been coming to Serenbe since 2014 to be a part of the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse. Each designer is paired with a room inside the showhouse and charged with creating a warm and inviting yet sophisticated space that will be enviable by all. Guided by lead designer Anna-Wooten Loggins, ten interior designers will showcase their talents in the 2019 Serenbe Showhouse. The gorgeous interiors combined with the clean lines of the home’s design, sustainable features and unparalleled views of the Mado forest provide a luxurious home that will have you imagining your life there. “I like to incorporate a little traditional with a little contemporary…something new and something old,” said Loggins of her vision for the 2019 Serenbe Showhouse. “My favorite go-to color is black, so I tend to use it somewhere in all of my designs. The other designers and I have shared concepts on an overall look and feel, so I’m excited about the cohesive look of this year’s Showhouse.” Designed by Serenbe Planning & Design (SP&D) and built by South Haven Builders, the 3,380 square foot home “shares aspects of architecture and design with Sweden.” It has four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, an open kitchen and living room, a huge master suite and covered decks off the living room and master bedroom that makes you feel like you’re standing in the trees. “Our design was influenced by rural Scandinavian dwellings with the use of light, natural wood and simple massing,” said Steve Dray of Serenbe Planning & Design. “The goal

was to compliment the natural setting of the woods off the back of the home while blending with neighboring houses on the street.” A trend that Dray likes to include into SP&D homes is convenient access to laundry rooms from master closets. The team also likes to use oversized, wall-mounted shaving mirrors in bathrooms so there is space for windows over the sinks, bringing in more daylight to brighten the home. South Haven Builders, who worked closely with SP&D on the Showhouse project from the beginning, also likes to focus on rooms that are “lived in.”They gravitate toward wall planking, lighter-colored cabinets and warm woods, all of which you will see in the 2019 Showhouse. “This home is the way I’d want to live,” said builder Shane Roach. “We like to include custom features for mudrooms, kids’ rooms, outdoors spaces; things you don’t see a lot of focus on in older homes but mean quite a bit to families and are popular in new builds.Things like adding a pantry or having large closets; it’s what you appreciate for daily living.” Everyone involved in the 2019 Serenbe Showhouse mentions the charm and warmth of this Mado home. Only in Serenbe can you find consistent quality of architecture surrounded by nature coupled with all the sophisticated offerings of a city lifestyle. More details about the Showhouse, its designers and events can be found at


Angela Means & Danielle Carney, Means Carney Interiors Kim Regas, Regas Interiors Virginia Cheek, Virginia Cheek Designs Anna-Wooten Loggins, A. Wooten Interiors Lead Designer Lucinda Bray & Tyne Martinez, Floralis Garden Design Steve Dray & Cecilia Winston, Serenbe Planning & Design

Kenson Owens, Kenson Interiors Coley Cuttino, Coley Cuttino Interiors Michele Gratch, Michele Gratch Interiors Pebbles Nix, Pebbles Nix Interiors Jessye Archer, Rob Garrison & Shane Roach, South Haven Builders



SHOWHOUSE PREVIEW PARTY SEPTEMBER 19 Be the first to see the Designer Showhouse in its entirety, plus meet Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Editor-in-Chief and the talented interior designers at the Showhouse Preview Party on Thursday, September 19th at 7 p.m. Preview Party tickets are available online for $75 pp at Tours of the Designer Showhouse are available four days a week, September 20thOctober 13th,Thursday-Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.You can also book discounted group tickets for 10+ guests. Tickets, $20, are available online at Proceeds from the 6th Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse benefit the Art Farm at Serenbe, a growing artist and residency complex with year round programming featuring dinners, workshops and gallery shows. Learn more at Meredith McBrearty, lead designer for the 2018 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse, designed the vaulted kitchen in addition to selecting finishes for the home built by McKinney Builders. Anna-Wooten Loggins’ warm and inviting yet elegant foyer for the 2018 Showhouse leads out to a large front porch overlooking the Selborne neighborhood. Gretchen Edwards incorporated gorgeous hues of purple with neutrals for the Master Bedroom of the 2018 Showhouse. Serenbe resident Rebecca Cartwright mixes patterns like no other, and it’s apparent in her design for the 2018 Showouse. All 2018 Serenbe Showhouse photos by Ali Harper Photography.






Spa Expands To Offer New Services

erenbe’s resort setting has always allowed guests the opportunity to turn their spa experience into an unforgettable getaway. Where else can you have a massage before taking a relaxing walk in the woods to your luxurious Inn room surrounded by farmland? Serenbe’s Spa is so popular, that when the new One Mado building offered more space, they jumped at the opportunity. “The Spa was outgrowing its original two rooms,” said Garnie Nygren. “It was a natural fit and perfect timing to expand. The One Mado space comes with new opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.” Growing from two to eight treatment rooms also meant additions of indoor and outdoor lounges and a shower for guests to utilize before and after treatments. One of the more exciting additions is the state-of-the art Infrared Sauna. Unlike traditional heat saunas, an Infrared Sauna heats your body directly, providing a host of benefits such as improved circulation, increased detoxification, pain relief, weight loss and cell health. The Spa also

carries holistic beauty care lines with only clean, organic ingredients such as Osea and Naturopathica. “We want to take a holistic approach with each of our clients,” said Spa manager Samantha Neff. “Our therapists assess clients’ physical and emotional needs to give them the appropriate therapies and treatments. We also suggest the proper products and essential oils.” The Mado neighborhood was built around a wellness focus, and the One Mado building follows suit by featuring extensive wellness offerings. Garnie feels The Spa helps to anchor the wellness energy of the space and the Mado hamlet by providing excellent care and the best products available. The Spa is open seven days a week and offers a variety of massages, facials, scrubs and wraps, reflexology, reiki, cupping therapy and astrological counseling. Make your appointment at All Spa photos by Tomas Espinoza Photography.




