Seattle Nativity School 2016-19 Impact Report

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Seattle Nativity School is a Catholic, Jesuit-endorsed, Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) middle school seeking

to break the cycle of poverty through an education that nourishes souls and ignites leaders for love and service.



Michael Mott Each year, since the founding of Seattle Nativity School, I receive a letter from a Nativity student. I have six of these now. The letter includes an update on what they are studying and how they are doing in school. It often talks about what they aspire to be when they grow up. It always includes words of gratitude. For each student that sends me a letter, I start their new school year by sending them a response. I ask questions like, “How are you doing in high school?” “Do you still want to be a pediatrician?” “Does your love of music continue?” This year, I sent a letter to a senior in high school who first wrote to me when, as an eighth grader, he was “mentoring sixth graders and excited to go to high school.” In my letter, I asked him to remain part of the Nativity Family; to come back and inspire students; to be a “man for others.” That is a request I have every confidence will be honored.

Our doors have been open for six years now. This means our very first Nativity class will be graduating high school and heading off to college. This is an exciting milestone in their Nativity journey and our care for them does not stop with graduation for we are committed, as part of the Nativity model and our new Strategic Plan, to continue our support “to Graduation and Beyond!” We could not get to this exciting moment without the partnership and support of our generous benefactors who contribute their time, talent and financial resources. Together, we can all accompany our Nativity students and graduates as they (and all of us) move, in the words of a former friend and founding board member, onward and upward! Thank you. 1

INSPIRE MINDS What does Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education look like at Seattle Nativity School? The goal of our STEM program is to create connections across subjects, present a relevant common context, and increase retention. As students build knowledge, they are able to collaborate and solve complex problems.

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Our Water Unit is an excellent example of engaging students with three essential questions across all subjects. How have humans interacted with water throughout history?


Why is water essential to the natural world?

What are our responsibilities regarding water?

Science The importance of water is highlighted by the ways it impacts climate and is necessary for living organisms. This importance increases focus on how we use and manage our water supply, which is part of the global water cycle.

Social Studies & Religion Researching the impact of water and resources on civilization introduces the role humans have as stewards of creation. The study of ancient engineering inventions provides the foundation for solutions for our current environmental needs. Language Arts | ELA Reading the fiction novel FLUSH presents an opportunity to make thematic connections to relevant environmental concerns. The non-fiction book WORLD WITHOUT FISH introduces the importance of a balanced ecosystem. 1-MINUTE HAND-WASH

Manual faucets: 4gpm* 4gpm x 2 times/day = 8 gallons Hands-free faucet: 2.2 gpm 2.2gpm x 2 times/day = 4.4 gallons Hands-free uses 45% less water

*gallons per minute

Mathematics Brainstorming on how to survey water usage, implementing use rates to make estimates, analyzing patterns, calculating mathematical averages, and studying intervals of time makes exploring math principles and methods meaningful. 3

CHANGE LIVES This chart represents the number of students impacted by a Nativity education. From 2013-2019, your investment has allowed Nativity to grow 453%. In 2020, our inaugural graduating class will graduate from high school. In 2024, the same inaugural class will complete college and begin entering the workforce. The Nativity 14 model spans an 11+ year period, assisting low-income students as they break the cycle of poverty.

50 36 25




49 14









Opened doors to one class of 6th grade students.

6 and 7 grades

6 , 7 , and 6 , 7 , and 8th grades, 8th grades, Inaugural Graduate Graduation Support Program began.























6 , 7 , and 8th grades, Graduate Support Program serves students in 36 high schools. th


6th, 7th, and 8th grades, Graduate Support Program grows.


Graph Legend n n



Nativity Median Income

Impact of Education on Income

2018-19 Seattle Nativity School Median Household Income, Family of Four

2017 First Generation College Freshman Median Household Income*


Low-Income, King County, Washington






2018 US Dept of Housing & Urban Development: King County Low-Income threshold for affordable and subsidized housing*

2017 Non-First Generation College Freshman Median Household Income*



STEM Proficiency | Classes of 2017-19 Mathematics *




2018 24%

Reading | Class of 2020 *M.A.P. TEST =


All 8th grade students studied Algebra at Seattle Nativity School

24% of 8th grade students in public schools studied Algebra 1 in the United States.*


While in the 7th grade, Seattle Nativity School Class of 2020 demonstrated 204% growth in one year on the nationally-normed MAP* Test.









acceptance to private, Catholic high schools by graduates of the Classes of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.


Graduation & Beyond is our graduate support program designed to provide continuous support, advice, coaching, and mentoring through high school and college years and into career placement. In the 2018-19 school year, our team grew and we added a full-time Graduate Support Director. With 36 students in 15 high schools and 14 eighth grade students applying to college-preparatory high schools, Graduation & Beyond became a vital aspect of our program.

