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Model Homes Showcase Interior Variety

You may have noticed the housing market’s heated up quite a bit, and Serenbe is no different. High demand for homes combined with long lead times due to the supply chain mean that many people interested in making the move to Serenbe choose their home before it’s completed. Serenbe homes have been featured in multiple publications over the years so that’s one way to explore finishes and builder aesthetics. Another way is to tour one of three model homes that are open each week for visitors and potential buyers, and by appointment.

Choosing interior finishes for a home without an owner could present a challenge to some designers, but not Melinda Servick, president of Sol Design. “I love doing models more than working with a single client,” said Melinda, who worked with Brightwater Homes on Lot 461 in Mado. “It requires a lot of research and I love that part. The discovery is so fascinating, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion.”

It helped that she was already familiar both with Brightwater - having worked with the owner in the early aughts - and with Serenbe - Melinda is from the area, and feels like she’s watched the community grow and evolve.

Part of the research was experiencing all there is, including the many stays at The Inn, dinners at The Farmhouse and The Hill, and seeing every Serenbe Designer Showhouse. Melinda also focused on what Serenbe is creating, as opposed to the potential owner’s mindset, since she believes that’s the draw of why people move to the community.

“It’s about complimenting what Serenbe has built. We listened to the Serenbe Stories podcast season on biophilic design, then seeing how we’ve come through the pandemic, all of the things added to how we saw the design,” said Melinda. “We focused on the authenticity of the community and how people are seeking whole lives. I wanted to select items that create a connection with people, and a connection to the community.”

The second model home, next door on Lot 461 and built by 10/23 Construction, was selected by Danny Seo of RUE magazine to be the next RUE Model Home. The home showcases some of the top home and interior manufacturers, featuring products such as cabinets by BOXI Semi Handmade, Wilsonart countertops, stunning lighting by Hinkley and Regina Andrew, along with Sharp appliances.

“Courtney Shearer of The Designery did an amazing job picking finishes that echo the Serenbe aesthetic and complement the home’s location set above Mado Pond,” said Danny. “Serenbe is like a home away from home for me and I knew she could make the RUE model a space that I would enjoy spending time in.”

And high up on the ridge line above the Mado neighborhood, you’ll find the third model on Serenbe’s newest street, Lupo Loop. Built by South Haven Builders with interiors by Sarah Bowman Spaces, the Danish Saltbox is a twist on the 17th century architecture and has two levels with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. The main level includes owner’s suite and open living with vaulted ceilings, plus there’s plenty of outdoor living spaces and gorgeous treetop views.

All three model homes capture the style and luxury of living at Serenbe while providing buyers a window into future home build finishes.

Visit for more details and to RSVP. Contact Serenbe Real Estate or stop by the Selborne Office at 9077 Serenbe Lane to tour available homes.

WINTER 2022/2023
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Blueberry & Peach Galette
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Tour Open Model Homes

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Saturdays, 11am-3pm 1160 & 1161 Mado Loop 1250 Lupo Loop Find more details and RSVP for the Saturday Model Home Tours at events. Contact Serenbe Real Estate to learn more about all available homes and lots at Serenbe.
Outdoor patio at the RUE Model Large, open kitchen in the RUE Model Living room of the Lupo Loop Model, overlooking the Mado treetops Living room of the Brightwater Model Exterior of the Lupo Loop Model, a Danish Saltbox home Entryway to the Lupo Loop Model Bedroom of the Lupo Loop Model. Lot 461 photos by Jonas Jungblut Photography. Lot 460 photos provided by Visually Sold. Lot 578 photos provided by Serenbe Real Estate.
WINTER 2022/2023 4
Ali Harper Photography


There’s just something about the style at Serenbe. Residents have their porches ready to receive guests at a moment’s notice. The gourmet meals not only taste as fresh as the ingredients, they also look like works of art. And speaking of art, you’ll find it everywhere - even in the middle of the woods.