Little Acorn Learning Center Opens In One Mado


ara Nygren Adler has always loved children and children’s programming. She started Camp Serenbe in 2010 and is an active advocate for and board member of Acton Academy at Serenbe, where her oldest son, at 3 years old, is a student. As the number of Serenbe families has grown, Kara realized the need for services that extend to children too young to attend school. Her latest project is the Little Acorn Learning Center for children six months to 10 years, which is now open in the new One Mado building. “I wanted to offer childcare that was flexible for families,” Kara said, who is a Montessoricertified teacher. “We even found a golf cart ‘bus’ that we call the ‘cart-o-bus’ to transport the 3 and 4-year-olds from Acton Academy in Grange when they get out of school at noon” Kara’s passion for child development is reflected in Little Acorn’s mission, to provide a place of play and structure, and in the items that fill the Learning Center. There are sections for children to read or draw and color, as well as a play kitchen area and a building area where there are cars, blocks and other similar toys. Many of the items were lovingly donated by community members, including Kara herself. The wooden kitchen set belonged to the Nygren girls – Garnie, Kara and Quinn – when they were children.The interactive play table in the middle of the room was one of the first big purchases Kara made for Camp Serenbe.


“The selection process was based on the years of work I’ve done in classrooms as well as items I had stored in anticipation of opening,” said Kara. “Some of the wooden furniture is what I used for the first toddler Montessori at Serenbe back in 2011.” Children at Little Acorn Learning Center will also have access to Serenbe’s abundance of nature and trails, giving them the opportunity to play, learn and “to be themselves” whether indoors or out, just like Serenbe’s adult residents. Little Acorn Learning Center is open Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Kara wants to eventually extend hours to include evenings from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m., as well as Saturday and Sunday options. Parents are excited to have a place for their little ones to spend a few hours or more safely in the care of Little Acorns, to have an evening out, drop into the gym or a yoga class next door or just grab a quite meal on their own. Parents interested in enrolling their children at Little Acorn Learning Center can do so by emailing Little Acorn Learning Center is also hiring people that are passionate about children. Email Kara for more information about opportunities. Photos by J. Ashley Photography and Stevie Seay


SERENBE IN THE NEWS Steve Nygren Named 2019 Most Respected Business Leader in Georgia Trend For his vision and his ability to turn that vision into a reality, Serenbe founder and CEO Steve Nygren, 73, is Georgia Trend’s Most Respected Business Leader for 2019. His continued vision is inspring, and it has inspired others. As things have progressed, like the tie to wellness, the tie to health, the tie to local food, the tie to community, Steve has stayed true to that. Learn more about Steve Nygren and how he built Serenbe on the new podcast, Serenbe Stories, available on iTunes, Spotify and everywhere you listen to podcasts.The first episode is available Monday, September 9, 2019.


O Magazine

How Serenbe Owner Steve Nygren Cultivates Wellness ~ eat fresh, local food from Serenbe Farms that rarely touches a vehicle; engage with people every day; and spend time in nature.

Wear & Care Once, we needed Cameron Diaz to tell us what a Prius was, but these days they’re everywhere. There was a time when organic food was a niche thing. Fashion seems to be one of the last areas to make the shift, but it is happening.


Living Architecture Monitor

This Suburban Utopia is all about Worshipping Nature ~ Serenbe is an example of biophilic design, a concept rooted in building relationships between humans and nature. Though it’s been around for decades, it is receiving renewed attention as a lens through which more beautiful, healthy, and environmentally sensitive design can be achieved, and as cities look for ways to balance growth and quality of life for all residents.

On the Roof With Biophilic Community Developer and Visionary Steve Nygren ~ Serenbe is a development modeled after traditional European villages, and as a result it uses far less land than traditional development projects. I attended the Biophilic Summit this Spring to find out from Steve how biophilic design is being realized in this model of a sustainable and healthy community.

Dezeen Steve Nygren integrates European housing typologies in new Atlanta neighborhood ~ Residents that take cues from the canal houses in Belgium and the Netherlands, and minimal wood-clad homes in Scandinavia feature in this new development on the outskirts of Atlanta.

ATL Mag The 1970s are back ~ just take a look at these Atlanta restaurants ~ And while midcentury modern has had its recent resurgence, it’s now clear that the 70s are back, baby. For proof, step inside any number of Atlanta’s newest restaurants.

Travel Channel 22 Great Reasons to Dine in Atlanta This Spring ~ The City Too Busy to Hate’s restaurant scene is on fire. If Atlantans have any common culture these days in a city of diverse neighborhoods, communities and interests, it’s food.

AJC Conde Nast Traveller It’s secluded, we ate vegetables that came straight from the earth, had berry bushes outside our front door, and I was able to experience that rural lifestyle that my friends would always talk about and I had fought against. We thrived there.


First Look: Halsa brings healthful dining to Serenbe’s Mado community ~ Halsa means “health” in Swedish. And the Swedish-influenced “polished casual” restaurant boasts a spa-like menu from Nicolas Bour, who recently returned to Serenbe as executive chef and vice president of food and beverage.


Photo by Mia Yakel Photography

BUILDING BIOPHILIC… BOARDS The Biophilic Institute Expands Board of Directors


ou can’t open a newspaper or web browser these days without seeing an article about the benefits of nature. Being outside in the elements decreases your heart rate, improves your mood and opens your mind to perform better. Steve Nygren has known these effects longer than he knew the term “biophilia,” so when he began developing Serenbe he knew preserving forests, meadows and farmland was important in the creation of the community. “We believe a community is a living part of its natural surroundings, not something to be built at nature’s expense,” said Steve Nygren. He wasn’t alone in this belief. The Biophilic Institute was formed at Serenbe in 2013, and six years later industry thought-leaders have come together in an expanded Biophilic Board, whose mission is to “improve individual and public health and well-being – and to generate sustainable and prosperous economic systems – by providing knowledge and action steps

that enable communities to transform themselves”. One of the Biophilic Institute’s programs to accomplish this mission is the annual Biophilic Leadership Summit, which is hosted by the Institute, Steve Nygren and University of Virginia’s Dr. Tim Beatley and the Biophilic Cities Project. This annual gathering of nature-centered changemakers, urbanists, architects and environmental trailblazers explores how biophilic design, practices and policies can impact our health and wellbeing. The 2020 Biophilic Leadership Summit is April 2629 at The Inn at Serenbe. More information can be found at If the Biophilic Leadership Summit answers the “why,” the Nygren Placemaking Conference answers the “how”. Join city planners, developers and other town leadership this September to learn about visioning, developing and building your own community and how to navigate zoning, policy and other roadblocks. Details and registration is at