Completing the College Bound Scholarship Washington application is part of our program for all students to have future access to college.

2016-19 HIGH SCHOOL PARTNERS Bishop Blanchet High School Cleveland STEM High School Eastside Catholic School Evergreen High School Forest Ridge Sacred Heart School


Franklin High School Garfield High School Kennedy Catholic High School O’Dea High School Rainier Beach High School

Renton High School Roosevelt High School Seattle Preparatory School Tyee High School Walker High School

SUPPORT As part of our mission, Seattle Nativity School is a tuition-free program serving low-income students for 11 years of their academic journey through college graduation and into their careers. We are grateful for the support of generous individuals, foundations, and corporations, who provide 100% support of operational expenses. JULY 1, 2016—JUNE 30, 2019






Endowment gifts support the long-term vision of Seattle Nativity School. In 2017, our named endowment program was launched with three generous named endowment funds: C.L.J.G. Nativity Endowment Fund Mike and Cindy O’Brien Endowment Fund General Endowment Fund 2017 June 30, 2019 2025 Endowment established Balance $1,000,000 Goal




GRATITUDE We are honored to thank all who have invested in the education of our young people. From the first gift 2012 through the end of our fiscal year, June 30, 2019, we are grateful for you continued support. This list represents cumulative giving by our generous community. $250,000 or more Carlene Gaudette Gene Colin= & Susan Janus Lakeside Industries & the Lee Family Jim & Sheila Mallahan Dave & Laura Matter Jim & Bet Schuler $100,000-$249,999 Anonymous (3) Richard & Susan Fade Mark & Victoria Fanning Tom & Mary Herche Michael & Laurie Mott Mike & Cindy O’Brien Silver Creek Capital

$15,000-$99,999 Anonymous (3) Richard & Kathleen Barth Matt & Donna Bellew Michael & Mary Rose Blatner Matt & Kristin Booty William & Jonell Boyeson Christian Claiborn & Christina Filios Dillon/Flaherty Investments, Inc Steve & Marie DiPietro Greg & Allison Enell Elaine Ervin Mark & Sarah Everitt P. Tom & Leigh Foley Steve & Denise Gandara Michele Godvin & Gaston Deysine Bobby Herrera Tom & Liz Hoover Donald & Lynda Horowitz Damian Hunt Liz Isaacson Sonya Johnston Patrick= & Carmela Koeplin Mike & Debbie Koss 8

Chris & Shannon Langer Mike & Mary Lee Bob & Lynne Lemon Jim & Maureen Lico Clark & Lori Lindsay Ryan & Carlie McAninch Natt & Karen McDougall John McKay Maureen Mott Brendan Moylan Art Oberto Pacific Project Management Jim & Lanette Peterson Populus Group Jim & Margie Rose Jeff & Lara Sanderson Mark & Margaret Scheibe Brian & Kristina Schwartz Paul & Laurin Sleeth St. Joseph School Ron & Angela Souza Matthew & Kristine Sweeney Jim Guitteau & Lockey Todd Michael Tucci Mike & Mimi Tucci Dale Vogel & Nancy Bird Peter & Karen Wickstrand Dan & Annie Wilson Bill Yedor & Adrienne Millican $10,000-14,999 Anonymous (1) Robert & Cindy Blais Janet Chess Eric & Holly Dillon Alan & Mary Frazier Richard & Sheryl Gudaitis Martin Kerner Tom & Kappy O’Brien Thomas Padilla Bill Parks & Beth Struckhoff Bob & Lisa Ratliffe Jay Schwartz & Renee Willette

$5,000-$9,999 Anonymous (1) Tom & Donna Andle Tony & Michelle Audino Rod & Mary Jo Bench Rhett & Caitlin Bordner Kathleen Caldwell Bruce & Carol Cooper Duane & Debbie Covey Ed Curtis & Leslie Wagner Frank & Cindy Firmani James & Rosemarie Flaherty Kevin & Kimberly Foley Russell & Margaret Garvin Bruce & Lynn Gibson George & Debra Hofbauer Gwen Houston Spencer Hurst & Jennifer Rogers Steve & Anne Knight Diane & Dan Kocer Mary Kresky Jeanne Marie Lee Don & Melissa Manning Tim & Susie McWilliams Samir & Janaki Mehta David Messner & Susan Allemann Steve & Michele Miller Pierce & Mary Anne Murphy Matt & Kathleen Murphy Alex Petrescu & Makalika Naholowaa Jack & Mary Peterson KC & Shonagh Pleas Anne Quigg Mark & Becky Russo Kathleen Brown Sanders Ted & Tricia Schroth Alex & Gowri Sharma Craig & Mari Swanson Daniel & Theresa Twining Scott & Michelle Ventoza ( = Deceased)