If you’ve ever wanted to give your home a bit of Serenbe flair, now is your chance. You can find Serenbe gifts and lifestyle items on the new Shop Serenbe website. Some items - like candles that exude scents of natural foliage, Serenbe Foods jams and jellies, annual holiday ornaments, branded bags, t-shirts, hats and koozies - have been available at The Inn for guests to shop while they visit. With the new e-commerce site, new home and art collections are also available.

The first is a selection of Robert Rausch photographs. Rausch is the creative director at the GAS Design Center in Tuscumbia, Alabama, and his designs can be found across the country, including at Serenbe, where he was commissioned by Steve Nygren to create street lights as works of art. His photography has been featured in publications such as Garden & Gun, Elle, Cottage Living, and Veranda, and the exclusive collection found on Shop Serenbe is featured throughout the rooms of Serenbe’s recently-launched boutique wellness retreat, Portal.

The second is curated lifestyle items from The Porch Collection, selected by Mister & Mrs. Sharp, in partnership with Napa Home & Garden. Recognized as the porch capital of America by Country Living magazine, Serenbe’s Porch Collection was “curated to give anyone a taste of the life that Serenbe offers - a life that is full of fresh food, fresh air, and focused on wellbeing,” said Patrick Sharp. Mister & Mrs. Sharp’s mission, according to Patrick, was “to create a beautiful space where people can relax and unwind in the midst of everyday luxury.”

The collection certainly is luxurious, with selections including original furniture, garden and tabletop décor, and lighting fixtures to bring the magic of Serenbe into your home and onto your porch. Many of the items were featured at the 2021 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Serenbe Designer Showhouse.

Guests to Serenbe have been asking how they can take a piece of our paradise in the woods home with them, and now there’s a way to outfit your entire home with Serenbe style. Stay tuned for more releases this year and sign up on the Shop to be the first to know.

Shop all the collections at All photography was shot in the woods of Serenbe; choose your favorite nature image to be printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper with two available sizes, priced from $95.00 to $145.00. Want to learn more about Robert Rausch or Mister & Mrs. Sharp? Listen to their stories on the Serenbe Stories podcast, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

Photos: (Opposite) Portal Serenbe bedroom with a framed nature photo featuring the Serenbe woods, taken by Robert Rausch. (Above) A table styled by Mister & Mrs. Sharp for the front porch of the 2021 Serenbe Designer Showhouse, with items they curated with Serenbe and Napa Home & Garden. Serenbe branded items such as market tote bags can also be found on the Shop Serenbe website.

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The Atlantan

9 Spas For A New Year Reset - Health, wellness and wholesome living are the pillars of Spa at Serenbe, a peaceful retreat complete with a warm atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and natural products.


Serenbe Inn Wins

Most Romantic Getaway - A romantic getaway at The Inn at Serenbe, built in 1905, feels like stepping into another time.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Effortless Entertaining - Atlanta’s most fashionable couple, Sid and Ann Mashburn, headlined the return of Serenbe’s lauded Art Over Dinner event.

AAA Living

3 Places To See Spring

Wildflowers - This farm-centric community boasts a plethora of wildflower meadows, preserved forestland, 15 miles of trails where you can spot two waterfalls and more.

Luxury Wellness


Urbanize Atlanta

Meet Serenbe’s latest neighborhood, the hilltop Lupo Loop - As part of the Mado Hamlet, the neighborhood will aim to capitalize on ridge line views across Serenbe, which also counts a 25-acre organic farm, and the broader hill country. It’ll be walkable to commercial nodes in the Mado and Grange sections and connected by trails to a planned greenspace called Sunset Park. Each property is expected to have geothermal HVAC and be solar-ready.

Living Architecture Monitor



Designers Show Off Their Best Design Tips In This Woodsy Showhouse - The Serenbe Designer Showhouse in Georgia is a great place to pick up ideas for the perfect blend of woodsy and modern, sleek and cozy.

Spa Business

New Spa and Wellness Portal Retreat - With interiors designed by R. Cartwright Design, Portal’s overall finish is inspired by both an indoor-outdoor California atmosphere and Swedish architecture, such as curvilinear roof lines and a white stucco exterior. Portal has been unveiled to complement Serenbe’s existing eight-treatment-room spa which offers a selection of treatments supplied by Osea, Naturopathica, HydraFacial and Laurel Skin.