MEET THE BOARD Dr. Tim Beatley, Founder, Biophilic Cities Project Bill Browning, Founding Partner, Terrapin Bright Green Jim Durrett, Executive Director, Buckhead CID Greg Kasparian, Founder, Creek Retreat Harriet Langford, Trustee, Ray C. Anderson Foundation Mark “Puck” Mykleby, Co-founder, Long Haul Capital Group Steve Nygren, Founder & CEO, Serenbe Monica Olsen, VP Marketing, Serenbe Stephanie Stuckey, Director of Sustainability, Southface Dr. Phill Tabb, Ret. Professor, Texas A&M University Michael Taylor, Serenbe Real Estate Alfred Vick, Professor, University of Georgia

(Clockwise) The boardwalk over the Wastewater Treatment Facility is Serenbe’s most photographed spot.Trails provide a faster route between neighborhoods than the roads. Steve Nygren leads a tour during the 2019 Biophilic Leadership Summit.





New Course. New Start/Finish Gait Testing + Pre-Race Group Warmup. December 7, 2019 9AM to 4PM Inn Pavilion

Plus New Post-Race Wellness Market Date

OCTOBER 19, 2019

Start Time Location

Games, Crafts & Food Truck Wreath Making Workshops Calligraphy Card Making Pictures with Santa


9:00 AM



Earlybird 5K $40 / 15K $50 AAer Sept 15th 5K $50 / 15K $60 Live Results and Chip Timing

Shop local for all your holiday needs.

Build Invest Lease Own

April thru November Saturdays 9am to 1pm i ii i weekly live music, local produce & gifts bi-weekly workshops & events

i ii i

Make Your Dream of Living at Serenbe a Reality Whether you’re in the market for a weekend retreat or year-round home, Serenbe offers single family homes, townhouses, live-works and apartments. We encourage you to experience the Serenbe lifestyle.

The best reason to live here is the life here. WEB




| 770.463.9997


Things To Do When You Stay at The Inn at Serenbe


AFTERNOON TEA Included in your stay as an Inn guest is an afternoon Southern-style tea, set in the Main House daily, 4 – 5pm.



YOGA CLASSES Choose from a range of yoga practices and floor pilates at the studio located in the community. Outdoor yoga options, including goat yoga.

3 3

S E R E N B E FA R M S Take a 1 hour tour of Serenbe Farms on Saturdays at 2pm for $10 per person. For reservations or to schedule private group tours, please contact



LABYRINTH The labyrinth is located by the lake and available any time to enjoy its energy, grace and meditation.


TRAIL RIDES Experience Serenbe on Horseback. Our skilled staff and gentle horses ensures you to have a comfortable and relaxed ride, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Serenbe.





Hayrides are offered Saturday and Sunday at 10am for Inn guests upon request.

8 7

S PA S E R V I C E S The Spa at Serenbe offers a range of services including massages, facials, peels, reflexology and an infared sauna. The spa specializes in offering a comprehensive whole person approach to care. 770.463.0880 |



G O L F C A R T R E N TA L S Golf carts are available to rent per day at Guest Services. Rentals are based on a first come, first serve basis.



BONFIRE Our fully stocked bonfire is located near the Lake Pavilion, complimentary for Inn guests. S’more packets are available for purchase at Guest Services.



Join us for lunch or dinner at the critically acclaimed Farmhouse Restaurant and enjoy seasonal cuisine of locally grown ingredients. Plus enjoy Happy Hour from 4 – 6 Daily. 770.463.2622 |

10 11



FEEDING THE ANIMALS From sun up to sun down, you can feed our friends in the Animal Village. Animal Feed is available in Guest Services and complimentary for all Inn Guests.



W E E K E N D WA L K I N G TO U R O F THE COMMUNIT Y Check Serenbe Events Calendar for details and to register.



INNOVATING AGRICULTURE Rodale Institute Launches Southeast Organic Center


hen Rebecca and Ross Williams shuttered their cheesehouse at Many Fold Farm in Chattahoochee Hills in 2017, it was with a heavy heart but a determination to work towards a new agrarian economy in the South. One that allows farmers to prosper while supporting the good food movement and being responsible stewards of the soil and environment. “We believe that healthy soil is the key to human health and our ability to survive on our planet,” said Rebecca Williams. They’re not the only ones. The Williams’ vision will soon become a reality because of a new partnership with Rodale Institute, a global leader in regenerative organic agriculture. This Fall, Rodale Institute will launch the Southeast Organic Center, a new regional resource center focused on the unique challenges of farmers in the southeast United States, at Rebecca and Ross’s 300-acre Many Fold Farm. Why the focus on this region? Despite organic having grown to a $50 billion/year industry in the United States, Georgia has only 135 certified-organic farms, representing just 0.5% of organic farms in the United States. Historically, organic production has been low in southern states, where warm weather makes it harder to deal with pests, disease and weeds without synthetic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, which can be unsafe to the health of plants, soil and people. “It’s time for us to invest in our southern farmers,” said Jeff Moyer, executive director of Rodale Institute. “This region is ripe for opportunities and explosive growth in organic agriculture.” Serenbe first brought Rodale to Chattahoochee Hills in 2016 when its Organic Life magazine built a wellness showhouse in Mado, one of the first homes in Serenbe’s newest neighborhood.This sparked a relationship with the Institute arm of Rodale, which continues as Serenbe joins their Chattahoochee Hills neighbors as a key partner of the Research Center. With its own certified organic farm, Serenbe will offer a unique opportunity for community engagement such as connecting farmers, visitors and residents with educational programming, healthy culinary events, seed and soil workshops and more. “The Southeast Organic Center will allow Chattahoochee Hills to be an incubator for major movements in the food and organic industry,” said Steve Nygren, Serenbe Founder and CEO. Serenbe knows the power of bringing like-minded groups together for impactful partnerships. The Southeast Organic Center will only be 2 miles up the road from Serenbe and serve as a research and education hub focused on: • Increasing the number of farms and acres in organic production in the region • Establishing a long-term research trial to determine changes in soil health, yields, economic models, and more in this unique climate & soil type • Solving challenges for organic farmers in the region, including pests, disease, weed management • Farmer training and pathways to market Georgia Organics, Southern SARE and The Conservation Fund are also partnering