$1,000-$4,999 Robert & Pauline Bach Joe & Theresa Bannick Matt Barmore & Nancy Hanson Bob & Melisse Barrett Mike & Linda Bashaw Jeffrey Battle John Bauer Pamela Baughn James & Lynelle Beaulaurier Patrick & Tabitha Becker Lynne Berry Brent & Tara Binge Bishop Blanchet High School Kevin & Katy Blair Richard & JoAnn Block Alan & Nancy Bohling John & Liz Brennan William & Jackie Brennan Sean & Gretchen Brennan Bob & Julie Breshock Brian & Jennifer Briggs Jay Burrell & RenĂŠe Brisbois Chris & Rebecca Burke Jim & Becky Burns Patrick & Shannon Cahill Mark & Amanda Callaghan Philip & Deanne Calvert Rob Campbell Jon & Jeanne Cantalini Mark Cappo Bunny Carver Tim & Sarah Cavanaugh Alan Chaffee & Mary Raschko Catherine Chapin Dan & Julie Coleman Jim & April Collier Mark & Kim Dales Carl & Lorene Davidson Lisa Davis Walt & Liz Demaree Stephanie Derke Renee DeVinck Alexandra Di Cesare Steve & Shirley DiJulio Pat Donahue Donahue Schriber Tim Donlan & Dennis Jumaquio Margaret Dore Greg Dunfield & Michele Kohler

James & Geraldine Dykeman Tina Eskridge Gary Fallon & Leona De Rocco Patrick Fennessy & Ann Alokolaro Michael & Meg Ferguson Vincent & Amber Ferrese Tim & Barbara Fielden Brian & Teresa Fields Paul & Monica Flora Brian & Laurie Flynn, Jr. Sean & Alisa Foley Lesley Foley James & Beverly Frohlic Joe & Terri Gaffney Lisa Gallo Adam & Maureen Gavin Joseph & Gwen Geivett Rick & Jeannie Greaves Patrick Grimm & Nancy Hurlbut Henry & Janet Guarriello David Haley Tracy Hart Matthew Havens & Jennifer Tilghman-Havens Scott & Catherine Henson Damien & Angela Hession Kent & Terry Hickey Steve & Ellen Higgins Paul & Alice Hill Bob & Wendi Hinton Chris Hoffmann Holy Names Academy Holy Rosary Parish Andrew Hoyal & Linda Walton Michael & Jennifer Hyde Doug & Diane Irvine Thomas & Cora Janus Cathy Jeney Anne Jenkins Tom & Angie Johnson Stephen & Kathy Kelly Patrick Kennedy Brigitte Kenny Monica Kent Mary Knell Mitch & Cathy Koch J.D. & Shanna Kritser Walter & Kathy Krueger John Lamb Tad & Kay Lane

Tim Leary & Erin Swezey Jeff Leppo & Robin McManamin Chris Lewers & Michele Murray Don & Carla Lewis John & Deb Loacker Santiago Lozano Garrido & Maria Pineirua John & Donna Luger David Mael Joe & Mary Magnano Fr. Paul Magnano Joe Mallahan Greg & Molly Mason Larry & Marjorie Mattson Ronald & Debra Maus Marc & Teresa Mayberg Stafford Mays & Laurie Black Edward McAniff Robert & Shannon McCambridge Mike & Marilyn McCullough Mike & Kelly McDougall Christine Mullaney McKay & Bill McKay & Mike & Barbara McKernan Jameson & Christine Morrell Flip Morse David Mossman Michael & Patty Murphy Chris Nagamine Greg & Laurie Nelson Thomas & Elizabeth Newman Mark Nielsen & Mary Peterson Richard & Fran Niichel Peter & Tricia Nora Chuck Nordhoff North Star Leasing Company O’Dea High School Peter & Julia Odland Pat & Patty Olson Rich & Sage Papaioannou Don Paterson Richard Pepper Phoenix Jesuit Community Darryl & Karen Postelnick Jane Powers Joan Pratt Nick & Michelle Psyhogeos Michael & Jane Quinn 9