Realtor Magazine

Help Boomers Make Their Next Move - Now that a huge wave of baby boomers has left the workforce, many are considering where and how to live.

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Growing Attraction of Agrihoods
Imagine if you could step out your front door every day and be delighted with the sight of a small farm right at your doorstep?
biophilic inspiring Serenbe
peek into the future of how
inspiring Wellness and Sustainable
will look like.
- A

NEW DEVELOPMENT Lupo Loop Views That Wow

Serenbe has been a leader in sustainable building practices since the beginning, and the newest pocket neighborhood continues that trend. High up on the ridge line overlooking the Mado hamlet is Lupo Loop, featuring over 50 new homes with stunning views.

“What makes Lupo Loop special is also what makes it very challenging for construction - the severe topography,” said Steve Dray at Serenbe Planning & Design, who mentioned many of the Lupo Loop homes sit atop rock formations. ”The street sits high on a ridge overlooking Mado East so the views are amazing!”

Design work began over a year ago, with a mix of contemporary and traditional styles that will connect the street to the rest of Mado with townhomes that descend down the hillside to Serenbe Lane. According to Dray, the process has been a “collaboration with talented architects who bring their own unique styles to create a cohesive streetscape that works functionally and aesthetically.”

“First, we decided who would be responsible for each lot and then we had “pin-ups” of designs for both sides of the street to see what worked in relation to the neighboring homes by each designer,” said Dray. “I really enjoyed the sense of teamwork to achieve our design goals. Finally, we adjusted elevation heights and colors for the best combination.”

Lupo Loop broke ground in December 2021, and already the street is taking shape with roads paved and many of the homes framed. There are a variety of architectural styles including Cottages, Estate Homes, and Townhomes, the latter being Dray’s favorite to design because he enjoys the challenge of designing smaller, efficient homes that meet all the needs of modern living. Lupo Loop also introduced a Scandinavian twist on a 17th century American classic style with the Danish Saltbox cottages.

A perk of purchasing on Lupo Loop is it’s a quiet street with limited thru traffic. Because of its central location - the street is equidistant between the Grange and Mado hamletsyou’ll be a short walk to the commercial offerings of each neighborhood whether you’re using sidewalks or nature trails. In addition to EarthCraft certification, all homes will have geothermal HVAC, and be solar and electric-vehicle ready for additional energy and money savings.

Serenbe Development is also working on the next phases of the community, Overlook and Spela, which will see expansion into neighboring Coweta County for the first time. Overlook will begin build out later this year with Spela coming available in 2023.

Experience Lupo Loop, watch the animated video on Pop over to Serenbe Real Estate to see available homes and what’s coming or make an appt to walk the neighborhood.

WINTER 2022/2023 7
All photos above are stills from an animated video showing the inspiration for Lupo Loop.The top photo is an aerial animation still showing the ridge line above Mado Hamlet and the bottom left still shows the tops of future Lupo Loop homes. The other two animation stills show streetscapes..
WINTER 2022/2023 8

PORTAL TO WELLNESS A Restorative Retreat Experience

There’s no feeling quite as refreshing as when you’ve finished a yoga or spa getaway. You’re rejuvenated, and then once you’re back to your normal life that feeling fades. Self care activities don’t have to be a special treat, though. What if you incorporate wellness into your everyday life? It may seem out of reach, yet Portal Serenbe proves you can.

“I envisioned a retreat that could feel like a respite from civilization but could also sit in the middle of our village,” Steve Nygren said in the Winter 2022 issue of Naturally, Danny Seo magazine, with a dose of inspiration from his many visits to The Ashram in Calabasas, California. “The idea [for Portal] was to prove that you could integrate wellness into the middle of everyday life.”