with the Southeast Organic Center, bringing increased name recognition to the project along with their extensive outreach and research efforts. Rebecca hopes that having these partners and the Center “will validate and expand truly sustainable agricultural practices in order to save our food system, our planet, and ourselves.” The Rodale Institute is a nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. For 70 years, the Institute has been researching the best practices of organic agriculture and sharing findings with farmers and scientists throughout the world, advocating for policies that support farmers, and educating consumers about how going organic is the healthiest option for people and the planet. Learn more and apply for open positions at the Southeast Organic Center - Research Director, Technician and Farm Manager - at (Clockwise) Rebecca Williams and her daughter on their Many Fold Farm. Ross Williams moving hay bales. Serenbe Farms, one of Chattahoochee Hills’ few certified-organic vegetable farms, backs up to the Grange neighborhood. Many Fold Farm photos by Ali Harper Photography.







n a story similar to many of their neighbors, Jim and John Howell knew they wanted to move to Serenbe the first time they visited in February 2016. “We came on a Wednesday for the first time and decided to come back down that weekend for a walking tour with Steve Nygren,” they said. “We’d both grown up in metro Atlanta and said we’d never live on the south side of Atlanta,” but, as they stated in a 2017 interview, “maybe it was the magic of Leap Day, or maybe it was that Nygren enthusiasm, we were hooked.” Building their home moved just as quickly. The design process took 2-3 weeks, then construction began that May. They worked with McKinney Builders, but the Howells were a part of every decision. Each piece of the home from furniture, door knobs and décor to brick patterns and the wood used in exposed beams was hand-selected by the couple. “We even checked to make sure there was the exact same amount of overhang on the trim,” they said. “It was hard because construction was so fast. We had to make decisions quickly, which was a little overwhelming.You just have to go with your gut. It was a labor of love; we poured our hearts in to it.” It was worth it. The modern farmhouse façade is a gorgeous board and batten with tin roof and painted-brick foundation. As is traditional of the farmhouse style, the home is painted white and includes plenty of functional porches. Though not visible from the street, their home is designed with an L shape floor plan to bring the outside in, with a terraced courtyard sitting between the main living room and private master suite. Inside, John and Jim wanted muted colors and simple patterns so there could be splashes of their favorite color, orange. Leather sofas were selected for a masculine touch, pairing perfectly with lighter fabrics as a softening effect for balance. “There is also plenty of green and plants, though we had to make strategic selections to be out of the way of our cats.” The Howells wanted to settle into their house before adding too many landscaping details; a future koi pond is the last thing they want to add to complete their home. Well, maybe not the last thing. Jim and John have been going through the adoption process over the past few years and were excited to bring their beautiful newborn daughter, Juniper, home to Serenbe this July. “We’ve been so overwhelmed with support from everyone here, it’s so wonderful,” they said. “Our favorite aspect of Serenbe by far is the people – everyone feels like family.” The Howells know creating a home is more than the hardware and fabric that go into designing a space; it’s the people you fill it with and the community that becomes “like family.”

ABOUT THEIR HOME Year Built: 2016 Square Footage: 3,200 finished, 800 unfinished Neighborhood: Grange Home Designer: Serenbe Planning & Design, Steve Dray & Cecelia Winston Builder: McKinney Builders Bedrooms/Bathrooms: 4/4.5 Jim’s Favorite Spot: The main living area, which is open to the kitchen and family area as well as the back courtyard, allowing plenty of natural light.


John’s Favorite Spot: The upstairs sleeping porch that has a big bed swing, built for the couple by neighbors Christy and Tyler Hall. Secret Design Feature: The Howells have Phillips Hue light strips installed under the kitchen island counter. They said, “it’s really neat in the evenings. We can make any color combination and even make them pulse to the music playing on the house speakers.” Photos by J Ashley Photography


Photos by J Ashley Photography


New Executive Director Looks To The Future


hen Lucio Petroccione learned of the opportunity at AIR Serenbe, he knew he was ready for something different. He had been responsible for strategy, marketing and operations as the Vice President and COO of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, but he was ready to be back working closely with artists on a day to day basis. “Being with AIR Serenbe gets me back into the artists’ world, and I also love being in the outdoors,” said Lucio, who is an accomplished composer himself. Lucio has dived right in with big plans for AIR Serenbe, which he sees as “having a blank canvas.” His first initiative was to update the strategic plan for the next five years, and partnerships will lead the plan’s way, with a focus on the Serenbe Institute’s South Fulton Area Initiative (SFAI) and expanding the already robust AIR Focus Fellowship program. Focus Fellowships are funded by individuals, foundations, corporations, government grants and other organizations, and go directly toward supporting artists. Specific recipients of the Fellowships are nominated annually by AIR Serenbe’s National Advisory Council – a body of 25 peers and experts in the art world. With the 13 Focus Fellowships in 2019, plus artists that come for independent or partnership residencies, more than 40 artists will be in residency at Serenbe in 2019. These artists spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks on Serenbe grounds.While artists are here, they are given opportunities to be involved with the Serenbe community and meet some of their patrons over light bites and wine at AIR Fridays, new informal programming championed by Lucio and held at the Chatt Hills Gallery. Artists also work with AIR Serenbe and the Serenbe Institute to give back to the community through the SFAI. “I’d like to increase our portfolio of artist fellowships and develop more partnership opportunities nationwide. Education partnerships are also very interesting to me; seeing art through the eyes of children. It’s a good way to give back to the next generation,” said Lucio. Of course, Serenbe’s environment is cause for inspiration as well. Lucio enjoys walking by himself in the woods, saying it’s “good for creative processing.” “Seeds take root and they grow” on those walks he says. Seems as though Lucio Petroccione is the combination of artist and executive that AIR Serenbe and its future growth needs. Finishing out the year are 10 more upcoming artists in residency at Serenbe: Joey Chou (Illustrator), Ali Fadallah (Musician), Jonathan Fenske (Author), Rena Detrixhe (Mixed Media Visual Artist), Jeffrey Whetsone (Photographer), Samantha Berger (Author), Bo Barlett (Photographer), Brandon Sadler (Illustrator/Visual Artist), B.A, Van Sise (Photographer) and Jessica Ingram (Multi Media Artist). Learn more about AIR Serenbe and upcoming artists-in-residence at


(Clockwise) AIR Serenbe artists stay in cottages designed by Rural Studio, which sit on Art Farm grounds. Jon Goode, recipient of the Frances Focus Fellowship for a storyteller with deep ties to the American South, works with children at the Fairburn Youth Center in August 2019 as part of the South Fulton Area Initiative. Lucio Petroccione’s previous work in Atlanta includes key leadership positions at Delta, McKinsey & Company and the Woodruff Arts Center.