Sarah Chapman $250-$999 Len & Laurie Quadracci Dino & Jeannine Christofilis 24/7 Electric & Plumbing Bruce & Kim Raskin Joy Clager Anonymous (11) Andrew & Kerilyn Read Ann T. Clark Monti & Marianne Ackerman John & Maureen Reid Billy & Jenni Condon Paul & Cristi Aigner John & Katie Rempe Clive Cook & Sara Allen Tina Aldridge Chris & Ginny Rice Justin & Abigail Cooper Mike Allen Rider Levett Bucknall Marilyn Crone Teebah Alsaleh Kirk Robinson= John Cronin Peter Alspach & Maureen O’Leary Hugo & Renee Rossi Graham Crow John Amato David Rothrock & Diana D’Antuono Salvador Arellanes Kirsten Johnson Tom Daly & Joe Poe Eric Aslakson Sacred Heart Parish Timothy & Patricia Davies Joel Aslanian Bruce & Mary Sangeorzan Russell Dawson Auburn Landscaping Steve & Diana Schiro Terry & Darlene Deeny Sarah Babcock Jim & Shannon Schneider Jason Delles Fr. Charles Barnes, S.J. Michael Schreck Victor DiGeronimo, Sr. Patty Barnes Judy Shafer Marc DiJulio, MD Andy & Richelle Bassetti Sullivan Shaw, Jr. & Eric & Tracy Dobmeier John & Barb Bender Jenell Kheriaty Ryan Dodge Mike & Stephanie Benjamin Dwayne & Lorelle Shearer Stephen & Margie Dolim Gary Bennett Jack Steinhauer John & Kimrick Dolson Ann Bergman Sandy Stelling Doug & Jeri Donnelly Mary Helen Bever Lisa Stewart Michael & Rosemary Dunigan Bill’s Glass Company Bruce Strothers Dymarco, Inc. Kate LaPlante Blahut Elke Suber Juilng Edmonds Scott & Juli Blankenship Edwin & Sharon Sweo Brian Elsner Tipton Blish & Bridget Perry Michael Tan Fr. Peter Ely, S.J. Violet Boyer Ron & Pam Taylor Enterprise Holdings Rick & Jolene Boyle David Taylor Jr. Ceil Erickson Brad Brickman Bill & Katie Teplicky Anne Brixner Michael Ervin & Antoine Toussaint Joe & Maureen Brotherton Samantha Bulger Steven & Tricia Trainer Mark Broughton Express Quality Painting Philip Vanderhoef & Kris Brown Extreme Steam Carpet Cleaning Kathleen McKay Meghan Browne Joe Faccone= Mary McKay Via & Pete Vial Brian & Conne Bruce Ann Fasano Jason & Carol Viydo Bryco Construction Frank & DeAnn Feeman CJ Voss & Anne Lyons Brian & Laurel Buckner William & Amy Ferron LaMont Walker Budget Key & Security, Inc. Margaret Finnegan Ashley Walls Mike & Gail Bulger John & Nancy Fisk Washington Trust Bank Charles Burdell, Jr. & T. Ryan Durkan Fr. Paul Fitterer, S.J. Jim & MaryEllen Weber Kimberly Burke Michael Fitzsimmons Brad & Jackie Weeks Ester Burkhardt Sean & Jamie Flynn Dennis West & Margaret Kineke Michael & Carol Caflisch Andrew Foley Robert & Shannon Wilson Dave Campbell Megan Foley Joseph & Paola Womac Christopher & Tessa Campbell Braden Foley Doreen Woods Ross & Julie Case Erin Foley Paul & Lesley Wyckoff Charles Catalano Nicholas Ford & Rachel Forte Joe & Marianne Zech Daniel Cervantes Herman Forrest Ron Zipse & Sharon Stone Mark & Gina Chacon Peter Forsyth 10

Brett Franceschina Kyle Franklin Katrina Freeburg Rebecca Frisino Chris & Ann Frossard Christopher Garlitz & Susan Masonis Dan Gatien Don & Mary Gher Betsy Gilchrist Trinity Parish of Seattle Tina O’Brien & Lance Ginaven Paul & Emily Gomez Mikel Gray & Patty Eakes Lisa Green Brant & Kristi Greene Angela Grimmer Lori Guzzo Ron & Candace Hallissey Thomas & Ingrid Hansen Maroof Haque Mary Hartrich Lisa Hawes Cheryl Healy T. Daniel Heffernan John Hempelmann Matthew & Shannon Hendricks Andrew & Karishma Hendrickson Charlie Herche Fr. William Heric Lorelei Herres Mike Hess Daniel & Diane Heye Arya Hesarkhani John & Carolyn Hickman Laurence Hicks Maura Hoss Mike Hosterman Corie Hou David & Shelley Hovind Paul & Mary Ann Huddleston Steve & Liz Huebner Michele Hughes Kathryn Hutter Vince & Mary Pat Iaci Kristin Jack Brien & Catharine Jacobsen Margaret Jenkins Philippe Jeoffroy