Portal offers multi-day retreats that include a variety of wellness activities, yet its biggest value is showing guests how they can make these simple choices while living within their community. For instance, the Signature System ReSet Retreat begins with a sunrise yoga class before the group sets out on a challenging hike through the natural, unspoiled forested trails of Serenbe. Guests can participate in invigorating fitness classes including HIIT workouts, vinyasa yoga, Pilates, and more before having daily massages, and in the evenings they can relax through restorative yoga and various guided meditation, breath-work and labyrinth walks. Each activity is specially designed to tone and balance your body, and to reconnect you to yourself, your loved ones, and your beautiful life force.

The home itself is conducive to wellness. Inspiration for the design, which was executed by builder 10/23 Construction and includes a sleek, curved roof line and white stucco exterior came from Danish architect Erik Assmussen and Malmo, Sweden, a town described in the Naturally article as being known for its green spaces and connections to the natural world. Interiors by Rebecca Cartwright of R. Cartwright Design bring the natural world inside, utilizing biophilic design of neutral, warm colors alongside wood tones and texture - which Rebecca

says “delivers instant soul and patina to a room” - throughout the more than 3,000 square foot home. Her vision was to give guests a calm vibe while they “recharge their batteries and nourish their spirits,” while “honoring Nygren’s design for more traditional, timeless furniture.” The outdoor courtyard (with hot tub!) looks out onto the Mado Pond and preserved forest, and the Portal grounds feature a garden with homeopathic herbs and flowers guests can use for treatments.

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as an active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health, and Portal Serenbe provides a beautiful space to do exactly that.

Book your own custom retreat for family, friends or your team.Visit to learn more about booking and curating a restorative retreat.

Photography by Ali Harper Photography, front exterior photography by Jonas Jungblut Photography

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Dogs, Cats & Pocket Pets

Dr. Shannon Ewing and her partner were visiting Serenbe two years ago when they met a beagle at the Hills & Hamlets Bookshop. A human was there too (of course), but as a veterinarian, Dr. Ewing mostly remembers the dog. Well, and that the human had mentioned there wasn’t yet a veterinary clinic in the community. Dr. Ewing was surprised, because even a brief visit will show that Serenbe is full of pets (and their owners), so she decided to open Collier Animal Hospital at Serenbe, her second location.

“The goal wasn’t necessarily to grow a huge practice, I just wanted to be busy enough to be a part of the community, and to provide a service that was needed here,” said Dr. Ewing, who eventually wants to move to Serenbe full-time once her kids are in college. “The appealing thing about having a

practice in a place like this is that I get to run into clients at various places; get to say hello and check in on the pets.”

She sees her dog clients walking the streets with their owners, but Dr. Ewing mentioned that many of her clients are actually cats because they don’t like cars or carriers, so the two minute golf cart drive (or quick walk) down the street to the vet is much easier on them. While dogs and cats are their main clients, another vet in the practice, Dr. Harshila Ballal, also sees what Dr. Ewing calls “pocket animals,” such as hamsters, birds, or chinchillas. “Garnie Nygren has also asked about adding the Serenbe goats to the client list,” she said.

Collier Animal Hospital provides a variety of veterinary services, including internal medicine and surgery, dentistry, diagnostic imagery, and laboratory and pharmacy. “Any vet

who just does vaccines or heartworm, you’re still providing a service to animals,” said Dr. Ewing. “There’s a lot of gratification for me when the animals are part of people’s families, though, and those are the people that want to do the extra care to see their pets through the different phases of life.

To keep them healthier longer.”

Collier Animal Hospital at Serenbe is open all day Thursdays and Fridays, and on Saturday mornings, located at 1273 Mado Loop, in the Mado Live Work Courtyard. Contact (470) 724-0900 or to make an appointment.

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Photos clockwise: Ali Harper Photography, Serenbe, Mia Yakel Photography, Mister + Mrs Sharp, Ali Harper Photography.


Summer Galette with Peaches & Blueberries

Edible landscaping is a great way to showcase the seasons and the streets of Serenbe are lined with all kinds of delicious treats including figs, apples, peaches, service berries, a variety of herbs and so much more. A favorite among Serenbe residents are the blueberry bushes found at crosswalks in Grange. They’re only in season for a short time, typically early June to early August when the weather is warm and balmy, and a lighter dessert is the perfect way to end your summer day.