DELECTABLE & CLASSIC Chef Nicolas Bour Returns To Serenbe


hef Nicolas Bour has led kitchens across the country like Humphreys in San Diego and Gates Hotel South Beach in Miami, opened acclaimed Iris restaurant in Atlanta, and even competed on Food Network’s “Beat Bobby Flay.” Yet returning to the kitchen he managed more than 10 years ago felt like “a natural thing” for Nic and his family. “I [am] thrilled to be back,” Nic said in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution feature. “I’ve committed to being here for the rest of my career.” This doesn’t mean Nic has slowed down. In his short time back at Serenbe as executive chef and VP of food and beverage, he’s helped open Halsa Restaurant, is working on plans for the upcoming Italian restaurant and completely reinvented the menus at Blue Eyed Daisy, The Hill and Serenbe’s flagship restaurant, The Farmhouse. Nic has brought a classic French twist to the menu at The Farmhouse, believing “that kind of food will never go out of style.” “As a child travelling in Europe with my family, I have constantly been drawn to the smells emanating from small, family-owned restaurants, particularly in Paris and Rome. Many of these places feature a rotisserie close by the entrance, strategically placed to entice customers with the smells of slow cooking chickens and ducks, potatoes resting under them where juices drip to create simple and delicious flavors. Nic mentioned in the AJC that he “likes to think of [The Farmhouse] as his own little South of France right here in Serenbe,” and this is certainly evident in his latest recipe. The Braised Lamb Shoulder will hit The Farmhouse’s menu this Fall, but if you can’t wait to eat it there, now you can make it at home.

BRAISED LAMB SHOULDER Serves 6 1 tablespoon kosher salt 2 cups peeled sliced carrots 1 cup chopped onions Vidalia 1 leek (white part) chopped 6 cups beef or lamb stock 2 cups water 1 cup Yukon gold potato (peeled and cubed)

Turn your slow cooker on to low setting, then rinse the lamb shoulder under cold water and pat dry. Season the lamb with the salt, pepper and cumin and place it in the slow cooker. Add the rest of the ingredients, including stock and water, cover and cook on low heat for 6-8 hours. Remove the lamb and vegetables, then strain the liquid into in a thick-bottomed saucepan. Reduce the liquid by ¾ or until it becomes a sauce-like consistency. Serve lamb on a large platter with the vegetables and pour the sauce over top. (Clockwise) The Farmhouse dining room is open Wednesday-Sunday for dinner and Saturday and Sunday for lunch. Chef Nicolas Bour is excited to work with Serenbe Wine Shop to curate luxurious wine dinners featuring the world’s best vineyards.


Photo by Mia Yakel Photography

4lb Lamb shoulder, boneless 1 sprig rosemary 1 sprig thyme 2 bay leaves 8 cloves garlic peeled 6 shallots whole 3 teaspoons black pepper ground ½ tablespoon ground cumin




Chattahoochee Hills’ Dark Sky Regulations Make Star Gazing Possible

houghtfully-designed and environmentally-sustainable policies support the principles of placemaking at Serenbe.There is the obvious importance of preserving 70% of our forests, meadows and farmland, the utilization of Southface’s EarthCraft certification for homes, and championing the planetary and financial benefits of installing geothermal heating and cooling systems. Then there is the not-so-obvious, such as why it’s easier to see the stars at night in Serenbe – and why that’s good for you AND the environment. It’s impossible to see the Milky Way in more than two-thirds of the United States, according to the Dark Skies website, and more than 99% of our population lives in lightpolluted areas. In fact, even with high-powered telescopes it can be difficult to view stars, planets and other astronomical objects because they are outshone by light emitting from Earth. This isn’t just about aesthetics, though. If you’re coastal, lights left on can interrupt baby turtles trying to find the ocean after birth. Inland residents may have noticed fewer lightning bugs in the summers. And no matter where you live, too much light at night can affect your

circadian rhythm causing a variety of health issues from obesity to mental health disorders. Serenbe works to combat light pollution by enacting our city’s Dark Sky Regulations, based on recommendations from the International Dark Sky Association. All residential and commercial exterior lighting is downward facing, including the street lamps, which keeps light from encroaching across property boundaries. Serenbe also asks residents to use 40-watt bulbs on exterior lights, and all events in the community have a 10:30 p.m. curfew. The best reason to live here is the life here…or is it the stars? Being able to admire the natural beauty of our world is one of the biggest parts of Serenbe life. So grab a blanket, lay down and gaze up at the stars. Maybe you’ll spot a shooting star or find your favorite constellation. Just don’t forget to turn off the lights. Visit and learn more about bringing back the stars in your community by enacting regulations protecting the night skies for present and future generations.

(Clockwise) Clear nights mean stargazing from the Selborne streets. The colors of dusk’s golden hour reflect off Grange Lake.