Amy Jolley Lizzie Jones David Keller Ryan & Laura Kelley Michael Kelly Brian Kelly Phil & Jennifer Kenney Jeffrey Kerscher Bishara Kharoufeh John King McAllister Kirschner Claire Klinker Thomas Knollman Steve & Carol Koehler Sandy Koszarek Thom & Gwen Kroon Rosemary Krsak Beth Kumer Rich Lappenbusch & Denise Muyco Loyal Mechanical, Inc., & Pioneer Plumbing Cindy Lee Jerry Lee Delores Lenzy-Jones Nancy Leone Andy LeRoy Karen Lewis Smith Lawrence Lincoln& Tricia McKay Lincoln Ann-Marie Linde April Little Peggy Lo Rod Long James & Paige Longdon Julie Love Greg & Kathy Love Erin Luby Bob Luciano Jeff & Jill Lum Shawn Macfarlan Maria Mackey David & Kay MacVicar Sharon Maghie Marco & Sheila Magnano Mike & Barb Maher Kari Manlove Audrey Manzanares Carl & Susan March Bob Marcoe

Natasha Marques Connor Martin Kenneth & Robin Martin Randy Massengale Dennis McCormick Carolyn McGarvey Steve McGrath Tucker & Mimi McHugh Michael & Tracy McHugh Brian McKay Mike McKay & Caroline Hagen Matthew & Silvia McKevitt BJ McMahon Kelli McNichols Scott & Patty Meden Robert & Janet Megraw Marie Mentor Jodi Merrywell Ann Milam Todd & Heather Mohr Kris Moore Scott Morgan & Joanne Hennessy Tom & Janet Morton Maddie Mott Bob Muravez Erin Murphy Terence Naughton Pankaj Nauriyal Jill Navone Steff Neff Edward & Taylor Nelson Karen O’Malley Nieman Peter & Kim Nisbet Siena Noe Northwest Roof Service Inc. Mae Numata Kathy O’Brien Thomas & Christine O’Connor Jim & Ann O’Neil John & Janet O’Neil Susan Ocama Michael Olson David & Margaret Orem Joseph & Carla Orlando Christina Orr-Cahall Pacific Lock & Key Steven Palmer Bryan & Rebecca Papé Tom & Beth Peterson 11

Elle Petropolus Stefanie Pfaff Bryce Phillips Charles & Yvonne Pigott Michael Podlin Brian Poeschla & Ellen Li Sam Prud’homme Nick & Dana Questad Tina Ragen Sterling & Celeste Ramberg Steve & Catherine Ramsden Dave Raney Neville & Joanna Ray Mary Rennekamp Tom Richardson & Carrie Bryant Mark & Heather Ring Madaline Roach Rad Roberts & Beth Anderson Rodrigo Rocha Mike & Tara Roth Fr. Stephen Rowan Tom Ryan & Sheila McKay Ryan Joseph Sahagian Bob & Helen Santucci Jeff Scarsella Peter & Ronna Schmidt Cindi Schoettler Paul & Mary Schwaegler Claire Schwartz Deino Scott Tyrone Sheffey Dan & Mary Sherman Timothy & Jody Shields David Simpson Geoffrey Sittler John & Mary Snyder Sound Maintenance Services Joe & Jenn Sprague St. Francis Xavier Parish Rich & Erin Stearns Jay Steinbrecher Joshua Stellick & Allison Reed Paul & Tracey Stone Steve & Sandra Strobel Judy Swanson Liz Swift Mark Scheer & Amy Tangeman Lyndi Taylor Stephanie Thatcher Patricia Thirlby


Bob & Jeanne Tiscareno Michael Tobiason Robert & Linda Torgerson Sr. Mary Tracy, SNJM James Tran Teresa Urquhardt Pieter & Claire van Wingerden Carmen Vasilatos Stephen & Lisa Visintainer Brian & Lena Waite Jim Walker Chuck & Melanie Werdel Alisha White Herb Wilgis III & Linda Mason Wilgis Steve & Monica Williams Deacon Steve Wodzanowski Rick Workman Priscilla Wright Megan Yoshimura Walt Zabriskie Dan Zamansky Cynthia Zehnder Up to $249 Anonymous (10) Mary Abbott Ryan Abbott Shana Abner Peter & Susan Acker Graham & Chris Albert Alemeshet Alemu Edmund & Jill Allen Andrea Almeida Maggie Altergott Travis Ames Azizi Amundsen Amy Anderson Jeffrey Anderson Martin Anderson Robert & Janie Andrews Monica Angeles-Leonor Susan Anthony Anna Astrom Tom Austin Peggy Avant Andrew Bae Ina Bahner Stephen Barnwell Abigail Barr Charley Barr