Ali Wittorf, a Serenbe resident and lifestyle, interiors, and food photographer, shared this Peach Blueberry Galette recipe from Bon Appetit. “The recipe is so forgiving and easy to

make with kids,” said Ali, who’s been teaching her son how to cook seasonally since he was a toddler. “I eat gluten free, so I substitute with my favorite - Cup4Cup flour and gluten free graham crackers.”

A galette is more free form than a pie, with the dough rolled out in a circle on the pan and filling (in this case peaches and those yummy Serenbe blueberries) arranged in the center. According to Ali, “you can also use a pinch of lavender from your garden if you have it. Just a pinch, or ¼ tsp dried added to the filling.”



4 graham crackers (about 2 oz.)

1 cup (125 g) all-purpose flour

1 tbsp. sugar ¾ tsp. Diamond Crystal or ½ tsp. Morton kosher salt

10 Tbsp. chilled unsalted butter, cut into pieces


2 large peaches (about 12 oz.), thinly sliced

2 cups fresh blueberries

1 Tbsp. cornstarch ¾tsp. finely grated lemon zest ¼ tsp. ground cinnamon ¹/³ cup (67 g) sugar plus more All-purpose flour (for surface) 1 large egg, beaten to blend 2 tbsp. chilled unsalted butter, cut into pieces Vanilla ice cream (for serving)


water by the tablespoonful, pulsing after each addition, until evenly moistened and dough holds together when squeezed (2–4 Tbsp.). Pat into a 1”-thick disk and wrap tightly in parchment paper or plastic. Chill at least 1 hour. Make ahead: Dough can be made 3 days ahead. Keep chilled.

Preheat oven to 400°F. Toss peaches, blueberries, cornstarch, lemon zest, cinnamon, and ¹/³ cup (67 g) sugar in a large bowl.

Unwrap dough and roll out on a lightly floured sheet of parchment to a 12” round. Arrange fruit on top, leaving a 1¼” border. Lift dough edges up and over fruit, pleating as needed. Using parchment paper, slide galette onto a baking sheet; chill 10 minutes.

Brush top of pastry with egg and sprinkle with sugar. Dot filling with butter. Bake galette until fruit is softened and crust is deep golden brown, 40–50 minutes (some juice may leak out).

Serve galette warm or at room temperature with scoops of ice cream.

WINTER 2022/2023 11
Process graham crackers, flour, sugar, and salt in a food processor until crackers become crumbs and mixture is combined. Add butter; pulse until mixture resembles coarse sand with some larger pieces remaining. Add ice


The historic Inn at Serenbe has been a memorable wedding backdrop for more than 20 years, and we are sharing a few of our favorite images of those priceless moments. Our first wedding was even featured in Martha Stewart Weddings

WINTER 2022/2023 12
Photo credits: Hannah Mitchell Photography Lauren Carnes Photography Justin DeMutiis Photography Claire Barret Photography Jihan Cerde Photography Aline Marin Photography Southern Orchard Photography


The Transition to Renewable Energy

As Serenbe looks ahead, a major objective for the next decade is to move away from fossil fuels, identify ways to offset our carbon footprint, and build towards a net zero community. Of course, Serenbe has already made significant strides in this area, now we are laying the groundwork for additional progress.

Land conservation is built into the fabric of our community, with emphasis on dense development clustered along omega forms, which leaves 70% of the surrounding greenspace untouched. All Serenbe homes must be Earthcraft certified, meaning that each home is sourced, constructed, and designed to reduce environmental impact - with the added bonus that most homeowners save around 30% on their energy bills compared to homes built with standard construction methods.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems have been a requirement for new Serenbe homes since construction began in Mado. This renewable energy system utilizes reservoirs of hot water found a few miles below the Earth’s surface - a single day of mildly annoying geothermal drilling equals a lifetime of reduced noise pollution, not to mention a 60-70% reduction in energy usage and carbon emissions and utility bill savings.