Regenerative Highway Follows Ray C. Anderson’s Vision


hat is your company doing for the environment? This was the question that changed Ray C. Anderson’s life in 1994, in what he calls his “spear in the chest” epiphany. He read Paul Hawken’s book “The Ecology of Commerce” and thought about the damaging effect his business could have on the environment. It was the beginning of his journey to show that sustainability was not only the right thing to do, but also a smart business move. Nearly 30 years later, his legacy has done quite a bit for the environment. The first part of his legacy is the company he founded, Interface, which is the world’s largest producer of modular commercial floorcoverings. It is more than halfway towards his vision of “Mission Zero™”, which is the company’s promise to eliminate any negative impact Interface has on the environment through redesign of processes and products, the pioneering of new technologies, and efforts to reduce or eliminate waste and harmful emissions while increasing the use of renewable materials and sources of energy. The next part is the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, which was created in his honor to build a better world for future generations. The Foundation funds innovative ideas and projects that promote visionary change in society; educates the public and business leaders; and connects thinkers, builders, innovators and idealists to a shared, ethical responsibility to the environment in the hopes that they will inspire a new generation of leaders and consumers to be good stewards of the planet’s resources and ignite action that radically impacts the way we live, work and play. One such “radical” project is The Ray, an 18-mile stretch of Georgia’s Interstate-85 that operates as a proving ground for the evolving ideas and technologies that will transform the transportation infrastructure of the future.

“Soon we won’t regard the single-function road as a good investment,” said Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray and Serenbe resident, in an interview with Fast Company. “We’re going to want a road that can multitask.” Since President Eisenhower built the interstate system in the 1950’s, there has been zero innovation to roads, according to Allie. Highways are one of the most environmentallydamaging and dangerous infrastructure systems in the world, causing 5 million tons of CO2 emissions in the U.S. each year and 35,000 fatalities in 2015 alone. That’s exactly what The Ray is setting out to change, with new ideas and pilot projects already underway along the West Georgia highway. Allie outlines three of these technologies, which she says will revolutionize roads and highways, in her 2019 TEDxAtlanta talk. “How do we get to zero carbon, zero waste and zero deaths on our roads?” she asks during the talk. “They’re still made of concrete, rock, petroleum and tar. [But] we have the technology at our fingertips right now to make a road that is safer, smarter and sustainable.” First, Allie wants to build rubber roads out of discarded scrap tires, which will make quieter and more resilient roads while also solving the problem of illegal tire dumps. Next, solar roads that will not only get you where you need to go, but also generate clean, renewable energy. Finally, making smart roads that can communicate not only with cars on the road to alert drivers of conditions ahead, but also with government agencies to identify when repairs are needed and how different roads are affected by outside forces like weather. Drive down The Ray and you can find examples of these technologies. The Georgia Visitor Information Center (GVIC) in West Point is home to the state’s first solarpowered photovoltaic for electric vehicle (PV4EV) charging

station. Drivers can also check their tire inflation without even getting out of the car at the first-in-the-world rollover WheelRight monitoring system, which texts drivers about pressure and tread depth. Next to the GVIC is Wattway, a 50-square meter pavement using traditional solar cells inside a patented frame, which allows the road surface to generate enough energy in one year to power the average American house and allows visitors to imagine a future where their driveways could power their homes. Bioswales, shallow ditches filled with vegetation or compost, along The Ray slow water movements and capture pollutants during rainstorms, and Perennial Kernza® plants, which have deep root systems, help to enrich the soil, retain clean water and sequester carbon. These beautify the stretch of highway while preventing flooding and store carbon deep below the topsoil where it is less likely to be disturbed and re-released. Another beautiful and beneficial aspect of The Ray are the wildflowers planted along highway medians that attract pollinators, which is important to our food supply and require less maintenance and mowing than turf grass. “These ideas just scratch the surface,” said Allie at the end of her TEDxAtlanta talk. “Our roads can do more: They can save tax payer dollars, bring massive amounts of renewable energy to the grid, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and, yes, roads can save lives. Let’s drive the future.” Learn more about The Ray at Do you drive electric? Join the 30-mile EV caravan from Atlanta to Serenbe to join Ray Day, the annual celebration of the life and legacy of green pioneer Ray C. Anderson, on October 20, 2019. Details can be found at

(Clockwise) Map of The Ray highway in west Georgia, named for Ray C. Anderson. Learn more about his legacy at the Talk + Book Signing with John A. Lanier at Serenbe on October 19, 2019. Wattway, the solar cell pavement that generates enough energy to power the average American household, is at The Ray Welcome Center.





Mia Yakel Photography

Mia Yakel Photography


Serenbe’s Retail Offerings Grow

hattahoochee Hills city officials held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on August 6, 2019, to celebrate the opening of over 16 businesses in One Mado, the first Class A commercial building in the city. One Mado becomes the central place for health and wellness services at Serenbe with three floors of practitioners that include practitioners that include The Brainery chiropractic, Dr. Jeff Comonor Chiropractic, Little Acorn Learning Center, The Organic South, Patel Dentistry and Southern Integrative & Environmental Medicine, plus the new expanded Gym and indoor cycling studio with Peloton Bikes, Serenbe Yoga & Bodyworks and The Spa to round out the wellness energy. The One Mado wellness services are anchored on the first floor by Scandinavian-inspired restaurant Halsa, which features a vegetable-forward menu with fresh, local ingredients. Halsa, open daily from 8am-9pm, serves healthy and sophisticated options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Second and third-floor businesses are accessible by a unique and gorgeous sculptural staircase, which was fashioned out of iron by Gault Designs with a silver metal chandelier designed by Robert Rausch, the artist who also designed Serenbe’s one-of-a-kind neighborhood street lamps. The staircase winds around a distinctive fountain with tree branches fashioned of iron that includes a circulating dog bowl hidden on the back of the staircases “tree trunk.” Adjacent to One Mado are Serenbe’s newest Live & Work buildings, which will give tenants the opportunity to eliminate their commute and join retail neighbors like cold pressed Bamboo Juices, which opens in the first finished unit this Fall. SERENBE’S OTHER HAMLETS WELCOME NEW RETAILERS Cyclists will further enjoy Chatt Hills “silk sheets” roads knowing their bike is just a ride away from Pro Bike Repair (PBR), which moved into Peachtree Bikes’ space in the Crossroads neighborhood. PBR has fifteen years of experience focusing on the art of custom bike building and the craft of repairing bicycles. They pride themselves on serving the needs of any and all types of cyclists, whether that’s working on a $350 hybrid, a $3500 carbon road bike or providing rentals. The Wine Shop has opened in The Spa’s former Selborne location near The Hill and Yumiko Sushi. Whether you’re stopping in to buy a bottle or dropping in to hang out for a tasting, The Wine Shop has something for you. They also carry an extensive craft beer selection and do private wine tastings by reservation. A few business spaces are still available in One Mado that would be ideal for acupuncture, an eye doctor, psychologists, pediatrician or other aligned services. If you’re interested in leasing a space in One Mado or at the Mado Live/Works, email Learn more about PBR at and The Wine Shop at





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serenbe Over 30 shops and services call Serenbe home including dining options at The Hill, The Farmhouse, Blue Eyed Daisy, Halsa and Yumiko Sushi restaurants.