Ceilidh Baxter Andy Beadle Art Becker Mary M. Berger Pamela Betz Don Bingham Allie Blair Sean & Drew Blazey Mike Blouin Jeanie Collins Boddy Greg & Julie Boehm Todd Bohanna Jeff & Kellis Borek Laura Bradley Connie Breault Eric & Michelle Breecher Olivia Brewer Brian Bridwell Jesse Broel Michaela Bromfield Bryco Construction Olivia Burgess Mark Burnett Paul Cairns Scott Campbell & Jane Schmidt Mike & Kristin Cappetto James & Barbara Caro Carlos Carvallo Chris & Mary Carver Fr. Joseph Carver, S.J. Alvaro Celis Gerard Centioli Lauren Centioli Marise Chan Craig Chang Matt Chastain & Lily Shafer Devendra Chavan Michael Cheever Jack & LaVerne Chen Jiunwei Chen Frank Cheng Andrew Chepaitis Justin Chin Lanny & Clarissa Ching Kelly Ciotti Kevin & Julie Cipoletti Robert Cissel Steve Clark Carly Clawson Fr. Julian Climaco, S.J.

Marjorie Coismain Travis Cole Sawyer Coleman Kendall Collins Patricia Collins Tiffini Connell Garrett Cook Katie Corbett Colin & Sasha Correnti Caroline Corsones Lisa Cranston Danielle Crayton Art & Sharon Crisera Terrence Cronin Doug Crouch Matt & Alicia Cullen Daniel & Cleo Cummins Jeffrey & Karen Daniels Judy Davis Carlos & Sarah De La Torre Hubert & Tania De Suduiraut Blanca Delgado Parra Richard & Connie Delmissier Shiloh Devera Wright & Sandy Dickinson Phillip Dietrich & Maria Banflavy Joe Dobler Clare Dolim Maury & Pamela Douthit Louis & Zarina Dow Tim Dreyling Bob & Robin Dullea Dennis Durkin Joan Duroe Sr. Mary Annette Dworshak, SNJM Christian & Amy Eberhardt Nancy Edwards Karl Edwards & Lisa Dennison Gina Eisele Carol Eland Jonathan Ellis & Vicki Anderson-Ellis Jason & Carly Elrod Granville Emerson Max Engel Laurie Erickson Julia Ervin Regina Escalante James & Siobain Eschweiler Julia Esser

Daniel & Theresa Evans Russell Fairbanks Kevin & Dottie Farewell Desmond & Joy Fernandes Pedro Figueroa-Vargas Tod Finley Blake Finnerty Nancy Fisher Erin Flotte Julia Ford Andy Ford Lynn Frandsen Barb & Ed Fredenburg Michael Fu Vijay Gajjala Kenneth Garrison Molly Garvin Gaul Construction Amy Giannetti Summer Gnoinsky Carolyn Goad John & Kate Goodwin Ben Graeff Aaron Grant John Gregory & Beth Phillips Isaiah Gresham Anne Marie Griffin Marisa Gronholz Jason & Christie Grove Jim Gudaitis Sarah Gudaitis Gabrielle Hall Nicole Hall Anne Hall Roman Hangartner Donald & Joyce Hanson Robert Hardy & Susan McDonald Nicolette Harper Natalie Harrington Chris Harris Robert Harvie Lynn Hashimoto Gregory & Julie Hastings Ranjiv & Nanette Hayre Elizabeth Hebert Betty Heck-Dennison Wayne & Monica Hedden Colleen Heffernan Keith Heffernan & Tami Fujii

Jeff Helling Kelsey Henan Audrey Herold Tim Hickey Stephen Hicks Frank Higgins Tom & Ann Higgins Mica Hildebrandt Mike Hindery Rachel Hogan Catherine Holliday Dan Hollis Jayme Hommer Michael Honig Kayleen Hooley David Hoover Robbee Minicola Duncan Sophie Hummer Stan & Katie Humphries Mary Huson Smith Lynn Huttenlocher Edean A. Ihlanfeldt Diana Iossifova Evelyn Jackson Anna James Cole Jameson Michal Jammal Petr Jann & Beata Jannova Kennedi Jefferson Kenneth Jennings Peter Johnson & Carol Troup Matt Johnson Isabel Johnson Bryce Johnson Jeff Johnson Sarah Jorgensen Jamie Joseph Stevie Kahle Elizabeth Kain Ursula Kalotay Ajay Kang Sandeep Kanumuri Nicolas Kauser Christopher & Sarah Kavanaugh Vicki Keough Shane Kim Margaret Kineke Megan King Audrey King Catherine Kingsbury