Incorporating additional renewable energy sources into the community is Serenbe’s next step. Lupo Loop, Serenbe’s newest pocket neighborhood, has the capability to be 100% solar, with homes designed and optimized for solar panels that can be added by buyers. Because of other building measures, like the EarthCraft certification and geothermal HVAC requirement on all homes, Lupo Loop homes will only need one-third of the solar panels typically required, a huge material and installation savings for homeowners interested in taking the next step to benefit from a fully solar powered home. Homeowners with electric cars also won’t have to go through the steps of retrofitting their homes. Each home has been designed to be ready to have electric vehicle charging, along with backup battery storage. Multiple solar and battery vendors have also been vetted to provide future homeowners with favorable pricing.

Serenbe landscaping and maintenance teams are also adjusting their practices by transitioning from gas-powered to electric maintenance equipment after learning more about the benefits in a workshop with the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) this spring. “After the AGZA presentation, five vendors who work closely with them presented their products to us and gave a hands-on tutorial,” said HOA Manager Amy Peterson. “It gave our team an opportunity to test out equipment and understand what we need to transition our equipment in a sustainable manner.”

Serenbe was designed with nature in mind, and as a community we have already taken steps to protect the beautiful land that surrounds us by building with strict standards for environmental impact, eating locally grown food, and walking to shops and restaurants. With the implementation of required geothermal, Serenbe began the transition to renewable energy, and as the threat of climate change continues to grow we are committed to expanding our use of alternative energy sources like solar, battery storage, and electric maintenance equipment.

Follow Serenbe to learn more about protecting the planet and Serenbe’s transition to renewables. Visit to read the Life at Serenbe Blog, listen to the Serenbe Stories podcast, and find past issues of the Serenbe Hamlet.

WINTER 2022/2023 13
(Above) The Bosch Ballard House was built to be a Net Zero home. Solar panels installed on the roof of Mado Home. Serenbe’s landscaping and maintenance team try out new, all-electric equipment at a workshop with AGZA.
WINTER 2022/2023 14
Ali Harper Photography


Soil Health and Regenerative Farming

We know that food is essential to our health, but what if the food we expect to be healthy - fruits and vegetables - isn’t as healthy? That’s the result when conventional farming methods (chemicals, pesticides, and excessive tilling) are used, which is why it’s so important to employ organic and regenerative farming practices.

These practices maintain soil health and include using compost formed from organic waste (green and brown plant material) to feed the soil, rotating crops regularly so the soil can benefit from the different nutrients plants leave behind, and planting cover cropsplants not meant to be harvested but rather just cover the soil and keeping it from eroding, controlling pests and diseases, and smothering weeds, among other benefits. How do we know these practices work better long-term? Because of the Rodale Institute, founded by J.I. Rodale, which is responsible for the longest side-by-side trial in the world of conventional versus organic crop farming.

“If we continue to farm the way we farm - using chemical, conventional approaches - we have something like 60 aeritable growing seasons left before our soils just don’t give, don’t produce anymore,” said Jeff Tkach, Chief Impact Officer at Rodale Institute. We can’t survive without food, and if food can’t survive without proper soil, you may be wondering why organic practices aren’t being more widely - and quickly - adapted.

The answer to more regenerative organic farming is multi-faceted, including economic, educational, and environmental. For instance, Southern states historically have fewer organic farms, because dealing with pests, disease, and weeds is more difficult in warmer climates and learning how to make the switch to organic from conventional can be overwhelming. That’s where Rodale Institute comes in. They began building regional research hubs to aid in local research and education, and found that once they’d done so the states with robust research centers ended up with more organic farms. Rodale Institute selected Chattahoochee Hills - specifically Many Fold Farm, just up the road from Serenbe - as the location for their Southeastern Regional Research Center.

Finally, it’s important for organic farming to be profitable. Organic had grown to a $50 billion/year industry as of Fall 2019, with nearly 16,500 organic farms on 5.5 million acres across the U.S., according to Rodale Institute’s website. “It’s about an agrarian economy, not just farm-to-table. Rodale wants to create economic vitality for the organic model,” said Jeff Tkach.