Shop Local & Enjoy Happy Hour Specials Every Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Inn at Serenbe The Inn offers complimentary country breakfast, afternoon tea and evening sweets for all guests. While staying, you can enjoy miles of hiking trails, horseback riding, evening bonfires, feeding our farm animals, a hayride or a farm tour, along with spa services and shopping in the Serenbe community. Visit The Inn’s on-site restaurant, The Farmhouse, for lunch or dinner and enjoy cocktails on the distinctly southern wrap-around porch. The Farmhouse is open for dinner Wednesday - Sunday and it’s famous fried chicken lunch every Saturday and Sunday.

Find out more about shops and events at Visit for more information and to book your stay. 770.463.2610

EXPLORE TODAY Groups and individual rides for up to 8 guests. Add on a private picnic lunch at the waterfall.

Choose Serenbe for your holiday celebrations with delicious farm-to-table cuisine, beautifully decorated event spaces & much more.

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The historic Inn at Serenbe has been a memorable wedding backdrop for more than 19 years, and we are sharing a few of our favorite images of those priceless moments. Our first wedding was even featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Photo credits: Anna + Spencer Photography

Hannah Michelle Photography Hanna Michelle Photography


Wilde Scout Photography Sarah Joy Photography Our Labor of Love Anna + Spencer Photography




Preview Party: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Designer Showhouse 7pm in Mado, $

The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field, 10:30pm Late Shows Fri & Sat, $



Oktoberfest Celebration 5pm at The Wine Shop

Nature Sketching with Art Farm, 4:30pm at Art Farm Studio, $



Weekly Events

AH&L Showhouse Tours 10am-5pm in Mado, $

Farmers Market, Saturdays, 9am-1pm at Selborne Green


Goat Yoga Saturdays and Sundays 10am at The Animal Village, $

Architecture + Thoughtful Design Tour 9:30am at Selborne Green

Wine Tasting Saturdays, 4pm at The General Store, $

2-6 The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field, 10:30pm Late Shows Fri & Sat, $ Planner Workshop: Organize Your Life 2pm at Art Farm Studio, $ Author Talk: Seeking Eden, Gardens of GA, 5:30pm at Gainey Hall

22 Art Over Dinner with Eva Magill Oliver + Erin McIntosh 6pm at Gainey Hall, $


Mushrooms & Mimosas Workshop 10:30am at Serenbe Farms, $


17 The Other Night School: Life After Carbon 6pm at Inn Oak Room


Talk + Book Signing with John A. Lanier 5:30pm at Gainey Hall

5 Wellbeing Tour: The Future of Serenbe 10:30am at The Selborne Green Mushrooms & Mimosas Workshop 10:30am at Serenbe Farms, $

25-29 The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field, 10:30pm Late Shows Fri & Sat, $

23-27 The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field, 10:30pm Late Shows Fri & Sat, $




AH&L Showhouse Tours, 10am-5pm in Mado, $

Kids & Pets Costume Contest 10am-12pm at the Farmers Market

AH&L Showhouse Tours 10am-5pm in Mado, $



Terminus Modern Ballet’s LORE, 7:30pm at Deer Hollow, $


Author & Educator Talk: Juliet Cutler 4pm at the Inn Oak Room

Fall Farm Party 5-9pm at Serenbe Farms, $




Fall Plant Sale 1:30pm-4pm at Serenbe Farms, $

19 Fall Trail Race 5k/15k 9am in Mado, $

Ray Day 3pm-6pm at The Inn at Serenbe

The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field, 10:30pm Late Shows Fri & Sat, $

Author Talk + Brewing Demo: Amber Shehan, Artisanal Small Batch Brewing 6pm at Gainey Hall, $

Plant Your Fall Garden Workshop 10:30am at Serenbe Farms, $

18-19 The Sleepy Hollow Experience 10:30pm Late Shows Fri & Sat, $

AH&L Showhouse Tours 10am-5pm in Mado, $

Nygren Placemaking Conference The Inn, $

Closing Gallery Recption: Can You Feel It? 6pm at Gainey Hall

Trails Tour 9:30am at the Selborne Green


18-20 Terminus Modern Ballet’s LORE, 7:30pm at Deer Hollow, $

Brom’s BBQ, Serenbe Playhouse 3pm at Prom Field, $


Wellbeing Tour: The Future of Serenbe 9:30am at the Selborne Green

Goat Yoga Saturdays, 4pm at The Animal Village, $ Wine Tasting Saturdays, 4pm at The General Store, $

Farm Tour Saturdays, 1:30pm at Serenbe Farms, $

Goat Yoga Saturdays, 4pm at The Animal Village, $

Farm Tour Saturdays, 1:30pm at Serenbe Farms, $ Right Off The Farm Cooking Class, 12pm at Gainey Hall, $

The Jungle Book 11am at Rock Forest, $

Right Off The Farm Cooking Class Saturdays, 12pm at Gainey Hall, $

Weekly Events

History of Serenbe Tour 9:30am at Inn Guest Services

12 Trails Tour 10:30am at The Selborne Green Authors, Educators & Artists: Dr. Pamela and Malcolm Childers 4pm at Gainey Hall


Macramè Plant Holder Workshop 2pm at Art Farm Studio, $

27 Serenbe Landscape Photography Workshop 2pm at Art Farm Studio, $

30-31 The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field $


Paul Hobbs Wine Dinner 6:30pm at Inn Oak Room, $

Weekly Events Farmers Market Saturdays-Nov 23, 9am-1pm at Selborne Green


Weekly Events Farmers Market Saturdays, 9am-1pm at Selborne Green Goat Yoga Saturdays and Sundays, 10am at The Animal Village, $