Joanne Kinsman Carey & Carol Kraft Alex & Jane Krembs Alice Kres Steven & Adele Kroeger Keerthana Kumar Norm & Lois Kutscha Duncan & Bridget Landreth Jill Larson Elise LaRussa Duane & Laura Laun Michael Law Patricia Lawrence Nam Le Tim & Kathy Leahy Hallie Lebon Ricardo Leon Stan & Joan Leszynski Gregory Lewis Michael & Suzanne Lewis Kendall Liddle Martin Limas & Guillermina Morneo Elsie Ling Kari Lio T. Litourneau Blake Loen Danell Loftin Arvberger Casey & Kristine Losh Diana Ludwig Chihuly Garden & Glass Lisa Lydon Kevin & Amy MacDonald Joan MacLean Kevin MacPherson Kim & Dorothy Mallick Kimberly Mandel Shane Martin Diane Mathers John Matlusky Rico Matt Aaron Maul Ben Mawhinney Douglas & Chabella May Rebecca McAfee & Nakenge Adisa Eileen McAuliffe Pamela McBain Andrew & Elizabeth McCarthy 14

Patricia McCoy Daniel McDonagh Helen McDuffie Kimmy McGarvey Lauren McGlinn Kathleen Mud McHugh Reilly McHugh Danny & Gretchen McKay Michael McKenna & Rebecca Farley Mullavey, Prout, Grenely & Foe LLP Paul & Darlene McTaggart Geordan Medalia Alec Meden Karine Medina Yuvek Mehta Regina Melonson Barbara Metcalf Guy Michaeli Sarah Miller Alene & Marin Miller Kitty Beth Millhon Megan Mitchell Barbara Mitchell Briner Howard & Judy Mock Rob & Ann Modarelli Monica Moffat Marwa Moharam Jessica Montz Janeth Moran Anne Moran Jennifer Moreland Brandon Morris & Katherine Ostler Andrew & Julie Morrow Wayne & Nancy Morse Michael & Jennifer Mullally Daniel Mullen Irene Mulroy Anne Murawski Maddie Murphy Mollie Murphy Megan Murphy Madison Nelson Sarah Newman Ana Nicacio Brody O’Keefe Bernadette O’Leary Sheelagh Odsather

Anna Olson Sean Olson Kiara Ortiz Christopher Page Tom Palermo Emmanuel Papirakis Thomas & Kimberly Patamia Alex Paulsen Brian & Maria Paulsen Brian Pavovec Hakeem Pedro Sr. Rosemary Perisich, SNJM Joseph Peterson Nick Pettijohn Katt Pham Jose Pinero Karl Piteira Cheryl Pleas Pablo Proano Michael Quillan & Lil Zadra Joe & Bridget Quinn Mike Quinn Ann Quinn Ryan Raisio James Raisio Barbara Read Vaughan Real Robert & Molly Reischling Cindy Reopelle Chris Riccardi Virginia Riley Colin Riley Steven Ritchey Antoni Rivera Colin Roach Perri Roe Steve Romano Catherine Romberger Varsha Roopreddy Nydia Galarza Rosario David Ross & Shelly Oberman Jason Rothkowitz Steve Rothrock & Tessa Keating Scott Roza Olivia Rugee Daniel Ruiz Pon Runez Jacqueline Russell Hugh Ryan Jessica Ryan

Elizabeth Ryan Lucy Salle Stephen Sandherr Chris Sarbora Marybeth Satterlee Paige Schifferli Kathryn Schledwitz Tyler Schmutz Joe Schober David Schulte Tom Schwab & Christianne Eldred Robert & Lucy Schwartz Tim Schwartz Alison Scott Roberton Seeman Brian Seifried Tom Serres Sharon Setzler Daniel Seubert Chris Seubert Sue Sewell Peter Shepherd Loretta Shimchick Danielle Shultz Jack Siemans Patrick Sinner Eric & Ann Marie Skov Paul & Deborah Slatt John & Clancy Small Peter Smith Jason Smith Sandip & Carrie Soli Victoria Sonnenburg Serge Sountsov Carolyn Sperry Nadia Steere Robert Stefanik George & Monica Stein David Stelzer Lena Sterley Todd Stevens Bushra Stitou Dennis & Penny Storie Bryan Strub Carmen Suazo Kathryn Sullivan Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J. ( = Deceased)