A defining feature of the Serenbe community is one of Georgia’s first certified organic farms, Serenbe Farms. Founder, Steve Nygren knew the importance of having a local agrarian economy, and set aside 25 acres for it along one side of the Grange neighborhood. The Farm currently has 10 acres in active cultivation and supports the Serenbe Farmers Market, multiple restaurants in the community and beyond, a 75-member CSA program, and educational programming component for Acton Academy at Serenbe and visitors.

“Creating local farms equals greater access to real food and better health outcomes,” said Steve. “Having a farm doesn’t just feed our community, though it does do that well. It also preserves green space and boosts rural economies by introducing agriculture.”

Learn more about getting involved with Serenbe Farms at You can learn more about Rodale Institute by listening to the Serenbe Stories podcast episode with Jeff Tkach. Find it at, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

WINTER 2022/2023 15
(Opposite, Top) Serenbe Farms is in the Grange neighborhood (Above) The Southeast Organic Center, is set up at Many Fold Farm, in Chattahoochee Hills just down the street from Serenbe. Congressman David Scott highlighted the role of regenerative organic agriculture with Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute, Steve Nygren, Serenbe, and Ian Giusto, Serenbe Farms.
WINTER 2022/2023 16


Revitalizing The Arts at Serenbe

So much of art is about community. Music, theatre, dance, even visual arts transform in a whole new way when experienced with other people. In the early days of the pandemic when we were sheltered in place, some binged Tiger King while others took up gardening or learned to cultivate sourdough, yet all of us missed collective cultural experiences. The Art Farm at Serenbe spent this time preparing to bring us all back together to engage with art and artists. They started with a few events in the final months of 2021, with each event selling out faster than the previous.

“Serenbe and surrounding communities are excited to be able to attend arts events again,” said new Art Farm Board Chair Janice Barton. “Being able to experience art in any way in the beautiful area of Chattahoochee Hills helps us to deliver on our vision to touch the deepest wells of the human spirit with art and nature.”

And deliver they have. If you’ve walked the streets of Serenbe this year, you may have heard the inspiring sound of live chamber music floating by from a pop-up performance at The General Store. Or you’ve enjoyed an extra special performance by those chamber musicians over a multi-course meal created by Chef Nicolas Boar at The Farmhouse. Jon Goode, who’s familiar with performing in our community, invited other artists he knows to put on VOICE: A Variety Show that featured poets, musicians, comedians, and other entertainers. Hip Hop dancer Darvensky Louis brought an immersive performance to the Serenbe Wildflower Meadow and led a workshop on rhythm and movement. Art Farm

also hosted George Anthony Morton this spring for an artist residency and painting master classes.

Past events include the new series Broadway In The Woods with acclaimed actors such as Jeremy Jordan and Megan Hilty, a film screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger alongside live music, and an outdoor performance of the children’s classic Peter and the Wolf by Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre, in partnership with the Alliance Theater.

One long-term goal post-COVID is reactivating the physical Art Farm space, which currently has two small cottages for artists in-residence to stay and create. Janice and the rest of the board also want to “instill in the next generation a deeper understanding of the symbiotic, biophilic nature” of art. “We want to be true to the spirit of how we are stewards of the environment and how we can experience art in nature.”

Art Farm at Serenbe has a fresh vision for the continuation of the artistic legacy of this beloved community, and they’re excited to bring back celebrations of artistic excellence with an emphasis on programming experienced in magical outdoor places in reimagined locations throughout Serenbe. As they say on their website, “the more we speak the universal language of art, the more we begin to understand.”

Visit to see all upcoming events and to learn more about the Art Farm at Serenbe’s mission.

WINTER 2022/2023 17
(Opposite) Tertulia Chamber Music will return for Wine Dinners throughout 2022 and 2023, Photo by J. Ashley Photography. (Above) Kristin Genet designed tablescapes for the inaugural Trifoliate Award Dinner series, honoring Atlanta chef recipients. Darvensky Louis and Bre Sterling co-choreographed and performed “feet first,” an immersive experience challenging stereotypes between men and women, photo by J. Ashley Photography. Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre’s student company will perform The Nutcracker Suite Ballet at The Inn Pavilion in December 2022, photo provided by TMBT.