13 6th Annual Serenbe HOME Tour 1pm-5pm, $


Goat Yoga Saturdays and Sundays, 10 am at The Animal Village, $ Farm Tour Saturdays, 1:30pm at Serenbe Farms, $



Right Off The Farm Cooking Class 2pm at Gainey Hall, $

Mary Gauthier Concert with Jaimee Harris 7:30pm at Inn Oak Room, $

Wine Tasting Saturdays, 4pm at The General Store, $



Trails Tour 10am at The Blue Eyed Daisy

The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field, $

Author Talk with Amy Trauger 4pm at Gainey Hall

2 History of Serenbe Tour 10:30 am at The Inn Guest Services Goat Yoga 4 pm at The Animal Village, $ Talk with John Lanier: Exec Director, Ray C Anderson 4 pm at Gainey Hall

28-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Supper: The Farmhouse from 12-6pm



Art Over Dinner: B.A. Van Sise + AIR Serenbe 6pm at Gainey Hall, $

Caleb Caudle Concert 8pm, $


The Hill from 12-6pm, $

Architecture & Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30am at The Blue Eyed Daisy


24-Christmas Eve

Small Business Saturday 11am-6pm at Serenbe Retailers

The Farmhouse Bar 4-9pm, $

History of Serenbe Tour 10:30 am at Inn Guest Services

The Hill 5-9pm, $

25 Architecture & Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30am at The Blue Eyed Daisy


1 History of Serenbe Tour 10:30am at Inn Guest Services The Sea The Sea Concert 8pm, $




Weekly Events

Art Over Dinner: George Anthony Morton 6pm at Gainey Hall, $

Farm Tour Saturdays (until Dec 22nd), 1:30pm at Serenbe Farms, $

The Sleepy Hollow Experience 8pm at Prom Field, 10:30pm Late Shows Fri & Sat, $

Right Off The Farm Cooking Class 12pm at Gainey Hall, $

Wellbeing Tour: Future of Serenbe 10:30am at The Blue Eyed Daisy

15 Trails Tour 10:30am at The Blue Eyed Daisy

Wine Tasting Saturdays, 4pm at The General Store, $

The Farmhouse Bar 2pm-close;

25-Christmas Day


Attune Wellness Weekend The Inn at Serenbe, $


The Farmhouse 4-9pm, $

Architecture & Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30am at The Blue Eyed Daisy


Goat Yoga 10am at The Animal Village at Serenbe, $


Wellbeing Tour: Future of Serenbe, 10:30am at The Farmers Market


History of Serenbe Tour 10:30am at Inn Guest Services


Holiday Bazaar 9am-4pm at The Inn Pavilion

31-New Year’s Eve


Afternoon with Bo Bartlett + Young Collectors Club, 4pm at Grange, $

The Farmhouse 6-10pm, $

Santa Pictures 9:30am-3:30pm at Holiday Bazaar

The Hill 5-9pm, $

16 Trails Tour 10:30am at The Selborne Green

New Year’s Eve Party 10pm-1am at Inn Oak Room

Violet Bell Concert 8pm in Selborne, $




Phone Photography & Videography for Small Business 2pm at Art Farm Studio, $


The Whispering Tree Concert, 7:30pm, $

New Year’s Day The Farmhouse, 5-9pm, $ Calligraphy Workshop 10am at Holiday Bazaar


The Other Night School: Crazed For Spain, Early Hollywood Love Affair with lo español 6pm at Gainey Hall

Goat Yoga 10am at The Animal Village at Serenbe


Wellbeing Tour: Future of Serenbe 10:30 am at The Blue Eyed Daisy

Architecture & Thoughtful Design Tour 10:30 am at The Daisy

Wreath Making Workshop 12pm & 2pm at Holiday Bazaar

Wellbeing Tour 10:30am at The Blue Eyed Daisy Kristin Andreasson Concert 8pm, $

18 Trails Tour 10:30am at the Blue Eyed Daisy


$ = Ticketed Event Event listings accurate as of printing. For up-to-date listings, tickets or to RSVP, visit

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605 Q Loop $1,499,900, L55

116 Gainey Lane $529,900, L253

158 Ray Way $659,900, L343

Steps away from art galleries, retail and dining, enjoy being in the middle of it all in this Selborne Estate lot. On the outside of the home is white stucco siding, a cedar shake roof and an abundance of windows lining the back of the house so you’re able to look out into woods. Inside you’ll find 4 large bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and several patios and porches.

This Swann Ridge attached cottage a 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and includes an English courtyard and parking for 2 cars.

The newest additions to the Mado neighborhood are the six Scandinavian Country Homes. They reflect traditional farm houses with A-frame roof lines and expansive front porches perfect for entertaining. Owners-suite on main floor with 3 additional bedrooms and 2 baths on the 2nd floor.

11320 Serenbe Lane $724,900, L394

11159 Serenbe Lane, $496,000, L296

316 Mado Lane $925,000, L327

This 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home was designed by Serenbe Planning & Design with sustainable features throughout including Earthcraft green building certification, Geothermal heating and cooling, smart thermostats and more.

The Scandinavian Row Homes play on the traditional vernacular with the addition of interior courtyards. These geothermal homes feature 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and large, light-filled spaces.

Luxurious 4 bedroom/4.5 bathroom home with front-facing balcony overlooking Serenbe’s Mado neighborhood. Grand windows allow tons of natural light to shine through. The home also includes a loft, flex space on the upper level, and 2-car + golf cart garages.

Make Your Dream of Living at Serenbe a Reality Whether you are in the market for a weekend retreat or year-round home, Serenbe offers single-family homes, townhouses, live-works, condos and apartments. Or choose a wooded lot and build your dream home. Explore architectural floor plans and pick your finishes or choose a move-in-ready home today. All homes are EarthCraft certified for sustainability with geothermal technology for heating and cooling. For a complete listing of all Serenbe properties visit, call 770.463.9997 or stop in the office located at 9055 Selborne Lane, just up the street from the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop. *All prices and plans are subject to change.