Andrew Suter-Morris Greg Sutter Philip Swan Margaret Taylor Craig Taylor Marina Tebben Christopher Teeny Kit Thayer Morgan Thomas Bradley & Jeanette Thorson Julie Tilghman Daniel Tobin & Debra Vonnahme Thomas Tobin Nate Tollner Kim Tran Jamyson Tritch Anja Trost Ralene Underwood Pedro Urbina Escos Todd Vacura Lisa Vailencour Beth Van Slyke Gabriella Vargas Danniel Varona Marin Matt Vaughn Mike Vila & Kristine Mulcahy Mikko Viljamaa Arthur Walden & Suzanne Lane Christopher Waldref Jenna Waldron Jacob Wallraff James Waltz Jincheng Wang Larry Ward Bruce Warren Charles Wartemberg Marisa Weeks Brian & Katie Welch Richard Wells Cheryl West Brandt Westover Steve Whitford Patricia Whitney James Whitson Joel Wiljanen Erik & Kathryn Wilkinson Karen Williams Gary & Rita Wolfe Chanda Wong

April Wright Maggie Wright Shannon Yochum Jennifer Yokoyama Alex Yoon Carly Young James Yurina Troy & Moya Zaboukos Noah Zamudio Matt Zech Honorary Gifts In loving memory of Gene Colin Associated General Contractors of Washington Stephen Barnwell Eastside Catholic School Juilling Edmonds Hank & Janet Guarriello Ron & Candace Hallissey Donald & Joyce Hanson Tom & Mary Herche Cora Janus John & Donna Luger Kitty Beth Millhon Wayne & Nancy Morse Tom Palermo Steven Palmer Sam Prud’homme Brian Seifried Ron & Pam Taylor In memory of Riley & Nancy Pleas KC & Shonagh Pleas In memory of Bimaldeep Sandhu Laurence Hicks In memory of Matt Tarentino Robert & Shannon Wilson In honor of the Big Dog Champion Brian Briggs Chris Hoffman Tim McWilliams Michael Mott 15

In honor of Deeny Construction Peter & Susan Acker Martin Anderson Terry & Darlene Deeny Victor DiGeronimo of Independence Excavating Susan Janus Howard & Judy Mock John McMaster of Mullavey, Prout, Grenely & Foe LLP Richard Pepper Stephen Sandherr Robert Torgerson James Yurina In honor of Tom Foley’s Birthday Rhett & Caitlin Bordner Andrew Foley Erin Foley Kevin & Kim Foley Lesley Foley Megan Foley Sean & Alisa Foley Monica, Justin, Claire, Kylee, Conor, & Declan Kent Terrence Naughton Alexia Petropolis Elle Petropolis Steve & Diana Schiro Danielle Shultz Blake & Sara Weeks Brad & Jackie Weeks Marisa Weeks In honor of Steve Gandara Virginia Riley In honor of Richard & Sheryl Gudaitis Jim Gudaitis In honor of Jim Mallahan Laurie Erickson Dan Zamansky


In honor of Tom Padilla Marina Tebben In honor of Meredith Pentzien Carmen Suazo

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2019-20 Board of Directors

2019-20 Faculty & Staff

Michael Mott, Chairperson Mike O’Brien, Treasurer Tom Herche, Secretary Rich Barth Michele Godvin Diane Kocer April Little Jim Mallahan Fr. Jeff McDougall, S.J., Ex-officio Christine Mullaney McKay John McKay Mark Russo Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J. Marissa Thomas

Fr. Jeffrey McDougall, S.J. President

Emeriti Board of Directors Fr. Joseph Carver, S.J. Janet Chess Gene Colin= Fr. Peter Ely, S.J. George Hofbauer Sonya Johnston Fr. Paul Magnano David Matter Shannon McCambridge Shawn McWashington Samir Mehta Mike Prato Renee Willette

Class of 2016

Edward Nelson Principal Amara Andre Teacher of Language Arts Sam Bennett Teacher of Mathematics Kate Blahut Teacher of Science Alex Cooper Teacher of Social Studies & Religion Sophia Lewis Student Support Teacher Cindy O’Brien Librarian Artice Jackson Director of Graduate Support Brian Kelly Director of Operations Judy Shafer Director of Development Maria Balilo Administrative Assistant

2016-19 Faculty & Staff Maria Balilo Sam Bennett Kate Blahut Alex Cooper Caroline Corsones Michael Ervin Daniel Flores, S.J. Audrey Herold Terry Hickey Artice Jackson Brian Kelly Fr. Jeffrey McDougall, S.J. Alec Medén Edward Nelson Cindy O’Brien Anna Olson Meredith Pentzien Judy Shafer Kathryn Vaughn, PhD

Seattle Nativity School 2019-20

2800 S. Massachusetts Street, Seattle, WA 98144 206.494.4708 Photo: Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022

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