WINTER 2022/2023 18
Included in your stay as an Inn guest is Southern-style breakfast
Things To Do When You Stay at The Inn at Serenbe
served each
in the Farmhouse dining room.
labyrinth is located by the lake and available any time to enjoy its energy, grace and meditation.
Choose from a range of yoga practices and reformer pilates
studios located in the
Outdoor yoga
including goat yoga.
Experience Serenbe on Horseback. Our skilled staff and gentle horses ensures you to have a comfortable and relaxed ride, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Serenbe.
Take a 1 hour tour of Serenbe Farms on Saturdays at 2:00pm for $15 per person. For reservations or to schedule private group tours,
please contact
1 4 2 5 3 6 6 5 4 1 3 2
Hayrides are offered Saturday and Sunday at 10am for Inn guests upon request.
Our fully stocked bonfire is located near the Lake Pavilion, complimentary for Inn
are available for purchase
Guest Services. DINE
Join us for lunch or dinner at the critically acclaimed Farmhouse Restaurant and enjoy seasonal cuisine of locally grown ingredients. Plus enjoy Happy Hour from 4 – 6 Daily.
The Spa at Serenbe offers a range of services including massages, facials, peels, reflexology and an infared sauna. The spa specializes in offering a comprehensive whole person approach to care. 770.463.0880 | BONFIRE
ANIMALS From sun up to sun down, Inn Guests can feed our friends in the Animal Village. Animal feed is available at Guest Services. RELAX AT THE POOL Relax and cool off at one of the Pools or take a dip in the hot tub. The primary Pool is available to all ages and the Main House pool is for adults only. 7 7 8 9 11 10 12 9 10 8 11 12
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per day at Guest Services. Rentals are based on a first come, first serve basis.

The word “groundbreaking” means to pioneer. To innovate. To start something no one has seen before. When you buy a lot at Serenbe, the groundbreaking on your future home embodies every sense of the word. Work with one of our builders or BYOB—that’s Bring Your Own Builder—to create a home that matches the feel and flow of your life.

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1106 Lupo Loop, L544

Brightwater Homes

1259 Lupo Loop, L518 10/23 Construction

1121 Lupo Loop, L588

South Haven Builders

The large living and dining rooms both

to covered porch overlooking treetops. Find the owner’s suite on main, with two more bedrooms

on the terrace level,


Open kitchen, dining, and living on the main level of this light filled home. All bedrooms upstairs with a back patio off a secondary bedroom.

Stunning and spacious home with 5 beds, 5.5 baths. Huge covered outdoor living off kitchen plus private patio off owner’s suite on main. Terrace level includes 2-car garage and plenty of storage.

10611 Serenbe Lane, L236

McKinney Builders

Watch the organic farm grow from your own backyard in this 3 bed, 3.5 bath home. Upstairs owner’s retreat includes access to a rooftop terrace and all the best sunsets.

1176 Lupo Loop, L533

South Haven Builders

Open kitchen and living plus two bedrooms on the main level, including the primary suite that opens to a covered porch. Space for another 2-bed, 2-bath on terrace level.

10941 Serenbe Lane, L501 10/23 Construction

Three-story attached cottages line the steps leading up to Lupo Loop from Mado. Includes 3 beds and 3 baths, plus balcony and flexible space to add more bedrooms.

Make Your Dream of Living at Serenbe a Reality

and bathrooms
rec room.. Whether you are in the market for a weekend retreat or year-round home, Serenbe offers single-family homes, townhouses, live-works, condos and apartments. Or choose a wooded lot and build your dream home. Explore architectural floor plans and pick your finishes or choose a move-in-ready home today. All homes are EarthCraft certified for sustainability with geothermal technology for heating and cooling. For a complete listing of all Serenbe properties visit, call 770.463.9997 or stop in the office located at 9055 Selborne Lane, just up the street from the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop. *All plans are subject to change.
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